The first chapter, everyone, my name is Lin Xiaoxi, everyone calls me Xiaoxi. I am 17 years old this year, the third grade of high school, like other little girls, I am going to school every day. I have a very sweet, big eyes, a very smart nose and a sweet mouth. Body, petite, butt, butt, boyfriend said, my little butt is like a peach, the legs are also very beautiful. The only defect is that the chest is only b, but it is very small, you can master your chest (laugh) in one hand.

I have been carefree and live with Dad, what? Do you ask your mother? Hey, I have no mother from a little, but it doesn’t matter. Dad is very good to me. I don’t want a mother to come to Dad’s love. My father is very handsome, ok, I think it is very handsome … Although I am 40 years old, but the body still keeps very good. After the bath, if I only have a bath towel, I will peek my father’s chest muscle ~ I have a boyfriend, and I have given him the first few times, but love love is not happy, hehe, not like the erotic novels, the girl will cool the mouth or fainted. The roots of Xiaoguang are not big and not long. He doesn’t know what skills. The long-lasting force is not strong. Every time I have just feel a little bit, he is not as comfortable.

Is it very surprised? Don’t misunderstand, I am coming, not using hands or massage sticks, use … leg. In fact, this behavior is called an interpretation, this is a very common action that the girl’s adolescence will be made with legs, causing the friction of the vagina to achieve pleasure and then climax.

Since I tried it, I fell in love with the feeling of the legs, and secretly sneak in the quilt. The consequence of this is that my small underwear is often wet, which is covered with a liquid that is discharged from the climax. So I have to change the small, sometimes I have to change a few times in one night.

One night, I was always comfortable, I have been three in the night. After going to the bathroom, I will throw your underwear after changing the underwear (our clothes are all daddy, even if my underwear is the same (* ^ __ ^ *) 嘻嘻 … I don’t know how Dad sees Will my underwear will hard? Oops, hate, cranky consequence is that my small inner is a little wet … just a little hungry, I turned to the kitchen to find nightfare.

After eating the bubble surface, after the bathroom, I found that there was a light from the inside. Hey, is it? I just forgotten to turn off the lights? I looked in from the door, and the result saw a scene that made my red heartbeat – Dad took the small panties that I just changed and hit the pistol! !

Dad didn’t find his daughter in the voyex, excited to take my black lace small panties wrapped the big meat stick, one side, breathed “ah … ah! Xiaoxi!” I was shy And excited, the small panty is covered with my prostitute, Dad is now holding it, is not equivalent to indirect and my sexual intercourse?

Dad’s meat stick is big and thick, the glans are especially large, the meat stick is wrapped around a circle of green, if such a meat stick, must be very cool?

I am shameful and dry, but at the foot like a root, I still stand still, watching my father is getting faster and faster, and finally roaring “ah … Xiaoxi!” On my small panties, the foot is shot twenty seconds, and the semen is more and more … I really want to see it … Dad breathed, throw the small pantry back to the laundry basket, and pick up a white and a half Transparent small panties, this also I just changed, the prostitutes above were slightly solidified, but because it was white, it was easy to see is prostitution.

“Worse, Dad must find that I secretly calm!” I screamed in my heart.

Dad seems to be a bit wrong, dialed a little bit of prostitute with your fingers, look at it carefully, then put your fingers … reach into your mouth, enjoy my prostitute.

“Yousi … Dad is eating my prostitute …” I have to cover my little mouth to restrain myself. Do not make a sound. At this time, Dad seems to be still not satisfied, directly use the tongue to wet the wet on my small panties, his big meat stick is hard, the big tapping also sees some liquids, ah … Dad’s meat stick is really good. … I don’t know if my little hand is holding it … “Shun …” Dad finally shot again, he took my underwear, if thought. Worse, Dad is calm down, and I will definitely find that I am not alive. I heard that “宝 (Dad (Dad (Dad called me in the home ~ 嘻嘻) How can there be so many prostitution?” Was mess, Dad wants to find my secret. I quickly ran back to my room and put my head in the quilt, and install it.

“Heaven, have you fell asleep?” I heard that Dad opened the door of my room and asked me gently.

I still don’t move, it is very familiar with sleep, but I usually sleep is really dead, my father wants to call me every day, so he will definitely not doubt. I slept very familiar, while sneaking aim of daddy, he entered the room, first observed that I didn’t sleep, and I found that I moved to my dressing table, 窸窸 窣窣I got a while, moved to my bed, my nervous movement didn’t move, I only heard my father murmured “treasure …” and then gently knew my cheek, I found that I didn’t move, I gently kissed my little mouth, I got my room.

“As shame … Dad pro kiss my mouth …” I sat red red in the inner OS.

But what did my father do in my dressing table? I went to bed, and the result was a small camera behind a bunch of debris. It turns out that Dad wants to monitor me, hey, let you see, let you see, what.

I deliberately take off my sleep, take photos in front of the dressing mirror, I guess my father can monitor my room in my own room, deliberately jumping into bed, playing with my two tender tits, while playing with hands. While caught “ah … ah … Dad … so cool …” bad, played, I surely took off the small panties, dig the tender small hole, and I feel the latitude Come out “Ah … ah … I can’t stand it …” I have a big legs, facing the mirror, one hand digs in the humid small hole, and the other is a tender little nipple, “Dad … … I really want to help me … “The mouth is smooth, I want, I can’t stand it …” 咣 咣! “The door of the room was vigorously hit, Dad stood at the door, eyes There is a fire, I was shocked, and I suddenly found my naked naked in front of my father. Too shame, I screamed, drilling into the quilt, and my father did not dare to speak.

“宝 …” I feel that Dad is sitting next to me, fingers touch my back, “Don’t be shy, you will have a desire to be normal, you must reasonably vent it, you will be healthy”, Dad’s fingers gradually move down, move Go to my little butt, gently touch, “Dad will not laugh, our family is growing, the body is really good, the little ass is round and tender.”

“Dad … Dad, you can’t do this, people can’t … ah …” I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, my father also gasped, two hands moved to my chest, pinch my two Milk, “The baby’s chest is not big enough … It doesn’t matter … Dad helps you …” Dad is only desired to look at the eyes, the left hand does not stop in my chest, pinch my small nipple, right hand touch Down, touch between the two legs from my slim thighs, there is just being picked up, then I still wet, my father’s finger is so familiar to my tender point, the little peas, I will pick it up, I Suddenly, the whole body is numb, soft, Dad’s finger is very easy to pick into my moist small point, so I can’t help but send a delicate sound.

“He Bao is not afraid, come to Dad to see …” Dad played my little hole, and opened my quilt, I turned against my father, all body, because of excited and emotional pink, small hole constantly spit out prostitute Come, my sheets have been wet a large piece. Dad turned over and opened my legs, wrapped into M-shaped shape, and continued to play with my small hole. I shame, I’m shame, “Dad … ah … don’t look … Yellow people …” Suddenly I felt a wet soft thing touched my little peas, I was stiff, like current By the way. Dad’s head buried between my two legs, licked my little hole with my tongue, and the holes were opened by him, and the prostitute inside and the prostitute were also flowing out. Heaven, how come today my small hole Will this slip? Under Dad with his tongue, I actually made a sound of “,, 啾”, and I can’t stand the strong stimulus that can’t be brought by the holes, and I started to squat: “Oh, oh … small hole Stimulating! Can’t do it … 喔 … 喔 … “Dad’s skill is great, sometimes I stimulate my small clitoris with the tip of the tongue, sometimes directly splicing into my small hole, I suddenly climax, obscene sprayed out, “Die …” Dad actually swallows all the prostitution.

I lost my gods in bed, my father is still softly stimulating my clitoris and nipple, my mouth kisses my little mouth “宝, comfortable?” Ask the questions, how to answer … too much … It’s too shameful … I was got to the climax by my father’s tongue … “The treasure is comfortable, what about Dad hugging me from the side, soft kiss Holding my earlobe, hate, earlint is the sensitive belt of people! I suddenly had an emotion, and the whole ear was red. Dad’s meat stick hard Bang, hot hot top in my ass, if there is anything 蹭, “宝 帮 帮 帮 舔, is it good?” Dad turned over again, I shy Red face, pull down the father’s underwear, the big meat stick will play out. I grabbed this thick and hard meat stick with hands, kissed on the glans. The whole meat stick has bounced, and a silk mucus flows out from the fine seam of the glans. “The treasure helps the father with a glans, eat the mucus?” “Um …” I opened a small mouth with a glans, using the tongue clean mucus.

“The treasure is awesome, then like a pot, can not bite, use the tongue to lick it.” “… …” I contained the glans, like a thoughts, and lick. The meat stick is very rough, but I can’t resist, but it is more and more deeper. I contained my meat sticks, and listened to my father’s breath, and a lot of feelings had never had a heart, and the small tender points were unbearable, and a lot of love efforts flowed out.

“Is the treasure wants to have a lot of water.

“Hey … …” small tender hole is so stimulated, I want … Dad has begun to breathe, the meat is getting deeper, I feel that the glans will encounter my throat, there is a half The meat stick is outside, I am busy vomiting. “I hate … Dad is too long …” “” 宝, let Dad plug in? “Dad is on my back, I stretched into me, grabbing me to proud, one hand Holding my thoughts, then travel to the small tender point, keep playing with your fingers and can’t be wet.

“Don’t talk, it is the default. Dad plugged in.” Dad screened my clothes, pressed to the most, holding my floral waist, put the thick glans in the tender meat of my love liquid Down.

“No … Dad … We are father and daughter … this is not right …” I also want to make the final struggle, twist the waist to stop Dad.

“It’s too late … 宝 … Dad can’t stand it …” Dad did not quit, the thick round glans separated soft and tender lips, slowly entered my narrow wet tenderness.

“Hey … don’t … oh … so cool … I am big …” I want to protest, but my father’s meat stick is too powerful, just inserting a glans, I am going to be climax, because the meat stick is too big, inserted When the hole is squeezed out of a large bubble. My vagina seems to be particularly short, even the light can insert it, let alone Dad, I feel that my dad’s meat stick has a big cut outside, but Dad frowned, a little bit, slow , Firmly pushed the meat stick to my vagina.

“Bao Bao, will it be too big?” Dad’s meat stick entered my little hole, the glans had already entered my uterus, I was blocked, the mouth is going to stick to the mouth, so ased, as ashamed … The problem of people … I have a face, nodded, shake your head, I don’t know … “I don’t know …” Don’t be afraid … Let Dad hurt you … Dad is fantasy every day. Body … I love you … “Dad helped my waist, the coarse meat stick was deeply inserted in the tenderness, and quickly took out, the large amount of love was squeezed out, and the inside of the thigh was streamded to the bed. “Dad has long wanted to do the treasure … Dad every day, Take the treasure underwear to pick up the pants … Today, we will die. … Light … Dad … too thick … I am weak in bed, two tender thighs are greatly opened, like a small frog, becomes M-shaped, only By daddy meat sticks in my sensitive pockets, I will take the girder into the uterus every time, the coarse glans keep rubbing the tender meat in the hole, and I feel a wave of not stopping. My brain. I am a burst of sputum, and there is a chaotic spray in the small hole.

At this time, my father was pressed on me. I was chaotic in my little mouth and my neck. I took my thigh to my head. His thick waist force gave me a moving, put me. After the whole body is shaking, I am unable to separate the two sides, let the father have a round of attack, and his dick cut my flower heart every time, each time I took it, I took me again. The tender hole is full.

“宝 … … too cool … Dad wants to do you for a long time … Today, I finally dried … I will do a good day after every day … Let Dad help you …” Dad said in my ear. Come, “Yu Bao is also necessary to be dried by other wild men … give Dad dry … Is it good?” I thought I had already metapy. It turned out that my father was so metapy. I like to do my own daughter. The psychology is genetically, the Sing of the appearance is only camouflage? Dad only took his body, put the whole body’s power on the thick waist, and put the brute force and quickly picked my tender points, and got me, I could only open it. Legs, it is weak to struggle on the bed. One hand tightly grabs the sheets, and the private place is rampant, and one waves are connected.

I can’t help but dad to do it: “Ah … Dad … too great … 宝 快 你 你 你 … … … 插 插 插 插 插 插 插…… 宝 穴 穴 插 你 你 你 插 … … 奶 子 奶 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁 扁When I was more excited, I was more excited, turned over, put into puppy’s posture, holding people’s buttocks, really shameful posture, he then put the big chickens to the roots, plug I got my whole body, but the butt shiveted, the cock opened my small hole, stabbed, and hurting the people’s obscenes. Dad didn’t pity my daughter. He took me smoking big plug, every time I put my dick to my end, the coarse glans almost broke my flower heart.

“The Bibao’s butt is too good … and the round and more … still twisted …” Dad continued to stamp the big cock into my small point, and smashed the slam. He held my little butt, through my ass, I couldn’t help my little hole.

I was inserted by my father, but the ass will encourage his throduction. The wave of the waves in the small hole flows out and put the bed sheet to make a moist. My mouth is called: “Dad … daughter is going to die … ah … um … hard … Dry people … Daughter to break the broken … ah …” Dad launched, Put my ass, this is deeper, his movement is getting faster and faster, saying in my ear: “Bao Bao, baby daughter, ah, you really do it, give a grandchildren for Dad!” After finishing his big cock, I turned and stirred over my little hole, stirred it, and inserted into my uterus. I died me to die. Finally, Dad’s big cock was deeply inserted into my tender points, straight into the heart, I felt that his dicks were twitching, a heat spicy semen was in my uterus, put my uterus and The vagina is full, and Dad is half a minute, when he took out the cock, the semen did not flow out, but also hot in my uterus, like warm jelly … good comfort … Dad Take me up, go to the bathroom, open the faucet, put it in the bathtub, finger softly play with my small hole, ask me “宝 不 不?” “…” I lowered, no I might talk about “If you don’t talk, your father will do it again.” “Shu … comfortable …” Thick … top to the head … top to the uterus … 宝 快 你 你 你 … … 插 插 死 死 死 害 害 害 插 害 害 插 插 插 的 插 的 的 的 的 的 插 的 插 的 的 的 的 插 的sound……

Chapter 2 “Oh … don’t worry … … so cool … I am big …” I went on the pedestal, two tender milk friction, rubbed the cool marble, the little butt was thared, Driven by Dad from behind.

“The Bao’s ass is best to do … 宝 喜 I don’t like this posture?” Dad breathed the gas, pinch my waist, holding my butt, I will do my little tender hole, I didn’t like a little bitch, and I went to my two tits. Dad’s hand is big, and the hands can hold my waist, with his waist action, every time I caught into my uterus, the big meat stick is dried in the tenderness, pull out, each time Directly arrived in the depths, the big talents hooked the sons and homes.

“Ah … ah …” I was sorry, “Ah … Dad let me go … I am sorry … I will be careful to wash the dishes in the future … I won’t break the bowl … too deep … … ah … “” No, the treasure is doing wrong things, it is to be punished. “Dad is not dry, although it is a middle-aged person, but the waist is good … Like a pile machine, Every time it is so heavy … Dry dead people … “Lao Li, come to our family to eat at noon. Of course, there is good way to do it, do you, call Li Shu, I can’t hold my mouth, I don’t do my best. Let the snoring to the earpiece, but Dad deliberately draw a large half, then hit it in, still grind it in the heart of people … “Dad is so bad … Don’t get people … people’s uterus To be hit by you … ah … ah … hit it … Go in … ah, ah … “My voice is not hysterested by Li Shu, who is not hysterer … … Since that night After dad, I have to be covered by my father a few times a day … Every time I have to cry, I will cry, ask for help … I don’t want to wear clothes with underwear at home. Wear a thin little skirt so when he wants to do it, you can plug the big meat stick into my waters in my waters … “Hey!” Dad called me to open the door in the living room … wearing this … shame is dead … “Xiao Xi, have you want Li Shu Shi?” Open the door, it is Li Shu. Uncle Li is smaller than his father, and the figure does not lose to Dad, and his romance is coming, and how many women are planted under his meat stick. He appreciated, I almost didn’t wear clothes. “The treasure grows big, the body is so good, come to the uncle to touch the chest development” “Li Uncle Li … don’t like this …” I want to resist, However, it has been reached into the apron, forget it, touch it … “It’s tender and soft, and since the young little sister is good.” Li Shu is very satisfied with my chest, keeping a non-stop , I have to say that I have to go to cook, and I escape his claws …

“Come, 宝, 李 叔 叔 叔 叔 一” three people sitting on the table, Dad shows me toast, I have to raise a small wine glass “I wish Li Uncle everything smoothly, I want to make things happen …” “Hahaha, Xiao Xi I came over and I took you with Li Shu, and my uncle didn’t see you. “Li Shu is finished, smiles, my father is nod, indicating that I have done a thin little dress, walk past.

“Xiaoxi, I like to sit on the legs of Li Shu, come, sit in the uncle legs” Li Shushi patted the thigh, indicating that I took the past.

“This … is not good … I am three three …” I am shameless, seeing my father “What, Li Shu Shi is so familiar with our family,” Dad, slow, sly, drink, 呜, bad Dad doesn’t save me … I can only sit on the legs of Li Shushi, he holds my slim waist, and drinks another hand. Drinking, his hand began to not be honest, first extended into my apron, played with my two tender breasts, later more excessive, pull open the trouser zipper, use hard Bangbang’s meat sticks Legs … “Bao, Uncle Li is good to sit?” Li Shu’s hand started to move upstream in my body, a rough palm played a lot of mammented, I took a small nipple to sway After a while, I have a whole piece of pricking, and the white tenderness is like a toy that will never play. After a while, I was squatting on the soft thigh, and then I deliberately referred to the pants to gently press the small hole.

“Oh …” The little dresses were wet, and the wet marks slowly spread, I quickly clamped their legs.

“Haha … 宝 is so sensitive, even wet …” Oh … Xiaoxi does not see people … Maybe I didn’t react, Li Shu’s hand pasted my little belly into the apron, finger Accurately find the location of the cell.

“Ah … this place … can’t … …” Li Shu uncle, the rough finger slowly squeezed in … “Hey … Actually wet into this, Xiaoxi you are too sensitive. …… “Li Shu is inserting your finger to my little point, but also to describe the feeling of fingers in the small hole. “There is also wet and soft in the small hole, and the tightly packaged my fingers, it will succeed, this kind of hole is the best …” “There are many touchless liquids that are constantly squatting, is Xiaoyue so sensitive? ? “No … don’t say any more … …” I am weak, leaning on the arms of Li Shu, my eyes closed.

Uncle Li took out from my apron, and the middle fingers were brutally stained with some transparent mucus, and these mucus came to the palm of the hand.

“Do you want to try the taste of your love liquid?” Li Shushu stretched his finger to my mouth, I was confused to stick out the tongue. Oh … Xiaoxi is already rational … “宝, you will help Li Shuquan to eat,” Dad suddenly spoke, I didn’t dare to resist, I can only press him to help Shuquan’s dishes, so his The other hand is also relieved, and I scratched my nipple. The other directly separate my labiaries, through the lubrication of obscenity, “嗤”, inserted into my vagina, “Ah …” I am embarrassed. When I immediately grabbed the mouth, I was afraid that Li Shu Shiye was more than one, and the fingers were getting faster and faster. Every time they were deeply plugged into people’s heart, then retreated out … he used the middle finger, People often say that than the middle finger is doing you mean … The middle finger of Muxi Li is inserted into people’s small points … Is it equivalent to me has been done … “宝, I want to eat fish” Li Shu Shi sudden Said, I launched a fish meat, and Uncle Li suddenly digs in my tender points. I suddenly squat, the fish fell on my white apron, and I got a large sauce. “Why not Be careful, hurry to take off the apron, be careful to touch the fish thorn “Dad blames to take off my little skirt” Dad … don’t … I don’t wear underwear … “I am weak, I am on the shoulders of Li Shu Let Dad peeled my little skirt, now I am full of naked sitting on the legs of Li Shu, there is still his finger in the small point … God … solely … “宝, uncle wants Eating meatballs, Li Shu Shi is also spoken. I weakly supported the upper body, the two round tender tits were trembled in the air, and the little pink nipple was very standing. After two big hands, it was so cool … I can’t stand it … I reached out to the meat Meatball, but I can’t get up, I can’t get up. So I put my body a little, reach out, I got a meatball, I said “Li Uncle Li, eat meat!” Li Shushi in me! … When the ass lifted the meatball, put the pants, took out the big meat stick, then hold the waist of the people, press it to press it, just put the big glans into the wet small hole, and then put it up. Due to too many water, the sound of “咕唧” “咕唧” is issued.

“Xiaoxuan’s hole … So cool …” Li Shushang looked very satisfied with my tender hole, it is very unfair to get the lower body, but also hold my small waist, press down, so Come to his big meat stick deeply into my homework, I am so cool.

“Xiaoxi’s waist is fine … uncle’s hand can hold … The skin is really tender … The young girl is different!” Li Shushi did dry, and said in my ear and humiliated me.

“Ah … don’t do me in front of my father … Xiao Yu is shy … Dad … Save people … Your daughter is doing it … The hole must be broken … ah … Li Uncle Li … Don’t grind people’s heart … ah … good … “I was confused by dry, said a lot of foliages … Dad can’t stand it, put the vegetables, Li Shu, do it, put it up, put it on the table On, I rubbed my face with my hand, and I didn’t dare to see them. Suddenly, the small hole is hot, and it is stuffed into a round-round thing.

“Ah … uncle … don’t … what you have stuffed …” I want to sit up, but I was held by my father, Dad turned my head in the past, “Oh … um … …” The mouth was stuffed into a thick meat stick, and said that Li Shu was still in my small hole, and it was a small hole in the small hole. I felt a lot in the small hole Things rolling, strange feeling … “Haha, 宝 巴 巴 说 说 说,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“宝, went to the dishwash,” Dad suddenly smoke the meat stick and put me up. Inside the small hole, it is a meat that rolled back … so sad … I am a bit comfortable … I am tough, clean up the tableware, I want to go to the kitchen, but one stand up, the meatballs in the small hole are not from the autonomous When you move, when you move, the last meatball is squeezed out, and finally finally fell out … I can’t stand it, the tableware was broken. I am on the ground, like pulling, the meatballs are squeezed out by my little points, and finally because of a big head, even when I went out, I even sent a “Peng!”. ” … Dad is so bad … I am so lost … “I cried and sat on the ground. She hugged me on the table, and the coarse glans arrived on the sensitive and tender point. He took the hole and opened the hole. His meat stick is also big … and his glans has a bead, hard-shaving people’s small hole is so comfortable … “宝, uncle’s meat stick with Dad, who is better?” Li Shushi slammed me, asked me “two … ah … all … ah … so cool …” I was drove to almost lost God, unconsciously replied to “call … call … small Hi’s small hole is tight … more than my family is tight … cool to die … I will suck … “Li Shu is doing, while communicating with Dad, heaven, Li Shu is actually even her daughter Don’t let go … “Xiao Yun’s small hole is more meat, there are many water, and it is also very comfortable.” Dad actually did the cloud! I really don’t know what to say, Li Shu’s skill is great, and the beads continue to scrape people’s heart, “Ah … uncle … too much … 宝 is coming … It’s so powerful … ah … ah! “I was tried to have a climax at once.

Uncle Li was getting faster and faster in me. Later, it became more and more deep, finally, he put the big cock in my tender point, I not only supported by him, but also Lianzi’s palace has been opened, and the whole big glans also drilled into my uterus. Thousands of horses were rushing out this moment by Li Shushu wolf, directly into my body.

what! Good powerful shot!

After Li Shu’s semen suddenly filled my uterus, and even supported it, and then took my tender points and filled with the semen, and she had to seep out from my labipings. I weakly stall on the table, Li Shushi’s meat stick did not go on, still in my uterus, the big turtle was blocked in the uterus, and the semen inside the uterus.

Dad took me up, I walked to me with Uncle Li to bed, two people first, began to clamp my body’s sensitive belt. Uncle Li contained my nipple, Dad licked my little hole, fingers with obscenity, but also squeezed into the small chrysanthemums of people … “Well … … ah … Dad … Ah … Uncle Don’t lick People’s small hole … ah, Dad doesn’t suck … so shy … people can’t do it … “Two people handedate, put me in the DC, this time, Dad suddenly hugged me, like a child, the same legs In the face of Li Uncle Li, Li Shu is so self-polite, and the long drive is straight.

“Ah … uncle … good deep … ah … Xiaoxi wants to be died … people can’t …” This posture is particularly deep, and Uncle Li is still a strong use into my heart, Cool, I have a lot of effort, there is no strength, I can only hold my father’s neck, a strong kinky called “Good uncle … good husband … ah … you will die, you can’t stand … Don’t you … too deep … Take people’s holes … ah … people want to die … you put the hearts of people … Ah … Reothermn … Dry me … Ah … ” Li Shu Shi did he died, asked me “Uncle’s little joy is cool? It is better than Xiaoxi boyfriend?” “Uncle is dry, I’m so cool …” I am shameful. ” The answer of the heart … “Do you want to do Xiaoxi every day after uncle, shoot the fine solution to Xiaoxiao Palace?” Inside … “” Uncle Shu with more big meat stick uncle to do the little happiness? Let the little love are good? “Li Shu is inserted, every time you put it, you will put the tender meat in the vagina. With the prostitute, “唧” “” sound “is good … big meat stick uncle … Xiaoxuan gives them to do … When can you …” I have been dried to the god, suddenly Dad From the back, put the meat stick into my chrysanthemum, because the previous has been lubricated, so it is not very painful, Dad only plugged into it, and left a large section of it.

“Ah … Dad … there is no way … so strange … ah … don’t move …” Dad is one inch to squeeze the big meat stick into my little ass, with the whole root of the meat, it is extremely strong. The stimulus, even the front of the front of the front, strong tightening, a large number of love liquids sprayed out like the fountain.

“Ah … Xiaoxi … Suddenly become so tight … cool dead …” Li Shushu is inserted, enjoy the suction of the small hole, Dad also started slowly, two people After one, there is always a thick grizzle in my body, and I am going to live. Dad was inserted with Li Shu, I couldn’t help but I couldn’t help it, and I took the meat stick to my small hole. I was afraid that he shot inside. I quickly wanted to stop him “Don’t … ah … good Uncle, uncle … Don’t shoot it inside people … people can’t get pregnant … Ah … you will make people feel big … ah … ah … people are seventeen years old … I don’t want to make unmarried moms … ah … ah … … Boyfriend will abandon people … Uncle is necrosis … I really put the child’s grandson Sun in the womb … This time, I was really got bigger … Ah … people were doing big belly … “I am like this Instead, Li Shu can’t bear it anymore. If he didn’t finish it, he hot semen shot into my uterus. I was just put the urine posture and angle to let the semen all in the uterus. “Hey … Li Shu said that it is not necessary … Say it is not in the inside …” I cried and said, “Then you said, I haven’t said that Li Shu is smile to pull the meat stick out” Give you a father, “Dad … ah … Xiaoxi’s ass is very comfortable … Dad has a deep deep …” Dad took me to the mirror and put me into the puppy, let me see I have been dried like a little bitch. “Dad is so good … put the little happiness into this … ah … um … I want to make my father’s children …” I lost my gods “Good … Dad Give the treasure … Let the baby’s father’s children … “Dad also breathed the roughness, pulling the meat stick from the anus, the thick meat stick opened my tender little hole” 宝 穴So long or so tight … really cool … I have shot … ah … “Dad excitedly dried me, his lower abdomen continued to shoot my ass, the big cock will put into my tender. In the hole, I broke my heart.

At this time, Dad’s daddy had twitched, then hot and spicy semen directly poured into my uterus, harming me again, the waves screamed, and I forgot how to call the law at the time. I only know a few minutes. . I am lying in my body, my two legs are greatly launched, and the semen will fall from my tender points.

Chapter III Inspectorate X Waste Toilet X Four Schools Today is a rising day, do not go to school, I am going to pick up daily necessities. It’s rare to make a door, I am dressed up ~ I wear a white lace bundled with a white lace with inside, underwear is a little transparent silk material, so summer is comfortable ~ Today’s small panties are tied , I don’t know if Dad will like it?嘻嘻 嘻 ~ 照 照 照 子 子 天 天 天 小 小 部 部 部 部 小 是 小 是 小 小 小 小 是 小 小 小 是 是 是 小 小 小 小 是 小 小 小Sandals, live off a little girl! Today, I have to go to the supermarket to buy some things, I blame my father and I don’t pay attention to Li Shu. I don’t pay attention to the last time. I don’t have a sleeve, and I will shoot it in the family. Later, the Li Shu Shi has brought a few thick uncle. My family, I took me several times in the small bed. Those uncle also didn’t love wearing sleeve, all shot in people, harmful to me. Today, I have something to do, I should have a little worried, so I am a little worried, so I will go to the supermarket to buy pregnancy test. If I really pregnant, I don’t know whether it is Dad or Li Shu, or those who don’t I know the uncle of the name … I worried, while packing something out of the house. “Dad ~ I went out …” Call ~ I am so hot outside, so the sun is so dry, but I am fine, my skin is very bright, and it is more crystal under the sun, and I’m very cool, there are many The little boys secretly distinguished my skirt, oh, let you see it. I deliberately put the small bag in my hand, exposing my two legs. Dad like my legs, I have to be a little feet every time, I have to shoot it on it, it is really bad father … I think, I am a bit blush, the small panties are also a little wet, ah … I hate, why are I am so sensitive, every time I have been deducted, I have a soft, the result is the dead end of the legs, and I have to be a lot of uncle’s uncle … “Ah! The car is coming “My bus is finally here. I have already flowed a lot of sweat, and the small vest is posted on the body. It is a bit transparent, and the little cute is very thin. It is already clearly seen from the outside. I can see my small nipples. This is the consequences I just want to cause … This car is very squeezed, there are many electric workers, which are very strong, and very fierce, if they are usually, I will never go to this The car, but today is too hot, I just want to reach the destination soon, there is no way to swipe your head.

I am afraid of this kind of dress, because I am on the bus, I was sneached by the migrant workers like this. At that time, I was still very born, I was not afraid of tiger, I didn’t help him. “You do it!” What did you do? , Do you have to be very cool? “I was swayed in my eyes in my eyes. As a result, he still didn’t let me, directly put my school uniform, push my breasts. Two big hands are in my chest, and his companions are also up and down, even take off my small panties, and the fingers are excavated to people. Fortunately, the driver is shouting, scaring them away, or I don’t know how it will be, since then, I will never dare to sit again, I have a colorful wolf is also patience, anyway, I don’t touch it. Will be less meat. I am thinking about the tragic things that have occurred. Suddenly I feel that the people behind me are squeezing me, but the car is so much, it is normal, I am so comfortable. As a result, he didn’t have any movements, but it was more uncomfortable. He went to my soft little butt with the thigh.

“Worse … I have seen the sailo …” I thought about it, but I still didn’t take anything, I guess him also touched it.

As a result, this color wolf is particularly bold. He looked at me without actions. It should be the girl who is kind and afraid, straight forward to my chest, surround my chest like a couple, and the lower body began to smash me. Ventilator.

I feel that a hard and hot thing has arrived at me, and I swayed my butt by the bus. At the same time, his hands began to pinch my two tits, and I also used my fingers to pick my little nipple.

“I will endure it.” I have comforted myself like this, but the color wolf is too too much. Seeing that I have not responded, I have reached into my small vest, my finger, skilled, I am skilled. Brass, this is good, his hand is trying to get my tits, his hand is rough and big, you can master my breasts, put the two little white rabbits in my chest squatted, I can’t help but come to “Well …”! How can I be played in this place, I scared, I have a hurry to hold my mouth. While playing my chest while playing me while turning me, I seem to be from other people, I Will be covered by him, most passengers sitting on the window are sleeping, so I don’t know if I have been played almost half naked.

His finger is very flexible, makes me asthma, I don’t have strength to stop him, my whole body is on him, let him want it. Mr. Solver, of course, will not let this good opportunity, his hand drill into my little skirt, open my small panties, “嗤” drilled my little tender hole and shouted smoothly.

“Ah! …” I grabbed my mouth, I was weak, I was unable to rely on color wolf. I was inserted with my little hole. The big wolf is really a good way. The fiercery that violates my fingers is also in my tender. Digging, I sent a slightly fuse, and he also added another hand to the war group, reached into my short skirt, put the lace in my underwear, and my small panties turned away. He was pulled off by him, ashamed, but the color wolf not only touched people’s small points, or took off the underwear of people, he was really bold. I am too weak? But since I have already got this step, will I be humiliated by him? Oh, I still have to bear it … I am thinking about these things. I suddenly felt that the color of the color wolf left my chest, holding my slim waist, then the colorful wolf is actually posted on my light. , A furry and strong big meat stick is posted in my buttock, mom, what is this ghost car? Bold into this? May have seen my mind, from the test motion of the step forward, I know that I will not yell, so I can boldly use my hands and tender butt, but also two buttocks Open. I felt that he passed the thick glans in my tenderly small hole, with a lot of wet nectar on my delicate petal. My body is gently twisted, I want to struggle, but because the waist is held tightly, I can’t move. When the color wolf moved his own lower body to move a little, one hand screwd into my floral waist, then pressed on my ass, fixing my body down, the big glans started in my small hole I stimulated him soon. I can’t stand it. Suddenly, the bus urgently moved, so that our gravity rely on the window, the color wolf took the opportunity to struggle to squeeze me, and his big dick inserted into my small hole.

“It’s actually done, actually people who haven’t met in the bus …” My brain is confused. At this time, the color wolf has begun to open up, he is really hard, each time Big cock deeply into the depths of my caves, so that I am full of pleasure.

“Well … kind … so comfortable …” I gently squatted, suddenly heard the red wolf talking “Miss, what are you doing cool?” Seeing that I have been dried almost god, he uses force to plug in , The upper and lower, I’ll grind my heart, “Your parents are really guilty, giving birth to such a little kingdu, was juicered by people on the bus, do you want your brother to insert into the uterus, help you have a child? “You don’t … say this … don’t let everyone hear …” I said that I suddenly feel that my chest is cold, my little vest is opened, sitting on the seat next to us, a young man Everyone didn’t pay attention, take off my cream, reach a piece of tits, and open my little nipple, play with my tits. “Ah … How can you …” I don’t dare to surprise, the hands are buckled by the color wolf behind him, and the other hand grabs my waist. When I do it, I will do it, “Don’t speak, be careful The people of the entire bus come to you! “The colorful wolf is intimidating me, while holding up my other tits, letting young people sitting on the seat.

Under the stimulation of the two sides, I will soon get a climax, and the thrill of the body will take a wave, and I have to bite the teeth and have not sent it. My tender hole is tightly hoop inside. Big cock, the heart of the tender meat sucks the big glans, his dick rose bigger in my tenderness, then like the volcano, shooting the thick paste, full of all in my small hole, my vaginal fine meat is tightly Pack his big cock, a burst contraction. When the chicken of the ferrous wolf, there was no too much semen to flow out, and all the small cave meat gave me.

“Hai … so cool, old brother, change you!” The color wolf pulled out the cock, and the relief of your little butt, pushed me to the young man sitting on the seat. The young man moved very quickly, pulling down the trousers, putting me on his leg, the legs were separated, the big glans blinded my little hole, “咕 咕”, I went in. His meat stick is so thick, the glans are especially large, and the light is inserting, let me cool to almost climax. I can only grasp the front of the seat back, don’t let yourself be embarrassed.

The young man touched a little slightly, helping me on my waist, one of the way, starting to converge, and later because the car is bumpy, the sorcerer seizes my waist and uses force down, borrow Holding me with my ass, this posture must be particularly deep, my vagina itself is relaxed, I think his glans has opened my homework, deeply dried me. Uterus.

“Um … um …” I died in a cool, while I want to restrain, the young people smiled, kissed my sweet mouth, kissed, drilling into my little vest , Unscrupulous touching my chest “Little sister, what is the name?” “Um … Xiaoxi …” .

“Xiaoxi’s water is much better, so big meat stick is swallowed in, how many people have done?” “No … There is not a lot of …” I argue, while being moved up and down, it is tender Tender smash swallows big cock.

“Haha! Little happiness is so sensual, do you want to do aid? My brother knows that many uncle are very like you so young sister.

“Xiaoxiao does not have to be dried by uncle … Uncle will do the big small belly … Xiaoxi Don’t make a baby …” Shi is dead, how can I say this kind of shame … I have been doing two people who don’t know in the bus … … “Where is Xiaoxi to get off at the bus, my brother makes you climax before that, suddenly puminantly pumping up, every time I am tall, then the heavy press is on his thigh. In this way, each time his meat stick took a large half, then he was seriously piercing my little hole.

“I am … a … I am getting off next stop …” I have been drank, I can only be unable to rely on his shoulders, let his big cock open my homework, drilling me. The uterus, shot, ah … so comfortable … The hot semen is full of my entire uterus, because it is very strong, there is no flow, the semen of the two people are sealed in the uterus, like hot Hot jelly flows inside, so comfortable … The young man holds me down from his big cock, still placed on his leg. He picked up my little skirt and wrote a phone number with my little pun on my little butt. God, the cream is nor, the small panties are not, and they are also filled with a belly semen, ah, bad, to buy a pregnancy test, otherwise pregnancy, not to pregnant with strangers worse!

I quickly walked into the supermarket, bought a pregnancy, but there is no toilet nearby, what should I do? I suddenly discovered that I was very close to my school. I would like to go to school. I remember there is an abandoned toilet in the school. Will someone will discover there?

I quickly found the toilet, sit on the toilet, took the urine, put the pregnancy inside, “I have to wait for three minutes …” I nervously looked at the pregnancy, and suddenly heard “Bong!”. It seems that some people have opened the door of the toilet. I heard someone to open my door. I can’t open it. I can’t open it. Sitting on the toilet. They waited for a while, I found that there was still no one to open the door, I started to slap this compartment “My Grass! Give me a big thing!” What should I do?! ” ! Should I go out? I am thinking, I suddenly explored a head next to it, scared me, “ah!” The people outside, I have heard it, and I don’t want to open the door, I have to open the door, I don’t have it. Dare to see them, I am most afraid of this bad boy, what should I do! “What are you doing inside?” It seems to take the leader of a boy to speak, I don’t know how to say it, and a high boar next to it suddenly, “Boss! You see!” It turned out that he found out My pregnancy wrapping paper, the old smile took the pregnancy, looked at it, “I didn’t have any babies. Why, afraid of pregnant? How many times I did?” I dare not Said, I didn’t dare to run. He looked very impatiently, so I had to say “There is no …” There is no many times … “” There are a few times !! “The boss fell out of the pregnancy test, one grabbed My hand, pulled me to him and started to go up and down.

“Three … Three or four times … You don’t want this …” I asked, while avoiding their hands, another black and a strong boys also embarrassed, laughing and smiling my hand, giving my head .

“Boss! You see this sister is not wearing underwear !!” At the beginning, I found that my high school boy opened my skirt, it was shunted, “” You have a series of phone numbers on her ass! Small point is still going There are now things! “The semen who have been shot in the bus is now flowing out, and they are more exciting after seeing the semen.

“What to do, little sister, it is a little baby, the brother tells you that it is not used by drying pregnancy, at least once, anyway, anyway, it is better to test, it is better to let We are cool, how? “The boss touched my thigh while smiling, intimidating me,” Otherwise, we don’t know what will do. “I saw a big boys around. I am a little woman, surrounding the abandoned toilet, I can’t escape, I have to bite the teeth, “I can do it with you … however, you can’t shoot it inside.” “” Okay! “The boss agreed, he Let the black and strong boys guard the door, and I will play with the high boy playing. They didn’t understand the pity, picking up my little vest, and four hands began to touch.

“What is the name of the little kinky baby? Is it a very hoped?” The leader girl didn’t want to dig my little hole, while asking me.

“Small Hi … Ah … don’t touch it …” I have two hands who have two hands, and that high boys pick my short skirt, “Wow ~ ~ all the water! Boss, you First come! “The leader of the leader is mature, calling me to squat, but the ass will raise the meat stick, and the thick meat sticks lives in my small hole, and I’m going forward. .

“Oh, Ah ~~~ The meat stick is good, good, love, love ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I can’t help but climax.

“It’s so fast to pull ~? But we just started, there is also you enjoy!” Xiaoxi likes the meat stick, quickly use the meat stick to dry Xiao Xi A ~ “I started to twist the ass, let him The meat stick moved in my body.

“Hey, it’s a sensual girl. ~ Ok! We used the big meat stick to satisfy your lascaps !!” Take off, although his meat stick has no boss’s thickness, but a longer and more, it looks like a iron rod, he bares my lips, I struggled to open your mouth, the boys behind will pick meat stick I am completely smashed, I am inserted, I am called out, he will use the opportunity to plug in the meat stick, and slow into my throat.

“Hey ~~” man’s meat stick is good ~~ I have never gone to the male population, even the little mouth that Dad has been enjoyed, it is actually dried by a strange boys.

“Hey ~ Xiao Sao, use the tongue and sucking me more comfortable, I will not go out, or I have to let them want. In the abandoned toilet, I was inserting the meat stick into my body, I worked hard to serve the front of the man with my mouth and tongue, while the man worked hard to do my hard. Small hole.

At this time, the boys behind will increase the strength and speed, and open my uterine mouth, in the moment, one plugged into the end, a lot of semen in my womb again.

“Hey ~~ You are lie … Say that it is not in the inside …” I am shooting it in it … “I released the meat stick in my mouth, after the boss ejaculation was completed, this time the semen flows out There are a lot of amount, and the ground is formed on a white water.

“Wow! Boss, you are shooting inside?” Too high boys seem surprised that this beautiful college student can also be eradicated.

“I am directly ejaculation in her uterus. She is very shallow, waiting for you to do it.” “Shoot into the womb!? That will not be pregnant !? I have to come directly into the womb, Let this beautiful girl to help my child ~ haha ​​~ “Don’t ~ please don’t ~~ Don’t plug in 呜 ~~ I came in …” Tall boulty lifted my ass, then put the iron rod The same meat stick is in my small hole, hit the uterine mouth that has just been opened by the meat stick, his meat stick is very long, and the top is directly in my uterine port during my uterine port.

“This is a great! You look at her belly, I have been dried by my drums! I first drove to such a woman!” I feel that he has already dried my throat.

My lower abdomen is constantly being dried up in the body, and it is still the first time.

“Yea n’t, don’t do it, Xiaoyao is homih ~ I’m dead ~” I was stem.

“Page ~~ Shuang A ~ Laozi is coming soon ~ I have to shoot into my uterus! After Xiaoxi is mine !!” Don’t shoot it again ~~ You are all people … shooting inhara ~ 1, there will be a child ~~~ “” Even if the little happiness is pregnant, there is a child, Laozi will continue to do it! Let’s let it be! 喔 ~~ shot it ~~ All Irog in !! “No ~~~~” My uterus has begun to be poured into the semen, the second boys took a long time, like a filing of the uterus, until they did not squeeze again. Pumgment the meat stick, I am on the ground, the semen source is flowing out from the small hole, forming a larger water.

I haven’t waited for me to come back, the last black and strong boys came over and took me to the washing station, opened my legs, and used his big meat stick to grind my uterine mouth. Heaven, his meat stick is that I have seen the biggest and most thicker, and it is also black, it is also a blue gluten, the big turtle avatars is as big as the table tennis, if the meat stick is dried into the womb, will be pregnant … … this boys are very experienced, his arm is blessed between my two legs, so my legs can’t be closed, and the destroyed small meat is exposed again. The pink little lips are wet and the slutty is a single, some of the mixture of lovers and semen flows out of this non-breathing nozzle.

This boys don’t panic, bring your own thick glans on wet holes, naked, and the thick round glans slowly separated the tender lips that have just been smashed.

“Um … ah …” The tender lips after the climax were particularly sensitive, and the soft lips touched half a glans.

“Oh … really cool, really tight …” boys twisted waist, deep sucking a sigh of breath, but the buttock.

“Hey … so thick …” The thick meat stick is inserted. Strongly enrichment is full of my whole body, and the inner stack of fleshy in the hole is tangled in his meat stick, he leaned down in my naked. The body of the body, start slowly twitching the meat sticks that are tightly covered by small tenderness.

“Ah … um …” I don’t have face, and the shy reach out and lightly lighter his neck.

“Have you hurry.” The boys took my body and sat up. Now become him sitting on the washing station, and I am sitting on his arms with him, and the thick meat stick is still tightly covered by the tender meat.

“Mrs. Ah! Good deep ~~” boys smile, holding my soft and slim waist, ass to help my own thick meat stick invaded the small hole. His powerful hip muscles make my delicate body, relying on inertia to rely on a certain high, free falling, soft small points will wait for the whole meat stick, the thick glans take my weight straight to stand upright Sensitive flowers, make me trembled, sleepless, and the beautiful legs are straight, and ten crystal cute toes are strongly curved.

“Hey …” “It seems that you like this posture very much.” His hands are not politely painted with my pink, full of muscles, but also unfortunately, the pity is jade. Enthusiastic body.

“How? Xiaomei? Comfortable?” Pathozy is not stopped with his chest muscles. “I really envy your man, you can do you every day. Either you do my girlfriend, we have a few days of doing you.” Just doing my boys came over, smiled, knead my chest, Zhang Zun My nipple.

“Hey … don’t … he is very good for me …” I am confused, but my heart is much better than my father, my father’s skill is much better than you. This kind of thing can be decided … “Your man is useless, so beautiful girlfriend is not known by others. Seeing your small hole tightly, is it like a woman, is it your man?” Boys tighter, thick The meat stick is shaking.

“Ah … … don’t say this … Dad, he … is also very big …” I have been dried to blur, a pair of pink little hands holding his shoulders, little mouth is gently bite Have a short hair.

“What? Dad? Haha, I originally told you Dad incest !! Boss, come, this girl has done with his dad !!” “Hey … don’t … Don’t talk …” “It doesn’t matter, as long as you Listening to us, we guarantee that you don’t say it, and help your father satisfy you, so he is so old, it’s not good, is it good? “The boss touched my tits.

“Good … you have helped you to meet me … Ah … I will give you … I will shoot you into the uterus … help you have a baby … … … … 要 到 …………….. I went to the climax, and I was lying on the washing station.

“Come, give me a position”, the boss came over, turned me, let me go back to the boys behind, sitting on his big meat stick, one of the winds. He took off my sandals and holds two little feet. Crystal toes, I shaken it, and the toes included were slightly curled. He added it from the toe to the heart, and it was enough to put down the foot of my mouth.

“Come, help me with your feet.” “No … not well …” “Then I will wait for you to do it once.” I hate … Threat me … I have shameful face, hands support the body , Carefully pulled the feet and gently stepped on the big meat stick, and the heart immediately came back the hard touch.

“Hey … good hard …” I was thrown by the boys behind him, while helping the front of the boys in front of him, he pinched his hands with my delicate little foot to clamp his meat stick, yet A few times, the thick meat stick will spray a lot of semen, I can’t empty, and the milky white semen is sprinkled on me. From the chest to the breast, it has been tapered to the lower abdomen. It may be that the white tender body I have been tapered gives a huge excitement behind the boys. He also started gasping, mad, my little hole.

“Mrs. Ah! Xiaoxi’s uterus is also open ~~ Top ~~” He uses force to top, open my uterine mouth, small hole junction is also constantly issuing “趴 趴 趴 趴”The water sound.

“A ~ A! Xiaoxi wants to die away, A ~~ A thorn, pierced … Trumpe into Xiaoxi Tang ~ Go in !!” From below, you can see my lower abdomen has always riding the protrusions. He even dried into the top of the uterus.

“Wow … um … Xiaoxi will die … Ah !! Good abad Aa ~~~ dead ~~ To be … Dirty ~~” I don’t know if he did it. How long does I don’t know how much climax, he finally wants to eat, and did not want to pull the meat stick.

“OH ~~ oh ~~ Shuang ~~~” “Don’t ~ You can’t shoot it in A ~~ A ~~~~ After you go in, I have been finished.” I was shot. “

I don’t know how long I have been fainted. When I was twisted, I woke up, when I woke up, I found a blurred in front of my eyes, as if I was covered with my eyes, my mouth seems to be dried down like a liquid.

I will consciously get your lips, I want to swallow the “saliva” in my mouth, I will find that “I have more expensive, the taste is also a little strange. I want to reach out to cover my eyes, my hand It seems that it is can’t be caught, and the lower abdomen has risen and heat. It seems that there is something in the chaos, I think of fainting, there is a boys who are opening my homework, I am using my eyes, I finally clearly Some.

Make my eyes blurred, it is some kind of viscous liquid, and my whole face is filled with this viscous liquid. I opened my eyes and saw the fainting. The pair of boys were licking my tits. The nipple, I found that I was raping, there is a boys who are busy plugging my little points, and my uterus has no blocks, let him enter and exit, and the uterus has risen and hot, it seems to be Full of semen. Now I am raging from my body, I grabbed my hands behind me, pulled me up with my upper body, and the boys next to me can easily march my pair of tits, my feet is on the ground, the man enters me later. Small hole.

His meat rod is thick and long, it can easily hit my uterus deep, and I also drove my lower abdomen.

“Ah … um … you … oh … wait … Wait … ah … so deep … so deep!

Good monsters … … “” 喔 … our little prostitutes got up! We have already filled more in your mouth and the uterus! Is it very comfortable? “Boys found that I woke up.

“Um … uterus … so much … … people are … 喔 … Dangerous During … You still … shot so much … … go in …” I said halfway.

“It’s coming to Luo, everyone has done it! It is the last one. He is new. Hahaha!” The boys next to him smiled.

“You … you are very bad … ah … Dry people … so long … 喔 … all … all are late … ah … Now … um …” I saw the window. The sky, the sun has already fallen.

“You … you … oh … no … have been … hit the deepest … Yeah … Heaven! Will … will be pierced … um …” I think his big meat stick is even dried. The top of the uterus.

“Hey … awesome! Don’t use the feeling of wearing sleeve … I have to wear a set, because the chicken is too long to shoot very much, but you are ejected by so many people, nor is it bad. ? “The new boys said very excited.

“Don’t! Ah … don’t … please … no … can’t shoot … um … Xiaoxi Today … very dangerous … ah …” “Ha … I’m awkward! In the future, we will … Every day … Let Xiaoxi are very cool! Hey … to … you want to spray! You will help us …, born children! “” No … You can’t shoot it in … Ah … … Well … um … go in … there … Will n’t … “The last top of the boy is on the deepest place, then shot a lot of semen, I feel that the semen seems to be sprayed into the ovary, the egg inside is completely semen Soak.

“It’s over … shot so deep … this time it will not be … I will pregnant … 咦 … 咦? … is still shooting … don’t … stop … stop … “His ejaculation has a lot of quantity, it takes a long time, my lower abdomen is slowly rising, plus next to those strange boys. Going in, my stomach is bigger than the last time, it is big, like pregnant.

“Haha, Xiaoyou, you will go home like this ~” They don’t care about me, so that I have a semen in the toilet floor, I have to take out the paper towel to rub the semen, then wear a small vest Folk skirt.

I have been shot on my feet, and the shoes are also in the shoes, after the end of the foot contacts semen, slid, wet. I just stood like this, wash my face, took the bag, and quickly took the car home.

After the home, I quickly entered the bathroom, touch the small belly of the circus, because the relationship of the semen is full, my lower belly temperature is high.

“Ah … I still rose … I can’t think of it. I have installed so much in it …” I used a little bit to press the lower abdomen, and the amount of semen flowing out of the vaginal exterior is more, but also issued water and air. The kind of “啧 啧”, I am slightly opened, and I am squatting down, and I will force it to the belly, and the semen is like a tide blowing, along with “噗” sound.

“Hey … my body … how can it become like this … Yeah … still spray …” The semen fountain continued for a while, until the stomach went to turn slowly, then a small shower The land is full of viscous semen, and the whole shower is full of smell of men’s semen.

I stood up and opened the lotus head, and the water was washed with my body, and I also flipped the semen on the ground, just all the semen in my body, which has been rushed into the water pipe.

It’s hard to wash it, I quickly put on pajamas, but I found that Dad had already sat in bed waiting for me.

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