I woke up early, I found my head and have some groggy. I watched the house, and the rain was still under. “Is it sick?” I struggled, but I found that I didn’t have a lot of strength.

“Dad, a few o’clock?” My actions woke up my daughter, she was fascinated to ask me.

“I have a look, I am very good. Wife, I went to work!” I pushed a wife on the left, and I was lying again.

In a short while, their mother and female wear it. I still looked at the bed when I saw her getting up, my wife finger my forehead. I am lazy.

“Abai, I feel uncomfortable, there may be some cold, let me sleep back.” At this moment, my brain is like a hard paste, the eyelids are not open, should have a wife After a sentence, you lie down again.

“Yea! Dad, your forehead is a bit hot, is it a fever?” Daughter’s leaflet put his hand on my forehead, and his wife listened to this, then took a thermometer.

I got it, I found myself to burn into 38 degrees, hehe, I have to rest at home.

“Little leaves, stay at home to take care of your father.” Wife and my character are similar, all people who are striving to win, work hard, and I have said that I have said a few more words, I will go to work. .

After eating medicine, I lay back in bed and used the quilt to cover myself. This disease should be that he is not careful yesterday, and it will be better after the job is estimated.

Although I have been forty years old, my body has always felt very good, but the company has a lot of companies in recent days, I am more tired. Yesterday, I have a good day, and I suddenly get a rain in the afternoon. I was busy in the company, I suddenly remembered that the little leaf students gathered. Now she suddenly rains. She only wore a thin dress, and she didn’t have an umbrella. I was afraid that she was cool, so I drove to the place where they dinner.

I really don’t know how they find a restaurant. When I stopped the car, I found that the hotel is still one hundred meters away from the parking.

When I felt a restaurant, my daughter and her partners were gathered at the door.

“This child!” Seeing that Xiaoyong and her classmates are cold and closed, I can’t help but sigh: “Will n’t hide in the hotel!”

“Little leaves!” I quickly stepped into her side and took off her jacket to her.

“Dad! How did you come over!” Seeing me, the daughter’s face is surprised, and I am bus busy into my arms.

“First get on the bus, cold outside!” I smiled politely gently gestically, and I was busy holding her back to the car.

“Dad, I am sitting in front!”

“Don’t make trouble! Go in, I will pick your mother.” I opened the door for her, and urged her.

“Hey, Dad is the most eccentric. I am also your little wife, do you have a mother to sit in front of each time.”

“Hey, this gimmick!” I looked back and looked at her and laughed and laughed.

“Dad, smirk?” My confused brain just afraid that yesterday’s sweet, it was pulled back to the fever of the fever.

“Oh, no.” I opened my eyes, Xiao Ye looked at me on my side.

I reached out and the small leaves were also fitted with the hand in my palm. When you are sick, there is only a loved ones’ hand, and the patient’s heart will feel warm and practical.

“Dad, you don’t remember the third, four months ago, I was sick, Dad, you care, now you are sick, I will take care.”

“Well. Remember.” I should have, how can I forget such an important day! It is from that May 1st, I started with my daughter’s incest.

When I pick up the leaves from the school, I found that she had some unbroquisy, and she found her hot.

The daughter said that a person was lying in bed and lonely, so that I accompanied her, so the night, my daughter has been being slammed by me.

The next day, her daughter’s burnt off, she never had a sweat, so her daughter remembered the bed, I was still resolutely opposed, afraid that she was re-illussed because of taking a shower. Two people persisted, my daughter suggested that I wiped her with warm wet cloth, and I didn’t think too much, I promised.

When I wiped her chest, I suddenly felt that my daughter grew up, and the pair of jade milk in her chest didn’t go up.

However, Xiaoyue is a daughter after all. At that time, he only had a secret of her beauty, and there was not much thoughts. When I looked at the leaves, I found that her face was red, her eyes pair of me. That is close to. When I wiped her to the bottom, I found that her lower body was already wet! “Little leaves, you are as sensitive to your mother!” I don’t know what, in my mouth, I will take this sentence.

“Not at all!”

Since I have already said such a word, I don’t have anything else. In fact, I have nothing to talk about between me and the little leaves. It is also true for men and women, I have never avoided Xiao Ye when she loves her wife.

“The father just helped you rub, you went into this!” I said that some smiling and looked at her.

“Only my loved man touched me, I will.” Xiao Ye at this time, the eyes are great, forced me, “I don’t have this reaction, I don’t touch me.”

I am somewhat embarrassed, because I really have the taste in her words, in order to get rid of this, I have to fight: “Do you have any boy touched?”

Afterwards, Xiaoyong told me that there was a sight in my words. I don’t know if the woman’s intuition is so keen, but now I want to come, my heart is really uncomfortable.

“It’s Xiaojie!” She said with a smile. Xiaojie is my good brother Queu’s son, which is one year older than Xiao Ye, often coming to my house. “The previous days, Xiaojie suddenly hugged me, in my body, I was angry, I gave him a slap! Two weeks didn’t care about him!”

“Oh, no wonder, your uncle said that Xiao Jie dumb, it is, it is you!”

The daughter didn’t pick it up, just laughed with me, closed his eyes. At this moment, I was enough, so I closed my mouth and silently helped her to cover the quilt.

In the afternoon, the small leaves have been mentally. And I am accompanied by her bed, telling her some story, daughter, after all, is a forty-year-old person, after I started sleepy at noon, so I returned to the house.

I don’t know how long I have slept, I feel stressed in the chest, look at my eyes, a smile.

“Stinky head, want to kill your dad!” I reached out and hugged her, one side, turned her to one side, continue my dream.

“Dad, get up, you have slept for two hours!” The daughter is not still qi, and I climbed to me.

“Is it?” I should have a lazy place, I can’t open my eyes, it seems that I have slept.

I forced myself, want to wash your face sober look. “Leaflet, down, I went to wash my face.”

“do not want!”

“Do not be silly, Dad sleepy head, let me wash up and sober look.”

“Do Well, I’ll help you. Do not move!” Then she went she brought a wet towel to help me wipe her face.

“Oh, leaflets when so sensible?”

“Leaflets have been sensible!” Then she playfully squeezed my cheek. (I always hated the kind of paternalism, so that pinched face and do not care, but feel that this reflects the intimacy between father and daughter.)

I know that she is definitely she is sure to wipe her in the morning, now returned. Think of the morning, and I actually began to stir below. I stretched my hand on his thigh severely pinched down, hope quickly put under pressure, and some of guiltily looked at her. “Fortunately! Daughter did not feel.” My heart secretly to celebrate.

But soon, I know I am wrong. In fact, this is no wonder that she is in my body, and I will close her body tightly.

Suddenly, I felt that I was wrapped by her little hand, this meat stick has skyrocketed. Usually it is not so strong! Is it in front of my daughter?

Broken, my eyes stared at the little leaves and found that her face was flashing, and then it was a red lotus. I want to say something, what may feel embarrassed to say something like that. Time seems to become an enemy, quietly, only the rudeness and daughter’s confusion.

Quiet for a moment, her daughter suddenly leaned over, red hot cheek firmly attached to my ear. And I subconsciously threw her arms around her body. This action is like a foreign body coming to this earth with eyes closed as issued without a brain, only daughter was a misunderstanding (of course, already know the misunderstanding was later thing.) Daughter’s right hand was originally going exploratory following what happened, now, she clasped my second child spirited. From this moment, the incest will not stand up. I found some sleepy daughter’s lips, kiss up. Soft, moist, this beauty so I called Ji Ling. The daughter in front of the eyes is more enthusiastic, her incense tongue opens my dull tooth, entanglement in my mouth.

Wife loves the kiss and hug, now it seems that daughters are also! She was originally holding my old two, unknowingly, turned to me tightly.

The gradual weakness of the old second also brought my own mind back to the brain. I know that this abnormal move should be stopped right away, but I don’t do it, I can’t say it, I can’t say it. Since it is already like this, I have a lot of excuses than the mouth. Moreover, today’s obvious daughter has a love for me, saying that it is wrong to hurt your daughter.

Thought for a moment feel tightness, I hastened to take this a good excuse to leave her mouth, panting, breathing, mouth muttered: “! Lobular, you want me crushed to death ah.”

Little leaves smiled unnaturally, and got a breath on my face, it seems to show me that she is also might.

Slightly awkward atmosphere with ease, but still holding my daughter, my hands do not live up to expectations too tight around her, these actions have forced me to face and daughter to be a discussion of the matter now.

“! Lobular” I looked at her, suddenly saw her face and was looking forward to telling all eyes, my heart Antan breath, while not live up to expectations when he said: “I love you!”

I don’t know if a woman is very easy to move. The daughter’s eyes flashes bright, see this scene, my own eyes have a little humidity, I have to take her into your arms.

“Dad, I love you.” Lobular mouth close to my ear, he said.

dad! This word is unwitten by her, but let me feel a thorn, and it is also mixed with the strong excitement brought by the incest.

Forget it, everything goes with him!

After a while, I did a deep talk with her. I can do anything outside, but what do my wife say? When this problem is raised, the daughter said that this is solved by her. Later, his wife returned home the next day and my wife will talk once, opening her first words were, “I agree with you and leaflets thing.”

I am surprised, thinking that she is joking with me, after all, when I raised this question to Xiaoyu, there were some expectations for their wife to cut off this should not have. I look at my wife’s face, although she has a smile on her face, but she still can taste the seriousness of her speech.

I asked why his wife replied leaflet, she kissed me one, said: “a woman’s mind, you do not understand,” and I ask how she leaflets to convince his wife, her only answer is “secret” word . Hey, although I am their husband or father, their minds now make me confused.

“Dad! What are you thinking about!”

“We think the days of the beginning.” I replied. I went back to God, I began to pay attention to the semi-hidden beautiful breasts of her chest, so I made the hand held by her and stretched out her pajamas.

I was clumsy left-handed toss a few did not unbutton her pajamas, her daughter away my hand, understanding and said: “! Dad, I’ll come, sick and not honest.”

I laughed with her, holding her back, using it slightly, Xiaoyong moved to me, her chest, the beauty scenery has come to me.

“Zhenguai!” I softly softly Road, at the same time put his hand on Yuru on the side of the face is close to the bird following. The faint fragrance is introduced into my nose, I can’t help but close my eyes.

“Hee hee, really like a father now, like a good little.” Daughter’s laughter into my ears, and I felt my head was pressed her hands to her arms pressed.

This kind of meat paste is really drunk. Now I am in the end of my daughter, I am like a child like a child. When you think of this, I can’t help but stick out the tongue. Daughter giggled loudly, she also found that at this time we probably interesting identity, but also deliberately put his nipple stuffed into my mouth, “good father, nurse!” Having laughed again.

Although my hand is still the same, I have a good thing, but after all, I have a sick and fever, and I am unlimited in this fast, I don’t know, I have slept. When I woke up again, I found out that the window turned into a yin, my daughter was still lying like I just fell asleep, but she fell asleep. I saw the clock of the bed: 12:44, it seems to rain outside.

Due to lying in the morning, plus a sweaty, I feel that I still have to restore the energetic, and the feeling of hot dizziness has been eliminated. My left hand still placed on her white and smooth breasts. At this moment, this scene made me feel weak.

I can’t help but gently rub it on the milky milky, in my manual moment, her body moved, “Dad, you wake up?”

“Well. You are also awake?” I have a little unknown, my heart is full of beautiful and soft and strong breasts in her chest, the two fresh red cherries embellished on the white semicircular ball have been covered with me. Saliva.

“Dad, how do you feel?” The daughter moved my head and saw my eyes asked.

“It feels very good. Look at me now, more spirit.” I laughed with her, reached out to strip her pajamas first, looked at her embroidered animal’s white panties, hesitated, then Also get started.

My eyesight will naturally get my daughter’s acquiescence. She has a calf and helps me remove the beautiful obstacle. After getting it, I blinked her with her, opened my quilt, this girl was drilled in my arms like a slippery muddy.

The cherry of the leaflet is being printed on my lips, I am quickly avoiding, and the cold can not kiss. Little leaves looked at me. I quickly said the reason. She suddenly made a noddion, suddenly gotting to think about it for a while, said: “Dad, then we can’t love it.”

Although I know that I can lead to evil now, I can’t manage so much now, if the condition is aggravated, I will hang it!

When I think, I replied: “It’s okay, when I love love, my lovely is a little bit.”

The daughter smiled in generous, and immediately started to pick my chest a few times a few times. Unexpectedly, she just used the tongue to sweep, and looked up and spit my tongue. “Dad, you So more sweat, salty, really difficult. “

In fact, I didn’t actively asked my daughter to do this for me. I wanted to think about my body, I couldn’t help but compare my daughter. I said: “Xiao Yu, then don’t you.”

The daughter stretched out on my forehead, then drilled back to the nest, holding me tightly. I hold her hand and pull it into my old two.

“It’s so big!” The daughter spitted me, and the soft point began to set up for me.

Her pair of breasts still transforms the shape in my hand, my five-pointer can feel the tender meat that spilled from my hand. The pleasure of the lower body is frequent, so that the power in the hand naturally hits.

“Oh! Dad, you are tall!” Daughter is white.

I apologized, laughed, reached out to her secret point, there is no stream of stream, I took it on the slit, my daughter snorted, and my index reached into her small hole.

The actions in the hands of my daughter listened to it, and I held me tightly, and I went to my fingertips.

“Well, okay!” My other hand shot her smooth back.

The little leaves nodded, and the body turned down and took my meat stick, leading to her small hole, and I also followed her ass, the waist, under the moisture of the loving, successfully entered it smoothly Holy Land.

The daughter slowly sat up, holding my chest, starting up and down, putting my meat stick. I enjoy the excitement of my daughter to bring myself. As time, my daughter’s breath is getting bigger and bigger, and her movements are getting more powerless.

Looking at the white body of Xiangshui dripping, then look at the white love fluids crossing the cross flow, I only felt a hot blood to rush your head. I looked at her with my eyes, reached out, holding her slim waist, and vigorous movement my waist.

“Booming!” Outside a thunder, and at the same time, my fine clearance is also opened, and the twitching meat stick will shoot the semen to her body …

The daughter’s last time, the daughter has been very fast, and the daughter has been working hard for a month. The university on the small leaves is still in N, just far from home. When this girl was in school, he had to live in the dormitory. He said what university life was, hey, I would like to give her a house near her school, let her have comfortable. In fact, what is good? There are many people, messy things, interacting. Although I know this, I also persuade her, how to make my daughter, and do my father’s only promised. The daughter will go home on weekends, and I try to take the time to accompany her, tell the truth, in 18 years, she has left my time has never been more than two days. Little leaves have just started working, and she couldn’t see her figure in five days. I am really not used to my love. Today is Friday, I can see my daughter at night, I can look forward to it.

Recently, because of the company’s development needs, I have rented a layer of work and use a layer of work. Qian Hui is planning to entroy several newcomers. Nowadays, he thinks that two of us should be with a secretary, and there is a lot of remembals, but it is not there.

I am bored to turn the seat, and the knockout suddenly came, “Please come!”

“The main, there is a lady to come to apply.”

“Please come in.” I shook my head, Qian Hui gave me this life, it is simply let me be guilty. Qian Qianran is very high, both must have a degree, but also have a body. Difficult!

“Land Manager, Hello!” I looked at me in a smile.

“Little leaves?” I pointed to the pointers, “” You lock the door first, really happiness. How come today? I have been going to the company directly? “

“Today, the teacher of the class is time to leave, I will come back first.” The daughter looked around: “Dad, your current office is like a manager office.”

“Is it?” I laughed, packed the documents on the desk, “Sit.” I refer to the leather sofa next to it.

“Well, real gas!” The daughter puts down, “Dad, you sit in the high chair like a manager look, how to watch like a civilian staff before.”

I huh, my style is out of money. Such a big office, these decorations, these office supplies are what they want to use. “How do you think my current office?”

“Very good, spacious, is four or five times that I have dormitory, this sofa is not bad, better than our family! Is Money Uncle let people arrange it?”

“Yes.” I am too lazy to consider that I have to change the place, and I have a big decoration. I just nodded, let him be responsible for everything, talking about elegance, this guy can be more than me. NS.

“Right, how do you put a candidate? It is really a lot.

“Hey, fun, I am coming to you, who knows that I entered the staff, I will ask me to apply, so I will put it as a candidate. I thought he would ask me some Question, who knows that he will bring me directly. How do you recruit a new person now? “

“Oh, yeah. The company has developed, your uncle said that we have two secretaries, so that you don’t have to worry about your hands.”

The daughter’s face smiles and faded: “Dad, are you doing a beautiful female secretary?”

Look at the daughter’s slap in the eyes, it looks like it is a sign of it. “Well, your uncle said that he had a talented female secretary.” I don’t want to deceive her daughter, and I will tell.

“Excite …” daughter, jade, “What is uncle said, must be you want, do you want to take me to your office?”

“Dad is telling the truth, your uncle said that the decoration, those are he is responsible, this recruitment work is responsible, save me to be lazy.” I sat to my daughter, and I watched her hair, “I If you have your mother, you will be enough, see your vinegar is really not coming. “

The daughter’s bird relies on my chest, gainting two sounds: “I miss me?”

“I want to die.”

The leaflet jade handstaked into my waist, pulling out the belt, I quickly reached out, “Xiaoye did not make trouble, this is in the office.”

“I don’t! You just said to me? I want to do it here with my father.” The daughter looked up to me, “I stimulated in your office, then said that my mother did not do with you in the office. After this time I have to grab a first. “Woman, once it is crazy, it is done. I have been in front of this little goblin, I can’t refuse.

“Hey, Xiaoye, the sofa here is the guests are sitting, unharitage, go home love? I faded in my skirt, and urged me: “Dad, come and take off!” I saw her daughter’s depression, I shook his head helplessly.

The daughter dials the clothes to one side, smiled, climbed to the sofa, arched, and went to the hair of the ear, put my mask to the mouth.

I took the left hand along her back, slowly slipped to her back muscle. At this moment, her abdomen is slightly concave, and the white buttocks are slightly tight, and the shoulders are also slightly convex due to the arm supported a slight convergence, showing a curve. This posture is great to meet the desire of the inner part of the man, not from independently, my mind, I think of the words commonly used in erotic literature: “Female”.

“Little leaves, your current posture is really like a cute puppy.” I patted her ass, my meat was so weak, making people love not to release.

Daughter stops the movements in the mouth, “Dad, this posture is very spicy, is it very exciting?” Hey, the daughter is getting more and more open, this is different, but two different styles are Give me a lot of sex.

“Yes, it is very spicy, what kind of words you are learning? I look at my daughter is getting more and more like a small prostitute.” I took her hips again, and my right hand lifted her chin.

“Hey, don’t tell you. Dad, I ask you, do you like to love with me, or like love with my mother? To tell my truth, you should not pay me.”

This gimmick! It seems that women are born with each other’s character. “Little leaves, don’t make trouble, you know that this question is hard to answer.” I kissed her, regardless of this question. Sorry.

“No, tell me, don’t go home as a mother to ask you.”

“I don’t have a way, I ask you, Dad and Mom do you more? No matter what you answer, the one you give up will definitely be very sad. You and your mother are the favorite in my life, how can I? Divide each other? This problem is, even if there is an answer, it is definitely I like it. “

“I hate dead.” The daughter brought the mouth again, “I prefer Dad, compare it, there must be a more favorite.”

“Your child, this should make your mom to hear her more sad. When you love your love, you are more open and hot, and your mother has been with me for twenty years, but most of the time in bed. It is still a shy look. If you have a different style, it is different for me. Two different ways, I like it. “I picked up my daughter, let her sit to my arms, say this When I said, I was a serious face. After all, my wife and daughter were my love, I don’t want to thicken this thin, I don’t want to hurt any party.

“I have a long time, I have a long time, from small to now, my father is more when I am with me, so I prefer Dad. I always feel that you love my mother, because you are more than me together. “

“Silly children, don’t think about it. You and your mother have the same weight as in my heart, even when I am different from your attitude, it is because your mother is my wife, you are my daughter.”

The daughter holds my mask, slowly put it in her small hole, suddenly giggling: “Now I am also your wife, my daughter add my wife, Dad, do you have more love?”

“Mono!” I grabbed her willow waist, I was afraid that she was balanced, and she fell back, “What should I do if you are careful?”

“Hey, you will be hurt, I don’t ask, I don’t ask, I know that you will say so.” The daughter grabs my neck, gives a kiss, chasing her up and down her. Small butt.

In not much, the skin of Xiaoyu crystal oozades the skin, she pegs, “Lazy Dad, help me.”

I slipped my body slid, my hands moved to her hips, “You have to hit it, and I’m really falling.” I have your own strength, with her action, up and down. The thrill passed down from the glans, dispelled to the whole body, my spine, my legs could not help but be tight.

The daughter’s small hole is really a personal name, and it is warm and tight, and it is like a massage machine, which is constantly rubbing my lower body. Silk obscene spills from the integration, each with a layer of foam, the daughter’s home is really water.

“Hey … Dad … It’s so comfortable.” The daughter is exciting, and a strong white jade rabbit is now in front of my eyes. I held her soft buttocks, and the other hand pressed her milk tip, and the raised red cherry slided to slip, and a feeling of itching. My five fingers are close together, and I will go out under the purple decoration of the fine sweat. The more sweat, the more you gather, the daughter’s horns have been packed, “Dad, I can’t do it, change your posture.” I picked her, no matter whether it was hygienic, put her on the sofa. I have a leg, pulled her slender jade leg. At this moment, her daughter’s small and exquisite feet still wearing white cotton socks with cartoon patterns, pure girls now put a shocking look, really let People are intoxicated, confused in desires.

I held her little feet in one hand, and I scored her other thigh, and I pushed it. The pink jade hole was hit by me, and her body gradually hit the side of the sofa and kept against the edge. The daughter’s weak hand climbs my arm, the jade milk in the chest is dramatically shake, because the is a proliferation, the jade breast is great, and the full chest, all are trembled.

“Oh … dad … Dad, kiss me.” Daughter’s star closed, the recovered jade hand put it on his mouth, sucking the index finger. I slowly moved, leaned over and picked up my daughter, pair of four lips, two tongues, and I was lingering. Daughter’s legs across my waist, the jade arm surround my neck, the flesh is tightly attached to me.

“Hey … Dad … Hold me, hold me to your desk.” The daughter said, sweating her hair, lining the red face, is attractive.

I swept off the table in one hand and put my daughter gently. On the table, a layer of water fog is instantaneous, and the love liquid at the binding is even better on the table.

The daughter pushed me, squatted on the table, the little hand explored the sun that had just retired. Hey! A love liquid is in a hurry, and the warmth of warm and humid stimuli is coming again from the glans, “Dad, force.” The daughter said and took a leg.

The hit the hit, the daughter’s white hip flap was hit by a layer of blood, her hip flap was opened by my hands, brown chrysanthemum buds were ready to be put, I reached out, my daughter was satisfied. A look of a doll.

Think about her first night, Aconi specially arranged the room, she bought a few pink lights, and the daughter’s bedroom is unfortunately. That day, my daughter was shyly lying in the nest. When I walked into the room, when she opened her bed, she closed her eyes. The beautiful body of the girl is quite in bed, and the body of youth is more flexible due to tension.

Looking at it, the daughter’s exquisite body is bumps, and the white jade breast taps taps. The deep valley is in a snow color, the peel is smashed with a circle of pink, and the peclant spheres of pink macrophobic convergent space. Turning down, a horse Pingchuan, the plain did everything in the grass, sleeper, slightly rolled up, two gullen gully, the white gully, intersecting the sacred valley.

A Y word composed of depressed, which is so awkward in white jade skin, I gently separate my daughter’s legs, super tender two pieces of meat clamps a jade sewing, seemingly a rich aroma from venting , Stunned my mind – this is the daughter’s treasure.

A daughter is as shameful, the body is still stiff, but it is well-behaved as me, seeing me to move from her to her, she shy and she shirts, but there is still a slight slit in the finger. The sparkling gaze is still shot in my eyes.

I smile in my heart, I will be unfortunately, but my daughter is so nervous, I have an obligation to let her relax, enjoy the taste of sex. I lie on her next to her, grabbiting her, opened her hand, looking into her lips, and the tip of the tongue went into the daughter’s jade mouth.

Scratching the daughter’s Xiangjin, I deliberately get a hurricane, the big mouth swallowed the daughter’s liquid solution, and the hands stressed her back and strive to create a loose and sweet atmosphere.

The daughter fiercely responded to my kissed, a pair of hands began to intermittently intermittently touched me, and the jade hand, I only felt a warmth.

“Dad, light, I can’t breathe …” Daughter hid my lips, the big mouth of the big mouth gasped, I haven’t waited for me to respond, and my daughter who came back and took the initiative to work. Together, it is like a spit of my saliva.

Touching her arms gradually released, just I have been intoxicated, and the deep love of the heart is not allowed to make us one, but I forgot my daughter’s ability to bear the limits.

My daughter is intoxicated in the hot kisses, but I won’t be satisfied with the gods. At this time, I have already thrown the taboos of the father and women in Jiuyi cloud. Their vibrant jade rabbit was gently played, there was a flexible, really a young body! My thumb gently pulled her little cherries and feeling it from soft. The jade body in the arms shakes slightly, and the jade people in the hot kisses kept snoring. Xiao Ye suddenly left my lips, and the big mouth gasped a few mouthfuls: “Dad, I feel so strange, there is noise, there I can’t help but call it. ” In the abuse, the daughter reflected closed the jade legs, and the hair was clipped up, but after a moment, the jade leg will be loose. The leaves spans a jade leg, rubbed my palm on the inside of the thigh.

The virgin sanctuary never developed quickly became wet in my hand, and the daughter is also a woman who loves more. The sleeve nectar is covered with my fingers. It was originally wandering in the periphery. With the lubrication of the love liquid, the light car found the daughter’s hole, slightly, and half of the intersection.

“Oh … dad …” daughter groaned, hot and fettered, I was really afraid that she was twezed in the waist.

The fingertips, a layer of fine film blocked my invasion, I scratched two times and attracted a daughter’s array. Remove your fingers, I contained in your mouth, my daughter found out my movement, but also shy.

“Little leaves, Dad can’t stand it, but I have to go in.” I sat up and caress her cheeks. I raised the mask and gave the delicate small hole, and I crust two times along the jade. The daughter is constantly trembling, “Dad, I heard that the first time will be very painful, you can lightly.”

“Well, the daughter’s family is the first time, Dad will lightly.” I took a white handmade pad in the bed, under the hips of the daughter, this is the idea of ​​his wife, the first time I always have to stay. She deliberately went to the store to pick the critical level.

Put the daughter’s jade legs to the biggest, I hold her hike, to the acupuncture, straight, the daughter screams, the moats tears the symbol of the daughter, untire her flowers.

The small leaves have gripped the sheets, and the ruddy face gradually turns white, and the horns are sweating. I stopped the action, gently squatted to her, gently licking her shed tears, “Little leaves, don’t cry, tolerate, I will be fine for a while.”

“Deceptive, hurt, Dad, you are bad, you are bad, saying that it is light.” The daughter didn’t reluctantly slamming my chest and said pear.

“Long pain is worse than short pain.” I kissed her daughter’s words, the wife was the first time, seeing her daughter’s appearance, I seem to go back to the first time.

I grab the daughter’s double milk, try to transfer her attention, because the following is no longer moving, my daughter gradually kissed me, knead my hands under my hands.

“Is it better? What do you feel below?” I looked with a soft pigeon, and licked her tears, asked softly.

“Well, strange feelings, rising.”

I was slightly touched, my daughter snorted, see me, I stopped, smiled and said: “Dad, you move, not too painful.” I nodded and continued to cultivate.

The closeness of the virgin makes me almost unable to hold, and my wife is very different. When I think about the woman, my woman is being my daughter, and the stimulation of the lower body is more intense.

The daughter’s vagina is like a sustained, the warm meat is covered with my emetries, constantly causing, and the goodness of paralysis is passed from the glans to my whole body.

I suddenly took a deep breath, and I will go to the cross of the two. Every time I exchange with my wife, I always like to look at it, feel the combination of two people and meat, feel the close. Looking at the bloody love, warm love rises from my heart. At this moment, I gradually calmly calm, I pityally touch my daughter’s jade leg, willow, I hope that love is on her body.

The first woman is always so delicate, and people can’t pity. The flowers that have been discounted are unbearable. I gently twitch, even so, my daughter is closely warm and the vaginal and incest stimulation is also very fast. I sprayed out.

The procompository flows with my exit to the hand towel, with a few bloodshots in the white, rendering a pattern of love.

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