I haven’t thought of a child, but when people were idle, I always read it in my mind. I think everyone should see the body of the first woman should be a mother.

I remember myself at myself, and every day did not have a bath with my mother. At that time, I didn’t have any thoughts, I want to take a shower with my mother, just afraid of a fear of one person, then in the middle of the night, the family lives and is remote, the ghost ghost, the story is much, every time take a shower, Always with your mother.

Mother is a simple woman, very little have seen her dressed up, even in the underwear bush is a unified format symbolizing pure white, the most cost-effective model is only baked.

The mother’s body imprint is so deep, it should be because I am still taking a bath with my mother until the beginning of the year, that is, my family moved to the big city, people have grown up, I have a self-knowledge, I am embarrassed to work together with my mother. bath.

However, now I have used to think back to the mother’s naked appearance, really, after people grow up, the mentality, the ideological and value is greatly different.

The mother’s body is quite small, and now I have ever had a lot of her. However, I was always looking at my mother. Mother’s skin is sunburn yellow skin, and now I have a feeling of fire roasting bacon.

The faint and small bathroom floats a trace of fog, as the small seam next to the window is slightly penetrated, the mother always squats from the bath to pour the hot water to yourself. At this moment, until today I can still live in my mind.

“Hey!”, Hot water drops with the body, sprinkle with a good voice on the ground, I also looked at the red-pest breast filled with water, the mother’s breast is not big, even a bit down ,, A large brown bream is like a grape nipple that is always raised.

In fact, the mother’s body stays very good, unbearable, can’t see women who have already born four children’s parents.

A group of black shame in the mother’s lower abdomen, always I am a curious object, after all, my little brother is bare, and my mother is different from myself. At that time, I have probably understand what the men and women are different, but the child is still Mother’s black pressure is deeply curious.

The yin is covered with a black-haired hairy of a river, and the body that is wet is wet, and the curled thick and wet is also straight. I always remember that the black hairy of the mother plush fashile was wounded by water, and his eyes gained more carefully.

When the hot water is smooth, only a small amount of inclusive blood drops on the ground, and he also saw a bunch of yellow water columns on the ground. “…” I quietly looked at the formation of the yellow liquid in the floor, but also after the new wave of strong hot water sprinkled, the yellow liquid that was not easy to aggregated was gradually disappeared.

Many things, I didn’t feel too much, I can’t think of it, I can’t think of it. I have a different taste. The first is my mother.

Although I came to me with different women, this uroce was treated as an increase in sex. It was that I couldn’t think of me, and I was awakened by “地!”.

“What happened to you.”

I have a daughter who hugged my neck, but I loved it. I looked at her petite face. I could love the appearance, and my heart is warm.

“Hey, people should take a shower.”

“Oh … it’s good. You will go first, and the living room will come over.”

“Hey … I have to hurry!”

The soft mouth of the thousand silence is light, my cheeks, like a little fairy, singing songs.

“Hey …” I don’t know if I should be happy, or sad, my daughter is tired of me, and it is increasing.

I have been born from Xiaobibi, and it is taken from me for a lot of time. I don’t miss it, I have no leaks, I can calculate half a family.

Dear wife, Qian Ning, is very emotional to the daughter. In the first place, my status in her heart may be the first, but the thousand must be the third, and the work is preferred. She must put the center of gravity in front of her daughter. Maybe she is relieved, I will take my daughter very well.

“Hey, what are you thinking?”

“Oh, I was cleaner if I was thinking about the rest.”

“Hey, people have been washed very carefully.”

“Is it? Take a look at it.”

Thousands of well-behaved bending, open her little butt, revealing cute chrysanthemum, I saw her daughter’s pink kick flowers were working hard, let him read, I see the anus that is full of soap foam, there is Wash it carefully. Seeing the thousand children looking back, I look forward to the look, it seems that my daughter doesn’t lie to you. When I spent thousands of chrysanthemums, my daughter closed their eyes but showed a weird and like it. No, but this is familiar with the expression, I am more seen, usually I call spring. But now the daughter exposes such a look in front of me, but I am shocked.

I deliberately use the left hand to make a thousand bare fart, say: “Okay, I saw it, I was very clean, I stood up, I wiped back for you.”

“Oh …” The child seems dissatisfied, standing up and looked back, I have a little hesitation: “Dadi … You just didn’t insert it in the check, how do you know clean? You will do it before!”

Oh … Xiao Ni is also growing up, gradually feeling the feel of the flesh.

“Thousands, your own fingers inserted, then give me a look.”

“Well, ok.”

I listen to the sound of the thousand people seem to be very satisfied. But you can’t refuse the meaning of your old age, and her middle fingers slowly insert into the anus in front of me, and the rotation quickly took out. In fact, this is quite strange, see the daughter in an instant of the small finger into the chrysanthemum hole, is really excited.

“That … you see.”

The middle finger of the soap foam, proved that the inner cavity in the anus did have careful washing.

“Okay. Turn your back, wash it for you.”


The daughter is tired, there is a white skin that is more delicate than his wife. It is a child, and the whole body is not a fresh and smooth.

Although my daughter’s body I have already touched countless times, but every time I always love it.

From the dental degree, learn walk, go to you now to ask you to joy, see the daughter grows up every day, I really feel great achievements. The two puppies eggs in the chest gradually rumed, and the daughter was young and a few small hairs, and there was no news that daughter grew up.

Perhaps, I should talk to my daughter, after all, men and women are different.

“Oh, you will wash your body for you.”


I am not careful, because I am still thinking about how to speak with my daughter and the woman is different from the man, or I will lose the problem to her mother, and I’ve been compared by Qianning.

However, it is very comfortable to wipe with the daughter’s little hand.

The thousands of children are in front of me, the small hand is full of soap to swing the meat sticks of my tightened meat stick, the portal of the glans is crossed by the thousand fingers, sensitive, and suddenly the young brother’s anger is swollen. I saw that the hands of the thousand children were more hard, and it seems to take the skin.

I don’t know what is Today, what is going on today, and I am trying to smash my old two.

“Thousands of children, a little bit.”


The daughter seems to give up the meat stick, but I play my pill. Two 睪 pills were smashed by a small hand of a thousand children, they were already exploded.

“Ah … thousand, small power points, you will pincalize the eggs.”


I don’t know if my illusion, I am a little strange, my eyes are flashing, my daughter is good. It is stubborn, the temper is the same as her mother, and it is very unhappy. After all, I am a little action, I know what I think.

It seems that little princess, what else is it?

After taking the lotus head, I wash my body for me. I looked at thousands of children and bowed silently. I didn’t say anything, and I also took a shower for my daughter. Then put the towel to the body.

The thousands of children looked up, and the eyes stared directly, and the little voice said: “Hey, people want this.”

I looked at the direction of the thousand fingers, turned out to be my big meat stick.

Just washed the meat stick to be washed in the king, and he was still quite straight until now, and the horse’s eyes gradually overflows the lubrication, and the glans becomes bright.

However, when he said that he wants this big meat stick under this, I can’t help but laugh: “Thousands of children, this is something.”

“Well, no, people have to eat with their mouths.” I heard the daughter’s face is not angry, I am scared, and I have a long time: “Thousands, you know what you said? Do you mean? “

My daughter saw me very serious expression, I can’t help but say: “Well, I know, people are watching my mother is eating you this. I seem to eat it very well, so I also want to eat.” Follow I sent a spoiled voice and said, “It’s good, I’m.”

“Ah!” I am very shocked.

At this time, I don’t know what to say? It turned out to see me with Qian Ning … but what should I do now? It is always impossible to give my daughter to eat. If this is all, it is said by other girls. I don’t say that I still have no bones.

But … but now, my head is really a bit painful, watching my daughter looking forward to the look, I really didn’t grasp what I said, how would the next little princess, but I would like to face it.

Ok, I bite my teeth, let’s make up your mind, anyway, my daughter is always greedy, curious. Maybe I don’t feel funny today, I will forget this kind of communication soon, I used this excuse to convince myself.

“Um … it is ok, but can’t tell Mom!”

I don’t want to be known by Qianning. She said that I taught the child, I didn’t be blamed.

“Well, this is the secret that I have told, and I will test the hook.”

In this way, the first step of teaching the daughter knows.

We also don’t go out to the bathroom, directly teaching here, I am sitting on the bathtub, let the daughter can squat directly in front of me. Swinging the meat stick like it is like a bath, just this time, his mouth is hesitant to contain it.

Qian child lifts his head and consults my opinion.

I smiled and said, “Thousands, you first use the tongue to pick up the glans.” The finger is a grizzle of the purple black egg, so that the daughter knows this.

I have nodded, and the slightly lips extended a tender red tongue, and the tip of the tongue touched the tab.

Wow, I can’t help but I am in my heart: “Like!” Light is extremely suggested. My eyes are not allowed to encourage appreciation of thousands. Thousands of children seem to be taste the taste, it should feel worse. The daughter also opened his eyes to see my look, see me encourage her. Thousands of children smiled slightly: “Hey, the taste will not be too blame. Just …”

Just what? Now, I seem to be a rankings, I am worried that my daughter doesn’t like it, then I will take advantage of the excellence of yourself.

“Strong!” The daughter seems to be firm, I am confident, the tongue is like a beautiful food. Exaggerated sound, so I can’t help but face it.

The daughter’s eyes are big and bright, watching me, the tongue is driving the meat stick, and pay attention to my expression, this little Nizi is really powerful! There is still a day than her mother. I will observe my feelings for the first time.

I have talked about the great impulse: “Thousands of children, stop.” The hands blocked the smart tongue.

My daughter looked at me, I said: “It’s enough, enough, then you can’t help but eat this little red hat.”

Although I don’t understand my intention, I saw that I was interesting, I have been smiling, just happily: “Daddy, is it comfortable?”

Hear the childishness of thousands of childhood words comfortable? I almost couldn’t help it.

I took the long hair of the thousand children and slowly said: “It’s very comfortable, you have a great thing.”

Thousands of children continue to touch my meat, it is still unfair; “” Why do you call people to stop your mouth, people still have to pick up the glans. “

I have seen thousands of children, I am more interesting, I can’t help but laugh, but I can’t help my heart, I have a word in every word, I have to be old, but I am so natural. Don’t stop the thousand children, it seems that I will really happen incest event!

Under my good words, I finally accepted my “best” suggestion. Step of the chicken in the ground will continue to study. Put the younger brother.

However, under the invisible help of the daughter, my good wife, Qian Ning, and he was awkward, and smying the little sister should strike. I blamed I ate aphrodisiac. Still see which pretty woman, look for her to vent.

Oh … can this be exported?

Say your own biological daughter caught your husband in worm.

However, it is said that the curious behavior of my daughter is only a child, I can’t think of it …

“Hey! You are in a daze.” Daughter cute pure little face is close to me, I can even smell the girl growing with the tempting body. Spit with aroma: “Be careful of old dementia.”

“Haha …” I won’t worry.

It seems to be dreaming, when the little child, suddenly became a pilgrimage girl, her one fell, as if telling her father to say,, I grew up, I can leave this home. There is a kind of illusion in front of my eyes, my daughter is bright, the arms are eager to dance, encourage the same bidwings as angels, slowly getting farther away from me. The daughter is smiling, I will disappear with the bubble …

“Small sausage, go to the hug.”

In the morning, dear wife Qian Ning, feeding our father and son with swelling double milk. A face mother-shining Qian Ning, under me, finally wearing clothes to work.

Honestly, watching Qian Ning is like a small woman, I can really go, let her leave the home half. But for her mad, let her promise that the second child is already the biggest concession.

Give the child to the Qian Ning, knead pinching the small face of the little sink purshamus, kiss me.

“Dear, I will use the shortcut sent to the small sauce every day. I remember to collect it in the morning.”

It seems that the child’s mother is probably a few weeks.

In recent years, under the curiosity of the daughter, Qian Ning became the victim of every night. It is not that I am aggressive. Maybe my son can’t come out. For time is the work of Qian Ning. During this pregnancy, I am not doing at home, I really make her melancholy a while.

“Dear, take care of thousands of children with small sauce, I will call you in Los Angeles.”

Haha … (bitter.)

Take care, it should be the baby daughter to take care of me.

It is already a thousand and middle school, and the school is a beautiful woman. I don’t know this situation. For unusual independent daughters, although my father is very close to her. But it is also very small to talk to me to talk about the size of the school.

The woman’s middle school in the daughter is also quite famous in the city. Usually, when you are studying, you are crowded with boy who picks up your girlfriend, or the parents who are cut.

On this day, my daughter’s transportation is broken, so I naturally came to my daughter’s school gate in the evening. This situation seems to have not been done for a long time. I remember that I was a child, I always carry a red book, wear a cute student uniform, and the little blushing one jumped up to I ran over.

“Wei brother, you said that there is a beautiful woman. Who is it?”

I stood in the shade of the school. This direction is just a view of all students, and I still stand next to me in high school uniform wearing a white shirt black pants.

Oh, it seems to be some small head, running to see the beauty. However, they are really hardworking …

That male school, I remember what is wrong. At least in the mortar in this city, it can be separated as a few trillions.

Several little ghosts finished a group of female students who came out of the school finger, not to evaluate the legs, that is too u. It is too small to have a small eye, as if they are a collection of beauty conferences.

“Ha …” I can’t help but laugh, youth is so good.

“Duzhi is her, the big beauty I said.”

“Where? Where is it? ……”

These big boys, the seven mouthfuls of eight tongues, as if leaking, it is a lot of life.

I also hurry, go straight in the direction of the group of love. Who doesn’t love it, let alone a vitality, full of youthful girls. For me, the beautiful and mature beauty is a lot, just … compared to the green girl, they may be glamorous, but there is a pure … this girl The time is particularly held.

“It’s so beautiful …”

Several big boys shouted in the same sound, I was in the moment, I almost detached it …

Just, 咦? Isn’t she not?

“地 …!”

Griffine and seductive sound, not a thousand, who will be. Just a few small furhead envy to die, the big beauty in their mouth. I hugged me on a strong.

Although, the fang of the arms is so familiar, but the mood at this time is great, it should be the pride of the father.

I don’t know, my daughter is already a beautiful woman, and my family has a female beginning, it should be this mentality.

However, maybe in the past few years, another strange man hugs her. I can only look with the little fur next to my body!

Sitting on the car, daughter holding my hand tight.

I don’t know what it? I have recently begun to think about it.

“Hey, I don’t know the young thousands of our families, so popular.” I said.

“Hey! Those stinky boys, I am bother to be bored.” Thousands of children cute little face straight, it seems still still, just left the wind wave. “Hey, you can’t pick me up and down in the future.” Thousands of white sliding small hands spoiled straight into my arm.

“Of course, no problem.” I nodded. Indeed, just brought the bus to leave, a big ticket for a big ticket. It seems that the flies are far away from this honey. If I am on the court, this group of boys, I really don’t know what I have to chase a woman.

I watched my eyes, my daughter was happy to swear popular songs. For example, the clouds of the cloud, slightly covered the exquisite and delicate face, but that a seductive aura, can suddenly, send me, direct into my heart, causing the heart “通, 通”.

I went smoothly with the chest, the sailor in black and white, the lined curve is even more elegant, and the throat can not help but slip. And the hundred folding skirt under the young and tender legs … harm my car almost opened the head, I can’t get home.

“Haha … 地, forget to turn left.” I bought it on my face.

The daughter just shake his head smile. But grabbing my hand is tighter.

As always, in the days of Qian Ning, the family’s food is not responsible for Chen Yu to the helper, but the daughter who loves to be a dish. I don’t know when I started. I used to be a dish to eat, now it is a daughter to cook and love to her. It can be said that it is the opposite.

The baby of the small saicon is early falling asleep early in the fresh mother who has eaten his mother. Lying in the living room, big sleepy lovely look. Let me not help but miss the child’s childhood.

As if there is a kind of illusion, I seem to be a daddy who is still born in the newborn baby.

“Ha ha……”

“Hey, what are you laughing?”

“Nothing.” I laughed, I looked at the gods of thousands of people. It is inevitable that time is old.

When the daughter, she stood in front of me, she looked down and shy. I waited for a long time to swallow and said: “Dad … we … I haven’t take a shower for a long time.”

“Well, … … this!” After listening to a whole sentence, my heart didn’t self-jumping, and the days of Qian Ning was taking a bath, and Qian Ning is responsible.

It was originally to understand their mother and daughter, and it was simply to be more than possible. So through this chance, call your mother to take care of your mother. I can’t think of a shackles, I have never seen my daughter in a year.

“Hey, I will go in the hot water, waiting for you …”

In my hesitated time, my daughter didn’t give me a chance to negate.

It should be, there is no relationship … I have worked hard to recall the situation of a bath with my daughter a year ago. But I don’t know how, is it too long? Daughter’s white sliding is red body, why I have no half-silk impression. Is the daughter growing too fast? ……still……

Fog, I can’t help but think about it, the childhood memories. Looking at the close-fitting clothing of the laundry basket; pure white cotton underwear, surrounded by young bra quietly lying … It seems to be a time and space, the mother is washing white underwear Private parts, beige big chains shore in front of me.

“Haha …” I can’t help but laugh, why not think so much. After all, it is a father and daughter.

If the satin is smooth, it is more flashing by water. The daughter is hot and hot, and it is even more pity. Thousands of small hand trembles with soap lubricate my back muscle.

“Hey …” I seem to be able to hear a bloody whispering in front of me. The daughter is covered with a tender and smooth chest. The meat stick under my bottom has long been on the small belly of the daughter.

Perhaps at this moment, my daughter has a strange communication. The skin that belongs to the blood, it seems to be excited.

When I rinse the father’s daughter’s graviz is clean. The bathroom is now only filled with the most tempting body fragrance of the little girl.

The daughter is eager to look at me. Holdly hold my meat sticks.

“咕噜 … 咕咕 … snoring …”

A very familiar feeling, daughter warm mouth, dexterous little tongue seven turn eighteen, licking the meat stick, every corner.

This time, I no longer stop her.

“It’s shouting … shot …”

Look at thousands of sperm, but also self-discussed the essence on the meat stick.

The tenderness of thousands of eyes, making my heart touch very much.

So … called thousands of children again.

I just came out from the bathroom, I hurried to tease the little saus influence, and the slave model was a child.

I can’t help but laugh.

Daughter, when one day, you really want to leave me.

Maybe I will be very sad …

But every minute of each minute, I will always remember it in my mind. And in the depths of my heart, you are always a little girl who is still long, always staying forever, forever.

“Hey … Come on … Come on …”

Daughter’s delicate voice urged me.

At least, daughter in the night. Still there …

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