That is a Saturday morning.

I slept a lazy, because my wife and daughter went to my mother’s ferry.

An important task I today is to ask the swimming pool in your home.

When I was ready to work, the doorbell rang.

“Is it happy at home?”

A young girl stands at the door with a smile, I recognize that is a good friend of my daughter – Linlin.

Linlin wears a large T-shirt, vaguely can go to the bikini wearing, holding a big towel with a beach and a big bag in his hand.

“Yanyan and her mother go to her grandmother to go to the week.”

“Oh, I forgot.”

Lin Lin replied, showing disappointed expressions on his face.

“If you want, you can use our swimming pool.”

I said.

When I talk to Lin Lin, I felt a hot feeling from my waist.

Lin Lin 18 years old, an age of his own daughter, in many girls of this age, she is undoubtedly a most attractive girl.

Every time I came to my home, she always interested ourselves. I can’t determine that Lin Lin is still interested, but I feel that Lin Lin is a girl who is good at selling in a style.

Whenever Lin Lin came home to play at home, she was at home overnight.

I always have a feeling. That is when I am, Lin Lin always try to wear pajamas.

More or less exposed part of the body.

Once at home, I opened party, and several people sat there, Lin Lin sat on his oblique, and his eyes can see her thigh.

Linlin is gently separated her thigh, and his eyes can see the small panties in her thighs. I naturally see that her thigh is very smooth and very clear.

There are many opportunities, I feel that Lin Lin has already founded that she was watching her. When my eyes met with her, Lin Lin had a smile and word into her eyes, I can even determine her in seduce. I am, but I don’t dare to say, because I am afraid that my wife and daughter find it.

Now she is standing at the door, when I found only me alone, she wants to come in.

“Hey, if it is convenient, thank you. I am looking for a solar bath after swimming.”

Linlin found himself to attract men’s charm at a very small time.

When she was ten years old, because her mother was old, she hired a 17-year-old boy to see her.

The reason why the big boy is willing to see her, because his sister is ill, because he usually performs very well, no one doubts that he will have sex with a little girl.

Under normal circumstances, these will not happen, but she is not an ordinary girl, she is a particularly smart and girl who likes to be equipped.

Linlin’s strategy is very simple and very effective, that is, it is innocent.

She is sitting on the floor, only wearing a small panties and a long T-shirt.

After a while, she let her T-shirt reveal her thigh, until the big boy can clearly see the bifurcation of his legs.

She looked at his reaction while looking at the TV.

For a while, she stood up and took a bath. When she came out from the bath, she did not wear anything in addition to a T-shirt.

Then she made the T-shirt again until he could clearly see her small and round ass.

When his eyes were completely attracted by themselves, she broke their legs and let him see the small cracks in the middle of their legs.

The big boy told her to wear pajamas, but she said that this is very good, sitting on his knee, her T-shirt has been pulled by her.

The big boy has lost his seriously, and he began to gently touch her bare yin with his fingers.

Linlin also pulled the big boy’s pants. The first time I saw a hard meat stick standing and guiding him spraying the semen in the genitals of their own smooth.

From her, Lin Lin continued to expand his sex knowledge, she liked to lure into adults. A uncle taught her skills to suck the meat stick. When her elementary school was sixth grade, her teacher was deeply inserted into her small meat in the first time.

She always likes to play sex around her.

Now she wants to love her father with her best girlfriend.

Now Lynn Lynch is lying outdoors, only a bikini made of a thin rope.

Her hair has been tied into a horsetail in the brain, so that the sun can take photos on her shoulders.

She saw Danny busy on the edge of the pool, he wore a tight pants, a shirt, no buckle, showing his hairy chest.

“Hey, uncle, can you help me apply sunscreen?”

She said with a sweet voice.

I sat down on the chair next to Linlin, poured some sunscreen in the hand, then Linlin solved the strap of the shoulder.

“I hate the traces of these straps left.”

Linlin explained.

I gently rubbed the sunscreen cream in my hand and applied it on the back of the back and the body on the back of the body.

A smack of my fingers touched her half-naked breasts.

She didn’t have any complaints and dissatisfaction.

I actually somewhat, whether she will make me further move.

When I use questions to look at her, Linlin has already extended her hand to the back of the bikini with her back, and she suddenly exposed her entire back.

Lin Lin said with the most sexy voice: “I don’t want to leave any traces on my back, I want to apply sunscreen every place on me.”

I didn’t talk there, but my eyes stared at the most beautiful hips I thought the world.

That is a naked hip.

My palm is covered with sunscreen and gently placed on her hips and scrubs the circle and gradually moves to her smoothie.

From time to time, you will be brought to her hips from time to time.

Linlin also brought slightly to the thighs slightly to both sides.

Soon I found that his finger quickly got into the crack in her legs.

“Is your boyfriend to apply it to me?”

I asked.

“I have no boyfriend.”

Linlin came back with her beautiful eyes to look at him, and his eyes had a shame and sexy smile.

At this time my finger is moving near the small hole in the middle of her crack.

“Do you know why I don’t have a boyfriend?”

I know she is induce me.

This temptation is so huge, but I know that he is now far from the age of this girl, I really don’t want to use the danger of the law to carry out this game.

“Hey, I want to hear why you are not a boyfriend like you.”

I said.

She leaned her head to my body, and her hand was rubbing on my crotch.

“Because all my boy this age doesn’t have such a big dick!”

She smiled gently.

“They are inserted, I will ejaculate for less than two seconds, then they will show off them in their friends.”

She explained, “I like a mature man.”

I feel that his meat stick is hard.

Linlin began to completely boldly open her thigh.

And put her mouth and only a few inches left to his dick, said: “I want you to fuck me.”

“You come to the house with me, don’t let others see.”

I breathe.

“This will become true.”

Linlin said to himself.

I have to make love with the bright father.

She has been looking forward to this moment for a long time, this moment is finally here. When she walked to the house, she said: “Do you know, I have been a long time.”

Things are too sudden, I can’t believe this is true.

She is the most beautiful girl he has seen.

Linlin rubbed her bikini with her hand, first, I entered the house first.

I hesitated, or I locked the door – in order to prevent one.

If someone walks in this time is bad.

I came to the bedroom, but Linlin didn’t.

I came to the living room again, she didn’t.

I came to my daughter’s bedroom and found that her bikini was thrown on the ground, but people didn’t.

The door between the bathroom is off.

I am waiting for her in my daughter’s bed.

When she came out, I was shocked, and she looked like his daughter.

Two girls have been very similar, with the same hairstyle and eyes, and they are almost high.

Yan Yan likes to take her hair into a horsetail, and now Lin Lin is taking the same hair style.

Linlin is now wearing glamorous evening gown, embroiscuous his daughter’s name.

“Do I hurt you?”

Linlin asked when I was surprised.

“Oh, no … no. I just didn’t expect you to wear this.”

I replied.

“You wear this clothes look like my daughter.”

“I want to be when we make love, you will treat me as bright. You think you are doing love with your daughter, ok?”

“Oh, it is good, but this is not true.”

I replied.

From my voice, I have some melancholy when I talk.

Lin Lin said: “I have heard that all Dad wants to make love with his daughter. Just they have no chance. I think this time can be a father and daughter is doing this. You can tell me some of yours. Idea, because we will have some extraordinary relationships and secrets between us soon. “

“You seem to be smarter, little girl than you are with you.”

I said with an advised tone.

“Have you thought about doing love with Yan Yan?”

Linlin continued.

Now she is sitting in bed, her hands holding her knees, knees on her chest.

I can see what I have nothing to do in her evening gown.

I reached out and put your hand in the middle of her thigh.

Linlin gently separated the legs, in order to make my hand entered it easily.

My hand strokes the blessings of the drums of young girls and explore a finger into her little meat.

But these slightly dispersed the girl’s problem.

“You said?”

Lin Lin insisted on.

“You are really interested in those?”

I then said, “I really never thought about making love with glamor. But I don’t think what she loves to do with a boy.”

I stopped and then said: “When she grows up, I can make love with other men, I think she doesn’t know these ideas.”

Lin Lin smiled: “Grow up? Hey, I think you have forgotten what era, you still want to wait until she grows?”

“Do you say that she has been with those boy love?”

I feel that breathing is very urgent, I can’t determine that I am shocked now or excited.

Lin Lin is now completely lying entirely, with her elbow holds her head, her two thighs greatly separate, let me reach the fingers into her small vagina.

I can feel that her little meat hole is very tight, when she gobble, the small meat hole becomes tighter.

I know that I will quickly insert my hard cock to her.

“I shouldn’t tell the bright things.” Linlin smiled again.

“Listen, little girl,” I said, “I have already told you my secret, you should not keep it.”

“Ok, I guess that we will soon have a secret that only belong to us, and the question you want to ask is to do like someone else.”

Linlin said in a sexy voice.

“What do you say, what did you do with others?”

I asked.

“Oh, I saw Yan Yan and a boy.”

She replied.

“When? She is with who? Tell me in detail. Do you have 3P or other?”

I asked, and further attacked her gem and meat hole with my fingers.

“Oh,” she replied, “That is a few months ago, Yan Yan was in my house overnight, just got from my brother back from school. He is 19 years old, is going to college. I live in a room, lying down After a while, Yan Yan may think that I fell asleep, she got up and secretly entered my brother’s room. I know what may happen, because she is full of love for my brother throughout the evening. Just like I am today What you did. “

“Our bathroom is connected in two rooms.”

Lin Lin continued. “Start me to go to the bathroom to teach. After a while, I heard the sound of the bed, and then I secretly opened the door, I saw my brother is riding in the brilliant body. Yan Yan is squatting under his body. Finally, I went back to the room to fall asleep until I went back to bed. But I can’t sleep for a long time. “

“I am so excited, I clearly saw that my brother’s big buttocks kept hunting, the thick meat stick entered out in the bright little hole, until he shot all his semen to my best friend. Small, I can’t sleep, when I determined that she fell asleep, I reached into her clothes, she was like I was wearing it, and the middle of the legs is empty, and there is no wear. Her two The flesh in the middle of the legs has been wet.

Some sticky liquids are moving out of her small meat, I use my hand to touch it with her little, and I stick to my brother’s semen. I touched my hand. Take my brother’s semen on my meat. At that moment, I really want my brother’s semen into my meat. “

I haven’t controlled myself now. When I hear these, I am really exciting, I have never been so excited.

My fingers are still active in the genitals of young girls, but the brain imagine the semen of other men who have flowed in their own daughter.

My meat stick is now hard as iron, and a small tent is predicted under the swimsuit.

I stood up and took off my clothes and exposed my naked body in front of the girl.

As a exchange, Linlin also took off his clothes and showed her small breasts that were developing.

Her breasts are very small but very strong.

When she took the underwear from the head, I couldn’t help but swallow a saliva.

She looks like her daughter, seeing her beautiful body, my meat stick is a bit spasculus.

I feel that my dick has never been so strong.

I noticed the traces of the swimsuit left behind in the middle of her legs, extending to her coaxial area.

I feel that the blood is sprayed on the head.

Lin Lin smiled and jumped into my arms, wrapped his legs into my waist, and her two arms walked my neck and put her lilac tongue into my mouth.

To be honest, I think she is very small, her hot nose is sprayed on my face, when she buried my face, I put her on the bed.

My cock tower tower.

Some sticky juice from Linlin’s small meat holes came out on my thigh.

“I want you to fuck me. Oh … I want you to fuck me.”

My dick is getting harder and harder.

I have already touched it.

I swallowed all the saliva flowing out from her mouth.


She breathed and still pretending to be my daughter. She touched my hard meat stick down, and her little hand moved to my thick dick.

“Hey … I can’t stand it …”

She is helping.

“How did it become so big, so hard. I like it.”

I used two hands to grab her two legs and greatly separated.

“Hey … Dad, I want you to fuck me.”

Her voice is very urgent.

Some crying in the sound.

My meat stick is just in the top of her bleeding, but I don’t want to plug in immediately.

Lin Lin is lying in bed, lifting his legs, almost hitting her shoulders, pulling my thick meat stick to her neighborhood, this less than 20 year old girl is very exctest Hand guides my meat stick to piercing her key parts.

“Dad, I want you to put it in.”

But I have my own ideas. Before I do love with her, I have to look at and taste her beautiful genitals.

I took his head down until my face was put on her thigh.

I stared at her cute meeting with my eyes.

There is not much hairy there, you can see the entire yin.

Her lone lips are still like a virgin, covering her little meat hole.

I stretched out the tongue and started her thermally whipped juice.

From her little ass to the yukin that is developing, they will not let go.

Linlin kept horing and shaking her little ass, so that my tongue entered a deeper.

Her meat has secreted silk love liquid, and the yuki is also standing by erection.

After a while, she is difficult to ban, saying that there is no mouth in his mouth: “Don’t ……… Don’t … people can’t stand …

… “

But the hand grabbed my hair and put my head on her bright white.

Keep your little butt up and down, so that my tongue and lips are frozen on their own labips and meat.

“Oh, put your tongue in.”

Lin Lin said.

My tongue has already pierced her little meat, and the lips are sucking her attached adhesive.

After a while, Lin Lin has reached the crazy.

Linlin stood up, let me lay flat on the bed, she across me, open his leg, hold my sattle, one hand, one hand, sit down.

My meat stick slowly pierced her small meat.

“Hey, your things are big, swelling, ah … so comfortable …”

Lin Lin said.

I also felt that my meat stick entered a small hole, which is very slippery, and it is very tight, unclear like his wife.

When Lin Lin took my meat stick into his body, she greatly sucked a breath and began to move slowly.

I looked at the beautiful rocking chest on the side of Linlin, and her milk tip was still standing, pink, extra beautiful in the sun.

“When did you love your love for the first time?”

I asked.

When I asked her, she didn’t stop thrust, the beautiful hair also flew up with the body’s ups and down.

“I am asking you, when are you the first time and the sexual relationship?”

Her breathing is hard to answer.

“……three years ago……”

Speaking of a little butt pressure to his two meat.

She used her entire body to shine the meat stick whispered because of my sticky mucus.

“Hey … I like you … I want you to be in charge of me.”

My penis is from time to time, and her butt, she is holding up, “Ah … people can’t stand … You are so long, inserted into the belly of people … … ah … so comfortable … “She is walking.

I also felt that my own thing was on her heart, where soft, unusual comfort.

“I like you to fuck me, just like Yan Yan and my brother.”

Linling; said.

I feel that I have been in the edge of ejaculation, so he turned over under the body, rubbing the thick meat stick in her asshole and meat rod, and then stabbed Go in.

When I looked at Linlin, I think she looks beautiful. It is a real beautiful youth girl. She grows like her daughter, if it is her daughter, then …

I think my own daughter is still playing like a man, I am also like Lin Lin.

The little daughter’s little forces must be very tight, and the holes must be red and small.

Thinking, my body is very excited.

Big dicks quickly joined in her cell.

“Ah … ah …”

As I twir in, Linlin shakes the little butt to meet, “Ah … ah … make it hard …

… I am fine … so comfortable … “

She also lifted his ass responded.

Her double slender thighs are tightly wrapped in my waist, and the little feet touched my back from time to time.

I know that he will be shot soon, I don’t know if I should take into her body.

But the pleasure is not to be more thinking, I only hit her more vigilantly.

She is now not moving.

In addition to the shaking of the whole body, the sound of the snoring is a bit of a high, “Ah … I … I want … Come … Don’t stop … Down … make it hard … make it hard … do me …”

I shaken in my body, a lot of semen shot into her young body.

My hot semen makes her feel uncomfortable.

The uterus also contracted a large amount of mucus.

Now, the cracks in the middle of Linlin are all my white semen. She is still lying in bed. Her legs are still bigger, and her little meat cave has now become a red red. The expanded meat hole can clearly see the red mucosa inside, my semen is slowly streaming her tender little hole to the daughter’s bed.

I looked at the naked girl, I thought I was 18 years old. After the first time, I know that I still can’t put this pleasure.

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