One year ago, I first took my daughter to Mr. Zhang’s “daughter exchange” game. Mr. Zhang lives in Taipei. Mr. Zhang’s daughter is 13 years old. Mr. Zhang is about 40 years old. I was accidentally discovered on the Internet to log out an advertisement, and he solved his daughter to exchange play gameplay. I let my daughter have seen this advertisement. My daughter laughed: “” People’s daughter thirteen, and I am ten years old, you can bear to make others play your daughter. “

Although I advised her to try it with me, she always shy, and later, after repeatedly lobbying, she finally worked, finally agreed to play her daughter.

When we arrived at Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang took my daughter to spend the previous player experience. Also take it out to your daughter appreciate it. My daughter is ashamed. I saw that there was an atmosphere, and I called my daughter to enter the underwear brought.

When she entered, the three of us immediately took off the red light, Mr. Zhang’s daughter took the initiative to put my meat stick in his mouth with tongue. After a while, my daughter came out, she wore a special young girl’s sexy underwear, I saw that Mr. Zhang’s daughter has begun, and she is looking at Mr. Zhang.

I stroked Mr. Zhang’s daughter just developed his chest, and the other hand of the finger went deep into her charming meat. Played a while. Mr. Zhang rides. I keep me. Mr. Zhang also grabbed my daughter and put his hand into her underwear. I first looked at my daughter and half naked, and I was very excited to feel very excited. In addition, Mr. Zhang’s suffering is really harmful, so it is so fast that she sprayed in her body.

I took the bathroom with Mr. Zhang to rinse it. When I came out, my daughter had already hung, she sat in Mr. Zhang, and kissed him with him. Mr. Zhang took her hand, she had not yet developed milk classes, and my daughter held his meat stick gently. Later, she asked Mr. Zhang likes how to enjoy it, he said: “It is best like your father and my daughter, starting from blowjob!”

My daughter smiled nodded, so Mr. Zhang sat on the sofa, my daughter was carefully serving him in front of him. Mr. Zhang taught her first with his tongue to swallow it, and she was obedient. Mr. Zhang asked her for the first time to play, she said with the meat stick in the mouth and said: “I didn’t expect Zhang Shu’s meat stick than my father’s dad.” I have a good laugh. Laughing, I thought that this little Nizi actually said that her father’s stick is small.

Mr. Zhang has given her to her, hard, my daughter, indicating that he lying on the carpet and then riding. But not the whole body sits up. And Mr. Zhang’s hard alignment her two pink and white thighs were slowly inserted, and there was a rhythmically on the ground. For a while, I saw them in the place where they would be filled with white secretion. It is unclear that it is the semen of Mr. Zhang or the waves of my daughter.

I used a few pictograms to shoot a few pictograms. After a while, Mr. Zhang’s meat stick was soft from my daughter’s body. My daughter, I blew her hands, and let Mr. Zhang got her to the bathroom. Mr. Zhang snuggled in my arms, soft little hand gently smashed my hard meat stick, I asked her: “How do you like how to play?” Mr. Zhang’s daughter smiled. Answer, 迳 迳 猫 猫 小 高 高 高 高 迳 高 迳 高. 迳 迳.. 高 高 高 高 高. Of course, she understands her, she kneels her, and the hand holding a hard meat stick inserted into the daughter of Mr. Zhang.

After the daughter came out of the bath, I was sitting on the sofa with Mr. Zhang. For a while, she bowed his head and fell in the middle of his legs, put the soft mask into the mouth and smoked in the mouth, and also used the tongue to stir. Mr. Zhang once again rigorously, he likes it out, but the daughter is so good to do so much. Then, my daughter squatted, and he looked up with a white fat hip and played him “Dog Type”. Mr. Zhang was inserted behind her, and she still reached out to her chest and did not develop a pair of small milk. After playing for a while, I took two little girls to a couch and let their buttocks put on the hands of the two heads, catch the feet, separate the white legs. The stick is inserted into a sharp pumping in the arched meat.

I can’t remember how many times I have entered in the daughter of Zhang, and finally took the semen into her meat.

Almost at the same time, Mr. Zhang also trembled, and once again picked the semen into my daughter in a young vagina.

My daughter’s usual move has always been well-behaved, but now I am playing with Mr. Zhang, but it seems like a prostitute. It is not like a weekday. When I was inserted by Mr. Zhang, she lifted their feet and ascended to meet his sprint. At that time, my daughter loudly several times, I know that she has played a climax. When they stopped and rest, Mr. Zhang still loved to release my daughter’s breast, thigh, and I didn’t touch it. Also give admation with her flesh. Finally, I also hold my daughter a pair of small feet in your arms. My daughter is playing with his feet with his feet. Mr. Zhang raised her feet in front of her feet, reaching out of the tongue. Although my daughter is very enjoyable, I am afraid itchy. I want to retract, and I caught the calf. I am so struggling to ask for mercy. At this time, Mr. Zhang also has been in my side, watching her dad playing my daughter. Hold my meat stick in your hand. And my hands have not left her body. In particular, Mr. Zhang’s daughter’s chest, the two regiments just developed, the thin and skilled legs. And full of small meat. It’s all the palms that I have not tired. Although everyone is in love, they have already done twice. Two little girls don’t want us to work too much. So I kiss everyone, I returned to my father’s embrace, and the double pairs were rinsed in.

When we came out, we took photos to take pictures. A total of three-tube Filip. Take a posture of sex. Among them, there are two women, and there is also a female two men. Mr. Zhang is raping my daughter, and Mr. Zhang’s daughter makes me adultery. For the shadow. Two little girls took our organs again with their mouths, and then inserted into their organs to shoot some of our meat sticks halfway, the big close-up of the mouth and his mouth.

I took the way, one of whom was my daughter who took Mr. Zhang just on her pretty nose. Mr. Zhang also volts on the carpet, so that my meat stick squeezed into the narrow meat hole in the back.

At that place, I was still in the first time, I can’t pull it out. My own daughter is afraid of pain, and I will not easily give me in. Finally, we also took the other party’s daughter, filmed naked photos with an automated manner, and appreciated the next weekend and enjoyed the photos of Xiang Yan.


In a week, we met with Zhang’s father and girl. This play partner also has more Parents, and Mr. Li’s daughter named Xiaoyu, and we took a shower in the room and easily out of the hall. Mr. Zhang took out photos, a vivid Spring House presented in front of it. Mr. Li’s daughter is still playing. I have a full face.

This time we divided into two groups, Mr. Zhang’s daughter and my daughter were served Mr. Li. I will take Mr. Li’s daughter. At the beginning of the game, my daughter smiled and sorry to Xiao Yucao, followed by Mr. Zhang’s daughter seven hands to take a clear light. Held to our opposite sofa, each person holding a thigh, leaning down his body, two tongues, with Mr. Li’s meat stick. Our group is temporarily moving. Mr. Li is caught in the middle. Each person caught her a thin hand to play. On the one side, we will watch our daughter and Mr. Li’s performance. At this time they have changed their postures. Mr. Zhang also contains meat sticks and my daughter is letting Li play a small tender. Mr. Li is hard to bear. Just ask who people come first. My daughter is let Mr. Zhang ride first, and put his incense into the mouth of Mr. Li.

Mr. Li also reached out and touched my daughter under the way, spying her meat.

At this time, Mr. Zhang reached out from the small jade collar and went in and touched the nipple. I also set off her nightgown. It turned out that it was vacuum, so I touched Xiaoyu’s meat hole. I feel smooth and the spring water is flooding. Xiaoyu has been emotional, which is more uncomfortable. The whole body is soft and warm, it seems to be melted. The face is red, and the eyes are ashamed. I turned up in Xiaoyu’s nightgown, and Mr. Zhang was like peeled bananas. A white rose red beauty is from the top of our four thighs. The small jade pellet is tender and bomb.

Mr. Zhang and I agree that she should slowly enjoy her.

At this time, she was lying in Mr. Zhang, and a pair of small nipples were also in his mastery. Mr. Zhang then leaned down to kiss her mouth. I will play the other half of Xiaoyu here. Caught her calf first, put the small feet in his arms to put the toes to play. Xiao Yu’s foot followed with fat round, the toes are very neat. The face is white and fat, the foot is skilled. With a fine gold chain under the calf, add a lot of sexy. It is very cute. I can’t help but pay for a kiss. At that time, I can’t wait to take her toe the head.

Later, I licked the little jade foot, she couldn’t help but tremble.

I started to kiss to the thigh direction from the toes until the glossy private part. Xiaoyu’s meat is white and cute. I put the flesh with my fingers and showed a light red beef hole. I stretched a finger into the exploration, just able to reach it. Some difficulties in two fingers. I also viewed another small meat hole of Xiao Yu, but I used a small point to explore a little bit, Xiao Yu is not used to retreat. I don’t want to be too difficult for her, and I will dig it gently, let her go.

Looking at my daughter, I saw Mr. Zhang’s daughter sitting on the sofa, and two whitening thighs were separated. Mr. Li will be a pillow of Mr. Zhang’s daughter. Lying in her thigh in the sky. And my daughter volts Mr. Li is on Mr. Li. I saw a meat stick from bottom to enter and out.

At this time, Mr. Zhang picked the little jade in my arms. Change him to play half your body and I play above. Xiao Yu stayed with long hair. Round face, cherry. Open your eyes and close to me, close, like it is what I am. I am deeply kiss her little mouth, put her hand and put it below, and touch her chest to play breasts. At this time, I was sitting on the two sides of Xiaoyu. And her hands holding our meat sticks. Mr. Zhang touched the little feet and one hand. Xiaoyu urged our lower body. I let her pillow on the thigh and indicate Mr. Zhang to start her. Mr. Zhang raised her legs and fucking hard to align the flesh. After finding the meat, it slowly insert it. It is good to be very moist in Xiaoyu. It is not difficult to enter in. It is also strange. Just now Xiaoyu made us tempering, it was still ashamed, once the man was invaded by a man, but began to loosen it. The big eyes looked at me and smiled. The little hand is gently holding my meat stick. Let the glowed red head in her lovely white hand. On the side, I took the tongue with my tongue.

Then, the whole is sucking in the mouth.

At this time, my daughter is quiet. I saw Mr. Li’s soft mask slipped out of my daughter’s meat hole. My daughter brought the pussy with my hand, but the semen still stream from her finger.

Mr. Zhang’s daughter helped her hand. Three people went in rinse. Mr. Zhang’s meat stick is still inserting the smooth meat of the jade. Xiao Yu’s secretion has wet his mozzles. I touched her tale and pinched.

I enjoy the pleasure from her little mouth. Mr. Zhang’s daughter has been washed out. Mr. Li left her right with her and my daughter sat to the opposite side to see us to do his daughter. At this time, Mr. Zhang has arrived. Quickly pumped several times quickly. The flesh of the small jade was raised. Xiaoyu still let him be so soft in her, his legs hook his hips. Slowly turn over the upper body and concentrate on blowing me. I try to relax to enjoy the lower body in the warm small mouth of Xiaoyu. I finally couldn’t help but tell her to shoot. Xiaoyu is not ignorant. Instead, swallow more. As a result, my semen shot into the throat of Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu still contained my glans in his mouth until the meat stick was soft, and they spit out. Put the full of spermats, and put my meat stick to dry clean.

At this time, Mr. Zhang also left her body. Three people go to the bathroom to clean. Mr. Zhang is very large. I am lying in the bathtub with Mr. Zhang. Clips small jade sand. We helped her, and her a pair of whiteners also caught our meat sticks. Let’s wash while playing each other’s physical and sensitive parts. I especially like to touch the private parts of the little jade. After the water on the dry body, we took Xiaoyu together. At this time, my daughter and Mr. Zhang were tied to the back with a silk scarf to stand together. Mr. Li will turn around them around. Play this, insert it.

When inserting Mr. Zhang’s daughter, stretch your daughter’s breast. Mr. Zhang is in the past. My daughter put him in his mouth yet.

I also called Xiaoyu to separate the thigh, let me invade her flesh. I took her two half round flesime. Let my meat sticks will be given. Xiaoyu hooks my neck legs to me, tightly wrapped my body, and put me tightly on the chest.

I still broke into Xiaoyu for the first time. She tightly surrounded my invading meat stick, as if I had to digest it. I put her hips to the sofa armrest and let her down. The little jade is lifted, I caught a pair of small feet playing “push”. The combination of the lower body is buzzing. I also took her legs down to let the armlet of the sofa on the hips. Small jade flesh peaches are more bumps. I ride her in her soft thigh. I clearly see my meat stick in her peaches. She “ah”, I asked what she felt. She smiled and said. I put myself to her breast with my fingers. Slowly pull the remaining segment below. Also slowly inserted into the end of the depth. When pulling out, the fine meat in the small jade is turned out.

And every plug, she will call. My puff is slow to fast, and Xiao Yu also turned into a snoring. Pretty flying red, eyes wetting. Extending your arms and taking me. The small meat has secreted a moisturizing love. Make me more mindful. When the meat stick is sausing, it is not necessary to use his hand. Of course, sometimes inserted into the legs.

Xiao Yu made me play two legs to tremble, and the cherry blossoms were faded. I can’t speak in the mouth. I can’t bear to continue her, stopped in her head.

Looking at the other side, my daughter is going to bent on the ground, let Mr. Li will play with her back. Mr. Zhang’s daughter faces me across my daughter. The meat under the bottom is located above my daughter’s meat hole. Mr. Li pumped her for a while and pulled out of my daughter’s body. I made her a eye, and Mr. Zhang walked over and faced the place where I was crossing the small jade and I met. I also pull the meat stick from the small jade peaches and plug into the grass doorway of Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang’s daughter passionately holding me kiss. The little latex hits it in my chest and hits my heart.

Playing a while, I transferred to Xiaoyu. Mr. Zhang’s daughter turned and handed over the sofa in the small jade. I reached out to their chest, caught two pairs of young milk. It is a gentle soft meat. Interestingly, regardless of your hand or your back, you feel the most soft skin of the girl. I pulled out from Xiaoyu, inserted into Mr. Zhang’s daughter’s meat. This time I played Mr. Zhang even said comfortable. Love liquid is over, flooding below Xiaoyu. Get Water. Suddenly I heard Xiao Yu called, it was originally slippery because of the rain. Ball into her little peach source. I am not divided into a meat hole. When inserted, where is the sliding, it will enter the hole. Interesting is that every time you put it, there is a call. With the sound, I know who is inserted. At this time, Mr. Zhang has been injected in my daughter’s mouth. Mr. Li also filled with my daughter’s small meat hole.

They helped my daughter who fill the men’s semen into the bathroom. I suddenly remembered that Mr. Zhang’s daughter has a meat hole to enjoy.

So I support my meat stick. For the second meat hole of Mr. Zheng Zhang, try to drill in. With their lubrication of their love, they are still smooth. Then start pump. It’s too tight, so I will shoot her soon. When I took it out, Mr. Zhang’s daughter is trying to pinally, it still flows some lower body in Xiaoyu.

After entering the bath, it will then be photographic. This theme is naturally small jade. We use a variety of posture photography for nearly two hours, not only not tired. Instead, it is more spiritual. Because many lenses are to insert the meat stick into half, I can’t do a full set, it is not enough. We decided to come back again. Three pairs of parents were divided into three groups. Every time the music begins to dance every pair of parents. Exchange your opponent clockwise every time you change your music. The end of the music is shot with the opponent at the time.

Mr. Zhang took a record and started this “tune” game. Sexy music came, I danced at my daughter. Not a few steps yet. I have been inserted into her under the ripe. I said softly in her ear: “Baby, your meat is still so narrow, did not let others support big!”

My daughter contracted a small meat hole, clipping my meat stick.道: “” There is no flexibility in the place where people have, so easy is it to be large? “

We refer to the music play. My daughter’s meat, I usually get more, but when people perform, maybe the first time. Looking at others, Xiaoyu is held in the sky by his feet. The mouth filled with her father’s meat stick. Mr. Li uses his tongue to lick the smooth meat hole. Mr. Zhang’s daughter back to her father’s embrace, both of them enjoy the dance of others. Mr. Zhang’s lower body is unclear.

My daughter twisted on my hips to match my pumping and plug. Watch the performance of others. Asked her to have fun, she kissed, I didn’t want to speak. I also kissed her ears and touch her hips. I am touched by my fingers, the music is suspended. I must let her leave. She walked to me and put it into Mr. Li embraced.

Suddenly there is a small hand of soft cotton cotton caught my lower body. The daughter of Mr. Zhang also came over. She passionately hooks my neck kissed, then slowly squat. Licen my navel with your tongue, I reached out to the two meat holes under her. It feels very wet inside. I want to have just entered her behind.

I enjoy the performance of others while enjoying. Small jade is through Mr. Zhang’s lower body. On the other hand, Mr. Li does not know what to convince my daughter. Let him insert the lower body into another hole. Mr. Li also separates my daughter’s two thighs holding me. My daughter arm has hook his neck behind me.

Music was suspended, and Mr. Zhang left me to give Mr. Li. Change the little jade bird according to people in my embrace. I asked her that she didn’t see how her dad did my daughter. She smiled at the cave behind him, asking if I want to play her idea. I am embarrassed, but I ask her to have tried her father. He nodded, then bent down, put the white butt on me, and looked back and smashed.

I touched her, I still don’t moist. Just insert the front door and smoke a few pumped. After wet the meat stick, slowly entered the small back door. Xiaoyu called, where the muscles were tightly surrounded. I can draw it difficult.

Looking up, Mr. Zhang’s daughter bent downwards like a cat. Two meat turns are pulled out by Mr. Li. A large amount of liquid is applied to the buttocks, two half butt shines. Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang, is also puffed from the back door of my daughter. It can be seen that the girls are playing madness. It is simply ignorant.

This time the music has stopped. Everyone is also playing someone else’s daughter, so he will continue to do it seriously. I think Xiaoyu’s back door is too narrow. Although there is a feeling of adultery, there is a feeling of pain. I let Xiaoyu lie on the carpet, with the most basic mating posture of human beings. Xiaoyu also cooperated to tear the thigh to open the highest level. I touched her to the dead man, she pulled the two smooth white flesh with her hands and index finger, showing bright red holes. My servant is on her body, and her door is buckled. After the small jade’s hand greeted me, I took it out to take me. We kiss face to face, and the skin of the lower body frictions with each other. Although I and Xiao Yu have made all nights, it can be a game, and it is also a play. This time is really raped. I want to inject my semen into the small corner. Under this assignment, I work hard to grind our business part, Xiao Yu also actively cooperates with the rhythm.

Also secreted love liquids to moisturize our activities. At the beginning, I can smile to my style, and I will not be astongent. I am already the third time today, so I have long lasting. It is difficult for Xiaoyu frown to bite to teeth. I finally sprayed in the depths of small jade in the volcanic eruption. She is excited to hug me tightly. I also relaxed in her soft and beautiful body, I didn’t pull out. Xiao Yu’s meat hole is still twitching, like all of my juice is absorbed.

Mr. Li has also been shot in the mouth of Mr. Zhang. They watched their eyes and watched their love and Dad and others. My daughter donated on the carpet.

Mr. Zhang fell in my daughter, I dially her milk tip. My daughter’s lower body is covered with zero-chaired secretion.

The meat hole of the buttocks still tolerate Mr. Zhang’s meat stick is in. Suddenly, Mr. Zhang stopped, and the lower body was twitched and shot.

I picked up soft little jade, paying Mr. Li. Hold Mr. Zhang’s daughter. Revert to my loveless woman who wakes up like a dream. Hold into the bathroom. Under the rush of warm water, my daughter slowly spirit. I used my fingers into her meat, helping her clean. I asked her: “Is it not painful below?” She spoiled me, said: “Of course hurt! It is you, I like to diamond others, I can give people a diamond?”

This evening can be called the happiness. Among the three little girls, Xiao Yu appeared to be the most hard. In this chaotic, petite women are a little loss. Being in her process. I deeply realized the virtue of her that she won’t suffer. Mr. Zhang’s daughter is the most beautiful. It is estimated that the five young people will do her, and they are not problematic. When you wash it out, she is still busy looking for us with a drink. It’s really admiring. Although my daughter can play, although I can play, I can’t eat it. From time to time, she touched the asshole who was hurt. Mr. Zhang suggested that she is going to practice more. She hit him naughty. Everyone spread in laughter. When we leave, we have booked a date next weekend.

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