Exquisite Tower Trump Dew, Cui’s Flat Rock Form, the wind flows in the world, the Ruihong flashes.

Under the lane, the former servants succeeded, Ying Songyan Dance Yunyun, who said Sang Daxi in the evening.


“Hey! 咚”, the crisp door, just, I am preparing to raise your ass to open the door from the sofa to open the door, my careful liver Zhang Lime has opened the door, just like spring spiritual jubilant Bailing Birds are general, “哧! 哧! 哧” is laughing and jumping in my arms.

When she is like an uncomfortable little spirit, she has a little deeds, and she then threw her clothes. After I was, then I was unscrupulous on me.

When I saw Zhang Lime, I habitually took out my turtle and folk eggs. When I played it, I deliberately screwed her thin ear. Don’t say, I am so eager to think about that matter. You are not afraid of a cold runny nose. “

Zhang Limei still came back and forth in her under her lower body, and she squatted me: “Dad hate it! I hate it! My body is so strong, the cold is not afraid. In case of hard flow If you have a nose, I don’t toss anyone again. Since you are not interested, you don’t have any interest, you don’t want to close your eyes! I will get a bad problem in nine years old. You said me. Can you go to the heart? Dad, wait for me to play enough, I will give you a small secret good? “

I had a work in my mouth, Zhang Limei took me with me, after she was completely free, and she continued to play the game that she had been in love. And I put the head in the sofa * back, relaxing all the nerves, and enjoying this kind of special soothing.

Some things are really strange, as long as they have a good time, it is particularly fast, I don’t feel anything, the calendar has turned over the Spring Festival 95.

My wife is stronger because I am very victorious, see if I have come back from Takson. I have been broken into the plank of the plan, and she is still in the foundation for more than four years. The land stepped away. So, although she is also happy in my promotion, I always secretly sour in the heart.

After the Spring Festival, didn’t have a long time, just giving a quota for a total accountant for the Guangzhou Training Accountant to Guangzhou, and the training time is one and a half years. After the wife heard the news, she also knew that she didn’t have much energy, so I cited me to go up and down with her, and strive to arrange this place to her.

Although my wife is very powerful, my heart is very powerful, but I love me very much, tolerate me, even some people are afraid of me, often I am going to do my Hu.

Looking at my wife and I got a few decades in my Tongzhou, I didn’t just promised her request, and I also took out the decimal of my body. Through my own relationship, I spent the human nose. After financial and energy, I finally gave this rare quota to her hands.

I can happiness, I don’t know what my last name. Ha ha! Training in Guangzhou, can be used for her own future high rise, and can take time to Shenzhen to visit the daughter who has worked. When she prepares the equipment, she must be enthusiastic to make me use it. Take a vacation to accompany her to prepare for the free time, put her beautifully, until I have a lot of chaotic soup water water, and I will call the water, and I will be a while. I happily squatted a small song and continued to pay another thing in her needs.

Just a few days, my wife flew in Guangzhou. My son was not at home last year. At this time, I am like a wild horse who takes off, and it is more free to manage.

Zhang Lime has such a good opportunity. In addition to the normal class learning during the day, he went to the evening.

Don’t look at Zhang Lime, she is only 13 years old. Since there is a continuous moisture of my rich rain in the past few years, she has now taken a small beauty of a Chu Chu.

Her children did not say 1.6 meters or more, plump tall figure, delicate and white duck egg face, everywhere, is everywhere, fresh and charming. Two, as far as the black and eyebrows in the far mountains, the molar miao is more fine, and the beautiful apricot is always like a water, it seems to be full of unlimited spring and nostalistic scenery.

The more excited nose, the soft and heavy mouth, a neat white teeth, and then equipped with a deliberate stay and the big body of the devil, but also inherited all the advantages of many beautiful women. I have also become a lot of people who have a heart intestine, and I have a very good man who is unknown. Zhang Lime not only reflects the sensitivity, articulate, but also treats people and good. Don’t look at the people outside, it is so smart and good. Treat people is very polite. It is very enthusiastic about some women. She can always be cold, but she is always cold, sometimes she can’t help them. one time.

Can Zhang Limei likes to wear a small vest and shorts to dry all kinds of things. Especially in the evening, she touched her two shames, and she turned into a color and desire, angel and devil.

At this time, Zhang Limei, full face, full of stunning colors, the beautiful apricot nucleus radiating the light, small and round nose is constantly moving, the ruddy little mouth is slightly opened, the throat is whisper呻 呻, like a big white breast, shackles, rushing, like a small butterfly wings, slightly pumping.

Just only nearly one inch long smooth soft clitoris, at this time, it completely revealed a fresh climate with yellow beans, which is constantly moving the clipping clip. A thin and clear lascivious water flows down in the thigh, and I have to put her in dozens of dozens, she can touch me normally or abroad, or continue to communicate with each other. Sleep together.

Although Zhang Lime’s sexual desire is particularly strong, a good point is that her sexual climax is coming. When she is particularly eager, I just want to solve the problem with her more than a dozen, and after a complete sexual activity, she can have a lot of climax.

On the most pain in Zhang Lime, she let me lie on the whole body, and the round and quite breasts continue to undulate, she can’t wait to breathe to me: “Dad, Although I am like a day, I am still in my heart, but I know how many times you know?

Dad, that can be twelve times! My heart is full of jump and the hemp, and the yin is like a wild horse who takes off her. It is not yet lost. Now that other places are comfortable, I don’t have more beautiful, and I feel some soreness in my heart. “Zhang Lime now has a biggest strength, that is, I will not only have a jealous psychology now, but I still have to give me everything else, and try my best to work with me, so I can make me The whole process is completely completed. Just see my look happy, her face will expose a special gratified smile.

In addition, Zhang Lime is going to go to the door when every Saturday and holidays, let Zhang Dongmei help the Tingting to make Ting Ting’s sleeping pills unpaid personnel, watching me, then let me go with Zhang Dongmei. A whole, a whole night. And they also use what open source and throttle, as long as they can reach a few climax, they will stop entanglement to me immediately, try to reduce the number of ejaculation I am in them.

Zhang Limei still has a biggest feature, that is, the mouth makes me so many years, and it is tender and not to say that the flexibility is getting stronger. If I am excited, I put her mouth with my fingers, and the three fingers can be plugged in. What about tight? My turtle is only one way to come into her, and the sphincter of the mouth will hit it right away.

Now Zhang Limei is slightly larger than the quail eggs, but the surrounded pale pink muscles are full of small meat. Especially when I was ejaculation, I always think that she was in a very strong suction in swallowing. I took the semen into her uterus in her uterus. After the end, the fine fluid flowing out is basically not very much. .

Because Zhang Limi began to have a niche in the elevenous years old, I have made her oral contraceptives in order to avoid her pregnancy.

Fortunately, Zhang Lime has been an organic whole with me, plus she doesn’t like me with her together. She said that there is nothing pleasure, just like I have the kind of hobby and sincere feelings that have been with each other, the two always seem to be like a difference, there is no feeling, playing, playing, a little passion and impulse don’t feel .

Zhang Lime himself also did not provoke the trouble, as I had a contraceptive medicine on time. Although she began a few days of nausea and vomiting, her face became slightly thin, but for me to get full enjoyment and joy, she still took contraceptives. Until two months, she slowly did not have the adverse reaction. Just when I thought about Zhang Limei, I felt that my turtle that I had been so high quickly entered a warm stenosis.

When I went back to God, I took a slap in Zhang Lime. When I took a slap, my turtle was very closely wrapped by the fine little meat in her, a like As ants bite a general tear, I immediately pour my tremble.

Zhang Lei, when he was very versatile, and then he took his own butt and looked at his ass. You can’t use this big strength! You see you, your ass is red, and the five finger printers are obviously revealed. Your heart is so embarrassing, don’t you know that I especially hurt? Oh … I feel that it is hurting. “

I clearly know that Zhang Lime is now special love spoiled, so she holds her neck with her hippie, a mouth with her lips who lived in her ruddy and smooth, and use it to suck it.

Zhang Limei’s nose is in the nose of the nose, and both hands are tightly convulsted while she is behind me.

When we stopped the mutual play, Zhang Lime also passed the gas completely, and looked down at the combination of our two, he said to me: “Dad, since Mom, after learning, these two I have made me feel very happy for more than a month.

You look! After we haven’t had a long time, I jumped into the water and the yin, and your turtle is white and a large piece.

Dad, although you don’t have me and your sister, sometimes you can also take my classmates, I will have a few times a few times, I have a few times, but I always don’t have a teenage girl. It’s so sincere. Just just transferring a female classmate from G, she will become a good friend with me. Because her parents still have no adjustment in G, she still lives in Bai Road Grandma. Because she is more sparsely on the men and girls in the class, so after sitting in the same table, slowly mixing with me, became a good friend. “I know that my careful liver has had a bad water to take, but still gods, if I am, I am deliberately installed, I am ignorant, she said,” I am very common as eating, she can become with you. Good friends, I estimate that you and she are all 貉 貉. “

Zhang Lime screwed my gang with his hand. He looked with a laughter. I was a genuine colorful wolf said: “Dad! Our father is! How do you especially rogue! “

I still closed my own eyes, I’m talking about Zhang Limei, I have evidence, “I have to have politics. Who saw me hooligan? You said that I am a hooligan, but I have to commit Ah, you can’t tell you that you will not have a ten-year imprisonment. “

Zhang Lime saw that I didn’t have a garlic. I didn’t finish it. I made my own ganglium. Hand put it in my folk egg. When I knew it like killing pigs, she just like killing pigs. The generals returned by the triumph, smiled and said to me: “Death Dad, just played me, now I will tell me what is caught, I can’t sentence it?”

I said that my face said to Zhang Lime: “I can’t! My careful liver, you have something to say, I will take it right away this father.”

At this time, Zhang Lime is like a win-win cat, the body is simply talking, and the eyebrows are unrestrained and unable to suppress the brilliant smile. He is soft and soothing that my grandson said: “This is similar, Like my rogue father, Otherwise, my kind is really letting the wolf eat. “

After I was completely liberated, I naturally said to Zhang Lime, “Your kindness, I have made me eat this colorful father, if there is so good to give me a big burst, I still eat much, and how much is it? I don’t want to play any discount, save you, so that this hand is embarrassed. “

Zhang Limei tempses the tough nose of the show, he ended this kind of laughter.

Waiting to our wear and restored the original situation, Zhang Lime saw that after I put the smoke and smoked, she cuddled next to me, the beautiful and moving apricot nucleus stared at me: “Dad, now it is mid-April, outside Those trees are all green. I think Sunday and you go to Dongshan. I will bring my female classmates together. “I know that I said to Zhang Lime:” Let’s go, take her! What? “

Zhang Limi blinked a bright and bright big eyes. After smiling, I used my hand to follow my thighs and said: “Isn’t there a few pavilions on the East Hill? The trees and wild flowers around the pavilion are also long. It is much more. At that time, we went to the beautiful mountains and rivers, and browsed the beautiful mountains and rivers in Y County. I was so happy that I was happy, I was so hungry. After 12 o’clock, I will eat those foods, you don’t You can find a chance to put me the female classmate! “

I have a little doubtful look at Zhang Lime said: “When you do that, you need two things like it. If you don’t want to be willing, I can’t just hold her, I can’t just hold her.”

Zhang Limei had a bamboo and laughing, and then said that several families said to me: “Don’t tighten, there is basically no one, plus the trees of trees, and the surroundings are also very much. My female classmate is more compared The courage is also very small. You first put her in a chaos, if she didn’t resist it, would you like the iron? “

I still have some unfolbeled asked Zhang Limei: “Where are you,?”

Zhang Lime first took my turtle and said to me, then said to me: “Just cooperate with you! Why, do you think it is inconvenient? In fact, which girl does not have a spring? I don’t believe it. You don’t have that thief! “

Zhang Lime’s words couldn’t help but arouse his own rushing, when it was red, it was said that he said to her: “When is the woman! When did your father are afraid? As long as I don’t put her Mesh Break it, big deal, the two will then bite tooth, don’t admit it, can she still take my hair on a court to tell me? “

Zhang Limi stretched out her thumbs up, and the special person took my shoulders. Very unresolved to me: “Who is the old father, what is the trumpet? I still don’t know? How many little girls have so many young girls? Which one goes now to tell you to rape? Still not sometimes itching, just touch your turtle!

Dad, anyway, it is also too late, what are we prepared earlier? “I just nodded when I gave Zhang Lime, I suddenly had a doubt in my mind, I couldn’t help but ask her:” Dead hoe! Since you make me enjoy, what is the same as the female classmate? ?

I am not clear at all, you can’t just call a female classmate to make me? “Zhang Lime said something dissatisfied with me, and then said to me,” Hey …! You see that Dad said how bad, your careful liver doesn’t have water in your eyes? I Don’t you take a pumpkin? Isn’t that I am too horizontal? “

I also slanting Zhang Lime, I took Zhang Lime, I praised her, “You can, you are strong, you will have no weak soldiers, can be a little one, take the ladder, the wife is Open a leg, the public is a mouth. “

Zhang Lime was very dense and soft, the cultural foundation is also good, plus the continuous influence of my continuous influence in these years, and all aspects have improved very quickly. So she listened to me, just slightly, I was very close to me, I asked me when I was “哧! 哧! 哧”, I asked me: “Dad, follow you can learn more things, What does you mean by the rogue? “

After I gave a thumbs to Zhang Lime, I collised a word in my mouth: “High!”

Zhang Limei, the face of Zhang Limei, immediately hanged the gorgeous peach blossom, beautifully squatted to me, holding my head, “啵”, I got on my mouth, clear and bright eyes stared. My face says: “Dad, you said that you have a true image. I said the high-character writing body, and I said that the profound meaning inside you, it is indeed high.”

Zhang Lime said that he smiled here and charming me. When I took it in my crotch, I sold a Guan Chuan to me: “What is the name of my female classmate, how to look like it? • You will fully understand that you will make your turtle will be the word. “

After smiling, I smiled and said to Zhang Lime: “I am turtle! Now the wrinkles on my face can claw the flies, when I am going to use it?”

Zhang Lime laughed, and then used the two fingers to do a V word. And the ability to strain, or how do I want to get the good helper that you want to get there? After you have a head, a sin, I have been love, but violating moral standards, just in our parents, it is easy to get born.

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