Oblied daughter preface: This article wrote almost half a year, because the opening taste is not light, then it is getting more and more serious, because when writing, there is another plot, resulting in not very smooth.

I originally released in December, the result is now released now, if it is not a way for the time because of the time because of the time, it will be very light.

Finally, the article is extremely heavy, and it is best not to see it.

The body “Your daughter didn’t bring a red scarf today, I have to leave her education.” Teacher Wang called me that it was not a class teacher, and his style is not good. His tone is strongly excited. I seem to have a bad feeling, when a incredible picture flashes from my mind, I haven’t reflected the cock, actually slightly. My ghost said to Wang teacher, “Teacher, please educate her. I am late at home, her mother is also traveling.”

“I will punish her, if I am too late, I will sleep, my wife is going, I am living alone.”

“Ok, teacher. Let me say a few words and daughters.”


“Daughter, do something wrong, punish, you must listen to the teacher, the teacher said to do anything!”

“Well, Dad, people will listen to the teacher.”

“Driver drops!” Teacher Wang did not wait to hang.

I also hurry to school. Fortunately, my family is very close to the school. When I arrived, there was only one office on the light. I quietly squatted to the side of the window sill.

The daughter is standing in front of the teacher, she is wearing a small white shoe, a tube white stockings, and a school uniform skirt, because her daughter is very small, so we are the minimum number, but I didn’t expect the minimum to be so small than the daughter. Code, I want to order a set with the school. As a result, Teacher Wang said that he would wait a year. We can only let the daughter wear this small school uniform skirt. The school uniform only has just enough to cover your daughter’s little butt, and you will take light in an unclear. A bright red scarf is tightly Le in the neck of the daughter.

“Teacher, I don’t dare. People just forgot to bring it?”

“Forgot to bring red scarf, why didn’t you forget to wear clothes? Take your clothes!”

“Teacher, my mother can’t …”

“Your father can let you listen to me.”

“Well …” The daughter is shame, and the head is beginning to unlock the clothes. And Mr. Wang, looked at the daughter.

At this time, I should stop my daughter from getting off, but I am slightly smashed.

“When I look at the teacher of Wang, I will prepare to infringe on my daughter, can I recover my dick?”

“Internal Panties take off” daughter is very small, the chest is completely unsuccessful, so after the underwear, the daughter leaving only the long tube stockings and small leather shoes.

“Teacher, people are cold.”

“Tighten this red scarf, tighten.”

“Teacher, people are really cold.” The daughter pettivo trembles in front of the teacher.

“Kneeling!” Daughter’s pleading only exchanged the teacher’s cold command.

The daughter is squatting in front of the teacher, the first spring, the ground is also very cold, the daughter is frozen. Teacher Wang was eating a hot and hungry, and looked at the teacher to eat dinner. Teacher Wang scored a few quick-eaten bones in front of her daughter.

“Do not use your hand!” The daughter is afraid of retreating his hand, like a little bitch picking up a bone without a whit meat, Wang Teacher throws watermelon peel and apple, and the daughter is squatting and throwing into the garbage Barrel. During the teacher, I murmured to my daughter while I muttered. “Maybe it can be.”

“Okay, now you explain, why don’t you bring a red scarf?”

“Teacher, people think that the red scarf has a bit neck, so the badge with people.”

“Don’t think that Leles do you think? I like to bring a badge? I let you bring enough! Go to the table!” The daughter’s little is very short, she is tough to the desk, I am squatting.

Wang took out a bottle of liquor, drank two and then sprayed a mouthful of her daughter in the chest, he took out a small first badge, with wine spray the next. Then I totally know how to treat Wang daughter. I should be like a normal father to protect my daughter, but I just pull the lens closer so I shot more clearly. “Ah ah ah! People hurts! Teacher!” Is not sharp pin badges can not be quickly pierced nipple small daughter he only stabbed into the half, he single-handedly holds her daughter’s little hand and exertion nipple piercing daughter continue to pin small tits, blunt blunt pin but increased her daughter’s pain, Wang may regardless of pear rain crying daughter screams, still do not use acupuncture her daughter’s small nipple, I found that he was deliberately torment her daughter. “Ah ah ah! Teachers, people ……” I could not help zooming in to her daughter’s face, and teachers will also be a video camera pointed at her face.

“Ah ah ah!” In spite of her daughter’s teacher forced begging the badge in a small nipple daughter.

“Teacher, do it! People really hurts!”

“Disobedient students will take the punishment, your father let you all listen to me, and I also ask you a good education.”

“Ah ah ah!” Wang has a badge is pinned on the cruel daughter of another small nipple. Intense pain stimulus, so that her daughter’s body glowing pink, especially attractive.

“If she can play like a whole night. This time is not enough to make her fall ah!” Wang took third badge staring at her daughter’s lower body, unfortunately he said.

“Ding Dong!” Wang contempt after seeing text messages smiled, did not respond to put the phone aside. Says on the phone, “Wang, I have to get off work until very late, let the little girl to live in your home tonight, little girl, you want to fully listen to the words of Wang Oh, Oh, do not trouble to the teacher.”

“Teacher, I can go home yet?”

“You let your dad this evening I also listen to my words, this whole night to punish you.” And he just sent me a text message to her daughter to see.

Daughter obediently nodded. Wang took out a big old metal box.

“I hope this can play long points.” Wang said as he rubbed the box.

“Do not change posture? So fond of kneeling? After you have knees.” Daughter Leng Leng Wang know what to do, “I want to see you urinate where you put your legs open.”

“Teacher, my mother said not ……” Wang message to my daughter looked at her legs open obediently into M type, the pink bread cunt Wang and exposed in the front of the camera.

“This is called a cunt, is a man born to play, as long as the teacher has allowed men to play no matter how you cunt can. Hear me!”

“Ah!” Sidongfeidong but well-behaved daughter nodded, according to the requirements of the clitoris Wang clumsy pulled out from Nenxue years.

“Ah! Ah!” Wang caught her daughter’s vagina with two clips so that her daughter’s clitoris are completely exposed to the air, if not by hand.

“Teachers people below sore, sore clip.” Wang took out handcuffs, rope, etc. from the box. His daughter’s hands and feet and beat up his daughter tied up, perhaps because of her age, slightly weakened particularly good toughness, his skillful daughter legs tied to the back of the neck.

“There are actually fool the daughter gave me to play one night, ha ha ha.”

Wang pointed at the third badge daughter exposed clitoris, and now I know why her daughter then listen to him, he also tied his daughter can not move.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Teacher, I beg you not to ah!” Her daughter cry and cry echoed in the empty school. The daughter cry miserable than the previous two. Wang Do not use acupuncture her daughter’s clitoris, her daughter’s violent struggle with pain, but she had been tied too tightly.

“Puncture has not really started yet! Called so badly.”

Wang shallow stab in the dark suddenly stop suddenly her daughter’s clitoris, then Wang’s phone rang, he looked at the numbers, while abuse of her daughter’s clitoris while pick up the phone.

“Hey! Well, I engaged my students do!”

“I have begun to puncture the clitoris.”

“You have to hurry to come, more than more than those cheap prostitute cool before you visit a prostitute, and he that stupid father, daughter and I just let him spend the night, you hear” some pain when my daughter’s in a coma.

“Ah, ah, ah! People are going to die!” He suddenly started to puncture the daughter’s yin, blood from the daughter’s yin, the daughter’s white stockings, Wang Teacher not only played my daughter, not only He actually shared his daughter to his pig friends. I have a little in my heart in my heart. “Ah, ah!” In the needle thorn, the daughter was torped up, and the clear urine was not from autonomous to the ground. She was incorporated by Teacher Wang. In the moment, the badge was almost diluted in the past.

“Mom, actually dare to fall urine.”

“Ah!” The teacher kicked his daughter from the table.

“Give me your urine! How big is the people, actually follow the ground.”

“Teacher, I am wrong.” Said her obedient, her tongue, licking the urine on the ground. Teacher Wang seems to be a little surprised daughter actually, he muttered himself, “Maybe this little girl can really.”

“Hey! Children can change the teacher and Dad will like you. Eat a sugar.” After the daughter took the urine on the ground, Mr. Wang stuffed a sugar in her mouth. He talked about his daughter’s rope and handcuffed his daughter’s hands and feet. The daughter is awkward on the ground. At this time, the neck is a red scarf, only a pair of blood-free bag stockings and small leather shoes. The most miserable thing is that her two small teats and juicy nucleus don’t have a team logo. Teacher Wang did not stop the daughter.

Teacher Wang took out a dog chain to bring her handcuffs to her daughter, and brought the dog chain to her daughter, Mr. Wang also arrived.

“Mom, I didn’t catch the clitoris. The stinky head, you said how do you compensate me?”

“Do you still remember the teacher?”

“Remember, the teacher said that the people of others are casual and the teacher specified by the teacher.”

“Then you don’t hurry? Well?”

The daughter quickly endured the pain and climbed the table and turned his leg into a M-style.

“You do it, it is a team.”

“She forgot to bring red scarf, give her lesson.”

Teacher Wang took out from the box. “She is still a woman, you haven’t booked her yet?”

“I don’t want to be, I am not going to play, I just want to play a small woman. And be interested in it.”

“Since this …, little girl, what do you know what a girl is most precious?”

“Mom, tell me that the girl’s chastity, the hole below the girl can’t see others. And someone has a layer of film, it is the most precious thing for the girl.”

“Can you give your teacher to the teacher?”


“The uncle will help you protect it.”

“Okay, thank you uncle … ah!” The man put a unbearable needle and punctured the daughter’s two lips, “Ah!” Yet another.

“Her is good and tender.” The man pulled two needles and put four silver rings on the hole of the daughter’s lab. Hey, two small locks launched the daughter’s vagina.

“Hey, but unfortunately, she will take things down before she go home, so as not to be discovered by her mother.”

“Hey, if she is doing us, it is good.”

“How can it be.”

Their conversation reminds me of my wife. After the daughter is born, my dick is getting more and more unused. I haven’t been love with my wife in the past few years. But my wife still loves me very much, I know that she would rather hide in the toilet, they will not give me a green hat. But recently, the number of masturbation has more and more, the larger is the larger.

Teacher Wang took the daughter as a dog, turned around in the school, and the man took the camera to shoot, and the daughter loured in the school.

“Hey, the teacher is thirsty you go to the supermarket to help the teacher to buy two bottles of beer, you have money!” Wang Teacher took a daughter in the school, and a little thirsty.

“Well, people of ten dollars in a month are still useless.”

“That’s enough, go!”

When my daughter came out of the school, I was afraid that my daughter had an accident. On the way back, the daughter’s petite body took two bottles of beer too much. At this time, a stranger with a burnt mark asked the address of a waste warehouse near the daughter, usually in my education, the daughter who will help people will be strange man. I received a waste warehouse, and men looked at the daughter who took the beer bottle did not help her. Of course, I know that my daughter’s experience will, I also want to remind her, but I have told her that I have a success. Now I am not letting my daughter know that I am lying. So I can only continue to hide in the dark.

“Uncle, arrived.” Daughter is kindly to bring the man into the warehouse.

“哐 哐!”

“Uncle, you do …” When a man got the door, he grabbed his daughter.

“Hey!” A bottle of beer snapped on the ground.

“Teacher’s beer …”

When a man put her daughter on a shabby table, she was carefully carefully guarded the beer in her hand.

“Don’t … Uncle, what do you want to do …” The daughter is crying while crying.

“What, of course, is doing you.” The man deliberately speaking with hoarse voice.

The twisted man is ugly face, while licking her daughter’s face, on the inside of her hand in his hand, touching the daughter’s skirt.

“I didn’t think of the little age, I didn’t learn it!”

“Hey! People are not bad children, not! Ah! Hurt!”

“Not? What is your I wear?” The man touched the ring and the lock of the daughter and the lock began to pull it.

“Hey, ah!”

“Mom, I’m sure you are all, I thought it would be a part!”

“Ah! Hurt! No, 呜呜, people still virgin, people are still in the women’s film!”

“Is it? Your is locked and invisible.”

“Uncle, this is the key.”

The man opened the lock and opened his daughter’s tender, his daughter was tender and translucent.

“Really laminated!”

“Ah! Uncle, people don’t lie to you! People are really a woman.”

“It’s just a layer of film. Maybe you do a hymen repair surgery?” The man said with a female film with his daughter while stretching his tongue.

“Ah! Uncle, don’t. How do you have to prove!” The man is not responsible for her daughter, and the female film is not stopped.

“Of course, I am already awkward!” After finishing, he took off his pants while taking off his pants.

“Don’t! Teacher said that people’s virgin is the most precious thing, don’t! Ah! Hey!” The daughter struggled but noji, the man’s big cock was in her tender, melon and tender Dramatic pain by the big chicken, let her not stop, and the man’s chest is taken.

“Teacher Wang, save people, oh! Teacher Wang, sorry, oh, people didn’t listen to you, did not protect people’s vast film. Oh!”

The daughter’s virgin was broken by a man’s dick. Virgin blood flowed on white stockings, making men more crazy raped daughter, daughter crying, screaming, seeking for raging throughout the warehouse, man deliberately wants her daughter The rape called a very sound, the daughter, but also a badge of the daughter’s jeapline, deliberately let the daughter call very loudly. The man is tightly starting ejaculation in the daughter in her daughter.

“Hey, uncle … don’t, don’t urinate urine in the body.”

“This is called ejaculation, the general woman is ejaculated by a man, it will be pregnant, but you …”

The man is complete in the daughter, just like just using the hand paper to finish the plane, throw the daughter like a ejaculation paper, I’m gone.

The daughter is lying on the dirty table like a rotten mud. The stockings are filled with blood and semen, and there are not many lights in the warehouse, they are particularly conspicuous on their daughters. Then he took the door completely opened out.

Looking at this, my daughter will be uncomfortable for a while, but I know that the longer it is, the longer it, I am in the gate, I heard the daughter, I heard the daughter. A lot of people’s footsteps, I know that I have no chance, I quickly hide, I panicked in a box, I bought the medicine out on the ground. “Will you listen to wrong? Just someone looks a film.”

“No, it is absolutely someone being raped.”

They finally walked to the door of the warehouse.

“There is a thing on the ground!”

“It’s a box of Viagra.” These days, the daughter and the teacher gave me the stimuli that I felt that if I had a little medicine, I may have a chance, I didn’t expect them.

“I am right!”

They are a group of 乞丐, tramp, picking up.

“They will definitely help my daughter.” I deceive himself.

“Hey, uncle, people are raped, you send me back to school.”

“Do you want to help you alarm!”

“No, thank you uncle.” The daughter hesitated once.

The men have handed over to each other, they took off their pants to show up grungy big cocks, and two men opened beer and swallowed Viagra with beer.

“Hey, uncle, don’t, beer is bought to the teacher, what are you doing? Ah, a ah, Wang teacher, save people, 呜呜! Ah!”

The man didn’t pity, and the daughter had just been broken, and the daughter excited by Viagra was mad.

“You can’t help but I can’t help.”

“I am eating Viagra, then it is so fast, who makes you eating Viagra.”

“What should I do!”

“There is also a hole, tell you the thirst!” Said that he opened his daughter’s back court.

“Don’t … ah … hurt … ah !!”

The man who didn’t be ignorant of her daughter, the daughter’s ass is very small, and the toss is so fast. However, men were extremely brave after eating Viagra. They used two people to rape their daughters. The daughter was bursting with helplessness, and the man who gangped his daughter was arbitrarily to beat her daughter. After the end, they lost her daughter to the hastily. Go, my daughter took a break, picked up a half bottle of beer, and walked back to the teacher’s office.

Teacher Wang opened the door, see the daughter’s clothes, the face is a tear and slap, there are also many scars on the body, the white stockings are blood, semen, a lot of semen blood from the daughter’s, some drops There are drops on the ground also hang on the daughter’s lock, and there are many semen mixed with blood in the inside of the daughter to the daughter’s shoes.

“Hey, teacher, sorry, beer only half bottle. Hey!”

Looking at the daughter was a miserable situation after being raped, the teacher was not surprised. His friends also took out the camera to pat my daughter.

“Mom, let you buy two bottles of wine don’t do it. How do you do the dirty?”

“I met a uncle on the road. He let me take him to abandon the warehouse, and then put people under the rest of the people, the women’s masks were broken, people hurt, and they have flowed a lot of blood. But he still didn’t let people, people fight him, and finally put urinates in the body. Hey! “

“Then your vast film?”

“People’s vast women’s masks are gone, oh! Then there is a lot of uncle’s grandfather coming in, they will pick up one of the following and butt. 呜,, people hurt.”

“Hey, I will tell you the most important thing about girls?”

“Well, it is chastity, it is a female film of people.”

“You said that you will send your vast film to your teacher. You now seduce the man to give another man.”

“Hey! Teacher, people don’t, people are forced, oh!”

“It’s a bad girl, but not only seduce the man and also lie. I asked you that you are locking the key to the man who raped your man!”

“Well!” Under the induction of Wang Teacher, the daughter acknowledged that he seduce the man raped himself.

“Hey, you can’t make this bad girl, you can’t make it out!”

“Hey! Teacher, don’t, you don’t want to be! “Really any punishment?”

“Well! People have lost their chastity, breaking the women’s masks sent to the teacher, and live a punishment.” Said the guilt.

“Ah! Hey!” Teacher Wang took out two whip and took his daughter with his friends. Every time I even decorate my daughter’s clothes, but my daughter is dying, but she has not dodge. Her eyes are full of guilt to Mr. Wang.

“The first time I encountered such a wish.”

“Of course, she is guilty!” The original, Wang Teacher Wang took advantage of his daughter’s guilt. In this way, when he is abused with a daughter’s body, his daughter is willing to be abused with guilty. She thinks this is the punishment of her “sensuality”. The more she feels that she is, the deeper. If you are more right, you will be able to listen to Mr. Wang.

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