Xiao Wen: Li Yuwen, father: Song Den Dad: Li Renfu ******************************* Li Yuwen – small Wen is in a kindergarten as a teacher, there is no big news, I hope to marry a good husband who is good, it will be good. A year ago, a man introduced the current husband Song Yun, and later two people quickly developed to the point of marriage. Later, they met their parents, they were ready to get married.

This day, Xiaowen and Song Yixun married days, the Chinese wedding customs must be returned, and the wedding banquet is at a table, although it is against water, but a lap is still a small couple who is nothing. Soon, I feel the best. Xiaowen is okay, but the friends on the husband seem to be not planning to let him go, even if the cave is not prepared, I want to put him on the wedding banquet.

Here is the family of Xiaowen’s husband Song Yun, Song Yun, is lost in the early years. From small, the father Song Delumo is big. His father is usually treating people and good, pair of eyebrows, looks like a big waist, and lives like a Maitreya Buddha.

“Xiao Wen, don’t worry, I drunk, I will move him back.” Song did seemed to see Xiaowen’s worries and gave her to her.

“Ok, thank you Dad” Xiaowen, he also looked around.

If you don’t have a groom, a groom is really drunk, the whole person does not provoke personnel, and the friends have no excuse of the cave.

Finally, Song Father sent Song Yun and Xiaowen back to their new house.

In the housing Song, I can’t stand the foot, I said: “Xiao Wen, one Kun helped him clean him, you will go to sleep.”

Xiaowen was very grateful to Song, and he went back to bedroom.

Song father helped the people’s son to clean up, so hard to put Song Yun in the room, I was going to go home, but I found Xiaowen’s room on the room, I walked into the door “Xiaowen, Xiao Wen

Waiting for the half, I didn’t respond, I went to open the door and wanted to help her.

As a result, one opened the light, Song did not help but stay.

I saw Xiao Wen on the bed slept very hard, and the bed was sleepled on the side of the side, and the body did not hang, this woman’s baby has a naked habit.

Looking at her skin, it is like Coague, Shuangfeng is tall, and the visual is at least DCUP. When you look down on the flat belly, you will fall into a few yin hair points, you don’t know if you are fever, you are still doing some “dream” There is a trace of prostitution in the middle of her flesh.

Song didn’t hurt the fans. I couldn’t help but feel a hot flow. After 20 years ago, I didn’t touch the other women’s meat sticks, and I took a big tent.

I haven’t touched a woman in 20 years. I’m very terrible. I think every hiuspine, he can only vent it by playing a pistol, one is 20 years.

Moreover, when the son took Xiaowen to go home, the old Song was amazing in Xiaowen’s beauty. When the night, he couldn’t sleep on the back. A brain was this daughter-in-law. In the end, she didn’t think of her three pistons. Let.

This imagination is of course there is no real shock, let alone this true and cut beautiful body is in front of himself, this shock is undoubtedly huge.

On the side of the old concierge, I can’t help but start friction of the penis. This doesn’t touch it.

“If you don’t touch it, you will be able to sleep, but you will sleep, you will comfort yourself.

So the old Song went to Xiaowen’s bed, always touched his trousers, and a hand war war watched Xiao Wen’s chest.

The moment that the hand is in touch, the old concise can’t hurt: “Soft.”

This touch is addicted, just hold it gently.

After a while, Xiao Wen was still opening whispered: “Husband ~” put the old Song a big jump, over half a hurricane, see no movement, continue to touch, Xiao Wen seems to start to say some dreams: “Husband … … Today’s cave room night … um … hug me … Touch me “

This will rush the last defense line of the old Song Dynasty. He took off himself to the second, and the light was closed on Xiaowen’s bed.

Gently put this daughter-in-law in his arms slowly squatted her crisp, and the big cock in the lower body was not rising. However, the old concise finger is not anxious, and the little finger is gently dialing Xiaowen’s labians. Slowly 搓 揉 揉 阴 部, Xiaowen seems really to be a spring dream, and this girl seems particularly sensitive, very fast There are many water flowing out. Seeing the vagina has been humid, the old and the old Song hugged Xiao Wen to explore the vaginal port of picking up the glans, slowing back and forth.

In the old concierge, the meat stick in the past 20 years didn’t care, I couldn’t stand it out, but I still have to rest in time.

Then the old Song slowly put the big meat stick into the tenderness of the daughter-in-law, the meat is very moist and warm, and I don’t know if my meat stick is a little big or Xiaowen’s tenderness, which is tightly clamped. The meat stick, let the old Song want to die.

Soon, the old glans in the old Song met a meat film.

“It’s a virgin? The kid has not touched her.” The old Song is surprised to think that there is a bit hesitation.

But soon he relieved, it has been plugged in, and you can do it!

So I went to sleep on the old Song Daughter’s pettel, the two hands were smashed, and the whole big oil belly stuck the back of the wife, and the waist was hard.

“Well!” The daughter-in-law woke up from the dream. I was very panic, but I felt that there was a fat man who had a obese man hugged myself, and I was mistaken to be a husband who wake up in the middle of the night.

So she whispered to “one Kun, dead bad guys, waiting until tomorrow, people are the first time, you are tight!”

When I heard the old concierge, I just closed the lights, I just missed my husband.

So I didn’t dare to open it, and I should have a whisper: “Well!”

Then the old Song began to slow down, Xiaowen still had some pain, and he kept called “Ah … slow … Stupid pig head … people will hurt …”

After a while, the pain gradually disappeared, Xiao Wen gradually felt pleasant, the old conciergently realized that she might entered the state, the speed of the meat stick was significantly accelerated, the two meat picked in the hand were constantly ignant It is a variety of shapes.

“Ah … slow … ah … a big … stuffy … Dead fat … ah … people are weak … ah …”

Xiaowen called the bed sound, and the old Song is like a stimulant, with force from the back with his own daughter-in-law.

“Well … can’t … um … big cockrine … ah … there must be under the following … Want … Dia urine” Xiaowen’s high breath, it will happen.

The prostitutes in the tenderness have passed directly on the old Song’s holy, the horses, the horses, and the old and the old and the thick breath, and the semen will shoot. I don’t know if it is 20 years of accumulation. This shooting is only half a minute, and the semen in Xiaowen seems to overflow.

Xiaowen’s breathless, the old concise also hugged her, gently rub her milk, the meat stick did not pull out so.

After a long time, the old Song found a little inadvertent place, how did his penis have been more than 10 more minutes yet. Xiaowen’s first taste personnel don’t know, the old and the old and soon will not help but have a happy heart. Tonight can make a big hair, so I will put Xiao Wen gently pose, sit in the bed to let Xiaowen sit in the room, the whole process The meat stick did not pull it out.

Xiao Wen was already exhausted. This is found that “husband” actually picked himself. The hole was also plugged by the big meat stick. The right to put the legs in the husband, “husband” big belly tightly Small belly.

“Big bad guys, come, people are exhausted” Xiaowen said.

At this time, when the old concierge, I was afraid of defeating the identity. I simply didn’t answer, my hands slammed her wife’s fat buttocks, repeatedly hit it.

Hit a few times, Xiaowen also made a mess, starting to swing from the waist, and constantly let the babble stick deep into.

This posture is more than the insertion of the insert, Xiaowen is shocked by this impact: “Ah … big chicken uncle … ah … so deep … You this big bad guy … … ah … there is a full of people … it’s big … so deep … hot death … fast … I killed me … “

The old and the old and the old Song did not give the bed, and the beautiful hip was to help her tearly, the daughter-in-law’s two groups were fleshy, and the old Song stretched the tongue and constantly licking. The meat is also trembling, and his breathing is very heavy.

The two are so loud, but fortunately, it is a room for Song Yunkun. The two movement has moved, Xiao Wen is even more climax, and there is a wave of climax to turn on a wave of climax. Old Song actually has no ejaculation, it seems that this abnormally lasting, finally in Xiaowen couldn’t help the sixth climax .

“Ah … I can’t stand it … I have to die … I have to have urine … ah … good husband … I will get me every day … Ah … I don’t wear underwear again … Just let you Let’s … ah … ah … you want, come! “

It is said that Xiaowen has a climax of the top peaks that Handhe said, and a lot of prostitutes sprayed out, even though the elderly dicks were so big, but they still flowed a lot, just like not tightly faucet, very Wet the sheets quickly. Under this extreme stimulation, the semen also spurted, and the two were cool to the extreme, and it was one minute to calm down.

After the climax of Xiaowen, he lost his power on the shoulders, holding his obese body, breathing, soon he slept.

After a long time, I have been slowed down. At this time, the penis has shrunk out, the bed is a single wolf to borrow, and the daughter-in-law in the arms hugged him asleep like people.

The old concise is not tired, but it is clear to wake up. If you fall asleep, the next day I want to come into a chaos.

So he stared tired, put on the clothes, pulling the universal person son, and lost his daughter-in-law.

This closed the light out of the door.

Song Die’s war is a call to the son to try a tone. Fortunately, the wife’s wife seems really think that night is his son Song Yun and her make love, and his son himself is unpaid personnel. I don’t remember what happened at night. . This is what this is to make him gave it.

The next day, Song Yun and Xiaowen picked up the psychology to Xinmatai honeymoon, and the natural husband and wife were love, sweet. However, Xiaowen gradually got a suspicion.

why? In fact, in the past few days, with the husband Song Yun, Xiaowen found that her husband’s penis was hard, but the size was not big, and the difference in the night is that Song Yun can’t last for a long time, sometimes in just 10 minutes. , Make Xiaowen’s sense of peace.

That night, because my husband drunk, my wine is exported? ! In order to figure out the truth, Xiao Wen also tried to drunk Song Yun, but he slept with a dead pig after he was drunk, and there was no reaction in the mouth. Xiaowen did not let Song Yun have a little response until the first Two wakes.

With the deepening of question, Xiaowen is getting more and more irritating, and it is an increasingly feeling that she is more and more, and it seems that she is not her husband. It is irritated to be sexual life.

It has been in the end of the month for two months, and the husband has to take a month for a job because of the reason. It is unable to meet Xiaowen. After the husband, I can only use the various masturbation methods learned online to meet themselves.

But this is not a way, and Xiaowen is getting more and more questioning, it will have a relationship with her father-in-law. After all, I have slept, I have no lighting, I don’t have turns, and my father and husband are really similar.

On this day, Xiaowen went to the father’s home to send things, and in the end, he had dinched him. Where Xiaowen seriously observed Song Deli, and public officials seem to have a little sprint, but sometimes he didn’t want to see some parts of his body like his eyes.

So Xiaowen decided to figure out things well.

So she left her mobile phone quietly under the bed of father, opened the recording.

The next day she took her something to take something away.

This makes it a few times, Xiaowen finally figure out the new wedding night! Because she recorded the record, her father said when she was masturbated, and her words were: “Xiao Wen … ah … Xiaowen … you wrote the little tender hole … Oh … I want to shoot In you … The silly son didn’t touch you … ah … My big dick poked the female film … I shot … ah … “

After learning the truth, Xiaowen didn’t be angry. I can’t wait to pick up the knife and cut this old man, but wait for calm down, listen to those recordings, think of the climax of the night, added such a long It is not satisfied that Xiaowen’s lust is touched, she seems to be love with her father!

This thought appeared in your mind, until one day, she still can’t suppress it.

She picked up the recording and came to my father-in-law.

“Xiao Wen, how come you, sit, I will give you a cup of water.”

On the old Song, the face is white, and it seems to be self-speaking in the sofa: “I am a beast!

I am sorry you, Xiao Wen! While talking, you will take your own slap.

Xiaowen slowly walked over to catch his hand, kissed on his father’s mouth, his tongue rebelling into the father’s mouth.

Xiaowen’s face is flush, and it is difficult to solve his father’s belt, and you will get into the public in the public underwear.

Southern Song Demu was so exciting, and the previous second is still blaming, and the next second is lost in the matter.

The two loved to be deep, and the clothes were lost in the ground. She lost from the living room to the bedroom. The last two people were naked together, and they were crazy on the father’s bed.

I touched a while, and the public couldn’t help but paid the big dick to the vaginal mouth of the daughter-in-law. I used to force it, because the daughter-in-law’s vagina had already prostate flooding, this is very smooth. This time Xiaowen is looking to have a dick, and it is big and thick. It directly accounts for the entire vagina. Xiaowen meets the unreachable Call: “Ah … father … quickly insert me! “

Song Dennan, is not modest, regardless of the deep truth of the brightening, and the high frequency is thrown.

“Ah … father … ah … Your dick is big … ah … I am so cool … I kill me … I will kill your little daughter … um … people make you don’t put it better every day … … “

The old concise said that “Xiao Wen … ah … I want to kill you ………… Tight vagina …

Um … I … these days … I want to do with you … “

The two are so violently, Xiaowen will climax at almost every 100, and the old and the old and the old and the end have been very touched. The two replaced the front plug in the bed, post-inserted, female in the formula … The whole is more than 2 hours, the old concien is whisned, and the old semen is felt in the young vagina once again.

The two took a break, and the naked naked didfully to start talking.

“Congress, you are so bold, I actually got your daughter in the new marriage night”

“Xiaowen, you are not allowed, know that it is a public lecture, you will send it to the door and experience it.”

“That is not because … because …”


“Because you can meet people …”

“Ah? Is it a stinky child …”

“He can only 10 minutes …”

“… Xiaowen, if you don’t have this month, you will move to the father-in-law …”

“What ?! Let you be bullied!”

“Yeah, and you said that you don’t wear underwear to let me exercise …”

“I hate …” The second chapter passed by, Xiao Wen was really moving to the father-in-law, and the two did not go out of the day. There is no hanging in the house, almost every day. Tired, Xiaowen will sleep on the big oil belly of the father.

Sometimes Xiaowen is washed in the dish, and the old and the old and the Song will start to do the big dick; sometimes the old man looks at the newspaper, Xiao Wen gives the fat old head. Even when Xiaowen and her husband called, the fat old man must push the chicken bar to Xiaowen vagina, and Xiaowen calls the war, and I am afraid that my husband is not angry. When the two are sleeping, the father-in-law must put the daughter in the daughter-in-law. It can be said that 24 hours a day, almost 20 hours of public public is inserted into Xiaowen’s vagina.

Li Renfu is Xiao Wen’s father, fifty years old, long to be white and fat, do business born, in the early years, because of his mucus, Xiaowen’s mother is married with him when Xiaowen is teenage. After single, this old chicken is more cultivated, including several college students, even secretary is public and private. But his unique daughter is good, and it is basically necessary to do it.

The daughter has just been married, nature is happy. This day, I got a few bottles of wine from the business partner, I was thinking about the old Song got to the love wine, increase my feelings.

He himself took a drink to the family’s public door, but he was to knock on the door, but he heard the snoring of women in it. He was a hungry ghost naturally for very curiosity. If you want to listen to this usual, you want to listen to this usual. The family’s routine. This is listening, the more I listen, the more you feel that this woman is so familiar. After a while, I heard the old SHO whispering called: “Xiao Wen … I want to shoot … Ah … no set … shot into your uterus …” The woman also called bed: “Gongfang … ah … you shoot me … ah …”

This is a shocking, it is shocked … feelings Southern Song Dem is a daughter-in-law, which is his own daughter!

This old bastard! The first reaction of Lao Li is to open the old babard. The second reflects that he finds that his penis has been upright, supporting the tent …

In the afternoon, the old concatenation was a Phone to be a Phone. He said that he had a drink to drink tea and said something important and said, so the old Song gave Xiaowen at home, he went out.

When I came to the tea room, the two were in the cold. After Lao Li said: “Beyond family, you are two years old, I will call you Song brother, I have one thing I want to ask you.”

“Very polite, what?”

“You said as a man, if your family is bullied, what do you do?”

I heard a little unusual taste: “What is the matter of the family? Say it out, I want to think about it.”

Lao Li took a low voice and stared at the old and said “I said Song Ge, Song Ge, my marriage is married to your Song family, are you taking care of her?! A small tape recorded a low voice is lowered to the old Song.

On the old Song, the face brushed and white, and he didn’t say it for a long time.

After a long time, the old concatenation is only open. “What do you want?”

Lao Li suddenly smiled slightly, saying: “Lele is not as good as happy”

Old Song, surprised: “She is your own daughter!”

Lao Li faces the back of the color: “That is also your daughter-in-law!”

Xiao Wen is waiting for the father-in-law, when you come to eat, when you eat, you will receive a public public call. door.

The place to eat is a private room in an indoor superior hotel. Father likes to squander, Xiao Wen is not intention.

“Dad, father-in-law.” Xiaowen hit a trick.

“Xiaowen is coming! Just a good dish is aligned.” Lao Li returned.

After Lao Li, he said that the waiter did not greet it. Father, I don’t like to bother.

After that, Xiaowen three people took home to eat.

When I was half a half, Xiaowen suddenly felt that there was only feet in the table to stand up to their thighs.

“I can’t think that my father is so bold. When I have my father’s face, I started to tease myself.” So she was sluggable. He didn’t struggle, and gave his father. thick.

On the gradually leg, the feet began to slide the thigh. The worst is Xiaowen wearing a short skirt today. When you go out, you can’t find the underwear. I have encountered the lips directly. The feet did not wear socks, and started slowly with your thumb.

Xiaowen has a stimulus, so soon, it is wet, and that foot is still not qi, the thumb began to pump. Although the foot finger is short, the stealing situation is unexpected, Xiaowen’s breathing is getting more and more heavy, and the face is also red.

“Xiao Wen, what happened to you, is it a uncomfortable body?” Lao Li asked.

“No … is a pepper too spicy …” Xiao Wen’s answer arrived.

“Xiao Wen, I have something to tell you, just today, your father is also there.” Lao Li suddenly righteous words.

“Well” Xiaowen nodded, below the foot pumped, Xiaowen has reached the edge of the climax, dare not talk more.

“You and your father-in-law, I already know,” Lao Li suddenly grinned.

Xiaowen shocked his father, just at this time, the table suddenly became heavy, plus Xiaowen was shocked, the climax was as scheduled, the forced shelves collapsed, “Ah … um …… dad……

You said … um … What … “Xiao Wenjiao acknowledged. “Xiaowen, the feet under the table are so cool?” Dad said with a smile.

Xiao Wen listened, even quickly opened the tablecloth, this is a father’s feet, distinct is the feet of the fathers!

“Dad, how can you?” Xiaowen said.

“Xiao Wen, the voice is small, the old people” Lao Li said that he thought of going to Xiaowen, and then hugged her to reach out and felt in Xiaowen clothes and pinched the breast without a bra, short thick The fat hand is not pity, and the two regiments are born.

“Dad … You can’t …” Xiao Wen asked for help, but he did not move.

“Song brother, what to do, come together!” Lao Li actually greeted.

The old and the old and the old says, I have seen it, I came over and Hao Li took Xiaowen to the couch room.

Xiaowen is now desperate. If you can’t think of the father-in-law, Dad is abolished, but the humiliation, you still have a little incredible excitement …

The father-in-law and Dad quickly took Xiaowen to the clothes, and one person had a nipple with a nipple. Dad’s hand also touched the following, using fingers to touch this Xiaowen’s lips. This lascivious scene made Xiaowen wet.

“Little baby, I can’t think of you so lascivious, no inner pants, I still have so much water in front of my father and my father …” said Lao Li excited.

Then Lao Li did not do the second unpaid, faded Xiaowen’s skirt, said to Xiaowen: “Good incense, can’t help but eat?” Said that the tongue reached into Xiaowen’s vagina. The mouth does not stop the lips, issues “跐 跐 声 声”.

The fathers have kissed their tender points in the following, the tongue is still constantly drilling, the tongue is all dial with their own jellyfather, and the scull is not scraped, and it is slightly smoked. The lips, Xiao Wen can’t help but start. ” …… Dad … Don’t … Daughter … Good … itchy …… “

At this time, I took out the pants and took out the big chicken bars. I pinched Xiaowen’s two big breasts. I wrapped the big meat stick, and I started to pump, and the two buds were soft. Slipping is incomparable.

Lao Li took a better battle, the fat chicken can’t stand it, just take his own light, revealing a white flowers, a big oil belly, the following, a small HW arm is not very long. The chicken is booming, almost the bottom of the fat belly. Lao Li let the old Song have a posture and let Xiaowen see yourself.

Sitting on the side and gave yourself with Xiaowen’s hand. Lao Li took the fat butt on Xiaowen flat belly to put the short thick penis in Xiaowen belly, rubbing his chrysanthemum on Xiaowen belly, said: “Little baby, come and see Dad’s meat stick, Don’t look at him short, but it’s rough and hard, it’s very cool.

Xiaowen is also very shocking. Although Dad’s meat stick is short but very thick, it is almost a little bit of a little hand. The hardness is much harmonious than the husband, and it is very hot, it is hot than the father-in-law, just like a thick iron stick. I can’t help but start the fantasy, this meat is inserted in my small hole, but I took this thought, Xiaowen was shamefully shamed by her own thoughts.

“After reading it, Dad wants to plug in …” Lao Li said with a fat hip, came to Xiaowen to kneel, put Xiaowen’s legs forward, put the crude chicken in small Wenneng door, rubbed back and fooled with Xiaowen’s vulva with the glans.

“Ah … don’t, Dad … Ask you … I am you … I have a daughter …” Xiaowen’s psychology although it is not very resistant, but the mouth is still resistant, just asthes more and more Big.

Lao Li also looked that the daughter had already arrived, and he did not care about his daughter’s asking for mercy, and the waist stopped.

“Ah …” Xiaowen lightly shouted, but the psychology thought “It is very big, so hot, and it is full of my little points.”

This shocks, plus the unique stimulus of the father and daughter, take Xiaowen to the climax “Ah …

Dad … people … ah … good … um … “Xiao Wen said no life.

“Hey, little baby, how can they plug in a climax, Dad has not started yet,” Lao Li saw it, can’t help but proud.

After saying, Lao Li began to slowly moved the waist, and the meat stick was placed slowly, and I still read it in my mouth: “Good tole …” … “

Xiaowen’s upper climax has not ended by Dad’s thrust into the pleasure of the next wave, and I can’t control what I call it “Ah … Dad … so cool … fast … fast … Use you … thick cock … smash my tender hole … Ekiny … On the glans, Lao Li is stimulated, even busy collecting your mind, close the horse’s eyes, stopping a big burst to endowing the desire.

After that, Lao Li took Xiaowen, and Dafei stomach pressed Xiao Wen’s body. He kept Xiaowen’s lips on his mouth. Under the body of my father, I am acting like a pig presses a little white rabbit.

Lao Li did not stop inserting into 200, Xiaowen seems to feel that Dad arrived, and the awareness recovered a little awake, and quickly said: “Dad … can’t shoot … shot inside … this … Ah … Yes…

… incest … case … um … pregnant … ah … child … “

Lao Li also worried at this time, but where to control this very cool feeling, he shouted three times. ” I took the semen into the tender points of the biological daughter, Xiao Wen was hot by this burning semen, but also arrived at the third climax, yin and yang.

Lao Li Hui took a break, the old concise, the old concierge, the big fat belly will pick up the class of Lao Li, and also don’t care, there is also Lao Li’s semen, and pouncefully puff it, this is small Wen also made a climax.

Lao Li was inserted for more than 10 minutes, and Lao Li’s short thick sticks were high.

“The old Song brother, come to us to play the pattern” Lao Li said with a meat stick.

“How to play?” The old Song stopped with it.

Lao Li lie down and let Xiaowen squatted on his belly, and then Lao Li took the meat stick and his own and his own and put two meat sticks. , Then grab the daughter’s waist, go back, the two meat sticks have pierced into Xiaowen’s tenderness!

“Ah! It’s so good … how can you … two …” Xiaowen can’t help but call.

This picture is really awkward, an older fat man is lying, a young girl is in his fat belly, the penis is inserted into his tender hole, and another white fat man brings the meat stick into the same tender. Point!

Old Song never thought that there was such a gameplay, and Xiaowen was even more intoxicated in a double pumding plug in the biological father and the father-in-law. “Ah … so cool … father … Dad … together ……… Um … people … can’t … “almost every dozen tens of pins, Xiaowen will vent it.

Lao Li is the most convenient to pump in the back, so he keeps hosing the handy waist and inserting into the vagina of the affiliated daughter.

About 200 is now, the old concien is getting more and more crude, it seems to be a forefront of the ejaculation, and it has never been the exudentiality of the old Song. Ah !! It’s cool !! “

Lao Li is told behind: “Baby … daughter … Let’s let go … and Dad … together … The uterus … is good!”

After that, Lao Li, I’m just a loose, and the old concise, the two burning semen mixed deeply into Xiaowen’s body.

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