I should really be ashamed, I don’t know when I started, I actually gave my own biological daughter, I know that this is unethical, but I can’t pull it so much!

My biological daughter Li Xue, I have 12 years old, still in the sixth grade of the country. She is so super-premature so early, so that the man or boy with a good color around her, whether it is a young or older, it is coveted, even for her, my friend, I also Can’t exception!

I can’t move on her eyes. Her 12-year-old girl just started to develop firmly highlight chest, and and and that the solid round hips, let me rise, I don’t want to have her urge!

Her geese is beautiful and beautiful, and evenly called the five senses, delicate but very proportional carcass, the small slim waist, with a pair of long legs, a light show of a long and shawl Send, I often feel that she is simply falling from the sky to the small fairy!

I feel like she often uses her double crystal clear eyes, interested in staring silently, the kind of fatal temptation, let me really want to put her down, then crazy!

However, my reason tells me that this may just be my wishful fantasy, so I try my best to respond to her teasing eyes!

In my mind, I once imagined a variety of different plots, how to take my sexy minimeld 12-year-old daughter, but I never think these plots, may happen in real life, I know this Just a metamorphosis father shameless sex!

However, it is contemplated that this seems impossible for the daydreaming, it is really achievable, but will always change my relationship with Li Xue, finally arrived ….

I am thirty-four years old this year, is a computer software program engineer; my wife, Shati, with me, working in the administrative department of a hospital, because we often need to work on weekend holiday, so I and Shari more than a year It is a kind of grace that it is to arrange for every Tuesday, so that after you go to school, you will have a life of the two people in the world for a day!

However, this Tuesday is different, and the hospital comes on Monday night, because there is a staff who is sick, so that Suri must go to the class at Tuesday!

By the morning, my baby daughter suddenly shouted his stomachache. So Salsi helped him to use the phone to ask for a holiday to the school. Though anyway, I am at home, I am more assured!

However, after the left home, I went to work, less than five minutes, when I was cleaned the dirty dish after breakfast, I saw the little angel Lie, who was in this mind, running in the living room and the front garden. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, it is obvious that she is not sick!

Although I like her very much, she is still my little daughter. I think she actually dares to deceive us, I am still a little angry!

I shouted her loudly, calling her to me, saying to her: “Li Xue, I see that you are not sick at all! If you just pretend to be sick, then I will give you a penalty to clean the house, ok? Due to the small love of her relationship, I told her to do things, usually use the request.

If you think of it, she immediately proposed to protest! I saw she looked up and stared at me with the watery big eyes, and then told me with a very prolonged tone: “Hey, the belly of people is really very painful! It’s better to say now. “She then said:” But the house is not me, and I am not a mother, why should I cut? “

Seeing her beautiful little face, just in front of my eyes, heart can’t help but zone.

After the god came, I told her: “Baby, then assume that you are mom today, then do your mother to do, can you? “

“You said, I am mother today, right? Li Xue immediately responded.

“Yes! I can’t think about her.

She again asked me again: “Hey, I will replace my mother all day, then do all her work should be done? “

I am a bit impatient response: “Yes, yes, all my mother can do the work to do, you have to do it.”

“Okay, I understand! “

So she began to clean the living room, watching her family’s figure, one fell in a throne, it was so kind of sexy, no wonder someone said: Everyone is going to Xi Shi, not to mention that she is a beautiful than Xi Shi. Little beauty!

I actually stopped in the kitchen door, I looked at my daughter in my own, until I suddenly surprised my meat stick, I didn’t know when I was already hard! At this time, I woke up like a big dream. I think it’s most needed now. I will take a shower immediately, let myself calm down! So I said to my daughter: “Li Xue, I have to go upstairs to take a shower, if someone calls, you have to help me record your message! “

“Okay, A adde. “

She actually called my name, but I thought, I told her that she played my mother today, then she called!

Just ten minutes from I went to the building, I was in the bathroom in the master bedroom, I started to use cold water shower, I hope to cool down the evil spirits of my daughter. At this time, I seem to hear someone walks into my bedroom. Scrubbed in the shower, I can’t see who it comes in. First of all, I think that I should be my wife, Salsi, maybe the hospital temporarily decided not to go to the class, so I will come back early.

So I shouted loudly: “Is it Handi? “

“It’s me, A Tao. “

But this is obviously not the voice of Salsi, … she is Li Xue!

When I opened the glass door of the bathroom, just saw my beautiful sexy daughter, just stripped my clothes, said to me: “Dear, I want to have a bath with you.”

“Li Xue, you …” I screamed!

“Call me Shathi, dear!” “

She asked in the same day as I just born, I came into the shower!

“I think this is not a good idea, baby! “

I try to control the tight heartbeat, at the same time try to suppress the excitement caused by the sexy body of the daughter, but I failed, my mask is almost immediately hard!

I played my mother’s daughter, squatting in front of me, gently holding my meat stick with a pair of little hands, lifting the head, looking at me with affectionate eyes, then telling me: “A Tao, from here to see it , You are still very happy to see me! “

I have nothing to say, and my “generation wife” has begun to use her little mouth, gentlely smashed my meat stick!

“Li Xue, we can’t do this! “The remaining ingredients are still reminding me, saying that this sentence is inadvertent.

This little demon woman who lost my mind was just looked up, and the charming eyes that would be discharged to me, then told me with her sweet and sexy voice;

“Hey, I want you!” “

After that, she spit out my hard, like iron, standing, left the shower, enter my bedroom, before, I still laugh, show the two charming little pear turning, then Just like this, you don’t sleep, sleep in my mother’s bed!

I can’t control myself, my soul has already been hooked by her! Her look of Xiao Lingzheng, the pair of rigid bans like two oranges, attracting me to follow her bedroom with her!

I don’t know, I am lying next to her, using the tongue of the tongue, my little nipple, and a pair of hands have begun to spend her, the woman who has not long-haired hair!

“Li Xue, do you really want to be? “

I confirm again!

“Yes, yang. I wanted to give you yourself very small, come to do it! I want you to be like me like Mom! “

She is already wet, and my mask has long been hard, so I turned over to compromise my own biological daughter. I use my knee to open her legs. My thick and hard, there is ten Intensionally long red hot mask, at this moment, this is aligned with this unacceptable little girl, ready to insert the narrow import of only one seam.

“Insert it!” . I’m yours! “

I started slowly putting my mask, inserting my life, my life, my life, my life, my child, but that is really too small, that is the degree of clipping clip, it seems that there is no import, I can Rely on my hard-to-have front-end, there is such a big glans, struggling to drill, can you go deep!

I saw the daughter full of sweat, bite the lips, knowing that she is suffering from the pain of being opened, in order to let her relax, I kiss soft with her, with her hands with her little breast, this trick Effective, Li Xue’s vagina has begun to become moist, I feel that there is no big resistance!

I started to use a two-way three-way way, and I pose my daughter’s small pussy! My big hook began to gradually went deep into the vagina’s vagina, and finally touched her. She was still a female film. I talked out of the mask, then I used it to pierce it!

My foot and ten-inch long big mask finally didn’t enter this twelve old girl’s body. Her small pussy was tight and narrow, wet and warm, the feeling of comfortable feelings It is absolutely unable to get from the wife!

I started to play crazy on my daughter, enjoying the pleasure that can’t say it!

And this morning maturing, when I just broke her female film, just a brow frowned, shouted, not long, she seems to have a pleasure of sexual intercourse, start with the butt, with me Insert the action!

“Oh! . Too … beautiful … wonderful … this feeling is really good … good … comfortable … so cool,, don’t stop … Ah … I seem to be … I am dead … fast … fast … hurry to insert me,, I seem to … I want to urine, but I don’t want to urine, why? “

“Baby, that is, you are coming, it is called a climax, that is a happy vertex, you can enjoy it! “

“Li Xue, my girl, the same is true, I will reach the climax, wait until I want to eat, I will pull out! “

“No, you can’t pull out! Li Xue called!

“Baby, I have to do this.” “

While talking, I continued my strength, I couldn’t be 11 incoled big masks, and I didn’t leave the madly inserted this beautiful sexy little girl, the one was just the softness Small pussy!

But I still remember that she is my minor only twelve-year-old daughter, so I will continue to say to her: “Otherwise, if I shoot the semen into your pussy, it is possible to make you pregnant my child. of! “

“Yes,, shot me, shoot in, don’t stop, shoot your semen in, let me pregnant your child! Li Xue continued to call: “Shoot me, shoot it!” “

This is too much, I feel that my excitement has reached the critical point. I can let the daughter’s pregnant seeds, in fact, I heard my daughter personally said to me, I have to pregnant me. The child, that is simply crazy, forgetting everything!

My scrotum begins to squeeze, put all my semen, spray it! When I received a hair, I was shot into the small yin, the 12-year-old daughter didn’t protect the facilities. I started ovulation toward her, and I could go deep into the parenchyma.

At the same time, Li Xue has also entered the climax, and the semen in the local area is injecting her vagina, making her feel very excited and call: “Hey! Yes! It is like this, I want to pregnant your child, this feeling is too good, now I can replace Mummy now! “

Although I can’t control myself, I feel a bit regret in my own ejaculation. But she is too sweet, too characterful, very fast, my mask is hard, I will insert it into this small people in the pussy!

Before the wife went home from get off work, I did six times and broke all my records!

Since this day, we will crazyly secretly make love when we caught the opportunity to get along with alone.

There are many nights, I am excused to watch the game TV show in the late night. After the wife is sleeping, I slipped to the daughter’s room, and she turned into the cloud!

Li Xue’s menstruation has never been there, in fact, before she is love, including the junior passers, the second month has been separated for more than two months, and there are few quantities. Because she is twelve years old, she thinks her menstruation has not yet died, and she will not be satisfactory! Of course, she didn’t think that her 12-year-old little daughter who still read the sixth grade of elementary school was pregnant, and she was still a child who had a child!

Li Xue has now been pregnant for three months. Looking at her petite and exquisite carcass, there is a small belly that gradually bulge, it is so wonderful, I like to do her, I feel that we are small. The fetus is in her small belly!

Her small belly is really obvious, so we discuss a good set of words to tell her mom!

Li Xue told her mother, in a few months ago, she went to see football with a few students. I met a boy who didn’t know from other schools. It was also brought by friends from friends. Later I didn’t know. How to get it, I was attracted by the other party, and I have sex in the audience’s look! She said that she was the only one and the only one for her first time and the boy!

She didn’t know the name of the other party. When she arrived, she had a lot of cold drinks that had alcohol, so she was a bit drunk, so she now even remembers now. Not clear!

Li Xue took us this pre-organized story, and said to be live, and said while weeping, putting a poor look!

I played my father’s role on the side, I was surprised, and I was angry and more reluctant!

Sandi finally hooked, after I was with her negotiable, she accepted my proposal. In order to protect our daughter, she led her by secondary harm, we decided to conceal things, find a Nagi Snow temporarily Take a study, at home, after the child is born, it is the child who is newly recognized!

This thing is solved, I am in my heart, I am unfortunately, I hope that Li Xue can be very fast and I will re-regenerate the second child!

Li Xue said to me, I have always let her get pregnant, so that she can help me 5 to 6 children before 18 years old, I will try to do my best!

After a week, Li Xuehui was studying at home, and I reached an agreement with the company to go to work, changed to the way home of the contractor, so after the wife left home every day, I became the two world of me and Li Xue, we can Reassuring, lingering, lingering, and don’t need to worry about her mother, that is, my wife to catch in bed! And the only thing is not enough, you can’t make a pillow every night, like a truly couple!

And my wife still thought that I did my father, love my woman, deliberately arranged at home to take care of her, it is a rare father, so that she is going to work to work, it is more worrying!

Recently, Li Xue said to me that she can’t stand it with me. She didn’t want to see the old witch again, (that is, since she has a close relationship with me, she called her mother in the back.) She doesn’t want to share me with others. Especially at every evening, she can send me to the old witch, but I have a monograph, I have no one, she hopes that I can take her to leave this home, and she officially has two people in the world. !

I promised her to arrange seriously. In fact, in this day, I felt my own love for this twelve years old, pregnant my child’s biological daughter, I have long far more than I have to follow me. Take more than ten years, the love of the wife is full of love!

After a week, I said to my wife that Li Xue is already a pregnant woman, I can’t get through the home, even if I go out or go to the vestue garden, I am afraid that I have seen it by the neighbors, which will have pressure, There is also harmful to the fetus in her belly. So I plan our family to temporarily moving, I have been thinking of a good place, that is, our family will almost go to the lake resort every year, where the scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, and there is a Holiday cabin, The equipment is complete, the rent is not expensive, and there is no acquaintance, the most suitable for Lily!

“However, dear, that is more than three hours of driving, then what should I do? And you also know that my parents live near, they are also big, I will look at it almost every day. They, then if they move so far, how do I take care of them? “Sandi is anxious to say her idea!

I thought in my heart, of course, I know, this is the purpose of this place! But of course, I still put it on the surface.

“what! Sorry, Steri, I have forgotten this, but if you don’t move, the fetus of Lizhi … “I put he hesitated.

Saisi was a little thoughts for a while, and finally said that I said the answer.

“Don’t, you will move with Li Xue, I stay here!” “

“But, in this case, we must be separated! “

“It doesn’t matter, dear, it’s just a few months. “

“okay then! I am trying to do it.

Things are finalized like this!

Three days later, I put me and lily clothing and luggage, put my off-road vehicle, then carrying my beloved goddess, and going to the love nest we carefully plan! I am particularly excited to my little lover, and even before the destination has not arrived in the midway, I can’t help but, in the spacious rear seat in the car, I can’t wait for the enjoyment. The love of the father and female incest!

When I put the thick semen, I fill this only twelve-year-old little girl, and when I launched the small belly, I suddenly realized, a man who was a father, can and my own union. I really love each other, and the body is combined with each other, and let her pregnant with the flesh meat mating. The kind of pleasure of ethics, breaking through the ethical taboos, is really the world’s bliss, and I actually let me taste it, it is true last day. Take care of me!

I and Li Xue in the lakeside hut, I have forgotten everything in the world, there is a good life of the fairy love, although she is a woman who is going to be a mother, in fact, her mind is still a country, I have not graduated. Little girl, so many times will still be with me, but when I love, but like a real woman so mature, this is my main reason for her.

I just love her, I can give me the feeling of women and women, and I am more willing to keep her playing the role of father and also, this kind of love life will always maintain freshness, but I will feel it. Bored!

I and Li Xue became more and more, and I was a pair of Tianchen. It was completely impossible to separate again. Li Xue said with me, even if we gave our children, I didn’t want to go back to the old home. I saw the old witch, she asked me: If I really love her, is it willing to divorce the old witch, let her really really my wife?

I am willing to agree, I have agreed to her right away!

After a week, I officially showed my wife. I told her another company to dig up my high salary, and I have to go to another city of five hundred miles as a branch manager. The condition is at least ten years, I have already I promised each other, so I have to move to that city in the near future!

This is undoubtedly a shocking bomb to Salsi, I married her for more than ten years, I certainly understand her personality. She is a chest, there is no big, just thinks about a woman who is fortunate to stabilize. And she is branched, I want to take care of her parents for a long time, I want to give up the current stability life, no matter how her parents, I will go far away, in the face of unknown, she will definitely oppose, and her The reaction is as expected!

But this time, I have been prepared, never retreat, I have a big fight with her, and finally, she finally couldn’t help, saying that I want to hear one’s words!

“Since you don’t understand me, let’s divorce! “

“Ok, let’s make a word! She immediately agreed to think about it immediately. I feel very wrong with the next week. The lawyer I entrusted will soon help us with divorce procedures. Of course, Li Xue chooses to live with me!

Three days later, I took the twelve-year-old daughter who had already launched the belly, came to a strange city, launched a new life, of course, we have already praised my husband and my wife!

In addition, the way, Li Xue finally frankly, the Tuesday that shifted our fate, in fact, the plan before he heard the mother before you have to go to work, and what you think.

She told me that in fact, she began to like me in the fourth grade of the year, and I also felt that I also like her. After the age of 12, she felt that her body has begun to develop, she should be able to attract me, she also found that I often sneak look at her, but when she responded to me, when I replied with the veins, I didn’t Dare to have clear expressions!

So in order to try to pay for her love, she dominates the game that replaces the mother that day, and I finally fell into the trap, let her have a chance to really replace her mother, become my new lovers, it seems that I really The habit, she is replaced by her mother!

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