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The summer day is always bright, and the morning light passes through the green leaves outside the window, reflecting a room with a chamber of the daughter room, disrupted me. The right hand is stretched, I want to snoy my daughter, but I have a holiday, but I have a hollow, look up, and the perfect body that is unlimited, the perfect body is not beside it. It is confused last night. Whether the two beef worms are pure in this double big bed, when a spring dream, the daughter’s sweet voice came from the door: “Hey, come to eat breakfast!”

With the opening of the door, a good face explored, a smile: “Sleeping dead? Yesterday I bullied people a night, I didn’t play today? I forth to eat breakfast, you promise to accompany you today I went to see the morning movie. “The door was on the front, the daughter’s face flashed a smile, like a small girl like a naughty.

Open the scorpion, I found that the meat stick that made her daughter love and hated was carrying out the flag ceremony, and the fire red flag of the fire was coming to the belly. It is said that young is the capital, it is really good, the tired feelings of the human flesh war last night, I woke up the smoke and the clouds, the meat sticks were more like a beast, the spirit of the spirit, and shake slightly, it seems to be received last night. After the daughter youth juicy meat is baptized, now it is eager to drill into the deepest place of meat, and learn the women who have brought the gods of the woman.

Looking at the outstanding weapons, I thought that the daughter was only a matter, and the smile of a smile appeared in my mouth. It seems necessary to let the daughter’s body’s physical knowledge of how to be energetic mature men, it is necessary to let the daughter Sao, taste the ripe male root that tastes the golden gun!

With a belly, he was soothing, and the blood of a meat rushed quickly, and he didn’t hang it to the kitchen. It reflected in the eyes of the eye. Breakfast, the snow whispered back, the round and stunned hips, slender in the soft, there was no in soft morning light, showing off the rays of seductive crime. what! It’s a beautiful sin, I am not bad!

“Honey Baby …” I always greege, I put the chest with my daughter’s back, my hands to my daughter’s chest apron cloth, the palm of the palm of the pair, the way of the strength, the way, the next The finger clamps the nipple, if there is a clipper that is nothing.

“Ah … what happened?” The nipple was stimulated, scared her daughter’s hand, painted half of the jam toast bread and the cream of the jam, fresh red strawberry jam splashed into one table.

“Good morning with honey baby!” I said in my mouth, my hands were embarrassed, gentle gave two big breasts, and played with nipples from time to fatches, or pressed or slammed it. This beauty waist in his arms.

“I hate it … Don’t play … Oh !! Can you like this … ah !! Waiting for it … um … don’t … 地 地 女 女 女 推 中 中 声NS.

If the daughter is shouting “good”, “good comfort” statement, maybe I can’t pull my beast to the most powerful top peak, but the daughter is like enjoying the charming charming in the pleasure, will be my I want to heat to a few outburgery, I am determined to slowly play the female body of this movie, forced her to take the initiative to open the mouth, from her red lips to the teeth, hear all the pollution of men and women. Last night’s daughter is passionate, putting my sense of sensuality, taking my pleasure, use my meat stick to vent seven times, today should be a “reply” daughter.

“What’s wrong? Honey baby, is this uncomfortable?” I got into my daughter’s ear, whispering, playing with the fingers of the nipple slightly accelerated, adding the force.

“Hey … comfortable … But we have to catch a movie, it will come. … Oh! Hey, obey, don’t …!” The frequency of the daughter breathed, the mouth refused, but the body was enjoyed. The thrill of body flow.

“Yes?” I laughed in my daughter’s ear: “Then we have to do it soon!” The finger of the hands did not pick up the daughter’s premise, and the stimulus has long been standing with the nipple, Do my best to send pleasure from your fingertips into your daughter, and put the blood-swelling meat sticks, put it between the two legs of the daughter, and put the glans in the spring tide, gently launched my waist, With that sticky meat on the lips of the juice, enjoy more prostitution, and enjoy the delicious meat of the daughter’s labiary.

“Oh … 地! Your good hot … Oops !! No … Don’t grind … ah!”

Looking at the daughter of the arms, I am sinking in the thrill, making my heart full of accomplishment, prompting me to put a more expensive to the sensitive zone of the daughter, expect to hear the daughter more urgent Clarking, more sensuality. The daughter’s inner obscenity has controlled her body, she is eager to be more powerful, the water snakes are swayed, and the peach is like the abrasion, with the grinding of my glans, I want to feel it. More exciting, for what you want to use sensible to flood the rationality of this fellow owner, so that you can enjoy the man root in the frenzy. Looking at the daughter is on the edge of the madness, I stopped the action, pulling the meat stick away from the husband, brought a transparent and viscous lascivious water, covered with the front end of the mulberry bar, shining in the sun in the house Rays. I turned slightly, I still gasped, my body, my daughter’s sweaty face, full of unjust it was shy or excited, the faint caused by excitement, she is more beautiful than usually gentle.

“To die! Color embroidery, play people in the morning.” It is still panting with a small mouth that is breathing.

“Ok, don’t play, don’t play, come to have breakfast.” I can’t pay attention, of course, I can’t let her, my beast I will be hungry! When she put down the heart, the rude smoked the daughter’s only small skirt that smoked the body. Before she react, dig a jam from the strawberry jam, and a fierce brain coated in her daughter’s chest. On the white meat ball, my daughter screamed. The instinct will put the arm in the chest, and I also have some Jams on the arm. When she attempts to use the palm of the palm, I will take the daughter’s wrist. She has opened her hands, showing her bright red in front of her chest, and the two meatballs have become two honey red peaches, and the hard nipples are very standing in jam, and the soul of the soul.

“Yeah …, your nervous ?? This is messy, let me go, let me clean it!”

I started to lick the jam on the arm, attracting her rebellion, the daughter’s face hangs a surprised expression, guess my attempt.

“Honey baby, I didn’t say it? I have to eat breakfast, isn’t you remind me to eat fast?” I looked at the daughter, laughing, licking her arm. My daughter now knows what I want to do next, struggle, my daughter’s resistance makes me more exciting, can’t wait to attack her big breast.

I lick the jam from the surrounding breasts, deliberately avoided two cute nipples, putting other parts of jam with the tongue greedy, taste the sweetest and flavor.

“Hey, stop, so strange … ah! Don’t be like this … 唷 … 地, your metamorphosis, good metamorphosis … … 喔 舔 舔, don’t … you This is, I will … ah! “

My tongue finally came to the pressure axis, and I started to taste these two freshly dried little fruits. I let go of my daughter’s hand and seize two meat balls, and play. When sucking a nipple, the fingers did not forget to wait for the other, and the two nipples turned to play, or generous or heavy, when they were slow, the daughter did not allow a moment to rest from the pleasure.

“Oh … 地! 舔 女 女 儿 舒 舒, 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学She has become a prostitute who has been pressed in bed last night, rocking big breasts, slamming the hips, and gaining the joy of the joy.

The time is coming. I am self-sufficient, pulled a high back chair next to a table, so that my daughter is sitting up, my daughter seems to have appreciated which department that I am about to inject the thrill, automatically slowly open my legs, legs The lack of out-of-control water scales under the abuse, reflecting obscene white light, half-open meat, juice, extremely teasing, pink beautiful meat with daughter, slightly vibrating, if not today Determined to make this green baby, so early, lift the meat stick.

Slightly calm the emotions of your excitement, use your fingers and then touch the jam, apply it in the daughter, you have already convicted it, so that you will not let your fingers continue to care for your finger, look up and enjoy your daughter brow, your eyes, you will Glamorous expression.

“Oh … cool! Hey, my good place, don’t play my daughter, 舔 I am not good?” This moment is really beautiful!

“Honey baby, want me? Where is it? Where is it? Honey baby does not say, you can’t know it.” Mucking a functional pleasure of only a beautiful woman, making me feel unprecedented and excited .

“Hey … it is … there, beg you, hurry to lick your daughter there! Oh … I am so crazy!” The daughter has become a saxus and personality, except for meat. The pleasure, the rest of her life is not important. “What is there? Honey baby, don’t you let it know how to know?” I deliberately delayed, so that my daughter’s desire is over.

“Oh … 舔 舔, daughter’s 想, 地! 舔 舔 我 那 水 屄 屄!” The daughter has reached the limit, this female sex beast is trying to open my legs, I look forward to me to give her unlimited pleasure.

I will gently clean the jam on the jeapline with the tongue, then use the tongue to scratch the slutty, painted in the jerk, and then put the tongue whole post, slide, use rough The taste buds have stimulated this small fruit that buried the most pleasant feelings of women.

“Oh … … Mom! Cool! Cool … Hey! Come! Come! Don’t stop! Let the daughter are cool enough!” Cultivation and horses become an endless, sensuality and pleasure give everything, daughter is already For the sex beasts that I am conquering, I will turn to her to serve my beast.

Daughter leaked out of the first body, whitening women were rampant in the vagina, and I was very satisfied with my performance. To use your own sucking these ancient books to rumored the liquid of male energy, in fact, my mind is more than the ingredients of your lust, and you don’t care whether it is really aphrodisiac. The daughter’s body is still a burst of fashion. On the face of the sweat, the flushing after the climax, the nopise eyes indicate that her thoughts still stay in the extreme pleasure of a wave of one wave.

Waiting for the daughter a little about God, I will hold her back chair, let this soft body sit on my feet, I stood straight, let me all bloom the painful meat stick to the daughter Beautiful face.

“Honey baby, let me cool enough.”

The daughter looked up at me. When she gently held the glans, she gently rubbed her eyes in her eyes, using extremely sensual expression, squinting for my evil spirits: “Daughter will make you cool To ask for mercy, bad! “

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