Last summer, her mother and I officially signed a divorce contract. I also officially started the life of the bachelor man. Fortunately, the court gave me the daughter, so a person would not feel too lonely.

The daughter is very sensible, and never unreasonably makes it like the children of others, and will not be like this to others. But I always feel that I have a good daughter as a father, so I always want to find a happy to get my daughter, so I will feel good and happy. In particular, it always feels particularly accomplishment.

It has reached the fifteen years old, although not to go to the country, but can also say that slim, especially the pair of halver inherits her mother’s excellent gene. Sometimes I feel that I feel particularly want to knead, especially when I am lonely, I’m always reaching a climax in the thrill of fantasy violent daughter. Afterwards, I always regret it.

I went home from the company in the middle of the night. I saw the daughter’s room and suddenly wanted to see the lovely look of my daughter’s sleep, I hope that I will take a daughter in my daughter’s forehead, so I will feel happy. I am afraid to disturb the daughter’s rest, quietly walk to the daughter’s room, see the daughter through the door is reading, as if I am very indifferent.

So I gently pushed the door, my daughter was suddenly surprised to put the book to the bed, I said: “What is it, I still don’t sleep?” The daughter said: “This is sleeping, didn’t look, no, no What is it. “The chest is rushing, and I can’t open my eyes.

And I found the daughter’s little blush, live off a charming look of a spring woman. I can’t help you, I said to myself: “The daughter really grows up, I don’t know who is cheaper in the future.” I thought about my daughter: “Let’s cover the quilt, still don’t sleep? You still want to sleep tomorrow? Class, sleep so late, can’t come. “The daughter sneaked me to say:” I know this, dad, you will sleep, I will go to work tomorrow, pay attention to the body. ” Daughter’s considerable speech is still a daughter hurts himself, or a daughter is good. I walked out of my daughter’s room, but what books are daughter, is learning? novel? Will it be yellow? I decided to wait for my daughter in the morning to come out later.

The second day, my daughter got a very early, I have finished my daughter to send my daughter to go to school. I especially help my daughter to organize the bag. The bag is very heavy but there is no more than a mix of people. I want my daughter to hide the book. After the bedroom, I quickly returned home, I went to my daughter’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but got it, I went to see it. If I don’t think there is a daughter, what is the relationship we have followed? What is it? After the daughter will definitely believe me, even alienate me; but another voice tells me that you have to go in, see what daughter has done last night, in order to prevent her to learn badly, this is a must, this is It is also often done in other parents. I finally convinced myself, I finally walked into the daughter’s room, and gently kept the daughter’s things. I saw the daughter’s various underwear, my nose couldn’t help but twitched, but I didn’t have a nosebleed, or not Bromine, put it in the original place, huh, huh, I can’t see it. I finally found that there was a diary in the bedside table under the bedside table, and then turned over, and I saw some books in it. They all take it out, it’s really a big jump, all of which are all erotic novels, most of them are some incest novels, and the father is in love. My daughter is completely subverted in my heart, and it is a charming and vast image. Take a closer look, even my grandfather feels blush. I was thinking that it was a political education class to my daughter, otherwise my daughter would have been so fell, as a father, this is absolutely not allowed. Gently put the daughter’s things back into the original, and sure that the daughter couldn’t see a little breather.

Take a look at the time, return to the company, I don’t know what to do, I have been thinking about how to talk to my daughter, I know that the little girl is thin, and some of the parents should be careful, once the relationship cracks the consequences Very serious. It’s hard to get off work, push all the entertainment, and immediately return home. I saw my daughter quietly looked at the TV series. I gently coughed, and then did my daughter, staring at my daughter’s eyes: “Tingting, since I was divorced with your mother, I haven’t carefully chatted. Talk, you have any unhappy things must be said to your father, Dad will help you. “The daughter stunned, then he lowered:” I don’t, Dad, you say this, I didn’t I blame you and my mother. If you divorce money, don’t you talk to me? “Hearing this, I can’t help but have a sorrow, yeah, I really care too much about my daughter, I only know about work every day. I didn’t even talk to my daughter, I am too irresponsible. I have a lot of daughters, I low below, gently say: “You will not blame your father, Dad is really sorry,” “Dad, you said this, I don’t blame you, and I have never been No, I am so sad. “I nodded gently.” I didn’t blame my father. Dad used to be too negligent. I will care more about you. “” Well, Dad, you really Ok, I believe that my eyes are accurate, or I will not choose you, I will have a mother directly “” Hey, I should give you a mother, bitter, you. ” I’m smashing “Hey, I said how you suddenly care about me, I originally want to find a mother, I don’t want it.” The daughter is more excited, and the tears will fall. I can’t help but panic, I pulled my daughter while holding her shoulders, “Dad won’t get married, Dad just said that I have said that Dad didn’t think about it.” “Really, you didn’t lie to me.” “‘No, there is absolutely no, Dad has never thought of marriage, marriage is a tomb of a man. “Dad is really good” daughter wipes the tears of the eye.

I suddenly remembered today’s mission, I couldn’t help but sigh. What do you want to say, “Tingting, there is no uncomfortable place, such as the body, you know, like your old girl is more complicated, there is something uncomfortable must talk to Dad, don’t be embarrassed Dad won’t joke you, “The daughter suddenly shy and red, said softly:” Where, I am good, there is something. “” True? “” … ” The daughter suddenly didn’t talk, and the eyes were dead and stared at me. “Well, a little … is there a little itch there, these days.” “Where?” I didn’t understand it.

The daughter suddenly called, “I’m going to Yin, I hate it, I don’t say it, you don’t let me say, I will laugh at me, ashamed.” I can’t help but touch my nose, I can’t help but touch my nose. Oh, blame me.

“Tingting, don’t you go to the hospital for a while, don’t get sick.” “I don’t want to go, I will go to you, I hate to the hospital, then I will say it now.” “What should I do now?” Ah? “The daughter didn’t talk, I was not strong, I had to go with her, I returned myself to my bedroom, just is sad, think about it.

I can’t sleep in the night, I am completely troubled by my daughter, what should I do? I suddenly have a knock on the door, I must have a daughter. I bought my clothes and opened my daughter. The daughter stands outside, wearing pajamas, crying: “I itchy, my father, I itching there.” I took my daughter into the room, and stroked her daughter’s back and said: “Let Dad to see It’s itchy. “Suddenly realized that the daughter is a gloom itching, the face is immediately bloated into pig liver color, and her daughter is completely unfold, and a hard to me, I am dry, I can’t say anything. .

Suddenly daughter climbed to bed, immediately took off the clothes, and immediately covered with the quilt, called me again: “Dad, I itching, it itching, like countless ants, Dad I am uncomfortable. What did I have to die, is I want to die, I don’t want to die. “I was also confused by her mismarian, didn’t see the daughter’s eyes, while holding a daughter I murmured: “You will not die, I will not let you die, I will take you to the hospital. Somehow the quilt on the body fell to the land, the daughter is completely exposed to my eyes, see My daughter’s naked, I suddenly found my daughter grew up, especially the chest, it is so white tender, it seems that I can’t hold it with a hands, the milk is tender and red and the slightest is full, the lower is full of clouds, it seems to be completely Different, her mother’s hamma is relatively small, and she is strong and secret, I don’t know who said, the people who have a lot of people are sternuma. I tangled, Tingting suddenly laughed, tell me : “Ah, Dad, I was lost. You see my naked, you call your daughter to see people, how to marry after the daughter. “Dad, I thought for a long time, I like you, I like to depend on your side, I like you since you and my mother, in fact, I am very happy, because you are alone. Dad, let me be your own bride, how do you want to do, I will be yours later. “I have faced my daughter’s confession, I am, I don’t know what to do. Is it refused or accepted, I haven’t thought about it, my daughter has gently faded my shirt, she stroked my chest muscles, murmured : “Dad, are you not happy, today you have the bride, or a beautiful little lotion, how happy you are, what you are hesitating, I can still loading it. “I heard my daughter shows that I am a matter, my reason is sorry, and the hand stretched out to my daughter’s chest, gently rubbed her daughter’s delicate, and my daughter immediately embarrassed. I picked up my desire to fire, I said: “You are mine, I don’t give it, let us do the fallen father, let the mother’s dog go ethics to see the ghost. “Said, I slammed my daughter’s breast.” We are a pair of traitorous prostitutes, what is the traitor to do. “Of course, it is a prostitute for you, I have to do it today. “I said that I took off the pajamas, revealing the high printed inside. The daughter’s face rose red, she focused on my firm mask, she wanted to touch it, but I took it back. “I hate, my father, what do you show up with ugly things? “Hey, you haven’t tasted her taste yet, so I will so, wait for you to taste, you will not like this, you will call him a brother, my father, my husband, you will ask me Use this ugly guy to do you. “” “To help my father to suck the cock, are you still itchy, let me see if you are inherited, I will help you, you can’t itch. “I don’t help you suck it.” Daughter hesitate to say “I don’t want to get you with your hand, I heard that it is also very comfortable.” “I think anyway, my daughter is myself, I will help my daughter first, wait for a while, I can’t stand it, I will naturally give me her, wait until it makes her no later, I think so, I think, I just Say: “Okay, I have to help you, don’t you itch, saliva can be bacteria, so you will not itch. “The daughter nodded gently, it seems that the daughter is really itchy, the fork opens the legs, revealing the pink, high yin, two The film is closely attached, and the middle is like a thin line. It is a little slightly, seeing this, I want to fire, I want to get rid of the penis, quickly override, while licking the lips, one side Say “Dad will help you,” the lips finally passed to the daughter’s lips, the daughter trembled, I have already taken care, separate the two labiars with hands, squat on the daughter’s yin, daughter The backward of the electric shock is faded, I hold out my daughter’s legs, keep 舔, I will flow out of the daughter, and I still have a hill in my mouth: “Dad, my daughter is cool, The daughter is itching, yes, it’s a little bit, … 舔 到 心心, ah … so cool, in the direction, make the hard … …… 向 啊 … “The daughter kept in the Yinfu, it seems to be convenient, I will continue to go, sometimes go back, I will refund again, alive Dumps of dicks.

“Daughter, you are cool … Dad is uncomfortable … Are you cool, but also Dad 舔 …”. “If you want, my daughter is so comfortable … there is … I don’t know how to have a kind … I have never been there ……, force .. …. Just as if there is a hand … is itching it, ah … fast … come, I … I want to urinate, “I said that my daughter is quite clamped again, my head didn’t smoke it, splashing it by my daughter’s yum, my daughter is intoxicated, so it is quite quite straight.

After a while, I feel that my daughter is almost the same, I said to my daughter, “Daughter, you have seen the lower day of Dad, you should also give Dad, and Dad will rise. , You won’t be so worried. “” I … I will help you, “my daughter said that I said to myself to me, then clever it, I immediately felt a pleasure, really Refreshing, the daughter is careful, slowly finds the skills, hold the mask with two hands, then push it, I can’t help but take a deep breath, my day, I will take a little shot. I am busy to stop her, my daughter is confused, I said softly: “Do you help me with your mouth,” The daughter may be touched by my gentle tone and affectionate eyes, and I can’t help but take a look. I have reached the purpose, and the big chicken is quite in front of her eyes.

The daughter hesitated, or obeyed, there may be no feelings, try to swallow the whole root, I succumbed to a cold, cool, although it is still not very comfortable, but the sense of accomplishment is unable In words, I gentle guidance, you will swallow her, you will swallow the dicks and spit it out, you have to slow down, remember not to use the teeth, my daughter is doing, I don’t have a lot, I have a lot. It seems that I am completely the best of the port, I am intoxicated to close my eyes, feel the pleasure of rubbing the tip of the tongue, and for you is your daughter, this feeling is very cool. After a while, I will no longer meet this way of slowly swallowing, and I started to put the daughter’s head to do the exercise, and I will continue to draw, just like a woman’s vagina, I feel that pleasure is getting more and more strong. I am thriving faster, and I will continue to press my daughter’s head. The daughter’s face is red, I can’t cough, I can’t cough, I don’t care about these, just intensive .

“Ah … I have to diarrhea …” I took my daughter’s head and then closed my eyes, and I feel the pleasure of diarrhea. I got up, while I said that I blamed :: “You shot the disgusting thing, I have to go to you …” I said that my daughter wants to climb the bed outside the bed, I am hard I have tighten my daughter, maybe it hasn’t been loved for a long time, and I face my own daughter, so I seem to be particularly excited, the cock is completely signs, I will drag my daughter to bed to lift my daughter’s legs On the shoulders, my daughter immediately stopped twisting, knowing what I was going to do, my daughter immediately closed his eyes.

I said softly to my daughter: “You have been able to stand, just hurt, it will be better.” The daughter gave a little bit, I took the daughter to my daughter, and then dial two daughters. The lips, inserted in, the daughter is really a lot of Loli, it is very tight, there is no impulse, I have a ejaculation, I have been self-endure, so cool, I slowly inserted, Since I gave her blow, she had a climax, so I was very slippery, so I didn’t have a dry feeling. In order to make her not too pass, I have been slightly plugging, every time I go to her virgin. I stopped and let her feel my gentle and rhythm, then relax, after a while, seeing her daughter seems to have already sinked there, I am very energetic, one plus it out, my daughter is complete, do it Push me hard, and cry at the tears.

Oh, I know that the daughter’s most painful period should be passed. On the side of the daughter, I am comforting: “Don’t hurt,” my daughter cried: “You are too worried, people are not prepared, you suddenly stab Come in, there is a pain to die, “I comforted:” It is not good, it is dad. “I attached to my daughter, I didn’t dare to move, but my daughter may not feel gently moved. After a while, I feel that my daughter is suffering, so I quietly say that my daughter said: “I move, my daughter?” Although the “Well” daughter only said a word, but I have been very surprised, I have been awkward. It is precisely that nearly a year, finally in a touch of the vaginal, too cool, I slowly put it, my daughter is gently squatting, I said to my daughter: “Daughter, Dad, you .. …. You are cool, you are beautiful … beautiful is not beautiful, is it … Is it especially in the vagina … especially full, is it special? Like to be worried by Dad? “” Daughter likes to be federated by Dad, daughter is so cool … so cool … Chicken Bo brother … make me fuck me ….. I am … daughter … Daughter likes incest … I like to be fed by my dad …, and then a little … Some, to kiss your father …,. Kiss husband, exercise …, daughter. “I heard the daughter’s loud prime, I am more exciting, I am constantly pumping out And faster, more faster, “Sao Daughter … you are really immersive … I am in you … you have seen a lot in your room … a lot of incest novels, You especially like to see this kind of theme … is it … Is it? “Daughter seems to be hunger and thirst, not stopping up,” big chicken brother, I …. I am a big buzz … is your Sao … Sao daughter, I am divorced from you … I started … I started to see the incest novel. I like you, I like to be dad … Dad’s big chicken, … Dad, you will move back, exercise … Go to the daughter’s heart. “Daughter The more excited, it seems to have forgotten everything, I just want to be fuck in me, I don’t want to end the aggression of my daughter so quickly, so I said to my daughter: “We … we change a posture … How is the posture, it is good … Daughter. “When you gasted the gas, the daughter’s body turned over, the daughter seems to be more familiar with this aspect, maybe watching the yellow book, very natural Tongji hips. Looking back at the side, I seem to say “You come, come to fuck me” I can’t stand this temptation, and I can’t stand this kind of mask into it. I still don’t care about her or a woman, my daughter is completely painful. We have all the two wands that have been completely falling into the generous wand, no longer awake. The daughter “ah”, then thoroughly stabbed, I started to carry out my daughter’s slippery butt, my daughter, my daughter seems to have been completely indulging in it, keeping the kinky “Dad, I … My Dad … Daughter is so comfortable, daughter … daughter is so cool, was … Dad, … I’m cool … I will … I have to be fuck in you every day, I want to eat every day … Every day, eat your dick … … I want you every day … Every day, I fought my little hole, my daughter … my daughter’s small hole … give you … give you, no matter …… No matter what you want, daughter … daughter is giving you … Fast … Fast exercise … Fusion, daughter … daughter … I have to come … I am coming, “I am very excited, listening to my daughter’s lamina, I am very excited, I listening to my daughter’s sex declaration, I It feels very sense of accomplishment.

I know that my daughter is going to be climax. I stepively tightened the frequency of pumping, and every time I put deep and embarrassed, it seems that I have to break out all the madness of the whole body, and I still have to teach my daughter: “You said we are now like … … What is it, is it … Is it especially … is particularly like … like a pair of dogs, ah? “Said that I am very Stabbed to the deep body of the daughter.

It seems to be in order to respond to me, my daughter is moving backwards her hips, crying, 呻吟: “Yes, yes, we … we are … it is a one-on-one … … I don’t know how to be shameful, my husky, right, right … is a pair of exercises … The bitch of the force. Or a pair of incest … incest relationship . The whole body is soft in bed, and I don’t want to move.

I haven’t ejaculated yet, it may be the previous ejaculation, this time it is very difficult to eat, and there is no feeling, I am really broken to me, I see my daughter is there, I still don’t move. I can’t say uncomfortable, I am so bright, not. Seeing the daughter’s small hole was red and swollen by my fucking, and my daughter had twice a climax, I am very unhealthful, I can’t make her small hole. But look at her, I suddenly a thought, I would like to open her in the court today, anyway, I am myself in the morning, this thought, I can’t curb the madness, yes, my daughter is me. Everything is mine, I will never allow anyone to be ignorant, I have to get everything in my daughter first.

I gently leaned into the body and got into the daughter’s ear: “Saima, feel comfortable? Dad is comfortable, ah, you are already satisfied, but you look at Dad’s dick, it is quite quite quite quite quite quite Rising, what do you say? “The daughter looked at me, and wronged and helpless.” I … I will help you with your hand, I can’t do it, there is a pain, you The little hole of the daughter is good, wait until the daughter is good, do you want to do, do you have? “” But Dad’s chicken swells, it is very uncomfortable? “” Don’t … Is it to get it out with you? “The daughter said hesitated.

I know my daughter’s expression, I know that I have succeeded. “How do you do it, you are tired, Dad how to bear to let you work again, let’s play, let Dad play your back door, you As long as you are in bed, don’t move anything, “” That … how can you, there is dirty, a while … will not hurt, I don’t ….. “The daughter is angry, I want to try and don’t tried the expression, let people look at the heart.

“Dad will be very careful, you will not let you hurt, I believe that Dad is good, um? And Dad guarantees that you will be very comfortable.” “Well” daughter’s voice is extremely high, I immediately support my daughter. The hip, let her squat, the high-rise hips are directly in front of my eyes. I saw my daughter just a little red swelling due to strenuous exercise, I quietly gave birth to a jealous but soon, I was buried in desire. I have to do it is to open for my daughter’s chrysanthemum, huh, huh, I believe it must be very cool.

I gently smashed my daughter’s high hips, a lot of daughter’s hairy, even there were many anus, I was careful to separate, afraid, I was hurt when I was accidentally inserted. I took it to my daughter’s anus, and I maybe my daughter has been inducted. The pleats around the anus suddenly contracted, I will take it softly, let’s ask for a nose, it seems that only a little faint smell, taste is very Light, I am satisfied with my daughter’s hips, my daughter can’t help but smash, I suddenly feel that I have a little metamorphosis, but I like to fuck my own daughter, but also like to play with my daughter’s anus. I grabbed the daughter’s two buttons, separated from both sides, seeing the daughter’s chrysanthemum hole opened, I opened my daughter, gently put a finger into it, my daughter slammed his body. The head is desperate, it is obvious that I deeply stimulate my daughter. I just smoked it again, and then pierced it, just like the piston, I pumped into the lottery, my daughter wrinkled, as if I was very resistant, I don’t know if it is painful or pleasure, I hope to be The latter, but it seems that it is not, and I feel that I feel very dry in my daughter, I don’t have humid feelings, so I gently spit it on the anus of my daughter, and then push it with your fingers to the anus. In the forehead, continue to draw, I feel a lot of moist in the inside, and I see the brow of the daughter’s crumpled, I know that I am doing it, I will add a finger to take a finger, feel the daughter. The thrill of the anal wall package finger is really refreshing.

I tried more to reach a finger, my daughter didn’t seem to feel pain, so I was relieved to pumping out, I feel like I have challenged her, after a while, my daughter finally bitterly, light Light squat: “Ah … Dad, your daughter’s daughter … The anus is cool, it is … just like there is … Pen stem … There is a fucking female child, daughter … daughter is so cool … I beg you, use it … with your big .. …. Big Chicken Bar makes it hard … Fuck daughter, I don’t … don’t finger … “I heard the daughter’s love declaration, no longer satisfied The thrill of the fingers, I don’t want to go to the fire, I don’t want to follow the bike, I have to advance. So I took the body, holding my big chicken, slowly put together to the daughter’s anus, then squeezing in, maybe the daughter is born, it is a lot of small loboli, the anus is not only very It is still very easy to develop, just like now, the daughter’s face has no painful expression. It is very enjoyable, I slowly advanced, finally, I put it in the anus of my daughter with big cock, I asked her daughter. “It’s like it … like a blushing … .. Daughter’s … How is the anus feel … What? “The daughter shouted.

“Small saga, finally … make it yet, yes, haha, you are daddy daughter, but now dad is doing your anus, not only your anus is dried, but yours Search, your mouth is done, you are cool. “It seems that from the incest, my tone is getting more and more expensive, and more exciting. Even the sounds become trembled.

“Yes, I am Dad … Dad’s little buzzer, from childhood, last year, I … I first witnessed you … you and your mother … … I am making love, I will be defeated by you … You have an endless pattern, starting at that time, I started looking at some incest books, especially … especially those about …. .. About the father and daughter love … and, I still … I still have masturbation, put it … replace the role inside to me, imagine it, you are in adultery, I really … I am really happy, you can … you can fuck me. Now … now is a daughter to repay what you are, your daughter is not reported, just …. .. Just dedicate your body … Dedicated to me the greatest … The greatest father, ah, big chicken Par, fast … I will take you ….. Your big cock, 操 … Operate the daughter … Daughter’s heart, there is a good itch, you are mine … my kiss good brother … Kiss your husband, I … I want to give me all the dedication, ah … express delivery … fast …. .. Fast. “I heard a daughter like a whiteworthy speech. My daughter is getting more and more hard. I quickly pumped, like a crowd, every time I deeply punched my daughter’s vagina. Half an hour passed, my ejaculation urged more and more urgent, the tightly anal wall frivolous tale, the pleasure came and more violent, I pulled out my big chicken, then stuffed into the daughter. At this time, I have already taken care of my daughter’s pain. I just want to put all my Yangjie into my daughter’s little, I will take it while I take a breath “Ah … ah …… Fast, come … I … I am shot. “The daughter heard my last horn and knew that I had already got a critical moment, so I clamped my little, and strive to make myself Xiaoyu sucks my glans, shouting “shouting … Dad … shoot, shoot into the daughter, the daughter gives you … Son … His born daughter, wait … Waiting for our daughter … After growing up, then let you exercise … … daughter. Ammy … I … I am so cool … is good … so cool, I …. .. I also … I have to come, ah, come … I came to shoot my own yang, and my daughter also reached a climax, I am in my daughter. When I looked up at my daughter, I found that my daughter was so dizzy. I can’t stop the exhaustion of the whole body, and I slowly entered my dreams.

The next day, I felt that my waist was very acid. Maybe it was too long and desperate last night. I saw my daughter’s red face, and I was full of scratches, I could imagine how much it was. , Look down, the daughter’s black triangle and the stupid contrast have formed a distinct contrast. It is really enjoyable. The sheets have been covered with semen and prostitution, exude a slutty breath, the cock is quite It turned out that last night was slid out from the daughter, and the premature beat was hard, and it was stunned, and it lives like a flagpole. I quietly walked down the bed and wore clothes. Then I went downstairs to buy breakfast, I know that my daughter can’t go to school today. I will call the teacher early. If I have a fake, I have to accompany my daughter at home. After returning to the bedroom, I saw my daughter has woken up. I saw that I immediately took a sleep. I can’t help but laugh, I walked over, stroking my daughter’s soft hair,: “Tingting, regret, you I gave my father, and I was also played with my father with a variety of postures. “Daughter halfway did not reflect, my heart gotted, hey, her daughter is still mind, although it gives it yesterday I have it, but now, she should regret it. I think about it, while I resent it, I suddenly speak: “I never regret that I have given my father, but I have not regret it early, and Yesterday, my daughter didn’t know how to lure my father. I have to blame my daughter. “Listening to my daughter, a stone in my heart finally fell, tightly hugged her daughter, and I didn’t want to let go of it.

The daughter suddenly twisted, and then said, “You go out, I have to change clothes,” I nodded, although I really want to stay here. “Go to the half, suddenly thinking about this is your own bedroom, then folded back, picked up a daughter, my daughter was surprised, I smiled,” This is my bedroom, I will hug you to go to my bedroom. “Just picked up a daughter, my daughter screamed, it seems that yesterday really torrated her daughter. I am more careful.

Going to the road, my daughter’s body twisted, I asked: “What happened, is it uncomfortable?” Daughter said: “No … no, I … I Just think … I want to have urine, you … you put me down. “” I sent you to the bathroom, “I didn’t pay attention to her protest, hugged her to the bathroom, then separated Her legs, showing her swollen little, she seems to be very difficult, constantly struggling: “You put me down, I … I can walk alone, I … I beg you. “It seems to feel the road, the struggle is slow, and the small face is rising, there is a charm that can’t say it, I not only look at it, she frowned again , Said, “I have a pain, you can’t come out.” I couldn’t help but sit on me, separated my legs, one hand, dialing the daughter’s two labiars, another The hand is gently pressed the daughter’s stomach, a water arrow sprayed on the floor, sprouting the sound of the thoughts, her daughter closed his eyes, the hand is helpless, I don’t know where to put it, I laughed out, I laughed. When my daughter came, I hugged her to bedroom and put it in bed. I said to her: “You have a good rest, and I will eat it for a while.” I finally made my daughter, I finally made my daughter’s body and mind completely stabilized, after which the daughter became my standard daughter, always Meet all kinds of requirements, I finally realized all kinds of fun from my daughter, it’s really cool, and my daughter’s anus became my favorite, I almost every time and daughter want to do it. Her liver door is as cool like a little, and her daughter has become my sex slave. Let me be what you want.

After half a year, I left the city with my daughter, stay away from the ex-wife, family, relatives, and the past two people lived. Later, we didn’t marry, but unfortunately, the daughter did not produce a woman, maybe this It is the punishment for us on the sky. Who knows?

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