It is already 12 o’clock noon, and my daughter has not got up yet. Duan Enzawa made a smile in the kitchen, and didn’t wake her. Today, I don’t have to go to school, but I can’t eat!

The meals were on the table. Duan Enze shouted several times and didn’t hear the daughter’s movement. It was a bit worried that the daughter was sick. Standing at the door of the daughter bedroom, his heart is getting more and more. The daughter is seventeen years old, and she is outstanding, and she is delicious. Head and piloted chest is a symbol of young flesh. As the daughter grows, Duan Enze started the fear of entering that private space.

“Ying Ying … eat! Ying Ying?” Duan Enze knocked on the door, but there was still no response!

After another two minutes, Duan Enze finally couldn’t help but unrescroped, “Ying Ying … you …” You didn’t get out of your words, it was stunned.

The scenery in front of you can’t be over, but it is also full of fragrant, completely obedient. This is the scene of men who are most eager to see, but as a father, he is very reluctant to face.

The windless curtain does not cover how many fierce fires, the penguin is sprinkled on the girl’s white skin on the skin, quietly lying in the pink single bed, Zhang Yingying, only the one corner of the thin blanket lightly hanging on the waist Mature girl naked almost a list.

む This child, how to sleep like this.め 段 恩 本 本 想 走 帮 帮 盖 盖 好 好 子 上 并 儿 儿 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 了 了 发 发 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了, 了, 了,,,, 了 了

Duan Yingying’s knee is curled in bed, and the light and innocent fantasid presents a beautiful arc. It is expected to see the hemisphere dewled in the crisp with a smooth back muscle. It is even more inflated that the thigh of the white meat is not blocked until the leg roots. I don’t know if it is unconsciously exposed Huaxi, Duan Enze’s eyes can no longer be removed from the valley.

There is no messy thin hair in the dark lips, which is very tender and smooth. If there is room for the first line of seams, the two folded petals of the micro-deck can not help but make people want to be non-non-, and more tempting is the middle of the lips.

Duan Enze nature knows what is that, the 17th year of age is the age of young girl, but it is true that it is still trembled in your heart.

む む む, will it be a spring dream?め 段 恩 泽 can’t help but curiosize the content of Yingying Chunmei.

“Dad … Where are you looking at?” Yingying suddenly took a sentence, and slammed the Duan Enze that did not receive my heart god. His head fried, cold sweat is almost flowing out.

“Dead hoe! How can you sleep like this? The girl’s home should be a bit shame. Fast … Eat!”

Perhaps it is a defen, or be afraid of such a scene, Duan Enze does not dare to stay, blame after a rush.

When Yingying turned over, he only saw a back of his father closed, and her red righteousness was a secret complaint.

I suddenly drifted, Ying Ying faintly felt slightly legs, and the adequacy of the finger privately, found that I didn’t know when the honey hole has been slid. Looking at the fingertips flashing water, Yingying is unfortunately self-proclaimed. “Is it seen?”

Duan Enze burys his head to eat, but the brain is not to go to Yingying naked flesh and shares of the flower, even the tone of the sauce soup is also full of no stomach.

Duan Yingying is a sleeper, the sleeper is floating into the bathroom, and it will be invisible, cartoon slippers, can only see it after the girlhood and marriage.

From the bathroom, Ying Ying has been combed and has been good and the pureness appears in front of Duan Enze.

The sleepers in the sling style printed with the cartoon image of Hellokitty, and the long hair driver was in the brain, the bare shoulder shoulder, at this moment, there is a seductive breath at this moment. Even or Duan Enze’s illusion, today’s Yingying hidden flow exposed a woman’s mature sexy and charming.

The two on the dinner table are silent, and they are all kind, and there is no usual joy. Duan Enzawn didn’t think about it, not to see the opposite daughter, but the heart is always can’t stand the long-lost incite.

For six years, after the wife passed, he only pulled a one-year-old Yingying. His salary is not high, so there have been no women in the years, a hundred dollars, and he is even more thinking. Only use work to paralyze yourself, it is lonely, but also solves someone silently.

However, he is the most unwilling to face, it is a wonderful body that is spurt when his daughter is spurred. It is like a huge black hole to packed his moral reason, especially for nearly two years, with the development of daughter’s physical transition, more I feel unpleasant and daughter. Duan Yingying picked a few mouthfuls and bite the chopsticks and stopped, and stared at the table.

“Dad …” Yingying first broke the silence. “Have you seen it just now?”

Yingying seems unhappy question, let him suddenly nervous. Of course, he knows the meaning of his daughter, but he has not been able to do his ideological preparation. “What do you see?” Duan Enze didn’t consciously asked, and he regretted an exit.

Yingying bite bites the lower lips and plays a blush on his face. “Dad, just watch … My ass?”

Ying Ying asked the eyes, so that Zhazui did not dare to look straight.

“What is nonsense, eat fast, have finished doing your homework.” Duan Enze found a reason for the reason.

“The homework is done yesterday.” Ying Ying did not think about the stivity. “Silver dad, peeking people.”

Ying Ying showed the smile of naughty, but the hard smile seems to have blame.

Originally, Meng can completely with the majesty, angered the daughter, but it can be self-defense. I don’t know if I don’t know the rebuttal. “The girl’s home, not sleep well, even the clothes don’t worry.” Said that it is not wearing clothes, but it is more insufficient as a father’s fare.

“It’s so comfortable!” Ying Ying’s mouth and suddenly asked. “Good look?”

Under the hard pressure of hardship, the picture of a stunning temptation in his head, now he is hooked by the daughter. “Eating! Who is so much fart.” Duan Enze is angry, so don’t know how to put it. The murders between the crotch were rapid, but fortunately under the table, the daughter couldn’t see it, otherwise I really had a thought, what is the father’s face?

“Oh, it’s hot!” Ying Ying is not entangled, she seems to be afraid that Dad is really angry. “It’s hot, there is no appetite.” She got up a little bit, Duan Enze thought she would want to leave the table, and then saw her resting down, seemingly bending anything.

“This is cool.” Ying Ying said with a group of white things from the table to the desktop.

If Yingying picks up two dishes in the mouth, Ying Ying is put in the mouth, deliberately don’t pay attention to the father’s horror.

Duan Enze’s heart, because her daughter tied to something more fly. Women’s pure white underwear is placed in a place in front of his eyes, accounting for most of his attention, and the daughter’s tender flesh is once again sharply left and right. I have to die, the stinky head, what to make fun! The pulsation of the cross-section of the mullet, the mouth is said, but it is not from the autonomous fantasy. It is a man who can’t stand this temptation, but ethical morality is constrained by his behavior. He is a father, not a poultry, but his father is also a man.

“Ah! I don’t want to eat, lose weight.” Ying Ying scared, pay attention to the red face when his father is red, and feels too much. “It’s hot, it’s hot … ……

Hey! Every sentence of Ying Ying seems to lure him to the direction, the more deliberately conflicted, the more you can’t have it. Only the door of Yingying’s bathroom, Duan Enze is a little relaxed.

Generally tossing, the rice is not eaten, and I have gone. Duan Enze cleaned the tableware, and strive to put the table corners in the eyes. When wiping the table, the white cloth is not good, it is not good, and the total scruples are in the depths of the heart.

“Dad … what are you doing! Hey!” I don’t know when, my daughter has come out from the bathroom, I am seeing Duan Enze, staring at the underwear.

When he turned his head, he saw that only the Yingying on the bathrobe. The narrow bath towel only wrapped the ass, it seems that it will drop, abundant thighs light, moist skin, the taste of sexy.

“Haha! It turns out that Dad is a colorful wolf.” Ying Ying took a smile.

“Say, you are getting more and more unfair, there is a girl’s look. Toys

Father’s taught daughter is always a weakness, and if Spring Ping is, it is fine.め Father’s love is far from the mother, and it is very concerned about sensitive topics.

Duan Enzein is not awkward brush bowl chopsticks, and the thoughts have been floating to Jiuji, and the husband and wife of Liu Chunping have only left the Yingying.

“Dad, I will help you wash it. I will wash a bowl for so for so for. What is it! Do not open daughters.

The bath towel is surrounded by half of the jade milk, and the two meatballs are squeezed in the middle, such as honey peach seductive breasts, to let Duan Enze is also hard to retreat.

“Go see TV, don’t give me a chaos.” Duan Sie is a little annoying, can’t be caught by a daughter, even if it is a joke, there is a limit.

“There is nothing to see now, or I will wash it.” Yingying squeezed to the pool. “Dad, I have worked hard. The daughter is working.”

“No, why don’t you obey? I said …” I only heard Ying Ying exclaimed, it seems to have something slipped. “My horse …” turned it in an instant, the words of the words were hard to come back.

The white bath towel should be crushed because of the push of the two, this time is a more close contact. Daughter’s cold silk leaves on the arm on the arm. Duan Enza could not be a clear or regretted that he turned his head, and the drums were a smart carcass under the drowning bath towel.

Front of the beautiful crispies, two pale pink Chaosi make people want to bite the impulse, a black grass in the lower abdomen is more original instinct of men.

The girl’s flesh is sweet and green, and there is a teachings like a newborns, how many men are desire.

“Dad …” Ying Yingjiao, was stared at naked naked by a man.

I heard the daughter’s call, Duan Enze found that he had a lot of loss. “You come to wash it.” Duan En Ze hurriedly left, or more is to cover up the towering crotch.

In the bathroom, Icy cool water is also difficult to suppress it. He is not willing to think that his daughter will leave the expression after he leave. He has not known what image will be left in his heart. Of course, a ridicule is definitely It is not possible.

む Yingying is my daughter, is my heart and liver baby. How can I … Chun Ping, I … what should I do. Duan Enze is painful and helpless, and he has not taught his daughter to be his most self-blaming.

However, lonely and excited meat sticks need to vent, otherwise I don’t know if I will not walk into the demon.

The penis is crazy in the hand, the daughter’s nude has become the only picture in the mind, although it is very resistant, still unstoppable.

“Dad …” came outside the door.

む How to … めめ恩泽 is a bit nervous, what will happen at this time? He strive to make the final sprint. “What happened?” Duan Enze flooded with noise.

“I want to urinate.” Ying Ying gently engaged in the door.

“It’s good, wait a minute.” Duan Enze has reached the edge of the spray, and suddenly there is a fairness of the fairness.

“I am in a hurry, I can’t help it.” Yingying said while starting to take the door, but let the Duan Enpel phadited, and the more anxious, the more anxious, but always in the edge of the peak.

“I always wear clothes.” There is no time to toss, Duan Enze has to force the fire to make a towel. “Do you have a small shower?”

“I am not in a hurry! Yeah! No, I will wait until the.” Yingying twisted the door lock, the door should be opened, Duan Enze is anxious, forget the door of the anti-lock bathroom.

“Yeah!” Seeing his father’s naked, Ying Ying suddenly glanced. I saw the Meat, and I stretched into the towel rack in one hand.

The giant giant of men jump into the eye. When I first saw the male organ, Yingying was unhappy, and she shocked her young heart.

“You …” Duan Enze can’t rebuengent, it is not careful, he deeply regretted how to forget the lock door.

Yingying also ignored his father’s embarrassment, and quickly grabbed it to the toilet.

The bathroom is not large, about five, six flat square rooms. The left corner of the door is a washing machine and a toilet, and the right hand is a toilet close to the corner of the shower.

“See me? Do you have to take a shower?” Yingying squatted, covering his husband, his eyes confused and weird.

“I wash it, I went out.” Duan Enze quickly took the water on his dry.

The sound of the water in the ear is clearly clear, even if he is very reluctant to hear, but the daughter’s pee is still overbearing the idea of ​​Duan Enze. “Dad … you … it’s great!” Yingying hide the name of the male genitalist. Seventeen years old is also the most important older, the most elegant age, and the most dangerous season of young men and women, often in the desire to try, it is easy to incorporate.

“Did you finish it? It is not to leave, but Duan Enze is not willing to leave. It is likely to be exposed again. He is not willing to adventure, but it has added two people to naked.

“So big, can you go inside? Will it be very painful?” The father and daughter replied that the cattle didn’t talk to the horse’s mouth, but as Ying Ying was self-answering.

“Isn’t it good yet?” For girl’s sexual education is the most difficult for everyone, and it is not easy to face. Therefore, the idea that I should understand will only be appreciated, I will mistaken my daughter.

“Dad …” Ying Ying called his father, forced him to escape.

“What!” Duan Enze is facing the daughter, not darenten, only whispers, but his most worried question is still in front of him.

“Is it so big? Is it because of what reason?” Ying Ying seems to be true question, actually his hard answer.

“Don’t you have a physiological class? Teacher will speak!” Duan Enzawa moved, although I don’t know what the school’s physiological class will tell, at least now push the problem to the teacher.

“The physiological class passed in the morning, the teacher did not speak this.” Duan Enze has expired, and the result is back to the origin.

“How to explain it” may be excited or … “? I can’t say that it will become big when I see a woman. Duan Enze chose, the most concealed language, but did not want to explain it clearly, and worry that the daughter will misunderstand some of them.

“See it … Woman naked?” Ying Ying is very easy, and Duan Enze is very big.

“That is an aspect.” Duan Enzawa cleared the throat, almost foreseen the next question of daughter.

“That father … is it because I saw me? Hey.” Ying Ying sweet and smile.

“Is there still been pulled out?” Duan Enze is a bit anger.

“Okay! I hate, hypocritical dad, huh, huh!” Yingying spitted the tongue. “Hey! The sanitary paper is going.”

What? Duan Enze is also a head of his head. “You go out first.” Now he is only looking forward to her daughter to leave his bathroom. There is Ying Ying around, the penis is always soft, but the burning wants fire is more flagraping.

“No, my mother said that if the girl in the urine, if not getting clean, it will be sick.” Yingying’s monster reflection. “Wash it again.”

Even the sound of the towel put on the washing machine is clear and arguing. Her she is also washed? The daughter behind Duan Enzawa has not hanged, and it will not dare to look back.

“Let Dad go out first!” Duan Enze wanted to find an excuse to leave.

“Dad … you have helped me to wash it, help me with your back.” The voice of the daughter is within the time of his life, and youth’s meat tentacles can be.

“You grow up, not a child, can’t wash with Dad.” Duan Enzazi said.

“Growing up, is there anything different? It’s not a father’s daughter.” She may not care, but Duan Enze can’t care. In particular, I think that my daughter’s hips are facing my meat stick, I am really afraid that I can’t control it, causing a big mistake.

The Yingying’s tone is slightly crying, Duan Enze immediately soften down, I hope, I hope it is wrong.

“Then you can’t make trouble!”

“Yeave! Dad … Shower first, give me a first.” Because Duan Enze is standing in the water valve, Yingying wants to get a shower and open the water valve, I have to put the crisp chest to my father’s back. Or the girl’s Yingying has not dare to get directly close contact between the skin, and it is likely that it is now likely to be a lot of people.

Duan Enze didn’t want to return to his back. In fact, in his heart, he had been pressing a shocked impulse.

“Dad …… my chest and bigger!” Lin Zhao Yingying side of the body of water, while holding down supple Yuru get crowded. She seems intent father turned around, I do not know whether’ve been looking forward to that moment.む ah? Circular hear her talk about the development of things, seem awkward grace period, almost to grab a Methodist, but not move legs, plunged into the sensual and intellectual contradictions.

“Dad …… You see!” Yingying seems innocent little girl mentality, maybe she did not take into account that this is how the temptation for a man, it is likely she simply intentional. She just suddenly like this, is there any reason. Grace period do not want to know, I did not dare to think carefully.

“Ah … ah … good!” Grace period to respond with vague, but the center can not help but once again surfaced scene in the kitchen to see her daughter’s chest.

“Dad …… how can you not behold!” Yingying tweaking the elbow and Xiangjian dawdle father Houbei. “…… is not afraid to look ah!” Her daughter closer together, and it seems there is a mass of soft flesh posted up, it may just be a grace period of illusion.

“My father would not have idea what color the color of it!” Yingying mouth so to speak, in fact, be harmful from the smell of urine.

At first bold idea, they even scared. Be daring when hazy youth, as well as the unknown adventures mentality account first, yet perfect ethical consciousness of a new generation of young people who, just about theoretical concepts, like misty hypocrisy, temptation and try to avoid the ban became vanity products to meet the test.

“Blind say.” Grace period seems eager to prove his innocence. “I am your father, how her daughter would have thought.” Ludicrous to own their own ideas, is ah, she was a baby girl, the apple of his hand. How can the daughter of curious as to seduce?

“Then you see, my chest is not bigger it?” Yingying look shy stand tall.

There is no grace period of resistance to what’s turned around, perhaps God intends to arrange test it. To see if he is really a qualified father.

“Ah! Yingying grown up girl.” This is also a positive attitude, and it should be their daughter unjustly, failed to suppress the ugly demons, cranky.

Yingying water dripping Jiaoru, if there is smooth movement frozen pudding attractive, rounded tip Alice was addictive, it is hard not produce evil. Grace period and not feel self-wife Chunping chest comparison, breast after birth that was a bit sagging, dark red fruit is also due to become chapped breastfeeding sluggish.

“Hee hee, really?” Yingying pleased proud of them, no doubt the best recognized his father’s praise, the Yingying confident, what is good or bad for the body of a woman more than anything else.

“Mom than it.” Yingying seem to find something wrong, but after so many years, should not be so strong. “I was not ……” Poor bar Yingying looked at his father, she was very worried father would be upset.

“If your mother know you’re so naughty, non spank you.” Segment with mock seriousness, but really let her innocent face he was born without breath.

“My father beat my ass would it?” Asked journeying Yingying, also added a final sentence, leaving sensual grace period under repression and boiling up. “My father would beat the pants off Yingying do? ‘Daughter smirked, deliberately let the father uncomfortable.

“And nonsense, Dad how willing to fight you?” Segment grace angry, funny, he did not take this approach daughter.

“Really, really good father.” Yingying seems to forget both were naked, a bear hug up, the one pair of pressure to both milk ball on her father’s arm.

Pulsating cock while the grace period, this time to prepare for the fragile he can not stand totally provocative.

“Well, well, you still do not wash wash. Washing out of it.” Grace period Jiyu turned around, he needed time to cool impulsive desires.

“My father hates me, angry daughter? Daughter did not like it?” Yingying aggrieved almost to tears, the grace period of doubt that he is not saying heavy.

“My father never would Yingying hate it, I love Lai Buji.” Inertia segment hand ready to pull her daughter’s shoulder, what suddenly realized, and gave shrink back.

“Really?” Yingying immediately and then said through tears. “My father did not say, my mother and what more miles.”

Going around, still not circumvent the awkward topic. “This …… about it.”

“The big thing is big, what is almost, Dad began to apply the family.” Ying Ying’s mouth is not happy. It is like thinking about what I think of it. Is it really not afraid of taboos, to awake the father’s painful memory? ? “The Dad …” Ying Ying thought that there may be hesitant. “Put … Mother’s chest, caught one hand?” The daughter red face, bite the lips, revealing the desperate look. “Ah … um.” Duan Enze didn’t know how to answer this difficult problem and slammed.

“That …” Ying Ying was red. “Dad, give me your hand.”

Duan Enze is still in a distant memories, and the requirements for daughters are only the subconscious response.

Yingying traded in the hands of Sengze, slaughtered in the mouth, only to a hood and smooth soft meat fell in the palm, Duan Enze was awakened from his thoughts, but he can’t get it.

“Then me, is it bigger than my mother?” Eleven, two-year-old girl positive for the beginning of physical development, the memory of the mother’s body is not very clear, but she is the only object that she can compare.

Duan Enze felt that he was going crazy, as his father turned out his daughter’s breast, although not for voluntary.

Yingying’s laugh is not contaminated by the laugh, Duan Enze does not want himself to face her daughter as before seven or eight years ago, but the birthday of the flowers and the nine, and the nine-year-old children must not be synonymous.

“Ying Ying, the girl’s chest can not be casually touched.” Duan Enze said seriously, this is not a topic that can be smiled. “Of course, you don’t lose your mother.” Can’t stop again, Duan Enzawa sets the idea to take the initiative, and now the situation is not to discuss physiological opportunities.

“Well …, Dad’s hand is warm, so comfortable.” Ying Ying’s pink is stunned, and the nasal sounds screamed, so that people will feel piety.

The enchanting gesture of her daughter is so fascinated. Every father is eager to enjoy the child’s goalie, but the emotions between the father and women are limited to family, and the restricted area of ​​the imperial love cannot have half.

However, Yingying is again, and then the limit of the three challenges of the three is not acceptable.

“Ying Ying, then then, Dad is really angry?” Duan Enze shook his head, he really hoped that Ying Ying’s eyes were just illusory, her current move is a noise joke, he seems to have a premonition, Yingying It may be deliberate. Sleep from naked, go to the kitchen, and then go to the current father and daughter. He is very reluctant to believe it is true.

The father died made her scared, every time my father really wants to lose their temper.

“Dad, don’t hate me!” Emotional and lost only one line, the tears of the water, it seems that it will tears at any time. “I just want my father to touch me, nor?” Ying Ying hands holding his father’s hand pressure in the chest, just like that warmth. “Is it, this small requirement is not satisfied? Dad doesn’t like Ying Ying?” Ying Ying shakes almost crying.

Under the tears of the daughter, Duan Enze surrendered, he thought that he could insist on tough attitude to let his daughter know. Maybe because swearing in front of his wife’s grave, I will never let my daughter sad, maybe he is too much to love my daughter, he is unclear like this is wrong or right. He is afraid to see his daughter crying, the transparent and salty liquid is a natural softener, soften his strong personality and concept.

“Dad, no hate Yingying. Dad is afraid that my baby is hurt.” Duan Enze’s face is full, he knows that it is very dangerous, but not tolerate her daughter. As long as he can hold the last bottom line, let her daughter and he mad!

“Dad … I won’t be injured, isn’t there a father in me?” Yingying’s frustration instantly disappeared clean, and a teardow mark hanging on the corner and her comforted smiles in Duan Enze.

Yingying’s hand aggravates, like a father, hints, her depressed face, engraved with pleasant pleasure.

Chun Ping also likes him gentle to touch his chest milk, saying that it is the most happy and sweet moment in her life.

Even if it is the end, it is also to hold the hand in the chest in the hand, and then leave.

It is a daughter of Chun Ping, and the two actually have too many similarities. From the face to the idometry, it is almost a mold that is engraved.

Duan Enze is pulled by Yingying’s tender jade milk, as if returned to Chun Ping’s time, the two people are intimate, and there is a long-awaited lust.

“Hey …” The rough big hand covered on the soft boustic slider, and the tip of the tip of the tip of the lake is a small boat, which is expected to be instead. “Dad … touch …” Ying Ying pulled his father’s hand with a willingness to pull. “Touching …” Duan Enze did not obviously refuse, but as the daughter’s power slowed two points, slow two points. As a man, Duanze is looking forward to the mysterious stream, but it can be used as a father’s Duan Enzaw, because it is only too low, and there is a lot of flowers touching women, he Can you subjected to such a test? Whether you can keep your father’s principles and continue to carry out passionate games with your daughter.

If it is not touched for six years, if there is no Yingying mess, it is a successful shot, perhaps it is more able to hold yourself.

The palm is full of erecticine, which is a sexy reaction. Sliding from the towering mountain peak to the plains, Duan Enzawa has a heartbeat, and it is still suitable for it. Duan Enze is hesitant.

A thought, a easier breakthrough is likely to completely change the life of the daughter. He can dear greedy desires, let the daughter get the biggest happiness in her body?

Duan Enzawa’s ease has lost its best time, falling from the plain into the river, just a short moment.

In the past few years, I touched the woman’s soft hair, and the bottom of the brakes turned out the horror. The shame is almost in the last psychological barrier of women, and the successful occupies have had the right to have a happy rain. The guidance of her daughter seems to be a naked suggestion, as long as he is willing, you can take her juniori.

The daughter is shy, as if it is ready to deliver yourself. It can be extremely dangerous to say to Duan Enze, which is likely to push him into the abyss of the walked, doubled by the accusation of others and sputum, and their own guilt and remorse.

Enzer wants to stop, but it is already in a hurry, the subconscious is delusions to the female private parts, accompanied by the efforts to pull the louder in the hands of Yingying.

The water-free meat is mixed with a sweet and slidable touch, entangle between the fingers, the depressed gap is the quagmire of the sensibility.

“Um …” Yingying pulled his father’s hand to the deep place, and his mouth is coming to love.

Ying Ying’s slight change, in Duan Enze, unlimited spread, was a wife and his closest, most privacy expression, now there is now in the face of daughter.

む can’t go on this way. The weak reason in the fragrance of Duan Enze is issued a final warning, then sandwiched in the daughter’s share of the hand. The emotional instinct of the lonely relief controls the limb, is this not his most?

Forty-five-year-old men also need, do not rely on desperate work and selfless love for daughters and a person’s masturbation. It is only hidden, and the self-abuse is compressed in a corner.

Why is Ying Ying? Why is it your own daughter?め 段 恩 泽 countless fantasy, there will be a woman to take the initiative to seduce him, but he doesn’t think of it.

The water of the hand in the hand is sucking the fingertips, and the daughter is twisted in the waist to force the finger to stir in the honey. The salty wet finger is subject to ethics, but there should be responded, or this is the most tired of the father.

“Dad … hug me!” Ying Ying’s grip, whether it didn’t get her expected. In fact, this is a biggest implied that girls can directly say exports. She is looking forward to the entry of the meat stick, and the people who love love is one, and it is by no means only a touch of touch.

Duan Enze also clear the daughter’s reaction, and the development of mature flowers was ready to be picked, and the honey otter lubricated enough to completely accept the love.

“Ying Ying!” Duan Enzaqiang endured, soft call. “Enough, stop! It’s too much!”

Duan Enze patted her daughter’s arnils and pushed her to relatively safe distance.

Yingying seems to fall from paradise, falling in half empty. She also knows that she is not realistic, there is too many worldwide obstruction. But she is a possibility that I can’t control it, and then further seek indi love.

“Dad … Hold me, just, I will be obedient. Don’t be angry! Is it good?” Daughter’s melancholy look is the most fascinating, I hope she really gives up. And the father is holding a daughter, if it is not because the two are unique in a narrow bathroom, Duan Enze will not have any concerns. “Yingying is the pin of Dad. It is the hope of Dad. Dad can hurt you.” Duan Enze deeply put his daughter into his arms, hoping to use his solid arms, dispel the unpleasant people in the father and daughter, re-establish more Harmonious relationship.

However, sincere hug, consolidation is more than just the family and women, and also ignited the desire to cool. The soft pepper is squeezed in the paragraph Enzewhelly chest, and the palm is not just him alone.

The Yingying’s legs were wrapped in Duan Enze’s waistrans through their father, and smashed the feet. It seems to make the Valley more than the hot meat stick.

Because of the height problem, 160cm daughter and 175cm father embracing, even though Ying Ying’s legs slender, and the extreme effort, only the hard meat stick was fell from the position of the lower abdomen to the shame.

Duan Enzawa gave the Yingying’s neck and climbed up, the meat was wiped in a lush jungle. Two people’s sexual appliances are so close, Duan Enze almost there is a daughter’s ass, the impulse of honey, just a matter between a thought, Duan Enze is frightened by his idea. It is like a timed bomb, and there will be possible to let him lose bones at any time.

Yingying estimates also feel that there is a certain gap with their own ideas, so they will refer to their discussion. “Dad … kiss me …”

“Don’t do this.” Duan Enze suddenly became awake, knowing that there is no more actions now, it is very likely to let two people fall in. “You said to be obedient! You can’t make anything.” However, Ying Ying is almost hung on his neck, making him completely.

“Just kiss, um!” Ying Ying squatted his close to Zep, two pink fruits were pulled in the father’s chest. Pick up the movement plus the temptation of the minced grinding glans, plunge the heart string of the lonely lonely.

The daughter has a very behavior that is two-year-old, and the man is very naked, and the man is depleted to the woman’s macro, and of course, the father also includes the father to her daughter. Every intimate move that may have suddenly chase makes him nervous, and it is notuspected. It is also because of the ease of his father, so that the daughter’s crazy behavior is succeeded, and one step is stepped in a gentle care circle.

Duan Enze is not a reason to identify that daughter is induced by his crime. It is his self-deception and does not want to admit it.

Because if he did not hesitate to conclude Ying Ying’s mistake, he absolutely stopped. I can think of selfishness, in case of severe reprisal, the daughter has a rebellious emotion, hurt his heart, but easily push her into other people’s arms, the result will be expected. Perhaps this is all the reasonable excuses found by Duan Enze.

“Take it, let’s take a bitter and bitter, finally have a back, or Duan Enzawae is really satisfied with the woman’s request as soon as possible. .

Duan Enze’s lips, gently in Yingying’s face, unexpected is that the daughter is not only satisfied, but actually puts forward more demands.

“Dad! I hate, perfunctory Ying Ying, don’t calculate, back.” Ying Ying Lai’s skin is not still ignorant. “This time, I want you to kiss my mouth, as punishment, otherwise, I have been like this. I don’t want to be leather.”

At the end, Ying Ying also pretended to be delicious.

Duan Enze, good luck and funny, who is relying on the skin. Kiss your mouth, it is not a behavior that the father and daughter.

The adapted to touch Yingying’s honey, it is already a big taboo, how can I still add a restricted indulgence?

“Ying Ying!” Duan Enze is broken, and the daughter in his arms is scared.

Ying Ying didn’t think of his father will suddenly be angry.

“Hey … Dad and I am!” I don’t know if it is scared, or the deliberate camouflage, Yingying’s tears instantly poured out the eyelids. “I want to tell my mother! Dad bully me!”

Every time I was awarded by ‘grievance’, Yingying would go to the mother’s archer, because she took the dad’s embarrassment of her father.

“Okay, ok, it is afraid of you. Just kiss you, don’t make trouble.” The daughter’s tears made him compromise again, and his own blame did not take care of Chunping. That micro-hydrostatic cherry lips, and deep and tears, the eyes, lights, and the heart will make the feelings accelerated. If you are in your arms, you are Chun Ping instead of Yingying, Duan Enze will feel sincere happiness and. However, the subject is a daughter of the biological daughter, and the sin of moral ethics makes him painful, especially the father and female, the bodies, and hug in the bathroom, and do things that do not have light.

“Well …” Ying Ying cheers, as if it is quite expected.

The daughter’s nose is coming, the closer to the closer, the more the heat of the heat is, the more blurred, and the more I have a stinging.

I can’t afford the wife of the past, and the sin of the daughter is still difficult to wash.

Soft and smooth hot lips bring not sweet and warm, but a strong mourning. However, Duan Enzaw has not yet come to recover the sinful kiss, and I feel that a wet-hot later’s spare is to break into a more taboo.

“Ying Ying!” Duan Enze is shocked by the daughter’s wet lips.

“Dad, don’t give birth to me, I am not intentional.” Ying Yingzhi’s faithful dismissed. “I can’t do it.”

“Okay, okay. Dad is not blame you.” Duan Enze only wanted to leave quickly, and he could not continue to work with his daughter. “Pro, I will go, I will go.” Ying Ying in his arms was almost hanging on him.

He can’t bear to go to the arm of Strong Ying Yingying in the boy, but also afraid to contact the sexy thigh. I really don’t know where to start, let the daughter’s body is detached from him.

“Well … okay!” Yingying is obviously uncomfortable. “But Dad wants to answer me a question truthfully.”

Duan Enze nodded. For the daughter, I promised the additional requirements of his item, and Siki is used to. And he is most eager to keep your distance with the daughter, don’t say one, ten, he has no condition, the premise is not too much, but he actually forgot to remind Ying Ying only one.

“When Dad is my mother, will it stretch the tongue?” Ying Ying is curious and embarrassed to his father, it seems like a more dangerous game.

“Will.” Finally had a reason to say smoothly and urged her daughter. “I am answering, you should down, hey! Baby.” Duan Enze is noted, no matter how privilege is fast, the opportunity is only once.

“The daughter is so happy to make my father? I don’t want to hold me for a while.” Ying Ying is sadly looking at my father.

Believe in a hurry, the daughter’s home is really invincible. Duan Enzaz really wants to cry without tears.

“It’s so tired of you like this, and my father is so tired.” This should be the most reasonable explanation, and there is no babe, nor will it be too strong.

“Really?” Yingying turned into a worry, remove his hand from the neck of Section, and then wrapped around his father and gave a more close hug. “Is it still tired now?”

“Tired!” Who said, playing is a patented patent, today, Jen Jie is ready to die.

“Well, hate.” Ying Ying squatted his mouth and was a bit unhappy. “Then answer me again, I said,” Yingying thief laughed.

“Well, the last one is the last one.” Duan En Ze wants to pay attention to it.

“Why didn’t my father, when you are Yingying, is it?” Is it a woman’s heart? Or is the mother who excuses to win?

Typical little girls, children’s attitude. However, there is no meaning in seventeen.

This problem is not good to answer, because the first reaction is the most real, Duan Enze can’t say that after afraid of the daughter, I am worried that the body can’t control the body of the daughter.

“Because I and your mother are love, I and Yingying are my father’s family.” Of course, the big truth is the most effective way, but it is still lacked, and it is also being caught by the daughter.

“Can’t your family? So why you can pro, I can touch my mouth, is it?”

Ying Ying’s defense, of course, she will not fulfill the promise from her father.

“This is the second question!” Duan Enze did not look at the weak.

“No, this problem is not finished, you didn’t explain the reason.” Yingying said that he gave his body to Dad, interested in grinding his naked his father, and confused his will. Can this question explain so clear? Duan Enze is sighed, after all, it is related to the privacy of difficult tooth.

“You are daddy daughter, this is the reason.” It seems that there is no way to law in addition to tough strategies.

One flavor, the stupid, will only make him more deep.

“Really because, I am Dad’s daughter?” Ying Ying disdain, “Not because Dad is afraid to kiss, it will control it to enter Yingying body?” Perhaps because of thinking ‘into the body Inside ‘representing the meaning, Yingying’s face is also more rosy. Yingying’s words, as if not to understand the concept.

The daughter’s words should be seen, and they have broken Duan Enze, but they don’t think it is from Yingying’s mouth. Duan Enzawn can not be admitted, and it is impossible to have the best prove that the penis that is angry in the father and daughter.

However, people often lose their sense of judgment in this extremely embarrassment, and they accidentally caught themselves into passive. “Nonsense, I am your dad, how can I have that idea.” Panic words that violated the heart, it seems to be more straightforward.

“That’s good, Dad wants me like my mother. And I have to turn around.” Yingying seems to be in the gratia, and it seems to vote for the mother of the deighted. “If you don’t dare, you will explain that Dad has an ignorant thing to have a daughter. Hey!” I don’t know who is the idener? Want to add sins. Ying Ying’s sectors will forcefully to meet his desires.

む 象 like a kiss wife, kiss your daughter? In the heart of Duan Enze, this ridiculous thing happened to himself, and it is hard to bypass this hurdle now. And it is not allowed to find a reason to push it, isn’t it equal to changing the idea of ​​my daughter with incest?

This is the second time to stare at the sexy red lips, and the lips and teeth are in the hook. Duan Enzawa flashed a unrecriminal compromise in his head, and was confusing that a daughter gave a dream. There is a fascinating room, and the daughter has replaced the illusion of his wife.

Parental is not entangled in Duan Jinde, it can seem to have no way. Either leave a wretched image in the hearts of the daughter, or jumped into the circle of her, and the guilty of the life is expensive. In normal emotion, no courage chooses for a while, the child is torment, but the ingredients of humanity are the thinnesses, greedy scholastic, forget the seriousness of the consequences, because the elephant is not Deeply realizing that the daughter will set such a trap, and in his opinion, it is more willing to believe that Yingying is just a psychological, curious attempt, he is more willing to control himself, will minimize daughter damage.

When I touched the fallen sweet lips, Duan Enze stretched the tongue, fragile rationality was also inserted. The tongue of the tongue is like the crash of the desire to crash.

Yingying spicy and overbearing kisses, and constantly biting the lips, the thin oxygen between the father and women, so that the two people have a short hypoxia, and the ability to think about thinking.

The chase and entanglement of the other scholars, Duan Enze seems to have returned to the beautiful time many years ago, and the huge meat stick under the daughter’s small belly has a more clear impulse. The pulse of the stem is also clearly perceived as a response. She is towering up. It is not unexpected. Yingying is to make the coarse weapon can lose their share. Unfortunately, if there is no father’s take-off lower waist leg, and put it up from Yingying, you want to let the meat stick into Huaxi at all.

Yingying is anxious to twist in Duan Enza, the left foot is extremely, and the Ying Ying’s hunger and thirsty body can’t wait to get the love of the meat, even if it is only the outer grinding. Her one hand slowly moved to two lower body, it is possible to be afraid of his father, and his hand deliberately bypass from his own body.

Duan En also squatted in the vocabulism of the vitality, the face of his wife and daughter in the mind, long-lost kisses, evoked the long-standing sensual, lonely body and mind eager to break through the shackles of moral people, release wildness.

む! The daughter and the abdomen of his own short-lived gaps. Duan En Ben thought that Yingying was letting it, but the lights in the mouth did not return signs, but more entangled. Ying Ying pushed a saliva, forcing Duan Enzawa to promote, and then the meat stick was tight, and he was gently held by a fiber.

Don’t give you good luck! The reflective backwards of Duan Enzawa will give the flesh rod over a circular arc, just bounce into a wet depression.

If the finger touches the daughter’s banned Valley, you can keep a clear awake, then when your penis is surrounded by warm and sliding, the depressed flesh will not inhibit the excitement. Duan Enze is unclear, how long it can still, strongly burning his belief. Holding the hand of Yingying, as long as you move more than 10 cents, you can hold her electric buttocks, and easily send the meat stick to the bottle of the water. Before all the crime is enough, there is a motive in the first. It has been in the psychological motivation of the daughter, then the behavior of the father and female incest, will happen at any time.

What hate is that my daughter has also shaken the powder. Let the positive card in the vulsen flower rods in the honey lips, so as to worry about Duan Enze is too tenacious.

This is more dangerous with the meat sticks and the mouth of the hole, and five centimeters, and the daughter will become more dangerous. It may be that Yingying lacks experience, and there is no way to make the glans quickly slide into the tips, but it is repeatedly wandering in the flower. She is working hard to return, but the angle of the meat stick is not enough to immediately penetrate into the closure of the ramp, not to play the hole, which is to scratch the depression, slide the back court.

A few meat sticks have been in the hole in the hole, so that Yingying is slightly effective, and when it is necessary to reach again to assist in assistance, the push of the head of the bending moment.

A strong sense of guilty makes him in the mouth of the matter, and the speed of rushing away from the control of the heart. “Ying Ying! Enough!”

The dangerous game that is stopped early, it is about to develop into the facts of incest, and the consequences are unimaginable. Seeing her daughter lost, even if he is distressed, it is necessary to be broken, otherwise the glow of the daughter’s spring tide will only make him more deeper.

“Dad, I … I …” Ying Ying was severely sterilized by his father, and it seems to understand that he is excessive, it is to explain, but by Duan Enze.

“Dad, don’t blame you, I blame my father is not strong enough. It is the fault of my father. Let Yingying are hurt. Dad is sorry for you.” Duan Enze didn’t give Yingying’s chance, it is indeed that he is not strong enough. Wrong is wrong. “Dad is going out first.”

“Dad …” Yingying felt hard because his own naughty was angry. It seems that she is not willing. “Dad has not helped me back.” Ying Ying is embarrassed to say. “Ying Ying guarantees no longer, don’t Dad don’t go?”

The daughter is delicious, plus the wet carcass, so that any man is difficult to move, the sky knows that it can still resist the temptation of the daughter’s body.

Duan Enze’s excitement made him hesitate, his daughter’s naked attracted his attention, so it’s hard to reluctively pulling his feet from the quagmire, but because it did not decrepe it, it was likely to be rerouped.

Duan Enzaw became a weak sense of thoughts. It is really a cause, just think about it, it will be curved against the daughter’s bow, and the thirst of the cross is to stop. Look at the woman’s shy answer, it is difficult to believe in the eyes of the eyes, it is difficult to believe that she is due to dissatisfaction with dissatisfaction? But if she really knows the regret, I will not be too cruel?

Every champion in the bathroom is likely to be a mistake, Duan Enzaw knows that this is likely to be the same as the previous result, but still pick it up.

Yingying excitedly gave Dad a bath, the active slanting on the wall, but also a micro-hip, in front of his father.

Daughter’s smooth and silky back muscles are more different than direct naked bodies, relatively concealed out the mysterious sexy lines, from behind the woman’s beautiful soft bones, hold a pair of breasts, and then Feed the meat rod into the honey, the jewel, naturally intimate. And Chun Ping has also used this posture in the bathroom cloud rain, and now the daughter is waiting for his hugs and entry in the same way, and when the situation is moving, and the restlessness is in the heart of the heart.

Duan Enze took the cake, an angeled meat border pulling the impulse, Ying Ying’s round petals seem to be a pointer, the door of lust is open to him.

“Dad, wipe, don’t be afraid of it.” Ying Ying’s micro-framing waist, but the buttock is like follows him. “I haven’t wiped it for a long time, dirty. After my father can help me, I will rub it.” Yingying twisted his head and grinded her father.

む む む … … め 联 面 面 面 女 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 面 是 自己 住 自己 自己 住 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己

Ying Ying is a 45 ° oblique posture, and his hands are flat-up on the wall, accounting for a lot of spaces in the shower corner. After the standing body of Yingnzha, the towering meat sticks could have the possibility of sweeping to Yingying ass.

Duan Enze low, the penis is only seven, eight centivities from Yingying, just like his dirty thoughts, and it will be separated from the lunning people. He struggled in the edge of the lust in numerous times, and the desire to insert was in a moment of impacting his reason. “Dad … What are you doing?” Yingying did not see his father’s reach out for a long time, and only saw the time to live in a daze. “Dad … What happened?” Ying Ying’s backwards, the buttonia was touched to the Meng’s Bald. “Hey … Dad originally want to come in Ying Ying’s body?” Ying Ying swayed electric buttocks and pulled his father’s sense of sensuality. Although Yingying did a guarantee, he couldn’t help but tap his father.

“What is not, then this father is really angry.” Duan Enze is full of faces with Yingying. “That kind of thing, I don’t think I will think.” Duan Enze said, only this can be his original intention of his father.

Ying Ying knows that Duan Ye will not really lose his temper. Because he is anger every time, it is a silent, without a sign, it is nothing more than goodwill reminding prior explanation. “Why do you stare at my ass?” Ying Ying’s Lingguang flashed, is this not a great opportunity? “I don’t say, my father is hypocritical, dare to think … I don’t dare to recognize. Hey … Despise you.” Yingying disdain, completely untrust. “If Dad really doesn’t want to think, will not dare to put it under the daughter just like just now? Is it right?” Daughter’s words can not help but make Duan Enza’s breath of thrilling scenes, the meat stick points will slip into the daughter The tender and humidish pussy, he dared to make a risk again, but he has already caught in the circle of Yingying.

Duan Enzawa like a big boy. “I don’t want to do that, how can Dad and how can you do this? The daughter’s home is not ashamed, the girl is …” Duan Enze thought that the female private part, but he was embarrassed to say that noun. “What is the way with the man is like.” He really can’t find a better reason.

“Hey … what did you do just now? Now not, hate it!” Ying Ying squatted. “Dad is not promised to give Ying Ying’s back? I hate it! Standing there to wait until when it is.” Duan Enze seems to be the bird of the bidding, Yingying is not good.

The woman turned over is faster than the book, and Duan Enze has experienced it. Fortunately, Yingying no longer pursued, otherwise he really didn’t know how to cope with cute and ‘hate’ daughter.

But now another question, in the narrow bathroom to help your daughter back, hard meat sticks don’t touch the daughter’s ass, Duan Enze does not dare to be too close, but this but The bias can’t touch the upper half of the Yingying back muscle. Duan Enze hesitated for a long time, he had to start with the back waist.

“Dad is so light, how can I clean it!” Ying Ying did not complain about it. “Dad! You can’t take this way before, all wipe it from top to bottom.” The daughter seems to be expressed, and a hard look. “So you want Ying Ying’s ass! I have been touching!” Jing Yingying reminded Duan Enze to awakening his hand almost in her meat stock.

“Oh!” Duan Enze is not comfortable, quickly move his hand from his daughter’s abdomen, and if he is not blameful.

He had to take a picking cake without touches the daughter’s body, reaching into the backcrollment of Yingying, and another hand holds a swollen penis posted on his belly. However, this is a lot of power to rub the back of the daughter, almost almost the thoroughguards of dry water stains.

Of course, Yingying is not happy. “Dad! What do you mean, what are you doing? Why don’t you help my back?” Yingying stared at him with a strange look, a bit like adults trained a child.

“The sound of mouth is very righteous, isn’t it for Yingying? I don’t dare to get close to me. Dad, stinky father!

Hate! “

Every word that Yingying said is like condemning his behavior, he is really trust in daughter. More and more obscene fragments in his thoughts affect him, it is a daughter’s deliberate seduce temptation, or it is still unreasonable, he has a push-off responsibility.

“Dad …” Yingying waited for about one or twenty seconds, and did not see the hands of Section. Turning through the body, I found that Enszi is holding a straight meat stick, embarrassing holding a cake. “Dad …” Yingying’s call turned into a delicate man! “Is Dad not so uncomfortable?” She referred to the abdomen of the representation. “Do you want?” Ying Ying contains his finger pointed, half bites the look, suddenly because there is no export half of the sentence, it is very confused, sharp jade milk, with Yingying spoiled Spring is swaying, evoge the sympathy of Section of Meng to the donkey.

Knowing Yingying is a trap. You should not help but don’t want to get it. No matter how your daughter is with your mouth or ride, he doesn’t want to face, but it can’t control it. “Turn over, are you don’t want me to help you erase?” Duan Enze recovered the desirable thoughts.

む Yingying is my heart and liver baby, can’t have other 龌龊龌龊 龌龊. He reminded himself that don’t be blinded by the moment, causing a fault that cannot be recovered.

Yingying fox stared at the father. “Dad really will help me with my back? Do you want your daughter to help my father first brush!

Anti-provision yourself. “She didn’t pay attention, and she took the cakes in his hand, pushing his father turned.

It is indeed cooling, and Duan Enze has no objection, and the meaning of the daughter is facing the wall.

A pair of daughters in the waist of Duan Enze, he just secretly, strange, a pair of soft milk balls unexpectedly pressed against the back of the chunze, not a rough sponge. “Ying Ying!” Duan Enze is anxious to call his daughter’s little name.

Ying Ying’s silent response is a hand that is supported in the waist and slipped to the cross of Sengze. The penis was held second time, Duan Enze is shocked, and the smooth small hand is straight, there is no hail.

“Dad … I know that Dad, you are very uncomfortable! Let the daughter help my father!” Ying Ying whispered, there was a soft tenderness.

“Ying Ying! Don’t …” Duan Enzawa hurts, this is not the scene of the father and women, he seized Ying Ying’s hand wanted to take her.

“I just want my father to easily, there is nothing else. I want to take a shower with me like a child, help me back.” Yingying’s premature performance is not known for the previous. “If Dad is not … If you shoot it, it is not possible …” Ying Ying’s tone is full of sincerity, let the gossip will not bear to reject.

The congestive meat stick made his nerve center, disturbing his normal reason and emotions. Perhaps really as the daughter said that only the ejaculation who has not completed before, he can frankly face the daughter, can not deny Ying Ying’s belief in Duan Enze.

“That time! Okay? Don’t hate me, Dad …” Duan Enze can’t see Yingying’s face, and I can’t learn what she is present. However, his daughter’s hot face sticker on his back, his heart is also trembling.

Chun Ping also seems to be, such as silky is often lingering. At that time, she was most wronged, the most helpless, full of people. Is it the same? Does she have a feeling of speech?

“What is Yingying who is slow to say to Dad?” Duan Enze removing the hand holding a daughter’s wrist, like a feeling of met him to distant memories.

“I …” Ying Ying wants to say, she is also hesitating, probably I don’t know how to open. “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it yet … can I have a little late?” Yingying smashed his face on Duanze back muscles, as looking for a more comfortable position. It also moves with Ying Ying, but also intentionally grinds.

The daughter in hand is more gentle, and there is more and more than you have a rude masturbation. However, it is possible that Yingying lacks men and women experience, and the speed of the package has always been a layer of constant, not too slow. Although a lot of pleasure is gathered, it has always been a stimulus that is about to climb up.

“Dad … is comfortable?” Ying Ying is concerned, just like a charm of lovers. In the silent bathroom, Duan Enze can give the daughter’s rapid heartbeat and short breath from the daughter from the back.

“Well …” Duan Enze hopes that he can come out soon, so ending this absurd jealous game.

“But … Is it a long time?” Ying Ying is anxious, it seems to be worried that you can’t get enough.

“Well …” Answer this question is not a general difficult, not good, but the daughter will make mistakes, but it is a daughter to make it not enough to open this mouth. “Nor …” “The words just exported, I haven’t waited for him to explain clearly, Yingying thoroughly thought. The wrong mistake is wrong in Duan Enze, the words are unclear.

“Is Ying Ying did not do?” Ying Ying was wrong and also harmful. “Is it like this?” Ying Ying slightly straight, so that the double peaks on the father’s back, holding the small hand of the meat stick, also accelerated.

The bud of the heart is quickly blessed with the friction of the same back muscle, and the two particles are scratched, and the heart string of the segment. Chun Ping did not have this kind of arrogance, only heard her daughter with a lightweight, but also made the gratian. “Hey … um … uh … ah …” Ying Ying’s nose is swaying on his father, and the meat stick is also in his daughter. The slight urene is in a clear trace of the crown, but it can’t produce strong injection sense.

I don’t know if my daughter is emotional, or deliberately light, at least in terms of Enszawa, but there is a hint soul. The daughter walled the 呻, let him halt hair, and the head is numb. This kind of temptation is too life, breaking through the impulse of people.

“Dad … isn’t there?” Ying Ying seems to be strong because of the large bow waist and heavy, and the heavy breathing shot. The water is constantly on the back, and the squeezing is put. Sometimes the milk tips are cleaned, and sometimes it is slowly pushed. Let Duan Enze’s heart is incomparable, soul shake.

“Ying Ying … Yes! Don’t …” Seeing her daughter is so annoyed for himself, and the heart wants her daughter no longer difficult, but insert the wrong flower.

“It’s Ying Ying, it is Yingying stupid, can’t make your father comfortably.” Ying Ying tears the swalloween, but also let Duan Enze.

“No! It’s not a matter of Ying Ying! It is a father’s fault.” Duan Enze turned over to comfort the sad daughter, the penis was extracted from Yingying, although Duan Enze is slightly, but it is easy. The flesh is very happy, brought about a heavy psychological burden.

“Is it?” Ying Ying is unreasonable, and the flush is relaxed, but she is still like it is quite concerned. “But it!” Ying Ying bowed with swelling abnormal, red purple glans.

“It’s good for a while!” Duan Enzazad really afraid that the daughter will still talk about his meaning and make a more excessive thing.

“Yingying wants to let his father shot, I heard that …” The seventeen-year-old girl is curious and discussing is not like the legendary concealed, maybe the change of the times, today’s young male girl’s sexual concept has The popularization of culture is open. “The boys are always … Always hard …” For the body … bad! “It is still a girl, which is a matter of increasing things about the men’s and women, even if it is true, it will be difficult.

She is distressed, I am worried about what I am worried about her. Whether or not because of premature loss of mothers and subconsciously undertake the role of the hostess?

むむ Let Dad shot!め Yingying’s words are not limited to play, the meaning of the representative does not have the need to understand that the daughter makes such a big sacrifice is just a moment of playing? Still … The thoughts of the blowjob are more than once in his mind, and he is a desire of the body, but it is more self-suppressed. Duan Enzawa believes that his father let his daughter kiss the penis to make himself, but it is thundered, but it is so stimulated by the confusion of the ban. “Don’t listen to people, you said this little girl, usually talk about something.” Duan Enze is not happy, Yingying said that although Yingying did not have a big mistake, Millions could no longer develop. It can be said that it is expecting to be worried, Duan Enze’s heart is almost overloaded.

“Do Dad will hate Ying Ying?” Daughter asked something thought.

“How come? Dad will not hate Ying Ying?” Duan Enze wants to hate it. This kind of thing, even if the daughter is too much, the father is responsible for making correct guidance rather than the crime of definition.

But now I am almost inadvertently, and can I care about my daughter?

“Ying Ying has made a big mistakes, I will not look at the face of my daughter’s shame, Duan Enze has a fairly uneasy. If you say, it will not hate Ying Ying ‘, will be a silence of Yingying’s next behavior. Debt, maybe you can disperse the idea of ​​Yingying, but you will hurt your daughter.

“Dad will still hate your daughter!” Ying Ying crowded himself.

When Duan Enza is riding a tiger, Yingying squatted down, it seems that even if you let Dad get angry, it is necessary.

“Ying Ying …” Duan Enza shouted, but did not stop her actions. As a man, a man who is loneliness for six years, the needs of physiological needs are not completely buried by reason, this is Duan Enzaw, which is painful and helpless.

Ying Ying’s fi hand holds the hard meat stick of Duan Enze again. Her pink cheeks are fascinating, and the scorpions of the soul are attacked, and the micro lips are close to the purple bar crown.

On the hot nose, Duan Enze can almost imagine the texture of the penis. “Ying Ying … don’t …” is a reasonable excuse to be a reasonable excuse to find a reasonable rejection of yourself, not him to have a moral restricted area. Dust-sealed passion love is opened, Spring Ping’s face is in the moment and Yingying’s life, and that similar 暧昧 express is impacting the final defense of Section. When the glans is surrounded by wet and heat, it is immediately melted, and the desire to intensely add it, I want to shoot the impression in the mouth of the daughter, shine like the gold coins in the devil.

Yingying is trying to put the stem with your mouth, but still leave a lot of half. Obviously she still tried the person’s sexual manner, only knowing the mouth, but I don’t know the mystery of the skill in the mouth, I don’t seem to be, but I can’t extricate myself for many years.

Duan Enzeo hopes that Yingying can use her flexible pillan like the first kiss, such as sucking his tongue. However, selfishness has caused him to collapse for her daughter, and how to go to guide her daughter to blow themselves.

The painful meat stick has a sweet and sweet, and it is also fascinated by Duan Enzawa, and the incredible glans is full of impulse. Pushing the daughter, thanks to the drunken dreams, from the sand, it is very painful and difficult, but Duan Enze is also clear that he is still a father, no matter how no dangerous game continues “stop! I have Sorry for your mother, I can’t go to you again! “He held his daughter’s pretty face slowly, perhaps his last thing did not yet ignored humanity in tough support.

“Dad is uncomfortable, Ying Ying is not good?” The daughter sadly looked up, spitting out his father’s penis, but the little hand was holding tightly, I was afraid that it would be straightened.

“No … is not. Dad’s fault, Dad is sorry for you.” Duan Enze turned his head, siltured in your heart, let the seven-foot men tears in the heart. He is not qualified to blame your daughter’s fault, hate yourself like a false love of his wife.

Duan Enze taking into account the face of his daughter, flustered to escape the bathroom, lock himself in the room, and put the head into the pillow like a child. [Spring Ping …, I am sorry … Sorry, I don’t teach my daughter, I didn’t have my father’s responsibility! I … I am really a beast! The melting of the penis is endless in Yingying’s mouth, and the entanglement is entangled, so that he is crazy like to blow the skull, but he does not open his daughter’s fragrant flesh, and the water and smooth peach and Huaze once. It is once again in his mind.

Duan Enze is lying in the messy bed, the evading, with numerous regrets, and has been washed with his sin.


“You are really fucking!” I have raped my own biological daughter, you still have any humanity! “Don’t talk to this kind of animal, you are not afraid of dirty mouth!” “Do you make a father? My daughter is also …, I really got eyes. “” You are not a person! Roll! I am not your brother! I have rolled my home. “……

“No … I don’t … listen to me …! No … not … is not like this …” Duan Enzemou jumped to sit up, then discovered that relatives, colleagues, and neighbors and dessected the scene. Nightmare.

I don’t know how long it will be too tired, and I should have been very late. [what time is it? Every day, he is preparing for a breakfast for his daughter, [I haven’t made dinner, I am afraid that Yingying wants to hungry belly! Duan Enze turned over to jump out of bed and quickly turned on the lamp.

It’s so late. ] It is already 9 o’clock in the evening. Ying Ying ate. ] Even if the daughter has made a big mistake, she is always her own meat in Duan Enze, and her daughter’s diet is the first.

He opened the door and the living room was also unknown. I saw the daughter’s room door closed, I wanted to be sleeping.

I have to go to school tomorrow, I don’t know if I have eaten. The age of seventeenth must not let himself hungry, but it is impossible to worry about the parents. What happened at noon, I don’t know if my daughter will think.

‘咚 … 咣 …! What is the foot of Duan Enze stepped out.

With the lights in the room, he suddenly discovered that the door was placed with two pigs and rice. He relieves if someone told him to eat, it is not a dream.

Duan Enzawa is a bitterness. He didn’t take care of Ying Ying, but let his daughter take care of him, Ying Ying Ying, grows up.め Parents are the most gratifying that children grow up in adults, but today’s situation makes ZJZA more guilty.

Eat daughters made of meals, Duan Enze is happy, but the daughter’s sexual and sultry body is bitter, and the taste of sour and bitter and bitter, and the taste of Duan Enze is the most authentic emotion at this time. Lightly packed the tableware, Duan Enze sat back to the bed. In the future, he will not sort out the mind tomorrow. The installation has never happened, or the frank and daughter is good to communicate. Duan Enze is fascinating because of the content of the daughter, whether it is a father, a man or a friend, and he is in a disadvantage And the passive position.

‘Bull … The sound of the daughter’s slippers appears in the living room, Duan Enzaw hesitated for a while, pulling the quilt quickly lie down.

‘嘎 …’ The door of the bathroom is closed. Is it just kicked to the dish bowl and woke up Ying Ying? I don’t know why, my daughter every movement of the daughter affects the nerve of Sengze. He can almost hear the sound of the bathroom in the bathroom, and it can imagine the scene from the water column from daughter.

‘… …, … … … 一 … 起 开 开 开 开. 开 开…. 开 开 起 开 开 起 起 开 起 开 开. 开… 至…. 室 室.. 至……. 至. 室 至 至…. 至 至 至When I was strange, my daughter’s footsteps moved to his room.

“Dad … dad!” Yingying Trial Call.

The more tension, the more you come, Duan Enze is the most afraid of the opposite side.

Seeing there is no reaction in the room, Duan Yingying hesitated a moment, turned to leave, just the direction of her mobile is not his own room but the kitchen. It turned out that Yingying was concerned about eating meals.

It’s really a small person’s heart, the daughter’s care is very touched, and it is difficult to blame the heart for the daughter’s midday.

“Dad … Sleep!” Yingying went back to Duan Enze’s door, asked softly.

But with my daughter, Duan Enze still can’t be touched, he did not respond to continue to sleep, I hope that Yingying will leave. Is there anything? Will n’t come in.め め may be hot, Duan Enze didn’t wear it, only one quad shorts were half-naked on the bed. I am afraid that the action of getting up makes my daughter listen, and I don’t want to go to the sweatshirt.

“I! Can you come in?” Yingying was in the door, and the tone of the full thought, giving the goddess.

It is not the plot of Duan Enze, Ying Ying seems to have to come in, what do she want? He is confused, the door lock is twisted. The outer yellow light is reflected, and he knows her daughter has come in.

The footsteps are close to the heart, Duan Enze’s heart is even more in the heart. Today is very different, it is completely not usually usually, some strange feelings.

Duan Enze did not lock the habit of locking the door. This is the result for people for many years. Even if they sleep, there is a ear to catch the child, and it will be like this every parent. The last lock door should be an escape from a psychological!

“Some words, I … I have been thinking about it for a long time, can you talk to my father! The other half of the mattress appears, Duan Enze can clearly feel the fragrance of his daughter’s body.

He can’t be tomorrow so late? Is it during the day … Is it because of the incidence during the day? What is it?

It’s unfortunate, but you can …

“Dad hasn’t slept yet, you don’t say Ying Ying’s heart, can you talk to my father?” Ying Ying’s head, although there is no leaver, but also let Duan Enze hands sweat.

On the night, I can’t touch my clue. Combined with the daughter suddenly boldly indulgent ‘prank’, Duan Enze intuition tonight is not general.

“Dad … is listening?” The daughter is still very careless, as a teenage of an adult, and if you want to hear the elders, you will not pay attention to yourself.

“I know that Dad, you haven’t fell asleep!” Ying Ying is a little harmful. “I want to hold my father. Dad …

May I? Duan Enze refunded two difficulties, saying that he did not let his daughter leaned, one is to recognize himself, and also destroyed the atmosphere of the father and women. If it is just a general talk? Even if it is a very privacy topic, you can also guide her. However, it is still dangerous. He has been on the time, naturally full of call.

む If Chun Ping is, should it be lying together? It is actually in this way, and both eyes are intangible pressure. But the intimate and father and women in the mother and daughter are very different.

After the daughter unveiled the corner of the blanket, after the portrait of Ensse, she saunted the taste of the segment, and the Yingying’s soft meat was squeezed through the thin fabric in his solid back muscles, the daughter was actively lying In his bed. “Dad … I like a boys.” The daughter’s palm climbed his chest through Duan Enze.

“He mentioned many times and wanted to go further.” Yingying accelerated jumping heartbeat passed through the back of the back, and used her silky hand to hold his father, let Zie En Ze shared the heart of her heart.

Further! Is hug, kissing, or … now the young people are so open? Further, after hand in hand, determine the relationship of love, further hug, kiss, will it be caress and go to bed? [Is it going to this step? The daughter now tells himself, or when she is crying, she is crying when she is crying. Duan Enze didn’t know if it was fortunate to be sad, did he care too little about her daughter? Even her quarter love is not found?

Cross the meat sticks back, a ‘further’ Hitted the man to the desire, Duan Enze, who is a father, can not be safe, and the daughter’s crisp is close to behind, how can he do not move? ?

“I clearly know that he is a spent, but I can’t control him.” Yingying took the head buried in Section, and smashed the nose, so that he couldn’t help but itself. “I like his handsome, very man feeling, and his unruly, bad look. In short … It is not always in all.” Daughter’s appearance of the words of Zeza, the heart, more than ten years The hard-working daughter did not count the wedding clothes, the man who wants to have their own daughter’s body is still a half-hearted man.

I can only force my anger, and now I have a chance, I can warn my daughter, but if it is a difficult thing, a woman is in love with a person, I really don’t care, how do you explain with her? Duan Enze is in the heart.

Duan Enze is a few wants to open, and Yingying will first say one step.

“I really want to give him! I like him to touch me, kiss my feelings, so sweet, so warm.”

Yingying seems to be intoxicated in the memories of happiness. But this sentence is uncomfortable in Duan Enzen. The chest is blocked, but it is not good for it. At this time, the most important thing is to guide, but he has not thought about it.

“But I don’t want to give him the first time, because I know that he will not be my husband, will not accompany me for a birth.” Ying Ying’s words turned, and the whole person immediately mature. “However, I still want to do with him.

Because I like him. “Yingying said that it is willing to make a man’s wish, let Duan Enza accidentally, and there is no one in the afternoon. [what? Do? Do you want to …] The daughter is only seventeen years old, and is physiology that is not completely mature? In this case, it should be stopped anyway. Duan Enze picked his shoulders, prepared to get up, but was hugged by Yingying and he continued.

“Dad, I know you must be very unhappy, but let me say it first, is it good? I will give my father a explanation.” Yingying understood the father’s look, before he sent a strong prevention The needle, and also gave the father a reason that continued ‘to sleep’, of course, did not rule out, only so that she is the courage to finish the story. “I value the day before yesterday, I will leave me with him on the time of school.” Duan Enze is considering the importance of her daughter to the girl, and I have interrupted my thoughts by her. What do she want to tell me? Duan Enzaw swallowed with doubts, and he really wanted to know what happened in Yingying.

“He closed the door, hugging me from behind.” Ying Ying won his father, using a quiet tone, telling the scene that happened in the school that day. “I really like his warm arms, which makes me feel very comfortable.” Yingying did not seem to be restrained, may be more easily unloaded in the night, and it is more likely to make people indulge.

“He kissed my neck, itching, I also touched my chest from the clothes. But I didn’t refuse …

…, because his kiss makes me very peaceful, his touch makes me feel relaxed. He later unlocked the hook of my underwear, I didn’t object, I also thought that he can touch me from the inside. Listening to the warmth of daughters and other boys, Duan Enze is excited and indignant, and it is not commended by the autonomy. I like a man who looked at other people in my daughter. If I hit the wife’s stealing, I couldn’t help but wanted to continue.

Duan Enzes can’t help but, it seems to be his own, not the male classmate who disguses him. The daughter’s pepper is playing in the hand, the texture of the tenderness seems to be in the palm.

[I have been explained in the underwear, so that the man’s handle is put in it, how can it be so self-love? Still is the classroom under the light day, isn’t it afraid of being seen? unacceptable. Duan Enze is bloody, and it is necessary to control the anger of the chest. “He reached into the shirt to touch my chest, you know, I will feel it right away, um … how to say, the following wet … I want.” Ying Ying sticker on my father twisted, it seems When I said this sentence, I also feel the same.

[Wet moisture below, want …] This sentence is in an instant explosion in Duan Enze. The daughter lying in the bed exposed Huaxi and the bathroom in the bathroom immediately emerged, Duan Enze suddenly wanted to insert.

“Later, his hand also reached into my skirt …” Inequal father’s reaction, Ying Ying then pulled Duan Enze’s thoughts to another starting point.

Just like your own hands, like a daughter, the fantasy picture and the toilet have overlapping together, and the wet sexy returns to Duan Enze. “I like him to touch my butt, I even let him extend into underwear.” The hidden hip is full of elasticity and soft, holding the impulse in his hand, more people will want to go deep into the stock Sutrared peach blossoms. Ying Ying ass felt texture made his meat stick began to expand rapidly, hard as iron, not he wants to enter, but every man can’t be excited at this time.

む む む 让 男 把 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放I thought that my daughter was swayed in the classroom and male classmates, and the penis was swollen. A man and a woman moved from the AV movie to the reality, the heroine or his daughter.

Duan Enze blood expands, no longer filling, can escape and control, he almost bounces up and out.

Is this that Yingying wants to give me a reason? Can’t let her go, I am too pet her, can’t let it go. Duan Enze has a distinguished thought.

“He said in my ear, I love me. Although I clearly know that it is not true, but my heart is itchy, I would rather believe that is his true words.” The daughter spitted in the neck like that boys sprayed In Yingying’s breath, keep talking about him.

“He let me turn, start kissing me. I feel that he is taking off my underwear, but the body is soft, I don’t want to move. I, I don’t know, I may look forward to him to take off my underwear.” Ying Ying said with the leg Wrapped in Duan Enze’s thigh, cool skin covered on his thigh, there is always a wonderful.

[expect? I didn’t take the initiative to take off, let others do it, and the ritual shame for education for so many years has been forgotten. Duan Enjun is born by his heart, not consciously fits. [Why is this? Do you want to punish me like this? After losing your love, I have encountered my daughter. If you just learn, you can find a way to solve, but it is the most difficult physiology and emotion between the father and women.

“His kiss is good, so sweet, he always took my tongue, but also squeezed his mouth.” Yingying is embarrassed to grind the head face in Duan Enze, this difficult privacy topic said it is very Big courage.

When kissed with my daughter, the way Yingying stretched the tongue was to learn with that mixed child? When you think of this, Duan Enze is uncomfortable, scratching with cats. Although the daughter is always married, it is not annoying. And from Yingying’s mouth, the taste of the feeling is like being torn well!

“Every time he kisses me, there is a kind, um, how to describe it! It is a bit of disturbing, and it is very clear.” I can’t see the expression behind her daughter, but I know the illusions of my daughter sinking love, willing to sacrifice The most precious exercise in her life is unable to force. Duan Enze has always said that there is no feeling. However, the daughter will then transfer his attention again, and the amazing sex is in the middle of the daughter’s mouth. It is more than a hundred times more than the sexual fantasy and watching the mask. Duan Enzaw may still have to hear.

“When I react, I found out that I took off my skirt and my panties.” Light is bulged by the boy, and two hands go upstream. The dress is taken off, what else does not do?め If the daughter still knows how to protect themselves, it is so late to have a big belly.

Duan Enze was excited to tremble, but he wanted to turn over, but he was blocked by Yingying’s voice. “Dad! Do you know?

At that time, I was not angry at all, and, but also … it’s very … Duan Enze’s thinking is completely left and right of the daughter’s words, immersed under the boy’s arbitrary caress. Yingying took his hard to his father, as if he had to be drilled into the body of Encel.

Daughter naked carcass and a strange male boy appeared in an empty classroom, a bad picture, clearly printing in Duan Enze. What he didn’t understand is that the charm of the young man can let the daughter will be willing to take ancient, and the school is stealing with his majestic school. If you let him know who is, he must teach him well. “I am not not angry, and some are eager to touch me more directly, more rudely, and even account for me.

I want to be his woman, I want him to love me. “Say love to the depths, the grace is tighter.” Who said that the girl’s girl is not open, and it is premium? Today’s child is coming because of the coming of the multimedia age, many people have been able to live in modern youth, and many people have lived in modern young people, and the elders are in the elders.

む む 春 萍 has never been so exposed, I really don’t know where to learn now? In front of daughter naked desires, Duan Enzazo appeared. Is the moral concept of Wei Dynasty, is it useful for them? I may say that I have a big truth of my life, she knows more than you.

“It is clear that he is likely that shortly after I get me, I will put into the arms of others. But I am still willing, even if I only love one day, I am also willing.” Yingying’s emotional face was hot, the temperature from Duan Enze Transfer to the chest, hot and even me will melt.

“But I don’t want to have a lack of lacking after he and I break up.” Ying Ying’s tone revealed a different ventilation, a disorder of secular concept.む The boy did not get her after taking off her daughter’s underwear, because what?め This question seems to leave a rejection for Zeze, a reasons for a indulgence.

“It is said that women’s own men will have a special feeling, I don’t want to have, um!

Just like what he owes me, I have to give me the first time, I will never hurt me, will always love me. Ying Ying’s feelings of the neck of Duan Enze, her fragrance of fragrance turned his father’s anger into the fire, burning the fragrant ingredients, and burning the Sir Ying Ying flesh.

When Ying Ying’s most authentic emotional blocked, Duan Enza had a great shock from the bottom of the heart. He is not only a hemp, but also a cold tremble.

Whether it is from the literal, or combined with the behavior, the person referred to in his daughter, his life is his own man. It is also not difficult to understand the daughter’s prank, in fact, a naked seduce, let him have a psychoat with a torment and torture.

“Ying Ying …” Duan Enze couldn’t help but, in his cognition, father and daughter incest were absolutely unable to happen.

“Dad! Let me finish me, promise me, listen to me, regenerate Ying Ying’s breath?” Daughter’s pleading seems to have a hearty trouble, become this look, Duan Enze is not a little responsible.

“Dad, don’t blame him, is a daughter is not good, it is daughter.” Turning instant, crystal tears are flooding between the two skin. “The daughter is not very bad, it is very unfortunate.” I went to see the words, Ying Ying said again. “Sixteen years old, I started masturbating, fantasy, the handsome star, fantasy, male classmates, fantasy, Dad!” Daughter’s leg hook on his father’s leg, another leg also to father The legs are crowded and the butt of Dad is smashed with her lower abdomen.

むむ 幻 过!! When Ying Yingying, when you masturbate, do you take yourself as an object? Duan Enze is a bit dizzy, even if he is his father, it should not be exported. Does the daughter boldly, is there a little shame? This should not be a seventeen-year-old girl to hang on his mouth, including four years old, his wife, who married him for more than ten years, is in the top of the top, is a ‘I want’.

However, the daughter’s words brought Duan Enze’s most direct first reaction is the deflective penis, and the daughter opens legs to masturbate their names.

Two irregular high-speed mad hearts are the same desire. There is a shackle between men and women that embrace. Beyond the sexual love of the father and woman, but the moral iron chain can’t afford to corrode, there has been cracking.

“He used to touch me in underwear. In fact, I hope that he has been extended to pants.” Yingying did not pay attention to his father in shocking and irritating trembling, gently floating the topic, but she spit every Words, every sentence is heavy on Duan Enze, a few suffocation. Daughter’s sensuality is that he can’t imagine, but it happens, and he even has no opportunity, except for silence.む before! I used the tongue to kiss, and I also touched my private place. When did you start, go home on time every day, can you still? The courage is too big!

Duan Enze at this time is getting more and more controlled and angry, I want to ask my daughter, how is this kind of love? “Dad, I wet, just like he touched me, I was as wet.” Ying Ying suddenly scratched in Duan Enze, as if she integrated her into my father’s body. Duan Enze was knocked by her daughter, and the chaotic thoughts were fascinated by his mind. From 人 人 自 自 爱, from the right life to see life, the topic to be elaborated is too much. Under the embroidery of the daughter, the bottom line of morality is quite difficult, those who can tell him?

I am wet!め め 惊 巨 巨 巨 惊 形成 形成.. 巨 巨. 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨

The continuous improvement of the fire is surging, so that he will subvert to the sea.

“When he touched my thigh, I won’t be more wet. Although it will be shy, I am very excited. I am looking forward to him to touch me, I know this is very dangerous, but I can’t control it. I want him. I know that I love him, let him know how much I feel about him. “Light with the butt, let the boy touch the panty, Yingying wants to do? Really prepared to do it with the boy? The daughter has been into which this look? Is his affection he gave? Is it just because of the curiosity and emptiness?

Still now that children have accepted too much things that should not be accepted, Duan Enze can’t understand the original, except for indignation, it should be better review. Perhaps he cares too little about his daughter’s life, and it is lacking communication. Maybe every single father will face the confusion and difficulties.

“Yingying …” Youth’s rebellious segment Enza experienced, the child of single-prince did need more understanding and patience, and resolved their impression of the world’s distortion. Nowadays, there should happen, there is no need to investigate. He still wants to use tolerance to correct the thoughts of daughters.

“Dad wants to hit me, you have to jealous, but let me say good? Today, I don’t know if there is any courage to say it again.” Ying Ying also knows that today is really too much, even the father of her father However, there is no reason to do temper, as if today does not tell the idea of ​​your heart, there will be no more opportunity.

“Dad, I know that I shouldn’t, I am very stupid?” In the neck of the daughter’s face, the temperature of the temperature is slowly falling in the gap of the two people.

Is Ying Yingying crying? Is that a mixed child bullying Ying Ying? The tears that have appeared make the paragraph, and the daughter who loves is crying, how is it?

“When his fingers reached … reach it …” Ying Ying, it might think that the boy will actually put the fingers into the honey pockets of their own vocals, and it is not sure how a spike and shock will be made to my father. It is a little careful. “I … I feel so sad, sad, want him, his …”

About male organs, Ying Ying is still a little girl, shy, I don’t know how to speak.

Duan Enzawa is unable to hear, the towering meat stick has enabled the limit, he is afraid to suppress the impulse. And the selfishness of human nature makes him unwilling to understand the sex of her daughter, that is the scene of any man is never willing to fantasy.

“I want him to enter my body, I want to be his woman.” Duan Enza is not thinking, Ying Ying is going to be sharply stimulating his father tight bows. She didn’t leave her father’s slightest, and she didn’t care about how her’s meat would have caused her father. Her purpose should be quite clear, that is, I will go to the fire.

“Ying Ying, enough, stop! Don’t say.” Duan Enze turned over to see the daughter, if he didn’t take out his father’s majesty, I really didn’t know how to retain. I don’t know what reason. But make such a thing, I can’t forgive, what kind of explanation does it still?

“Dad, sorry, Ying Ying is very annoying, very don’t want faces?” Faced with a mistake, the big fire, Duan Enze is also burning, but he still can’t accept the resentment of trembling, widened to bite his teeth .

“You can get yourself, do you get starting with your mother?” Pearl Pearl is the same baby, it is impossible to use vicious language cursor and humiliation, Duan Enzaw is for a long time, it is a stringent sentence.

“I know that Dad will not forgive me.” Ying Ying also supported his body, her helpless eyes were like crying in the moonlight. “Do you know the most beautiful, the most brilliant time is only more than 20 years, Dad is tolerate the daughter’s time, the most beautiful, the most beautiful time in ten years, is it alone?” , Men can trample in the festival, but women want women to stay in yin. The voice of the parents said that it is a selfish side for the sake of happiness in children. My son made a big belly, but I was a meal. The daughter was bullied to swallow the teeth, but never understood the real idea of ​​young people. So, Duan Enze is also inadequate, and it is very rich.

“The man has a woman’s plot, the relationship is your happiness, can’t ruin for a while, destroy the second half!” Duan Enzazan said the focus, can watch the daughter, happy, happy, happy is the biggest parents. wish. Even if the child endures for a while, it is better than the sin of a lifetime.

“Hemougain! Hemupofake! Even Dad is also so hypocritical!” Yingying’s eyebrows is all reluctant, thousands of years, and how ridiculous is ridiculous in her eyes. “If he loves that layer of film, not me, I would rather don’t.” It is already the 21st century, the ancient concept is not only the hindrance of the social development in the heart of the young man, but also the hindrance of love.

“Do you think so, do you like this? If you encounter a person you love very much, he cares about it again.” Standing in his parents, you can only say this, you can’t always The slap in the past, to solve it with force. Although Duan Enze is hit, it can only press the temper.

“I don’t regret it, I will not regret it, at least I have had.” Ying Ying showed the unique taste of adolescence, and the resequence of the consequences. “If he really cares, modern medicine is so developed, doing a good for him.” The daughter’s words, the gods of the Zip Kukou, the flow of the wall, the popular women’s advertisement makes the young people more A unscrupulous.

“Dad, do you know? Every night, I will have a sense of empty, lonely, let me go crazy, empty, I can’t sleep, I really want to have anything to increase.” The topic did not end due to the opposition between the father and women, and between the father and women were still filled with rich eroticism.

Duan Enzawa today faced the daughter, Yingying a sling of the hanging silk skirt, seeing the traces of underwear. Don’t wear underwear at home is a habit of many women. Duan Enze also hits many times, and the daughter hooks the waist the beautiful double peak. However, the shoulders of Yingying without bra shoulder strap tonight were particularly eye-catching in Duan Enze.

“Ying Ying, this is the process of everyone who will experience. Have you ever thought about it, what consequences will be brought. “If people don’t learn to control desires, if people do things like, this society will not have order, what is the difference between and beasts. People are people, rather than animals, because people know how to regulate their words and deeds, Self-respect. “Duan Enze is very sad, the daughter is sad, he is also uncomfortable. How much he wants to make her happy. “If you and your favorite boys, you have a relationship. “He really will love you wholeheartedly, not to show off in front of others?” The daughter didn’t fall in love, it is easy to be deceived and misleaded by others, he must make a mist to make her fog, telling her that there will be various consequences that may happen. Let her go out of death. “Maybe you don’t think, but your classmates must never be proud of you, maybe they are shameful behind, think you are a casual, light floating … open, fallen!” Duan Enzeben thought is The word ‘downlove’ ” underrid ‘, but used to describe his daughter, he can’t do it, even just imitating the tone of others.

“Why do you care about other people’s ideas?” Is it a common problem of contemporary young people? Excessive self, will only make people arrogant and have not benefited. Duan Enze is very surprised, always thinking is a very well-behaved daughter, it is actually not in other comments.

“In order to pretend to be hypocrisy in the face of others, do you have yourself? Dad is also a hypocrisy?”

Yingying questioned the staring at Section. Perhaps she has not stepped into society without understanding the whole society, and people will hide the true self, including her father.

“This is not called hypocrisy, if you live with the so-called real life, you will not survive, maybe you don’t understand. Maybe things can’t use whether it is hypocritical. Use ‘adapt’ more appropriate, you can adapt to this society, not society Adapt to you. “The wrong understanding will be missed, just like the elderly often say that the young people don’t prepare for the argument and cons., It is not the same. “Isn’t it hypocritical?” Yingying showed never stubborn, it seems to have proved that he is not all wrong, the new thought of young generations, new things, can not use old ideas. “Dad is full of benevolence, see Ying Ying … .

“That! That is a normal physiological response. You are daddy daughter, absolutely impossible to have ideas.” It is a good panic, and physiological reactions are right, but there is absolutely no idea. Exaggerate.

Yingying captured his father’s eyes flashing, she decided to confirm her thoughts in the way.

She picked up a night, using a total of less than two seconds, let himself naked in his father’s pupil.

The flesh under the silk is actually vacuum, and Yingying’s unexpected moves shocked.

“Ying Ying, what are you doing, put your clothes. Be careful!” There is no light, but the moonlight is enough to draw a sweet curve.

Along the snow muscle powder neck, pull the mulled ball of the water, the slight waist, and the brunette of the talents of the jade legs, and Duan Enze, who does not know the meat, is absolutely the biggest challenge for several years.

“Dad is not said, there is absolutely no idea? Why don’t you dare to look at the daughter. Duan Enze can’t think of the daughter will take this sentence, masterpiece article, a ‘absolute’ let yourself be passive.

“What is good, you are daddy, what didn’t read.” As a father, even the temptation of her daughter can’t resist, and if it is qualified to be a parent. Even the daughter is bullying, he will definitely can’t have half of the evil. Duan Enze is forced himself to make his mind, trying to make his thoughts related to any erotic.

Yingying is not willing to be willing, in her opinion, Dad wants her, she wants to break the hard and false barriers.

“I hate!” The girl likes the vanity of the gaze. Ying Ying strange, expressed dissatisfaction with your father ‘not. “I also read Ying Ying …” she suddenly thought of what is like, and provoke face red. The shame of the shy and low vites and spitted to the words of the grace. “Is Ying Ying Uurized place?” Daughter did not hide his desire. Dare to love hate, thinking about it and sincerity is her advantage, but it is fatal in the wrong place.

Urinary place? The tenderness of the girl is like a poisonous poppies, an abnormally beautiful and beautiful danger. “It’s enough, don’t you know the shame?” Duan Enzawa said, he is really angry. It is only a result that will not stop Ying Ying’s intentionally and unintentionally. ‘Male’, ‘Curious’, there is always a limit. Since Duan Enze can’t leave the impression of the daughter, you can stop your own behavior.

Ying Ying was shocked in the shock, and she didn’t cry more reluctant. “Ying Ying is so shameless, Yingying actually wanted to do that kind of thing with Dad.” After being rebuked by his father, Yingying seems to decide to fight for death, and it is inaccurate to express his most real ideas.

“Ying Ying! You …”, Duan Enze is stunned, and the black-faced window paper is worn, forced to be two lonely hearts, naked and sincere.

“Dad hits me, marry me, is Yingying is not good.” She took a strong nasal sound, and she didn’t want to think about her words. “Ying Ying didn’t think about my father. , Imagine that being kissed by Dad … Dad touches this “Ying Ying one hand buckle in the mouth. “Enter it inside.” The other hand presses on the thigh root.

No … this is not true. Yan Ning can be a joke, or a spring dream, and it is not a bad mood to stage it on him. [Just now? Duan Enze can’t think of it, just when he kicked into the dish bowl, Yingying was inserting his fingers into a flower point, fantasy and his love scene.

At the time of my daughter, I thought I would like to have a strategy of thousands of kinds of daughters who don’t want to fall in love. I don’t expect this situation. I have never heard that the father’s daughter is bad, how does a daughter take the initiative to push down the father’s precedent?

“Do you know what you are doing? This is incest …” squeezing the noun who has been swallowing in the throat, he actually feels relieved, maybe it is more comfortable. “Incest is not to be social, what do others see?” Refute and insults, if he only assumes that he is not terrible, but you can’t let your daughter to bear. “Does the incest of the law? Do not break the law, what do others?”

“It’s not something wrong, but it is related to your life and your future.” The daughter is going to grow up, and you must marry.

Parents can do, so as far as possible, I will create a flat and bright splendid avenue.

“Wear your clothes and go to sleep, Dad is not blame you. Don’t think about it again, tomorrow is still going to class.” Yingying’s nightdress is on her side, to close to the naked girl’s body to Duan Enze is still Not easy. He pulled his hand to his daughter. At this time, he felt some sputum. Exciting, angry, helpless. A tightening string appears fatigue on several states, and even the meat stick is hard to numb.

He doesn’t want to make more disputes, may change the environment and atmosphere more beneficial to communicate.

Ying Ying is open, and there is no embrace of the embrace of Zemu. “I just want to be more close to Dad, this is not?” She lifted with a soft little hand is a slag, the heart of the old face, and the traces left for her. “I don’t want to give me the most precious for the first time, I want to give it, but also give me a father who will never abandon Yingying.” Yingying took the head pillow on his father’s shoulders, palms and gradually, passed The neck will go down after a slight stay.

“Dad can promise Ying Ying, only this kind of result is not concession, no discussion.” This is a firm resolute, and the principle is unable to destroy.

“As long as it is … that …

“Well … 话, go to sleep, will go to school tomorrow.” After all, it is a daughter, the cute pure look, such as the skin of the water gradually cools his heart’s anger. Duan Enze is now the most Pharaoh, Yingying immediately came down from him, leaving. And my daughter’s thigh is positively pressing his file, she can’t find his embarrassment.

“I want to sleep here.” Duan Enze could not laugh, Ying Ying Lai he was in front of his chest, saying that it was not coming. And I want to stay in my father’s room, it is obviously too much.

“Daughter grows up, no longer sleep with Dad.” The looseness on the wording is the soft prelude, and the thighs of the mock in the penis interfered with his thoughts.

“If you grow up, you can’t do it? What is the truth. “Mo, Dad is afraid …” Ying Ying moved his thigh from his father’s body, so that Ensse relaxed a lot, but the other critical is also quietly close.

“Yes, I am afraid? Don’t go to sleep, my father is going to fart.” Duan Enze is a serious eyebrow, giving her daughter a serious’ angry. Perhaps it is a longitudinal contrary that is expected, and he does not immediately stop the hand from slipping in Ying Ying.

“Even if you are fart by my father, I have to sleep here.” She seems to know the father, and she will not really use violence to her, so the desires are more strong.

“No, I don’t want to say anything.” Duan Enze wanted to push the daughter, but he didn’t have the courage to touch the naked naked carcass. “You see what you look like, even clothes don’t wear, which girl is like you?”

If it is not angry, no parents are willing to leave a bright red applause on their children.

“Dad didn’t have seen it? Is there any relationship? Yingying likes to be seen by Dad.” If it is Chun Ping or anything else, Duan Enze is not in urgent to rush. The pain is that this woman is my own biological daughter, and it is a woman who can’t touch it in his life.

“Dad doesn’t like to see, can not get up, I have to beaten.” Said that Duan Enza Yang started, and the lifted buttocks suddenly became dazzling.

“Really?” Ying Ying asked as a question of Tianzhen. “But it seems to like it very much.” She fell to the mouth, it was completely a sweet words between the couple flirting.

Duan Enze knows what Yingying refers to, but he can only hold it, physically erectile does not mean that he is going to achieve an occasional impulse.

“Dad hits me, Dad hasn’t played Ying Ying’s butt!” The daughter’s charming voice made the goddess, the flexible ass, the flesh, the flesh, the flesh, and the hands of the raised hands. . “Don’t make trouble, very late, go to school tomorrow.” Deny knowing that there is no role in this type, and it can only be used as a reasons for pushing.

“Dad hasn’t played Ying Ying’s butt?” The daughter did not reluctantly, this daughter who asked to be beaten, maybe only Duan Enze can meet. “If you don’t hit me, let’s take it?” Daughter smiled and said. “I will be embarrassed.” It is also a trap. How can I take this trick in the bathroom segment?

Is another other way?

“Don’t give me, mix back to the room, sleep!” Duan Enzawa has fallen in the heart, the first pro is being cheated, but also can’t grasp, this time can previve the ethical morality will be in the daughter of ethics. Under the end.

“Don’t pro, I will be here.” Ying Ying challenged his father’s majesty with vowing to fight against it.

“If you can’t say it, it seems that Dad doesn’t move, you don’t know what it is afraid.” Although it is very tough, there is no fierce tone, and persuasive is greatly discounted.

“You don’t kiss me, the Yingying is also.” Yingying’s hand drifted to the slightly below the belly, close to the position of his father’s four-pool. “The little brother is not as false like Dad, oh! Yes, the younger brother!” At the same time, Yingying’s hand quickly string to shorts toned, and there is a big romantic tap.

It is not the first time to hold his penis. In the bathroom, it is directly in the bathroom to pay, and now there is no reason to rebuilt. “Unhappy, get it.” The light thunder is not raining, and Ying Ying has already expired. The firewood touched the fire and also destined to burn, even if it was a fairness of his father, it also avoided could not be gray.

In the six years, it is not touched by a woman near six years. Its loneliness can be understood. It is indeed much more intense to compare the daughter’s impulse, but it can’t be used as an example to open the daughter. At least Duan Size is still embarrassed. mouth.

Yingying’s grip is like pouring oil on the flame, which undoubtedly makes his sensuality almost break through the bondage of reason.

“Hey, why did Dad do not stop me, give you a chance, actually try it. It is not smooth, and it seems that Sun Wukong, who is spent in Tang, and his mind.

“Say, Dad will not have ideas for you. There is also a physiological response, no longer listen, dad will punish you.” Duan Enze is really unwilling to take out his brake. As the saying goes, the son, rich young, he has never been sentenced to the economy of the daughter, as long as he can give up, even if you don’t touch women in a lifetime, you must save money. “Filter you half a year of zero spending, forks for three months.” According to the truth, the penalty is quite heavy, almost equal to the freedom of the daughter, can not go shopping, can not buy new clothes, the seven-year-old flower season girl is Quite cruel.

“As long as there is dad, Ying Ying can don’t.” What did you make such a big sacrifice?

Just just ask for a night? Why do daughters will be in this point, don’t you forced him to crimes? When it is a curiological or desire to try? Still thinking about her, in order to calmly, with male students in love?

Duan Enze is more gratiant, and there is no case that can be used to tell him how to deal with the condemnation of social public opinion, and there is no legal constraint.

“Stop! You don’t, you have to give me back.” Under the daughter’s squat, the crown is full of illusion. Duan Enzawa took the Yingying’s arm, but he can’t stop her wrist activities.

“Never, unless you kiss me!” So far, it seems that compromise is the only way to return. Yingying’s jelly-like sex lips makes the gratin Yuszawa, calling for his desire to kiss. “That’s!” The daughter’s tempura and 恿 使 使 的 坚 坚 坚持 坚..

“I will go back to the house?” Although Duan Enze does not believe that Yingying will obey the promise, but he still has a luck.

“Well!” Ying Ying used the nasal sound to respond to the most direct encouragement for the father.

“Hey!” Duan Enze took a slight trembling, sticked his mouth on the face of the daughter’s pink.

“No! I hate, Dad, you are like this.” It is completely expected, but directly kisses the insults, Duan Enze is still awkward. The daughter joined his mouth and asked her father a deep affectionate, love to love.

What is it …? 】 It is natural to have a distress, exclusive emotions, and a migratory expectation is far from sincere. Ice is cold. However, Duan Enze seems to be melted, and it is tightly sucked with this slightly sweet and dark vortex. Ying Ying did not extend the incense, and it was about to wait for his father’s initiative. “No! Not the case, perfunctory.” A kissed seems simple, in fact, there are many conditions, Duan Enze is not known. Perhaps the instinct of the father’s angle, and as much as possible, it will relax the bottom line as much as possible.

Do you have to use a tongue? When I thought of this word, I immediately recall the crazy of the bathroom. It will be a ridiculous indulgence.む can only be the last time, no matter what requirement, you can’t agree.め A deep breath brings Duan Enze a little courage, at least kiss is not incest, I have been a lot of time when Yingying is young, because she is still small, purely affiliated to play.

Paste your daughter’s soft and smooth cherry, all of the world’s dramatic and constraints seem to be no longer important. In this private small space seems to have only feelings and desire.

Duan Enze didn’t think that he would put his tongue into his daughter’s mouth. It is really hard to say that it is forced, or something else!

The daughter is ashamed, and the tip of the tongue and Duan Enze are chased, intended, with a faint resentment and desire.

Can’t!め Yingying tapered and boldly opened his father’s four-pool, putting his gripped meat stick in his hand and slowly set up.

It is a strong desire to become a crowded plenity in the hands of the daughter and the daughter.

This feeling is that he expects to get, and he is not willing to appear between his daughter.

“Ying Ying!” Duan Enze can’t completely let go, this is too intimate, he assumes the consequences of the sink. Destroy the happiness of the daughter, in a timely sound in the mind of Duan Enze.

He was shocked and his daughter had too far, almost missed the direction of the back, lost in the intersection of the fallen.

“Okay, you should go to sleep.” Kaikun Yingying’s thin shoulder, can not open the Ying Ying’s hand.

“Listed, I want my father to be here.” Daughter’s Lai Lee, Duan Enze is not unfurbis, but he can’t figure out this way.

む む む 地? The face is also pro, the mouth is also pro, can you still know?め For Duan Enze with sexual life, I shouldn’t think about it.

Chun Ping has never active requirements, but will not refuse. I am so dirty, don’t you? I first kissed my wife’s lower body, and Chun Ping was shy, like it.

He has not yet kissed the private lips of the woman, the daughter’s faint sweet fragrance, such as the dream of smoke, the taste buds of Duan Enze. The closed vale, the filling petals, the stubbles dripped a dripped Joan jade dew hangs happened to be the scenery of the daughter room at noon.

Don’t! Duan Enze, you have to wake up, Yingying is your daughter.め め 恩 泽 嘴 里 而 而,,… 阜 阜 阜. 阜 阜……….. 阜….. 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜 阜

The father swept away from the body of the body, and it was Ying Ying. “Dad, kiss here.” Yingying turned over, kneeling in front of Duan Enze, using her, holding the hand of the meat stick, refersing to the arrogant peak.

Duan En Zeden is full of face, and there is no way. I can’t continue, do you think you can control? In case, in case, it is a long life in Yingying! He repeatedly reported himself, but it is still difficult to resist the charm of the crisp.

Beautiful breasts show the arc of youth, compared to the lips and buttocks, more sexy, that is a female badge, is the most wonderful curve in the world, so many people are yearning for and flowing.

The snow whitening chest dotted with a pink bud, and people really want to bite a ripple. While Duan Enze, he swayed his will.

“Dad! I just want you to kiss me and hug me. No disrespect.” Yingying arms around Dazhu his father’s neck, eyes the enchanting charm into a deep and melancholy. “…… do not know why, I just want my father to kiss me, kiss me, touch me like a child to rely on the father, preferring to feel the warmth of body temperature caused by his father’s, so I’m so at ease, so comfortable.” Countless Father and daughter in the past brought back happy memories, full of laughter and sweet and full house. “But, Dad very busy time with me less and less, as I grew up, when a person more and more.” Grief spread if a small room, a deep sense of sadness moist eyes Yingying. “I feel so lonely, so lonely. I did not stay by watching TV … did not stay homework … I have no one to accompany me to chat her mother’s arms and smile can only appear in a dream.” At this point not only sad daughter of a man, grace period also filled with bursts of sad. His wife’s unexpected death, life for him is the most painful blow has fallen in an instant of happiness. He can only work with the paralysis of their grief, and also to his daughter, desperately trying very hard to make money, just want to make Yingying off than someone else’s poor daughter, to give her all to the.

“Other girls moms, moms to buy new clothes, new skirt, dad can just give me the money.

But I do not want money, I do not want money! I want others to follow suit! I want my mother! “Repressed for a long time and finally get emotional catharsis, with the pathos of tears flowing four. “When I saw the other girls have a mother to pick classes, but my father was always busy …… …… busy. I learned a new dance, no one was looking. I learned new songs, no one listens I am very inferior in front of their classmates, and I can not afford to think in the head. “let her swollen eyes grace period of heartbreak, loneliness Yingying deeply shaken him, and he has been considered to be the right thing. Money is not everything, money, no feelings, no amount of material can not meet the spiritual emptiness.

“My greatest fear is to hear them say, ‘How can I praise my mom how’. But I do?

No one boast, no one hurt. “Yingying puffed nose, Qi Su issued repressed in short respite in. “Every day my father came back, I wanted to hug my father, may always only playing. Not return to the room to sleep, cook is cooking laundry.” Busy work occupies most of his time each day, always thinking of leisure down and have fun with her daughter, always going to a certain home early tomorrow. buy something for her, but he did not know her daughter Barbara needs.

“Dad! …… I would be cooking your own meals, chores, and I just want you to accompany me to talk, and more hug me!” That there are too many neglected segment grace little trick, small emotion, he had not thought of that, he is given to the ever increasing demands on the economy, rather than pet care and spiritual daughter needed.

“I know I have now mature, but also become beautiful, more and more men began to surround me.” Puppy love should be the best transfer lonely lonely emotion, grace period began to clear, the daughter of indulgence with male students reason. “I like being their concern, they were talking about. They also like to be chased like Zhongxinggongyue, was holding in her hand.” Yingying stopped the Depression, look between the bursting out with a strange glory. “I know what they care about, they want to get the most is not my heart, but my body.” Unusually mature daughter inside the similarities and differences, not as pure as she looks pleasant. “And I do not want to lose their focus and obsession, I do not own a person, I do not as lonely as before, I want them to love, and I want them together, that feeling of happiness.”

Gasped grace period, while the biting cold feeling spread throughout the body from the spine. Today’s results are entirely due to him, due to his negligence leads to paralysis and inter-daughter inadvertently selected the wrong direction at the fork in the road of life mouth.

“But I really do not want, I do not want to let the guys take away my most precious thing, none of the boys could have such qualifications. Not only because their eyes always something dirty, but they do not always so good to me. “Yingying straightforward performance, so that the grace period is not fully accepted, and his heart that day really innocent images have too much access, even unfamiliar. “Unlike my father, and my father to see me, very natural, very of kindness, although sometimes there is a little bit small color.” When it comes to the father of a little color, Yingying finally broke weep for laughs, perhaps in saying this, she also could not help heart racing.

Seeing his daughter laugh, grace period also relaxed a lot, he can not help but worry about the future. Yingying said quite clearly, she was willing to change with the physical feelings, even if only short-lived. He can imprison her daughter’s freedom, it is difficult to change the thinking of his daughter.

Just as Duan Enze wanted to open, Yingying used two fingers to hold his insult. “Guardian bloodstream is self-esteem, self-love? Who can guarantee that when I marry, I will be happy? For one, I don’t know when it doesn’t, that is not necessarily, the happiness in others is really worth it. I endure five years, ten years, or a longer? “The daughter is biased, and the hair falls from one side. Her serious expression seems to have a big sister-like knowledge. “In the past few years, let me feel that life is not as good as death, my father is going to endure Ying Ying once again endured, is it lonely? For your selfishness, what you think is, you will kill my happiness?” Yingying shook his head, Inadvertently, a drop of tears floating in the mouth of Section, salty taste penetrated, and mixed with the pain in his heart and mixed him with his messy thoughts.

“Since my mother gone, Dad gave up a lot in sister, I only made my father as Yingying, and Yingying couldn’t sacrifice my father?” The daughter bite the lips, as if there is difficult to enlighten it. “Dad! I don’t know if I can avoid it. And you think I can escape from him for the first time, the second time, can you escape the third time, the fourth time? It is me voluntarily. Even if he is not him, there is other boys? “Duan Enze did not answer, everything in today is too sudden. Thoroughly subverting Duan Enze’s understanding of the daughter, and entered her least-known inner world, a ‘shocked’ was not enough to describe the minds of the ethrsery now, only himself knows his true idea.

Yingying buried his father into his own cleans. She seems to understand that her father will not follow her will to bite the fruit of the chest. “If you can’t control yourself, I can’t control yourself, I don’t want to have regret!” The pose of the parents will turn the pose of the father to the insertion.

Ying Ying hooks on the neck of Duan Enze, most weight is concentrated in his, the most vulnerable part of the human body, so that it is hard to support. And the daughter opened his legs, also wrapped around his rear waist, there were no meat sticks in the four-pole trousers straight to the Water Wakay. It’s really all the best, and Duan Enze is not taken off, you can complete the combination of daughter.

The daughter’s long-haired hair is spread on the bed, and the mature fruit is waiting for picking, she uses a slightly intoxicated expression to meet the entry of Section.

If you can’t do it, you can’t, this is incest! There is a voice called in his heart, but the daughter and male classmates are also rolling at the same time. ‘Whether he is still a male classmate, the result is the desire of crown of crown of crown.

“Dad … can be shot inside, today is the safety period.” Ying Ying’s affectionately tightened his father’s neck, shame and faced face, but more is happy. “Ying Ying wants! Want to come in.” A pair of thighs tried to climb up, let his honey more close to the father’s penis.

Nothing can be more confused than ‘shooting’ this sentence, all of Duann is in this instant. The arm is weak, and the flesh of the daughter is in a daughter.

With the changes of the center of gravity, Duan Enze is naturally dramatically, the glans are on the Yingying Slished Shot. The petals are full of sensitive areas of the crown, and a current penetrates.

Duan Enzawa head, the subconscious resist rescued his flustered, the bow of the bows, can still buckle his head and neck, one time is not in the back of the waist, forming a hips, head champion Like the daughter.

The meat rod was pulled by the pocket, and after the depressed Huazawa, it was exactly the top of the meat entrance. No matter how it looks, it is like a paragraph of Ensize adjustment.

む!め め 恩 泽 明 查 查 查 到 位置 位置 到 位置 位置 到 到. 到 到 到 到……. The humidity of the punching makes him want to fire, and it is very difficult to smash the desire for the thrust.

“Dad! Quick … come in … It’s itchy below.” Ying Ying said too much today, so as long as Dad came in, how, she is willing to speak.

I am getting up, Duan Enze, get up! You can do it, you wake up, you can’t rage your daughter, get up!め め 恩 泽 is still struggling, with his strength … If you don’t want it, it is absolutely approach to get up. Movement, enduring and indeciting in front of her daughter, in fact, the reason for self-private, hypocritical.

Duan Enzawa also clearly silently the daughter’s teasing, because hidden the dirty thoughts of your heart, the image-zero resistance is just a reasonableness of his behavior. He wasted a lot of opportunities for many times, it is difficult to say that there is no appearance now.

‘Itchy’ The Yu Yon is condensed in the daughter’s hot double lips, and Yingying’s fragrant tongue drifts, swallowed all his thoughts, and lead him to a mud. I don’t know when Ying Ying’s hands moved to his hand’s neck’s hands to his dry hips, and anxiously watched his father’s back. Forcing the desired coarse penis, sliding the flower juice.

I can’t do it, I can’t do this.め Then the flesh pleasure is so fascinated, Duan Enze is a man, and the loneliness of the backlog is gradually tilted in the daughter’s traveler. Soothing and kissing, or even bidding may still be self-made, but once it is insertion, it will fully stimulate the human beast.

“Well …” Ying Ying’s hands, the pressure and did not have a remarkable effect, and did not rush from the nasal cavity. She rose her father’s meat stick to his father, wanting to make the tip of the glans to be closer to the bloom.

The hot temperature in the body is getting clearer in Duan Enze, and I don’t know if it is true or ill, and if Yingying’s palm is increased, he feels that he has already slipped into the penalty area, his father’s persistence is like a thorn. The penis in the meat is slowly melted and disappeared. Breaking the last moment of father and daughter love, it also tilted in the daughter’s deep wet kiss.

[Come out, now you can! In this way, the real beast is not as good as it is. The sound of reason is getting weak and weak, but still reminding Section of Enze, guiding the correct direction in the lost.

If you have a day, I am raped, I want to regret! I am so lonely, so lonely!めむ Yingying’s ass to look good! Dad, is there a peeking Ying Ying?めむ Touch me, and what big than the mother? Dad, can be shot inside today!めむ めむ めむ … come in … itching below! I am wet, I want my father to come in! kiss Me.めむ 舔 舔 我, dad! I want my father to lick Ying Ying! Dad is comfortable? I want my father to shoot.め Real memories and inexplicable fantasies mix together, daughter depressed, waves and girl’s flesh, and fresh village reincarnated in his mind, and that insisted voice became blurry. Duan Enze feels that the body is getting more and more heavy, almost impossible to lift the weight of the waist, and even this desire can fall straight, slide into the sweet and gentle dreams.

Duan Enze is entangled in the daughter’s tongue and, the snakes are dizzy. It is unable to determine how deep itchy into the Yingying’s body, or the illusion is actually just in the hole? The resistance encountered by the glans seems to be in the wrong position, and it seems to be just topped above the urethra. However, the front end is full of hot surrounds, but also enters the deep depth.

む Yingying is no longer a woman, the classmate even took off her skirt and underwear, should you already have? Is she tuned to me and she did love? If you are a woman, how can you be so bold, this indulge? In this assumption, it is a probe that is curious and impulsive, let him relax the muscles of the waist, slowly pierce the daughter’s thrust.む 不 … It is impossible, Ying Ying has no reason to panic. … Can you enter so much, is she still a woman?め Crazy thought is the thrust of Duan Enze, but suddenly can’t control the accident.

The resistance in front of the meat suddenly opened, followed by a hoop spent the glans.

[what!め Duan Enzeme, like it is awake from your sleep. It can be too late, the meat stick is the protection of the female film, so that the daughter turns into a woman’s mission, and is the final moment of Yingying.

The physiological structure of the penis, mold the glans partially into the expansion plug of the barb shape, due to the triangular triangle in the front end, plus the softness of the sea spur, does not puncture after passing through the film having a certain toughness, but not How much will cause some rupture. The real drama is destructive is the hook of the umbrella, the crown of the umbrella, and the forcibly worn wear.

Whether it is moving, or back, you can’t save it. Due to their own ease, selfishness and controversy, he is still committed to Tao Tian’s crime.

“Dad! I love you! I am willing, I am really willing.” Yingying felt the convulsions from the father, the daughter naturally was most about her father. He has been distressed in the disturbance of the incest, and she has a unbacious responsibility. A great father will sink, change it is not just a life of her own, she doesn’t want Dad to fall into it. I am afraid that I am afraid of being despised, condemned and depressed.

“Dad, I love you! Ying Ying finally smashed with Dad, Ying Ying is so happy, really!” Yingying’s palm of the palm of Duan Enze, hit his generous shoulder back, will The bodies give to the father’s happiness make her could not help but weep! “Moreover, I will see Yingying’s naked naked, my father will not be uncomfortable?

It can be rubbing back like a child, or you can rely on Yingying snuggle in the warm embrace of Dad! I love you, Dad! I love you! “The daughter’s comfort is encouraged, and it is also punished. Tempting his color and torture his conscience. I am not a qualified father! Is a beast! Actually adulterate your daughter! The heart of Duan Enze is in a burst, bloody.

“Dad!” Father’s painful expression also made her distressed, blamed her for a while, did not consider his ideas and emotions, seriously hurt his body and mind. “Dad doesn’t want your daughter happy? Now give Ying Ying happy? Ying Ying’s happiest is together with Dad … and Dad! Become a woman’s woman …” is like confused folk language, daughter’s illness The pace of Duan Enze is forwarded.

Virgin’s ramp is firm and dry. The meat wall that has never expanded is not allowed to pass through the huge penis, and a twitch of Duan Enze will make Yingying sweat.

“Has hurt?” Seeing his daughter’s teeth painful expression, Duan Enze is also unbearable. After that really entered the Yingying’s body, he had to give up the persistence of hypocrisy. Just like the daughter said, since I can’t help, give her a happiness she wants.

“Okay, not very hurt …” Ying Ying squeezed a small smile, maybe she didn’t think that the melon would be so painful, but she still hopes that her father can relax, do not take any remorse and feel happiness with her. .

“Really?” Duan Enze also knows that the feelings of the woman’s first night, at least Chunping expressed her true feeling. [pain! Tap …] [Don’t move again, stop! I can’t stand it, let me take a break. The first time, the wife is not very happy, maybe he is also the first original solid, and there is not much to feel the feelings of his wife. Nowadays, it is impossible for my own biological daughter, and complex entangled mood is impossible.

“Do you want to stop?” But at least he hopes to reduce the pain of Yingying.

“No, I am fine! Really … no pain …” Duan Enze will be accompanied by Yingying, although he is very slow, it is clear, Ying Ying must have a pain. “As long as … as long as Dad can comfortably! No need to take Ying Ying.” The daughter’s consideration is very well, Duan Enzer moved. At this moment, he is determined to have a difficult intervention, he doesn’t want Ying Ying and then suffered a little bit of grievances and blame, he wants to use all his strength to make his daughter happily.

The meat stick has been inserted several times, and it has been able to enter the most in-depth of the honey pot, and no more obvious obstruction. The crisp sensation of the front end of the glans also drives him to speed up.

The integration of spirit and meat, a smartly reaction between the father and women, and the love brought by the shackles of the taboo is more intense than any time.

“Um … uh … ah … ah …” Ying Ying wrinkled with his father’s sprint turtle notes, it was pretending, or it is really not self-friendly. They all fully satisfy Duan Enze, men’s vanity and conquest.

Maybe there is too much love, the penis that is full of congestion quickly ignits the sprayed urine, just a moment, Duan Enze shakes the pulp of the meat stick, and pocket the thick soup into the daughter’s honey.

“Ah …” Yu Bo is still delivered next, Duan Enze is soft in Yingying’s wonderful carcass.

“Dad, is it shot?” The temperature of the glans into the wet fever gradually spread, perhaps Ying Ying has never had a feeling after men ejaculate, so there will be unconfident questions.

“Well …” Duan Enze didn’t want to answer too much. In his heart, in his daughter’s body, it was an unpnesive fault.

“Is it comfortable?” Yingying seems to be very easy, in front of her eyes, Dad is like a boy, shy and cute.

“Well …” Duan Enzawa or a response of a ‘um’, he is still unable to completely evapo the struggle between morality and lust.

“Hey! Ying Ying is also very comfortable, you can feel that Dad is in Yingying’s body, so satisfying, it is so good!” The kind of happiness is overflowing. Whether she is really happy because of this, but in the heart of Duan Enze, there is still a wonderful gratification and movement.

“Dad … Now you are comfortable, it’s time to work. Don’t be lazy, I want my father to hold me to take a shower, for Yingying powder!” Ying Ying excitedly, even not afraid of neighbors hearing.

Duan Enze took out the weapon inserted in the daughter’s body. I saw a blush. As two combined gaps slowly poured out, the sheets were soaked, gradually spread.

He naturally knows what means what it means, pink mixed with blood silk, undoubtedly brought a feeling and suffering tomorrow.

……………… (End)

“Hey …” Duan Enze has a happy cut potato in the kitchen. He wants to do her favorite potatoes to eat for her daughter. I don’t know why. His mood is more relaxed before, but still can’t consciously. Small song.

What should I get to school? How is her today? Is the male classmate to harass her? Will it …? ……] I thought that yesterday’s daughter’s intimate emotion behind him, the meat stick in the crowd suddenly rose.

“Hey” is the sound of the door lock, is it coming back? Duan Enzawa actually jumped with a boy, accelerating his heart, and there was a signs of hot face.

“Dad … I am back!” Daughter happy and crisp sound, in Duan Enzawa, I can’t think in the last moment.

“Dad … I miss me?” Yingying came home, didn’t do anything a little, and took it into the kitchen where Dad was located and hugged from behind. “Dad … I miss you! I want … I want to …”

Don’t look back, Duan Enze also knows the daughter’s face must reveal a happy sweet smile.

“Wash it, prepare, Dad is ready to do it. Today, there is a dish you have recently eaten!” Duan Enze is also very excited, last night’s crazy completely changed two people. Not only the two contacts are not just, let the father and women disappeared.

“Don’t! I want to hold my father!” Ying Ying sprinkled with his hands and unintentionally slipped from the father’s chest. “Dad! Today … I finally be willing to pay …” Suddenly, Duan Enze is one.

Daughter’s calm tone is inexplicably contradictory and collected.

[Would you like to pay? Is it a boy? The daughter naked carcass and a strange man’s figure will also poured into the grace’s mind, and the happy smoke, it seems to be lost and stinging around him.

At this time, the daughter’s hand steadped on his anger meat stick.

“Dad … Ying Ying really down … Ying Ying and wet …”

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