I just woke up in the morning. Lying in bed smiling. Feels great. Sleeping in my chest is my sixth generation daughter, Tina. Her double milk is tightly relying on me. Her legs are surrounded by me. The inside of her thigh is also covered with my semen.

Her arm is placed on my belly, and my meat stick is angry. I looked at Mrs. lying on the other side, San. She is completely awake, I am still laughing at me!

I have already enjoyed sexual life ninety-nine years old. My daughter just passed her thirteen birthday, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful time. I hope she has been pregnant, but we will continue her until her menstruation has not come.

I really want to live to one hundred years old, so I can hug my seventh generation daughter personally. That will be my Zeng Zeng Zeng.

All of this begins with a summer day of the twentieth century. I grew up in an old western farm community. San lives in the next door. Although I am bigger than her big, I love her very much, but she is not interested in me.

I didn’t have been invited when she was a thirty-year-old birthday dance. So I ran to the garbage dump and vented my mouse with a slingshot. I got to the garbage market and found a bunch of empty bottles. I think these bottles are better than the mouse, so take the bottle to target.

I am going to take one of the bottles to take a target, I saw the label “song” (anesthetic), there is still a little liquid in the bottom of the bottle. I thought of an idea. I want to give her lesson, who told her not to invite me to her dance!

I will go home immediately and put the plan. I took a piece of rag from the cabinet and took a bundle of rope from the storage room. In the middle of the night, I got up, took the linen bag of rope, rag, etc., slipped out of the window, climbed down the tree, passed through the fence, climb the grunger grunger, through the window Entering the Salt’s room.

I poured some songs Luo Fang on the rag, covering her face until I sure she was coma. I took out the rope from the linen bag, tied her five flowers to the bed. Take out the knife to cut her nightgown. Then cut from the nightgown to plug her mouth. I cut her eyes again, so when she woke up, she won’t know who I am, I will not bring me trouble.

She is lying there, nakedly lying here to me to watch and touch. Use my fingers to touch her little breast, when her nipple is hard, I tried to drink milk from the nipple. Of course, it is impossible, then I am only fifteen years old, where can I know?

Anyway, returning to the story, I put the hand on her tender points and feel the soft scribe. It is very short and soft, not enough to call “hair”, just like the seaside of the seas. I found her clitoris in the boy, I took a while.

She must like my touch because she will meet my fingers up. I guess she has woke up slowly under my movement. I put the head into the yin, and insert my finger into the small hole.

Old days, tight and wet, let me be very excited. My fingers are inserted, and it is blocked by some kind of thing. I want to wait for her to grow up, the vagina should be more deep than now!

I decided not to wait, because my meat stick is hard. I took off my pajamas and climbed to her two legs. Squeezing my mask into her tenderness and starting. Plus it inserted, but it was blocked.

I know what to do next, because I have seen dogs. I know that I have to start with the meat stick. So I started to send, wow, it’s too cool, but I am too excited, and I am very powerful, my penis is inserted.

She suddenly woke up because she didn’t get it, but she had no way, because I tie her tightly. I still bother her self, because it is too cool, my dick and 睪 pill are bitten, then I started ejaculation in the somatsu.

At this time, she always wanted to break free, I think she will look at it, why will I pull out my meat stick, squeeze out all the semen, put the pajamas in the linen bag, and retreat to the body Go back to my bedroom to hide.

When I returned to the bedroom, I immediately put on the pajamas and hid the linen bag behind the wardrobe and hid into the cotton. I really can’t sleep, because it is just too exciting, but I am also a little scared. After a few minutes, the lights in the Sanzi room were on, and after a while, the police came.

About one hour later, the lamp was out, the police also left, everything was returned to calm. I think I am safe. I took the fingers who had just plunged into Shazha Xiaoyu to the nose and then afraid of the taste of her pussy. The taste is really great. After I put my fingers, I didn’t have long slept.

After that confrontation, Shazha was pregnant. The murderer has not been caught. I am voluntarily married to her, so that the child has a father. Everyone said that I am too small, I have to get married, but I stick to it very much. So I got married when I was sixteen years old, and after I first born. After the child is born, we will no longer live with the relatives of Shazha, give us eighty-acres of farms under the famous parents. The farm is in the city. I don’t like people, so rent the farm to others, but we live in the farm. I work in the hardware of San Hoshun’s father and make money.

When Anne was thirty years old, after I got off work, we did a birthday dance for her. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, sleep until tomorrow morning. Shaoxus helped in her father’s store, because there is a female staff, please leave a fake. Postera will go home from get off work at noon and prepare the birthday dance.

When she returned home, she looked inward from the living room window, found Annie only wearing underwear, lying on the sofa. A boy is sucking her breast, and she is blowing another boy. Needless to say that the boys are rushing home. However, if we don’t invite enough people, then do not do not dance, but we still have to stop immediately.

Annie was caught up to bed immediately after the dance. I sat down and talk to Anne. San said that the only way to make her calm and keep her reputation is to let her get pregnant.

I am shocked, will I be effective? And who is looking for? Can anyone can’t disclose a trunk after I finished her?

She looked at me, said firmly, let her pregnant, only what I can do. I think it is fine, but I said that once I started, I will continue to do it, if necessary. She said that we will take Annie’s children as their own biological, as if she has never pregnant, and there are more children in the family. We talked about it again, decided to do it now, before Anne causing trouble.

We embarked on the stairs. Open the door, turn the light, walk into Anne’s room. Anne is soothing in the nightgown, soaking a small hole.

She quickly sat up, and the anger and asked why we didn’t knock on the door. Her mother grabbed her hands and pulled her hands on the bed.

Shaoxa called me to take a knife (maybe someone will suspect, yes, it is the same knife. I think my little knife can bring good luck, all in the “dance” of the girl), cut Open her nightgown.

Anne started screaming and struggling. Shaoxa wants me to move, and take off Anne’s nightgown, so that we can use her hands on the bed. After tied it, Shaoxa wants to be quiet, or you have to stop her mouth. She said that anyway, we live far away from the town. How old is there again, no one is coming, just calling her ear to stab.

Shaoxa said that since this is her idea, she wants to help Anne’s “warm” for me. She immediately climbed to bed and lies around our daughter. She started sucking and gently biting Anne’s nipple.

She put her hand to our daughter’s thigh, and she began to play with her tenderness and smoked with his fingers in the yin. Sana looked at me smiling, she said that I am coming so fast because she is still a woman.

Shaoxia continued to play with Anne’s nipple and small hole, probably played for half an hour, Anne has a climax, which is almost constant. Shaoxa looked at me said that Anne is ready, I want to go to bed.

Are I ready? I am looking at the two to play, almost a few times. So I climbed the bed and moved to my daughter Anne’s two legs. Put me that I have been hard enough to put into her jackpot and start.

I have encountered blocked two inch, I think I am really lucky. I almost pulled out the whole meat stick and took a deep breath, and then inserted into Anne’s small hole.

Her film “啵” is broken, but no one notes. I am almost ejaculation, I will shoot a lot of white semen into Anne’s tenderness.

After about half an hour, let’s take a break. Shaoxa first licked Anne fifteen minutes. This almost made Anne. She asked me to let her and unlocked her hand, let’s take it.

This time I fuck almost an hour, but I have to hold back, I don’t have that fast ejaculation. When I finally became ejaculation, we sent a pleasant voice.

Sanhe and I took Anne’s hand on the bed, so that she could not get up. Since we all want Anne pregnant, then we want to let the semen stay in her yin, it will be better. Sure enough, after nine months, Li yarn was born.

Shaoxa said that we should have such a dance at each daughter for 13 years old. So we decided to do this. Every thirteen years, I will have a daughter. Other daughters have Tammy, Qiongan, Wantati and Tina. My wife and I put Annie, Li yar and Titai as their own dead daughter.

Tami still lives with us and supports Qiongan, Wanti, Tina, may also raise her own next daughter.

Anne has a red curly hair. Li yarn is a red wavy hairstyle. Other daughters are brown wavy hairstyles. In fact, the last three daughters look very similar, if they are the same age, they may be mistaken for triplets.

All daughters, except Tina, have been married, with their own children. Sanhe and I have already had a lot of grandson who have lived in various generations of daughters, come to help us run enterprises. We are very satisfied with our lives, although we gradually age, the action begins slowing.

Last night, for any daughter, it is the most special “birthday dance”.

After blowing the candle, eating the cake, after the gift, Tina was caught up.

After an hour, Shazha and all my daughters, I also have me, go upstairs to the bedroom of Liyan.

We walked into Tina’s bedroom. Old days, we were shocked, no one is in it. After that, we heard the sound of Liyan, spread from her grandparents.

We immediately rushed to the room, see Tina sitting in our bed, showing smile, and smiling. She said she was strange, how we didn’t come for a long time, because she is already ready.

I don’t know who tells her, how she knows, but she really “ready” is good. No, I think I don’t want to tell you now.

This story tonight, I will tell you again.

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