Some things have never thought of it will happen, but it is like this suddenly coming in your life, and people usually can’t bear.

Starting from the phone from the hospital, I have been in the state of being lost. When I went back God, I faced a cold body in front of you.

I can’t hold the trembling hand will cover the white cloth of the wife’s body. Yandan, who has been fragrant, the face is still white, closed eyes, as if it is just asleep. According to the doctor’s statement, because after the impact, a large number of internal bleeding caused a lack of lack of heaven, and it has lost his signs when he sent a hospital.

I was silent in the wife’s side, but it felt like a few centuries in just a few minutes. Not long, the sister who is still working on work, rushed to the hospital with a daughter who received an emergency notice. When the sister came into the temporary mirror, the pain was crying, and the daughter went quietly, fell in the wall, muttered on the wall, a pair of small hands pulled his long hair to the fingertips.

“sorry Sorry…”

The police came in a hot middle-aged middle-aged buddhism, and he couldn’t stand it in the ground. He shouted to his family. , The sound of screaming, I still have my mother, but also my mother …

Many of the twenty years of wife, instantly, in my mind, then supported, I lost my last consciousness.

Once again, when I recovered my thinking, I was already the funeral of my wife.

After driving the sister back, I returned to this, I used to be a sweet home. Less geese, the air in the whole house became lonely. The daughter sat in a pair of crying and swollen eyes, when I was in the sofa, I fell into the sofa. I stopped in piring, the shoes didn’t want to do it.

I don’t know how long it has, the phone bell has interrupted the stagnation. My daughter is still moving. I will take off the shoes to pick up the phone.

“Is it a brother?” It is still weak after Yu Chen.

“Well, it is me.”

“Brother, you have to be strong, you can’t be knocked down. Aiqi only leaves your father, you have to cheer.”

“Well, I will.”

“If there is any need, I will tell me that I don’t feel uncomfortable in my heart.”


After the sister was finished, after the phone was on the phone, I found that the sky was black, and the unconscious belly was also a bit hungry. At this time, I just got off work, Ai Ge came back from the school, and the wife who came home later was a good meal that had been sprayed at home. It is the case that we have to learn after Yan Han, is to take care of life.

“Qiao Qi.” I shouted the nickname of my daughter. Usually, the two words of Qiao Jojo were shouting.

“Will the stomach will be hungry? Do Dad eats your face to eat it?”

The daughter heard that Qiaoqi first stunned, then took a heart-sour smile, and nodded and nodded. “Um.”

Fortunately, the wife usually teach me a few hands, although the cuisine is simple, but it is good to eat.

Touch the dining table on the face to sit down, the daughter is red and quiet, does not send a word, seeing me very distressed. Although my situation is not better than my daughter, I will only live together in the future, I am bound to be strong.

“Qiao Joqi.” I stood up and went to my daughter. I gently put my daughter into your arms. Life, Qiao Qiao cheers with Dad? “

The daughter put his head against my chest, sobbing, slowly became a crying. Then put the little body into my arms, and vent the accumulated sorrow.

After a while, after a while, the life of my daughter and two people finally gradually became the track.

Despite the aspects of eating, I don’t have the same thing that is the same forever, it is going out. But Aiqiao seems to have gradually accepted the fact that my mother is not there, and the expression is relaxed. Occasionally, when watching TV, I will make some silver bells.

The company wants to introduce the single woman to me seems to have changed, and the female part of the department is talking to me. I don’t know how much. And it is a bit restored, some actually started my joke, I have to chase me. “Hey, my brother is very red in the company.”

The source of the voice passed, actually the old girl should be working. Yuchen is in our company, and immediately attracts countless single men’s eyes … Even the wife is watching. A long scroll that dyed a dark brown, along with the pace of coming, gray fit set, tighted a narrow mini skirt, slender legs wrapped a pair of opaque black stockings, as well as sexy lace high heel shoes … Ok, even my brother is watching …

“Nonsense. But how do you have time to come to our company?”

“I heard that my brother is headed here, there is a relationship, our boss sent me to run your company’s business.”

“Rain! No … brother!” Several fox groups have squeezed the sheep. “This, I want to be the sister of the rain brother, I am very familiar with you …” “Boss, you can’t do this, why didn’t you introduce your sister to meet us …” “Slow slowly The case of the pioneer advertising has always been I am responsible, so I first … “

“You slowly discuss it. Brother, let’s go.” Yuchen Xiu’s breath and smiled, holding my hand, take me. A pair of water brightly glared with sweet and touched smiles, instantly dredging a strong current, giving me a few buttons around me. When I pulled me away from the crowd, I heard a voices around a regret, as if it was a beautiful meat. Yuchen didn’t rush to discuss me after our office, and asked Ai Qiao’s situation.

“Um … can’t say no problem, but it is a lot than when you just happen.

“This … How do you solve it in terms of eating?”

Yuchen immediately asked the problem, I had to take the head of the skin to answer: “Sometimes I caught the noodles, most of you are buying, you can eat out the food.”

“Brother! You are!” Yuchen can’t shouted, and then blame the eyes. “I have to talk to me early. Do you look now? You are already adults, I don’t care about you, Aiqi is only a sixteenth year old, you will make her feel anything will affect the development. “

“Oh, this …” The sister is full of care, I am embarrassed to say. “You also know my cooking …”

“I am clear!” Yuchen smiled, “This way, I will take some material to your home after get off work, give you some delicious.”

“Wow, that is really a life,” Suddenly I have the feeling of expecting. “I don’t have to think about what I have to get to Qiao Joji every day.”

“You are feeding dogs, stinky old brother.” Yuchen said that the hand is screwed with a piece of meat, and I shouted. “Dragon brutal!”

“Don’t pull with you, I will go to you to talk about things.”

“Why, isn’t it me?” I took it.

“Who is really looking for you, hate!” Yuchen lost me a sweet smile, and then pushed the door and turned it out, and he left me before, and then he turned around.

Huh? How do you have any horses like it?

I have to have a key to the key, I have already arrived at home. When I pushed the door, a food in a food was coming, it seems that this little Nizi cooking is very good!

“Brother, come back, get better, wait a minute.”

“Don’t worry, come slowly. Aiqi has a community today, will go home later.”

I put the official package on the living room, pulled a Zhang Chair and sat next to the table. Looking at Yumi continued to be busy in the kitchen. Yuchen is still the set of OL dress, just put on the apron of Yan Han, from the body, it seems that Yan Yandan is still in the feeling.

My mother gave birth to me two children, but I have been a long time after I have been born, I have been more rain (estimated to have a contraceptive error?). So now I have been a sixteen year old daughter in my year, and Yu Chen is only twenty-five. When I got married, I cried and said that I didn’t want my brother to marry (?!), The little farter, now it is already a beautiful woman. I still remember that when I was young, Yu Chen always loved before, I entered the room when I was studying, I said that I have to marry the child’s words in the brother. Now I have grown up and have been independent. I don’t know if I don’t know how beautiful it is, it is really ugly duck-going swan? The five senses have a good water, and the body is the sudden knot, although it is tight to give a gray suit, or it can be seen. Because I have a good relationship to the stockings, I have always wear a variety of stockings every day. At that time, the rain suddenly said that she will wear beautiful socks in the brother every day. Look … I don’t know if it is because of this relationship, then I will run to wear OL set and stockings?

Thinking about thinking, look at a pair of beautiful calves under the narrow skirt. The opaque black stockings, the material looks very detailed, want to be Japan? Wrapped a pair of slender legs look unusual temptation, especially in this kind of stockings, guys who have some stockings seem to be bright, can’t move their eyes, I can’t wait to touch a …

“Brother, what are you looking at?” Yu Chen went back to ask, let me pull back from a mistake, “said the brother is watching … My legs?”

“Hu said! There is no thing, nothing, really.” I was shot, my heart was rushing, but I couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but hit the tempting legs.

“Good color, my sister’s legs must be seen.” Yuchen came over with a mysterious smile, and his hands closed a hot little soup pot.

“Don’t come over! Hey your hands take the hot pot!” On the one hand, I am really afraid of being touched, on the other hand, it is too close, I can’t help but stare at the legs under the rain. look!

“Hey, brother, I know you like to watch the woman’s legs. Now, it is not there.


Wait, what did you just want to say?

At the same time, the thoughts are a bit confusing, and the sound of the key rotation is also sounded. Ai Qiao, who came back, saw someone in the kitchen, curiously came over, I saw it is Yuchen Xiao Gu, and I am happy to go.

“Xiao Gu Xiaogu, Ai Qiai wants you!”

“Our small beauty has been doing well recently? I heard that your father’s bad man abused you, don’t give you a good time, Xiao Gu is coming to save you wow.”

“Nothing, Dad is just not cooking other, otherwise it is still a good taste …

“Don’t protect your dad, then go on this poor Qiao Joe to have a bad nutrition!”

These two little Nizi feelings are really good, since Yan Han is not behind, it is even more obvious.

Since Ai Qiao is so greasy, let the sister replaced Yanhan to do Ai Qiao’s mother is also good …


Hey, I think about what I want to think.

After that, Yu Chen often comes to our home for dinner. As far as I said, I don’t have to eat every day, I am happy.

“Take our home every night, what do you do with your boyfriend?”

“Hey! Want to do?”

“When I can’t marry, I watched my mother blame me.”

“The stinky brother, don’t need you to make a lot of things.”

Although I have never asked directly, this little Nizi must be a lot of boys who are chasing, and the grand occasion of her last time, I can know one or two. In now, many people don’t forget the beauty of our company. Every day, I call my brother, and I will introduce myself to the rain.

“How is Ai Qiao to come back so late?” Yuchen rubbed the white hands on the apron and looked at the clock on the wall.

“She is doing things today, and she will come home at eight o’clock. Well, this fried oyster taste is good.

“I like it and eat more. How do you don’t have to carry her?” “The teacher will put the cadres who go home later, so I can get closer. A bowl of rice. Thank you.”

“Starvate to death, eat slow.”

Yuchen helped me add the rice bowl over, I didn’t have a meal, I took the chin smile and looked at my wolf swallows, let me eat a bit embarrassed alone.

“How do you don’t eat it?” Although this is said, the speed of chewing vegetables in my mouth is completely unopened.

“Seeing brother is very delicious. Hey, there is rice granules.” Said that Yuchen stretched out the fingers took the rice granules of my mouth, put it in your mouth, let me not help but feel embarrassed. .

This little Nizi is really, you have never been such ahead!

Yuchen’s most close to my home is just a stockings fair. The colorful white colored, thick thin, transparent translucent, floral diamonds are added, and before Yan Han is still there so many patterns. Today, wearing a pair of gray ultra-thin smooth pantyhose. She knows that I love to see, I am not afraid, a pair of silk socks, the legs are so swaying like this, and I have a little bit to eat, I have a little bit. .

“Your kind of rain, you have different styles every day, your colleagues can have an eye.”

“Which is there, change it after home, I only wear ordinary in the company … 唷 I do it with my brother!”

It is said that the cheek is a little red and turned.

I can’t help but be a bit faint. It turns out that the five-flowers of the five-flowers of the Yuchen are specially wearing it! This little Nizi is really awkward.

Ok, I admit that I have no resistance to the stockings’ legs, I also admit that Yuchen is really good …

Ok, it’s very beautiful. But she is my sister! I said to myself: I don’t think too much.

I still chew rice in my mouth, suddenly there is a big ring outside, the lights in the whole house are dark. How to do it, power out?

“Ah!” Yu Chen fell to me in the first time, harm me by her chair and fell to the ground …

I don’t know where I don’t know what it is. “Brother … stop, power out!”

“Let’s take a problem in the problem.” I looked at the window, the street was a paint black, and then pulped into the food in the mouth, and the hand was supported on the ground. “Come, don’t take me dead, Yu Chen is fat.”

“Brother is over!” Although I can’t see the expression of Yu Chen, it is definitely what I am shameful and angry?

Although I am so fat on my mouth, I am very easy to put her actually a very light body, and then leave a few steps to the sofa. Yuchen fell tightly, like afraid that I will change my monsters after I ran away.

“Brother … Don’t go, I am afraid of black.” Yuchen, the whole person cat into my arms, the voice is slight, I grabbed her, gently patted her back, and the other hand puts On her slim waist.

“Not afraid, my brother doesn’t go, my brother will accompany you.”

We are still moving tightly on the sofa. After a long time, Yu Chen seems to be calm down, just listen to her speak.

“I used to be like this for a while.” In the dark, Yu Chen said gently.

“Well, it is probably you six or seven years old, my parents are going out, and there are two people who live at home.” I thought the past memories.

“I remember my brother … there is a song to listen to me …”

“Wow, you still remember, I have long been a long time.”

“Brother, sing to me.”

“Hey? Yu Chen is still a child, shy is really.”

“It is necessary to listen.” Actually, I started to spoil.

“唷 you …”

In a light-luminous environment, I sang a song that was almost twenty years ago, like when I gently pat my sister’s back, softly with her. Different, the sister at that time quickly slept, now she is in the arms, but the heartbeat does seem to be jumped, the more jumping, the more you can hear the level of touch.

The five-yield is not a very full song, and it has maintained a small segment of silence, and then it is like the sister’s heartbeat, it is like a sudden moment, and the rain is faintly open. “Brother … Yu Chen likes you.”

I haven’t reacted it yet, the lips are posted by a soft thing, then the sister’s warm nose is blowing on my face, and there is a close to the body.

This will change my heartbeat.

There is no way to react or resist, and the whole person is kissed by my sister. I don’t know how long I have a breath, and I re-entered my chest.

“Yumi you … you … you …”

I am too shocked, I said that I can’t speak, but I made a few syllables. In the dark, the sister took my hand from her waist, put on her wearing ultra-panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty panty pantry, I also tradged my hands back to touch her pair of fine legs.

I am still in the shock, I didn’t have a calm, so the silly sister was holding her hands and touched her slender but soft legs. Although there is no way to think, but the smooth touch from the hand and the sishan of the squid and stockings frivized, I also started to speed up. In the case of the husband, the silence of his wife was silent after the wife left, and he also began to swell on the drum and beat it.

Yuchen seems to feel the feeling of being blocked, and after my hand, I will take the initiative to touch her legs, and she transferred the delicate little hand to my crotch. Pull down and pull out, liberate my huge meat sticks from underwear.

“Yu Chen …! This … ah …!”

“Hey … don’t say anything, my brother will enjoy it …”

As if is a gentle voice that is gentle, or it is completely excited, I kissed my sister’s lips. I stretched my sister to hide the firm breasts in the set; the other hand explored under the narrow skirt, kneading with her sexy abdomen under the pantyhose. In the rain of the tongue with me, from time to time, as my hand cares for her action, I sent a sweet and seductive embarrassment, a pair of jade hands, respectively, with my huge murderers and stroke my pill.

In the dark, the wonderful touch from both hands, and the heart of the stem and the pills, soon, I will soon reach the incomprehensible climax. A sudden sprayed sprayed fiery sequet of oysters. I felt that my sister lifted the legs, let the glans in my jets, with the thigh wearing fine pantyhose, put the white juice of the white juice in the mad stockings. On the top, then slowly smooth down the slim calf.

I maintained a state of raining, a pair of pants, my hose and soft breasts, and I didn’t breathe.

Yuchen continued softly to make me still couldn’t still hold the sprayed meat stick, as if I have to squeeze all the semen in the giant root. After the end of the ejaculation lasting, it is also lightweight to raise the legs with pantyhose with pantyhose. Slim stockings, rubbing the touch on the horse’s eyes, let me feel cool, I can’t help but fight.

“Brother … is it comfortable?”

“Um …” I gently kissed the sister’s lips, gratitude to the careful service of the beauty. But after the end of the ejection, a sinfulness is still either. Can you do this? I am following Yuchen …

I still don’t think I think, suddenly the sudden light is on. I am a little deliberate, I immediately let go of the rain, and Yu Chen is also an exact same action back. My sister’s OL set was a mess, especially the two big breast shirts in front of the chest, the purple bra picked up, and the pink rushing is exposed to the air. The gray ultra-panty pants is so embarrassing the white turbine that I just sprayed, and I can’t still drop down.

My meat stick is in a semi-soft state after the spray, although slightly slightly turning down, still maintains a huge size. After seeing that Yu Chen was shocked by me, he couldn’t control it quickly, it was almost a few seconds, it was standing back to complete anger.

I have rushed the huge roots of the giant roots, and Yu Chen is also rushing to wear a white breast into the bra back to the shirt, then take off a wet gray pantyhose, plug in the leather bag, and the hand is going on. Xuan Chong rushed away.

“Yu Chen, jacket jacket.”

I have already joined the suit jacket on the sofa to Yichen. The rain of the red ear is smile, then the footsteps suddenly stopped, and slowly came back.

“Brother … Yu Chen really likes you …” The can’t prevent it quickly on my lips, and then laughed and retrieved from my hand, quickly pushed the door.

I touched my own lips and strive to organize my emotions in a mess. Just thinking, just the last kiss, sweet and sweet …

In a few days, there have been no more than a good meal, I don’t know if she is going to overtime, or … I don’t want to meet me? I don’t know if I’m don’t think so much, I just felt unfortunately, I have no way to eat a good dish.

Even today’s Ai Qiao School’s garden will, Yu Chen said that there is a job to be busy, so there is no way … Today is Sunday? !

Aiqi’s school is the first female school in our local, and most of the big and small school students will come to the garden tour. Students have more than half of their children, and they have known their own country, and they are even more excused.

When I stepped into the campus, I had to admit that the current female student is indeed much better than our era. Although it is not necessarily natural, it must turn a lot of makeup, you can see the eyes of the girls in the group, and the girls are ice cream. It is the little boys to make each of these little boys. It is not a shirt to wrinkle like picking. ?

Although I will see a little over-age, but Ai Qi is saying that I have to come today. It is said that there will be special dresses in the tea shop in their classes? Let me feel that I am worried about Ai Qiao. I look forward to Ai Qiao, I don’t know what to do, I am worried that don’t eat tofu for those small colors!

According to the context of Ai Qiao, plus all the way to the student asked, and asked the direction of Ai Qiao.

It’s also embarrassed, your daughter has a small to big, the school has things or activities, and the geese is attending. Therefore, I don’t know where Ai Qiao’s classroom is or campus. When I arrived at Aiqiao, the tea shop has not yelled, and the outer laying package has a secret of God, I am afraid that others have seen something from the outside. No, it’s hard to do it, it is a ghost house. Isn’t a tea shop?

“Excuse me, is Ai Qiao’s father?” A little girl wearing a student uniform standing at the door of the classroom, asking me questions.

“I am … um … How do you know?”

“Ai Qiao is over, probably there will be a three-year-old very much.” Handsome guy … Come to our class, “said that the little girl is ashamed, it will not be ashamed, will not, I am clear, I am clear. Old man who saves the deadline? “We haven’t opened yet, but Ai Qiao has said that her father will come in.”

“Ah I?”

I am unknown, I will follow my daughter’s classmates to the deepest place in the classroom. It turns out that there is a small compartment inside. This is … change clothes?

“Ai Qiao is inside.” The little girl said that he turned away. He went to see me and went to the bus quickly. Don’t be like this, I am not a monster!

“Dad, come in, come in.”

The daughter’s voice came from the partition, I had to take this way of the barrier, and the scene seen between the time is shocked.

Ai Qiao’s body wearing a Japanese-style maid costume who didn’t know where, black long hair wearing a small white wave crown, black short shirt cuffs with white lace, pink small bow tie, outside A black puff that is only half of the thighs and one bypassing the waist and put a big bow behind a big bow. The slender legs wear a pair of white lace stockings that also went to the thigh halfway, and the feet were bipard with a blewheld black leather shoes.

Too bad, this is really bad!

“How do you don’t talk, don’t you look at it?” Ai Qiao went on a pair of water, very uneasy looked up to ask me.

“No … very … very nice.” I stared at Ai Qiao said that the appropriate adjective is not appropriate, “Qiao Qi is very … cute.”

“Really?” Ai Qiao opened his heart and got it, let me not know which hand is. “Dad is the best!”

What is cute? It’s beautiful, super beautiful, super temptation!

No, I don’t do it, I don’t want to see the people.

“The classmates say that I am very suitable for this dress.” Ai Qiao said with a circle, in front of my eyes, the black povers followed, and the beautiful legs of a pair of white stockings were wearing a pair of white stockings. I think I think the evil index rises straight. “Ai Qiao! Opening!” I can’t wait to stop them, Ai Qiao has been held out of the store by the classmates.

After the opening, I found out that the women’s servants were outside Aiqi, and there were other three or four little girls who were very cute. Just Ai Qiao is obviously the brightest one, all the little boys who come in and consume are not consciously put on Ai Qiao, but also don’t forget to stare down the dress under the skirt, and a few eyes .

I am inexplicable, although I am just sitting in the corner, I occasionally accept the hospitality, talk to Ai Qiao’s classmates, she recently lives in school, but maybe because Ai Qiao promotes her relationship with a handsome father. Not only the classmates in her class, even the little girls who have been in the sake of Aji, actually go to me … obvious is just an old man, then say that I should hide very low tones! ?

Although I have suffered a lot of attention with Ai Qiao, but I have to admit that today’s garden tour will have a lot of smiles that have been rarely seen after Yan Han. When there is already a busy shop in the afternoon, Aiji also took me to the school to play different booths. Holding a lively and beautiful little maid in hand, it is unable to accept the sight of the way. Ai Qiao’s hands tightly tightly tightly, putting a pair of young but already have a considerable amount of chest breast pressure on my arm, so that I don’t know how it is good. Aiqi is a bit, and it is not enough to run around, it seems like showing off, there is a young handsome dad.

After the event throughout the day, Ai Jo sat on my car home. She seems to be very satisfied with the dress of the little maid, and I will not be rushing to take the bus directly.

“Do Qiao is happy today?” I asked Ai Qiao, the eyes of the eyes did not consciously got a pair of beautiful legs in a daughter skirt. This habit really wants to change, the sister is still, even the daughter must see, I am …! ?

“Well, very happy.” This is a cute Ai Qiao elegant sweetness. Stake a pair of small hands on the silk gloves on the attractive thigh. If you see the rabbit scorpion, will it be obsessed with the drunken?

“Happy, you are happy.” This is true. Since my mother is not there, Ai Qiao finally exposed a little smile. During this day, she was really bitter, and a sixteen year girl. Words, Ai Qiao is quite strong. If I happen the same age, I don’t know if I will be depressed?

“Thank you Dad …” “Qiao Qi …”

At the same time as I turned, I was talking to my daughter, Ai Qiao just put his face to bare my cheek, one did not make it, actually like this to stick to his mouth!

The pink lips touch, let me stand all over. The daughter is also the same situation, and I have forgotten that I want to go back, I will keep such a state for a few seconds to return God to take the lips.

The daughter is ashamed, and the head does not send a word. I am also awkward, I don’t know how to be good, hurry to start the car to prepare for the road to break this embarrassment.

Low-headed Ai Qiao didn’t dare to speak, for a long time, muttered in his mouth: “Dad …

That is the first kiss … “and then ashamed directly to cover up his face.

what…! ? No way! ?

After a few days, Yu Chen finally appeared in our dinner time. It seems to have an apology to the lack of my daughter’s garden, and there is a gift to give Aji. But very unfortunate, Aiqi today’s community is time, not eight nine points will not be home. Wait … Is it difficult to pick up today? Or is it I thinking about it?

Yuchen wear a deep purple suit today, the hair is like a flight attendant, and the drift is playing. Back facing me to get dinner in the kitchen, the white and beautiful neck is revealed, it is very good. A pair of long legs have a black plus water drill or a half-transparent pantyhose, but unfortunately there is no way to wear high heels at home, otherwise it is more … I am thinking about? !

Yu Chen put the last dish on the table, down the bucket hanging on the wall, and it was like a laughter like the last time.

“How can I not eat?”

“Don’t worry, look at my brother first.” Yu Chen smiled very sweet, as if I can help me with dish. I don’t know what I think, my face suddenly turned up and then quickly shook his head. Why, it’s hard to change this little Nizi is a mess! ? I started chatting with Yu Chen a few days ago, Ai Qiao School Tourism, I heard Aiqi’s watches in the garden tour, and the eyes were twice, and they watched Ai Qiao. Dressing phase. I put down the tableware and picked up the digital camera posing on the living room.

“Good cute!” Yuchen shouted loudly, and shouted unfortunately, I really want to see Ai Qiao wear and then hug it.

The camera took in my hand, Yu Chen didn’t take it, just like this to see a photo switch, and finally simply do the whole person is tired of me, let me be embarrassed.

“That rain … I have to look at it …”

“The stinky brother, you are afraid of wow? Wow?” Yuchen said to me, I may be a glare.

The atmosphere was a bit strange, and I really was really afraid after I was last power outage.

In the case of no warning, Yu Chen pulled up my hand to her thigh, and I took my hand in the stockings. She clearly knows that I have no resistance to stockings, so that I have a soft and weak.

While don’t travel, I am exporting, I can’t stop in the thigh of Yu Chen, but I feel unbelievable. “I don’t want to touch it …”

“Don’t explain,” Yu Chen’s hands took my neck, tempting blowing on my ear. “Your hand has explained everything.”

Not like this, she is my sister!

Only a wireful reason has finally played its efficacy at this moment. I suddenly woke up to push the rain away, and then jumped back, and even the chair was fly. When I was opened by my, Yu Chen was like a frightened kitten, and the water of the water, the big eyes of Wantang contained tears, and it was like a big grievance.

“Yu Chen, you are my sister! We can’t do this!”

“Do you have any relationship with my brother, how do I know that I like you!”

Yuchen was very wronged, compared to the two confession, which was more confession, and even more. “From a small time, I like my brother, let’s make up my mind, just as long as the brother’s bride.”

“This …” I am a little dumb.

“When I am still small, you will marry the big, do you know how often? Don’t eat it in the family three days, I can’t stand the farten, my parents are strong. I am eating. “

What? ! I don’t know, I really don’t know!

I just be a child, I’m busy with my marriage, I really don’t know how to come to this extent.

“Parents don’t tell you, I don’t want you to get married. You know when you get married, I look at your back from the window, what is it?” , The tears of Yuachen rushed down, a pretty face was full of grievance, and people saw it very unbearable.

“I don’t want to deliberate … I don’t know …” I don’t know what I want to express, just watching my sister crying like a tear, my heart is also suffering. The instinct will reach out of the rain, the small shoulders cry, and the face buried into my chest and a nose. “唷, sorry …”

This is sorry, Xiao Ni cried even more, I had to hug her tightly to let her vent the emotions.

Maybe really suppress a long time? I know that my sister has been sticking to me, I like me, but I have never realized that this like may have exceeded my sister’s favorite.

After a long time, the crying has been relatively stopped. I went slightly. I tried to say the chin of Yu Chen. “You see you, crying for makeup, turns into a small flower cat.”

“To manage!” Rain Chen’s mouth and uncomfortable, “I don’t want you to marry!”

“Don’t marry others? It’s good, I am not married again.” The sister said that I was married when I was married. Tell, we both laughed. This laugh, the sour is sweet, it is a laugh last year?

I reached out to wipe the tears of the small flower cat, and gently kissed her forehead. Yuchen caught the opportunity, and the fierce kissed me, I can’t do it, I had to let her kiss. After the kiss, the breath and breathless, we look at each other, the face is red. “Brother’s tongue!” Although the corner also hangs tears, Yu Chen is still happy.

“Nothing? I don’t know?” At this point, it may be that I can respond.

“Brother … hurt rain …” Yuchen hooks me, saying the temptation, said softly on my ear.

“Which hurt?” Although it is uncontrolled to explore the rain, it is directly wrapped in a pantyhose. I am still very free to blank.

“Let people feel hurt and comfortable.” “Yu Chen’s fangs did not install, actually kickled directly to my crotch and grabbed my very fierce sators.

This is really a big battle, I am not a Buddha, and a man with normal physiological needs.

Nowadays, the warmth of the warm, I …

“Well … no one knows …”

This sentence seems to be tied.

After that, in just a few seconds, I seem to lose my consciousness. When I felt the soul back to the body, I was already all my clothes, I lost the rain in the room in the room, my hands When the shirt is buckled.

“What are you waiting for?” Yu Chen looked down with his lips, this little movement is a temptation to me. One of my pairs of big hands explore the shirts of Yu Chen, pick up the pink bra up, no pity, jade, jade, and flexible big breasts.

“Yuchen’s tits are good, what is the size?” While continued the action on his hand, he laughed with rain. Yuchen seems to be stimulated, a pair of black-and-black-transparent water drill pants socks, the legs keep my legs. I have long known that I like the rain, wearing the pantyhose socks, and I am very refreshing on my two legs, so I can’t help but accelerate the movement of the hand kneading tits.

“34D … ah …” Rain Chen closed his eyes, enjoying my mamma, expressions as if it is painful. I don’t want to open her legs. I changed her little breast. Two pink buds quickly made up in my offensive. I took this back to a pair to let me meal the stockings of me. superior. I kept back and fell back to my legs, but my right hand set off the purple set narrow skirt, slightly broke the crotch of her black pantyhose.

“Ah … there is no … ah!”

Yuchen’s private place has been a bit humid. The small labipings are slightly covered with the tempting bud, and the sparse and short haired is very cute. I gently gently rubbed the small peas behind the black lace under the black lace underwear, but swollen by congestion. Every time I give a stimulus, the rain has a whole body slight, and the reaction is very cute. With my caress, Yumi did not be cold, and the jade hand went down, caught my thick penis, and began to clasp the set.

Due to the bad angle, there is no way to get my meat stick. After barely install a few times, I think it is not addictive, and the sure is sitting up to put the right leg of Yuchen, and the leg seam of the meat stick will be in the leg.

In the socks of the socks, the fat touch, the fattening touch from the borders, the degree of swelling is unprecedented, and the whole person is refreshing.

“Suddenly, Yu Chen’s leg is good, thin and long, doing it, it is fun.”

“唷, how is this color …” Yu Chen’s shame passed his head. Although I have a hard work of Yuchen’s stockings, but my hand caress your breasts and the yukotic movement is not stopped, and she has a wet, and she will be soaked in the whole stockings. Seeing that the extent of rain in rain is already exploited. I will win the two legs of the rain, change the angle, and the fierce meat stem is facing the flowers of the rain.

Obviously, it feels that the wind and rain are coming, and the beautiful flesh under the body is tight. I will bend and kiss the sweet lips of the rain, with her tongue, trying to relieve her nervousness. After the double lips, there was no words, but I didn’t say anything, just staring at me with the spark of the water, nodded, telling me that she is ready.

I will be unable to bear the tremendous swelling of the glans top in Yuchen cute vagina, has caused exquisite body Yuchen shaking a bit, beautiful eyes tightly shut, a slaughter of the sexy appearance. My sister did not live up to expectations, swing the waist, swelling of the lower body slowly Yuchen hold into the flower diameter. Yuchen Jinzhai Xuekou I secretly clip was sore, makes sure she even had a man, not a lot of experience. However, unable to move forward without the development of Rougun far, I felt something that should not exist. “Yuchen … you … are you a virgin?!”

Yuchen difficult nodded, hand hooked my neck holding me, a pair of very weighty tender milk would close in my chest, then in my body trembling slightly wore pantyhose Nice Bottom Up , as if to encourage me to move on.

“I’m just a brother a person in this life …”

Yuchen hear the truth of the confession, I was moved to be added. Meanwhile bowed his head and kissed beauty, lower body strong weapon forced forward a thorn, that layer is worn for years I kept hymen. Yuchen closed eyes the pain out of tears, I then pause cock stab stabbed action, gently caressing Yuchen careful dark brown hair a wound, as well as lower body always makes me Lost Souls pair of stockings legs.

“Brother, I love, I love hard …” Yu Chen opened his eyes delicately lips, and with it the temptation to voice urging my actions. Flower diameter plug has been gaining momentum in a big dick can not wait Billiton launched a task to break new ground, a little bit of bother breaking into the depths of intimate beauty. Yuchen humid flower diameter filled with countless tiny wrinkles, make my cock while also exploring forward friction was extremely comfortable. When the coarse Rougun has been completely hold into, I was slowly pulling it straight out. Never been a man loved Yuchen, slightly open mouth’m shaking, but also issued a slender sweet moan.

Accelerating thrusts of the piston movement began slowly, from the original slow-slow-fast become a poke around the plug.

Yuchen seem to be able to enjoy the joy of being a woman, a nice pair of legs hook on my back, with my speed pumping more and more tightly wrapped, delicate touch stockings makes me extremely crazy.

I continued my full strength pretty dry acts of rape, hit early by Yuchen personnel did not properly vent the cumulative number of months, I quickly defeated. In a fit of high-pitched moan, Yuchen exquisite body severely hunched back, hands behind my back is forced to catch a Road Honghen. Then on points already Jinzhai sent waves of contraction Effort violent.

Know Yuchen has reached the highest point of pleasure, she knows first experience intolerance dry, accelerate very quickly send the ferocious giant stalks beneath him, when you want to take advantage of Yuchen still bother severe contraction reach the finish together. I took off Yuchen pair of legs from the waist, straighten the upper body will be placed before the nose, crazy Tiannong stockings foot Yuchen two sophisticated stockings feet, sniffing enchanting aroma and continue to knead her a of the firm’s white Boobs.

After under multiple stimulation, reaching a climax after Yuchen had not a few seconds, I felt the semen have all the influx of stout stick body, exhausted body strength crazy blow, and I looked up again groaning for joy .

“Ah ah ah … shoot, shoot you full … ah ah ah!”

Raging semen steady stream of acid from my eyes itch horse lasing. Yuchen already dim consciousness felt the impact of efforts to reach the depths of blanching, get comfortable again screamed. I maintain a lower body very front of the state, fiercely kissed the soles of the feet stockings Yuchen, a Unit will be very Nongzhuo man juice all injected into the uterus Yuchen’s.

This array of violent ejection lasted nearly half a minute, after a wild shot over the action, I was limp pressure Yuchen body, and she enjoyed the finish after the climax together. Yuchen active offer Xiang Chun, I have no kind of stuck out his tongue with her kissing up.

After a long time we release each other, big mouth gasps. After the Passion, Yuchen look in my eyes full of tenderness, and I am a little embarrassed to smile with his head down embarrassed to see her.

“Yuchen, ah,”


“I shot all go yeah, that …”

“Before I came to take medicine anymore smelly brother.”


“elder brother.”


“I love you.”


“Me too.”

The next day is also not eclectic hot or Spring boundless, on the contrary, every day is busy with endless work.

UID1718916 Post 28 Essence 0 Points 27 Microfin 27 Ocean Tour Coin-200 Currency Read Permission 10 Online Time 0 Hours Registration Time 2006-6-5 Last Login 2012-1-24 View Details Quote Reply Top Moon Each piece As long as 16 yuan Hennsy Junior Social Uid1718916 Post 28 Essence 0 Points 27 Tour Coin-200 Currency Read Permission 10 Registration Time 2006-6-5 Personal News Newsletter Adding Friends Current Offline Head Size Small Published on 2012-1-610: 20PM Look at the author’s pioneering advertisement with our company works together to make a bad language case. Although I am not the main person in charge of us, the other side of Yuchen is the main lingerie, and the relatives of my relatives are forced to join this case, let me be busy together. The first thing is to find a model, which is super headache. Customer’s clothing, the main target customers are young female ethnic groups of the 18th to 25 years old, but the feeling of being conveyed must have sexy, but the beauty has to have a girl who feels true? “What ghost?” I stared at the model photo of the model returned by the customer, wrinkled with a brow. “Is it something that can coexist with pureness?”

“You test me,” Yu Chen’s head is very unable to force. “Require these conditions is customer, not me.”

The meeting table is dead, and the seven or eight people in the two companies are waiting to open first.

“To be pure, say really, you can’t find true girls.” Suddenly there is a male photographer breaking silence to express his opinion.

“What do you mean? Can you tell me?” Yuchen heard someone to open, and hurriedly invited him to continue to comment.

“I mean, the girl who really eighteen to the twenty-five year old is too small, I am saying, I have the same …” The male photographer is a bit of joining.

“Chastity.” One week, the guy who was blocked by a solding wolf was exploded.

Suddenly everyone looked at this male colleague, I didn’t know if he was stupid.

Then the male photographer came back and continued to say: “An anyway I mean, we should find a girl who may be fifteen or older to come as a model, it is easy to show the innocent, because Pure is the most important thing in this case. As for sexy and beautiful … “Photographers touched the nose” is secondary, I think that can be used with clothing, makeup, shooting action with skills. “

“This is a good opinion,” I agreed to nodded, and then reinitely reinstateing the stack of returned models. “Then these are obviously not suitable, have any comparison …”

“Rain!” Suddenly a colleague suddenly patted the table, “Your daughter, your daughter!”

“Ah?” I didn’t know how to respond.

“For the yeah!” Yumi suddenly took a hand, excitedly patted my shoulder “Brother, Ai Qiao is suitable! How did she not think about her?”

I think carefully on the back chair. To be pure, Ai Qiao has no doubt that he is in line with the sexy and beautiful. After the last time I saw her wearing the woman’s servant, it seems to see … Ai Qiao is indeed a super small girl who chooses one in 10,000 people. Come…

“It seems really feasible yeah.” I nodded.

“Live!” Rainchen suddenly raised his hand and hit it, let me smile and shake his head. “I have to ask Ai Qiao’s own opinion, this is not what I said,” “

“This is also said, you said that Ai Qiao can say bad? She listened to you from small to most.”

“It’s also …” For our family, I am satisfied that I can’t satisfy.

After returning home, I followed Ai Qiao, of course, did not explain what chastity and the like … Aiqi is very pleasant to agree.

“I can help my father, Qiaoqi is happy.” Aiqi took me tightly from behind. After taking a shower, Ai Qiao only wore a thin thin vest. The jade rabbit that was not small in the chest was closely stuck behind me, let me have a stomach that has been opened after the rain. Down.

“Our Jia Qiao is the most talented father’s words.” I pity and stick to Ai Qiao’s exquisite face. “Go back to dry your hair, otherwise you have a cold.”

“Well, this will go.” Ai Qiao let me turn away to go to the room. I looked around, I looked back later, Ai Qiao had a very thin figure in one or two years ago, has already present a very sexy curve, and the tight hips are put on, and it is very tempting. The following pair of perfect proportions have long legs, if I wrap my favorite stockings … Old days, I am thinking again! ?

On the day of shooting, I took a lipid powder Aiqi to the studio.

Many of the first time I saw Ai Qiao’s colleagues were very surprised to be beautiful and pure, Aijo, and asked Western Ai Qiao East. What would I want to eat? Is there anything I want to drink? Several speakers are like tightly holding Ai Qiao, and the mouth is shouting and cute.

“Dad …” is a bit embarrassed Ai Qiao to help me, I cough up two, and reorganize some out of control. Yuchen smiled came over to take the hand of Ai Qiao, a big one, two beautiful women, I preparation to the shape of each other. A sexy seductive big beauty, there is a pure beautiful little girl, has to admit that when they are walking together, it is really a wonderful landscape. People who have a whole studio cannot stare their own, so that I am doing this brother is too late.

After a long time, after the stylist used up makeup and replaced the costumes provided by the customer, Ai Qiao reappeared in front of everyone, and it took a shortcomings. Formerly grow beautiful Ai Qiao looks more excellent after painting light makeup, a black hair carefully put together behind the brain, beige long sleeve tender sweater to take a black lace hundredfeling skirts, A pair of long legs put on purple opaque pantyhose with a length of the brown leather boots in the calf, the beauty of the beautiful and people, even my father’s dumb, more than other people in the studio?

“Dad … look good?” Ai Qiao’s low-headed head came to me, the expression is very uneasy. I have been helping a few heads, “Qiao Qi is beautiful, beautiful to Dad said.” After listening to me, Ai Ju is shamed, and the lower head is afraid to lift, Holding hands tightly looks very nervous.

“Come, lend your family’s little girl.” Yuchen smiled and took the photo of Ai Qiao’s hand to take the photographer before the photographer started this round. At first, Aiqi is still not open, frequently looking at me, as if I seek assistance to me. Later, after the photographer slowed slowly, it was also able to gradually recover her usually natural and cute nature under the lens. After changing three or four suit, it is fully able to enter the situation, which will be displayed, beautiful and innocent.

An unbearable incitement has also gradually accumulated in my heart, until Aiqi exchanged a set of purple herds with a white sleeper stockings, finally let me almost unbearable. The huge beast in the crotch ignited a strong desire, and a tent was stunned. When I didn’t pay attention, I steal the stairwell to the building made myself a little breathing.

Perhaps it is because I have a relationship with Yuchen, but maybe Ai Qi is really a desire, my mind is just a beautiful appearance of Ai Qiao wears a variety of clothing before the camera. The beautiful appearance is not going in my mind. I only hate I will not smoke, I don’t know if I can do it in the stairwell, I can only wait for my desire to defend.

“Where do I want to go? It turned out to be hiding here.” Yuchen took the door of the laughter to open the stairway, the rusty iron door that was obviously rarely pushed. I have left a little seam half card. I can’t get it. I don’t know what to say to Yichen, I’m not good to say that my daughter takes pictures to see the erection hide here?

When the eyes of the eye, I immediately noticed that I was swollen in my crotch. I looked at me with a tempting smile, and then stepped on the stiletto high heel to go to me, in my ear, whispered “brother color Hey, see that Ai Qiao takes the chicken to see that the chicken is big.

“Yumi you is …!” The roigen was smashed by the rain, and I feel like I lost my ability to lose my ability.

“Don’t, we are here … there will be no one here …”

I quickly turned over the rain and formed her positive stickers, I won the status of his ass. I rudely grouped the black suit narrow skirt, and showed the beautiful hips of the skin color transparent pantyhose, and then reached out of the trousers, I was torn, and I took a small hole that I entered my thick. Black lace thirl is pulling next to it, and it will be inserted into the murdere between it has been inotone.

“Ah! Tap …” Yu Chen was shocked. Although it is only the second sex, it does not need to play for love. Although Yu Chen is close to the flexible, the hazel has been wet, which makes my size huge mask can be in the end.

“Xiao Ni is so wet, is it a brother?”

“You also said … I haven’t been … I haven’t been thinking about my brother every day …”

I sent it from the back of the tall, while licking the flexible hips. It seems that there is no color in the rain, what is the color of pantyhose, the quality is really good. The touch sent in the hand seems to have a kind of sticky, let me kneel, as if I don’t want to let go of the hand.

“Here, I have to have a brother …” Rainchen’s brongent voice with a little crying, I pulled it out of the set of shirts, I also reached out to turn black lace bra, a pair of 34D snow white The milk will play out.

“The big tits of Yu Chen have a good color, so the fast tap is already standing.”

“Brother will know bullying people …”

The movement of the pink whey in the hand did not stop. I will release the belt of belt, put the trousers to the ankle, slightly moved, and let my furry legs can be tightly attached to Yuchen a pair of wonderful pantyhose. Yuchen also perceived this subtle movement, and the well-behaved adjustment, let me hit her slender and soft pantyhose legs when I sprint each time.

“I know that my brother likes pantyhose, Yu Chen is wearing my brother every day …”

“Wear to give your brother … ah, cool!”

“Brother is annoying …”

Under the non-invisible state of the stair, the abnormality of the abnormality is high. Not long after the delivery, I feel that my sake is can’t keep up, and the hardship of the breasts and hips in the hands is not consciously promoted to the highest.

“Brother is quick … Some people will come … ah! 雨辰 … 雨辰 死 !!!”

“Come! Brother is coming!”

I am afraid that there will be someone who heard her high prostitute. Although the depth of the flower diameter has begun to shrink violently, Yu Chen still bites his lips and strives to press the peak of the lust.

“My brother is shot, where is the rain and the rain,” The feeling of the glans is gradually climbed, especially when Yu Chen is strong in the climax, let me almost uncontrollable.

“Try inside, shoot your butt, shoot the rain, butt!”

“Ah, ah!”

I lowered the stem of red swollen stems, and I had already worked in that moment, I had a meat stick to death in the beautiful hip of Yuchen’s pantyama, one shared. I sprayed the hot male pulp, and I filled with outstanding shots for several times, and I went a piece of moist on the hips of Yu Chen.

After ejaculation, I followed the rain and continued to take her stockings, the legs were slightly resting, and after the suction, I was slowly adjusted, and I went to the trousers that pulled up my trousers.

“You look at it … people are all being daughter in the big butt …”

Rain Chen blames to throw me a glance, then pull down the narrow skirt, go to the upper floor, ready to find a toilet, clean it. I sorted a good clothes and confirmed that everything was normal. I can’t see the irregularity. I didn’t take the rusty iron gate back to the studio.

At this time, Aiqi seems to have just changed a new set of new clothes back to the deployment, a white cute dress with a black small vest with gray half-shaped pantyhose, still feel very beautiful. Beautiful.

“Where are you going to have?” The colleague saw that I came back and asked.

“Nothing, go to sway.”

Ai Qiao is far from listening to our conversation. It turns out to me. Let me can’t help but have a little guilty. I quickly wiped the unknown sweat to find a place to sit.

According to the photographer, he has not taken such a feeling in this life, and the manufacturer of the on-site supervision seems to be full of the performance of the model. The rough success makes several people responsible for the case are basically relaxed.

On the way home, Aiqi seems to be a bit tired, relying on the chair back to sleep in the car. Without the preparation, I can’t control it from time to time, I can’t watch the legs of Ai Bridge wrapped in a pair of gray semi-transparent pantyhose. Not ingenious, when I wait for a traffic light, I looked at Ai Jorna’s meticulous stockings thigh. When I looked up, I saw that Ai Qiao was red and staring at my face. Let me have turned my head. Looking at the front traffic. “Wake up, we will come home soon.” I installed a light step-up throttle to turn the steering wheel.

“Um …” Ai Qiao’s finished twists in the tempting thigh, I know that she will have this move every time when she is shy, I am really too much! Even my daughter’s legs are not mistaken.

A little silent atmosphere has been returned to the evening, and Ai Qiao did not dare to talk to me. After taking a shower, Aiji sat in the living room to watch TV, perhaps it is really tired, not a few minutes, just sleep quietly on the sofa.

“It’s really a child …” I swayed and shook my head. I was going to take the Ai Qiao hugged back in her room. But I heard that she was dreaming: “Mom …”, at the same time, close The show also sang a little tears.

I carefully wandered Ai Qiao, slowly walked to her room, and quietly prepared after she was put on the bed, but he heard Ai Qiao’s turn, it seems to wake up.


I turned around and saw that Ai Qiao looked at me with her water.

“Qiao Johi, tired today, sleep well.”

I sat back the edge of Ai Qiao, and gently stroked her pity. Aiqi is stubborn and shook his head, and the weak opening said: “Don’t go, sleep with me.”

“Okay, Dad doesn’t go, Dad will accompany you here to fall asleep.”

“I want my father to sleep with me, I have to sleep.”


I have a daughter’s little hand, not very sure what she said. Then Aiji seems to tell me what to do, open the corner of the cotton, revealing the wonderful body wearing only thin silk pajamas.

I don’t wait for me to react, Ai Qiai uses the strength of the whole body hard to pull me into bed and die, I don’t put it.

“Well, Dad is sleeping with Qiaoqi.” Adjusting the angle, I kicked the slippers, and the whole person moved to the bed of Ai Qiao.

“Dad is the best.”

Aiqiao is smile, turning around to go back to me, let me use her hands from the back ring. After heard the faint fragrance of Ai Qiao, I added a little in my hand, so that two of them were more tight, Ai Qiao took hands on my arm, very comfortable to snort .

In the arms, I took a small little beauty. My lower body was slowly standing up, and I was a bit embarrassed on the hip of Aiqiao. I was slightly retreat. Unexpectedly, Ai Qiao seems to be unrespending, but also moved the butt and retired my meat stick. Since Ai Qiao is able to accept, I also tall my hard bat to sleep with her sleep.

In the middle, I seem to have seen Yandan, who is already unsatisfactory in the dream. Yan Han smiled and ran on the grassland, and I was chasing it behind, but I can’t catch up. Then Yan Han turned around and waved his hand again, and the figure disappeared in the air. I was standing in the place where I was standing. Suddenly, Yu Chen and Ai Qiao came over from me, tightly tightened my arm from the left and right. We turn over, slowly walk from the opposite direction of Yandan, walking …

The sun is sprinkled through the window in the room. I slowly opened my eyes, I saw that Ai Qiao had turned to face me, shrinking in my arms, I fell asleep, I loved the hand and gently stroked her daughter’s cheek, but it seems unintentional to wake Ai Ai Joe. Ai Qiao woke up, slightly moved, and opened his eyes. It was me. If you don’t want it, you don’t want to put your face directly, give the sweet lips.

I know this should not, but it is so natural and irresistible. I explored the small lips of Ai Qiao twice, and I went to Ai Qiao, who was still erythrid. Ai Qiao, which is constantly dodge, gradually responded to me under my sustainable chase.

For a long time, the two people suffered from apricated, and Ai Ju was wearing her face into my chest. “Dad, bad …”

I am smirking, I don’t know where to answer, is it a default?

This day is Sunday, after getting up, I will help the two have made breakfast, and Ai Qiao An An An An is quiet, and I still looked at me from time to time. “Do you want to do it today?” I asked.

“Do Dad get along with me?” Ai Qiao cheered my opinion.

“Joe Joqi didn’t boring you with you.”

“Hey, no one should just ask Dad!”

Ai Qiao’s beautiful girl costume is sent by the manufacturer yesterday, and then mixed with a black half of the pantyhose, and a small boot with an ankle. Taking me in the street, jumping, it is sure, the dazzling little beauty attracted many people’s attention.

“Dad, let’s take a look at this store?”

I looked up at the direction of Ai Qiao, it is a store of monopolitan stockings. Why, this little girl also found my hobby? !

Ai Qiao East picks up, bought a lot of different colors and stockings, pantyhose, etc. in different colors. I think that these five flowers of stockings will wear on the long legs of Aijo, I feel that my heart is itchy. Ai Qiao also gave me from time to time: “Ai Qiao wears this pair?” “Dad likes this style?”

Little girl, you are challenging the limits of dad to endure!

We went to the cinema, bought a suspected drama. In this case, the protagonist is framed, and the constant chemical insurance has proven to be innocent. Many male protagonists are almost killed, and Aiqi also seems to be very nervous, grabbing my hand is put on the thigh. I have passed the slight touch of the stockings on the thigh in Aiqiao, and the whole people don’t know how to do it. I really want to touch the last, but I am afraid of Aiqi will discover.

After the plot was slightly soothing, Ai Qi was found that she pressed my hand tightly on her thigh, in the dark, vaguely feeling that Ai Qiao seems to be shy, but she did not rush to open. Not long after, I saw Aiqi slowly put my mouth on my ear, said softly: “Dad, I know you like stockings … it doesn’t matter …”

what! ?

When she said, she took my big hand and came to pick up in her meticulous thigh. The translucent black pantyhose feels very attractive, and the feeling of gooding in the hand makes me solemnly want to call, the meat stick under the bottom has strongly supported a huge tent. Fortunately, Dark Ai Qiao can’t see my embarrassment, or it is not regarded as a metamorphosis?

This movie is ended in the case where you have to see it. When leaving the cinema, Aiqi did not mention the just thing, but he took my hand to be tight, and his face was also full of happiness.

“The movie is good to see, Dad.” Ai Qiao turned his head and asked me.


I can’t see it carefully! ?

After reading the movie, we slowly walked back to the parking lot. Suddenly there is a pocket on the ground, Ai Qiao accidentally stepped on it.

“How? I have a look” I am worried about kneeling down, take off the small boots on the foot of Ai Qiao, carefully check the ankle of Ai Qiao, “It looks slightly swollen.”

“It doesn’t matter, Dad, you should still go.”

“Qiao Jojo is not to let Dad worry.” I put Ai Qiao’s boots back, I won’t wait for her to react, I was so mandated to pick up her back to her back. Ai Qia is apparent that I will do this, I don’t know how it is good for a while.

“Dad … Dad! Ai Qiao can walk yourself!”

“Hey, the hand should be punched, otherwise will fall.” Do not let Ai Qiao have any rooms that can resist, I will carry her slowly walking in dusk. After Ai Qiao quietly, I had to reach out of my hand on my neck.

In the eyes of the pedestrians, don’t know what we look like? Is a pair of young fathers, or a couple of love?

But this couple, the man is a bit big. I am self-laughing.

“Dad.” After a while, Ai Qiao finally opened.


“I … I like you.”

I stopped, this time at this time passed through the clouds and warmth, it was very comfortable to people.

“Qiao Qi, I know.”

“Dad knows … Dad like Jojo?” Ai Qiao stunned my neck, sweat and sweating, is it nervous? “I like it very much, I like anyone.” This is my lungs. When I said, I also reopened my footsteps.

“Qiao Joh … only have to be with Dad in a lifetime.”

“Qiao Ji will marry, one day to be a new lady in others.”

“I don’t marry others, I only marry my father.”

“Qiao Qiao Ximi,” I can’t help but laugh at this child’s words. I remember that I have heard the same words for my sister many years. “It’s a sixteenth year old or a big little girl.”

“Qiao Qiao is only a little girl in Dad.”

I am so touched, I am really touched.

Just like the sister, I don’t know, I have also derived an emotion that transcend my affection between my daughter.

The wife has left now, I also need the warmth of myself.

Not only is family, but also love.

I am very fortunate to have my sister who loves my, and I love my daughter. Although this feeling is not allowed, I know that I can still be hugged by happiness.

“Dad, how do you cry ?!”

“No, I am … I am too happy.”

It’s really bad, both hands holding Ai Qiao’s thigh, can’t take a while to rub your tears. A lot of a lot, I just cry, I really don’t know how to say myself.

“Dad, let me down.”

I didn’t have to stick to Ai Qiao, and the old man put down my daughter down, hurry to wipe the tears.

“Don’t drive, go home?” Aiqi loses my hand and asked sweet.

“Well, let’s go home.”

Can you attach your hand, have been walking, there is no sadness, until it is permanent …

“Qiao Qi, are you sure?”


The current situation said that there is also difficult to stop.

After returning home, we got into my room. The room I had more than ten years with Yan Han.

We didn’t say anything, just know that it should be done.

I took off the sweaters of Aji, then decrete the apple green girl bra, revealing the next pair of beautiful hardship breasts.

“Small … 32C.” It’s too big to have a sixteen-year-old girl?

But what I care is, how can Ai Jac will follow the rain?

“When I took a photo yesterday, I accidentally walked to the stairwell …”


Sure enough, the rust iron door will not have problems!

That’s not what I gave Ai Qiao?

For a while, I caught the hand on the white rabbit on a white rabbit.

“Dad doesn’t have to worry, I know that Xiao Gu also likes Dad very much, we will not grab it.” Ai Qiao smiled very bright, I was pinched a cold sweat.

“Will you think that Dad is very colored? With Xiao Gu, with Qiao Qi …”

“No matter how my favorite father.” Said that Ai Qiao took the initiative to kiss my lips and kissed a few times and had a familiar road. I didn’t see the beginning of the green, the two people’s tongue Tonging together, greedy interchanges with each other.

My pair of palms have also begun to attack a pair of jade milk. Touching the touch is soft, but the shape is a very strong water droplet. Two compact nipples were all pink, and they quickly constacked under me. Increased some ruddy

“Ai Qiao’s chest is very beautiful.” I extended his tongue and licked with shy buds, I was unver, plus the palm of the palm, let the water of the water continue with my The transformation shape, making Ai Qiao is a burst.

“Dad is bad …” Ai Qiao’s face did not dare to face me, a pair of small hands were tense to pull out a long tracking on the sheets.

I don’t know if it is sad or comfortable, Ai Qiao’s two legs are uneasy, and the black half-transparent pantyhose will make the friction sound of Shasha, very good. I transferred the target to move down, starting from the toes, kissing Ai Qiao’s pair of stockings in the Toe, soon, I have left a long piece of wet saliva on the two legs. When my mouth moved to Ai Qiao’s pantyhose crotch, Aijama had a nervous twist, I crushed two stockings, with a hand, hidden hidden gardens hidden in the private garden. Ai Ji wore a very suitable pure white silk panties under the bottom, I went it next to it, let the thin silk and the most embarrassing petals breathable.

“Dad is not, Qiao Jori is dirty …”

I ignored Ai Qiao’s resistance, just started with the beautiful petals and beautiful pearls, let her know that this is not dirty. “Ah ~ how will happen ~ good … good …”

With a burst of attacks in my tongue, I can understand from the twist and sweet snoring. Aiqi has begun to feel the wonderful love. This has encouraged me to strengthen the small but ridiculous pearls. Young women who have never experienced such a pleasant, soon, they can’t resist the crane frenzy from the lower body.

“No … no … ah, ah ~ !!”

Ai Qiao is dramatically trembled, and it is a honey-raging raging radio, which is a burst of hot honey, and the entire lower body and sheets of the small beauty are wet. I didn’t stop the movement of the tongue after Ai Qiao gods, but more picked frequently, let Aiqi’s climax continued to rise, and the whole person loses awareness.

After a long time, Ai Qiao woken up, and then crying in tears, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I can only hug in the sexy and generous to comfort her.

“Qiao Qi is a bad girl … 呜呜 …. Qiao Qi is broken …”

“How come? Silly children, that is the climax of a woman, only when the other half is in love for the most love.”

“Really?” Ai Qiao half confused, and the big eyes of the water Wang Wang looked at me.

“Really, just is it very comfortable? It’s so comfortable to die.” I gently passed the black hair of Ai Qiao, trying to soot her emotions.

Ai Qiao thoughtfully thought, then nodded slightly.

“Dad let Qiao Joe is so comfortable?”

“Um … but Dad is also comfortable together.”

“Qiao Qi is really good.”

I let Aiji sit down and wear her two legs in black pantyhose into m-shaped, then sitting in her forward, put huge sexual love is quite quite pair of her flowers. I have the big cock tangled in the gluten, Aiqi is the first time to see it, can’t help but have a little unbelievable.

“The father of Dad … It’s so thick. Can you put it in the body of Qiaoqi?” Ai Qiao was afraid of swallowing water.

“Women’s honey, even children can be born, let go of Dad’s penis, of course, is nothing.”

I put the red swelling to the horrible glans on the small hole of Ai Qiao, ready to insert. “It will be a bit painful, and it will slowly feel comfortable after the pain.”

“Well, Qiao Joh … will be desperate. Although Ai Qiai is afraid of the whole body to tremble, but still resolutely look at the part we are about to have, and if you want to read it, you will clearly lose your virgin.

I have already been to be dizzy, I barely endure the old idea, slowly use the glans to move two pink petals, and put my size of the proud glans. Wet hot secret garden. Although there are not many parts, I don’t know because of pain or nervous, Jojo’s whole body can’t stop the shake.

I will be in a hurry that is almost uncomfortable and slowly advanced forward until I feel that I have encountered it. Then, Qiaoqi embraced the bed, and the chest is pressed against her two whitening snow milk, and the mouth and Qiao Joji are tightly kiss, trying to solve her emotions that she is tight. We maintain this status for a while, and then sit back up and prepare for a breakthrough.

I have two hands tightly Kojo Jojo tried to clamp two black stockings, and greedy, keep back and reply, enjoy the soft touch of the silk. After the trembling of Qiaoqi’s body has gradually eased, it finally poked the big chicken who could no longer patience, and wearing the thin last line of line. Although Qiaoqi wanted to see that she lost her virgin, she had a pain, but they left the tears of the drip. I know that I will give up before I will give up. So the waist is more powerful, and the whole meat stick is put into the flower of Aiqi.

“Qiao Qi, can you?”

“No, don’t matter, Dad, you don’t move.”

I got me the action license and started to slow down the meat stick slowly. The actions of the previous movement drive the honey meat in the Aiqi diameter. Although it is fully lubricated, the 16-year-old girl will not allow me to attach it immediately. With my slow piston movement, a variety of virgins of a wire also flows with the action of my meat stick. Ai Qiao saw his most precious virgin blood, it was very hard to smile.

“Everything in Qiao Qiao is given to Dad …”

I seem to be encouraged by this sentence. The speed of pumping before and after the waist begins slowly, and Joqi originally tightened expression has begun to gradually sooth. Since the piston movement has begun on the track. My stem that was tightly oppressed was no longer able to endure the urgent urgency, gradually accelerating the body of two people.

Perhaps it is highly sensitive to high, and it is possible to arrive at the climax under the service of my tongue.

Now that the dicks are pulled in Qiaoqi’s body, they can feel the benefits of this physique. Every time I get into it, I feel that the sweet flower path is constantly contraction, so that the coarse stick inserted there is unbearable. Ai Qiao’s small and lovely mouth is constantly emitting long and sweet and delicate, in my ear is like a fairy, usually pleasing.

The impact of the waist motor has only last for a few minutes, and Aiqi has fallen into another wave of crazy sex frenzy. Aiqi closed his eyes and couldn’t afford the tears. The bodies of the body were back, and a beautiful pink breast in front of the chest moved toward the day. As I impact, the rhythm is not stopped. Suddenly, Ai Qiao’s hands closed my arms. It was simply caught blood marks, and then there were countless tentacles, and it was deeply embarrassing. Their raging sprayed a hot liquid on my glans, it is obviously that it has reached a climax.

I haven’t reached the vertex, I am hot, put Aiqi’s pair of silk socks, my waist, the jade hand hooks my neck, take the trainer’s easy high-difficult posture to put the slender little beauty in the air to continue to flip .

Ai Qiao has been dried almost faint, only the remaining can make her tightly and don’t fall. I held Aiqi wrapped in black pantyhose, from the bottom of the rough mask violently hit her daughter’s heart, thoroughly reminding her hair.

“Qiao Qi, is coming, Dad is shot.”

“Shoot to Qiaoqi, all shot Qiao Qiao, Qiaoqi wants to help my father, ah, ah ~!

“Drafter caught into crazy Aiqi probably not know what he is in a non-whisper, I will make the last power, and the thick meat stick is deeper, as if I want to put two Shuo Pills are squeezed into the body of Aiqi. The glans who have been congested to the highest point crowded into the deepest place of the heart, and started to jeopardize incest seeds in the uterus. Bud’s sexual pleasure makes our father and female two people have reached the highest realm of love. The whole process of ejaculation is more refreshing. It is like a brain. The whole person caught unconsciously a bad or climax.

Maintaining this train’s pangling posture, I can almost hear my thick meat stick, inserted in the secret garden of Aiqiao. The time of the ejaculation is the longest and most fierce my life. The time is more than half a minute, and that climax does not weaken as ejaculation, but the savings of each muscle. It has tounted the nerves of the pleasure until the semen is full, and the intense exits from our integrated part, it has gradually slowed down.

After the end of the whole injection, I held a climax of the little girl who lost my awareness to the bed, and continued to stroke the legs of Ai Jienna’s crime, and waited for a smooth breathing.

After a long time, Ai Qiao woken away. Water Wang’s big eyes looked at me, saying more cute.

“Dad, Dad …” Aiqiao continued to teach me, reach out and seek my hug. I will hug the tightly hugged in the arms. This moment does not need to speech, the world of two people is all.

A few days later because of the next subsequent work of the advertisement, I started to have a day after night.

I found a chance to hind myself to Yichen, she smiled and said that she had already known that it is said to her.

“What is your two things …?” I feel a bit a bit of the two sides of the two small Nizi.

“We have n’thing to do, just unite and squeeze your brother, haha!”

This is said, it is unlikely, two people have dull.

After the normal get off work hours this day, the company’s people began to leave one by one, and I left alone in the office to continue working overtime.

“Rain, go.”

“good night, see you tomorrow.”

After confirming that other colleagues outside me have left, I turned all the lights in the floor, leaving only a lamp in my office, and then Shu lives to continue to work.

When I was pushing to the office, I saw a familiar figure waiting for me.

“Qiao Qi? I don’t mean I have to add a class, want you to go home to wait for Dad?”

“No, I have to wait for Dad to go home.”

Qiao Qiao said that it is tired, from behind, holding me, white student uniform, the next pair of quite part of the bunny is behind my back.

Huh? Not right?

“How do you not wear a bra?” I am a bit amazed at Qiaojo’s boldness.

“It’s just taking off, because I think my father is in the office … that … may be a bit interest …”

“Your little devil!”

I turned to face Qiaoqi, forced her to the front of my office, a pair of magic to unlocking her pure student uniform, starting from stroking her, slowly, slowly licking the flexible 32C breast milk.

“Ah ~ Dad ~ will be seen outside …” Ai Qiao took a cry on a crying chamber to try to resist.

“Thirty buildings here, I have to see a bit difficult.”

I will explore her most privately in the bottom of Aji’s skirt, surprisingly, under a pair of black velvet stockings, she even didn’t worry! ?

“Is it looking for this?” Ai Qiao will still have a temperature and aroma. Pure white underwear swayed in front of me and then throw it. “I know that Dad also likes to tear the pantyhose directly … This is more convenient.”

“I just like it!”

I used to tear an offset of the velvet pantyhose, explore the finger into the private garden I have developed soon, and I have already touched a wet shower.

“Qiao Qi is so wet, is it going to be done by Dad?” I have identified the relationship between sexual love between each other, and I have rudely.

“Ah … I want to be dried by my father all day. All day is wet …” Qiao Qiao throw me, I don’t know where to learn, I worms … I won’t be Yu Chen education. ?

I turned Ai Qiao, and the young breast milk stood in the chest is like this on the cold glass, then the daughter is wrapped in the hips of the pantyhose, while When you can’t put it hard, you will be inserted from the back.

“Ah, ah!”

The little girl who was arrived in front of the floor, with my aromacity, a couple of white big milk left a group of milk prints on the glass, if someone looked at this direction with a telescope, definitely be excited to strike Erection?

I lowered my tongue into Ai Qiao’s ear, she couldn’t stand the stimuli that the above ear is constantly impacted, soon, I will enter the situation, and a voice of high screaming is probably audible. Can you only say that the company’s outer monitor is not recording?

My fierce meat stick continued to assault from the rear, puncture Ai Jiena is very narrow, and the people who have a very good little pocket, once in turn, all over the faint wrinkles It is delicious to show life.

While kneading the beautiful buttocks of velvet stockings, I also patted this flexible hip. The sound of 啪 加 睪 睪 in the voice of Aiqiao, constantly echoing in my office, listening to Ai Qiao is very shy.

“Ah … What kind of sound … Ai Qiao is very shy …”

“That is the voice of the little beauty being cooked to the sky!”

Ai Qiao stopped two stockings, the legs, the legs, more and more stood, as I constantly impact, slowly almost soft.

“Dead … dead … 呜 awakout!”

Along with a long sweet, latte to the stamped grunge to felt crazy contraction in the deepest part of Ai Qiao’s body, and then a hot splash in the glans, I am so hot that I am very pleasing from the swelling mask. It is completely reluctant to start spast from the Pill, and constantly spurt the gyrotto jade liquid from the horses. I am full of joy and tears, and the whole body is constantly trembling.

“I have to come right?”

Suddenly, with this sentence to push the door, it is a rainchen wearing a pink set. She also wore a pair of pink transparent pantyhose under a narrow mini skirt, with her original white and red skin, very temptation sexy.

I saw that Yu Chen suddenly appeared at this time, I didn’t feel surprised at all. I smiled and took a semi-soft penis to Ai Qiao’s honey, a mixed my semen with Ai Qiao hot lapse of the smell of the small beauty’s trousers.

“Hey, we have long queued to come together to dry the big color devil.” Yuchen went to the window, I was with Ai Qiao, and then squatted my still wet half-soft chicken. In the mouth, the mouth is swallowed. I have never seen a movement, let Alqi still stunned on the glass, I’m stunned.

Yuchen and I actually have passed a few times, but the speed of learning is very fast, the tongue is tongue and the tongue skills make me feel very good, and I will use the tip of the tongue to explore the horse eye, almost Let me be so cool. Make Yu Chen only incorporates my murder than ten seconds, I have completely restored the original hard quite.

“I … I also want …”

Ai Qiao is still disordered, and it is also to eat my meat stick with Xiao Gu.

Yuchen smiled Mimi let my meat stick exit her mouth, change it to stick out the tongue from the outside, let Ai Qiao can share my thick meat. Although the skill is not very familiar, Ai Qiao’s small tongue still brings me a unpleasant stimulus. My sister is very tacit with her daughter, when a glans who eat my eggs, the other will contain my stick with my mouth. When a tongue containing my tongue with a tongue, the other will swallow the front end of the bar and the front end of the belonging.

“Have … it is shot!”

In the face of such a powerful double attack, I am completely unable to treat the impulse of the ejaculation, I will take the meat stick from the mouth of the two, and the one who is killed by hand, then a large share of thick The white turbine is so moving on two beautiful and moving faces. The violent ejaculation lasted for more than a dozen seconds, and a large two beautiful faces were sprayed.

In the end of my jet, I started as if I was eager to eat the semen on Ai Qiao’s face, and Aiqi didn’t show weakness. It also stretched out the tongue to build a white pulp on the face. Not long time, the semen on the face is licking. It seems that addictive Ai Qiao still resides my meat stick, as if you have to squeeze the semen of the remaining.

Seeing two beautiful people who fight for semen, my big cock didn’t have signs after the spray, but it was more and more sudden. I have a lot of sexual intercourse experience with me. I can’t imagine that I can grow this after two consecutive ejaculation. In fact, I have never thought about it. I can spray this extent. Moreover, the meat stick is not weak, but instead is the more and more energetic with her daughter and my sister.

I slowly lying on the ground, and I was very busy, and then I pulled the sister’s pink pantyhose’s crotch, and I was also a rude to the rude toward the pink underwear. I grabbed her. The full pantyhose socks are beautiful and put on my sators.

Although there is no prediction of the foreplay, it is obviously emotionally humiliated in the prostitution that has just been blowing for me, facing me, sitting down in my body is a thorn. Although the chute is abnormal, the degree of moist is so strong that I have a strong impact. I lie on the ground to grab the two heavy big breasts in the suit shirt of Yuchen, let the murder conversion in the shape of my magic, and the rain is slightly smoldering. The seductive water snake waist has been twisted, and the quick use of the pussy with my steel rod. “Ai Qiao also came.”

I have shown Ai Qiao near, pulling her lovely and full of pretty hip to my face, sitting down, from below, start attacking her love dripping secret garden. Ai Qiao shakes to accept my love, so I have two squats of pantyhose and shakes. While I use the tongue and big chickens, the two beautiful people are also inhau, the sound of the kiss is in the office.

I was still striking my sister’s wonderful meat, but I was stamped at the deepest place. Every time I hit all, I was stabbed. It is also not controlled to flow, almost is already lost. Sure enough, how long, Yu Chen’s body has a crazy sputum, and the deepest part of the heart also sprayed a hot juniorulum pouring on my glans.

At the same time, the daughter who accepted my tongue also spurted a sweet hot liquid from the flower pocket, then soft. I used the tongue desperately to eat the Joan jade liquid, I was afraid to miss her half.

I have seen two beautiful people to reach the peak, but I still haven’t been ejected.

So I sat up and let their two of them softly stood up, and then with Jiao Soft hand held on my desk, high tall, black and pink two sexy pantyhose hips, Continue to trust them from behind the dog. Rain and Ai Qi, who have no resistance after climax, can only barely maintain the posture of the stockings, the whole body is soft, let me not stop from the rear. When I pierced into the rain, I used my fingers to picked with Aji. When my hot bats come with Ai Qiao, I will constantly caress the yucotinuclear. When the two beautiful women don’t know when they have a few climax, I will drop them down on the table, and the two pantyhose is beautiful and the hips are left together. Put the meat stick into it The last few times, then the explosive is like a beautiful hip of the two different colors, spraying, although the beginning of a large amount of incest essence.

Pour on the desk, I put the body above the two beautiful pilgrims, reach out, one-on-one, the exploration, playing, playing with their white tender breasts, enjoying this climax after the breath. For a long time, the two beautiful clothes are not entirely, the whole body is barely sitting, and kissed I kiss and exchanged the liquid.

In the late office, the three people will carry out the sex love …

Lost Yandhan, but we got more from each other.

And the love between us … will continue forever …

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