Although I only fought two virgins in my life, I was fortunate to have encountered one. This one is not only a virgin, not only the best virgin, but also the best in the best: When she is blushing, she will tremble, holding her, soft, touch her, tender and slippery.

I am so happy! Thank you! It’s awkward! I was also contentive in this life. I carefully dried her, and I strongly restrained volcanic passion. I can’t help but catch up: Cang Tian, ​​I beg you, let me feel this moment! I can’t die at that moment! Dead, die! No longer alive.

My daughter is one. From the little beautiful and charming, the natural pair of big eyes will replay electricity, looking at this beautiful and sexy girl, my thick wants and aroused, and the second unknown swells, although she is my daughter, I still Uncontrollable … Because my daughter is a Millennium ‘Dragon Baochuo’.

That year, my daughter had just come out from the bathroom. “Come, Dad kiss and not fragrant.”

I smented the girl in a fragrance, my heart is, a hot gas has flocked from Dantian, I don’t want to look down, kiss my daughter’s mouth. Slee grey! Fragrant, soft, sweet.

My tongue deduces her daughter’s lilac tongue, greedy sucking the honey juice in his daughter. I took the opportunity to explore my hands into the bathrobe and smoked between the daughter’s snow. The mother’s shy nature makes her feel better, but she will not leave the father’s body.

“Daughter, I will love you, believe me.”

“You … you are bad …” daughter petist: “Dad … don’t …” her two legs have a bit shake.

I took off my daughter’s bathrobe and exposed two pink jade legs. Put her, four lips are tangled together. I extended his tongue, open my daughter’s front teeth, put the tongue into it … The daughter also stretched the tongue of the tongue, and the two tongues were all in each other! I swallowed a few mouthfuls of her gall, Gan. Daughter naked lower body, not self-relocating twisted.

“Hey … don’t!” Daughter’s mouth, her powder is red, I unlocked my trousers, I want to take out my most “hot” things, I will throw your trousers on the side, show furry … … huge mask!

The daughter covered himself, she wanted to see and dared to see. But her hand is even more bold.

“Oh … ah …” Dad called, because the daughter’s jade hand, holding my life!

The daughter smiles and strange: “Hey! It’s a little … …” Demonstration … “She blew my penis:” Come … I will give you a bite! “

The daughter’s hand has gripped my penis, the two hot red lips, have hit my purple glans.

“Hey …” Dad is full, unconsciously squatting: “No … don’t …”

The daughter did not stop the action, and her tip of the tongue was slightly stretched, and she fell on the horse of the Dad’s glans. Huge meat sticks are ready.

“Hey … good fragrance …” daughter’s lips, bite my glans, slowly sipped two “this baby is good.” She gently slammed.

I saw my daughter turned a long pixin. I scored me like a squid. I hung my hands in my hips. She hangs her jade leg in the shoulder. The wonderful Glen is completely exposed to my eyes. It was placed in this full of the priests, and the daughter was ashamed and loved.

I kissed my daughter’s neck and shoulders, I played a daughter’s breast. I went down my daughter’s body to her butt, gently pinching her flexible hips, I kept twitching. The meat stick is gently rubbed in the inside of the daughter’s thigh. Every time I will hit the daughter’s butt, feel the flexible little ass.

I feel that the little peas on the peak is hard, I low below the tongue to use the tongue to force them, I saw the two small beans became harder and harder, I surely opened the mouth, bite my daughter with my teeth. Due to the peak, forgetting, just like the best delicious dishes in the world.

“Dad, I believe you, fast … I have hurt me.”

I am watching my daughter’s eyes asking: “Is it true? … Little Baby? ……”

I took this thousand soft, beautiful and pure, beautiful, packed, picked up her soft, delicate, delicious, put it on the bed. I used to separate the daughter’s happiness, and the daughter was shy and infinitely, and I opened a beautiful smooth jade leg.

I put it softly and slightly separated the smooth microcolle, the huge mask presses the lower body of the beauty pure colorful daughter. I first put the glans into the daughter’s closed labie, set into the beautiful cute vaginal mouth, and then went a little, until the daughter, the small narrow vagina is completely tightly smashed. Huge moats. “Baby, I am coming in, it may have a little pain.”

“Go in … ah … hurry … I can’t stand it …” The daughter didn’t feel the half-length muscles, “ah …” a hot and shy light, from the daughter, small and delicious, shameless yet – – Virgin first shims.

The daughter’s small hole put my glans tightly, I will continue to advance, suddenly, I feel hindered, I know that my meat stick has been in the daughter’s virgin, I plan to break through this obstacle, daughter The chastity is that I am a father, watching the beautiful face of the daughter, a long hair, there is a slim body, now there is no more than a few glasses of my eyes, I am really gratitude God. Give me such a beautiful and young daughter.

Why is my meat rod, although the daughter’s Glen can swallow it completely, but it is also tight, no a little gap. It feels that the daughter under the body is clamped, but the Glen is gentle and sipped, there is no painful pain, but it is more likely to feel the hi-stickers, I can’t shocked. , The people I have done are not in a small number, but when there is no one can break the melon, I can suck such a wonderful clip in the body, it seems that it is fun.

I looked down and kissed the cherry of my daughter. The hands were gentlely lured in the daughter’s milk, and the meat stick twisted with the waist slightly twisted, slowly sliding in the daughter’s Glen. I grasp my daughter’s thigh is separated from both sides, and use the meat stick to the top.

“Oh … the daughter’s small hole is too tight!”

This time, my meat stick is very smooth, and suddenly, my glans feel that there is something to get to, don’t want to know that it is a daughter’s house. The meat stick once again, once again played the daughter’s female film, actually did not break this time!

The thrill on the glans made me completely, I can’t care so much, the waist once again put the upper strength, and suddenly broke the daughter’s female film, inserted to deeper.

“Well …” In the beautiful and beautiful pure virgin, the red wrinkle, delicate and smooth, the lower body is sent forward, the huge rough round glans have pierced the daughter as the last prove of the pure virgin “…… Ah … ah … pain … Hao pain … um … “The daughter’s eyebrows wrinkled, a shy and light, the beautiful tears, I saw the daughter’s lower body, the white sheet, the woman dropped.

“Oh ah……”

“Ah! It’s so tight!”


In the small flower, the meat sticks of the green gluten are prone to one minute, but it seems too big, can’t accommodate the whole, and the daughter is crying. In the moment I relax, I went in, I didn’t realize what I didn’t realize how I wanted to clamp his legs, I had went in, her body twisted, I took a breath of waist and slammed the top, She screamed that the body was torn, and he took a double hand tightly.

I stopped a little later, then slowly moved it, my daughter biting his teeth and glamorous. I only felt a shaped water-like heat wrapped my body. I pumped, her stiff body gradually relaxed, her body tightly smashed, a force put me like an abyss She absorbed me, a huge hotstone row from the brain, and the pleasant plenity is full of fullness, suddenly like the water of the laxative, I have a soft soft in her body, as if a sponge Big cave, all tide floods directly into the middle of the cave of the sponge. We mately kill each other.

It was stabbed by Dad, and was also stabbed by his father. He wanted to die, pure and beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, and was teased by Dad, a shy, a pair of beautiful snow. Sliding long jade legs and softness bones, delicate, soil, slight waist and clip, shy, welcoming the hardening masks into their fiery and deep flowers.

My daughter’s legs were brought to a straight line, but they didn’t call hard at all. Her meat is unusually strong. When I put the penis into the penis, I will not be sandwired by her thigh, not only can I get into the lips, but also when she is generally obtained. buffer……

“Wow! It’s so tight!”

“No … don’t … enough … Dad … Light … ah … Light … Oh, it seems … Insert into the uterus … Go …” Daughter is shame, powder face , Reluctant, moon, the moon, the dad, with a hot-tired glans, and the woman’s yuki, the shame, the woman’s yuki, probably picked up for more than thirty, I feel that the daughter’s vagina is already humid enough.

My hands open my daughter’s thigh, stand in bed, waist, very smoothly insert all the meat sticks, my glans, the top of the daughter’s heart, I feel that the flowers inside the daughter are all being used by me The meat rods are topped to separate, and it seems that they have already joined their daughter’s uterus.

“Hey …” suddenly sent a sound from his daughter.

The daughter’s shy powder is swollen to be red. After I am, I have to die, Jiao Yan Yan: Daughter will insert the meat stick in the peach cave. I saw the daughter’s twinkling and cute labiarh flower wall with the tightly hoop, with the pumping of the mask, push and pit, incorporated. I put it more powerful, and I’m going to the depths of my daughter’s hot and soft vagina, I hit together in the daughter’s hint.

The daughter has already picked up the heart and weak, and the jade back relies on the wall. A pair of snow-like jade arm climbs my back shoulders. The snow white soft smooth belly is tall forward, and the beauty is ashamed. Shame. I gasped, and I was more than one of the vagina that was more and more pure, and the pure and purely colorful people were inserted.

“Hey …” A charming is aunt, the daughter has already obscenity vaginal jade wall, tightly, the mucosa in the jade is hot, and the huge meat stick is inserted on the thick meat stick. In the vagina’s vagina, I feel narrower and petistive, and then give her a wound contraction in the vaginal jade wall in the climax.

I raised my daughter’s fine waist to raise my bisteocks, and looked at the penis in the middle of the peach, seeking the final climax. She put my legs talled with my waist. I saw her daughter naked in front of her eyes. She took her waist with only one hand, let her down the whole holiday, only the vest is on the ground, and the other is just just Clash, daughter, the jumping jade, and try hard.

The daughter seems to have been fired completely, the stars are fascinating, and the fragrant muscle is fucked, and the pair of snow white jade legs are tight in my waist. With the return of her waist, the return of her waist, Just enthusiastically, so that the Glen will suffer a more fierce and fierce impact.

At this moment, I am also like a mad, and bravely insert the daughter’s Glen, even the hands of her jade milk are getting better, leaving a silk red trace on the skin of the daughter’s fiber, strong image If you want to get this charming daughter, you will not feel the pain, and the emptiness of the fairy is not a pain. The wonderfulness of the climax impact.

Suddenly, her daughter’s jade is a shock-like acid, and the deep hot and humid vaginal wall, the delicate and obscenity mucosa tender meat is tightly hoop clamping the hot and twisting huge mask, I can’t help but go, wonderful Contracted, clamped, shot a hot and thick and greasy jade glue.

“…” The daughter’s uterus “Farm” shoted in the valuable virgin.

“I … already … ah … I lost … I lost it!” Daughter slept, the snowy snow whitening legs fierce, stiff, and also shot a stick in the dark, deep uterus Fantastic valuable virgin.

“Hey … ah …” The daughter is shameless, and the cheeks are dizzy, and the shame is shims.

“Ah … good news … It seems like dancing inside … so comfortable … ah … you can come out … all shot … um …”

“I beg you, don’t shoot it into it, don’t … Yeah … don’t shoot it inside.” The daughter said so, but I have taken it below, and it is shot inside. My daughter hasn’t finished yet, I have already yet yes: “Oh!” The glans have been inserted into the depths of the vagina, spurting a big and strong white liquor.

I have a particularly pity for my daughter, deliberately secretly, and I will furtive the sperm to fill the riverside full of rivers, vowing to make my daughter have their own flesh.

Even if the semen has already squeezed from the vaginal mouth, my penis is still sprayed out like a cylinder, and her daughter’s uterus has also opened the suction with the semen. All semen did not leave the reception, the negative walls contracted, and the extrusion of the exterior liquid was also sucked back until my penis contraction becomes soft, the uterus contracted, the female wall stopped creeping.

The daughter said anxious: “Old Tiantian! You are shooting in me …” she has a little angry.

I am sorry: “Sorry, I can’t help, you are so beautiful!”

“I have risen, there is still some pain now.” Daughter said.

I have some distressed to massage my daughter below: “Baby, I am sorry! I don’t intentional.”

“Baby, is it comfortable?” I pinch my daughter’s little ass.

“Well.” The daughter is only shameful, “Um … you … you … enter … go in … good … good …” said, shy and infinitely low, white, beautiful powder neck, put one With a bright white eye, the softness of softness, a smooth, the snow white beautiful holy jade is buried in my arms.

The nasal smells the beautiful blue breath, and the evil chase is once again. From the climax of the cloud, it will be pulled down. It is delicate. The screaming daughter suddenly felt that the top of his own vaginal mouth, bubble in the obscenity and humid love liquid, and gradually looked up with a chest .

I took my daughter’s body into the side of the lift, my knees were in the bed, the upper body was high, and the two thighs were pocketed into a word horse. Due to the separation of two small labips, it was pulled out several transparent stiffs, like a spider web full of on the vaginal.

I pressed the thigh on the shoulder, and I put the hot penis, and I broke into this “Pop Cave” in the net. I don’t know if I often swim, the waist is very strong, or this posture is easy, and every time, every drop, whip, 啪, every look, the top of the head, the head of the head, the glans Direct effort.

The heart of the heart is closed, close to the invasive glans; laminated the tender meat of the wet and warm, keeps squeezing, grinding the glans; and hidden Dragon Balls in the tender meat, and is from time to time, Scratch the raised meat; that is very comfortable and happy, it is impossible to say.

Shuxin has begun to be a daughter of jade stems, and the whole person is almost comfortable to fainting; unlimited thrills are in the mountains, and the body is like a stove to ignite, and she burns her body-free tremble jitter. The frustrated meat is like a blowing of her heart, but it is itchy, and it is numb, it is like electric shock. A warm flow of a crisp, is slowly rising from the lower body; the vertebrae is inexpensive, and the orthopedic pleasure is also coming. She consciously a waves of a waves and waved, just like a stone throwing a stone in the lake, laying the layer of small and licking, continuously spreading out. The whole person floats in this wave of ups and downs, flooding.

The daughter only felt that the penis was a little deep into the vagina that he slipped in her own, it was like it was in her vagina. The root red hot iron rod, but also hot itch, and I can’t say comfortable to my heart. Slowly, her whose blood is boiling, and even feels some dizziness, the thick penis stops moving in the vagina in the mouth, she is like a small mouth like a cherry, and her face showed a Happy and comfortable look.

I only feel that the meat stick is tightened by a layer of warm and tight meat. In particular, the level of the tightening of the hole is necessary, especially the meat stick, especially this posture, more. , I only feel that a meat stick is like a dead, and the secret is deep …

“It’s so comfortable … I … I am vented … I am finished …” Daughter two-handedly grabbed my shoulder, a pair of slender legs were touched with my waist, and the secret is tender. The meat has a strong contraction clamping, it seems to have to put my meat stick, and the secret can’t be sucking at the top of the meat stick. I am so embarrassed, I can’t say a crowd.

I will flip the delicate and weak daughter, and the back is deeply inserted and kiss her ear, cheeks. The more it is more and more, it is more and more fierce, I am crazy inserted, I have encountered my heart, a strong climax, so that the original lifted ass is higher, the white lower body is trembled. , Falling in bed, people can’t help but bounce.

The whole minced wall in the daughter is shaking, wrapped with my meat stick, and let me have a tenderness and power of “Dragon Bao Junhuo” again, and a hot torrent is very strong. Squirting, rehabilitating, it is not allowed to shoot in her heart.

“Dragon Baohuo Shuhe”, at this time, completely play, the speakers, hidden the glans, the yang is not revealing, and the heart is inhaled. One will be yin and yang Jiaotai, the heart is in the heart, and a cool shallow is straight, and the glazder is straight to the eyes.

I only feel the depths of the abdomen, just like the volcanic eruption, the thrill is spreading around the four places; not by the autonomy, send out the madness of the Heath. Huge glans, tight, rising meat, constantly scratching daughter delicate meat. Yangjing and Yinjing also spurt, the pleasure of Yinyang Jiaotong, makes her daughter’s legs high, I suddenly explode in my daughter’s body, then I feel that there are countless only gentle and happy little hands, in me Crawling on the body and stroking. After a burst of “Hehe, I totally buffed in his daughter’s arms.

My daughter felt my semen and drowning her virgin. My incest seeds once again filled her uterus, this daughter no longer blamed me in her, and we were tired and slept.

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