About three months ago, my husband drunk drunk, the mountain river held him back to my house, he suddenly held me when I was in the kitchen, and I posted me.

At the beginning, I had a fierce resistance, but the mountain river hidden with my mouth after the palm, he said that if I came out, I wake up my husband. When I arrived, I couldn’t say it. Then, he immediately revealed my skirt, and pulled my underwear and opened my secret with his finger.

When such a fierce, the blood of my body is also reversed. However, a hot feeling that gave me a flame, it gradually lost myself, when I was awake, the breast has been grabbed by his two hands, completely exposed hips, giving him the lower abdomen, inserting the mountain river from behind Rounded male roots.

The mountain river across the mountains, two hands tightly grabbed my soft meat in my chest, and it’s shallow, like it is uncomfortable, and I desperately kill me said. The mountain river stretched out the right hand forward, the thick bipocket grabbed my mouth, but so, let me enjoy a deeper pleasure.

The mountain river continues to flip, and his plug puts me directly.

“Wow! Mrs., you are also trembled deeply,” the mountain river spoke, constantly passing to my ear from behind. ” At the same time, his man root will vigorously pierce my soft depths.

The obscene speech, brought me shame, but also made me more excited, my mind, repeated “climax”.

Not far from the kitchen, in the grooms, my husband is sleeping, this makes me feel stimulating. It has become a blank in his head. I have received this unprecedented climax now. I have an eye, my eyes are ooze tears, and the whole body is also awkward.

Since that night, I just captured the mountain river. Whenever my husband is public, I will look forward to him with my phone, and then hugged him with him and sent a wavy sound.

In the face of husband, I have to force my own words and deeds, be a woman who follows the rules, but it is also coming to the mountains and rivers who have a year.

Also, because the mountain river embraces me every time I hug, I am used to the obscene to talk, I am also used to it. Every time I heard these words, I released my lascivious temperament, so I became more excited.

However, the most attracting me, or the long and thick male roots of the mountain river!

In fact, when the mountain river is erect, it is doubled than my husband. Like a stick, a flesh, a hard meat, one is inserted, there is a kind of enrichment, my muscles in my body, if it is the same, let me enjoy the hot pleasure.

Three months ago, I first felt this strong joy, even if my heart is negative, my flesh still remembers clear.

In the afternoon, the mountain river left the company, using the nearby hotel room, call me. Initially I also hesitated, but I thought of the male root of the mountain river, the body was defeated.

As a result, I still start to the hotel, the afternoon of the hot sun, I am lying in a cool bed, there is a white sex, I am intoxicated in the joy of men and women.

What kind of behavior wants to make the mountain river, and I will also be allowed by one. I am sweaty to meet the requirements of him, I have a unspeakable name and immersed in a very enormous.

Even if the mountain river wants to shoot my sexual organs, I also accept it, when I don’t have anything, he also allowed him to record. The most mysterious part of women, giving photos of people, awakening my own detention you don’t know. When I listened to those tapes with the mountain river, the fire is excited, and I will visit me again.

I have a person in the vocal cord, if another person is another person, it’s going to have a bones, as if you are another person, make me more excited. However, it is still necessary to keep the candidate.

On this day, I know that I have more enemies, and my heart is like a painful stab. Although I once listened to the mountain river, there was a girlfriend, but now he wants me to see their two people. My female dignity is definitely can’t forgive. My move to the mountain river is very angry.

However, the mountain river is unreasonable to me: “I am unfortunate, you don’t accept me and her request, I and your relationship is also good!”

This sentence has a declaration of the share, making me panic.

“Wait, please tell me the number of the hotel room!” I, tense, tense, tense.

“Yes! I know that you are understanding what you understand!” On the side of the phone, I felt that he was screaming, I can’t get determined to leave such a man, I also hate myself. “However, I don’t want to look at it! After she, I have to care!” The voice of the speech, even I think I am a charming.

“Of course, after I finish her, I will also use your favorite big meat stick to satisfy!” The mountain river said like this.

I also heard a young girl laughing, as if I slowly approached him.

I think this is an insult, but this is so hot, and the inside of the thigh has become moist.

I step into the bedroom, take out new underwear, I don’t hang it, I am naked.

When meeting the mountain river, it is often replaced with new underwear. Wear new underwear, you will have the atmosphere, more energetic, and more understand that you are a woman.

Before I wore underwear, I will go to the mirror in the bedroom and look at my gesture. The beautiful and moving blue silk, shaped in a blue body, with pretty appearance, consciously being inferior to those models or actors. A bamboo shoots, a pair of breasts, with a slim waist, it seems to be more full, I always be able to be a very good woman.

My thigh is well slept, the waist is high, I am like a white magnetic pottery, the snow white nude, very uniform. I put on new underwear, on a pure white dress, put on a bright yellow jacket.

I closed the doors and windows and left the luxurious housing and boarded the taxi. The hotel where the mountain river is located, it takes about twenty minutes to arrive.

The sunset shines at me, I walked into the spinning door of the hotel, crossing the lobby, stepping to the direction of the lift. The number of room numbers mentioned in the mountain river is two or five rooms. On the twenty-fourth floor, I walked into a quiet corridor, and I called the two or five chambers.

Door lock torsion, the door is pulled back. About 22, the three-year-old long-haired girl stretched out, her nose is long, a beautiful face, she saw the person is me, and then laughs.

Crystal eyes, cute face, obviously the naked body, is a naked body with a bath towel, can’t think of her to meet me.

I have seen it because of the white skin of the other person.

“I am Chen Mingli, is it there?” I barely install it if I don’t have anything.

“Yes, please come in!” The young girl smiled and took into the room.

“Ah! You are really very fast!” Double bed, the mountain river is already naked, and he greets me. I will take the line from his thick mane, and the meat stick like a posture.

“Where do I sit?” I put the handbag on a few tables, and I said the mouth.

“This is! Just add it to the opposite side! I have to ask you to enjoy it. I will introduce Miss Fang Yuli to know you. She is our company’s secretary. She is more than a year. She is cute, even my back door is also very easy to lick! “

The mountains and rivers have been smiling, the young girl is also closed. He said with her: “Say hello to Mingli!”

“My name is Fang Yuli.” Yumi’s face revealed the joyful laughter, and stretched it gently on the chair. Then take a nylon rope from the drawer. The mountain river also got up, took the bed, took the rope from Yuri’s hands, and slowly went to my face.

“You temporarily pat it.” The mountain river said with a rope to bundle me.

“You … do it … what?”

“Nothing, I am afraid that you will cause me and Yuli in the middle of the way, so I have to wrote your hand. The mountain river will turn my hand, reverse to the back of the comb, shake the stock The red-black hard meat stem embarked into bed.

Yuri has already taken a bath towel and is lying in the bed in the bed. Her shares have a slightly dark secret grass, covering milky skin, her flesh has a shiny, very a roughness and sensible feeling.

“舐 舐 我!” The mountain river made her.

Yuri came into contact with the male meat stick, like a white rabbit, she opened his lips, and put the thick wild glans in the mountain river into the mouth. A suspended sound, stimulating the hearing that is tied.

Yuri’s long hair is scattered and continues to serve the mountain river. For a while, she said with a smile: “Ah! I am going to melt, come straight to put it in.” The mountain river raised the waist, I saw it in the eyes, see that the mountain river grabbed Yuri’s jade hand, like The woman is reluctant to be like, and the muscles on his butt are also twitching.

Yuri is like a victory. It is proud to release the hard-standing thing between the men from the lips. The hands will fall behind the long hair of the chest, just take the body of the mountain river, a full pair of breasts like a bomb Shake.

“Do you want to enter Yuri’s body?” She made a proud voice across the man’s body.

“Yes, think! Sit down soon!”

The mountain river is more hard to lift the waist, and the red black meat roots like a stick, giving the old girl’s saliva, gain glory.

“Do you want to enter Yuri’s meat?”

“I want it! I will give me a thorn! I really want to get into your fairy hole!”

The idiotic conversation of the two people, with the breath of breathing, in the case of exciting, Yuri will sink the waist, a pair of men and women together.

The mountain river and Yuli, like forgetting my existence, she called him with him, squatting, both sinks in the blend of the flesh. However, I have been neglected, and my body is also humid. If the two hands can be active, they will definitely scream the secret cavity, now, even I am extremely excited.

The young Yuri, the anti-heart shaped snow white hip, like a wave of moisture, red wet luster, in that secret exposed, the meat column of the mountain river, with her kindly-color female liquid, repeated Entry.

Seeing this scenario, coupled with wet liquid hit the wonderful voice, making me more exciting.

The two of the beds continued to change their postures. The combination of men and women came the climax. The hips of the mountain river were vigorous, and Yuri also trembled. Her fingers were deeply caught into men’s back muscles, and they wrapped with him. The body, the toes are tightly contracted together, I am also a woman, of course, I know that Yuri is in the most exciting, happy moment, hate what is not letting men are not me.

After the two were completed, they also fell in soft mud. When the flesh was separated, I saw Yuri’s vaginal mouth, the semen of the mountain river, this scene is really too envious. At this time, I was also strange, why didn’t I 妒, I think my underwear is already wet, as if I have experienced a sexual exchange.

The mountain river slowly stepped away from the bed, he tied me for me, and helped me up, lying on the bed. The two take advantage of my clothes and underwear all, one does not leave.

I lost the will, let them get rid of the will, let them go to the bed. The mountain river let me lying in the center of Her and Lin Yuli, Yuli Zhang opened her legs, wipes the juice that overflows from the body of the body, and then scattered the thighs of my clamping.

The mountain river pointed to the meat root that has not been erect, let me have. I am in an indulgence, using the lips and tongue, I will cover his things again. I will let the lips leave, send out “ah! Yeah!” Sigh, and swing the waist.

I gave it a lot of shares, I was giving Yuri, like a stone stitching, each rushing, giving her a tongue. This Yuri, she really had two kings, even my woman was almost dissolved.

I think my meat hole is even more wet! Sensitive smeas is constantly playing, how can I turn this sensuality! Yuri’s left hand dials my thin hair, and then sipped the same sex. Yuri’s right hand, two fingers, it is called to move into my secret.

“Yeah, don’t!” I gave it anti-body, the faces and hair were pressed on the bed, and the mountain river also whip my cheek with his hike.

“Is it comfortable? Tell me the most comfortable!”

“There, ah! Next! Ah! Ah! No! Raising me.”

Intense pleasure, there is a full body like a fire column, the following identity fingers are not active, I don’t happen to be more tight, to the last decissete, more unpacking.

In the moment I needed, the mountain river was full of hard, the big meat stick, then it was mad, and my climax stacked, and I didn’t know how much yin water, until the mountain river refined in my vagina, Falling down.

After another week, my husband came back, but it always spent spit, but finally said: “The guy of the mountain river, even steamed the public, then evaporates, the secretary Fang Yuli is gone, see It is also a copy of the mountain river. We have discovered many photos of him and Yuri. There is also a submission to the third-level magazine! Some photos of the heroism, but I know that I will not be it. Really! “I deny it, and hid into the kitchen. Two hands cover two rows of tears, endure crying, don’t let me know.

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