I am a doctor, I am a banker with my dad, and I have to pay the clinic for the end of the internship. Super pet, my father, not only paying money, but also let him feel the secretary, Xiaoyu helped me open the store.

Although Xiaoyi only graduated from college, I was only 2 years in my dad, but I showed her long in a merger meeting. Help Dad made a billion. Such a young beautiful girl with wisdom. I was deceived by my knowledge, after an opening discussion, I was taken into bed by my medicine.

Stay her virgin on the bed.

With a little, it is not so urgent to open the clinic. Anyway, just do it to the parents, not really visiting the clinic. I don’t do anything, often wandering near home. There is a small family near the home, often seeing a lightly mature young woman picking a child, so every time I go to school, I must wander around the school gate.

What makes me surprises is that some girls have developed. There are more than 160 heights, C, D, and E.

One of these most attention is her, 17 height, mature faces, often sitting on the dumplings next to the school gate. This day I turned back, I have been sitting behind her behind her. She only had a bowl of sour soup, and she started to read the book.

After 40 minutes, a gentle voice sounded behind me. “Tang Ruoyu, go home!”, I followed the same time. is her! Guard the mother, the body is the best. Although it is a hat, the mask is dressing with the sunglasses, but the body of super S can not stop. I didn’t follow it because I was afraid of being paid.

In the next few days, by the candy biscuit. I have known the information of their mother and daughter, mother Tang Samaki, a divorced woman, in the financial sector, a woman who called the rain, and the daughter is big, and there is no clear work, but bought the school side door. . After planning the plan, wait for the opportunity. Finally on Friday afternoon, the school teacher almost looked at school, waiting until Wansaki took a command to go to the supplies, no one was. I quickly followed, and I shouted a sister. She turned back and said: Who! My electric bat is pressed in her white hand. She suddenly fell down, I immediately fed her liquid sleeping pills and played a medicine that made her weakness.

Confirm that she is sleeping, I bring the guide sign and go to the dumplings.

Are you like? If you see me, look at me. I refer to the guide sign on the shoulder say: Your mother is a little dizzy, now in the item. I will take you in the past. I pulled up the hand of the 茗, run to the supplies. The hand of the little girl is very slippery. When I entered the utensil, she found that my mother on the table, but I didn’t wake up.

She hurriedly wanted to fight 119. I took out the doctor’s card before the internship, said: I am a doctor, help your mother. If you cry, you’re thinking: Thank you uncle. I am psychologically smiling: I will wait for me to discharge. After careful inspection, say: It should be excessive fatigue plus a slight heat stroke, if your home is close? If you say: Next, you will go out.

I am helping the Samaki, and if I take the road back to her home. After entering her house, I will lock in the lock. If you hear it, the body suddenly shock.

Say: Do you want uncle, what do you want? I smiled and said, first help your mom to bedroom! Let’s go down first! If you put down your bag, I will take the phone out of the door. Under her way, put her Mommy into the second floor room. Once again, put all dangerous things through the toilet and sit in the bed.

If you ask: What did you do for my mother? I smiled and said: I fed sleeping pills after corona.

She saw me start taking off the clothes and turned to run. I didn’t stop her, reaching out of the long skirt of Samaki. If you look back, Wansaki has not hanged. If you cry, don’t hurt your mother. I didn’t stop, my hands torn the shirt of Wansaki, the big breast jumped out. Dress down the milk, 40J. Haven’t dried this.

The lower body is hard, and if you run it at this time. Say: I will replace my mother. She began to explain her own button, I pressed her hand and said: I am coming. I helped her unwind the button, the pear flower belt rain. I can’t help but kiss her, if I don’t dare to move. She has begun to bring her own, I solve the milk, and she is the same as Zamaki. I took her skirt along with the panties with the socks.

Sure enough, if the lower body of Juyi has begun to grow short fine hair, I said: Yizhen grows, the tongue is smashed by the thigh, and when it is about to say, if you are back, you will say: Dirty. .

I picked her and said, take a shower downstairs! Psychological counted: Wanzi is about 2 hours, first follow the game.

When you wash it with yourself, hug into the bath. During the cleaning process, if you have always closed your eyes until I hugged her into the bath. She touched her body slightly. I can’t blame her, a 12-year-old little girl, even if height is 170. The hips will be afraid of a 25 cm. I am hugging her: I will accidentally insert it again! She is stiff, I am holding me. Hand passed through her armpits, touched her unlike her breasts. I asked: If the body is very good, what cup. She whispered: 34D. Yes, yes, there is a big breast of Genetic Wansaki. At my gentle chest care, her body gradually relaxed. Sneak over her legs, and the masher passed through the legs.

If you shake slightly, whispered. I didn’t care about her, I didn’t stop her back neck and upstairs.

Toured for 20 minutes and hugged her out of the bathtub.

After drying, put it back. Remove the ointment from the pocket to she and Wan, the location is of course a small hole.

I also took medicine, I kneel on her.

Use both hands shaft to hold most of the weight of the body. Follow the mouth, milk to the milk, and the glans. The round week moves slowly, if the blush is red. Say: Uncle, don’t, it feels strange. Oh! Oh! Oh! .

If you gradually like this feeling, I will be with her.

She moved her own and grinded it. I said: Do you feel comfortable? She has unconscious answer, um.

Time is almost, her mother should wake up, eat a woman first.

I will turn back into the bed and get up and turn on the TV and turn the news platform sound. Although, if the family is a small villa. There is still a distance from the next door, but it is also careful to drive a million ship.

Going back to the bed again, if you have the rock, this time you speed up the speed and force. After confirming that she started to flow out of prostitution, took the scarf of my bag, put it under her hips, and the gun of the gun is inserted into the gantry. Her vagina is much more than a virgin, but she still can’t stop my gun.

All the way to break through the female film, and the top to the cervix stopped. Take a bottle of medicine and say: If you drink, you will not hurt. She quickly drunk my hand in my hand. I slowly twitch, my mouth does not stop sucking her d milk. If you send it again, um! Um! Um! The asthma. Youth flesh is cool, and if you don’t want to shoot a few times.

Open another bottle of pharmacy in the bag and place it on the nose of Samaki. On the Sataki gradually opened his eyes, see it, I accelerated the lower body twitching speed. If the sound of 茗, the sound is big, and it is very urgent. Sikaki woke up, she did not dare to speak, save me a lot. If the 茗 is pushed up with a climax, shout: Uncle, so strange, so strange.

I went out of the semen and sent it into her uterus. Under the influence of the climax and sleeping pills, her eyes gradually happened, I didn’t let go of it, she put it up and took her straight legs and caress her size.

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