Aming is falling in love, but it can’t be completely said to be lost, saying that it is played, perhaps more appropriate.

Beauty is the most striking girl in the school. The reason is that because you can not only have a good look, your homework is ahead of the forefoot. The pride of the sky said that there is no relationship with Amin.

It can be said that the old man can grasp the people, but the beauty does not want to be the whole Aming, but it is like a beautiful condition such as such a good girl. The pursuer can say that some people are more dead, and the degree of crazy is sometimes I am afraid of beauty.

Today, I can meet a group of guys, just seeing the Amin, Amin is usually a silent of the class, but the impression of beauty is to talk to Amin, the Aming is red. I can’t say a low-headed sentence, maybe it is an impression of his honesty, so I can pull up the arm of the Amin, saying to the pursuit of the entanglement: “I already have a boyfriend, he is me Boy friend.”

Then pull the AM.

Achun is a lot of flowers. Silently two years of class flowers actually claim that she is her boyfriend, although it is a bit unconvived, but Amin is more preferred to believe this is true, watching can be anxious It’s a bit of a little, it’s a bit of a little, it’s a bit of a little, but I’m finally stopped. Although the man’s confession is very hoped. strangeness.

Can a beautiful and deep tone, “Aming classmates, you also see the situation.” Aming heard his head, looking forward to the beauty of the cherry small mouth to spit out, “In fact, I am actually I like you for a long time, can you accept me? “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As if he heard is the broken voice, although this comilated self-righteous feelings have never started, but the goddess of the heart has not received any classmate card, which has received a good classmate card, which is undoubtedly a big injury. The heart of Amin, “It doesn’t matter, I am very happy.” “” Classmates, you are a good person, then I will go, let go. “

Silent sent away, beautiful, A Ming smiles, I received a good classmate card with a good card in just five minutes, today is his most unfortunate day, a bit bitter, but there is no feeling, it is useless. When it was a dream, Amin licked his head, decided to go to the second-hand bookstore to buy a few HGame homes to spend this boring weekend.

Aming, like a general otaku, love is Loli model, playing hgame, playing online games, that is the only place that will show him, online games, it can talk, even love The female players in the game, as if he is true in the game.

In second-hand bookstores, Aming squatted in an old box, flipped in the optical disc, there is a bunch of second-hand game discs, a piece of 5 yuan to 20 yuan, as long as there is time, Amin will come here Find the game he had not played, of course, the game here is hgame.

Almost every day, Amin here, this box is faster, it is still that the bunch of indulgence, Aming is a bit of misery, is it really his most unfortunate day, actually Can’t find it, how can his weekend, how to spend loneliness?

God didn’t give up Amin, in the midst of it, and Aming finally found a burning film. The “sex slave”, each hgame will always take an attractive title, but the name is not true, but This is the only hope of Aming, otherwise his bored weekend can only spend it in sleep.

“The boss, how much?” “” 20 “” No, this can be sold to 20. “

“… 10 yuan, don’t pull down.” “Good, transaction.”

With this disc, Amin is finally satisfied with the way to go home.

That night, Amin installed this game and prepared for one night to get him.

“叩, 叩, 叩” Aming’s finger knocked at the table, it was an hour, I can’t think of this little disc actually to install an hour, this will not be broken, it is not good for a long time. In the past, the game is finally installed before the Amin has been polished.

The first is to set the owner, the owner is of course, I am, then set the sex slave, I can’t think of this game is still exquisite, and the light slave settings will be multi-selection, you can also name yourself.

I have thought about it for a long time, Amin thought about what happened today, from the first day of the school, I saw beautiful, beautiful temperament, and God’s big eyes, cherry, small mouth, always so good, it will make beauty The fantasy objects of Aming often act. Although sometimes it is always a little criminal, it is like tarnishing the most beautiful goddess, it will be a little fear of being chased by his believer, but it is like drug abuse, the more I feel evil, the easier it is Get pleasure, so, in the name of the sland, Aming is beautiful.

It’s going to start, I can’t think of the game, I haven’t ended yet: the name of sex slaves: the relationship between beauty owners and sex slaves: the birthday of the same class: January 16, 1991 (also checked the class contact network)

The game finally ended, but should be in the Loading state, actually display the system search, this game really feels quite a matter, after five minutes waiting, the game finally started, there is a big room, But the heroine doesn’t seem, this is something, the window pops up, showing: Sex slaves are in the control, can start developing games. For the first time, please watch the instructions.

The content is noted, because the owner is also a newbie, so this game has experienced experience in addition to sex slaves, and the owner has experience, and my current level is 1, the experience value is 0/10, the sex slaves are only Show a satisfaction, from 0-100, of course, is currently 0.

Click on the skills. I have only one skill, the hometown of Yunmei 1, making sex slaves as the Spring dream of the owner, but the owner can’t manipulate the content of spring dreams.

Close the skills, I decided to wait for this weird game, a hgame is the most important thing, of course, the heroine, I want to take a look at this kind of sex slave to the bottom of the bottom, first play a gun, go back to the big room The picture, still didn’t see people, so I started to look around, suddenly discovered 1 door, click after clicking: Level insufficient, can’t open.

Do not die, then find, open the wardrobe, not in the wardrobe (nonsense, in the wardrobe, this heroine is really strange.)

Finally, I heard the water in a suspected bathroom. After clicking, it was still insufficient, but I couldn’t open it, but I finally showed that the slaves were taking a bath, it seems that there seems to wait for the actress to take a shower. I can do my game.

This is really the most strange game. First of all, this big room is really big, the general game protagonist room is small, the protagonist will appear at the beginning, this room is too big, Even incredible, actually have a dressing room.

Then the toilet is still separate, and finally the most incredible, that is … I am the master, why do I have to play a sex slave to develop a game, I have to be equivalent to shaking a good bath, take a general game Equation, I can go in to peek to take a shower, then I can also start me a must-have every day.

This really makes me too stuffy. I decided to go to the previous photo set, I will satisfy it. After half an hour, I’m going back to the computer desk, I want to turn this game first. Prepare to rest, come back tomorrow, open the screen, but see it, the picture is black.

No, in this short time, don’t tell me that my computer is attacked by the virus, so now there is no picture, take a closer look, it is in the game. It turns out that this game actress is really on time. I have already turned off the lights, so now the picture is black, and it seems that there seems to have some people sleeping. This is really a smile, this is a bad game.

From the beginning to now, I didn’t even see the sex slaves I have known. I didn’t even play it. I didn’t play. I didn’t even play. I didn’t have the operation. I really had the urge to return to the boss, but I thought that the locomotive The boss will definitely say: the goods are not returned. I feel fascinated.

Suddenly, I think, my master seems to have a skill called 啥 梦 乡, it is better to use it will have a look, open the skill bar, use: Yunmei’s hometown, “, skill proficiency 1”, … …, use again: Yunmeng’s hometown, “, skill proficiency increase 2”, use again: Yunmeng’s hometown, “, skill proficiency is 1”, once again: Yunmeng’s hometown, “Skill use has been Reach the upper limit. “

My pat is also up to the upper limit, then I think I will dismantle this computer. Now I have to admit that I seem to bought a bad game back, so I decided to pay attention to him, I closed the computer screen, I went to bed.

The next day, I slept until I didn’t get on the afternoon. I just found some food to fill the hunger. I wanted to go online to see if there is a new color, open the computer screen, oh, I have forgotten the rotten game, I forgot to turn off the rotten game last night. Now the game screen seems to be in the room. But there seems to be several windows in the middle of the screen, click to watch, and the sex slaves can be affected by the hometown of cloud dreams, and have made a spring dream. …………, this is a spring dream. The spring dream is not all the passionate plots and actions, and encounter on the road.

We are not a cowherd and weaver, and we have to move for half a day, helplessly, continue to click on the next message box, the sex slave is beautifully affected by the hometown of cloud dreams, and has made a spring dream. Content: Hello in the school.

………., then click on the next message box, sex slaves can be affected by the hometown of cloud dreams, and have made a spring dream, content: meeting on the road.

… .. Cowherd’s weaver, the last message box, use three cloud dreams of the hometown skills, the protagonist gets 20 experience values, and the hometown of clouds is 5.

All message boxes have suddenly emerged from the new message box, the protagonist upgrade, the current level 2, get new skills: Sex slave mood observation diary.

Yunmei Township Level 2 is obtained.

I am a little bit of this game, I can’t smile, the whole game is weird to a very pole, not like hgame, like a three-year-old child learning CD, but at least the second wait, get new skills, let me see this skill There is a use.

Open the skill bar, click on the slavery mood to observe the diary, and it is a diary. It is written in a diary. It seems to describe the situation of the dream last night, our cowherd girl story, and Sayhi’s things, I can’t think of these three spring dreams. Actually, this heroine is particularly surprised. She believes that it is often a lot of contact, almost completely does not know, how can I suddenly dream me?

I also feel strange, I want to ask her, how is your spring dream? Do you need to teach?

Turn off the diary and find a beautiful trace in the room, finally see the actress in front of the desk, close, the beauty of the beautiful hair is tied to the horsetail, it seems to see the skin on his neck On the face, it is white and transparent, lovely face, there is a big eyes, small nose, thin lips, the color of the color of the lips seems to be very delicious, the whole face gives people very close comfortable I feel like ………………………

Unusually shocked, why this game character is like beautiful, will not really grab the beautiful sex slave, shake his head, this is too ridiculous, I must be too beautiful, so I must like it too much. Even playing a game, I feel that the heroine is like her, but so like a beautiful slave, let me have a kind of thrill, it is from the bottom of my heart, and I have exploded from the little abdomen. No matter how, rushing like a beautiful woman. The protagonist, I must play this game, because after all, it is hgame, I must have a chance to see her body.

Two days, I played this game for two days, I found that this game can’t be closed, and the game time is like a real time, the actress takes the time of her own schedule, I can only know that she goes out when she goes out. But can’t follow her.

Anything I did, I didn’t seem to be controlled, I could only go to sleep, I have to take a bath to do anything. It seems that this room is the range I can use, and I can just pee about her now. Mood diary.

With the hometown of Yunmeng, let her make a bad dream, but this doesn’t let me want to dismantle this rotten game as before, because sex slaves are really beautiful, she is a smile. Always hooked the beautiful impression on the class in my mind. Maybe I am now a bit of this kind of slaves as a real beauty. I think she looks like her, listening to the shower when she takes a shower. I looked at her bed and turned off the lights. I also watched the lights to sleep, as if she also accompanied me to dream.

After a wonderful weekend, this weekend is my least erosive weekend, because I always roll in a bunch of A book A book A game, I will always make me every morning. When you go to school, there is a bit of virtual floating. Today, I will breathe fresh air early in the morning, and I have a power to go to the school, I want to see beautiful than ever, even though we can’t have any intersection. .

Sure enough, I have no intersection, although I always sneak a beautiful, but I didn’t pay attention to me at all, just like before, everyone will not pay attention to me, although I have been this, but my heart It seems that there is an expectation to break away, probably look forward to it can be a beautiful meeting to thank me for helping her a few days ago.

Sigh of breath, this kind of thing can happen, thank you a few days ago, how can you thank yourself, go home with different walking, at least a long family, at least a long time. Sexual slaves can be beautiful, although this game is almost no progress. “Classmate, wait for me!” I have already guessed the reason for my beauty, I saw that I was beautiful and then pulling my hand and rushed away, leaving a group of sorrowful flies.

“Classmates, I am sorry, I am trouble, I …” I understand, is the classmates help each other, no. “

After a short silence, I think that my face continues to stay next to her seems to be a thing, so “that … .. I will go first, goodbye.”

“Classmates, etc.”


“I don’t seem to know what is your name? Can you tell me!”

I am dizzy, I can’t think of my small level, I can’t let her remember my name for three years. Maybe I should thank God. If she is not helping her twice, I think she is in my life. I won’t know me.

“Call me AM, you should know that I will work with you?”


“Really? …

“Not can’t pay attention to it, it doesn’t matter, I am used to it.”

“It’s really embarrassed, Amin classmates, but …. Is that great?”

“Very good?”

“It is Ah, I can’t think of you is my classmate. Yes, if I can ask you to help me?”

“You said.”

“You also see it, the group is really hate, always follow me every day. So, I will not let you be looking for my boyfriend a few days ago, I can’t think of them, today. To be entangled, fortunately, I met you. So, can I ask you to help me? Is it a day when you study?

This is too amazing, I stepped on the dog this morning, my goddess in my mind actually asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend, and I have to come home with her every day.

“Aming classmate?”

“Ah? What”

“… can you?” The beautiful face seems to be red, really cute.

“Of course you can! Protect beauty is a man’s responsibility!”

“Hey … I can’t think of a honest, Amin classmate will also play.”

“Well ………………………?

Looking at the sex slaves on the computer, I am doing the first masturbation of life, my hand is not idle, the left hand is holding the gun, and the right hand is flying to grind the knife, follow the rhythm of sexual slaves, trying to think The guns are fired, and of course it is absolutely comparable to the sexual slaves, or it is really too lost the face.

After a worship, I woke up in the morning, I woke up in the morning, I actually found new skills, masturbation: let me have a selfishness, simple instructions, let me fall early, blood boiling, of course, I will try to see new skills. use.

I saw a rare niomo, which is rare, is still awake since the skills, but the skills have been honest, but she feels that there seems to be warm flames, slowly But indeed flowing out from the heart, with the blood.

Just a little bit slowly and then spread, first is a flat lower abdomen, then feel the enthusiasm, then the thigh, even the head finger is burning, then the hot flow is back, return to the share The original hotstream seems to have changed, more subtle feelings, a little numbness, a little itchy, just like hot flow, a slight current, the current, let her a little comfortable, a little bit of pain.

There is also a kind of expectation from the depth of the body, the heat flow has not stopped, it climbs the double milk, turn the top, stopping on the top of the bud, then like the bottom of the heart, sound The two small red bean is standing up, just like waiting for the whole night, it is quick to bloom in order to the best moment, but the two small flowers bloom are not like the flowers, but the trembling is still waiting. What, combined with two small flowers bloom, the brain is like another battlefield, and a crabbed explosion at the same time. She only felt that her head was dizzy, it seems that I should have to do something, my body is so comfortable, but it is not enough, from the heart of my heart, telling her that I have to raise my hand to do something, just like instinctive The action is similar, there is no reaction in the small head, and the hand has been climbed. It is slowly kneading in the clothes. A tremble.

This feels that she is a little heart, but she wants more, so the palm begins with powerful play, and after a slight kneading, the peak is pressed with her hand, then reach two fingers, slowly twisted the tip, As with the breathing movement, her face has been flush, she didn’t find when the pajamas had been fadehed by themselves, and the body felt the rhythm of her hand.

The beautiful heroi felt that this is not enough, the emptiness in the body urns her, and the right hand does not know when to drop, and quietly draw a small circle in the lower abdomen, and continue to come to the space between the shares. The underwear seems to be able to see the full two tender meat closed.

At this time, the finger has already extended to the trousers, and the slow friction, no experience, the female protagonist, like a vent, it is like igniting a bigger fire, she doesn’t know how to meet, two pieces There is a meat, and the stream is moving slowly.

The bottom of the underwear is opened to the perfect pattern. The top red beans are beginning to emerge. It is indeed a pointer to the scene. It is like it to be squeezed back, and the heroine is like a thunder. The stream wets her hand, and the sex slave can ushered in the first little climax of life.

At this time, I also urgently puffed, vigorously, then sprayed 3 hair salutes, like a celebration, only feeling that God is cool, it is the feeling of early birds, no wonder everyone says it early Ok, look at the sex slave who is still lying in bed, I am laughing.

At this time, her left hand still climbed on the double peak, and the right hand was still in the share, the blushing image was like the water, the little mouth was slightly kept, and the mouth muttered was muttered. It’s still satisfied that I will suddenly ask yourself.

Playing two worship games, I first felt bought a good game, indeed, although it is not really beautiful, but the long is too like, even if it is just a game, let me rise not small vanity .

I have a beautiful home every day. I have become a girlfriend, and I am really a beautiful boyfriend. I can do it in order to not be entangled, but I am very happy, I am very happy. I feel that I’m willing, it is no longer as being as far as before.

I just started to accompany you home, perhaps it is inferior, maybe I am really too housing, I can’t say it in a word, then go home to talk about the sex slave in the computer, and later, not I know if it is used to it or what I always feel that the beauty in the computer is beautiful with reality, dare to speaking in the computer, why don’t you dare to talk to live people?

So, I am like a person, I dare to talk to her in front of you, but I am surprised to have a difference in my front and rear, but I have a tentative partner to go home with myself, not one. Talking is much more, it is also happy to accept.

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