After graduating from the small black high school, he went to the soldiers. Two years of military career makes the muscles of the small black whole body, the whole body is full of masculin.

After retiring, Xiao Black was arranged in the municipal government to go to work, as the driver of the Deputy Director of the Personnel Bureau.

Due to the small black outstanding appearance, and the masculine of a military personnel, the municipal government has been favored by the municipal government.

A Sunday, the deputy director did not call the car. Small black is nothing, I remembered an forgotten disc played in the office. So, drive to the bureau.

Because of the summer, the small black arrived in the office, did not immediately go, open the air conditioner, sleep on the sofa.

The door between the small black sleep is pushed away (Xiao Black is never locking in the office), and the small black blinks. It turns out that the most striking thirty-four years old when the Personnel Bureau is The Baijie of the Office Director, Bai Jie, although it is no longer a vitality of girls like a girl in the age of 182. But the body is still very embarrassed, and there is a charm that can’t come out of mature woman. Don’t see the bureau, there is no shortage of beautiful young female colleagues, I have a good aftertaste, but Xiao black is only particularly interested in this white director.

In fact, this white director has attracted the appearance of Xiaoxiang’s handsome appearance since Xiao Black, plus she has divorced for five years, has not been married, my heart has always been lonely, and the requirements of sexual requirements are also The more strong.

Xiao Black: “White Director, how do you come to the bureau today? Do you need me to help?”

Director: “Small Black, It turned out to be you, I saw the door of your office, so I opened the door to see if anyone. Just, I want to go home, you send me a ride.”

Xiao Black: “Willing to give you.”

The small black is behind the White Director, and today, the white director wears a tight white set, and the more identified figure is smooth. Xiao Black stared at the buttocks of White Director, the butt of the white director mixed round up, and there was a hidden in the triangle underwear. Little black heart thinks: White Director’s ass is very sexy, if you can insert it from behind, it must be very cool. I want to think about my little brother is somewhat hard.

I went to the underground parking room, and the little black suddenly turned a thought: I gave a white director in the car! With the identity of White Director, even if she gave her, she won’t talk outside. Besides, thirty women like a tiger, forty woman like a wolf, white director is divorced for several years, and the demand for this should be very strong.

I got on the car, Xiao Black took the door, and suddenly the cold, I took the white director, I took the mouth.

The White Director first glanced, I didn’t touch it, in fact, she had repeatedly imagined a scene with Xiao Black and did not expect to be such a small black.

At this time, the small black tongue stretched into her lips. She only felt a strong man’s breath came into her mouth, hot, halo.

The small black hand is not idle, and the white director’s top clothes are all unsatched, and the hand reached into the prolific big peach, and the small black is holding the white director’s big peach, warm rubbing. Get up.

“Well —– Well.” White Director snorned twice, the body has started some twisting, it seems that she hasn’t done with the man.

The small black moved his mouth to the ear of white director, and gently contained the ears of the white director with his lips, transferred with the tongue on the ear.

“Ah —— ah” White Director began to catch up. ※ | JKF Czech Forum Small black hand continues from the white director’s peaches. Slip over the white director flat lower abdomen, extended to the grass, and then down. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Small black slowly retired the white director’s bust, put the white director’s nipple in his mouth, and used the tongue. The additional hand retreats the white director’s professional skirt.

“Ah —— Well —– ah” White Director is getting more and more exciting.

The little black is gently put on the big yin house of the white director, gently blinking, and feels the sliding fluid exotic from the vagina.

The small black lips fell from the white director’s nipple, after the lower abdomen, came to Taoyuan Resort.

Little black, the white head of the white director is really quite positive. Pink and tender, love liquids continue to flow from that pink small hole.

Xiao Hui smashed the white director’s big lips, the white director’s clitoris has been revealed, and the pink bean peas, it seems to be silently watching small black, waiting for small black caress.

Xiao Hui gently licked the pink clitoris with the tip of the tongue.

“Ah —— Well —— Well” The buttocks of the white director have twisted it.

Small black and then use the lips to contain the cloudy, then use the tongue to come back to the left and right of the tube beans, and then use the tongue to swift on the tongan beans.

The white director’s clitoris is hot and hot, and is rubbed back by a soft tongue. Cool fast is dizzy. “Ah —- Well -” – what —— Ah —– “

The big piece of love continues to come out from the vagina that is hot from the white director.

At this time, the small black penis is hard to hard, support the underwear. Small black puts down his trousers and underwear, and the long and thick and hot bastles jumped out, and the glans flashed on.

White Director used the drunk eyes to see a small black little brother, like saying: “Come on, I can’t stand it.”

Small black, use the glans to the vaginal mouth of the white director, ~~~ a plug in.

“Ah —” White Director is comfortable.

The small black bastles got into the vagina, and the vagina of the white director wrapped the small black penis.

Xiao Black began to do pump movement, when the moment is deep, I will go to the left for a while, I will go down for a while, I will suddenly go to the depths of the uterus for a while, and I will play in the vaginal port.

“Ah – ah —— um – um —- Ah — ah”

The love liquid in the vagina of the White Director is rushed out like a floodstorm, and the small black and her own inclusions are wet.

In this way, the small black is inserted three or four hundred, then the small black turned the white director’s body, letting the white director’s butt on himself, so that the penis can be more inserted into the vagina.

“Ah —-” small black plug in plug, also feels a very pleasant, can’t help but call.

The buttocks of the white director have twisted up with the small black pumping crazy. “Ah —- Well”

In this way, the small black is inserted back to 450 times. ※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Suddenly, the vagina, the vagina, the clip of the white director, tightened, “Ah, ah, the ammonia white Director is climaxing, the vagina is tight.

The little black was quickly shot, and the departure of the white director was finally could not help. The penis suddenly rose a half lap, and a hot semen shot into the vagina departure of the White Director. Place.

“Call – call – call”, two people breathe, slowly calm down.

White Director carefully cares for a small black penis, and two balls, Xiao Black also caress the white director’s snow whitening blend. After a while, the two worn clothes and drove.

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