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Although it is a big day, I think of last night’s scene, I can’t help my blush and heartbeat, as if I feel that the nipple is very hard, the hot liquid is wetting my flower buds … Today I don’t know, it is the first time!

I just took a short hair in my body, I didn’t expect her husband to be excited. At that time, we love each other. His hand encounters my hills, immediately put my skirt, and pulled out my underwear, waiting for him to see it clearly, suddenly I have to go.

I am very shy, so exposed to the husband, too, the body is full of stiffness. Suddenly … that soft place was bitten, pinned by his fingers, constantly kissed, husband’s breathing has been stimulating the place, it is too comfortable!

“More powerful, force it …”

I called in my heart, my heart shouted once, my body was big. The husband’s attack is also more and more violent, and I can’t help but take off: “Fast! Come up!” I don’t seem to have this happiness for a long time!

The husband relaxed, my excitement is still back, see him, yes, his spirit is still so strong!

“Let me see!” Said, reached again and opened my thigh: “Real sexy! This shape is so good!” Then I extended out the tongue from the hill to squat down, the animal sex ” Hey, “Sound stimulates me, I will bend my body into the bow, shout:” No, no! “Reached the vertex again.

As so much, it is a strong experience. Why do I go to the place?

That is the inspiration of a honeymoon movie in TV, while looking at it, I am excited about myself. I can’t help but touch the hot place, touch it, I suddenly feel how big is this place with the girlhood! It seems that the grass is too secret, how is it, how not to feel the skin Dear!

Ling machine moved, I thought that if I went out these grass, I didn’t know how my husband was surprised?

Sure enough, what is excited in addition to eating! Tonight, I can’t wait!

Use feathers

On that day, my husband bought a peacock, I thought it was used to decorate, I didn’t expect that feathers actually played a big role!

For the first time, I put the chest, my husband lighted my nipple with the feathers, yes, just blew with feathers, I don’t know what is, I feel that there is a current in the body .. .. Feather gradually, breast, belly, side belly … gradually, when the feathers are over, I am completely wet!

The feathers are so big, the husband is very happy, within a few days, many feathers have been bought back, there are ostrich hair, soft brush small brush, etc.

Why is it so comfortable when you use those feathers?

The husband said: “Your body seems to be a sexy belt!”

Of course, I will feel itchy, it is very sad, but at the same time, there is also an electric shock and high joy. Maybe my metaphor is not very appropriate, but it is like the feeling of sleeping … It is hard to describe it.

The husband saw that I was so confused when I was playing, and I would excite it, I used the feathers to smash me. Warful because I will excessively wet, the result is truly sexually intended, and I have a deep feeling, but there is no stimulus!

Therefore, each time I use the feathers, I have to use the sanitary paper to remove the secreted love, then let the husband’s things insert. Doing so, whether it is for her husband or to me, the stimulation is large.

When using the condom, we don’t have to use ordinary, but use the variant set with one grain protrusion.

However, these small props are just auxiliary items. Our favorite predomatics is: I am in bed, my husband is across my head, facing my feet. Then the husband drove my breast, lower abdomen, thigh, I couldn’t help but couldn’t help but unconsciously open the two legs unconsciously. When feathers are on the inside of the thigh, I will take his sore throat after excitement!

Wonderful bed

[We have found the climax of each other and show each other, this feeling is too good ….. we changed the position, see that something inserted, …..]

I didn’t hide it in bed. My husband looked at me with enthusiasm. I called me to open my legs. I have been staring at the wrap and said: “Let’s open a little!” I opened the thigh, let the whole flower bud In his eyes.

He didn’t have a touch of me, and I also stared at his mask. I touched him to twist the body, watching the most loved thing. so cute! Looking at it, I just lost my head, and now I have gradually lifted, I finally, point to the ceiling.

This is like this, and it is not touching each other, but it seems to look. In this way, my flower bud is already wet and wet, it is full.

At this time, the husband would come in, but our exhibitions did not stop. After he is completely inserted, the upper body is greatly pour, and the hands are behind, I also raised the upper body, and put my hands behind him like him. Husband most likes to exercise up and down in such a posture, seeing his own things in my fortune. I also rotated to him, let the thing moved like a baton. The husband cooperates with my action, on one side, one side is constantly doing anti-rotation movement.

After we fully enjoy this position, we use my ride on the ride, so that the husband can see the incoming place. Sometimes I also look back half your body, let the husband look at my shake breast.

“I want to see your ass!” Sometimes he will ask.

So I turned to the back, and I kneel it again, my husband would satisfy my waist and touch my hips.

Our climax is to do catering and retreating. If you can practice cooperation, I believe that it is not difficult to achieve such a situation.

When the husband is rushing in, I will return it quickly, but it is immediately over. When the husband returned, I also received a little, and then the top of the top, so I wonderful to meet and retreat.

In the 11th year of marriage, we practiced such a wonderful bed, I dare to say, this is the golden age of our husband and wife.


[I really can’t figure it out, he likes or hate it, but once he is doing, it is awesome! I am happy! 】

The half of my half is so slow, I don’t want to hate people, I really like it! And I’m also great, but if it is not me, he is never active, it is really strange! When I want, he will not be angry, no, it’s like an old morning!

So, each bed is all ignited by me:

“Hey …” (this is what I said)

“Well?” (This is his answer)

“Look at this side!” (I)

“Um …” (he)

“Good!” (I)

“Well? What?” (He)

“I want to take off your …., 孩子! I will give you here, what? I …. I …” (I)

“Oh, oh, you …” (he)

“Eat …. this …. hurry … I have to …” (I)

“Well, okay!” (He)



“Don’t move! I will give you a set, you don’t stop … ah …. Tight, you are too good today, so tight, call …”

I sat on him in the opposite direction, wrapped his things, deeply enveloped, rotating and rotating, how do I move how to move.

From this time, the main customer reversed, his engine started, I couldn’t hold out!

He always let me drive, and let me get up. It’s so powerful, he sits on the bed and put my hips, let it down, put it down, and turn it down again, let go of a few times, let go …, busy!

He sometimes sometimes slow, slowly rotates a few times, then let go, or turn it slowly, and rub it down in my wrap, then put it down, just this moment, comfortable, comfortably spread my whole body.

“Ah …. Don’t, don’t …”

However, I still put it back, he just lying back, and moved away …. I can’t help it, a wave of waves, I have achieved the chief …..

what! I like it too much!

We are in touch

[When I reach the climax, my body and mind is confident that we are fit. Because I am so consistent with him. 】

For three years of marriage life, I have always been very happy. The main reason is that the body’s consideration and gentleness always make me feel gapped. In the night, I can’t wait for the children to fall asleep. He has already reached out to the bed in the nest.

In the mouth, the children’s trivial things, but the hand quietly explored my pajamas, ….. The bench lights in the pillow reflects my cheeks, somehow, I suddenly shy. “Let’s go out …..”

“You will not feel embarrassed.”

The enthusiasm kissed a suddenly sealed my mouth, and it was a long time. Then, his lips slipped through my neck, stopped in my chest. I can’t help but keep your own things. Like us, when the hot things enter my body, my whole body starts hot. The comfort and enrichment of the moment is indeed unparalleled.

However, long-term happiness will occasionally make me feel bad: “Do I really take advantage of it?” Especially the outer son did not understand or not understand, more teach me dissatisfaction, I even doubt that he is in the outside. A woman excellent than me.

Honestly, I have a lovely child, there is no dissatisfaction in life; the husband’s general care, the foot makes me no complaint. But people are so strange, there is a comfortable day, always like cranky, really “people are not in Fuzhong”!

Ah … The movement of the outer son is more and more intense, the feeling of the soul is like a ripple, and it is constantly spreading from my lower body to the whole body. Happy waves seem to have to take me like a breath.

I want to come, we must be quite fit …. Otherwise, I will not stop all thinking, completely immersed in the boundless cloud rain.

In the heavens to make a winged bird

[“Xian Yan as a glue is lacquered, truly novelty!” As the lady nearby, we are really fit. 】

“Let’s play a few times tonight!”

The outer child smiled, and he left to me. “I hate!” Although the mouth is delicate, my heart is already going to jump out, and the place is even more shaking like a sputum.

Recently, the outer son especially likes to look at the appearance of my body. Therefore, the position always uses the flexion, and the side is pushed, and I want to see my expression. Moreover, under the bright lights ….

Usually, how to forget me, I still have a considerable consciousness before I have reached a climax. I don’t know what expression is it. However, when I narrowed my eyes, I saw her husband’s things were jealous, and I suddenly became awkward. So, “Okay!” After he was inform me, he immediately squatted on me, ….

Since understanding the difference between each other, we will no longer have any taboo. The boudoir is getting bold. Especially when I know that I can completely trust him. Sometimes the remains of impulse out: “Let’s come up tonight!” Even I would like to be shocked.

Today is also a line of travel first. After him, he immediately attacked me. I saw that things like invincible gold hooks, standing straight to me. One time, I am tears, such as rain, happiness, pleasure, just like an explosion.

A swaying feeling, making me in a contemplative thinking. I secretly swear to myself: “I will be a wingbird in the world, I will pay for the branches.” …….

Suddenly, he patted my cheek and woke me from the loss. I will have a long time, ….

Husband’s mask

Why is male 阳 具? Is my spouse a relatively special? Recently, I know this is a happy thing. 】

Since he was too fierce last night, I made me a whole day, and the station was unstable; looking at the sun, but I didn’t want to do it.

Since marriage, the same situation has happened several times. Get up in the morning, I always feel that his things are clipped there, and itch is hard to move.

Last night, his rapid erection of the sexually used the bottom of me. In the dark, the tip spilled liquid shines … Warm things drilled into my hot body, rishes up and down. My consciousness is getting fuzzy, and finally the whole lower body is wet. “I can’t wait.” He can’t wait to say a word, I have overwhelmed me.

“Ah! Pain!”

I thought that the wet one was, and I won’t encounter any obstacles. I can’t help but call it. However, the sudden call seems to bring him stimulation. Maybe he thought I was hurt because of his things very much!

So he suddenly stabbed, I wanted to open a call again. But the moment, the painful feeling actually changed. In the past, my joyful and shouted snoring has been intertwined, and no one is, …… In vicissus, I seem to hear him say: “The abdomen is re-exhausted!” So, I consciously buckled the things, ……

I have always wanted not to pass, how can a big thing will fall into a small hole?

Until the morning sunshine spread, I still missed the muscular phenomenon. strangeness! How can it become a pair of model? ……


[I really want to see its Lushan true face. Because the things are always like a wild animal like a wild beast, rushing hard … Very exposed. At first we usually take normal position, and turn back in the back. In the past, we all made it backlit; but recently changed the habit, just replace the position directly under the insert.

However, the strong drunkenness did not make me forget to be shy. Under the body of me, he constantly stroked my breasts and drilled into my lower body. When I blinked, I saw that the wet halt is in a root. When you are ashamed, I don’t feel the waist. Who knows this to be in the middle of him, “Good! Good! Let’s try again!”

Of course, I am also very comfortable, but the posture of the chest and abdomen is not unresolved, so I always want to embed your body into the bed. However, I touched the end, he has already strictly attacked, it is hard to get the first half. Maybe this will give him a strong pleasure! Just when I made a few times, the teeth of the nature have gradually lost their consciousness.

In addition, he often asked me to change the position. Would you like to teach me on his shoulder? If you don’t let me go to my shoulder (like performing special skills).

Usually at this time, he will never let me have a moment of rest. Sometimes, we will start with normal position; after insertion, change it to a phase-to-phase position. In most time, my shy situation is difficult to describe; my lower body keeps a state of creeping, and it is said that it is not as appropriate. After all, I am more indulge in the climax is also the fact.

My lower body is like another biology, constantly wheezing, spitting hot-calling flames; his situation is inconsistent with me.

Sometimes, I will even doubt what the place is hiding. I can’t help but want to know what kind of situation will be changed when we integrate it …

Although he always thinks his things is smaller, it is not entirely in touch with my horizontal width, but he is a sense of comfort, but it is no doubt.

Give him caress

[When you caress the nipples of the outer son, his tip of his masher has also begun to wet. This phenomenon is probably even male herself is incredible! 】

Seeing that he is more harder, I also followed up, and at the same time, I can’t feel that my lower body is wet. In the heart, I can only call it: “Don’t! Don’t!” “Fast! Fast!” Shook his head gently.

However, he seems to be intentional to tease me, specially grabbed my finger to touch his nipple and teach me care about him. Since he likes, I am honest, I will be able to grab it by hand, and then make it up and bite. Here, he has also constantly playing my lower body. I was difficult to suppress the impulse, I slammed his nipple. However, he did not be angry, but it issued a series of low spirits: “Very good! Very good ….”

I have already had to break out, but he is still unfained, so we launched a 69 posture. He stroked my breasts, gently opened my big labipings and small labians, and put the tongue … I breathe, I only know that my thigh is gradually being burst.

On the other hand, I also use my tongue to lick his anus, then move to Yin. Occasionally I took a light pressure in the tongue, he would show an expression of the soul. After a while, the transparent liquid from the cutting side, I didn’t hesitate, immediately removed the tongue to the majestic place. Although we all want to insert this, it is still taught us to stand hard.

I am very confident on the usage of tongue and mouth. Usually, my lips seem to have to put the teeth, first put his things, then lick it slightly, my throat will touch the glans. That kind of feeling is difficult to describe, like peace of mind and feel like it. When I played his glans wholeheartedly, he couldn’t help but spend his voice:

“Ah! Ah! I … I can’t endure!”

So, he is full of sweating, and it has entered my body.

Then, I slammed the waist, kissed from his ear, and shrewd with hot gas: “Go in! Go in!” Finally pushed, … At this point, I feel the whole waist, whether happy or tired, all fly apart; Gradually, I forget everything.

His finger

[his fingers gently, excellent skills, really ……. Recently, only to see his fingers, lower body could not help but be wetted up. 】

Caress my husband has always been gentle and warm. That day, before I began to rush him, he has finished first bath, holding a newspaper, sat on the bed waiting for me.

Gentle moment, he must first hand and stroked my breast in one hand and wander down the side. Then, suddenly caressing undergarment with the palm near the top of the pubic hair; followed from the crotch of the undergarment finger drill. After breath ripped underwear, he continued to wander down, stroking his pubic hair with the palm; the occasional cold fingers to grab my clitoris. In doing so, I feel bursts of spasms.

He is still more than yin in the way the circle is. At this time, I thought about his thing, almost couldn’t help but be crazy. … After a while, the shame of the shame of sudden emerge, prompting me to consciously want to pick your legs. See me, he simply and four fingers, I want to pull them more open; so, I am struggling, causing strong grinding caress. “You will be more wet again!” He said, with his hand. Not a few, my legs all the fork. Then, he put the medium finger into the yuki, and the weight of the focus. This is very stimulated on local strokes. It is like anesthetic to take effect. I turned into a state in the stuff.

When he is still very calm, I have already reached the climax. I realized my abused state, I can’t restrain the pleasure of all over the body.

Under this situation, I don’t know how long it has been maintained. I suddenly recovered my consciousness, I was buried in his chest. “Fast! Fast! Let go in!”

He couldn’t stand it, and it was from me, and inserted it immediately. Originally, in the moment of being handed over, my joy nucleus had already returned; but he plus this plus, the climax immediately returned, I didn’t even change the strength of the abdomen.

Just cooperate with his twitching, shake it, …. My jerk nucleus passes through this series of stimuli, which has entered the state of paralysis, leaving only a sense of fever. Although there are countless times in similar housing, every time the freshness is always, I am getting more greedy.

Occasionally, when I was on the top, I would also consciously calibrate the procurement of it. Just in that moment, I didn’t still rule a thought: “This life is enough!”

Cute hi

[more cute! More cute masks! You can wipe my yin and can be in my mouth …. 】

The first night is so unforgettable, although we have had the skin of the skin before marriage, but after the husband and wife, the coupling between each other disappears completely.

One day, he suddenly stuffed the exposed hood into my mouth. I am a surprise, because this is his unprecedented move. That thing is red, and the skin of the whole body is very different. Since surprising, the tip gap has dropped two or three drops of liquid, although only two or three drops, but because my mouth is not big, I can’t breathe, I am pleasing. Under the urgentity, I can only issue “um” sound.

After that happened, it has been three and a half years. Different, I am no longer afraid, but I am actively thinking about there. Sometimes I want to be hot, I will take the East and the mouth when he is asleep. Then, I will use my finger to play with its roots. But playing with playing, it always suddenly swollen, quite a gas.

After it is bloating, I will put it more. First of all, I took it out from the mouth and took carefully in your hand. I still remember the newly married at the time, it seems that it seems to be dark, the sample is like a person who is a bad thing. The appearance seems to be so stubborn, but it is difficult to hide the lonely. So I immediately used it to touch my neck, and then buried it in my breast. I only thought that the things were palained in the middle, my chest was a burst, and his breathing began to urgently. However, the timing is not arriving.

That hard and gentle thing continued to go downstream, came to my lower body; suddenly produced a pleasant pleasure. It is different from the thick exterior and fingers, and it seems that it is necessary to slip into my flowers. I constantly endure and continue to touch my yuki.

Two, after three times, the hot jet nucleus made me feel more and more itching. He touched it with his fingers. At first, it seems that there is a crowded pain, but it is kept inserted again in turn.

When I can’t travel in the physiological day, I have been in the mouth. Although I will happen from the side, I will seem to be more likely to be in the mouth.


[I am very familiar with him under my whole body … In short, my lovely little baby cannot develop outward. 】

The outer child seems to be particularly sensitive. Whenever I stroked his mask with fingers, when I suck it with my tongue, he couldn’t help but twist the body:

“Don’t do this! I … I can’t stand it!”

But he really loves my fingers and tongues, and every time you have to be in the process of our line. After repeated thoughts, my technology is more refined. In short, I am not forgetting to him.

My technology is nothing more about using my whole body, such as chin, wrist, thigh, finger and mouth. First of all, I put the lower chin, after the elbow, I will take the kernel in and slowly touch it. Even, it will become more gorgeous in creep.

Then, I put it between my legs and shared my abundant nutrients; then lifted it up slightly, and worried about my inclusion.

However, the outer child still likes the finger and tongue. He always teaches me to use your thumb, my index finger and middle finger, and use the tongue in the side. Especially your favorite makes me lick the sea. Often to this step, he can’t help but help “ah …”. As soon as he heard his voice, I couldn’t help but shake with my heart, but I still barely endured it and continue to play with it. “Rao! …!” He has gone through the intense peak, he actually forgive me.

When I was asked, he always concluded me, “Wait! How can I say this?” I want to have a saying. However, I did hear that a series of pleadings.

Each time, his testicles are very itchy when they accept strokes, and they feel difficult to love. Therefore, although I sincerely love the soft thing, I will also dig him even.

After inserting, if I first come out first, I will first touch his genitals with your fingers, so he will start touching my yin, so that I will reach a climax again.


[His finger is really annoying! Just when I secretly dripped, I have already been unpispent to the bright light … 】

On the afternoon of the day, when I was talking on the side of the body, my husband suddenly interrupted my words: “Let’s come!” It’s so kind, I also produced the same desire at the same time. Since the light is too bright, I will pull the curtains. Unexpectedly, this move troves his curiosity.

“let me see!”

After the language, I immediately teach my legs to open the window. This is the first of my life. However, if you don’t care, he is hard to open the place where I have never seen it.

After kicking it, he touched the inclusion on the side of the air, one side to move next to the lip. “Which! Is wet!” Said, continue to go smoothly with the lips, the small cloudy lips, no longer a bit.

Then he let me get up, sit on the sofa. Under his caress, my yin is intertwined. One time, my chest is very itchy, as if I have to faint.

Subsequently, his finger moved to the labie, desperately wanted to open it, looking for a yuki. what! I have already exposed his eyes in front of him! The cold air has infiltrated into my body; and he is still in the thighs of the thighs of the thigh, but it is more than straight.

Soon, he also began to look forward. So I took the opportunity to explore his fingers and love each other. At this moment, the curtain suddenly swayed with the wind, and a sun rushed over, and I took my clouds and extraordinary, … Looking at him, I can’t help it out of the water; I have been wet into a piece.

So he pulled my feet to the sideline, and he muttered himself by the infrared line: “It’s so beautiful … I am suffocating. In the nest, his hot gas blew my yin, finally, I came out.

When I sit back in the garden again, I saw that the thing was again recaping.

“Ah! I have to come out!” When I finished this sentence, I didn’t know anything.

Enjoys position

[Such excellent things, still find it? Recently, no matter that kind of position, I will reach the climax. 】

I will also be two years later. But as of now, we have never made the same posture. It is often all different alternating changes in time and position.

Most of the time is exemplary, after I entered the bed, I immediately roughly opened the cotton and then in accordance with the emotions at the time. Sometimes I don’t have any strokes, they are directly restroom; sometimes enjoy the 69 posture.

Therefore, it is slow to reach the time when it reaches the climax.

Tonight is the 69 posture. First of all, he dials my bra and fully cares for the breast, and then bite my nipple. After a while, I have already felt that I have reached the climax. But he is still dissatisfied, and his mouth is straight: “I haven’t wet, it is still not wet.” I continued to print countless kisses on my abdomen and thighs.

It’s hard to touch the place, I immediately reflected his mask in the entrance, almost thought of it, and then I died. what! Many wonderful men symbolize!

After the contact, I only had two or three times, and I met a climax. In an instant, my body suddenly fell in the garden of Wanziqi after the air. For a while, the nectar is full, teach me to lose freedom, and the moving can not play. In the meantime, it seems that the saliva is more parking.

On the other hand, he will not be delayed. The movements of the pumping are still continuous, sweat is now in the chest of the two, and it is not in the bottom. I have exhausted, I can’t shake the waist, I just want to get some freedom. However, he touched more force, this aroused the pleasure of I was about to disappear. Every time he scatches, it seems to add a few vitality to the Yu Yun of my climax.

Sometimes, if you don’t care, there will be sufficient strength to make a dramatic movement, so you can reach the climax earlier.

Do you say that? … in fact two I like it. Because I often reach the climax first, I will not deliberately divide their high.


[I think of the enthusiasm of lasting night, I don’t think I have touched my own place. Try to lure him again tonight! 】

Tervousness and I seem to never pick up. It is over five years after marriage. In my opinion, the wonderful and unparalleled, the taste of the alglegol can be replaced.

In the morning, send the child to the kindergarten, the husband sent a home door, after all the family is ready, it is difficult to sit down and breathe. However, when I was bent, I accidentally emerged a distinctive scene in my mind. Last night, her husband’s body odor seems to be filled, and warm atmosphere is still in the ear ….

Unconsciously, the red is full of my cheeks. The climax seems to rise slowly, and this is to stop my chest. I have encountered this situation before, I sometimes can’t help but move the right hand to the lower body, and my left hand cares holds the milk house; when I can’t stand it, I simply take a shower. But most of the time I have neatly endured. Occasionally, it is unable to meet the sales of the item, and you will make me panic, I don’t know what it is. It’s strange! but…….

Self De Deficiency is not only a husband, but also is not a good way. So, usually I have used the way of distracting my mood as much as possible. However, this has produced a special effect. On the occasion of enduring, a confidence will be born, making my body becomes light and rich in rhythm.

The most effective way is that it is too busy to keep your own hands. For example, although the mind is in the mind, the enthusiasm of the eve is, but the hands are busy with hot clothes or clean the kitchen.

It’s hard tolerate, and I have to try to provoke his desires in the night. So, after the bath, I deliberately put a bath towel and asked him to help me emulsion (this is my most commonly used magic weapon): “Behind you come to help me!” When his pair of cold hands moved to my waist At the time of the chest, the place was immediately wet immediately.

“Oh! Yesterday, I still have to be?” He smiled and hugged me one side.


[breast, small belly, and the most shy part, it is exposed to the husband. The husband suddenly climbed …… 】

Every time he puts the whole face in my double breast, it is called: “Ah!”, It will fall. This is the husband on weekdays, is it indifferent? Still what is the reason, in short, it takes a long time before an action. As far as that he said, what is he really? Still don’t? I am unclear.

When I got married, I had no good feelings about his gentleman’s attitude. But after a year, I feel that there is something lacked, and the number of lines of the line seems to be too little.

That’s the day, my husband is lying on the bed, I took the initiative to rely on the past, and I took the place, and touched his place.

After a while, his thing drums at a little bit, I hold it, I feel so hard. I am leaning against his face, saying: “Hold me!” This sentence is out of the mouth, I have never thought about it, but if I say it, I’m boldly, reach out his pants, And he also explored my bra.

It’s so good to be, I am more bold, I am free to move, put the breast, the lower abdomen and that place in front of her husband, and then I am more proud, more indulgence to shake.

At first, her husband was only staring at me. However, I don’t know how to get it, I suddenly climbed it, poured me, ride it on me, then put the hard part of the part, knocked me. The whole body.

“Ah! I …” I called, on the trajectory he walked, left a little bit of transparent liquid … “Fast …”

This is another sentence, I have never thought of it, this is indeed the first time, I am no longer he former.

“The title is in the mouth, very big!”

He said like this, just extending the hot things into my eyes, I feel the throat and thirst.

When he finally entered my body, it was really unable to describe, I seem to float in space!

The husband said, “Good!”, In my opinion, it seems to be seen from the mountains far away, suddenly, “touch!”, The lighter on the bedside table falls on the ground, I am Was awakened, her husband stood in my body, but I was so heavy. He closed his eyes, how cute, the effect is it! I gently screwed his nose, slowly, and looked down his body.


[I deliberately extend your hips to the husband, my husband can’t help but take off my clothes. My plan is successful! 】

All our husband and wife were fascinated by tennis, so our body has been very strong. Every Saturday is the day we practice.

Last Saturday we often practice an hour’s ball, although it is a cold winter, it is still sweating, and there is also a quick fatigue. Let’s go home soon, climb on the stairs in Deng Deng, I plan to work in my heart, have to make a joke. The first thing to go home is to change the clothes. I am trying to take the tennis. I deliberately put the hips toward him. He just turned around the door. I saw my posture. I immediately took off the skirt for me. In the gap, you can put it into your hand, touch my yuki, just like rapely.

I was like this, the whole person is on the floor (in fact, I am also pretending), my husband put his hard things on my hips, with his hands around my front, forcefully I lived in my breast, he has become a beast! At this moment, the door came from the footsteps, it seems that the people upstairs go downstairs, I said: “Don’t, someone will come!”

That’s in this, I can’t help but I can’t help it, picked me, rolled down the bed. He couldn’t stand the moment, and I pushed it in a push. I haven’t been completely humid in that place, I feel a little pain, but I feel like a piston movement like a gymnastic gymnastic, very rhythm, unconsciously work closely with her husband.

Because it is a big day, even his stomach, the ups and vibration of his stomach, it is clear, and there is a rule of entering and exiting the penis and incoming incoming hairs, all are very strong …….

The skin of our two people stunned to express a climax, which may only use half of the usual time. Unlike, he has a feeling of itching when he wants to go out, so that I don’t consciously twisted waist, husband Looking at me:

“Do you still want to come again? Women are terrible!”

“Isn’t it? It’s yourself suddenly! Still talking!”

“Well, just when you play tennis, it seems to be happy, you are still very young!”


“Of course, it is true, you are awesome!”

The husband will know, this whole is my performance!

Morning love

[One morning, the husband saw me in the kitchen back, suddenly excited. He said that even the one is very sexy ………. 】


I accidentally, the bread on the hand fell to the ground, all the dead ghosts suddenly broke the chest from behind, and called the ground in my head. I haven’t worn in the bra, I have been touched by him, and the nipple is hard.

He is also just got up, that place is still so big, the whole night is astowaseed, and it has been to crack. With that one thing is on my hips and waist, so that I have a chicken skin, I still stand there?

I quickly returned to the nest who had just climbed out, and I said:

“You will be late …”

“You forgot, today is the third Saturday, holiday!”

The mouth is saying that his fingers are not affected.

“The child is going to school?” Said, one hand has slipped from the thigh to the stone. “

I closed my eyes, and the model was very vague: “If you look at that place in the light place, I don’t know what it has become!” I thought here, I can’t think of it! “

“Lick Look!” His penis had come out into my nose, are coveted waiting, I gripped it, how lovely she is, but, but how terrible it!

I was desperately blowing, he said: “I can’t stand it …” If you have been exposed in the morning air, you may die! I can not help, desperately struggling, but he did not know Lianxiangxiyu, but also forced me to take a standing position. He lowered Bayao, has been rushed up like an oven from that place between my legs, my knees soft, and he was coming and going under several red do not go. what! I really can not stand, think about it, two breasts are heavily swayed!

Back to normal position, to be honest, I’m relieved, I know that under this position, I can forget everything up!

According to him, when I am standing on the busy kitchen, the kind of good wife back so that he can not stand, he said: “! Sleep messy hair, casually bundle in the back, good sexy” If you let me, I would say: “that’s when getting up in the morning, the most made me too much for me!”

Did not wear underwear

[husband off my dress, a look with nothing underneath, it seems to shocked, immediately pushed my legs, really rude ah! 】

I sometimes don’t wear underwear – of course not every day, but after taking a shower earlier, I feel that there is nothing to wear in the dress. Of course, when there is a gust blow, it will feel less secure, but the kind of disconncy is better than everything. In fact, some people don’t know that I don’t wear underwear, but I will be a little unethical, and it is also a bit nervous, so I will take the way, I don’t know, I will take my legs. Although I said that the husband seemed to know about it, because he said: “You are very particularly sexy!”, He said, and even I think it seems to be more common.

However, there is a greater change than this, that is there is no extra thing between the two legs, and every time I walk, I will rub each other. So, really difficult … I feel weird, it seems to become another animal, that place doesn’t seem to listen, I am breathing.

Once, when I just took off my panties, my son who played outside suddenly cried. I immediately rushed out, but I felt there. It’s itchy, and I couldn’t go out even one step! This is probably an incredible role in emergency.

Sometimes, I deliberately allocate some signals, I am euphematically let my husband know that I don’t wear anything below, sometimes it is a negligible, sometimes it is ignorant … Of course, if you don’t do it. .

One day, the husband probably hiddenly stimulated, and set off my skirt, the face of the face became so wonderful, because there was always a place in a white cloth, it has become black, he swallowed. The oral water, I immediately excited, very rude, put my legs and put the tongue to the inside … At that time, I thought about it, just yesterday!

Strip temptation

[After taking a shower, we still put on the bra and underwear, I think that the monkey is in a hurry to unwind the hand of underwear, and the face posted on my breast, I just … 】

Any one thing I will change, I will change a new sheet, and I have a hint. Sometimes it is sprayed with the husband’s underwear, which is also one of the signals.

“Just shown the sheets, the most comfortable!” When I murmured my husband, I won it.

When I took a shower, I made him wash it first. When he washed into the bed, I went to wash it. I know that soap will have too much to lose moisture, so everything from Jane, especially the place, can’t wash it, I always feel too complete, will lose the taste of men, so I usually just hope Yeamed.

Take a shower, I still put on underwear, especially the bra. When the husband can’t wait to remove the bra, only the feeling, I will arrive at the climax, I just want to imagine the husband’s awkward hand is anxious to remove the button, or the whole face is posted on my breast. Biting the scene of the nipple, there will be a current pass.

Cuts can be large, but underwear must stick tightly, if you can take off, what does it mean? I can’t help but let me think about her husband’s appearance with a small piece of cloth.

I have already remembered that day, that day, I have something to go out, when he is back, he has come back first. The husband has been in the living room and drinking beer. I quickly changed clothes. When I was panting, my husband didn’t know when I came in. I scared! The movement of your hand also stopped. The husband said: “If you want to take off, you raise your feet!” Say, a pair of eyes stared at my lower body. I took off, he pushed me on the spot and unwind my shirt.

Then he started taking off my bunch of belly. This thing seems to make him very difficult, because it is closely passed on my waist, in order to help him get off, I twisted the waist, I have twisted, he The wheezing is getting better ….

How much is it? When you complete everything in a tapping room, the traces of the beams in the body have completely disappeared. Maybe have been over an hour, that is, that day, I only understand that my body is completely mature!


[I pushed the breast into my husband in my own, and then moved my fingers like masturbation in front of her husband …]

Maybe I have more and more cute, more promising, my husband is even more deceived. Although he won’t pick me with a whip, it is always easy to spare me. My neck often has purple kiss, because he wanted to swallow my neck every time, it is that place, he also wants to bite my flower with a molar. Every time they are painful and pleasant, there is a painful or uncomfortable climax, so that everything is soft, it can’t move.

Last period, just a husband’s business trip, it is my physiology, it can be said that it has violated two weeks! In the two weeks, I think of him, I am not responsible for it, so I can’t retaliate.

Saturday night, that is the next day, the husband is coming back, if it is a normal day, I will call: “I am getting up!” Children are playing. The husband woke up immediately, my breasts were hanging on his face. He reached out and grabbed my breast, but it still paused. I said: “Open your eyes!” And brush! A taking off the shirt, send the breast into your husband with your own! The husband really woke up and sat up and reached out to catch my underwear. I immediately turned to sit down, touched my point with my point, yes, just like masturbation, use the whole hand to spend the past, but also finish …

The husband said: “Let me see!” How can this? ” He wants to see, I will cover it with two palms. The husband finally couldn’t help but grab my legs and pushed away from the window.

No, he wants to see if I turn over, put the hips to him, turn over, after a few times, my husband’s hard thing has dropped tears, wet my knee. forget it! I let the morning sun shine in my flower, then play a few times with my fingers, spread the palm.

The two people have reached the highest trend, that is when it is inserted. I can say that I have reported an arrow, fully deceive my husband once!

Bold temptation

[take off the husband’s underwear, do a massage for him, look at it, so I ask 69 postures … 】

Three years after marriage, when the child was nearly two years old, I became so bold, sometimes I didn’t even have too much, I didn’t have too much!

When I wanted to go, I woven some perfume on pajamas, drilling into the nest, pretending to sleep very uncomfortable, sending “… um!” And the like, my husband reached out, I will Use one hand to gently pull his hand to the breast, and use another hand to touch his place, say: “So small!” Is there a man who heard this sentence is not angry?

This is angry, it will take it in that place, it is really between the moment! When I get bigger, I took off my underwear for him to massage. Forming the V-shaped in the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand, with his penis, reficed to the top, the food finger, on the upper and lower massages.

When I started, I often slipped away, but recently my massage flew, as long as I got this, he would eat it. At that time, his things have been greatly unpleasant, and it is barely to enter the mouth. If I don’t do it, he will say me: “Stealing the work and reduce!”

When I was in my mouth, I gently lick his tip of the slit, sometimes bit my teeth. In fact, I couldn’t help it at that time, say: “I will do it for me!” And changed to 69 posture. I came with her husband’s penis, and my hands hugged his waist. At that time, my lower abdomen burned hot, almost couldn’t help. When the husband’s face is buried there, I climbed my legs. I really want to cut him with my legs.

In the tenderness of 69, the two people have forgot everything, the husband said “great!” And I said “I am not okay!” In the narrow bedroom, I haven’t breathed us. NS. I took a breather, and I called her husband’s name. The husband couldn’t help but call:

“I can let me go in!”

I like normal positions, the two people’s chest is stuck together, and the yu nuclear is rubbed by her husband’s pub. Don’t go, I will die comfortable. In the constant piston movement, the whole body feels the joy of 痳 痳. The husband’s mouth is not forgiving, while still saying: “Not small! How, big!”

I have to answer: “Too big!”

Soft sports

[legs must be pulled as much as possible, I have feeled painful. Therefore, I can only make love, I can never come in again. 】

Because my husband is in the student era, it is a rugby player, so even if he is today, his body is still strong. Of course, one to night, his “energy” is very strong. Therefore, every night in the evening, just like “homework”, even before getting up in the morning, it is also possible to blow. Therefore, I gradually feel that I can’t eat, so I have a feeling of “hate” for her husband.

When the husband returned to the home every day, he changed to a sweatshirt, near the home, did “jogging” sports, then come back to take a shower, take a shower, clothes are not worn, still naked, doing soft body. So I will help him press the back or press the foot. Once, he asked me: “You are also doing gymnastics, how?”

I want to see it, soft and intake, it is a way to move and not exercise. Therefore, I will plan to do it with him when my husband is doing soft softness. However, once started with a soft body, I found that my body is hard-throwing, lacking elasticity, really hard to believe, it will go to this point.

And the husband actually said that this is annoying: “This is! Because you can only accept the ‘face-to-face sex’. So, the woman is best to change the love posture, can be happy.”

Although his words are annoyed, it is not reasonable, because in the past, our lines are limited to normal, although there is nothing wrong, just when the legs are asked, the phenoli will take pain. So, because the husband continues to require, I can accept the kind of line posture —- Since the beginning of the soft body, every part of the whole body, after being caressing by her husband, muscles change I have a very soft, so my husband called me to prone, and then open the two legs as much as possible. Next, the husband is pressed on my back with her body, then insert the penis into my vagina. Really, I didn’t think of it. This way is such a beautiful and comfortable, and I can’t make love with normal places. Because I have an anus and the vagina that is also attacked in the “coma”, so the whole head has happened “the sky around”, I feel that “pouring top” is not a prime taste.

The cool breeze of the summer night, the cold wind of the winter night, the wind is in the season. An annoyed autumn wind, the proud spring breeze, the feelings of the mood are upset. The wind that can’t live in spring and summer, autumn and winter, a year, … Blow ….

From chuchen …

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