My name is snow was a sophomore girls, with the students about the KTV to sing during the summer, a total of five men and three women, including male students Xiaowei, a small blog, Jill and Jill Siu Ho’s brother and his brother’s friend Aaron. Of course, we inevitably called beer add to the fun, sing about an hour, the female classmate Mandy sudden stomach pain, another female student Xiaoyu had no choice but to accompany her to leave to see a doctor. And other two after they left, five of them boys desperately toast to me, because I’m only a girl, I’m not sweep their interest, they then drink a glass of drink with them, but I although bile wine drinker not good, not long after I had drunk. Beer drink also particularly want to pee, I got up to go to the toilet box of liberation. When I finished the urine to open the toilet door, they saw Hao Ge standing in the doorway, I thought he wanted to pee, I was going out the door, he was pushed into a toilet. I was stunned, coupled with the fermentation of alcohol, the reaction becomes slow, Hao Ge me against the wall and kissed my ears, hands me the blunt cute little pull up, I 34D breasts so playing out, he saw my breasts, my nipples immediately went on sucking up, another hand of doom also rub on my breast, I only use my conscious told him not but under his nipple teasing, I groaned out. Hao Ge see I have a reaction, they pull down the zipper, pulled out his long big hard dick, I turned to lie in the washing stage, he lifted my skirt, my thong down pull it said: “! Holy crap you’re wearing a thong is ready today to let us do is, right?”

I shook my head denies: “I do not.”

He ignored me will be on hand to pull my pussy, I get under his pull, I would not be distracted own Yinjiao up my pussy thrusting under his fingers fast, has wet not decent, he proudly said to me: “hello wet yeah, you definitely want to be now I’m doing is not ah?”

I use the rest of my sanity denied shaking his head, his fingers suddenly taken out, my pussy and thus also have a little empty, But He then puts on his big dick to rub my pussy up, I was his grind flustered, whole pussy itch intolerable smell of urine and kept Yinjiao, he could see my reaction would say to me:??! “how I want to be doing ah tell the truth Oh do not go against your physiological responses oh ! “

Finally lust overcame my senses, I nodded recognition, but Hao Ge and miss me, say: “If you want ah ah you would ask me to do I did not get your permission, I can not do your ah!! ! quick! I want to fuck you soon begged me ah! “

I just want to be inserted Hao Ge big dick pussy itching, set aside the shameless self-esteem to say: “Please, I beg you do, I’m so sorry pussy, big dick fast with your help I am itching , quick-drying I beg you! “

Hao Ge Before I finished, he suddenly his big dick into my pussy inserted into it, I was his sudden move, but also loud Yinjiao up, he unceremoniously vigorously thrusting forward, let I can hardly bear fast: “ah ~ ~ ah .. a little bit slower .. small force .. ah … ah ?? you will Chasi my ah … ??.?.?.??? what?…”

He simply ignore my cry, for I still thrusting the doom: “Damn, dry out and die you little slut, fuck you die owe this man doing Xiaojian B!”

While I continue to Yinjiao, I saw the toilet door I do not know that time has stood at the other boys to watch the live erotic, they each face with evil Yin Xiao, I feel so ashamed, to get up to escape ho brother Choucha, but Hao Ge bypassed by the hands behind me, hold my breasts vigorously rub, dry lower body more vigorously to get me, I could not bear him so ruthless dry, kinky sounds is also prevalent, then Jill spoke: “brother, what I said was right it snow some good dry dry cool not great?!!?”

“It was great! Very, very cool, little girls pussy is not the same, sound and dry, tight, big tits, really fucking have Goushuang!” Hao Ge said proudly.

Hao Ge heard say, four of them boys happy and laughed, then Aaron also spoke: “!!! Hey little brother embarrassed ah ah we two first dry brother.”

“No problem! Jinglaozunxian Well! Ge You’re welcome to come ah!” They said three laughing.

Then Ge to the toilet, the toilet lid down, Hao Ge will also be looking to pull the toilet, let me hand stays in the toilet lid, Ge pulled out his dick I go out into the mouth delivery: “Xiaojian B fast , quick to help me a good lick Ge, Ge and so will ensure you dry cool heaven! “

Although I want to resist, but I was hailed by Long Ge, and I held my mouth with the cheek. They didn’t have the next two mouths. I sent a slap, and the Haozhi said to Xiao Jie on the side: “Hello! You will continue to sing! I am afraid that this little B is too cool to be too cool, it is too loud to be heard outside. You can sing, wait for us to change you! “Said that the three people will go back to continue singing songs, the Hao Ge is inserted into the end, very fast, my lower abdomen shrinks. The two legs can’t shake, and the Haozhi accelerates sprint. It didn’t take a semen in my small point. When the Hao Ge took a cock, Long Ge made me sit on the toilet, I will be two The legs are highly lifted, and force the dick into my small hole, let me see his big cock in my small hole, I can’t help it, and the dragon brother is excited: ” Xiao B, Dragon brother, you are cool! Listen to your name, it must be very cool! Is it? “

I have been taught by him, and I don’t know if I have a honesty response: “Cool! It’s so cool, the dragon brother will do it, dry the small snow is cool! Xiao Xue is almost died in two brothers!”

When I said this, I was heard by the Hao Ge, I heard it: “Dry! I have already seen it, you are a broken, long, I’m going to do anything! Today, let our brothers die. Your stinky B “said his dick into my little mouth, I was drowned by them, I have been going to change my hair, I have been changed to I, Hao Ge came in:” Xiaojie, so you don’t have enough stimulation! Let’s play a more exciting! “

“Brother, then you said! How to play is enough to stimulate?” Xiaojie asked “We call the service boy according to the service bell, let him see this little B is saked by us! What? This is stimulating ! “Hao Ge looked at my evil and said” Wow! Okay! Anyway, she is not our horse, let her have a dry scorpion to see others, we don’t even lose money! “Xiaojie excited With Hao Ge, I said that Hao Ge will go in to the bag. I can only die, I can only die, ask Xiaojie: “Xiaojie, don’t, please don’t do it, I will show my strangers, very shameful!”

Xiaojie is ignored by me, just striving to do me more, I will continue to have a leap, there is not long time, it is a service life to send beer. When he passed the toilet, see it. In this scene, I stayed at the door of the toilet. He stayed for a while, I went to the beer. When he left, he walked to the door of the toilet, Xiaojie also deliberately slammed my kinky. Called, then I saw that the service was not self-discretion, and Xiaojie saw: “Xiao B, I don’t want to be served with my brother! I call the service to come to do your brother. what?”

I was in a bad response from Xiaojie’s gods: “Okay, I want to wait for my brother to do it, wait for my brother to do it, Xiao Xue is good, come to me!”

Listening to the waiter, I am stupid. At this time, the Hao Ge and Long Ge have come over, and the Hao Ge said to the service life: “Brothers, you don’t want to do her! This little B is very dry. Oh! The tits are big and soft, the small points will succeed, do you want to try? “

The service is swallowed and swallowed and said: “Can you really? Can I really do her?”

“Of course! This little B B is very undead, we have died, and we don’t want you. Today, when you take the dog, you will be, do you want to do it? Don’t do it? Don’t do it? Don’t do it? If I call another wait, I will do it! “

“To be, of course, don’t dry white!” When he took out the dick to me, put the dick into my mouth, didn’t have long, Xiaojie finally ejected, and the waiter’s dick I was hard by my mouth, when he was inserting the dick into my small hole, was blocked by the dragon: “Wait a minute, let’s stand very well, it is better to go to the box!” Sitting and enjoying the live Spring Palace! “

After saying that the waiter and Xiaojie will pull me up, enter the box, they will empty the desktop, let me lying on the desktop, wait for the birth, my legs are not polite, they are five people It’s a smile next to it, and the waiter also excitedly knead my tits. I said: “Good tits, really soft, small points are good, I will suck! Dry!

Their five people laughed and said to me: “Xiaoba B, you are cool, you are cool, do you like this?”

I can’t control my rationality, I don’t know how to be shameful: “Cool, so cool, I like to be gang raped by you, I have to be gangted by you, every day by you! “

The five people listened to me, and the waiter saw that disdain was looked at me. “Dry! You are really, you are doing it! You must have been done by many people, really Broken numbness! Rotten and one! “Then he turned to ask Xiaojie:” This stinking is not the public toilet of your school! If you don’t want the face, it is really enough! “Xiaojie Still laughing: “Yes! I have already seen her a slap, we are planning to cultivate her into a campus public toilet! You can rest assured, in the future, when we come to sing, you will give her to you. Dry, when you eat a good news, you can also call your colleagues together! “

“Really? Then I will be welcome! You have a brother! Thank you!”

Then I was once again received by them, and I was constantly being flooded in the box. I didn’t know that I didn’t know that I was simply simply singing, but I became the sex toys of their people. I feel shameful, but I can’t deny it in physiology. I have been drove to the sky, I don’t know what kind of insuluants you will suffer in the school in the school. Is it like Xiao Jie? The bones are a soil girl?

Second, after the brothers upstairs, I took a bath, I took a shower, I just set up the T-shirt. I went on the ringtone downstairs. I quickly went to answer, I was registered, I was busy catching the short skirt. Even the underwear is still too late to wear, so get down the building, when I went down the stairs, I saw the Jianyuo, who lived upstairs, I was going to the building downstairs, I hurried down the building. I don’t know if I didn’t wear the bottom of the skirt. I have been governed by Jianyuo. When I was wrong with Jianyuo, I greeted him. When I signed a letter, I looked up and discovered that Mr. I lost my head. Staring at my T-shirt necklast, I am awkward, I didn’t wear a bra. I am afraid that the tits in the T-shirt are gotten by him. I took the letter and went downstairs. When I got upstairs I saw that Jianyuo waited for me at the stairs of my door, and Jianwei said: “Snow, do you live alone at home?”

“Yes! My parents said that today’s company wants to dinner, my brother is going to watch the movie with my classmates, I only have me at home!”

“Hey! Right, you didn’t say that you want to borrow Jay Chou’s CD with me, do you want to take it now?”

“Now?” I suddenly remembered that I didn’t wear underwear underwear. I didn’t seem to be very appropriate.

“No need! Just upstairs, you just took it down, why did you trouble?”

I thought, I took the CD and went downstairs. Why bother? “Well! Let’s go now!”

So I was going upstairs with Jianyuo. When I went to him, he also had no one person. Asked him, he only knew that his brother, heroed group and his classmates didn’t come back, and his family only had him at home. Jianvi is a big three student, and his brother is a high school student in our school, which is my senior, and I also know that the health group has always had a good sense, Jianweizu said that there are many CDs in his room, call me He picks up his room, you can borrow a few pieces, I am very happy to go to the house, I entered him, and there is a lot of songs in the bookcraft, and I am looking for a chaos. After Jianji brothers walked to me, their hands gently held my waist: “Snow, you are very good!”

I am concentrating on picking CDs, I haven’t worried about answering: “Is there? OK!”

Then Jianweiziang is more bold to ask: “You have a lot of experience! How many people have done it?”

I was scared to look back him: “What do you say? How do you ask?”

I didn’t finish it, I was hugged by Jianyuo, I was desperate to get rid of his embrace, but his strength is very big, I will not open it at all: “Jianweig, what do you do? Let me go! “

“It’s rare, you didn’t wear underwear, didn’t wear underwear, and didn’t you show it to seduce a man to do it? Don’t be embarrassed to admit it!”

I am anxious and ashamed: “I am any? Not like this, you let me go home!”

“Koke! Let’s send the fat sheep, how can I put you like this, I have to go, I have to go, I can go! Don’t install innocence, you don’t know how many people have done it, it is not bad. I am one! “

When I finish, I press me on the bed and start to do my T-shirt, knead my tits.

“Don’t? What? Don’t? A? Let me go?” I struggled to get rid of his magic “Wow! Good tits, soft and touch! It’s a big milk!” . “Jianweizhi? Do you let me go? Don’t you? Help?” I attempted to take a call to save him. I can’t scare him. I didn’t expect his lips to press my lips and stopped my call for help. The tongue is rogue in my mouth, wraps with my tongue, and the finger is more in my nipple, I gradually be picked up by him, and I also started to breathe, Jianviao I have a reaction, let’s let go of my lips and low-hearted my nipple. I will continue to knead my tits, and the other has reached into my short skirt to start teasing my yuki, my nipple and yuocular Sensitive, can’t stand so much, I finally couldn’t help but screamed: “Well? Ah? Ah? Don’t? Ah? Don’t? Ah? Itch?? Don’t?”

“Don’t, don’t want something? Small Said, don’t stop?” Jianweizi finished, and then insert your fingers into my holes.

“Ah? Don’t? What? Don’t get it? Ah? I will not be able to stand it? Ah? It itchy? Ah?”

Jianweizi listened to me, and the fingers were more fast in my small point, and my little hole was in his throduction, the prostitute had begun to flood, and the whole hole was wet. Ah? Ah? Jianwei brother is not? Ah? I can’t stand it? Ah? Stop stop? “

“Small snow, your small hole is good! It seems to be talking, it is good, I want to be inserted by Chickel! Do you say right?”

“Ah? Don’t plug it again? Ah? Ah? Itch? It’s so uncomfortable? Ah? Ask you? Ask you?”

“Ask me? Ask me! Ask me to do it? It’s itchy! Want my big dick into your small hole, help you itching?”

I was as shameful by him, and I responded to the launde: “Ah? What? Is it so uncomfortable? Ah? I will use the big cock to do it? Ah? Fast? Ask you? Fast?”

Listen to me, Jianwei brother took off me away, I slammed my feet to the bed, and then took off his shorts, revealing his hard scary big cock, picking my short skirt Just inserting my small hole.

I was inserted by him, and the screams of the sound came: “ah?

Jianweizhi’s hands bypass my feet, I took my 34D tits, and the cock of the lower body also took the top. Every time I got to the depths of the small hole. I was used by him, the lament of the top Continuous.

“Ah? Hello? Top death? Ah? Ah? I will be being killed? Oh? A?”

“Dry! It’s so cool, never doing the big saga, today is really earning, really fucking is so cool!”

I was cavified by him for a long time, I went to the lower abdomen and pulled me, then he didn’t stop me in different postures. I finally pushed me to the desk, let me kneel like a bitch, from behind Dry me, my little hole is inserted under his big dick, and constantly makes the flaw skin. My tits are swayed from time to time. In half an hour, I have been dried by him. The climax has been three times, while I have been done, I didn’t pay attention to the door of the living room, someone came back.

“Ah? I can’t do it? Ah? Ah? I lost it again? Have you died? Ah??”

“The little mother, Jianweizhi, you are cool! Your call is good! Listening is really cool, I didn’t expect your foreigner, and in fact, the bones were an underwhelming goods, and they were like a scorpion. Same!”

“Ah? What is it? I am a little bitch that is indeed stem? I am so cool to get the Jianyu brother? Ah? Jianwei brother is so powerful? How will it be dry? What do I like to be treated by Jiangang? A? “

When I said this, Jianqun has walked to the door of Jianvi Ge. He looked at us surprised, stunned in the original place: “Brother, you? Xiaoxue, how is you? You two for you? ? “

I heard the sound of health group, I suddenly felt a lot of shame, I thought of fleeing, but the pressure of the health of Jianwei’s force continued to force, and the vulnerability will not stop.

“You don’t misunderstand, this is not my horse, she didn’t wear a bra, I didn’t wear underwear, I ran to find me, didn’t you sing to send me to do it? If I don’t do her, I am not too sorry. The little brother? “

“Brother, you? How can you like this? You know that I like small snow, how can you do this?”

“Hey! You don’t be stupid, you didn’t hear her bed sound? Do you think she has more innocent! If you see her, I have just hungry, I don’t have to do her. You know that she has nothing to do! Have more unfortunately, she is called the son to install innocent, you are still a martial arts! “

I was said by Jianyuo, I feel shameless, I didn’t expect it to be actually loved to me, I saw that I was sicking, and it was even more miserable. I can’t make a constant hatching because of the uncontrollable reminder Detecting, this is undoubtedly echoing the statement of Jianyuo. At this time, I also saw that the gangli showed a humble expression, and the health of Jianji quickly pandered me, and the health group could not stand it, he lost the basketball Going to me, Jianyuo also pulled me from the desktop, let me kneel on the chair, still doing me from behind, go to me, take off the sports shorts, take out his big cock, just To my mouth, their brothers played me one after another, and didn’t take long-term Jianji gradually accelerated the speed of the throduction. I knew that he quickly shot, he held my tits. “小 小 货, dead, you, this stinky, shot is good in you?”

I was opened by his hardcore, unbearable, unbearable, big chicken, opened his mouth: “Ah? Okay? Ah? I am a safe period? You didn’t matter in it? Ah?”

Then Jianyu brother took my little hole, and I was welcome to fill his semen in my small hole. When Jianyuo took out the cock of the fine, the health group pulled me up, and the hard work is in bed. He stood in the bed and lifted my feet. I didn’t pity. I wanted to smash my little hole. I put the dick into my small hole. Thanks to me, I still like you so, I didn’t expect you to be so embarrassed. Since you don’t do it, today our brothers will die, you don’t want the abuse of this! “

The healthy group said that I did my hard, my ass, I didn’t think of the mourning of the usual Swin, but I became like a beast, I think I am faster. Into it.

“Ah? A health group? Ah? Small power point? Slow? Ah? Ah? I will give you dead? Ah??”

“Yes! I have to die today, you don’t want your face, so I don’t do it, so, I have to teach you, my mother, the lower goods today! Say, be refreshing by our brothers Unhappy, are you a born 婊子 life, your cavity is not a man can’t do it? “

“Ah? Against group? Don’t do this? Ah? I have been lost enough? Ah??”

“Operation! You don’t say you, are you not willing to die?” He said that he is more strikingly on my small hole.

“Ah? What? I said? I said? Ah? I am down? I don’t do it? Ah? I don’t want my face? A? I don’t have a man can’t do it? Ah? I am gone by your brother? Cool? Ah?? “

When I finished, the homework face showed disdainful hyphen expressions, and Jianyuo, who was watching the battle: “Healthy group, I didn’t say anything! This is enough to be a wave! You I don’t believe in the refreshing German. When we believe in us, when we want to do her, she must be automatically sent to the door, this free, we don’t do her, isn’t it too idiot? ? “

I am in a healthy group, the climax is constantly, the shame has already thrown into the brain, unconsciously talking, health group will turn over the bed, continue from the back, I don’t stop me, my tits don’t stop Sensual shaking, he gradually accelerated: “Fusion! I am owe people, my daughter, I am dying you, squat, don’t face the scorpion!”

Finally, he left my little hole, shot, shot into my small hole, I also reached the climax, my feet were unable to shake, my brain was blank, he took out the dick, looking back with disdainful eyes I said: “Do you!

After that, he didn’t return to the room of Jianyuo. At this time, I was still enjoying the hiwen after the climax. I didn’t know if I hated Jianyuo, let me look at the healthy group. When I arrive, I still have to survive, who told me that I don’t wear underwear pants to send the door to let them do, I feel shameful, but I have been in the you have never been pleasant, I don’t know if I am. Will be like a team of Jianqun, let them do it at any time, I really have to say so.

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