To face the new students feel that I could not sleep, so at midnight, I began the most common method of hypnosis – masturbation. With high tide again, I dragged his tired body to a bath, and finally fell asleep …… ah? Going to be late! I quickly climb up, all traces of underwear last night, wearing a …… certainly not too late, I put on the cloak of panic, simply wash makeup and ran toward the door.

Finally arrived to school, I trot toward the stairs, too late to care about this little skirt I will not disclose the fact that a vacuum. What to know just arrived on the second floor, the side of a man suddenly rushed over, have not had time to respond, I was knocked him to fly out. Fell a overturned.

“Woo hate! Hit people really hurts!” I moaned sweetly. Long fingers as if slapping the dust, seize the time of her skirt hem natural finishing back into place. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He apologized, he helped me up.

I steal a look at him! And his eyes touched my face immediately launched into two flush, and quickly put on a very innocent face …… over, he saw it …… just a stand up straight, suddenly the foot of a soft …… I finished, too much last night, all of a sudden are not careful also stand firm, but fortunately, the boys in time to catch me …… ah, hate, actually all of a sudden he’s the top thing on my belly to really force me too …… bounce, faint glanced at him, and whispered a sentence: “hate”, picked up the bag, turned and started for the stairs run.

“What is your name?” His voice came back. Halted, looking back, said: “!! I do not tell you you’ll be late.”

“This is the new transfer student, Lin Anqi students, everyone welcome.”

“Hello everybody, I’m Lin Anqi, and we hope to make good friends.”

“Report!” The door was broke my self-introduction. Class ten minutes to the people, really …… I looked him Zhuantou Chao …… ah? Is that hit my people!

“Duan Ming! You how late again, the teacher told you a hundred times! That did not change, but also froze the doing, not the seat is coming up!”

He quickly ran back to his seat in the back …… I continue to introduce myself, but he saw me in confusion, simply and quickly finished …… how to do it …… “Lin Anqi, clear edge section is empty, you sat go. “

“Ah?” Finished, but still have the same table with him, this time how to do it …… I reluctantly came to the seat next to him, smiled at him carefully, and sat down.

Not surprisingly, only 20 seconds, a small piece of paper called out: “Just to hurt you hit it, oh I’m sorry, I did not mean..”

I looked at him, a note back: “Oh, that hurts you how to lose people.”

“I want to stay? How to accompany you at night :)”

“Who hates to accompany you, is a sum”

In fact, I’d argue no bad impression of him, so it is no anger, he ruffian ruffian looks quite cute actually said.

While chatting, I suddenly felt my thigh was what touched, shocked me, I saw his leg, Well, I did not see the little pervert …… away, he seemed greatly excited, tight thigh posted up tight, fiery hot, hot my heart thump thump jump. I do not back down, as if inadvertently gently shaking a pair of legs, gently rubbing his thigh. Just then, a fiery hand shift over, gently help on my thigh. In the state I have no time to respond, did not straight out into the delay between my thighs.

“Ah” I did not react promptly called out, becomes a cry whisper. I thought he wiped oil, chipping away at even, did not think he would be so bold and unexpected, until his hot hand in the inside of my thigh stroked tender back and forth, I just react. Quickly climbed on the table, one hand pressing his claws across the skirt, to prevent him from continuing in-depth color women included net, one hand over his mouth, uttered a muffled irrepressible moans: “Do not ah “our seats are in the class alone remote corner of the last row, the classroom is behind the wall, unless someone deliberately bent peep, otherwise no one will notice. He suddenly mouth close to my ear and gently blew: “This morning – I – see – the – the -“

This sentence seems a curse, suddenly my whole body melted, he followed and added even more explicit: “Yesterday you were not – hand – prostitution – to stay up late?”

I was shocked, and he seems to have seen it all. And he also slowly broke through my line of defense when I was continuous and shy, and inserted along my full-scale thigh slit. The fingers were separated from my soft, gently bloomed in my petals. The pink tender meat is teasing. “Oh” I sent a desperate throat, and the body was like being shocked. My body is sensitive, not to mention the most time when I am most sensitive. I instinly moved my back, I was shouted, I want to avoid his fingers so obscen, it is as if there is no success, he is skilled in the same, the finger is buckled in my hill. In the concave fold of the leg, the water spirit of my wet soft meat is very touched …? When did I already be so moisted … really shameless … His fingers seem to have magic, I feel that strong pleasure came up from the lower body, the lower abdomen is hot, this feels very familiar – superb prelude … Body two petals The intersection of the lips, the warm honey solution is not self-flowing out.

“Hey.” His fingertips are in my delicate pink clitoris, the honey gratis layer stacked the tender meat in his plumbing Zhang Wei, the imposing honey liquid is constantly moving … “Don’t, now Class, the classmates saw … “I still have a little bit of my mind, whispered.

When he opened this sentence, he suddenly separated my agar as a simple and full of labi, and the finger went deep into the soft and humid cavity, slowly inserted in a piece of adhesion.

In the sacred class, under the eyelids of teachers and classmates, they were so surpassing to play with their most pleasing honey, this scene is only imagined, but now is in reality.

I can’t control the heavy breath, and the classmates who have a good front row did not pay attention. I bite the lips and control myself on the paper: “You are bad!”

His evil smile, the finger is like a fish in my colorful girl, don’t! I almost called, but I bite the lips, but my body gives the most timely reaction – suddenly suddenly strongly, so that I almost dizzy, then the strongest relaxation, the lower body Warm … I climped … okay! Just at this time, the get out of class bell rang, and he quickly took back his hand. The students showed a messy voice, covering the snoring when I climax. I fixed my God and hurried out.

When I came to the bathroom, I almost flew into a toilet, took out the paper towel, and carefully lifted the skirt, wipe it clean from the liquid ejected from my small hole, and then wipe it with wipes.

Until the next section took a bell, I returned to the seat. He quietly asked me: “Where did you go?”

I hate him at him: “Toilet!” He rushed me slightly, and his eyes looked at the blackboard, handed her a note: “I want to make love with you.”

… look at his skills, do love must be very powerful … I feel the signs of the lower body seems to be heavy, and I have been busy stopping myself, and I returned the paper back: “Time? Location?”

He reply immediately: “At night, my family.” I reply: “There is a condition.” “Said!”

“Don’t touch me again during the day!”


So we were as pleasant as you knowing the old friends who met many years. When he watched no one, he quietly asked: “Are you masturbating last night?”

I used the textbook to hit him, completely killing his last curiosity of this problem.

Since there is something to expect to arrive in the evening, with time, the body has gradually changed. I am old to imagine his size, technology … then suddenly suddenly wet … I look at him, I looked at me, I couldn’t help him back him a water, my eyes.

I hate, why not set time at noon? Although I can’t go home at noon school, I can always find a teaching building, gymnasium, warehouse and other secluded places to make love? This is going on, you have to kill me! Time is too slow. It’s hard to get late. I quietly calmed my heart, and the end is just right, and I met the homework, and I just learned half, the bright fluorescent lamp in the classroom swayed, extinguished. power failure! ! ! !

The scream of the girl and the horses of the boys resounded throughout the classroom.

I am in my heart, I am going to say something to the people, one hand, slightly, I will go to his arms, and the lower body is almost instantaneous.

I want!

He is certainly willing to be polite, the finger lights the road to touch the peach in my short skirt.

I trembled in his arms, and the warm and implied honey solution continued to overflow. I can’t help but bite his shoulder, vent it, then put his lips. He tightened my slim waist, tongue and my soft and sipped tongue crazy entangled, handed up my skirt, let my white sexy hips exposed in the chill of the night, I sat on his thigh Kiss him warmly. His hand slipped into my front, I didn’t have a bra, and a pile of snowfasts falling into his palm, almost instantaneous pain. He cared hard with my towering peak, and the palm was pressed against my pink pink. “Ah, I am hot and wet, I am so stimulated” I said softly in his ear. At the same time, the hand is gently touched, kicks him, and feels his little brother.

Well, it’s so hot … I will take a special emptiness when I will under my body … I need it!

I don’t have the way to please it, touch it, let him go to the sky, and open their legs, sit down.

Good news … so big, so hot, just the glans, March day, let me send a numbness, I carefully separate myself, enjoy the excitement of his chest, the other hand help it, against it Sit down. Paste slip, moist, hot meat stretched, surrounded by his hot, hard meat stick, there is a burst of sucking in the lower body, killing it.

I tightly grabbed his shoulder, and the fat and beautiful round hips sat down, and the girl wet closely vaginal in the stimotus glaboupete crowded down the constant peristaltic contraction, tightly wrapped around the penis. Until the glans have been with delicate flowers, I have a long time in low and low.

The discussion and conversation of other students are in the ear. In the unilateral darkness, his big meat stick is inserted into my eyes, and the little girl Lin Anqi in all people is a humid honey, and the waves are shared.

He slowly raised my hidden hips, was applied to my honey liquid on the big meat rod, and rubbed with soft meat slowly, slowly retreatd to the crown. At the time, he slammed me down, the glans whistling the flesh folding of the waves. The hunger of the flesh in the week suddenly has so strong, I’m almost soft in him, and I have to live in his shoulder. Don’t let yourself scream. Whenever he has turned into it, I will hiburnly, grabbiz him, bite his shoulders, send a low larynge.

This kind of mobility of love makes me very excited, because in the dark, my attention is almost completely concentrated on the skin and the ironing of the intersection, making this raw stimulus have greatly enhanced. I felt that he was inflated in my body, with a slight “” “water, and ingestuous in the narrow small hole.

marvelous! The second climax almost immediately appeared, I am softened, I am somewhat confusing, and I don’t know if I am waving a few times. Fortunately, in the classroom, we sat in the corner, no one didn’t pay attention to the sound of the ecstasy. His cock is really good, I have little way to control my own climax by him, and the warm and punched prostitute has been overflowing.

Just then, he was more cruel, the storm, the violent attack made me not helpful to be more prosperous: “Well ~~ Um ~~ Husband ~~ I ~ I am very comfortable ~~ You are dead ~”

He didn’t give me a chance to breathe, and it was directly inserted. Every time I returned to the head. Every time I entered the root, the slutty soft meat was contracted, and the honey was wet and the legs of the two people under the fierce collision. A pair of big hands and rudely opened my front, and I took the best crispy of my pair of circles such as hemispheres.

This round of attack is over again, and the honey liquid is covered with my white hips. I kept shaking down under his body, tightly biting the collar and didn’t let myself shout. A pair stretched into his clothes, and took hard to catch his back muscles, fat and beautiful hips, I am moving. Get the most perfect pleasure! Put the atmosphere, repeatedly issued a few syllables in the intermittent: “Fast, fast ~ ~ deep little ~~~ ah ~~ um ~~”

He smashed, took me, pressed into the desk, put my full-scale thighs, and the thick meat rod is on my soft honey, and I’m going to the end. The fierce touch of emotions made a sound of the sound in May, but I couldn’t think of stopping the action in my mind. I just want to make love! More violent love! Let your youth’s lust breakthrough morality, fiercely released.

I slam again, a pair of playful legs tightly hoop his waist, the pointed nails took into his meat, I was shouted and shouted in his ear: “Don’t stop! Well I beg you ~~ Don’t stop ~~~ um ~~ “His meat stick has a big bigger in my body, and every insert will bring me huge pleasure. My mind is so dizzy, as if it is hypoxia. A circular current in the vagina continued to pass, I really want to spray it quickly. At this time, he launched a total attack, I bite the teeth, exhausted the last strength to bear his most violent impact, and a big shot in front of me, I know, my big door is to open!

I have no way to bite the teeth, so I continue to bite his shoulders, the small throat calls like a joy of hanging hanging.

His hard meat rod is constantly rising, and the powerful joining force puts my vagina to death.

“Come! Shoot … Give me … Use the semen … filled with … small hole …” I can’t live, my body is a short spasm, my brain instantly a blank, the whole body is a pleasure, the whole body is also A warm, spurting a large uncomfortable hot juice.

He played a cold, tightened her soft carcass, the big meat stick rushed into my warm and soft, gentle, and shaked a whiteworn semen into my uterus. Extreme, so cool!

I dressed up, the warm and humid lips look for his lips, we madly kissed together, the tongue is like a flexible snake, passing the passionate silk honey.

I didn’t have a lot of strength, lying in him, feeling that he took the meat stick from I have been inserted. The two petals of the slightly blocked petals.

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