I am a young doctor who graduated from Medical University. I graduated from a small hospital in Guangzhou. I recruited more than this year. It is worthy of yourself to become a love expert.

Originally, I went to surgery. I didn’t expect to transfer me from surgery to obstetrics and gynecology. I just started feel embarrassed. I saw the women of different ages to take off their pants in front of you. Out of the black lacquer, even when checking all the pants, sitting in the chair, smashing the legs, showing you that only her husband has the right to watch the small hole, any man is unable To endure, let alone you are young, but also a man, but you will get used to it, tell the truth, what you think, every day, the work is watching the sexual organ of the woman, there is a little numbness. . Sometimes I am even worried that I will lose interest in women in this regard, lose the most basic characteristics of men.

An unforgettable day remembers a summer evening, the clock has already sounded more than 10 points, the clinic is still in business, but a patient is not, I am very embarrassing, I am sitting alone in the clinic.

“Doctor, hello!”

Suddenly, a crisp voice broke the depression of the air. I turned to see it, wow! A twenty born, very pure and beautiful young girl came in. Her height is about 1.67 meters, the body is rich, the skin is white, wearing a white tight t-shirt, blue tight jeans, and the body’s line is beautiful.

When she sat down, she didn’t talk, I asked her: “You are uncomfortable, let me help you?”

She stayed in ten minutes, she slowly swallowed her, her voice like a silver bell. It turned out that her boyfriend suddenly made her down, she was afraid of refusing my boyfriend to be angry, agreed to know how to do, and did not dare to ask my mother, and finally thought of the doctor.

I feel very funny, my heart thinks that there is a woman who knows this kind of thing for more than twenties.

So I specialize in explaining some attention to her love. In fact, doctors don’t learn these things, they are learning from those magazines, but they have never practiced.

Originally, I was still very embarrassed, but she also listened to the taste, and asked me from time to time: the difference in the depth of the penis insert, or the best in love.

I know, I have to pay an answer. But in the end, she is still satisfied.

When I have to get off work, I just came again. This time I am cooked, I am not too embarrassed, sitting in a chair, saying: “Doctor, I think about it outside, still have a lot of don’t understand , Have you spend another talk about it? “

I thought about how to have such a stupid girl, what is the use of pretty?

“Do you want to learn the skills of love? Why do you want to learn?” I opened the door to say.

“In order to make my boyfriend happy!” She buried her head, obviously heard her shy.

I have heard that I don’t know if she has such a boyfriend, she is happy, still sad. I looked at her ashamed, suddenly a thought was flashing in my mind.

I turned on the computer and put it into a disk. The nourishment of the nature of the stabble, and the sound of the people can’t stand it.

The story is that a woman is alone, two strangers come in to rape her. I admit that and admire people’s eyes are really not bad, they shoot a film, the angle is very in place, especially the lens has turned around the penis and vaginal contacts, from all angles, the two men The cock is growing and thick. In the woman’s small hole, try his best to play, and the woman is inserted, and the madness of the prostitution. I have seen the cock hard!

I looked at the girl, she sat red, staring straight at the screen, so I sat next to the girl, and started to explain the movie in the film, if there is anything, if there is anything to touch the girl.

The three people in the film are all over. The woman has experienced four or five climaxes, and the obscenity of the bed is soaked, and the two men shot delicate in her holes and ass. The girl can see the breathing, I know that she began to start, and said softly: “Do you want to know how to make love? I will teach you now.”

After finishing, I put it from her collar into her chest and gently compromised her bra, and the girl began to whisper. I said that your boyfriend has not touched you? She shook her head. I got to unlock her shirt, showing the black sexy bra, and her chest is not too big, but it should be 34b from the bra. I took off her shirt, she was working together, I started to solve her bra with her back, but I also did this for the first time, so that I declined to spend five minutes, it is really shame.

She began to fight, it might be a bit shy, but her rebellion was not very violent, the bra quickly took it, her for the sizes and a very strong tattoo jumped out, and the white is very cute, the middle point A small pink nipple, it is a beautiful scenery!

She shy two hands covering, I gathered softly, gently compoot her nipple with her hand, start to feel her trembling, I can’t help it, I still have a little, she “,” The big name, I want to push me, but I have already used your hand to take her.

I have the first nipple outside the mother, I feel very cool. After the method introduced in the book, first lick the girl’s nipple with the tip of the tongue, around the circle, occasionally bite with the teeth, she began to squat, can’t help but hug my head with her hands, hurt my head, desperate gasping.

I took a while, I put her flat on the sofa and started to handle her belt. She used one hand to die, and the mouth is vague. Don’t say it.

“Don’t learn?” I continued her breast with one hand, and another hand continued to solve the belt, and my mouth came to the girl’s ear. The girl is slowly obedient, only the strength of the mouth.

It’s hard to take off your tight jeans, reveal two slender legs, white. There is only a white and translucent silk tripper left in the inside, and the faint approval can see a group of “dark clouds” in the genitals. Probably, it is the place where the hairy is, splicing, very loved.

Because of a small tribe, her butt is full of revealing, white and soft, and the trippers can only cover the buttocks and small acupoints, the girl’s underwear is really particularly particularly sexy, and the scene is too tempting! My penis is too uncontrolled! The erection of the penis is hard, I can’t help but want to take it out.

I was gentlely smashed by the tripage. After a while, the girl sent “um ~ 噢 ~” to charming.

I said with the girl’s ears: “Very good, you see you are wet, your boyfriend will be very happy.”

I fade her underwear, I saw it is really wet, I finally saw the whole picture of the girl. Her incapacity is very shallow, the hairy is not much, very shallow, and the black is golden yellow. It is one of the kind of mature, only a little bit above the hole, and it is light.

Although I met a lot of women of different ages, I still be excited about her privacy. I gently spoke her legs, carefully observed the structure of her holes, generally said it is still hypertrophic, two large labipings, pink, top is the triangular small protrusion, although I I know that it is a woman’s clitoris, but I still can’t help with my fingers, the girl “ah”, the butt is moving up.

I gently put the index finger into the lips, you can see the round red little hole, it is really different, the vaginal mouth of the married woman is dark red, some is black, and There are a lot of prostitutes, this kind of virgin is really beautiful! Also because it is nervous!

I continued to feel, slippery, she out of more obscenees.

The girl should call it when you gasping. But no man will listen to her.

My finger finally felt the feeling of being surrounded by warmth, an unprecedented feeling, almost shot, but fortunately.

When the finger continues, when I put it in half, I felt the resistance of the hymen. I touched it, and she called a pain. I have to let it work first, just use your fingers to go back and forth in the small hole, and also turn the fingers in the hour, the girl began to mix with a breath.

My movement is gradually getting bigger, I started to put in the small point in the small hole, and the thumb is gently rubbed, this action makes the girl can’t stand, the whole body began to be uneasy, I want to call and want to be very contradictory, buttock Starting with the rhythm up and down, slowly flowing out a lot of water, more and more.

I used the tongue to lick her clitoris, and there were regularity to jumped his tongue, while still watching her reaction, the tongue has gradually reached into the vaginal mouth, and inward, the girl can’t stand it, two hands arrested The sofa is called so itch. I know that she can’t stand it, I am also the same, the following chickens are hard, he surely gets the whole body to take a light, so that two have become naked naked.

I also surrounded her little hole, the body slowly turned to her head, grabbing her hand to my own cock, she didn’t seem to understand, holding the dick, I can’t move, I am anxious, holding her The hand is put a few times as a guide, she slowly understands, the little hand starts a set of cocks, and the cool and itching feels straight, I can’t help but speed up the strength and speed of the tongue, but also Try to insert it into the small hole, and finally use the mouth with your mouth.

“Ah! It’s so comfortable!” The girl is called. The buttocks, the hands also accelerate the cocks.

I suddenly took her hand, she smashed, I didn’t know what I want, I suddenly reached the dick to her mouth, “Come, give me also lick!”

How did she not promise? Why don’t I open a mouth, I am a little angry, and suddenly, I have biting my mouth.

She hurts “ah”, my hard chicken is inserted into her cherry, she is very wronged, I want to cry and embarrassed.

I said that she said nothing, giving him a lick, but she is not dry, hey, this little girl is really temper, I have been anxious to wait for him to give him a blow, I quickly dropped my body, volve in her On the body, separate her two legs with your legs, take the cock to her small hole, she understands what happens, there is no rebellion, just saying with begging, “Ask you to light, I am the first Second-rate.”

I promised, I didn’t say that I was also the first time. I can’t help but, hard dicks squeeze the tidal labipings, and unscrupulously enter the vaginal mouth. After the cock go in, there is a feeling of punching, coupled with a little compression similar to hand, and a heat inclusion.

The meat stick has begun to enter the small hole, and the girl is dead, grabs my arm, and the brow is crumpled. I don’t dare to force too much. I can only go forward at a point, and the whole glans have entered these two. Ten years old young girls have a narrow tender hole!

I feel that there is an unprecedented feeling, so comfortable! The virgin is really tight! I couldn’t help but have an impulse of ejaculation, but I have neverned it, and my ass is inserted. I feel the meat stick to hold the women’s film, the girl is nervous to grab me.

Although I have never experienced sexual intercourse for the first time, I still endure the kind of wanting to fire, slowly turning to the meat stick, gently enter and exit. The girl slowly relaxed, and the strong breathing begins to mix the “um ~ ~”, but the ass also moved up.

“Is it comfortable?” I asked in her ear. The girl is like a silk, just use her sweet voice “um ~ um ~ ~”.

I saw the little beauty, I rushed, a waist, the big chicken took a tight honey, and slammed the girl’s film for 20 years!

The girl “ah!” Is exclaimed, tears come out. I can’t bear a little, I can’t put it, enjoy the warmth of the female point. The firm meat stick is inserted into the thighs of her close together, and the thick fever and the glans are caught in the genus, I have a good battle, I have never been ventilated.

I have been waiting for a while, I see that she calmly starts tooth hard bats.

The girl started to be a pain, but the action of the throduction finally touched her desire, she started to be good, but only after a while, only left, the buttocks left, sometimes it Move my throduction.

I also started to put it, the speed and strength of the thrust were also increased, and the two-person sexual system issued “唧 滋”.

“Ah! Ah ~ ~ Ah! ~~”

The girl began to be loud. I was afraid that she was heard, and her mouth was blocked with her mouth. She didn’t kiss this for a long time. I didn’t know that her saliva was smell, I put the tongue into her mouth. She also began to catering me, the two people’s tongue wrapped around, and even the sound came.

My cock has been crazy in the following madness, I have to see the girl in the body twitch, I will hold me in the dead, it seems to be a climax, but I didn’t slow down the speed, the crude meat stick quickly Small, prostitution is done into a white foam.

I feel a little tired, maybe I am not used to it for the first time? I stopped and turned with a cock in the girl. The girl seems to be burned in the fire, it is not enough, the small hole is tall and let the dicks insert. I thought, will the woman become so prostitution after being dried?

I said that I am tired, you are on it. She shook her head and said no. I said that I will teach you. I pulled out the cock and took out whiten red red, she is really a woman.

I lay down next to it, holding her to my body, but the girl didn’t understand, I let her sit on me, the small hole is sitting down, she has no thought, “a ah,” a hurry Unplugged out, my hand tightly put her waist force down, and the cock was inserted into the small hole, so I took the hand and dried her waist.

Looking at the girl white tender breasts is very beautiful, but the girl does not know how to make the strength, and I have been tired of sweating, I have to stop.

I thought, I had to change a posture, busy climbing up, let the girl fell on the sofa, she squatted behind her, grab her butt, backward, girl butt, girl ass The air has become a hustle pose on the sofa, dog-like posture. Her chest is like a tender bamboo shoots, and the curve is exquisite, and the rounded butt, a couple of white calves hanging on the sofa, one of them hangs a small lathe Panties, it’s really beautiful!

I first used my fingers to plug the girl’s small hole, squatting the clitoris, smashing her, swaying, then grabbing her pelvis, grabbing her butt, then tall, then It is standing between her legs. I hold my hard hot meat stick right hand, with the glans to mop her tender labie, and gently top her small clitoris.

Nothing, the girl twisted the ass, it seems to have a stick to find a stick in her honey, and I deliberately tease her, that is, I don’t want to go. The girl has begun to be astople, even a hand has reached over to catch my stick. I deliberately didn’t go in, but I went back in her curve, I reached out to her chest to pinch to play her breast, this pinch, only the girl is more emotional, hiding up Come, close your eyes, and your moving is getting bigger and big.

“Little baby, coolness? Want to do your big stick?” I was teasing her.

The girl is seriously breathed, and even the words can’t say it. It should be nodded. Stretch it to the behind the hand grabbed my thigh, and continued to explore my hot rods in two buttons hidden in her. She is not for a hurry to go in.

I released my hands with my girl’s breasts, straight, one hand and dialing her little meat, first finger her little clitoris, then another hand hit my hard like it. The iron rod, the pensishes, the huge glans will be aligned with her moist, slowly inserted into it, all the way to the end, to her body!

The girl looked at the head and long “um”, completely indulge in the deep feeling of fulfilling in the middle of the lower body. She stretched into the body and grabbed my hands on my thigh. It seems that I want to grab the meat on my legs. I can imagine her integration of sex.

I know that this little girl can’t wait until I start to twitch. I want this fresh little girl today to enjoy the highest peak of sex, so I slowly pull the meat stick, only one-third of one-third of her body, then one quite The waist, the hard force is once again smashed. This trick completely unexpectedly, she thought I had to take the same regularity as the previous law, I didn’t expect him to rush to the end, the hot meat stick put her down her lower body, Soft and hard glans stride to her most sensitive depths, almost seem to be hit by him from his mouth.

“Ah ~ Ah ~~ 喔 ~~~ 喔 … ~ 好 啊 ~~ Fast a little … 喔 … … 哟 ……”

The girl couldn’t help but the mouth to the biggest. The throat couldn’t help but send a high-spirited vangua. The whole body bones seem to be scattered, but the feelings that satisfy their happiness is that she has never experienced this.

I know this hit her sensitive place, and the hands grabbed her s side of her waist. After pulling out, immediately slammed her deepest, and once again rushed to her vagina, Each time she hits her, she will be hysterically distinguished, once more fierce, once more than a high …

I made it out, let her take her twenty-year-old young beauty, feel the touch of her soft and white meat, look at the exquisite back of her curve, and two rounds of white hips.

Every time I put it in the end, the girl’s vagina automatically contracted, tightly clamped my stick, it seems that I am afraid that I am going out, and I am pulling out every time, her hot and soft vagina will me. The penis is covered with the mock, the kind of electric shock, stimulates me more striking, more powerful stamp. And the girl grabbed the sofa handle, and the other hand tightly twisted my thigh, and I couldn’t stand the hair. Happiness is zero, that is really a sensuality, and it is complete with the original pure and lovely look. Judgment two people.

I didn’t have a few hundred, from the girl’s call and the body, she has been at least two or three climax in ten minutes. I didn’t let her have a breath, continue to catch her tender little. Waist, fast thrush, strike the deepest place of her holes, let her cry more than a high, climax, one wave, and the peak of each climax is higher than the previous time. I know that she is experiencing her feelings that she grows to now.

This kind of sexy seductive little girl is too exciting, I want to shoot, so after a slave, put the big dick to her body, top in her point, then I feel the head of my head, waist Cool, cock, a sudden, a little bit of exciting, a little bit of semen in the girl, feeling for a long time, the cock is still inserting.

The girl also felt the expansion of the strong hot flow and penis bursts. She is really can’t stand it, ah, calling not, the last voice, the whole person can’t support it. , Two legs are soft, falling on the sofa.

After I struggled, the whole talents were like a lot, and I was tired to drink on her. The cock was slipped out, and the wet and a lot of white red and red-transparent liquids, nor I didn’t know my semen. Or the girl’s prostitute, she is really a woman.

I got up and got up on the sofa, caress the girl’s white back hips on the side, I saw that my gantry seems to be too hard to jitter.

After the girl gasped, she got a big confused and looked at me. When I saw my stuff, I turned around in front of my meat stick, reach out of the fiber, like a baby, Gentle, I know that the girl has fell in love with my baby, she already appreciates that this baby brings her life to the extreme fun and pleasure.

After the girl is gentle, I play a few meat sticks, a moving cherry, automatically containing the baby’s meat stick into her mouth. When my meat stick was in a warm small mouth, I only felt that I was hot, and I was excited.

I didn’t expect that she will take the initiative to blow me, just she still refuses. The girl’s mouth has been very angry, but it seems that the fierceness that has just been in love with her inner energy. After she feels in a strong climax, she is in her heart to suck my clothes in the mouth. However, this kind of human instinct does not need to teach. After a while, she is already simple sucking, she is still constantly using her dexterous tongue with my glans, stimulating his lower edge sensitivity.

For me, this feeling and party will make love is completely different. It is completely unbelievable to enjoy the sexy little beauty for me, I reached out to pick her, and I feel very good breasts, and the other hand Her hair, guiding her how to suck it more comfortable, even all the way, the glans suddenly removed her throat.

Don’t say anything else, single small beauty is like a personality slave, I have made me cool, I don’t want to suppress myself, come to the Japanese, I have a battle tonight, I believe this little mastu is unbearable Don’t make love with me.

Today is already cool, now I am excited, I can’t control so much, I have two hands to make her hair tightly, I have a deep place, and I am shooting in her mouth until it is cool. It has been soft and taking out from her moving cherry.

Looking down, I saw the little beauty closed his eyes, the cherry is tapped, and the pink little tongue is, it is licking the semen flowing out of her mouth. I seem to have a food, I don’t want to waste, that pay German seems to be sensible.

After this cannon tonight, this little girl can stimulate this little girl into a full-featured mature woman.

After I breathe enough, I reached out to pull the girl, grabbed her, kissed her sexy cherry, hand couldn’t help but touch her white and tender breast milk, after a hot kiss, the girl is charming Looking at me, whispered: “It’s so cool.”

“How many times?” I smiled and kissed a little beautifully humid cherry.

Her little hand, no rules, touched my already soft penis, seem to try to make it hard, blinking the big eyes: “There is still count, and later countless How many times, when she worn her clothes, she suddenly kissed me, but she didn’t say it in a word, and I still run around and the posture is very different. Due to the imagination, it is also excited.

The next day, she came to me again. I have wanted to ask her. When she is very satisfied with her boyfriend, she said she and my boyfriend because she wants to be my girlfriend. Gradually, we also have a better understanding of the other party, and the relationship has been very good. Later, she moved to my home, we will make love every day, just like a couple.

Now I think of the story and her experience is just like a legendary story. So I can’t help but write it out. Now the story is finished, I have to go with my little beauty, she has already taken a shower waiting for me in bed.

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