Gong Zheng, gender male, hobby female.

After seeing this simple, honest, straightforward self-introduction, it will use it to use him on yourself. If the result is finally different, there is no right opportunity.

That’s right, there is no chance, of course, it is impossible to lack the courage this kind of ordinary reason.

It is probably the precomity of the parents. Jia Zheng, is a seemingly ordinary name, indicating the future path.

At the age of twenty-four, the goal of college graduation failed, even more failed to connect the object of bribery behavior.

The university campus is as strange as the Chinese world of the Internet. It is basically as strange as the capital of a bankruptcy country in South America. In the building that is full of books, in addition to the use of the dormitory, they can unclear their use.

It is impossible for dating status. Outside the three people in the hostel, there are no other friends in my online world.

The result is like the beginning, the graduation exam does not have to find a teacher who can bribe.

With a comfortable waste paper to society, he unexpectedly met a great alumni. Become a doctor who has taken a lot of salary with a license. Without doubt, like my name, it is definitely a glimetry fake certificate. Probably the development of science and technology is too fast, there is no history of the kindergress in the history of modern steel bars. But I firmly believe that the heroes in the novel must have indeed true that this world is, but the strong martial arts method is better than the aircraft cannon, and they are probably like the shabby rental hut.

The reason why no fantasy novels is not given, because of the great alumni. It can be assigned to the adjective of ‘Universities” “, but not making a small thing to license the real physician. As long as it is willing to spend money and not afraid of hardship, it can be found in the “nuclear weapon repair certificate”.

The alumni comrade let me admire the reason, it is a skill that he claims to be “odd”. It is five zero elevation, and I can’t tell him through the dictionary, but there is always a beautiful woman. From Loli, Girl, wife and even faster than the preservation period, you can see it on his tattered wooden bed.

After unremitting efforts, he finally frankly.


It sounds familiar but lack of real sense. It is said that his hypodegenesis has reached the extent of the peaks in the room. Although it is nothing to say, he listens to the street trafficking of three yuan a martial arts slogan, but his university’s long, I am convinced that I am convinced.

After another unremitting effort, I finally learned the cost of the best weapon in the game. It is said that this is the top three in his seventy-two stunt. Surprised school. The king of the militia three thousand can also have a few sons, such an extent of this kind of deeper, still reserved the historians slowly study, and why the surname is the son of the surname And the right to be a name of the celebrity being forced to change.

At least the alumni comrades taught me the throne, after a long-term hard work, finally, the initial peek.

========================= “Xiaozheng, since you are so active, then today’s physical examination is handed over.”

The adults of the dean have a big mouth of dentures, but they still make me excited.

“Yes, please rest assured!”

It is like a Zhuge Dayan, which is full of excitement. This is the first work received by my three-year doctor.

Thanks to the alumni of the alumni, I have a liberal students who have no medical knowledge in the hospital in the hospital. The initial attempt successfully controlled the dean, and was awarded the special assistant. I didn’t have to do any job. I was not afraid that I was unveiled, and I was honored to board the social version.

But the cautious nature makes me did not have much done due to small success. In addition to the continuous strengthening of the high-level control of the hospital, there is no behavior of the derailment. After all, the fake certificate mixed, even if the exposure of the most packing of the bag, what happened when he thought hello successfully prepared to push the beauty, but it was not a small problem that can be solved slightly.

It is also the uninterrupted effort in these three years, giving cautious, I am confident. Finally, in this morning, the early morning, with a high-level ambition, I have a great hypnosis of the name of the name of Qing Zhi, take a solid first step to the future!

========================= “Hello, is a doctor responsible for today’s medical examination? Please come with me.” After you follow the young female teacher , Walking on a bright corridor. My mind has long flying to the mysterious medical office. The female teachers in the district cannot transfer my enthusiasm. Yes, the ordinary paters even if there is a teacher attribute, I can’t shake it. Range!

“Please wait here, I will notify the students to prepare.”

Sitting in a narrow school medical room, calling out a long turbidity hidden in your chest. It seems that the employees of this school do not lack basic professionalism. In case they are lazy, they have not read the medical precautions I submitted, and it can be troublesome. It is necessary to know that although it is an ordinary simple physical examination, it is responsible for an adult man, and it is always a little strange to the women’s school.

“Please come.”

I heard the clear knock on the door, pressed the thoughts in the brain, and put it out of a professional doctor.


“Your body is very healthy, keep it well. Next place.”

How is this going!

The failure of modern education?

Or is the rebellion caused by the lack of family care?

Don’t a student carefully read the medical precautions?

Alumni teaches me the throne, which is a preliminary implied effect with special punctuation symbols. No matter why the son of the Mawang will know that the special demonstration symbol is a small thing. If it is a simple thing that believes that not exceeding the normal executives, just let the other party carefully read it.

However, if you want to further control, you must attach a striped and ridiculous spell. After each student listens to me, it is unexpectedly mumbly laugh. I am afraid I have been described between the school girls. Even more laughter must exist!

The pleasing rotation of the vicissaneous pass outside the door, but it was ashamed to make me ashamed.

Forget it, you can’t have tears like bullied children and then escape. Even if you stay in love, you shouldn’t start this high-difficult level of the college. First finish today’s work, and the parents who have never seen a doctor will be good.

“Doctor’s uncle?”

“% ¥ #% ¥!! & (“

I heard the intimate call of Xiaoli, perhaps two-hour consecutive sequelae, I have given up the plan, I still reflect the spell. But it doesn’t matter, the fool is fool. I am not happy with the network world. I have been used to laughing.


Xu You. “




Huh? Although it is not passionate, it is very cute. Suddenly turned into this kind of causing a sluggish 滞 顿 顿 没有 事 事 事 事 事 事? Is it now popular new types of gentlemen?

Absolutely you can take the black-brightening size of the shampoo advertisement to the waist, and the exquisite facial features in the small and loveless face, the petite and moisturous body can’t stop the impulse.

Sure enough, the road to heaven is full of bumps, and it has passed the sadness of the traumatic and tuyorry, and finally seeing the beautiful angel showed a smile!

In addition to the last smile, the girl who is called ‘Xu You’ is far more perfect than my poor vocabulary.

At this moment, this perfect little angel is sitting in front of a delicate doll. The deep black pupil has no divergence, and the delicate body shows a unnatural stiffness. In the case of a state of dreaming, it is still able to answer the question, and the initial concluding spell has an effect.

Always say that people are unspeakable, but from now on, this appearance makes people feel unhappy, and should have inherent. Now I think of, ask for a good junior high school, calm down to read boring medical precautions, it is a bit of strong people. Fortunately, there is this 乖 乖 的, do not take the direct Express from Mao Waterloo.

“To check the cardiopulmonary function, if you make it easy, you can unwind your top … It’s not convenient to make it, you can …” Use a little too much demand to confirm, if there is no success, the top is more awkward, not Weathered problem. “Yes.” Simple and clear answer, the girl did not hesitate to solve the school uniform button. Open white shirt, showing …


The dead cotton vest!

Also, the girl of this age has not understood the benefits of the bra, and the parents have not made a request.

Forget it, the purpose of the test is achieved, and it is necessary to suppress boiling blood.

First let Xu You put your clothes, I stood up and opened the wooden door to go out of the health room.

Find the responsible teacher just now, explain to her, nothing more than doubting some disease, you need to take a time to check the instrument, try not to disturb.

Although there is no spell, it has accepted the teacher who has already accepted the teacher, and immediately assured me and expressed concern about the students.

Close the door, cover up the sound of the onset lock. Complete all of me, return to my location. From the coming to the next desk, there is no open briefcase, take out the introduction information.

Accepting hints and triggers triggered by spells, it is said to be in a special state. How specially, the alumni that is not knowledgeable is unclear. In short, you can accept foreign instructions and engraved into the brain, forming information similar to instinct or common sense. Moreover, it is also possible to repeat different instructions, which is really easy to use, much more advanced than CD-R.

Since I use CD as a metaphor, it will illustrate the limited instructions that can be entered. If there are DVDs and even BD reserves, like the memories of the other party in the novel, even fictional, a big stack of seven-eight-piece settings are gently easy. But there is only CD on your hand, so you have to simultaneously reach the need. This five-minute speech length is a masterpiece after sacrificing countless brain cells.


Five minutes have come soon, I am with Emmond. The same mood in Hillary, inserted in the top of the world’s first peak, a banner representing the victory.

“Xu Yushan?”

“… Hey? How do you know my name?”

The girl who returns to normal state seems to have not had a memory. Suddenly heard your own name, watching me a strange place.

“Written on the physical examination form.”

It refers to the physical examination table that is reflected in the side. The above name is actually just written, but just just find an excuse.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum “Well, start checking.”

Observing the physical examination of the general school, ear canal, etc. also on these basic items, even if you want to insepa, there is no corresponding equipment, if you don’t make a hint for the teacher, I am afraid that no one believes in my ghost.

There is no exception until now, and the next entry ‘special’ checks. Since it is the first time to try in this case, it is very nervous. Even the hands stretched out are a bit stiff. But this is definitely not timid, in addition to murderous chainsaw men, there should be few people to stay calm.


Fortunately, from the volume of the volume is just simple surprises, the normal reaction. If ordinary girls are punched by strange men’s hands, I don’t want to scream, I don’t have to waste energy practicing the so-called shocking. Although it is a common punctuation to change the way, there is no effect on sufficient mental power. As for the mental exercise of terror …, it is necessary to avoid affecting emotions, don’t think about those who appetite.

This kind of thing is not single, in fact, the man also needs to adapt. After passing through the original numbness, my hand recovered flexible.

Youth is really good, although only the size of the A cup, the light is full of vibrant elasticity is enough. But human nature is always greedy, and it will be more desire for some reason. It is not only a feeling of touch, and the lack of visual stimulation is too monotonous. But still solicit the opinions of the other party, in case the insufficient influence is inadequate.

“Next, check the breast development and take off the clothes.”

“Hey? But, but …”

“I am a doctor, is there any problem?”

I saw that I showed resistance, I hurriedly said that set a good keyword. Yes, it is ‘doctor’. In fact, the instructions I made are suggesting that it is to let her unconditionally trust doctors. As long as it is a doctor’s order, it should be obedient. To say that this should be a common sense? If you want to cure the disease, you should always listen to the doctor, and now the patient is getting more and more troublesome, all kinds of requirements, some don’t look at the doctor. Even if I use a fake certificate, I can’t see it. “Well, huh, since the doctor’s uncle is asking, it is just a bit shy.”

It’s a well-behaved girl, probably I am afraid that I misunderstood, and I still explain it. A small lamb, please ask the lovely look of the wolf, alumni comrade, your Da Ge, is difficult to report!

“It doesn’t matter, this is normal reaction, if you are not shy, I am afraid I should find a psychologist.”

“Haha, so horror, don’t scare me, don’t scare me.”

What is the fear of the psychological consultation, modern people, it should be since ancient times, human beings always do not have a shallow ideology that does not exhab your doctor. If modern people are not so fear of mental illness, I have long been in the psychiatric position, and why bid to run this beautiful resource extremely poor school stupid.

“Uncle …”

“Ah? Oh! Is there any problem?”

I accidentally entered the background arithmetic mode, so I am active in the wonderful call of the little lamb.

Looking up, I found that Xu Ying’s right hand took off the shirt, the small head is cute, and it is probably not to let the clothes.

Under my good point, the little lamb will put the peeled beautiful velvet hair better in the bed behind the room. Unfortunately, there is still a small white underwear.


what happened? Plate your clothes even if you finish your task? Is it too bad memory? Is it too bad to understand?

I just said that ‘visual’, it should be right. But Xu You is in front of it in front of me. It’s really too true, thinking that this level can meet my heart’s ghost and livestock? Absolutely impossible!

“This classmate, the following needs to be checked, please take off the underwear.”

“Ah!? Underwear … But … doctor …, good, ok.”

I have heard my request is still very hesitant, and the light can guess from that brink. However, I said half of it suddenly turned into obedience. Can the audible person say that the keyword can also play? I have never heard of this strange setting. Forget it, this setup problem will be said, or the spiritual observation is a rare view.

Although he is hypnosis, it can see the nature of the girl from the teenage girl from Xu’s stiff movements and unnatural expressions. Compared with the full controlled hypnosis in the novel, my way may be convenient. However, it is more interesting to properly, but it is more interesting.

After a while, the beautiful girl in front has completed the transformation from the school uniform mode to the naked upper.

The peers compared to a full bleak compared to two pink protrusions. When I made me an illusion, it was like the mother’s life-saving bag, the top of the top of brown sugar, is really a delicious taste.

“Doctor’s uncle! Isn’t it going to check? What is your laughing …”

Worse, it is proud of forgetting. Xu Yusi appreciated because my greece has taken a grievance, it is estimated that I have just been very awkward. I can’t, I have to adjust my mentality. If I hint, I don’t have enough to be perfect, I can’t make mistakes. Next Things, there is nothing wonderful. Pure medical diagnostics, only the object is a half-naked girl. In the hospital, there is a similar scene. I have seen a small and famous idol singer in a ward of the famous gynecology. I am afraid that he is not much like me.

However, Xu You clearly has excellent beauty than idol singer, let alone how the old woman who is likely to suffer from gynecological diseases is more pure virgin.

For the long-lasting happiness, I took the heart in the heart, and it was like a volcanic erupty desire. It is now expected to be abandoned now.

Continue to have an over-hour check to the end of the school uniform declaration of Xu Yu. I fill in the physical examination table and poured out of the waiting line in advance. Pleasant is that she has a rare disease, as long as the treatment can be cured as soon as possible. Coupled with some privacy, it is easy to get Xu Yusu ‘to the parents’ commitment to the hospital to receive treatment’. Looking at the wooden door slowly closed, I will be satisfied with the remaining physical examination task. ========================= “More and more proficient, children who are smart.”

At the end of the top of the hospital, this is my office. Not responsible for any work, only the ‘special assistant’ this inexplicable disappointment, with no one will bother. That is to say, this spacious office is my private space. And because of the curtains But did not turn on the light and appeared in a dark office, and the girl in the white red skirt uniform was in the cold ground and strive to carry the ‘recovery treatment’.

Cherry notes open to accept a bit of meat sticks for her, and the fiber neck neck is moving. Only this is the right ‘taking drug’ method.

“It’s a good doctor to teach, Xiaoyou is always stupid, so it is necessary to work harder.”

That’s right, this is the stupid serious personality, causing a cute girl to eventually fall into my magic. It is necessary to wait until the teacher and try our best to do the best personality, Xu You will not carefully read my messy medical precautions.

“Oh … Today’s quantity is much, almost got to be small.”

White teenager caught the ‘pharmacy in the corner of the mouth, and there is a slight incision in front of my eyes.

To say the reason, it is probably a Xu Yusu Wet Corner.

The bright eyes embedded in cute faces are like a pair of precious gems that make me fascinated. Unfortunately, every time it is treated, this is inevitable to be attached to the excess tears.

The first hospital treatment, Xu Mu and the tears that were completely inconsistent with the expression movement.

In theory, it is impulsive into the deep sundrome of the brain to be equal to the presence of common sense. However, the tears that have flowed out represent the deep awareness of Xu You and have not been completely reversed. It is like a pure doll that will always be afraid to have a sense of consciousness.

Fortunately, my concerns eventually didn’t become a reality. How many months did not have any accidents, Xu You’s crying also became the current sadness. For another period of time, only some resistance will also disappear. A beautiful doll that is completely all-service will appear in front of me. Maybe I will miss this unhamined beauty now.

“Yes, the doctor’s uncle, I looked at the text to the text. She promised to accept the inspection next week.”

Compared to the stranger to sell the defective tactics, the advice of friends around me is obviously useful. I understand this truth, I have long, I want to rely on Xu You to implement a further harem enrichment plan.

Unlike the medical examination of the last one, this time, this pre-preparation time is full, I have confidence, just read the ‘condition judgment’, it can achieve the effect of initial hints.

But I still underestimate the laziness of modern students, and even a friend’s rationing, I will now produce an effect.

But it doesn’t matter, enjoying you with great treatment, I don’t have to work, some are time waiting. There is Xu Yuti, and then slowly expand, the scene of the wonderful Loli hometown seems to be in front of him.

Take the “Treatment” Xu Yusu, go back to the table, turn on the computer. For the future happiness, it seems that I should also make a detailed harem enrichment plan.

Open the document, enter ‘林晓文’ in the Name Bank, which way to use to teach? I almost can’t wait for the next weekend …

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