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How to care for Kelly Bluestar, Kelly Bluestar

2021-09-30 By kaizi

Kelly Blue Treatment? As a toddler, hair is inevitably fluffy and rough, this dog is soft and not easy to fall off, so there is no need to comb it every day, as for the beauty of the beauty below.

Beauty care

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1. Sir, the whole body hair, remove the entanglement;

2. Check the cleaning ear, eyes, teeth, and remove too much ear hair when necessary;

3. Demand the hair mat and the hair around the toe into clusters;

4. Take a bath with natural bathing shampoo;

5. Wipe dry and blow it with a hairdryer;

6. Somatostat: From the bottom of the head, the spine has been trimmed to the tail, should trim in the direction of the hair, trim the whole body to the front leg and the leg joint, but should stay in front of the hind leg, from the knee joint Extension of about 2.5 cm;

7. Head Trim: From the top of the head to the bottom of the forehead, repair the entire forehead, from the eye angle to the ear of the ear, the mouth to trim the hair in the direction of the throat;

8. Ear Trim: Application hand is fixed when using the fader. Use the hand to repair the small velvet hair on the side of the ear, gently hold the auricle with your fingers, and gently remove all fluffs around the ear;

9. Eyebrow Trim: First, the hair between the eyes is trimmed to form a separation, the closer the cut, the more highlight the boundaries. Secondly, the eyebrows are combed forward with the comb, form a parallel wire with a paid forward cut. Then, the comb is forwarded with the comb, starting from the outer eye angle, the dividers align the nose center cross cut, intersecting the first trim, forming an inverted “V” type, eyebrow to fuse with the surrounding short hair.

10. Beard trim: Beard forward combing, cut the beard into the rectangle of the cheeks along the straight line, do not move the upper part of the eye, can trim the uncomfortable beard.

11. Front Leg Tia: Crafting the hair with a comb to stretch out from the leg, then cut with a scissors. To generate a cylindrical effect, it can be repaired into a circular shape, from the joint from the bottom of the inside to the straight direction, confirm that there is no free hair extends from the joint or other parts, and the legs should be trifted into a circular shape, and the pointer cannot be displayed.

12. Trimness of the hind leg: When the hind leg should be fused to the hair on the knee, the hair contour is formed, and the leg contour is formed from the knee joint to the joint of the joints into a semi-circular shape.

Xiaobian suggestion: It is best to take a pet store to make professional beautician trim. People who are not familiar with scissors are easy to cut the dog hair and skin.