How to raise the British card dog breeding method

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How to raise the British card dog? I believe that many small friends will want to know how to take care of the card dogs, then the following small series is to analyze the British cocoa breeding method.

British card dog feeding method:


The British Coca dog is a sporty dog. Therefore, the daily movement is indispensable! The master can take it to do some appropriate exercise, when you play, it is best not to let the dog to go to the grass, it is likely to touch To other dogs of the dog, the spread of the disease is not conducive to the health of the dog!

How to raise the British card dog breeding methodillustration

2. Diet

Some parents have eaten some people to eat, and think that this is to love their performance. In fact, it will hurt it, the dog can’t eat a lot, such as chocolate, onion, chicken and duck, bones Wait.

3. Take a bath

The owner does not have to wash the dog, wash it once, and then wash it once, and after washing, it will be clean in its ear, and completely clean!

The card dog is warm and calm and calm and not too excited. It works seriously, and it is actually fascinating. It is very loyal to the owner. It is an excellent companion dog.