昆明犬吃什么狗粮好 昆明犬狗粮选择推荐1

Kunming dog eats what dog food is good, Kunming dog dog food selection recommended

2021-09-30 By kaizi

Kunming Dog eat dog food any good? We are not also want to know what is good to feed Kunming Dog? STRING below to find out more Kunming Dog Food selection is recommended.

Kunming Dog Food selection is recommended:

1, the type of dog food

Dry food and canned dog food are mainly two categories, the other is the kind of big snack crackers, deodorant crackers, beef jerky, and so on. The main nutrients of various brands are similar, high prices, special food formulations, which have different considerations for various ages and varieties, can compare prior parties.

In accordance with the growth of age, let the dog eat dog food for it. Puppies eat puppies, adult dogs eat adult dogs, old dog old dog, fat dog gained over the dog, not to be confused, so too fat or thin large.

The nutrient composition of dry grain is relatively stable, and average. Dogs from chewing, dental calculus can clean way, itching. But if there is a problem with urinary stones, try to avoid dry food, unless it is a prescription feed for stones.

The canned price is high and the nutrients are also different. High-priced, use is a better material; the low-priced canned canned, the advantage is that the vitamin is not easy to lose, the appropriateness is better, the disadvantage is a meat, bowel movement The smell is more strong, and it is easy to teeth. Dry food is not as good as canned, but it is easy to digest and absorb, and it is not so stinking.

When the snack can be used for live training and basic training when the dog did the right prize. People do not often eat snacks for dogs to eat, it is easy to ruin the appetite. Chewing gum, ice cream, cake, these desserts are less touched, on the one hand, easy to decay. It is easy to get fat on the one hand. After eating more sweet, the biggest problem is caused by the dog dinner appetite.

2, different types of dogs have different components

When the puppy was born, breastfed; weaning when teething, you can begin to feed liquid food, canned meat warm water into a paste, or a large baby dry food heat till soft. By two months, you can start eating young dogs. Large dogs are big, fast, can add some nutrients such as calcium powder in the dinner, but must be taken in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Some people raise large buckets. I like to use raw meat to feed them, let them get used to blood, this is very dangerous; because of the cooked meat, it is born. Two after eating habits, when the owner forgets to feed or abandon, it may endanger people. Many dogs attacked people’s events are therefore.

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3, the number of feeding time

Feeding times per day is as follows: after weaning to three months old: Three – four times three to six months: two – three months to one year old: over a year old secondary: a secondary feeding time can cooperate your schedule, but is not fed enough, consider adding a large meal and walk the dog, urine, clear time potty, washing dishes.

After a meal, we should immediately wash the bowl, leaving the residue, causing the mouse, cockroach, ant, or there is too much food to be corrupt by the sun. At the same time, take a bowl, lest it is bored, and play a bowl of bowl, even bitten. As for how much to feed, it usually follows the instructions, and then adjusted according to the last eating.

4, buy imported food considerations

Buy imported food, do it as much as possible, and the line number of importers is attached. Because the canned dry food that is drifting the ocean is more than the effective period, if there is odor, moldy. Wet, longpice, immediately ask the boss to return, you don’t have to be polite. After opening, it must be preserved properly, and the cans should be put on the refrigerator, and the dry food should be sealed.

First time to buy, do not buy too much, you can buy a small amount of two, three, to see the reaction after eating a puppy; including palatability. Digestive absorption, as well as the shape of the excrement. Each variety said that your product is the best, cheap and big bowl, may wish to ask doctors and experience.

5, how much is appropriate to eat

As long as the dog eat seven full enough, not too much, let it lick the bowl licked something more to say; mostly eat a meal together and run and jump, it is easy to spit it out intact. Perennial puppy in a cage, eating their rare entertainment, it will be like Sigui general greedy, do not be fooled by them, that really hungry.

But always enough to eat, not a large amount of activity, excretion is not a good dog, may really sick, it is best to take it to the doctor. When asked to change dog food, do not change over all at once, each time mixed with half of the new food, try two or three days, gradually add a new component, a week later with a whole new one.

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So the dog’s digestive system to adapt over, or easy to diarrhea. Many people think the dog is to gnawing on a bone, in fact, intestinal obstruction dog gnawing on a bone easily, making it constipation, causing vomiting and loss of appetite.

Especially the chickens are not, because small and brittle, it is easy to plug in the food, piercing the gastrointestinal. When feeding, be sure to give sufficient water at the same time. Do not have to use distilled water, boiling water, their stomach is not more than this.

6, the dog ate what can be healthy

Dog and human food culture is not the same, people are omnivorous animals, the dog was originally carnivorous animals. Because the dog’s ancestry and no biscuits, pudding, chocolate, beef and other omnivores, they only addicted to consumption of animal meat, but also eat hastily among the other things, such as the ability to absorb the unfortunate poor dog, the middle needs eat rice fields were to eat.

The food is not paying attention to, with sharp dog teeth and forelim tears, chew counts back to swallow; the purpose of eating is very simple, just for living, it is also for food, and they eat Fast clamings, the opportunity to eat quickly outside the wild is also bigger. Forbidden vegetables

Onions: It is also called the onion, the Kunming dog will have a hemolytic anemia, and even the life of the Kunming dog. But if your Kunming dog accidentally eaten a small onion when you eat Pizza with you, it is not necessary to die, but almost all the books in Kunming dog diet and the medical book say Kunming. Dogs are not suitable for eating onions, you should also pay full attention.

A large number of tomatoes: Some books say that tomatoes will lead to spasm and heart rate, but this problem is to be debated, because there are some high-quality dog ​​food containing tomatoes, and Kunming dogs eat two, there will be no bad The response, so personal thinking that it is clear that it should not eat a lot of West Red.

Potato skin and sprouting potatoes: Of course, you will not be able to feed the Kunming dog, but the storage of potatoes will usually be put on the ground, and will not be dedicated to the refrigerator. Potato and potato skin to tease, people know that Kunming dog doesn’t know, the same potato like the ball can be bitten, this is a tempting thing to Kunming dog. It will be very interested in playing the potatoes and playing, and then causing food poisoning. So prevent problems, or collect potatoes, don’t let your Kunming dog discover.

Mushrooms: Don’t let Kunming dog eat mushrooms because they don’t want Kunming dogs to be familiar with and accept mushrooms, because some mushrooms are poisonous. When you go out in Kunming, if you are familiar with the smell or what it haikles things like it is possible to get too close contact or die, it is not to say that the mushrooms that people eat now have any bad reactions.


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Canned food

Succulent succulent canned foods have different tastes and bite, which can promote the appetite of dogs. However, it contains high protein, usually in the case of increased the intake of dry dog ​​food mixing and rear heat card and carbohydrates. And after the opening of the opening, the taste was lost for a while.

2. Dried drhyme

The crispy dried serous cake plus the dog in canned food not only bitten, but also increases the fibrous, fat, and strengthens the movement of the 部.

3. Dry dog ​​food

Completely dry dog ​​food nutrition balance, benefiting a lot of storage. Because it contains a hot card with a canned food, pay attention to the weight too much when feeding. Dry dog ​​food is also a few species:

High nutritious. Suitable for the growth of Kunming dog puppies, but pay attention to choosing easy to digest.

normal type. In use, the amount of nutrition and hot card has been calculated according to the amount of activity.

Low heat card type. Suitable for dogs, body obesity or insufficient exercise, a low-calorie weight loss food.

Grinding. A large, broken dry food, stabilizing the gum, removing the plaque.

4. Half of food

This kind of food is a food similar to the cheese, and the heat card is 3 times the canned food. However, there are many carbohydrates, and dogs with diabetes do not love to eat. Like dry dog ​​food, it will not have an impact on its taste, you can feed the mouth and the old dog in a small amount, depending on their exercise.

5. Bite

This is a bone gum in compression with bovine bone powder. Dogs need often molars, but gelatin will be swallowed in a bite, and the eggs are fine and brittle, and the gods are too hard to make the teeth, so this is a very suitable food.