Teddy dog ​​how to raise

2021-09-29 By kaizi

[Puppy’s diet management]

The puppies are very important to the growth period of the dog, which can affected the good life of the poodle.

The puppies are approximately weaning at around 6 weeks after birth.

Weaned to the third month, feeding time should be set as 7 o’clock in the morning, 12 noon, 5 pm and 10 pm. 4 times a day.

Birth, the fourth month to the 8th month, can be fed three times in the morning, noon, in the evening, and the amount of feeding of the puppies is approximately 1/3 —- 1/2 of the puppies during this time.

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From the months of weaned 2 to 3 months to 6 months, the food composition of the puppies will determine its life habits. If you plan to continue with professional dog grain, you must adapt to the taste of dedicated dog food during this time.

If you raise home meals, food should be used as animal protein, feed more heat.

When the puppies were born 2 to 3 months, because the teeth and the lower jaw were not fully developed, the meat was cut into fine blocks and fed it. Butter, cheese, etc. also is also suitable.

6 months to 1 year old after birth, about 10 years old. During this time, it was the most prosperous period of the poodle. The heat required is approximately 1 time! It should feed some animal protein food.

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[Puppy diet feeding must read]

1, suitable for puppies

(1) Puppy dedicated food: such as dog food and can.

(2) Calcium: Supplement the natural content of high-like calcium products, promote the bones and teeth of puppies.

(3) Milk powder for puppies: there is a dedicated puppies goat milk powder.

(4) Egg yolk: The advantage of egg yolk is to contain not only rich proteins, but also contain vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easily absorbed.

(5) Vitamin mineral: For puppies with poor physical fitness, consider additional additional vitamins and minerals, you can consider feeding 21 Jin Wei, and there is a pet-specific puppies.

(6) Meat: cow, pig, chicken, etc. Although it is excellent food, when feeding puppies, it is advisable to choose a portion that does not contain fat, as fat is easily deteriorated. But you have to feed, don’t feed your meat!

2, not suitable for the food of puppies

(1) Frozen milk

(2) Contains a large amount of fat.

(3) Acid, spicy, salty and other irritating foods.

(4) Little bones: big, medium-sized puppies can feed it contains rich calcium big bones, do not feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc.

(5) Pastry is generally speaking, don’t feed dogs.

(6) Chicken liver, etc., poultry internal organs do not feed.

(7) Chocolate

[Vaccine and deworming]

40 days to fight the first needle vaccine, after a needle every 15 days, plus rabies vaccine is a total of 4 needles, the first time I have to play three needles and then add a hi-rabie vaccine, and the infected vaccine is a year. A needle, the rabies vaccine is a three-year-in-one needle. Teddy dogs also have to be in vivo. When the vaccine is taking, the dog should ensure that the health of the Teddy dog ​​will reduce the health of the golden retriever. Teddy dogs can go out after a week after the vaccine is finished.

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[Common diseases and prevention]

VIP’s disease is focused on prevention, regular vaccination.

Usually pay attention to the health of the dog, you can make a decision while helping the dog every day. From the head to the foot to check the whole body, see if there is no sickness, such as swelling, abnormal secretions, body temperature or pulse abnormalities, mental diligence and other phenomena. Once the problem is found to be prevented immediately, so that the dog can be completely cured in the early days of the pathogenesis.

Also appearing abnormal symptom

Experienced breeders can promptly discover the disease of dogs in time, and treat the health of the dog in time to ensure the healthy growth of the dog. The following symptoms may occur when the poodle is ill.

Steps weird: First of all, think of whether it is tied into foreign matter, is it hurt, whether there is a flea between the toe. If there is no obvious trauma, it may be because of the pain caused by arthritis, it is not a disease or bone development. Touch its feet, if screaming, maybe fracture or dislocation.

No appetite: If there is no appetite, it is still good, you can observe 1-2 days, but if you have any appetite, you will pay attention to it. If the amount of eating is less than half, the old love is lying, and it will take it to the hospital for examination. This situation can basically find other diseases and should pay attention to observation.

More drinking water: Dogs drink more water after walking, it is used to regulate body temperature, but there is a lot of water without how to drink, should first consider whether the dog eats salt-containing food. In addition, high fever, dysentery, diabetes, nephropathy, diabetes, etc. are why dogs drinking a lot of drinking water. If the cause cannot be found, the veterinarian should be invited to treat.

Raste smell: The poodle is unfair, if you have a smell, you should pay attention to observation. Stinking in the mouth may be caused by dental or stomatological inflammation; the odor is smelling is due to external antitis, otitis media or ear ulcers; body hair stinks should take into account skin inflammation or anal cyst; reproductive organs are due to uterine inflammation, reproductive organs Causes of ulcer and urinary secretion. After finding a stinking reason, you should find a veterinarian to see a doctor.

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Cough: Regular coughing shows that the dog’s respiratory organ is abnormal. If you don’t have timely diagnosis, it is also possible to cause bronchitis or pneumonia. If the cough is serious, it may be asthma. If it is a foreign body, it will look very painful when coughing. As you have infectious bronchitis, you will also cough, please treat your doctor as soon as possible. The nose is dry: When you just wake up, the dog nose is normal, but if you have a fever, you should be careful. In addition, the nose, nosebleed, the nose is swollen, and the nostrils will not be ignored. These symptoms may be caused by rhinitis caused by colds, as well as head trauma, abscess, ulcer, lack of vitamin A, nutrient lacking, etc.

The mouth has perturbed whether there is oral inflammatory inflammation, whether the oral cavity is stabbed, the root color changes (such as whitening, yellowing, red, black, etc.), there is no other trauma.

Frequent vomiting: If the spirit is good after the dog, there is no problem, if it repeatedly makes vomiting, or it is soft, it may have a problem. Possible reasons are: an esophageal foreign matter blocked, swallowing a plastic bag, such as an unavoidized item, intestinal obstructive or intestinal twistening, Balborvi virus infection, hook helical or other disease. At this time, the owner should take a dog’s vomit as a doctor to diagnose.

The eyelids are blocked: If you find that the dog’s eye is sticky, or you should find a doctor, you should find a doctor, absolutely unable to claim the use of people’s eye to cure.

The eyeballs have red blood vessels: eye drops of water attention, use Runkang drops, do not increase it.

Adult Poodle is prone to analitis (mini adult Teddy dog ​​more susceptible)

Cause: Old anitis is derived from the splendor of earwax, stimulating the outer ear canal skin, the earwax repeats infection bacteria.

Symptoms: Itching is itchy, frequently moving the head, continuing to develop, there will be pain, so resisting contact with its ear and the surrounding, it can be found that there is a stink of yellowish brown pus. If it is not treated, the inflammation can spread to the middle ear or inner ear, thereby hurt the tympanic membrane, eventually causing an audible disorder.

Prevention: It is essential for regular inspections and cleaning ear cans, it is recommended to be 1 time every two weeks.

Tracheer atrophy (mini and toy types)

Cause: The trachea is originally tonic, but when the annular ligament is stretched, the tracheal cartilage cannot be maintained in normal state, and the tracheal atrophy occurs.

Symptoms: often cough, difficulty breathing, and thus gradually resist sports, exercise, excitement, eating, drinking water, dry cough, coughing for about 15 minutes, cough, turning, turning around or sitting.

Prevention: Prevent excitement, control weight, replace the collar with straps, do not use medicine.

Stomach torsion (standard type)

Cause: After a lot of feeding, the stomach expansion occurs, support the stomach ligament stretch, and suddenly moved vigorously, and the stomach reversed.

Symptoms: difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, sudden vomiting, a lot of gay.

Note: If the stomach reversal, if it is not immediate, death within 24 hours.

[Sports and Training]

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Every day gives Teddy dogs or walks about 20 to 40 minutes. It is already enough, and you can use this time to train it some basic or more difficult movements, to achieve the power of Teddy, and because of their IQ high Any learning is faster than his dog, and will see them sensitive, the alarm learning ability.

The purpose of playing dogs, one is to develop good diet hygiene habits to facilitate feeding; second, it is necessary to make a few cute little actions, bring fun to dog owners and family. The subject of training is easy to do.

[The specific care method is as follows:]

One: You should start from the small Teddy bear, brush your teeth 2-3 times a week.

At first, Xia Tidi will definitely be uncomfortable, but if you persist, you will develop a good habit. First pick a gauze, a little saline, wrap around the forefinger, then wipe the gum, teeth, the action is light, so as not to damage the gums; after the poodle is adapted, then add a little pet toothpaste, brush your teeth, this toothpaste no need The mouth can let it swallow itself. The above operations can last for 2 weeks, and after it is completely adapted, then use the dog’s special toothbrush to brush the teeth, and the ideal nursing effect can be obtained for a long time.

Second: Don’t give small Tatedi to eat sweets, such as chocolate, sugar, so as to avoid dental caries. You can feed it to a variety of bones such as vegetable sticks, which can exercise the bitterness of the small teddy bear teeth, but also to clean the role of dentistry, clean the tartar.

Three: If an oral ulcer, the gums are red and swollen, and iodol or antibiotics can be cleaned and iodol or antibiotics can be used to apply antibiotic therapy.

Four: Some vitamin B groups are often supplemented with vitamin B-drug or puppies to supplement vitamins and trace elements to reduce the incidence.

Tips: Daily prevention work can greatly reduce your dog’s sick number.

[Comb, hit]

Comb approach to at least once a week or more better, although they will not fall (under the health of the skin), but often help them comb, organize, otherwise they will be gathered again. It will be very embarrassed. When you think of it, you can help them comb, they will be very happy! In addition to helping them promote the new metabolism of the hair, they can also promote the good way to benefit and pet feelings. Beauty repair is more than 2 months.

[Summer Hairdressing Director]

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Every summer is the high-risk period of dog teddy bear skin disease, and the following methods can be seen.

The dog’s fur is in the foreigner, and the hair is used for the fluff, and the outer hair is used for waterproof and windproof. Flush hair will naturally fall off, so it is necessary to help, and the fluff is very easy to knot. If you don’t comb it, you will be like a windbread, and it hinders new fluffy growth and air is not flowable. Skin temperature has given some space for parasites and fungi. Therefore, it is best to give the dog to the dog to combine hair to start from the skin tendon. Be sure after bathing, it must be rinsed, blow dry hair comb, still There are time to give the dog to prevent flea and fungi, the medicine should be sprayed into the skin, gently massage the skin for one month, can reduce the law of raw skin disease, the grassland is also spreading flea and fungi Everyone should be careful.

After taking a shower, use cotton to make it clean in your ears, you can prevent you from doing ear, there is no sweat glands on the dog. The foot is the passage of them. It is necessary to give the dog’s footprint. It will not be old. Wrestling, a blood vessel in the dog’s toenails will grow together with toenails, so when the dog is small, it is necessary to regularly reduce the toenail, preventing the long toenails.