Understanding the present girlfriend, Dido is a friend’s birthday party, that day, everyone is drinking a lot. After the party, we have entered the hotel. However, it is better to think that I feel embarrassed. After a few times, I also felt that I’ve been very suitable for myself, so I naturally, after a month, I was moving with me. It turned around for a month. “Hey, Wanzhi, I am back.” When I entered the door, I habitually waited for her to run over and put into my arms and then raged in her 33C’s big breasts. But no one responded. Go shopping with friends? Why don’t you call me? Hey, wait for Zhidi to come back to “education education” she. I was proud of thinking about the survival of the surpass in bed, and the door to push the door is ready to change the clothes. “Hey ?!” I smiled low, but I saw a smile on the bed, but I slept in bed. I am so dead, I don’t know if I come back? I am not very happy. However, I saw that Wanzhi Dai was outside the white root-like arm, and the side of the side was awkward, that is not happy to disappear, and ran to heaven. A few down the clothes and breathed breathing. Light hand is drilling into the quilt. I didn’t think I didn’t think that my head explored the chest of Panzhi – underwear, did not wear underwear. This is her habit. Every time I entered the quilt, the first thing is now, now her breast is very fast. . The hand is not idle, and it will take it into the small underwear of Zhizhi. Um? ? No, how do you eat red grapes that are not Wanzhi? ! Dizhi was also awakened by me, she trembled, and Zhang said what I said to me. My mouth immediately blocked, while I started to help her with my left hand, my heart said: “What is the stuff? What is the old man? What is your shake? The waves can’t be died. I haven’t got it on the side. The following is a problem. When the right hand just below, I was pressed by the little hand of Zhizhi, and the death is not willing to let go. Rebel? ! I got a little bit of the tongue of Zhi, expressed dissatisfaction, and then continued my actions. I unexpectedly, she turned around. This is the same, how can you still want to experience the violent feeling? This is a good experience, but my hi is not promised. I used my hand to fix it, I was pressed on her my ear. “” Wan Zhizhi, wait a try again, let’s comfort my meat stick. He didn’t meet you for a long time, so I want to meet you. Her, 嘻.. “After that, the tongue has begun to start the event in Dizhi ear – she is most afraid of this trick, a licking there, waved. “Don’t – what – ah, who are you ?!” “Well ?!” Listening this sentence, I played it, I looked at it, I suddenly found that she was a bit of us. Like a big, but specifically there, but can’t say it. “You, you, are you a brother-in-law?” Because of emotional excitement, she speaks a bit of commendation. “Ah?” I don’t know what expression on my face at the time, but I want to be very quirky. She smiled at her “哧”, the mood gradually became more stable. “I am here today, come and see my sister, my sister is going to buy a dish, I will come back later.” “Dizhi is your sister? Mom is too like it! “I am surprised, I am going to take the bed carefully. “Hello, good, you are also the sister of people, how can this look?” The girl on the bed is a bit unhappy. “Oh, sorry. Yes, what is your name?” I wore a pants while asked her. “Wanqin. Sister, you just have a good color, usually like this with my sister? The sister is so hard!” Well? I have heard that it is also a woman. I stared at her with the water snake waist with Wanzhi, thinking, anyway, it is already like this, just use Warquin to replace her sister. I think about thinking, the movements in my hands are slow. Wanqi seems to have seen my heart, she screamed, smiled and said: “What do you want? My sister is coming back.” “Oh, there is no relationship, it doesn’t matter, then I will come to Japan!” I don’t consciously say the idea of ​​my heart. “What do you say? Sister! “Nothing, there is nothing. You hurry, I will go out to drink something.” Looking at the essence in front of you, there is no way to enjoy, can’t help the gas – thirty-six meter, go to the policy, let’s go. Just as I sat on the sofa and drinking beer, I was coming back. “Husband!” Has not yet put down the dishes in his hand, she is greasy to me.

I took a piece on the Panzhi butt, and then she took her to the room. “Hey, I am not at home, what are you doing?” Danzhi smiled, while obedience to the dishes, let me bring into the room. “Rely, I miss you, you are still not happy?” On the side, I didn’t say the pants of Zhizhi. “Every 80% of the erotic novel is coming, and I want to think about people. I don’t want to look at it, I have to stimulate more people. While thinking, let the Zhizhi climb on the bed, pulling down her pants, standing in front, starting to ravage her breast, reaching into her T word underwear. Tanzhi belongs to the kind of gentle woman in the bed, she is moving in the bed, enjoying my touch, I will give me one or two silent encourage my actions. “You are really ah, so you are so wet?” I looked with my fingers and gently grinding the clitoris of Zhizhi. “Well, people, ah, love you ~~ Let’s say, you, um, you are a husband, um, not for you … Sao, um, people, um, who is the same?” I am very satisfied with me. I turned into her clitoris with the nail, and another hand continued to ravage on her place that had been hard. “Ah, um, husband, want, is it good?” Wanzhi turned his face, and it looked at me. “Hey, sage? “Well … husband, you are bad.” “What?” I said, the rhythm in my hand is faster. “Nothing, no, um, um, husband, husband, um ~ ~ beg you, beg you, don’t you insert me?” Wanzhi turned his face, lustful and even a bit looked at me. “Hey, what is this?” I took the hand from the Pantynesia in Panza, extended to her. “Well, husband, you are good ~~” “Don’t say it? Don’t say it.” I obviously feeling that the red grapes of Zhizhi were more harmful. “Well, um, that is the obscenity of people …” Listening to such a slutty word, where can I bear it? Pull down the small panties of Zhizhi, a little more right, inserted into her watery. This is really a lot, from just now until now, she has been wet. “Ah, husband, good husband, plug, um, inserted it …” Because from the back of the relationship, I went in, I went in, I went to Wanzhi. I can’t vent it, I have to vent it, I will hold the willow waist, put it hard. “Oh … husband … … just like this, just like this … make it hard, don’t stop … ah … um … um … don’t stop … um … um …… people love you. I have done it. Don’t stop … don’t, um … don’t let me, 插 插 … ah … ah … “Wanzhi said with a non-chaos, while attaching his head in bed The body has become a triangle. This angle is more favorable, I hold her snow-white butt, more selling, and every hit, let her call. Plug in plug, I suddenly seems to hear another voice from the room. I stopped and stopped, I have listened to it, I really have a sound. I just want to listen to a careful, but the buttocks of Zhizhi twist. “Husband, ah … ah …, how do you stop, don’t stop, people want you to do …” Wanzhi is dissatisfied. I want to look at the next door, I am more excited, I am plugging, plusing the ghosting call. As the sound of Zhi’s voice, and the contraction of the vagina, I also relaxed, and a lot of interest. Lift your pants, I took a hurry to go to the room. “What do you do? People want to lying down.” Wanzhi muttered. “Go and see your sister!” “” Ah! I have forgotten, Winni is coming! Hey, yes, we have finished, what do you see me? “I told the voice that I just heard. She laughed and said, “Not surprising, I have some feelings with my sister, if you are close, we can feel the mood of the other party.” “” Ah? You mean, Wan, she didn’t wake up? “It is really much in a strange thing today. “It should be, let’s take a look.” Gently open the door, really, Winni is still sleeping, but the red tide on the face is not fade.

That kind of sister can be exactly the same as her sister. I looked at it, I couldn’t help but I like it. Tanzhi squatted me, said: “Close!” Back to the living room, Wanzhi said: “Warning you, hit my sister’s idea.” “Will n’t, where?” I said, On the other day of the future, it is ready to move. If you can spend love with this sister at the same time, it is more cool. “Hey, your guarantee …” “Well, what?” What? “” “Nothing, nothing, my husband’s guarantee is the most calculated …” Wanzhi smiled and broke from my arms. “It’s not too early, I went to cook.” Just entered the kitchen for 1 minute, Dizhi explored the head to lose a ghost face to give me a ghost, “count the countless! Hey …” I sat in the living room while drinking beer, and she afquered the madness just now. I thought about it, I was brought out from the kitchen. “My husband, I came to the kitchen to help me busy.” I pushed the kitchen door, I couldn’t help but suffocate, mostly because my sister arrived, I have been lazy Danzhi has prepared seven or eight dishes. I hate tooth itchy, I’ll tend to screw it on the mashtack of Zhizhi, who is being washed, “Mom, actually with your husband, I hide Private? Daily red burnt meat to tomato and fried eggs. ” I said: “Husband, do you have a meal?” I should have a laughter, laughing at the rice cooker and laughing in Zhi, start scrubbing the rice. Tanzhi began to cooking, and suddenly the kitchen became hot, I can’t bear to let her stay here, so even though I have already put her meal, I still have some sundries, and chat with her. “Husband, chicken willow is good, take it out.” Tanzhi turned to me to tell me. “Ok …” I promised, one looks up, I am so bullied, I will be slightly scattered in order to cook for convenience, and a few slightly smoked the hair. Stiphake on the white neck; the light blue silk home small dress has been wet on the body; this Sao did not wear underwear, two light red protruous clarity clearly. Plus because of the relationship between the temperature, a beautiful red rush, there are still a few flash-bright sweat, a good wife. I looked at the look of Zhizhi, she was angry and funny, she said: “The little color ghost, take the dish!” “Oh, ok.” Wanzhi smile I shook my head and began to prepare to stir the next dish. I got the dishes after the dining room and returned to the kitchen. I looked at the bump of the bump of Zhizhi. I really felt like this, such a virtue, how did I ask me to die for me? I am in the sky, I am self-satisfied. Di Zhi made a movement that made me want to blow, I don’t know what is going on. She stopped in the cooking. She went down and smashed it. I didn’t have a long mini skirt. I couldn’t help her. Stop the ass, even if I can’t control myself, it may be convenient for the map. After you just finished, she didn’t wear underwear! ! Looking at her white buttocks and the private parts of the grass, I suddenly had a rape feeling and desire. When I got it, I got it, she was shocked, turned over, and I said: “What are you doing? Scared me!” “Do you do? Do you!” I am light in the ear. Said, one hand has gripped her half of breasts. She is so sweating, and there is a flavor. “Husband, do you make a mistake? Oh, don’t mess, in the cooking!” “No, who told you to dress up to seduce your husband?” I took a side of the bodies on the side of the body, and the little clothes were separated from the small red grape. Another hand didn’t hesitate to explore her skirt. “Old … public … don’t … um, don’t do, um … don’t have trouble …” Although it is said to be said, but gradually, the breath of Zhizhi is thick, it is already very red. More delicate.

I greeted that Zhizhi is tighter, the mouth is also moved from her chest to his mouth, my hand, my mouth is venting, I have to vent it, and the poor Diqi should deal with my offensive, one hand Do you want to keep it, take care of the wok next to it. Finally, under my frenzy, I finally had a chance to talk, “my husband, let me fry this squid, don’t you do it?” She breathed. “Not good, I will now change the burst into the burst, let it get slowly?” I said, while using the fingers, I scraped a few times. “Ah … ah …” Wanzhi is not trembled by the independent. “Ah … you … husband, you are bad, um …” Zhi throws a smile to me, a small hand holds my meat stick, start touching; another hand begins to add water in the pot Add a material. “Give a little happiness!” I squat on the breasts in Wanzhi, while holding her head to my meat stick. “It’s troubled!” Wan Zhi Jiazheng, from my pants, I smelled. “Um … Sao … don’t!” “Don’t say it, don’t you do it?” Put it a few hands on the hand to sell. “Ah … ah …” Wanzhi gasped a few mouthfuls, and a mouth included in my meat stick and started through. “This is right!” I have proudly said that I looked up in front of me, I looked up and licking my meat stick and licking my roots and scrotts. I gave me anger to me. Son. I used two hands to grab her a pair of 33c breasts, while I asked her while I asked her: “The husband’s meat stick is not delicious?” “Good to eat … um … Wan Zhi’s words were ominous. I couldn’t help but I helped me, let her use her hand to climb on the stove, and then support the meat stick, and insert it from her. Dika’s hole has long been opened, and the Yuzhu is hanging blind, but when my meat stick is invading, I can’t help it. I switched forward, enjoy the soft and slidable breasts of Dizhi, the tongue took her back on her back, and mixed her body fragrance. Suddenly, Zhi is excited. She loudly waved two hands and hugged me so that we would be more closely combined. “Ah … ah … husband, you put me so cool, don’t stop, make it inserted, ah … ah … I love to die your meat stick.” “Wife, let me kill you …” Looking at Wanzhi said that such a lustful discourse is helping us, I can’t help but excite. “Good … good … husband, um … you, ah … I have to kill me … I want …, give me, hurry, don’t stop, my husband …” is probably because there is never never never It has brought different pleasure in the kitchen, and the more waited more waves. “Wife, how much is your sauce? I am really awkward!” “Yes, ah … I am awkward, ah … ah … husband, you are fast, kill me! Don’t let me …… “After that, Diqi actually actually made the strength to the meat stick. “Well? Do you still fight against? Look at it, don’t die, you will die!” It is getting more and more excited. We all have a red color, but also sweat, I tightly squatted in the insertion of Zhizhi, this feeling is really good, two slender body is closely combined. It is also getting worse. “Husband, quick plug … plug, yes, just like this … Don’t let me … um … ah … make it hard, I am a sluggish goods … 娃 … husband, let me … Don’t stop, ah. … ah … ah … I am a kinky baby, I will not let you don’t stand it … “At this time, I can’t take care of any of the darkness, and I will know the flavor. The dead will be a piston movement, and every time you exchange the response of Zhi. Finally, I felt that the vagina, the vagina, who had begun, she hugged me more, the nails in my hand were even fell into the meat of my back. “Husband, fast … fast … Reothermn, don’t stop, my uterus is waiting for you to water!” Wanzhi is still talking. I also felt that the waist was born, but not only drums the final strength, but the crazy plugged in ten, finally got a climax. For a long time, we have always kept this posture and have not been separated, and they are afraid of the passion just now.

I gently kissed the hair tip of Tanzhi, I was thinking about her two sentences. She suddenly broke my arms and said: “Old days, pot is paste!” Gain, it looks slightly tired of gratin The smile laughed, provoked a blurred squid block, meaning deep: “Hey, this is the crystal of the brother-in-law cooperation with my sister.” “You have more nonsense, you can’t block you.” The mouth! “Wanzhi hurts her, put a piece of chicken in the garden bowl. “Hey, brother-in-law, you really have this, let your sister are so obsessive!” Fan Que is blinking to me. Looking at the garden, in addition to the clothes, others have been exactly the same as Dizhi, I can’t help but. It is very pleasant to dinner. Everyone talked while eating, a shocking a hour. It turned out that Yuanqi is a salesman in a pyramid sale, because it is a local tourist from the local tour, and I have a girlfriend, so I will give yourself a holiday, come here to find her sister to play. When Yuan Qi knows that I am also a salesman, she suddenly excited, and the eyebrow danced and showed the means of selling her sales. The action and its exaggeration, the language is extremely arrogant, and I can’t help but interrupted it. She is a little bit. I am secretly laughing in my heart, see how I put the gorge to pick up the same stickers like my sister. The next morning, I was reluctant to leave the hot bed, kissed the kiss, I was sorted out, and I rushed to the company. I was not very busy today, so I have just passed in the afternoon. I commanded the office. After the staff, let them have something to call me, and they hurried back home – there was a sweet cake in my home. If I didn’t eat it, I always make people always hang the belly, isn’t it? “Yuanqin.” I regret it, I’m so, God, let the Zhizhi have heard it is not trouble? “Husband, how do you come back so early?” A pajamas went out from the sleeping room. Fortunately, I didn’t notice that I didn’t call her “wife”. I secretly sent a breath and replied: “Not busy, so I will come back early.” “Hey, my husband is really good.” Zhi Zhi rushed into my arms. I gave me. “What? Is it a nap?” “Her?” Wanzhi looks a bit weird, then answer me immediately: “She said she wants to go to a friend to play, may not come back this evening.” “” Ye? Isn’t it cooked here? Will n’t get lost? “” Nothing, she is often coming, very familiar. “” Oh, then, “I am a little tired, you hold me sleep. Is it good? “” I also want to sleep for a while, wait for me to catch a cold first. ” The room, Dizhi has already fell asleep, two white peclad arm appears outside the quilt, the small nose has made a uniform breathing, I gently walked into bed, just got her, she told her “Well” Drilling into my arms. I gently patted the rear of Zhizhi, and gradually fell into my sleep. This is sleepy, there is between it, I suddenly feel that there is a burning hot, I am open, and the windows are already black. Ha, it turned out to be a meat stick in me. I can’t help but laugh and laugh, I said to Ganzhi: “Hey, wife, must be delicious?” Ganzhi gave me a slightly, throwing a smile to me, and then buried the head and went to the beginning Get up. Ganzhi holds my meat stick one hand, then use the small mouth to try my meat stick, while going to the deep, while sweeping my meat stem and root of my meat stick with the tongue. After this, it was swallowed several times, Ganzhi changed the strategy. She spit my meat stick and gently using his hand, and then started with the tip of the tongue. Ganzhi continues to clean up the “environmental sanitation” above. While licking, I didn’t forget to sweep in my mushroom head. I was close to my eyes, and enjoyed the service of Ganzhi, she was quite carefully. She refusedly, she couldn’t let me go, she put my meat, the whole head. I have explored it, and I lick my scrotum, and I also contacted the entire scrotum from time to time. Needless to see, I know how the picture is, a big beauty is using a similar mother dog’s posture in a matter of obedient, even somehow, please please.

I feel that my meat stick is harder. Obviously, I have begun to give me a war. I am calling Yuanzhi. Suddenly heard the softness: “Husband, butt lifts good?” “Wife, you can really贱. “I don’t know why, I said that I am very excited with Ganzhi. She has a red puff,” um … “, I started a clean eyes of my ass. At the beginning, Ganzhi’s tongue is just slowly swimming, gradually, she rolled up the tongue, desperately drilling, drill, just breathed, my intuitive butt, my intuitive butt And a unique excitement, a “poison dragon diamond”, no a few times, I feel that I will immediately put this beautiful in front of the bed, I will add addiction. But how can this? I have to fight for the initiative! I quickly twisted the situation, called Yuanzhi stopped and continued to help me with meat stick. But the posture becomes 69, the two pink hips, the two pink buttons, the full exposure of me. I gently strip her meat that she had already wet, revealing a small pearl, hehe, this you have to finish, I want to bite lightly. Ganzhi’s hand is holding my meat stick, and she has diligently works a cold war with her head. It is low. My tongue turns around the pearl, the movement of Ganzhi is getting more and more slow, more and more chaotic, the small waist keeps twisting, the mouth is very embarrassing “um … um … um … … Husband … itch, itchy … My point itchy … “I let go of Ganzhi’s clitoris, and I asked,” Wife, what happened? “” “I want to!” As I said, Yuanzhi got my meat stick and stood up. “My husband, you don’t have to move, I will do it, let you comfortably!” Side, Yuanzhi holds my meat stick, squatting. “Ah …” I really don’t understand this woman, I can get such a big stimulus to sit down to sit down. Yuanzhi throws a powder hip, and the life of the dead. How is this Yuanzhi so much today? I haven’t waited for me, and a wave of rapport reminds me that I have gradually lost rationality. I grabbed her to the breast, kept 揉, 搓, pinched. Yuanzhi seems to be like pain, the waves are called: “Ah … ah …, husband, so cool … ah, … ah … fast looming … I want to climax … Ah … ah … … “I have a pair of breasts in Ganzhi, while I still have a deeper insertion. “Ah … to the top … ah … ah …” Every time I stand up, Yuanzhi is plugged into the heart, the whole body is trembled, starting a nonsense: “Husband, ah … love death … You … drink a rod, ah …, too cool … cool, I am, this sternal … Husband … You … You don’t like me … Xiao Sao … hole? Must learn her, Ten million … 10 million … don’t let go! “” Wife, true, not to put it cool. Say, you are a stern baby! “I also excited. “I am a kinky, my husband, you kill my little doll!” Yuanzhi finally did not move, and volts gasped on me. I turned over the body of Ganzhi, picking up her two legs on my shoulder, under her buttocks, a pillow, started a new round of sprint. “Ah … very cool … big … The meat stick … is … here … 狠, husband … I want to die … I have to die …… Plug …… Ah … so good … so comfortable … plug it … kill me … kill me … kill me … I … ah … ah … very comfortable ~~ “Ganzhi Called, two hands, the dead, the dead, the dead, the breathing is rushing, and the skin has a flush, I know that the Ganzhi climax is coming, and it is more crazy. After a few times, Yuanzhi handed down, he took a breath, and the vagina contracted, the whole person was soft. I am willing to let go of Ganzhi, I let her climb on the bed, change it from the back, and two hands explored in front of her breasts. Yuan Zhi Jing Xiaodi suffered my throduction, and the room rushed up my scrotum and her ass hit the sound and the sound of me inserted. After a while, Ganzhi began to hold a white flag to surrendered. “Ah … husband, beg you, let me, I … ah … no longer dare … Ah … really … Next … ah … no longer dare … I beg my husband, let me go? “I said, while keeping the pink hips. This Yuanzi is quite a man who will trick a man, listening to such a chu poor and humble, any man naturally satisfies physiology. Not long after, I also spleen, and Yang Jingzhi’s uterus of Ganzhi.

Take a break, take a look at the watch, it is already nearly nine o’clock evening at eight. Who have the energy to go and get food? Yuan Xiang Wei Chi and I would go out to eat with food stalls. Along the way, Yuan Zhi looked happy, particularly if twitter. While holding my hand like that threw the children, while they kiss on my face. I jokingly said: “just is not your tendons Flanagan plug twisted, how did you become so mentally ah?” “Mentally retarded people say you ignore it?!” Yuan Zhi Du Qizui Pakistan, a walk away, on the road towards side walk. I hasten to catch up with Yuan Zhi, grabbed, rhetoric coax a long time, and she was beaming took my hand and move forward flash flash, can not stand the most is that, after a minute or so, she actually sings played a song, attracted passers-by have to salute us. “Come on, old married couple, friends, people now – high school students in five, six so we are not naive.” “I like it, how about you bite me ah hee hee hee hee hee ……??” A bunch of silver ling after the laughter, the way it sounded Yuan Chi songs. After dinner came back has been almost eleven o’clock, I do not know how to engage in, especially tired today, so there is something to drink to bed, Yuan Zhi also well-behaved into bed into my arms. And I spooned. “Two tigers, two tigers ……” “fucking, so late, Who is this ……” I swore, while pick up the phone. “My husband ah ……” hear the voice of Chi Yuan! I made a Ji Ling, shabu about to sit up, hands-conscious Moxiang side, someone ah! “My husband, what are you doing?” “Oh …… me, I sleep it.” “Sleep so early ah? So good, do not go out to play?” “No, uh …… …… owe slept for a moment .You where is it? “I try to calm. “Booming ah, Yuan Qin did not tell you what?” “Oh, right right right, look at my memory, like you want it confused.” “Hee hee, slick, there did not want me?” “Rely on, can do not want it? “” hee hee, no one let you insert is not it? “” ah, do not …… when you come back? “” tomorrow afternoon it. “” there thing tomorrow morning, tired ah, you go to bed earlier the rest of it. “” well, a pro. “” Tut! “” receive, husband good night. “” good night my wife. “” toot toot toot …… “rely on, this is what her mother ah? ! I am a bit baffling turned away, only to find Qin Yuan positive smiling at me. “You ……” I opened my mouth, suddenly found – do not even know what to say. “My husband ……” Yuan Qin tired tired cried, all of a sudden got into my arms, little face tightly attached to my chest, gently kissed. I can not help but happy, ha ha ha, there is such a good thing? Not enough time to plan how to how to proceed to marry, this Court celery actually own initiative under the guise of fooled me on the bed, it seems, I am still very attractive thing! While I was cranky, while stroking the smooth Yuan Qin black hair. May be “sex” blessing come fast going to say a few words about the jokes Court celery, but in speaking a language play time usually those in the mouth but also how not to be found. Ye Hao, happy to enjoy the warm feeling of this innocent girl. Suddenly, there do not know who came hysterical voice. I can not help but smile, patted Alice ass Court celery, said: “?? Ah we do not know who is whom to conquer it.” “Well you people are, it goes without saying, you are so much effort, hee hee ……” Yuan Qin hiding in my arms naughty said. “Wronged ah! I was seduction ……” Then I pulled on a twisted Court celery ass. “My husband ……” Qin Yuan spoiled. “Quite affectionately called, what to do?” “To once again it really do?” Qin Yuan with the mosquito-like voice brings tears, so much I went tightly attached to a stick. I gently lifted the Yuan Qin’s face, actually has a flush slightly.

“Small Said …” My hand touched in the garden, “I don’t move, you will be wet ?! Service ~” “Ah … husband, you laugh at me …” Yuanqi said nothing While climbed my body, I started her action. Caif is softly stroking my body and chest. The last finger fell on my nipple, and the nails were gently swept around the circle. It was also a place where the man is sensitive. “Hey … Caike you will do it!” I am so stimulated, I can’t help but take a breath. “That is also said?” Guanqin throws a smile to me, then leaned down, a mouth contains the poor protrusions on my chest, and a small granule that bites the top of the shell. The tip of the tongue is not stopped, but the ass is tall high, a pair of bed waves. “Well …” I per body tremble, this exciting feeling seems to have been before. Yes, the last big wave girl is also the case, but no matter what the appearance and technology have psychological feelings, Yuanqi does not know where to take her. I can’t live with cold, and my hand stroked on the back of the garden. Yuanqi is awarded my nipple, I can’t help but take a long breath, I grabbed her breasts that did not lose to her sister, and knead. Gay, “嘤 嘤”, took my hand, leaned down and started to add me. Yuanqi licks quite carefully, from the chest to one inch, while squatting, clearing my hair carefully with your mouth, a beautiful view. Where can I wait for the cachi to my calf? I sat up and pulled the garden, let her kneel on the bed, tall the butt, borrowed by light, I looked carefully to see her the most hidden place – Zon door opened, hole Some humidity, relying on, actually still light red! What kind of society is in my heart? The hole is still red, how do you know so good? Is there any pure girl who left me? It’s a jealous, the action is not slow, I will explore the front of the front, grab the breasts hanging down. Another hand explored and slipped in her wet point. I just want to shoot on the gun, how can I know that Yuanqi has already waited for it, and the head stretched over, and I grabbed my meat stick and sent her to her. “Fucking, I am still anxious than me ?!” I laughed, and I was honest and I was unfair. “Ah … ah … So cool …” “You are really troublesome, people are not called, you said no fun, um … people call, say fake … Ah … so cool …” “Haha, it seems that you are really laundry … “Ah … wave? Yeah, wave, ah … I have been waited, ah … I have died you.” After I know the truth, I suddenly felt that Caixi was slightly tight than her sister, plus She knows how to please people, the dead, let me feel comfortable in this wet and slipped environment. “You still dare to clip me?” I am more exciting, starting a round of attack. “Ah … I don’t dare, I don’t dare … ah, more powerful … Yes, this is the same, hard, hard … Ah … husband, don’t let me, hard … Ah … I kill me. Forget it … “” “Operation, you … is … is not … Nothing … always look at the adult novel?” “Tell … words. Ammy, just here ……” … then you … why … called it … Adult novels … Ha … Thousands of things. “I got angry. “It seems … you … often look, husband … these two times … so cool … Re-use … I am climax …” “” “” ” When the secretion of Yuanqin vaginal is suddenly more, I know that I have arrived at a climax, I stopped and started with her meat sticks. “Ah … ah … ah … grind … good … good … cool dead … ah …” Caico sucks the air.

“Operation, what answer? Don’t say, I have to stop …” “” I am bored … you, ah … cool! I … ah … I don’t call my husband to kill me … Ah … you It will be grind … My sister is really happy, ah … ~~ I have such a good husband … I don’t have her every day … Ah, I don’t call … Ah … That, is it … ah, don’t you call me? , Ah … good sister, you let me let me, don’t put it? That … isn’t it … become, ah … change … state? Ah … I am climax … I have to come … Come … Sister, hurry … “” You will talk. “I also felt that the uterus of Caiso began to shrink, so suddenly, I started quickly and deeply. “Husband, ah … ah, brother-in-law you … cool to death … ah … ah … 对 … 对 … just like this … ah … ah, don’t stop … cool … cool … … I … I … I’m coming … boiled … Don’t stop, hard … Less … “Yuanqi took a disturbed, the whole person squatted in bed. I gently stroked the back of the sweat, asked: “Who is it?” “Hey, people boyfriend. Husband, you are so powerful, people don’t know anything!” “Hahaha …” I leaned over and gently licked the spine of the garden. The hand continued to move on her breasts, but it became a gentle teasing nipple. “Sister …” “I am getting up, I am still not cool! Sit up, it’s okay.” I lay in bed, Yuanqi threw a glance, slow down, sit down, there is still one side Said: “My point, do you like to don’t like this brother-in-law?” “It just plugged you so cool …” “Every time you come to the uterus of people, it’s right, um …” “you I don’t want to let this meat stick every day like the bodhmore. “Caifang said, while twisted the waist, one hand pulled my hand to her breast. “Ah … ah …” The small hole of others is like this to be inserted by such a meat stick, right? Ah … “” Well, the born is a sensuality, ah … must be embarrassed, um … “I I’m very upright. Caiker’s reaction, starting to land, while the sorrowful wavy is called: “Ask … Ask you, husband … fast … put … I have this, ah … ah … … “” Old … public … I will next … no … dare … “…” “Really, I don’t dare …” “Ah … ah … ah … my husband … ah … I am … don’t … it … … … you … fast … Give it, people can let you plug in anytime, anywhere … “I started to think that there is some acid of the tail bone. I know that I am fine, and my hands are more robust to the 33B of the 33b. Ganqi seems to feel it, and the landing is more expensive, and the sound is more messy. “Husband … give … I … I … want to …” “I … want … you shoot … in it … Ah …” “Give … Give … I …. It’s really cool … “I am an impulse, the semen is thin, and the stimulation is a few times. After I took the time, Guanqi took a smile to me, took out the paper from the bed, and began the battlefield cleaning. Wow! Already 12:30, actually made a hour with Yuanqi! It’s so tired, although I know very bad, but it is too tired, just when Yuanqi helped me wipe it, I actually slept the past … Itch, I opened my sleepy eyes, look up, look at it, almost At 3 o’clock, I turned my gaze back to bed. “Husband, I will give you ice and fire?” Yuanqi took it under me and lifted my meat stick. After saying, smiling and jumping out the bed, the little ass is twisted to the living room, after a while, I will take ice cubes and hot water. … smile, contain a piece of ice, and face it to my meat stick. “Oh …” The excitement of ice cubes, let me wake some, I said with Yuanqin: “Is your mother not to be a lady? What will be!” I have a bit admire the bed of Cherie. . “Hey, in front of your husband, I am the most waves.” Said, Yuanqi changed a hot water.

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