Lin Bing is a famous policewoman. It is a beautiful female police in the criminal police. It is the female deputy captain of the criminal police.

She is very beautiful, breast enhancement, hips, long body, just with a cold breath, so many people who want to pursue her feel hard to be close.

“Ice Beauty” This is the male policeman of the criminal police to give her a title. Her indifference is reason. Her husband is also a criminal police. They have never been wedding, and their husbands have not seen Dad. This revealed the hate that she had caused her to criminal, and she was more crazy, so gave people an indifferent impression. It is also the first-class efficiency of her, detecting many difficult cases, and has been promoted to the deputy captain of the criminal police several times many times.

After Lin Bing, he went home and replaced loose clothes and lying on the sofa. I poured a glass of wine and slowly smaller.

“Well, it tastes good.” Since the death of her husband The idle forest ice is often self-drinking to mobilize time.

“Bell …” The phone suddenly sounded, and Lin Bing looked at the call, it is a son.

The other end of the microphone, the familiar children’s voice, “Mom, I am Xiaoming, are you free this day? Let’s go to the new playground together, ok?”

“Well …” Lin Binggao slightly, “Good Mom, promise me, take me, ok?” Listening to his son’s Congress, Lin Bingxin is soft. The 4-year-old son has been taken care of your grandmother. Although the mother and child often calls, but the time of contact is very small.


“Oh, great, thank you mother!” The phone came to the son’s cheerful laughter.

The mother and child talking for a long time, only the phone hangs. Lin Song has a long lazy waist, take off her clothes ready to go to bed.

In that time in the newly married, Lin Bing developed a habit of naked sleep. After the shorts, there was a beautiful figure in front of the bed in front of the bed, although there was a child, but the years did not wipe it. Go to her, the traces of youth, but add a bit more mature and charming.

Her skin is very white, and it can see the cyan vein almost. Her breasts are still firm, perfect and mature breasts are pink nipples.

Her belly is flat, completely unlike births. The buttocks are strong, slightly forsaked, and the lush forest covered with beautiful flesh.

Her legs are long, straight, full of bodybuilding. Sleequent ankle, beautiful foot arch, white jade toe forms a perfect curve.

The husband of the female policeman has always like to touch her nude, and she also likes that itching, the feeling of crisp, every time I am making love, my husband will taste her grape granules. She also boarded the happy top peak every every time that the blood crisp is. She has always thought that her feet are very beautiful, although she also wears a sandals in the summer.

I think of my husband, Lin Bing can’t sigh, “Hey!” Is full of loneliness and helplessness.

The “Report” crispy female voice thinks outside the door of Zhao Director.

“Please come in.” As the door comes in a mighty female police officer, the black long hair will pull the brain, a black police uniform, a pair of black half-heeled shoes, more unexpected body posture.

“Lin Bing, this is a file of fugitives. According to reliable news, he has already dive back to our city, you go back to study.”

“Yes.” Lin Bing said.

“Work hard, recently the royal team to go to the provincial city to learn, you should first be responsible for the work in the team, don’t let me down.”

“Well … Since the leader is so trusted, I will try it.”

“I like you this refreshing personality, go back to see how to grasp fugitives!”

“Yes.” Lin Bing agreed, turned and left.

Director Zhao looked at Lin Bingyuan’s back and showed a smile of thumbs up. He appreciated this female police officer like his daughter.

Wu Gang, male, 29 years old, height 1.75 meters, this municipality …

Looking at this file, the female police officer reminded a few years ago.

He used to rape a businesswoman, and he didn’t hesitate to make a half-year cleaners in the company’s company.

After rape, I took a video, and I would like to have a strong woman, who knows that I accidentally lost a plate, and I found it by the affiliated place of the woman. So the news took out, the woman had only alarm. At that time, Lin Bing had just graduated from the police officer, and the mind was full of violent, personal heroism.

I was hanging around the street, and suddenly I found someone very much like that color magic, I went up with it.

That person is very vigilant, left looks, and I got a bus to the suburbs. Lin Soft wants to rush him up, can change it, “No, I didn’t see if he, then said, there are too many people here, if you let him run, don’t hit the snake, I still follow. “So stopped a taxi, I took the clipper on the road, I took a call.

The man took a car near a remote private house in the suburbs and turned into a alley.

Lin Bing took a look, stunned, that is the bungalow of the suburbs to be demolished, no one lives.

“Don’t he live here, still find me to track?” The female police officer took out the mobile phone, just turned on the phone, “Hey, I am near the demolition room,” Hello … “

“Drip … drops …” The mobile phone has two passes.

“Broken, no electricity.” The female police officer looked around, and there were no calls nearby, and no one. “What should I do? If you go in, it is too risky, but … in case, let him run away, not only losing a chance to stand up, will be laughed by the men’s policemen who look down on the woman.”

“No matter, the prisoner is tight.” Lin Bing bit his teeth and chased it in. The front man swayed and turned.

The female police officer took out to grab it, and I went up in a scientific rush, “I don’t move! Police!” The man did not see.

Lin Bing just greeted, his wrist has a heavy blow, the pistol flies out, the female police officers can’t take pain, fly the foot, block the second hit of the man, turn to the gun, the man puts up a wooden stick, Throw to the female police officer legs, the female police officer jumped, escaped, and picked up with a gun, “I don’t move!”

The man is glanced, he raises his hand, and he shakes because it is afraid. He didn’t expect this followed female police officer to be so good. He has already found someone to track, or a beautiful woman. He has always been very sexual for pretty women, and it will not let go of this beautiful female policeman. He intends to lead her here, which is originally a chance to run away by familiarity. “Hey!” He can’t help but regret it for his own decision, and also worry about his own destiny.

“After putting the hand in the brain, standing in the same place!” The female police officer lifted guns and stood up and walked to men.

“Hey, this time I have independently grab this color magic. Go back and see what those who look down on the woman say?” The female police officer secretly.

But she didn’t pay attention to the feet. Because the house has been removed, the underground horizontal is placed with a debris, Lin Bing only pays attention to the criminals in front of him. If it is not expested to be, fall out, I haven’t waited for her to stand up, After the brain, he had a heavy blow. Lin Bing dizes, dizzy.

The man “嘿” smiled and wiped the sweat on his face. “Too nervous.” Just now, now there is a sense of rest. He calmly hit a nervous mood, and he couldn’t help but sigh his good luck.

The female police officer made the eyes, “Ah!” The status of the eyes makes her snack. She was handled by her hands, hanging on the house, the top has been taken off, only black lace bra, showing white, deep cleans, white legs, only the poor black tight trip Also guard her private parts, the footsisters on the feet have long slept, because of the hanging, she can only use the white round toe to relieve the tension of the arms.

The female policeman swayed her head and found her pistol, mobile phone, and police officer card on the ground. Not far away, men rose a fire.

Maybe heard the sound, the man slowly turned his head, “Hey, my Lin Da police official, you wake up?”

Lin Bing Town setminally, he didn’t shout. He knew that it would only irritate criminals, produce serious consequences, not to mention no one nearby, no one will hear him quickly think about how to get rid of danger.

“What do you want? Women police officer. No someone will save you, your phone is out of power, it seems that you have not contacted others.”

“Are you Wu Gang? Tell you, hurry up, I am a policeman, otherwise I will tell you the police.”

“Ha … ha … ha!” The house is full of sinned laughter, “Do you think you still run away? Don’t forget, now I am dominating everything, you still listen to me, ah, ha … ha … ha! “” Wu Gang, I warned you, now I will come back, ah! You … do you want to do? “The female police officer suddenly saw a bright sharp knife pointing to her breast.

“What? Haha, what do I want to do? Hey, you can’t see it, you can’t see it, wait for one you will know.”

The sharp knife is smooth, and the white neck is slippery, slippery over her full of breasts, only listening to “wave”, the female police officer’s double breast flouries with the split of the cream.

“Ah … don’t … Start!” The female police officer felt a dizziness, and his chastity breasts fell into the hands of the criminal. Wu Gang took the pink sexy nipple playing with a female police officer, and the other side of the female police officer was included in his mouth. The tongue of the criminal was very dense, and it was a circle in the female police officer. “Hey … I will not spare you! “

Lin Bing took the power, suddenly the legs, with the knee to hit it.

The legs of the female police officer were stopped in the air, and Wu Gang’s sharp knife put on her snow white thigh.

“Ah …” Her ankle was caught, the criminal took a rope, wrapped around her knees, with the end of the rope, the female police officer’s legs were also separated. At this time, the female police officer, body The “H” is hanging.

“Hey!” Surrounded by a female police officer’s hips in the air. The pink flesh under the black forest is also exposed to the air.

“Ah … I have a hand! Rao … ah …” The female police officer lost calm, almost crying.

“Haha, don’t you spare me, I will not spare you.”

“Ah … you … what do you do?” Lin Bing desperately dodge, the tight-chained rope has only shake her body before and after.

The criminals sprayed with her armpits and genitals, and the cool feeling of stimulating a police officer only got a bumps. “I don’t like women have hair, I want them to have a pure, clean! Don’t move! Otherwise, you can scratemate your white skin.” Wu Gang said while waving a sharp knife on his hand.

“Hey … hey … stop …”

The cold blade slippery the female police officer white skin. With the sound of “嚓”, the female police officer is getting angry from the body. Even if she is very strong, she is a woman after all, a woman’s nature makes her dare to move the body half a minute, only crying low.

Criminals have a water pipe, and the cold taps sprinkles to the female police officer. The female police officer’s genus is clean, and the pink flesh is separated because the thigh is separated, and the middle tension is revealed.

The female police officer has been humid. Although it is already in early summer, the cold water of the ice is stunned to make the female police officer. Wu Gang’s big mouth and got up and kissed the neck of the female police officer.

The female police officer shivered, “Stop … Ah … let me go, 呜 … I am wrong … I don’t dare, 呜 …”

I didn’t care about the woman’s hardship. The lips fell to the female police officer’s pink nipple, and the female police officer became more firm because of the stimulation of cold water. “The female police officer, your nipple is already hard, haha ​​…”

“No … ah … you … you have this rogue!”

The criminal’s mouth contained the nipple of the female police officer, and one hand climbed the female police officer another firm latex, and gently dially with his fingers, and the other hand sliding the beautiful body in her genital part. Suddenly, Wu Gang took the small bump of the female police officer, slammed.

“Ah!” The female police officer sorrow, and the head is backward, the body is not allowed to have a burst.

“Hahaha!” Criminals couldn’t help but laugh, stepped up the action of your hand.

“Ah … I can’t help it!” The female policeman tightly, suspended in the air of the foot of the air, against the throne of the yin and breasts.

Wu Gang gave the nipple of the female police officer, and pulled out, “ah” The female police officer can’t help but tremble, and the obscenity is also broken.

“Haha, I thought it was a three-riots female police officer, I didn’t expect it, I can’t do it twice, haha ​​…”

“No … is not …” The female police officer roged his head.

“Hey, it seems that the female police officer is very hard, but it is unfortunately, you are very honest!”

“Ah … no … not” Listening to the sinner, the female police officer couldn’t help but suffer, her body has been very sensitive. Nowadays, in the play of criminals, the tears of humiliation finally flowed down. “Women who have been played by me, there must be marks!” The criminal picked up a burning wooden strip, poked to the female police officer on the white thigh inside the meat.

“Ah …” The female police officer is screaming, and the head is swayed after the head, the black long hair is flying, the snow white flesh is trembled, and it is helpless in the half-air small feet.

“Hey, I am coming …” Wu Gang smiled and took off his trousers, showing dark masks, the dark mask is like the iron rod, flashed the rays of obscene. Lin Bing is smoked, close, closes the beautiful eyes.

Wu Gangto’s hips fiercely, “Ah!” The female police officer was killed by the ground, and she even felt that the dark mask met his smooth and tender labipings.

“It’s over, my chastity is so criminally destroyed …” The female police officer is coming.

“Ah!” The criminal suddenly called, flew out. A man rushed up and soon uniforms a criminal.

“Probe!” Lin Bing’s tone is full of gratitude and grievances, tears will come out again, but this time is not desperate tears, but the tears of happiness, she saved.

The exploration puts a swing, unlocking her bondage, picking up her coat.

Lin Bing rushed up, and the lower body of the criminals on the ground is one foot.

“Ah …” The criminal is called “The police beat people, help!” Lin Bing did not kick the brain.

It is not easy to pull Lin Bing, hand it to her clothing, Lin Bing, then discovered that her lower body is still naked, can not be shameful, she just worn her clothes, and the scare of the scare in the distance.

Later, she knew that when the probe hangned, I ran to the Telecommunications Bureau, investigate the position of her last call, and arranged a police force on the road, just because the scope is too big, the exploration has been found for a long time This piece of relocation is, fortunately, the criminal is not convenient to escape during the day, otherwise Lin Bing can’t escape the fate of you. Later, Lin Bing was married to the probe, and the criminal was also sentenced because the previous rape case was sentenced. This insulting plot of Lin Bing was concealed.

“Wu Gang, Wu Gang, did he ran back?” The female police officer couldn’t help but stroked the roots of the thighs and played a chill.

“It seems that he is going back to this city, you will definitely look for his previous relationship, so you have to investigate all social relationships of Wu Gang in this city, and one can not miss it, send people 24 hours to wait.” Conference of the Criminal Police team The indoor smoke is lingering, the Bing is swaying, dispersing the filled smoke, and issued the command to the inner part.

The female criminal police has always been a phoenix, especially a pretty female boss. Many people have admired her bonus and wisdom, and some fear, always feel that this “ice beauty” is difficult to close. Of course, some people dismissed, especially those who are the leader of the throne.

“Chen Ming, your squadron is responsible for this case, there is something to report to me.”

“Yes!” Chen Ming agreed, but he judged his mouth.

“Fuck, this smell, let us kneel here to drink the northwest wind, I don’t know who is almost addicted in the nest?” Chen Mingchu is a complaintish. He is a small scorpion of Wang Captain, which is very dissatisfied with Lin Bing, so Lin Bing has made Chen Ming and several small police back the objects.

“Clama, you don’t say, the forest is really good, the waist, the face, especially the little buttock, you have to hook how many people’s soul!”

“The mother is not the beautiful face, our Zhao Bo can be so much? The ghost believes? It is not allowed to call the bed now.”

“Haha, the team, I see that you can’t eat grapes and say grapes.”

“You this stinky boy, you see me to give you the hand to you, …” Xiao Li stopped his mouth, did not say anything, he knew that the team is good, timid, good bragvous, or if it is not How can Wang captain’s little son becomes a Captain?

More than a month, but Wu Gang’s case has not progressed. In the past ten days, there have been women’s missing cases, and there are some discussion in the society. Lin Bing also feels the pressure of the superiors.

In front of the desk, three missing women’s files, three people have a middle-aged woman around the age of 30, have a good career, and there have been divorced experiences. Before they disappeared, according to their friends, they have been to the windy bar to have a few days. The criminal police have investigated the wind and moon, nothing, but the slightest thing is that the windy bar is not only boss and waiters are women, even customers are also women, the door is hung by “Men’s Stop”.

Lin Bing decided to take a look, she wore a black suspender dress, showing white and round shoulders, wrapped a pair of black high heel shoes, despite the modern society, this clothes too Ordinary, but Lin Bing is still a little unnatural. She unconsciously got a sling, and her legs moved into the gate of the windy bar.

There is no common black smoker in the bar, but it looks a bit quiet, soothing and low music fluttering in dim light, it is intoxicated. “If there is no mission, this is a good environment today.” The female police officer watched four times, and the bar was separated by many partitions. Every partition is a small single room, and the single door is tight. Closed. The outside is just a few small round tables, there are two lazy women’s seats.

“Come to the glass of red wine, thank you.” Lin Bingtou was a four-week, and “It seems that there will be no results today.”

“Beauty, this cup I invite guests.” Lin Bing came to the face of a young woman who got a fat, it looked that the age would not exceed 30, the medium body, the face is also right, and the face smile is very cool.

Lin Bingzheng couldn’t understand the situation. When I saw it, I was very happy, “Okay, thank you.”

“Beauty, new here?”

“How do you know?”

“Look out, hey, how do you know here?”

“Friends introduced.” Lin Bing replied.

“Well, first meet, first do this cup.” Fat woman smiled and looked at the sincere smile, Lin Bing couldn’t help but lift the wine glass.

Two glasses of wine, the fat woman’s face is slightly red, the fatty little hand is interested in the hands of Lin Bing, Lin Bing suddenly felt a burst of butt, could not help but pumped back.

The fat woman smiled, and there was a nugget. Lin Bing looked over, couldn’t help but surprise, in the shadow of the corner, two women are hugging, kissing, just like a pair of intimate lovers.

“Is it a homosexual bar, no wonder is a woman.” The first feeling of the female police officer is to stand and leave here, but I can’t think about it, “For the way, let’s take a look.”

“Beauty, how are we chatting there?” The fat woman pulled the hand of Lin Bing, and the other handed over the room.

Lin Bing did not pick up his hand, let the fat woman pulled it, not from the independent.

“Well … listen, I … I just come here to talk.”

Fat woman smiled, “I know, which one is here to talk about it? Everyone is very lonely, come here to find happiness, isn’t it?”

“Um … I just want to ask a few questions, I don’t know if you can help me?”

The fat woman looked at her and smiled. “This way, let’s play a game. Every time I win, I will drink a glass of wine, I will answer your question, no matter what. But I won, I don’t want to win. You answer the question, every time I just have a clothing on you, and you have to drink a cup, how do you see? “The fat woman will look at Lin Bing at your eyes.

Lin Bingxi is shameful and red, and immediately wants to stand up and rushed out. What can I ask for it? “

“Ok, what game, talk about the rules.” The female police officer calm, promised.

Seeing Lin Bing agreed, fat woman is very happy, “This has two pencils.” The fat woman took two pencils like a drapeth, “Nor, there is a root rope, I put the wire rope cover in these two The color different pencils, then bundle them together, if you can guess the wire rope case on that, you will win, otherwise, you lose, how? Is very simple. “

“Well … ok.” Lin I thought it was still promised.

“Guess it to, which is a?” Looked at the fat woman that also less skilled hands, Lin Bing thought, “it appears that she is not very familiar with this game.” “Blue.”

“Ha, you win, say, what is the problem?” The fat lady did a generous glass of wine.

“You are a frequent visitor here do? What’s your name?”

“I just answer your question, I was a frequent visitor here.”

“This, too?”

“Of course.” Fat woman malicious smile.

“Or the blue one.”

“Hey, this time you lose.” Fat woman eyeful smile looking at female police officers.

Female police officer hesitated, her skirts, slender fingers stretch to open stockings socks, gently down a line and, with the fall of Yu Zhi female police officer, female police officers that white plump thighs, slim fitness calf, delicate white Yuzu eleven exposed, female police officer took off his socks, and put on shoes, socks handed down in the past.

Fat woman stare at the beautiful female police action, took the stockings female police officer, attached to the nose, he took a deep breath.

Soon, Lin Bing has lost three times, this time female police officer who left a black dress, bra and panties that have lost fat woman. Although not naked, but covered with empty feeling or let her uncomfortable.

“This time, we just bet your skirt, but, you only dress up, hey ……”

“Good!” Might be the stimulation of alcohol, Lin Bing readily agreed. However, she lost.

Fat woman narrowed his eyes, staring at her, that look, like a cat waiting for a mouse to be out of the hole.

Lin Bing a Yang Bo, get rid of red wine in front, slowly stand up. Hands plunged behind, slender fingers slowly unzipped behind, then, with both hands and gently wave shoulder straps, black dress “sieve”

He fell to the ground, fat woman stared, mouth wide open, looked blankly female police officers. She lived so much, first time to see such a wonderful and moving the carcass. Female police officers do not know the body is due to the stimulation of alcohol or shy, becomes slightly red, there is a hazy beauty in the dim light. Soft white female police officers rounded arms around his chest, blocking the pink nipples, puts breasts tightly pressed together, deep cleavage more reverie. Another hand down blocking the patch of black triangle.

Fat woman for a long absence, managed to shut his mouth, swallowed spittle, “You …… you ……

I come …… …… …… we betting on the last of it, whether you win or lose, you …… what you want to ask me, I will tell you. Not …… But if you lose, I …… …… we come to a good …… okay? ” ‘Ah …… No, no.” Although women police officers flushed the body, can still very firm.

“That …… you …… you masturbate for me to look good …… okay? …… I …… want to touch you.”

“Ah …… that, all right, but you are only allowed to touch you …… …… …… touched my feet.” Female police officer finished, another underground head.

“Well, well, come, lie here.” The fat woman took the female police officer’s hand, she lay on the sofa.

“Come, let me show you.” The fat woman female police officer pulled the hand toward the female police officers charming three points.

“No …… not …… do not ……” female police officers struggling to get rid of the fat woman opened, blurred eyes revealed an English air, then disappeared.

This fleeting gaze still make fat woman startled, but unfortunately let go, still peering eyes looking at female police officers charming carcass.

Shy female police officers turned away, avoid eating fat woman that if people are generally Se Mimi’s eyes. On the one hand and slowly ask their peaks, gently playing with red buds on breasts, nipples and the environment due to the stimulation of alcohol and strong hand just a touch, a surge of linen crisp feeling quickly communicated to the brain.

“Ah …” female police officers could not help but cry out, the other hand also can not help but stretch his lower body, poke desolately grass, the patch of paradise to explore.

Fat woman grabbed a female police officer in the ankle, gently, the female police officers closed legs were opened, slightly flooding the vagina and labia valgus are exposed to the fat woman’s eyes. “Ah, I see the light was actually a woman.” Waves of shame pleasure straight into her brain, female police officers has been completely addicted, she could not help speed up the hand movements.

The shoes on the foot of the female police officer were taken down and showed a beautiful jade. Nervous and excited stimuli, making the female police officer’s feet very straight, neat toes arranged in turn, the flush toe belly is like a bright grape in a dim light. Fat woman couldn’t help but stuck the thick lips and sucking the freshness of the female police officer. “Ah … ah …” The feeling of feet is spread throughout the body, the female police officer shudder, the red and white lips, spit out a sweet voice.

The fat woman faded his trousers, and the other perfect jade foot of the female police officer was between the legs. Two obese thighs were rubbed hard, as if to crush the female police officer’s jade.

“Ah … ah …” The female police officer accelerated the movements in the hand, the body was up and down with both hands, the beautiful big eyes closed tightly, and the Yin Hong’s tongue was on the bright lips, tall The legs are more straight. With the end of the foot shares of the fat woman, the body of the female police officer is straight, and it is not coming to the self-contained tremor.

The female police officer woke up from sleep, and the head was groggy, she sat up, and it feeled like a headache. Last night, the fat woman did not give her a useful clue. She just knew that some missing women were not a frequent visitor, just a few times before the missing, and it seems to have something.

She really can’t understand why last night, I will play the game that knows that I can’t win, I will be as crazy as the fat woman. “For check the case? No, no …” This reason even she can’t convince, she knows that fat women will not know what, “Is it a stimulus of alcohol? Maybe … maybe, I am too lonely, maybe …… Maybe … maybe you are a lascivious woman? “

According to our survey, we found that three women who have been missing have been related to Wu Gang. “Chen Ming reported to the female boss opposite.

“Oh, what can I see?”

“According to our large number of visits, we found that they were all three years ago, that is, Wu Gang was suffered from Wu Gang’s insults before being caught, but they did not report in the case.”

“Oh, how do you find it again?”

“We are found to find a large number of victims and the threat letter to the threat of a large number of victims and Wu Gang. We checked the source of the letter, all sent in the city’s different places.” Letter and nude photos? Is Wu Jung blew? Is it a challenge to our police? “The female police officer couldn’t help but hold the double boxing.

“This at least shows that Wu Gang is in this city, Chen Ming, you go to lay up, add more police force, and conduct a city search.”

“Yes.” Chen Ming promised, turned to leave. The female police officer is not very satisfied with this subordinates, I always feel that his eyes are very evil, but this Chen makes a little smart, plus the squad leader, so it has been useful to him.

The dark night sky, only a kind of dearded moonlight passes through the layer of fog on the broken wall.

The female policeman dressed in a black police uniform, holding the exquisite little pistol in his hand, only walking one person in the alley.

Her look is dignified, and the vigilant looks around.

Suddenly, a black shadow flew behind her, and the female police officer turned into the body, and the pistol pointed to the black shadow behind it. It was a desperate man. The female police officer slanting the trigger, but the pistol didn’t ring. The female police officer just got a god. The black shadow rushed up. The police officer fell to the ground, and the pistol flew out so far.

The man and the female police officer together, after all, women do not have a man’s strength, the female police officer’s wrist is tightly caught by the men’s hands, the body is pressed under the man, and the full chest is dramatic in the man.

“Let me, who are you, let go … I am a police!” The female police officer bite to the man’s nose, the man is hiding, and the forehead hits the female police officer, the female police officer was The stunned dizziness is still struggling.

※ | JKF Czech Forum “Let me … What are you doing? Who are you? I am a police … come …”

The man turned Lin Bing, and immediately screwed behind the female police officer, took out the female police officers.

The man scored the female police officer’s trousers, and I pulled the female police officer and shoes.

“Stop … Ah … come … What do you want to do?” The female policeman lying on the ground and desperately kicking his legs.

Man pulled a woman police officer slender ankles, hands a twist, female police officer was over. Men ride stand waist female police officers, a tear briefs lower body, lower body female police officers have been fully exposed in the moonlight. “You …… I …… I …… …… Kuaifang Kai Ming ……” the man seemed angry, one of her panties into her mouth. And loosened her tie over her eyes gently around the back of the head line. Female police officers dark eyes, the mouth can only make a slight whine of.

Lin Bing’s black police uniform shirt, although still incomplete, but the lower body is completely naked, his mouth stuffed with their underwear, blindfolded his tie, his hands handcuffed criminals should be tightly handcuffed handcuffs.

Female police officers are still struggling, naked legs kicking wildly, her pink Roufeng looming between white legs, upper body kept twisting to get rid of riding on the backs of men. Man hand hold slender female police officers, one hand waving, big ass falls on female police officers plump soft white.

The night came “pop, pop” sound.

“Ah …… I actually get spanked, and it was a criminal, just a shame too.”

Female police officer kicking his legs getting lower and lower frequencies, covered with red handprint on a white buttocks, hips burning, can be sensitive body is getting excited.

“Ah!” Lin Bing woke up screaming, sweating, his hands gripped white sheets cover the chest, slender fingers trembling slightly.

“Ding Ling whisper,” suddenly the telephone rang, Lin Bingping quiet mood, pick up the phone.

“Mom, today is Sunday, I play the tape, right?”

Listening to the phone cute childish childish, Lin Bing full of apologies, no progress since the case, simply to relax it today.

“Okay.” Lin Bing promised.

“Great, my mother took me to play go ……”

Listening to phone his son’s laughter, Lin Bing also smiled.

Put down the phone, the body is still soft, yet another fiery feeling, just think of the dream, Lin Bing “Teng” to blush body. Since her husband’s death, often dream that insult the scene, although the details vary.

“…… it may be today, even dreamed of being spanked, really die of shame.” Lin Bing could not help but touched the buttocks, as if there is the feeling of burning.

Lin Bing white Cherokee just left a shadow flash into the corridor policewoman local administrative officials. This figure is Wu Gang.

Lin Bing Wu Gang quickly came to the door of the house, took out a bunch of keys, lightweight open the door, and soon, Lin Bing’s door was opened.

This is a clean and tidy house, full of woman flavor. Only the bed is adorned chairs were also messy, Wu Gang is adorned off, he took a deep breath, there still remained body fragrance female police officers. Wu Gang, went to the bathroom, where female police officers hanging from a change of underwear.

“Tut tut, what a pity, all washed clean.” Wu Gang feeling washed underwear, exposing the expression of regret. “Ah, this is the woman police officer stockings, a pair of vain and tender feet must pass through it, ah, this really sexy little black panties, it certainly could not cover female officers plump big ass, hey ……” Wu Gang arrested underwear from female police officers kissed, intoxicated closed his eyes.

Lin Bing enjoy the playground with his son, and son laugh out loud together, seems to have forgotten the front of the case, unknowingly day passed. Lin Bing Liang son drove back to grandma’s house.

“Mom, go and live with me Well, my mother.”

Watching his son begging eyes, Lin Bing could not help burst of sad, “No, ah, there are things my mother, my grandmother listen to the words.” Watching his son reluctantly into the corridor, Lin Bing started the car.

“Ding Lingling ……”

Just enter the house of Lin Bing heard the phone rings. “Who?”

“Lin Bing?” A man’s voice, as if treated, their voices are hoarse.

“Who are you?”

“Haha, not even an old friend came out of it? Do not worry about who I am, your child is in my hands, you do not tell anyone!”

“Who are you in the end is? This is impossible.”

“I said, you just press me to do it. Believe it or not, do not alarm. Haha, I forgot, you’re police officers, ha ha ……”

“Hey, you …… no, my son come home soon.”

“Hey, you just sent him to the stairway, but did not send him to the building, right? Haha …” “No, I don’t believe it.”

“Mom, save me, 呜 …” The bright voice came from the handset.

Lin Bing regretted, “Why don’t you send your son to go upstairs?”

“How? Let it?”

“Who are you? What should you do?” It is a female police officer, and Lin Bing quickly calm down.

“I don’t do anything, I just need to do it according to what I said.” The man’s words are very firm, “” First, don’t tell others, I have already filled the monitor in your home, I can see your one fell I warn you, don’t want to remove the monitor, your son is in my hand. Then, I have prepared a sexy underwear for you, I will give you half an hour, think about it. Put on, remember, don’t wear anything in it, otherwise, 嘿嘿 … Don’t blame me. “

“Hey you……”

“哢, 嘟 … …” The other party didn’t wait for her, I went on the phone.

Lin Bing put down the phone, at this time, she realized the seriousness of the problem.

“Light is kidnapped, what is the person doing? It seems that it is rushing me, bright, my mother hurts you.”

Lin Bing took a call to the call, which is a phone number of a mobile phone. This year, anyone can buy a mobile phone card at the street.

“There is no way, only according to his words, only this can lead to criminals, in order to grab him, you can rescue the bright.”

Lin Bing is determined to enter the bathroom, although she is preparing for her, but she is still awkward. There is a black transparent grid undergarment, the big V-neck, the whole body is a transparent mesh, and it is very short, it is estimated that it is estimated that it can’t stop it, can only increase the lust of the criminal.

Seeing this porn underwear, the female police officer suddenly shamefully red. Pretty cheeks.

“This hooligan.” Lin Bing’s heart is dark. “But don’t wear it, can’t, but if I wear, he is monitoring me, then … I … isn’t you want to take off in front of him, then … will be seen by him.”

Wu Gang looked at the police officer who took pajamas in the screen and secretly proud.

He suddenly saw that the female police officer as if I found out, get up to the bed, pick up the quilt, drill into it, Wu Gang, then laugh: “Hey, Lin police officer, you will be seen by me early, will be dried by me What is it, what is it hiding? “

He only saw the quilt of the female police officer, and the clothes were thrown out of the clothes, the coat, shirt, trousers, socks, brass, underwear, “嘿 … you are stripping.” Imagine the naked naked of the female police officer. Wu Gang couldn’t help but swallow the throat water.

For a long time, the female police officer is like a great determination, and slowly opened the quilt, only the black sexy underwear is wearing.

The big V collar has been driven above the navel, and most of the white breasts are outside, and the pink nipples pass through the net, drill it out. The lower skirt is just covered to the butt, a slight step, black and black, buttocks will reveal. The female police officer was tight in front of the chest, and the other hand slammed the underwear. She would hold the front, and they will be revealed, and they will be revealed, and the female police officer who got it. The body also trembled because of being angry.

“玲玲 …” The phone ringtone once again thought that the female police officer was on the sofa and picked up the phone.

“Lin Da police official, you are so beautiful, haha ​​…”

“You … you …” Because of the made, the female police officer has said it will not come.

“Come, my little baby, cleave the thigh, let me see my mark is still there, haha ​​…”

“You … you rogue this!” Lin Bing couldn’t help but touch the roots of your thighs.

“Yes, I am rogue, haha ​​… can you take me? It seems that you are still as white as before, the same beauty, sexy, hahaha …”

“You …” Lin Bing almost cried.

“Your breast is still very white and tender, but the color of the nipple seems to be deep, your son is full of blessings, you can drink your milk, but your ass is more full, how are you often miss me? ? Are you not lonely? I am coming to accompany you … Haha … “

“You …” The female police officer is shameful, and I want to fell off the phone.

“Remember, odor, you only listen to me now, otherwise, 嘿嘿 …” Wu Gang did not say, but the burning ice knows the seriousness, she knows, this person is doing something . “Don’t sleep this evening, I will give you a call later, goodbye, my baby female police officer, 嘿嘿 …”

“You …” Lin Bing helplessly put down the phone, sitting on the sofa.

Wu Gang stroked his hands on the screen in front of the screen, “Ah … so beautiful …

This, this face, odor, I have to die, I want to die, 嘿 … … “婊 子 婊 … bitch … I want to die,” Wu Gang is muttering, suddenly discovering the female police officer on the screen Sitting uneasy, “Um … Is it … 林冰 放 放 电话, the body is relaxed, the son is still nothing,” I have to think about it, how to save my son. “A shares came from the urine of the bladder and suddenly rushed to the brain. I just worried about the safety of my son. Now it is too slow to remember that I haven’t going to the toilet for a long time.

“Ah … can’t go,” Lin Binggang thought of, and remembered the bathroom also safely.

However, there is a burst of urine, but only the brain, the female policeman bite his teeth and sat down.

The female police officer was unrestrained, and the snow white legs crossed, and the time was separated. With the swing of the legs, the female police officer was blocked, and the hands were also taken from the chest, and they did not help mess together. On the lower abdomen.

After more than twenty minutes, the uroce from the bladder was stronger, the female police officer couldn’t help but bite the teeth, and struggled to shrink the lips, the snow white is also straight, and the toe is struggling to curl.

“Ah … I want to urinate … urine …” She even felt that a drop of urine has been broken through the ladle. Although her lower body is not worn, let her diapers here, urine is on the sofa, she still feels difficult to accept.

The female police officer hurts to the toilet, sitting on the toilet, listening to the sound of “… …”, the female police officer shames closed the beautiful eyes, she really hopes, this is just a nightmare is late. Two o’clock, the female police officer stationed at the door, hesitated, only in black transparent grid underwear. Just now Wu Gang called her to call her, let her wait at her car at two o’clock, and not allow her to wear any other clothing.

“Although it is late night, you can … but I wear this, this … How do you go out? What do you do if you encounter others?”

The female police officer still hesitated. She took a look at the wall on the wall. She had two o’clock, she helplessly put on Wu Gang for her sandals, it was a pair of open sandals, only two black straps , More reversed her white feet, because the shoes are too high, the female police officer can’t help but sway.

The female police officer carefully pushed the door, watching it around, there is no sound in the dark building.

The police officer ran downstairs, he looked outside in the floor, okay, her white Cherokee stopped next to, and there is no one in the dark night, the female police officer quickly opened the door, turned in, this is She found that her heart “砰” jumped very quickly.

The female police officer calmly, found that the cold leather seat stimulated her white and full of butt, making her very uncomfortable.

She just slept, the mobile phone rang, “After 15 minutes, I went to the Xijiao Mountain Park waiting for my phone.”

“Hey, feed, there is far away.”

“Don’t worry, if you can’t get it, you can’t see your son.”

The female police officer launched a car and flew out of the community gate. She didn’t have any ideas at the moment, just think about seeing her son as soon as possible.

After fifteen minutes, Lin Bing’s car stopped at the door of Xiaotang Mountain Park on time.

“Lin Da police officer, get off, 嘿 …” said Wu Gang’s laughter.

“But … can … I …”

“What? Hey, Lin Da police official, you are light butt, don’t dare to see people, haha ​​…”

“You … what do you want to do? You hurry up my son to me.”

“Urgent? Lin Da police official, then … well, you drive the car to the wall on the right side of the park, there is a big tree, you climb in the tree, I think this is hard to fall,?”

The female police officer went around the right side, there was a big tree, and the female police officer looked at it, four no one. The female police officer slammed the high heels, leaped on the big tree, rough bark rubbed the delicate skin, and the underwear was also rolled up, showing her white and full big butt, Lin Bing has taken so much, she is just a vertical When I climbed, I only hope that I will cross the wall. Lin Bing jumps over the wall, barefoot walks on a soft grass. She is aimless to search, I hope I can find any clues. In the north of September, there was a little cool, a breeze blowing, and the female police officer couldn’t help but hit the arm.

The phone rang again, “I want to see my son.”

“Ok, however, you have to take off the clothes. You go forward, there is your jewelry on the big stone, you put it on it, I will let you see your son.”

“Where are you?” The female police officer looked at the four weeks, but the dark night did not see anything.

Before the female police officer went to the big stone, he took a weak moonlight, and the female police officer saw a delicate 镣 镣, was cast in steel, and the four odds were connected with a very short iron chain, if will The hands and feet are in the hands, then only kneel on the ground or on the ground.

“You … you have been thinking.” The female policeman was shameless.

“With you, don’t you want to see your son? Haha …”

The female police officer hesitated, or took off only the underwear, squatting on the ground, picking up the shackles, squatting his hands and feet.

After a while, the rockery turned a person, Wu Gang.

“Lin police officer, let’s meet again, how? Do you want me?”

“Wu Gang, you are less nonsense, what about my son?”

“Haha, big police officer, do you dare to see your son now?”

“Ah!” The female police officer remembered that he naked himself. If you see my son, I will give him a big harm.

“Haha …” saw the expression of the female police officer, Wu Gang laughed, “I have a way for you, come, come out.”

Wu Jang took the iron chain in his hand, a thin figure was taken out.

“Ah, shine.” The female police officer went forward, but he was slapped in his feet, “Plus”, fell to the ground, the female police officer, arms bend on the ground, double The legs are forced to kneel down due to the chains of the chain, and they will pick up the white big butt.

“Haha …” The Wolf of the Women’s Police attracted a big laugh, “You see you, where is it like a police officer, completely like a scorpion of the trend, haha ​​…”

The female police officer and angry, finally cried, and the teardrop went to the cheek.

“Haha, the police officer, see my son, how to cry? What I saw, haha ​​…”

Lin Bingye started, only to see the son, the neck is smashed on the neck, and the other of the iron chain is in Wu Gang, his eyes are black, and a big ear bag is wearing a big ear bag. Paper. This, but let her go down, his son can’t see himself, and he can’t hear his voice. The female police officer’s hands and feet were used, and three or two were climbed to the son. Suddenly found that the son is even a short.

“Ah, Wu Gang, you … what do you do? You … let him, don’t you deal with me, you put him.” The female policeman shouted, while pulling to Wu Gang.

Wu Jun grabbed the hair of the female police officer, only gently all, Lin Bing, turned to the ground, the snow white big butt was tall. Wu Gang pulled the female police officer to the arms, and the female police officer’s ass was sent to Wu Gang, Wu Gangzhen made a big hand, and the heavy hit.

“Ah … don’t … Ah … let go of me …” The female police officer struggled, pour, and climbed in front of the body, hoped to get away from the palm of the devil.

Wu Gang stepped on the feet of the female police officer, a arm circle lived the waist of the female police officer, and the other hand dried the legs of the female police officer. I used to force the roots of the thighs. “I let you run, dare to run ,Humph……”

“Ah … don’t … hurt … Ah … spare me …” Lin Bing cried.

“Listen, no to hear, don’t blame me for your son, hehe.”

The female policeman heard her son, stunned, gave up struggle, let it hug in his arms. Wu Gang’s big hand did not let go of the female police officer, and his hands gently pinched the delicate nipple of the female police officer. Then it passed through the breast, and touched the buttocks of the female police officer on both sides of the body. The female police officer did not dare to struggle. Only slight shaking body , Dodge, Wu Gang’s touch. Wu Jun grabbed the female police officer two fat hips, “Ah …” When the female police officer realized that his ass is in front of criminals, the body could not help but “Okay, turn over.” The female police officer, full of sin, the next step, it is necessary to rape yourself, but he actually let himself turn it, I don’t know what to play, I have to turn over, I’m smashing in Wu Gang. Under the foot.

Wu Jigang could open the trousers, “唰”, revealing the huge-dimoo mask, “Ah …” The female police officer exclaimed, the instinct’s twisted face.

“Turn your face, odor.”

The female police officer is helpless, but it is still close to the face of shame.

Wu Jang pulled a little bright, “婊 子, clear, 嘿 … I don’t like to force women, especially the beautiful woman like you, I am respectable.”

“Hey, you are like this, but also …”

“Hey … for you, I am the principle of voluntary, I don’t like women who have done a chain. I will not add addiction. I hope that you will take the initiative to do it, so what is interesting, you have a pleasure, you are so late. I will ask me to fuck your, hehe … “

“You … you have a break.”

“However, you have to give us fire today.”


“We, give us two fires.” Wu Gang added a tone and pointed to the little light around him.

“But … but he is still a child, he is only four years old, you … you put him.”

“Haha … female police officer, don’t dream. Give you two choices, or have his chicken chicken, or mine, one is your mouth, one is your lascap, you choose, 嘿 … “

“I … you … you …” Due to extremely shame, the female police officer has already looked back.

“Don’t let me, you have a look, the sky is already bright, if you are discounted by the morning, you will see that this big police officer is here, and tomorrow’s newspapers will not sell well, haha ​​… “

Take a look at the crude brush and naked son in front of you, look at the sky, and the female police officer bite his teeth, twech, “I … I … you, I … my mouth.”

“What? I didn’t listen, and then said it. I didn’t understand it.” Wu Gang deliberately humiliated the female police officer.

“I … you … insert my mouth, he …, insert me … there … ah … …”

The female police officer finished, the lower head, out of the tears of anger.

“Where?” Wu Gang is still not still qi.

“Ah … Saozao … ah … … you … you let me go.”

“Haha … The police officer also asked for mercy, but my guy didn’t want to be bitten by you.”

Wu Jang took out the embedded ball from his pocket, a cheeks of the female police officer, “Ah … …” The female police officer was forced to open the mouth, including the embedded ball. Wu Jang took the strap in both sides and went around the female police officer.

That criminal is hollow, and the next robe. The female police officer opened his mouth, and the mouth was smooth in the middle of the round.

Wu Gang grabbed the hair of the female police officer, and the pretty face of the female police officer, put the thick masculine in the bright double lips of the female police officer.

“Hey …” The female police officer heard a smell of Sao, a huge guy fell against the throat, attracting a stomach in the stomach. The female police officer is desperately shaking his head. He holds his ground, and his body is working hard and wants to get rid of the control of criminals.

Hair hair was captured by Wu Gang, and the female police officer only struggled two times.

“Yes, this is awkward, I will not suffer hard, hard to use the tongue.”

The female police officer helpless only with the tongue gently scraped the Wu Gang’s glans, and the tongue passed a salty and salty smell. The female police officer had taken care of many, for his son, the sold force labeled Wu Gang’s mask.

“Yes … ah … so good, too wonderful, it seems that our police officer is working hard, hey …”

The female police officer has been taking ear, only guilty of the tip of the tongue, he just hopes to end this difficult moment. “Ah … ok … I have to shoot you …” Wu Gang slammed his hands to grab the female police officer’s cheek, but the ass picked up.

The female police officer still didn’t understand what is going on, a sticky liquid straight throat. The female police officer hid, but the head was killed, she rose red cheeks, I feel the viscous semen clouds into the stomach.

Wu Gang died and pressed the head of the female police officer until the last dripper was squeezed.

“Mom, this Sao Niang is too sang, I will vent it.” Wu Gangxin thought.

The female police officer is unstoppable to the ground, the breath of the big mouth, the bright red lips are full of white semen, black long hair is broken, cover her beautiful face.

“Hey … ah …” Wu Gang pulled down the embedded ball on the mouth of the female police, threw it on the side, “How? My big police officer, delicious? Hey … Oh, hey … “

“No … … I asked for you, let me go … …” The female police officer cried.

Desperate the hardships of the women’s police, Wu Gang squatted with the female police officers, pulled down her son, and supported the female police officer’s legs, and torn off the small blossoms. Perhaps it was scared, maybe a boy’s instinct, small shiny staring at the snow white full of big butt and buttons.

“Ah … don’t … don’t look … Wu Gang, you … fast … Meng, I … I … I promise you … ah … …”

“How? Good look? Haha …” Wu Gang laughed and looked again to the eyes of the child.

“Lin Da police official, there must be a climax, otherwise, hey …”

“Hey … …” The female police officer only had a low cry.

“Ah … no …” The female police officer suddenly felt that the son’s cold cock arrived to his neck, bowed, Wu Gangzhi is holding the son’s chickny scraping with the slutty, the other hand. Kneading your own breasts, “Ah … it is turned to with your own son, a four-year-old child is too shameful, ah …”

The female police officer has dizzy, and at the same time, there is a inexplicable pleasure.

“Ah … no … Will n’t.” The female policeman’s brain struggled, but the permanent portion was not from autonomous water.

“Haha … the police officer, it was actually sentimental by his son, haha ​​…”

“No … is not, you … you said.” The female police officer shook his head, refuting the vicious language of the sin, and resisting the horses in the body.

“Hey, what is this?” Wu Gang’s hand wiped a woman in the yin department of the female police officer, and wiped on the face of Lin Bing.

“Ah … no … no … ah …”

“Faster, don’t you will lit it.” Wu Gang took a pretty female police officer’s ass.

A sentence reminds the female police officer, I have to appoint the boy to shake the body with the small cock in Wu Gang’s hand, and the pair of breasts hanging on the chest will not sway.

“Good … … 对 … this is a shopping goods … 对 …”

Listening to Wu Gang, a sense of shamefulness, and at the same time, the body also betrayed her. She didn’t pay attention at this time, Wu Gang’s hand has left her body, she is not ashamed, but the ass is also squeezing the son’s small cock.

“Ah … no … don’t look … ah …”

Perhaps it is stimulated, Xiao Liang actually suddenly diapers, hot urine straight a police officer’s lab.

The female police officer of the body suddenly received the water of the urine, “Ah … I … I am coming …”

The female police officer shouted, the head of the head is high, and the long hair of the black black is behind, the whole upper body is tied up, the limbs are supported in the ground, the calf is tight, and the round toe is bent.

“Ah … don’t look … ah …” The female police officer fierce, in “哢哢” “哢哢”

Among the flash, a climax.

After the climax, the female police officer fell to the ground, and the moonlight photos were not comparable to her white and naked carcass.

“There is a key after the big stone, you will open it yourself, you will take the initiative to find me early.”

The female police officer hit the roller, and the hand was open, and the hand was turned, Wu Gang did not see.

The female police officer flying on the underwear, climbed through the wall, drilling into the car, disappearing in the boundless darkness. According to our newspaper, someone recently saw Wu Gang near the western suburbs. “Chen Ming is reporting to Lin Bing.

“What?” Lin Bing is shocked. For these two or three days, Wu Gang did not look for her trouble, just called her, humiliate her a few words, and let her not wear clothes at home, do not wear underwear when going out, or even socks Put on. So Lin Bing is now vacuum. When Lin Bing went to the street, the cool breeble blowing under his chest and his feet made her feel full of humiliation.

“Where is it?” The female police officer questioned.

“Western suburbs, Meijiang Community, that is a high-end residential area.”

“Meijiang Community, Xiao Tangshan Park, these two locations are close, Wu Jang will live in the vicinity? Why is he exposed?” The female police officer wants.

“Ah, Chen Ming, the corpse case has been relatively busy recently, you can help it there.”

“Hey, but …” Chen Ming saw a little strange, every time the female police officer arrived at the intelligence, but also let himself do other cases. He lowered his head and saw the legs of the female police officer, showing a born foot neck, and did not wear socks. Chen Ming is very good, and Lin Bing has been coveted, but it is not to have a chance to face his own boss. However, he often peezed with the female police officer. Every time I saw Lin Bing, he always imagined the beautiful body under the black police uniform.

However, the female police officer has always been parked very strict, even if it is not in the skirt, he can only see the revealed jade arm and wrapped the socks. I didn’t wear socks on the feet of Lin Bing, and I showed a white meat. He really wanted to take off the female police officer’s shoes, and cute little meat.

Chen Ming took a look, blocked the lower body of a slightly either, coughing, “cough, then … then I will go out.” The eyes are still dead staring at the female police officer’s bare white tender foot neck, my head Fantasy, the white feet allocated his own mask, reluctantly went out.

“Fortunately, the female police officer did not pay attention to me, but she looked very strange. She heard this news is not immediately arranged, and she is a little dazzling, and she has no wearing socks, maybe today is a moment of negligence? She is always very Pay attention to your own clothes, why? “Chen Ming’s brain kept in question mark,” Maybe, what happened? “

After a while, Chen Ming saw Lin Bing out of the office and hurried out of the door.

Chen Ming immediately followed out, see the female police officer into the white Cherokee, Yang Chang, and he also got his own Jetta.

I saw the car left to the front of the female police officer left to the west, and Chen Ming was more confused. The female police officer only took care of the car. She wanted to secretly find Wu Gang’s fall as soon as possible, and rescued her son as soon as possible. “If the other people first found Wu Gang, his hand by my photos, there may be a record of naked naked in their homes, then the consequences can be unimaginable.” The female police officer secretly influent, but did not pay attention to the trailing behind himself Chen Ming.

Seeing Lin Bingjin into the property management office of Meijiang Community.

He made a circular phone phone, “Hey, you said that it is like Wu Gang, live in that building?” Chen Ming is always a hand.

“Ah, it seems to be a founcing, which unit is not very clear.”

“I didn’t lie to me?”

“Where can I dare, you are borrowing a hundred courage, I don’t dare, just …” I hesitated in the phone.

“Okay, less poverty, less than your benefit, you will give me a view, which door, I am waiting for you.”

“Chen Ge, is a single-third floor right hand door.” After a while, the lineman will talk.

“Okay, go back to give you the benefit.”

Chen Ming took the car, and he slowly walked downstairs in the first floor, see if there is no movement. “Let a few people come to?” Chen Ming woo, “I still go up and see, I have said, I will not look at myself.”

Chen Mingshun the corridor on the third floor, and gently nudge the right hand door, turned out to be unlatched, “is really God helps me too, which I’m going to hit the big time, and hey ……” Chen secretly pleased, pulled out grab, open the door aside lightly. “Ah?” Chen Ming surprised a moment, the door of the house are open, the house is empty, at first glance, mess all over the floor, as if just moved house, “he ran? Damn good for him …… a. “Chen murmured, carrying a pistol, checked the room one by one again, sure that no one, a little relieved.

He put away the gun, and fiddled with their feet on the ground of debris. Suddenly he shines, see the photos on the ground to pick it up, shocked, then exposed obscene smile.

Lin Bing, Lin Bing was surprised that the photos that police officers dressed in sexy lingerie mesh, eyes closed, sitting on the toilet, and a female police officer lying on the floor, hands and feet were tied together in chains, big open-mouthed, also on Hongyan lips stained white liquid.

Chen saw these photos, Zhang can not help blood anger, feel the crotch of the penis obviously hard up, “fuck this bitch, before I installed holiness, turned out to be a bad lot.”

Chen carefully searched the house, they found a few nude female police officers, this backhand closing the door, come out.

Lin Bing Wu Gang took the photo in Meijiang cell search for a long time, everyone said did not see pictures of people, have not heard of this man Wu Gang, is the office thinking about the months of night to see Chen came . Chen came locked the door and looked very mysterious female police officers walked in front of his face wearing obscene smile.

Female police officer sounded suspiciously looked at Chen, was about to say a word, he took some photographs I saw Chen shook, threw a female police officer on the desktop.

Female police officer saw Teng blushing, stay there for a long time speechless, it was actually she and her son pay skinny photos.

“You …… how did you get these? What is the relationship you …… and Wu Gang?”

“Haha, you do not control how I get. I and Wu Gang does not matter, even if there is a relationship, I took these photos to dissipate, you think about it, you have the face in which the police station to stay yet? Still face in this ? world live it if you die, then your four year old son how to do he may become orphans, ah -? Hey …… “

“Then … you …… What do you want?” Think of missing son, Lin Bing heart burst of guilt. “I want to Renxia Qu and rescued his son.”

“I? Ha ha ……” Chen hollow laugh or two, “I just want to help you, to help you find the criminals, you help rescue his son, if I am wrong, then, the child’s photo is your son, and you Wu Gang has been played, but, hey …… “Chen said this, paused, looked at female police officers.

“But what?” Although women police officers, knowing she was going to do, or can not help but ask it.

“But I, you know, I’m not married, no woman has been a long time, and we might as well come Lehe days, how?”

See female police officers did not say anything, Chen a happy, “Do not worry, as long as you meet me, I will not tell anybody, but I will help you get back son, if you can not agree, these photos may retain his job, hey …… “

See female police officers did not move on the chair seat, Chen around the table, he walked in front of female police officers, female police officer’s hat off.

“No ……” Lin Bing seems to just react, just shook his head slightly, a little token resistance.

Although she knew Chen’s words can not be trusted, he was the man she was very clear that he will neither help her find her son, and after getting her, would boast to other people, but she could not, she only succumbed to his despotic power . If the photo he distributed out, then your own life, career, future, their everything is ruined. So, knowing this is a trap, she has to jump.

Female police officer issuing the release, in the back plate hair “flutter Chi Chi” to loose in the shoulder.

“Do not …… …… This is the office.” Female police officers unable to resist the hair, reminding Chen, hope he temporarily let go of their own.

“Never mind, the door’s locked, they all go to the investigators, no one outside.” Chen grabbed Yuzu female police officers.

“Ah!” Female police officer screamed, lean back, shoes are removed, the white Yuzu has been placed in front of Chen, rounded toe, delicate feet, perfect arch, delicate ankle, due to the female police officers visited for a long time, slightly sweaty feet, foot form reddish, still exudes sweat slightly fragrant.

Chen Ming closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Chen Ming lived in the dead and did not make it. The female police officer had to bite the teeth, the body twisted on the sofa, the toe is temporary, to resist the increasingly strongest itch of the foot, slammed Chen Ming hit her toe, foot The feeling of crisp is strong, and the female police officer can’t live, “ah” is called. Looking at the female police officer closed the double eyes, gently cheering the lips, spit out the sound of the sky, holding delicate and smooth softness, Chen Ming’s heart, almost shot. When he picked up the female police officer, he sent a female policeman’s trousers. The female police officer struggled, resisting it, but the woman did not have a man’s strength, plus it dared to struggle, so half of it The trousers were dismissed, the pants were also taken off, and the slender jade legs, a plump buttocks, and the black triangle is exposed to Chen Ming.

The female police officer hit the lower body with both hands, Chen Ming, but the hands of the female police officer’s shirt, because the female police officers also have to take into account the lower body, and they did not dare to struggle, and the shirt was taken off.

The female police officer naked the snow white perfect carcass, the upper and lower, only a black leather shoes on the right foot, one arm is hugging in the chest, a jade hand holds the lower body, and the legs are tightly twisted together. The body shive because of the shame.

Looking at the perfect carcass of the days, sit in front of him, Chen Ming, “Mom, I still put what the saints, don’t worry, come, let Lao Jian happy, happy I said a pair of big hands touched the female police officer.

“玲玲 …” The phone voice suddenly sounded, and two people hopped. Chen Ming looked at the call display, “It is Zhao Bureau, fuck, this old man, the key moment, I will sweep my Yaxing.” Said some nodded, indicating that the female police officer will push the phone.

“Hey, Zhao, … meeting? Good, I will pass.” The female police officer was saved, and the clothes were quickly put on.

I saw the beautiful meat that I saw my hand was so lost, Chen Ming has some fuss. “Remember, Lin Bing, I met at the Japanese restaurant tonight. If you dare not go, hey, um … this, I am waiting for you at the office, if you can’t see you, You know the consequences, remember, wear a police uniform. “

Look close to nearly four o’clock, the female police officer is uneasy to go to the gate, she really hopes Chen Ming’s not there, she doesn’t know how to insult to her tonight, she only knows that humiliation is not, I don’t know why She even missed Wu Gang, she even felt that Wu Gang was better than being insulted by this obscenity.

At the gate, Lin Bing is the most unwilling to see, but Chen Ming’s Jetta car parked on the roadside in front of the door, Lin Bing hesitated, pull the door, sitting in.

Along the way, Chen Ming also slammed the female police officer, waiting until the entrance of the Japanese restaurant, the female police officer has been messy, and it is fluffy. I saw that the female police officer was organizing, “Lin Bing, listened to me, don’t cover up again, I will let you do what you do, otherwise, hey …”

Chen Ming said, “The odor, I heard it? Do you believe that I will take off you now.”

I didn’t agree with Lin Bing, Chen Ming has a question.

“Don’t … I … I … Yes …” The female police officer has completely lost his judgment, and tears agreed.

Looking at Lin Bing followed the future of Chen Ming, I joked into the Japanese restaurant, hiding in the corner of Wu Gang, jealousy.

“Mom, what happened?” Wu Gang is secretly thinking, “I gave the naked photos of the female police officer to Chen Ming. I didn’t want to take the initiative to find myself. Mom, cheap this kid, first Let you temporary happiness, you have a good thing. “

Wu Gang also thought of it a few years ago, it is also the subordinates who brought the video to the female manager after rape. It is just that the female manager is very strong, swearing is not from that belly, and he exposes him. The female police officer appearance was strong, but the heart was weak, and the biggest weakness of her son was mastered her son. It seems that the female police officer will soon be embraced to her arms.

The female police officer followed by Chen Ming into the restaurant, and a person who got a look of appearance, “Chen Ge, I haven’t seen you for a long time, is it very busy recently?”

“OK.” Chen Ming slammed, “The rear building is ready to be alone?”

“Okay, Chen Ge, still old?” Said with his eyes with his eyes with his eyes with his eyes, it is full of doubts and obscene.

“Old look.” When he finished Chen Ming, I went to the building, Lin Bing had to follow. Entered the room, took off the shoes, the female police officer a pair of white and sorcerer, and saw Chen Mingying his own eyes, Lin Bing’s consciousness hid.

“Come over, stand in the middle.” Chen Ming ordlius arrived, see the female police officer to go to the middle of tatami, “Stripping clothes.”

“What?” Although the female police officer came here with the determination to be insulted, but I didn’t expect that I was ordered to be demolished.

“How? Didn’t you listen? I let you take off your clothes. Are you coming yourself, let me come?”

“No … I … I am coming.” Lin Bing’s fiber-optic jade hand unwinds the upper button …

Looking at the perfect body curve of the female police officer in the air, Chen Ming looked out a strange smile, “Do you know why you come here? There is a reserved dish, it is the human body.”

“Human Sheng?” The female police officer stunned, she is taking off the trousers, a feet hanging in the air, holding a full big ass.

“Yes, the human body, only for our old customers, and it is your partner brought by yourself, today is you.”

“What?” The female police officer did not expect such a ridiculous thing to have such a ridiculous thing, and today she will understand which complex eyes of the leader. Although it is warm in the house, the female police officer still feels the coolness of the silk.

I saw that the female police officer was completely stripped, Chen Ming took two times, and then the wooden tart door was opened.


Lin Bing was shocked, and his hands panicked to cover the main part of the body and stand in the center of the room.

I came in four female waiters who were wearing a dress, pushing a cart, put a big tray on the car, the female police officer was in the tray in four calmsers, and the female police officer gave up struggle, closed his eyes, and she at this time Feeling that you are like a lamb to be slaughtered, listen to others.

Four waiters pushed Lin Bing to the bath in full flowers, Lin Bing listened to her body.

Subsequently, the bubble was applied to the body, shaved the body hair, and even the yin hide was also repaired.

Washing a clean female police officer was pushed out of the kitchen, and it was full of dishes.

Chen Ming sung at the wonderful carcass of the female boss and tastes delicious dishes. With the effort of eating, he has tasted the female police officer’s nipple, thigh, toe even the yin, and every time I drink, I have to put the wine in the navel of the female police officer, slowly suck. The female police officer only lies on the tray, withstanding physiological and psychological huge insults, she closed the beautiful eyes without helplessness, humiliating tears, full of pretty cheeks.

Chen Ming finally finished dinner. He took off the whole body’s clothes, showing ugly masks, “Come, smell, I am full, you have tasted it.” Said with a thumb and forefinger card Police officer’s cheeks.


The female police officer was forced to open his mouth, Chen Ming, which is a big hiang, “簌”.

“Hey … …” The female police officer in the tray struggled, and the white slender legs kicked, and sprinkled the dishes on the body.

“The smell, don’t blame me, I didn’t give you a meal.” Put the female police officer from the tray, open the legs of the female police officer, so that the female police officer sits on their thighs. The female police officer has given up the resistance from the heart, and she sits on the thigh of Chen Ming. The eyes are full of humiliation. I saw that the female police officer grieves, Chen Ming frowned, reached out, squatted on the big butt of the female police officer.

“Ah …” The female police officer was suddenly attacked, can’t help but call out.

“Mom, Laozi is coming happily, not to see you crying, you want to be like this, don’t blame Laozi, come, take the initiative.” Said the hand of the police officer, make the female police officer white The finger holds his dark and huge mask. “Come, hold it, use it to rub your small Sao, fast.”

Female police officer choked back a huge humiliation, Chen fell on his knees across the lap, upper body near to where Chen Ming, Chen’s hand on a shoulder, one hand on the huge firm penis to slowly probe that pink Roufeng.

Feel the warm little hand of the female policeman holding his penis, the giant pleasure of the female police officer’s label, feel the same skin like the female police officer, smell the meat in the nose. Chen Mingao is from drunk. He opened his mouth, reached out his tongue, flexibly licking a polica police, pink nipple and uli. “Ah, too fragrant, really wonderful … ah …” The thrill of the nipple and Chen Ming’s smell stimulating the body and fragile nerves of the female police officer, she has not so close to the man. Body, although I have been in contact with Wu just a few days ago, she has always been very nervous, and sometimes I can’t read my son’s safety, and Wu Gang is also very careful, and she will prevent her.

At this moment, on the warm tatami, such a naked touch of the nude, the long-lasting body is betrayed to the will of the female police officer.

“Ah …” closed lips spit out of the depressed 呻吟, “Ah … no … don’t …”

The small hand of the female police officer is completely contrary to the voice in her mouth, speeding up the friction of the penis.

Chen Ming listened to the sexy 呻吟 of the female police officer, watching the expression of the female police officer, and finally couldn’t help. He held the female police officers, and the vaginal mouth of the police officer, slammed up, “”, huge hormon, toned to the vagina.

“Ah …” The female police officer is sorrowful, “Ah … I still didn’t keep chastity.” At the same time, I also gave up only a little, the pretty face looked up, and my hands couldn’t help but grasp Chen Ming’s neck, the body Chen Ming’s body is bumps, and the breasts before the chest also jump with the bumps of the body.

“Ah … no … don’t … stop …” The female police officer doesn’t know whether it is still going to stop or stop.

“Haha … don’t stop … rest assured, how can I stop it, haha ​​…”

Chen Ming was more exciting to push the mask. The female police officer is obviously not prepared for sudden speed, and the vagina convulsted. On the ground, the thigh clamping Chen Ming’s legs, the foot is straight, hands tight After granting Chen Ming, the body is dramatically trembling, and the sound of “… …” is issued, and the female police officer.

Chen Ming’s penis was tightly tightened by the vaginal wall of the female police officer. I felt a hot flow to the glans. I couldn’t help but spray it out of the stimulus. The thick hot semen shot into the uterus of the female police officer.

************ The female police officer earned red and swollen eyes, seeing a man around him, I really can’t wait to kill him. Yesterday, Chen Ming took her in the restaurant, took her home, and then raped her, and then the exhausted Chen Minglou took a naked female police officer into a dream.

The humiliation of Lin Bing has almost all night, she hates Chen Ming, and I hate Wu Gang, and Wu Gang gave her a shame, Chen Ming completely ruined her chastity, compared to only, she even hated Chen bright.

She understood that since then, she will be thoroughly insulted in the Police Force. She will not stand again. Chen Ming not only insulters her, but after he is tired, his boyfriend, even his brother, and I have never dealt, these people are afraid that she can’t help but think of this cold.

“This is terrible, but what should I do? Yes, how did he get these photos? He and Wu Gang are guy? Unlike Wu Gang deliberately give him, then why?” She can’t make a confusion, “Wu Gang, can I use him to remove Chen Ming? Yes, I only have a risk.” She felt that Wu Jigang is a criminal, can’t be like Chen Ming Like the threat to yourself, let alone, he has its own son in his hand.

Chen Ming made his eyes and saw the female police officer looked at the ceiling. The strong double peak, the female police officer did not struggle, listened to Chen Mingyi with his body. I touched a while, Chen Ming exhaled, because of the transition, the hi is like a slam, and there is no angry.

“Come over, give the old man, let the old man fuck you.” Chen Ming passed the female police officer, making her climb in front of himself.

The female police officer sounded in the white little hand, clenning Chen Ming’s mask with a warm and slender finger, and gently licked the evil penis.

“Exaching it down.” Chen Ming ordered, the female police officer had to swallow, swallow, dark hiang, when the female police officer’s beautiful red lips and snow white fingers hidden, she gradually felt soft penis hard Get up, see the darkness of the darkness of obsceneous light, the female police officer fell into boundless fear. *********** The female police officer is sitting behind the work desk, and the legs are stranded together, and the toe is hard to resist the sole, resist the increasingly stronger urine. In the morning, Chen Ming has once again raped her, and she took out a chastity belt, and there was still an electric mask. There were no wait for a female police officer to react. The electric mask was stuffed into the vagina of the female police officer. It was buckled from the back.

“No … don’t … give me … Key.” Looking at the key shaking in Chen Ming, the female police officer pleaded.

“Remember, come to the toilet, come to me, 嘿嘿 …” Chen Ming smiled.

Urine has become more and more strong. If you don’t open the riot, she really doubizes that her bladder will be blasted. She is helplessly, “Chen Ming, um … you … you come over.”

Chen Ming Shi came in, and he sat in the women’s official table. “What is the forest team.

“I … I … I want to go to the toilet … ah …” The female police officer low and said with a low low place.

“What? I didn’t listen, and then said.” Chen Ming deliberately pulled the long sound and said loudly.

The female police officer looked out, fortunately, the sound insulation equipment of the house was very good, the door was fastened, the blinds were also pulled down, but he had helplessly said loudly.

“Hey, go to the toilet, what do you call me?” Chen Mingming asked.

“I … I want … I unlined my chastity belt … ah …”

“Ah … well.” Chen Ming suddenly realized, “Come, come over, squat on the table.”

The female police officer helped on the edge of the table, and the plump big butt was backward. “Take your legs and take off your pants.” The female police officer helplessly unnovated the trousers, let the trousers slipped to the legs, and Chen Ming took the pants from Lin Bing’s legs, and stationed after the female police The feet stay in the inside of the female police officer, and the legs of the female police officer.

“Ah …” The female police officer screamed and squatted on the table. At this time, Lin Bing was wearing a mighty police uniform in his own office, and the lower body is naked, but it is also tied to the chastity belt.

As the chastity takes the body, Lin Bing turned and grabbed his trousers. He was caught by Chen Ming, from the new press on the table, the pants were thrown away.

“What to do?” Chen Ming said.

“Rao, I … I want to go to the toilet.” The low voice of the female police officer is pleaded.

“Go to the toilet, hey, wait until the Laozi will go again.” The hands pressed by the female police officer, and the mask poked into the vagina that was already flooding by the electric mask.

“Ah … don’t … I … I want to urinate … ah …” The female police officer’s vagina was suddenly inserted, and the tight nerve suddenly became loose, the urine came out from the urethra. “Ah … I … finished … I can’t help …” When the urine was sprayed, I couldn’t control it. Plus, when Chen Ming crazy, the yellow urine is white, and the woman’s police officer The thighs flow into the women’s shoes, the shoes are full, and they are drove to the ground.

“Mom, I dare to use the urine, I watched the little child and didn’t die.” Chen Ming was more crazy to destroy the female police officer. (six)

Lin Bing is sitting in the sofa, hoping that the big sofa covers the naked body. After the insulted in the office today, Lin Bing was in pain and pleaded with Chen Ming. She had a transition. She went home to rest for one night, but I thought I had to face endless abuse tomorrow, the female police officer even wanted to kill Drop Chen Ming and then commit suicide, you can change it, your son is still unknown, if you die, what should I do?

When you think of this, the female police officer couldn’t help but sigh.

The female police officer is thinking about it, and suddenly the phone is ringing. Lin Bing pick up the phone and passed the Wu Gangha’s hoarse voice.

“Lin police officer, what did you do last night?”

“I … I … my son?” Lin Bingyu.

“Hey … I saw you yesterday.” The microphone came out of the laughter of Wu Jigang.

“What …… what? …… you see me? Where” female police officer a little nervous. “Japanese restaurant, if not wrong, then you are yesterday’s men that you played with, ah, ah is not it? Ha ha ……”

Lin Bing just feel the brain thud, “you …… and Chen are a group? Photo is …… do you give him?”

“Ha ha … I mean how could that guy and partnership, as for that photo it, he picked up.”

Chen Lin Bingming know it will not be so clever picked her photo, you can hear that they are not together, or calm down.

“I said, would you come to me? How to? The two of us together to deal with that guy.”

“Ah ……” female police officers pondered, after all, it is a criminal and cooperation ah, but this is the only way she is now.

※ | JKF Czech Forum, “I can help you get rid of that guy, I gave your son, how these conditions are favorable, right??” Having said that Wu Gang paused, waiting for female police officers seem to answer.

“Ah …… Okay, but what conditions do you have?”

“I? Haha …… I just need you to come to me and obey me. You know, the conquest of beauty is very happy, especially if you have such a beautiful female police officer. Do not think you can catch me, catch me, you get neither your son, you can not get rid of Chen’s struggle, you think about it, dwell on it he has been is what will be the consequences, I think, you’ll want to understand. “

“I …… that …… where I am to see you.” Female police officers have made up my mind, knowing that to still be under enormous insult.

“Ruyi Hotel, in the lobby bar, I’ll wait for you.”

Lin Bing took a taxi to Ruyi Hotel, today she is wearing a set of professional women skirt, looked very dignified, very noble, white feet do not wear stockings, board with a pair of black high heels, this is her very formal occasion wear clothes, she even painted makeup, of course, under demure skirt, her body was naked.

Just in the car, the driver thief yo eyes were always aim at those police officers that white Sang Sang thighs, looking at obscene eyes, female police officers Xiufen death, himself a dignified female Interpol captain, now it has been a driver to take advantage of, can she just pull it due to sit down and pull up the skirt to block drivers that greedy eyes.

Female police officers move into the hall, far to see a dark corner a man rushed her waved, female police officers across the hall, Wu Gang arrived at the table.

“Sit down.” Wu Gang politely stood up for her to move away the chair.

“You’re not afraid I came for you?” Female police officers just sit down and ask a question.

“Hey …… I do not say it, I believe your judgment.”

“Well, I have promised to cooperate with you, what is that?”

“It is simply that you want to listen to me, we live together.”

“That’s impossible, will not.”

“Hey …… Do not worry, I would not have been pestering you, we are just what they need, you’ve been a long time since my husband, and I think you are very physical and psychological needs, I just fill your gaps, not to mention I can also help you get rid of Chen …… “

“You also mention Chen, but for you, I would be so miserable that he harm you?” Female police officer retorted.

“Wrong ……” Wu Gang, waved his hand, “Chen has been thinking about you, not me, he will find other opportunities, you think about it, it has been a coveted your beauty people around you will not have a chance?”

“You …… you irrational.”

“Well, even if I am wrong, but Chen reproach you sure you can not stand, but ……” Wu Gang deliberately paused, a sip of water, “ah, yes, forgot to ask you, something to drink ? “

“I do not drink.” Female police officers still sit there straight face.

“A cup of juice bar, good for the skin.” Said ranging female police officer answered, called a glass of juice.

“And you’re afraid he’ll introduce you to other people, right?”

Lin Bing faces no longer looked stubborn, Wu Gang smiled, “Now that you have promised me, why do not you put aside your pride, your modesty? If you hold a good mood to enjoy it all, that would be wonderful, you will not regret it. “

Listening to Wu Gang slightly hoarse and magnetic sounds, the female police officer almost be convinced, “Yes, what do I don’t indulge? In the dream, I am not often indulging yourself? No, he is a criminal, How can I … “See the female police officer low slowly absorb the drink, Wu Jang grabbed the female police officer’s thigh curved, put it up.

“Ah!” The female police officer is shocking, the shoes on the feet have been taken off, a white wall is innocent, the feet have fallen into Wu Gang’s palm, the female police officer is low, if there is anything to absorb the juice.

“Ah, yes, I forgot to tell you, the three missing women you have to find are there, but they are not as you think, they are all voluntarily, wait for a while, you will see them. Warm moon, there is a fat woman, remember? “I have an aquatic official answer, Wu Jang then said,” If it is not the fat woman, I still can’t get your home key. However, the fat woman I don’t know, she Just fascinating with them, and also convinced your beauty. “

Listening to Wu Gang’s speech, the female police officer couldn’t help but sweat, “I have already fallen into his trap.”

“Hey … Every woman who tastes I taste, I will not forget me, 嘿 … …”

“You … you said … you …” The female police officer still strive, but it is not very tough.

Wu Gang’s hand slid on the female police officer’s white thigh, gently touching, “Come, sit here.” Wu Gang patted the chair around him, and his police officer.

The female police officer has not yet placed it, and Wu Gang took a female police officer’s arm.

“Ah!” The female police officer exclaimed, the feet, sitting in Wu Gang’s thigh, she worked hard, but she got up, but I cracked a tent of the drums on Wu Gang pants. “No … don’t … here.”

耳 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 声 声 … 官 官 官 官 官 官 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 下 看 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下The light is very dim.

“Ah!” The female police officer felt a big hand opened the clothes and stroked her body.

“Hey …” The female police officer is firmly lifted by a big mouth, no sound, the female police officer is just a symbolic struggle, open the beautiful lips, her tongue is Wu Gang took into the mouth, stirred with Wu Gang’s tongue, she recovered his tongue, but Wu Gang was so weak, the two tongues came again into the mouth of the female police officer, dim light, female police officer white The face is tightly attached to the dark face, rub the friction.

Wu Gang’s hand stretched into a female police officer’s top, kneading full of hard breasts, and the other hand slipped into the skirt, and smashed in the roots of the female police officer. The police officer’s thigh was unknowingly opened, and the big hand slipped into the mysterious zone, and slowly dially around the pink **. The female police officer’s delicate buds in the fingers, the more and more tangled. The female police officer has already lost it, and the body moves with Wu Gang’s big hand, the plump buttocks are strong in the roots of Wu Gang’s thigh.

“Hey …” The woman’s tender clitoris suddenly was slammed by Wu Gang, and the snow-white legs suddenly, the snow white bipple will be frivized to remove the shoes, the smoothness of the foot The sharp in the air, the trembling, and I feel that a tide of the body flour out of her Yumen, “Ah!” The female police officer’s shy snoring passed into Wu Gang’s ear, as if the fairy is generally happy.

Wu Gang took his hand to the front of the female police officer, the fingers slowly separated, a crystal bright line launched in Wu Gang’s finger, and the female police officer was shamefully red, and the face was going to Wu Gang’s shoulder, whisper Said, “no … no … don’t be here … ah …”

Wu Gang smiled, put down the female police officer, standing up, turned around.

“Hey … you … what do you do?”

But I saw Wu Gang picked up the shoes that were taken back and left, “Haha … isn’t you?”

The female police officer did not dare to see Wu Gang’s face, and bowed his head and looked at his naked beauty. I saw Wu Gang, she was a white and beautiful jade, and she gently kissed a bite. Subsequently put on her shoes for her, standing up, reach out, “Let’s go.”

The female police officer did not ask him where he went, and he stretched out, pulled Wu Gang’s arm, walked out of the bar, through the lobby, to the elevator.

There is no one in the inner air elevator. Wu Gang took the 18th floor and grabbed the female police officer.

“Don’t … don’t … I was seen.”

Female police officer shook his head slightly. I saw a female police officer Wu Gang pulled the hem of the skirt, threw up a mention.

“Ah!” Female police officers through the bright mirror in the elevator, to see their big plump white ass exposed to air, in the bright light is very harsh. Elevator, eyes closed female officers lying Gang shoulders, buttocks white kneaded one pair of shape black big hands.

Walked into the room and shut the door, Wu Gang hugged female police officers, “laugh” slamming, female police officer shirt was torn open, and then pulled out a skirt and a female police officer, picked her into bed, then follow rush steal their clothes. Bed female police officers not only because of shyness or bedside lights glare, raised pair of white hands blindfolded, a pair of legs bodybuilding has greatly open, revealing the spring tide flooding paradise.

“I’m coming!” Shouted Wu Gang, rushed to embrace a big mouth latch onto a female police officer in a tender and beautiful lips, a female police officer puts his hands in the air feet, “Puchi” sound, huge ** stuffed with creamy ** female police officers.

“Woo ……” female police officer satisfactory groaned, body twitching with Wu Gang and crawling around.

Wu Gang big hand covered beautiful female police officer shape of breasts and slowly rubbed, the mouth is also female police officers covered his mouth tightly, stir the tongue in the mouth wanton female police officer, cross under thick dark ** in female police officers ** pink in and out, instinctively cater to female police officers, arms around the neck of Wu Gang, white, muscular thighs disk Gang waist, body waves of pleasure, so that female police officers plus big body swing amplitude, also moans getting louder and louder, more and more tight.

Wu Gang, also accelerated the frequency of the action, he suddenly saw support from the upper limbs, kneel lying in bed, female police officers white body also was brought up in a violent crash Wu Gang, white body female police officer is like the sea skiff, shaking violently.

“Ah ……” shouted Wu Gang, a violent shaking of the body, along with a surge of hot sperm hit the wall of the uterus of female police officers, female police officers screamed, head jerked back, arms and legs tightly wrapped around Wu Gang live in violent shaking in orgasm.

Early morning ray of sunshine through the curtains on fire naked female police officer Jiao perfect drive, her sideways, his legs were tucked, big white ass sticking out, his face wearing a smile full of live.

While a female police officer awakened the door open, “ah ……” She quickly pulled the quilt, she covered the naked carcass.

The room do not know when more than three women, three beautiful women, and Wu Gang positive, smiling, sitting there, watching them. “I introduce you,” he pointed to the three women, “they are what you’re looking missing people, Well, they are not very good, which is Tracy, slowly, Lily, and their data you are all familiar with, I would not have introduced. “

“She is Lin Bing, the woman police officer.” He said the female police officer, Wu Gang also specifically raised her voice. Lin Bing closer look at them, it is Wu Chui, Shan-Shan Li and Huang Manli.

He was surprised to find three women looked at her in a good mood.

“Sister so nice!”

“Last night my sister to enjoy good ah!”

The house suddenly filled with women chattering laughter. Suddenly a few people wink, Lin Bing look ripped off the body of the quilt.

“Ah ……” Lin Bing shame shouted, “No ……” Although the same for the woman, but they dressed, while they naked, legs curled Lin Bing only block in the chest, genitals and no one thought asshole but had exposed.

Women did not let her, rushing to suppress her legs curled up in his chest, and some of her films have been hand Roufeng and asshole, female police officers hard struggle, managed to get rid of a few women’s struggle, a roll to the side, but got into the arms of Wu Gang, the house instant cheers.

Lin Bing was just pulling off the clothes of women into the bathroom, large bathroom, white marble, warm and hot water, comfortable bath …… all of this handmaid police officers physically and mentally completely relaxed. Three by the opportunity for her to clean her body to manipulate, while the female police officer struggled a few times, after all, three people, a way to avoid, he did not escape the other two, they are just not mess up.

Lin Bing body of water has not completely dry, they were several women pulled out. Wu Gang see the same Waterlilies great beauty, eyes staring blankly hold, female police officers to see that people like to eat the same eyes, the shame of shame.

The female police officer would not be willing to be smashed, pressed to Wu Gang. The white skin is moist and red, the naked carcass is covered with crystal water, and the legs are greatly separated. The delicate chrysanthemum holes are forcibly separated by several fiber-optic jade hands. Pink ** The spring tide that has been stimulated is flooding, exudes the rays of **. “Ah …” With the insertion of Wu Gang, the female police officer’s jewelery contraction is closely contracted, holding the object in the body. At the same time, a kind of suffocation and tension spread throughout the body, the body is tight under this wonderful feeling, the pink jade is high, the round toe is huddoo hard, the pink foot is flourishing Pleple, like a flourishing.

At the same time, the female police officer’s mouth, on the ear, the breast, the legs, the foot is full of all kinds of hands and mouth, and only the powder is lined with the pink **. Women police officer Close your eyes, the body turns on the front of the palm and lips, and the mouth will not stop “Ah … ah …”.

“I … I … want to … ah …” The female policeman groaned, pleading.

“What do you want? Sister?” The ear came from soft in the ear, and the cool breeze of the silk blows into the ear, stimulating her brain.

“I … I … Ask him … I … … ah …” The female police officer can’t stand, the snow white big butt is a burst, “fast … come … Ah …” Women’s police officer Shamefully shamefully shamefully big butt, looking forward to the invasion of the meat stick.

Wu Gang also couldn’t stand it, and he was strong.

The female police officer has forgotten her identity, and the beautiful feelings are enjoyed, and they are sinking in the atmosphere of the **.


After the police officials were sitting at the desk, the body has not joined from the long rhyme of the climax, and the words of Wu Gang have returned to the words of Wu Gang.

“Forest, how, come today, come, I want to die.” Seeing Chen Ming’s hippie smiles, Lin Bing is even a bit disgusting, feeling, she has been pressed, her face Out of the helpless, shy smile. Chen Ming said that he stretched his hand to the waistband of the female police officer, pulled the female police officer’s belt.

“Don’t … don’t … Chen Ming … you listen to me, just went to the western suburban toll station to call, and said that Wu Gang’s trace is.” The female police officer said while dodging.

“Hey, is it?” Chen Ming didn’t care, his hands did not honestly uninhabited the waistband of the female police officer, and stroked the big butt of the female police officer.

“Chen Ming, don’t forget, you said to help me catch Wu Gang.” The female police said.

“Okay.” Seeing that the female police officer is serious, Chen Mingzhao took the hand, “We depart.”

Three police cars screamed from the gate of the police station, the white Cherno machine of Lin Bing opened in front, Chen Ming sat in the position of the co-pilot, followed by two police vans. When I started, Chen Ming did to go to Lin Bing’s car, Lin Bing helplessly agreed.

The police car whistling to open the Shangpishan Highway, the road was built on the mountain, and both sides were steep cliffs. Far away, I saw a green jeep in the wild, the female police officer accelerated, and the two police cars behind him were still behind.

The jeep seems to find someone to track, but also accelerate the speed, two cars start chasing on the Panshan Highway.

The two police cars behind were gradually fallen. The front driver was trying to speed up, suddenly a loud noise, the front of a fire, the driver hurriedly braked, slammed the steering wheel, the police car sliding in the road, the latter police car brake No, the waist hits in front of the car, the two police cars swayed to the roadside. After several rounds of collision, they stopped on the cliff, not moving, and there was a pain in the car.

Seeing Lin Bing’s car to catch up with the front of Jeep, the car suddenly turned, rushed into the dirt road next to, Lin Bing also tightly followed, biting the front of the car.

Chen Ming, in the car, no matter where those, a pair only took care of Lin Bing’s body. Waiting to turn on the earth, Lin Bing’s top has been set off, the belt is also awkward, revealing a white buttock, and the female police officer is touched and annoyed, she has to resist the nature, waiting.

Chen Ming’s inner heart did not want Wu Gang to be arrested. He hoped to take the opportunity to take the opportunity to take a moment, even grateful to Wu Gang, thank him to send a big beauty to his own arms.

The two cars turned left left on the earth in the mountains, far away, I saw the green jeep hit a slippery on the cliff, rotating down the cliff, Lin Bing parked the car on the cliff, dumb Looking at the rolling car, falling into the cliff, no one in a while, came in a fried, and the cliff will find a fire. Chen Ming began to be shocked. After looking at it, the two police cars have already disappeared, and they shouted through the walkie-talkie, no echo. Take another turn, look at the female police officers around you, the top is smashed to the chest, revealing two cute breasts, the pants are faded to the hips, half the white big butt, and suddenly increases.

Step by step to the driver’s seat, pull the female police officer’s trousers, separated, put it on your thigh, one side of the mouth sucking with the female police officer’s nipple, while rushing out **, stuffing the police officer of**.

“Ah …” The female police officer loudly, and the body quickly turned down, a pair of big breasts were tightly pressed on Chen Ming’s face. The auspicious movement of the female police officer Chen Ming is often excited, and it is more crazy to draw the female police officer.

Although the female police officer is crazy, the face is very calm, secretly facing Chen Ming system, and looks forward to the car. I saw a big truck silent and informed the car. When I was close to Lin Bing, I accelerated, when I had to collide with two cars, the female police officer flew out of the car. Chen Ming also If there is no reaction, I was hit by the cliff.

The big truck “is stopped, Wu Gang jumped off the car, picked the naked female police officer,” Let’s go, we can’t run now, hey … “

Lin Bing was strongly held by Wu Gang, the cliff is very big, not open his eyes, jumping, and the vibration of the explosion make her a little fainted. There is a while I have returned to the scene before the new marriage. Her husband is also effective. Their persistence looked at him, then gently put her on the bed, faded her coat, bra and underwear, then enter She, those who are fascinating and intoxicated, is it a dream now?

Suddenly, the chest is painful, I found that Wu Gang is holding her body tightly, and Zhang opened his mouth and bit his own pink ** on the breasts that still rushing. It is not a dream, this is not a dream. It is a trap under her and Wu Gangbu, removed Chen Ming.

“No, you let me go, so pain …” Lin Bing can’t hold it loudly.

“Hey, rely, the surnamed Chen’s dog is not just just here, a port smell, fucking, dying, still makes the people do not cool!” Wu Gang’s plaque, spit a few mouthfuls to the ground Spit, both hands are not willing to let go.

I remembered that the continuous man who was humiliated by two of her previously looked for a few minutes, and the psychological fear of Chen Ming was psychologically afraid of this time. Now I can finally get free. But still fall into Wu Gang’s hands, and the drops of their children still haven’t adulterated. Lin Bing is a bit of a situation that does not bear the situation in front of him, and I don’t know how it is good.

“You let me go, give me my child, I also give me a dress, you said, will not always be entangled, this Chen Ming died, you can let me go.”

“This is our deal, I will help you remove Chen Ming trading, you are willing to serve my heart, as for your child, hey, you still have to see your performance, I will not hurt him, as long as you are Obligation, I promise, will not let your child’s heart leave any unpleasant marks, if you don’t want, maybe you can’t see your child again, I will take him with him, training him I can make a man who is happy, or selling into the black city, you know that the male child like this is definitely a lot of treasures that I want to rush to rush, I hope that someone will train him to become a good thing, haha, I will see it. Your creation, how is the road to go, you choose.

The female police officer opened his eyes, listened to Wu Gang to describe the future plan of horrifying his children, try to break away, Wu Gang’s powerful hands and silk, gave up the low head, casually taking the black long after the brain The disabled floating on the breast, the increasing thing before the chest, floating up and down, because the surrounding chills, the harmful, the chest is from time to time, the chicken skin floats, black hair, The meat is attacked, and it is more harmonious, and people want to be close.

Wu Gang looked at the poor look of confused lambs, strikingly going to the road behind it, a lightweight jeep stopped there. Open the door, the front row of front is already put down, it seems that this is already Wu Gang’s good venue. Lin Bing was weak, and Wu Gang bowed his head. He closed his head. What do we do.”

The female police officer did not move, and it was a long time. I finally couldn’t help but sigh. “I hope you know, I am willing to be with you now … not because of me … but because thank you for helping me with Chen Ming, I will not have next time, no matter what, I hope you understand.”

“Let’s hurry, first help me take off your clothes.” Wu Gang has already waited impatient.

With a huge humiliation, the female police officer slowly sat up, the knee moved to Wu Gang, the black long hair smashed down to cover the shame of the red and hot face, and he never leveled the strange man, this time Actually, I have to take my children to take my clothes, but I will take off his clothes under the gaze of the man who will free it, and then put it a good time to serve him.

God, why should I have to endure such humiliation, is it so? From the beautiful passionate young woman who got her husband to lose her husband’s poor single widow, from the mother of her own child to the slogan of the hateful man, from a noble police officer to the criminal Kill the murderer of another police officer.

Now, the child is still in the man’s hand, and the man is not hung and this man sits like this. The following will happen to make a dignated woman. Can I still go back to this step? Can you still have it?

Slowly reach out, reach the man’s chest, one, two, and strong chest muscles, Wu Jirang saw the expression of the female police officer and other women, smiled and said.

“How, no first time I saw it, why is this accident, yesterday is not very comfortable, you are the most beautiful in bed. Also, you know, you let me also Very comfortable, and three of them are the best, relax, women are like the most fascinating, right, right, put your long hair, so how good, let me watch you Eye, more shy … “

In order to end this unbearable humiliation as soon as possible, it is more convenient to get the head. I didn’t expect to hear that she couldn’t stand the words of the defamiliar, and she looked at this man. I didn’t expect it to be shy, more and more Feeling that you are getting hotter and hot, your face has been hot.

The man’s top is taken off, and the strong and broad chest muscles and the strong biceps shake. The hot hands cannot be touched to the skin, a warm flow. Slowly swim in the lower body, and the chest is also swollen.

Do you say that he has a sexual demand for this bully and his child’s stinky man? No, absolutely can’t be like this, press the more and more heartbeat. I want to transfer my own attention, tell yourself, this is the stinky man who bullied her own stinking woman yesterday, this is the stinky man that makes himself peeing in front of her own naked .

Well, and Chen Ming, he not only doesn’t have a man’s stink, but also an attractive fragrance, and he should not go up and down on himself as Chen Ming. This is my hands that I have just hugged from the car from the car.

The female police officer swims to the waist of men, pulled out the belt, unveiled the first buckle, then pulled down the zipper, the lower body that was highly rising, couldn’t stand it, although there is also white underwear, but still Gao Gao Yang, left and right slightly. Quickly take off all the rest of the man, sitting, don’t know how to continue.

“Chen Ming didn’t have used your mouth, come, this time, I will help me pick up and drink it. After washing, you have to take me to see someone, then I will let your mother will reunite it tonight. Wu Gang sat up, put his lower body in a suitable height, like a husband, smiled as Lin Bing as a husband.

Chenchen261 [2006.07.24] 01:48 The female police officer is unpacking, first try to reach out of the tongue, slowly contact the front of the man’s hair, the meat stick is as shaking, and again, it is a shake. After adapting the temperature, I will slowly swallow the front of the meat stick, and the above men praise comfortably. In this case, let this all over. The female police officer accelerated the throughput, the few hairs that were not tied above the two ear and the head and the ups and down, covering some ears and face, one floating, this only in Japan AV film In order to see the sensuality scene, let Wu Gang’s meat sticks have a hard heat.

The two snow-white breasts of Lin Bing were shaking in the chest, reflected in the window of the window. It seems very eye-catching, adding a strange graceful force. Wu Gang extended his hands and pulled Lin Bing into 69-style. He faced Lin Bing’s hips and slender calves. “Ah!”

Lin Bing put the meat stick and screamed.

“you are so**?”

“I want to ask you, just Chen Ming didn’t touch your ass and calves?”

“No, no, he took off my police uniform and the police skirt, just above, there is no time to get it …”

“That’s good, you continue to work, don’t make it”

The man’s meat stick is getting hotter and harder and harder. The female police officer’s mouth continued to swallow.

Wu Gang faded Lin Bing’s trousers stockings to the knee, and then embedded the head into the female police officer’s hip ditch, and breathed a few mouthfuls of women who were infinite and fascinating. Then, a one-sided sucking, the female police officer is like a man’s harassment of the man’s to the lower body, accelerating the effort. Two naked big tits are generally inhaling down to press the man’s lower abdomen, one left and right.

Wu Gang has already played a female police officer’s thigh, facing the charming beautiful arch, the white jade toe forms a perfect curve, this posture can’t hook, I have to make a good job. Looking back to the chrysanthemum of the female police officer. First use your hand to try out some, then pull it out, smell, suddenly feel the edge of the outbreak.

Looking at the hips before the eyes, I will bite on the edge of the outbreak, and the two hands are pinched with two fat hips, ah! ! !

A few strong semen were sent into the mouth of the female police officer, Lin Bingqiang kept stunning discomfort, insisting on blocked the channel to the throat with the tongue, gathered more and more liquids in the mouth. After the storm is too rain, spit out the soft meat stick, open the door, the semen in the exit, tears, snot, semen, sweat mix together, which is unclear which is. Since the man just suddenly broke out, he did not prepare for him, and several shares have been completely injected into their own throat. It has already gone to the belly and can’t cough. it’s finally over.

The female police officer came back, looking at Wu Gang, the roots of his thighs, full of black and long mane, also have a passion, and there were no wipes that had not been wiped by the Taoyuan, which is still in the spring tide.

Pick up your early ready-made toilet paper, gently wipe your mouth, lower body and the liquid on the mince sticks. Then I am unable to lie down. Now the most important thing is to end this, I finally ended all.

It seems to be more relaxed.

After a while, Wu Gang sat up soon, stroked the long hair of the female police officer and his lips that had been working hard in his own body, “said” The first time, it will make me shoot, it is not easy, I really have a little reluctant. Walk, put my coat, take you to the hotel to take a shower, then you have to introduce one person to know, you can reunite your mother and son. “

The jeep launched and disappeared on the road.

From about 5 o’clock, it is the most lively time in this city, and a high-end Audi is parked in the “White Terrier”. A beautiful young woman will walk out in the crowd, wearing a pink narrow skirt, a silk-like white tight blouse can’t cover a mature attractive body, a pair of towering and strong doubles The peak is very eye-catching, as well as high heels with thin belts and belt buckles, wearing glasses, about 30 years old, white and white, white and white The waist lady’s bag is suddenly sounded, and I will answer.

“Is Zhao Zhimin? I am Wang Dabao, our police station has a big case today, you have lost this, you have come here, we are doing search and rescue work, his sister has come over.”

“Ah, I am eating in the Leader of the White Ceremony, and I will come over.”

The eyes of many men are concentrated on Zhao Zhuimin, and cannot be removed. This is just a woman who has a charming and charming of the extraordinary lipid powder, and the pink narrow skirt will perform her full hip curve in the waist button. Under the skirt is a pair of white smoothie legs. A pair of hipsterless pink laces with sandals to show 10 crystal whitening toes, including the hidden in stockings, more exciting, pink shoes behind, is entangled in sexy ankles, 7 cm The long taller follows the feet and the more it is full of round.

“I’m sorry Yeah, Zhao director, my nephew out of trouble, we must look at the past, the only excuse me tonight.” Zhao Zhumin hurried off the phone close to the eyes of the man beside him said. Positive signs of male eyes staring at the young woman that waist-hip looming underwear pattern of ecstasy, a moment too late to escape, is being turned to the young woman with long hair swept sight, smell air into the nose, the infinite beauty of the slender neck and chest full close but because everyone in the side but not touching, breathing among young women in the same color tight-fitting blouse bra cup pattern can see it so clearly, Americans in the next, but to be gone, really sorry matter.

“You take my car go, hurry up.”

Under the young woman so he, not decline, you smile to others, hurried into the car, it sped away.

Across a pale ordinary van, Wu Gang and Lin Bing dynamic sitting here watching together.

“This is Chen’s aunt, called Zhao Zhumin, working in the Municipal Health Bureau, who is above the provincial health department director Zhao, we had planned also to come together to talk about cooperation projects Police Association and the provincial health bureau.” Lin Bing cold Road.

Now her heart is completely hung in the evening and their children reunited things above, I can not wait to end all at once now, as soon as possible and their children together.

“Ah, it seems the police have started investigating Chen’s disappearance, you are a call to the police station to say you attempted to track criminals, was about to return? Or go directly to the police station to see now?”

“What about my children?”

“Why do not you go to the police station, for me to inquire about their progress, then at night I call you, do not worry, I said in the absolute count, as long as you listen, according to my instructions step by step, will definitely make you mother reunion. “

“Okay.” Lin Bing was about to open the door to leave.

“Wait,” Wu Gang stopped her, taking care of the head of a policewoman sand brushed crumbs, “I said last time, as long as you listen, you can certainly see the children, I hope not try to be smart.”

Policewoman without looking, into the depths of the street lights.

Lin Bing hurriedly returned to the police station, after completion report to the captain of the king “event” process, Captain Wang Lin Bing see fatigue, let her go home and rest, do not take part in the evening’s search and rescue activity. Lin Bingshun potential police asked to be present there is little on the Chen and his other messages, excuse it, is to see the captain of the king and his wife go out to send Zhaozhu Min.

“Please rest assured, we will be able to find Chen tonight, will tell you the first time, Axue, you first send sensitive bamboo home, Betty is still on the study of it. By the way, Lin Bing, you just help my wife …… “

If not finished, I saw a woman who called Axue like to see the same enemy, flying in front of Lin Bing, two hand is about face, then kicked up, Lin Bing NPA origin, had a very good response time for rapid training, but this time due to the hard day’s Lawton, plus beloved baby still fall into the wrong hands, fretting gas impatient, beginning next few actually did not have time to fight back, he saw a woman kick straight to their own nakedness vital, parties react, jumped back, I was about to speak.

Captain Wang eye grassland, a back to the Axue, “how you going?”

“Is you, the slut, which led to my brother disappeared, what you do not, do you think those scandals we do not know ……”

“What nonsense you talk, so be it, Lin Bing, would you accompany Zhu Min back at her home, we wait for further notice. Axue, you go to Betty take home, go to bed earlier, there is a message I must inform you, move.”

Lin Bing stood there stunned for a long time, had his sister know, know everything, or just know that? Or just guessing? His wife know? Captain Wang and colleagues at the police know? What face I see people.

Between cranky, her large hand on the shoulder, a look inside, a pair of eyes can see through people staring at her.

“I believe you, do not cranky, taxis have given you lay, and early go back and rest!”

Lin Bing Zhu Min as callous toward the taxi, on the train back to find the former king turned into a police captain’s mouth curled an instant, an inexpressible sadness suddenly emerged in my heart.

“So we all know, I always thought there would be a hidden live, that I thought he could fool everyone, we did not expect to have been cheated, are watching me play, is playing the bitch, no one come and help me justice, these guys are looking at my jokes, a few days ago I admired the police station high above the crowd of police officers, and now has become a despicable abject, hopeless bad lot, well, in that case, then we fall into darkness with it, had no one to save me, no one worthy of pity. “suddenly I found sitting beside the young woman to enter the police station from the beginning has been to see myself did not speak, even just fighting too does not seem to see the appearance, dull eyes stared straight ahead, motionless. Firm breasts had been caught in the shadow of cushion cover, roadside fleeting street lights shone on his face, there is an instant red and white.

“So you know my relationship with your husband, this is retribution it?”

Zhu Min Lin Bing is looking suddenly heard her say the words, “What? You and my husband?”

“Yes, three years ago, you and Captain Wang Chen to the province as well as a business trip, before leaving that night, Chen and I had a fight, and later met your husband, we thought you and I …… Chen did not know, we have been very happy together, until that night he did not come back, I’ll never love another man. I did not expect you’ve been back at me, Chen and I would have you do I know, in fact nothing, and Chen just like my own son, so I can feel the first time. I now …… and now I just want to know you in the end I was not in retaliation? “

Such as bolt from the blue, heard the news, Lin Bing temporarily stunned, “you and my husband? You …

it is true? That your child is his? “Zhu Min was about to answer, taxi stops, the original home of bamboo has been sensitive to, and paid their fare, Zhu Min, Lin Bing one after the door into the residential area, and saw a small white dot to the play area himself came, Lin Bing thought he dazzled, Made carefully, worried that their own children for several days, that he really true to its word. flew past, stubbornly clinging to their children, tears He could not stop living down.

Today, too many things happened, but from the heart, said Wu Gang to bring their own want most, their children, get rid of smelly men humiliate his innocence, and let yourself for a long time have not been met emptiness the mind and body. Other people are too hypocritical, thought and their own loving husband turned out to be another woman’s lover, and together they actually hiding his three years in this world, only you and I had each other, what others can not I believe, do not believe worth. I mean to say degrading, in fact, you do not all the same? Including just this young woman?

Thought here, inside a bamboo look-sensitive, half laughing, not with a smile: “? You said you are and with whom.”


Axue still sitting in rush of air taxi, the driver of the car even secretly turn the rearview mirror did not find a direction, this driver can leak from the point of view of the middle-aged woman from the side of the thigh skirt outside of the visible, accompanied by the cabin, the female announcer is full of temptations of drugs out of the window and neon advertising sound stimulation minor streets, the driver eased minimum levels and carefully to appreciate this woman got up after . Street lamps light up, according to delicate soft body of the woman.

Axue out of urgency, because this is the most pro-parents left her brother out of trouble. Wearing only pieces of carry loose coat and homemade dresses are worn at a convenient home from get off work just not enough time to wash the dust of the day, hurriedly bra, panties did not change it kicked out. Lin Bing with just a scuffle, several top coat buttons has been broke away, I do not know the whereabouts of revealing the most secret landscapes around the neck also unconscious.

One day at work has long been wet bra sweat, issued an enchanting sweat in the car, due to the hard work and lower body at just the day’s activities also issued an own can feel out of odor, plus fear his younger brother now how in the end, being in junior high school daughter is about to school, study up before the rice has not been done, one thing people restless, restless.

The driver let go of the steering wheel holding his left, toward his lower body, gently rubbing up and down, this attractive 40-year-old woman who cooked and charming body fragrance of frankincense from the neck to make a normal man with closed eyes We are unable to curb the rise of live male and conquest. Fantasy behind this woman’s left hand is cooked gently lower body to release heat for himself, if not in the streets downtown, the driver really want to easily find a deserted place, out of this woman, throwing tear his clothes in the ground, then readily conquer her, so she sent Delightful sounds.

After the young woman, the young woman seems to be deliberately wanting to reveal his charm, keeping the twisting, the car is completely filled with this woman’s flavor and sweating, mixing the driver’s lower body, the taste of the male liquid, let this irritation temptation Summer night is more charming. If the heart is like a middle school gate, the bells of school have been ringing. Three or three two two middle school students got a team, Xiaolan and his two good sisters were also fighting together. Youth is beautiful, these are like open, like a flower, all the body exude infinite breath, slim, and a lot of full and full of patent.

Xiaolan is more particularly prominent, no matter from the slender willow, a full of crisp is still high, she has completely exceeded all the girls. And from her eyes, you can also see a wisdom and unusual girl’s calm mature, of course, with her mother, it is a charm and elegance that can be generated by the wind cream years. The height of the one-meter, tight, tight, the big bread, the big pelvic tights, sports shorts, towering, towering hips, slender thighs and professional models can not be better than the calves, silver high-heeled The toes with a purple nail polish under sandals is more fever.

It attracts the eyes of all youth youthful teenagers.

Xiaolan High-mile pointed to the surrounding eyes, look forward to the healthy chest, and then bid farewell to the friends, go home. The people on the roadside gradually went, and the sky was gradually black, and the books behind him have also closed. I don’t know why, the street light on this road, there is no light, and there is a short silence on the road.

Xiaolan looked at it later, hurrying a few steps, I want to leave this way soon. Now I am a little uneasy. It is not far from the bustling national road. I’m going to go for about two hundred meters. It is my home. The mother said that the girl should not take this way alone. Today, she is especially unfortunately. With a woman who is in the future, I have to be alone.

Think of your own mature wisdom and smile, you can’t help but feel relieved, your mother is the top beam column at home, his father has been busy with your own case, and your mother is always with yourself. Mother is sometimes like your own myself. Choose a suitable bra, comfort yourself, professor reasonable hygiene habits, mother bring yourself to self-study every day, if the father is not there, will take your own bath, taught the cleaning care of the lower body, and The maintenance of the shape of the breast and how to use a bra make yourself more embodying women’s charm.

Every time I see the mother, all women will be jealous and the body, sometimes it is really a mother, like a ugly ducklings in front of her mother, the only place in the mother is more lush, mother When it comes to secretly, the red face tells yourself a woman will be the happiest woman.

I thought here, I can’t help but laugh. Two fascinating wine nests hang next to the corner of the mouth, full of youthful faces more attractive.

The sound of the car came later, it was finally seen, Xiaoran was too self-reliant, but the car was very slow, but the lamp was very bright, after launching, it feels a little bit of blindness, suddenly stopping It’s time, it seems that I will go out from the car, Xiaolan blinks, I want to see a little, it is still a blurred. Suddenly felt a blush of the nostril, a strange towel was pressed on his face, and he didn’t have a sense of accusation.

That person looks around, there is no one around, gently hold the girl, put it into the carriage, close the door, a smoke has no trace.

The driver stopped the car, and I looked at the car door and walked out of the door with a charming smell. The gate guards of the community were discovered to drink and retired drivers.

The driver’s mutter opened the car, looking at the imprint of the young woman’s fat hips on the latter, and his desire is still not retreat. “Mom, not working tonight, go to find a mother and cool, just now If you are broken, I have never found a woman’s taste is so good. “

A Xue returned home, I found that my daughter still didn’t go home, a little uneasy, dialed a few times, no one answered. Women with her companions don’t have her news. I hurried again out of my house, I was standing next to the door, and the lights of the walkway did not know when it was destroyed, and I couldn’t see the appearance. Suddenly I felt that I was in front of him, I feel that the sky is turning, and I fainted to the ground.

This person is Wu Gang. In half an hour, the mother and daughters are easy to go. I don’t think it is a bit too simple, covering the young woman in the car, then I walked into the family’s home, after more than ten minutes, I took a full big box came out, and it was all in the clothes.缛, towels, tools such as tissue. After the point is finished, launch the car, and go.

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