First introducing my name 183cm, 80kg long can you still have a private company to go to work in the past few years, our manager bought a lot of goods, cosmetics are also there, I have won everyone trust in work in the past few years, everyone My evaluation is honest, steady, talented, after the manager bought the goods, he urgently needs the help, so I left, and responsible for cosmetics business. He absolutely can’t think of this decision, let me have the opportunity to give him a baby daughter.

His daughter is quiet, 18 years old, is a high school, longer than those who have a star, and the body is more uneven, from top to bottom 34, 23, 34. how? its not bad, right! The height is approximately 167 cm, which has left a refreshing long hair, full ten beautiful women, full of mature women, because of the love of beauty, there is time to go to the cosmetic counter.

That day, the weather was not good, no one in the store, she came to the counter, I quickly put the seat of the payment to her. After she sat down, I started the heart of the horse, and my eyes were aimed to her. He rushed to the holy cheeks of Xiaojing, and the pink flavored lips, arrived on the proud 34D big breasts, wearing black And the upper layer is translucent, and the lower half is a bra around the lace without a shoulder strap, forming a pole of milk groove.

Wow! The seductive cleavage is deeply deep, and the two sides are in the scribble pattern. I also saw a pair of pink purple nipples, and suddenly let my dick rapidly. I can’t help but swallow the water, I can’t help but search, cross the mountains, pass through the plains, come to the black forest below, although I haven’t touched the entrance, but I have confidence to break into the maze.

Inadvertently, my pen is broken, I have to lower my head, of course, my eyes are not consciously aiming, a white thigh! It can be said that the bead is round and annoyed, and it is blown. I swallowed a piece of saliva, searching in the thigh, finally came to “door”, exercise! Xiaoshou’s pink triangular underwear is the style I like to see, like a bikini, the waist, the waist is tied to the fixed small panties, which is easy to take off, and she is wearing It is translucent, tightly covered with the black forest, cars can see a large black anti-fur, if it is rid of the wind, the hair is not lonely, the proud stands, show off Holding the treasure of the owner, let my sexuality rise to high-end.

I didn’t dare to drag too long, I looked up, since then, I thought about inserting her small hole. After all, she is my boss’s daughter, I didn’t dare to act rash.

After a few months, she took a university in the field. I wanted to have no hope for her. I knew that my boss had said that when his daughter took the university, she took her to play for a few days. It can be caught up with this time, the boss can’t take the time, so he asked me to stay with his daughter for a few days when I borrowed the goods in the north, I heard the life.

On the first night of Taipei, I went to the movie with her. When watching a movie, I tried the hand to her thigh, touched her, she didn’t move, then I would not be polite, first enjoy A soft skin. When my palm is posted to the curve of her hips, she is slightly felt slightly, but there is no obvious resistance, maybe it is scared, I don’t know how to react it? However, her reaction made me a little stabilized, I slowly rub her hip line, and occasionally pinch, feel her flexible bart.

I am not satisfied with only on the back and hips, and gradually start to touch her breasts. At that time, I only thought that her breast was so flexible, touched so comfortable, and each time I was slightly aggravated, her expression of her lips was also cute, but she seems still a little afraid. .

My courage is getting bigger and bigger, I have grown along the thighs, watching movies, I finally realized the benefits of one heart. Gradually deeply into the hinterland, has touched her private part, the underwear is actually silk, not bad! If you have no time to come too long, the track is straight to the target. When I touched the depths of the forest, she couldn’t help but snort! Unfortunately, the hands can not be visible, can only slowly explore, but it will experience another pleasure.

Yina is rubbling, it feels itchy, and it is a bit humid, explored and encounters a more uneven recess, feel more embarrassing, and … it is. The water curtain hole found, I immediately explored the clitoris, with the size of the size, point to the labipings, I feel a bit tight, pinch the tender labipings, pinching her is both 趐 趐 and itch, can not help Body sleevles.

Virgin is a virgin, after all, has not been developed, slowly I feel wet, her lascivious water is really a lot, I will make the clitoris, and put the fingers unrecognizable Go, she couldn’t help but snort. My fingers are constantly rubbing with the highlighted little meat balls in her shallow wall, and the inversion is not as difficult as the beginning.

After a while, the fingers seem to have hindered what hampered, arrived, arrived, reaching the female film. I didn’t go deep, and more energetically stepped up, my fingers rubbed each other with her vaginal wall. After the case, her pussy is like a cliff, the spring is angered, and she is wet. The following is busy, of course, it will not be missed above, so, the other hand does not place it from her top. It turned out that there was another flavor from the cleaning of the following cleans, and the top ground was relatively flat, slowly, the hills on both sides were getting higher and higher, so my fingers were also resistant, oh! I met the belt of underwear, exercise!

It is no longer possible to advance. I looked at her and saw that she didn’t respond, but there was a sense of satisfaction. I don’t do it. After my hand goes around her, I have explored the buckle of that belt, and it is easy to explain it, so the hand will go back to the top.

This time, there is not much obstacle, I pulled her bra entirely, and I took it out and carefully looked at it. I was also pink tone. This slogan may have a pink happen! Put the bra on one side, my hand continues to cultivate in her wave, good flexible! Use your fingers to gently bounce the nipple and shake, wow! Too cool, I really want to break her soon! Hands swall around between the two peaks, just sigh why not have a few hands!

Just as I am on my hand, when my music is endless, my hiji is full of blood, it is very powerful, let me feel that it is hard to suppress, I can’t help but have a kind of impulse. I looked up her, I saw her delicate red face, the micro-side head, lighted his eyes, and the whole intoxicated. I can’t stand it, I rely on her ear, boldly to her whisper: “Let’s go back to HOTEL, how?” Of course, when these words, hands have not stopped.

I saw her shameless face, gently braked, spit out a mosquito-like person: “Go away …” She first got up, I followed her, I saw her skirt, I saw her skirt. The legs are wet, and the prostitution has been dropping down, always, always drops.

I took Xiao Jing to go back to Hotel. When I first entered the door, Xiao Jing and I can’t wait to hold me, I also kissed me again, and both hands continue to take off my clothes. I know that just let her taste the sweet, but it is still still unfinished, so I also took the initiative to take off her clothes.

Take the young bra, suddenly expose a bell-shaped perfect breast, I am excited to put the whole face in two breasts, and use both hands to rub the breasts, and enjoy the unique girl of Xiao Jing. .

I used my hands with my hands, pinched the waxy breast, while using my mouth, biting, circle, licking her little nipple, let the little calmly use two hands to take my head with two hands, I shouted: “Oh … oh …

Brother … Good … good feelings … I feel … oh … brother … I … I love you … … “

Xiao Jing’s hand is tighter, and the body is not swinging.

I also felt that my cock needs a solarcence of Xiao Jing, and I am strong and powerful. So I am sitting in bed to help me to help me, Xiao Jing smoothly sit in front of me, use The hands grabbed my big dick, licked the lips, and smashed my old two into her mouth, and gently wrapped around my glans with the tongue.

“Oh … oh … Xiao Jing … you … so powerful … oh … 喔 … … brother … so cool …

Oh … “I feel unprecedented, this may be the couch I have already released? ! I can’t help but change the posture flat lying on the bed, let Xiaoxiao suck in my lower belly, lick, bite my glans.

The little quiet hand holds my scrotum, one hand half grips my penis, the tongue swims between the top of the scrotum and the front of the glans. After a while, Xiao Jing also put the glans into her mouth and pushed up. I can’t help but use the hand pressure to press the small head, the ass stertock, let my dick accelerate in the small mouth, and I rushed to say: “Oh … oh … Oh … quiet … fast … fast … I … oh … Oh … fast …

Fast … shot … out … come … … … Oh … … “Suddenly, I can’t affected a lot of impulse, the penis is not sprayed out of the spray, full injection Her mouth.

Xiao Jing closed his mouth and lifted his head. The finger wiping the semen surrounding the lips, and sends the semen to the tongue. The room is full of taste of my semen, and I am still shooting, but still unchanging dicks is still very comfortable, I feel comfortable, enjoy the short pleasure after ejaculation. At this time, Xiao Jing spoke: “To brother! Um … um … Your semen is really delicious, I still eat the semen of men, good!”

I opened my eyes to say: “Quiet, do you know? Women eat the semen of men to have the effect of beauty, you will know.”

“Is it true? To brother, then … then I still want, can you?” Xiao Jing did not believe, but the eyes wanted to talk to me.

“Yes, but … should I change me now?” I support my body, sitting on the silent side.

“… good … good …” Xiao Jing and red face, low head.

I linger down, and the two legs of Xiao Jing were smashed. One hand fingers were biting in the mouth, one hand was put on the lower abdomen, and the face did not dare. Look at me. I looked at Xiao Jing, the shy but also with a sensuality, immediately reached out to pull the calf the thighs of the small and quietly pulled the three-character shape, and he went in the two legs of the young.

I have a small piece of wet marks on her underwear. I am busy with my face close to the semi-transparent bikini underwear, and I take a deep breath. A stagnation with a fresh and extremely fragrant fragrance that is extremely ignorant. In the nasal cavity, in the mind, I will not go for a long time, let me have a sudden expression of the unprecedented, and the nerve of the body is active as a fish, and the tongue is unconsciously reached out, surrounded near the Yin, Hematoprenes in a small static.

Xiao Jing’s hands and two legs are not obsessed with my head and leave my head and issue it: “Ah … ah ……

Ah … 哥 … good … good … fast … “Soon, Xiaochao’s underwear was got to leave a leash liquid on top, have my saliva and her sustained obscene, It is good to say that it can’t say it.

“Quiet … I have to take off …” I looked up and said with Xiao Jing.

“Um …” Xiao Jing also bite his finger into the mouth, the body slightly shakes, and then touched his head and infinitely promised.

I cracked out the thin rope tied on the waist, and the translucent underwear covered in the lower abdomen was turned over, and suddenly I was eager for the long-awaited private parts, and the list was unfair, fully presented in front of my eyes. Under the shine of the fluorescent lamp, the bronze flashes brightly black light, oh! Two purely fleshy little lazy lips have been withdrawn by me, there is a breath, and there is a small bulk yukuclear, when I use my hand, Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing A burst of aroused sound: “Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah …” The body will meet the motion of my joy and priests from time to time.

Seeing Xiao Jing’s reaction, I also brought my head in the young body of Xiao Jing, a burst of my brain nerve’s nose, with my tongue in the calm nucleus, two small labiars, vagina Go back and return to the mouth, taste the prostitution of Xiaoyi vagina, the taste is great! And the young hands and legs cover my head, let me close the charming yin, because my head is calm, caught, can’t move, I will use the tongue into the quiet The circle of comes back and forth in the vagina, drawing.

“Ah … to brother … to brother … good … good … great … Oh … Oh … I … I … love … you … fast … fast … I … I …. …… ah … “Xiao Jing was also licking the climax, and the hurry shouting.

Suddenly, the body of the young body was in a hurry, and the prostitute had a rush of the column. I rushed to my mouth. I hurriedly drinking this delicious prostitute, and used the tongue to clean up the vaginal mouth of the small quiet.

“Ah! Stain … Xiao Jing, ok … I drink it … The taste is very good!” I am gratifying.

“Um … to brother … there … then I … … 水 … What is the effect?” The little quiet sat up and asked me.

“Of course, it will make men stronger! You see, my old second is more rough! If you don’t believe, wait for you to get its power.” I put the dick to show Xiao Jing and explain it. .

I have a more fantastic dick, push Xiao Jing in bed, ready to go straight into the vocal point, “I … I want to plug in, can you?” She nodded. When Xiao Jing is afraid that I can’t find the hole, two hands will help my dick, so that I can put a hole. I turned over to her, separated her legs, moving her hard meat stick to align the mysterious entrance to female flesh. When the glans came into contact with the vaginal mouth, I suddenly turned a little, but I had a little hesitated, but the fire in the body did not let me have time to think, push my body forward. So the butt force is pressed, the cock is accurately inserted into the small hole in the small hole, and Xiao Jing suddenly fell, and “ah …”


I just had a substantial contact, I can feel that something is oppressed, blocked my entry. Snoving her, I found that she was screaming, biting his lips, and she was obviously her pain, Xiao Jing’s hands raised around my back, the nails were deeply trapped in my back. Muscle middle.

Seeing Xiao Jing’s painful expression, I bite and more, let the glans who have already entered the governance, and suddenly I feel that there is a touch of things in the hole. Xiao Jingyuan painful face, it seems to be more painful, she also issued: “Ah … ah … pain … pain … ah ……

Brother … Fast … fast … move … pain … pain … ah … ah …… “

Anyway, the morning and evening will happen, I bite to teeth, let my lower body advance again. After feeling that the glans broke through the vaginal hybrid, the oppressive pain disappeared, and then felt is a warm surround, the penis feels soft soft, although it is still like a muscle tissue, but No longer feel pain. I slowly push it down to the two people’s sexual device completely secretly, and I spit out a sigh of relief, and the whole person relaxed.

I am squatting on her, asked in her ear, “Is it very painful?” She opened her eyes, glanced at me, said: “Nonsense! Of course hurt! I am the first time …”

“Oh … Sorry!” I have a bit innocent, but I will ask her again. “I can … I can …

Touch? She whispered: “Um … but it is a bit, I am afraid of pain …”

“Um …” I hold her shoulder, start with the lower body, slowly, gently …

Seeing that Xiao Jing is still tightly tensioned, I don’t dare to relax, I care about her carefully. “Then I stop for a while?”

“No … don’t … Continue … don’t … don’t take me … fast … hurry … Insert … Oh …” Small standing with painful breather.

“Quiet … I am coming … I bite the teeth …” After I finished, I slammed the dick, suddenly saw the blood clots brought out of the cock, I know that the woman’s film has been broken by me. The young and quiet are really combined.

Gradually, my dicks have been slidably smoked in the vagina that waves, so I also squatted on the body, kissing to hurt, tears, I also flowed down in the crying, I I want to comfort the exciting emotions of Xiaodu. Sure enough, the young tongue rapidly stretched into my mouth with my tongue, and the feet clamped my waist, let my dick can deepen her point, the vaginal vagina has been photographing Holding my dick, and tightly packs my huge mask.

Oh! It feels great, the vagina, the vagina, is really elastic and inclusive, more attractive, has been stimulating my dick, let me hurry to leave the lips of the waves, and bite the teeth, it is slow to quickly. Puffed.

“Oh … oh … oh … brother … good … good news … ah … … … love …

Love … you … fast … Quick dry … dry … Dry me … ah … ah … Oh … “At this time, Xiao Jing can relax, enjoy the borderlessness Men and women bring her fun.

“Oh … oh … quiet … I … I love you … Marry … Marry me … Let … I …

Will stay well … you … quiet … I … 的 … 喔 …… 」……”

“Good … good … brother … I … I am willing … ah … ah … marry you … ah … ah … do it … do it … Dry me … fast … I … fast … death …… ah … ah … ah … “A hot solution rushed to my glans, Xiao Jing was obviously inserted to the climax.

But I didn’t have prostitutes who were rushing out of Xiao Jing, but I quickly accelerated the speed of the throduction, and bowed to Xiao Jing. The two pieces have been smashed with red swollen and swollen. The penis is brought out, I think that Xiao Jing is still painful now, just to hold back and not let me distract. Ugh! At this time, I called Xiao Jing to change a posture. She will clamp my two pairs of feet, I will take the chicken first to the vagina, and help you let her become a pose, then I only “滋”, inserted the dick into the vagina. I learned the gesture of the dog, swing the hips before and after, and I went deep into the heart of Xiao Jing again. Let Xiao Jing hands grasp the sheets, and the hair is sent to all around you, squatting together My movement screamed: “Ah … 哟 … ah … ah … 哥 … cool … cool … good … good … good ……

Harm … … Oh … ah … ah … ah … another … no more … … brother … Dry … I ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. “

“Ah … ah … so comfortable … I was buddy … I have a good cool … I am so good … ah … ah … really … hard … Dry me … Do I … Explosive my little hole … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … ah … 喔 … ah … ah …… “

“You this small saga … no longer a little … you will be a little … I will get more cool … Do you know?”

“Good people … good brother … hard me … do I … Dry my little … good news …

I have been dried … I have a cool … ah … ah … ah … a good news … Yes …… Put your big dick … completely … … Good news … ah … good news … “

I didn’t leave her little hole in this time. When the meat stick entered, the labipings of her hole were also constantly moving with the movement of the meat stick, and her head is like the girl in Wuhu jumped up. Mobility. I took her hand and let her hands behind the back, then continue before and after, she turned into the upper body to hang in the air, and then I was constantly attacked from behind.

“Ah … ah … ah … I am so cool … My little hole … is dried … I have a cool … Xiaowei … I am so cool … I want to fly … ah … ah … ……what……”

After doing a few hundred, my strong penis has made me couldn’t control it quickly, I can’t help it: “Quiet … good … I … dry … I … do you die … huh, huh … Dry me … cute little … … … Oh … the dearest … The old … wife … 呜 … … old …

Woman … I … I am shot … shot … “

“To brother … shoot … shoot … no … no … line … shot … Go … ah … ah, ah …” Xiao Jing seems to have not ordered my emergency attack The body is strongly trembled.

I didn’t think of whether Xiao Jing was in the safe period, slammed it. After colliding with my heart, the glans couldn’t help but shoot the semen, all injected into the womb, I also trembled, I was weak. “Oh … oh … …” After you call out a touch of turbidity, just hold the young chest on her back.

And with my ejaculation, she also reached the climax, and the prostitutes rushed together with my semen, out of the body, then she also couldn’t help us again. The body weight, “” is not moving in bed, just a hurry.

When I got up, I found that my glans was now removed from the vagina in the quiet, but it was half-finished, and the red water droplets were covered. The glans also took a silk to the labium. There is a red red in bed, including the semen and obscenity of our two, have formed a large wet area.

Xiao Jing also sat up, looked at the red streak on the bed with satisfied eyes, turned to me: “Thank … Thank you … What you make me a real woman today … Thank you Brother … Thank you, my husband … husband. “

When I was saying to Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing’s finger put it on my mouth, she said: “I know what you want, this is what I am willing, I will not blame you, I don’t want to blame you. Will let the family know. Today is the safety period of people, so don’t worry, I will be pregnant. Brother, don’t you come again? Come …

Bar! “

Xiao Jing and one finished the hair, squatting down my glans, gotting the top of the above semen and obscenity, and I also brought her, reach out of her two big breasts Get up. I suddenly recovered the vitality in my dick, and the little quiet mouth was full in the small quiet mouth. That way, after a while, I said with Xiao Jing. “Quiet, Yes. Let’s come, let us really cool again! Now let you ride me …” I didn’t finish it. Lying down, holding a cock to let Xiaoshi sit in my lower abdomen.

My glans was slowly inhaled by the vagina, and Xiao Jing has been deep breathing, and the body is still in a hurry, it is obviously her vagina that can’t stand my thick penis. In, Xiao Jing also stopped a moment, before starting to move the body up and down.

“Oh … oh … oh … brother … good … ok … ah … oh … oh …” Xiao Jing one hand grabs the hair, the other hand is in bed, add fans In the pleasure of comfort and slightly painful. I still stretched with a pair of ladies in the quiet, I crowded, and looked at the sensuality of the young and quiet, it was not those A tablets.

Just as I made Xiao Jing, I have a few hundred, Xiao Jing has astheding down and said on my body: “Brother … people … people …… … people can’t …… …… … change … change … …… you are … “

So I called Xiao Jing, I louder her legs, put her legs on my shoulder, put the reddish cock into the vagina in the vagina, come back The rapid plugging, and finally shot.

Xiao Jing knows that the beauty of sex is beautiful, and the future counam is getting more and more bigger. After returning, we will secretly come out every few days, until her college starts, to move to school dormitory to live Only, I still ended this disabled interaction.

Fortunately, although she is in her vagina, she has not pregnant, but maybe she has a contraceptive in her back? The boss has never found his baby daughter’s virgin is a jealous of her.

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