Abbin was in accordance with the third day afternoon, after eating for China, it went home. When Shu Xin helped him open the door, he was only slightly opened. After hiding behind the door, it was clear that it was Aiben, and he solved the door and let him come in.

Appet stepped into the living room and found that the original Sui Yin was wearing a pink tulle pajamas. The short cover is only to the butt, which is a set of fresh red in the white underwear. She is happy to go to Abeni, like The little girl is like him, and the guests are easy to pick her up, and go upstairs.

Their Lang is interested, and they love each other, the ear is smashed, and then the teacher and the students will rain. Several meat struggles, even if the age is like a wolf like a tiger, it is still a sticker, and conjunctive. After both of them are satisfied, they are lying in bed and talking about sweet words. I don’t know if I am asleep.

I don’t know how long it took, the piano sound of the intermittent in the downstairs, Silin woke up, watching the watch, at 4:30 in the afternoon, remembering Xiaomei to go to the piano class today, listening to this voice should It is Xiaomei to go home, the teacher is coming.

Xiaomei’s piano teacher is the husband of the Shu Yin University. It is also very familiar with their home. Su Yin looks at the Abin who is sleeping. It is a bad thing to find that he is discovered by himself. So just hiding in the room, I can’t go out, wait for him to go to the class, it will leave, she takes the book to take the bed, and read it casually.

Later, the piano stopped, Shu Yin felt strange, watching the least half an hour course, she waited for a few minutes, the living room still didn’t move, she wanted to go out.

Su Yin can not dare to wear the tulle to go out of the bedroom, she finds an opaque nightgown on the body, gently open the door, then slowly walk to the study, secretly go to the corner of the piano in the living room. .

It’s okay, I’m still surprised.

She saw the piano teacher sitting on the bathrobe, lighting with butt, trousers and underwear, taking a finely long dick, Xiaomei kneel in front of him, Zhang Xiaoyan cute lips, will The glans are covered, swallow the vomiting in sucking, she also holds the meat column with her hands, and the upper rock is not stopped.

Xiaomei is skilled, saying that two of them are probably not for the first time. Today, I may think that I am not at home, I will boldly get together in the living room. Looking at only a 13-year-old Xiaomei, the mouth is eating a cock, a face of a hugging, looking at her piano teacher, Shu Yin seems to see the mirror, can not help but sigh.

“Damn, this little lost money!” Su Yin dark.

She is afraid that the two of the two downstairs have been found, kneeling, hiding in the railings, paying attention to their progress.

“Uncle.” Xiaomei called her teacher, because two of them were familiar, so Xiaomei called his uncle.

“Uncle,” Xiaomei Q: “Shu is uncomfortable?”

“It’s very comfortable,” the uncle said: “Xiaomei is awesome, it will be lick.”

Xiaomei raised his head, and his hand continued to continue his dick: “If your mother will help your uncle, uncle will be more comfortable.”

Su Yin heard that she suddenly pulled himself, a little inexplicable.

“Well …” The uncle also asked: “Um … why?”

“I often steal my mother to help my father,” Xiaomei said: “Mom will be very licking, my father will breathe a lot, then take out the white pee, then my mother will put those white Eat … “

The uncle listened to Xiaomei to tell her parents’ hot things, and the cock was harder like a iron rod, and Su Yin saw, and his heart was not awkward.

“What about it?” He asked.

“Sometimes, I saw that Dad will insert the chicken to the mother’s pee,” Xiaomei said: “Then I move it, my mother will call, and I will call my father is my brother, huh, huh …”

“Dead hoe, I will know very much in the future!” Su Yin listened to her to describe her and her husband and couldn’t help but be shameless, and I kept in my heart.

The uncle asked Xiaomei asking Su Yin’s physical characteristics, Xiaomei often took a shower with my mother, told him one by one.

How big is the breast? What is the color of the nipple, the butt is long, the yin is blushing, what is the shape of the small hole, and it is very clear.

“Does uncle like my mother?” Xiaomei suddenly asked.

The uncle was smashed, then nodded and said, “I like it.”

“Uncle wants to insert a mother?” Xiaomei asked, the uncle and the Siny were scared. “This San Ni even the mother will sell it.” Su Yin thought.

The uncle looked at Xiaomei and cool, couldn’t help but say: “Think … Uncle wants to insert my mother … I have been thinking for more than ten years, I am thinking about every day …”

“Then I don’t dare to plug …” Su Yin complained: “But go to play my daughter.”

Xiaomei said: “Mom is very poor, every time they are plugged out of many urine, then Dad is soft and sleep, my mother has always touching the place where the hair is straight, … If the uncle is inserted She, she has a father and uncle to help, must be very comfortable … “

“Ah!” Su Yin thought: “It turned out to be a distressed mother, his daughter.”

She listened to her daughter to say her masturbation, couldn’t help to touch my hand into the nightgown, and pulled up against points. She also looked downstairs, Xiaomei bowed to eat with cock, so I didn’t talk. The uncle closed his eyes and enjoyed, probably fantasy. If you really do the beautiful mother of the girl, it will be more cool, and smiled slightly.

Su Yin knows that the man has been a long time. The impression is actually good. She believes that he said that she is really, which is what she knows does not want to insert her? She is thinking about how to deal with this matter, the sound of him “Oh … oh …”, the downstairs, Su Yin, and a strong water is spraying on the face of Xiaomei, Neck and clothes.

Xiaomei pockets a few paper, helping yourself and the teacher wipes the stains.

Su Yin has already made his idea, quietly slipped back to the room, deliberately got some voice, and she believed that they must be seen in the living room. Sure enough, the living room came to the piano music.

Su Yin opened the door, and he asked: “Xiaomei! Is it 妳?”

“Mom, it is me!” Xiaomei said: “My uncle is in class …”

“Qingquan, you are coming …” Springs greeted the uncle, and told Xiaomei to say: “Xiaomei, come up.”

Xiaomei jumped into the stairs, the Su Yin waited for her mouth, pulling her into the bedroom. Xiaomei came in and saw the book lying on the bed and still sleeping. Silly looked at the mother, the mother slammed her face, whispered to her: “Xiaomei, what is the uncle, what?”

Xiaomei didn’t know how to answer, the palm is low, and it is more than enough.

“Hey and uncle are doing bad things, right?”

Small beauty red face, nodded.

“Xiaomei,” Su Yin sat on the bed, pulling Xiaomera to the front: “You can’t help it, your mother wants to punish …”

Xiaomei worriedly looked at my mother, and Zu Yin said: “Don’t you see Abin brother?”

Xiaomei turned around, Apin fell asleep, a big chicken is top-standing, just like going to conquer who is going to conquer.

“Hey!” Xiaomei said: “Abin brother is big!”

“Yeah, I have to be punished now, like a uncle.” Shu Yin said.

“But … he is so big …” Xiaomei said.

“No matter, go to bed!”

Xiaomei had to climb to the bed, kneeling to the guest, looking back at my mother, Shu Yin, I want her to eat, she has to bend the small body, hold the bin’s dick, Zhang mouth Contains a glans.

Xiaomei is small, can only be included in half, others can’t enter. Even so, Abbin is still awake, he blinks to see Su Yin smile and standing on the bed. It is a small beauty for himself. It actually her daughter Xiaomei, APT is confused.

“Xiaomei is eating, you have to get to the Bingo feel comfortable.” The Su Yin command.

Xiaomei raised his head and asked: “It is the one who spurting white?”

“Yes!” Shu Yin said, then she told him to pick him up to the Bin ear: “Let this gimmick, don’t let her go out, wait for me to come back, don’t bully her, my daughter is there any error Yes, ask. “

Abin received a weird mission, and she was strange to look at the sin, but she opened the door.

Su Yin barefoot walked down the stairs, called the sound: “Qingquan.”

Qingquan was called by Xiaomei, and he sat in the sofa. Slap, the sleeping robe will not slip away from both sides, so the snow white thigh, smooth and meticulous, the round is long, the Qingquan can’t help but look more, Pak is not allowed to touch it. “Su Yin,” he was uneasy: “I thought you were not … Xiaomei?”

“Upstairs!” Shu Yin said: “Qingquan, I have something to ask you …”

She said, and touched her body forward, the elbow holder on the back of the chair, the eyes of Qingquan see it in the crosses of the nightgown.

God! She is a pair of fat and big and white and tender breasts, blowing into the bomb, is shaking, he finds that she did not wear underwear, and even see a little bream, red It’s embarrassing, there is a charming cute cleavage between the two milk, and I don’t know what mystery will be reached down. He is really dizzy.

“What?” He swallowed the mouth.

“I want to ask you …, how long does it know?”

“Hey?” Qingquan did not expect her to have this question, I want to say: “Ten … 14, five years!”

Suri he hopes for a while, suddenly asked: “Do you like me, right?”

Qingquan wolf is extremely, and it is silence to be in a time.

“You just look at my chest?” Su Yin rose the chest.

Qingquan did not dare to deny it, and he dared not admit it.

Su Yin slowly opened the neckline until the two breasts were completely bare, and they were all time to see.

“Good look?” Su Yin asked.

“Good look!” Qingquan said.

“Good looks, what are you waiting for?” Su Yin said: “You are a man who is useless, I am like this, are you still waiting for me to rape you?”

Qingquan suddenly refused to understand, the evil spirits of the soul, the rush of the Su Yun “giggle”. He pulled the rushing nightgown, and found that the original Su Yin did not just wear underwear. She is not wearing something.

The nightgown fell on the ground, and the Sin generous came against the sofa, said to Qingquan: “Mide?”

Qingquan nodded, Shu Yin said: “Lite me!”

Qingquan went to eat her teap, she stopped: “Not here …”

She refers to the bottom, saying: “Here.”

Qingquan did not expect that she actually had to be so straight, but he is of course very happy. He is a knee, buried his head in her legs, and his mouth kissed her pussy and got her. After Silin and Abin didn’t take a shower, so the place where natural Baiwei Chen, Qingquan did not know that there were all tastes, still like a dog, and very excited and interesting.

“Um … um … really …” Su Yin said: “Dead man … steal people … ah … ah … I don’t dare to say … I want … Oh … I want … Ah … … Help my daughter avenge … ah … 舔 力, um … eat it on the small beans … Oh … 对 ………

Qingquan listened to her proud finally finally realized that she saw that he also heard him and Xiaomei, blame the rush, running to seduce himself.

Since everything understands, don’t need a reapoleum or pretend to each other, he is greege a deep wearing the tongue into the vaginal vagina, and then squand out of the waves. He also stretched with her big breasts. And there is regular 揉.

“Ah … ah … come up with …” Come on … “Su Yin hired:” I want … “

Qingquan, of course, I know what she wants, she immediately stopped all the clothes, then pressed to the sage, and the Shu Yin reached out his dick, said: “Wow! Good hard!”

She moved the cock to the position, Qingquan felt that the glans warm, knowing that the butt is sinking, the meat stick is smooth into the hole, wow! This hole is so wet so tight, and it is true for the born, this plug is said to be the wish of the 10 years. He immediately sailed, Zu Yin hit his waist, and he was still moving with powder hips to help grew up, so that he can serve more.

“God! I dream of this day, I have been dreaming!” He sighed.

“Um … um … really … really secretly love me … When is it … ah … just … I like me … I started to want … Do you … um … um …… So comfortable … “” From the first day of knowing you … “

“Oh … oh …” she laughed very much: “What is it … oh … I don’t dare to come … Ah … um … I am … I am not bad …”

“Hey … You have a husband!”

“I am now … ah … ah … still have a husband … Oh …” Shu Yin said.

“Now … no matter how much, the goods, no matter what, …” Qingquan is inserted.

“Ah … ah … good Qingquan … good deep … very beautiful … you … good hard … really comfortable … ah … more than my husband … Ah … comfortable … ah … … I love you … Oh … oh … 对 … don’t take it … Don’t worry about him … Insert me … Insert me …… “

Qingquan heard her praise, it is really a blossom, and more sweating.

“Ah … Qingquan … ah … I am beautiful. … ah …”

“Very beautiful, very beautiful!” He said.

“Well … more than … Li Xiangmei …?” She asked, Li Xiang is her classmate, Qingquan’s wife.

“Beauty, beautiful one hundred times, one thousand times, 10,000 times …” he is also very charming.

“Ah … ah …” Sei Yin very satisfied: “Brother … love you … ah … more … Oh … Oh … I … ah … so comfortable … ah … sister … Take you with you every day … Hello … ah … ah … really … you are really hard … ah …… “

Qingquan bowed her nipple and licking hard.

“Ah … ah … is right … is like this … Oh … oh … beautiful dead … cool dead … ah … ah … no … can’t … you have come … Qingquan … good brother … hurry up … The sister is coming … ah … faster … “

Qingquan first day, her brother, of course, work hard, almost fighting.

“Ah … ah … Yes … insert it … oh … oh … I have to fly … I have to fly … my brother … brother … fly … ah … ah …”

Su Yin, Qingquan was shouted by her, and it also spurted the yang. His yang is still so strong, and the Shu Yin is tight, let him kiss her lips.

The two will wait for a while, and the Su Yin said: “Brother, … you are so good, let me make another time.”

“Wow! Xiaomei is true,” Qingquan said: “No wonder my husband is filled with …”

“Fast …” Su Yin reminded him: “You say that you love me …”

Qingquan got a spirit and wut you again.

Later, they had three times, and he shot half a drop in stock, and Zu Yin was let him get up, and Qingquan is unable to sit on the sofa.

“Fortunately, I am not awkward, otherwise I will not do it …” He said: “If you can die, you will die …”

Sprin is lying on the sofa, the waves smile and say: “Do you get Liquan?”

His mischievous, fishing in her yin, said: “At least she is not awkward.”

Su Yin wants: “Is it?”

He began to wear clothes, Shu Yin put the nightgown, asked him: “” Next time I have to love me … “

He grabbizes her, kiss her: “My dream, I am willing to give me, even if I am really squeezing, I am willing.”

She gave him a smile and said: “Take the poverty.”

Sei Xin opened the door to go out, returned to go upstairs, open the bedroom and watch, Abin is still smooth, Xiaomei still costumes, and the Bin is on the bed, flip a book together.

They saw Su Yin came in, Xiaomei said: “Mom, the Bin brother said that it is a penalty, do not have to fine the spray that white, he is telling me the story.”

Su Yin smiled and sat together, and asked AP to say: “Really?”

“Really, really.” Xiaomei rushed.

“She is so small,” Apin also said: “Don’t make her frightened, I don’t dare to pay my boyfriend in the future.”

“,” Su Yin said: “Such a good heart, good, this semester can be in the same time.” She turned to Xiaomei: “Xiaomei, I will forgive you today, but today’s things are not Can say it with my father, know? “


“Ok, hook.” Su Yin stretched out the little finger.

“Hook hook,” Xiaomei is happy to reach two hands: “There is also Abin brother.”

Apin also hooks with them, then hold them one hand, and kisses each other: “I should go back.”

He is going back, there is still dating at night and Yu Hui.

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