I have a big milk girlfriend, she called the Little good. She is Chinese literature Jihua, tall white skin smooth and delicate, her chest that two D milk can be used simply to describe the rough.

Missionaries (the male maid) and is my favorite position behind the two (favorite Oh).

The missionary position is you can see her in my D milk shake ferocious hit, I was greatly increased libido;

Behind the position can appreciate her tall stature and stroking the little white ass pretty good pretty white, you can also feel the two D milk little good vacated.

A small group of friends have a good group to be the most powerful woman inside is Linda, she is a very pure surface but inside very lustful girl, every sex, be sure to shoot the mouth, inside shot, anal, three holes have been filled full relinquish. So intercourse with her boys from no more than six months.

Because “dead at peony, ghosts also romantic!” It was too fierce, first small penis pain, slowly to backache, weak and listless again into the body every day, but, for me, it’d Linda very kind, as long as I shot twice is enough.

Because I was her friend’s boyfriend, she was embarrassed too much, again is for their own sake.

Because of her fame had spread with us, and no one wants that wretch “impotence” of her (Linda) came to me today, it’s hot outside her cheeks rosy, the whole skin-white rosy, thin body with sweat, exudes a seductive flavor, while she plays a more youthful, pleasant vitality.

“If you want do not want to become a fashion show ah!”

Linda lifted her black hair, sat down beside me and pulled out a set of uniform motion from her backpack, uniform set of upper body tightly wrapped, it’s behind with a big bow, lower body is a short blue pleated skirt.

This is a dignified and lovely uniforms, if it is accompanied by Linda handsome face and plump C cup … Hey! Hey!

“It seems that you have agreed to giggle @@ up! This enchant me show you!” Linda finished did not forget the bitter pinched my cock.

“Wait! Today is the birthday of small good! .. I suspect …?!”

Now give me two options, one is immediately flash people go out to revive, the second is hell, first did say.

The result is a second! Well … I still did not anyone! Little good the next time I will take a good up to you! (I’ll get to say Ling Ling has Huanhaoyifu out, and now she is a youth may the human female students.

She was swinging tall canister socks legs wrapped in white came up to me, the hand comb along the skirt in front of me on my knees.

“Teacher, Linda will take a good performance today! Ask the teacher a lot of advice.”

Ling spoke, he rolled up her hair, with her little hand to touch my cock, it will dig out from inside the pants.

I also began to enter the situation: “! Ah teacher will teach you to whip strict guidance and get started!”

Linda put her face to show on my cock, the first two deep absorption breath said: “?!! This is the man of good taste it fascinating yo”

Then out of little kinky enjoy tongue licked my cock, occasionally with cleaning my roots, so my penis red blood.

“Ah! Good! Teacher taught you have learned, you fully grasp the” provocative “This technique!”

After Linda heard my reward, he began to transform her skills, with my whole cock sucking up imports, her tongue kept spinning on my penis, and sometimes let my cock in her mouth around slide.

“Linda, very good! You full notice teacher attitude! Impulses and meet the teacher’s possession of heart! Teacher to give you out!”

Linda began sucking speed slowed down, her hands! I’m a Fun with balls, with the other hand slowly rubbing her body sent from the mouth stick in her mouth away from my penis ago did not forget the bitter smoked two or three times just let go of my cock.

“Thank you, teacher! Please … .. good teacher Linda encourage it!”

Linda stood up, his hands down into the skirt inside, slowly pull down the pants, pulled out from underwear in one foot on the chair next to me, being a small white pants hanging in the Tall White Sox above.

“Teacher! Ling powder need your pointer!” Linda So sit up, let her pleated skirt covered my lower body.

In the skirt, her hand holds my meat stick and grinds a few times after her smooth and woolen, let it enter the small hole. “Good hard, good heat, the teacher, you feel the enthusiasm of education! (Sex education)” Xiaoling said that she started to swing from her little waist.

And I unlocked her upper body clothes, although I did four buttons, but the big breasts of Xiaoling C cups still smashed the drums of the uniform, and the two meatballs were squeezed out deep cleansing.

Xiao Ling is like finding my intention, proud, making her double milk more call.

Look at her So, I am also welcome to unwind the rest of the button, pinch her soft breast, and the other side is sucking with C milk and the pink bud.

“Is it ?! Xiaoling! Then you have to experience the teacher’s education guidance!” Under her provocation, I set up my butt, just one hand holding her ass, so sudden action makes small Ling’s almost lost, the center of gravity is unstable, naturally with her tender hole, so that she rides on me.

The snow white pink breasts rushed out with my tsal, and the pink buds above her eyes were smashed.

Xiaoling’s pure face is full of pleasure, the fascinating little mouth is constantly moving on the tongue, every lip tongue is fighting for her hot hole, and it is tightly wrapped around my meat stick. The hot love is smooth, and every time you take it, you can feel her reluctant. Every time I insert can feel the joy of her delverely.

Xiaoling’s hands surround my head, hands with my entry and power; the powerful legs also wrapped my waist, there is a tacit understanding of my martyrdom, put her If you mention your legs, you will undermine her down.

Xiaoling began to keep a lot of breath: “” Teacher’s teachings are very powerful! Xiaoling can’t stand @@! “

“Xiaoling feel good to feel enthusiastic!” I took my hands and rubbed her little butt, and didn’t live it, so Xiao Ling was tightly contracted.

Xiao Ling began to loudly: “No … ..! Ah! The climax ….!” With the post of her cavity, it is pouring on my meat stick.

I was running out of the Xiaoling, and my semen was a wave of waves, shot and shot, and in the uterus of Xiaoling. (The internal shoot is really cool @@!)

Xiaoling’s face is full of long rhyme. She reached out with my face and said: “Teacher, I want you! Xiaoling wants you to do me, kill me!”

“Good! Teacher will love you, give you an endless climax!”

I first put Xiao Ling at the table, and then turned her through the whole person, starting from the back of the new round of invasion.

Xiao Ling’s pair of C cups of tits, follow me, and then swaying before and after, Uh black show is covered with sweat and brighter, spreading on shoulders.

Xiaoling is unable to make a lustful art: “Oh … um … ah … Ye … 唷唷 … teacher plugged in a deep deep! … slow …!”

Xiaoling’s white heliit is tall, let my meat stick can insert her body smoothly.

I also squatted on Xiaoling’s body, kissed her shoulder and shoulder the neck. The hands were grabbed her C-milk, and the meat rod was slowly plugged.

Xiaoling’s lust was lit again under my slow delivery, Xiao Ling began to twisted her little butt, one hand grabbed my meat stick to show me my meat stick in Xiaoling’s small hole After the tender meat was massaged, I recovered the beginning of the beginning, I started accelerating the speed. As the action accelerated, Xiao Ling began to lose weight.

I was shot in Xiao Ling, and the hot semen passed the meat stick and directly refers to Xiaoling’s uterus.

“Good hot …! Filled … I … I have to lose … I lost it!” Just after I shooted soon, Xiao Ling was also ventilated.

My whole body is weak after I am ejaculation, and Xiaoling is also exhausted on the table, let me kiss her pink and play with her C milk.

“Really, how do you like to play my chest.

I heard Xiaoling’s whirred, I held it up: “Which is good, I will stop it, and change it to play with my eyes.”

Xiaoling’s clothes have already been unsearched, and the body turned into the side lying on the side, and the white sleeves made a chest, and the breasts of the C cup were highlighted, reflected in it.

It was wrapped in the beautiful legs that was wrapped in the high tube stockings. One missed, I walked along the half-curved leg curve, and the most embarrassing small hole in my heart was flowing with my semen, but But it was covered by a malicious dress. I have an excitement of nervous mood and opened a skirt. Sure enough, the viscous liquid is flowing from Xiaoling’s thigh roots.

How long does I have not appreciated, Xiao Ling took the initiative to pick up the skirt, launched the two legs; her pink hole has been passed by my dry, but it also exudes a hot gas, the milky white liquid is from a single small Spilled, slowly flowing to dark blue skirt.

“I have to go to wash the fragrance first, let’s take a break, wait for me to go to the dinner together.”

The teacher wants to do it, Xiaoling … next … times …

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