Because the evaluation is coming, the cadres of our student will have to go to the Student Wen.

Our student will be a two-story small building. It doesn’t have to take a seat in advance, and no one is bothered.

This evening, I was also liked to my vice-chairman in the same night as usual. Every office has sat many people.

The chairman, the deputy chairman’s office is on the second floor, on the second floor, I will open the door in front.

Suddenly, “Wow! I have never seen Xiaoling so soft.”

Qin Xue stretched his head to steal the chairman of the other side of the corridor. The chairman of the curtain was horrified. I ran into the past, huh, huh, the curtain sewing surprised to see the chairman and his girlfriend Liu Xiaoling, they are kissing intimacy.

Liu Xiaoling is just a classmate of Qin Xue, good friends.

I put it over and grabbed the big eyes of Qin Xue. “Snow, don’t peek, others are intimate, if you want to see, let’s go home for a few times, let you look enough.” I took my hand and went back.

I successfully dragged her into my vice president office and launched the door and pulled down the curtain. It’s true that Sima Zhao’s heart is known!

“That, you can’t quarrel me! I want to read the book.” Qin Xue sat down on the right side and took out the book ready to read.

I sat down around her, took out a stack, picked up the two lang legs, like reading the insignificant newspaper, although it is easy, but the eyes are focused.

I read quietly and don’t interfere with people who have worked around. Qin Xue has I am, it is more difficult to concentrate, but in my silent companionship, she gradually integrated into the book. Although she is not a genius-type student, it can be well-behaved, and the results have always been famous.

I don’t know how long, I suddenly heard the embarrassment of the faint, it seems to be from the president office. Operation, too much attention. I put down my book, stood up and stretched a lazy waist, and listen carefully, yes.

I looked at Qin Xue that was invested. How can she not have to read it with me? Ugh! I still have a point, don’t quarrel her.

I thought about it, her voice rang, “Can you help me see it? This question is hard!” She frowned, turned to help me.

“No problem, I am waiting for you!” I am happy to do something, I stand behind her, stand on the desk, look down on the body, go to her shoulder, see the topic Pick up the pen in her hands, and explain it while writing a pile of formulas and contexts on the calculated paper.

“You are so powerful!” Under my guidance, Qin Xue, which will run through, and delighted.

“A topic a kiss. Snow, kiss!” Do not let go of any thin chance, my thief puts forward.

“Okay!” Happy Qin Xue, generous parents my cheek, “this is ok!” She has not finished the title!

“Which kiss is a kiss, I want a French tongue kiss.” I didn’t kiss, I didn’t give it.

“People still have to study!” She is very clear, I kissed me. I will not stop. “No matter, I want you to kiss me.”

I will force her face and let her hide.

“Okay! I can only kiss!” She promised helplessly. I don’t know if I don’t ask me, I really don’t change!

I went to laugh at my mouth, sat on the chair to Qin Xue, knees touched her thigh.

Qin Xue hugged my neck, letting her up with my sexy mouth, then stretched away, I quickly reached out to press her back, kiss the open red lips, and stretched into a sweet small mouth. He is warmly entangled with her tongue and sharing the extraction of each other.

Sliding tongue can’t wait for the lilac tongue, and taste her sweet honey. I put the soft body into my own chest and feel her fever friction, this feeling is so beautiful. My kiss is getting more and more wild, and the tongue also kisses her fragrant small mouth.

Qin Snow gasped up, I was sick, my kiss didn’t help but tremble, and even if she was more sensitive, her sensitive milk tip had grown hard. As I made my hard care, I bud I also rubbed my chest in the clothes.

When she was blurred, I pulled out her shirt, and her hand protroved from the lower corner, unlocked the front buckle, with her hand, her breast, to squeeze the milky.

“Ah ……” She could not help but Jiaoyin out loud. Qin Xue lost to cling to my nape of the neck, looked up Queen mouth to kiss me. She could not think, I hold to even be sitting across the lap do not know. She also wanted to do the last fight, I looked down firmly attracted suck her nipples. I like a hungry baby, pretending to her nipples and a bite and bite, prompting her general weakness, only let me play arbitrary. “Ah – ah.”

I first Shenshe licked her chest, followed by a light stab tender nipples, and my evil big hand kneading is forced to the other side of the breast, and soon, Qin snow nipples I was raised to stimulate, like as attractive pieces of cranberry pick.

I looked at her beautiful Breast changes, felt his lower body intolerable began to firm up. I also left neck up and kissed faint hickey, forced to suck his own left, one after another love marks. Qin snow began to feel the whole body grow numb, I face such a tease, even if they have surrendered Joan.

I spotted her reaction, release caught her hand, led her Ruanmian physique around my neck, then lifted her heavy Breast with both hands, squeeze to get the force kneading. Breasts began to swell, nipples hard as pebbles, she was made the pain in my crazy strength and comfortable, was issued with ambiguous groan. “Ah …… ah ……”

Qin looked up and light snow breath, arched once more to advance the nipples of my burning mouth, tortured by desires of the lower body, but also intolerable to dawdle my thigh.

My fingers gently separate the two Huachun, picks up the full refers Aiye, using the slippery liquid circle in her private parts, quickly attracted her legs made untenable.

I reached her torn panties, I deliberately put my lower body erect, my penis in her gluteal below, to the upturned, hard penis, provoking up in what about her playboy.

“You already soaked, my little baby.” I am content to explore pinching on the petals. “You can not let go …….”

Qin Xue afraid I have no desire to control, she felt as if I was being eaten up fast.

I do not want enlargement of the firm patience, poke moist Huachun, to come forward to the erection desires inserted Jinzhai private parts, holding her body passion rhythm together.

“Ah -” even if you have made love several times, innocent she can not afford a sudden piercing, not to mention every time I collide violently like a bull-like, only her delicate pussy, poor reception of our great lower body ruthless the collision. Cher bite the lower lip, feel the pain and pleasure.

She Jiaoqu stop trembling, pumping with ‘A’, while comfortable pleasure, spread throughout the body, making her calf stretch chaos, Yutun shaking hands tightly wrapped around me like a snake.

She melted the whole person to lean on me, I feel the following as twitch, but she kept secrete familiar liquid, it is so hot and humid.

Proud hip youthful girl, my lower body sandwiched between her two meat tenderizer, the glans in constant sprint, stop the impact of her delicate pussy, her vagina is already very wet from her the struggle which is not very strong, I could read her pleasure, in the case so closely bound, in my lower body tightly sandwiched between her pussy, the case is wrapped her two meat tenderizer .

Looking at the beauty of flowers and the moon face, pink mouth slightly parted also issued tempting Jiaoyin, I seem to have been illuminated like a ruddy desires.

I speed up Choucha, thorn deeper, harder, so she wants to climb higher joy.

So the two of us just to maintain a posture, my constant friction below her pussy, getting hot a close dumb feeling has spread from the middle of my body around, the waves stop, I to stop enjoyment, squeezing her pussy, to bring my penis, I was happy to bring the meat tenderizer friction.

“Ah – ah – stop, I do not want!”

Qin melted snow and going, because I always sensitive petals strong friction congestion pain, and she can not afford too much passion and frowned, about to reach the highest point.

“Ah! It’s beautiful!” She screamed, writhing Fentun to meet, rotating around, swing, big penis every time I hit her bother, which is the most sensitive parts of a woman, only knocked she shoved breathe the air, trembling, she too comfortable even tears started to flow out, fierce swallow.

I single-handedly reined her waist, she combined with the fast pace in one hand and then out into our intercourse, the flexibility to press her sensitive spots, so there secrete more lubricant. As usual pleasure, quickly replaced is pulled through the pain, she was intoxicated and down the rhythm of the body, so filled pants that wonderful rhythm to bring her pleasure. Sweetness call gasping breath, full of tiny Vice-President’s office.

When I fell in the soft and beautiful body, I didn’t satisfy the top of the top, so that the flower diameter was sensitive to the war.

“Ah – … Rao! I can’t!” I can’t get my fierce demand, her lower body has begun to shrink strongly.

“For a while, you can …” In the constant zoom, the flow of the flow is enhanced. After inserting the tight ramp, then rotate in a tightened flower diameter, friction on the walls of different sensitive points. Then quickly pull out.

I didn’t stop, slowly extracted the lower body, slowly insert, extracted, inserted … Every time I touched her flowers deep, so that she was squatting again, her instinct High powder hips, put the hearts up! Quite! More quite! I caught the more, the more it is more and more, I only feel that her flowers are warm and tight, the honey is not stopped, and the heart is holding a big glans in a one-in-one slamming. Portraits is a volcanic to explode. She is tapped with her cheek, fragrant, sweating, glare, beautiful, beautiful, showing a happy expression, skematic call.

In this way, the insertion, rotation, extraction, so that Qin Xue’s private parts have poured a large amount of honey solution, wet my thigh and her hip flap, and push Qin Xue push the climax.

“Ah!” Her private parts began strong, she couldn’t stand the scream, poured into my embrace. I have finally sprint, increase the arc of the rhythm, and I will rush to her deepest.

I will also reach the peak at this time, the lower body is hard, I have to be faster, so I am desperate, the whole portrait is to explode. Her little flower heart, like a baby’s little mouth like a baby, the mammoth is stunned with my big glans!

I want to die, I want to die, comfortable, how can I be weak, use a big glans in the meat hole.

“Well -” huge hard, full of narrow channels, deeply resisting the end of the ramp, and quickly rub the blood-filled lips, the endless sprint makes her can’t stand, the whole body spasory reached The highest point, weak, on my shoulder, let me continue to catch her waist.

Qin Xue’s ramp contraction, his hands hugged my neck, the whole body began to spasm, and she could not stand it again, screaming.

I am accumulated in the throne to accelerate the action, continue to enter and leave the shrinking small hole, do not leave the desire.

After a few strong sprints, I finally, the blood gas just gified me, on the top of her deepest place, spraying the passion of the passion, spraying the semen of the hot man … soft Qin Xue opened like I am discredited, and I smash my chest muscles with my fingers.

“Day, you forgot to wear it!”

She knew that I took a lot of safety cases to prepare for the time, but I always forgot, especially in the dangerous place, the easier forgetting.

“This blames you too charming, hurting me, I can’t think about it, I will forget it all, I will remember the next time.”

“Every time you say this, the result is not forgotten.”

She stubbed sweetly with sweet lips, doubt that I just don’t like to wear a set, and she must do some precautions.

“Then you will seduce me next time, let me wait for it to go home and want to be burned.”

In my eyes, Qin Xue’s every little movement is cute, let my self-cultivation are completely tawned, and I just want to occupy her on the spot.

“How many people have seduce? I am very embarrassing!”

I stared at the sexy red lip, I muttered open, I felt that a hot flow slowly injected into the mouse. This seductive demon!

“You are talking, this is a representative dissatisfaction, isn’t it to seduce!” She scolded my 歪 理, the little mouth can not help but be more high, but I don’t respond to her, just stare at her, she can’t help but I got me the chest muscle, let me transfer my face to her face.

“Snow, will we do it again?” I lost my voice low to Qin Snow, she really had a fatal appeal to me.

I loved her soft and good love, and loved her sweet and squeak in love, as well as her delicate and beautiful little face and her snow white smooth.

“Don’t! We can’t do this here.” Qin Xue hid away from behind me to force her face, but he was firmly grasped by my hand, and I could not turn my mouth.

Just when I bite the earlobe of Qin Xue, when I was teased, a knocking door sounded. Qin Xue did a thief and was shocked. Is anyone found that we are in chaos?

“Someone knocks on the door, what should I do?” She saw me panicked. “Nothing, you should wear clothes first!”

I stood up together and helped her to buckle the bra and neat clothes.

“What about my little pants?” She felt that the lower body was cool, and I looked around. what! Poor underwear is tragically lying on the floor, ending it is short-lived.

“You torn again.” Qin Xue glared at me.

I also finished my clothes, looked at the little people to breathe for the panties, I reached out to take her, kiss her mouth.

“I remember to put more underwear next time in the bag.” I stared at the people who breathe in my arms.

“People have already brought it, you see how bad you have.”

Since I made the first time I made the first time, her volatility in her trousers decreased sharply, and the amount of adding volume was greatly improved.

“Snow, you are really an idea! Then I don’t have to worry too much later.” “Hey!”

She is blush, and I am screaming. The door sounded again.

Qin Xue hurriedly took out his underwear and hooded. After she worn, I opened the door. Let’s see the thief Liu Xiaoling and the Chairman of the full face.

“Hey! What are you doing? How can you open the door so long, is it full of clothes?” Liu Xiaoling came to say.

Qin Xue is embarrassing, standing on the floor, standing on the table, embarrassing, walking to the door. Ling machine moved, I said, “We just heard that some people are called life, I am thinking out to see it.” “Yeah, we are preparing to save your life.”

This trick is still true, and the Liu Xiaoling will be held. The turn of Liu Xiaoling is embarrassed to talk.

Because once we camped together, Liu Xiaoling’s classic bed “life-saving” sound made us hit their field.

“Whoever wants him to save, we will go at night.” The chairman made a message, everyone huh, I’m going to hold my lover.

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