Chen Lin can say that it is a small and beautiful woman who has loved people, a cute face, leaving a playful short hair, 155 cm, height will make men’s protection. Unfortunately, such a little beauty will be married to a wife. The male colleague in the company also includes me, there is no sigh.

Through a chance to gather at a company, everyone grabs to Chen Lin, but also hit the pistachius of this company from the heart. As the red wine continues to go into belly, Chen Lin is gradually exciting. After sweeping the cabbage on the dinner table, Chen Lin is likely to ask everyone to sing together. In addition to the people who have children to take care of the children, we have a few young men and women to kill KTV.

In the early morning, most people have been fascinated by the sofa, including the protagonist Chen Lin tonight, it seems that I only pay only the best aluminum.

After paying, I have a little awareness of colleagues, throwing them to the taxi. Finally, I drunk the most Chen Lin, she didn’t wake up my personally lying on the couch, cheeks red, estimated It’s okay to go home. I wanted to call her fiance to pick her, but I learned that he learned his two days in the foreign business from Chen Lin. Don’t have, I have to carry her, I have found a home in the hotel nearby, and she also vomited once, even some of them also spit on my jacket.

With the awkward look of the front desk service, I prepaid the fee, then take the house card on the 6th floor, ready to put her down and go home.

After opening the door, I put Chen Lin gently put it on the bed and gasped. Although Chen Lin’s weight is very light, it can also leave so much, and all the way to endure the odor of vomit. I entered the bathroom, took the water slightly, although there is still a taste, but it does not affect the visual.

At this time, sudden Chen Lin rushed in and made up on the toilet and spit it. I instinctively patted it on her back until she gradually calmed down, and only weak breathing in the bathroom, her body temperature passed through a thin sweater, passed to my hand. Under the action of alcohol, my will force is very weak. I originally planned to leave as soon as possible. At this moment, I just stayed there, the beautiful back hip curve attracts my eye.

When my thoughts floating outside, Chen Lin suddenly got up into my arms. I didn’t prepare, I was half-squatted, and I fell to the ground, and a piece of carpet could buffered at the door of the shower. Otherwise, the head may be directly tiled.

But this still makes me a little awareness, I wake up, suddenly I found Chen Lin’s pressing on my body, hot cheeks close to my face, and my left hand hugged her fine waist, right hand On her ass. Her breathing clamp is blowing in my ear, and the fresh fragrance also enters my nose.

This posture is maintained for half a minute, I still don’t dare to have any movements, I am afraid to make a row. It was only possible to get at least until the cooling of the floor is invading my body. I left my left hand to hold Chen Lin, and I pretended to stand, and I stood up.

The big mirror in the side clearly saw the scene at this time, my arms held a petite girl, the girl was weak, and the hands were naturally hanging on both sides of the body. When the childhood, how happy it is, but now I am not happy, because the girl’s face, my shirt is a wolf.

If you want to think, you can’t think of a beautiful girl. I will bend my waist. When I walked to the room, I turned back to the bed and turned back to the bathroom. I took off the dirty shirt, first cleaning up the bathroom. I took a clean towel and took some water, and came out to help her and hair.

Chen Lin, wiped the later, recovered the original beautiful, sleeping, the face is so beautiful. I am hot, I want to kiss fine pink lips. At this time, Chen Lin’s body was slightly trembled. I am a spirit, there is. After a while, I confirmed that she did not wake up, probably only unintentionally moved.

But my wine is gradually coming, and consciousness is gradually blurred. I finally can’t control my own brain. I suddenly produced a desire to conquer her. I took off my shoes and trousers, turned over the bed, push her sweater slowly, first exposed a flat lower belly, then a delicate lace bra, leaving an attractive valley in the middle. People don’t look at it, I can’t think that Chen Lin looks so slim, but is not a Princess Taiping.

I large animal hair, roughly pulling up her upper body, removed his shirt and bra out of the way aside. One pair of hemispherical shells cute rabbit out instantly. I can not wait to catch a rub with his right hand up, soft breast meat in my hands constantly changing shape, the white breast meat continues to slip out from the fingertips. Before I looked down the other side of the idle conspire breasts, mouth latch onto a straight stretch and pull the nipple and allow. After a while, bud tempting been quietly stand up, when I reluctantly have to leave, it has been wet with my saliva, color is also more than just a deep, trembling in the air. Look Chen Lin bare upper body, had white skin irritation just because I do not know or is it the influence of alcohol, some slightly hot and glow layer of blush.

I rolled over and put her face down flat on the bed again, attention has gradually shifted from the United States back to smooth the lower body. Skirts have been inadvertently lift up to the waist, the show wrapped tight leggings Bottom charming curves, I could not help but burst at dozens of the above, from the waves rippling waves swaying hips. Chen Lin subconsciously twist a few times, be made a minimum of protest.

Current sex, I had the desire to be dazzled, grabbed the edge of leggings, a pull down savagely, not knowing that a little underwear and I pulled off the two cards in both knees. Then I knelt Chen Lin’s lap, grasp the front of two white peaks constantly kneading the buttocks, disappeared the daisy door crevices.

My patience has disappeared, not too much nostalgia in these places, but slammed Chen Lin upside down. In the room at the moment, a nearly nude body was so beautiful lying in bed, emitting a seductive scent. And I soon will be completely violated this beauty weekdays from morning till evening, Chen Lin beautiful face is so calm, for what will happen next is ignorant.

I looked from top to bottom while Chen Lin, reddish cheeks, delicate neck, chest and slowly undulating tall, slender willow and flat belly. Finally, stay in sight of a piece of uplift of the triangle, covered with thick black forest above. I fiddled with the right hand soft pubic hair, the left hand is inserted between the legs closed, attempts to explore the final destination. When I poke fingers labia majora hypertrophy, touch the mysterious moment Mixue entrance, Chen Lin’s body trembling a bit, his legs clip tighter, so my left hand could not move.

Pants too out of the way, and I had to stop being offensive, Chen Lin raised his leg, along with the leggings underwear completely stripped. He has appeared in the fantasy naked, and finally completely show in front of me. I could not help but pinch myself, strong pain proves the authenticity of everything. Get rid of all the shackles, which head slaughtered sheep about to become my prey.

I grabbed her two weak ankles, homeopathic pushed to the side, Chen Lin’s lower body was put into my character a M, shame faced offenders. Under thick black forest, moist labia minora have some protection for the final off-limits. I leaned forward and shifted, with the knee on both sides of her thighs, freeing my hands, first fiddled with soft pubic hair, then the direct use finger into the gap closed, there has been a slight secreted Aiye . I picked up a finger, on the nose sniffed at, no smell, so he dipped some spread to the whole genitals, and began carefully rubbing the tip of the clitoris is congested Chen Lin suddenly uttered Menheng his mouth vague He said: “old husband …… …… …… do …… do not get ……” while his hand up over his private parts.

I was shocked by the sudden turn of events, looked up at Chen Lin’s face, I saw the eyes and mouth slightly open. I stopped staring blankly at her hand movements, after a while children and no other reaction, estimated Chen Lin stumbled and thought it was his fiance love it.

In order to avoid dark and dreary, I decided to speed up the progress, stood up and took off his underwear on the floor, let stand for a long time already cock came out, Chen Lin’s ass again pulled the bed side. Her two legs were limp to the ground. I spat on the penis, the glans rubbed a bit, poke size of the labia, directly at the point budding beauty.

Chen Lin not only did not resist, but showing the charm of a smile, writhing ass, cock seemed to plead insertion. Such a naked beauty of the course requirements can not refuse, my waist out of power, Roubang “Zi slip” sound which has slid into an instant feel of wrinkles Roubi hit from all sides, smooth exception.

I finally posted her, I only had this idea in my heart, and I started a fast spot check, and the two people were hit, and the voice of “啪” was issued. Chen Linhong’s face showed a painful expression. He has developed a sweet and breath, and the two legs are tightly intertwined. Hook my hips, the two full-filled breasts also inserted the rhythm , Up and down, left and right, let me flow together. When Chen Lin, he first grabbed them, and he smashed it. He said that he became more urgent: “Um … ah … ah … old … husband … good … good … Lin … Lin … … all is being killed, it is almost died! “I don’t think I usually look very pure girl. When I do love, it will be so lost, but I almost let me sure to disappear and surrendered.

I can’t easily survey her, I think. So I suspend the exercise of the meat stick, let it stay in Chen Lin’s honey point. After a few seconds, I bent down, hugged her Liu waist with the hand ring, and put it in this way.

“Yeah!” Chen Lin was shocked, hugged my neck with both hands. I took her step by step, step by step to the bathroom, and Chen Lin continued to use hot lips to absorb my earlobe and neck, I have to wrestle twice.

“Little gum!” I screamed and put her on the stopper. Chen Lin’s back, she had to support two hands behind him, and I took the first to her double peaks, left grinding right. Chen Lin issued a laughter of “gureness,”, and then stringed his chest to me.

Enjoy enough softened flesh, I kissed her lips, a tender and sliding tongue immediately slipped into my mouth, I also fiercely responded, two soft tongues were entangled with each other, and it seems to be swallowed each other. . Chen Lin made a refreshing low in the nose, and my meat stick became more hard, and I jumped in her vagina that I twisted the waist, trying with the thick glans to ground the tender meat in the honey.

Chen Lin also gradually couldn’t help but let this stimulus, let go of my lips, and began to: “Fast … I will give it to me … don’t … don’t … let go again!”

I feel that the little girl has been completely falling into crazy, but I have just been in a hurry, easily keep grinding, while appreciating Chen Lin’s look. The original clear binocular became very blur, the expression seems to be crying, and it is a fascinating, and it is a fascinating.

“Do you want it?” I asked.

“Think! Want!” Chen Lin said.

I suddenly let go of her, and the meat stick is also drawn out, put down the toilet cover and sit on: “I want to come over.”

Chen Lin’s eyes stared at my things under my, it seems to look at a baby. She walked to me, hesitated, let’s take a look, one hand dial his own labipings, and the other hand stretched back to grab my meat stick. A bit cold touch encountered my moments, let me hit a chill.

She adjusted the position in such a legs, then slowly sat down, let the meat rod open the laminated meat, directly to the deepest place of the vagina. “Ah ~~ Ah ~~” The strong stimuli let her almost don’t sit stabilize, so in my hand passed through her armpits, grab a pair of trembling breasts, helping her to steady body.

After adapting it, Chen Lin began to go up and down, but it was very tasty. I decided to help her, accompany her speed, and put the meat rod once again. Even so, how long does Chen Lin still have no strength, let me unrestrained, I have to take the initiative, hurt her body, let her back completely close my chest, then make it full Inserting, Chen Lin’s thin body is completely in my control, only forgetting.

Chen Lin’s small hole has secreted increasingly and more prostitutes, flowing down in my meat, wet our integration, making the flesh pump more smooth. Suddenly, Chen Lin’s small hole is contracted, people also shake, the sound of the mouth becomes a high shout, I only think that a hot hunger is sprayed from the depths, watered on my glans. Chen Lin ushered in the first climax.

Chen Lin after the climax took the weight of the whole body in my body, and Zhang Dazhu breathed the air, and it was still a burst of savings in the vagina. My inner heart suddenly poured a poor love, gently stroking her lower abdomen and thigh, and sniffing her fragrance.

“Do you feel comfortable?” I asked. Chen Lin did not return, just nodded with each other.

After a break, I stood up and took it out and took it out of the meat stick, and the top is the oil and light. And lost my support, Chen Lin also almost did not stand firm. I held her to go to the shower and opened hot water to rinse up to our two. Chen Lin gradually calmed down, and Chen Lin was clear, it seems to have resumed some gods. I saw a tear of her eyes. I used my wine, I want to fire, the impulse is like being scored, the meat stick is also soft. Down. We are in a moment of embarrassment, everyone avoids the eyes of each other, and is the sound of the water.

I brought the courage to break the silence, but just opened, Chen Lin hugged me in front of it, embedded in my chest, and the shoulders were trembling. I regret, I am afraid, I don’t know what it is, I have to touch her back, and I will continue to sorry.

After a long time, Chen Lin was quiet, I also waited for any reaction and punishment.

“Just … this time.” Her voice is very light, “do not take care of …”

I can’t believe my ears and push her face after pushing her. Chen Lin’s face was more red than before, and the water of the water did not dare to see me.

“I …” I don’t know how to open.

Chen Lin didn’t face his face, slowly squeezing a sentence from the teeth: “Just … I haven’t shooting it yet?” I didn’t wait for me to answer, she grabbed the lotus head, helping me to put it under all the body. , Then launch me with a shower: “Wipe to bed waiting for me …”

I took the towel hanging on the wall and wiped it. The head is still in the fog, and I have already slept in the bed, and I still reimbute everything just happened.

Unconsciously, the water of the bathroom stopped. I turned back to see Chen Lin to grab a small bath towel tightly, wrapped in a full surroundment, but made the hem of the bath towel could not block the scenery between the legs, showing the entire temptation Human genitals and light thighs. She and I paired, probably being frightened by my color eyes, suddenly turned and folded to the door, tightly hips twisted, I also stick a little water.

Chen Lin took a few switches to finally shut down the lights in the room. The original warm-tone room was suddenly dark, and only white light sources in the bathroom will make people look probably. She walked back to the room, hesitated it, lying down to me. The room has been caught in silence, and her face is only a few centimeters of distance, almost you can feel the body temperature of each other, but because of his backlight, I can’t see her expression.

My heart is jumping, the body is also stiff because of nervousness, I am eager to say something, what to do, the brain is a blank. At this time, Chen Lin took the initiative to move close to me. The faint fragrance came, so that I brought the courage to grab her waist, and the huge palm was gently touched in her back.

“What about people?” Chen Lin asked.

“I sent them to the taxi.” I replied, “In fact, they drink it, it is nothing to go home.”


“I am so drunk, I spit several times. I don’t know the address of you, so I can only send it here, but I am going to go. In fact, I am going to go …” I want to explain, there is a finger Arrived on my mouth, don’t let me say.

“Thank you …” Chen Lin’s voice is full of gentleness.

“No, I …”

Sudden Chen Lin passed the face, showing the tip of the nose, followed by the lips. Different from the crazy hot kiss, now this kiss is more like a playful, Chen Lin’s tongue tangled into Tibet. I have only lick her crystal lips and enjoy the warmth of lovers.

My lower body is gradually awakened, topped on the knees of Chen Lin. Chen Lin smiled, holding my meat stick with hands, slow down.

“Big …” Her voice is surprised.

“Compared with the boyfriend?” I also relaxed and ridicule.


We laughed at the same time.

I let Chen Lin tinger, accounting for the upper, let me unnip the only bath towel on her. A little light is reflected in her body, which is a fascinating halo. My mouth and hands are love to care about every inch of the skin, Chen Lin, vent the emotions with joyful sorrow.

Everything seems to be water to the stream, Chen Lin accompanied the legs, the wet honey hole is slightly opened. I still want to tease her again, just rub the outside with the glans, so that Chen Lin is dissatisfied with the ass.

“What’s the baby?” I smiled. “I hate … I know, I asked …” She shy expression made people indulge.

“I want to do it.” I looked at her affectionately. “When I say it, I will satisfy you.”

“Oh … 妳 妳 我 我 …”

“That’s almost ~”

“Don’t … don’t, don’t you still do it!”

“Well.” I am waiting for her answer.

“Dry … do it …” Chen Lin closed his eyes, “Please do it!”

I received the order, the waist, and I took into a beautiful pocket. Chen Lin’s expression was painful, but Zhang Gaiba did not send a little voice, and his hands tightly grabbed the linen on both sides. Until I adjusted my breath, I started to have a rhythm and rhythm.

“Well … um … good … so comfortable … good …” Chen Lin’s light body swayed before and after my impact. I really looked up her legs to the shoulders, making every time you can hit her yuotic: “So numne … no … can’t … acid … Sour …” Chen Lin Chao, also became a loud wave.

And I can clearly see the combined part of the two, the meat sticks of the green gluten are constantly entering and exporting in the pink and smooth small points. Every time I bring a lot of prostitution, the glans is like a flexible mouth. Use force absorbing. With the increasing number of pins, the pleasure of crisp is also straightforward, and I am unknowingly accelerating it.

My gasping, Chen Lin’s waves and the sound of the flesh hit constitute a vulnerability in the room. In the persistent pleasure, I predict my own outbreaks, pulling out the meat sticks in the critical point, and got a deep semen next to the pretty face of Chen Lin.

White turbid semen sprayed on Chen Lin’s cheeks, on the nose, on the eyes, also sticking to the wet short hair. Chen Lin did not seem to have a lot of addiction. I started to pick my jellyfinder. The other hand held me still jumped, with a small mouth to hold it, the sensitive glans and coronary ditch were so comfortable, The remaining semen was dripped by Chen Lin.

My experience is not less, but I have never enjoyed this wait for service, and amazed at Chen Lin and her appetitated.

When I still enjoy Chen Lin’s service, her masturbation has accelerated the action. The whole person began to pay, and the little mouth that I was sentenced to only “Oh, 唔”.

Chen Lin finally reached a climax. After fierce jitter, the whole person turned down and spit out my meat stick, and I didn’t swallow the semen left her mouth, this scene is very unusual. Sensuality, also makes me gain a huge satisfaction.

I took a few paper towels from the bedside table, and I quickly helped Chen Lin, so she could open his eyes.

“Rogue, who allows you to shoot my face!” Chen Linjiao, his eyes were charming with a love.

“Help to raise your beauty? Nutrition is very high.” I said with a smile.

Chen Lin used his fingers to remove the semen of the mouth, and unexpectedly re-sending it in the entrance, but also stretched out the tongue in my face, licking the fingers, and then the throat moved, exaggerated.

I can’t help but sigh this little goblio.

“Want to take a shower?” I asked gentle.

“Don’t, exhausted …” She hammered me, “all blame!”

I took a paper towel to clean my meat stick and her lower body. The pink honey hole looked at the body. It seems that there is a breath, I almost let me have an excitement.

“Hold me …” Chen Lin said his hands to me.

I slept to her, covering the quilt, accompanied by fatigue, we embracing. When I woke up, I was already the next morning. The sun took the gap to bed, we paid each other and chatted with the usual topic. Leave.

In a hotel, I am sitting with Chen Lin, enjoying a hearty brunch. Chen Lin during the day, is a glorious, can’t believe that the style of love is the same person.

“I said last night, ‘I only play, don’t take it,’ Is it true?” I asked.

“Hey!” Chen Lin said that “the wine can be true?”

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