I am a big student. In the summer of this summer, I have a bad thing in the summer. I actually drunk my high school teacher.

Teacher Liang is my high school English teacher. This year is 29 years old. It is a woman who is ripe. Teacher Liang is a goose face, with a pretty short hair, double eyelid, an attractive crime of sexy lips, the skin is white, and a pair of beautiful legs. She always likes to wear stockings when she is in class. When she goes to her class, almost all-class boys have not been listening carefully.

Moreover, Teacher Liang happens to live in a community. Sometimes I will always go to school with her cruise in high school. She has been divorced, I live alone, I really doubt that the man is unable, otherwise divorce with Liang Teacher.

From the high school, I like Teacher Liang. I always regard Liang teacher as a target of the plane. Fantasy one day can be loved to her, of course, I know that it is almost impossible.

But on that day, my dream is actually true, it is in a summer vacation that just goes to college. That is a classmate party. It was originally no coming. It may be that Teacher Liang usually has a better reason. More importantly, she is so beautiful. We invited her, and Teacher Liang actually promised.

When she arrived, almost all the eyes of all boys were straight. I saw that Teacher Liang wore a lavender tight satin dress. Two slender legs wearing a meat stockings, a pair of jade wearing a pair of white high heels sandals. Teacher Liang teacher has enabled a party to reach a climax, because Teacher Liang is so beautiful, so everyone is frequent toast.

In the end, Teacher Liang is already confused. Even the northwestern southeast is unclear, because my teacher lives in a community, so the classmates let me send her home. On the road, she walked away, she almost fell several times, I helped her and slowly walked. I didn’t think of the direction of the past, but because Teacher Liang went unstable, several times met my arm several times, and then see Liang teacher drank wine and drunk and drunk wine. .

Plus the dream of my year, I actually produced a desire to make love with Liang teacher. Go back and walk, my desire is getting stronger, so I deliberately touch her chest, no reaction, and make it hard, still there is no reaction, so I decided to put me the dream of the year.

I can’t bring Liang Teacher back to my home, so I decided to make love in Liang teacher and her, anyway, she lives alone. After the teacher of Liang, I first took the teacher to the bed, and then hit a phone call and said that I didn’t go back. Looking back at the teacher, I saw her quietly lying in bed, gently closed, sexy red lips breathed, perfect body curve and snow-white skin more heartbeat accelerated.

I immediately got a react, and I took a tent. I quickly took off my body’s clothes and released the old two. I am so naked, standing on the bed, touching the beautiful body of Liang Teacher with her eyes.

At this time, I saw that Teacher Liang turned over and revealed her beautiful back curve. I can’t stand it anymore. I have to hold her, accounting for her, and I am in a hurry to rush to Teacher Liang. The rude kissed the sexy little mouth of Liang Teacher, putting the tongue of Liang into his mouth, my left hand constantly caressing the whole body of Liang teacher, holding a dress, smashed the breasts of Liang Teacher. stand up.

In this way, Teacher Liang kissed, after a while, I was desperately kissed for 10 minutes, looked up, and then looked at Teacher Liang, I saw her breathing, her face was red, and the small mouth met with Breathing a micro-level, so charming. Karaoke the dress of the teacher, I saw the breasts of the Snow White Trumpet with a white lace. Push your bra, pink small nipple shake slightly in the chest. A mouth contains a nipple, the tongue is in the tongue, and the “small cherry” of the teacher is not too long.

I have a sucking of the nipples who lived in Liang, one hand has been extended to the skirt, strokes on the beautiful legs of Liang Teacher’s stockings, handled to the genitals, with a small pantry, and I have a hand, my hand Directly reached into the underwear, buckle her pussy, and the teacher in the drunken Liang twisted.

I took the bra’s bra, and took off her dress. At this time, Teacher Liang only wore a black lace underwear, and the meat stockings on the legs and white high heel sandals on the feet. I transferred the position to the beautiful leg of Liang, I took my back, a silky feeling, my coming back. Take off her sandals, I don’t consciously kiss from her calf, hands touching the legs under the meat stockings, the silk slides while feeling the softness of the legs.

It may be the response of the instinct, and Teacher Liang’s legs clamped my head. This more stimulated me, so I had a panty, I would like to see the voyage of the shares, soak. Wet Liang teacher’s underwear, I know that Mr. Liang is emotional. When I went to the panty of Liang, I saw that the wire formed by a love liquid was also connected. My tip of my tongue licked her pink lips, I only heard it, Mr. Liang gradually got up, and her laborary began to open, my tongue has gradually reached into, and Teacher Liang’s call also Great, the thigh is getting more and more clamping, um … um … ah … ah!

Striping the beam teacher’s meat stockings, at this time, Teacher Liang has been peeled into a big white sheep, the high-spirited breasts, and the two legs crossing from the black hairs, plus that comparable model Beautiful legs.

I am so excited, I am holding Liang teacher in the arms and watching her fascinating face, said to her: “Tonight you belong to me alone.”

I am open on the side of the bed. Teacher Liang’s head is in the middle of my legs, holding the coarse penis, and put it into the sexy small mouth of the beam teacher. Two hands support Liang teacher’s head, as my hand is a volt, I just can swallow my penis. Just feel that the warmth and softness in the mouth of Liang, and the unconscious fragrance tongue is on my penis, it is too cool.

Looking at my penis in the mouth of Liang teacher, I remembered that Teacher Liang was in the case of the elegant. I suddenly shot it, I tightly grabbed the head of Liang, full shot. In her mouth, Teacher Liang also passed into a paste as a wine.

I took a break. At this time, my penis is hard, like iron, I will drive the thigh of Liang to my shoulder, holding like a hot penis, topping on the labi, the glans slowly Two labians. So I will insert the penis into her little honey hole. The legs of the teacher’s legs naturally, only feel that their penis is tightly wrapped in the vagina of Liang Teacher, soft and slippery until the entire penis Didn’t get into the pussy of the beam teacher.

Inserting a few times, I only felt that Teacher Liang’s vagina was tight. My penis rubbed the soft inner wall in the vagina. But when I read Liang Teacher’s face, I saw her showing painful expressions. I estimate that she may be rare after she divorced. So my penis did not move in the vagina of Liang. I kissed her little mouth and snow white neck, and my hands continued to care for the whole body of Liang Teacher, teased her lust.

After busy for a long time, Teacher Liang returned to the serene look. I suddenly overwhelmed Liang teacher on the bed, hovering in the hips, and the body hit the teacher’s body, slowly Liang Teacher’s face. The first floor is red, and the throat is also gently emitted with sweet tempting.

I heard the teacher of Liang, I am more excited to enjoy the friction with her body in her honeydown, a burst of pleasure comes from my below, and I have a honey hole in her, I The penis is like bubbles in the hot spring, so cool. With the constant contraction of the vagina, I am more quickly galloped in the body of Teacher Liang, finally in her “ah !!”, accompanied by a one with the labia, only feeling the end of Liang’s uterus A hot love liquid, Teacher Liang was leaking out.

It may be the reason for just being shot, I have been more lasting, I pulled the teacher to press her down, holding her hands on her leg, put her thigh to the waist. I stretched my body and continued to pose the vagina of Liang Teacher with a deep way in the dark. “Um … … ah …” Teacher Liang continued to squat, the body turned around, the beautiful legs of the round and slender are lightly wrapped in my waist.

Just watching Teacher Liang, her skin is attractive and fascinating, sweating, the snoring in the mouth is getting bigger and bigger. Looking again, Teacher Liang said that there is no longer existence, and I saw her cheeks, the mouth is slightly, and the silver teeth are bitten, and a charming brilliant color is revealed.

At this time, I felt that Teacher Liang’s vagina continued to shrink. I know that Teacher Liang immediately wants to reach the climax. It is really a good thing. It can be seen that he is usually a mantra. Um … um … ah … ah, ah …! Along with the silver bell of Liang teacher, I finally reached the limit, and the penis was deeply stabbed to the depths of the uterus of Liang. As soonre, Teacher Liang also reached a climax, and a hot flowers were sprayed from her flowers and cated on my penis.

Enjoy the vaginal paralysis and contraction of Liang teacher, it is too cool, watching the teacher’s tired lying there, the little mouth is slightly breathed, but I decided to easily let her so easily, after all, the opportunity is rare. I climbed the teacher on the bed and padded her abdomen with a pillow. It is the beautiful buttocks of Teacher Liang. At this time, my penis is hard.

Looking at Liang teacher climbing there, a pair of jun picking the gesture, I can still bear it, whose low, rush, put the beautiful buttocks of Teacher Liang, put the penis to the lower below In the vagina. Every time I plug, the pink buttocks of Liang Teacher are hit in my lower belly. She hugs from behind, and she has a fragrance that Liang Teacher is emitted. Strong breast.

Teacher Liang’s love mixed my semen smoothly smashed my thick penis. It is a crazy spot check for more than two hundred. How can Teacher Liang be crazy, “Ah … ah … ah … um …… “The three degrees were discounted by me. The horses who are poured by Teacher Liang’s love, the semen is booming, and the body of Teacher Liang.

After a break, this time I really can’t stand up, I started to sweep the battlefield, and then put the clothes of Liang to her clothes, and took out the contraceptive that I was prepared to give my girlfriend to eat, wrote One is a note that I sent her home, I left.

The next night, when I was walking, I met Liang Teacher. She actually didn’t know that I have done it yesterday. I still brought her back home. I have to smile in my heart, imagine the beautiful body of Teacher Liang, thinking about looking for a chance to enjoy her! ! ! !

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