In the past few days, I went to a female classmate to take back my textbooks and notes, but I have a holiday.

“Do you want to join in and sit? She may come back later.”

Her brother is very polite to ask me, I want to be anyway, I will go first and wait for her. Her brother is Xiao Qiang, now I am thinking of high school, long and handsome handsome, is a beautiful teenager! I used to pass her home before, and I have seen a few times with Xiaoqiang, so I am not very strange with him.

On that day, I just had some classmates to find Xiaoqiang, so in the living room of his house, except for my high school little boys. We sat on the sofa and watch TV, Xiaoqiang sat next to me and chatted with me to watch TV, I knew Xiaoqiang like me, every time I came, he always wrapped with me. Because there are many people, the location of the sofa is not enough, so Xiaoqiang is very close, and occasionally his arm will accidentally encounter my chest. He will always be nervous, I am sorry, I laughed. It doesn’t matter. In fact, I really like to feel close to him in my heart!

I wore a fresh yellow short-sleeved dress, the kind of tight, the skirt is very short, revealing my pink thigh, and almost I have to see the underwear, … but no one will see, because I I haven’t worn it all. Such a spicy dress, so that after I entered the door, I am constantly being stared in a few eyes. These little boys are infered, and the opposite sex is very normal, especially like I am so fascinating, you must make them Unusual excitement!

Soon, Xiaoqiang couldn’t stand it, began to put the hand on my thigh, I didn’t resist it, but also grabbed a pillow on the leg, covering his movements, so as not to be seen by his classmates. We two do not move, like watching TV in focus, in fact, Xiaqiang, who has already gradually reached into my junk dress under the pillow.

I separate my legs slightly, so that he can directly attack my private parts. He fell in the inside of the thigh, so quickly he touched my sparse and soft incadvenation, then stop the action, surprised Looking at me, he found that I didn’t wear underwear. I gave him a sweet smile, then put the index finger on the lips to blink his eyes, “I can’t say it …” I said quietly.

He knew that after I won’t resist it, I started to boldly touch my private parts. I saw that there was a obvious bumper between his two legs, but he tried to adjust the sitting posture, so that the erection was not so obvious. In fact, I think he does not need to cover up, and some of his classmates are erecting when I just came in.

Under his teasing, I am so wet, and the obscenity flows out. Then he inserted his fingers into it, in the vagina port, made me began to breathe softly, and the hands were holding the pillow.

“Juan Juan sister, is it not very comfortable? Do you want to take a break in the room?”

Xiaoqiang suddenly took out his hand, asked me with everyone listened to the volume, I understood that he would like to make love in the room, just got up and got up and went to the room.

In the room, he took off my dress and bra, making me almost naked, only stockings didn’t take off, he pressed me on the bed, sucking my breast, my nipple is very fast. stand up. Then he took off his trousers and popped up the early erect penis.

“Ah …” I called it out, then he began to do it with your waist force.

“Ah … ah …”

“Ah, Juan Juan sister, you are so tight, ah … so comfortable.”

I don’t know if it is a little bit of light, although there is more experience, but the vaginal is still tight. … Xiaoqiang’s movements are very jealous, I think he may be the first time! Sure enough, he was ejaculation after a few minutes. He twitched a few times and put the semen inside my vagina. After he took out the penis, he looked at me, I poured in his arms.

“… Strong, you make Juan Juan sister so comfortable, people still have …”

I said that he was holding his penis, and didn’t take it hard. I went down to put it in the mouth, Xiao Qiang also played with my breasts, while letting me blow with him.

“Juan Juan, you are so beautiful … Let me love it again.”

I stopped blowjob, then kneel on the bed and lifted the ass.

“Um … this time, come in, is it good?”

I feel that the private parts have flowed out a lot of liquid, dripping along the inside of the thigh, and the little strong will not be tempting, and I will start again. At this time, I suddenly discovered that there were many eyes in the door of the house in the peep, the original small classmates have long found that we love in the room, and a group of little boys squeezed at the door to see free A. However, I am not only being unified, but also more sensuality, let this group of viewers can be happy. “Ah … strong … ah … don’t … don’t stop … ah … make people … oh … ah …”

Xiaoqiang may have just been shot once, so this time is very lasting, plus others are peeking, I finally reached a climax this time.

“Ah … ah … people have to vent … ah!” Xiaoqiang smoked the penis, and I want to blow it with him.

I lick the liquid on his glans (maybe most of my own kinky!), Then use my small mouth to swallow his penis, sometimes I also lick his scrotum and pill. Soon after this, Xiaoqiang shot into my mouth and then poured on the side. I didn’t swall down all the semen, only drink some, the other semen came out along my lips, I let the semen left on my face, did not wipe.

At this time, I said to the audience at the door: “Um … who you want to come to Juan Juan?”

I opened the big eyes, teasing them with expressions and speech. They first stunned, then opened the door and a group of people swarmed. The person who has a faster movement has taken off his pants and puts the penis directly into the vagina’s vagina. Because I just saw a fierce, hardness and length is quite enough, I can’t stop it, I can’t stop it. Haltry.

“Ah … ah … already … inserted it … ah … ah ……”

Other slow people have had fun with hands first, but some people are smart, put the penis into my mouth, do the cave I have, make I can’t continue to embrace, I can only issue “… ……

Hey … “The sound. After all, it is a high school young man, under my twisted waist, soon it is ejaculation, the two are almost shot in my vagina and mouth.

Other people will continue to have the card, want to insert the vagina of people, they want to see if they can put two penis to put two penis, but they have not succeeded, one of them simply insert my anus, let me get it before and after , “Ah … good pain … ah … don’t dry your eyes … good … ah … ah …”

Since the person who does my asshole is very large, I am inserted, plus another person in my vagina, making me feel fainted.

“Ah … can’t stand it … people have to vent it … ah … ah!”

I was inserted by them, they were ejaculated when I was twitching in my vagina and anal. I don’t have it, but some people are still not cool, they still continue to rape me.

“Hey! It’s really tight! What is it uncomfortable?”

“Um … ah … Shu … comfortable … ah … ah …”

I didn’t expect the current high school to be so powerful, some people can take more than half! My private parts are dried red and swollen, out of many of their semen and their own obscenities, and make the whole ass and thighs to answer. I have reached a climax by these hair kids, and some people who have a rest next to them are discussing: “Look at her breasts is very beautiful!”

“Well, I just touched her when she did her!” Soft and soft. “

“Ah … ah … ah … ah …”

“Beautiful, calling loud, listen!”

I am a little painful, but I feel very great, I don’t want to stop.

“Hey, change me? How many times have you been?”

“On only twice!”

God! When I have two three times, I am going to do it? I was finally in the past sixth or the seventh climax.

When I woke up, the little boys had gone, only Xiaoqiang, Xiao Qiang said that I didn’t dare to continue dry, first left.

I have their semen everywhere. Xiaoqiang suggests that I am rinsed into the bathroom, but I have been taking the pain below, I can’t walk, Xiao Song picked me, take me to the bathroom, gently help me Muchery washing. After washing, he helped me put on the original clothes, let me rest in bed, wait for me to go, he will send me home. “You ‘s textbook notes, I will help you with my sister, and send it again.”

“Thank you.” I kissed him at the door and took the pace of the pace into the house.

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