After the soldiers, I went to the Philippines for reading for two years. Because the English is too bad, read is more powerful, I heard that writing is not in the style, why is it to go to the Philippines, mainly my sister is there? Work, Daughter is a small opening of a well-known in Taiwan, and the Philippines is the big camp of their company overseas, causing them to live in the Philippines in the Philippines, and moms are willing to let me go to the Philippines to learn English. .

My sister is three years old. I still have a sister, I am nine years old, but the focus is that I ran to the Philippines reading. This country is awesome, many girls love to wear a low-cut clothes, semi-cultivation and cleansing, to dew Let’s see that I am really uncomfortable. Every time I go out to go shopping, the meat stick is often erection, and later adapts to this country, and two years, it really encounters a lot of affair, one of them is.

At that time, I only had a big son. At the age of 4, my old sister likes to go shopping. Whenever I finish the class in the morning, the fixed itinerary in the afternoon is to bring her shopping, and the scorpion sometimes follows, sometimes it will not follow, sometimes Looking at the old sister, don’t take her out, but the scorpion has a lotus to follow.

One day in the afternoon I have been in the Philippines for a year, and the English is basically communicated. This day, the old sister went shopping her a brand-name clothing of her love. I took the sancto to the square, playing that type will walk. The doll, the lottery is next to the scorpion, and I rely on the wall and look at the scorpion. At this time, there was a policeman to send a flyer. I saw a flyer. It turned out that I didn’t think too much about the leaflet. I didn’t think too much. After reading the list, I continued to play.

Like Taiwan, in fact, there are not many policers. It is almost a male police on the road, and it is not a real policewoman. This is my first time. Seeing the real policewoman, wearing a blue uniform, and is more equipped.

After ten minutes, I just sent me a flyer, standing next to me, I looked at the wall like me, my eyes looked in front, I turned around, I found that even the policewoman, there are five The policewoman is here, the word is disconnected to the wall, see the past, these female police is really fucking, each chest should have C, and the height of 170 is up and down, it is thin. Fat, every figure has curve beauty, I really don’t know how they are a policewoman, or a model, it can be seen that their police should be picked out, but the Philippine is a waiter, they look good, only mixed blood Or at all, it is a foreign face, you will feel good. And these five policewares, read, only when I was sent to me, the face was better.

So I boldly, I barely asked English, I took the initiative to ask him to spend the flyer, he explained to me, I probably understand some, anyway, I am not interested, then I ask them how to uniform with department stores Uniforms are different, they are deep blue, and department stores are wearing white blots. They are true police. Today is to send a leaflet to department stores. They really have a police taste. They are equipped with simple equipment. The department store is stationed in the guard, and the girl is only uniform. It is a fat man. He sees that I am very interested in the police. I know that I am from Taiwan, so I ask me to have an interest, go to visit them in department stores Police office, I think about it! So he called another four people to continue to send flyers. It turned out that he was the head of these people!

So I followed her, after two doors, he took me into a small office, only some very simple furnishings, no other people are there, she put the door, I am curious to see the table is very weird. The long pillar, my first idea is that this should not be the props of yourself self-defense! She answered me, this is the detection of the detection of dangerous goods, she said with me, and there is no dangerous item on you! I am smiling and saying! I saw that the female police smiled, there is no, there is no one, I saw her eyes looked at my chicken bar, I turned out that I wore a pants that day, I clearly see the chicken erection, I also laughed. She is really dangerous, you have to be careful, the policewoman continues to pick up, I am a policewoman who is a task guard, I have to destroy it.

Wow! I heard this teal, I knew that I met a woman policeman, I was going to do her. I certainly can’t let this opportunity, I started kissing her, slowly put her on the wall, slowly solving her shirt button, wow! This talent should have 34C, my mission poked her chest, after unlocking her milk, vigorously absorb the chest, I don’t know if I succeed too much, or the office is too embarrassing, the female police call good, She took off the root skirt, she first dried to the female police. I certainly impulsive, I haven’t let her 舔 my cock, I will insert it directly. I just do her from behind, my hands pinch the woman’s chest, When the police said, my electric phone called, I hesitate to pick it, because I know that the old sister is coming, the first pass is not connected, the second pass is not connected, the phone is still a ring, So I put my fingers into the female police mouth, let her lick, to prevent her 呻吟, and my dick continues to do her, I finally got up to pick up the phone: “Where to run, How to throw a lotus and nephew? “I:” I suddenly hurt, then I can’t find a lotus, I will go to the toilet first. “

I: “”

Old sister: “Is you finished now?”

I: “It’s better, it’s a little constipation, but it’s coming out.”

Police: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Dry me! Do me!”

It turned out that, the female police head was once, my fingers were used, the policewoman screamed loudly, I was scared, quickly smoke the dick, quickly grabbed the head of the female police, stuffed into my cock.

I: “Nothing, I will wait for you”

I immediately hang up, watching the female police, I: “I am very bad! I know that I am talking about the phone, I will be obscenity”

Women: “People can’t stand it! Let me continue to do it”

The policewoman couldn’t help but look at me, pleading: “Come on, hurry! I can’t stand it !!!!”

I slowly pressed my ass, put my mask slowly into the female police hot vagina. She frowned and breathed, and she only sent a lot of 呻吟: “Ah ~~~~”

She reached out my head and pulled my lips to her. We keep inserted postures, starting to have a long kiss, deep kiss!

I slowly took out my mask from the body of the police, until there was only the glans inside. Then I quickly insert it quickly, I have been inserted into her flowers!

I am so happy, and the woman’s embarrassment is like a wonderful music, surrounded by me: “Oh …

…Yes, it is! Oh … ah … ah … Too … very good ……… “

She can’t stand the ass, greecely welcoming the lower body to me. Our body is warm together.

She lifted his legs in my waist, her hands tightly holding my neck. Her body will not let me pick up or don’t let me plug in, and she will work with my pump!

Soon, we can cooperate with skilled. When I inserted, she also applied to me, when I took it, she also retired! I am embarrassed, she is also the same! I have reached the climax, she is the same!

Suddenly a policeman tightened me. Her hips twitched sharply, let my hips violently hit her heart!

Her head is desperately swing, crying: “Oh … God! … I am here … I am coming …

… I … come … ah … “

Then I also reached the peak! My hi is hit in the depths of the policewoman, then my passion is like never endless! My vision begins to floating, from the depths of my inguinal, there is almost unbearable pleasure!

Shoot, shoot, then shoot! In the depths of the policewoman, shot her little hole, let my semen overflow her flowers! !

The body of us is shaking, we are all panting.

Gradually, our body slowly squatted, tightly snuggling with each other. Let’s open your eyes and look at each other’s face. Our lips will be exchanged again, and another long kiss. After that, I didn’t have more rest, I left the time, the policeman was still reluctant to go, asked which time, I can see it, I thought you would like this, I still want to have a next time! So I gave her my mobile phone number, but then, I didn’t see this policewoman. But I live in two years in the Philippines, sexual life is quite rich.

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