First, versatile emblem

Second, the tragic things can be tolerated

Third, it is not cleansing

Fourth, the beautiful people suffer from the tiger

Five, the red painted self-esteem

Sixth, zero flower red dust

Seven, Baihua Palace owner

Eight, true snorkeling ghosts

Jiu, Putian Patent Sword “

Ten, will fight Tenli Pier

Eleven, abandoned the sword to find a fragrance

Twelve, to humiliate and sleep

Posts towel, post-profile:

The love has been ran for seven years, and finally married him. In this seven years, the split, the wind is constantly, but it still rule out the hardship, and there are lovers to become a genus. New married Del, two love, I have to live in the life of the fairy. Honeymoon returns to China, my heart began to hesitate, I don’t know if I should continue to put “wind robbery”? After all, this novel’s erotic part is quite abnormal. How can I do wrong male and female relationships while I experience the love? I am worried that “dust robbery” will bring the incorrect concept of netizens, and indirectly defeat the spirit of society. This is a consideration for a woman who is married to women.

In the stickers and non-posted contradictions, I suddenly saw some netizens looking forward to me to post “The Wind Proture (Six)” message, the heart is feeling, or put this stock The six episodes were posted. I would rather believe that people who like to watch love literature are just a sexual fantasy that is hidden in the heart. In fact, everyone is quite healthy and normal for men and women, should be right!

“Dust robbery” I have a complete manuscript, but I am a quite time-consuming process. Now it is another wife, and it is really difficult to control. Maybe the next one will be available for a long time, maybe it is Can’t come out, look at the situation! Anyway, I am still very grateful to some netizens’ support, maybe you are too anxious, will be in the online motback, and Ignore the author’s courtesy, but I don’t blame you, because there is no reader, will not There are authors, there are people above the Internet, and it doesn’t matter who is big. As long as everyone respects each other, it is a good friend!

Towel, 文 文 爱 小

First, versatile emblem

“Ah! Come, come!” A delicate and sweet voice rang, more than ten kinds of eyes were shot in front of the yellow mud road; but see the dust on the big road, the sparks sounded. Suddenly, a shadow passed out and went to the dust.

“This gimmick is in a mess!” More than ten people, a sneaky middle-aged man in the face of a clear middle-aged man said: “Do this time whether there is a mustache.”

When this shadow flew forward to dozens of feet, but seeing about more than ten darts and dozens of tens of tens of highly unequal horses; these people saw a distant person. A short and fatched man immediately raised his hand than a gesture, and a team of people stopped. At this time, a teenager jumped out of several dozen people, jumped into the shadow of the run.

But seeing the two shadows to approach each other, and the white light flashed, “Hey”, the two shadows should be stopped. I saw a male and one female hand holding a long sword.

The woman is about the eleven, eight years old, is a little bit of the lateral face, the skin is white, the body is a plurality of, especially the pair of smart eyes, showing it, the show It seems that there is still twenty years old, the swordsome eyebrows, the doubles are like paints, and they are quite in the same way; I saw him like a smile look, staring straight at the girl’s port.

The girl Liu You, Jiao said: “It’s a hoping! My grandmother killed!”

“Tarody?” The young boy couldn’t help but “嗤”, smiled: “Do you come again?”

The girl biting lips, “”: “I hate it! You laugh at me again, see if I don’t cut a piece of to feed you!” The sword tongned straight.

That juvenile: “It’s good!” I immediately cried.

The girl was pulling the sword, but the trick was a sword, and the sword sparkled, and the sound of the gold iron. The two dismantled dozens of tricks, it seems that you come to me, don’t go up; it is just that the girl has a red cheek, and the boy is always laughing, and it is easy to pass.

The girl is in an urgent point, turned a circle, sword stroke, three cold and mutant points to the teenager, middle, and lower three discs.

“Good! Heavenly people three talented swords!” The teenager sounded lightly, the long sword was shake, Changhong was cut, only to hear “啷” sound, the girl’s three sword immediately A sword cut down shock. The teenager looked up, but he saw the girl and his mouth, and the eyebrows were in an angry, and they couldn’t help but shocked, immediately recovered the long sword.

The girl is bright, the sword is bullied by two strange curves, and the long sword in the hands of the teenage. “”, The long sword of the teenager should be rumored.

I can’t help but shrug your shoulders, two hands: “Okay! For you.”

The girl silver bell smiled: “If you lose it, you lose, what is me? Hey, hey!” 狯 个 脸, 地 地 地 为 汉 汉 汉, Taking his arms and joys: “Uncle, this time I am going to be? I promised to send me something?”

That short fat man haha ​​laughed: “Okay! Xiao Nizi, I haven’t seen you in two months, it is getting more and more naughty, even your master brother is bullying?” The girl is going to be arguing, behind the middle-aged man Speaking: “This gimmick, the sword method is not half a point, but it is a lot of bullying.” Turning around, but see the high-thin middle-aged man who has previously in the end, holding the hand of the sword teenager, laughing I walked over.

Suddenly, the dozens of a truck called: “The total dart hasn’t seen it for a long time!” “Fortunately, he finally colleened back!” “Hey! Let’s ‘Wei Dart Board’ signs loud, no Half a dog thief dare to rob the dart. “

The middle-aged man smiled slightly, patted the Shoulder of the short and fat.

The short fat man smiled: “The big brother is there, but the brothers are fighting this darts all the way. It is good to be in the help of all the gangmen, which is safe, and even a little thing. No.”

The middle-aged man laughed, Lang said: “Dear brothers are really hard, and the old man has killed the chicken and slaughtered the sheep, and she has a long-term wine, and the dust is touched!”

This thin middle-aged man is the total darts of the “Wei Dun Dart”, the short fat man is his cell brother, and the name of Lu Deyuan. When the two were young, they creating a “Wei Dart Branch”. Although the semicolons of the large-scale darts were more than ten years, they also made a small name; and the brothers used the four seas, it is fun, it is Fujian. The bodyguard business in the province, “Weiyuan Dart Bureau” took more than half. The brothers also have this self-sufficiency, do not want to develop in the field, and rob the darts.

However, in two months ago, a huge amount of rewards lived in the capital of Jingshi. Lu Dewei did not want to break the principle, the resignation is not affected, but it is really unanimous to persuade all darts, after several thoughts, finally decided to make this dart, but Lu Dewei’s heart is very concerned; because there are thousands of two In all the way, it will not be doubled, and the gang of finding a bruises will have to grow; the two mainmen have the darts, is a box of Qi Zhenbao, worth “Weiyuan Dart Bureau” this small number Insurance this dart, the risk is too big. It has been in these two months, and Lu Dewei has no deep black lock every day, and it is shocked. Today, I saw the return of the team. The people were safe, and the heart fell to the ground, and finally laughed, and sweeping a lot of haze.

At this time, Lu Dewei saw his baby girl Lu Xuan frost, which is the beautiful girl, wrapped his brother Lu Deyuan, can’t help but smile: “Frost, I said that I will win, you will send you a gift, your uncle will send you a gift. Your distinction is clear, no gift can be taken. “

Lu Xuan Shuang did not hesitate to reply: “The words are poor! The so-called ‘soldiers don’t have a tall, how can you do it? If it is actually going to fight, your baby apprentice, my most beloved master brother, there is ten life Nor did it. Master brother, do you say that? “Said to the young boy, showing a charming smile.

The boy is the master brother of Lu Xuan Shuang, and the name is white. He saw the playful model of Lu Xuan froth, and his heart was soft, smiled: “How is the young teacher saying, Master brother, I dare not have opinions.”

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “There is no opinion without opinion, what ‘daren, there is opinion? I hate it!” Said that the style is white and white, and the eyes of the white Shandan are in the heart of the vein, I can’t help but answer. Low head, two cheeks are red.

This is the scenery of this Lang, the brothers naturally look in the eyes; Lu Deyuan haha ​​smiles: “Okay! Shao Shuang, Xia Zhuang has not yet married the door, you will be the only life for her, I am afraid that it is also The husband in the fear. “

Bai Shaotin helplessly smiled: “Hey, I have already prepared it …”

After the words, everyone is smiling; some people have sure: “Hey! The future white lady, if the white purse is not honest, you will punish him.”

Bai Shao Ding and Lu Xuan Shuang have grown together from a child, Qingmeizhu Ma, I have already sent it to it. A year ago, Lu Dewei announced that the two people’s marriages were the relationship between the famous words, so everyone didn’t jeze the jokes of Jin Toy jade.

Although Lu Xuan Cream does not let the eyebrows, after all, it is a yellow flower, for men and women, it is not shy. At this time, I couldn’t help but “嘤咛”, “I hate it! You all come to bully a girl home, I …. I will ignore you again!” Escape. I only heard the back of the back, the sound of Bai Shao Ding “唷” and the smirk of everyone.

Lu Xuanzhuang is shameless, and I ran back to the city. After passing the city gate, I gradually became a jog, breathless, delicate and red, but still couldn’t hide the smile on the face. Thinking about the scenes of the square, a burst of his heart, I have returned to the gate of the “Weiyuan Dart Bureau”.

Lu Xuan Shuang has a certain thing, but he saw the bustling people, standing with a young man wearing blue clothes, folding a fan, looking up, looking at the four big words of the “Weiyuan Dart Board”. Lu Xuan frost doubted, so asked for the first two steps and asked: “Who are you looking for?”

The blue shirts have turned their heads, Lu Xuan frochard fixed, can’t help but stay, think: “There is such a handsome man in the world? It is a master of Master. Years old, the skin is extremely meticulous, a powder face is red, handsome is very unusual, eyebrows, screaming, folding fan shake, can’t cover a romantic gas. Lu Xuan Shuang saw this beautiful man staring at himself, could not help but think that: “This man is rude, staring at people at all, but he is really handsome and beautiful, it is unfortunate … “I can’t help but steal.”

This blue shirts are like smiling: “Xiaofeng girl, I haven’t seen you for a long time, you are really …. huh! It’s more beautiful.”

Lu Xuan Yany listened to the blue shirt youth and listened to the fascinating voice. It was really comfortable to say, and the soul of the past was so powerful. I didn’t know what he said. The blue shirts see her face is fascinating. I can’t help but smile: “It seems that Xiao Shuang girl really forgot me, this is no wonder, you and I have only one side. But …. huh, I will let I remember my life, and I will have a period … “” Say to turn, gradually disappearing in the crowd.

When Lu Xuan Yix saw his back, there was a feeling of feeling in his heart. I always feel that the back of this person seems to have seen it. If you want to think carefully, you can’t think of it. Recall that the appearance of the blue shirt youth, Lu Xuan frost is a sweet, thinking: “This person is really handsome, like, but unfortunately, I have never been able to ask his name.” If you think about it, you sigh. I think again: “Even the master brother will give it more ….!”

When she thought of white Shao Ding, my heart trembled, my heart was not apologized: “How do I forget the master brother? Comparison, or … Hey! Or master brother is more man.”

At night, the “Weiyuan Dart Barter” is festive, and everyone toasting, punching punching, talking about the sky, when it is very lively. However, someone left the lively banquet and came to the quiet back garden.

A girl, squatting in the lotus pool, throwing a piece of small stone to drink the drift; a handsome teenager, also standing next to the girl, looking at a piece of small stone bullets Early fall. They are a pair of “Weiyuan Darts” – Bai Shaofei and Lu Xuan Shuang.

When Bai Shao Ding saw the small stone tablets fell five times on the water, he fell into the pool. He couldn’t help but laughed: “Okay! Teacher, only two months, you don’t see the water drift, you will win me. Remember when I was a child or I taught you! “Lu Xuan Yanyi stood up, suddenly” 嘤咛 “, holding a white young body, the whole face is buried in his arms.

Bai Shao Ding first shocked, followed, the face is deep, soft: “I am not accompanied by you in these two months, I thought you were angry, I wouldn’t care about me.”

Lu Xuanzhuang slowly looked up, and the tears looked at the gentle eyes of white Shao Shautan. “You …. You can know that you are going, how much is people? I am watching every day. I guess the danger of this dart, I burn incense every day, pray that you will be safe along the way, don’t do it … ” .

White Shao Ding roll up sleeves, wipe her tears, softly: “Silly girl, I am not going to be peaceful, I am so big, I still have tears, don’t be pleasing?”

Lu Xuan froth mood said: “Still talking! Nor want to think about you, clean up with them, hurt people … Hey!”

Bai Shaotin smiled: “Anyway, we are also happy, let the brothers have a joke, why not?”

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “People …. people are embarrassed!” Said that the strike came, and he bowed his head.

Bai Shao Ting’s reflection from the pool, see Lu Xuanzhuang ashamed and beautiful, in the light of the moonlight, when it is beautiful and not square; the nose is smelling, the boudoad is a heartless fragrance, do not feel the heart, can’t help but hold Live the slim waist, gently kiss on her cheeks.

Lu Xuan frost is shameful and full of face, just don’t know how to be good, white Shao Shaotin’s face is close to her delicate and gentle face, soft saying: “Teacher, do you know? Father, his father The public announced that after the task of this time, we must hold our wedding, you …. High is not happy? “

“Well, I am so happy, I hope this day is coming!” Lu Xuanzhuang closed his eyes, enjoy the sweet feeling, his face was anhematically infered; after a long time, Lu Xuan froth left his embrace, sitting On a stone, it is eyebrows.

Bai Shaofei is holding her hand and said softly: “What happened?”

Lu Xuan Yan spuriously, said: “This task is so big, master brother, I am worried, if there is any flash on the road, then I ….”

Bai Shaotin Hai smiled: “Sister, you are really worried, you think about it, we will be returned by Beijing, thousands of miles away, all are peaceful, what does not happen, now you have to send your dart to your goal How is this Guangzhou Government in Guangdong? “

Lu Xuan frost road: “But Master brother, don’t you feel strange? In the past, we have a bodyguard, there will always be a few cottages to find Liang Zi; but this dart is so valuable, how can it be smooth?”

Bai Shao Ding Tou said: “This is a bit abnormal, I am also a bad understanding, perhaps the door to the door, but may be the signboard of our ‘Weiyuan Dart Bart, and scared the thief. Ok … “White Shao Ding didn’t know what I thought, I laughed.

Lu Xuanzhuang asked: “What is so funny? What is it?”

White Shao Ding said: “If you don’t work, I will burn incense for me every day, and the old man is moving, so I bless you, don’t let you have not married me, I became a widow.”

Lu Xuanzhuang pretty face is red, “呸” has a saying: “Who wants to marry you? You want to die, I will marry more handsome guilds, I don’t pay for you!” Said in your mouth. I unconsciously I found out the image of the blue shirt youth.

White Shao Ding, never narcise: “Oh? Is it? Since you don’t keep a woman, I don’t have to send you this baby.” Taking out a bright object from the sleeve.

Lu Xuan Shuang is curious: “What? Give me!” Going, very delicate and cute.

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “It’s just a golden, what baby is not baby? I have to be a golden 钗.”

White Shao Ding said: “This is not an ordinary gold! You look at it again!” Listening to him, Lu Xuan froth also looked at it again.

Bai Shaotin saw her frequent eyebrows, and the end of the side, I couldn’t help but smile, took the golden road: “The teacher, look at it, here there is agency.” Said that the first phoenix on the gold medal On the previous press, I saw that the silver rain was flash, and the short sword of a shovel was smoked from the body.

Bai Shaotin saw Lu Xuan frost to clam his mind, and his mouth revealed a smile, said: “You can not just do it! You are!” I saw him pressing him on the second phoenix, swordscent Long, became a three-foot long sword.

Lu Xuan Shuang curious eyes focused on the long sword, surprise: “It turned out to be a sword in a hand, great! Master brother, where are you looking for?”

Bai Shaotin recovered the sword to the original shape, said: “I know that you have always likes to be rare fresh things, always think about this, what to send you is good. This time, our darts, Xun Road visited a Kaifeng in Henan. Far-famous old blacksmith, seeing him to create a good sword, I have inspiration, ask the old gentleman to create this ‘中 中’, it is a beautiful ornament, which can drive like You will fly around the flies, I believe you will like it. “

Lu Xuan frost is in the heart, knowing the flies in the mouth of the white port, refers to the man who wants to get close to her. Lu Xuan Shuang is more beautiful, and it is more charming after growing, and the “Fuzhou House’s first beauty” is called, and she is active and exciting, and many men are not taboo, many men are borrowing her. While Bai Shao Ding has always been optimistic, how much will be tasteful, so there is a slight jeal, and it is not a quicker.

Lu Xuan Yar nodded: “Well, I like it very much. In fact, it is an ordinary gold, as long as you send it, I … I like to tighten.”

The white plum in the heart of the white, putting the golden blue on her hair, caressing her delicate cheek, soft saying: “Teacher, you are so beautiful, I hope you will always wear this golden”, no matter how old it is Don’t change it … “

Lu Xuan Shuang is very touched, and it is very soft to watching the gentle eyes of white. The original intention, the dead place …. Love it. “

White Shao Ding slammed her sigh, “said the teacher, I swear, it will definitely protect you, take care of you, will not let you receive a bunch.” The two people swear the vows, the road is infinite affection.

Lu Xuan Shuang feels good happiness, and the petitude is lazy, snuggling in his arms, softly asked: “Master brother, you didn’t lie to me?”

Bai Shao Ding did not hesitate to answer: “If there is a slightest, you will use this sword to cut my head!”

Lu Xuan frost shook his head: “If you are lying, I don’t kill you, I am afraid that I will change the original intention, change a better gold.”

Bai Shaotin smiled: “You can rest assured, I will not give you the opportunity.”

In vicars, Lu Xuan frost actually emerged in the blue shirt youth to wear Jinchao. Lu Xuan frost is very uneasy, busy earning it from white Shao Shanting’s arms, looking at the middle of the pool, one is awkward.

Suddenly, the Yue Yuechang in the pool actually appeared in the blue shirt youth charming smile; Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked, and there is a sound in my heart. At the time of the god, suddenly “通”, a stone shot into the water in the water, the flourishing of the blue shirts in the eyes of Lu Xuan frost make it distorted.

Lu Xuan Shuang is in the heart, “ah” screams, but he heard the white little and haha ​​laughed: “I haven’t played water for a long time, it is not too spiritual.”

Lu Xuan frost sat up, two hands held legs, heads on the knee, two eyes looked at the pool of a wave of a wave, thinking: “Master brother has always been treated to me, let alone now and he has a marriage contract, how can I I can’t hide a strange man in my heart, so I am so sorry to have a master brother … “Confucius:” Master brother, I met a strange thing today. “

At this time, Xiaoshen is playing hard, waving, and the small stone tablets will fly to the pool, and play six times on the water. Bai Shao Ding Xin Ren said: “Ha, Jiang or old spicy, teacher, my kung fu is still giving you.” Lu Xuan froth frown: “Do you have anyone to say?” Bai Shao Ding said: “Have you met What a strange thing? “Lu Xuan Shuang will encounter the crowds of the blue shirts.

Bai Shaotin laughed: “Haha, people who like you are much more.”

Lu Xuan Shuang angered: “People talk to you, how do you don’t care?”

White Shao Ding, I thought that her big sister was sent, I couldn’t help but spit my tongue. I apologize: “How do I don’t care? But I said yes! You often go out, I have seen you. This’ Fuzhou’s first beautiful man is don’t know how much. If you want the man, you will admire you, tell you those words, but you have to pay attention to it, why bother to be ignorant? Mo …. You Is it interested in men? “

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the words, it seems to be said to be central, full of red; but seeing white Shao Shaotin’s appearance, I am angry, I want to say something, I’m: “If I don’t deny it?”

Bai Shaotin laughed: “That’s great, I will find him, let you know him.”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the words, immediately changed his face, and the body was slightly shaking, and Shen Sheng said: “You …. I really think?”

White Shao Ding is full of enthusiasm to hold her hands, soft saying: “Silly girl, you are the first beauty in Fuzhou, you like your man more than the stars in the sky, is your fiance, if you have anything I am drinking vinegar, how can you live freely, unrestrained life? More … I have confidence in you, I believe …. Your heart is only one. “

On the white words of Bai Shaotan, I deeply touched Lu Xuan frost. She gently kissed on his lips, softly: “Master brother, you are so good; I swear, I will only love you alone forever.”

“Little Mother ….” White Shao Shaotan’s kiss is also posted on her cherry, and sees the sweetness of every silk; the first month, the two are lingering, and I don’t know how long it is, I will do it in hand.

Landly, after the rockery of the Lotus Pool, the “touch” has been “touched”, and a small tree is broken from the trunk, fell down, and a movie slowly came out of the rockery.

That black shadow is back to the moonlight, it is to see his appearance, but the two eyes are bright crystalline, shooting two male anger. That people have a lot of breath, and a sound sound from the corner of the mouth: “Dog men ….”

“Today …. Drink ….” “” I saw a high one-short two men walked to the lotus pool on a small trail of the pebble pebbles, and the wine bottles were smashed, like drunken.

The two people lived in a while, and there is no one nearby, looking for a look, let go of the trousers, take out the words, and constantly ignite the erectous meat; their denominations are flourishing, breathing is rushing, The chest is up and up, and there is a hard and exciting.

I don’t know how long, the high man is low, and the large amount of thick white fluid is sprayed into the lotus pool, and the white flow of the short-haired man is also completed in the pool.

These two people are the darts of the “Wei Dun Dart”, the higher Han is a history, the shortcoming of the people are called Chen Zhong. The two met the scorpion, and the doubles sat down. Shi Avenue: “This will be really too addicted, just really.”

Chen Zhong was eating and smiled: “Let’s have this kind of 癞,, can you really eat the swan meat? If you want to play? Still count! Let’s move, your mind is, it is not true.”

Shi Da said: “You don’t know who is thinking in my mind, how do you know that I am 癞癞, can’t eat swan meat?”

Chen Zhong “嘿” smiled: “I just know.”

History is white, he looked at Chen Zhongji in the pool, asked: “Hey, old Chen, who is your mind who thinks? How can you let you vent so much?”

Chen Zhong smiled and said: “There is no surprise.”

Shi Da’s mouth: “Hey! What is rare? You don’t say I also guess!”

Chen Zhongdao: “You talk about who it is.”

Shi Da smiled: “It is a beautiful thing that is like a fairy, it’s better to be scared by the woman. The waist is thin and slim, there is the fruit between the two legs, Wow! Freshly can pull out the water, only to use the tongue to lick it, Mom, the whole person is more comfortable than flying. ! This person is not someone else, is the baby daughter of our total dart, the first beauty of Fuzhou, my small frost cream is also! “

When Shi Shang said, Chen Zhong will not jump up, Yan Yan, said: “It is amazing, a guess, it is China. Just, how do you know the big lady? So ok? Have you seen it? “

Shi Daower: “This …. I didn’t have seen it, but I just thought about my mind, it is this scene; I don’t have any other strengths of the surname history, that is, if I don’t believe, if I don’t believe it, That day, you will look down her clothes and look down. “

Chen Zhongyu: “What, I said that I didn’t have to witness it. I still boasting big words!” I sat down! “I looked down and looked at the Mingyue, and sighed:” If you compare, white puoye can be more fortunate more than we are lucky. …. “Shi Avenue:” People grow up with Miss, now have her fiancee, accounting for the same place, what do you compare with people? Don’t be more than, Gas! “

Chen Zhongdao: “This is also a few truths, but it is more than enough, more than enough, at least the big lady often talks to us, and I have a lot of sergeants.”

Shi Tao: “Yes, we still know the point of mind, it is enough to be too viable and my small frost cream is enough, but I don’t want to bring this extravague to reality, and the result is not I don’t want to ignore, my face is lost. “

Chen Zhongqi said: “Listen to you, you seem to know the reason why the name of the name is cold by the big lady; he, say it.”

Shi Da smiled: “This is looking for people. Remember the trunk outside Zhao, Baode Town, Baoding County? At that time, we were unfavorable, and it was wrong. The rabbit scorpion gave it blocked, so in the White Shangye received a rescue pigeon, the public came to rescue, and the group of the bandit was a flowers. The task of the bodyguard was also successfully reached. The total dart is very happy, that night On the celebration, the public announced the wedding contract of the two. Although everyone smiled and gratifying them, it was actually broken, and the wine was brought, and the brothers of the ten eight nine were actually drunk. At that time You are also drunk, when I help you go home, you still have to hurry, it is better to have suicide, do you remember? “

Chen Zhong face is red, smiling: “” When drunken words, I remember? What is the relationship with the name of the name? “

Shi Avenue: “The relationship is big! It is because you are talking, I don’t dare to help you go back, so around this garden, I plan to go back to the back door, I know that I have seen the big lady and thank you. Two people. “

Chen Zhongqi said: “What do I not impress?”

Shi Avenue: “At that time, you were drunk.

Chen Zhongxuan asked: “What did they say?”

Shi Avenue: “You also know that the name of the name is a famous plenary, I dare to hide nearby? What they have said, I naturally can’t hear. However, their one fell, I was very clear.”

Chen Zhong was busy with a hide of history, and he quickly said: “Say it!

Shi Zi smiled and continued: “I saw that the name of the trunk was very cut, but the big sister said, but the big sister shook his head. Later, the name of the darts came down, and the big sister straight, but Miss But don’t go, don’t add it. I saw that the name of the name is a dog, you guess how it? He actually rushed up, hugged the big lady and kissed again. “

Chen Zhong jumped up, wow, said: “This is also getting! He ….” “

Shi Da shook his head: “No, Miss is called again, thank you, and let’s put her, I still have a big slap! Hey!”

Chen Zhongyi, said: “Being good! Dare to indecent the big lady, I want to eat swan meat!”

Shi Da attached to: “Just, it is not spurred with your respect, ugly eight blame, the brothers are unfold, how come it?”

Chen Zhongdao: “Unworly Miss Miss ignore her, it is true, the retribution is unhappy, thank you, this is a living self-satisfaction. 咦? Shi Da, such a major thing, how do you say this now? Don’t know if you know? “

Shi Da Rao: “Please! I hide, I can’t sleep well, actually gave me a snoring, I was found by the thank you, he threatened that I can’t open it out, otherwise I will give me a white knife into the red Knife; you also know that he was scared, I naturally guarded the mouth, I didn’t dare to leak only words. Today, I lost my email, leaked with you; you don’t say it, I am unknown. coffin.”

Chen Zhongdao: “How can I fall in the emotion? How can I get to you? Just this thank the darts block your mouth, others have not necessarily known; don’t the Miss, there is no mouth, will not tell the total dart or white ?”

Shi Avenue: “I also said with the name of the name, you guess how he said? He said that this kind of shameful thing, the temper of Miss, will never tell the total dart; while the white plister has always been wide. Huai, I know this, I will not be in my heart. “

Chen Zhongyun said: “Hey, thank yourself is really fine, and hug and kiss again. Hey! It is cheaper to take advantage of him.”

Shi Da looked with lips, greedily said: “Fuck! If you can give me this opportunity, Laozi is not good to get she can’t.”

Chen Zhongzhong hugged each other, looking at the Mingyue, I said: “I am not greedy, as long as I can touch her body, kiss the mouth, say a few words, I am dead, I am also willing.” Two people I said that my madness said, the wine is sent, and the empty wine bottle is thrown away, and I will leave again.

The figure hiding after hiding in the rockery, at this time, he faced the bright moon, under the light of the moonlight, the topography, the top, the eye, the nose, the nose, the mouth of the monkey, long and ugly. I saw that his fist was held tightly, an anger of anger.

This person is the history of history, Chen Erman, a single name, one front, twenty-five years old this year, the original people in Fuzhou, since the small worship, practicing a martial arts. Since three years ago, there is no opinion in the street, it is surprised to see the “Wei Dun Dart”. Due to the extraordinary martial arts, it is not a second year to rise as the dart. Xie Feng’s temper, alone, many darts, the sons are far from the ghosts. One year, Lu Dewei announced the marriage of white, two people, Xie Feng suddenly thoughtful, with bile, expanding Lu Xuanzhuang, the love of love, unexpectedly, from this Lu Xuan froth to him , Avoid far, it is still the case.

The next day, the brothers called all the darts and discuss the three days after the desert, and went to the destination – Guangzhou government. This, Lu Xuan frost can be happy, straight wrapping white Shandan with her hunting, white Shao Ding, but the requirements of the teacher, I have to follow.

The two are happy and ride out of the city gate, and they have been in the middle of the hillside in an instant to enter the jungle. This forest, Ye Mao, hiding a lot of birds and beasts, white portres with bow torches, “brush”, and a hill rabbit should be able to take a sound, and Lu Xuan froth is happy to make a hand.

Bai Shao Dingxin thought: “The teacher will love to hunt from Xiaoyu. Every time I played a small beast of the wild chicken and the rabbit, I will be happy for half a day; this is a big beast, let the teachers open the eyes.”

Looking four, but see the West Shoufu Congshawang; an arrow of white brush, incident into the grass, only one mountain fox jumped up, and the top of the west of the west. Bai Shaofei called: “The teacher is waiting for me here, waiting for me to catch this wild fox to play!” The horses were crowded, and the white horse was headed down, chasing it.

Lu Xuan Shuang saw white Shao Shantong, and also took a bow arrow, pay attention to the dynamics of four. At this time, the grass of the east moved, and the sound of Shasha; Lu Xuan frost “brush” an arrow shot, the grass immediately stopped shaking.

Lu Xuan Shuang is happy to pull the Malay, think: “What is the wild beast in it, I will give the master to praise.”

Step by step to the grass, stay in force to open it, and suddenly a black shadow suddenly jumped. Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, the center of gravity is unstable, the whole body is backward; suddenly one hand has been stretched, holding Lu Xuan froth’s left hand, Lu Xuan Yanyu, standing up, the whole body stood up, a shocking, no more surprising The person in front of me, who is Xie Feng but who is Xie Feng?

Xie Feng right holds the left hand of Lu Xuan, with a arrow, and the left hand: “Small … Frost … Girl …” The face exposed a stiff smile.

Lu Xuan frost earned the left hand, and two steps after retreating, the shocked swayed: “How … How is you?”

Xie Feng couldn’t help but breathe, and trembled: “Small … Frost girl, you finally … talk to me, finally … speak and talk to me, I … I …”

Lu Xuan frost turned around, cold and cold: “It is your own small family, not to come to me first, why do you want you? Hey!”

Xie Feng sinned: “Yes! Yes! It is not right, I will never dare again, please forgive me!” It is nervous and exciting.

Lu Xuan frost is white, it is clear: “Are you doing here? Is it to show you your martial arts, or want to take the arrow to tell me, say that I use arrows?” Hey, cold Stare at the arrow on Xie Feng’s hand.

Xie Feng is busy shaking his head: “No! You don’t want to misunderstand, I want to tell you something, but I don’t dare to bother you, so I have been hiding nearby, waiting for you alone, I dare to come out, I am discovered by you. Therefore, so … “Be careful to hold the archer, it is improving Lu Xuanzhuang unhappy.

However, Lu Xuan frost actually leaned the arrow to the ground, angered: “You are shameless! Snoving to monitor us behind me and Master brother, what is the heart?”

Xie Feng said: “No … No, I just tell you something …”

“I don’t want to listen!” Lu Xuan frost Shen Sheng said: “I don’t want to see you again, you will roll your egg, don’t stand here!”

In just a few words, I deeply stab the heart of Xie Feng; he trembled, the double punch, two sadness and angry eyes, showing Lu Xuanzhuang’s ruthless face, trembling: “I really the … … so really makes you dislike? “

Lu Xuanshuang pout sneered: “I hate you not to look in the mirror, look at yourself Mercedes Benz, also dared to touch the girl’s crooked brains bah I tell you the truth, I’d rather the whole world like me!!?! good man, it will not set eyes on you again. you Yeah! best go far, I have never, ever does not wish to see you. “who would not think, Lu Xuanshuang blurted out the angry words, the future actually fulfilled.

Xie Feng angry bite the bullet this time, panting anger, a pair of breakdown wide open, his eyes became bloodshot, his face staring not care about Lu Xuanshuang.

West first heard in the distance Baishao Ding suddenly cries: “! Come junior sister apprentice, I catch it the” Lu Xuanshuang heard a joy, jump jump on horseback, rode and ran without looking back.

Only to hear Lu Xuanshuang said: “! Wow fox can be really big, Da Shige you are wonderful!”

Baishao Ding laughed and asked: “? How about you that have not found their prey?”

Lu Xuanzhuang is a micro-hell, and it is said: “Nothing, only a mad dog.” White Shao Ding asked: “Mad dog? Where is the mad dog?”

Lu Xuan frost road: “Oh! Don’t worry about the crazy dog, let’s take a look!” I only heard the two people’s laughter accompanied by the horseshoes and disappeared.

At this time, Xie Feng still can’t stay, the tears of the smashing flow, such as floods. He shouted, and he was not hired, and his heart continued to shout: “I hate! I hate! I hate …”

I don’t know how long it took, I went in, and my tears left carefully, I saw a hug on the table of Dongjie, and I cracked up, I scored the wine in my stomach. .

The guest of this table said: “Anti-anti! This wine is a lot of money bought, why …” Didn’t finish, Xie Feng called a boxing in his chest, then When people immediately took out, hit the wall and fell, and suddenly didn’t breathe.

The hotel’s shopkeeper can not help but call: “Wow! Kill! Out of life!” The store was suddenly scared, and the east hide.

Xie Feng also regards his own disaster, just a place to implant. When the bottle is dropped, Xie Feng hit it on the ground, smash the kink, the whole face, holding the fist, shouting: “It is better to die! It’s better to die. “

“Oh, you can’t get the heart of Xiaofeng girl, get the body is not bad! Why do you find it?” Xie Feng heard the speech beside the voice, slowly looked up, the tears of the smart, is a shake fold fan Blue shirt youth.

Xie Feng’s heart is a piece of ignorance, “I don’t know you …” Blue Shirts can’t help but show a strange smile.

Second, the tragic things can be tolerated

Sun Xi Mountain, Bai Shaotin and Lu Xuan Shuang horses back to the city.

Two people ride, there is a smile and riding in the street, there is a sudden martial artist who has a flower armor to stop, the double eyes, horror: “Miss sister please stay! Please pay! Please pay! “White, the two people were scared by this martial arts, and hurriedly stopped.

Bai Shao Ding just jumped to the horse, and some majors immediately grabbed his double-wrist, and the face was stared at his face, and sighed: “Sure enough, I don’t have a mistake, oh!”

Bai Shaotin asked inexplicably: “Mr. Old, what happened? What is your advice?” At this time, Lu Xuan froth also got horses, and stood in the white plum.

The old men gave the Lu Xuan frost and asked Xia Shao Ding: “Are you a husband and wife?”

Bai Shaotin laughed: “She is my teacher, but we are going to be a friend!”

The old men shook his head and sighed: “The young people are now in the current, the big disaster is coming without self-knowledge. This son, the old man is somewhat, it can be very unworthy, but it is related to the father and death, the old man is not visible to death Don’t save. Loyalty, I hope you can hear it. “

Bai Shaotin saw his tang and gnowing, holding a box: “Please give me the old gentleman.”

That Pharma: “The old man is poor for decades, always is straight to finish, never a font; I will see you in the Tiantian, the Hall is black, according to me, I don’t have three days, the son you must have Blood light disaster, fear, died in the dead! “

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the words, couldn’t help but angry from the heart, and he said: “You are in the Jianghu Lang, the letter is female, and he is told!” Pull white with Shandan.

That’s auspicious: “Two and slow! The old man is not a falsehood! Bonus

Bai Shao Ding laughed: “Thank you for your concern, I naturally experience.”

That’s the West, I looked down on Lu Xuan frost, and the look was unusually muttered: “This lady is damaging, it is not difficult to resolve, just afraid that Miss is refused to listen.”

Lu Xuan Shuang angered: “You still say!”

Bai Shao Ding Xin is quite uneasy, asked: “Dare to ask the old gentleman, what is my sister?

The old husband has a look at the look of Xuanzhuang, whispered: “I dare not say, lest this lady in his words.”

White Shao Shaotin said: “She has no maliciousness, she has no evil, and I will see it.”

That’s more people to see Bai Xiaobian and courteous, and the heart is very affected, saying: “Well, I will say it, your letter is good, don’t believe it, anyway, it is cycled, and it is a fixed number.”

暧昧 地 霜 眼,,, 说 年 年 年 年 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 泛 花 花 泛 花 花 花 花 花 花 花 泛 花 花 泛 泛 泛 泛 人 人 泛 泛 人 人 人 花 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 红 人 人 人 红The door is also a screen of the screen. To escape the robbery of this dust, I will never break the body within three years, otherwise the gods are difficult to say … “

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the words, but also three thousand feet. Miss “Weiyuan Dart Barter”, actually by the rivers and lake warlocks on the road, refers to the laughter, is irritating, and waving the priest.

The pedestrians on the road saw it, all of which came to see the lively.

That’s a hug, anger: “You are a spicy girl, the old man, you don’t believe it, do you play people? Hey …”

Lu Xuan Shuang bite said: “I will not only hit you, I have to smash your sign!” Said, I walked into the stalls of the scenes of the street, and smashing the stalls, and I will write “Iron mouth straight” Broken “four big white cloth tears broken cloth.

The old man is anxious to go straight to the feet, white Shao Shaotin pulls the mad land Xuanzhuang, said to the universal persons: “You said that I am causing the body, how can I trust a gap, insult my teacher? Your signature, it is also cheaper! “Turned to Lu Xuan frost Road:” Teacher, don’t care about him! Let’s go! “The two horses Mercedes, and the head did not leave the scene.

The old man hated: “The young people have just rigidly, it is difficult to get rid of the loyalty, and they must regret it in the future!”

A woman who watched the lively said: “Do you know who they are? They are the Bai Shao Shao Young and Lu Xuan Shuang, who is’ Weiyuan Dart Bart, Miss Lu, you actually dare to sin them? Just smash your signboard, it is very kind to you. “” Tharma said: “The days are fixed, and the sky is can’t hide. What is the young master of the District Emperor? Hey! Lu Xuan frost you this gimmick, see if you can still arrive?”

Bai Shao Ding and Lu Xuan Shuang have been influenced by the old people. The mood is very unpleasant; especially Lu Xuan froth, even more angry, even white Shao Ding how to tender and persuade, it is difficult for her to hi; two people rapport, all the way Go to the “Weiyuanman” Mercedes.

Two rides will go to the dart, but far from the gathers to meet many people. The two are looking at it, and they think: “What is the thing in the dart?” Cross-Bai Shaofei and Lu Xuan Shuang have called: “Lu Miss, your darts have an accident!”

“No! Tuen Mun’s catch!”

“I know what is going on, Miss, let me tell you!”

Lu Xuan froth felt ominous, immediately pulled down the Malay, running in, white little Ding, and everyone hurriedly letting a road.

When the two entered the hall, they saw the brothers, the public darts, and several darts and a dummers wearing a red hat.

White, the two people saw the ugly expressions of everyone, and they were very uneasy. When I wanted to speaking, I saw a drove to come out of the hall, to Zheng Po said: “Carding, check “

Zheng Posh nodded, to Lu Dewei, holding a box: “Lu Zhou Dart, the kids of the darts Xie Feng Xie darts are in the” Ruyi Wine Square “of the North Gate Old Street. It is indeed a punch. ; Now today, the gate has a custom card, understand Xie Feng still in the city, but hope that the total dart will find Xie Feng shape, please refer to the law, in great law. “

Lu Dewei said weakly: “Zheng Bao is relieved, the old man must try to cooperate with the government, personally bring the name of the trunk to Tuen Mun to the first investment case.” Zheng Parked, thank you.

White Shao Ding Jingji: “How does the thank you can do not kill? Is the official wrong?”

Lu Deyuan sighed: “At that time, everyone was in the eyes of the arrogant madness, and did you got it?” Asked Lu Dewei: “How do this big brother, how do you deal with this matter?”

Lu Dewei shook his head: “Although the temper is not good, it will not be unable to kill, this is quite embarrassing, I must check the stone out of the stone. If you have a brother, you will find it, you must take him. Bring back, the day of the darts, temporarily delayed! “

Everyone is promise, all are looking for; “Master, I will help you, you stay at home!” But I have already gone Lu Xuanzhuang trace. Bai Shao Ding Xin thought: “Is the teacher returned to the house?”

Bai Shao Ding guess it, when the official is walking, Lu Xuan froth also returns to the house.

At this time she is lying in bed, holding a embroidered pillow, is embarrassed, and a beautiful color. Xie Feng did not kill, Lu Xuanzhuang clearly clearly; if he did not cover it, he was so humiliated Xie Feng, and he won’t produce today’s tragedy.

In the hearts of Lu Xuan, it is full of sin, feels no face. She is worried, if you know the truth of the matter, you will definitely blame her, especially white, and will not forgive her. Thinking of this, Lu Xuan frost suddenly double knees, hey, hey, to avoid his hometown, never set network.

After a whole day, the martial arts, darts, and the sons, and the land will continue to return to the darts, and they also bring back a lot of small street messages. Some people say Xie Fenghua into the Jianghu Lang, through the level, flee to the desert; some people say Xie Feng is committed to committing suicide; more people say Xie Feng fled into the mountains to hide. All kinds of news have no evidence, but there is no evidence to prove.

Anyway, I can’t find Xie Feng. Lu Xuan Shuang temporarily loose a sigh of relief; but the people of the darts have been alive, but the white little Shao Ding has leaving the night, but still does not see, but everyone has to worry; especially Lu Xuan Shuang, is an ants on the hot pot; think of the warning of the old people in the top day, even if it is awkward.

Just when everyone decided to come out to find Xie Feng and Bai Shao Ding two people, a family Ding was in front of the door, and the air was so angry: “I can’t do it! White Master is coming back, hug … Thank you, the body of your darts is back! “

Everyone he was shocked, dozens of lights shot together to the gate. I saw that Xia Shao Ding fruit was really hugged in the body of Xie Feng, and Xie Feng’s abdomen inserted a dagger. The two eyes were blocked, and the gas was willing.

Everyone didn’t seem to have a seven-handed eight tongues: “White Master, what is this?”

“How do Xie Feng die? Who killed him?”

“White Master, where are you finding him?”

Bai Shao Ding finally came back, the big stone in Lu Xuan frost finally fell; she saw that the white wounds of the Qing Ding’s next to the East, could not help but rise and pity, caught his injury, and said: ” Heaven you went there? I know how much you worry about you? How is it hurt? “Unexpected white Shao Ding actually dial her hand, angry the eyes; instant eyes tend to be peaceful, cold:” Sword Cut, not in the case. “

Everyone listened, they couldn’t help but ask: “What is cut?”

“Is it Xie Feng dry?”

“White Shaoye, how is it?” The hall sounded again.

What is the noisy, Lu Xuan Cream does not know, because she has been scared by the movement of the white plus. From small to big, Bai Shaotin has been cared for her, never said to her, let alone changing her, using such a fierce look, although it is just a blink of work, but she feels that she feels And the distance between the master brother before, almost do not know this person.

Lu Dewei rosted over the noise in the hall: “Shao Ding, you will tell you the cage of things!”

“Yes.” Bai Shaotin neited a slightly turning the head and looked at a blue shirt youth. At this time, the people noted the entire hall, and there was an outsider.

Lu Dewei said: “Hey? Who is this son? Shao Ding, why don’t you introduce?”

Bai Shao Ding said: “Oh, he …. He is …”

“Hey …” Blue Shirt Youth smiled: “White Shaoye lost friends, there is a heart, so the beginning of things, or by saying it!”

“Ah! It is him!” When Lu Xuan Shuang saw this blue shirt youth, he recognized him at a glance.

Just listening to the blue shirts: “In the next surname Please ask, make a witness, prove that the deceased is committed to killing, and is suspected of being able to kill people. “

Everyone listened to Xie Feng and died and couldn’t help but.

Lu Dewei urgently: “Thank yourself kill yourself? This … how is it? Hua Gong, please advise 12.”

Hua Shi Butterfly laughed: “Lu hero is heavy, you must know all, there is no endlessness.” “Detail of Huaying Butterfly, finally lifted the big question mark in everyone.

It is a shabby ancient house in the West Street, which is a happiness, so it has been ruined for many years, no one dares to enter. Hua Shi Butterfly is looking for visiting, Xingzhi, and then entering an eye, and it is actually hitting the Xie Feng hiding. Xie Feng wants to avoid the disease, move the murder, want to take the life of the flower and nails; Hua Shi butterfly shouts for life, the righteousness is critical, the white Shao Ding is exaggered, heard the saving, immediately go in, and thank you The struggle. After a few times, Xie Feng finally lost, and immediately took out the dagger, and he suddenly died in his belly.

Xie Feng died, Lu Xuan froth was rest assured, it was sad, plus all the abnormal moves of Xia Shao Ding, making her feelings extremely low, after listening to the narrative of Hua Shi Butterfly, I will leave the hall, I will go back to the house. NS.

In the middle of the night, Lu Xuan Shuang is quietly lying in bed, and the brain is empty, and I don’t think it is, but two tears, but it is pumbged along the well. I don’t know how long it took, the knockout of the “叩” outside the door broke the silence.

Lu Xuan Shuang is surprised to sit up, whispered: “What is it? So late …”

“I …. I am white, open the door.”

Lu Xuanzhuang is surprised, and I want to apologize for her unscrupulous? Thinking of this, my heart is happy, I am angry, I wiped my tears, Strong Sword: “You are! Who is apologizing? So late, less disturbing my sleep.”

But he heard the sound of “touching”, the door was hit, and the white plus came in.

Lu Xuan froth was surprised, holding the bedding, trembling: “You ….” How can you … “Apautum’s abnormal movement, indeed launched Lu Xuanzhuang.

White Shao Ding’s grievance, looked at Lu Xuan frost, accused: “I have something to tell you, come with me!” Said quickly got out of the door.

Lu Xuanshui is slightly hesitant, and it is also jumped to the bed, whispered: “Master brother, wait for me!” Also followed it.

After the two came from the back door, they went to the West. Lu Xuan froth followed him after Bai Shaotin, I didn’t look back at him all the way. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what medicine in my heart, I didn’t know what medicine in the gourd in the master; if it is usually, I must call him asking, now She felt that the distance between the master’s brother’s heart is far away, and it is inconvenient to ask, but they have to follow up.

The two are like this, Xi Chi, Jossing for a quarter, has been flying above the West Street. At this time, the righteousness is dark night, and there is a dark, the land is silent. Lu Xuan Shuang feels that the building is getting less and less, the end is faster to the West Street, the heart is very uneasy, I can’t help but ask: “Master brother, you have to bring I am going there? “

But see the shadow of white Shao Ding to the right, enter a house. Lu Xuan frost is busy to slow down, but look at it, but see the four weeds, the top of the people; the 子 看 看 顶 顶;;;;

Lu Xuan Shuang is treated: “Is this not a city West House? How did the master brother …? Take me here?” Although she passed the people, I usually go to the middle of the hostel in the middle of the night. Will not be willing. However, since the master brother came in, I couldn’t help but hit a cold, but I had to follow my head. When Lu Xuan froth walked into the housing hall, Bai Shao Ding was in the corner of the hall.

Lu Xuan Shuang frown: “Master brother, this is ghost house, what do you take me here?”

Bai Shao Ding dotted fire, and slowed down, it was clear: “This is the place where Xie Feng is self-satisfied. Do you think it should express the meaning of mourning?”

Lu Xuan froth mood said: “I believe that I have already prepared Xie Feng’s mating. I have to mourn the place where I can go in the spiritual temple. Why bother to run?

White Mountain is cold, hateful: “Xie Feng died, do you really mourn? At that time, when I took his body back to the dart, I saw that he didn’t even look at his body, he was because of you Dead, you don’t care, you …. Are you really so uncomfortable? “

Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked: “Big …. Master brother, do you know? Xie Feng … Tell you?”

Bai Shao Ding did not answer, but he beloved in the language: “Poor Xie Feng, I sincerely love her, but get this tragic end; ridiculous Xie Feng, before the death, still think about her a little more care about you Xie Feng, Xie Feng! You die too is not worth it! “

Lu Xuan frost listened, and finally understood why he had since returned to the dart since he returned to the dart. I want to be Xie Feng before yourself, the beginning of the thing has told Ba Shao Shaotan. She knows that Xiaoman is kind, Xie Feng finally leads to the end of their own fiancee, and she can’t help but save, according to his personality, naturally, I will naturally affect my unmarried wife. Attitude .

I want to pass this, Lu Xuan frost suddenly released, she tangled his hand and said: “Master brother, I am not good, I should not be sure, you don’t have time. Xie Fengzhi, I really It is also very difficult, things have happened, it is hard to save, isn’t it? “

Bai Shao Ding bulld his teeth: “So, Xie Feng’s death is what he lives in the past?” Said words in words with blame.

Lu Xuan Shuang knows that his mood is not good, it is not convenient to be more, busy shake the first: “I don’t mean this. I think that life and death, it is not barely. If you are not dead, Xie Feng is not dead today, even if it is not because of my So, it will definitely be for other things. Xie Feng is committed to suicide today, and can only say that the number of days is, it is his life. “

“Oh?” White Shao Ding said: “You are pushing clean, a payment is not good. So if I was fighting here, I accidentally killed him, it is my life. And the number of days? “

Lu Xuan Yixing busy, in the middle, two fingers lipped the white little lips, soft: “Do not say, you are so kind, martial arts are so good, the old man will not rub the eyes; if …. If you are really In case, I … I don’t want to live, I will die with you. “A red pretty face snuggled in the white little Sundier’s solid chest; under the illuminating shine, more gorgeous.

White Shao Shantan is trembled, full of red, a surprise color, mouth to be said: “Is this a dream? This is true?” The sound is fine.

Lu Xuanshui Truid: “Master brother, what do you say?”

White Shao Shanting is the color of the ecstasy, self-speaking: “Yeah! I am Bai Shaotin, is her fiance! I am still afraid?” Busy stretching the arms tightly in his arms .

Bai Shaotin’s Shuixu is not only non-rebellion, but instead, he is suffering, can not help but rise, the nostril is sprayed, the left palm is moving in the clothes, and there is a slim waist, the shake is moving; the right palm is not ill Xu Li moved down and gradually touched her abundant hips.

Lu Xuan frost “嘤咛”, charming is white and white, and it is said: “I hate, master brother, you make it bad.” The words were finished, and the white smart kiss immediately printed on her cherry.

Lu Xuan Shuang is first shocked, then it is light “嘤”, and you will be in the lip. Bai Shao Ding immediately spit out his tongue, and the tip of the tongue arrived on the gums of Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan frost was shocked, reached out to open him, but there was no more power, but unconsciously opened his mouth.

Under the private, the two are a loveless couple, and the parents who have packed well are not odd, but it is only limited to the lips. It is a panic that has never been spent with a tongue, but it is a panic, but if you don’t like it, if you don’t like it.

The lips of the two are tightly attached, and the white tongue of the white tongue is swaying in the mouth of Lu Xuan frost. I am aroused her difficult inhibitory lust, and I also spit out the tongue, wrapped with him; Just like this, come to me, tell each other, and arouse a lust of each other.

Bai Shaotin won’t wait, then the right palm on Lu Xuan Yin’s abdomen, soon slipped into her skirt, stroking the fruit between the legs; the left palm also unwind her clothes In the belly, in the absence of the milk peak.

Lu Xuan Yam’s ability to twist him, but he smashed himself; she was trembled again, and he kept a lot of breath, soft and delicate body, he was pressed on the ground, his double The palm is more intense. The clothes of Lu Xuan frost were lined up, revealing onion green tube top, and a slut of snow. White Shao Shaotan loved her own, on her white tender-skinned crisp, slowly kissed with the lips, licking it in detail.

Lu Xuan froth love is also afraid, low heroes: “Master brother, don’t …” White Shao Shaotin is willing to listen? I immediately took off the tube top of Lu Xuan, revealing her whitening breast.

Bai Shao Ding wants to burn in the fire, and then can’t help it, it is low to lick her red nipple, and quickly unloaded each other’s clothes. After a caress, Lu Xuan frost dizzy, the lower body produced a sting, low yell, “呦”, then put white Shandan is tight; under the illumination of the fire, I only see the wall. It is two shadows for one.

Third, it is not cleansing

The morning chicken was singing, the Oriental sky, and the fish belly white. At night, I am responsible for the history of watching the darts, but the Chen Martune is borne on the door of the warehouse door, and the more you get the eye, but you can’t take two people from a good dream.

Just listen to the history of the history: “Touch again …. My …. Xiaofembunts …. Just touch ….” The original history Speaking of dreams. Dreaming, Lu Xuan frost naked in the dew, the style of the style of the vectors, the history of Shi Da, and the other handed the rope on her lifted abdomen, enjoy Yan Fu.

On the occasion of the positive value, I only heard a voice in my ear: “This brother, the sky is bright, you should wake up …” Shi Da’s eyes bright, I saw the flower to smile and standing In front of, there is a trace of Lu Xuan frost?

Shi Da looked at the eyes, certain God, he knows that it is in the Toou Dreams, and suddenly an anger hit the heart, said: “You fuck smelly, call your grandmother’s bear ….”

Chen Zhongdon woke up by sleeping: “What is going on? What is going on?”

Hua Shi Butterfly is aesthetically surprised.

Shi Jiasi said: “You …. How do you know that I am a dream?”

Hua Shi Butterior Road: “What is your mouth ……… Who is this?”

Chen Zhongyao is white and the history is a big one. He said in his heart: “The history of this guy, usually the mouth is unclear, actually dare to mess in the dream!”

The face is shameful on the face of the face, I think: “You can’t! This matter is passed out, ‘Weiyuan Dart Bart’ I still stay? Don’t block this book, you can’t!” So Haha laughed: “The son is laughing, the dream is a true? Fang Ji’s mind is chaotic and lost, please ask the son to do this with our crude man.” Said that the flower is deep, the face apologizes.

Hua Shi Butterfly is also a ritual: “You are too polite, bother your dreams, the younger brother is also wrong. I don’t know the name of the two names, the younger brother will pay.”

Chen Zhong saw Hua Zhi Butterfly is very polite, and he is very welcome. “Very stamitous belly, pointing at Shi Avenue:” This guy is called ‘Shi Da’, the wine color is proficient, so I make the body to the skin bag, you are, there is no oil and water. ” Said, reach out and hold the hit cheeks. A punch of Shi Da, hit the head of Chen Zhong’s head: “Hey! If you want you!”

Hua Shi Die laughed: “It turned out to be a history and a brother.”

Shi Da turned, said: “The fat man didn’t have a half-minded gas, and the old love to vent my bottom. When I didn’t dream, I went to the crowd to go to the rumor. I didn’t let the son laugh.”

Chen Zhongbo his mouth: “It’s just! The small frost cream that he has only dreamed of …” History: “Shut up!”

The flower and nails “brush”, open the folding fan, light road: “Lu Xuan froth girl beauty is fresh, beautiful, is a peerless beauty, after the next time, it will be unforgettable; the brother is in peace of mind, nature is more obsessed with the land Love, it is also a merit. Now there is only three people, and the history does not need too much tabo. As long as everyone does not put it on the countertop, naturally will not provoke an accident, and it is not a person, history Big can be relaxed. “

Shi Da smiled: “Huadan said that it is very.” But the heart is still unrest.

Hua Zhi Butterfly laughed: “The brother is obsessed with Lu girl, and the day has a dream, it is self-reliant, but the so-called” there is marriage “, and there is a slightly surface, and the two are asleep For the two levels of the five officials, I found two Tianstrian roses, laid peach blossoms, believe in three days, two can get a wife. “

History, Chen Mun Dart teacher heard, did not help but ask: “Is it true?”

The flower and nuts are swayed, and the mysterious laughs: “It is true and false, the three days must be died.”

History, Chen I stayed halfway, all did not make a sound. After a while, Chen Zhong broke the silence: “He said that we have to ask your wife, is it true,”

Shi Da wrinkled: “Let’s live for more than 30 years, you can’t get a wife, just within three days, can you have a wife? This is too mysterious, I don’t believe it!” Chen Zhongdao: “If he is very good Give you a wife, if you don’t? “

Shi Daxie laughed: “If there is a beautiful beauty, you can only play her day, I will be willing to die.”

Chen Zhonghaha laughed: “Good brothers, we are really smelling!” Said two people laughed.

At this time, the two darts who came to switch will meet, they can’t help but ask: “What is so happy?”

History, Chen I looked at it, mysterious laughed: “Don’t tell you!”

On the same day, the Lu’s brothers made Xie Feng’s case after the official government, decided to continue to complete the darts after the burial of Xie Feng I got up and down in the darts, and the spirit is all, and I sweeping the haze of the day.

On the three days, the earth was quiet. Lu Xuan frost lying down in bed, there is no sleep. However, I walked around the street, Lu Xuan Shuang did not help but start, and the eyebrows said: “How do you still come? It is not a little moving.

Lu Xuanshui slightly with unexpectedly, it is not expected to look at his chest. Although wearing onion green tube top, it can’t cover the rich double peak; smelling the muscles in his body, not from the soul of the soul, reaching out into the top, lightering his soft nipple, the mouth is slight The squatting, gods in love with Bai Shaotin.

After three days ago, the two days ago in the West Street ghost house, Bai Shao Ding began to seek unscrupulous to Lu Xuan frost; every time the night is quiet, Bai Shao Shantou will sneak into her boudoir, go to Wushan Yunyu . Not only the night, even if it is a big day, as long as the white Shao Ding caught the opportunity, they will force Lu Xuan froth to share the joy of fish. In the past, two people were talking about the sky, hunting, swing, practicing swords, and now the only activities of the two people are to make love. Due to the many eyes in the daytime, Bai Shao Ding will carry Lu Xuan Shuang to the inn, the wilder, the temple and other places; three days, the number of sexual intercourse has made Lu Xuan frillary to count.

For a meal, the number of girls, the number of people, seems to be too much, Lu Xuan froth also feels not yet uncomfortable but passing songs, is the behavior of corrupt door. But how can she struggle to resist, still can’t stop the softness of white Shandin, after a few times, Lu Xuan Cream will no longer resist it, even if Bai Shao Ding is forced her to suck the meat stick, nor will it resist. Three days, Lu Xuan Shuang has become a young woman who is ashamed, it has become a passionate young woman.

Lu Xuan Shuang closed his eyes, spit his hot gas, his left hand twisted his nipple, and the right hand was on the jade leg of his own, and after a burst of touches, the finger gradually moved to the fruit between the legs. Start active at the Taoyuan hole.

Just as Lu Xuan frost is about to enter the forget, I suddenly listened to the opening of “Yeah”. She was shocked. Hurdish with Jinzhao was covered with her own body. “Who?” But see Bai Shao Ding is like a laughter to stand at the door, and it will put a small wine bottle in his hand; Lu Xuan frost is relaxed, and the sound: “Not coming in?” Bai Shaofei came in to put the door.

Lu Xuan frost faces a piece of red, and it is down. Bai Shaotin laughed: “What are you doing? Do you have fun?”

Lu Xuan Shuang is even more shameful and full of red, “呸” said: “The world kill! It’s not all you harm? People think you are not coming, say no, I have ….! I hate, I am not coming. ! “Turned it to the body and walked angry, waiting for the tender whispering of white young Ding.

Waiting for a half, Lu Xuan froth saw white Shando Ding still did not have actions, confusing, just wanted to turn around, a strong arm grabbed her waist, a full of wine glasses have been handed over her lips On the side, there is a low voice in the ear: “Come, drink her.”

Lu Xuan froth will drink the cup in the cup, and the whole should lean on the arms of White Shandin, and the priest: “Master brother, do you love me?”

I saw that white Shao Ding pulpted her black and black saga, whispered: “White Shao Ding naturally loves you, but loves you more than white.”

Lu Xuan Shuang is chapel and white, and hugged him. The cheeks wipe it on his bare chest, soft: “I just want me to love me, other people are going his.”

White Shao Ding heard a shavings and half-faced.

Just listening to Lu Xuan frost and said: “This dart, you have to come back safely, we can marry as soon as possible, so you can sneak it every day, it is relatively hanging …”

Bai Shaotin took a tired land Xuanzhuang, two eyes looked at her full of charming drungeons, and then said that God said: “Don’t you have anyone else in your eyes, don’t you get another person? Xie Feng? He died because of you, can you hang him in the spiritual hall? “

Lu Xuan froth beep said: “Why are you always open to Xie Fengjun Xie Feng short? Can you mention him?”

White Shao Ding Wen said, the face changed, anger: “What do you say? All in this bones, there is no remorse? Good! It is yourself, I can’t blame me!” Push the Lu Xuan Shuang, the whole clothes, Pushed the door to leave.

Lu Xuan frost is on the bed, the tears are profitable, and they can’t say anything. I don’t know how long it takes, Lu Xuan froth reaches hand to the tears, tears, the tears, the peaks, and rolling them on the twin peaks, and reached out and wipe it on their breasts. On this touch, Suddenly produced a walker, I only felt that my eyes were fascinated, the soul of the soul, the cheeks were hot, the positive body was not shaking, and the mouth continued to make a sensuality ….. On the day of the third day, the streets of Fuzhou City is bustling, it is not lively. Shi Da and Chen Zhong drag the tired pace, shuttle in the crowd. The two rounds of the round, and it was hard to get to Tianming. However, the past two people did not sleep all night, and the spirit would not be too bad. This time, I didn’t know how to do it. I just said that I didn’t know how to sleep, or the dart teacher who shifted them was woke up; After waking up, the two of the two people, there is no pain, the spirit is very bad, I have to go home early.

Chen Zhong stretched his lazy waist, hudded: “Sleeping, go back, don’t sleep, sleep!” Half, no history, looked up: “History, your dumb?”

I saw a lot of history “呸”, “said his grandmother, what about the three days, now the past three days, even the turtle is not met. Hua Shi Butterfly This is only I will leave three words, saying alone, 啐! “

Chen Zhonghaha laughed: “Let’s discuss your wife, don’t think about it. The heart building ‘is going to find a ginkgo picture, just like the night before … “

History is listening, this is turned into a smile, spitting the tongue, laughing in the skin: “Said that the ginkgo, the brother, the same thing is really awkward! A woman is the same battle, and there is no change. Chen Zhong, Her tongue can be brought hard? “

Chen Zhongxiao smiled: “Hard delivery, no time to come out; soft and then send it in, in an instant, you said that she does not bring it?”

Shi Da greedily reached out the tongue and licking his lips: “Laozi biased unfamed, changed the front, after you fight, you said that it is my hard power, or her soft!” A song, in the street, I didn’t finish it, the original fatigue seems to be swept away.

When I returned home, I sat down to the water, and Chen Zhong was half a cup. After houting: “I am really exhausted, I don’t sleep, I am afraid it tonight, but I am afraid of ginkgo. Wake me! “After stretching, walking into your door.

Shi Da secretly laughs: “Useless guys, so don’t work, I still want to learn people!” When the water is directly in the throat, I suddenly listen to the room Chen Zhongshu: “Wow! My God! History Look at it! “

Shi Da, a sight of the “”, sprayed out, couldn’t help but drink: “What is it called? Called soul! Jade Buddha is like a rare treasure. This eleven treasures are exactly a part of the “Weiyuan Dart Bart”.

History, Chen Er people face each other, for a long time. Why is it strictly guarded, will it appear in my own home? The two have the same question.

Shi Dalized God, immediately put on the door and windows, with the block square angle to pack this eleven treasure, and dig a hole in Chen Zhong’s bed.

After the treatment is handled, Chen Zhong is not banned: “Treasures are we guard, this jump to the Yellow River and can’t wash …”

Shi Da wrinkled: “Let’s keep in front of the warehouse, how will these treasures run to our room? True teachers can’t …”

Chen Zhongli suddenly realized, jumped up: “Ah! I have seen that we have been sleeping, and the gangsters will use our sleep, and they will steal the treasures, put them in our room ….”

Shi Changru Wan Lei stood like a top, cold sweat is flowing, if you mutter your own words: ” I really want to steal the treasure, but I want to plant, and our supervisory, the crime of theft is can’t escape …. “Thinking here, I feel horrible.

Chen Zhong was scared, and his teeth Geg said: “That …. What should I do now?”

Shi Da Boxing to the desktop, bite his teeth: “It seems that our Fuzhou government can’t wait, you can’t say it, let’s quickly pack the soft clothing, avoid the wind.”

Chen Zhong pointed to the bedside: “How is these treasures to dispose?”

Shi Avenue: “The people who are framed, the Pakistan can not escape with treasures, so, we are more crimered, and the hundreds of people are still alive; I will see the treasure or stay, after we escape to a safe place, write a letter again Tell him to the total dart, tell him that we are framed, please come to dig treasures, so, maybe you can clarify our grievances. “

Chen Zhong took the hand: “This is very good, just do this!”

If the discussion is completed, Shi Fei also left Chen Zhong’s room, turned a bend, pushed into his own room, prepared to pack the bag escape; afraid of a little burden, will provoke a disaster.

Shi Da pushed into the house, the eyes were bright, and they did not help but pour a breath. It took a long time to stay in the wooden chicken. It turned out that in the Spiritual Nights of Shi Da, showing a living fragrance screen: a full-body naked beauty, tired of lazy horizontal bed; seeing her body white pink, bump There is, the skin is delicate, the body is exquisite; the slender snow-white slim jade hand, in the very sturdy breasts, the other hand, the other hand, the hand, the long, the jade finger, between the legs The Taoyuan cave is desperately dial-up; the hole has continuously flowing out of Ganquan, and the grass near the Taoyuan hole is moist. Under your own, the beautiful woman couldn’t help but have a burst of skew, and the cheeks were red, and the half closed and half closed. Shi Dahythroat made a low graze, suddenly a big heart, angered meat stick seems to take the trousers’ crotch; not to say, immediately jump on the bed, take off the whole body, and hold the woman tightly She kissed her crazy on her full.

This naked colorful beauty is Lu Xuan frost.

History has seen his own thinking, and if you want a pro, Lu Xuanzhuang, which is a pro, will be sent to the door, and suddenly wants fire to be buried. The hands are greedily in her gloss, and the bumps have been in the carcass, and the lips have been smashed. His lips have also moved to her cherry mouth, sucking her tongue, keep sucking, like taste A delicious cuisine is general.

Lu Xuan Shuang has been indulging in self-comfort, and suddenly there is a man in a man in his body. It doesn’t mean it, but it is more high. Handed him, he also sucked the opponent’s tongue; a pair of jade hands were tightly hugged in the body.

The body of the two people is constantly trembled, and the crude and majestic meat sticks of Shi Da, the murder of Lu Xuan frost, and bring the desire of the two to the highest point.

At this time, the two-piece lips of the History were removed from her scent. I kissed it along her face, and moved slowly; when his kiss was shifted to her snow, Judging his hand in her chest, shocked her Relong’s breasts, and started to go to the ground, the fingers were also kneaded on her nipple; he spit out the tongue, fine The nipples on the other side.

Due to the sensitive caress, Lu Xuan froth has been excited to be extremely sensitive, and Lu Xuan froth has been excited, and the routing sound of 唉 唉.

Chen Zhongyu has been told in the room, and when he is busy recording, he heard the aromation of the woman from the Shu Shu house, and the feeling of being surprised, immediately throwing his hand, and rushed to the historical room. When I arrived at the door, I saw Shi Da and Lu Xuan frost and gently entangled. The history of the meat stick was up and down in the meat hole of Lu Xuan, desperately, and his hips also took the movement with the movement. I caught the ground, my hands five fingers cover her breasts, and the mouth is constantly breathed. And Lu Xuan frost’s pixin also creephed up, two hands grabbed the bedding on the bed, bowed his head, closed his eyes, squatted with his eyes.

Chen Zhong saw this scene, where is it to live? I drank: “I want!” I hurriedly took off my pants. I naked the bed naked to bed, kneeling next to Lu Xuan froth, low heads, kissed her snow white.

At this time, Lu Xuan froth gradually opened his eyes, presented in front of him, actually a giant stick, thick red pass, can not help but also afraid, extend the trembling hands, hold the words, Zhang Opened the wet lips, put the red turtle to the entrance, constantly sucking.

Chen Zhongyi lowned, actually acting as a Taoyuan hole mouth, one into one, and took it. Lu Xuan Shuang also combined with Chen Zhong’s movement, the lips continue to swallow; Chen Zhong is more exciting, grateful, and faster in her mouth. Chen Zhonghe History has taken the upper and lower mouth of Lu Xuan, who is struggling to gallop, so that Lu Xuan froth is also sweating; while Lu Xuan froth is also under the joint attack of the two. ….

Lu Xuan froth slowly opened his eyes.

She only remembered that after a fainting, she didn’t know anything; she now woken up, but her eyes are dark, in addition to felt that they are lying on a hard wooden bed, what else can be seen.

Lu Xuan Shuang must have a certain god, can’t help but frown. She found her mouth, it was full of wet and sticky liquid. This unknown liquid seems to be blotted from the corner of the mouth, and the cheeks have been adopted, it is not sad. The “呸” has spoched the viscous liquid out, and the heart feels disgusting.

To get up, I found that I actually naked a naked, there was a personal hidden butt, I was calling.

Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked: “Master brother, is you?” When you reach yourself, suddenly, I suddenly encountered a plush, soft meat stick next to the cheek.

Lu Xuan frost felt a burst of 哆 哆

The two slept, suddenly slamming a punch, and they all rolled down the bed. One of them lied the candle on the table, Lu Xuan frost was bright, and I almost fainted. I saw that the two people were thin, a short, the whole body refined, the meat sticks between the legs were unrelenting. It is not to say that it is Shriga and Chen Zhong. Lu Xuan Yixing saw this scene, self-knowledge has been tarnished by the two, is extremely humiliated, complaining, sad, sad, do not cry, the house is full of her crying.

Shi Da and Chen Zhen hurried to comfort and persuading that Lu Xuanzhuang was playing again in the two people and kicked. History, Chen two people are really a certain way, the head is chaotic, only have to make a cursing of Lu Xuan froth.

Lu Xuan Shuang flexed his body to shrink his body, tightly grabbed his naked carcass, a pair of eyes cry and swollen, the corner of the eye was still with tears, and the whole body was self-twitching.

After a long time, Lu Xuan Yixie spit out a sound: “I …. My clothes also.”

Shi Avenue: “Miss, when I found you, didn’t wear clothes when you were in my bed!”

Lu Xuan Yan immediately waved the history of the big ear, and the angered is angry: “You …. You don’t know what method to use me, ruin my innocence, now put my clothing, Don’t let me go back, what is the heart? “

History, Chen Huan is looking for a look, all rushing, “啊! Miss big lady, we have a big dog, and do not dare to do this, the sin! This is too embarrassing, you still Temporarily, let’s talk about … “

Lu Xuan frost roaring: “I don’t care! I have to go home! I am going home!”

Shi Da is tense: “Miss, if you send you back, how do you want to dispose of us?”

Lu Xuan Shuang smiled: “I first cut your harmful things, then cut off your hands and feet, dig off your eyes, cut off your nose, draw a hundred wounds on you, then splashing Salt water, lost to the mountain to feed the wolf. “The tone is full of incomparable vicious resentment.

History, Chen I listened, the face changed, and the whole body felt creepy. Shi Dawen: “Miss, let’s make yourself in you, but you have to tell the truth. You have a little bit of gesture in my bed, and you will be born. Can’t let go, let alone? “

“Yeah!” Chen Zhong interface: “The trick has ever had thousands of people, but the big lady, what about yourself?” Said to his trousers: “I am in a harmful thing, it is yourself Caught and sucked and lick, how do you finish, just turn your face? “

Lu Xuan frost is almost not nicknamed, a bit bite, nor, he doesn’t care about himself, calling the land, hitting the History and Chen Zhong. The history of the History, she is fierce, the power is not enough, she reached out and took her meat, and the elbow brought her fiber arm and took this hit. Chen Zhong lost his mind, and the fat body rolled down.

Lu Xuan frochard, immediately, immediately sent a palm to the History; Shi Zheng is to raise his hand to disassemble, suddenly feel a murderous, dark road: “Not wonderful!” It is too late to break, and Dantian is Lu Xuan frost one leg. The whole body is falling.

Lu Xuan Shuang hurriedly rushed out of the door, and he said: “Chen Zhong! Blocking her!”

Chen Zhong jumped from the ground and pounced toward Lu Xuan Shuang. Lu Xuanzhuang took a cold, and he was attacked by Chen Zhong two fat palms. Immediately again, he kicked his leg.

After Shi Shang stood up, immediately chased past. I ran out of the door, but stopped hard. I saw Lu Xuan frost naked body no longer escape, the left hand covered the lower body, but the right hand has already had a sword.

Shi Da is so scared! Lu Jia’s talents “Tiandi three talents no sword” also had a reputation on the rivers and lakes; Lu Xuan froth’s fists don’t work, but the sword law is under the training of Lu Dewei, but there are several firehouses, once this sword method makes it Will come out, the average person can’t resist.

The history of history, she occupied her own, and couldn’t help but laughed: “Miss, in fact, this is just a misunderstanding, we have something to say …”

Lu Xuan Shuangwei “呸”, two words do not say, stabbing the sword.

Shi Da did not dare to smash Lu Xuan froth, carefully woven the wing. In an instant land Xuan froth has been attacked to eight swords, and the sword is stabbed, and it seems that it is not a history greater than death.

The history is retreating, and it will not be a few tricks. It has been forced to the corner, and there is no way to hide. Shi Da Lu Xuan frochard spread, watched, can’t help but produce a fear, he said: “Big … Miss, there is something to say!”

“Go to Hell to talk!” Lu Xuan froth anger, the sword Changhong was treated with his head.

At this time, when I didn’t do it, Chen Zhongxiao’s bareness pounced toward Lu Xuan froth. The legs clamped her fine waist, and her hands extended from her two armpits, grabbing her full breasts. .

Lu Xuan Shuang is very shocked, and the gods are gone, “blocking”, the sword tip is inserted on the wall of the histori head. Shi Dazhao drunk, the right hand is pointed to her “亶中 穴”, suddenly Lu Xuan frochotoms, faint, fainting.

Shi Da and Chen Zhong face each other, for the escort of the essence.

Chen Zhongli: “What should I do now?”

Shi Da picked up the naked abdomen of Lu Xuan frost: “Take the treasure buried under your bed.”

Chen Zhongyi dug in the treasure, and then took the shoulders after using the cloth bag, but he just saw Shi Xuanzhuang, but this time she no longer barely dew, Embroidered the red translucent silk jacket of the water drama, and the lower body also has a milky white trousers. Chen Zhongxin’s head is bright, knowing the apron and trousers is a “Tuidian Building” brothel, a prostitute called “Ginkgo”, and it will not ask for questions. Shi Da took out a large bag from the waist, carefully hugged in, tied the bag, tied the bag, and lifted his shoulders, he said: “Let’s go to West Street ghost house to play again. “

Chen Zhong frowned: “West Street haunted house? The place is homeson, there are not a few people dare to go, we are hard to come in, isn’t it too …”

Shi big smile: “It’s because no one dares to go, we will safely, talk nonsense, let’s go!” The first step is walking out. Although Chen Zhong did not complete, he had to take a quick end with it.

It is already two more points, plus the black cloud cover, the street is dark, in addition to the more than the night, no one.

Shi Da and Chen Zhong quickly walked to West Street, less than half an hour, has come to the abandoned ancient house at the end of West Street. The two people were hung, and they walked into the cellar in the house. I have a hot fold, but I see the dust seal of the spider, the grass is growing, and the ground is zero.

The two are slightly organized, and after moving a clean place, they all have tones, and they are sitting down.

The two looked at the fire of burning, and they did not speak. For a long time, Chen Zhongcai sighed the air: “This is not going to escape.”

Shi Da wrinkled: “There is also a line of life that has been scrubs. Now it is difficult to ride. Which people are sinned, and they are so framed, and it is evil!”

Chen Zhong asked: “What plans do you have now?”

Shi Avenue: “Let’s absolutely can’t be caught! The people of the darts want to be south or west, we will come to the West, let them find it all life.”

Chen Zhongzhen asked: “Why will they think we can’t we want to wear or south?”

Shi Da -hly: “You are stupid! Walking in the south is Guangdong, is the destination of the dart, do you dare to put the treasure to the treasure? Worth, you will have to cross Wuyishan, this is a quite a big foot Therefore, the people of the dart will catch up in north or to the east, so that we are safe! “

Chen Zhong listened, can’t help but clap, and the history of history has a brain.

Shi Avenue: “The big lady disappeared for a day. Now the dart has been in the top and bottom, and the sky will be a large number of outsight. When we have to leave, we have to leave.”

Chen Zhongdao: “In this case, why don’t you escape now, what is it hiding here?”

Shi Da whispered: “You are really stupid! If you run in the night, if you see it, our whereabouts are not exposed? Want to hung in the five, but there are no idlers, etc. It is the best time. “Chen Zhonglian nodded to say.

Shi Jiu gave a lot of fire, and added a few pick-up of the waste wood picking up. The fire is more powerful, and the fire will take the two people full of red.

Chen Zhongyu halfway, finally couldn’t help but open: “The scene of this morning, I will not forget it forever!”

Scholar smiled: “Let’s love the dream of love, finally reached!”

Chen Zhongdao: “Shi Da, when are you going to make a big lady back?”

Shi Avenue: “I have a proposal, I don’t know if you dare not dare?”

Chen Zhongdao: “You talk about it.”

Shi Avenue: “Really, we can hide, I haven’t grasp it, I caught it by the people of the darts, the light is the crime of the sorrow, we will not be big unloaded! Since it ‘ Death ‘is late or later, we are not as good as you don’t do it, and enjoy it when you are alive. “

Chen Zhongwen said, “What you mean, is not …”

Shi Daqu smiled: “Yes! Let Miss when our mistress!”

Chen Zhong did not help but laugh, the heart was blooming, and I didn’t know what I thought, smile, frowning.

Shi Avenue: “Let’s eat it, can you spit out to restore? You don’t have to worry about the big sister, it will not promise, it will naturally be willing.”

Chen Zhongdao: “I really don’t understand, let’s love with her this morning, why is she biased?”

Shi Avenue: “I am afraid that I will give people a sense of spring medicine. When I naturally attack, like a stern baby, let’s do it, I will remember when you wake up? Now I only worry about the fugitive, this baby big lady Will you add trouble to us. “Said that it was gently shot on the bag.

Chen Zhongdao: “Shi Da, let’s put it out! She must be very uncomfortable in it.”

Surgemony laughed: “I see that you are inkilled, it is not in the wine …” Said to solve the bag and put Lu Xuan frost.

Lu Xuan frost is in a coma, under the illuminating of the fire, more beautiful and not square. Shi Dazhao is praised: “A good sleeping beauty, I can’t believe that we can get her.” Shi Da and Chen Zhong did not rely on the past, greedily appreciate her carcass.

Lu Xuan Shuang can really be said to be a woman in a woman, he sees her white and red face, when the real Ming Yan is moving; Liu You Wei, the wet, the lips, the lips, vastly exhausted, from her, I met the poor sleeping capacity, emit out A charm of a love. Not only is it comfortable, the body is more slim, the snow white skin is smooth, the waist is soft, the legs are tangled; although wearing a translucent belly, the pair of towering breasts are tight Two fainted and delicious nipples have no legacy, and the milky trousers can’t cover the grass of the black and full of grass. The two have seen the head itchy, and they feel tighter. Shi Da extended the shaking hands, in the snow white light jade leg, only felt delicate and smooth, the touch is excellent, I can’t get the hand, touch it, actually explore the milk white trousers, five The finger began to make a thin care against the grass.

Chen Zhong was also not idle, a pair of meats along her portal face, staying in a translucent belly; then the belly does not slip, the fragrance, causing Chen Zhong extreme excitement, hands cover The rich breasts, after a lot of april, one left one right, and then the sorcerer picked up the belly, and the real gun was lighter and lighter.

The two will be so thin that the tempting carcass of Xuanzhuang in the fainting is very thin.

These two people have already made out, anyway, “death” is late and later, they decided to taste the flesh of Lu Xuan frost when they are alive.

Whenever a tea, the mouth of Lu Xuan frost began to make a lot of breath, groan, a pair of worsen open.

Lu Xuan froth woke up, actually sent two people to apply to her body, the heart is anxious, I am going to struggle, Chen Zhong immediately turned her hand, and the histori immediately pressed the whole body. In her ear, vomiting the hot air: “Miss, you wake up? Are you still satisfied with our service?”

The crotch of the historical protrusions is tightly stuck in Lu Xuanzhuang, although there is a clothes, Lu Xuanzhuang has already felt a big “thing” has been can’t hold, and I want to try it. If you want to struggle, you can’t move, and a chill is unconsciously infiltrated into your heart. CHU whipped his voice.

Chen Zhongjun said: “Miss, don’t be afraid, let us only hurt you, will not harm you …”

Shi Avenue: “Anyway, I and Chen Zhongliang did not let go of a dead road. You don’t believe that we are framed, say no, I have to be wrong.”

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy struggling: “Don’t do this! Ok, I believe that you are innocent, let me go!”

Shi Da smiled: “Miss, you are suffocated by us, even if you believe that we are framed, you will still want to kill us. In order to keep our two little life, I have to blame Miss Miss as our mistress , Accompany us to die! “

Lu Xuan froth will inevitably be insulted, so struggle in life. Shi Da saw her belly, the tempting breasts immediately bounced out, and the history of the heart is happy, and both hands began to gently caress.

Lu Xuanzhuang snipped his teeth, and he didn’t stop a pleasure. He didn’t know where to surprise.

Lu Xuan froth eyes closed, and there was a boring. History Holding her double peak, reach out of the sweat on the cleans, the tip of the tongue, the curve of the breast, straight to the top, the tip of the tongue, the tongue is thin, and the teeth are light Light bite with fresh red nipple.

Lu Xuanzhuang is still can’t hold, and when you want to make an excitement, Chen Zhong’s lips are pressing. When his tip of his tongue arrived in Lu Xuan frost, she couldn’t help but open his mouth, let his hot tongue and his entourts; for a long time, he took her tongue and kept sucking.

The sneak of the History is not easy to relax. After tasking the delicious taste of the two nipples, I kissed it along the seductive curve. I used the tongue in the charming navel. After a lick, I dial her. The slender jade legs, the whole face buried in the grass, his tongue also began to act on the Taoyuan hole.

Chen Zhong continued to take her tongue, and both hands have gradually moved to her full breast, and finger twisted the two most sensitive nipples. Lu Xuanzhuang did not bind his hands, and immediately reached out to hold Chen Zhong’s head tightly.

After a long time, the two men and a woman continued, Shi Da was turned over Lu Xuanzhuang, turning his body, Lu Xuan froth suddenly squatted on the ground, but his ass talked. Shi Da took off the whole body of clothing with the fastest speed, I saw that there was already high talle, and constantly shaking. Shi Dats squatted in front of Lu Xuan frost, holding the meat stick with hands, the glans smashed two times against the Taoyuan hole of her Ganquan; Lu Xuan frochaped red face, “Well”, the historia With a force, holding her smooth butt, pumping down.

Lu Xuan frochard pleasure, excitedly squeezing the hips to the history, cooperate with the history of history, and he has creephed it.

Chen Zhong took a long time after the lips of Lu Xuan frost, he also took off the whole body, grabbed her jaw, plugged the thick meat stick into her mouth, and also pumped before and after. Lu Xuanzhuang wants to spit out, but Chen Zhong immediately grabbed her head, cooperated with her actions, and he kept shaking before and after, not much, he did not consume Chen Zhong to help, her mouth can also swallow. Lu Xuan Shuang is approximately seventeen, eight years old, is the youthful year of London, for men and women; although there are many experiences, but still understand. Today, she caves in the second husband. If she is unprecedented, if she wants to incorporate the exit, it can be said to be a lifelike, even if the lust of Lu Xuan froth has been drowned, the heart is also 100 unwilling.

However, after a period of swallow, Lu Xuan frost’s heart suddenly played a big change, and slowly feel that it is very majestic, it is now very precious, and the mouth is ahead. After the sale of power, I deeply blew this baby suddenly disappeared from the mouth.

Shi Dahe Chen Zhong, as long as the movement of Lu Xuan froth is trying to gallop, but Lu Xuan frost will go to catering the two. Sometimes the history is very moving forward, Lu Xuan Shuang put the butt, and the two can feel very comfortable; but if this action does not cooperate with Chen Zhong, when Chen Zhong is taking, it is easy. Fall out from the Lu Xuan Yingkou with less port-handed experience. But she regards things in the mouth as treasures, will you stop this? So I don’t have to do it myself. She will reach out of it. After using the tongue with the tongue on the thick red and moist glans, I will include it in my mouth, my mouth continues to be completed after a previous place. work.

Chen Zhonghong face his face, breathed, and struggled. Suddenly, he was more faster, the more the longevity, not allowed, the whole body trembled, he went down, and finally in the mouth of Lu Xuan froth, then sprayed a lot of thick The flow.

The white fluid flows down from her mouth and walk along her lower jaw, a powder neck, and a crispy chest, it will stop until the breast.

Although Chen Zhong is venting, it still keeps moving, gasping: “swallowed!” Lu Xuan Shuang will be full of flow in the mouth, swallow up a bite.

At this time, Shi Da has also reached a critical juncture. He found that Lu Xuan frocard was full of body, and he gasped, and he had to lose, so he had a few times, suddenly moved forward, only listened to Lu Xuan Shuang ” A wave of waves, so smoothly, Hua Xin Ganquan continues to spray, sprinkle on the majestic glans; the history is also venting, the flow is full of meat in Lu Xuan froth, both of them are at the same time Inside, the extremely satisfied climax is obtained.

Shi Da and Chen Zhong I originally hard-catching things, now we are all soften from the body of Lu Xuan froth, and the two sit down, breathe, look at Lu Xuanzhuang, white naked body, show satisfied smile.

After Lu Xuan frost acquisted, the whole body was squatted, and his face was in the ground. He closed his eyes and closed his eyes.

Shi Wang is looking at Lu Xuan frost naked back and high, low and low, can not help but smile: “Miss, you have never been so happy in this life?” Lu Xuanzhuang does not add.

Chen Zhongliang smashed her hair, soft, soft: “Miss, you follow us! We will not let you down.” Lu Xuan froth slowly opened his eyes, “

Chen Zhonggang wiped the white liquid from the mouth of Xuanzhuang from the corner of the mouth, apologuel: “Miss, for the picture, let your body, really sorry, I will help you clean …” Lu Xuan frost still Ignite.

Chen Zhong wiped down along the mouth, when he contacted her full breast, Lu Xuan frost suddenly reached out to push Chen Zhong, the whole person, a droecion, a place where the wallet was placed in the corner.

When Lu Xuan frost opened his eyes, the place and the place, put a large two-small baggage, and two small bags, all inserted a sword, the end is the history, Chen I escaped the bag. Lu Xuanzhuang is a thousand gold body. It is even in one day. It is divided by Shi Da and Chen Zhong twice, and it is clear, and the heart is in the heart. It is only because of being arhened against these two lapse. The admission found that the bag is inserted into the sword. I am trying to get my hand. Chen Zhong has reached out to touch my body. I have to touch the breast. I can’t help it will be thin, I have to hard my scalp, and it is difficult to start now.

Shi Da and Chen Zhongyuan thought that Lu Xuan froth has been surprised to serve the mince sticks of the two, which has become the ban on the two, which can be placed, knowing a default. Shi Da saw her hair, immediately wanted to pass it, did not say two words, the whole body rushed to the bag, reached out to grab the sword.

When I said it later, Lu Xuan Cream also reached out at the same time. When her hand held a sword holder, Shi Da also grabbed her hand’s wrist. She wants to take the long sword, I can’t get it out, I want to earn it, I can’t open, I will not open, I will immediately reach another hand to grab the second sword, but it is too late, the history is the first, The sword pointed to the throat of Lu Xuan froth, Shen Sheng: “Miss, you have nothing to do so fast, do you have a good time?”

Lu Xuan frost hated: “You’d better kill me immediately, otherwise I will definitely smash your corpse!”

Shi Da suddenly turned to a smile and said: “How can I get to kill you? You have to kill us? Yes! There is this thing to bed to kill! Ha …” The color of the smile stares at her The body. Lu Xuan frost is full of face, and the words of history have gradually lifted their heads. They can’t help but turn over, but they also see Chen Zhong’s meat sticks are also expulsive, and the heart hate tooth itchy, pick up quickly. The belly and trousers, after the body, hurry to turn to the wall and sit, come to an eye, not see it! However, history, Chen Erman, has a handsome hands, and started caressing Lu Xuan frost.

Fourth, the beautiful people suffer from the tiger

Shi Da and Chen Zhong scored five more time, stealing a carriage, holding Lu Xuan froth fled Fuzhou City. In this way, in order to fall by the people of the darts, the horses don’t stop in the west, in addition to purchasing some food in the town, it is always going to hurry. In a few days, as long as Lu Xuan froth caught a chance, he would find a way to escape, but he has always fallen; she hates the history of History and Chen Zhong regard her as a leaking tool, ready to accept their sensual baptism. Lu Xuan Shuang started to death in the first few days, and even died, but never could escape the attack of the meat stick; a few days later, Lu Xuan frochard gave up the idea of ​​resistance, and armed for two people. Sometimes they will take out the shelter books for many years, such as embroidery tricks, the emperor of the emperor, the apricot, the sky, the grass, the grass, the Shuixuan, the scene, on the one hand, the boat rush, on the one hand, one aspect Pouting her mood.

Although Lu Xuan froth has become a history, Chen’s two people’s ban, but she is compulssed, sometimes she remembered her grievance, will be ambiguous, and they are ruthless to two people, and even play again; while Shi Da and Chen Loyalty to strong Lu Xuan Shuang wants to be solemn, it can be solemn to her, and they will be uncomfortable. Because of this, Lu Xuan froth has a deep hostility in the two, and it has quickly disappeared in just a few days.

It is the evening day after the escape, Chen Zhong continues to splash the horse, the carriage rushed up with the slope, and turned a few bends, and his face was a dense forest. The end entered Wuyishan District.

Chen Zhongyi’s face is unhappy, the heart is angry, and the horses will make a pump, keep whipping; horses are sad, and they are eager to go. Suddenly, from behind the wedding, the woman’s snoring and the wheezing of the man, the two sounds came to the fall, and the people were sterilized.

Chen Zhongji wrinkled, immediately turned and opened the car, shouted to the restaurant: “Hey! Are you small? The butt is tall; and the history is hugged from her back, and the five hands are tightly grabbed her a strong breast. Pumped before and after.

Lu Xuan Shuang low, the scorpion is half closed, the cheeks are fainted, and the white lips are excited to make intermittent snoring. Shi Da is also excited, there is more selling, grabbing a pair of mutton, a pair of mutton, more fuss, more flexible; flexible tongue, also licking in her white back. Inside the o’clock, the two creating a unparalleled spring.

Shi Shang, I have already estimated that I will enter the Wuyishan District today, and I am sitting in front of Chen Zhong, driving the carriage, observing the terrain along the way. Suddenly, the snoring of Lu Xuan frost is out of the tow, although the sound is fine, but the history, Chen’s two people heard a clear.

This morning, three people played a hybrid game; in the aftertaste, “Futian Town”, in a hop, Chen Zhong also carrying Lu Xuanzhuang once in the room, so this time, the time is just right. ” “. It is a smile in history: “Hey! I am withdrawn.”

It is necessary to drill into the tent, Chen Zhongzhou said: “Hey! Don’t go! I am not familiar with Wuyishan Road, if you go in, what should I do if I will go wrong?”

Shi Da said: “To go up the mountain, you will naturally go up, this is also a people? I will let you play once, this time you will work, let me feel it!” A smoky drill into the restaurant.

Shi Da looked at it, I saw Lu Xuan frochotoms, shadow, double peaks and lower body, all exposed; left hand, middle two fingers twisted bright red nipple, right hand refers to the Wet Answers in Taoyuan Cave Pulling, there is no time to breathe. Shi Da saw the book or open or combined, scattered a place, then understand Lu Xuanzuo in the caravan, too lonely and boring, I have to look at the momentous books to mate, and I have to move the spring heart.

This spring is introduced in the eyes, where is the general person who is in charge? The historical meat rods have risen to break the trousers; one is spring love, one is a big heart, not to say, there is naturally launched in the okay.

Chen Zhong saw two people have been intoxicated in the flesh, where is it to pay ourselves? I had to cut a few times, put down the cloth, waving the whip. The carriage is riding along the road. It takes about the landscape of the two tea, and the carriage turns into the left along the mountain road. When the mountain road is divided into two: a slope is slightly steep, and the other slightly slope Potential.

Chen Zhongxin thought: “Since the history is going to go all the way, then don’t have to ask him now, so you will not say that I have broken his good thing.” I heard the snoring of the other is getting more and more intense. : “Moreover, now they have arrived at a critical juncture, and even more points.” After choosing the steep rumor, rushing along the road. Inside the car, Lu Xuan Shuang continues to squeeze the buttocks to the abdomen of the History, and the historia is more desperately galloping, and the two have a face, and the sweat is dripping. Soon, I only heard Lu Xuanzhuang “嘤咛”, the whole body has spasm, the history is tightly grasped her double milk, and the forward is hard, the two are all “ah”, the double pair Get the biggest satisfaction. Two people were soft, sitting down.

Shi Tsui tightly held the naked body of Lu Xuan frost, and a face was rubbed on her soft red cheeks; Lu Xuanzhuang called for tones, closed-eyed.

The history of the history of her ear, spit in her ear: “Miss, happy?” Seeing her not bet, she stretched out the tongue licked her bead on her forehead.

Shi Da is extremely Lu Xuan Shuang, hate can not play with her, only because of the yang, the sun is weak, I have to hold her in his arms, fingers, fingers crying her fairy nipple, passing the skin of the skin Addiction.

Although Lu Xuan Cream closed his eyes, the heart was bright, but he thought that this history is a good color. He just finished, it will be thin; Want to do it again. So “嘤咛” said: “History, help me, is it busy?”

Shi Da listened to this fraud, a crisp in his heart, kissed on her cheeks, laughing: “Miss, what do you want me, I do, as long as you can make you happy We will be done in the sky, I have done anything … “The finger is more excited.

Lu Xuan Shuang has neid a wave of pleasure, whispered: “I watched the ‘Apricot Anti’, and I cited you to accompany me. Now you start to read it from the 68th page. good?”

Shi Da smiled: “Follow my beloved Miss.” Pick up the mink of the ground, Lang Lang thought.

Lu Xuan froths were released, and they could not help but spit their breath. They still buried in the arms of history, closed their eyes and rest, but they didn’t say anything about history.

Lu Xuan froth thought that the attention of the history of the history, it could be mixed, but he knows that it is wrong. The content of the “Apricot Sky” is extremely obscene, and the history has not intended to be happy, unnecessary under the motivation of the words, and the ambition of the sex, and then in Lu Xuan frost, the ear: “Miss, let’s let I am working again! “

Lu Xuan Shuang was very shocked, and I was busy from the history of history, I went wrong: “Don’t make a joke! I just ended ….” I think I still have the bowel, so I urgently pick up my belly.

Shi Hua pointed to his meat stick, gasping: “But it can’t help it …” It’s going to Lu Xuan frost. Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, hurried back, but found that the lower body has been hugged by him, but the trousers just put on the trousers were tied down.

Lu Xuan froth was shocked and angry, and the body’s limbs were desperately struggled.

She was taken by Shi Chen’s two, and I was insulted a few times in the seventh day, I couldn’t clear it. Although every time I have a climax, she is just a girl who is a shallow person. Then, the history of the history is not divorced last night? Moreover, they are expensive as the respect of Miss, and they have become a tight tool, and the heart is ashamed and hate, so it is not from the persecution of History.

Seeing the history and refuse, Lu Xuan frost angry: “Shi Da, give me a hand! You …. Are you still when I am a big lady?”

History’s right hand has inserted her meat hole, laughing: “It’s because you are my most baby big lady, I will soon to let you cool! 嘿 ….” start in her The meat hole is digging.

The lower body of Lu Xuan froth was dug acknowledged, and the throne was straightforward. The body slowly stopped struggling. In the mouth, he smashed: “Ok …. Well! If you want to come, don’t bully me. “

Shi Da laughed: “Follow!” We immediately took out the index finger covered with prostitution, moved to the body, moved the red turtle to the meat hole.

When the meat stick is insertion, suddenly the whole carriage has a huge vibration of a wave of waves, and the inside of the car is full, and the two fell four feet.

Shi Dawang climbs up, rubbing the hives on the head, I am angry with the orange: “Chen Zhong! Dead fat! What is you?”

I only heard Chen Zhong in other places: “How do I know that this mountain road is so rushing?” The plaque is quiet.

Lu Xuan froth reached out and picked up the trousers on the ground. I thought that I didn’t fall to the tragic look of being raped. I couldn’t help but tears, but I kept crying.

At this time, there suddenly came out of the history of history.

Chen Zhongqiang said: “It is what you want to go all the way! I just don’t have to do it, what do I have?”

History is hesitant, and it shouted: “Do you have a left-curved mountain? There is an exception, then you should walk down the mountain road, less than a column, natural, you will have a sudden rise. You don’t recognize Road, naturally should ask me, how can you claim? This is good, go wrong, the car is broken, and the repair will have a mistake! “Chen Zhongye said:” You are in the same time Miss is alive, ask you what is it? You have a lot of money, but it’s sinful to me! Hey! “The two bought a while, and began to repair the wheel of the wheel.

After about half an hour, the history of the two new cars were put on the wheel, and the sweat said: “Build it, the carriage can move, but the sky is gradually dark, and this road is narrow and rushed, going to turn And there is a hand and feet ….! This ………… Miss ran! “

Shi Grand original twisted and Chen Zhong talking, suddenly the eye angle, there is a vast film flashing, turning around, only to knew the Xuan froth has jumped out of the ocean, flying forward; when Shi Da and Chen Zhong get up, It has been away from 10,000 feet.

It turned out that Lu Xuan frost self-in-life and tears, when I saw the items that scattered the place, there was an object to be very bright and bright. I didn’t think about it. I didn’t think it was shocked; I was actually sent to her Wapong Pearl. .

When the first Lu Xuan frost has been inserted into the hair, it was later hit, Chen Hao’s horses, suffered from the humble insuluat, consciously sorry white Shao Shao Ding, no more wearing this gold, put it into the restaurant; I don’t know if this carriage is shaken, I have shocked five phoenixes.

Lu Xuan frost suede thinking, the front dust of the past is in the mind. At that time, with white Shando in the posterior garden, there was a honey, whispered, self-defending the fate of the two people, knowing that the big changes, he was hit, Chen Hao, lost whitening, but could not hold the chastity Let the two people play to play, sincerely fall.

I think of it, it is already sad, I’m hitting the golden turritus, crying and crying: “Master brother, I am sorry you …” At that time, Shi Da and Chen Zhong were fighting, so I didn’t hear her sob.

And in this half of the time, Lu Xuan frochard inner battle has not been a few times. Don’t you escape? Where is it? If you escape back to the dart, there is a face of your father, Uncle, white? I think that I am unclean, I have given up the idea of ​​escaping; but I think of the scene of the speech, I don’t feel the teeth, and the new hatred hate will be born.

After a long time, I finally bite, holding the determination of the fight against the battle: “I can’t escape, the top more and these two sternumans are all!” I am born to rank.

I heard the history of the rear, Chen I called the sound, Lu Xuan Shuang is a big step, which is afraid to be caught up by him. Fortunately, the three people’s light-fitment laws are between Jianzhong, and they are also chasing the Xuanzhuang in the history.

In front of me, the high-wood dragon, a cloudy black mist; Lu Xuan froth is unlocked, and the tread is full of trees. I have rushed for a while, I only heard the shouts and shouted. Some people were called: “The big lady, there is a very dangerous, come out!” Her heart is more panic, the seven high and eight low chaos, the proximity of the woods, I have never been able to cover the day.

At this time, Lu Xuan froth is thirsty and tired, the body’s limbs are also scratched by the branches, and the body is painful. I have rushed, my ear is far away, but I have never stopped, running in the grass jungle, until the whole body is soft, and I have to sit on the stone. I have to breathe. Sitting for a while, the heart only said: “Quick escape, escape.” But your legs such as the weight of jack, saying what is still standing.

Some people have been smiling, Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked, turning back, scared a heart, almost have to jump out from the mouth, only a high one with a short picture of a small picture, is Shi Da and Chen Zhong.

Lu Xuanzhuang gave anger to the two, and the moment is not moving. Lu Xuan frost suddenly called it, turned to escape. Shi Da grabbed it, reached out and grabbed her. Lu Xuan frost pouncefully, fortunately, it was a few inch, did not grab it, and immediately rushed, left and right, step by step.

Suddenly in front of a black shadow, I was tightly holding Lu Xuanzhuang. Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked, look at it, it is Chen Zhong.

I only listened to Chen Zhong called: “It is too dangerous here, so I will go back!”

Lu Xuan frost shouts: “Don’t! Don’t!”

When I was anxious, I stepped on a small stone on my feet, the stone rolled foot slipped, and the two fell.

Due to the inclination of the ground, Lu, Chen I can’t help but scroll down. The history is very shocked, busy stretching the arm; just this is too strong, and the historia is taken out by this rolling. Chen Zhong did not hold it, two hands, grabbed the grass, stopped, but saw Lu Xuan Shuang still rolling down.

When not allowed, the slope is steep, Lu Xuan froth has dropped to the steep slope; this slope is too steep, roll down, I am afraid of life. On the occasion of the thousand, one hand has been hurry to extend, and she seized her heart, it is the history.

Lu Xuanzhuang wanted to escape, and he didn’t want his own life.

History, Chen Erman is shocked, leaning up: “Miss! Miss Miss!” Where is the trail of Lu Xuan froth?

Lu Xuan froth slowly opened his eyes, and the heart was awkward; she wants to get up, I only feel that the whole body is painful, and I am hungry and tired. The lower body is slightly burning. This is what I am lying on a wooden bed in a wooden house. A tiger skin is bedding. She will climb the wood bed, and I look at it, but I see the table and chair equipment in the house; I have a wood; the table is clear, and my own shadow is long, it is obviously a night. Lu Xuan frost thought: “I am saved, but where is this?” ” It turned out that he was under the whole body, but it turned out to be unpredictable, the breast is patented, completely exposed, and the part of the clothes of the clothes is not. But see the belly in the ground, the trousers and the broken clothes scattered, and hurried up and worn on the body, and it was very uneasy.

There is no one in the house, Lu Xuan frost pushes the door, but in the eyes of the eyes, the eyes are brighter, and they will see the housing. One person is sitting next to the fire, see Lu Xuanzhuang, does not speak, a few times, and a wooden rod is cut with a hoverade.

Lu Xuanzhuang is carefully looked at the person, a strong man in a thirteling, tied chestnut meat, chest, stomach, exposed, revealing the muscles, a face of the beard, there is a hedgehog.

Lu Xuan frocard said: “Is you saved me?”

That a strong man smiled: “Nonsense! In this bird’s unhealthy, it is not the Laozi to save you, who is it?”

Lu Xuan Yany saw him smile, smile, and thought is not good, and it sounded softly: “Thank you!” Now step away.

I only heard the strong Han Dao: “The little girl rudely, I saved you, don’t you want to leave?”

Lu Xuan frocard said: “Isn’t I thank you?”

Zhuanghan Road: “There is no sincerity in my heart, thank you for a thousand times of 10,000 times is fucking shit. What’s more .. Hey …?”

Lu Xuan frost has a big change, retreats two steps, trembling: “You …. What do you want?”

Zhuanghan cut the wooden stick, smiled: “In this Yingku, it is difficult, don’t take the way, can you leave? How can I live up to the love of God? As long as you obey, I will hurt you. Ha … “The laughter is full of obscenees.

Lu Xuanzhuang escaped from the wolf nest, and he entered the tiger points. He felt hard in his heart. I only heard the back, haha ​​laughed: “Are you fucking?” Suddenly, the heart has been caught, and the whole fu is not autonomously being dragged backwards.

That strong man strongly took Lu Xuanzhuang to kiss in his arms, Lu Xuan Shuang wow, yang, 抡 抡 便, “”, this punch is truly China-strong. A strong man is first, then there is a roar in the mouth; this is a shame, scare Lu Xuanzhuang, gratifying, and breeze.

She thought that this strong man is just a mountain in the mountains, she is a martial artist, a punch can be poured, knowing that he is not too indifferent, this is more like a dragon, and it is abundant. It is a martial arts in the rivers and lakes of martial arts.

I saw a strong man in anger, full of blood, staring at Lu Xuan froth in the arms: “Do you dare to hit me? Your fucking is dare to hit me?” Seeing her scared, full It is afraid, turning her over, squatting on his thigh, picking up her tattooed clothes, tearing her trousers, showing the bare abdomen. I suddenly raised the right hand, the big palm hit it, slap, Lu Xuan frost, a hip of the snow, a big red applause.

Lu Xuan froth painfully called, tears full. The strong man did not know the pity and jade, and waved his hand and did not stop. “Your life is my saved, you should repay me. You don’t know how to be grateful, actually dare to hit me? Family! Laozi is the most Gas woman hits me, the woman is rough, I will crazy! Reward you a few slaps, see if you dare not dare? “

Lu Xuanzhuang, the young, the mother, the love of the father, the sorrow is very rare, everyone has to let her three, when is more than half of the grievances? It is an ear isolated, and it’s more in the palm of the palm. Although the history of Chen Zhong is forgive, he does not dare to move it with her, but the two are suffering from many Lu Xuan froth. Phase. Now, I was killed by this Han, and the sorrow in my heart had already been scared. I didn’t know how to go, wailing: “Don’t hit! I don’t dare again! Forgive!”

A strong man is clear, peeled off Lu Xuan frost full body clothing, the arms raised her, gently throw up, Lu Xuan frost suddenly flying, fell on the ground outside of ten rules, the whole body pain is difficult.

Strong Han: “Still in the ground? I will climb it!” Lu Xuanzhuang did not dare to violate, the limbs were in the ground, and they also guarded their body naked, step by step, and tears.

Zhuang Han: “Still crying? What?” At this time, Lu Xuan froth dared to cry? Scared, tears, tears only rolled in the eyelids.

The heart is very proud of the heart, staring at the Lu Xuanzhuang, I am smile: “Your woman is so embarrassing, hitting it. I tell you, the Laozi is called ‘Lei Hu, who likes to fight, have a chance You inquiry in the rivers and lakes. I have been to avoid the chasing of the enemy, and I have been waiting for three months in the ghost of this bird. Do you know how difficult this three months? Even a woman is not I am dead; fortunately, I have an eye, ask me to save you, I can finally have a good venting, one take you back, I will do five times in you. 嘿 …. really addiction! “Lu Xuan frost A black: “No wonder my yin is always slightly painful, it turns out …” I think that my body is smashed by another man, I can’t help but sigh.

Lei Yishu said: “What is angry? In the case of my Lei, it is a blessing in your life. You only have to succeed from me, your day is very good, otherwise …. 嘿嘿 …” Pick up the bending knife and cut a dish on the wooden rod.

Silent and half, Lei Hui, a pair of eyes, to naked Lu Xuan frost, after the head to the foot, laugh: “You are good! The face is beautiful, the body is full, it is suitable for my pet. I have no things. Your performance point Yu Xing show let me appreciate it! “

Lu Xuanzhuang did not know what his idea was played, and he looked at him in a fear.

Lei Yi Ti said: “How do you move? Go to play with you! Give your own prostitutes, the more obscenity, the less you, the less you, 嘿嘿 …”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the confident, ashamed: “I don’t want!” “What do you say?” Lei Yishu heard the anger, his eyes fierce, and the right hand is also slightly.

Lu Xuan Shuang is very awkward, it will not be suffering from the pain of the leather, but you can’t help the sound: “You don’t hit me! I do … I do it ….” Even if there are thousands who don’t want, she only bites a bit bit , Reach out of the left hand and knead your own full breasts.

Lei Hu said: “Stupid woman, even masturbation, lying on the floor, the two legs open, the genitals should go to me. You have a garlic, don’t blame me!”

At this time, Lu Xuanzhuang really realized that Chen Zhong was good to her; with this terrible wild man, and History, Chen Zhong together, simply like a paradise. Now, he will fall into hell from heaven, no longer turn over.

Lu Xuan frost self-reliance, it is difficult to escape, but they have to be able to suffer from the pain of the skin. So she turned over and lie down, and the legs were slightly, the Taoyuan Dongdong headed toward Lei Hu.

Lei Yi Tiger smiled: “Action should be obscenity, anyway, there is no other person, no need to install elegance!”

Lu Xuan froth strongly humiliated, reach out of the slim hands to touch his body, but the skin is smooth, and the body is soft; When the body moves, the double peak is slightly vibrating, and I feel sterilized. Get your own curve from the waist to the abdomen, and I don’t feel a strong desire to continue touching.

“I am so beautiful …. Oh …” Lu Xuan frost shouted, rushing to the nipple, full of temptation could not resist, suddenly reached out to squat on his own meticulous breasts, and the fiber jade finger is constantly Pinch the nipple.

“Ah! It’s so comfortable …” Lu Xuan Shuang is not self-contained, and the right hand strokes from the slender waist. Two delicate meat petals are gently touching.

Lu Xuan frocard was red, and gently spit it from the nose, and then puffed into the snoring, and occasionally mixed with the seductive waves. The original open eyes, it also became semi-sleeved, and finally the eyes closed, and the lips were slightly hit, and it was intoxicated to create a midfielder.

Every action, Lei Hu is in the eyes; he cuts the wooden stick in his hand, thinking: “Woman is so false, his mouth said no, now it is revealed, hehe! I have to hurry, wait It’s more exciting … “revealing the obscene expression, carving the wooden stick in his hand, and the eyes are more look at Lu Xuan froth.

I saw Lu Xuan froclad body horizontal, shouted shoulders twisted waist, sultry. The left hand cares for the trembled breast and the nipple, the right hand dials the two meat flaps of Taoyuan mouth, knead squatting in a small yukucleot; when the prostitute is like a spendhends, it is relentless from the meat hole. Wet yin nuclei, meat petals and plump grass, make the black grass look extremely bright crystal crystal clear; sometimes in the excitement, actually refer to the man’s meat stick. Pull your insert in your own wet Talecation.

At this time, Lu Xuan froth wants to burn in the fire, and the shameful heart has already thrown into the Jiuyun, and you can play with yourself. I only hope to enjoy the happiness of the unprecedented, 哼 唉 地 唉 着, 表 表.

This live colorful scenery, Lei Ni Tiger is full of red, breathless. After the time of nearly a tea, Lei Hu is excited to call: “Cheng!” Immediately squatted in the grass in Lu Xiangzhuang, the wooden stick decorated with root carving; the shape, size, no one Unlike the big mask when a man is excited.

It turns out that Lei Yigi is constantly carving, it is a lifelike fake mask.

Lei Hui saw Lu Xuan frochards out, nodded with satisfaction, and then positively inserted the fake tunnel. Lu Xuan frost suddenly felt that the huge hard object was inserted into her body. It could not help but screamed a few times. The hands were desperately rubbed, excitedly twisted with the waist. The fake mask pumped, sweet feelings from the waist to direct the brain, stimulating the feasibility of women, Lu Xuan froth has been fully in excited vortex. The fake mask continues to enter and exit, with such actions, the meat is turned down and flipped out, and there are many prostitutes every time; Lu Xuan Shuang is like the boat in the wind and the boat in the wind, constantly tossing. Not long, Lu Xuan froth couldn’t help but scream, the whole body was soft, the two legs were treated straight ……..

From this night, Lu Xuan froth began to live in a non-human life. She wants to laundry, cooking, picking water, all of the hardships, and form a strong contrast with the previous Miss life. She clearly knows that Lei Hu is a slave she taught, she is forced to have a small size in front of Lei Hu; when she eats, she can use her hand to take it, I can use my mouth like a dog; help him When you take a bath, you should use your mouth with your mouth. As long as there is time, he will try his best to insult to Lu Xuanzhuang, forced her to use the false mask masturbation, slightly do not, to be poisoned, so that she can not survive, seeking death. Although it is only five days, Lu Xuanzhuang has completely realized that he is just a female animal, and the original tertiary personality has also produced extreme changes.

It is the sixth day, Yinggu is a heavy rain, rain drops like beans, rain sound. I saw the two people in the wood house, Lu Xuan frost, Zhang Kai Lip, hold the meat stick of Lei Ni Tiger, incorporating in the mouth. Lei Ni Tiger leaches up, see Lu Xuanzhuang is sucking hard, issuing “啾” sound, show the satisfied smile on his face, and touched her head to show Jia Xi.

Lu Xuan Shuang “嘤咛”, spit it out. The meat stick has already risen huge hard, the red ribbon pulsation, the glans is wet, the light is incomparably, Lu Xuan froth excitedly rubbed the meat stick with his own powder face. Lei Zi Ti said: “If you like it, use the tongue …” Lu Xuan froth immediately reached out, slammed from the glans, especially at the lower edge of the glans.

Lei Nihu muttered: “Well, very good, just like this …” Lu Xuan froth got courage, regardless of the pain on the face, and put the meat stick in the entrance, and pushed with your tongue.

Lei Hu was grabbed her hair to start manipulating, let her head move forward, the red carbar is like a piston, and she is also intoxicated in such friction.

Lei Hu is free to exercise, reach out his hands, knead on the breasts of Lu Xuan frost.

Lei Yishu took a standing position, Lu Xuan froth squatted in his follower, two people came to me, to make each other, and they were excited. After a while, Lei Hu is gradually squatting, and Lu Xuan frost cooperates with his movements, and it is also converted into a lift; it is originally holding the hands of the meat stick, and I have to let go, use both hands on the ground, Take the weight of the upper body.

When Lei Hu was also released her double breast, the left hand grabbed the long hair of the brain of Lu Xuan frost. I pushed it in one before, and the right hand stroked on her soft and white naked back. Two people transform post-style, with the sky seamless, Lu Xuan frost is always swallowing his majestic meat stick.

I saw Lu Xuan frost to swallow, with the whole body, with the front and rear, spit hot air from time to time, cheeks a red. Lei Yisi saw her work and worked hard, lended her pair hugged her hips, and the lower body was continuously licked with her naked back.

The lick will be completed, and the Lei Hu is going to the ground, picking up the fake mask on the ground, backhand, and inserting the wet Taoyuan hole in Lu Xuanzhuang. Lu Xuanzhuang is shameful, immediately accelerates the movement of his mouth; Lei Hu is also quickly operated the false mask, and the plug is pulled in her Taoyuan Cave.

Lu Xuan froth desires to be booming, and the upper and lower mouth were played. I have already reached my realm. I sent a sultry in the mouth. It’s a matter of importantness, Lu Xuan frost suddenly suffers a pain, suddenly mourning, cold, not a meat stick to Lei Tiger’s red.

Lei Yisi pain is difficult, screaming, turning Lu Xuan froth, the double hand is tightly rolled down; while Lu Xuan froth also smashed with tears, and lighted his anus under his Taoyuan Cave. The original Leiyi Hu under extreme excitement, lost his mind, the hands of the dildo is inserted into the anus Lu Xuanshuang, Lu Xuanshuang pain harder and harder, a Jubang bite Leiyi Hu’s absence immediately went down.

I saw Leiyi Hu staggered stood up, his eyes shot ten thousand murderous anger, teeth and said: “Do you dare to bite me bitch court death?!” Call to palm strike to Lu Xuanshuang.

Lu Xuanshuang already has horrified, screamed: “!! Mercy Yeah I did not mean” one-sided body, Zhang Li to the oncoming flying overhead, “touch” to loud noise, wooden door suddenly shot into pieces, heavy rain outside the house spraying in, spilled Lu Xuanshuang covered with Raindance.

Lu Xuanshuang see Leiyi Hu pain killers, knew already got into big trouble, stay Feisibuke, just below the flash of light, then I also gave myself naked, hard rain fell in torrents toward the outside rush. Leiyi Hu pain clutching his lower body, cursing loudly, also kick taken out of the house.

I saw that the rain of the rain, a naked men and women were chasing. Valley’s narrow and stone, the speed of Lu Xuan froth has a big discount, and the giant palms of Lei Tiger have come back to her. Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, and he didn’t pay attention to the martyrdom stumble on the ground. Lei Hui pulled her long hair, and he said to her red cheeks and smiled. But desperate to mourn the sorrow.

After a few feet old, Lei Hu is in the back of a murderous, just wants to turn over, just hear an angry: “Let me let go!” A sword walked Lu Xuanzhuang long hair hand palm.

Lei Hu is immediately smuggled, turned over, I saw a high-thin man holding a long sword to anger, and another short hanger has hug Lu Xuan frost in his arms and retreat.

Lei Yisi is angry, and the sinking is awkward: “Who are you?

Lu Xuan froth trembled naked body buried in the arms of the short man, tearful: “Chen Zhong … saved me! He is terrible, you must save me …. …”

These two are about Shida and Chen Zhong. Since Lu Xuan frost fell into the Yingku, history, Chen Hao sent a crazy to find the way down; because the Valley deep slope, it is difficult, this road can really cost a big hands and feet; The sky, I have been exhausted, I’m going to go to the valley, I have encountered the heavy rain in the valley. The two curse can’t find the rain. When I can’t find the rain, I’ve I heard it. In the sound of heavy rain, the lam in the land of Lu Xuan froth, can’t help it, and the sword stopped the atrocities of Lei Tiger.

Chen Zhong saw Lu Xuanzhuang Jiaoqiu naked, scarred, couldn’t help but laughed: “Miss, you can rest assured, there are we are, no one wants to bully you.” Stretching your finger to Lei Ti Tiger: ” Things! Dare to bully our family, the history! Give him a color! “

The history of the history is not hanging, there is a shake, I can’t help but frown: “Where is the martial arts? Light is a treasure? Laozi is bullish!” A sword went to Lei Tiger Cut down.

Lei Hu is angry and wolders. I saw the palm of the palm, just fierce, the long sword of the history did not take a small cheap, but by his pair of herbal palms.

History is secretly called: “This is a powerful thing, I can’t lose! So you can’t look down on the big sister, say that I can’t even have a mountain in the middle of the mountains.” Hey, turn to Attack, the sword talled immediately to him.

Thunder Tiger yelled: “Sad!” Suddenly hit the long sword of the thorn.

The History of the Sword of the Sword has a severe pain, and the long sword will fall off. Lei Yishu is another palm, and the history of the history is fast, and it is one vertical, and suddenly hid the opponent’s attack.

Chen Zhong looked in his eyes, couldn’t help but frown: “History, what ghost you do? Hurry up!”

Shi Dazhou: “This guy is too powerful, I can’t play him.” Reaching out of Lu Xuanzhuang in Chen Zhonghuai, said: “For you!”

Chen Zhongshu has not returned to God, only listening to “Cock”, Lei Hu is hard to get the long sword of the History to two.

History, Chen Erman looked at it, his face changed: “Is this not a ‘black tiger’s soul’? So this guy is …” The two are not independently.

Lu Xuan Shuang looked at the eyes, I know that I am afraid that I will return to the magic of Lei Ni Tiger. I can’t help but hurt my history, the trembling: “I beg you must take me away, I will definitely I will obey it later. , Beg you! “

History is sweating, trembling: “I am afraid that it can’t hold it. This guy is not someone else, is the Thunder Tiger, one of the four major sophomorers in the martial arts. “

Lei Ni Tiger smiled: “If you also know the goods, Laozi likes to play women, play women, kill women, not half-point for men; I just want to give me a smell, I will give it to me, you can roll! “

Lei Hu is indeed one of the four major sack of Jiangnan. “Wolf Tiger Tiger” four big prostitutes, raped in Jiangnan, harmful; Lei Yishu is like a woman who is abused, killing, and the victim of the woman counts, the number of martialrange, martial arts The soldiers of Zhongwei have repeatedly cooperated with the official government, encircle four major kinemaguan, but unfortunately failed.

Three years ago, four big prostitutes officially demolished, from this four people, they did not interfere, “豺, wolf, leopard” three demon has also been disappeared, only Lei Hu’s atrocities have never terminated. Three months ago, the martial arts rumored a top master defeated the universal Lei Ni Tiger, forcing him to escape from the Central Plains, and Jiangnan finally succeeded, how to know the Lei Huo hide in the Yanshan of Wuyishan.

Shi Da knows that it is difficult to smile: “It turned out to be a sensational martial arts, the disrespect! Our Miss is a few days of care, it is really grateful …”

Lu Xuan Shuang saw the history of history, suddenly changed, it was very wrong, hurried from the arms of the History, hiding in Chen Zhong, gotting away: “Don’t give me to him! Just ask you! I will wait for you. “

Just listening to history and said: “I am just a few days old. Our master can be very embarrassed. Let’s be a matter of life, or to retrieve the Miss, if you still stay here, you can’t say it. I think so! You let us take the big lady, let them reunion, I guarantee that I will send a few days of normally oriented tomorrow, the beautiful beauty of the Mun Si can serve you, let your old man play enough, how do you? “A nonsense!” Lei Yi Tiger said: “Laozi wants to play, who has to take it under the sky? I like this scorpion, I am not happy, you are, you are so embarrassed, find dead ! “” The call of the boxing is big.

The history is great to be surprised, and immediately bow hard, unnecess, the Lei Hui’s internal force is amazing, the boxing wind has passed from the history of the history, and the history is sweeping out of the ruler.

Chen Zhong said, quite the sword, the thunder is smile, the right foot is lifted, Chen Zhongzhong is sprayed. Lu Xuan froth screamed and ran.

Lei Yishu smiled: “Sinking! Are you escaped?” The words have not been finished, and people have stopped in front of her, and she grasped her high and turned on the ground. Lu Xuanzhuang screamed, and it was dark in front of him.

Lei Yi Tiger laughed, put Lu Xuan frost on his shoulder, patted her rich bare buttocks, laughing: “Let’s go back to play …”

It is necessary to leave, and I will listen to the history of the history: “Lei Yi Tiger! Take a trick!” Lei Yi Tiger turned around, suddenly a black, his eyes stunched. Lei Hu is mous, and it is painful.

When the history of the history, the gravel and mud, in the hand, the Ling Machine, the mudstones were grabbed, and the Lei Hu is slightly unable to pay, and the mudstone will smash to his eyes, and it really works.

History is not lost, after expressing the Lei Zi Tiger’s Dantian, he immediately helped Chen Zhong, holding Lu Xuan frost that did not wake up the personnel, and ran, let the Lei Tiger broke out behind it, and The head does not escape from this evil magic.

Three people in Yuemate, Shi Da, Chen Zhong and Lu Xuanzhuang are really great, especially Lu Xuan, not only spread through the body, but also coma is not awake. History, Chen I didn’t dare to neglect, overnight, hit the mountain, live in the farm of “Futian Town” at the foot of the mountain, extended the town Shanglang to heal; fortunately, the three people were only the injury of the flesh, and they did not have a lungs. However, Lu Xuan Shuang is overwhelming because of scared, only history, Chen Huan people have been talking slightly, and they are crying. The two men have bought the farmhouse, concentrate on let Lu Xuan froth disease.

This farmhouse is located in the side of “Futian Town”, surrounded by green grass, Huawei people, you can smell the birds, the night can listen to the insects, not lost the benefits of the disease, and the history, Chen Hi people carefully take care of Next, Lu Xuan frost is extremely fast, and God is gradually awake; history, Chen Second people feel different, it is a big change in Lu Xuan Shuang, and the personality has changed, the original Jiao Dao Tao, seems to become The gentle and jealous little woman, the attitude towards history, Chen, seems to be humble and gentle, and it seems that it is no longer regarded himself.

Lu Xuan frost is rehabilitation, history, Chen Erman is really happy, especially the history, more exciting. It turned out to give Lu Xuan Shuang concentrate on the three chapters of the law, history, Chen I’m about three chapters. Before Lu Xuan frost, she will never allow her tooth. Every time, Sichuan, the gorgeous and delicate, and when I see the feelings of phlegm, when I want to be hot, especially in this way, I don’t want to play, I feel more than night. Difficult. Seeing the opportunity to mature, Shi Nature can’t wait to give Chen Zhongqi’s long-awaited spring plan.

“No!” How to know Chen Zhong actually opposed: “The personality of Miss is bigger, it can be seen that the trauma of the soul has not recovered, we must not be chaotic …”

History is in a hurry to return: “Do you have any mistakes? A fragrant meat is not eaten, wait for a moldy? Miss, her diet is normal, sleep is sufficient, the body is so dangerous. I rescued her from the hands of Lei Tii’s laslice. It was said that she was a savior. She naturally gave us softly with the kitten. What is this is so doubtful? Every time I see her, I Just … I want to go, don’t you want it? “

Chen Zhongzheng said: “I thought for a long time these days, I think … The game should also end, our own life is not good, no reason to drag the big lady, we always use tough means, Although it is fast, but it is difficult to protect the next time.

“My God!” Shi big forehead, cold: “When did you change your vegetarian? Why don’t you notify me? At the beginning, we hijacked the big lady, and he would have to be our ban, let us enjoy the land. Vegetable, so our escape is valuable, now you have to supply her like a Bodhisattva, why should she be dangerous to live in life, save her from Lei Ni Tiger? More than do not eat, I don’t know when I was caught back, I didn’t grasp the limited time, how did I do it in time? I don’t care, the big lady is half belongs to me, I have to play with the one, love, I don’t come, I will come with you .. “It is said to go in the direction of Lu Xuan frost.

I only saw Chen Zhong, a red sword in front of the history, and there were more hands in his hands: “Old History, our brothers have been more than a blessing, it is difficult to play, even women play the same, can Said that there is a lot of vitality; you will be much better than my machine, do your partner, I have little to suffer, so I have always rely on you. I have always thought that I can have a good time with my big lady. Under your computer, I really dream of being true, frankly, I really died. Since our dreams have been willing, why can’t I get a hand? The big lady is innocent, she should go back And white plenty of life, live happiness, life is, with us, what can we give her? Shi Da, let’s let her! If you really have to hard, make a brother, I have to tear my face. .. “The sword is horizontal, and a lot of color. Shi Da and Chen Zhong exchange more than ten years, knowing his nor children, immediately turned, haha ​​laughed: “Silly brothers, what is this? Since you are so deep, you are happy! Let’s choose A good time, I want to send my big lady back. Do you say it is good? “Chen Zhong saw him to make a step, followed by Haha, but I didn’t know how history was already.

It is a night, and the moon is low, and the silver is sprinkled in the farmhouse, quiet and abnormal.

A black shadow passed through Chen Zhong’s door, and his hand is close to Lu Xuan froth. It is a history. History is trying to stop in Chen Zhong in the day, now sleep, how do you stop?

The sneak is coming to the door, but I saw the door to cover, my heart is big: “Heaven help me too …” Xing Chong moved to the bed, carefully went to the bedside, bed sleep, is not the Lu Xuan frost Who is it?

Five, the red painted self-esteem

The historia is low, quietly appreciates the sweet land Xuanzhuang. The tempting carcass covers the bedding, exposed a beautiful face; the light and pink skin, delicate and beautiful red eyebrows, slender hooked eyelashes, red lips who are red, see the history of the big eyes. I can’t help but get a little bit of cheeks.

Shi Zhan felt that he had been challenged, swallowing the water, gently opened the bed, reflected in the eye, is a piece of sorrow, a beautiful body. Although wearing a coarse cloth, it is hidden with the embossing, and the body of the body is hidden. The historia reached out, slowly unlocking her chest, showing the red belly of fragrance.

At that time, Chen I rescued the naked land of the whole body, and the History was home to the town to buy her clothes. “Futian Town” is not better than “Fuzhou Government”, and the history of the high-level decent coat is deliberate to the only brothel “of the town” Yiqing Tower “bought a few of the prostitute wearing the clothes and trousers, let Lu Xuan frost Wearing on the body, the purpose is waiting for this day to be used as a help.

History is separated by his belly, gently stroking her full chest, and feels that he doesn’t slip, so that he is excited; seeing the semi-transparent belly to wrap the breasts in her protrusions, uli and nipples More attractive. Shi Da does not feel the shackles, hurriedly took off his belly, I saw the twiluge of it. The pale pink is like a flower buds, and it is fully emitted by a woman’s mature.

Shi Daqiang talled the wrestling of the bears, reached out to put her double milk, softly pressed, and the mouth had a word: “Oh, my little baby, let me love you …” Lu Xuan frost’s double milk, Under the history of the hospice, it is already congested, and the nipples are also hard and horses; her bright red lips also spit out a soft breath.

Shi Da played, the more addicted, immediately use the index finger and the yam finger to return to the two tempting nipples, and the whole head is also buried in the cleansing; at this time, the breath of Lu Xuan froth has gradually slowed fast. Even a low 呻吟.

“It’s great ….” Shi Dadi uses the lip tongue, all the way to the uniform breasts along the clever ditch, and then extend the tongue in the pink tongue to tease the circle, two lips are also pressed on the nipple地 suck. It is probably too exciting. After a long time, Lu Xuan frost slowly opened his eyes from 呻 吟.

Shi Da has a prevention, seeing her to wake up, immediately reach the palm to cover her lips, the whole body is pressing, this coming, Xuanzhuang wants to be called, I can’t move.

Lu Xuan froth creep, squatting, screaming, and there was a sound in the mouth. Surge is low in her ear: “My lovely big lady, you don’t struggle! I don’t have malicious, I just want to hurt you. You will love you. You will say that you will be ignorant, I am dangerous Save you from the big kick’s hand, now I have a small requirement, will you not agree? Come, I let you let you feel comfortable, you don’t want to be good? “

Lu Xuan Shuang hesitated halfway, he had to node. The History has moved from her pixin, and then slowly moved his mouth. Lu Xuan froth sighed a breath, and the histori quickly smashed the lip in her red lips. Lu Xuan froth was shocked. I wanted to take the first side, the chin was uniform. After struggling a few times, I stopped resisting the rebellion .

History is no longer resist, confidence is increased, spit out of the wet tongue, exploring her mouth in the middle and east, and the tongue is constantly chaining her tongue. Lu Xuanzhuang was kissed by him, and a shunt was slightly placed from her body.

The history of her tongue rolled out and kept sucking. His hand began to be unregulated, and he was unsatisfactory in her strong breasts, and slowly stroked all the way. Holding her abdomen, navel, lower abdomen, and finally explored in the trousers, boldly dig the lips under the grass with your fingers. Lu Xuanzhuang is shameful, and the slender legs are hurriedly clamped, but the History’s fingers are like a terrible weapon, constantly picked with her lips, and the whole site is gradually wet.

The historical fingers are constantly all, the tongue is even more selling, and the two lips desperately smoked her fragrant and kissed, kissed and kissed, Lu Xuan frost was attacked without a fight.

At this time, the historical tongue slowly left her red lips, and the two tongue dragged a long saliva. Shi Turkishly kissed in the red cheeks of Lu Xuan frost. Lu Xuan Yingkou continues to embrace, can’t help but drive.

When the two positive forgot me, a snoring suddenly rose the sky: “Hey! Shi Da, what are you doing?”

Shi suddenly turned back, a little poker, the whole right cheek, the whole person rolled out, fixes the eyes, I saw Chen Zhong biting tooth clad teeth, cheeks rising red, pair of fists, and anger.

Shi Da visited the blood, smashed the cheeks, gone: “What? Didn’t you see that I am intimate with the big lady? Are you coming?”

Chen Zhongnhen was angry, and he said: “You dare to say!” 抡 抡 便 便. Shi Da is not willing to show weakness, punching, two people have a punch, and pull up, fell to the ground twisting into a group.

Everything is so unexpectedly! Lu Xuanzhuang will not be easy to restore reason from the vitalism, sit up, pull up the clothes, and take the long hair of the people, look down on the two people, Jiao said: “Please don’t fight again. …. “The two do this only jump off, holding a fist, and angry.

Chen Zhongli came to authentic: “Miss, let me teach this despicable bastard!”

Lu Xuan frost road: “I know that you are good to me, I am very grateful to you. For me, harm you, I am very interested, ask you to talk to me, I said,” History, Chen Erman did not feel the heart and pity The attitude of the original sword is pulled, and it is eased.

Lu Xuan Shuang sighed: “I know that you all like me very much, in order to please me, what you will do. But you took me, and used tough means forced me, ruined my innocence, you do this. Hey, I really don’t hate you … “

Chen Zhongzhi said: “We are indeed very despicable, in order to make your own pictures, I am destroyed by Miss your life, hehe …” Shi Da is just a red face, but it is not awkward.

Lu Xuan frost also said again: “I couldn’t be a big lady, and the teacher. I am old. Now? I have n’thing, everything is ash, and I have a black, you said, who said, who is blamed “History, Chen two people looked at it, the double double low.

Lu Xuan frost also said again: “Maybe I shouldn’t blame you, if it is not the first of my clothes, you will not lose reason, if you blame the sin, it is too unfair … History, Chen Seconds see her a contrary, the first thing I understand, I am very touched in my heart.

Just listening Lu Xi Shuang continued: “I thought for a long time in these few days, I hurt from Xiao, everyone is all I am used to, I think that others should be good to me. If I fell into the valley, Being thunder, I am afraid I am only living in my ivory tower, I can’t experience the terrible real life, and I can’t feel your good … “

Chen Zhongdao: “You are our big lady, you should have it to you …”

Lu Xuan Shuang low voice: “You are dangerous, rescue me from hell, from that day, everything, I have to return to you, since this is already a way that can’t look back, I have … Continue to go, I don’t know you …. Will you give abandon me … “Say the last voice actually decorate the mosquito, ashamed is red.

“Silly girl, we love you, how can you disappear you? Hey …” There is no history of the situation, I don’t know when I have already sat next to Lu Xuan froth, and I kiss it on her cheeks. She stretched into her clothes behind her, greedily kneaded the pair of breasts that had no belly. Lu Xuan frost low closed eyes, bite his lips, let the history are big and thin.

History has played for a while, and the surely picked up Lu Xuan froth, he rely on the bed and let her lean on his own chest. I stripped her clothes and reached out from behind, and continued to put her ears with a bare breast, spit out his ears.

Shi Dazhen can be said to be a master! At the same time, the tongue will not be able to stop, and the hands are gentle and enthusiastic to lapse on her strong breasts, the nap and index finger is lightering the pair of congestive. At this time, Lu Xuanzhuang deeply feels that the pleasing caress is very exciting.

“This woman has completely become our mistress!” History was smart with his face, and his pink and smooth cheeks were smashed, and Chen Zhongli had a eye, and Chen Zhong also joined this. Rows.

Chen Zhong glanced his eyes, looked at the two people’s gestures, just like his own heart, baby was taken away. It is very thoughtful, but it is hard to go forward.

“I don’t want to play, I don’t wait for you …” Shi Dayi dragged the chin of Lu Xuan frost, absorbing the lip in her red lips, and the other hand slowly put her clothes. At this time, Lu Xuan frost’s body is weak and no preparation, everything is under the master of History. At this time, the history of history pulled out the erect meat stick in the crotch, holding Lu Xuan frost, letting her hold a angry stick to bottom; another hand also strokes from the breast, passing through the belly, navel, and rich grass The zone will stay in Taoyuan hole, the fingers are cleverly allocated with the lip, the sweet honey is constantly moving, and the grass is wet. His kiss also kissed it all the way, from the chin, the powder neck, shoulder, the armpit, and the tremorial breasts, the history of the nipples included in the mouth and licked with the tip of the tongue.

Lu Xuan froth relies on the histori, looking up, the eyes is slight, the wet red lips are sweet and low, body, the heart is completely dissolved in joy.

Lu Xuan Shuang has a lot of secreted honey, which has been covered with the whole lip, the grass and the historical finger. Scholar, she twisted her buttocks, sent a drinking snoring, and I don’t want to be can’t hold, I will blow the air in her ear: “Little kiss, I don’t want to go to heaven? Um? How do I love you? “

In the past, I couldn’t make sex when I felt Lu Xuan frochards. But this time is late, he is going to ask Xuanzhuang to take the initiative to seek him to Chen Zhong demonstration, protesting a punch on the cheeks.

Lu Xuan Shuang saw him deliberately, and he didn’t say it. However, under the attack of the big wave of history, I can’t hold it, I have to drink it: “Ask …. Ask you …. Do that thing … I can’t help but .. .. “

Shi Da deliberately opened the voice: “Do this thing”? What does it mean? You don’t explain how I don’t know how to help you! “

Lu Xuanzhuang low cry: “It is …. and I love …. Please …”

“Hey! You want me to insert you?”

All the self-made hearts and shames given Lu Xuan frost to take the head: “Yes, please …. Insert me …”

Shi Avenue: “Good voice, I can’t hear it.”

Lu Xuan Shuangbi bites a bit bite, and the sharp says: “I beg you! I step down!”

History feels two times in the victory, and said: “You are a big lady! Is this good?”

Lu Xuan Shuang lost ingredients and shook his head: “I am not a big lady! I am your slave! Ask you to plug me ….”

Shi Da is proud of Chen Zhongyi, excited: “I will take you to heaven!” Extend your hands to hug Lu Xuan frost, let her sit in his arms; hug her abdomen, let After she explored the position of the glans, she gently put her down, her meat stick inserted into the lip, and lifted it.

“Oh …” Lu Xuan frometry does not help out the sound from the mouth, and the body starts to move up and down. Historic Her buttocks helped her twist, and they also began to pump.

Under the male, you can bring a lot of pleasure to the woman. This is the idea of ​​holding Lu Xuanzhuang in his arms. Such a deep, sharp joy experience, is the first to Lu Xuanzhuang. Her screamed in the body: “Too …. Too wonderful ….” “She excitedly riding in the arms of the History, slamming her own double milk, head backward I was smashing and chaos, I’m going to fly on the earth; sweet goney, with a twitching, constantly overflow from the lip.

On the side, Chen Zhong, I have already wanted to burn in the fire, and I kept the meat stick with my own red angeation; but I saw the two people so intoxicated in sensuality, I didn’t feel angry: “History The big guy is so cool, but I stand here to have a added addiction, my mother, and who are afraid? “With a very strong attitude, I can’t do anything else, immediately stripped clothes and jumped into bed. the firm cock stuffed into Kai Lu Xuanshuang half of the lips.

Lu Xuanshuang positive wander among the waves of pleasure, a sudden stab to the throat huge cock, pulsating cock more exciting women’s functional, stretched out his hands holding the cock in his mouth and around his mouth with cock Taonong.

Lu Xuanshuang riding in Shida Huai, everything Choucha by her body in control. Take into consideration the cock in the mouth, the following actions will inevitably delayed the; hip twist sustained quivering mouth cock and can not smooth out. That is the history of the stool out of anger stick, move the body to the bed, pinned her in the bed, lifted her left leg slender cross on his right shoulder, was again inserted, continue pumping; this time, Chen’s cock also was able to smoothly in and out of her mouth.

History of Japan Chen Zhonghe you look at me I see you, the body is still struggling to gallop forward, his face serious expression, along with the pumping action of gradually calm; the last two are will carefully smile, dissatisfaction with each other in the smile vanished NS. In the charming moans Lu Xuanshuang, the history and Chen harder gallop, hearts share a common goal: “Let her go to heaven now!”

Two men and a woman went up from him since the night began to live a dissolute life. Only three Spring Night every night, Spring Night every day, even a few days before the start, in addition to eating, bathing, toileting, almost all spent in bed; even when taking a bath, will make obscene action.

On the one hand, Lu Xuan froth is a heart-governing psychology. On the other hand, the heart of the history, Chen Seconds, for all obscene behavior, but not only, but in turn She is no longer living sincerstronically, and she is replaced by sexual slaves, obeying history, and two of the two people. Shi Da and Chen Zhong saw her solemnly, naturally, even more, grateful to “”. The three-person lascitation behavior continues, and it is not limited by any factors. A few days ago, Lu Xuan frost is coming, Taoyuan Cave must be closed, she uses the tongue, mouth and hands to satisfy the history, Chen I’s desire, but only a difficult force, Lu Xuan froth is on the meat sticks of the two When she put the huge great rods in the mouth, she used her hands to serve Chen Zhong; when Chen Zhong’s hook conquered the mouth of Lu Xuan froth, her hand also set the meaning of history.

Chen Zhong’s meat stick, under the beautiful tongue service of Lu Xuan frost, mounted the peak of the peak; the meat stick exploded in her mouth, she enthusiastically swallowed the hot juice. “Ah … I …. I can’t!” History of History, reached out to catch her hair, her face, her mouth is still open, shot The liquid has sprayed in her forehead, cheeks, chin, the beautiful face full of insertion.

Excessive life, always recruit unfortunate. The deposits in the farmhouse have been exhausted, and there is no, history has to go to “Futian Town” to add goods; this town is not bigger than “Fuzhou House”, but the people in the street come to the ground, and quite lively.

Shi Da is easily striking, and the heart has always thought about what special little tricks in the evening. “Right, Miss’s anus has not been developed, playing in her evening!” I thought that Lu Xuan froth has become a rocky slave, and I feel that my heart is angry. I am happy.

Just as the Side Side, the fantasy, his own meat stick is inserted into the anus of Lu Xuan Cream. When she is afraid, she sees a far street, a white man is looking at myself. When Shi Daton, he took the tongue and the two legs trembled. “My Mom …” When I turned, I fled to the grassland in the east, and the two legs were soft, squatted, and the mouth continued to gas.

“How? This is tired? Is it exhausted, physical strength?” The spoke, the history is very panic, look up, the white man does not know when it has been standing before, with a murderous.

“Rao …. Rao!” The Schlenidian rolledily wanted to leave, but he was grasped by the white man.

“Shi Da, do you still recognize me?” The white man smiled.

Shi Da has to look back and smile: “You … Hello, white purse …” This white man is white.

Bai Shao Ding “Hey” asked: “My little teacher, should you take care of it? Well?”

Shi Da felt an unprecedented horror hit the heart, He said, “I …. We are framed, spare ….”

Bai Shaotan will take the historion to the ground, and you will really hide: “You will really hide, or if you want to touch you, I really don’t know where to find you. Bring me. Go see Xiaoshi! “

The horizontal verticalness is dead, and the personality of the history will definitely fight for a battle. It’s just a meaning of Bai Shaotine, and I’m from knowing that martial arts is far from him. The only way, only to take him to Lu Xuan froth, maybe two people feel like it, will spare him and Chen Zhong’s life. Here, I have to stand up and lead to the direction of the peony in the farmhouse.

All the way, the history of the history, the contour, the West, wants to make a set, but white Shao Ding is always cold face without cavity. Shi is unrestrained, no longer more, but the heart is secretly praying, and the men and women don’t worry.

After a while, the pendant was included in the eye. The history of the History flows with the cold sweat, and the white dinner will go to the yard of the bamboo fence. After a few steps, I felt that I was a hemp, and I got a hole in Bai Shao Ding. The whole body had to move.

White Shao Shantou glared at him coldly, and he walked forward. I just pushed the door through the yard, and a delicate waves came out. “It’s over! This time I’m finished …” Shi Dayton is like a dish, the heart is cool.

Bai Shao Ding stiffness came into the house, follow the waves of the sound of the east, found the room to pass the sound, and bowed to the door, suddenly stayed like a five thunder trend, the whole body trembled, anger. In his eyes, it is a picture of a live color fragrance: Lu Xuan frost rides on Chen Zhong’s belly, twisting your butt force, full of colorful fingers, 兀 揉 揉 捏 着 被 被 顶The yuki, the scattered long hair floated on the naked beer with the swing of the head, the wet tongue continued to lick his red lips, and the throat continued to send a sultry, the face is a Survival look. And the old-bedded Chen Zhong has not been idle, and she is crazy. She is smashed with her body trembled breast.

White Shao Qin’s face was floating on his face. It was strange that after reading half, his teeth biting, quietly returned to leave. He reached out to seize the back of the History, leaving the farmhouse, and the body of the history of the big move is dragged on the ground. The whole body is grouting.

Bai Shaotin dragged him into a small mountain valley of a strange stone, and he was heavy to the ground. Finally couldn’t help but hurt the heart. After the whistling, immediately took out the long sword behind him, and the horses were crazy. He was angry: “I slaughtered your shameless lascifier!” History closed his eyes, heart: “I am going!” Desperate sighed. “Stop!” I heard a magnetic voice, the sword was too late, and the Shi Da took the cold sweat and Xu Xun, but saw a handsome blue shirt youth with folding fan, blocking white plob A sword.

Bai Shaofin IV: “Hua Tian Butterior! Why stop me?” The blue shirt is a flower to nail.

Hua Shi Butterfly shakes the fan, says slow Sri: “You are too impulsive, a sword stabbed him, isn’t it broken my big meal? I will return it!” Bai Shaotin had hated hate. History, withdrawing the prince.

Hua Zi Die smiled and used a folding fan to the history, smiled: “The brother, I have been a long time. How? My ‘Three-day must be a wife’ prophecy, is it accurate? Supreme Mrs. Can you be good? Ha …. “

The history of history, I saw the sword of Bai Shaotin, I thought that I killed it, I was so easy to be easily separated by Huaying butterfly. When he called Bai Shaotin back, Xia Shao Ding Ming Ming hated it, but also hearing, More I feel more than a thumbful; when the flower and nine will mention the prediction of “Three-day, there must be a wife”, the heart is known in the hearts; so the acupoint has been unwrapped, and the histori is immediately jumped, pointing to Hua Shi Butterfly. Dao: “I and Chen Zhong are not pairing by you?”

Hua Shi Butterfly is laughing and not answering, and it will promote narrowly: “There is something, I want you to help you, and you don’t help …” Shi Daxie has embarked on the thief boat, no longer .

In the evening in the middle of the night, Lu Xuanzhuang is only sleepless on the bed. I remember that the history of the day has said that there is a different pattern of different gods this evening, but it will be no movement until now. Wearing a half-transparent pocket and trousers, there seems to be a bit can’t stand.

Since the first time, Shi Da and Chen Zhongzhi is now a whole month. After the tuning of Shizhang and Chen Zhong, it is not difficult to find that Lu Xuan frost flesh and mental change; originally pure women, become mature and sensitive; painful mind, also become enthusiastic and greedy. It is the best certificate that can’t stand the empty space.

Lu Xuan Shuang jumped quickly, and worked hard and didn’t care, “Yeame” opened the hometown door, but saw history, Chen Zhong sat on the table, and docked with a candle.

History, Chen Erman heard the opening of the door, all scared, jumped up; Shi Avenue: “Miss, so late, why have you been still not sleeping?”

Lu Xuan froth hides himself, and the support is: “Tonight, um …. Don’t you have previous?”

History, Chen Hi people are looking at it, Chen Zhongdao: “Miss, what did you?”

Lu Xuan froth willow, ashamed, the smoked: “No …. Isn’t it …. Is there any new trick tonight?”

Everyone suddenly realized that Shi Avenue: “Oh! You said that? Yes! Tonight is going to develop your anus …”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the words, I didn’t feel the two steps, and my hands were hidden with my own abdomen. I frown: “What? What to develop here …” I thought that I was taken by Lei Hu The masher is inserted into the feeling of pain, and I don’t feel afraid in my heart.

Shi Da Lu Xi Shuang is scared that the flowers are out of color, and they will turn the way: “If you don’t want, then it is, it doesn’t matter …”

Lu Xuanzhuang hesitated half-awaited, suddenly bite, whispered: “I promised you to obey, you want to play …. Come …”

If you usually, the history will rush the past; but now he is a counter-state, and he said: “Hey …. Of the insert, hurt your body can not be wonderful. I will go to the pharmacy with a few posts, let you eat, let you have a few times, the anal expansion is used to, you can insert … “

Chen Zhong interface: “Miss, I bother you every night, you always sleep well. Because we plan to take you to visit a friend tomorrow, I will not bother you tonight. I hope you have a good rest. …. “

“Oh …. It turns out …” Lu Xuan froth is rest assured and disappointed, tomorrow is going to visit what friends are not interested, and the red face is low to leave.

Chen Zhong saw Lu Xuan frost far away, silence and half, said: “I see that Miss Miss seems to be disappointed …”

Shi Da shakes his head: “I can’t help it! It’s going to do ten times in the day. Now I still want to think about it? Miss a strong sexual desire …”

Chen Zhongxiang is full: “If it is usually, I will do it a few times. But now …. 唉 …”

Shi Da “呸” said: “Nonsense! I didn’t matter if you haven’t affected the night, now I will go to the big lady, and there is ten hits.”

Chen Zhong frowed: “I really don’t understand, and then, how do you say that they have been unmarried; to send Miss to that place, it is too cruel …”

Shi Avenue: “In fact, it is the flower and nails in the ghost, but I don’t understand, what is the handle of White Holle fall into the guy? Do you listen to him? It is not frowning, and it is not like a passion of a loved on Miss! “Chen Zhongyan boxing:” Telling it, put my beloved Miss to the place, I am not willing to be unwilling ! “

Shi big smile: “Let’s live you have smiled. What else wants to ask? Why don’t you like, but you can’t change your strange destiny …”

Sixth, zero flower is red dust

Lu Xuan Shuang has been sitting in this gorgeous room.

Today, I took her to visit her friends. After a beautiful back garden, I entered this decorative room. Although Lu Xuan Shuang did not understand why visit to friends did not take the main entrance, but from the back door, she felt that the friend must be both rich in the décor.

Just greeted by two corrupt male servants, Shi Da and Chen Zhong suddenly wanted to the toilet, and they were taken out by the servant. Half time passed, Shrizhong and Chen Zhong have never come back.

Lu Xuan Shuang feels that the servant here is very arrogant. It is always staring at her. Let her feel uncomfortable, want to go out, but they are discouraged by servants, so that she is more uneasy.

At the time of being anxious, the door opened. “How to be so long …” Lu Xuan frost did not finish, because the entry is not Shi Da and Chen Zhong.

In the door, it is a man wearing gorgeous marks, a man dress up, two strong bodyguards and several ring. Lu Xuan Shuang is busy standing up, I am awkward: “Mrs. Hello, I am a big, Chen Zhong, one, I don’t know where, I still don’t come back .. .. “

The expectant Mrs is from the age of 30, wearing a very gorgeous jail, wearing gold Dai Yu, Zhu Guangbao, Zhu lips, white eyebrow, face makeup very beautiful. She looked at the hands and sleeves, smiled: “I know, I know, is your name? 18 years old, it is the age of going to be placed. ..” Take a look like a smile, Take carefully up and down.

Lu Xuan Shuang felt that there were more than a dozen eyes in the house. How is Zhong …. Still not return … “Sudden cheeks fever, full face red.

“Beautiful, really beautiful …” The lady looked down on Lu Xuan frost, muttered in the mouth: “I haven’t seen such a beautiful girl for a long time, she, the body is good, the whole body has emitted a woman’s maturity. Charming, coating the general management, you said that the five hundred and two silver flowers are not worth it? “

The man dressed in the master is a smile: “Why is it worth it? It’s too cheap! Her beauty, our girls can’t be more than! It’s really rare good goods!”

Lu Xuan frost, the more I found it, I want to ask, but I saw that the lady walked over gently and gently pulled her chin, reaching out in her pink cheeks, touched, and confidentiality : “It’s good to touch the skin …. Touching a good comfort …” The face of makeup, more sticks to the red cheeks of Lu Xuan frost …..

Lu Xuanzhuang was scared by this amazing move, and his lady spitied in the ear: “Come, take off his clothes and let me know …”

Lu Xuan Shuang “Wow” shocked, pushed the lady, retired after Lian: “This …. This is a mistake …”

The lady laughed: “Silly girl, you don’t take clothes, how do I know if you are real material? Come, fast …”

Lu Xuan Shuang feels that this place should not stay for a long time. “I have to go back!” The hair rushed to the door, but was blocked by the two strong bodyguards. Lu Xuan Shuang angered: “Let me go!” Guider said: “From now on, here is your home, I will take care of your …”

Lu Xuanzhuang anger, “” two boxing in the bodyguard chest, knowing two bodyguards “嘿嘿” evil, not moving. Lu Xuan frost shouted: “Shi Da! Chen Zhong! Come and save me!”

The lady smiled: “No need to call it! After you get your soldier, you will be far away, since then, you will be a piece of our ‘Yiqing Tower’, I will cultivate you, let You become a red name, don’t worry … “

Lu Xuanzhuang heard almost dizzy, only listened to the lady and said: “I am the owner of our ‘Yiqing Tower’, you can call me ‘Qi You’, what is it?” Refers to the man who is dressed in the side of the teacher: “He is our total tube, surname, and then call him ‘Approach House’, understand?” Pulling a smile to Lu Xuan froth.

Don’t tell, Lu Xuanzhuang is sold by Shida and Chen Zhong to the brothel. Lu Xuan froth grows in the home of the pride, and has always had a good eye, and the most spur, the people who are as shameful, and the wakes and pleasant young buildings; But in your heart, you still have a lot of people in the hook. I can’t think of today, I am going to sell it, you are humiliated and resentful, and you will be crying now, and it is sad.

Qixi is very pity, Lu Xuan Shuang knows that he is thinner, absolutely can’t be hard, and immediately ask the knees, ask Zi Zi, “Qi Yan, beg you, let me! I was cheated. Come, I………………………………………………………………………………….

Lu Xuan frost urgently: “I … I have no texture now, but as long as you let me go, I will go home to take five hundred and two silver to give you good? Just ask you …”

Qi Zi sighed, and the good luck and funny landed, slow Sri Road: “What are you talking about stupid? You are in a doctrine, you have a problem, how can you go home? Even You return home, how do you get it out? Don’t think that I don’t know your situation, I have told me what you sold, you and these two men. I don’t have the face of your Lu family. How do you go back? Even if your face is thick, but your old face is lost, not only is attracted by the neighbors of the neighbor, you are in the rivers and lakes I can’t lose it … “

Lu Xuan froth was said to be a dumb, but he had to swear: “I … should I do? What should I do? …”

Qixi pityly wiped her tears, warmth: “It is very simple, you are home to be home, you can’t wait to be in ‘Yiqing Tower’! Shi Da said that you are extremely strong, often have strong Need, stay in ‘Yiqing Tower’, not only can dress up to drift, but also enjoy endless love, just satisfying your needs! Anyway, you are not innocent, no more scruples , Stay, I will guarantee that you will be satisfied … “

With the hard and hardness of the three-inch tongue of Qi Yan, Lu Xuanzhuang recalls that the prophecy warning of the old people at the time, finally wanted to gray: “Hey! Is it really destined?”, Only have to have tears.

Lu Xuan froth first into the Qinglou, there is less than a renovation, and you will meet the rules of sisters. Qi Yan and the Poetry Tube took her and took her to see the sisters of “Yi Love Building”. The three Taiwan pillars of “Yiqing Tower” and the prostitutes, when Lu Xuan Shuang is so bright and beautiful, like a fairy, I don’t think all my heart is born; seeing her a poor and poor look, but also look The more you don’t look pleasing; everyone is holding the sunset, whispering the private language, or not to see Lu Xuan frost with good faith.

Queon’s public announced the way: “This is your new sister. From this way, it is called ‘love slaves’. I don’t understand anything. When you are sister, you can don’t forget to take care of this sister! “

A broth of a strong makeup stared at Lu Xuan frost: “Hey! New, are you still a woman?”

Lu Xuan froth listens, shame is full of red, and bowing down. The Purchad General has now whispered in her ear: “The sisters are in question, they can’t ignore, so that they will be sad after the day!”

Lu Xuan Shuangbi bites, I have to answer: “Not …”

Another prostitute immediately interfaced: “I see you nor! Hey, you have a light, the woman’s charm is full, the eyes are molant, the MSI is a hundred years, you have been killed by men a few hundred times, and a lot of men The semen is it? “The people heard the words and smiled.

Lu Xuan frost listens and annoyed, the big lady of “Weiyuan Dart Bureau”, actually slamming the sorrowful prostitute, the heart is angry, just want to let the anti-lips, only listen to Qi Huao said: “Good Enough! What jokes with new sisters? “The hand of Lu Xuan frost and introduced three major Taiwan pillars and prostitutes.

Each prostitute has a different way of welcome: Some is just a touch of light and Lu Xuan froth, and there is not much to say; some white is no longer ignored; some have a criticism of her. Some faces The expression of the threat, clear: “You have to give me a long eye!”; Some in her ear, whispering and smiling: “You can rest assured, we will” take care “you, 嘿嘿 … “Some of them pulls her mouth and carefully checks her tooth and tongue; some are separated from the clothes, reach out of her to the towering breast; Under, force the skin on her thigh inside, and Lu Xuan frost will almost fall. As soon as I came down, Lu Xuanzhuang’s self-esteem was greatly blown, and he was ashamed in the heart.

It’s hard to see the rules of the sisters. If Qi Yan returned to his bed, let her signed a soldiers, and Da Yan smiled: “Well, now you have already officially become our” Yi love There is a piece of the building. I know that they have just been humiliated you, you must feel very sad, but you think, will you face how much harsh hackers? If you even have this humiliation, I can’t stand it. Guarantee that you will be born like it … “

Lu Xuan froth has to tears tears: “I know …”

Qixi pity wipe her tears, warmth: “Don’t cry, now let me get it in your own bath, dress up, pick you the first guest tonight …”

Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked: “It’s so fast …”

Qixi caressing the red cheeks of Lu Xuan frost, smiling: “Of course! Love slaves, you are so beautiful, there are extensive experience, many old players want to try you! Live outside the town, Willing to spend the fifty two silver to buy your first night, you have to wait for people to wait, do you know? “

It took off the garment up and down on Lu Xuan Cream, and Qi Yan took her hand into the bathroom in the interior. A large cylinder of the rose bath that exudes a burst of aroma. Cassi is smeared with lots of land in Lu Xuan Cream, and her slender finger produces sweet stimuli on the breasts of Lu Xuan frost, under the lower abdomen and thighs, and the action is almost caress. Lu Xuanzhuang did not dare to face the greedy expression of Qi Qi, and only had a little bit of hurt.

Then, the can’t rinse her body with water scoop, two hands touched in her strong breasts and black grans, and constantly speaking in her ear. Lu Xuanzhuang is very uneasy to the teasing of Qi Yan, a strong homosexual breath, forcing Lu Xuanzhuang gasping.

“Qi Yan, don’t …” Lu Xuan Shuang couldn’t help but push the Quan Yan, his hands closed the breasts and genitals, and the face was ashamed. After a smirk, please worried with a bath towel, carefully wiped the carcass of Lu Xuan frost.

Wash the whole body, the naked beauty of Lu Xuan froth is constantly emitting the fragrance of the people. After smiling at all, please, I started with her makeup. I saw the original charming Lu Xuanzhuang, Yunxiao, the long skirt, dressed in the rumor, the ear, the ear of the green pendant; the good flower is in the dressing of the rouge, there is a faintly resistant气.

Qixi looked at Lu Xuanzhuang, looking for a careful makeup, full of women’s charity, and did not feel finely touched her soft and smooth face, whispered: “My love slave! You are really …. Too beautiful! Don’t say it is a man, even women want to be a friend … “

Lu Xuan Shuang curiously took the mirror, can’t help but stop! I can’t think of myself in the mirror, I will be so delicate to be so delicious; I can’t help but reach out and care stroke my own pink and teaphed face.

Lu Xuanzhuang is inxicating in a glamorous and delicate, and Qi Qi suddenly said: “Your lip is done …” Gently pull her chin, wet tongue in her red and bright Sakura The lips were licked. Lu Xuan frost was fascinated by the net, and he rushed to the 姨 姨. Qixi is finely licking her two red lips, saliva is deceived with red lips and tempting. The mouth of Qi Yan did not bustard on the mouth of Lu Xuan froth. The four red lips were wrapped together, and the Qi Yan took the tongue of Lu Xuan frost and wrapped together, and sent a sound.

Lu Xuanzhuang was angry by Kiss, and she pushed the other party. She kept his head and panting, cheeks. Qi Zi is eating a little smile, and the hair of the unrest is ignorant: “This is almost …”

When Lu Xuan froth saw the bloated and obese body and the emotion of the shame, it was very disgusting. Chen said, “Are you a love slave? My God! I am really waiting for good goods, I will go to bed with me, I can’t help …” Running off all body clothes, pull the neckline of Lu Xuan frost .

Lu Xuan Shuang is anger, and it is playing and escaping. The excitement of the excitement, lifting Lu Xuan froth, kissed in her face, and his hands rushed to peel off her clothes. Lu Xuan frost and cry again, desperately struggling, but where is the opponent outside? The whole body’s trousers is stripped, and the full breasts and seductive genitals are open.

Chen believes that there is a madness, and the whole face is buryed into the land of Lu Xuanzhuang.

“Hey!” Chen was hurting and got up: “His grandmother! Laozihua is coming, how do you still play me? It’s a good and spicy scorpion …” Lu Xuan frost again to the outside The meat stick is heavy.

“Wow …” I only heard the mourning of the mourning, holding the crowd, rolling on the ground, the ground is covered with blood. Lu Xuan frost suddenly horrified, and it is not homited to run out of the room while running …..

In the night, in the room of Qi Yu, Lu Xuan frost naked the body was tied to the ground by five flowers, and the 姨 姨 鼓,, 姨 姨 地 地 地 地 子 地 地 地 地 地 地 子 地 地 地 地 子 地 子 地 地 地;; 地; 地 地;;; 地; 地 地 地 地 地; 地 地Dare to interleave with the eyes of Guys.

Qi Yan bites his teeth: “Okay, love slaves, you can be very powerful, the first time I do a business, I will put the signboard of our ‘Yiqing Tower’.”

Lu Xuanzhuang low cry: “Qi Yan, I am sorry …”

“Sorry useful?” Gu Angi angry: “You will take the life of the king of Chen to kick, people want to tell you! Nothing, you are in the Tuen Mun, you have to wait for Chen. Outside the staff, you will give me this hall, do you deliberate me? Well? “

Lu Xuan Shuang frightened: “The Chen has outside …. I have a good ugly, the action is rude, I see it is disgusting, I … I don’t dare to pick this kind of guest …”

Qi Diji refers to Lu Xuan frost forehead with a pointer, it is clear: “Do you think who you are? You are a prostitute, only the man who is playing with a man, the room for choosing an object? You want to choose an object! You give I have a good job, do it well, wait for you to become a pillar here, I want to pick it up from you … “

Lu Xuan frost is full of tears, whispering, is suggesting: “Qi Yan, please ask you, you still spare me! I really will not pick up ….”

Qi Yu stands in front of Lu Xuan frost, it is clear: “Will n’t pick up the guest? Good! The old lady teaches you, you have to give me a good geography …” Take the five flowers on Lu Xuan Shuang tied one. When Lu Xuan frometry suddenly released, the tears were confused, and they looked at Queu. I saw that Qihu took off a piece of Chinese service on her body and exposed a white nude. Qi Yu is a middle-aged middle-aged woman in the thirty years old, but the body is well maintained, the skin is white, the body is tall and tall, and the cricket zone is very thick.

Qixi sat in front of Lu Xuan frost, touched her gliitive cheek, soft in her ear: “Good love slaves, pay attention to every action, study hard with heart …” Two red lips The cheeks of Lu Xuan froth kissed it, and her hands were closely with her, and both palms were also gently gently stunned.

Lu Xuan froth felt a strong homosexual horses, and doned and dazzling. Qi Yan continued to rub it with his cheeks, and kissed her forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and ears from time to time, two hands were more short of her naked back And the abdomen goes. Lu Xuanshui closed his eyes, let Zi Ziyi pickful.

The two women’s nipples are teasing each other, the thighs also interact friction, and Qi Yan can’t help but stick to the red lips of Lu Xuan frost with his mouth. Lu Xuan frost was sucked out by the mouth of Guys, and the two lips of Guys were constantly sucking. Hunning and thirsty.

Lu Xuanzhuang was attacked by Kazakhstan, and when the mouth of the mouth left, the two people had a slender saliva. Qi Yan licks the ears of Lu Xuan frost, and he loudly next to her ears, and she rubbed her rich breasts, and the other hand was more detained on her labip.

The same sex between the same sex, the first time, but there is no sense of disgust, but feels that his body will generate pleasure in the skill of Qi Yan, and the smooth flesh of Qi is also wonderful. Just inserting the tongue of Qi, inserted into the ear, or sucking the nipple, Lu Xuan froth couldn’t help but he sound.

When the fingers of Qixi started the event, Lu Xuan frost felt that the fingers of the Qixi dial the hair and separated the two labiars. “Ah …. 姨 姨 …. Don’t …” Lu Xuan Shuang is difficult to twist your ass, also shake his head, and constantly send sexy humming.

“A lot of sticky things, it seems that you really like sex between the same look? I have to put my fingers in the fingers!” Qi Yan slammed the body support of Lu Xuan frost with the left arm, and the middle fingers of the right hand inserted Meat.

“Ah …. 唔 …” “Qi Yan said in the ear of Lu Xuanzhuang, the finger continued to enjoy the activities of the meat, the nervery and the index finger clamping the squeezer of Lu Xuan frost; Fingers or strong or weakly forced Lu Xuanzhuang climbed the peak of pleasure.

“Ah …. Canced …. 姨 …. I … I have to vent it …” Lu Xuan frost crazyly swallowed. Qixi gave a greedily kissed her red lips and laughed: “Don’t vent it, I will teach you more fun.” The finger filled with genture is pulled out from Lu Xuanzhuang, and will take her Push down, kissed from his face all the way.

Lu Xuan Shuang is in the thrill of embarrassment, and Fusan aunt kisses his own noodle, breast, nipple, belly, lower abdomen, yin, the last soft mouth stays above the wet labia.

A wave of thrills invaded Lu Xuan frost every corner, and every obscene movement of Qi, constantly brought Lu Xuan Shuang Toism. The last time, Qi Yu dials the legs of Lu Xuanzhuang, and his legs also clamped her crowd room, starting a wave of a wave of regularity.

The two women’s legs intersected each other, under the leadership of Qi Yan, the two lips frivized each other, but the ass, you come to me, and you will flow. Such actions are novel and stimulating against Lu Xuan froth. She raises her head, breathed, with the movement of Qi Yan, and Qi Qi continued to lead Lu Xuan frost action, let each of them It can be closely close to each other.

The two men are filled with Xiang sweat, and they will breathe. Under the leadership of Qi Yan, Lu Xuan froth finally reached an unprecedented climax. “Ah …. 唔 ….” Lu Xuanzhuang smashed the lower body, rushed to the sky, and the two legs were hard, and they got a climax in the wheezing.

Since Lu Xuanzhuang is sold to the brothel, it has been half a month, Lu Xuan Yany is finally able to throw away the behavior of the woman’s woman. Although her bed work is more experienced than the public, she is dressed, she is dressed, she is in the fairy, glamorous, many old rain, new knowledge is willing to spend money, “Love slave” is also short The time is transmitted.

But because Lu Xuan Shuang is famous, the sisters’ ahead, makes a big taboo of sisters, makes a jealousy to burn, often use the guidelines to enter the excuses, and the Lu Xuan frost is insult. The face, the meat, curses, humiliation, is very common, even deliberately spit in her diet, or stripped her clothes, pinching her nipple, using his fingers to dig up her vagina And the anus, making her feel pain. Once, Lu Xuan froth couldn’t help, desperately resisting, but all the prostitutes made a poison, Lu Xuan Shuang tasted the suffering, no longer resist, but biting his teeth to bear the bullying and humiliation of his sister. Although the prostitutes of the Yiqing Tower prefer to bully her, but the kisan is a matter of care for her. When Lu Xuanzhuang was bullied by his sisters, as long as Qi Zi saw it, he will hurry to drink; when she is sad, Qi Yan appeases her to her; when she went out to pick up the guest, Qi Yan wore her dress. Qi Yu is good to her, has exceeded the relationship between the mother and the prostitute. After all, the two cannot be kept with the physical relationship, still continued, Lu Xuan froth will often get very happy under the leadership of Qi Yan. After these half-month tuning, Lu Xuan Cream can not only cope with all kinds of guests, even the jumble behavior of the same spirit, but also to be will be accepted.

Tonight, when Lu Xuan froth made a sporting to take the joyful passengers, in the village of Guys, they are entertaining a blue dress fan, and the handsome flowers and stained butterflies. Huahai Butterfly Folding fan is swayed, and the tea is small, and the Qi Yan also sits on the side for his tea, and the look is quite respectful.

Hua Shi Butterfly laughed: “It seems that my plan is very successful …”

Qi Zi smiled: “Yes! You are a smart person, how can I don’t believe in hand?” Also said: “The girl is not involved in the world, it is very easy to teach, the palace owner may not have to make her so Painfulness! “

Hua ni butterfly smiled: “I always feel that she is too small! I like it very much, so I want her to be more insulting, in order to meet the needs of the Palace.”

“Yes!” Qi Qi said with respect: “In this case, it will teach her more closely.”

“Forget it …” Hua Tiang Butterior: “In a few months, it is the 10th anniversary of the death of the death of the sword. This thing. Lu Xuan frost … I see tomorrow, I will take her away! “

Qi Yan heard the words, busy: “Do not make! Tomorrow, the big boss of the ‘Yiqing Tower’ will come here to do one-year inspection, so you have to wait for him to leave again, so as not to Wind and foreign branches … “

Hua nine butterfly laughed: “The green, you think this’ Jiangnan Four Magic Devils is one of the stone leopards, why did you get me?”

Qi Qi is busy: “The palace master is governed, this leopard is naturally not an opponent, but the palace owner you should know that this leopard and the ‘Na people’ have a skirt relationship. If the palace owner will appear, I am afraid I will fight the snake. Moreover This leopard’s martial arts not only high-profile, but also in this short three years, it is more than ninety-eight homes to create or acquires large and small green buildings across the Central Plains. Will hinder your big plan! “

Hua Tianfi smiled slightly, put the cup in the cup and did it: “Okay! I will find a master in the game tomorrow, see how much this leopard is!”

Today is the “Yi Love Building” to open a second alternative, a big early morning “Yiqing Tower”, in order to welcome the big boss’s stone leopard, the prostitute is also busy dressing, looking up Get the gap of the big boss and the sparrow change the phoenix. While the altar is not a business today, it has to be busy than usual.

On the occasion of everyone who is busy, Lu Xuanzhuang has been called a cold back garden by several prostitutes. The prostitutes will enjoy a few ears of land, and they use their strength to screw the meat on her thigh. Lu Xuan froth has a painful of tears, biting his teeth: “I don’t know where I am sinful, my sister …”

A prostitute “呸”, a strong vitably, a strong phlegm is on the cheeks of Lu Xuan frost, frown: “Sister! Do you need a reason?”

Lu Xuan Shuang is a grievance, and the arm wants to use the sleeves to wipe the face. Another prostitute stretches the forehead of Lu Xuan froth, sharp saying: “Without my consent, you wipe it off Look … “Lu Xuan Shuang can’t help but hang down tears.

The third prostitute is precise: “Less less is pitiful! I ask you, you are dressed so beautiful today, what is the heart?”

I saw Lu Xuan Shuang hocked with a blue satin roll, combing the Cuihua cloud, the face of the powder, and the feeling of beauty and clear. This kind of dressing is more simplicity than usual, but it seems to be in the eyes of the people, but it looks dazzling. They worry that Lu Xuan froth is too beautiful, will be subject to the attention of the big boss, and grab the style of other sisters.

Lu Xuan Shuang knew that they deliberately dilated, and how to argue it is also true, but they have to bow their heads. When the prostitute pulled the clothes on Lu Xuanzhuang, another prostitute rushed to run from the front hall and called: “It’s almost a bit! The big boss is coming! Do you get it?”

The prostitutes heard the words, and they all exposed the color of excitement. The prostitute before spitting a hair of Lu Xuan frost, which was clear: “You give me a hide, don’t come out! If you dare to debut in front of the big boss, I guarantee that you will make you eternal tonight. Unforgettable! “Said Lu Xuan froth to the ground, the prostitutes hurriedly left the scene, listening to it. Under the enthusiasm of everyone, the big boss came with a horses, and the horses under the end were an extremely strong baldness. The crowds have row a column of each other, and they went in Qi: “Welcome Mr. Big Bo Leopard to inspect the ‘Yi Love Town’!” Qi Yan stood a ritual: “Big boss, you have worked hard, you have been ready Beautiful dishes, take you dust. “

The stone leopard is a middle-aged man, the eyebrows, the cheekbones are highlighted, the lips remain two fine Hu, the sharp chin has left a long need, hands closed in the wide shaped sleeve . The detachab is looking forward to the left and right men and women, and she leaps to leap Malay: “Caifei’s gods are welcome, this year can you lose you more.” The two said a few passes, and they will be taken by Qixi and Puocial Pavilion. building.

The big boss personally visited, and the drain is different. Everyone has sent a spindle 50 or two silver, and the men and women in the building are young. The VIP building is very busy, the big boss, Xiaopao and Qi Yan, Tongji, the local hometown of the town, the three major Taizhu is accompanying, and the other men and women are divided into each table.

When the wine arrived, Wang Jiaja, who was selling in the town: “Beautiful wine, beauty, when you live a lot, say this beautiful woman …. Square, the woman is beautiful, but the woman is beautiful, but Why don’t you see the most beautiful ‘love slave girl? Today’s beauty group, if the “love slave girl, is it unprically?” Zhongfu’s name is claimed to be.

The stone leopard is sir and asked: “‘Love slaves? Who is this?” Fan smiled: “Love slaves? She is a new girl, how to be with her qualifications Wine? “

Shihua Road: “Listen to this staff so describing, there is a different place, call it to let me see it!” The prostitutes heard the color change, and he exposed the uninterested look. The Purchase Tribut, a girl, gave Lu Xuan frost.

Lu Xuanzhuang Lotus Yingying is a ritual to the VIP: “The body ‘love slaves” meets the big boss, the grandfather, the family, the general hall and the three sisters … “The eyes of the eyes are called to call her before. After the bullied prostitutes, the prostitutes of the garden, do not feel the heart, and the head did not dare to lift it.

When you see Lu Jia, you will see the beautiful beauty of Lu Xuanzhuang and I see the pity of the phlegm. Stone Leopard squinted, carefully talked, did not feel: “Sure enough is a beautiful woman! I can’t hear it …” I asked, “Love slaves, what is your name? ? “

Lu Xuanzhuang hesitatedly looked at Qi Yi, and his head, Lu Xuan froth slowly replied: “Big boss, my name is Lu Xuan Shuang …”

“Lu Xuan Shuang?” Shi Leopard Yizhao, said: “The first beauty of Fuzhou Fuzhou Fuzhou, also called Lu Xuan Shuang, will you be with her?”

Everyone in the scene, I wanted to hear the name of the Stone Leopard to hear the “love slave”, they can immediately think about the first beauty of the Fuzhou government. I don’t know if the stone leopard and the ninety-eight brothels are the big boss. It is more popular to see Guangbo. For the city well, it is even more referred to; what “Tofu Xi Shi”, “Qiantang Race” and other beautiful women’s rumors, natural nature No, Lu Xuanzhuang, “Fuzhou’s first beauty”, there is no reason not to know.

Shi Leopard saw Lu Xuan frost face, but also asked: “If I have not guess wrong, it is the honor of the ‘Weiyuan Dart Board’ Mr. Lu Dewei Lu, isn’t it?”

Lu Xuan frost suddenly, like a throat, nervous can’t come. Qixi saw the stone leopard, I wanted to play a round-spot transfer topic, how to say that the stone leopard said: “The legendary darts are proud of the four seas, his daughter Lu Xuan froth is even more eyebrows, and I can’t think of today. The lower bristate is coming, when it is true! This is a unusual thing … “Shi Leopard is looking to the Qi Qi:” Caifei, don’t you plan to tell me about the cage? “

姨 姨: “This …. is actually what is going on, I am not very clear, waiting for me to identify the truth, then tell you?”

“Hey!” Stone Leopard is hot: “I can take the ninety-eight green buildings in three years, I will get into the Golden Building, and I’m entering Wanjin, Fujia, and full of a sentence ‘with morality’! I do something for me, or my mother, or a prostitute, I have to be willing to do. The kind of forced threat is a hooligan means that is forced to be 娼, is not allowed, this should be quite clear! “

“Yes …. is ….” Qi Mington does not know what to do, sweating DC.

“So …” Stone Leopard asked Lu Xihuang Road: “You come to me ‘Yiqing Tower’ to do this Qinglou woman’s contest, but I wish?”

Lu Xuan Yun suddenly jumped, she fucking this kind of industry, was forced to help; today I saw this stone leopard, I thought this is a turn of the fire pit. Heart’s mind, no matter how the eye is desperate, the big voice: “I …. I am forced! I’ll ‘Wai Dun Dart Board’ Miss, how can it be self-cultivation? It is innocent! “How to design the Sunda and Chen Zhong two people to push her into the fire pit, sell the body, how to lure her promise, the original committee of selling.

When Qi Yu turns, Iron blue face, angry: “Head! I am going to care for you, today I actually pull my leg! Dinn!” “” “” “” “” ” No need to say more. “” Yes! “Gu Yixin, but still looked at Lu Xuanzhuang.

The stone leopard stands up, two sleeves are close to each other, the Wen said: “The Land, I will see it today, the fruit is beautiful, the first beautiful woman in Fuzhou is really not homogeneous, and the celery will want to do the net, I can understand. But the land The girl is in this industry, but it is necessary for the traine. It is necessary to have a certain way! I think this … “Stone Leopard tapped the sword, on the ground, only alerable small circle , Deliver the sword to Lu Xuan Shuang, with his own feet into the circle, two sleeves closed: “Shi Mou will come to ask you the” three talents of the “three talents in the world”! I stand in this circle, I don’t have to recruit, as long as you can damage me, or forced me to take a circle, you will lose, I will send a thousand two, and send people to send you Safe returns home, pay you free. If you lose …. You will be willing, play the role of ‘love slaves’, you must never have a heart! This is your only chance, you gamble? “

Everyone in the scene, I feel that the conditions that the stone leopard opened will not be too high, Lu Xuan froth is quite big; Qi Yan is also full of fox, I don’t know what medicine is sold in the gourd.

Lu Xuanzhen looked at the long sword in his hand, biting, with a strong man, a look of a throwing: “Good! I gamble!” This may be the only opportunity to regain freedom, Lu Xuan frost has lost a loss. The long-awaited pride is again stuffed, the wrist moves, the long sword talled to the stone leopard.

Lu Xuan frost fists, the swordsman have a lot of the fire, although I haven’t been practiced again, I have a gorgeous rob, and the sword method is quite jealous, but after several feeding, the movement is more sure, the sword move is more fall.

At all prostitutes, all of them were glanced; several prostitutes who were humiliated to Lu Xuan froth before the backyard were seen. Tonight Lu Xuanzhuang grab all the strangers of all sisters, couldn’t help but burn, the original heart is going to be better tonight, I can’t think of the object of usual bullying, it is so much? The prostitutes are not banned in the heart: “I bullied her with her. If she has the heart of the revenge, she has been unloaded up early.”

Lu Xuan froth sword turned around, with his body, has been fed more than ten moves before and after. However, this stone leopard is more, the hands are always closer, and the sword strokes attacked by Lu Xuan frost, or bending the flash, or to avoid, the feet are always stably standing in the circle; Lu Xuan frost’s victims of victims, there have been twenty-eight strokes before and after.

Lu Xuan froth breathed, the sword was shaking, and a sword is in a sword. Everyone in the field was screaming, and I saw it fine. I saw Lu Xuan frost sword handle had been stepped on the foot of the stone leopard, she was swelling, so that the long sword would not be taken out.

The stone leopard has no expression: “This is the twenty-ninth trick. Only the last move …” The foot is mentioned, Lu Xuan frost suddenly the long sword suddenly took out, an unstable, fell.

Wang Daba hurt Lu Xuanzhuang, haha ​​laughed: “Shi boss is really powerful, in fact, the winning and negative has already been died, why bother to test? I said that I love slaves! You don’t have peaceful, peace of mind! My Wang people are willing to buy you on the price of Taizhu, this last trick is not more than, how do you say? “The prostitutes were listening, and the heart was envious and embarrassed.

“Yeah!” Qi Qi Wen said: “It’s a rare bureaucore, you should also throw the sword! Come and give it to the king. Take greatly advise Lu Xuan frost.

In fact, Lu Xuan froth makes the hands-in-laws, can’t hurt the stone leopard, and I know that I am not an enemy. Under the sadness, the two tears can’t help but roll down, the long sword in the hands landed.

Suddenly, there was a fight in the door, and a turtle slammed in the door came in. He gasped: “It’s not good! A man is hard to come in, say that we are fortery, we must put our ‘Yiyi Love the building ‘is dismantled! “The words were finished,” touched “the sound, the door is suddenly crushed, and a middle-aged strong man came in.

This man is full of ear, the eyebrows, Wei Feng, murderous, giant to look around, “Can you stand out to talk!”

Quan said: “I am the mother of this leather, how do you call? What is your advice?”

That man is said: “You force the woman to prostitution, help you earn black money, but harm the family break, it is really evil!”

Qi Zi’s eyebrows wrinkled, Shen Sheng: “Our girls are bought, silver goods, do you have a forter than a thing? Do you mean that deer is horses, deliberately find trouble?”

The man of the man said: “Square Women! I don’t admit it? Is there a girl called ‘Lu Xuan Shuang’? Calling her out!” Everyone has a surprise, I feel that this “love slave” is still a lot, Lu Xuan Shuang is not aware of it.

The stone leopard spoke at this time: “You can exhaust the world’s uncomfortable thing ‘Jiangnan 霹雳 手 鹿 天’?”

The man of the man is bright, said: “Good eyesight! Who are you?”

The stone leopard did not answer the laugh: “Jiangnan’s hand is to ask the day’s ‘霹 连 环 手’ 震 江南, is a hi-violent hero, Shi Mou has a hear, but I don’t know why I got the custom of my dust. NS?”

“Hey!” Deer asked the heaven: “Your brothel is in the original, but you are deceived, fortery is awkward, but it is a taboo who made Laozi! Where is the girl in Lu Xuan Shuang ‘? I took her away, everything Big things, otherwise Laozi is not disassembled today ‘Yiqing Tower’ can’t! “

The stone leopard is in the eyes of the soul, pointed to the Shuxuan frost: “She is ‘Lu Xuan Shuang’, and the girl bought by the silver, as long as you go to the ‘Yiqing Tower’ today, she is yours!”

“Good!” Deer asked the sky, “霹雳 连 手” immediately applied. The bald head around the stone leopard came with a big name, and the double boxer asked the sky. The two sides came to me, and the number tricks were dismantled. Stone Leopard: “I will refund!” The bald head immediately returned to the stone leopard, and his arms were in the chest.

Shihua Road: “The” Jiangnan Brokend “is a first-class hero, Shi will be tended to personally!” The eyes were blind, and the hands of the interlocking were hanging immediately.

Qi Yu thought: “The master of the original palace is this ‘Jiangnan 霹雳 手 鹿 天 天’! It’s good! Deer asked the martial arts high, in the martial arts, got him to try your leopard, not afraid Exploring your virtue. “

Deer asked the sky, a martial arts. “霹雳 连 环” is a very overbearing martial arts, completely winning, deer asked Tian Shi to start, fist calling, and even five major horses. The stone leopard is soft and moist, and the Demolition of the Soft Yin is dismantled to ask the heavens. For a time, you come to me, the battle is fierce.

Lu Yaimi is a wave of strong waves, and everyone will be stunned. Suddenly, the deer asked the sky, and hit the chin of the stone leopard.

Lu Xuan Shuang concentrated on the battle of the two, seeing the stone leopard, the heart of the gave birth, and ignited a line of life again. I think: “I just want to leave the stone leopard, so that the thirtieth-stricken sword method, forced him to take the circle, pay for the gambling.”

In the moment of seeing the machine, in this electric light stone fire, Lu Xuan froth immediately picked up the sword, and the “land” word “the heavens three talented swords” rushed to cut the stone legs, and the heart of the stone leopard is already unstable. This raid must be successful.

Lu Xuanzhuang said: “Pick up my thirty stroke!” The sword tip has turned to the stone legs. Everyone was shocked by everyone, I couldn’t think that Lu Xuan Shuang will take the opportunity to attack the stone leopard. The top of the stone leopard is affected by the enemy, and the situation is very unfavorable. Can Lu Xuan frost force the State Leopard to take a circle, and the body is reluctant?

Seven, Baihua Palace owner

In this uncomfortable income, the stone leopard is a little in the air, and the right hand is lifted, the whole sleeve is rolled back to the long sword of Lu Xuan froth; Lu Xuan froth is a hemp, the long sword is from the ground. The stone leopard floats into the circle, and the road is sneered: “Your third strike is finished!” He turned and hit a palm. Deer asked the sky and retired eight steps, and his teeth bite, the punch for the palm, once again attack. The stone leopard smiled and he turned to hit, and there was more than ten tricks in the income.

At this time, Qi Yan pulled Lu Xuan frost to the side, tightly licking her waist, whispered in her ear: “Stupid love slave, can you succeed? In fact, he is deliberately leading you. You can cross the thirtieth move, he can cross the circle, the big exhibition is hand. The big boss’s martial arts is unpredictable, witness, you will lose this ! How to do ….. Know? “

Lu Xuanzhuang feels Wan Ming, sigh: “I know …..”

“Hey, it’s good!” Qi Yan bowed on the cheeks of Lu Xuan frost, softly: “You can’t escape my palms again …..”

Stone Leopard and deer asked you to come to me, have been removed more than 50 tricks. After the stone leopard is outside the circle, it is like a personal, and the skill is steep, and the deer is asked in the middle of the middle, and the feeling is horrified. I didn’t expect a boss of the broth of the building. High.

Lu Xuan froths, knowing the general trend, don’t want someone to lose their lives for her, busy with the road: “Two fast! Listen to me!” Re-shoot.

Lu Xuan Shuang to hold back in the heart, strong voice: “This deer hero, you must be wrong, I am here, it is full of voluntary, no one forced me!”

“What?” What? “Deer asked:” How do you say your words, and ask me to save your son is completely different? What is going on? “

Lu Xuan Shuang has neid the pain in the heart, and smiled: “This is probably a misunderstanding? Here I am brocade, enjoying a happy life, I am happy! Say I am forced? It is really Hilarious ….. “

“Hey!” Deer asked the sky frown: “It turned out that I was desperate for a stern baby! His grandmother! It is really inverted!”

Stone Leopard two sleeves, blinking: “Are you going to my ‘Yiqing Tower’?” Deer asked Tianzhu Turndo: “It’s very good! There is still a high trick to come out!” Deer asked God knows his martial arts, but it has to be smeared in the face.

The stone leopard is frowned, and the eyes suddenly shot two cold lights, and the sleeves tie gradually expanded. “Do you want to fight inner strength?” Deer asked himself to transport the intrauterine, perfusion in both hands.

The two are as such as the string, and they are moving, and everyone is condensed, and the atmosphere is dignified. Lu Xuanzhuang knows this inner force, not dead, hurt, the heart is anxious, when you want to open it, please immediately extend his mouth, whisper: “Such a wonderful and good play, not allow you to speaking Destruction! Want to call? Ok, I will let you call you enough tonight! “Gu Qi wants to explore the strength of the stone leopard, and the strength of the strength of the power can be seen. . I only heard the stone leopard, so much, so on, I asked the world, and the two palms hit forward. Deer asked the sky and immediately slammed the attack, “shoot” the loud noise, the two should be pressed, and the deer will ask the whole person to spray it after the meteor is like, hit the wall and sleep, and the mouth Blood.

Deer would like to see himself in the world, and it will be planted in the brothel today. I frightened the stone leopard, Strong Sword: “You … Who are you?”

Stone Leopard two sleeves, sneered: “You should have heard of ‘Jiangnan Four Magic Devils’ 豺, Wolf, Tiger, Leopard? My name is called stone leopard …..”

Lu asked Tiantuton, as a hit hit to the chest, shocked: “Ah! You ….. Is you a long-awaited leopard?” Suddenly felt a sweetener, blood was blown in the mouth.

The stone leopard is taking the sky and hells of the sky, and it is said: “I read you the hero. I will not be worth it here. As long as you tell me who is helping you, I will spare you. Don’t die. “Deer asked his day to bite his teeth:” There is no! “Stone leopard eyebrows, internal force spit out, deer asked the heaven’s head to smash.

Everyone looked at the horror of flesh and blood. It has long been scared; the female scream is fainted, the male cold sweat is 哆, I am frightening for the killing of the stone leopard.

The stone leopard has been closer to Lu Xuan frost, and the side of the squad is talented. “From now on, Lu Xuanzhuang this person is dead! Love slaves, do it!” I won’t treat you. “” …. Yes ….. “Lu Xuan frost trembled, did not dare to face the faceless stone leopard.

At the end of the war, the total management commanded the turtle slave to clean up the corpse of the resilience, and walked awkward prostitutes, greeted everyone to go on the table. In addition to the stone leopard, please, the total tube, no one has swallowed any wine.

That night, Qi Yan arranges three Taiwan Pillars and Lu Xuanzhuang to accompany the stone leopard. On the side of the stone leopard, drinking the beautiful wine, one side appreciates four naked beauty sorrows and dance; the stone leopard drinks half of the bamboo leaves, lying on a goose cashmere bed, by four beautiful women rinse him, Seriously served the meat sticks of Lu Xuanzhuang for the stone leopard, three major plans massage the thigh, ankle.

Lu Xuan frost sells hard to use hands and mouth, so it’s hard to make it slightly hard, then three Taizi pillars make it out, and finally make it stand up. Under the order of the stone leopard, Lu Xuan froth rides on the belly of the stone leopard, and slammed his own double milk. He smashed the head and got it again. The three Taiwan blocks that have received “rod” are also surrendered under great rods. The stone leopard can actually die, and Yangjie has never been born, Lu Xuan frochards and three Taiwan colleges finally believe that the State Leopard can take the business of ninety-eight brothels, there must be quite amazing skills.

Qi Fu helped the throne, and the doubles jumped into the wetfilled rose bath. The two women’s same sex, never stopped, even the big boss’s stone leopard has been in the fourth day of the “Yi Love Building”, it is still unhappy to be narrow. Both people made a pleasant and fragile, sweating, so they were smashed into the bathtock.

Two people bubble in the aromatic bath, and the arsenal wash the naked shoulders of Lu Xuan frost; Lu Xuan frochards closed his eyes and easily experienced each other’s skin.

Since the history of history, Chen Zhong sells Lu Xuanzhuang into the brocuo, Lu Xuan froth has completely lost confidence to men; in her homes, there is no shortage of handsome, and the Wen Wen’s righteousness, even if the sweet words, the vows, the Housing Mountains linger, she is not Move. In this life that sells meat, she has an idea, that is, no longer talk to the man. I first came to the brothel, the whole Monki’s premises, plus the half-forced festival of Gu, and the two people “tied”. Lu Xuan frost life in the desert of love, and the sacure of Mutual, but it also has more pose, Lu Xuan froth loves the championship of this same-sex.

After the back of Lu Xuan frost, she hugged her tightly, flexible hands in the water, touched her full breasts and plush, the mouth sucking her lovely earlobe, and constantly speaking in her ear Trims of pornography. Lu Xuan frochards happily sighed, and he touched his hand on the soft buttocks of Gu.

“姨 姨 …..” Lu Xuan frost spit: “I am a bit tired …..”

“What’s it?” Qi Yan is incense on her flourish cheek: “You have played soon these days …..”

“No!” Lu Xuan Shuang low voice: “These days have accompany the big boss to bed, I always feel exhausted after every time I have finished working, I really want to rest …..”

Qixi pity uses her face with her smooth and tender cheek: “Stone boss practiced ‘lock Yang god’, can keep the golden gun without falling, long-lasting, our woman, our woman wants to get a man’s yang , Men do not vent, our women will lose money, affect physical strength. You will feel tired, that is natural, it is natural. “Lu Xuanzhuang curiously asked:” Is it a big boss ….. never discharged? “

Qi said: “On the world, only a woman once made him vent the semen, abandoned to surrender, she is called ‘evil god Guanyu Jade Bodhi’ …..”, turn the face of Lu Xuan frost, put her own The lips are pressed on her red lips, and the two women began to kiss, and they reached out with each other, and they were mixed with each other, and they also sucked sweet saliva.

For a long time, the mouth of Qi Yan is reluctantly removed, turned over the body of Lu Xuan frost, and patted his mouth on her lips. She tasting a piece of food, kissed from the lips, after the chin, the powder neck, the crisp, and moved to the breast, licked the pink and highly nipple with the tongue, one hand and smashed One breast, the other hand is slightly pulled with two congestive lips.

Lu Xuan Shuang’s heart is burning, the face is in a red light, and the body is not autonomous. From time to time, it comes from seductive snoring.

In the consciousness of the hazy, Lu Xuan Shuang seems to think about anything, 哆道: “Big ………………………….

Qi Yan sucks her nipple: “What do you ask this?”

Lu Xuan Yixing breathed: “Big boss, he ….. Mo is very deep, it seems that you can’t hit him, I hope he hurry, don’t ….. Don’t know the relationship between us …..”

“Silly girl …..” Caifei slowly rubs the genitals of Lu Xuan froth with thighs, two hands are holding her own double breasts, laughing, laughing: “Our intimate relationship, all downstairs Who don’t know? But, the big boss does not oppose our doing this. A dry prostitute, you should experience a lot of life, enjoy different stimuli, can be a big device! “Spit out the tongue, lick the land Xuan frost’s ears.

“What?” Lu Xuan Shuang wondered, when he was ashamed, he was very popular, and he lowered: “It turns out that this is a secret, no wonder ….. The sisters have recently found me to find me …..”

Qixi Haha smiled: “They have always thought you were an ordinary weak woman, thinking that you are bullied; that day, you have been revealing in front of everyone, they are frightened, what else do you dare to find you trouble? “Listening to Queu said that Lu Xuan froth understands that the sisters of these days are no longer humiliating her.

The two women are closely stuck, touching each other’s breasts, two tongues, you come to me to spent each other, indulge in the same sex. Qi Musi will include the red lips to her tongue, desperately sucking and sucking, Lu Xuan froth spitting the tongue, the tongue tongue the tongue to taste a full.

Qi Yu saw Lu Xuan frost and his face was satisfied. Qi Zi hesitated halfway, whispered in her ear: “So ….. promisents, never leave here …..”

Lu Xuanzhuang couldn’t help but sigh, and the look was bleak: “I … I still have the opportunity to leave here?”

Qi Dao said: “If there is such a chance to leave, will you leave Qi Yan?”

Is Lu Xuan froth? “I … I like to be with Guys, but I don’t like to pick up …..”

Qi Yan heard the righteousness: “Okay, love slave, you haven’t died yet, I still hope that I can escape. I honestly tell you! The big boss inspects the ninety-eight brothels, and each maximum will not exceed two Heaven, but the big boss lives in our ‘Yiqing Tower’. It lives for four days. Do you know why? Hey! The big boss does not take out the king of the deer, he will not Will it. No matter what relationship with you, I advise you still die! “Said to squat hard to the nipples that contrast to Lu Xuan frost.

“…..” Pain and excitement, forcing Lu Xuanzhuang to hear: “Qi Yan, love slave does not want to think so, I have faced my family and friends, except for 乖, I Don’t choose ….. “

“Well, very good …..” The tongue of Qi Yan licks Lu Xuan froth, the red lips showing the brightness: “I hope that you are all truth! I may wish to tell you, our big boss is vast, two days Before you have already eyeped the son, as long as there is any wind blowing, hey ….. Who do you say that the fall? “

Lu Xuan Shuang was shocked, and the red lips were played by the tongue of Guys, but if the heart was thinking: “The big boss is really the heavens, and there is a person who has been to save me. Who will this be in addition to Master brother? How to fight the stone boss? Hurry back, don’t come! “

The heart is not awkward, and the heart is a big laugh, and the hands are tightly hugged, so that the thighs of the two people are closely smashed, and there is no gap, then twist the ass, let your own jet cell pressure. Slowly rub on the labips of Lu Xuan frost. Lu Xuanzhuang was excited by Momo, Jiaojiachang, unwrouting, and I also grabbed the ass twisting. The chest of the two is also tightly tight, and the plump breasts are rubbed each other. “Ah ……….. The two people’s drama, and they will end after the doubles are happy.

Lu Xuan frost sits on the edge of the bed, low head, waiting for the guest to enter the room. Originally, it should now be to receive the north of the town, but I heard that a kind of guest is several times higher than that of the week, and it is difficult to retreat, Lu Xuan frost is ordered to change this widener.

“Oh ….. who is the same, anyway, it is to come to play with my body.” As soon as the past, Lu Xuan froth wearing extremely gorgeous rosewood long skirts, wearing famous jewelery jewelery, In addition to the glamorous face, the face of the thick makeup also has a kind of monster, and it is contemplated to wait for the advent of the guest.

“Yeame”, the door opened, Lu Xuan froth is shy low voice: “Wang Gongzi pity love slave …..” slowly solving the clothes of the rob, revealing the rod of fragrance.

“Lu girl, is me!” I heard this with magnetic and familiar voice, Lu Xuan frost suddenly shocked, looked up, not shocked: “Ah! You are …..” The opponent’s mouth has been pressed over the red lips of Lu Xuan frost; Lu Xuanzhuang is wrong, the man whispered: “Some people are monitoring, we must naturally …..” Robust and jewelry.

Lu Xuanzhuang is shame full of red, and the heart is like a small deer, and it can’t be self-already. After a long time, I barely blew out a few words: “Flower ….. Hua Gong, how can you?” The man is wearing a blue shirt.

Hua Zhimei is looking at Lu Xuan frost’s face, whisper: “Lu girl, your makeup is so beautiful, I almost can’t recognize it …..”

Lu Xuanzhuang self-understanding his face is extremely fascinating, it can not help but have turned around, saying: “I seem to look like this? You ….. How can you find it here?” “

Hua Shi Butterfly slammed from behind, two hands were separated by the belly, stroking her double peak, kicking the cheecy cheese with a thick makeup: “Do you know? I found you!”

Lu Xuan Shuang sadly closed his eyes: “What do I do? Lu Xuan Shuang is already dead, you are just a person who is in the husband …..”

“Stupid!” Hua Zhi Butterfly low: “I am coming to save you …..”

“What?” Lu Xuanzhuang turned back, shocked: “It’s hard … Is it, the one please ‘Jiangnan 霹雳’ deer asked the bonus to save my son ….. is you?”

Hua Shi Butterfly put her in his arms and bowed her red lips. The other hand touched only the hips of the trousers, and sent a fine mosquito sound: “Unfortunately failed …..”

Lu Xuan frost listened, hurriedly struggled to come, urgently: “It turned out to be you! You will go! Go!” Desperately launched Huahai Butterfly.

Hua Zhi Butterflikah is authentic: “No! I must save you away!” Lu Xuan frost was in a hurry: “You ….. You will be dead!”

Hua nine butterfly, said: “For you, I will die without regret …..”

Lu Xuan Yanyu is half-embarrassing, can not help but cheeks, tears: “I ….. I don’t pay much for me, I am a disabled and lost, I have been saved, you still go! Go!” I urged the flower to be left hard.

Just when the two people compete, “touch” the sound, the door was hit, rushed into four strong men. Two of them pulled the clothes of the clothes, and the other two fists greeted the flower to the butterfly; Lu Xuan frochaped smuggling, but he couldn’t drink two strong men’s fists in the fans.

They got the flyfresters in the ground, Lu Xuan froth hurriedly smashed. At this time, the stone leopard, the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred. The three sleeves of the stone leopard are close to each other, and they look at the flowers and nails; the flowers and butterflies are stunned, and they respect the stone leopard.

Stone Leopard is cold: “Who are you? What is the purpose?”

Huahai Butterfly Cold Xiao: “My name is Hua Shi Butterfly, I am coming to the brothel, what else can you do, what else?”

The stone leopard “”, reached out to the blue shirts on the butterfly, and I saw his chest wrapped in a layer of white cloth. The stone leopard has been disconnected, and when the white cloth dropped the ground, everyone looked stupid eyes, Lu Xuan Shuang is very surprised. I saw a white-filled breast in front of the flower and the butterfly chest, which was slightly vibrating, and the end is a unclosed daughter.

Hua Shi Die saw himned to be broken, I didn’t think Haha launched: “The good stone leopard, actually can look at me, admire!” Lu Xuan Shuang Hao: “Original ….. I originally a woman. …. “

The stone leopard is laughing: “I am a man in the rivers and lakes, the reading is countless, but this little barrier method ….. but I flee my mental eye. I asked again. Who are you?” What is the purpose? ” Hua Zhi Butterfly said: “I also said another time, my name is Hua Shi Butterfly, come here to woman …..”

Lu Xuan Shuang saw the god of Stone Leopard at this time, and he was exactly the same as the eyes of the deer asked the sky, hurriedly said: “Don’t kill her!”

The stone leopard looked at Lu Xuan frost, and then went to the flower and refreshing butterfly, stroking her cheek, smiling “how? Such beautiful woman, killing more unfortunately …..” as the two eyes of the stone leopard with flowers When the eyes of the butterfly contact, I didn’t feel a cold. That look, like the sharp eye of the eagle that chicks, full of confidence and arrogance of the winner. The stone leopard walks on the rivers and lakes. It is not afraid of what. Now I can’t see the eyes of this mysterious woman, even the stone leopard feels incredible, I think this woman is not ambiguous.

Shi Leopard fits the flower to the dungeon, and also asked Lu Xuan frost: “Who is she?” Lu Xuan Shuang said: “In fact, I have only seen a few times with her, and she is not clear about her origin. Until now, I know that she is a woman who is a woman … “I have said that the and Huaying Butterfly acquaintance.

Lu Xuan Yixing saw that the stone leopard was frowned, and she carefully walked: “Big boss, she is just a little woman, please ask you to raise your hands, let her have a way!”

The stone leopard reached out and detachabled her cheeks: “Look at you, crying the face …..” turned to Qi Huao: “Take her to dress up, make up Pretty little, take a break, continue to pick up the guest. “

Things have been three days. Stone Leopard, the bald head comes with a man who has gathered in the dungeon. The stone leopard squatted, carefully got the flower to be hung before his eyes; only saw her hair, the snow white naked body is tired, but the eyes of the eyes are still sharp.

Shi Leopard feels uncomfortable, thinking: “Who is this woman? What is the relationship with the love slave? I have gangs in these three days, I have been tormenting her, she is irritated to her, and she is actually unhappy. This woman is absolutely Unfold ….. “The way is open:” Hua Shi Butterior, your bitter should be enough, I don’t want to establish an enemy, and I don’t want people to say that I am powerful, bullying a woman, as long as you Well cooperation, Shi will never harm you. I will ask you again. Who are you? What is the purpose? “

Huahai Butterfly Cold Laughing: “How do you have a big man like a mother-in-law? I also said once again, my name is Hua Shi Butterfly, come here to woman …..”

I saw that the stone leopard brow, the more wrinkled, the fierce light. Hua Shi Butterfly looks in the eyes, smiles. Everyone only felt that the flowers and butterflies will can’t escape the number, but they listened to the stone leopard: “Put the general management! Go to the love slave!”

The total tube is first, then go back to God: “But ….. big boss, love slave is now busy waiting for twelve less! Twelve less is our frequent visitor, and is the son of Xiao Shi in Tuen Mun, It is best not to provoke him unhappy ….. “

“啰 啰!” Stone Leopard Shen Sheng: “Who is he is, compensating him three times silver two is!” Qi Yu interface: “Tell 12 less, tomorrow’s love slaves will prepare a beautiful food, personally pay for him, not, Please enjoy the light. … “The total pipe will leave.

The stone leopard is tied to the flower and the butterfly, soon the general tube pulls the hands of Lu Xuan frost. I saw Lu Xuan frost grabbed the belly of aprovers, the lower body wet hangup was a list, and the cheeks were still in the cheeks. Everyone was found to have been pulled out in the process of making love.

For these three days, Lu Xuan Cream has always worried that the safety of the flower and the butterfly is afraid that the stone leop will kill her, from time to time, come to the heart to take her to explore the flower and nails. Although Qi Yan did not dare to promise, he continued to reveal that Hua Shili for her, how to be abused by stone leopard. Lu Xuan frost, the more you hear, more sin, in addition to impressing the flowers in front of the stone leopard, he also made the sputum, come to please every kind of guests, hoping, hoping Attitude, can exchange a line of life of the flower and staple.

Today, Xiamen Xiao Shi’s son twelve old flowers two, I want to talk to Lu Xuan Yanyu; although the 12th is only to bully the people, the son of the land is, it has been confused by Lu Xuan Shuang, but for Hua Shi Butterfly She has to laugh in strength, and she has went to Wushan with the twelve less.

Just as the buddhist men and women are difficult to break, the general tube is coming in, and the original is less than the original, and it is necessary to pull Lu Xuan frost. Lu Xuan Cream knows that you can leave twelve less. The most important thing is that you can see Huaying Butterfly, and you will not care yourself with your own dew, your belly is covered with breasts, throwing up the 12th few feet.

The stone leopard pushes Lu Xuan frost to the flower and nail butt, the flower is reached, and the two women can’t help the body, and the doubles roll down. Stone Leopard stared at the naked woman with two hugs, two sleeves, tally: “Hua Shi Butterior, are you a woman? Now I am all you! Love slave is already in your arms, you are ! I have to see how you are! “

Hua Zhi Butterfly is around, only Shi Leopard, Qi Yan, Tong Director, the bald head follows more than ten kinds of bodyguards, staring at themselves, and can’t help but laugh on Lu Xuan Shuang: “I originally want to find a chance to save Your, I didn’t expect it, but I have been tired of you … “” I am so saying ….. “Lu Xuan froth softly:” You have to save me, but it is like this, it should be said … .. I am tired of you ….. “Grat in the whip of the throw in the body:” It hurts not hurt? “

Hua Shi Butterfly blows in her ear: “Let me kiss, I don’t hurt …..” Lu Xuan froth is a red, and the shame is low, but the water of the water is secretly looked at Hua Shi Butterfly. .

Hua Shi Butterfly gently slammed the chin of the sludge, kissed her red lips, reached out, faded her only a lot of apron, stroking her meticulous skin, under the eyes, two beautiful women, Light is love to care with each other, kissed, and showed a living raw drama. In addition, everyone has thoughts in the heart of the stone leopard and the heart, others have seen the blood, and they want to fire.

I saw the flowers and nails, but they were all-inch of the skin, and the hands were all inch, forced her lust and smashing. The flower and the right hand, the side of the red, the left hand, the left hand is kneading on her full breast, and then touching all the way, dialing the lush cloud, the flexible finger began to act on her labi, also She kissed the delicate face of a thick makeup.

Lu Xuan froth hangs lazy, and it is weak to accept flowers and nails. The kiss of Hua Shi Butterfly is like a rain, and the fingers have gradually gradually packed with her labipings, knead her yukin, and the obscenity is constantly moving. The lower body and the inside of the thigh. Lu Xuan Shuang also under her clever stimulation, constantly emits a sultry, but the butt is not from autonomous.

The lower body of Lu Xuan froth has been caressing by many people, but it is never comfortable with this time. The man only knows that she is happy, caressing her lower body is just to help; the technology of Qi Yan is high, but it is slightly in the same way with the flower butterfly.

The finger of the flower and nails is very wonderful, and it seems that the peak of Lu Xuan frost also knows how to control, when the finger is inserted into her vagina, Lu Xuan frost exploded! A series of successful explosions from the head to the feet, until her two legs trembled straight, and the red lips have issued an approximate low cry.

Put the total tube greedily lick the dry lips, spit the road: “It’s so powerful! Light can die, you can die …..” All bodyguards also have a red ear, excited, some sure The hard meat stick, looking at the two women’s obscene movements, while using the hand. However, the stone leopard always squints, carefully look at the flowers of flowers and nails.

The climax gradually went, Lu Xuan Yixing was so excited to vomit. The flower and nails took the fingers, the double palm hood began to go on her firm breast, and two red lips were more sold to suck down the sterilization of the sketch. Lu Xuan frost is stimulated, and the lust is once again swelling. When you have a hard nipple, it is not excited to look at the sky. When the flower and nails kissed along her red lips, when two cherry blots came into her nipple, Hua Shi Die first picked with the tongue, and she began to suck it up against the nipple.

Sweet pleasure sword all over the body, Lu Xuan frost excitedly screamed, twisted the naked body; 的 眼 看 姨 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己Self, use your mouth to have your own fingers, don’t make your own call, try to hide your excitement.

Hua Shi Butterfly is constantly sucking two congestive nipples in Lu Xuanzhuang, and Lu Xuan froth can’t resist high-deflated lust. I have to take a finger, and I have a sound between the throat. When the kiss of the flower and nails, the rush along her breasts, and Lu Xuanzhuang sighed, when she was a big breath, I found that my legs were separated, and one warm mouth came up. Lu Xuan Shuang can not help but close the eyes, and it is placed.

The soft tongue of the flower is turned into a hot weapon, causing the nap of Lu Xuan frost. Lu Xuan froths supported the upper body, separated the thighs, and the flower is hands holding a smooth thigh, hot tongue into the elliptical red meat. “Ah ….. Ah …..” Whenever the tongue of the flower and nail butterfly has passed the past, Lu Xuanzhuang supports the body’s arms will be slightly shaking, and the back is called behind. Hua Shi Butterfly also found a congestive yuki in the black mane, which contained it in the mouth; the most sensitive jerk nucleus was sucking, Lu Xuanzhuang like a dream, twisting your ass, long hair is left and right, the sound To be weeping.

“I ….. I have to vent it …..” The beautiful face of the flower and nail butterfly sticker on the land of Lu Xuan frost, the bright red lips continued to suck a lot of overflowed obscenees and sent a sound.

The bodybarban has already been able to stop, and they are looking at the general management. As long as he is a little, everyone must rush into the lineup, and vent the crane. The total tube is red and eye-catching: “The big boss, the brothers can’t help …..” “Wait!” Stone Leopard still looks at the flowers of the flower and the butterfly, but never because of two women Swimming behavior is a heart.

A series of climax, Lu Xuan frost have long lost strength, and the white naked nude gasped on the ground. Don’t wait for her, the kiss of the flower is moved along her abdomen, and sticking out the tongue in the tongue in her half-checked, it is like a delicious dish. Two women’s breasts are laid with breasts. The abdomen is laid, and the slender thighs are mixed; the flowers of flowers and butterfly have a great sense of security, and the richness of the same sex is much more pervasive. After the flower and nails lick the red lips of Lu Xuan frost and lit up, his lower body was placed on her lips, and the white buttock slowly came back and forth, and the two women’s genitals were close to each other. .

Hua Shi Butteri has become a man, and there is a non-female action on Lu Xuan Shuang, Lu Xuan Cream is happy to enhance in this pleasure. She looked at the flower and nice butterfly because of a pair of breasts swayed in the chest, they could not help but reach out.

The action is still inverted, and the flowers and stairs suddenly looked up their faces and showed a strange smile against the stone leopard.

This is another tremble! The stone leopard can’t help but take a breath, the teeth bite, the sharp say: “I want to mate with the bitch!”

In addition to the stone leopard and the bald head, the men have rushed to two naked women crazy, and they caress the flowers and nuts and Lu Xuanzhuang whole body every inch, and even someone will be angry. In the mouth of two women, several exciting big men, gang rape, two beautiful women who have no lunner.

Now is the next day, in the most luxurious practitioner of “Yiqing Tower”, the mountains with the table have already been a cup of wolf, the whole body naked Lu Xuan froth squats in front of the twelve, not only with both hands, but also desperately The mouth sucks and licks his hard meat stick. Twelve less left hand grabbed her hair, empty right hand to play with her breast, lend out his tongue from time to time, into his lips, intoxicated in the thrill of blowjob.

Since the total tube was suddenly taken away from the twelve old tongue, in order to cause the biggest apology, Qi Qi Fu Guo Luo Xuan frost free to entertain twelve less; twelve less is honest, and you will come home in the morning. Qi Yan dressed Lu Xuanzhuang drifted, and he was given to twelve less as a dessert. Poor Lu Xuan froth became a victim, not only accompanied 12 less alcohol, but also endured twelve less and then humiliated.

Lu Xuan Shuang has been vented three times in the transformation of different postures, but the twelve less is still unknown, first in the face of Lu Xuan frost, the beautiful and thick makeup, but also kiss, but also Lu Xuan froth put his soft meat stick to hard . Lu Xuan Shuang had to endure his humiliation again, and his meat stick is served in the entrance.

Since your breast is played, sweet feelings have already spread all over the whole body, and the twelve small meat sticks are also sucking in Lu Xuan froths to suck the hardness next time; the pulsation of the meat stick gives her great pleasure, driving in the instinct Next, Lu Xuan Shuang put the meat stick in the mouth. When using the tip of the tongue, the hand of the twelve else grasped the hair started, the meat stick is like a piston, and Lu Xuan froth deeply intoxicated in such friction.

Lu Xuan frost wonderful tongue, making it quite excited twelve less, mount the peak of the peak in an instant. The fiery feels from the center of the meat stick, twelve less butt twice a few times, it is called “cool. … so cool ….. I want to shoot ….. Shoot After the whole body, the twelve old suddenly pulled the meat stick from the mouth of Lu Xuan frost, pulled up her head, spraying hot semen on the beautiful face filled with intoxicated, shot in her On the forehead, the cheeks, nose and mouth corners, the sticky liquid is moving downward.

After the thrill, the 12th dimensions looked at Lu Xuanzhuang, which was full of semen, closed eyes, breathtaking. Lu Xuan Shuang sighed, and took out the semen on his face.

Twelve less eaten and smiled, and I held her in the arms: “How? I don’t like it?”

“No …..” Lu Xuan froth broke away and complained: “You ….. You do this, the makeup on the face is destroyed …..”

Twelve old smiles: “What is this tight? I will help you make up, guarantee more beautiful than before!”

“No.” Lu Xuan frost sat in front of the dressing table, the mirror of the mirror: “This woman’s business, your big man don’t do it well …..”

Lu Xuan Shuang is in self-dressed, it is hope that the 12th of this hate can stop the move to her, but the 12 less looks at her, and the snow whitening naked back, the more you look, the more love, you can’t help From her back, she reached out, kneading the pair of soft breasts.

When the two people’s obscene behavior continued, the door was suddenly “touched”. When the two were surprised, they saw that the flowers and nails held by the flower to hold the cars, and they called: “Xiaofeng, put the clothes soon, let’s leave!”

Lu Xuan Shuang was surprised to be bundled with the sacrier, and more than 10 bodyguards and turtle slaves have come in, and they hold the sword.

Twelve less said: “What is this? How do I go back to me and the love slave, I always like to come to the quail …” “” “” ” Go, twelve less eyes, immediately fainted. At this time, the stone leopard, the balun followed and the main tube also came in. Tong Taoist said: “Bold the scorpion! Dare to get wild in ‘Yiqing Tower’, let the boss of the celery!”

Hua Tian Butterfly A silver lipped to the throat of Qixi: “Dream! Let me leave with love slaves, otherwise I will kill this old …..” Looking back to Lu Xuan froclary: “Dress in clothes We have to leave! “Lu Xuan froth was anxiously put on the raind, and the six gods were unresolved.

Stone Leopard frown: “Hua Zhi Butterfly, you know what price will be given?”

Huahai Butterfly Cold Laughing: “Stone Leopard, you can know what it is intimidating, is this old?” Silver pin is tapped into the throat of the sickness, and the wound suddenly sees blood drops.

Stone Leopard: “Stop! For you, everyone will let go!” Everyone suddenly made a way. The flower and nuts are in the hands of the butter, holding the hands of the Xuan frost, and flew away from the scene.

Totting the general management: “Give me a chase!” “No one is chasing!” Stone Leopard is a little bit: “Stone to take it with her!” The words have been finished, the people have passed the scene, the bald head followed.

Three women did not live wild, attracting the side of many passers-by. When you fled to unmanned country, the flowers and butterflies frown: “The hateful stone leopard, when you are chasing! Xiaofeng, you leave, I am coming!” Not waiting for Lu Xuan frost to answer, and to return the direction of return go.

When the stone leopard and the bald head tracked into a mountain, I saw that the flowers and nails in front of them were standing, and the look was quite proud. The stone leopard is a little bit: “There is courage! I dare to wait here. Hua Zhi Butterfly, what exactly?”

Hua Tian Butterfly smiled: “Stone Leopard, you dare to and ‘Baihua Palace, you can’t ….. Your courage is not small!”

“What?” Stone Leopard like the five thundering on the spot, his eyes were serited: “You ….. Are you a Baihuo Palace?”

Hua nine butterfly said: “It seems that you have a big eyes, look more, stone leopard …..”

Stone Leopard is stunned: “As a hundred flower palace owners, how can it be wronged in my brothel? Don’t think that the ‘Baihua Palace’, Shi is afraid!”

“Oh?” Hua Shi Die laughed: “So … how do you prove the identity of this palace?”

Stone Leopard is smirked: “The Lord of the Baihua Palace is the female, the martial arts invincible in the world, to distinguish the authenticity, try it. …”

If the words are exported, the bald head after the stone leopard is screaming, and the double box will hit the flower to the flower. The bald head came with a ribburger meat, healthy and abnormal, two punches, mixed with a thick internal force, actually had a good thing.

Hua Shi Butterfly faces this powerful offensive, still smile, face does not change color, in this uncomfortable income, the flower is slightly sided, the bald head follows the strength of the strength, The butterfly has been extended to the five fingers, and when he came to him, he only saw that the bald head was soft, and the two eyes were blocked, and the strong body was soft.

“What? ‘Hundred Flowers Hand’?” Shi Leopard was tapping, and the trembling said: “You ….. Are you really a Baihua Palace?”

Huahai Butterfly Cold Laughing: “Not bad, the stone leopard, even our ‘Baihua Palace”s unique skill” Baihua 百 手 ‘”, you have identified it, it seems that the year and’ evil god Guanyin ‘jade Bodhi’s monk is mixed, there is I learned a little fur ….. “

The stone leopard has a colorful track: “Even the relationship between me and the jade Bodhi, you know a clear two Chu, you ….. You really is a hundred flower palace owners! But I don’t understand, by your Baihua palace master, To pick my ‘Yiqing Tower’, it can be said that it is a probe, but why ….. You are willing to be insulted by me? “

The flower is smiled. “Is that it is a life? Ha … Also: “More to mention ….. Don’t give a bitter meat, how do you lift Lu Xuan frost?”

Shi Leopard is like a dead: “I understand, you will suck all the same sex of the Hundred Flowers. This time you look at the love slaves, you will make this policy, you are doing it, it is difficult to understand! But I Shi people can not be afraid of you! I lost to Jade Bodhi in bed. I didn’t say my fist. I want to kill me. I am afraid that you are not enough! “

Hua Shi Die haha ​​laughed: “How? I am afraid? Haha, I will only love women, don’t like to kill, your life, I am not interested, I will have a period …..” The shape is turned, and I suddenly lost the scene. , The Leopard is like the relief of the relief …

On the way, Lu Xuanzhuang and Qi Qi are silently, Lu Xuan Shuang always contacts the eyes of Guys. For a long time, Qi Ziyi smiled and laughed: “Love slaves, come, unlock the rope on my body …..”

Lu Xuan frost has a color, said: “Sorry, Qi Yan, I ….. I don’t dare to put you …..”

CHEN said: “Love slaves, what are you afraid of? You have a martial arts, you explain the shackles of my body, I am afraid that I slip away, I don’t want to love it, I don’t want to love one. ….. “Lu Xuan Shuang is a moment, finally unlocked the rope that tied to Qi Yan. Qi Fu smiled: “Yes, love slaves, you really have a little incense …..”

Lu Xuan froth finally couldn’t stand it. He smashed the tears: “Qi Yan, I am sorry, I have no heart, but I really don’t want to pick up the guest! I am playing it by the man, I ….. I think it is painful ….. I feel good … .. “

Qi Yan saw Lu Xuan froth, the poor look, did not feel the soul, couldn’t help but grasp her Xiang’s body, and he kept kissed in her meticulous face. Lu Xuan froth closed the tears, let the Qi Qi.

After the Lu Xuan frost, Qi Yan was on her ear, whispered in her ear: “Come, let Queqi love you last time …..” Two cherry lips to her red lips, hands more Continuously in her breasts.

Lu Xuan frost opened the red lips, handed the little tongue to Quan Yan, and the full body burned up, sucking this little tongue and sucking, like a priceless treasure. After a long time, Lu Xuan frost’s tongue turned back, and then stretched out, looking for the tongue of Qi Yan, sucking again.

Qi Qi picked up the skirt of Lu Xuan frost, and put her down the grass in the grass; Lu Xuan froth twisted the ass, and the clothes were covered with the breasts of Guys. Qi Yan sighed, and also picked up his skirt, took off his trousers, and put his lower body on her laboray.

The buttocks of the two people came to me, and the smooth thighs were rubbed with each other, and the two tongues were tangled with each other, and the saliva flowed out of the mouth. “Hey ….. 喔 ….. 姨 姨 …..” Lu Xuan Shuang can’t help but undue, under the control of Qi Qixi, the thrill has long been shared all over the body, and the obscenity is flowing. Lu Xuan Shuang feels that he will die in this happiness.

Soon, the mouth of Qi Yan also issued a lot of breath, two powder faces were crazy, and they snorted, and they were constantly moving. They also moved very powerful, step by step. ….

“Ah ……………………………………………………………. The two have a breath and rest, so that high lust is slow.

After Qi Yan took a brunette, wiped Lu Xuanzhuang wet lower body, and worn his trousers on Lu Xuan Shuang, helping her to wear clothes, and kissed his red lips: “There is no world.” Scattered banquet, good love slaves, listening to Miss Flower, she will love you very much! If there is one day, Miss Flower doesn’t want you, you have no place to go, remember, Guys will always welcome you. …. “Lu Xuan Shuang nodded, and Qixi couldn’t help but lick the red lips of Lu Xuan frost, which was reluctant to leave.

When Qi Yan walked on the way backhaul, he only heard a magnetic sound in front: “A touching part of the touch!” Qi Yan suddenly looked up, see the flower and refreshing but next to a big tree. It seems that I look at myself. Hua Tiang Butterior: “The nature of the ecstasy, it doesn’t seem to be within my plan?”

Qi Zi scared the powder face a young white, busy authentic: “Palace ….. The palace master, the next time, the fascination, the disorder, please forgive sin …..”

Huahai Butterfly Cold Laughing: “Can you make your green, a mess, a mess? Hey! It seems that my small frost is really a thousand people!”

Qi Yu bites his teeth: “It is the crime, the crime, makes the palace, ask the palace master!”

“Calculate!” Hua Tiangu Road: “This time you have helped the palace to stand hard, the merits arrived! But remember, my woman ….. You are waiting for me to play yet Go, do you understand? “” Yes! Yes! Believe! “Qi Yanru won the big, frequent nodded.

“Now …..” Hua Tiang Die Road: “You have to do something!” Qi Zao said: “Please ask the palace master!”

Hua nifei pointed to his left shoulder: “Let the whole body skill to hit me!”

Qi Zi is shocked: “The palace master, you …..” Seeing the feelings of the flowers and refreshing butterflies, Qi Yan no longer hesitate, hit the left hand to the left shoulder. Hua nine didn’t smiled: “This is it!” He turned his head, leaving a mistaken.

Lu Xuan frost is not waiting for the flower and nails, I don’t know where I will go. I suddenly went to the past, I quickly rushed to the past, I know that her left shoulder was seriously injured, and he quickly helped her to seek medical attention. On the one hand, I worried that the stone leopard will catch up. On the one hand, I have no texture. I really don’t know how it is good.

Two people came to another small town “Fusheng Town” next to “Futian Town”, and I have a Laolan. That Lao Lang called He Samiro, about sixty-year-old scenery is the only doctor. When two beautiful young women came to seek medical treatment, Lao Lang Zhong Hosong has already great motion. When he knew that these two women did not have a statement, they couldn’t help but lick their minds. Exchange: “The old man is cold, I can’t afford this clinic, and this girl is suffering from serious injury, I have to do it, I will see this! I have made good heart, I decided to save her, but the old or alone for many years, the night Long, this time you have to accompany me! “Seeing the feelings of flowers and nails, Lu Xuan froth had to have tears. The Lao Lang Zhong He Sabilang is old, the pattern of the bed is quite, Lu Xuan frost has to be a buning, it is very powerful, but He Sabu is old, and the strength is not from the heart. It often takes the lust of Lu Xuan froth just picked up, Lu Xuan frost The fire is always difficult, but he has to pay attention to the fire. After a few days, the injury of the flower is greatly improved, and it began to play the same sex game. Lu Xuan Shuang has been resentful for a few days.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of the Laolang, Lao Lang is preparing to make the medicine shopkeeper. He Sanlang hides East Tibet in his arms, excitedly, and hopes that things can be used as soon as possible.

Go home, from the two women’s rooms to the quirky call. He Sanlang sneaks from the gates, not a big eyes, dry mouth, dry mouth, blushing in the cheek; He Sanlang see, is a student fragrance.

Two refreshed women are licking each other’s labipings with “six-nine” posture; Lu Xuan frost is on the bed, the thigh is open; and the flower to the butterfly ride on her face, and her labello makes her I will take my body, and I low-end sucking her labians and yuki. Two women used their mouths to caress each other’s lower body, and they sent out the sound of the sound. I have already reached my realm.

He Sabang thinks: “Okay! How can I always make the frostless baby, I haven’t lived at home, I’m going to play with ‘food. I want an arrow to be called!” Breaking, loudly: “The two women’s baby, the light sky, what is going to see what you see?” The two were very shocked, and they were so excited to cover the naked body, shy.

He Sabang got rationally, he said: “Two women, actually made this kind of injury, I will ask the hometown to win!” Turned around. Lu Xuanshi is busy: “He Laobo stays! There is something to say! We are very embarrassed, and it is reminded to the hometown!”

He Sabang’s evil said: “If you want to be small, it is not difficult, you will see how you express it!”

Two women looked at it, Hua Shi Butterior: “What is the original to talk about us! You said! We are listening!”

He Sanlang smiled: “It is very simple, as long as you stay like this, do my best, I will keep secrets, and you can continue to do it, not afraid of being discovered!”

Lu Xuanzhuang Hong face: “How is this? Let’s only accompany you to the butterfly sister recovery!”

Hua Zhifa laughed: “This condition is reasonable, we promise is!”

Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked: “How can you accept this condition?”

Hua Tiang Butterior: “Let’s have no duplicate, inch, it is difficult to sell it along the way, it is better to fix it. Bar!”

He Sabang haha ​​laughed: “It’s still a butterfly baby. We have been a family, it is really happy! Who will you let me dredger?”

For the decision of Huahai Butterfly, Lu Xuan Shuang is deeply impossible. Obviously, why is it necessary to accept? Although there is a hundred people who are unwilling, as long as they can be with the flowers, any sacrifices are at all.

Hua Tiang Butterior: “He Yibo …..” He Sabang juggle: “When did I still call me old? Try me ‘Heng’!”

Hua numei is slightly smashed, and said: “He Lang, Xiao Butterfly has a soreness, I am afraid I can’t accompany you. It is better to serve you first, to be restored by my body, make up for you?”

He Sabang smiled: “Good! It doesn’t matter, anyway, there is still a very good day. Cream baby, you come first! Butterfly baby, you have to look at it, and you must draw a gourd to wait for me!” Lu Xuan frost had , 下 床 跪 跟 将 将 吮 吸 吸 吸 吮 吸 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吮 吸 吸 吸 吸 吮 吸 吸 吮 吸 吮 吮 吮 吮 吸 吸 吸 吮 吮

Hua Shi Die looks in his eyes, and it is very intertwined in his heart. In fact, as long as she is gently, she can smash the corporate, how can he be afraid of his threat? In fact, her heart is planned.

Deliberately wishing a palm, on the one hand, I want to suppress Lu Xuan frost. On the other hand, I want to stay near “Futian Town”, and I will monitor the trend of the stone leopard; she wants to use the stone leopard, investigate “Divide God Guanyin” Jade Bodhi drops. She and Jade Bodhi have a stained grievance. And promised He Sanlang’s request, it is necessary to land Xuanzhuang and more humiliated. It is obvious that the flower and butterfly feel that Lu Xuan froth seems to be not bad enough, just use this Laolan, greatly taught her.

And Lu Xuan Shuang dreams, I can’t think of this metamorphosis of the flower and nails! Hua Shi Butterfly was destroyed in the “Yi Love Building”, which had already been mounted to die; he was seriously injured in the process of saving her escape, and she had a determination to be accompanied by her butterfly. Therefore, for the opinions of Huaying butterfly, she will listen to the megadownload. Lu Xuan Shuang carefully licking He Sanlang’s glans, He Sanlang has a year, but it is not easy, but in Lu Xuan Shuang’s smartly, the meat rod finally has a hardness, Lu Xuan froth is more excited, and He Sabang also goes to play. Her breasts, excitedly bleeding the nipple.

Lu Xuan froth’s mouth is getting faster, more and more selling, He Sanlang is excited to breathe the atmosphere, the more I want it, the more I don’t want to be, I will breathe: “Wait ….. Don’t lick it again, then you will finish it. ….. “I hurriedly took the meat stick from her mouth, the meat stick was covered with saliva, and only red and bright.

He Sabang said: “Come, this time, let’s play …..” Insert …

“Hey …..” Lu Xuan Yixi screamed, starting with the meat stick, you can do your ass before and after. Hua Shi Die looked at Lu Xuanzhuang was raped by a grandfather, and his heart didn’t feel big.

He Sanlang is struggling to gallop from Lu Xuan Shuang, but but only insert three, forty, his lower body has begun to happen, and finally hold the buttocks of Lu Xuan frost.

Lu Xuan Shuang just started to generate pleasure, and the movements of sexual intercourse have fallen, and the heart is full of empty sense of unrelenting, and can not help but look at the head.

倏 地, Lu Xuan Shuang feels that his labello is in unknown hard object, but he can’t help but look back, but see He Sanlang holds a fake hook in his hand and is slowly inserting his meat hole.

“Everything is good, hurry up!” Lu Xuan frost shouted, when you are ready to accept the insertion of fake masks, only to hear He Sanlang yes, the fake matrix in his hand has been separated from the hand and dropped it. He Sabiro said to the flower to the butterfly: “What do you do? What is your ghost? Do you destroy me and the frost baby?” The fake ingot of Ho Minglang was shot down by Hua Shi.

“Old man!” Hua Shi Die is the right color: “That kind of disgusting thing, it will not take it out!”

“呸!” He Sabang said: “Don’t use it, how do you get rid of ….. 唷唷 …..” The words have not been finished, the flower and refreshing butterfly have become forward, one hand live in his neck Son, face iron blueway: “Do not obey, I will ask you to pay at the price!”

Being pulled in the throat, Housi Lang painful, struggled with a breath: “I don’t have to ….. I don’t have to be …..” Hua Shi Butterfly. He Sabang painfully held his neck, coughing.

After a lesson, Ho Shulang didn’t dare to use a false mask. I didn’t dare to make a thoughts of flowers and never. So putting the “gunfire” on Lu Xuan Shuang, night and night wrapped around Xuan Shuang and him Pillow. Although Lu Xuan Cream had to be imaginary with him, but after every time it finished, it must also find a flower and nail to make love or self-defeating, to reject the unsolicited lust, because Lao Lang Zhong Ho Minglang is really unable to meet the needs of Lu Xuan froth.

And the same sexual relationship between two women, also officially laid, and they can linger in front of He Sanlang. Sometimes He Sanglang will also join their lineup, and they play the games of three people; Lu Xuanzhuang is constantly defending this man and a woman, has already fallen into the obscene world, and then not yet.

One day, He Sanlang took Lu Xuan Shuang to the bathroom to wash the bath, leaving the flower and nails in the room. Hua Shi butterfly gazed to the window, suddenly revealed: “You come out!” I saw a purple red two shadows, such as ghosts from the window, the flower and reflection, standing, standing in front of him, Two young girls wearing a shirt and red shirts …

Eight, true snorkeling ghosts

With three consecutive holidays, I refused to all the dating, and I also kicked my husband to one side. Intimate “Wind Proture (8)” into the computer, hoping to put it on the Internet as soon as possible. The reason is nothing, only due to the uneven lock code, I hope to make the netizens who love it before the lock code, let the netizens who will freely enjoy the lock code, let the people who cannot enter the bump produce the nest . Under normal circumstances, I will repeatedly modify the work until I am satisfied that I have adopted it; but this time I have not made any modifications, but even delete some metamorphosis, maybe), perhaps This article seems to be flat, but the A is very used to see that the R-level work is not bad, isn’t it?

Many netizens asked me some private questions, I am sorry, I don’t want to answer more than a good answer. I would rather I hope that netizens are interested in my work. I will put on my work, not only to I am interested in myself, after all, the author’s name, gender, age, birthday, blood type and even appearance, there is no meaning on the Internet. , Especially after the front, there is a bad online experience, I want to be a contact person, a lot of writers, all the objects worthy of my learning, and I will learn more about others. To make up for the shortcomings of my work itself, presented the best side to everyone, please have a lot of criticism, thank you! Towel, 文 文 爱 小

This purple red two young girls gave flowers to the flowers: “Violet, red roses see the palace master!”

Hua Shi Butterior: “Well. What is investigation?”

Violet Road: “Based on the anecdote investigation, I found that the stone leopard entered the Putian ‘Baijian Gate’ for three times, and the look was quite spooked …” Red Rose continued: ” Flower woman, in Putian, near the way, it is said that some people have witnessed the “Guan Yin Bodhisattva ‘Xi Ling, the next meeting,” I want to be’ She ‘is now right! “

Hua Shi Butterfly Spirit: “Very good, let’s go!” Two women worshiped by her, and suddenly whisped. Hua Shi Butterfly immediately took out the four treasures of the building, wrote the paper town on the table, flashed, from the window, suddenly lost trace.

When Lu Xuan frost discovered the note on the table, it is already a night. Lu Xuan Shuang looked at the West Shen’s sunset, and the words of the flower and staples were reflected in the mind from time to time:

Xiaofeng kiss Wu:

Combine with the kiss, for the sister. But the sister is going to be entangled, there is no to do, so it is not as good as a doctor, tears. I am hard to fight medical else, but I don’t have difficult but, I will be rounded in the embarrassment. Wushan’s feelings, do not dare or forget!

Butterfly sister pen

Since the flower and nails did not mention, Lu Xuan froth appeared for emptiness, and the town is facing, it is a dry aging body, as well as a silver pattern of wax gun. In order to wait for the flower to be returned to the morning, she has to continue to bite to endure.

And Mount He Sanglang, in order to get rid of the Xuanzhuang, not only the 阳 is re-enabled, and the price of expensive aphrodisiac, hoping to regain his dignity; this method is really effective, Lu Xuan frochard has achieved great satisfaction, but A few times, but I also made his waist to add it, the leg added to the acid, the mouth added up, the yang was tired, and I owe a ass to bond, He Sabiro knew this way, not tilted, it is not possible; but as long as one Seeing her charming aromatic, a moving body, smooth and white skin, and a generous body, they could no longer. Since the so-called “Peony Flower is dead, be a ghost and also wind”.

On this day, when Lu Xuanzhuang was bathed in the bath bucket, the hall came to a noisy voice, she was born, and she sched the dry body and put on the clothes; but I saw that there were two halls in the hall. Unfamiliar man. One birth is high-incident, the chin is thin, the skin is black; the other person is a young eyebrows, the face is bullish, the two seem to be 30, very robust man.

When two men see Lu Xuan froth, the fierce of the original anger is full of convergence, replaced by the greedy look of the open mouth, hunting Lu Xuanzhuang full body. The yellow face man said: “His grandmother! Old man, where did you come to such a beautiful granddaughter?”

He Sabang smiled and said: “She is not my granddaughter.”

Black sidewalk: “Is your daughter?”

He Sabang said: “Nor. She …. She is my one.”

“What?” The two men are all stunned: “How do you have a beautiful woman, how did you hook up?”

He Sanlang smiled: “This can be said to be long ….” Lu Xuan froth seeing the two men talking, there is rudeness, the heart is angry, nor to greet, and go back to the house.

Soon, the two men did not knock in, and the black men smiled. Lu Xuan Shuang is shocked: “You …. You can come in? Roll out!” The two men not only ignored, but also revealed the obscene smile, and slammed their own clothing.

When Lu Xuan frost saw the weapon of the two people, I almost dizzy, the meat sticks of the two were simply straightforward.

The yellow noodles and rivers smiled: “Baby, together with the old age, simply griever you, let us comfort your lonely heart ….” With that black-faced man with her hair.

Lu Xuan froth struggled, black-sided strongman moved the body, raised his majestic baby to her, asked her to put giants in his mouth; Lu Xuan froth bitten the teeth, the anger refused, who knows the black The Han did not pity the jade, grabbed her underwear, hardly squeezing her mouth, at this time, the giant rod of the black side has been stuffed into her mouth. He caught her hair and she kept shaking. Huang Sanghuang Han also took off her skirt and trousers, kneading the snow whitening on the buttocks; the meat flashes raised by the oppression of both sides, made a beautiful light. Lu Xuan Cream twisted the ass to open him, and the yellow noodles and heroes grabbed two meat, dial the extent to the limit, and then madly launched the secret stream. Hemul, shame and pleasure, completely disturbing the thoughts of Lu Xuan frost. Her mouth felt quickly, before, it was straight to the throat, she felt vomiting, tears DC, saliva. Not long after, the black-noodle and strong man couldn’t stand it. Poor Lu Xuan frost had to swallow the thick semen.

They exchanged positions, called Lu Xuan froths on the ground, occupying her up and down, she felt that she was a woman’s sorrow, helplessness, she had already fainted.

After the two big men succeeded, they returned to the hall and He Sabang to drink alcohol. Lu Xuan Shuang passed more, and slowly woke up, she dragged the tired body, leaning against the three people.

He Sabang saw Lu Xuan frochard, and quickly helped her and sat down, smiled: “Are you awake? I will introduce you, this black man is called ‘Ding 7’, Huang Nai’s called ‘Pixel’, They are all my good brothers, from now on, I have to stay in this time, you have to wait for people! “

Lu Xuan Shuang angered: “Why do you want me?”

“Huang Nang” Tongdu “said:” What? I came to tell you, you owe the brothers in the casino, there is no book, there is no big money, there is no big money, I have to take it. You come to debut. “

“Ding Qi” “Ding Qi” continued: “The brothers are outsiders, come here, ‘Fu Xing Town’ do something, five days later, this time, you will work with you. Also convenient. “

Lu Xuan frost hated late: “I am not a prostitute, why do you want you to ask?”

Tongbi He Sanlang Nuzza said: “I am afraid that this can be not you, who told you that this old husband is not used?”

He Sanlang looked at Lu Xuan Shuang and laughed: “Don’t do this! Even if you are helping, the sacrifice is good?

Dingqi laughed: “Yes! Our performance, you can also see it, guarantees you to addict!” Lu Xuanzhuang helplessly touched, did not imagine how to spend it in the next five days.

Lu Xuan Shuang looked at the scenery outside the window, and he went to the sky. As long as there is time, stand in front of the window, I hope that Hua Shi can suddenly appear in the other side of the window, take her away from high flight, but unfortunately become luxury Fantasy. Since the two uncomfortable passengers, it is the fifth day, Lu Xuanzhuang deeply understands what is “strong energy”. Think about this cottage, but four or five days, every day by them, it is more than ten times, most of them have a pleasure, it is incredible.

The most impressive thing is the game last night. I remembered that I just drank the toll-rolling semen last night. Dingqi immediately pressed the hard meat stick into her mouth and arrived at the throat. There is no way to close your eyes, and there is no way to lock the frowned land. The new functional invades Lu Xuan frost, although it has been paralyzed in the brain, but it is very fascinated.

“Baby, drink well!” And said, Dingq shakes the waist, Lu Xuan froth also uses the tongue to surround the whole meat stick; the hot weapon is in the mouth of Lu Xuanzhuang, and the rhythm is just a moment. After the clock, the mouth of Lu Xuan frost filled with hot semen, and the semen flowing from the throat flowed smoothly. Lu Xuan frost opens, the meat stick sliding out in the mouth is still not lost, and it is only covered with saliva. She rubbed with the cheek and hugged the waist of Dingqi. In fact, after she drank semen, she made her more excited and more wild.

At this time, Pixaban came to Lu Xuan frost, reached out and stroked her snow whitening hips. “Ah …” Just that, the thrill invaded Lu Xuanzhuang. His fingers dug along the beautiful cracks, when she didn’t autonomously opened the tempting thigh, she gently looked with her lab. Lu Xuan froth is more popular, and the waist twists themselves.

Tong Yetou hugs two thighs of Lu Xuan, who is a meat stick, and the glans are right to take her labipings. He let Lu Xuan froth a little bit, slowly sit down, insert the meat petal that has spilled nectar. His lower body began to draw, one hand rubbed her nipple.

“Ah … …” Lu Xuan frost flows full of fragrant sweat, discharged to wheever. “Cool? Baby!” Tongdu was getting faster and faster, Lu Xuan froth pointed: “Good …. So cool … good …”

At this time, Dingqi kissed her red cheeks from her, and Lu Xuan froth excitedly put her red lips and spit out his tongue. Dingqi also picked her thigh from behind, and the hot and hard glans arrived in her anus.

Lu Xuan Shuang is frightened, scream: “No …. No! There is no …”

Diqi’s glans slowly drilled the anus of Lu Xuan Cream, laughing: “Don’t worry! I have a big laxa in the past few days, your anus is much more loose than before, inserted .. .. “The meat stick suddenly turned up. “Ah!” Lu Xuan froth screamed, wrinkled his brow, and the feeling of pain in pain was out of obscene pleasures. “It’s so tight! It’s so cool …” Ding Qi said, start working with Pixabay, two, after one, you come to push down. The thighs of Lu Xuan frost were held by two men, and the body was fully floating in the air. When the two meat sticks were deeply inserted into the body of Lu Xuan frost, when the front of the meat sticks came up, the back of the meat stick was detached; when the back is on, the front is back, the land is uncomfortable, with the uncomfortable lower body The rhythm of the meat stick, has created an unmodeful pleasure, that strong pleasure, exploding in her body, roaring, and entrusting the body of their joy, you come to me.

In the unparalleled body, it took five times in the wonderful impression last night. I thought that Lu Xuanzhuang couldn’t help but face the red ear, and the heartbeat accelerated.

I heard the words of the hall, Lu Xuan frochard knew that they came back. Tomorrow Dingqi and Tongdu will leave “Fuxing Town”, He Sabang has previously leading their neighboring “Futian Town” to buy horses and vehicles.

The hall is full of wine, Dingqi, Pixabay and He Samulang like hungry dogs are all drinking, and there is a meat. Lu Xuan Shuang sat down next to He Sanlang, and Tong Zhao forcibly pulled Lu Xuan frost to himself, reaching out into her skirt, there is no taboo.

Ding Qiha laughed: “This bodyguard is so smoothly, and returns to the ‘Fuzhou House’ can be great to brothers!”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the confusing and asked: “Are you in the ‘Fuzhou Government’s darts?”

He Sabang smiled: “These two brothers are the” Fuzhou Government’s most famous darts’ darts! “

“Yeah!” Ding Qi said: “We’m the Wai Dart Board ‘under the leadership of the Bai Shao Ding Gong Duty.

Lu Xuan frost was shocked: “You can …. However, according to what I know, the head of the ‘Weiyuan Dart Government is Mr. Lu Dewei, is not white?”

Tongbei smiled: “Baby, I don’t think you know what you know. Previously, the total dart called Lu Dewei is right, but the last time I change my blood, the total darts will be changed, the darts in the darts are also more Old to change, we are the new joining the ‘Wei Dunguard’ ‘. “Said that if she opened her clothes, she started to expose the exposed breast.

Lu Xuan froy brow wrinkled, sinking for a moment, asked: “So …. Mr. Lu Dewei is now?” Dingqi moved to her, and also began to play her breasts and smiled: “He, he and His brother was jailed! I heard that his daughter followed two darts, stealing a piece of people who entrusted the bodyguards. The two old people couldn’t pay this compensation. He had to be closed. …. “

“What?” Lu Xuan Shuang is very shocked: “Shi Dahe Chen Zhong, did not send those treasures going back? Can be evil!” The heart suddenly worried about the two old people who were placed.

Eat the wine, it is a good time for being a happy. Three men took the Lu Xuan frost and did not hang, and started to play the game of collective hybridization. Lu Xuan frost’s mouth, yin and anus, which is occupied by two an angeles and a lifelike fake mask, and the milky white semen sprinkled with wet and hot, red anus and beautiful faces, but Lu Xuan Shuang not only I thought it was, but I was enthusiastically served, because of her heart, I had a crazy decision.

When Ho Sanglang woken up in sleep, found Ding Qi, Pixiang and Lu Xuan frost lost traces, and I was in a hurry. When I was looking for, I found Lu Xuanzhuang to stay in the table of the hall, write:


I am walking with them. When the butterfly sister is coming back, please make sure.


I don’t know much more.

This is the decision under Lu Xuan Cream. In his body, there is no statement, in the case of life, in order to go back to the hometown to explore the prison, she has to answer their play things. Ding Qi, Tongdu two people saw her automatically sent the door, naturally, when He Sabilang screamed, she was soaked in the sky.

All the way, nature is also spring, living. Dingqi, Tongdu is very excited to be able to have such a beautiful play with such a demon, naturally, it will not be in Shi Yunbu, let Lu Xuan froth accept a lot of ganu nourishing.

Lu Xuan Shuang feels that the current situation, and the original and histori, Chen Zhong is quite similar, and the difference is the current two darts, it seems to be a bigger one, and the energy is also a history. Many Chen Zhongwang, always do more than a dozen times a day. Lu Xuanzhuang deeply felt that it was more like a pool, but she had to return to Fuzhou, but she had to temporarily accept this fact.

Going back to Fuzhou Tongbi home, it is already more than half of the night. After a few days of rushing, everyone is tired. When the Tongdu took off Lu Xuan frost, he was holding her bath and went to sleep. Lu Xuanzhuang is sleeping with two people, hurrying with clothing, escaping this kinks without null love. Walking in this familiar street, Lu Xuan Shuang is very excited, although it is dark, but everything is so familiar; just the scenery is still, the personnel are not, Lu Xuan Shuang can not help.

When I came to the entrance of the dart, I saw the “Wei Dartman” plaque still hanging, Lu Xuan frost is more sad. There is a impulse that I want to cross the door, but I will not dare to forward. He hesitated for a while, and he decided to still sneak in and seeing his eyes, not letting people find it. After all, it is your own home, and it is natural and inevitable.

Dip the weeds, drilled into a small hole passing to the backyard, soon entered the “Wei Dunman”. This cooler was a child and the white martial arts, when Lu Dewei was taught to her daughter, and she did not have to run away from her girl home, and she has always been playing. How can she endure my father’s control? I pulled white Shaoting to force him to help, as long as the father didn’t pay attention, he slipped out from the small hole from the small hole until she was a little longer. When her father did no longer restrict her actions, he never used it. The past, Lu Xuanzhuang is in the eyes, but she didn’t expect the small hole that I used to steal it. Today, I turned into the pipeline.

Lu Xuan Shuang looks around, everything seems to have no change, but the feeling of the spirit is much less. A darkness, no trace, Lu Xuan frost stays, and will go to his previous boudoir.

I just stepped out, but stopped, because in the dark, I found that there was a candlelight in my boudoir. Lu Xuan frost is very shocked, carefully gave a wing, peeking with the door, could not help but pass the intersection, breathing urgency; a white man in the room, is self-caressing her prince, this white man is white.

Lu Xuan frost suddenly tears, and the mood was very excited: “The original master brother has always been to me …” Thinking of white Shaobin so much, but he became a man, unwitting, shame, shame I am lingering, I can’t help but sigh.

“Who is outside?” White Shao Ding heard the sighs and won the door. Lu Xuan Shuang is awkward, and it will escape. Bai Shaosart chased a few steps, reached out and sighed, grabbed her arm and turned her back. When he saw the face of Lu Xuan froth, he was even surprised to retreat, and he took a tongue. It is difficult to speak. I don’t know how long it takes, Bai Shao Ding is barely spit out: “Small … Xiao Cream …. you. …came back….”

In the boudoir of Lu Xuan frost, she is back to Bai Xiaoding, and she is looking for it. White Shao Ding looked at her delicate back, asked in a feeling: “This …. These days, how are you doing?” Lu Xuan froth still can’t hold it again, sad and sob. The white hand of the white shaking is gently taken on her shoulder, soft saying: “These days are really grievances …” Lu Xuan Shuang squatted, put in white Shando’s embrace, crying. Bai Shaotin strokes the head of Lu Xuan frost, smiled: “Over the past, everything has passed, let us start again …”

In the early morning, Bai Shaotin convened the all-darts and darts, and the darts were introduced to everyone. She and Shi Da, Chen Zhong two eloquise, have already spread throughout the entire Fuzhou government, and everyone is staring at her with extremely different eyes. When she and the darts of Middle Dingqi, the eyes of the two people have been in touch with the eyes of the two people, and they are ashamed. After the white, Shao Ding commanded a few words, and he took part to Lu Xuan frost side by side.

Lu Xuanzhuang asked the reception of the dart, Bai Shao Ding said: “Since you leave, our darts can be changed; we can’t transfer the treasures outside the guards back to Guangdong. I gave our darts, Master, the uncle, the uncle, the old man was in prison, and recently was sentenced. But I hateful and warm, the dart is difficult, the brethren have to go, don’t stay, I I was also forced to wandering a while. Later, the gatekeeper actually spent a lot of money, rebuilding the ‘Wei Dunguard’, hiring my hand, re-recruiting people, starting, our ‘Wei Dart Board’ is still recovering the old appearance….”

Lu Xuan Yar nodded: “It seems that you have to find a chance to thank the width of the world.”

White Shao Ding said: “This is a conditional exchange, what is your good …”

Lu Xuan frost odd: “What conditions exchange?”

Bai Shao Ding, can’t help but say: “Condition …. Switch? I don’t say it wrong…..

Lu Xuan Shuang is very convinced, but it has not continued. I thought of my father and my uncle, I couldn’t help but urgently: “I have to visit two old people as soon as possible! Master brother, come with me!”

White Shao Ding said: “Master is old, and it is not seen that the government is not allowed to visit, I am afraid that you are no exception.”

Lu Xuan frochard this is anxious: “I will go to know the adults, please pay!”

White Shao Ding said: “The two are not will not be sentenced, don’t act rashly! Submit, this matter needs to be discounted from a long!”

Soon, Bai Shaotin went to meet with the elders who came to visit, Lu Xuan frochaped a person hopped in the backyard, suddenly the shadows appeared in front of him, and there was a smile in front of him: “The original Miss, the two men, is no wonder you You are so light for the three games. “Lu Xuan Shuang is red and red, turning around, Dingqi also blocked on the other side:” Will you love it for a few days, do you wonder it? “

Lu Xuan frost was blocked before and after, and it was shy and shy, and the red face: “That is already in the past, what do you want?”

Pixabay smiled: “What is the past? My big lady, you are too forgetful! Before the day is not bright, I am still licking your labie!” “Yes!” Ding Qi: “I suck you When you have the nipple, you still call, remember? “

Lu Xuan Shuang asked: “Yesterday, if you die yesterday. Ask you to spare me! I believe that you will find the girl than I am more suitable.”

Tongbu evil smiled: “To find a lustful, there is rich and hybrid experience, I am afraid that no one is more suitable than you!” Ding Qi promotes narcise: “Do you want us to announce our relationship to you? Now tell us to you in the fragrant? “

It seems that I can’t talk about it, Lu Xuan Shuang Wan Miss gray, attracting them into their hooks, decided to turn again with them again. I went into the door, I didn’t say that I didn’t say that the lip was pressed on her red lips; Dingq was more from her back to her back, grabbing her two breasts crazy. . Lu Xuan Cream closed his eyes, the cheeks were flushed, helplessly played by two people.

Tongdu strongly launched the left hand of Xuanzhuang, let her have a hard giant to urgently, and they can explore her trousers, digging with her fingers, with her gradually wet meat; Dingqi also let Lu Xuan frost Another hand loves your own meat stick, you also reach yourself, second finger, inserting her anus to retrore.

The movements of the two men and a woman have continued. Lu Xuan froth always closed his eyes. The two hands’ moves are getting faster and faster, hoping to end this nightmare. Ding Qi, Pixing is thought that Lu Xuanzhuang is excited, and it will speed up the speed, so even more boldly knead her nipple and yuki.

Just when the three faster, he only heard someone yelled: “I will give me a fucking!” A people called two boxes of Ding Qi, Pixin cheeks. Lu Xuan froth hurriedly pulled the clothes back to cover the breasts, and I saw it, but I saw white Shao Shuang. I didn’t know when I have entered the room, and my face is clarified.

Dingqi, the mouth of the two people in the mouth of the two people are all exuded, panicked: “Total darts please be angry! We and her …” “Dare to touch my woman? Looking for death!” Not equal Take the long sword hanging on the wall and talked. The two were scared, and the left roded on the left right.

Bai Shao Ding killed its dark red, and it is necessary to chase. Lu Xuan Shuang hurriedly grabbed the arms of the white Shando, and I sat said: “Let them go! Don’t chase!”

Bai Shao Dingqi has to put the sword on the ground, and the big said: “I didn’t expect you to be evil. It is too disappointed!”

Lu Xuan frost is so painful, tears: “I know that I am sorry you, I am a non-clean woman, I……………………………………………..

White Shao Ding said: “You go! Let’s go to the ghost! You and Shi Da, Chen Zhonghu, in the brothel, the gods of the Qinglou women, I can not think about it, why can’t you understand my true feelings Do you have to do this shameless thing? “

Lu Xuan Shuangxin Head Big Shock: “How can Master brother know that I have been in the brothel? Although my ‘love slaves’ flower name is still a small name, ‘love slave is Lu Xuan Shuang’ this, how will it come here? “Sudden square is chaos, but still tears.

Bai Shao Ding Ding Angry, I took a while, my teeth were biting, and I immediately walked out, I rushed to the gate of the entrance of the dart, but where was the trail of Lu Xuan froth? Some darts saw that Shao Shao Ding did not know what was looking for, one of them asked. White Shao Ding said: “Did you see Miss Lu Xuan Shuang run?” Dungers, you see me, all shrugged and shook his head, said that he did not have seen it. I don’t know if I don’t know if I am in a moment, I will go to the backyard to go to the small hole. When I look for the direction of the door, I naturally can’t catch her.

Lu Xuan frost fell into tears, there was no target, and the heart was very sad, consciously fate, suffering from the bumpy, and the same thing, I thought about it. However, this idea only fleeting in her heart, because she remembered that there was still loved her flower and nails, and took care of her Qi Yan, and her father and uncle. I think that my two relatives are suffering from being suffering from being trapped, and my heart is harmful. “I have to meet the two old people!” Lu Xuan Shuang is determined to go to the directions of the government.

Nothing, Lu Xuan Shuang has not slept all night, and now has not eaten, it has been hunger, he has no sponsor, neither a meal, can’t enter the store, and the house is far away, far away from 30 miles A whip, two engraved, now only relying on a woman’s legs, when it is really far. Lu Xuan frost has to drag a heavy footsteps and take a step.

There is a place where the protection fee searching in the street will meet her. When he saw Lu Xuanzhuang’s gracefulness, when he saw the appearance and body of Xuan Yanyi, it was really a big heart; seeing her lonely, forth played. Lu Xuan froth eyes eyebrows, do not pay attention to it; In the case of hunger and difficult, Lu Xuan Shuang compromises, and half of the semi-pushed it was pulled into a unmanned dead lane in the middle. Lu Xuan froth drunk a lot of semen, and therefore got ten silver son, so I found a guest in the hotel, and I will continue to start. When she came to the gate of Fuku, it was already the beginning of the Hua, and the moon rabbit rose. Lu Xuan frost came to the door, waiting for a long time, a girl attacked Lu Xuanzhuang through two courtyards, entered a study. Lu Xuan Yixing saw a long eyebrow on the Taishi chair, the mouth is bent bow, and the five-year-old man, the Middle-aged man who is in the fifty-year-old man is from the god of the hand.

Lu Xuanzhuang is a ritual: “‘Weiyuan Dart Barter’ Lu Dewei’s female Lu Xuan Shuang has seen big masters …”

I have been separated from the half, the long-term man’s eyes moved from the book to Lu Xuanzhuang, Long Yutiang, slightly Tolden: “Street Road rumors, ‘Weiyuan Dart Board’ landed a blessing, is the first place in Fuzhou Beauty, the old man has been free, today see it, when I really explain my mystery in my heart for a few years. Seeing that you are only afraid of no twenty, but the whole body exudes a very rich woman, when it is true! “

The long man is behind Lu Xuan frost, and it will continue to see: “At this time, seek adults …. Do you want to make the respected uncle?”

Lu Xuan frocard said: “Yes, the little woman is shocked by his father, worrying, special people to ask adults to give the little woman with my father, uncle see a side …”

Long man said: “Adults are young, there is no time to deal with this trivial matter. The old man is ‘Mo’, it is known to the Master of Master, the general little things, the old man can also make the master.”

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy: “So please ask Mr Master you help, let the little woman meet with the two fathers!”

M M Mr is clearly laughing and laughing: “Lu girl filial piety, old man should help. However, the two people should not only serve in the depreciation, and the old man is about to pride, if the old man is rushed to you, do you not mess? Looking at the adult order is nothing?

Lu Xuan Yanyu immediately double knee, tears: “My father has been worthy of life for many years, and the little girl is still not a report, the father is robbed; today’s seeking, just a little bit of the child, seeking Master, I think I am thinking, breaking it once! “

M M M Mup said: “Something! I asked you, let the distinguished uncle in the middle, it has been in a month, since you are thinking about the love, why do you see it today?”

Lu Xuan Shuang Wen Yan, red face: “I …. The little woman is inconvenient, until today ….” M Master interrupted her words, and ridiculous: “Inconvenience is inconvenient? Ha, how to operate Method, the old man wants to ask! “Lu Xuan Cream is red and red, biting his teeth.

M M Master said: “Sorry to say? Since you dare to do, why don’t you dare? You Lu Xuan frost and two dartsmen, have already spread all over the government, the household is a household, what is it bad?”

Lu Xuan froth hurriedly cried: “I am being held by them, how can I call it a elite? How do you tell Mr Master?

Mr Master smiled: “The Lu girl, don’t be excited, it is also holding it, it is also the escort, I will ask you, with them, with them, you can have the innocence?” Lu Xuan frost hate. Lips, no words.

Mr Master couldn’t laugh: “This is not going? You can’t keep it clear, how can I say that I have a letter to the female, destroy you?”

Lu Xuanshui stood up and frowned: “Mr Master is a question, I don’t know what I see.”

Mr Master is a must-have: “Related links! A big related link! You now have to ask me, you have to open up sincerely, the innocence, you can get the trust of the old man, the old man can further consider whether you want to help you, you Say it? The old man now asks you a few questions, you must answer, if you change your mind, don’t want to see you, big spent sleeves, the old man is never reluctant! “

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy: “Sorry! Square little woman has a ritual, please Master Haihan, your problem, the little woman must be truthfully, not concealed.”

“Very good!” Mr Master smiled and said: “The old man asked you, you are with the two darts, is it often love?”

Lu Xuan Shuang is ashamed: “How do you ask this question?”

Mr Master is not pleasant: “If you don’t want to answer!”

Lu Xuan frost helpless, only have to be red: “Yes …”

M M Mup said: “They are turning to you? Or two together?” “Both ….” Lu Xuan froth has no self-contrary.

Mr Master Yangbei said: “Which one is you like?” “Don’t like it!” “Why?” “Because I am forced!” Lu Xuanzhuang angered.

Master Master nodded: “Okay, will you use your mouth to lick them?”

Lu Xuan Shuang angered: “Why do I ask me this boring problem?”

Mr Master Shen Sheng said: “If you answer it directly, the old man immediately went out!”

Lu Xuan frost bite his teeth: “Well, I will answer. Will!” “Do you think your own technology is good? They are uncomfortable by you?” “I don’t know.” “If they spurt out the semen, how do you deal with? “Swallow.” “Squirting is delicious?” “No …. I don’t know …”

“Do you want to eat now?” Lu Xuan froth heard that M Master said that this is so obscene, can’t help but look at him …..

The Zhengjun of the Tuen Mun routine patrol the government. After the court, I saw Mr M Mrie to carry the door in my own study, so I walked forward to push the door. Zheng Bao and Mr Master have always been private, do not arrest the section, is to see Mr Master in the study, it will not knock on the door, directly enter.

Mr Master heard the opening of the door, knowing that only Zhengjun will call the door, so he came back to say: “Lao Zheng, you have come to get!” After finishing, he turned his head and watched his own double. There is between the legs.

Zheng Pen frown: “What are you doing?” Go to M Master, and he found that Mr Master did the front of his long weapon, and Lu Xuanzhuang was in front of M Master, bright red lips. It is a meat stick that is dark brown.

Lu Xuan Yan found Zhengjun, quickly spit out the meat stick, and shy to turn his face aside. M M M Mup said: “Hey! I haven’t finished yet!” He seized the hair of Lu Xuan froth, pressed to his own meat stick. Closed on the eyes of the eyes, I had to stick out the tongue, lick the red-passing glans, suck it up and down.

Zheng Bao saw that the fire is full of fire, and it is not a rush of Lu Dewei’s daughter. I heard that she and the histori, Chen Zhong two eloquence, how can I …? “

M M Mup smiled: “She said the history, Chen Zhong can’t satisfy her, so I am looking for the old man …”

Looking at Lu Xuan Shuang’s movements, Zheng Bodi said: “It’s a wonderful! She is so embarrassing …”

Mr Master laughed: “This is called ‘selling your father’! Ha …” reached out, touched the red cheeks of Xikuang.

The head of Zheng’s head is wide and carefully looked at Lu Xuan froth. Mr Master smiled: “How? Old Zheng, I am interested, you will try it later. Don’t look at her young, the work is a professional grade!”

Zheng Po said: “But …. However, I have to work!” Although I said, I looked at Lu Xuanzhuang’s mouth, and I didn’t want to leave. At this time, Lu Xuan frost contained the meat stick. Before the start before and after the event, M M Mry and Zheng Bao also bought attention on the action of Lu Xuan frost.

Just as the three people were eager to forget, “touched”, a door was opened, and the white plus was crazy. Zheng Boxing eyes faster, the knife on the body is separated, and he said: “Bold! Dare to puncture the tattoo!” Immediately sword back.

Mr Master was scared: “Come on! Come on! There is assassin!” Bai Shaofei took Lu Xuan frost’s hand, with Zhengjun’s head. More than 10 tricks. At this time, the Tuen Mun was recruited and surrounded by Baoshuang and Lu Xuanzhuang group. Bai Shaofei is screaming, shaking swords, counting a few catching a few times, has hung up.

Take this opportunity, Bai Shao Ding each person is one foot, and they will fall. After breaking through the heavy, it is desperate to the gate of the government. When the public captured the door, Bai Shaosutan has jumped into a pre-prepared horse, and his head did not gallop.

In the end of the West Street, the phosphorus flames, the white squad, the fire, the fire is still angry, and there is still a breath. At this point, the black cloud is covered, the wild wind blows, blows the shared weeds, and the flame is also blown. Bai Shaotin is still can’t hold, and the head is mad, whistling the sound, Lu Xuan froth grabbed two ears, sorrow: “Master brother! I beg you to stop!”

At this time, the white plucks were distributed, and the tears were full, muttered in the mouth: “This is a retribution! This is a retribution!” Under the phosphorus phosphorus, it appears to be screaming.

Lu Xuan Shuang is fearful, urgent: “Master brother, what’s wrong with you?” I only heard the white little manrel: “Only the retribution will make my favorite person, repeatedly make the thing …. 老 天 爷! You are too cruel… “White Shao Ding said his head.

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “Master brother! Are you crazy?”

White Shao Ding was awkward: “I am not your master brother! Now I am honestly telling you, I am not white Shao Ding! Bai Shao Shantong is going to die!”

Lu Xuan froth frown: “Master brother, what are you talking about?”

Bai Shaofei is holding two shoulders of Lu Xuan froth, Shen Sheng: “You listen carefully! I am not white! I am Xie Feng, your most annoying Xie Feng! Bai Shaofei is dead, the dead Xie Feng is the real white Shaotie! You understand Yet?”

Lu Xuan froth waved his cheeks: “Master brother! I beg you to wake up?” I can’t stop tears.

White Shardin lifted the cheeks and stayed, said: “Don’t you believe that I am Xie Feng? Well, you still remember that Lu Zhou Dart announced that you made you a white Shantan, what do I do for you? Yes, you and white Shaobin hunting it once, I hid in the grass, you use arrows to shoot me, later …. Later, what do you say to me, do you remember? You said … ‘is the world The man is dead, I will not look at you! ‘You still say …’ You will roll your egg, don’t stand here, you have an eye, you have to go far, forever I don’t want to see me again. Do you remember? “

Lu Xuan frost this is very scientific and small, white Shao Shaotin, all of her and Xie Feng have happened, how can he know so clear? I only listened to the white Shaobin and said: “It is that time, you deeply hurt my heart, I love you so, you treat me so cruel, I am so angry! I am so happy! I swear I have to revenge! I will cause this today. The tragedy, everything is therefore. I have already reported, you pay a painful price, but …. I … I am not happy! I regret it! I have a thought, not only Destroy you, ruined white Shao Ding, ruined the ‘Wei Dunguard’, and ruined me … “

Lu Xuanzhuang heard cold sweat, still couldn’t believe that this person in front of him will be Xie Feng. “You said that you are Xie Feng? However, your appearance, the voice you talk, it is a white Shaobin himself!”

“Those are the masterpieces of the ‘Baihua Palace”! “White Shao Ding said:” She transplanted white Shantan’s face on my face, and let me take the’ Bai Dan Dan ‘, so that my voice is exactly the same as white, You see! “Pointing at the scar of his chin:” This is the wound that left when you change your face, this should you believe? “

Lu Xuan frost continued, lost his voice: “I don’t believe … I don’t believe … I don’t believe …” White Shao Ding said: “The dead Xie Feng is like a fake package. Shando!”

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “So …. You are really …. Xie Feng?” Bai Shao Ding said: “Yes!”

Lu Xuan frost suddenly made a crazy, and even the Zhen Feng dozens of palms, screaming: “Why do you want to kill Master? Why? Why?”

Xie Feng’s mouth out of a blood mark, calmly said: “Bai Shao Shaozhong, I am killed, but because of me. The person who killed white Shaoting is a flower – get a – butterfly.” Xie Feng took the name of the murderer Word spit out, Lu Xuan frost listened to the almost faint, and he said: “Hu said! What is the relationship between this and Huahai Butterfly?”

Xie Feng bite said: “I believe you and Huaituan, have already generated a non-ordinary honey relationship, I will naturally don’t believe. In fact, she is a very terrible female magic, this series, she is a hand of!”

Lu Xuan Shuang gasped: “Let’s go!” Xie Headao: “I will certainly say it! I have to shake everything! Since she can’t comply with my agreement, bring you back to the Baihua Palace, but let you be outside Be insumble, I don’t have to keep her secret! “

Xie Yidao: “Hua Shi is a psychological female magic! Three years ago, when she saw you first, I wanted to take you to myself, so I designed this series of toxic tits.”

At this time, Lu Xuan Shuang slowly recall the first time and the scene of the flower and staple. At that time, Lu Xuan Cream ran back from the suburban yellow mud, hit the flower and nice butterfly of the female dress; Hua Shi Butterfly once said that he had a side of him, when the flower is left, she thinks this person’s back look It’s very familiar, maybe a certain day three years ago, really and the flower and nails have been seen, but I don’t forget, otherwise how can she feel that her back is very familiar? Lu Xuan Shuang is so reasoning.

Just listening to Xie Feng: “In fact, the dart outside the guard is the first chess of the female magic. You think, we will always have a cotition, which will always have a cottage, and he will have a cottage. The dart worth, how can I come back from Beijing, but no one is diverse? “Lu Xuan Shuang is busy:” Why? “Xie Fei said:” The original female magic sent the secret guinearsery, put the gang gate to the robbery It will be presented, so we will do it on all the way. This dart is safely transported to continue her second piece. “

Lu Xuan Shuang suspected: “How do you know so clear?”

Xie Feng said: “I was insulting you in the suburbs that day, my heart was hit, and I found a hit of the home, and I was very happy. I lost my gods. When I was bunch, I was helpless, the blue shirt youth The appearance. “Lu Xuan Shuang has three words:” Hua Shi Butterfly. “

Xie Headao: “She is a flower to nail. She said that she can not only help me escape this disaster, but also help me to revenge hate. I asked what she had, she said that there is no condition, as long as I work with her, I will act. So tell me all her plan … “

Xie Feng continued to say: “I listened to her instructions, guilty of white Shao Ding, and killed him in a trick! Think about it is terrible, Bai Shaotin’s martial arts fire Hou is not small, today’s martial arts, can be in a trick Take his life, I am only afraid that there is only a flower to be more than one person. “He said:” This female magic kills white Shao Ding, took his face, and it is easy to accompany the white little Ding’s appearance, capture your chastity …. “

Lu Xuan froth thought of white Shao Shaotan innocent death, his own innocent is destroyed in Xie Feng, and I feel sad. If you don’t want to continue to explore the truth, it has already been your hand.

Xie Headao: “I won your virgin, my heart’s resentment has long lost. I didn’t expect this female magic to help her to reach a plan. If I don’t give it, I will pay a painful price. In her soft and hard, I Have to compromise, only to continue to go wrong. “He said:” The female magic is quite like you, in order to let you qualify to join her organization, we designed a set of taught your plan …. “

Lu Xuan Shuang bite said: “What is her organization? What plan? What kind of plan? You tell me!”

Xie Feng said: “It is Huanong Die Baihua Gong master ‘Baihua Gong’ rules of the house, the couple must be all kinds of abuse after the test to join the organization and become Baihua Gong people Ever since, I became her executioner,!. lie to you drank strong aphrodisiac …. “Lu Xuanshuang shocked and said:” I understand it’s you put me in a big house in history, let them rape shame I stole treasures planted on them!!! ! they are riding a tiger, I had to take exile, all this is your masterpiece! “

Xie Feng debate: “I also controlled by others, and you have no choice ah big history, Chen together, is simply a flower stuck in cow dung, but I only watched those two bastards again and again! and again rape shame you, my heart would uncomfortable than anyone else ah! “

Lu Xuanshuang revelation nodded and said: “I understand, this is the tune my plan, so I became a promiscuous woman ….”

Xie Feng said: “Yes this is Huanong Die Monster mean that later you fall in the valley, but it is Leiyi Hu Yinzei ravaged, I had to come forward to save you, but was it the Monster stop!. and she said it, though not within the scheme, more effective than originally planned, so they let you suffer that Yinzei relentless abuse …. “

Lu Xuanshuang said: “So, great history, Chen sold me into a brothel, and one planned?”

Xie Feng bite:!. “Yes you see this series of encounters, I can not stand to immediately close hand Monster Monster gave me that promise, as long as you are in the brothel by a few days the pain she will come forward to save you, to take you back to the ‘Baihua Gong’ good fortune, I think since you have the rain comes, and also down her scheduled return to ‘Fuzhou government’ let Yan outside members to support me, so I worry without taking into account the total Young Master’s throne …. “

At this moment, Lu Xuanshuang finally understand yourself this series of painful experiences, all in the original calculation under Huanong Die. She also realized that, in order Huanong Die captured his heart, in submission Shibao all sorts of abuse; but also understand why Hua Nongdie will promise the real reason He Sanlang unreasonable demands of the.

Lu Xuanshuang no gas is not angry, replaced by wave after wave of intense fear. Their fate was hit by a psychopathic Monster playing in the hands, and the Devil, was her favorite person! If it were not met Ding seven through Aberdeen, someone else to return to the “Fuzhou House” to understand the truth, I am afraid it is still leaning against the window of hope He Sanlang Iraq returned early too!

Xie Feng Lu Xuanshuang looking at the whole body trembling, slumped: “I thought I can be a face-lift, re-living a new life but I still Dianzhe you, still love you ah you suddenly appeared last night, made me.! thoroughly comprehend this in mind, I thought we could re-start, weaving a better future. now I realized that I was wrong! and so wrong! this thing, from start to finish is a tragedy, now, let the tragedy came to an end! “if a finish, Xie Feng immediately Tingjian reverse, sword piercing his chest.

Lu Xuanshuang horrified, leaning lying on the ground weeping Xie Feng said: “! Error has become a fact, you do, I’ll never forgive you will therefore”

Xie Feng pale, vomited blood, dying and said:. “I beg your pardon …. can not …. only .. only hope that the tragedy …. so far ….”

“Fufu, you do that, I’m afraid is the continuation of the tragedy ….” heard the familiar voice with a magnetic, Lu Xuanshuang suddenly jump up, looking at the break before leaning in blue shirts young, scared the whole body shiver, back again and again, until it hit the back wall.

Xie Feng Ran said bitterly: “Flower …. skipper, is that you?” This young blue shirts, it is disguised as a man Baihua Gong master Huanong Die.

Nine, Putian one hundred JIANMENGUAN

Hua Nongdie looking at the dying Xie Feng sneered: “My plan was originally perfect, but overall today, you blew the whistle, hum tragedy will definitely continue!.” Instead of Lu Xuanshuang softly: “I do not want you to wait for me go back? I went back to see you, pressed He Sanlang that old wreck, I discovered that you come back to Fuzhou. everything’s over, come Xiaoshuang, I’ll take you back to the Baihua Gong, it is the woman’s block paradise, happy paradise, you will love it …. “Yibubuxiang Lu Xuanshuang approach.

Lu Xuanshuang scared trembled, screamed: “!! You do not come do not come.”

Hua Nongdie light frowning, infatuation and said: “You are how the Xiaoshuang, my butterfly sister ah?!” When going forward, left foot suddenly hugged Xie Feng. Xie Feng With the last three-inch gas, yelled: “Hurry up and get you Xiaoshuang ah!!” Lu Xuanshuang stunned for a moment, immediately made enough to rush out.

Hua Nongdie looked Xie Feng sneered: “?! Like this wanted to stop me ignorant ah ha ….” folding head a little to Xie Feng, Xie Feng suddenly brains burst, bloody. Hua Nongdie folding jiggle said: “Xiaoshuang ah, you’ll never escape my palm ….” easy paced leave.

Lu Xuanshuang out of the haunted house, die wildly foot bolted. She knew Huanong Die bound to catch up, although is tired, but did not dare stagnant pace. Eastern gray dawn sky appears then, almost dawn, and from the street crowd gradually increased. A young brawny see Lu Xuanshuang desperately ran, reminding us of scenes like escape, he asked: “!? Hey pretty little girls, what are you anxious ah.”

Lu Xuanshuang gasp: “There is …. There is a bad guy after me ….”

Young strong man shot chest and said: “You rest assured! I am flatter for you!” Lu Xuan Yixiang did not rush back, and suddenly lost. The young and strong man saw the flower and nails, asked: “Kid, is you chasing a beautiful girl?”

Hua Shi Butterfly shakes a fan: “How? Have you seen it?”

Young Zhuang Han chest is a very thick, Shen Sheng: “The girl I want to settle, you want to hit her up!” Hua Shi Butterfly smiled and walked. Young Zhuang Han Boxing Road: “Do you turn the words of the Laozi?” When the iron foken hit the cheeks of the flower to the butterfly, the chest was gently slammed by her folding fan, and the young and strong Han fell. land.

In order to escape, Lu Xuan Shuang bought the only silver two, and the stupid horses were Mercedes. Outside Fuzhou City, you will be more desperately hitting the seat. The horse was suffered from the pain of the flesh, and the feet were gangled.

These two days Lu Xuan frochard gradually, did not sleep well, have a full meal, I have already been tired, I finally be dark, fell from horseback. When she got her painfully dragged the tired body stations, my horses have been self-supporting.

With the only silver bought on the body, you lost, Lu Xuanzhuang lonely in the unmanned underricate, the heart is both fear and sad, can not help but nose, the teardrop is getting out.

Fortunately, the flower is not chasing it, and Lu Xuan frost will walk away, and the head is white. I didn’t know how long it took, I picked up a wine trick in front of my eyes; I was tired and hungry Lu Xuan Shuang, I smelled the aroma of bursts, where is it? I can’t help but entered the wine trick.

Although this wild shop is standing in the unsurifornia, it is a place to be a Fucan Government. It is not a cold, and there are more than a dozen people in the store in the store. Everyone saw a beautiful woman in the door, and he was very bright, and the eyes were staring at her, and the lively scene was silent.

The store is busy and sang, and smiled and greeted Lu Xuanzhuang. Lu Xuan Shuang is shameless, whispered: “Little Second Brother, can you pay you a steamed bun? I have no clear text now, I will have money, I will definitely double!”

The store is listening, suddenly pulling the face, Shen Sheng: “Hey! It turned out to come to eat! This shop is not yet, no money, please please!”

“Wait!” A plate is sitting with three men, one of the young people got up: “Xiao Di, you are too big, such a beautiful girl is a few steamed bread, what is it? ? Please ask the girl to come and sit down, she eats what I have a bill! “The store is young and I’m happy.

Another table and the fat man sitting immediately, pulled Lu Xuan frost’s hand: “It doesn’t matter if you have no money, let’s please!” He turned to the store Xiao two: “Give me a few dishes!” Lu Xuan frochard Face, half-pushed halfway. I saw the same table three people were wearing blue clothes, and the waist was hanging on the waist.

The three men have the beauty of the shame of the snow-watering, rushing to her. Lu Xuan Shuang is a full meal, but I have to accompany my smile and I’m vain. At first, these three people said to her, but they were polite. Not always, they began to borrow alcohol crazy, and the words were in the sky, and the words were illegal. If it is in the past, Lu Xuan Shuang must give him a ear isolated; now she is hunger, there is no choice but to swallow the sound, and the grievance is complete.

These three people see Lu Xuan Shuang to pick the words and teasing the words, can’t help but bloom. The previous young man will close the body in the body, blow the air in her ear: “My little beauty, waiting for you to eat, let’s find a place to cool? You will love it …” Hand in her skirt and starts unregulated.

Under the previse, it is naturally thin, and where can Lu Xuanzhuang have to endure? Have a slap in his face, get up. The young man reached out and scratched her wrist, angered: “Your stinky scorpion! White eats my things and hit people, do you be a brother three people?” On the buccal.

The four big men adjacent to a table couldn’t see it. One of them had a “small scorpion”. I once again, and I made the wrist that Lu Xuan frost earned, and pulled her to myself. The three blue men were angry: “You are rogue! When the public is a good woman, the net is lost!”

The three blue men shine all the blade, the face is blue, the young man is clear: “How do I do a ‘Thunder Help’? Do you manage? Don’t think that you are the ‘Baijian Gate’ person. Harm, here is not ‘Putian’! I can’t arrogate! “

The four big men of the “Baijianmen” stood up and took out the sword in his hand.

Lu Xuan frost saw that the disputes were in their own, and it was very uneasy. When I wanted to discourage it, I only heard the voice of the wine tone came to talk to the magnetic voice: “Xiaofeng, see it? The man is so vulgar, Do you want to stir with them? Come over, here! “Lu Xuanzhuang can’t help but pour a cold, suddenly the face is scared.

Everyone rushed to go, a blue shirt youth is open, and the folding fan shakes, and it is leisurely. Lu Xuan frochards, of course, this person is not a flower and nail?

Everyone saw a weak scholar dared to interrupted the mouth, and he was angry with him. The young man of the “Thunder Help” broke out: “What is your fucking smelly in Hu?!” “” “” That young man saw the appearance of the flower to be weak and the wind, only 50% of the boxing, giving him a small lesson. Hua Shi Butterfly opens a fan to face, blocking a punch. It is also strange that the man’s fist is sticking to the fan, even if it makes the strength of the milk, you can’t draw the fist.

Hua Shi Butterfly slowly removes the folding fan, showing a smile: “Why is this brother so on? Stay your strength to play women!” Folding fan, the man suddenly fame and put it out, the two people One and knock down.

The “Patent Door” is shocked. I know that I have encountered a high-hidden high person, I am busy holding the Polyteli, while holding the boxing: “At the advantage of the heart, it is admiring, I am the four people ‘Disciple, but I don’t know how to call it? “

Hua numei folding fan is swayed, and the eyebrows are brugging: “Do you also know?” Four people couldn’t help but show each other, and the opposite side.

That kind of passenger: “Since you look down on my brothers, it doesn’t have to be reluctant; but you will learn three of the ‘Thunder help’ for us. Thank you here!” Laughing in the sky, smiling everyone is two gold, I can’t touch my mind.

虬髯 虬髯 道: “What is wrong with it, let you laugh?”

Huahai Butterfly Cold Laughing: “I am smile and die, I don’t know …”

I am very sensational and asked: “But I don’t know who is going to go?”

Hua numei couldn’t laugh: “There is a good play, but it is destroyed by the guy who is four good things. Do you say that you should die?” When the chopsticks in the tube sprinkled out, if a flying arrow was shot to the “Baijian Gate”. The four big men have not yet returned to God, bamboo chopsticks have been inserted into four eyebrows, and the four people have grown their eyes, and they are exhausted.

The people in the wine croge can not help but scare the two legs, the atmosphere does not dare to. The “Thunder Help” three people are more scared to have the urine flow, and they are squatting on the ground, and ask for mercy to the flower to the butterfly.

If the flower is smiling if there is no unique: “The woman is born to be born, loves to mix, the four figures of the Baijien ‘, interrupted her interested. You hurry to catch me, serve She, just make her satisfied, I will spare you not to die. Roll! “The three men looked at it, and after a hoe, he fled from the back door.

Hua Shi Butterfly shakes the fan, smiled and smiled: “Xiaofeng! Want to leave from me, it is to pay a painful price, wait to see it!”

After the door of Hua Shi Butterior, Lu Xuan froth did not say, and immediately escaped from the back door, and he couldn’t hunger, and the hair was running. Drilling in the jungle in the unlucky, risking, giving flowers and nails;

Due to the intestinal homesome, but the spirit is tight, it is impossible to fight the body, Lu Xuan froth stepping on the sky, the eyes are dark, the past is dizzy.

In sleeping, I saw a history of history, Chen Zhong, Lei Yixi, Stone Leopard, He Sabang, Dingqi, Tongdu, M Master and other people, stripped her clothes. She struggled, her clothes were taken off. Lu Xuan Shuang is busy covering his hands to make your own breasts and genitals, and the snow white naked body is curled. Everyone immediately carested her attrangular carcass, Lu Xuan froth tears, called spare, but saw white Shao Ding stood not far from looking away. Lu Xuan Shuang yelled: “Master brother! Save me!” I saw white Shao Ding brunette. He said: “The prostitute! Don’t face the woman!” There is a smile of a smile of flowers and nails. Lu Xuan froth is very embarrassing, can’t help but call.

“Wow …” is called, Lu Xuan Cream woke up from the nightmare, tears, cold sweat DC, only know that he did a nightmare. I don’t know how long I have been sleeping, I have seen the sunset, the color of the sky, Lu Xuan frost extended in the forest, but I saw the front of the eyes flashed, and there was a clear stream in front of the past, and the sun was shot on the water. Gold light. Lu Xuan froth squatted next to the creek, picked up the stream with both palms and patted it on his own powder.

Under the washing of the stream, it feels that the god is refreshing. Lu Xuan Shuang bowed his head overlooking his reflection, but he saw the reflection, except for his own shape, there were three men who were obsceneous smile. Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, hurriedly stood up, but he was copied by three men, blocked. These three men are the three men of the Thunder Help ‘.

The arms of Lu Xuan froth were suppressed by the two, even if the strength of the body is, it is still not open. The young man picked up her skirt from her back, and his fingers have been risening in her trousers. “Don’t! Don’t!” Lu Xuan frost rooks his head crazy, and his petty body was painful.

The young man hugged the Lu Xiangzhuang from the back, and the finger explored into the trousers and rushed. He licked her ears with his tongue. , You also have a gift to play, accompany your brothers, do three people! “Reached out, pulling her trousers, and the lush incadcale and ruddy lips were exposed to the sunset. That young man did not urgently dialed her labi, and the two of the two people reached out of her rosers and their belly, covering Feng Ting’s breasts continuously. Lu Xuan froth’s double milk and gem, with current feelings, lost resistance, but the opposite functional side is as burned on the same hay. The only thing she could do, only biting the teeth, not letting their excitement feel revealing, but their body is not from autonomous, the nipples on the double peak have been tied up, and the Taoyuan Tang also begins to seep the honey.

Three people were caressing in Lu Xuanzhuang, and they kept kissed her cheeks, ears, neck, and even kissed her tongue. Lu Xuan froth gradually lost ingredients under the caress of the three people, and the lust of the heart was developed, tired and slammed the waist, and he was weak.

That young man took off his pants, revealing the head of the meat stick, holding the snow white buttocks, laughing in her ear: “The scholar of the blue dress is correct, you really have a soil, love to hybridize, I will let you cool! “The red gantry was rubbed on the vaginal mouth of Lu Xuan, ready to insert.

Lu Xuanzhuang was originally challenging, ready to accept the baptism of the meat stick, and suddenly heard that he mentioned the “books of blue clothes”, suddenly being poured a bucket of cold water, want to fire, surrendering, Shen Sheng : “Don’t! Don’t! You have a hand! Stay!”

That young man is on the string, there is a reason to get a job? Holding her ass, when I want to insert the meat stick in the waist, the lack of mutually gains, and a speech sounded in his ear: “When she said, don’t you understand? “The whole person is thrown into the sky,” 通 “fell into the stream. The other two men who have made Lu Xuan froth look back, call two punches in the middle of the nose, and the two men fall into the stream in the stream.

“Thunder Help” three men like falling into the stream, the wolf is looked at the shore, but the land of the naked to the shore, there is a white dress, carrying a green sword, Jiemo Twenty-four, five years old.

“Thunder Help” three people immediately took out the blade, that young man is red, Shen Sheng said: “Mom! Who are you? Dare to destroy the good thing for Laozi! Do you know that our three people?”

The back sword is quiet: “The ‘Thunder helps’ Xiong Wusheng’s helper, since it is unpredictable, I have to take the sky.”

“Thunder Help” three people heard the thist: “You …. Are you the apprentice of ‘Shenlong swordsman’? Today ‘Baijianmen’ The door of Xue Jianqiu?” Xue Jian Qiu Jian Yu Yang, said: ” Yes!”

The young man frowned: “Let’s’ Thunder Help” will not commit river water with the ‘Baijianmen’ well, and Xue Men is not in ‘Putian’. NS!”

Xue Jianqiu Zhengqiao: “Spirit and evil, everyone is responsible, Xue Mou can sit down you to insult the girl’s innocence and put it?”

“Thunder Help” another fat man angered “Mom! Give you four or two pigments, you want to start the dyeing square! You ‘Baijianmen’ only the name of the ‘Shenlong swordsman’ is enough, the old man is dead, What do you have to be in Que Jianqiu? Dare to learn in my ‘Thunder Help’ Land? Find the dead! “Immediately waving the blade, he will he greet Xue Jian Autumn.

Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, covering his eyes, but heard “唷唷” “Wow” “ah”, “I am busy retreating the trembling hands, I see the” Thunder Help “three hands Meng face, blood flows out from the fingertips, shooting the eyes that are both fear and angry.

Xue Jianqiu is cold and said: “Rape, a woman, this should be a thousand knives, Xue is now planning a sword on your face, with the police punishment, taking the bear helping the leader of your” Thunder Help ” .get out!”

From the fingertips, the young man revealed his eye, and the blood was trembled. “Surname … Quickly leave.

Xue Jianqiu saw Lu Xuanzhuang to tease the naked carcass, like a bird of shooting, busy with the white cloak on his body, gently cover, warmth: “The girl, things have passed, don’t be afraid.”

Lu Xuan Shuang squatted with tears and shakes. The cloak covers his naked body, only feeling a little peace of mind, looks up, but see Xue Jian Qiu Jian’s eyebrows, British, wearing a white dress, the mind is invisible to the Master Brother and white shadow, one time I stayed.

Xue Jianqiu saw the girl before his eyes, he was looking at himself, and he lowered his whisper: “Girl, you are nothing?”

Lu Xuan Shuang suddenly returned to God, and they were quite rude, and they were blushed in their cheeks.

Xue Jianqiu saw her shy people’s appearance, I didn’t feel in my heart, thinking: “Good charming girl, no wonder those who have no rogue will hurt the heart.” “The girl’s alone is in the wilderness, it is too dangerous! You live!” Where? I will send you back. “

Lu Xuan frost tears: “I … I don’t know where to go …” Xue Jian Qiu said: “Why? Don’t you don’t have a home? Your family?” Lu Xuan Yanyu has been in this question, affecting the sadness, can’t help Mask.

Xue Jianqiu saw her crying, I can’t bear it, I know that she must have a difficult statement, so I don’t ask, I said: “This! It’s late now, this wood has a old inn, I will send it. You have been temporarily staying in the past, waiting for me to do it, and help you think about it? “

In this way, this for men and women cross the woods and lived in the wilderness of the wilderness. At that time, the Mingyue has gradually emerged in the sky, and the two completed the five internal organs, and Xue Jianqiu left. Lu Xuan frocard said: “The sky is late, Xue Dafin may take a break in a break, staying back to the sky is not late.”

Xue Jianqiu sighed: “Do not look at the girl, in the next original and four kinds of brothers, there is a first time, when I arrived at the agreement, four brothers were killed, and they were really fierce, and it was difficult to rest. … “

Lu Xuan Shuang sighs: “Jianghu is sinister, Xue Tai Xia is careful!”

Xue Jianfei nodded: “Thank you for your concern, wait for me to do good, come to you. Yes, I haven’t teach the girl.”

Lu Xuanzhuang hesitated halfway, I won’t know that I should notify the real name, but I saw Xue Jianrui sincerely, I couldn’t help but red, whispered: “I … I called Lu Xuan Shuang …”

“Lu Xuan Shuang?” Xue Jianqiu Xi Si: “This name is cooked! It seems that I have heard that …” I smiled: “The name is really a person.” The two talked about a few more words. Xue Jianqiu leaving him. Looking at the back of him, Lu Xuan frost could not help but shouted: “I am waiting for you!”

Before leaving, Xue Jianqiu helped her to pay for a month, and gave her fifty and two silver sons. Lu Xuan froth finally had a foot. This old inn is not in the transportation, there is not much passenger who is tip in the usual accommodation; but Lu Xuan Shuang is in order to avoid flowers, so, whether it is eating, taking a bath, sleeping, all in his room, never stepped out of the door. In this way two days.

On the third night, Lu Xuan frost will be sleeping until you have slept, it is awakened by the noise out of the door, and the sound is small, but in the quiet night, it looks very loud. In addition to staying outside the old shop and his daughter-in-law, this inn, this inn is within the usual guest. I don’t know why I am noisy. Lu Xuanzhuang hesitated half a half, or decided to go to an exploration.

Ignite the candlelight, Lu Xuan Shuang carefully went to the noise. At this time, noisy, replaced by an old people’s breath. She walked into the hoodie in the war, and there was a black shadow on the ground to spherical, and the asthesia sound was issued. On the hand of Lu Xuan frost, the candle in the hands of Lu Xuanzhuang knew that this black body is the old shop of this inn.

Lu Xuan Yixing saw that the old man struggled on the ground and hurriedly went to help. The old shop has tears, holding her hands: “Fast …. Save my wife! He …. They are not people! Beast! My wife …”

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy asking: “Don’t panic, don’t panic, where is your wife?”

Old shop is east aunt: “In the West …. Xixin No. 1 room, the two bad people …. them …” said that you can’t speak.

Lu Xuan froth immediately went to the Xixiang room, he heard the strange voice in the first door of the candlelight. Lu Xuan frost pushed the door, I couldn’t help but eat, a refined woman in bed is being forced to have two men, a man kissed the women’s lips and cheeks, and the other bowed her two The mountains of the legs. The woman is desperately struggling, twisting the body, but can’t get rid of two men’s four magic hands.

Lu Xuanzhuang stayed in half, and immediately filled, shouted: “Stop! Stop!” When two men looked up her, Lu Xuan froth did not feel scared, and the extreme. They are not someone else, it is the “Weiyuan Dart Barter” The dart from Xie Feng, who is arrogant: Ding Qi and Pixiang.

Since the day of the day, the Xie Feng has killed, he is afraid of Xie Feng to hange up. He hurriedly cleansing the soft and escaped Fuzhou. He turned to this old inn, and he saw the inn in the elsept of only the old. The owner of the store and the beautiful, thinking that it is organic, and after living in the inn, it will be difficult to rape the old shop.

Dingqi and Tongdu two people saw Lu Xuan frost, and the heart was also shocked, and the light movement did not stop. The daughter-in-law of the old store is struggling, and when you want to escape, you will be dragged back by the two.

Lu Xuan frost looks slightly, busy: “You … How can you bully a woman? Fine!”

Tongdu is smiled: “There is no way, who told you to abandon the brothers, we have to find a venting pipe!” Said that the tongue stretched out his wife’s nipple.

Lu Xuan frost is calm, trembled with a voice: “You …. You can’t stop, I …. I will report it!”

Dingqi, Tongdu is looking at it, can’t help but laugh: “Reporting the official, find a government to report, and you will be a big thing!”

Lu Xuan frost is seen in the young woman’s innocence, but he doesn’t have a good way. I heard the young woman’s sorrow and ask for help. Lu Xuan froth has a battle for a long time, and finally bite, with the gods of the strong brings: “You let her let go! Play …. Let me play! “Pixabay eyebrows:” Oh? For this woman, are you really willing to sacrifice yourself? “

Lu Xuan Shuang is cold: “Less! It is coming!”

Diqi also spoke: “Let’s see how much sincerity you have! Take off your clothes!” Lu Xuanzuyan helplessly took off the dress, only the belly and trousers left.

Dingq is on the front, reach out of her trousers. “Don’t!” Lu Xuan frost reflects the moving place to cover the wool.

Ding Qi said: “Do you want to install elegance? Two feet open, use your hand to open the lips!”

Lu Xuan frost inhibits the inner impulse, open the legs, open the legs, open the lips with both fingers. The mature labipings under the lush clouds, exuded with sweet juice, under the shine of the candlelight, and luster. At this time, Dingqi, Pixabay and young women are full of great eyes, greedily stare at her beautiful labie, Lu Xuan frost, and a sense of intense shame and humiliation.

“It’s a beautiful labie, so beautiful, let me take a good pity you!” Ding seven said, while dialing the lips with your fingers, and extended into the vagina excavation; Lu Xuan frost bit his lips desperately patience.

Tongdu is licking his lips: “Okay, let’s take a performance with your fingers!” I heard so despicable order, Lu Xuanzhuang is not bothering. Tongdu is easy to say: “If you hate it, it doesn’t matter!” I heard this threat, Lu Xuan froth frowned, pulling the trembled hand to the genitals, fingers dialing the hot and spicy labipings, constantly stimulating the cupping of congestion .

“Oh …” Lu Xuan Yixing ignited the fire, fell into the pleasure of self-abuse, and the other hand also solved the belly, and the sensuality pinned his towering breast. She is constantly embarrassed in her mouth, mature lower extremity tremolines, living, fragrant pictures, deeply attracting two men and a woman.

Tong Yet took out his own anger meat stick, and the young woman: “Almost there. Hello, you can go out, come back to play with you next time!” The young woman returned to God, picking up the clothes on the ground, The naked body is covered and rushed out in a hurry.

The old shop is sitting on the bench in the lobby. When you see your daughter-in-law, you can’t help you: “Angyu, you are fine?”

Young women and Deng head tears: “If it is not the girl saved me, my innocent is early!”

The old shop Dongsong did a mouth: “It’s okay! It’s okay!”

Android frown: “But in order to save me, now I am bullying, my father, what should I do?”

The old shop is sigh: “You keep you clear, no sorry, my son, is fortunate! What can we do?”

The two were anxiously waiting in the lobby. After half an hour, Ding Qi, Tongdu was coming out from the Xixiang No. 1 room, and took the altar and altar and sat on the table. Ango rushed into the Xixiang No. 1 room, only to see Lu Xuan frost, lying in bed, eyes closed, fragrant, face, mouth, mouth, and wetting, a case milky white semen.

He took a clean cloth, while wiping the blast on her face, quietly appreciate the fascinating look of Lu Xuanzhuang. Not much time Lu Xuan frost quickly woken up, Androi seminated helping her to wipe her sweat, and then wear a dress. Lu Xuan froclary: “They … have left?”

Android shaped: “No! They drink wine in front of the hall.”

Lu Xuan froth nodded, and Android came to the hall, and Dingqi, who was alcohol, Tongdu: “You have played, the wine is finished, please go!”

Tong Die smiled: “Where? Where is it? There is a beautiful wine, there is a beautiful woman, and it is more pleasant to Tiantian! Why do we want to go?”

Lu Xuan Shuang Wen said that heavenly angered: “Do you want to go?” Ding Qi, Tongdu is looking for a look, you can’t laugh.

Lu Xuan frost burned in anger, Jiao Wei: “This is the last time! You will take me again!”

Dingqi readily replied: “Then let’s go to play the daughter-in-law!”

Lu Xuan froth was trembled, immediately turned and ran back to your room, and the tears rolled out from the eyes. Android then came to the door and comforted: “Girl, don’t cry, that kind of person will only bully our weak women, there is no reason, not worthy of being angry. Let’s endure, we have met the heroes of Wulin, Please come to a sword to throw them! “

Lu Xuan Shuang heard, the heart was shocked: “A sword stabbed them? One sword stabbed them? If you want a sword to stab, why need you have the heroes of martial arts? As long as I have a sword, I am afraid that I can’t help these two Mathoral thief? “The mind, immediately rushed to the door, entered Dingqi, and the Tongduked the West Coache in the room. Androi foxes ask: “What are you looking for?” The eyes were bright in front of the ground, and Lu Xuan frost has made a bright sword.

“Old hate new vessels, one is clear!” Lu Xuanzhuang righteously filled with the hall, facing Dingqi, Pixabay two people: “Hey! Nathan!”

Ding Qi, Tongdu two people saw Lu Xuan frost holding the sword, and did not feel surprised. Tongbi smiled: “What do you have to take my arms? Be careful, don’t scratch your beautiful face!”

Lu Xuan Yix saw that two people didn’t care, and the heart was even more like, and he said: “Looking for death!” A sword went to the neck of two. Dingqi, the two people never thought that Lu Xuan Shuang will make the sword, the big is shocked, and the two sides roll, avoiding a sword, shocked: “You …. You will martial arts?” Lu Xuanzhuang Hong eyes : “I am the big lady of the ‘Wei Dart Board’, walking on the rivers and lakes, is there a truth that will not be martial arts? In the past, I have been tolerated in my heart. Today, you have become a sharply destroyed people of the people. I have to clean up the portal! “Handyed a sword stabbed, straight to the lower plate of the two, is the” land “word of” three talents in the world “.

Lu Xuan Yixi did not use the sword, the sword is very angry, but in the eyes of Dingqi, Tongdu two people, but feel powerful, the two have to re-improve the woman who once played in front of him.

Dingqi, the two people were made by the sword, and they retired, and suddenly Lu Xuan froth sword tip took a round, and the two swords shadow straight. “唷” “Wow” is twisted twice, and the two people have been drawn, and they have hung up.

Lu Xuan frost sword strokes, the more familiar, lost memory, I want to make more amazing moves, the two people have a knee, and they are squatting: “Forgive! It used to be the dog eye, On your head on your head, now we know the wrong, please spare us a dog! We will do it before, it is not a …. “

Lu Xuan Yanye saw their attitude towards the gong, playing from my heart, thinking: “Is the man so embarrassment?” I thought that I made a moving, and I have compared it before, it is very poor, this time Winning, mainly Ding Qi, Tongdu two people are too pustuated. I want to pass this, I will no longer be reasonable, the long sword is fixed, and it is clear: “Rao you can live, I will go to three, I will immediately disappear from my eyes, don’t appear in front of this life. A …. Second … “There is no number to three, Dingqi, Tongdu two have already hit the door, flying like a wolf.

Lu Xuan froth sighed, and the long sword put on the table, and his heart returned to his room. Old shop Dong and Andrews have seen everything happened, the old shop host: “I can’t see this little girl usually shy and weak, actually a family, I have to go to the two big bad guys? It’s really people. …. “I found that the daughter-in-law was stunned and asked:” Android, what are you thinking? “

Android returned to God, asked: “Gong Kong, I ask you, I will make money in foreign trade, I will be long for the wife, I should be long, even if the long night is difficult, I don’t have a red apricot, and steal Han. Is it nor? “

“Of course! This is of course!” The old shop nodded.

Android: “So, as long as I don’t look for a man, it is not a red apricot out of the wall, and there is no sorry. Isn’t it?”

The old shop thought for a while, nodded: “Um …. is!”

Angon is angry, laughs: “Thank you for your father-in-law!” He took a small tone and packed the residual wine. The old shop is the first: “Strange? What did I say? How is she so happy?”

Since Lu Xuan froth rushed to Dingqi, after Tongdu, the inn paved her as a guest, and the enthusiasm was treated; Androi is attentive and warm, take care of her. Lu Xuan Shuang has found a long-awaited thing about the public, and the heart is warm, and it is cooked with them. It’s just that Angpei is too enthusiastic, not only is the initiative to wash the clothes for her, but even help her to take a bath water, asked her to take a shower with her, helping her back. The first few next time Lu Xuan frost declined, but it could not be relieved.

Android is about to enter the age of thirty, long skin white lips, milk hip fertilizer, full of mature women’s hips. However, Android looks at her look, and when taking a bath, it is similar to inadvertently going to touch her breasts and genitals, so that Lu Xuan froth feels the same sex and breath.

After a few days, I have a few days. This day, Lu Xuan froth thoughtfully thought on the side of the bed, she thought, her father and uncle, Pakailou did not immediately return to Fuzhou to see, but I was afraid to meet the flower and refreshing butterfly, I was worried about M Mrie, I was worried about Fu Fu. Will be unreasonable requirements for her, so I have to stay in the inn, wait until Xue Jianqiu appears, and then ask him to accompany to Fuzhou.

Thinking of Xue Jianqiu, the British charm was in the hearts of Lu Xuan frost. Since Xie Feng won her chastity, Lu Xuan frost encountered a series of men, without a tool that did not treat her as a sleepleness, until I met Xue Jianqiu, the gentleman who was physically, led her to men to recover. A little confidence. Lu Xuan frost is unfortunately unfortunately with him for a long time, only knowing that he is the door of Putian’s “Baijianmen”. However, there is such a young man, since it can be in the “Baijian Gate”, I will have an amazing industry and ability. If you can say him, help the psychological flow of flowers, and the house. Hard, killing, can be reported.

When I was thinking about thinking, I came out of the door to talk about the voice of Android: “Xiaofeng girl …. Xiao Shuang girl …. Are you asleep?”

Lu Xuan Shuang should take along the mouth: “Yes, please come!” Pot on the sweaters, put the door to open the door to come in.

Lu Xuan Shuang see Android only wearing a lot of apron and trousers, eating shouted: “Zhuo Jie, you don’t have a clothes, just come over?” Android smiled: “Here only lives with my father, what is the relationship?”

Lu Xuan frocard said: “So late, Zhuo Sister …”

Agreement laughed: “I don’t know how to do it. I am lying in bed tonight. I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, you will sleep with me!” I won’t wait Lu Xuan Shuang to answer, I jumped on the bed. , Hard to pull the zodes lying on their own pillow.

Lu Xuan frost sighed: “Zhuo Jie, you are really the same ….”

Android gently and smiled in her face: “I just like to be, my little baby …”

Lu Xuanzhuang asked surprised: “What are you calling me?”

Andao said: “Little baby! My family call me in bed.”

Lu Xuanzhuang asked: “What about him now? How do you live with you?”

Android said: “That no conscience, in Dali, Tianzhu, Sitatives, etc., have been returned once a few years, staying for ten or a half months. Two years ago, I haven’t come back, I don’t have a letter to go home, I don’t know if he is outside, is it already forgotten my yellow woman … “

Lu Xuan Shuang smiled and said: “The man is in the quarter, the husband is desperate for the future, this is a good thing! And Zhuo Sister, if you are born like a jade, it is not a yellow woman!”

Agreement laughed: “You are quite comforting, but who knows him outside, is it also learn to be a golden house? Otherwise, how can you even have an audio? The pain of the spring, I really want to have someone to hug me, let me do the inner life, just like this …. Little Baby … “Said to put Lu Xuan Cream tightly hug In the face, make your face gently gently on her cheek.

Lu Xuan frost feels awkward, the book is struggling, but I think of the Andrewd to defend the 贞, the spring is lone, and it is pitiful, and the thoughts of struggle are lost. I have been separated from the half, and the Ango whispered in her ear: “Come, I will help you take your clothes ….” Get up and take off Lu Xuanzhuang’s close clothes, only one belly left and trousers .

Android tightly put Lu Xuan frost together, the two women’s breasts were closely stamped; Androi fingers came back and forth in her naked back, in her ear, vomiting: “Your skin It’s really good and tender, so licking, it’s really fascinating, baby … “Talking out of the damp heat tongue, licking in her ear.

Lu Xuanzhuang was licking, it was a fascinating, I would like to struggle, I don’t want to struggle, shy low channel: “Zhuo Jie, don’t like this …” Androi tongue, immediately go to Lu Xuan frost The red lips lied, and the two red lips were covered with the fragrance of Androi, showing a bright gloss.

The Androi’s tongue is ignorant, further drilling into her red lips, Lu Xuan frost has to open the opening, with the tongue to fight this greedy. Two tongues are teasing each other in the mouth of Lu Xuan frost, and the four red lips are tightly wrapped together, the nose and the nose continue to touch, both don’t breathe.

Lu Xuan froth was kissed, it was unable to breathe, and it was difficult to push away Android, got up and wanted to go, but was taken behind Android. Android with chest rubbing the naked back, left hand finger strokes on her snow white smooth thigh, the right hand wrapped around her chest, push her breasts in her apron, more in her powder neck And kissed the cheeks.

Lu Xuan froth closed his eyes, gasped, and slammed his body; she knew that it was so reasonable, but he should not shout, but he is not ideal.

At this time, the left hand of Android did not know when to move her back, secretly unlock the ribbon of the belly, and immediately slipped down the chest, showing a full and strong breast, and the right hand in her breasts Pinch, the left hand is more bold to explore her trousers, and the finger is not ruled.

“Ah ……” Lu Xuan frost couldn’t stand, finally excitedly called, and the eyes were close, and the lips were half-closed, and the face was an inserted look. Androi spit in her ear: “You are so wet! Will you want? Let me take a look!” Take Lu Xuan frost forward, Lu Xuan froth, the whole person, the buddle is frightened, The abdomen appears in the eyes of Androi.

The Adrozes took out her trousers to the knee, revealing the snow whitening buttocks. And as seen from the baby, hugging her butt with two hands, starting from the thigh, when the butt is full of water, the Adrozen asshole is left left, revealing the sewing. Lips, so use the tip of the tongue along the pink trails to go back and forth.

Lu Xuan froth excitedly twisted his butt, immersed in the same sex obsceneous action. Android dials two meats, extended into the tongue, licking the condensed labians and erectica, and finally put two red lips on the jet nucleus of Lu Xuan froth, desperately sucking again.

Lu Xuan frost crazyly swollen his butt, creeping full body, Feng Ting’s breast with the body trembled, the head smashed and chaos hair, the mouth continued to make a lustful wave, sweet pleasure is spread The whole body is per inch. Under the Androine service, Lu Xuan Shuang quickly climbed the sweet peak, one more, and three …

Since that night, two women have undergone abnormal relationships, Androi begins to have no joy to Lu Xuanzhuang. After entering the night every day, be sure to pull Lu Xuanzhuang to his honey, until the two are fragrant, and the gas is exhausted. Androi seems to have completely vented the lusts of the biennium, so that we don’t have a variety of sympathetic tricks. Originally Lu Xuan Shuang sympathetic and argument, it refused her soft and hard, and was willing to let her visit her desire. She knows that she will become sharp, not only night, it is going to find opportunities. Make a job; now it is to limit her actions. If you are not allowed to leave her line of sight, even the size of the latrine is unable to close; Lu Xuanzhuang feels deeply, it seems that he has become a sex slave.

One night, the two women came to the past, and they had a fragrant sweaty and exhausted, they had a rest. Lu Xuan frost suddenly thought of what I did, I asked: “Where are you going? How do you know me?”

Lu Xuan Shuang did not force the way: “I just want to drink some water ….” Android immediately climbed up, poured into the mouth into the mouth, cold, cold, Hu Xuan froth in bed, cherry blocked on her red lips, will The water in your own mouth is spread to Lu Xuan Yingkou.

Lu Xuan frost pushed the Android, wiped tea, frown: “Zhuo Jie, what is this?”

“Hey you drink water!” Android eating smiled: “If you have to drink water, you must feed you from my mouth, know?”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the arrogance: “What? This is too absurd! What are you doing? Your slave? When the slave is better!”

Azuo Wen Sheng smiled: “My little baby, you don’t be angry! Let’s have the same body, let you drink the water in my mouth, this is the performance of love! How will I treat you as a slave?”

Lu Xuan Shuang feels that Android has already walked into the magic, two words do not say, immediately get up and dress, clean up.

Android hurriedly hug Lu Xuan frochards: “What are you doing? I don’t want you!”

Lu Xuan froth pushed away Android: “Zhuo Jie, you have been taking care of me, really, I don’t know how to be grateful! In fact, I have already wanted to go, just don’t know how to say it. My loved ones are trapped, for the children, how can I sit? Whether you are good about me, I … I will always remember! “

“Hey!” Ango said: “Excite! This is an excuse! You are tired of me, I want to find the little white face that sent you, right? I can’t do it now, how can you say? Going to walk? “

Lu Xuan frost road: “Zhuo Jie, don’t be excited, in fact, you just treat me as a replacement of your husband; wait until he came back, you will forget me …”

“No!” Android said: “If he comes back, I want him to marry you! I will do our three people together in the future!”

Lu Xuan frost shook his head: “I have done it, you have to stay again, let us leave a regret to break up ….”

Andrew the trend has been going, there is no way to force Lu Xuan frost, and suddenly the heart is in the heart, the heart is like a numbness, the face is paid, such as the funeral expression. Finally, Andao said: “Okay, it seems that I can’t stay you, then, now let me prepare some water wine, tonight for you, do you go? This is my last thing for you. Requirements, can you not agree! “Lu Xuan frost hesitated for a while, and finally nodded.

Not much time, Android has already prepared a beautiful wine, and it is a row for Lu Xuan. Android of the wine and losing the wine, Lu Xuan Shuang did not hesitate to dried a cup, and the Face of Android turned a smile.

The wine has passed three patrols, andado said: “Little baby, do you know? I have raised a dog when I was young, I like it very much. Later, it hit people, I want to throw it, I cried I don’t do it, but I still did it. After a few days, I saw a little boy and a dog playing, it is the one I raised, I immediately wanted to ask the dog back. The boy not only didn’t return me, but also pushed me. What happened later? “

Lu Xuan froth felt dizzy, and the eyelids were heavy, and asked weakly: “What happened?”

I smiled and smiled in the night: “I took the night, and I got the boy’s home, I won my dog ​​back, no longer let it leave me!” At this time, Lu Xuan froth softly squatted, fainting On the table.

Angyou looked down the soft hair, and the evil smiled: “You, you are the bitch I raised, I will leave me in this life! Ha …”

Ten, will fight Tenli Pier

“Hey … um … um …” I heard a series of women’s snoring, Lu Xuan frost couldn’t help but open their eyes, I feel that my head is grazing, I am like a fire burning. Hot. Lu Xuan frochard consciousness gradually recovered, only to find that it was his own; left and right, I found that I was lying on a secret room, I wore a red and transparent wings, and a torch on the four-week wall. The fire bears burned, the corner of the wall stacked hundreds of sealed wine, wine’s aroma spread throughout the secret room.

Lu Xuanzhuang is frustrated by wine, and there is a unbearable affection in the body. The breasts and genus have a feeling of stinging. Dressing down, thinking that the finger touchs the hard object with a metallic sensation, looks down, find that his lower body is wearing a weird metal trousers. Lu Xuanzhuang recalled that the mother of “Yiqing Tower” has been mentioned to her. In the remote-quarry of the powers, the husband will ask the wife to put on the white trousers, called “chastity belt”. Now wearing themselves, is this chastity zone? “I … How will I put this kind of thing?” Lu Xuan Shuang anxiously pulled the ribbon, I want to take off it, but the chastity belt hit the waist tightly, and also card in the labie, she One pulls, the chastity belt is deeply falling into the labipings, and suddenly it is straightforward, and the obscenity is immediately overflowed by the falling chastity.

“Oh … how would be like this?” Lu Xuanzhuang opened his wings, showed a beautiful breast. The congestive nipple seems to lure her hand, Lu Xuanzhuang can’t stand the temptation, gently knead with hands. “Ah … so comfortable …” Just in an instant, a strong stimuli is in the brain sea, and the lower body produces a small explosion.

Lu Xuanzhuang feels that his body is very needed. It is rushing to touch it, but the barrier of the chastity belt, there is no way to masturbate, Lu Xuan froth is painful, crazy, knead the card, on both sides of the chastity The lips, but also completely open the wings, excited to play their nipples.

“How? One person is enjoying?” Suddenly heard the voice, Lu Xuan frost looked up, I saw Android not knowing when he came to his face, showing a smile. Maybe I just concentrate, so I didn’t hear her open door, Lu Xuan froth was ashamed to pull the wings.

Against a smile: “Do you need me to help? I am very happy!”

Lu Xuan Yixi said: “Where is this? Why do I hold me here?”

Android said: “Here … I used to be a wine cellar. Now it is the paradise of our two people …”

Lu Xuan Yanye glared at Androi, angered: “Do you think a small wine cellar, is it sleepy?”

Angyu smiled: “What do you say?”

Lu Xuanzhuang did not say that, immediately got up and went to the exit of the cellar, he ran a few steps, Lu Xuan froth knows that he is doing it. The chastity belt deeply card in the labrough, the activities of the legs, causing the labipings to rub with the villages, have a strong pleasure, thrilling straight, and Lu Xuan froth feels a dizziness, I can’t help but kneel, know In this way, the chastity belt is deeply caught. “Ah …” Her perineum suddenly produced a dramatic explosion, and the prostitution continued to overflow from the two sides of the chastity. Lu Xuanzhuang can’t stand the virginity of the virgin, and hurriedly breathed on the ground as a dog.

Azuo smiled and helped Lu Xuanzhuang, holding her back to bed, laughing: “How? Just very comfortable?” Lu Xuan froth finally understood that Android took her to the chastity! Because the labies are tight, they will generate pleasure, they will have a bit difficult, more and more embarrassed. Android knew Lu Xuan frost is not a general weak woman, can’t force her actions, conveniently use the chastity belt, let her become an inconvenient woman, so it can be completely banned.

Lu Xuan frost said angrily: “Please take this ghost thing!”

Android of Lu Xuan frost, soft voice: “This pants you wear is called ‘chastity belt’, I am bought from Tianzhu Dang, I am very suitable to do it outside, in addition to love outside, You have been wearing it! “One hand to keep the metal in the yin house, and the other hand started playing her breast. “Don’t! Don’t be this!” Lu Xuan frost reludgedly with only a lot of reason.

Androi croishes: “You can really endure, but when you are coma, your system-sensitive zone has already been taken up by me, I have been tolerate, the more hungry!” Android The villages have only voids into the fingers, play with the either yuki, and lower the tip of the tongue with the tip of the tongue.

“I … I can’t stand it, come to play with me!” Lu Xuanzhuang reluctantly maintained the reason, and finally collapsed, abandon all self-esteem, and hugged the Android. The Android’s lips are pressed on the red lips of Lu Xuan frost, and the two tongues are desperately wrapped together. Android knead her breast, and the other hand drilled into the gap in the gap in the gap in the middle finger, and fill her vagina. The obscene is constantly overflowing, forming a waterway on the thigh, Lu Xuan froth hugs and rushed to heaven.

Angzhi’s wings in Lu Xuan frost, and also took off each piece of clothing in the whole body. Her name is Lu Xuan frost opens the thigh, takes out a key to insert the chastity belt, and remove the chastity belt in the yin house, Lu Xuan froth produces a pleasing pleasure in ink. The pussy appears because of a series of stimuli, and the two wet labi is completely open.

Ango spit in her ear: “My little baby, I used to play the game of ‘mirror’, now let’s play the true husband and wife!” Hand has a more thing. Lu Xuan Shuang saw the leader in the army in the army, and the two ends were the shape of the glans when the man was erect, and there were two grooves in the middle, respectively, two meat tapes. Lu Xuan frost stared at the false rock, revealing the feelings of shy fear. Android said: “This is a double-headed hiji, called ‘fleshy double neck dragon’, is my husband from ‘Site’ bought to send me, you can let two people who are in the birk, who is better than men Interesting! Let’s play watching! “Insert a fake hook into your own meat, with four flesh tapes on his own waist and butt, and the false mask is another head from the Divus from Andro. Sir, Lu Xuan froth looks in the eyes, and it is very unparalleled.

Android shot the red lips of Lu Xuan frost, but the Xuan froth reached out, but the feeling of touch was very good. Like the mashed mask holding a man, Spring heart is more surprised to contain the fake mask’s glans in the mouth, use The tongue is pushed. Adroic hugged her head, twisted the waist, moved before and after, so that the fake mask came out in the mouth of Lu Xuan frost.

In the case of Lei Nihu and He Sanglang to control actions, Lu Xuanzhuang has been in charge of the mouth with a false mask to play, but the Lei Hui uses the wood to cut, and Ho Sanlang is used by the beef band. It is far from the dealer. Nowaday, the fake mask of Androi, in addition to the heat of the man, the shape, size, texture, soft hardness is a few, so that Lu Xuanzu is just included in the mouth.

“Hey … so cute …” Android saw that Lu Xuan froth was desperately licking, and the saliva flowed out of his mouth, and he reached out and stroked her red cheek. The other hand kneaded Her congestive nipple. The lower body of Lu Xuan frost continues to explode, and the prostitute has flowed up full of thighs.

“Okay, enough!” Android took a double neck dragon from her mouth, helping the Lu Xuan, who was squatting, holding her left foot, aligning her separate labia, moving the fake hook slowly inserted .. ….

“Ah … …” Lu Xuan frost crazyly waved, not autonomous twisted with the petite body, Android hugged the Xuan Shuang, the lower body continued to pumping, spit out the tongue Continuously winding Lu Xuan frost. Under the power of the mever, the two women have reached a few climaxes.

In this way, Lu Xuan froth began to be imprisoned in the wine cellar and lived with a dark day. In addition to making love and size, Lu Xuan froth is always forced to wear a chastity zone; in order to develop her sexual desire, the Pen Zhuo will take a vision of prostitution in her sensitively, so that she must live in a time; as long as one Have time, Port and arbitrarily will force Lu Xuan Shuang to do the same-sex game, or use two neck dragons, or use the mirror method to play a wide variety of tricks. At the beginning, Lu Xuan frost was very resistant, but her will weak, she faded the control of the prostitute and the temptation of various tricks. When one day Adrozen told her, Xue Jianqiu came to find her, but was lured by Andrews She knows that she can’t leave here, I started to teach every word from Adrozen, became an unreasonable sex slave.

Android in order to try Lu Xuanzhuang really succumbed, once a few times deliberately opened the wine, then hide in the dark, observe her every move. Every Lu Xuan Cream has seen the gate is driving, but I think I have been submitted to the chastity belt, I gave up the idea of ​​escaping, and I stayed in the wine cellar or sleep. After several tests, Android determining Lu Xuanzhuang has become his own sex slave, so I put Lu Xuan frost and let her see the day, but still wear a chastity zone. To help the old shop in the old shop and the Androi palm, if there is nothing, the two women make love together; at night, it is completely the beautiful time of our love.

The old shop is back, and I just walked to the backyard and said the two women from the door to the front of the door. The old shop is not ill, and I saw that Adrozen and Lu Xuan frost whole body light squatted in bed, two woman buttocks close to your ass, you come to me crazy twisting your body. The lower body of the two is deeply inserted by both ends of the double neck dragon. The sweat is full of two people.

The old shop is halfway, and then knocking on the door: “Androi, don’t play again, I have a lot of passengers today, I have been busy alone, come to help …”

Benglei breathed: “Well … Good … ah … you … first go!” .. The wife will come, hey … “The old shop shook his head helplessly and left.

For these two women’s pathological behaviors, the old shop has long been blamed. Your son is in foreign trade in the past long, leaving a mature and charming wife. Every day, I will be empty, the spring is vain, and the widow is not different, and I always have a apology; now there is a bidding friend, I have to spend my wife. Spring, there is no objection to the old shop, even if he thinks that the wife is too stunned, but as long as she does not carry the son’s red apricot, the old store will naturally do not think about it.

Just as the old shop is alone, it is busy outside, and when the positive focus is rotten, the hand of the Again is coming in from the backyard. At that time, the righteous day was on the day, and the sun was irradiated on the two-person red face, even more delicious. Usually, it can be said to be a door to Rocque, a lack of people, because of this, Androi will bring Lu Xuan froth to his room in the day. Nowadayys, more than a dozen table bench are filled with people, Androi sense, hurry to leave Lu Xuan frost, call the guest, yourself and public to the kitchen to remove wine.

Lu Xuan froth greeting the guests before and after, and suddenly found that the innocent, or the knife, or the sword, the end is the rivers and lake characters, and I am very curious. I don’t know why suddenly came so many martial arts. The inner people in the inn are noisy, or talking, or punching, and more than the past, it can be said that it is quite lively.

Lu Xuan froth took a drink, carefully wingently putting a table three men sitting on the table. The three men saw that Lu Xuanzhuang was very beautiful, and the six-color eyes were staring at her. One of the bald men reached out of the wrist of Lu Xuan froth, laughing: “Hey, don’t think of this wasteland In the suburdish shop, it hides such a Peugeot woman. Girl, what is your name? Do you have a friend? “

Lu Xuan froth struggled: “Guest 倌, please don’t do this, let go!”

Bald Han Di Xiao Xiao: “Yes! You let me let me let me let go!” The other two immediately laughed.

Lu Xuan froth struggled, was anxious to swell, yell: “Let’s let go!” A palm hit “three-point point” on his wrist. Bald Hanzi wrist is a mane, not feeling the hand, Lu Xuan froth hurriedly hiding. The good guys of the neighbors look in the eyes, smile.

The bald man snorted for a while, could not help but face red, looking at Lu Xuan frost busy to go, secretly: “her grandmother! Misused by this Said”, I thought I thought I thought it was. I can’t even can’t catch a weak woman. Mom, this woman is really enough, I have to get my heart itchy, I have to think of a way to get her bed, and I will work hard! “

The bald man saw Lu Xuanzhuang to go back to the counter, and the two of the same table made a look, smiled and walked to Lu Xuan frost: “Girl, I have opened a little joke with you, I am don’t mind!” “Lu Xuanzhuang bowed his head and ignored it.

The bald man touched a nail, and he was very boring, and he smiled: “What is your name? Do you have a friend? Tomorrow is a very lively event, I will take you to see it?”

Lu Xuan froth heard a meeting, and he got a suspicion in his heart.

The bald man saw her speaks, I can’t help but I’m happy: “How? Do you want to go? The Xue Jianqiu Xue Men and the ‘Thunder Help’ Xiong Sheng Xiong Ben Tomorrow is about the ‘Shilidu’ negotiations tomorrow. If you don’t care, you will start the frame. These two are people in martial arts, so this good play must not miss it! You are friends with me, I will take you to watch the lively! “

Lu Xuan Shuang was shocked, staying for a long time, he asked: “He … why do they fight?”

The bald man laughed: “I heard that it is for a woman, I am not very clear, anyway, there is a good show, just!”

Lu Xuan frost is like, thinking: “Xue Dafin is for me, it will be troublesome, this belt is the foundation of the ‘Thunder Help’, Xue Great is inevitable to suffer, what should I do? I have to stop this duel, but .. …. Into the virgin belt, I am not far away, Zhuo Jie can not let me go, I … How do I do? “Lu Xuanzhuang is in anxious, the bald man is later revealing the obscene Smile, what happened in his ear, Lu Xuan Shuang did not hear it.

Lu Xuanzhuang and the Ango’s two people were busy all day, and the guests of the store were resettled, and they were relieved. When you have stepped more, because the day is too busy during the day, He Wei and Lu Xuan froth werehed a bath, and did not intend to lingering all night, but it would not be a lot of money. The red lips are sucked again, and the tongue is wrapped in her tongue. Lu Xuan frost fell to his own room, and his heart was worried about Tomorrow’s “ten rig”.

Lu Xuanzhuang walked into his room, just closed the door, suddenly a thick arm took her tightly from her, and the other hand grabbed her mouth. The dark middle land is desperately struggling, but also wants to shout, but it is not used. I only heard the person behind her: “Small Saima, I am waiting for you! I will give me a time!” Listen to this voice, Lu Xuan Shuang guess this person is harassed to harass her bald man in the day. .

Lu Xuanzhuang did not hit it, but the clothes were stripped, the bald man kissed her face madly, grabbing her breasts; when the finger touched her lower body, he met metal-like hard True, big feelings, scratch: “咦? What?” Lu Xuanzhuang didn’t know what thought, suddenly stopped struggling, and slammed him.

Bald people saw Lu Xuanzhuang no longer resist, and picked her in bed, stripping his upper body, and kissed her face. Lu Xuan frost spit: “How do you love? How do you love! Maximum, let you be thin, want to rape me? I am afraid that you can’t do it!” Bald Han sorrows: “Is it? My bed kung fu is first-class, You see it! “Said to pull the pants, tall with hard meat sticks, but it was eaten by metal hardware. Angry: “What?” The speed jumped from the bed, ignited the candlelight on the table, and saw the whole body naked Lu Xuan frost, and he wore a metal chastity belt. .. What is your pants? “

Lu Xuan froth twisted his naked body, no choice but to sigh: “I wear a chastity belt, you must have a key to unlock it, if you have no business, you will go back to your room! Don’t eat swan Meat! “The bald man saw Lu Xuan Yixian, the skin is gloss, the curve is bumps, the two nipples are trembled in the rich breasts, and they can’t help but rude, there is a high taller.

The bald man quickly jumped on the bed, opened her thigh, kneeling down in her mouth, looking down, Lu Xuan frost sorbizes him. The bald man saw two lips and lithottomized chastity, and he hurriedly inserted the small finger into the lab and yuki from the gap.

“Ah …” A bursts of sweet stimuli, Lu Xuanzhuang can’t help but frown, and twisted the body. The bald man is more excited, constantly uses the chastity to take the lips and then press it, and the obscenity is slowly sewing from the seam of the labipings. He stretched out the tongue.

Lu Xuan Shuang breathed: “If you can satisfy you if you are so satisfied, then you are …”

The bald man is in a hurry: “But what should I do? I have no key!”

Lu Xuan frod road: “I want to do a way! As long as you can solve the chastity belt, I am you!”

The bald man is scratching his head, immediately jumping out of bed, urgent: “Well! You wait for me, I will come here for a while!” Just wore pants and ran out.

Lu Xuan frost lying on the bed, Xu Xi closed his eyes, and his eyes flashed a tear. Her heart has already been planned, anyway, it is not a clean woman, as long as you can solve the chastity to recover freedom, why are you suffocated again? Xue Jianqiu is his own benefactor, saying what to stop this duel.

How long does it take? The bald man opens, but the two men are just the same as the Bald Han. The two people saw that the naked body of Lu Xuan frost, the two snow-white thighs were so swearing, wearing a metal trousers, can not help but surprise.

Lu Xuan frost shocked: “You … what do you bring them?”

The bald man pointed to one of them: “My brother has done a business business, learning some unlocking efforts, you must not fall in this strange thing!” Three men climbed to bed, surrounded by naked Lu Xuan frost.

The whole face of the unlocked Hanzi is buried in her, and the two hands can touch the wealthy; the other two can be gone, bald man is greedily sucking two red lips of Lu Xuan frost, another man is more It is desperately smashed her pair of breasts that are both tall and soft. Lu Xuan Shuang immediately closed his eyes, let three men placed. Anyway, it is a bitter woman, in addition to the opposition to the outside, how can it be?

I was separated, and the unlocked man called: “Ah! I caught the trick!” Putting her butt flipped, let her hear his butt on the bed. Bald man surely sitting in front of Lu Xuan frost, moving on her bright red cherry. Lu Xuan froth holds the meat stick, spit out the tongue to sell the red-tongned glans, and the plump double breast is still playing by another man.

I only heard the “喀喳”, Lu Xuan Shuang feels that the lower body suddenly won the liberation, and the mouth is happy to take the glans in the entrance to suck it, send out the sound of “啾”. The unlocked man unlocked the chastity belt, immediately grabbed the two minces, dial it to the limit, and started to madly lick the middle wet petals.

Lu Xuan frost feels hot things in the lower body, can’t help but call, but by the bald man to grasp the hair, the thick meat stick immediately turned the throat, Lu Xuan froth twisted the waist; unlocked the man with hard meat, Piercing her wet petals from behind.

“Oh …” The original excited land is already very exciting, from behind, the body can not help but go forward, the huge meat stick in the mouth immediately goes deep into her throat, so she makes the frog. Each time inserted once, unlocking the movements of the Hanzi is more skilled, unlocking the son’s lower abdomen, hitting the golden butt of Lu Xuan frost, her body is rushing forward, and the bald man cooperates with this movement forward, so the meat stick has been deeply Piercing in the throat. The third man is not willing to show weakness, grab the left hand of Lu Xuan froth holds his hot meat stick, forcing her to sell, and even more stalking her nipples even more. Lu Xuan Shuang is like a boat in the waves, and the devastating of three meat sticks will be swallowed at any time. Under the service of Lu Xuan frost, the three meat sticks reached the peak, and the sticky semen sprayed in her mouth, her face, hands, breasts, labiars, labians.

Not waiting for the sterling, three men immediately changed the position, the bald man pushed her into the bed, opened her thigh to put the meat stick into the three legs; unlock the man, put the meat stick in the red Inside the lips; the third man grabbed her full double milk, so that the double milk clamped his meat stick, then creephed his butt, let the meat stick in the gap of the cleans. Then suffering from three meat sticks, Lu Xuanshou has already been exhausted, and there is no power to make the force. Don’t tell, three men have been on the day. After that, the three men and a woman have changed several posture sex before and after, each is a obsceneous behavior. Lu Xuan froth poor, let three men meet the way to sleep, they have already been tired, they are full of semen, and they are sticky and disgusting, and it is uncomfortable, and the sky is bright, I am afraid again. Escape from Andula’s control. So Lu Xuan frost dragged the tired naked body, washing the whole body of the body, and hurriedly left the oriental fish belly, and went to the direction of “Ten Li”.

“Shili Pad” has ten in the store, and the genius has just shown that the rivers and lakes have continued to renew their “ten rig”. Lu Xuan Shuang walked through the crowd on the road, and encountered someone to come and rush. Because of their own physical and mental tiredness, and take a break, the foot is slow until the time of no card, I finally arrived in “Ten Li”.

This “Ten River” is a huge mound of a protrusions, and the grass is not born, and there are hundreds of feet, surrounded by a dense grove, forming a special landscape. There are many people in the pier, and there are hundreds of men and women.

Lu Xuan froth is smashed in the crowd, and the people are looking for Xue Jianqiu, but the crowd is like ants, the dense is difficult to find, Lu Xuan froth can not be found, and the heart is quite anxious. Some people see Lu Xuan frost look, I want to ask for help, but as long as one is taking, Lu Xuan Shuang immediately drilled into the crowd and avoids responding.

When Lu Xuan frost like a headless flies, there was a sudden found in the world. “Ah! ‘The Thunder helped’ Xiong Wusheng Xiong, the owner is here!” Everyone rushed to, I saw a blue dress in the West Shoulin. People are far away, the head is a short, gray-haired, as far as the old man, the old man, with a Silver Mark.

A man saw the old man, could not help but show off: “Ah! It is the” Putian ‘Shaolin Temple “Master!” He listened, can’t help but hit, and suddenly the crowd was. The masters of this Putian Shaolin Temple is the south of Nan Shaolin. It is a predecessor of the martial arts of martial art. Seven points; Nowadays with the “Thunder Honor” at the same time in “Shili”, the group is extremely unexpected. I saw a person who saw the masters of the masters, and they were in front of the courtesy, and they didn’t forget to see them.

The “Thunder Help” The little older is surrounded by it, can’t help but frown: “The ‘Baijie Gate’ Xue Men is not until?” Although the voice is like usual volume, it is clear into the ear of everyone.

Lu Xuan froth heard a few of the people who had a whispering of the man: “The legend” Thunder help “the bear helping the main body short, no help of the trend, the martial arts, the internal force is amazing, it is not true!” “Bear helping the Lord ‘Thunder Help’, no one has dare to provoke, ‘Baijianmen’ is sinned? The “Baijian Gate” is loud, it is really awe-shade to the Wendo ‘s, now Xuemen Although the Lord has been asked, inheriting the performance industry after the ‘Shenlong swordsman’, but I am afraid that this time I have to fight! “Lu Xuan frost listened to the ear, and I was worried about Xue Jianqiu in my heart.

The masses of the nature are all: “Amitabha, Xuemen is the main idea to be entangled, so that the time of the meeting, the bear helping the Logan may wish to wait for a while.”

Xiong Wu random: “Don’t you dare to come?”

“Xue Jianqiu is coming back, please forgive me for forgive me!” The east’s forest came out of the voice, and everyone took a hurry to go to the east. I saw a white black two shadows flew, it is Xue Jianqiu and a one. Xuan Yi old Ni.

Xue Jianqiu saw the masters of the sexy, can not help but worship: “It turned out to be a master, the late generation is ritual!”

The masters smiled and helped the Xue Jianqiu Road: “Don’t dare to be! Don’t dare to be! Xue Men’s Lord will come up!” Turned to the Xuan Yi’s old Niki ten ritual: “It turned out to be ‘Emei Pis Too, no eight years, you are still well! “

The Mas is too returning: “Motion each other!” And went to Xiong Wu, “Xuemen met the poor, helping the poor to handle some things, so late, he didn’t dare to come!” Bear! ” Wu Sheng will not answer the cavity. Every teacher is too white, and the light is light, and there are about 60 years old.

All the people know that the masmies is like a god, and it is the first chair of “Emei”. There is an enemy in the rivers and lakes; it is only a person who is unintentional, and one of her love is unable to miss eight years ago. After that, the temperament is even more embarrassing, and there are very few people in the rivers and lakes.

Lu Xuan Yixing saw Xue Jianqiu, the heart is big, I just want to squeeze forward from the crowd, suddenly I feel that one hand explored in her skirt and stroked her ass. Lu Xuan frost is shameful and angry, when I want to push the hand, there is another hand rolled up her skirt, and I love caressing on the thigh.

“Ah!” Lu Xuan frost is about to call out, she is in a hurry to hold the two unpleasant hands before and after, knowing that the third hand actually explored her trousers, and insert the yam fingers Her labi. Lu Xuan Shuang can’t help but hey, willow eyebrows. In the crowd in a crowd, if you try to resist, you will naturally be scared, but everyone will know that your private part is infringed, this will be a very shackle, and more free in front of Xue Jianqiu.

At this time, the third hand is touched with a piece of meal of her laboray, Lu Xuan frocard is hot, and the cheeks are red, and they are not autonomous to twisted the next half. The heart is constantly praying. This magic hand has stopped the obscene action. However, the hand has changed from the jet nucleus of two labips.

Lu Xuan froth frown his teeth, the whole body did not have strength, and the two hands he seized again and not touched her ass and labians. Lu Xuan frost struggled for a while, but he never got out of the attack of the three hands. He had to give up the resistance, let him play, hope that the behavior of the obscenity will end as soon as possible, but the surface is astro, pay attention to the dialogue of Xue Jianqiu and others.

Only heard the masters: “The two heads today have already visible, poor hopes that everyone can explain the misunderstandings. Poor is not talented, willing to be with the masmies, and recover. The peace of the Thunder Help and the ‘Baijianmen’ two factions. “The mort is too norful.

But the Xiong Wusheng is clearly said: “My ‘Thunder Help’ and the ‘Baijie Gate’, always do not commit the river water, the old death is not coming, restore the two sent and the Yun Yun, that is not necessarily! I only don’t know Xuemen Which one is here to help, actually leaving a sign on my three disciples in my governing! Please see! “Watched it!” I saw the three blue people behind Xiong Sheng, was drawn a long sword mark; “Thunder Honor” crowded the voice of Xue Jianqiu, endless.

Xue Jianqiu hugged: “The predecessors have been important! The olders have been governed to help, they have not been able to meet the predecessors, I have already been regrettable, I dare to have a trip, find the trouble of the disciple? Just the road is not flat, pull the knife help, my life People, can you sit on others? Is it difficult to save? “

Xiong Wu’s routine: “Xuemen mainly opened the middle of the people, so that the people are doing, the people are despicable. I and ask you, what is the wrong thing for him? Do you want you to help you? “

Xue Jianqiu frown: “Do they have three people not to tell the predecessors? For forty days ago, he three people in the river of the river, attempted to rape a good lady, if not the late generation is still rescued, the woman’s innocent has long been destroyed It’s a hand of the three people. The old man draws a sword on their face, thus punishment, I have seen your predecessor, your hand is in your hands! “

He listened to the group, suddenly. It is necessary to know that the people in the rivers and lakes taboo to collect the shameless contest, if Xue Jianqiu is true, then the “Thunder Help” will be cast aside by Wulin.

I saw Xiong Wulisheng’s face and turned to see the three accidents. The three people tremble, and they were afraid to lower.

The masses of seeing sexual masters: “Sin is sinful! Zeng Big, Xue Men, you can’t make mistakes.”

Xue Jianqiu kutdooted the interception: “The innocence of the child’s sentence, I hope to guarantee with life!” At this point, everyone is inseparable, and the three disciples of the “Thunder Help”.

Xiong Wu gave birth to his teeth: “Although you don’t dare to be self-defeating, you don’t want to be the Chinese people, but you don’t do the shamelessness of the people! The second part of this help, the woman who is raped, and is worn by Wanjian And die. “Although the three disciples are not Xiao, it is not joking with their own life. The number of Xuemen’s main mouth accused they rape good lady. Excuse me, may have evidence? Where is the victim? Where is the person? Can you ask her? In the face of quality? “The scene was quiet, and hundreds of people waiting for Xue Jianqiu.

When Master is very difficult, the meaning of Xue Jianqing is difficult, and the heart is maintained. Trauma, this time, how can it be under the public? “

Xiong Wucheng angered: “This is a sophistry!”

The mort is too white eyebrows, “Are you not convinced?”

Xiong Wusheng still can’t hold it. “Your grandmother’s bear! This help with the ‘Baijian Gate”s grievances, do you want your old woman? Others are afraid of you, my bear can Didn’t put you in your eyes! “

The Masma is too angry: “What do you say? Looking for death!” Just want to pull the sword, the masters and Xue Jian Qiu hurriedly stopped, suddenly the scene was confusing.

“Ah … ah … soon stop …” Lu Xuan frost shouted, and slammed his ass. It is only a short time, and the hand invaded in her skirt has increased to five. There is a hand touching two round butt, along the shares, drilling the fingers into a tightened anus to draw; there is a hand strokes the smooth shame and fluffy grass; there is a hand is screwed The hot labia is turned; there is a hand picks up the condensed yuki; more hands pumped in the flowers of the campus inserted into the juice. Lu Xuan frost on the face of flourish, cheeks, sweat DC, and bitter to endure a wave of strongest a wave of sweet pleasure.

“Ah … ah …” Lu Xuan Shuang whispered, standing next to an old boxer peeking with her: “Girl, are you uncomfortable?” “No! No .. …. No, there is nothing … “

“But … look at you, you are cold!”

“No! I really don’t matter, thank you!”

Looking at the face of the masters of the masters, the Mastey and Xiong Wu Sheng will pay one step. Xue Jianqiu helplessly: “The old man has been placed properly. Ten days ago, I have been to find her, but she has already left, now I don’t know her where you. To come forward to testify in front of friends! As the teacher is said, the woman’s most heavy hitting, I really don’t want to see her again. “

The masters nodded: “Xue Men’s righteousness, sorrowful, good!”

Xiong Wu gave a smile: “Good one ‘hero benevolence, sadness”, everything must be evident! Xue Menzhao accused my three disciples to take the story of the flower thief, but they can’t mention evidence; the mouth voice said the woman’s danger Dyeing, but I can’t find people. His praises, he hurts my disciple, can’t mention the evidence, but in my site, I don’t want to return to the axict, and I have a face in the Yangtze Rivers. Is it based on? Xue Jianqiu, why bother to have a lip? The sword will see the true chapter! “Brush a long sword out of the sheath.

Xue Jianqiu saw Xiong Wu Sheng’s strong words, unfortunate, in the heart, and the sizzling sword on the back came out. Group is very shocking, seeing the masters: “Two have something to say, don’t hurt and gas!”

The Master is Tai Tao: “Master, now there are all sides who have persisted, no one is who is not, and only have the hero!” The mort is too strong, if Xue Jianqiu is dangerous, immediately come out to save .

Just when the two presented the tension of the sword, a woman suddenly came out of a woman: “Live … Stop!” Tens of one hundred eyes shot to the voice of the voice, only one The peerless beauty is wheeving from the red sweat, it is Lu Xuan Shuang.

It turned out that Lu Xuanzhuang has been played by obscene in the crowd, but he has never dared to call out. He has always struggled to suppress outbreak, and he only felt that he had entered the peak of happiness. In addition, it is tense for the two sent swords, in humiliation, pleasure, nervousness, the darker in the heart finally collapsed, and the long-awaited emotions will finally vent it by a delicate. Of course, in this case, the five devils have long been removed, and who else dares to stay in the skirt of Lu Xuan frost?

Xue Jianqiu saw Lu Xuanzhuang, and it was surprised and happy, showing it: “Lu … Lu girl!”

Lu Xuanzhuang gasped, whispered and smiled: “Don’t die for me, not worth it …”

Xue Jianqiu did not hear it, and he came to her. Happy: “It’s really good to see you, really, great …” I found that Lu Xuan froth is flush red, the amount is cold, urgent Road: “You … what happened? Is it sick?”

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy shaking his head: “No! Nothing!” Seeing Xue Jianqiu really cared, he couldn’t help but low.

The Master is Tai Tao: “Xue Men, is there an acquaintance? Can it be introduced for the poor?”

Xue Jianqiu laughed: “This is the end of the year!” He led Lu Xuanzhuang to see the masters and the mortis.

Xiong Wu Sheng is in the heart of the heart, Shen Sheng: “Xue Jianqiu, our grievances have not yet never!”

Do not open, Lu Xianqiu, Lu Xuanzhuang, “Bear help, are you doing evidence? Are you not looking for a victim? Now this victim, stand in front of you and talk to you!”

Xiong Wu Sheng was shocked, and he said: “You … you are … this can’t be joking!”

Lu Xuan Shuang said softly: “If you don’t believe, please ask your three ‘Giusi’ to come to the quality.”

Xiong Wucheng turned to see the three disciples panicked, and did not dare to face the girl who said. It has already understood seven, eight points, and I feel that there is no reason. I don’t know how it is good.

Lu Xuan Shuang Wen Song: “Today’s little women don’t want to discuss any fair in front of them, I only hope that the bear helper, you can help you, don’t have other innocent women. This is to do this, everyone is jade!” The group of people listened, and the woman was complained in the eyes of the eyes, and resolved a dryo, all of them were all speaking.

The masses of the sexy, “Amitabha, this female donor is broad, no need to remember, the Buddha’s compassion, the poor generation is thankful!”

Lu Xuanzhuang red face: “Don’t dare.”

The teacher smiled too much: “I still don’t know what this girl is named!”

Xue Jianqiu rose: “Her name is ‘Lu Xuan Shuang’!”

At this point, the group is horses. The masters of seeing: “‘Lu Xuan Shuang’? But Fuzhou ‘Weiyuan Dart Office’ Lu Dewei Lu Tie’s only girl Lu Xuanzhuang Lu Yan?”

The masters of the sexy can knock Xue Jianqiu! In addition to knowing the name of Lu Xuan, he is not familiar with her life. I saw that everyone used the extremely strange eyes to see Lu Xuanzhuang, and Xue Jianqiu had an unknown prevail.

Lu Xuan frost trembled with red lips, such as the enemy to spit out: “Yes, family is the Mr. Lu Dewei.” The whole family is more treated.

The masters of the sexy frown: “Does the elderly, whether the female donor is informed?” “Yes, I know.”

“So, can the female donor have visited two respect?”

“No … no.”


Lu Xuan Shuang low: “I … I can’t help but you.”

The teacher is too big: “Good Baby is a bless girl! With a man, don’t be the old father, even the dead body must be a generation!”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the confusing, urgent: “What do you say? Whose body is to accept others?”

The masters shook their heads: “Sin of sin! It seems that the female donor is really unknowing. Before a month ago, the Lu Dewei and Uncle Lu Deyuan, the doubles were committed in the Fuzhou government!”

Suddenly, Lu Xuan Shuang is like a five thunder, tears hit it, trembling: “Why? The two old people are jailed, my daughter is trying to wash, why do you want to scroll? How to commit suicide? Why? “Suddenly” wow “is crying. Xue Jianqiu is sad and disappointed. He thought: “It is the recent lake in the rivers and lakes.

Since Lu Xuanzhuang is hit by history, Chen Zhong has left the Fuzhou House, and the local rumors began to strengthen her and two darts. With the circulation of the population, the news quickly spread throughout the martial arts. Many of the unbearable ridiculous deeds, and were also promoted by the nitty, almost everyone know, “Wei Dartman” Lu Dewei’s total dart The only daughter is a prostitute.

Xiong Wu Sheng suddenly laughed in the sky. Xue Jianqiu anneated: “What is your Lord, what are you laughing?”

Xiong Wu gave a smile: “Xue Jianqiu, you have repeatedly claiming that I have tried to rape Lu Xuan frost, but the fact that Xiong is known is not like this!”

Xue Jian Qiu suspected: “But he smells!”

Xiong Wuheng pointed to Lu Xuanzhuang, and the void: “This woman seduce me these three disciples!”

Xue Jianqiu Angry: “Hu said!”

Lu Xuan frost squatted with tears, and he was as shaking: “You … how can you refer to deer?”

Xiong Wu gave a smile: “No? You are shameless, see my three disciples are strong, you will tease them, seduce them in the stream and you. You look beautiful, the body demon, there are several people will willow What can I sit? You pick it up, they can’t restrain it naturally! “The three sorrows have nodded:” Yes! It hit us! “

Lu Xuan frost is three feet, and it is a soft leg, so you have to syncope, Xue Jianru has hurriedly supported him.

Xiong Wu Sheng looked in the eyes, not banned, smile: “Xue Men, you are young and happy, you are filled with indignation. Utilization, so that the master ‘Shenlong swordsman’ is hitting the right to the ‘Baijian Door’, it is destroyed once! “

Xue Jianqiu bites his teeth: “The” Baijian Gate “is not working!”

The Master is too frown: “Xue Men, you helped the wrong person, do something wrong, I am afraid that Xiong Wugami will not be willing to you …”

The teacher whisper: “Xue Men, is not as good as you and the land, public apologize, unreasonably apologize, eliminate the anger of the bear, the poor, your big matter, small matter?”

Lu Xuan Shuang heard the anger, pushed the Xue Jianqiu, trembled: “Original … It turned out that the master also told that I seduce the three disciples? Good! Good!” 倏 倏 沉 沉: “You said that I have been shameless, seduce your disciple? Good! I ask you, can you see it on the spot? Evidence? Take it out!”

Xiong Wu Sheng should be easy to say: “Your ridiculous deeds have long been a household! Everyone knows that it is good, why should I take out any evidence?”

Lu Xuan Shuang bite the teeth: “How can I define Lu Xuan Shuang? If you don’t ask for specific evidence, Lu Xuan frow is swept to the end!”

Xiong Wu said: “Little girl, don’t self-power! Do you want evidence? Good! I will give you!” When you say a double palm, you will get out of the two disciples from the “Thunder Help”.

Lu Xuan froth saw it, scared the whole body, pale. Two disciples have a yellow noodles, a black side, after seeing Xiong Sheng, laughing against Lu Xuanzhuang: “For a long time! Lu Xuan Shuang girl …” The two disciples are Dingqi and Tong young. Lu Xuan Yixing did not think that these two men actually join the “Thunder Help”; seeing Xiong Wusheng has no death, proud of the ocean, can guess the relationship between the three, tell the bear, tell the bear Wu Sheng is informed.

Tong Yet is quite nervous to see Lu Xuanzhuang, can not help but smile: “How? I forgot us? Can you go to bed to evoke your memories?”

Xue Jian Qiu said: “What are you talking?” The whole game is constantly, noisy.

Xiong Wu has said: “You will tell you about the fragrant story of her, one hundred and one hundred and one hundred, and he will be clear!”

Lu Xuan Shuang is busy: “No! Don’t say it!” I am a hurry.

Ding Seven: “We used to be the new dart teacher in the Wai Dart Branch, probably two or three months ago, ordered to go to ‘Fuxing Town’ to do something, among the mids of the casino, the result is one Laolang lost our ass. “There were people in the crowd to call:” After half a day, what is the relationship with Lu Xuanzhuang? “

Tongdu interface: “There is a big relationship! Na Lang lost money, seeing our temper is going to send, say he has a beautiful mistress, the bed kung fu, can use her body to discuss the debt. We think this old man must be boasted exaggerated, but it will go home with him. “

There is a person in the crowd: “The old man’s mistress is Lu Xuan froth is right?” Suddenly everyone broke: “Your grandmother! What to do?” “Everyone is listening!” What do you shut up? “” Don’t move your mouth, don’t you do? “” Hey? Isn’t ‘gentleman moved? When is it changed? “

Tongdu said: “This brother is really smart, guess, the old man’s mistress is her!” Lu Xuan froth is covered with a face, shy.

Tongbi continued: “This is a beautiful woman, there is a reason to be reasonable? So I promised the conditions for the old man, let her play for five days, gambling debts are not there!”

“It’s enough!” The Master was too frown: “The more you say it, the more you are, you will not let go!” There is a saying that it has caused public anger: “Hey! You don’t listen to it! Why do you have a leisure?” Just talking about it, what is your old nun nonsense? “” I am going to open! You don’t want to listen to others! “” Don’t care about her! Let’s continue! ” Point to the mortality. The mas is too poor, but it also understands that the crowd is difficult, and the long sleeves are waved. “Forget! I don’t care!”

Ding Qi said: “Let me say it! Everyone doesn’t look at this girl, she is very beautiful! The body is familiar with the water, and the hard work is even more can’t eat, but not only the hard work of the tongue. The grade rod, and the two of us are more enthusiastic! “Temperature in the five days and the laxative deeds in the wind flow, as a detailed description of everyone. Among the people, the man is so fascinated, Zhang mouth is tongue; the woman is listening to the red ear, and it is hot.

Xiong Wu gave a smile: “Lu Xuan Shuang, why don’t you talk? If they don’t realize, you can refute! Don’t talk … it is the default!” Lu Xuan frochard face, hidden in the lips, except for tears In addition, it is not possible.

Tong Die smiled: “Lu Xuan Shuang, you have a five days, it is a debt, and what happened after five days, I said whether I said?”

Lu Xuan frost urgently: “Can you say that you can’t say it! I ask you to say it! Please contact you!”

Everyone saw her so nervous, but also curious, shouted: “Say to say it!” “Later, it’s more right!” “Said! Don’t stop!”

Xiong Wu Sheng saw Lu Xuan frost to collapse, and smiled and walked to her, whispered in her ear: “As long as you are in front of everyone, saying that you are a stern baby, saying that you have seduce three Disciples, I will order them if they are not allowed, how? “

Lu Xuanzhuang nodded, squatted with tears: “Please listen to me …” Everyone heard Lu Xuanzhuang to speak, and they were quiet, and there was no sound between the sword.

Lu Xuan Shuang took the humiliation, ashamed: “I … I admit that I am in the spring heart, loneliness is difficult, will seduce ‘Thunder help’ three disciples and me. I ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I am a lascivious woman, everything is arranged! Xue Men is not an informed, this matter is not a relationship with him! Lu Xuan Cream knows that he can no longer be based on the rivers and lakes, but it can’t be lifted with the heart.

Xue Jianqiu is angry, and the sky is big: “This is not true! This is not true! Everything is a scam! It is a trick! Never really!”

Among the people left the red noodles who left the arm, I got a four-party squat, and the macro said: “There is also a night with Lu Xuanzhuang girl. I hope to give it a testimony here!” Everyone is awesome .

Lu Xuan Shuang said: “You said! I don’t know you at all!”

The red noodles and the old man promoted the narcise: “State you ‘Lu Xuan Shuang girl’, you don’t know me; if you call you ‘love”, do you want to come? “

Lu Xuanshuang suddenly scared cold sweat, heart was shocked: “He …… prostitute he had me …… I’m finished?”

Only to hear the red-faced Han Wang channel: “just to see Lu Xuanshuang girl, I would feel very familiar, seems to have seen, thought for a while, I think the original land called the girl that I used in the ‘Fukuda town. ‘brothel’ cheer House ‘prostitute had prostitutes’ Ainu’! she was makeup, wearing a sultry eclectic clothes, flirtatious sensuality appearance, of course, and now she is a different person, so at first I did not recognize out of her. “

Everyone listened, I couldn’t help but whisper: “Yu Long! This woman actually dried the prostitute!” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” What did you have not done? “” No wonder! I just saw her body and sultry, I got a lot of color, I reached out to touch her butt, she didn’t resist, it was a prostitute. “” “In this case, We don’t have to have too much scruple. If you pay a lot, let’s pay her a night, let her give you a lot of fun! “Red Each Han continued:” There is countless prostitute, there are countless prostitutes. It is impressive to ‘love slaves’. Because she is the most beautiful prostitute, I have a good job in her bed, I am not like the leader of the brothers of the Radi helping. This is a word, but she has patience, she is reluctant, unlike the general prostitute. People say ‘婊子 无情’, used to describe her is not appropriate … “

The red noodles said: “It is not afraid of ugly. I remember that I just caress her whole body, even the grand show is unable to conscientious, and I have already lost thousands of miles, and I hate myself. She is quite gentle, advise me, don’t be discouraged, encourage me to come back, but I have exhausted all kinds, I still don’t live in the same way, I will use her mouth and hands, slow Slowly, let me cheer, I have exceeded it, but she volunteers their rest time, let me use a fragrant time and her, and I don’t have much money. Everyone has passed prostitute. Friends, such a righteous prostitute, have you encountered it? I certainly impressed her! When I went to her again, I heard that she had already fled, I was very disappointed at the time. I don’t have her, but I can encounter this’ Shili Pier ‘in this’ Ten River today … “I’m looking for Lu Xuan frost, softly:” My good love slave, you find me hard. …… “

Everyone did not intend to hear such a story of such a fragrant story. Most men think about it, and can be happy with Lu Xuanzhuang.

I have passed the secret of prostitutes, and I have been disclosed by this man, and Lu Xuan frost hates to bite his teeth. During this red-faced big man, Lu Xuan froth gradually remembered this. Lu Xuanzhuang remembered that after this thing, several sisters who were “Yiqing Tower” were insulted two times. Because you call the hacker without any time to take a rest, completely destroy the rules of the passers-by, so it is punished. Lu Xuan Yanyu is now recalling, and there is still a balance.

Everything is true! Lu Xuan Shuang is quite regret the 初 初 初, actually planting this evil. A story that does not know people is exposed, Lu Xuan froth faces hundreds of colored eyes, I really want to dig a hole in the hole.

Xue Jianqiu is still can’t hold, roaring, tightly grasping the double-wrist of Lu Xuan froth, scent: “How many messages have a mess, I see you or tell it! Say!”

Among the people, there are several people also attached: “Yes! Say!” Then there are more people who have quo: “Say! Say!” Every time, more people join. Finally, the audience shouted in the same voice: “Say! Say!” Lu Xuan Cream has long tears, a few collapses.

The masters shook their heads: “‘Weiyuan Darts’ brothers, I heard that my daughter is doing the shameless behavior outside, I will be ashamed and independent. Ugh …”

The feelings of the mortis are too faceless, and it is clear: “If who knows that he is so prosperous, the daughter of the name of the reputation will be ashamed to suicide!”

Just as a spiritual screaming, almost almost crash, a speech with magnetic voice screaming, clearly introduced into everyone’s ear: “Since everyone wants to know the truth of things, Then I will reveal this mystery! “This voice such as the normal volume, actually broke through the excitement of everyone, and the internal force of the speaker was unable to measure. At the scene of the scene, the people of Mastey, Xiong Sheng, Xue Jianqiu and Jianghu experience, and know that the high people arrived, and they did not transfer their attention to the speaker. I saw a blue shirt youth folding fan and smiled.

The masses of the sexy, “Amitabha, the donor industry is really amazing! Forgiven the poor, dare to ask the master’s name?” The masters of the sexy knew that this person was extremely high, but he also wanted to have such a one in the rivers and lakes. High people are polite.

I know that this blue shirt youth actually got a blind eye to the nature of the sexy, just to eat Lu Xuan frost: “You have missing for a long time, today I finally gave me a look …”

Lu Xuan frost was shaking, said to teeth: “It’s all you! Harm, I am in jail, harm my family, I hate it!” This person is a flower and butterfly.

Hua Shi Butterior Road: “Why do you have to mention it? I only have you in my heart! These stinky men have just been humiliated in this, I can’t sit, I will have a grievances for you!” Summary: “Listen! Lu Xiangfangcang admitted that he seduce the three men, it was threatened by Xiong Wu Sheng, as for the truth of things, his three disciples were the clearest!” Everyone listened He speaks bad, dare to call Xiong Wucheng as the old guy, can’t help but admire his courage. Xiong Wu is angry, and it does not send a word. The flower and nuts are swayed, smiled. Wait what? Say! “I saw that the three people were scared, and they were so powerful.

Xiong Wu Sheng looked in his eyes. He was shocked in his heart: “These three do not look into a big Bao Tian, ​​why did you see this scholar? It means that the three must insist on the position just now, not moving.

How do you know that these three people have witnessed that there is a horror passage of the four people in the “Baijian Gate” in an instant. Nowadays, the flowers must say the truth, how do three people dare to make a discount? Only heard one of the lips: “Yes … Yes … is what we want to rape … not her … seduce us. ….. “

“Remaining things!” I saw Xiong Wucheng turned, sword light three flashed, the three disciples fell to death, and there was a blood flow in the throat.

Suddenly, the whole game is stunned. Some people are amazed in the sword of Xiong Sheng, and some people are afraid of Xiong Wulisan’s heart. Xue Jianqiu called: “Bear help! You actually kill people!”

Xiong Wu Shengnao said: “Three universities violated my door rules, they didn’t have enough! But if you ask this son, what is your high person? Just a few words, actually twisted the whole Qiankun?” Full of murder, it seems to be difficult at any time.

Hua Zhi Butterfly is ignored, only to Lu Xuan frost: “Xiaofeng, I will wash your grievances for you, this should you understand that I am sincere?”

Xue Jianqiu hugged the boxing: “Thank you, the bonus is in full swing, but it can call the three people to say the truth, otherwise the Lu girl is jumping into the Yellow River and can’t wash!”

The flower and nails smiled and said: “This is nothing, but when I kill the four martial arts, they have all witnessed, so I want them to say the truth, they don’t dare.”

Xue Jianqiu heard, the angry is extremely, trembling: “Original … I originally goddess, is it being killed by you?”

“Yes!” Hua Shi Butterfly replied very simply.

Xue Jianqiu’s long sword is unified, Sen Dao: “Why are you? What is this poisonous hand?”

Only listening to Lu Xuan frost hated: “She is the ‘Baihua Palace Lord’ Hua Shi Butterfly, for the purpose, she has always been unscrupulous!”

When the group, the group is horror, and the mas is too eaten to eat: “What? Are you a Baihua palace master? Then my disciples? I am coming!”

Hua Shi Butterfly laughed: “Your old nun is really interesting, the apprentice is not seeing, do you want me? How can I know where your apprentice is?”

The mort is too white eyebrows: “My disciples are the ‘Jade Goddess Sword’ Xiao Ling! She is missing for eight years ago, leaving only a letter, saying that she is tired of the sinister rivers and lakes, and has already cast ‘hundred flowers Palace ‘. Your hundred flower palace people travel secret, I can’t live in eight years. Since you have appeared today, you don’t pay it out, I can’t put it! “

Hua Shi Butterfly Slows Sens: “Xiao Ling? Oh, you said her! She now and the ‘Tianshan Demoni’ have formed a homosexual love, in my ‘Baihua Palace’, the sweet life!” Old nun , You still forgot this apprentice! “

“Wastean!” The mort is too big angered: “She and the ‘Tianshan Demoni”, there is no common killing fence, how can I make what kind of love? Two women, how to join the love? Crowd! Waste! “

Hua Tiang Butterior: “This is the power of my ‘Baihua Palace’, as long as the ‘Baihua Palace’, you can take all hatred, kill, and ruthlessly, and become enemies. Xiao Ling and After the Tianshan mami arrived in the ‘Baihua Palace’, finally great realizes, not only the enemy is a friend, but also a partner that is not available! “

“Rid! I don’t believe!” The Master took the long sword, and he said: “Let me go to the ‘Baihua Palace’!”

Hua Shi Butterfly shakes his head: “Old nun, you are too old, you have to join me ‘Baihua Palace’, you are not qualified!”

Every teacher is too big: “Looking for death!” The long sword stab.

This sword is fast, and the sword pointers the five largest points of the flower and nails. There is also a more powerful killing, and the flowers and nails have been covered by the sword. Xue Jianqiu was shocked: “Ah! ‘Wufeng Chaoyang’!” It was the usual movement of the masmies. It can escape this trick in the rivers and lakes. I heard that only “Baijian Gate” front door “Shenlong Swordsman” Yeamed.

I saw that the mortgage too swivel fiction is five swords, and the four points of the butterflies are different. The flowers of the flowers, the fuel can jitter, the place to attach the five swords that are attacked, and the recruitment is cracking. The “Wufeng Chaoyang” sword tricks that can enemies can be dismantled by Hua Shi butterfly.

“How is this possible?” Just as a big shock, Xiong Wu was cold, and the “Thunder Help” was shouted. The sword light has been on the back of the flower and the butterfly, and the flower and butterflies are hard to survive. Everyone exclaimed, nervous. It turned out that Xiong Wucheng used the weakness of Lu Xuan, forced her to make a self-denial of the crime, preserved the reputation of the “Thunder Help”. It is not yet halfway to kill the flowers and nails, so that the original efforts are lucky. After today, the reputation of the “Thunder Help” is bound to be a wolf, how can Xiong Wu’s life not hate? He saw that the flower and nuts were attacked by the mort.

I saw that the flower and nails didn’t look back, and the feet were like a ghost. This change is too fast, and the sword of Xiong Wu’s proud is “Thunder”, actually a sword. Xue Jianqiu did not say, jumped with swords, and a trick “anger is shining”, a sword, sword, and a sword, every attack, the sword has a more powerful killing. Huahai Butterfly’s folding fan sword will be blocked, see the trick, and stop the sword in the air.

Hundreds of people in the scene were watching and surprised. The master of seeing the nature of the flower and nails can resist the serial attack of the three masters, and the heart is shocked. Every teacher, Xiong Wuli, and Xue Jianqiu are even more horrific.

Hua numei smiled and said: “The swords of you are so fierce, Hua Shi Butterfly can still stand in this reason, when you are lucky!” Everyone looked at the butterfly to pay a relaxed appearance, not like a sword from the thrill I am lucky in the trick.

Master: “The Gong Lord is a skill, today’s poor is on the eye! The poor is not self-tact, willing to ask a few tricks to the palace.”

The flower is smiled. If the gods are used in the flower and nails, they are only afraid that they have to have a large plant today! “

The masters know that the flowers and butterflies are talking, meaning that if they don’t have to have a ‘Buddha’s 18th, it is not possible. The master smiled: “You are polite.” The flower and nail mouth angle, the left sleeve is turned, and it is easy to hit the master.

The masses of the masters, the pair launched, and a strong incentive touched the flower and navigation of the butterfly, broke out. The masters of the priority are all over the rain, and the 18th huge incentive points to the flower and refreshing butterflves. The palm, and the powerful inner strength of the palm. Just listening to the sky, suddenly flying sand, the dust is filled, when the people ‘s line of sight is blocked, the whole “ten light” is like a five-mile fog, and I can’t see anything.

Among the chaos, one hand hosted Lu Xuanzhuang left irrigation, Lu Xuan froth was shocked, I want to call out, and I have been hung by the other hand. Lu Xuan frost suddenly felt double-filled, the whole body flew. People who hold Lu Xuan frost, when the chaotic, show the high-hearted effort, and bring Lu Xuan froth to the scene. Lu Xuan Cream only feels that his body is high, and suddenly, the surrounding scenes swept in front of you, and the ear is constantly moving the whistling.

I don’t know how long, the flying body stopped. Lu Xuan frochards, it is a person in red night clothes, and the red towel is covered with red towels, only revealing a pair of eyes. The chest is highlighted, and the body is a famous woman.

Lu Xuan Shuang is unfair, trembling: “You … Who are you?”

The masked woman sighed: “Silly girl, you don’t hurry, wait for those people to continue to humiliate you?”

Lu Xuan Shuang worried: “Now I don’t know how it is? Hua Shi Butterior is high, Xue Daixia doesn’t know if it is payable …”

Masked women rushed: “You are very difficult, you still worry about what others’ life is doing? You just don’t have a light weight, there is no judgment, it will be held again, and then the three bullies. This To blame you, everything helps you eat well, you are like a delicate little princess, nothing will, so that now, I have experienced a little frustration, I don’t know how to save, I have to give it to others! “

Lu Xuan frost listened, could not help but sorrow. Recalling that you have been loved from the child and the uncle, the big and small thing, and there are white Shaosteins to worry about it, every day, there is no worries, free, never thinking that one day will be changed. Nowadays, love is tragic, they have passed the twists and turns, and now the father and the uncle have been exhausted.

The masked woman caressing the hair of Lu Xuan froth, comforted: “It’s dead, what is the use? What is your plan?”

Lu Xuan froth tears, “I … I don’t know …”

The masked woman said: “The days are always too, although you have died in the family, is there no place to go?”

Lu Xuan frocard said: “I have a few friends in front of my friends. I can rely on them, but I have no face now …” I thought about my own obscene deeds, will be public in the world, suddenly I feel ashaped.

Masked women said: “In addition to your friends, do you have any other places you can take you? You think about it carefully, who is better for you? You can go to her!” Lu Xuanzhuang thought for a while, positive When I want to speak, I suddenly sounded a charming voice in the air: “Let’s come to the ‘Baihua Palace’! We are welcome to welcome you!”

Lu Xuan froth and masked woman were shocked. I saw a woman wearing purple clothes, looked at two people in the tree. The masked woman screamed: “Ah! Violet!”

Ziyi woman laughed: “It’s my violet! Since you know my name, I want to have a considerable degree of understanding of me ‘Baihua Palace’?” Sudden face changed, “Who are you? You are also you also A piece of my ‘Baihua Palace’? “Masked women silent, two eye beads kept watching around.

Violet 蹙 蹙: “What are you worried? Do you worry about the ‘red rose’ hide? You actually know that I and Hong Rose is not separated from Meng, then you must be my ‘Baihua Palace’ person is absolutely wrong!”

Lu Xuan Yixin Hei is afraid, thinking: “Baihua palace people all mysteries, martial arts high, today’s insight. Why is they always wrapped? I don’t put it? I … what should I do now?”

Masked women shadow, one palm hit to violet. Violet is a punch, and the palm punches, both sides have retired. The masked woman brugs: “If the red rose is nearby, it is impossible to let you meet the enemy alone! No, you are not a fear!”

Violet: “Trajectors! Today I want to open your face towel, see why you are!” The palm hit it to the masked woman.

The masked woman saw the recruitment, the boxing palm, and the two people had been demolished. On the occasion, the masked woman shouted: “Lu Xuan Shuang, I can’t escape!” Fast! “Lu Xuan frost hesitated, and ran.

When Lu Xuan froth escaped, the sky was gradually darker. I have never eaten all day, I have never rest, Lu Xuan frost is hunger, and the legs are soft, and I have dizzy.

After an old coward, I found Lu Xuan Yanyu to the ground, and she took her home. The old woodfrie’s home, only one old companion in the family, Lu Xuan frost and woken up, knowing that he was saved by the old cowfler, and continued to thank. The old couple prepared a rich wild cuisine for Lu Xuanzhuang, let her have a meal, and then chatted, the night is deep, so I have returned to the house.

Lu Xuan frost lying on the bed and looked at the moon slight sigh outside the window. Suddenly heard the slight voice outside the door, Lu Xuan frost was curious, and he opened the room and found the voice from the room from the old couple.

Just listening to my wife: “This land is very beautiful, do you say?”

The old coward sighs: “Pretty is beautiful, but like her, there should be such a rich woman, I see her eyesight, face the peach blossom, 80% is not a good girl, maybe Hook the prostitute. “Lu Xuan Shuang listened, the heart could not be bound:” I am really like a prostitute? “

Waito said: “Since it is not a good girl’s girl, why bring her home? What do you want to do with her?”

The old coward sighs: “Let’s have a old wife, what kind of vinegar you still eat? She fainted in the wilderness, I can put it no matter?”

Waito said: “Hey! If you are reasonable!” Stop a moment, said: “Such a beautiful girl, if it is a prostitute, it is really unfortunate!”

Old Wai Fu said: “Why is it a pity?”

Waito: “She should marry a million million people, enjoy the rich and rich, should not sell meat, let the man are bad!”

Old Wai Fu said: “What is good for marrying a million people? Every day, the wife of the monetary and the owner is jealous, and it is not good to live!”

The old woman didn’t take the way: “Do you want to be a prostitute?”

Old Wai Fu said: “When you don’t have to be happy, you want to have a happy prostitute. For example, the famous prostitute in the Li Tang Dynasty is” Isn’t that the door is laughing, no one is awkward, but they can sooth Lonely soul, but it is an indisputable fact. To all, if they live a living, I can see someone else? If you can take this goodness, good and use, you can make a broth in the broth. Pull tip! “

Waito said: “Do you want to go to her?”

The old coward has a long way: “How come you come? I am not this …”

Lu Xuanzhuang no longer heard, quietly returned to the room, the heart was excited, his hands were hot and hot, and every sentence of the old coward was detained.

I used to be a big lady who is a big man. The most despised is the 娼 门 门 娼 娼;;; 是 行 是 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行The word that Fang Nai said is like a word in the ear, delicate taste, and the prostitute is also a sacred great job. Everyone is despise the prostitute, really doesn’t make sense.

Recalling that the scene in the “Yi Love Building” is the scene, a period of time, Lu Xuan frost suddenly blessed the soul, and suddenly there was a thought that he could not believe in himself …….

Eleven, abandoned the sword to find a fragrance

Xue Jianqiu took the glass of water and wine, and Xiao Ran, which is inappropriate for the noisy in the inn. “Shili”, the battle of the gathering, the masters of the masters, the three masters of Masmao, Xiong Sheng, still unable to hurt the macarre of Hua Shi Butterfly, recalling that Hua Shi Die is facing four masters, talk With a soldier, easily cope with the scene, Xue Jianqiu has understood that unless Master’s “Shenlong Swordsman” resurrection, otherwise it will rely on a self-ended power, it is unable to report to the blossoms of the butterfly to kill the brothers of the four peers. I think of this, my heart is more worried, I can’t help but go into the intestine.

The reputation of Lu Xuan frost event, his reputation and the “Baijianmen” have been seriously influenced; although he can retreat in the “Ten River” in the battle, return to the “Baijian Gate”, but After being “shocked the sword” Ouyang Tianzi, Xue Jianqiu can’t say that Xue Jianqiu said that it is more depressed.

“The Sword” Ouyang Xiaotian followed the front door “Shenlong Swordsman” to death, starting the reputation of the “Baijianmen”. After ten years ago, “Shenlong Swordsman” has passed, Ouyang Xiaoxiang feels feeling, resolutely hand over the “Baijian Gate” door to the “Shenlong Swordsman” apprentice Xue Jianqiu pickup, you will take the heart, try our best, To comfort the “Shenlong Swordsman” in the Spirit. Although Xue Jianqiu has a born, he inherited the status of “Shenlong Jamer”, but after all, he was cultivated by Master and Master. For this teacher who grew up his own greetings, it was really a respected, such as his father. With the teachings of the teacher, Xue Jianqiu is definitely listening to education, and he does not dare to have a slightest.

In fact, Xue Jianqiu is not very popular with his own destruction and grievances; the brothers of the four peers are even more vowed; he is most sad, but Lu Xuan froth. It is shameless about her ridiculous procurement, Xue Jianqiu thought that she had already seen it, and she won’t go to this prostitute. However, returning to Putian, it has been more than a month, but his heart is always launched, she is a poor look, always occupying his heart; especially her suddenly disappeared at the “Ten River”, Xue Jianqiu’s heart It’s even anxious, worried that she is taken away by the bad guys? Will it be bullied? Although Xue Jianqiu is very unwilling to admit, he knows that he has deeply loves the upper quarter.

When the positive value Xue Jianqiu, the end of the end of the laughter, Xue Jianqiu said, seeing a group of men in the neighboring table is laughing; with their clothes, it is a group of merchants.

Just listen to one of them smiled: “Too fun! Do you think that there is such a thing?”

Another person: “Qin Tou Chu Hall, Xiang Yan’s fresh things are a lot, we have long listening around,”

The third humanity: “Yes! Prostitute can’t say something sweet in order to cheat our purse, what is the sweet words? What is the big lie? Let’s listen to it, don’t be serious!”

The fourth person smiled: “You can don’t spend a big money.

Tang surname businessman’s face is red, and the head is smirk: “It is also! Just take the money to buy experience! If you go to the ‘Futian Town’ ” Yellow Tower, you don’t spend a big money to find a called ‘love The slave’s scorpion. Her posture horse tiger, the kung fu in the bed is not very high, but the price is high, you don’t be lied like me! “Xue Jianqiu was shocked,” Ai slave “is not Lu Xuan frost Is it famous? He is cold-sweating, continues to listen.

Only heard the first person to laugh: “Thanks to the red dust, the reading is countless, and the turtle in the brothel is. It is really going to go back!”

Tang surname businessman’s face wrote: “The words are not so saying, the prostitute called ‘lovenu’ is really famous! I have a few friends in the rivers and lakes, they have seen her in ‘Shili Pier’, saying that she is long It’s beautiful and lascivious, many people want to be her! … Hey! “Everyone heard the words and laughed again.

Xue Jianqiu listened to the ear, suddenly heartbreaking, “this is right! Fruit is her! I didn’t expect …. I didn’t expect her badness, and returned to the old business! But …. can be evil!” In the anger, call the ground to take a palm to the desktop, and the wooden table cracked in half. The inn is in the eyes, it is uncomfortable. Xue Jianqiu lost the silver two, and he left.

Xue Jianqiu slammed the street, and he didn’t help but sour: “I am Xue Jian Qiu is a bird’s door, actually falls with a woman who does not face, really have a teacher and teachings. … “I know that Lu Xuan Shuang has returned to the brothel to return to the old industry. Xue Jianqiu’s heart is really great, I really want to find a place to cry.

Xue Jianqiu is a face, and it is walked in a disorder. Suddenly I saw two Tuen Mun’s catching, I passed a wretched old man; one of them was cold: “You old thief, it is really vicious! Don’t hurt you, you haven’t thought of you to eat the marrow, and go to the don’t have this business! Hey! If this big master doesn’t smash your hands, you do your business! “

The old man is tearful: “Oh …. The uncle is fighting! When the young is young, it is too much to fight. After you want to go to prison, you will have a good value, re-do people, how to run with others, son Also disappeared, don’t recognize my old father, I want to find a job and mix, but no one will hire me, give me a chance to change your own; you don’t talk about it, if I don’t retreat the old industry, Don’t start the business, don’t you starve to die, expose the corpse? I really can’t, please pity, pity me! Let me take a horse! Hey … “Another catch the cold smile : “I know so, why bother? Go to the big master!”

Xue Jianqiu sent three people who went far away, carefully thinking about some of the old people. Suddenly there was a hammer, I was shocked by the chest. The heart was shocked: “Yes! ‘Ten Ladun’ After the war, the world knows that the Lu girl is a prostitute, it is a prostitute, everyone will use colored vision. Look at her. She is now dead, even if she is restarted, she is in front of the world, and how do you lift it? The world is big, what is it to be safe? Return to the old industry, I am afraid that the Land is the most unpleasant choice. “

I want to pass this section, my heart is very relieved, and I feel more about myself. “Xue Jianqiu, Xue Jianqiu! Although you like people, you can’t understand the bitterness of people, I only know that I am in a grievance, if I have self-grief Even you think that people are prostitutes, then who will believe her? “

Thinking of this, my heart is more excited: “I know that she is in the fire pit, suffering from the stunned, I still have a personal?”

The heart has been decided, resolutely rushed back to the Patent.

“Rid! Unhappy!” Xue Jianqiu and dozens of disciples in the scene, all of them were prudent, uneasy mood, looked at the people who were sitting in the lobby, and sent out the voice.

I saw this person for about 60 years old, gray, gray, bones, sorrowful, god, sternly eye-catching Xue Jianqiu, close-up. This old man is the “Shun Tian” Ouyang Xiaotian, the teacher of Xue Jianqiu.

I saw the Ouyang Heili said: “Are you not ugly in ‘Shilidun’? You are a trouble, you have a blame of our ‘Baijie Gate’ by martial arts, saying that your door is greedy Help a child of the birthplace. I want you to reflect on me, you reflect for more than a month, now I will tell me, I have to bring the woman back? You …. You have to take me Are you willing to die? “The original Xue Jianqiu decided to rescue Lu Xuanzhuang from the sea, so returned to” Baijianmen “, please show Ouyang Xiaotian, unnecessary will be repeated.

Xue Jianqiu saw Ouyang Xiaoxiao to full face, the heart is a big man: “Shu Shi is not angry! Jian Qiu is not a greedy love color, the land is also the prostitutes of the rumors; Help ‘three disciples, the sword autumn will be saved,’ Thunder help ‘is not damaged, this is deliberately looked for three words, refers to the deer is the horse, the teacher is not to believe in the rivers and lakes in the rivers and lakes! “

Ouyang Xiaotian rumored: “You are said to be vibrating the word! I heard that the ‘Shili Pier’, some people reveal the unisex that women don’t want to face, the woman also admitted that she is a prostitute, this is, this will be Do you have a fake? At the time, you should be more clear than me! “

Xue Jianqiu bite his teeth: “Those ugly things, what is the truth, still need to be traced; the Lu girl admits that he is not good, it is also forced by the ‘Thunder to help’ help the Lord Xiong Wu Sheng’s persecution, it is not for voluntary! Shu, Lu girl absolutely not The legendary woman, please believe in the sword! “

At this time, a young man in the scene said: “The man brother, how do you know that Lu Xuanzhuang is not the legend of the slutty baby? She is a big lady in the Fuzhou House ‘Weiyuan Dart, but and Two darts stolen, tired of two Lu Lao Heroes in the government and sinister, this is the fact that Fuzhou government announced! A woman with two men, if even this woman is unable to be a woman , Ah, the jealousy in the Qinglou, is it worthy of a fascinating girl? “

Xue Jian Qikai looked at the young man who said, see him and his general, face with his lips, and his eyebrows, I am looking for my own smiling. Everyone knows this man, is the only child of Ouyang Xiaotian Ouyang River. Although he grew up from Xiao and Xue Jianqiu, he took the “Baijianmen” door owner because of the young and Xue Jianqiu, and his father is far away from himself. Dissatisfied with Xue Jianfei, one caught the opportunity, we must pull him back.

Xue Jianqiu felt Enssen, who was in Ouyang River, and didn’t help but hit the mouth. Sensual woman! Xue Jianqiu is willing to guarantee life! “

Ouyang River Mountain, Xue Jian, Li Xiangxi, turned to Ouyang Xiao Tian Tiansheng: “Hey! You are 瞧瞧 这 门人, for a woman who is not face, you can take life, you can get a life, this is not …. “

“River Mountain! You give me your mouth!” Ouyang Xiaota said, Ouyang River Hill did not dare to talk, but in the dark, he was white.

Ouyang Xiaotian deeply looked at Xue Jianqiu, Senu: “Lu Xuanzhuang is true, it is a false woman, and she is tired of our ‘Baijie Gate’ famous sounds, but it is an indisputable fact, so I I don’t want to have anyone with this woman! Jianqiu, just urgent, it should be a way to revenge and hate for the four tragic people! “Xue Jianqiu saw Ouyang Tian’s ban, suddenly said:” The four brothers, the brothers, Jian Daiju newspaper! However, the Lu girl has now settled in the sea, and the swords and autumn will not rescue the girl. It is difficult to be peaceful for a day. Bar!”

Ouyang Xiao Tian said: “Men’s Han husband! The opening closure is a woman! How can it be a big device? My heart has been decided, you will take it again!” Saying stood up, turned to go to the interior.

Xue Jianqiu looked at Ouyang Xiaotian’s back, his face was twitching; suddenly a bit bite, double knee, kneel: “Uncle! No matter what, Jian Qiu is not saved Lu Niang! I am breaking! “

“He …. What?” Ouyang Xiaotian heard the words, could not help but turn over. I saw that he was full of floating gluten, full of blush, and the hoarse voice: “Sword, you wings! The teacher, you will not listen! Yes, yes?”

Ouyang River Mountain saw his father is already anger, he can’t help but say: “Xue Jianqiu! Don’t think that you are the door, you can climb to my head, I can make you, you can make you!”

Xue Jianqiu joked the intermediary: “The teacher has made the Sword Qiu En, the sword is never dares! Please ask the teacher to save people in Jianqiu, promise the Jianqiu’s request! As for the position of this , Sword autumn is never in love! “

Ouyang Xiaotian heard, suddenly the heart was a cold, can’t help but retain two steps, look stuck: “Good! Very good! I can’t think of you for the woman, even the position of the door can don’t; your Master is a hard-working performance You can also see a manure. You go! You walk, ‘Baijianmen’ has never been Xue Jianqiu’s figure! “

Xue Jianqiu worshiped three worships to Ouyang, Yan Yan: “Thank you for your years of teaching! Jian Qiu came to the map!” To turn, he will go to the door.

All disciples have never dare to speak in due to the majesty of Ouyang Xiaotian. Nowadays, I am calling: “You don’t go!” “” There is something to say! Everything can be discussed again! “” The door! The sword door “can’t be not you!” “” “” “” “” “” ” Lord! Door! “

Opal and joy in the heart of Ouyang River, like Xue Jianqiu stepped out of the door. Suddenly I didn’t know what I thought of, I called: “Xue Jianqiu! Your green sword is the door of this door! You can’t take away! “

Xue Jianqiu heard the words, will be inserted on the back of the south, respectfully, respect the sword before the spirit of “Shenlong Sword”, and then went to the three worships.

If everyone looked at Ouyang Xiaotian, I saw Ouyang Xiaotian eyes staring at “Shen Dragon Swordsman”, and muttered: “Shenlong Boss, this is the apprentice you received? I only know today, this The child actually has such a personality! Like! Too much like! It is too like! Ha … “Sudden haha ​​laughed.

Everyone saw it, it was uncomfortable. Always serious, unsmiling Ouyang Xiao Tian, ​​actually laugh in front of the public disciple, is it a lot of excitement, lost ingredients for a while? Also, what is the meaning of “like” in Ouyang Xiakou, what does it mean? Everyone is scratching, I can’t think of it.

In today’s world, I am afraid that no one can understand why Ouyang Xiao is laughing. The original “Shenlong Swordac” is young when you are young. “Blind Person Dragon” is a hero of a unruly, depending on the world’s usual hero. Since ancient times, “the evil is not two”, but he not only has a finish, but also said that the first year of the first big evil “Tiandi” door, the daughter, Yao Xianglian, which consists of a profound love. To this end, the blind eye dragon also covered the whole martial arts, and a mess.

When the martial arts were in the martial arts, Yao Xianglian was taken away, lending the power of “heaven and earth”. The blind eye dragon gets the news, that is, the heavy level of the monogama, the brave eight gangs and gangs, within a day, Liang Lushan “Shaolin Pai” has no root masters, “Wudang School” Heat Niyangzi, The “Emei School” has a master of Master, and the “Kunlun”, “Kunlun Pie”, the head of the “Huashan School”, the “华”, the unknown elderly, ” The “Qingcheng School” governer, and the “gang” helped the Lord’s eyebrows, under the public, rescued Yao Xianglian, set the unprecedented one in the history of martialin history.

In this way, the blind eye dragon is born with the martial arts of the martial arts! Eight-class gang saw the blind eye gods, and they were in harmony with the evil sentiment. The news came out, many positive, the top masters of the evil martial arts, have taken action on the blind eye dragon. Some people have become the soul of the sword of the blind-eyed dragon, and some people appreciate the blind-eyed dragons without being unfamed, arbitrary personality, but have become a good friend. “The Sword” Ouyang Tsai is also under this situation, becoming the most loyal brother of the blind eye dragon.

“The Sword” Ouyang Tian Tian is a master of “Huashan School”, and the father of Luoyang “Golden Knife” is married. At that year, Wang Laozi was in fame and fortunate, asked Ouyang Xia Tian to make a daughter’s hiring ceremony with the blind eye dragon, Ouyang Tsi did not choose, I had to have the heart of death, challenge the blind eye dragon. I have always been cautious, and I’m going to defend a few times, but I gradually appreciate the blind eye dragon’s unruly, the heroes who are afraid of the world, I finally didn’t hesitate to abandon the “Huashan School”. It was also lifted a marriage contract by the father of Wang, and became a championship that blindly walked. Later, the blind eye dragon helped Ouyang Xiaotian, unlock the crisis of the “Huashan School”, which made Ouyang Xiaotian and “Huashan School”, and showed the consecutive monopoly, let the “gold knife door” Wang Lao’s father is willing to Put the woman to Ouyang Xiaotian, and the lovers have finally become a genus, and later they have to give birth to Ouyang Rivers.

Although “Blind Eye Dragon”, it is later to see the “Shenlong Swordac” to live for many years. But when he is saved Yaoxianglian, it does not care, and does not hesitate to help the enemy, and the Ouyang Xiaotian recalls now. The heart is still exciting. This is a matter of envy, but never can’t do anything.

After the death of “Shenlong swordsman”, Ouyang Xiaoyu shoulder responsibility for education Xue Jianqiu. In order to repay the kindness of “Shenlong Swordac”, he fully bet all the hearts of Xue Jianqiu. And Xue Jianqiu heard the things from urination, listening to the various teachings of Ouyang Xiaotian, even if he took office of the “Baijian Gate” door, it was still to pay attention to him, there was no whit, as if it was a small Ouyang sky.

But the side of the Square Xue Jianqiu is in order to land Xuanzhuang, but also collided with Ouyang Xiaotian, even the “Baijian Gate” door, can give up. Ouyang Xiao Tian Shengyu, actually in Xue Jian Autumn, saw the shadow of “Shenlong Swordac”. Recalling that the “Shenlong Swordsman” did not destroy, the grand occasion of the big martial arts, Ouyang Xiaoxiang feels feeling, can’t help but laugh.

He looked at the Qing Shujian in front of the “Shenlong Swordac” in the “Shenlong Swordac”, the heart is full of emotions: “Is it …. Is there a come to these years, I have been trying to put a ‘Shenlong swordsman’, education into the sword ‘? Hey … “

(About the detailed deeds of ‘Blind Eye Dragon’, in the Heroes of the Heroes ‘,’ Xia Yao ‘and’ Knights ‘Heroes’ and other knights, there is a complete record.)

After Xue Jianqiu left the “Baijian Gate”, Xue Jianqiu left the “Baijian Gate”, first went to the nearby weapon to buy three-foot steel sword, and immediately went to the horse, immediately waved the horse, and galloped toward the northwest direction. .

As long as the brain has emerged in the spoofed scene, Xue Jianqiu is in a hurry, and the road is not rushing in the day and night. After two days and two nights, after exhausted a horse, Xue Jianqiu finally came to “Futian Town”.

At the beginning, “Futian Town” is already a night, Xue Jianqiu still does not do anything, and inquir to people, I will listen to the “Yi Love Building”, and then enter the “Yi Love Building” with the bustling group. Under the leadership of a turtle slave, enter a deacon room waiting for the “love slave”.

At this time, Xue Jianqiu gasped and breathed, and his heart suddenly came. I live for more than 20 years. This is the first preparation of Xue Jianqiu. The mood is inevitable; and I have to meet Lu Xuanzhuang in this case, and I feel very embarrassed. I heard the snoring of men and women in the next door, Xue Jianqiu is more sad: “In any case, today, the land is not allowed to take this prostitute!”

Soon after, the door “Yeame” is played, walking into a beautiful and beautiful woman. Xue Jianqiu is not Lu Xuan frost, busy: “Girl, you went wrong room!”

The prostitute is shocked: “Wrong room? Will it? I took a three-year guest in this deaciaon room, I won’t go wrong with my eyes! Are you the first time? Don’t be shy I will make you feel very comfortable … “Said to fade in the body, only half transparent belly pants, a fascinating look close to Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jianqiu is full of face red, retreats: “The girl doesn’t do this! I am looking for the ‘love slave girl, not you!”

The prostitute smiled and said: “I am ‘love slave!”

Xue Jianqiu frown: “Are you ‘love slaves’? Don’t put me!’ The love slave is not as you like this, please go out, please?”

The prostitute glamorous: “I said that I am ‘love slave, why don’t you believe? I can warn you, the silver two you have paid, now find the wrong object want to refund, it is too late!”

Xue Jianqiu Road: “I don’t care about money, I just want to see the ‘love slave girl, if you really call’ love slaves, then I am looking for another ‘love slave girl!”

The prostitute did not reply: “Let’s’ Yiqing Tower ‘only I am the’ love slave, there is no second!”

Xue Jianqiu was shocked: “How is this possible? I heard that she is quite famous. She is named Lu Xuan Shuang ‘, about 18 years old …”

The prostitute said: “Oh! It turned out that you are” her ‘! I said! I am strange, recently everyone comes to find’ love slaves, how to see me, I have to find it. They are the little man, but! “

Xue Jian Qiuxiang said: “Do you know her? Where is she? Take me to find her!” The prostitute is a smile: “Looking? Where to find? The monk has already fled!”

Xue Jianqiu said: “So, she …. She didn’t come back?”

That woman said: “Gong Ye, you really love to laugh! Let’s sell yourself, not have a hard work? Who is not expected to be redemption early? The monk is lucky, there is a way to escape from here, redemption fee All is free, now she is far from being too far, how can I come back to returning to the old industry? “

Xue Jianfei nodded, the heart is gratified, it is disappointing. Lu Xuan Shuang finally did not return to the old industry, and there was a shamelessness of the lascivious, so gratified; disappointment is that the only clue is so broken, the world is big, how can I find her?

That prostitute didn’t know when to take off his belly, a pair of white-greasive breasts friction on Xue Jianqiu chest, laughing: “Gong Ye, your money is paid, don’t play, don’t play, my Kung Fu But it is better than that ‘love slaves’ bad! Come … “Stretch it to the pants of Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jian is very shocked, calling: “Stop!” The palm of his hand pushed the prostitute. When the prostitute suddenly took out, the whole body hit the wall, and she wished her wow: “Anti-anti! Come on! Guests are hit!”

Suddenly there is a group of men and women come in, and several of the bodies immediately waved to say to Xue Jian Autumn. Xue Jianqiu is swept away, and it will go out one by one. The bodyguards see Xue Jianqiu is a homework, no longer dare to fight. At this time, a turtle slave took a few broken winds and sent it to every bodyguard. The bodyguards are in hand, like God help, and each sword is approaching Xue Jian, and the mouth is spent in the mouth.

At this time, the green flowers and the Poetry Tube heard the news. The green is busy: “Stop! Stop!”

When the prostitute saw the greens, I immediately called: “Qi Qin! You have to make a master for people! This guest hurts people, hurt people, may have a long time can not pick up, Call him to compensate my losses, otherwise don’t let him leave when you have fun! “

The green fireflower saw Xue Jianqiu, and suddenly his face was relaxed, turned to the prostitute: “Tell you not to change the name of ‘love slaves, you are not listening, this will eat enough?” To everyone: ” I will deal with it, you go out! Fast! “

The total tube immediately patted his hand, called: “Okay, good! Nothing! Tong out! Go out!” The crowd was only scattered and went out. The prostitute wroned, drums the gods: “I don’t all have two groups of meat, how can it be so much? It seems that I still change to the original flower name ‘spring branch’, the business will be better?”

When the total tube was followed by putting the door belt, the green cress turned and smiled: “I didn’t expect the famous ‘Baijian Gate’ Xue Men, and today, he would be light.”

Xue Jianqiu saw that this old can recognize himself, so feels surprised, can not help but ask: “I haven’t seen it in Qinlou in Qinlou. I don’t know how to recognize the mother.”

The green heart smiled: “What do you call me? Migster? Ha! I am not so old. My name is ‘Green Flower’, everyone is called me to call ‘Qi You’. You ‘Baijianmen’ Xuemen The name is full of the world, and recently, there are many people in the rivers and lakes who came to the house, and they have mentioned you! I don’t think you have a difficult … ” Two sounds.

Xue Jianqiu saw this old man just a raised bar, no more words, holding a box: “If Qi Qi is not other, Xue has retired …” Take the door to the door.

The green flowers are not blocked, but they just cough two, laugh: “How? Do you want to find love slaves?”

Xue Jianqiu was shocked, turned into the back shoulders of Qi Yu, trembling: “What? Do you know that Lu girl’s whereabouts? Quick …. Tell me! Quickly tell me!”

The greenness of the green sword, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but smiled: “Cold and quiet!” Xue Jianqiu heard the words, then discovered that he lost his hands, hurriedly opened his hands, full face red.

Qixi can’t help but cough, and then said: “What are you looking for a slave?”

Xue Jianqiu replied: “I want to protect her around her! So she is bullied!”

“Oh?” Qi Xi suddenly narcise: “She is just a prostitute, it is a prostitute baby, you are so good to her …. Is there any purpose?”

Xue Jianqiu blew the interception: “Tell you! She is never a masturbant! Maybe she used to be a prostitute, but since now, no one can force her to play this kind of business! Because I will be in her Side around you! My purpose is only one, just want her to live happy! It is no longer being hit, it is looked down … “

The greenness of the green is sincere, the tone is determined, thinking about half-hearted, then said: “You are a Bang Sword Gate ‘doorowner! With she …. You should know,’ After the Shili New, your reputation of your ‘Baijie Gate’ has been dragged by love slaves … “

Xue Jianqiu haha ​​laughed: “You can rest assured! Even if I am with the land, I will no longer affect the reputation of ‘Paijie Gate’!”

The green cress has cough two, frown: “How do you say this?”

Xue Jian autumn face changed, and smiled down: “Because …. I have already quit ‘Baijianmen’ ….” The green fire is very shocked, suddenly the throat is sweet, coughing.

Xue Jianqiu is sorry, and he can’t help but care: “Gu Qi, you are okay? It seems that you are not sick …”

The green, the flowers are not easy to stop cough, pale, and ask: “You …. You said, you quit the ‘Baijian Gate’? This is why? That is always … Slave? “

Xue Jianqiu suddenly faced a red, smiled: “As long as you can save the land, you are willing to pay again.”

The greenness of the green, I can’t help but star my eyes, I looked at Xue Jianqiu, thinking: “I really didn’t think …. This man, actually in order to love slaves, the power status can be …”

Xue Jianqiu saw the green flora, looked at himself, and he hugged: “Qi Yan, the next to the Lu girl, but the sky can be treated, please fulfill it, tell me the land of Lu girl! You will repay you of!”

The greenness lamented the mouth: “Unfortunately, I don’t know where the love slave is …”

Xue Jianqiu heard, when the mood suddenly came down from the sky, he said: “I said for a long time, I was a pastime.”

Green Cherish: “Don’t be angry, I don’t know where I am, but I don’t know if I don’t know the fall of love slaves …. You see!” Said that the gorgeous row, then let go unlock A ribbon on the back waist.

Xue Jianqiu suddenly bloated red, and he said: “Christ ….

I saw that the green cruel was spent on the ribbon, reached out to pull the belly, revealing the snow-white lower abdomen and a plump breast.

Green Cherie: “You are not shy, open your eyes.”

Xue Jianqiu is afraid to love the way, and suddenly stayed. I saw the green chest of the green, and a big black palm is kept. Xue Jianqiu was shocked: “This … this is ….. mixed yuan …..”

The greenness is slightly smashed, and the clothes are worn properly, while you say: “You are not bad! Even the ‘mixed pocket’ you have distracted, it is really a ‘Baijian Gate’ door, ‘Shenlong The fantasy of the swordsman ‘. “Can’t help but cough a few times.

Xue Jianqiu flows in cold sweat: “‘mixing the pool” ….. This is a vicious martial arts that do not solve it out of a pharmacite, the rivers and lakes rumors:’ Body mixed yuan, and the cough is killed. ‘Unless there is a deep internal force People can force the dismutation to force the body, otherwise the palms will cough up the 100th day, they will die, and the martial arts is not very tall. It is also a palm of death. You can still live in your palm. It seems that you not only know the martial arts, but it is necessary to have a weak skill. You ….. You are not just the mother in the brothel, what is your identity? “

The green is laughing: “I don’t want to be. I don’t want you to say, ‘Shilidun’ After a battle, Lu Xuan froth will suddenly miss it, it is that I will take her away!”

Xue Jian Qiu has long been said: “What about her now?”

Green Cherish: “Don’t be born! You and listen to me. In fact, you and Xiong Wulisheng’s ‘Shili’, I was also present, so I could recognize you at the time. At the time, you are also quite Clear, Lu Xuan froth is bullied, I don’t look for a chance to take her away, is it still still humiliated? “

Xue Jianqiu wanted to say, he couldn’t help but apologize: “This is my negligence …..”

The green heart was launched: “Later, I broke up on the surface, in fact, I have been secretly protecting her. Poor children, I have a beautiful, this way, I don’t know how many men, I am fine. Most of them are secretly sent me. “

Xue Jianqiu hesitated, he asked: “You … can you tell me ….. What is her desire on this road?”

The green floss is staring over the face of Xue Jianqiu, and smirks: “Some things, you don’t know if you may have a better …..”

Xue Jianqiu is a smart person, a little, and suddenly faces, said: “I understand …..”

The greenness is in color: “I know that your heart is not comfortable, but she is also forced to force the real environment. If you really like her, you should not be placed.”

Xue Jianqiu sighed, and the look was stuck: “It is the situation of the lady in the lady. Today will come to find her this. I will not blame her, I just feel distressed, why is her fate, why?”

The green bite said: “If she can go smoothly, although she is from being sent to us, I can’t take care of her. But ….. But it is on the way. “

Xue Jianqiu was shocked, and it took advantage of: “What is the chaos?

Green Cruise Flower: “When Lu Xuan frost passed through the official road near this, a group of masked guests suddenly appeared, and she went to the way. I saw that they were not good, they immediately saved it, I thought they were It is a group of 浑 汉 浑 想 指 指,, 交 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 个 强 个 个 个 个 个 个 个 个 个 个 子 个 个 个 深 个 个 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深 深Black palm printing ….. “

Xue Jianqiu heard the face and downs, said: “So, the land is taken away by these masks?”

The green crock has coughs a few times, nodded: “Yes! This group of martial arts people don’t do it? What is the purpose of them? These questions are waiting for Xue’s door ….. Sorry ….. Xue heroes, your investigation. “Xue Jian Qiu said:” No matter what they are from why, the purpose is, it will fight the life, and it is necessary to save the land from their hands! “

Green Cruises: “They are quite powerful, especially the short son, you need to be careful to prevent his ‘mixed pool’!”

Xue Jianqiu hugged: “I will understand! Thank you for your point!” Seeing the green flowers and coughing a few times, I am busy: “You are not in the injury, you don’t have it, you are willing to try to help you forced to force the drug!”

“No …..” The green heart smiled: “I have the law of my own resolution, thank you Xie Xue Xia! But ….. I also hope that Xue Xia has become a whole thing.”

Xue Jianqiu Road: “Please say!”

Green Cherie: “If Xue Daxia sees her, if you see her, you must not reveal her, this way protects her masked woman, is my green flower. As for the reasons, you don’t have to ask more.”

Xue Jianqiu knows that she must have a difficult statement, and they will not ask more, thank you for a few words, you will leave “Yi Love Building”.

Xue Jianqiu is so low, the body is exhausted, see the night sky is high, and then find a guest in the night. Although I have been caught in the next two days, it is difficult to look at it. After his pair of palms, he was in the back of the back. Although there is a drop of Lu Xuan froth, Xue Jianqiu has never heard of the martial arts in Central Plains, and there is a person who has worked “mixed yuan”. People are in the sea. I really don’t know what to find. When I think that Lu Xuan frost may be suffering from a certain corner, Xue Jianqiu’s heart is sour, I can’t help but sigh: “Lu Girl! Where are you? Lu girl …..”

Suddenly, the door came from the store, the name of the name, Xue Jianqiu took the door, I saw a large-scale shop, the second side of a large plate of wine came in. Xue Jianqiu Road: “Xiao Di, I didn’t call wine! Is it wrong?”

The store is a small number of wine to the table, and the laughter is smiling: “Guest 倌, you rushing this a few days and night, you should hungry? Small, you will prepare these cabbage, you will eat it! This wine is Good white and don’t help you with you. “When you said, poured the white gans in the wine pot into the wine glass.

Xue Jian’s autumn is slightly smashed, and the wine glasses have been smelling the nose and smells half, smiled: “Good wine!” Will the wine glass to the store Xiao two: “You drink!”

The store is half a half, and then smiles. “Ha, this is the wine you prepared for the guest, or you drink it!”

Xue Jianqiu snorted and suddenly stretched the “亶 中 穴” of the light shop. The store is small, and the whole person will pay attention. The store is a little bit, laughing: “Guest ….. Guest, what are you doing?”

Xue Jianqiu is cold and said: “This jumped beam clown’s down-stream, I want to make Xue Jianqiu! Say! Who sent you?”

When the store is small, the face is red, and it is said: “This ….. guest ….. guest, small don’t understand what you are saying …..”

Xue Jianqiu frown: “Don’t say it? Good! I am too lazy to tell you!” Take a cup to make a small lip of the store.

When the store is small, the face is full of pairs, wow, said: “I said I said! Xue Dating!”

Xue Jianqiu said: “Say!”

The store is crying, and it is said: “Yes … it is a bear, my god, I am here …..”

Xue Jianqiu fox suspected: “Bear boss? Who is a bear old big? Why do you send you to explain Xue?”

The store is two: “Xiong is a big family, named Xiong Wenhao, the outer number ‘smile, the slope is just listening to his order, poisoning in the wine, as for what he has, what you have, you don’t know! “

“Xiong Wenhao? 面?” Xue Jianqiu walks on the rivers and lakes, and it seems that he has never heard of this number. How can he suddenly send people to poison yourself? Xue Jian Qiu suddenly caught in meditation.

The store asked Xiaoqi: “Xue ….. Xue Dafin, the poison in this wine, is the ‘seven-step lock throat”, colorless and tasteless, integrated into wine, could not be aware. But you ….. how do you know? “

Xue Jianqiu said: “If people don’t know, unless you are. ‘Seven-step lock throat” is really hard to detect, hey, it is too much, wear it. “

The store is a small number: “How is this possible? Where to wear it?”

Xue Jianqiu said: “Well! I will let you worry! First, this inn has a shopkeeper, four little bodies, the appearance of the appearance, I will remember. Hey! There is no younger figure at all!”

The store is a small two tongue: “You ….. Do you observe so careful?”

Xue Jianqiu Road: “Walking on the rivers and lakes, if it will increase the alert from time to time, the inspection of the autumn is not enough to live!” The store is a small face, and it is sinking.

Xue Jianqiu said again: “Second, see you strong body, 虬虬 虬肉,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The small ballet is bad, you are strange to say strange? “

When the store is a small two, the heart is dark: “His grandmother! Good guy! Beware of this, I should not be able to recommend him to the bear old name, I will recommend it to the bear old.”

Xue Jianqiu said again: “Third, it is also your biggest flaw! When you enter the door, I said that I’m rushing this day and night, but I should be hungry. ‘Hey! If you are just a normal shop, how do you know me? A a few days and night? So, you are not only the store here, you have been tracking me, isn’t it? “The counterfeit shop is a small two, and I have to smile:” Xue Dafin, it seems that your reputation It is not entirely on the ‘Shenlong swordsman’ started, admire! I know you must understand, why is my bear boss to kill you like this, but I am just a matter of people, I only ordered it. ….. I think so! You promised me, I will take you to the bear boss, how? “

Xue Jianqiu laughed: “You talk about the conditions! It is also, save me to ask you.” After stretching the “亶中 穴” of the person.

When the man caves were unsearous, I gave a powder from the arms and sprinkled with Xue Jianqiu. “Go to you!” I quickly rushed out, jumped into a black horse pre-prepared in the door of the inn. Also don’t return to the horse to gallop.

I rushed more than ten in a breath. When I saw Xue Jianqiu, I didn’t catch up. I immediately hired to the southeast direction. Just a time, the man ran to a village town outside the “Chong’an County”. Entered the village and towns, the man continued to fight against the North. When I took three more days, the earth was too dark, so the sound of Black Horse Mercedes-Benz was more loud.

About a fragrant time, I saw a luxury house picked out in front of the woods, gradually introduced into the eye. The man grinned, when they were called, the “Lingtai points” behind “Lingtai points”, I can’t help but slip back from the horse back, Yang Tianmun loses, the limbs can not be moved, but they can’t help it.

When the man was in anxious, I saw a young white youth of a back sword walked to the side, smiling at yourself, a small stone continued to throw up in the hand of the white youth. The person has changed again, and the heart is in the heart: “His grandmother, Xue Jianqiu!” The white Youth is Xue Jianqiu.

I saw Xue Jianqiu squatted down, whispered in his ear: “You are very embarrassing, but it is stupid, if I don’t miss the policy, let you tell me this, let you cheat Turning group? “

The man is red and red, and the heart is angry. If it is not being banned, the whole body moves, it really wants to stand up and the three hundred batches of Xue Jianqiu war.

Xue Jianqiu low voice: “Sleep!” The man is full of eyes, and suddenly dizes.

When Xue Jianqiu dragged the person to the trees next to the trees, Xue Jianqiu hit it, and he saw the big house in front. He saw the big house for Zhu Zhi gate. The fire next to the torch was taken out of the bears fire. The plaquew is written in the “Xiong Ba Tower” four gold paint, a pair of frothed stone lions in front of the door, showing a tyrant.

Xue Jianqiu’s heart is cold: “‘Xiong Weicheng’? ‘Xiongima’s world’? Hey, so mad tone! It actually sent a person’s single-gun horse to decide me, are you too homark?” Xue Jianqiu patted Two feet high walls, double feet, and jumped to the wall.

Xue Jianqiu smashed forward, I saw a big square in front of him, and there were several majestic pavilions in front of the square. The lights in the pavilion or dark, there were several knife and big men were patrolling. .

Xue Jianqiu saw guards in the guard. I can’t explore it. I will refund again. I will take it along the wall. After the wall, I will fly to the wall, I only see the backyard, but there is a room in the West The lights are clear, from the inside to the buddy called aun.

Xue Jianqiu suspected road: “What is the name?” Since the surrounding space, it is sure that no one has jumped, and the body is flashing to the noisy room. A small hole, look at it in the eyes.

I saw a high level of about four, five feet in the room, and there was a pair of scholarless men and women on the stage. The man hugged her long legs behind the woman, let her sit in her arms, huge meat stick In the meat flap filled with obscene, the woman is inserted with the meat stick, and the buttocks are obscene, and the plump double breast up and down with the body’s creeps, although the woman’s face is covered. I can’t see her expression, but the mouth continues to make a sweet snoring. More than a dozen big men gathered under the stage, all eyes stared at the binding of men and women on the stage, as well as estrus public dogs.

Xue Jianqiu suddenly swells red face, only feels that he has quickly swells, and it is not easy to avoid: ” was a deaf ear Tourette’s disorder, had never seen this kind of goblins fight scenes, although now Xuejian Qiu know better, but also arrived, but curiosity, eyes could not help but read on.

I saw that the man on the stage was inserted with the meat stick, and I spit my tongue from the woman behind her neck, and then she contained her ear hang in the mouth, her hands were smashed, and the hands were packed.

The woman is weak, and the scattered long hair will cover the whole face. The man under the stage is exciting: “Okay! Family! Don’t forget to twist the ass!” “I really can’t think of this woman so color!” “Dry her! Dry her!” “I want to eat my.” Let’s sell the power! “The man on the stage pushed the woman in his arms, and the woman’s body poured forward, and suddenly became a dog climbing posture. When a man holds her waist, she will continue to draw her waist, and the mouth is confident: “Your estrus bitch, you still don’t ask the grandfather to feed you to eat meat sticks? Fast!”

The woman madly twisted beautiful snow white butt, from the mouth, a painful pleading voice: “Ask ….. I want you ….. I want ….. I want to drink water … .. “

Everyone thought that a woman would asked to insert the meat stick into her mouth, I can’t think of it asking for drinking. The next man jumped into the stage, and the long hair of the woman was robbed. You don’t drink, now you are thirsty? No water! You can only drink the urine or semen, you want to quite the same! “The man under the stage is in the same voice:” Drink! Drink! Drink ! “

The woman is constantly being smashed by the meat stick, the thrill and humiliation account for the woman’s mind, she approximates the low cry of the low: “I ….. I want to drink delicacy ….. I want to drink delicacy …. “

The man in the naked body smiled: “Do you still don’t want to drink the urine? Good! Open your mouth, I feed you to eat delicacy!” Dething a long hair of the woman’s face, letting Taiwan The people of the people see the woman’s crumpled eyebrows, open the painful expression of the semen injection.

Xue Jianqiu saw a woman’s mourning face, and sudden her head produced a dramatic explosion. The ear was awkward, and the whole person stayed like this. This woman is not someone else, it is Lu Xianqi, who has always wanted to find.

I saw the man’s face, holding his giant to align the glans to the mouth of the mouse, suddenly a golden water column was sprayed from the stitch of the glans and shot into the mouth of the steril.

Lu Xuan Shuang drunk urine, can not help but want to close his lips, unexpectedly, the next morning has been pulled by the man, he will not get up with his mouth, but you have to drink bitter urine. The man deliberately shakes the meat stick slightly, and the golden urine step suddenly sprayed from the mouth of Lu Xuan frost on her humiliation.

Xue Jianqiu has a fire, and it has a gluten, and it is screaming. At this time, a few people looked back at Xue Jianqiu, and suddenly called. Xue Jianqiu fell into the crowd, fidelity flying legs, poured a few big men. However, others also have a preparation, and they will say hello to Xue Jian Autumn.

Xue Jianqiu’s palm is used, and everyone is playing with the people. I have dismantled the tricks with everyone, and Xue Jianqiu found that all of these big men were amazing and martial arts. Xue Jianqiu thought the electric rotation, and the steel sword on the back came out.

At this time, everyone surrounded the Xue Jianqiu Mission, several big men waved the boxing to Xue Jianqiu. Xue Jianqiu is a little bit, flying over the air, tapping a man who barely bare under the stage. The man did not hide, and the double palms took the eleven shots. Xue Jianqiu turned over, and the man in Dantian, the man screamed, and the whole body hit, hit Lu Xuan frost naked body. Lu Xuan Shuang screamed, and he did not faint.

Xue Jianqiu saved people, immediately took the side of the floral waist. The man who originally raped the mysteries came out at this time, and the two palms spit out to Xue Jianqiu. Xue Jianqiu only felt that this person came, and suddenly left one lifted, and he took the opponent. “Touch”, with the other party’s hand, Suddenly Xue Jian Qiu is on Lu Xuan Shuang, such as the broken kite to fly to the door.

At this time, everyone under the top of the box, Xue Jianqiu attack on the air. Xue Jian autumn left hand licking Lu Xuan frost’s floral waist, the right hand sword continued to cut down, so it is so moving to the door, flying out.

Only just stepped out of the door, Xue Jianqiu couldn’t help but stop. I saw a few big men standing in front, and the middle stood in a short flowering old man, and the left smashings seem to have a long-awaited sword. I looked at myself. A masked man.

At this time, the men in the original housing rushed out and walled the Xue Jian Qiu Mission. Xue Jianqiu saw the opponent’s more popular, but not only one of the people, but also taking care of the coma Lu Xuan froth, when it is really dangerous, can’t help but hold the sword, pay attention to everyone’s dynamics.

I saw a man out of the crowd of torch, pointed to Xue Jianqiu Broken. “Your grandmother! It is him! This despicable Xue Jianqiu, only don’t pay attention to others, don’t pay attention to people, there is no real thing!” Your grandmother, there is a kind of place to pick it up! “

When Xue Jianqiu, I recognized that the other party was in the hobby of the children in the inn. For thinking: “I have some points, it is estimated that at least one time, he will wake up. At the time, I hid him in a secret, others should not find him. Could he break the ban, wake up in advance ? ?……………………………… skull To play. I saw that the little old man smiled: “Okay! Silly children! If you lose, you will be able to get it!”

The mutual fake shop Xiao Er is suddenly double-punching, screaming: “If you want to play with true skills, Laozi may not lose!”

The old man smiled: “Do you don’t understand the reason? I don’t understand it? I have lost it, you have been taking nonsense!” Although the old man is always laughing, he has a majesty, the man is still afraid. Let’s talk, I can only see the Xue Jianqiu.

Old Weng smiled to Xue Jianqiu: “You are the ‘blind eye dragon’ apprentice Xue Jianqiu? Not bad! The witty wit and courage, your baby is all right!”

Xue Jianqiu knew that Master was young, and the blind man “blind eyes” referred to in Nahikou is the “Shenlong Sword”. He saw this old Weng and laughing, and he was the head of everyone. It was said that he was the “Bear Boss” that sent himself to assassinate his own coat, and then he was covered with naked Lu Xuan frost. “The predecessors said the elders of Xiong Wenhao with the ‘smile tiger’?”

After the old man was slightly smashed, turned to the man who smashed the pseudo-playing shop, and he smiled. There are not many left. Don’t tell, must be this child to reveal from you, isn’t it? “

Xue Jianqiu Road: “The late generation did not have heard the name of the seniors, but he should not have to sin, but I don’t know why the predecessor will send people to poison the youth?”

Xiong Wen listened, couldn’t help but laughed: “To kill you? Ded with poison, how do you make my older apprentice? “

Xue Jianqiu he wished, asked: “Listen to the seniors, the senior is the old friend of the primary teacher?”

Xiong Wenmo smiled and smiled. “Of course! This is certain! I am deep with your teacher!” Pointing at the sword scar on his face: “Deep won the teacher, you can’t help but leave this on the old man. A marker, so that the old man can’t forget him in this life. “

Xue Jianqiu heard, suddenly his face was sinking, thinking: “It turned out to be a happy home before Master.”

Just listening to Xiong Wenhao and said: “Hey, although the old man has returned to the outside for decades, but for the murdere of the year, it is really not dare or forget, this time returns to the Central Plains, it is ready to tell ‘him However, I didn’t expect the teacher to be short, ten years ago. I can’t say it, I have to come here to get together. “

Xue Jianqiu rose: “Since it is a primary and seniors, the old man naturally undertakes everything! But I don’t know what the predecessors will take the land of the girl, and it is conceived that this is aslemed?”

Xiong Wenhao laughed: “‘Ten Ladun’ is about, your baby is careful about this girl, overflowing the words, want to lead you to the door, naturally, you must first find this girl! I have these children. It’s a free thing, and the girl is playing, how is it? “

Xue Jianqiu is angry: “Since it is the grievances between us, you are rushing down! More than a dozen big men, this bully a weak woman, when it is really evil!”

Xiong Wenhao smiled and said: “Hey, although you died, but his follow-up Ouyang Xiaotian is a master of two experts! Since the old man has eaten once, now I can travel. ? It is difficult to catch this opportunity, let you get rid of the shadow of the old guy, the old man naturally want to be good, come to a break! Treat your husband, you will find yourself, then go to the Ouyang Xiaotian’s suffocation. As for the little girl ……

Xue Jian autumn brow wrinkled, the sword of the right hand steel sword paided toward the earth, and his horror glantly as Xiong Wenhao.

Xiong Wenhao was bright, laughed: “Oh, this is the start of the swords in the rod, very like a matter! But I don’t know if you learn the ‘blind eye dragon’ to learn how far? Let the old man are too disappointed! Children, what are you waiting for? Go to the exam! “

Everyone cheered, all the Mokers, facing the evil spirits approached Xue Jianqiu, seems to have made Xue Jianqiu as a meat. The man who faked the store Xiao Yi slammed out from the crowd, big shouted: “Let the opening! This guy is a little!” Hand a boxing to Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jianqiu wrist lifted, and the sword pointed to the man’s fist. The man was angry, and the punch was a shot of the sword of Xue Jianqiu, and the entire Sword suddenly biased. “This guy really is a bit!” Xue Jianqiu’s heart, the wrist is slightly shaking, the whole sword suddenly like a silver loach, around the man’s arm swirls. Only heard the man screaming, the whole left arm was unloaded, and the blood flow was asked.

Xiong Wenhao looked in his eyes, just a light silver, smiled: “Oh, ‘Nursing Rotary’, ‘The swordsman’ endless nineteenth stroke. Make another model, quite” The blind eye dragon ‘is only a pity that if it is compared with the prostitute of the year, it seems too much. “Everyone saw the big man lost an arm, can’t help but surprised and angry. After Suddenly there are several men to show the fist legs, from the four sides of all sides hit Xue Jianqiu. When Xue Jianqiu came to see, suddenly turned around, the steel sword in his hand suddenly suddenly lowered, and he suddenly slammed into the hands and feet of everyone. The crowd was shocked, and the unnecessary Xue Jianqiu suddenly made this strange move, and under the urgent needs, after the arrogance, or the wolf rose back, there are two people who have no time, have hung.

Xiong Wenhao was shining, and the hand was called: “Let’s make good! This is the ‘No. The sword law’ seventh stroke ‘Huanglong Jingjiang’! This year ‘blind eye dragon’ is relying on this trick, kill the old man Friends ‘killer seven groups’. 嘿, seven good brothers, this little brother will revenge you ….. “

At this time, the masked Han, who is around Xiong Wen, finally said: “Mr. Xiong, don’t play, hurry to slaughter Xue Jianqiu guy! Don’t forget the agreement between us!”

Xiong Wenhao smiled to the masked Han: “The young man is young, that is, you can’t calm. You can rest assured! Xue Jianqiu’s baby can’t escape the palm of the palms, you may wish to change it.”

At this time, Xue Jianqiu took a block of people and has been dismantled with everyone. At the beginning, the crowd accounted for the wind, but because Xue Jianqiu struggled to fight, it was necessary to take into account the coma Lu Xuan froth, and the power was greatly reduced; and the people were fierce, the foundation was weak, and the wheel warfare was batch to attack Xue Jianqiu, so soon. Reverse, the three-foot steel sword in the hands of Xue Jianfei has been caught in hard work.

After the sword of Xue Jian, the sword was hacked. It is like a blast of the wind. It is also difficult for everyone, but Xue Jianqiu has a number in the heart. If you don’t think about it, you have a long time, it is difficult to escape the life. However, everyone is guarding and defensive, and Xue Jianqiu is still difficult to kill a blood road.

Xue Jianqiu’s heart was revered, and the sword is relaxed to the hands of the sword, revealing a small flaw. A man took a palm of a palm, and the waist of Xue Jianqiu. Xue Jianqiu endured pain, a bit bite, and his body was shaped, and a sword was awkward. The man is a low body, the long sword whizzed from the top of the head. Xue Jianqiu felt five, six palms of her hand, back to attack, suddenly screamed, the body shape, the gyro was currently turning, suddenly oblique, the long sword is hitting, fast, Jian Feng on a sword The gas is slightly expanded, and everyone sees this movement is not weak, and it is not from autonomous and back, and the circle around Xue Jianqiu has gradually expanded.

“Hey?” Xiong Wenhao looked in the eyes, he couldn’t help but ask the masked Han: “Is this trick you … Is it an Ouyang Xiaotian’s ‘八 八 八’?”

The masked Han Dynasty was turned, and slightly: “Gossip Trip! When is it to slaughter him?”

Xiong Wenhao touched, a face, a long way: “The old man wants to look at the ‘Blind Eye Dragon’ ‘s” swords “, what is the sword of Ouyang Xiaotian? Oh, yes, he is blind eye Master is dead, he should be more martial arts in Ouyang Xiao Tian, ​​I am afraid that ‘rough sword law’ only learns that few tricks. For me, Ouyang Xiaotian’s sword is not looking at it, the wheel goes to the old man ! “The words, suddenly the figure flashed, a short shadow lightning like Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jianqiu Shi Show “The Wind Bad Sword”, the sword is sword like a sword, the wind calls, the sword flower blossoms. Everyone saw that he was desperate, and it was a little timid, and there was no way to stand in the past. Just as Xue Jianqiu’s eight sword is about to finish, suddenly there is a strong murderous murderous, Xue Jianqiu is very shocked, secret: “Worse!” Quickly turned back, the long sword was still stabbed, I saw the front of the front The palm is launched, “” is a chest of Xue Jianqiu.

When Xue Jianqiu suddenly retired, the hand was holding his chest, and he felt a full body blood. Suddenly I feel that the throat is a sweet, “Wow” spits out a black blood. Xue Jianqiu defeated Xiong Hao, who was a palm, and painfully biting his teeth: “Mix … mixed yuan …..”

Xiong Wenhao did not help but laughed: “Well, there is a knowledge! Even the cross-exterior school ‘mixed pool’ you distinguish, it is a proud disciple of ‘blind eye dragon’.”

Everyone saw that Xue Jianqiu was seriously injured, and it was drunk and dried, and the mock is close to Xue Jianqiu. Even the fake shop that was broken, I couldn’t help loudly: “I slaughtered him! Saima!”

Xue Jianqiu was a determination of the fight against the battle, and his teeth bite, holding Lu Xuanzhuang, jumped behind, and then bonded to the wall, and the steel sword was obliquely on the ground, and the look was proudly.

Just as everyone in step by step, Xiong Wenhao didn’t know what to think of, suddenly Zhang said: “Children! Be careful this trick, ‘Shenlong Tail’, double feet be given by him!”

When Xue Jianqiu suddenly drunk, the steel sword lyrically squatted, and a large piece of land was picked up by Xue Jianqiu. Xue Jianqiu wrist hurriedly jittered, and instantly cut more than 20 swords on the ground, and suddenly the land was cut into smashing, and the dust was flying on the spot. Everyone is very shocked, fear that Xue Jianqiu has made an amazing sword stroke, and it has jumped backwards. Xue Jianqiu saw the machine, and then endured the pain of the chest. He took a deep breath. The masked guest suddenly jumped: “Can you make Xue Jianqiu escape? I will chase it!”

Xiong Wenhao smiled and said: “Good kid! It’s just like ‘blind eye dragon’, it’s really a teacher. Children, catch up!”

Everyone should open the door of the backyard, and they ran out of the back door to chase Xue Jianqiu. Only left the “smile tiger” Xiong Wenhao, and the anger of the mysterious mask.

Twelve, to humiliate and sleep

Xue Jianqiu endured the exhaustion of the whole body and the severe pain on the chest, carrying a coma Lu Xuan frost, and did not hit the wilderness in a grass. At that time, Xue Jianqiu escaped from the backyard of “Xiong Ba Tianxia”, immediately broke into a dense grass, wait until the people who chased it whizzed, he immediately fled in the opposite direction. After half an hour, the murderous goddess did not catch up.

Xue Jianqiu is not going to eat in the next two days, plus the serious injury, the mass and mental load has already arrived, only because of the safety of the Xuanzhuang, it is to force everything in order to temporarily. Now he knows that it has been out of danger, tight emotions can not help but relax, suddenly feel fainted, foot, no longer, no longer fall, and fall down.

Xue Jian Qiufeng feels the limbs of the limbs, everywhere, although the whole face is on the ground, but it is tired of can’t play the dust on the face. In the middle, I heard the subtle snoring of Lu Xuanzhuang. Xue Jianqiu fell in the heart, and I didn’t know where to give up, and struggled immediately, and the soft body of Lu Xuan Shuang was in his arms. Her long hair was on the face of Xue Jianqiu, could not help Let him feel awkward.

Xue Jian autumn is lower, looking at the half of Lu Xuan frost, the eyes are closed, the eyelashes are very long, and the beautiful face is on, and half-humid urine is left, and the mouth is spit out from time to time.

Xue Jianqiu remembered the scene of Lu Xuanzhuang, and couldn’t help but feel the heart. At this time, a low slim sound was issued in Lu Xuan Yingkou.

Xue Jianqiu is big, hurriedly calls: “Lu girl … Lu Gi …” I saw Lu Xuan Cream closed his eyes, painful: “Water … Water …”

Xue Jianqiu saw Lu Xuan Shuang painfully low, his heart is like a knife, but seeing the wilderness of the grass, but where did you find water? Seeing Lu Xuan frost painful expression, Xue Jianqiu’s heart is very pity, immediately picking up the steel sword on the ground, reaching out the left wrist, cross the sword to the wrist, suddenly blood spring. Xue Jianru rushed to the lips of Lu Xuan frost, so that blood poured directly into her mouth.

Xue Jianqiu saw Lu Xuan Shuang to drink blood, and very comfortable in his heart, looked at her gradually ruddy face, thinking: “As long as it can take a little alleged, it is also worth it! “It is quietly low to look down on Lu Xuan frochard peace.

I don’t know how long, Lu Xuan frost is fascinated, I can smell a bloody gas, I can’t help but open my eyes, I saw Xue Jianqiu looked at himself, her lips were sucking the blood flowing on his wrist. The moment is shocked, called: “You … what are you doing?”

Xue Jianfei is coming, the warmth: “Lu girl, you finally woken up.”

Lu Xuan Shuang saw Xue Jianqiu’s left wrist, but his lips, neck and chest were warm and blood, and there was a rich blood in the mouth. Lu Xuanzhuang pensive and half, it has already understood the ni, and the feelings are horrified. “You … why do you want to do this?”

Xue Jianqiu smiled: “You are thirsty! This four weeks is ridiculous, I am afraid I can’t find water to give you a drink, so …”

Lu Xuan frost listened, suddenly Zhang mouth, staying on the spot, is very moving in his heart. I can’t think of this kind of prosthetic woman, I can suffer from Xue Jianqiu, suddenly excited, tears is like a discharging pearl, rolling along a well-known face.

Xue Jian Qiuxiang said: “Lu … Lu girl, you don’t cry!” Just stood up, the sudden feeling, the eyes are black, can not help but fall.

Lu Xuan Shuang is very shocked, and he is rushing to help Xue Jianqiu. Picking up the steel sword cut a piece of outerwear wearing a piece, gaining the wound on the left wrist, facing the wounds of Xue Jianqiu, facing anxiously.

Xue Jianqiu saw Lu Xuan Shuang so concerned with himself, the heart is so fast, quietly looks at Lu Xuan froth, and there is a gratified smile on his face.

It’s awkward by Xue Jianqiu, Lu Xuanzhuang can’t help but redness, whisper: “Xue … Xue Dafa, why do you hurt yourself? I am a wise and pleasant woman .. It is not worth making it. ..

Xue Jianqiu warmly wiped the tears on her face, soft: “Don’t say this! I have already made up my mind. I have to take care of you in this life, protect you, no longer let you receive any grievances, any I hurt! As long as Xue Jianqiu lives a day, no one can still move you again! “Lu Xuan Shuang saw Xue Jianqiu expression sincerity, the tone is firm, deep eyes reveal a strong love, heartless deer hit, Sudden cheeks Crimson, whisper: “You … You are a famous” Baijian Gate “door, I am Lu Xuan Yixiang, can I be affected by you?”

Xue Jianqiu’s heart: “I am not a ‘Baijian door’ doorowner.” But don’t say it, just haha ​​smile: “Xue Jianqiu is just a Mivif, and it is not awkward. If you can get the Mongolian girl , Xue Jianqiu is willing to be around the boy! “

Lu Xuan frost is warm, and a strong honey is hidden. Since the death of the master’s brother, there has never had such a feeling again! For a long time, Lu Xuan Shuang has been constantly being hurtful and humiliated by men, and it has long been lost in confidence in men, and even more emphasizes. However, Squai Xue Jianqiu is an amazing movement of her wrist blood, so that Lu Xuan froth is very touched. For the deep affection of Xue Jianqiu, in addition to dripping the tears, it has nothing to say.

Xue Jianqiu saw she just tears, can’t help but hold her hands, smile: “Don’t you understand my sincerity for you?”

Lu Xuan frost, I thought that I was a sophisticated baby, how to say it, I can’t afford him, hurry to break the hand, Yan: “Please don’t touch me! I … my body is so Dirty, I will only stain your hand … “At this time, the night wind called, Lu Xuan froth flutters fluttering, lightly in Xue Jianqiu’s face.

Xue Jianqiu is feeling, exciting land of Lu Xuan Cream, whispered in her ear: “Silly girl! Who says you are dirty? In my eyes, you are the purest, clean! Yesterday, like Yesterday, I forgot the terrible past, let me accompany you to every day behind you! I … I really love you … “

This sincere confession, so that Lu Xuan froth is excited, can’t help “嘤咛”, the whole foot is buried in the arms of Xue Jianqiu. Xue Jianqiu warmly stroked her head, smiled: “Over the past! Everything has passed …” In the night, the inner heart of the two is like a high-mounted bright moon.

For a long time, Lu Xuan frost raised his head from his arms, and the tears of the smart look: “With me, you … Do you really not tarnishing your reputation?”

Xue Jianqiu laughed: “For you, Xue Jianqiu can sacrifice! The reputation of this district, is it enough to do it?”

After the words, I only listened to the sound of a yin: “Yeah! This Xue Jianqiu is the stern baby, when you really can sacrifice, even the ‘Patent Sword Gate’ door, He gave up not! “

The two were very shocked, they couldn’t help but follow, only seeing not far from the side, a masked man held a horse and smiled. Xue Jianqiu federally, I can’t think of such a unusually passed.

The masked Han continued to launch: “Xue Jianqiu, you have always been cautious, how can I ride a horse? You don’t know how it! Yes, beauty is in the arms, enjoy it, which is so much? But嘿! Just like this unclear wild flowers, is it too unfair? “

When Xue Jianqiu, he thought that he was in “Xiong Ba Tsi”, and the “smile tiger” Xiong Wenhao, the masked man, can’t help but frown: “What is Xue? Why? Why do you want? What is this hard? “

The masked Han evil laughed: “Why is He Yu? Ha, you may wish to go to Huangquan Road, ask your death Master!” Said that he slowly took out his long sword on the back.

Xue Jianqiu was shocked, hurriedly picked up the steel sword on the ground, struggling to stand up, and lighted Lu Xuan froth into his own body, carefully wanding the masked man in front of him.

Lu Xiyuo mentioned that Mashan is mentioned, Xue Jianqiu actually gave up to her, gave up the position of the “Baijian Gate”, and the heart is already wrong; now I will see the masked Han dynasty, I think that Xue Jianqiu is to spray her wrist. A large number of blood loss, martial arts will be greatly reduced, but it is more anxious, thinking: “Xue Dafin is now facing life and death, I can’t be silent!” I can’t help you: “I beg you to put it. Take Xue Heroes! You want me, I … I will go back, it is … “

Xue Jianqiu immediately shouted: “No! Don’t!”

Mongcheng Han first stunned, then smiled: “Ha, a pair of dogs men! I see you haven’t figured out clear. I just want Xue Jianqiu’s dog life, as for you, Xuanzhuang … If you want to go back It’s been ride, then I can be all over you! “Just finished, suddenly shadow, a sword talled to Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jianqiu saw this sword of Mongcheng’s horses, and the end is killing, hurriedly put Lu Xuan frost, handed out the sword of the steel sword, and the sword of the emergency attack. That Mashan seems to understand the number of swords of Xue Jianqiu, see him quite the sword, so the sound has not made the old, the sword is steep, and the change is awkward. “锵” sound. Every time, Xue Jianqiu blocked, he took a step, and his heart was angry. Turn the Jianfeng, a sword, and the throat of the man.

Masked Han Wan, Xue Jianqiu will actually live in life, so that this jade is engaged, and rush to retreat backwards. Xue Jianqiu is profitable. The second sword has stab the past, masked Han Zhoujian seal, Xue Jianqiu’s third sword, the fourth sword has been stabbed, the starting is sent, actually a sword, a sword, even Unexpected, when you really should take a rod, the priests are both a charm, there is no attack, and there is no retreat.

The masked Han Dynasty is frightened, struggling to block the two swords, want to be quite a sword, but Xue Jianqiu’s offensive is not slow, brush brush brush, and the four swords are stunned. Masked Hanxin is anger: “I can be evil! Xue Jianqiu is now seriously injured, I don’t have to laugh, I am smiled, I am screaming, suddenly a sword is sword to Xue Jianqiu’s steel sword, so that I will pick up , Xue Jianqiu’s steel sword immediately flew up. Mongolian Han followed the left palm, and took the palm of Xue Jianqiu.

Xue Jianqiu hurriedly stood up, his eyes were round, stared at the eyes of Monghan, called: “This … This trick is the ‘回 峰 转路’, is the sword stroke of my Ouyang Shi Uncle First, how can you make? You … Who is it? “

The masked Han grin smiled, suddenly the sword tip trembled, and went to Xue Jian’s autumn. Just listening to Xue Jianqiu “ah”, the knee, the knee fell to the ground, with the eyes of the hands and pain, and the finger sewing continued to seep the blood, and the doubles have been hung.

Xue Jianqiu bite his teeth: “I … I understand! I know who you are!”

The masked Han hand pinched sword, and smiled. I saw a horses and rushed, and it was the own ride.

Mashe Han did not think about it, immediately hid it, turned a few stuns on the ground, turned around, he saw Lu Xuan frost on horseback, reached out to pull Xue Jianqiu from the ground to Malay, flying like Running.

It turned out that Lu Xuan Shuang looked at the battle of the two, and he was anxious. Although Xue Jianqiu has an advantage, she knows that Xue Jianqiu is a lot of blood, after a long time, I am afraid that I will have lost due to physical strength. And I haven’t been martial arts, I can’t help it, I am in a hurry, I don’t know if I don’t know, I will find that the masked Han’s seat ride is now chewing the broken grass roots, and suddenly the machine moves, slowly close. The horse is in full swing, and hurriedly climbed the horse. At this time, Xue Jianqiu has been stabbed, Lu Xuan frost is anger, immediately legs, horses four hooves, straight, a moment, have rushed to the two people, that Masteen has hiding Open, Lu Xuan Shuang hurriedly said: “Xue Dafin, give me!” Xue Jianqiu listened, in the case of Lu Xuan frost, immediately reached out, let her hold, the body is standing on the horse back, and the splash Rarah is gallter.

The masked Han Duli angry: “Where to escape?” Suddenly fossed, the whole person went to the flying ride, a sword stab. After Si Jianqiu sat behind Lu Xuan frost, he had a sword behind him. He worried that Lu Xuan froth would be hurt by this sword, and he hurried forward. Hips.

The horses are hurt, and they are sad, and they are more featuring. Mongoli Han Play thought that the back of Xue Jianqiu was a sword. He did not expect the sword to fall, and the whole body is straight down; Don’t think about it, a sword goes back to his feet. After the left foot of Xue Jianqiu, he had severe pain, and the end is that the foot has been cut off, and the blood flow is not.

Xue Jianqiu bite his teeth, and desperately patted the horse hip, and the amount of sweat is full of beans. Lu Xuanzhuang is unlocked, just rushed forward. The horse did not live in a hurricant, I didn’t know how long it took, Lu Xuan frost faintly heard the sound of the water. I couldn’t help but go to the front. I saw that the left head is a short tree. The right is a rushing river.

Lu Xuanzhuang was “smiled,” Xiong Wenhao, was so insulted, especially if they were drunk for forced land, and did not give her a drop of water. Although the blood flowing out of Xue Jianqiu’s wrist, it has been died, but the degree of thirst is limited. Now Lu Xuanzhuang sees the flow of water, there is a strong desire to drink water, but I don’t know if Mang Han still chased it, I didn’t dare to slow down for a while, so I asked: “Xue Dafin, that person is chasing Come up? “

Lu Xuanzhuang did not see Xue Jianqiu to answer, think he didn’t hear himself talking, when he would ask for a question, suddenly Xue Jianqiu’s whole face was on her shoulders, and his body was close to her back. Lu Xuanzhuang felt that the sweat on Xue Jianqiu took his entire back to the whole back. The breath of his mouth was directly blowing on his own cheeks. He was ashamed to face red, and his heart is soaked. … Xue Dafin, please don’t like this … “See Xue Jianqiu still no answer, Lu Xuan frost is a slut, can not help but look at the side, I saw Xue Jian, autumn, her eyes, eyes closed, leaning on her shoulder is already coma past.

Lu Xuan Shuang was shocked and said: “Xue Dafin, what happened to you?” When I was preparing Lega, suddenly horses horses, suddenly stopped Mercedes. Under no psychological preparation, ahead of a forcing land forcing Lu Xuanzhuang and Xue Jianqiu fell forward, “通”, double double fell into the river in front of him.

It turned out that the horse rushed along the river shore, and suddenly the road suddenly bent sharply. Originally Lu Xuan froth is not as long as the royal seat is riding, but she hangs the injury of Xue Jianqiu, but did not pay attention to the sharp way along the road, and the horses saw the rushing water flow in front of the rushing water, and the creatures were automatically stopped. The hoof stopped, and the two of Lu Xuan Shuang and Xue Jianqiu took out and dropped in the rapids in front.

This river is running, and the rush is very unusual. Lu Xuan frost is not aqueous, it is a panic, and the body is struggling. It is called: “Save … Help! Shares in her mouth and nose, Lu Xuan Shuang more frightened, reach out and crawled, suddenly touched it, and immediately hug it, it turned out that the trunk of the trunk in the water flow.

Lu Xuan Cream hugged the trunk and residual branches were floating in the water, and the water flow was caught. Fortunately, there is a trunk, and the body is no longer eager to die. After she spit out the water in the abdomen, she will breathe.

Lu Xuanzhuang was scared, staying for a while; the bean water beads fell on her face, which came back to God. Recalling that the admission is suffering from the dangerous body, and it is from cold and chestnut. But see yourself in the water flow, the whole body is cold and wet; surrounding the sound of the boom, like a huge scream, Lu Xuan frost is only moving, and the heart is very afraid, no longer losing sorrows: “Help Ah! Who will save me! “

Lu Xuan froth reminded Xue Jianqiu at this time, hurriedly called: “Xue … Xue Dafin, where are you? Help …” The sound of the earth seems to have saved the saving, Lu Xuan Cream can’t hear his voice, hurry Looking forward to the four sides, but the silver moonlight is sprinkled in the rushing water stream, Lu Xuan frost is the place, but the surging silver waves, but where is the trace of Xue Jianqiu? Lu Xuan frost is more afraid, crying: “Xue Dai Xia! Where are you? Don’t throw me! Don’t throw me …”

Just as a rush of the Sixth God, he suddenly saw an unknown object in the rear of the 7th and eight-foot water flow. Lu Xuan frochards closed, and it was found that Xue Jianqiu fooled in the water, but the whole face was buried in water flow.

Lu Xuan froth was shocked again and again, yes: “Xue Dai Xia! Xue Dating!” But Xue Jianqiu did not respond, only in the water, it was obviously unwaken. Suddenly a big wave came, I was swallowed by Xue Jianqiu. Lu Xuanzhuang can’t help but scream, the fear is extremely

In no time, Xue Jianqiu flies in the water from the rapids of the drowning. But see Xue Jianqiu Facial facial facial facial facial facial facade has been soaked in the water, which is only drowning at the blink of an eye. Lu Xuan Shuang hurriedly stretched his left hand, desperately desperately grabbed the body of Xue Jianqiu, but the two were too far away, and the army was unable to elongate the arm.

Lu Xuan frost is anxious, the stronger water flow is, the more far from the two people, see Xue Jianqiu is getting farther and farther, Lu Xuan Shuang can’t help but cry: “Xue Dafin! I beg you to wake up. You will drown! Hey … “Not only shouting, but also desperately stretching the left arm wants to catch Xue Jianqiu, and it seems to have not given up any hope.

Suddenly there was a runner of Lu Xuan frost, and the powerful trend was shocked, and the trunk of her and the right hand wrapped in the blink of the eyes were disgraced. Lu Xuan Shuang flies with the rolling water, and the three-sided flowing water will go straight into her nose, and they are very stunned.

Lu Xuan froth felt exhausted, difficult to breathe, a pre-sound of death is hit, the heart is constantly shouting: “Hey, Master brother, Xiaofeng this will meet you …” 的 意,, I only see rapids Pushing Xue Jianqiu’s body; Lu Xuan frost extended his arms, holding the waist of Xue Jianqiu, thinking: “Xue Dafin, let us die together …” Lu Xuan Shuang has not closed his eyes, in Under the hurt, the impact of the water is gradually lost ….

Lu Xuan froth felt groggy, if the body fluttered in the clouds, not only the hands and feet could not move, but even the eyelids couldn’t open. I only felt that the pulse of the right wrist seems to gain people, and sometimes I feel that some people have invested a bitter liquid in her mouth. Lu Xuanzhuang wanted to shout, but he couldn’t help over.

In the consciousness of the hazy, I can’t hear a middle-aged man’s voice: “This woman is really beautiful, I can’t help! Deer Ma, you have to help me more!” A middle-aged woman’s voice: “Hey! You Sun Langzhong’s woman, if I have no help you get on? You can rest assured! No two months, to ensure that you warm the jade warm!” Just … this has a few gifts can’t be less! “

Middle-aged man “嘿” smiled: “This natural! Your Lu Madai is a famous obscenity in the town, and I haven’t heard which girl escapes your five-way mountain. I am absolutely relieved to you. Good things Cheng, this a big gift is absolutely less! “

Just listening to the middle-aged woman: “呸呸 呸! What ‘淫’? Dog mouth does not spit ivory! If it is not my family, the mouth is unfortunate, my life is gone, the old lady will not be repeated Older industry, do this missing thing! “

The middle-aged man smiled: “It’s good, it’s not a little more than a little longer? It’s too long to be too long …”

The middle-aged woman sighed: “I said Sun Langzhong, you only know the style of the style, but I don’t know how my old lady is hard to worry about. If you don’t spend some time, you want to strategize, you think that the girl in all the world can be Are you engaged in bed? The girl is unknown, and the man is like a homework, I have to be careful, don’t like the mouth of my house, I can’t get rid of the characters, there is money, I am not missing. NS!”

Middle-aged man apologizes: “Yes, Yes, you teach. Just … Lu Madai, you are too timid! The man is not only stabbed, the left foot is picked up again. Broken, the most difficult thing is to have such a serious trauma on the chest. I haven’t lived. The man is dead, only such a weak woman, you only have to kill, she will be embarrassed. I am placed. At that time, the silver puts the big place into the pocket, hehe … What is I worried? “

Lu Xuan froth heard this passion and poor talk, did not feel the blood of the chest, only felt groggy, no more, lost his consciousness.

I don’t know how long, Lu Xuan froth only felt that someone was feeding her drinking a bitter liquid, could not help but “嘤咛”, slowly opened his eyes, see a white clean female face, showing gentle smile.

Lu Xuanzhuang looked at her. Seeing this woman about forty years old, the skin was clean, and a brunette was brighter, and a white flower was inserted. This middle-aged woman saw Lu Xuan frost to wake up, and the look was very pleased, smiled: “Girl, you finally woke up, how do you feel? Isn’t it?”

Lu Xuan Shuang spotted himself in a village room, and some lights were done, showing faint yellow light, sleeping on your couch, and covered the cotton. Although I feel a little headache, I also responded: “Yes, I am fine, thank you Mad! I … Where?”

The woman said: “Here is my home, you are coma for nearly a day. Today, I saved you from the river outside the town. I just drink a few mouthfuls of water, I have a cold, rest The sky can be healed. “

Lu Xuan Shuang is the first: “It turns out, thank you Madai’s life-saving.”

The woman smiled: “Don’t be so polite, everyone is a family. I desperately surname ‘deer’, the neighbors of the neighbors, I called the ‘Lu Migu’, you can also call me. Then you? Little girl, what is your name?”

Lu Xuan froth only felt that the woman smiled, the attitude was hot, and he replied: “My name is ‘Lu Xuan Shuang’.”

“Lu … Lu Xuan Shuang?” Lu Madai heard a whisper, suddenly collapsed a smile, two eyes were very big, and her face became very ugly.

Lu Xuan Yixi is unexpectedly after the name, Lu Qiang will have such a reaction, thinking: “Is it … Isn’t my bad name, even this big lady heard?” Asked the battle: “Deer. .. Deer Mare, what happened? “

Lu Madu’s fierce looks behind Lu Xuan frost behind the face, and it sounds, said: “Nothing, just think that your name is great! Really, it is too good …” Sinking halfway, said: ” By the way, you can get rid of the insurance today, I want to be blessing in my death in the sky. After the death of death, I will be incense every morning and evening, the Lu girl, you are willing to come. Thank you for the blessing of death? “

Lu Xuan Yar nodded: “This natural!” Got up with the deer big lady. Gongzhuo Qian came to worship ancestors, deer aunt positive self on fire Yi, Lu Xuanshuang looked around for a moment, looking to stay in the ancestral tablets before the altar, a closer look, can not help but screamed, his face pale and scared, saw what seemed very Terror things.

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