East Gate

The first chapter of the first chapter, I came to Shenzhen, I came to Shenzhen for two years, and the director of the editorial department in a financial magazine. Old King is my old town, we are in the same magazine, he is doing director of the Advertising Department. When we don’t go to work on weekends, we often speculate in two dishes. When you drink, you can chat, sometimes go to Pudding Street to eat chicken, is also a wine friend, two people are nothing to find Miss Entertainment.

Tomorrow is the weekend, I have been tired for a week, we all want to relax and relax the body and tightening nerves.

Old King is more familiar with the situation of Shenzhen Red Light District for two years, and it is also a “old rivers and lakes” of the girl. I don’t go out to find a lady, mainly, I am afraid of being a liar. And the old prince, so it is often his good candidate, then I will go together.

After getting off work next night, I ate dinner, rushed to cool, changed a clean dress, we went to the road.

Today, the old king will take me to the east gate of Luohu District.

From the No. 5 bus from the park, after a while, we arrived next to the Yayuan Overpass next to the Children’s Park.

Go to the dark place under the overpass, the mysterious whisper of the old king said: “I call me that a good giving you a little. I heard that it is still a new. The body and the appearance are absolutely first class. Tonight I just told me to introduce her to you. Pack your satisfaction. “

“Really?” I am a bit surprise.

“Guarantee that you don’t want to go. I saw her in my good home day before yesterday. The long phase, the body and skin color are all first-class, the waist is fine, the wave is big, and when talking to the man, always The eyebrows, the wind is incomparable, it is the type you like. “Dao Wang said with a smile.

“Honestly, have you slept with her?” I asked.

“Ten earth conscience. If she first slept, she introduced it to you, is it worth a friend?” The old king denied.

“Ok. Then I will see it today.” I am happy in my heart.

Lao Wang smiled: “I have to collect introduction.”

“Good.” Tonight, you can fight with you, I am out. “

The old king smiled.

I know that under the East Gate Yaven, there is a young and beautiful dark and second milk from the mainland. The old king is a good one is one of the ladies from Hunan, named Amei. Amite, they generally don’t go to the nightclub, only doing the business of acquaintances. This will be safe.

“If she happens to me tonight, what should I do?” I have a bit anxious.

“Reassured, I will call A Mei before it. A Mei said that she has told the girl, introducing a cheerful to her, calling the girl, waiting for us at home.”

“What do you say?”

“She is of course happy, have money to earn.”

“But still have other business?”

“Oh, there is a good man like you, is she still doing the business of other people?”

The overpass under the overpass, smashed the fluttering fluttering fluttering, when they took the eye and the old king, the appearance was eager to wait, and I wanted to take our business. We didn’t see the sky and walked.

Under the mask of the night, we came to a house in a house, go to the second floor, and turned a bend. I saw a small window that was critical.

“This is the girl’s home.” The old king said.

After the thin cloth blind from the window, the light is a red light. I feel that the light is full of a kind of 昧 taste, and I have an excitement. I don’t know if the “little cute” introduced this is at home. If it is at home, I don’t know what to do?

Lao Wang whispered to me: “Don’t bother her first. Let’s go to find A Mei. Let Amei contact her, so good.”

After I followed the old king, I turned a bend and came to a house door. Lao Wang pushed in, there seems to have a woman in watching TV. I have been back, and I will go in.

The house is not big, a big bed accounts for a short space. In addition, a wardrobe, a table, two chairs, a sofa, there is a 25-inch TV. This is all the family.

A thirty-year-old woman wearing a half-transparent pajamas, spacious chest, showing a white tender talent, lazy, obliquely on the bed. It can be seen from her dress and the feelings. This is the goodness of the old king, Hunan sister is almost. The old king introduced me to Amei. Amite Lee got up. I sat down on the sofa with my old king.

I saw a wide range of high heels under the bed.

“We have just passed the window of Gillian, seeing her home, but there is no movement. I don’t know how I can’t live at home?” Lao Wang asked.

“At home. I just said with her.” Achao took me with my eyes and said.

“Then you have come over, see you.” Lao Wang said.

“Otherwise, I will give her a call.” Amite said, while picking up a mobile phone.

The phone is pulled.

“Hey, I am Aimei. Care is coming, where are you? … just waiting for you in my home … Well, good, we are waiting for you.”

Close the phone, Amei said to me and the old king, and the girl came over.

From their conversation, I feel that the old king is actually very familiar with the girl’s situation, just I don’t know what the relationship between the two is.

After a while, a slim, a long-haired laughed pushed, came in, and there was a lighter jasmine.

The old king smiled and said to me: “How? I didn’t say a lie?”

The girl seems to understand, smile, take the eye, I will turn a 360 degree in front of me, showing her slim body in front of me.

She probably has about six or so, the breast enhancement is round, and people like – naked shoulders are small, towering big tits – I like.

Low waist embankment shorts, revealing the thin waist, outline the round little ass – I like it.

Through the two white and tender in the high heel sandals, the little meat of red fingers – I like it.

I laughed and got closed, just said: “Ok, good, good …”

Old King finger me, said to her: “This is the big editor of our magazine, introduce you, you have to entertain.”

“That is of course.” She smiled and said: “You are here a little, I still have something, I will pick you up for a while.”

The old king asked: “How long does it take?”

She Answer: “Soon, there is no more than about twenty minutes.”

I said: “Why, play mahjong?” I think she said that she may be playing mahjong with others, picking up an A Mei’s phone from the table.

She smiled and said, “… Yes, I am playing, waiting for a while.”

“Ok, go. We are waiting for you.” I said.

She just left, Amei pulled the slippers to catch up with: “Gillian, wait.”

They stayed outside the door and said with a small voice. I don’t know what they have said, and finally I heard the girl smiled and then ran.

Ama is folded back to the house, saying to the old king, she wants to go out for a while. Waiting for the old king, waiting for her at home.

The old king agreed, I didn’t know what to say in her ear, she took a smile again, and I ran out.

That night, I was sitting in the Western Trie’s Trie’s Trien in the East of Aimei.

I have passed in a twenty minute, and Amite didn’t come back, and the girl called Gillian did not appear.

I know some lady specially placed men. When I arrived at 10 o’clock, I said: “Ten o’clock, if she is still, we will go.”

Lao Wang said: “Good! But, I think she will not be credible.”

“How is anything possible?”

I don’t know when, Gillian stands behind me.

I smiled unintentionally with the old king, standing from the sofa.

We returned to her home together.

So, in the dark, I saw two beds in the room, and the intermediates were separated by Zhang Dabu window, just like the massage rooms in the roadside lava.

“How do you have two beds?” I have a little surprised. “One is my sister.”

The lady who lived in this house is still a pair of sisters.

Lao Wang said: “Strong brother, play with a heart. I am going to Amiena.”

I laughed and said, “Tomorrow morning, you call me. Invite you, we will go out to drink early tea together.”

“Okay.” The old king said and smiled and smiled in her: “Strong brother is your guest, must not be huge.”

“Know it. You and Yimei also have fun.” She is charming toward the old king smile and said.

Get the old king to the outside of the room, she turned back and came back, and smiled at me and gently closed the door.

One night, my body is full of male hormones, I am spinning to her petite body in his arms. I smelled the kind of jasmine fragrance that made me bothered.

“What is your name?” I know so.

“Gillian.” She gently replied, and the ruddy face floated with a charming smile.

“It’s a good name.” I said that I can’t help but kiss her brilliant red lips.

A. The beautiful eyes closed, and we kissed it for a long time. The romantic breath of love at first sight or the sound begins with only two people’s rooms.

“Wash it first.” She whispered: “I know you have to live here, so I have burned a pot of hot water in the kitchen.”

It turned out that she is all ready to come.

Gillian also took a new scarf and handed it to me: “You use this towel. Lao Wang and Amei said that you want to introduce you to me yesterday. This is what I deliberately go to the east gate today.”

Wow, such a formal reception. The general lady has no such thing. I imagined how the old king introduced her.

I followed her, and I came to the kitchen.

There is also a bathroom in the kitchen.

Gillian will call hot water cold water. Promote me into the bathroom. I took her hand, and my tender, tender, like water: “You have to come! I have to take a shower with you.”

She suddenly became red, nodded: “Then I will take the underwear for washing.”

When she went out, she turned off the headlight in the kitchen, leaving only the slight light in the bathroom.

I start to flush myself.

In a short while, I saw a bare in the dark, only the little beauty of the three-point underwear, pulling the slippers flashing into the bathroom.

“Sorry, let you wait for a long time.” Gillian said that it was embarrassed to turn around, and put a naked naked ridge.

Her long hair has been on the top of the head, revealing a good white neck.

Her skin is white and tender, the body is not short, good.

“Come, I will help you.” I smiled and poured water on the back of her light.

Gillian is very gentle, put the bare back of the white, and enjoy my service. My hand was screwed, and I started sliding on her, helping her rinse the neck, tits, back and waist. Finally, I hugged her from the back, and the hand of the shower gel was touched on her fine waist and flat belly, she stretched into her, inserted in the femur in her legs. stand up.

“Oh, you are really bad …” She twisted in my arms.

My fingers are still retreating. At the same time, with her twisting, my little brother below is also hard, top in the middle of her two light buttons.

“Gillian, turn it together.” I gave a light call. I think she must feel it.

She is very clear about my intention, and the red face slowly turned, and immediately reached out on my neck.

I felt that her two Yutong’s tits were posted on my chest, I started kneading them. Gillian also reached out a little hand, holding the cock of my lifted, gently, so that I am very comfortable.

This is the lady: both warm and open cooperation, and warmth veins. I think, tonight is going to open.

In a short while, I put her one foot on my leg, which made her Sao opened some, and then felt hard and thick dicks, and the cock with a shower foam slowly moved into it. She is wet and hot. “This is washed under the body, just wash it!” I joked it in one side.

“You hate, just come up with people.” She is red, delicate.

“I like you.” I smiled and said.

“Your guy is big …” She closed his eyes, tangled, grabbed my arm, head to back, and said long hair to the brain, said.

The shower gel on both people makes our skin are very suede, two people like this chest, standing in the bathroom, hugging together.

“It’s cool?” I joked out, she asked in a whisper.

“Cool!” She closed her eyes.

“Is it not stunned?”

“… … ah …”


“Good romance, so cool, so comfortable …”

“Before, there is no other man who has been?”

“No … ah …” she began to squat.

In a short while, I feel that she is in the contraction of her, seems to have grinned my dick as a small hand. This little beauty will enjoy the man’s service. I think this is the common characteristics of the ladies who mix in the man’s pile?

As the cock is inserted, her two big tits are also up and down in a wave of waves. It’s too stimulated. In a short while, a hot stream came out from her uterus, she immediately unable to be soft in my arms.

I know that she is climax, and this bathroom is a public place. It is not a long time, and I dare to speed up the speed of the thrush. I only feel that the glans will be numb, I immediately hold her fine waist, with her two The neck intersects, after a while, I also shot a semen into her uterus.

“It’s a hurricane. He is here.” She somewhat blamed: “Wait for a while to bed, see what you will treat me again.” She flushed me with a rinse, laughing.

We have a laughter back to the house. I suddenly found that her sister’s sister has pulled a small curtain.

“Is it a sister?” I heard the opening of the door, her sister issued a detailed look from the curtain, and the sound seems to be more delicate than Gillian, more tender.

“Yes.” Gilli said.

I saw the outer surface of the curtain, next to a pair of women, side of a woman, a pair of men’s old leather shoes, a very rhythmic sound is transmitted from the bed behind the curtain. Gilli reached out a finger and put it in his own lips, that means that I don’t make a sound.

I then followed Gillian quietly on her bed.

We all know what kind of thing happened over there, because there is a rhythm that has a rhythm that has been squeezed from the Smell, and the woman’s breathing is getting coarse.

I have brought the bare barefather and I can’t help each other, rolling into the bed.

My mouth kissed her soft lips again.

My hand also begins to knead on her pair of big tits.

At Gillian, I am lie on the bed, I can’t help but twist the waist. Two thighs stretched out in bed, and flexed and stretched, and breathing has begun.

I suddenly appeared to hang the wall clock on the wall, 11 o’clock in midnight.

I suddenly thought that Midnight, in the countless window of the city in Shenzhen, how many hunger men and women are lingering together, one-on-one, even a couple of hugs together.

I immediately started kissing her down, from her fine neck, firm tits, flat belly, have been kissing the sage between her two legs.

My hand rubbed on her wonderful hair, then reached out and lick her two pink labians.

“Ah …” She pressed my head and couldn’t help but call it.

“I can’t stand it!” Her hand pulled me down, while breathing, asked.

“It’s unhappy?” I know so.

“Ah … I want … I want … Fast … 肏 … 肏 来 …” Maybe her named the bed sound surprised the wild context on the window, only heard two people from there. The “” sound of the sexual device is getting bigger and bigger and more intense. Her sister also started snoring on the bed.

“Call my husband, I will be 肏. Just now you haven’t told my husband!” I smiled.

“Husband, fast wife. Wife … I want you to be.” Gillian 酡 red face, in the bed, there is a waist, tremble.

The original wild impulsive from the heart, I immediately pressed to Gillian, put the expanded dick into her wet sorrow, then climbed on her flat white belly, one out A big move.

This is too stimulated. In a room, two sisters are in love with two men, this is in my life or first encounter. That is a real flesh and big struggle, and the cloth curtains even.

I am with the curtains, two men who have never met two sisters, as if they are doing a competitive competition.

Gan has lost ingredients at this time, closed his eyes, two arms tightly lick my neck, and wrapped two white lights in my ass, an original desire from her throat “Ah …

Quick … 肏 点 点 … 肏 肏 我 …… hard, use great … Ah … husband, ah … “

“How, the big chicken is unhappy?” I asked her while asked her.

“Cool … cool dead … husband, ah …”

Suddenly, there was a bigger voice around, and the woman was taking the bed and the man’s thick screams, the sexual organ grouped together and the shock of Simmons bed is mixed together.

I only heard the men’s last time, everything was calm.

I climbed up on Gillian and erected the secrets of some of the curtains.

Gillon saw that I didn’t move, I knew my mind, played on my ass: “What is bad guilty, fast your …”

My dicks took a while in her sorrow and calmed down.

The man wears a pants, the woman climbs up from the bed, open the sound of the door … “Your sister is really powerful, starting from our bathing time, and the man is so long.” After waiting for her sister, I posted a laughter in her ear.

“Don’t face. You still have me twice!” She lying on me and smiled and said: “I am so itchy, I am coming to closer, I have closed my two. The thigh tray is on my waist.

Seeing her so fascinated, I quickly accelerated the movement of the throduction …

Gillian’s body is sexy, and Gillian’s temperament is also awkward. That night, I held her piety, I made her a climax again and again, and the prostitution of Xi Sao has been flowing from the mouth.

In the middle of the night, I said: “Are you doing like this?”

She said: “How can it be possible. If you are in this way, then you will be killed.”

I said: “Why are you so good to me?”

She said: “I like you. I like people like you have cultural people.”

Gillian said that she doesn’t like the old man, does not like migrant workers, nor does it like the owner. Although I am going to bed, it is just for money. Gillian said that many men chased her, she also wants to know that they have been known, but they have not encountered appropriate. Gilli said that she didn’t know if she had a good time. I said it relies on two people’s joint efforts.

Our first night said smiling, talking about many experiences about yourself. We have found that we have many common works on character and ideological concepts.

Gillian sleeps not to wear, naked carcass and I am here. Think about it, a twenty-year-old little beauty sleeps in my forty-year-old man, how can I teach me? At midnight, when we talked to the happiness, I didn’t think of the cock in the ground. I was a time: around five o’clock in the morning, I just gave a bright, I took her a pair of white bidding milk. I couldn’t help but once again opened her legs, climbed to her … I was counted twice in the night, I had a total of four times.

The next day, we have been sleeping until 10 o’clock in the morning.

The man who slept with the sister of Gilli is gone. Gillian’s sister looked at us to clean up, saying something a little vinegar: “How do two people so intimate, I have a night. It is given me a towel, and Zhang Luo is a combination of my comb.

After all, I picked up the phone, sitting in the bed, giving the old king a call.

“Lao Wang, didn’t get up? Let’s find a place to drink early tea, is it good? You bring up A Mei, I bring Gillian.”

“Okay, good. You first go downstairs, wait for us under the Yayuan overpass.” The old king replied in the phone.

I hang up, smiled and said to Gillian: “I took a long time, my old king and Amei were still a night, only got up.”

After the girrian, as a girl, I started to carefully dress myself: comb, eyebrow, smear red, change the clothes, put a pair of pins into the thin shoes, the appearance is very charming. Sexy.

I am secretly determined in my heart: Gillian, in Shenzhen, I want you to be a young woman. From today, don’t want to steal men again …

The second chapter of the girlhood when we arrived at the restaurant, it was 11 o’clock in the morning. Drinking early tea turned into a meal.

The old king’s girlfriend took a phone call, and was taken by another man, I was sitting in the face of the old king, and Gaid sat next to me.

I dots a plate of squid: Gillian smiled a fried waist flower, said that I lost too much last night, I have to make up for me. Lao Wang smiled and went to a five-scented meat. He knew that this is also my favorite food. I got a clean dish, a seaweed pig liver soup, two bottles of beer, listened to a drink, a pack of cigarettes.

During the seat, I respect the old king, thank him for introducing a red knowledge. The old king, who kept bleging my skills while drinking, saying that I have learned, and how to hurt women. Say that if she follows me in the future, she will pay a good luck.

Last night, I slept with Gilli, I have talked about many respective situations, and I have a general understanding of each other. The impression is very good, there is a feeling of changing the evening.

Lao Wang said: “You have to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival. You know this time, this year Mid-Autumn Festival must find a place to play.”

I also gave birth to Gillian with a gentleman: I lost her vegetables, and I advised her.

It means that only one, I hope she regards me as her real friend, not just an ordinary hacker.

Unexpectedly, Gillian said that she had to go back to my hometown for two days. Because she didn’t go back this year, she had promised her son, and this Mid-Autumn Festival must go back at home.

Although I am sorry, I can understand it.

Lao Wanglian said: “Good things are grinding, you will be a few days later, waiting for Gillian to come back to be more intimate.”

When I was listening, my face was shame.

I said: “It’s good, small, winning the wedding. Waiting for Gillian, I will put the guest.”

Gilli listened to this, extends to the table, and correct it on my thigh. I also responded to a touch on her thigh.

When we dinner, I noticed that Gillian’s mobile phone kept sounded. And Gillian always looked away after the number above, once she really can’t do it, I have to answer, and said to the words: “I am very busy now, wait for a while.”

I know that other men are looking for her, and she doesn’t want to be with him in my face …

After the meal, the old king wants to see an advertiser, because it is a break, so I want to stay again to accompany Gillian. This little beauty, looks like a person, itch, can not let go.

Unexpectedly, the face is red, and it is a turning: “Last night … didn’t sleep well, sleeping very much. You go back to take a break.”

Think about it. So I asked: “Then I will see you at night.”

“No.” She twisted the waist, and there was no one tonight. “

“Then I can see you before you go home?” I have a little dependent, and I can’t force her.

She seems to understand what I mean, red face, think about it, say: “Don’t, today you have a break: If you have time tomorrow, come and take me to buy the ticket.” She said that she said so. ” Moves the luster of the expectation. It is really awesome, so the beauty is really distressed. However, this arrangement is also enrolled, and you can’t make it.

“Ok, just do it.” I said.

Yiyi is reluctant to have a hand, I have returned to the dormitory from Dongmen, when I stayed with a room for more than two years, I only felt a lonely feel.

What is it? Take a look at the laptop on the table, continue to write the monthly economy of the end of yesterday. – It seems that the eyelids are groggy in the brain. Still first sleep for a while.

Lying on the bed, close your eyes, looking forward to falling, but you suddenly remember those mysterious calls on Gilli mobile phone. Tonight, Gillian may have spent all kinds of situations, and the heart is not a taste. I don’t know if she is really a rest, or is it with other men? After all, it is an open woman who is a lady, and there is no man around.

Lying in bed, fascinating, I remembered the scene of guring gorge, chatting with her last night.

Gillian is very big, I don’t tick about her in front of me.

At that time, we just got a game after going to bed. After the climax, two people still didn’t want to leave each other, and naked naked mutually hugged each other, and there was no sleep, so I chatted.

“Gillian, talk about your first love, that is, the first time I will talk about love.” I ask.

“Do you want to listen?” She laughed.

“Of course, and very curious.”

“It’s sad.” She sighed: “My first love lover is my brother, it is a love that can’t have any results.”

“When you start with him?”

“When I am in the beginning of my morning.”

Gillian slowly recalls the era of romantic and bitter girls.

When I read junior high school, I read a book in the town of the neighborhood. Table Brothers two years old, both are all cultural backbone in schools, and there is much more contacted.

Gillian has developed very early and 12 years old. There are many boys in the school to write the paper to pursue her, making her unhappy learning.

The cousin is full of romance, and it has long been rim. Over time, Gillian has a meaning of love, often uses a different eye to look at him.

“How do you and how do you have a date?” I asked curiously.

“We get out of school to go to school, walk along a small river. We don’t necessarily encounter together when you go to school, but you can go home together at night.”

“Blowing the evening wind, a pair of little lovers walk along the river embankment, is a very happy thing.” I was talking about her in his arms when I said this, while touched her tits, laughing road.

“Ah … Yes. Now I think about the kind of situation, I’m also in the eyes.” She lying in my arms, enjoying my caress, saying sad.

“How do you express your love?”

“Just starting, we just carefully winged: Later, one night, look at no one on the river embankment, we can’t help each other, then hug each other: later … we start kissing, or touch each other. “

“Do you have you touched it?” I have a somewhat strange vinegar.

“It’s funny. He is the first man who touched my tits and the lower body.”

“In addition to the river embankment, where are you still dating?” I continued to knead her tits. I feel that Gillian’s tits are beginning to expand in my hand.

“There is a small wood behind the school, the cotton land behind the village, we have been to …” Her face begins to be slightly red.

“Is there any hiding at home?” I was teased.

“Once, he gave me to his home. At that time, his family went out to walk. We both lie in bed. That is our first time you are intimate in bed.”

“That time, have you made him on your?”


“He won’t be so honest?” I talked.

“Of course he wants. But I just let him take off my pants, let him look at my lower body.” “Just look at it is so simple?”

“I also kiss …”

“How is a pro-law?”

“Oh, just like you just like …” With the tongue … “She said red face.

“Then you are not like just like this,” I have a further teasing.

“Yes. He took my leg very big, and the foot is reached inside the bed, and the other is below the bed.”

I asked softly: “Is there anything that you have to get?”

“I have been touched by him, and of course I can’t help but flow.”

“Have you touched him?” I started touching her thigh.

“Of course, I also touched him. I still remember that, his little cock was big in my hand, and I was very small, very fun.” Gillian said that there was a laugh.

“How do you play with him?” I smiled.

Gilli reached out to pinch my dick: “That is to play … Haha …”

“Do you have no embarrassment that day?” I couldn’t help but kissed her face.

“No. Don’t dare, timid, afraid of pregnancy, and afraid of being discovered.”

“How long does your relationship do you have this lovers?”

“Not long after it. He is two years old than me. After graduating from the junior high school, he went to the county to read, and we gradually be broken.”

“You can also test high school, go to the county!” I ride a leg on her belly.

“I can’t do it. I have a love in love, I have no thoughtful reading, I think about the kind of thing between men and women. Especially in English and mathematics. After graduating from junior high school, I came out to work. “

Talk to here, I didn’t ask again. One read high school, one came out, the story naturally did not have a following. However, the young male girl in the story wakes up the original desire of two adult men and women in bed, my hand touches her.

Gillian seems to understand, and reached out and holds my grasps.

“I want you, Gillian. Take me as your cousin, is it good?”


“I want to be you again.”

“Ok, I will let you. You come to sleep.”

I pressed to her, kissed her red face, while tempting: “Fast, call me a cousin, I want you.”

“Take a brother!” She breathed the air: “Table brother … Good brother, fast, I itchy …”

“No, you have to say, I want you.”

Gillian hit me with his hand, red face: “bad guys! I don’t say it.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Look, my dick is big. Waiting to go in!”

“肏 … I …” Gillian, the sound is only a silk, but it is very tempting.

I opened her two thighs, and I got the pink and humid Xiao Sao, I took the mask.

“Ah …” Gillian is so comfortable, and his hands hold my ridge.

This is my third time in my night, I will put her. Time is midnight.

One or two chickens came in the distance, and a pair of wild men and women on the bed of cloth curtain have issued a slight snoring.

I didn’t have a little sleep with Gilli, and the two people were bare, and they were eager to do each other. They were comfortable, but they were light and soft to do the most primitive exercise. Our tongue is wrapped together, and our limbs are also entangled together, leaching from our generic officials, sticking with sorrow, and thrilling and hot-sweat is a wave of waves in our body. Come …

The third chapter wakes up the next day, keeping your mobile phone. At 10 o’clock in the morning, there is no news. Don’t she forget me? Is it true that all of her, just a “one game dream” in the lyrics?

Have you told her? Not good, that is too unleading, saying that she will laugh myself. When I broke up yesterday, I said that I made her call me.

The whole morning is like the magic, the heart is farther, my mind is her shadow, her smile, her shy, her charming style. At noon, I ate a bowl of Guilin rice noodles in the snookery, returned to the dormitory.

It is preparing a lunch break, just lying on the bed, suddenly, the phone sounded. At first, it is her phone.

From the garden New Village, take the bus to the children’s park, just ten minutes. When I walked through the bridge hole under the Yalong overpass of the Children’s Park, I saw a two-story top floor with a platform garden.

I saw the blue sky, a slim woman wrapped in a whole body, a can, let me think about the heart of the liver baby, just long hair shawl, looking away from the platform.

That line, the color, everything is so perfect, especially Aenena, which is water.

Yes, she saw me, Zhengyang, she raised her white naked arm.

I also strived to her and strolled. I admit that she has been waiting for me, she only has me in her heart, she only waits for me. Gillian has a magnetic force, a female magnetic force, is deeply attracted to me, and I have always attracted it.

When we met at the door of the hut, I hugged together.

“I miss you too much.” I kissed her little face, whispered.

“I am also.” She closed her eyes, enjoying my caress, exhaling like a blue.

I feel that the two people are hot, and there seems to have a strong lust in the blood. We explore each other, kiss each other, and breathe each other. Her body is getting soft and soft, and I am getting harder and harder …

At this time, the next door opened the door, a man came behind her, quietly sneaking from me.

“Hey, the little love enters the house and then intimate. Hey! Children should not be!” Amite saw us intimate, smiling.

I am a bit of a big, I saw her body wearing a thin-and-transporated pink pajamas, whose two big milk were hidden. It is seen that she has just come up with the bed of love, she hasn’t come, I haven’t come to you, on her white dark face, still revealing a spring tide after estrus.

And Gillo two people hid into the house, close the door.

I still hug her: “I have waited for your phone on one morning.”

“I also thought about you a morning!” She whispering.

“Then you don’t call me early.” I complained.

“People … is not convenient.” She explained.

I know that I am not her only man. But I also want to ask her to ask her personal affairs with other men. As long as she is good to me, I will take time to accompany me, let me be happy, just.

Yes, she is small and fascinating. The white neck is straight from the black small shirt, and the two milk drums are quite in the small shirt, and a deep emotion is very attractive. The soft waist and the flat belly are more likely to have a good.

I reached out and touched it in her crotch, so hot.

She also reached out and touched it in my crotch, smiled and said: “So big, wait?”

The heart of each other, so that it has not been self-cultivation. So we rolled over the bed.

When she took her clothes, she found that her black trousers did not wear.

“Wow, vacuum.” I laughed.

“People in this,” she laughed and gave me a psychiark: “Isn’t it easy to convenient you!”

It’s really a liver baby, Xiao Yi, didn’t let me think about her.

Two no longer talk, take each other’s clothes, after a while, the freshly scorpion, embracing on her soft latte.

“Come, open your leg, let me see your.”

“Prain the curtain first!”

With the sound of the curtain slide, the light in the room quickly darken.

Gillian red face, lying on the bed, open her legs, and reveal the following sorrow.

“This is so bad.” When I climbed in her, she observed her vulva, she huddled his face, so as was ashamed.

Little, red, wet, hot, kissed, there is a little salty, there is a little smell, is this not what I miss one night? I have always wanted to find someone to remain in her body, but it is difficult. I know that she must do it before I arrive.

“What happened last night?” I still asked someone.

“Didn’t go through, you will sleep alone.”

“Does anyone accompany you?”

“What? I don’t want people!” She said firmly.

I understand that what is said, it is more. The only feasible, that is, she is.

Open her legs, hold my dick, and give her a small meat hole, slowly post it.

“Wen soft point, husband, I am afraid.” She said softly.

“Good. Gentle point, let the wife comfortably.”

Gently go in, quit: Soft push, exit:, then go in, until the end – there is no shy, no hesitation, no can’t wait.

“Ah -” Gillian lightly summoned.

I am in her white belly, natural, symptom, in one of the most traditional easiest ways to mate with her.

Gillian’s body is really good. When I was awkward, my face was red, the sound was fine, the milk wave tremor, the stomach was soft, and there was no one in it. It was not to tend to tend.

With the time of 肏 肏, her throat begins to slam. That is a kind of pleasure from the heart, a spring tide, a kind of feelings that can’t help but call the bed.

“Wife, my cock is not big?” I asked, this seems to be a problem that everyone is concerned about.


“Do you feel comfortable and uncomfortable?”


“Is it cool?”


Baby said that she is comfortable, it is cool! My self-esteem has been greatly satisfied, accelerating the rhythm and strength of the throduction, every top to the bottom, top to her homes, and feel the resistance there.

Gillian felt my strength, and began to twist your waist, but the ass, the arch, greeted my plug, catering my pump …

“Husband, fast, force, quickly …” She called like this, and the two arms held my butt and pressed to her.

We started crazy, not just me, and still her, allocate the direction of the full body energy to the direction.

I accelerate the efforts of the action. I heard the slapping sound when I collided, and I won the buckle of two people. I feel that it is not that I am with her, but he is in the sky, Yin and Yang are colliding!

“Love me? Wife?” I looked at her face and asked the stupid.

“Love! – Faster, force! I am coming!” She also said that she was stupid, her arm on my neck is more powerful.

I know she is coming. Meet her! Male dignity seems to be excited, the body of two people is more fierce, and the sound of the voice is even more loud, and the smashing of the dreams of the dream is even more, it seems to bear our pressure, and the sky is shaking It seems to be the same, and the physiological stimuli of the friction of the personnel is still continuing …

Gillian suddenly opened the mouth, “Ah … ah …” is called, and two thighs are chaotic in bed. She is coming, she climbs! I feel that there is a hot wave spray in Sao.

Sao Shui is coming out of my cock, a lot. Sao, become special lubrication. The more lubricated, the more hard my dick is hard, the more the glans is rising.

When I stopped at the Gillian climax. After letting her vent, I moved again. I know that women can have a climax in multiple times, I have to satisfy her.

“Wife, are you cool?”

“Cool. Just so comfortable.”

“Then you kiss my husband.”

Gillo reached out and kissed a bite on my face. So we started a kiss, deeply kissed. I took a dick in her side while kissing. I have to feel my love for her up and down.

Gillian hugged my waist, breathe: “Ah, husband, I … still want, hurry, 肏 肏 …”

Everything doesn’t have to say, her second wave climax is coming again, I am increasing the intensity and frequency of the thrush, the moment of yin and Yang, female and male, is the most intense energy exchange in nature Process, there is only one thought in my mind, that is, 肏, 肏, 肏! And her brain has only one thought, that is, want, want! Just when we were entangled together no one who didn’t let go, my glans itchy, I feel that I can’t, I want to shoot. So immediately tell her: “Wife, I am shot, it is shot.”

“Ah, hurry, shoot in, I want, I want you to shoot, give me … Fast!” Antian is like a drowning person, just explored the head from the water to change the moment.

“Good, wife, give you, give you all … all give … ah … ah … ah … ah!”

Real Yuanyangjing, from a shares in my body, sprayed out, direct shooting into her uterine mouth. At that time, I really felt that I am the happiest person in the world.

“Husband, you are so strong!” Gillon is soft in my arms, happiness. Her face is still so red, the two blacks are full of spring.

“Is it comfortable?” I asked.

She nodded: “You, it’s really my grievance!”

“How do you say this?”

“Do you know? I didn’t fall asleep overnight last night.” She is a little delicate.


“Why can you? For you! It’s all your brain!”

“I didn’t sleep well last night, I thought you were accompanying you.”

“Don’t see me as those of those lady. I do this, but I haven’t been going to make a lifetime.

One day I will go out of this industry and find me. “Gillian said it, think about it, look at me, say:” Will you help me? “

“Will. I will help you.” I firmly told her.

Gillo can’t help but relate to my face. I laughed: “You just said that I came to sleep with me at night.

I think, I am looking for people, unless you. “

“Is it? Do you love me so much?”

“Yes. Do you can’t see it?”

“In fact, I also believe that there is something in the men and women.”

“Husband, I want to do … you … woman.” She said quietly, her face is red.

“Really? I think so too.” I watched her little face, a violent suddenly came from the inside, facing her little voice: “Wife, I still want … I want you!” “

She raised her little hand, playing on my shoulders, laughing: “I just want to do this, can’t. You have to tell me, do you see me?”

“How can I not look? If I look for it, I am looking for you?” While saying this way, let her waist her waist, put her body to his arms.

She is obliquely in my arms, laughing, laughing very sunshine, very brilliant: “Do you think so if you are in your heart?”

“Yes. Do you want, you will see!”

“I hate.” She hit me, and said: “That’s good, wait for me to come back from my hometown, I will stay with you.”

“Good! We have lived together. I will give you a living, I call your wife, you call my husband.”

“Think of beauty, who is your wife!” Gillian said it was a bite on my face.

“Don’t you want it?” I also kissed her.

“Think!” She closed her eyes, her face contained a smile.

“Tell, what do you like?”

“I like it … your big dick, 嘻嘻, also like you!”

“Is it? I am also, like your little, like you!”

“I hate, let’s talk about it.” She laughed.

“Wife, I really want you!”

“Yeah, how do you so strong?”

“Do not believe, you touch.”

Gillian reached out to me: “Yeah, husband, cock really hard.”

“The wife, what do you want?” “” I … also think. I am afraid that you are so frequent, I will hurt the body. “

Men don’t listen to this, especially, the more you listen to. I opened her legs, revealing her beautiful sorrow.

Wow, the semen I just mixed with her sauce, I was flowing out from her mouth, and flowed into the sheets on the sheets along her buttock. The scenario is really obscene.

Get your fingers gently, feel hot, very moist.

“Ah, husband, don’t use your hands! Use your big dick!”

So get up, separate her two thighs, let the yin, then hold the big cock, slowly go in.

“Cool? Wife?” Asked in the side of it.

“Cool …” Gillian answered him.

“This time we are more mad than just now, is it good?”

“Good! I want you to be mad, mad, I am a little!” Gillian also said.

Women are asked so if the man can’t satisfy her, then it is troublesome. I started luck, mobilizing the whole body, gas, the blood concentrated in my cock, starting with the cock, the cock is hard as iron, the glans are red, and the little meat is in her little meat.

“Ah, ah … husband, so cool … um, um …” Gillian called bed with my flip, waves. Is that still used? Laozi’s mission is to make you cool! My dick is in her, the faster, the more I use it. The glans fruked on her wet Sao wall, that feels, really happy.

“,,,” Two people’s belly collided.

“Ah, ah, vigorous point, I am, kill me, ah …”

Two latexes have waved in a wave of flooded movements, and a long hair is scattered on the pillow. The face is red, breathing is rushing, forehead and front chest oozing a silk sweating … …

“Sao! Not afraid of you, Laozi is dead, you are a small salary!”

Greatly go to the rock, quickly, no more pity, the male quite strong, once, you have been getting to her fort.

Gillian closed his eyes, the two legs were wound up in my waist: a pair of little hands, I will bother my neck for a while, I will hold my ass, I have a hard to post it, that means that I want me to use it. force. I naturally increase the magnitude of the thrust.

The sound of the bed is also bigger.

Two people are like a snake, and enjoy the pleasure of men and women.

Gillian seems to be more incredibly, the big cock has all come in, the glans has arrived at the most inside of the uterus, but she still feels not enough.

“Ah, husband, vigorous point, great power, ah …” she asked.

“肏, 肏 肏 个, 肏, you are a big dog!” I whispered.

Gilli listened, more sensual, hands holding my ass, tightly posting her down: “Fast bitch, bitch want you! Power, ah …”

After a continuous and high-intensity, the muscles in Gilli Sao began to contraction, obscenity, soaking out on my cock, flowing out on her incapacity and labony, then slamming the fart On the sheets … I know that she is alive again.

This time, I seem to be more embarrassed, and the feeling of ejaculation on the cock is not.

But I know that we will go out for a while to buy a ticket to buy home, so you can’t play too long in bed. So I gave up the idea of ​​the fine, and enjoy the stimulation with her.

I think that I have to give her a ticket, and I feel that this may be two people who have only one chance to leave with her, so I cherish it, I have to taste her flesh.

After the climax, the face, the face is red, the nipple is also raging, and the sweat is shining. The lower body is even more Search, and the whole person is especially getting from the water.

“Husband, I have a lot of …” Age is shy.

I thought about her, think that if she really made her cool, she couldn’t forget me, at least, she would think of me when she felt lonely.

“The more you are better.” I smiled and said.

“Husband, fast, I can’t stand it. I want you, it is fast!” Gillian red face, Ying Yanyu. “Okay, my husband is coming. My husband satisfies you!” Said, I am increased.

“Ah, husband, so cool, so comfortable … Fast, I have to … um … ah … ah!” Gillian trembled, his legs kept in bed, for greater The sex of the sex.

“Small Saigue, Laozi wants to die today, you are a small saobao, 肏! 肏! 肏 …”

“Ah … I am dying … ah, it’s too cool … husband … you … ah …” Gillian fragrant breath, no sound.

I closed my eyes. As a strong contraction in the Gillone’s Road, the glans finally came to the pleasure. Too cool, I didn’t suppress this feeling, I want to shoot her, so even more action and the magnitude of the thrust.

“Wife,, I have to shoot you …”

“Shoot, fast, I want you to shoot, full shot, I want … ah …”

Gillian is crying, the two people ‘s carcasses are wrapped together, and they are kept in bed, shaking, Simmers bed seem to endure this pressure and make a painful snoring.

“Ah … wife, I want to give you!”

“Fast! Fast, I want … ah …” Just in this kind of bed sound, Gillian just slammed the body, suddenly became stiff, and the flush face reared, meat I started a struck in the middle of the year, and a warm stream was sprayed from the uterus, which was ly on my hot and swelled glans. Subsequently, her soul seems to have left the body for a while, floating toward another virtual space.

I finally couldn’t stand, hugged her head tightly in his arms, accumulating the Yangji shares in the body and sprayed out, rushed to her warm uterus …

This is not a simple physiological pleasure, not a simple flesh, but two souls have reached a wonderful moment.

After ejaculation again, I was satisfied with exhaustion, and I still pressed the giant to press it, lazy and climbed on her stomach.

I gently stroked her body, as if there was no longer, still slightly shake. I padeped her with pity, and I was relative, and I smiled.

“Husband, you are really strong!” Gillian is so praising in my face.

“Is it cool?” I asked.

“It’s cool. I am not so cool in my life.” Gillian said.

The hard dick began to shrink, and finally took her soish and my yang, slowly sliding out from her.

At this time, the door was suddenly opened, and the sister of Gillian collected a man.

Gillian lying down is not lie, just picking up the towel on the bed, taking a single, take the back and buttocks of my bare.

I was scared to move again, lying on the belly of her white light, with her hands around her beautiful goose-shaped face, turned her head, looking at the two people behind.

“It doesn’t matter. This is my little girl.” Her sister explained to the man: “They are them, we are ignorant.”

The man didn’t do it, followed by her sister to the back of the curtain.

Gilli reached out to rub the sweat on my forehead: “Husband, hard you.”

“Scared me!” I don’t move soon. This scene really has not experienced it, I don’t know how to deal with it.

“It doesn’t matter, often like this.” Gillian doesn’t matter. This makes me feel a lot.

The sound of the winding strip is back, I am relieved.

“Come, close your eyes, enjoy your husband’s love.” I wrapped her again.

Gillian laughed, but his hands stood my neck into her. That kind of love is clear.

Women just like men who love their lovers, it seems to have a sense of security.

We kiss each other. Just shot twice, the cock was soft, but the two still felt the other party’s love.

The curtain came to a woman’s smile: “Good black chicken!” This is the voice of her sister.

“You are also a Sao.” The man smiled and said.

“You don’t like it?”

“I like it. I don’t like how to come to you.” “Then you can lick! … fast, let’s take a look.” Her sister said.

The man didn’t do it. After a while, he heard her sister slightly.

“True Sao, I will flow in it.”

“Fast, come up with it.” Her sister said again.

Soon, the kind of snoring of her sister was very enjoyed.

“You a big cock, lightly, let me cool!” Her sister said to the man in the curtain.

Too stimulated, my lower body seems to have reactions.

Gillian also seems to feel my reaction: “Husband, I have flowing too much, let me get up, take a paper towel.”

This is a legitimate request, I can’t let her get up on her.

Gillian lights, looking at her paper towel in bed. One suddenly touched a piece of white paper from the 旮旯, torn off a long strip, licking his own sorrow, torn down, gave me, let me rub myself.

Gillian knew the bed, looked with the back, picking up the clothes from the ground, wearing it while wearing, picking up my pants while throwing it on the bed.

“Can you take me to buy a ticket to go home?” We stood on the mountain, and asked Sneak.

Serving the beauty is really a matter of pursuit, of course, I promised.

I called a taxi, avoiding traffic congestion Shennan Avenue, directly from the East Gate along the Binhai Avenue, Futian Bamboo Lin Long-distance Bus Station.

We are sitting on the car, and the beautiful little lazy cat is in my aroma. The two said that the lips were kissed from time to time. Her little hand can’t help but touch my crotch.

“Husband, I am a little bit, a little pain.” Ages told.

“Is it?” I am a bit not guilty: “Maybe it is very good.”

“It is absolutely.” Gillian is a bit blamed: “Little no hesitors.”

I suddenly laughed: “Now I know the pain, just now I have to use it again, and then I will be a little!”

“You hate!” Gillian played me: “Don’t tell you.”

“Hahahaha … come, let me touch!”

“No, you hate!” Gillian hiding my hand.

The car flew along the Binhai Avenue. After a while, the car went to the bamboo forest.

I took the car, I held her: “How, can I walk?”

“Can, it is going slowly.” Gillian wrinkled, licking his belly with his hand, whispered.

In the ticket window, I bought a long-distance ticket to Hubei next day.

At dusk, two people returned to the east gate.

“Go back again.” I proposed. At that time, it was already in the beginning of the Hua, the whole Dongmen Street, the car, the horse dragon, people came, obviously the time to buy a cooking, and ran a trip to Futian, and the body is tired.

Gillian is promised. We immediately found a Hunan restaurant in an environment.

Gentle light, beautiful food, beautiful people. What else can you get intoxicated than these? What is more happiness?

When eating, Gillian’s mobile phone kept non-stop. And Gillian always looked away after the number above, once she really can’t do it, I have to answer, and said to the words: “I am very busy now, wait for a while.”

I know that other men are looking for her, and she doesn’t want to be with him in my face …

When the two finished the meal, settled out the restaurant, when I went to the Dongmen bus station, Gilli took my handbag, laughed: “You go back. I am alone.”

“No, I want to send you home.”

“No, you will go back first.”

In fact, I know that someone may come to her, it is inconvenient to be with me. For the face, I am also inconvenient.

“Gillian, I really can’t leave you!” I said.

Gillian smiled: “I am also.”

“When you are late at night, wait for you to go down, I am coming with you, okay?” I tried to ask. “You, I didn’t sleep last night. I was busy with me this afternoon. Do you don’t want to rest early?

I smiled, I thought, I have such a little beauty around, where will I think about rest?

“Go back early. Don’t empty your body. As long as we are in mind, don’t care about these two days, come to Japan.”

The words of Gilli listened, I only followed. But I know, this is just her care about me to comfort me. She may have another man to cope tonight.

“Then, how have you been tonight?” I deliberately asked.

“I, I have accompany you last night, I didn’t sleep well, I also want to rest early.” She said.

“Then, I will send you to the bus tomorrow.” I will refer to it later.

“Don’t affect you to work. You can rest assured that I will call you at home.”

“You get on the bus tomorrow, I will call me, so I am relieved.”

“Okay, I gave you a bus, I called you.” She refusedly.

I smiled and smiled: “Then you have to come back from the hometown earlier, don’t let me hire.”

Gillian comfort: “You can rest assured, I will come back, and you will pass the eleven golden week.”

The fourth chapter, I don’t know why, since Gillone, my heart has been empty, it seems to be lost. Sometimes a person is sitting in the office, saying a few hours a few hours. In this case, I have never happened when I am playing another lady.

Gillian is home?

Why didn’t she call me? Will she contact me?

I think, if she doesn’t contact me, this paragraph between us is over. Dressed, she is a lady who is a leather business, is funny, ushered in, there are too many men who have experience, which will really care about my very ordinary man?

However, in the third day of the afternoon, I finally received a text message from her. She said in the text message: Strong brother, hello!

I am safe to arrive, thank you very much for your love. Mr. fortune tells me that I have to meet the noble people in the south this year. I think this noble is you. When I came back to Shenzhen after the Mid-Autumn Festival, can you come to the station to pick me up?

Gilli I immediately gave her back to the channel: Gillian, hello!

Thank you for your appreciation. After you, I have been thinking of you. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will come back to Shenzhen and tell me. I must go to the station to pick you, and continue the leading edge. Kiss you!

Aqiang didn’t have a while, she also replied: strong brother, in fact, I have been thinking of you. When I have become a kind of dedication, when the separation is a call, when I meet, we are a real lover.

Gillian received this and SMS, I am sweet in my heart. At least, I am in the eyes of women, compared to other men.

In the evening, I went back to the dormitory, just to wash the clothes, while thinking again, Gillo is doing now.

I remembered that she told me about her story. She is her husband who has passed away …

Still that night, still on the bed, we hugged together, talked about her and cousin’s first love, chatting her and her husband’s love, as if there is a world, said.

“Are you with your husband, is it in working?” I asked.

“My junior high school is still small, only 16 years old, I didn’t let me go to the city at home. I am a babysitter in a small boss at the local area.”

“Is this.”

“The family is very good to me. The hostess looks at me to do the footsteps, saying that it is a woman who can do it in the future, so I will put her son, and a rural man on the local town is introduced to me.”

“Do you see the man?”

“You can still, a very honest.”

“Do you like honest men?”

“Of course. Hone people have a sense of security.”

“When is you and his first sexual relationship?”

“He lived in the town, I lived in the village of the countryside, there is a long way in the middle. We have dated at that time. In the fall, there is one night, I remember that the moon is very bright, we are sitting small On the road, there is no one in the four wild, he put me in his arms, reached into my clothes in my clothes. I was excited by him, and I won’t worry. I can’t help but touch him. The lower body. His little brother hides in the crotch, it is already big. He asked me to say it. I am red, don’t make a sound, I want to be his woman in the morning and evening, I have been in tonight. He. But I don’t know, just touch him with your hand, pinch him. “He knows what I mean, so we found a big tree, he took off his clothes, paved on the ground, let me lie.”

“Stiring in the wild, must be very exciting.” I said.

“That is what you imagine. In fact, the first time, two people are somewhat nervous. In addition to felt his cock, there is no pleasure. He will soon be climax. I am afraid of pregnancy. Don’t let him shoot inside. As a result, on my legs, the belly is a semen, and the rubbing is not clean, disgusting. “

“What about it?” I asked.

“There is no later. We will be once again. And it is not very successful.”

“Not that day, but later, the two people are in one, will it be happy?”

“Well. After two days, he will date me. That time he is prepared, there is a large piece of plastic cloth.

“Where is the second time?”

“It’s still under the big tree in the wild. He put the plastic lay on the ground, then take off my clothes, let me lie down …” Gillian said nothing here.

“Say, what is it lie on?” I urged it.

Gillian laughed and hit me: “” Is this asking? Of course, let him press me, two people together. “

“What is this feeling?”

“It is much better than the first time. It’s a bit a bit of a pleasant feeling.”

“What about him?”

“He is also good, the time is much longer than the first time, and I have a lot of water.”

“How old are you in this year?”

“Probably 17 or 8 years old.”

“What about future?”

“There are two people in the future. Every time I have to take it, I don’t think there is something less. When I don’t have it together, I think about his thing. Especially when I just married, I have to be every night. Let him feel comfortable. If you don’t sleep, you can’t sleep. “

I deliberately smiled: “If you can’t think of it, you are so small.”

Gillian laughed: “Go to you. Your wife is not sage? No woman is young when you are young.”

“Haha, say it. How is your family life after marriage?”

“Our family is in the town, is a three-storey building in a street, and there is a yard behind.

On the first floor, I have some cigarettes, oil, rice, sauces, vinegar and washing products, there are always some income. Later, I have a child, just take a picture of the door, do a little business.

He has a technology to drive the truck in a large water conservancy construction site, and it will come back half a month. “

“This little day should be good. However, he is not at home, there is a man who harass you in nearby?

“Of course, I have a beautiful, there is a forty years old on the site, and the engineers who surname Zhao often harass me.”

“How do he know that your man is not at home?”

“Every time you come, you will see that I am sitting alone, time is long, of course, I will know.”

“How do you harass you?”

“I didn’t care when I started. At that time, we danced there. When I didn’t work at night, we went to the dance hall to dance. He and the people on several other sites will go. But he never invited other women to jump. I only jumped with me. At that time, I was still breastfeeding. Two tits were particularly big. I danced. Two tits were very tempting. Zhao Gong squatted at me, while deliberately Close to me. I also understand, but I don’t have too much refuse. I think men, it is always inevitable, and then, a woman is chasing after a woman, and it means that this woman is a little taste. “We The ballroom, like other places, there are golden three minutes when each game is over, that is, jumping off the light dance. Every time, in the black dance floor, he holds me, touched my tits. To be honest, in that environment, I also have the desire, so I put it on him, with him, let him solve. He kissed me, I also kissed him. Later, he started touching I am under the side. But I think it is not good in front of the big in the court, so I refused him. “

“Then there?”

“I will dance twice with him later. It is still only with him, touched the tits, I also touched his dick across his pants, but did not have a further move.”

“Do you really don’t want it?”

“Nor don’t want it. We, in fact, many men worked outside, and secretly have their own goodness. Think about this is also a human condition. My husband is not around. I sometimes sleep in bed, I wake up in the middle of the night, I hope In the dark room, sometimes Zhao Gong is good for me. Especially in the past few days ago, I especially think about men. If he appears in my bed, I will never refuse him. “

“In this case, why do you refuse him?”

“We are small place, as long as there is a little blow to blow, everyone knows. There have been a few women in front of the husband, and I have known the husband in the past, and I have a homage, no good.”

“That later? Have you progress?”

“Once, he bought smoke in my store. At that time, the goods in the store didn’t have it. When I went to the top floor, when I went to the building, Zhao Gong also followed it. See no one in the family. He hugged me and kissed him.

Just started, I was touched by him exciting and nervous, of course, just on him, didn’t resist him, because usually did it in the ballroom. Later, he took me to bed, pressed on me, to take off my clothes, I am so anxious. Because this is in my family, it is a big day, and the store is still open, how can I? If it is learned by the neighbors of the neighborhood, it is not a life of my husband.

I hide my body while holding his body, and I pushed him hard and told him that I couldn’t make trouble. He also knows that you can’t force me. Laughing and saying that he just likes me, if I don’t agree, even if I don’t agree. “

“and after?”

“After this accident, I didn’t dance with him again. I am really afraid that he is more deep and deeper, I am afraid that one day I really can’t stand, and I got my bed and put my name. Smell. “

“How do you deal with it?”

“I called my husband from the site. We have a little money from the local bank, and I bought a bus, started the long-distance passenger business of Lichuan to Enshi. Husband driving, I follow Car ticket. The sneakers in the family handed it to his father to move. “

“Doing long-distance passenger business should make money.”

“Yes, but I have been sleeping in the middle of the night, I am very hard.” She said.

Think about it. The early morning shuttle is six o’clock, the last job is 9 o’clock. Every day, the time is in the car, why don’t you work hard?

The couple operates, the charging is flexible, and it is a new car, so the business has been very good. This year, they earned a lot of money.

I asked Gillian, after marriage, there is still coming with the brother. She said that the brother later lived in Enshi, they went to Enshi, so there was still the end, but the opportunity is not a lot.

Gillian introduction said: “One day, we will go to Enshi, live in a guest house, come to see us. My husband is in the next door and the other, the boss playing the long-distance passenger business, I am in my own In the room, I came to the door. At that time, we closed the door. We hug together, rolled into bed. He really wanted to take the opportunity. But I finally refused him. My heart, even if I miss him even again, My husband is next door, I don’t dare to do it. “

“That is a bit regrettable.” I picked like this.

“I didn’t feel any regret at the time. Because he is also home, it is also a man with a wife child.”

“and after?”

“If it is not my husband, until now, there are at least three cars. I blame my life. After half a year, my husband is over, I can’t afford it.”

“How did your husband are sick?”

“You think about it, there is no day to rest, there is a rain in the rain, how can you have a full meal, how can you get it. Especially the lack of sleep, the most easily destroyed the human immune system. Just started at the beginning I have a cold, I have been driving, and I will have a fever. I can’t do it. I will send it to Enshi Prefecture to see a doctor. I can’t see it. I want to go to Wuhan to find a big hospital. When I arrived in Wuhan Tongji Hospital, I was stupid The doctor said that lung cancer is already late, to be hospitalized. “

“At that time, I only had a hope, just to cure his disease. So the doctor said how to treat it, we will treat it. No way, we live in Tongji Hospital for a month, I used it for a hundred thousand yuan. Later After returning, I still have a chemotherapy in the local area. I spent twenty million before and after, almost the money earned, and he left. “

“It’s a pity.”

“You don’t know how to get it at that time. When he was going to die, he admitted that he was outside and a woman who surnamed Guo, she was his first love.” Gillian said there is some indignant.

“Is it? How can there be this kind of thing?” I deliberately be surprised.

“Because he is a small family, the female parents are not willing to marry him, but the two people have been in private, just hit me alone. When I know this, it is really sad.”

“I can understand this. Because you as a wife, I have always been very loyal to him. For him, he is a jade.

“I suddenly found that this world is not as simple as I think. I said that we have got a lot of money, but I lost it again because I gave him a disease. The relationship between husband and wife does not seem to have one Trusterability. I rejected him the temptation of many men, and he made me to steal, and I also gave the money we earned to people. I sometimes found that I have been very stupid, very blindly Life is living.

“What do you do in the future?”

“There is no way. After the husband died, after seven or forty-nine days, the family became a poor washing from a well-off home. I originally saw us and smiled. I didn’t say hello. I arrived at the time. I deeply feel that people are too peeling between people. I started to think about life, I didn’t only for myself, but also for my son. “

“Don’t you help you with my family?”

“Help it, but I have helped it, how can I help?”

“Do you have a brother not living in Enshi? There is no longer there again?”

“Come on. Say it is not afraid of you jokes. Just in those months before and after my husband, I didn’t have any men. The so-called widow is not much, I have to avoid it. But as a woman, I still started at the beginning I don’t think there is any desire, I later thought that I thought it was very, sometimes I did a spring dream, I dreamed that I was with the cousin. Winter, the sky is very cold. One day, the cousin from Enshi Huiichuan home Come, by the way, look at me. When I saw him, I hugged him at once, and my face was full. “

“I think this time, don’t you take care?” I said gently.

Gillong nodded: “Well. He stayed here for two days. At that time, the child was still small. After eating dinner, after the child fell asleep, we couldn’t help but hug together, and took each other’s clothes.”

“Where can I? I haven’t going to the hotel? Is it in my own home?”

“Yes. Just at home. I am dark. I and he was in my husband’s bed, I took over the night, I didn’t take care of it, as if I had to make it for so many years and desire all the release. “

Gillian is immersed in a beautiful memory: “That night, we are crazy. Come on me, I used a lot of strength, even the bed is a bit shake. This is my life for the first time. Holding a man outside the husband, it is really a feeling that I have a feeling, there is a feeling that I can’t sleep. I almost didn’t sleep in that night, I keep don’t stop Kiss him, want him. We had a total of five times before and after, and I didn’t let him wear a set, let him all shot into my sorrow. That is my life, the most, the most It’s too fast. When I got up the next day, the beds of our two were in the bed. “This is the most beautiful story of the small widow that I have heard of the woman.

“What about it?” I asked.

“Later, he stayed in me for two days … I know that the cousin is actually helping me.

What he can do is, in addition to bringing me the satisfaction and spiritual comfort of the body, I can’t bring me in the economy. After I have been completed, I can only go out. “

“Do you have a small deputy food store?”

“If your husband is, the store can be opened. If your husband is not there, the store can’t open it.”


“You think about it, my twenty-year-old small widow, people are beautiful, where is the man who don’t know?

Nothing, you have to find something. Besides, then a small shop is only enough for our mother and child. If you want to develop your home, you can’t. I have to go out another way. “

“Are you working in Shenzhen?”

“Yes.” Gillian said: “I gave the child to my husband’s sister, and I got a contact with the three sisters worked in Shenzhen. Not long, I will be a person to Shenzhen.”

“Does his sister are willing to bring your child?”

“His sister is born is a daughter, and their home left such a boy. Of course, I would like to raise him. Again I have to send them to them every month, and it is not white.”

I can’t think of the age of Gillian, but the fate is very very rough.

So, during this Mid-Autumn Festival, Gill came back to my hometown to see my son. This is a natural choice for a mother.

Because she didn’t go back during May Day, my heart was a son.

The magazine distributes Mid-Autumn Mooncakes to each employee. A box of paper ordinary packaging, a box of wooden advanced packaging. I remembered Gillian. I have to share these Mid-Autumn Festival with her.

I sent a text message to Gilli, saying this: Gillian, is there a good day?

This year, Mid-Autumn Festival, I deliberately left a moon cake, waiting for you to come back together. Strong brother.

Soon, Gillo returned, she said it was very literary: strong brother: Mid-Autumn Festival, I have to send you a gift: the first floor of the moon cake, the second floor, the third floor, romantic fourth Layer, warm intermediate mezzanine, sweet, I wish you a good mood every day! happy always. Gillian, I looked at this hilarious SMS happy smile.

I am going to find the old king.

“Hello, the old king, Mid-Autumn Festival?” I asked.

“I haven’t thought about it.” He said.

“Don’t you find A Mei?” I asked.

“I haven’t thought about it.” He said.

I know that although the old king and Amei are old, the two are just a physical business relationship, not a friendly friend.

“Then we find a place, eat moon cake, enjoy the moon, chat. How?”

“That’s of course, is there a place.”

“We are on the roof of the roof.”

“Don’t have a romance on the day of the sky, good.”

“Unfortunately, Gilli is going back, otherwise, everyone will enjoy the moon, must be very lively.” I have some 惆怅.

“Really think about her?” Lao Wang asked.


“This time it seems that you are really feeling.” Lao Wang said.

Lao Wang played a woman, just want to enter the other’s flesh, buy a happy life: and I play a woman, in addition to going to the other’s flesh, I have to enter the opponent’s heart. This is the difference between me and the old king.

“You said, I am like this, value?” I asked.

“The value is not worthless. But there is a saying in Buddhism, called ‘everything followed”. ” Everything follows. Just I don’t know if this is a good margin, or a bad edge? What is it?

I don’t know when I will come back?

The fifth chapter of the love of the sea, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, September 25, I was working, suddenly received a text message from Gillo.

She told me that she had bought a ticket, just arrived in Shenzhen in these two days, and the specific time should look at the operation of the long-distance bus on the road.

I am very happy, because I can see her. I reply to her, saying that I hope I can pick up her.

Gilli also sent a text message and said not to pick it up. First, it is not good to determine the time in Shenzhen, and I am afraid of affecting my work. She will call me later, say we will spend a happy night.

At noon on September 27, when I was having lunch, Gillian’s phone called, saying that she has arrived in Shenzhen, I hope I have seen her after get off work in the afternoon. I have promised happily. I also said that I would like to pick up her to my residence. She also agreed and quickly agreed.

At the company, I did something in the company. I did what I did, and how I spent some details, I was still forgotten. In the afternoon, I didn’t wait until the time of get off work, I slipped out of the magazine, and I took a bus No. 5 bus from the Park.

The sun’s Yu Hui also sprinkled on the road, far away, I saw Gillian alone Arna standing on the crowd. She also saw me, while smiling while shaking the arm and greeted me.

I ran in front of her three steps, and I hugged her again.

“How come you come, I have waited for you an afternoon.” She is delicate.

“Don’t you say it, come back to get off work again? I haven’t gotten it yet, I have been running out.”

“My phone doesn’t stop. If you don’t come, someone else may drive me! I am waiting for you to work well.” Gillian laughed with her and her sister. Rent. inside. Asked me: “How do we arrange today?”

“Let’s go to me first, find a restaurant to eat. Then we went shopping at the mall, I want to send you something, then … What should I do, you know ……

“Oh, you are a bad thing, I want to seduce me. I don’t leave you.” She smiled and said.

“Okay, let’s change your clothes.”

“You said, what is I doing?” She spoiled.

“You are so good, what clothes are wearing.” I complied.

The two are talking, and suddenly a man is holding a bag of fruit and pushes the door. Gillian immediately went up, took a fruit bag, and said to me, “” You take it first, I will come back with him. “

Both people immediately went out. I don’t know what to say outside the door. Gillia seems to be refused. Finally, I heard her down the sound and said: “Oh, tomorrow, you are the same again.”

After a while, Gillian red face came in, I estimate that she is ah. I didn’t ask God to ask who. I think, Gillian is the people in the wilderness, some things, I still have a confused.

Gillian took a box of tea and gave it to me. Say this is a special product that I bought it in my hometown.

I took tea. She began to find something in her wardrobe.

I walked over, standing behind her, holding her waist, softly asking: “What is looking for?”

“I want to bring some underwear.”

“Oh, follow me, do you have you bring you?” I said that I stated in her ear: “I will buy you new, from the outside, I dressed you like a bride “

She smiled and forwarded, I screwed my nose: “I know what you want, bad things …”

I haven’t finished it yet, and her red lips are kissed by me.

We took the 5th bus at Dongmen to Bagua Ling. This is a industrial area mainly in the Futian District of Shenzhen. There are always hundreds of thousands of people, so it is very lively at night.

We found a Hunan Restaurant in Bagua. I deliberately got a lot of dishes she loved.

I have to have a bottle of red wine.

When you eat, we keep talking about this time to miss each other. I also told her that there is a very high-grade Mid-Autumn Mooncake to stay for her, and she must share sharing with her. Argeil is really happy, she touched my sincerity, keeping me down, I also advised her to drink.

Gillian’s wine is not very big. A cup, the face made a bright red cloud, very nice.

During the seat, Gillian’s mobile phone sounded from time to time. She sometimes answers, just saying “I don’t do it tonight” and other words, sometimes I am embarrassed to answer in front of me, I will go to the door of the restaurant, and the people in the phone will come over.

I know who those who give her mobile phone are. She returned for more than half a month, who had had sexual relationship with her, I heard that she came back, and of course, I won’t wait for her. But she will still leave me on the first night of Shenzhen. In this regard, I am very grateful.

After a meal, I went shopping with her. Although Gilli stayed in Shenzhen, she has never arrived in Bagua Ling, so I feel fresh about everything here, and this freshly has an exploration of my daily life. She asked me how did I get a day before I don’t know her. I said that after I got a class, I came to walk here. Sometimes I also buy a piece of watermelon and eat while walking. She laughed. I saw selling melon, so I bought two watermelones and walked while eating. I said this is called experience. She smiled again.

At this time, Gillian’s mobile phone rang again. She took out and saw it, simply turned off.

We entered a large super shopping mall.

I whispered to her: “Come, I will take you to buy a fun underwear. I have a good look …”

She reached out and hit me: “I know you very colored …”

We came to the female supplies store. There are several stalls here to sell women’s underwear. We stopped before the booth of a monopoly brand underwear.

A set of purple transparent dingly pants attracted my gaze. It is matched with it the same transparent crease.

“This set is fine?” I asked her.

“It’s thin, and it is ugly.” She said.

“Waiting for a while, wear it on you, must look good.” I said.

She smiled and hit me, smiled: “Color Wolf!”

Miss attending the business is coming over and said: “Is this gentleman who bought underwear? This set is the new product. Very highly favored.”

I said: “Yes. Do you look at my wife to wear this set of beautiful?” I deliberately speaking the word “wife”.

Miss business is fun: “Be sure to be beautiful.”

“Then please give us a good package.”

The business lady is packaged, while smiling Atha, “Your husband loves you so much, you really have a blessing.

My husband will never buy these things with me. “

This is a funny joke, which is a fun, and it is true that Gillian is sweet and embarrassed. Because we love and sweet, because we know less than a month, today is the third time.

We also transfer to the malls, buying towels and slippers that Gilli will use tonight.

Out of the mall, Gillian said that I took two days long-distance bus, I was a bit tired, I wanted to go home earlier. So we held his hand and came to my dorm.

My position in the magazine is the director of the editorial department, so the unit arranged a separate room. Although the area is not large, a person lives quietly.

After the opening of the door, Gillo was like entering his home, and got off the high heels on his feet, replaced my slippers, and then sat on the bed.

“It’s so tired.” She said.

I baked water with an electric kettle and find a moon cake.

“Come, wife, we eat moon cakes.”

“Who is your wife?”

“Others see you are my wife, you still don’t admit it?” I said, while holding Gillian in me.

“I also want to be your wife, but there is no blessing.” She is so whispered.

I got on her face: “We will be a husband and wife tonight – the wife, let my husband feed you.

I sent a moon cake to her mouth.

Gilli Zhang opened his mouth and took a bite. I took it on her face. The hand does not hurt the two Cheap tits in her chest. “Wild husband, I know what you want. Wait for a while, let me wash and play with you again.” She flashed a pair of beautiful eyes and looked at me.

I didn’t answer her, but pressed my mouth on her red lips.

She can’t help but reach my neck and waist, two people began deep kiss.

The house is quiet. We rolled to bed.

“Ah …” she escaped from the deep kisses of the two people, and took a breath.

I put my hand into her underwear and start touching her chest white meat.

“Husband, don’t touch it, I have been touched by you soon …” She trembled with a delicate.

I was still early, it is better to wash my body and then go to bed.

“Come, wife, first wash a bath.” I said.

I got up with Gillian. Gillian walks in front, I took her clothes behind, she also combined with her clothes, pants from the body. When she arrived in the bathroom, she was naked.

Gillian turned to start taking off me. When she pulled my pants down, I saw that my cock had long been in the majesty, smiled: “Your guy is big.”

I am proud: “Big. Only my big guy can make you enjoy.”

Let’s laugh at the other side while smiling. The two people slid out, I think of the scene that I wash my shower with her for the first time. So she grabbed her: “Come, let my husband use the cock to help you wash it, go to the hurry.”

At this time, Gilli moved, grabbed my neck, opened two thighs.

I touched her mouth with her hand, and I found that she had already wet it. I stood up and gave a thick dick to her little meat, one power, and I took into her moist.

Two people have moved together. Slim, so cool, so stimulating …

Gillian began to squat: “Husband, you … I am so cool … Ah …”

I also feel excited, I have a feeling of ejaculation at once. Cantonese thinking, can’t do, can’t be so fast tonight, you have to play well.

I pumped out from her sorrow: “Well, wash it in the mouth.”

Gillian is red face, open his eyes from the intoxicated look: “You are so bad, you can’t cool others again.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha … no? Waiting for a while, look at the bed, see who is not awkward?” I watered her on her side and said.

I got a bath and said to her, whispered to her: “You go out, put it on the underwear who just bought. OK!”

“I hate.” She is squatting, lighting, pulling the slippers out.

When I wiped myself, when I went out, I saw the bedside of the house.

At that time she was standing at the table, raising the arm to comb her hair. Long hair covered her beautiful back ridge, detailed waist with round buttocks outlined a curved beauty arc, the purple transparent thong passed through her portions, extremely sex .

“Come, turn it, let the husband look at it.”

Wow, good sexy. I saw her two big tits in the purple transparent bra launched a deep cleat, two teats were standing, as if they were hungry. On the lower belly below, only the shy cloth of the big purple transparent thong of the slap is found to cover her black hair, even the contour of the big labips can be seen in a clear.

I came out from the bath that day, I only wore a small white tripper. A large pile of drums below also attracted her gaze.

She put down, we hug together, kissed each other, touched each other’s body, poured on the bed.

We quickly took off a little block on the other party, and the double bike strips were entangled in bed.

My dick is uncontrolled to jump between the two thighs of Gillian, and the inconsistency in her little belly is going to my little belly, let me feel itchy.

My hand touched from her full hips, brushing her slim waist, and finally stopped on her tits. The two tits of Gillian are strong, and the feel is very good. Under my caress, the nipple has become hard and vertical. I turned over, next to Airi, rub with her chest, her body, her body brings me the hotspot. I saw Gillian closed my eyes, and my slightly opened his lips in a lightweight. I went down and accurately found her lips, and the tongue flexibly explored her mouth, rolling her tongue sucking.

Age’s nose made a bloody voice, the body is like a snake, it is generally twisted under me, the skin friction makes me unfortunately. She hugged me tightly, two hands stroked on my back. After a while, her hand stretched into my bottom, holding my dick firm, gently up and down.

I am like an electric shock, I will release her mouth, day! It is much more than the pleasure caused by a woman who loves to get into his masturbation. I seem to lose weight, soft soft in Gillian, only ass to be tall, so convenient Gillian brings me pleasure.

She holds my dick’s hand and slowly slowly, and the other hand rubbing it in my scrotum.

I feel that the dicks are even more harder, and the glans is even more likely to be exploded. My heavy breath is also more urgent, and the energetic body is blown up by Gillian’s gentleness.

Gilli felt my change from my cock, she released my dick. Adjust his own posture, starting with the knee, and opened two thighs, revealing the Sao, made a postage that greeted men, whispered: “You come in!”

“I want you to take it in it.” I teased her.

Gillian can’t help but smile, grabbed my cock slowly on her lower body.

The glans has touched her wet sorrow, so my waist is forward, the glans and most penis are piercing a warm cavity. A thrilling of a burst of ecstasy is full of fullness.

“Ah …” Gilli sent a rumor, I slowly exited it later, and then I took the dick again. Gillian’s cavity is like a strong robber that will tight my cockroach. I have plugged a few times, and I gradually felt that there were more lubrication. So halfway down and started a quick move.

The thrill is also like a tide in my body, a wave of waves.

Gillian hugged my waist, the eyelash was gently trembled, and the delicate lips appeared, in order to get more pleasure, the two slender legs are in my hips, like eight jars I hugged me tightly, as I strongly urgently impulted the tits in front of the tits, and the bursts sent by the nose were even more ecstasy.

I was inhapped in her wet hot and narrow cavity, hard cocks were more deeper than once.

Her cavity kept poured a hot and hot love, with my sprint outflows, and stick our hamma. I feel that an unprecedented strong pleasure, the cock is on the throduction of the big decoration. After a while, I will be twisted around her cavity, and every movement makes her tremble, and they are constantly. And I was more crazy and more desperately crazy by her trembling and snoring.

It may be a man’s nature, there is always a strong conquest and destroying desire with a woman, and wants to let Gillian collapsed under my attack. I held the shoulder shoulder of Gillian, and the dick is more violent to deep into her body.

The “” of the two people hit the hit, “” covered her 呻吟 and my breath.

Antili’s cavity has a burst of tightening, from her body, I poured a hot liquid, so that my plug is more convenient, and every time I feel soaked in her warm love liquid, and her cavity Every tightening of the meat is also a more exciting pleasure. Let me enjoy the happiness between the men and women in a joyful ocean.

Gillian’s snoring, stimulating my nerve, I like to be even fascinated by this sound, it gives me the satisfaction of my psychology is so strong, and her body tremble is also like a frightened deer, as my impact is like Penalty. But her face is fascinated by the happy look, but she is also enjoying the happiness of the flesh.

“Is it comfortable?” I asked quietly.

“Comfortable.” She replied.

“It’s cool?” I asked again.


“Do you want me to make me a little more?” “Think, vigorously … more powerful, deep …”

After a long time, maybe just a few minutes, Gillian suddenly tightened my ass, the lower abdomen also horing up, with my pumping, the tightening of the cavity, a burst of tightening. Her snoring also got bigger, “Ah …

I can’t … my husband, I have to come out … “Then, a hot current is sprayed from her cavity, and my glazing is hot.

She has long sighed, and the beautiful face is extremely happy, the whole person is like a soft hang on me.

I know her climax. I also know that women can have a climax. I took a little a while and I started a new round of thrust. I am getting stronger and strong in my lower abdomen, and the glans also went deep into the deepest place in her cavity.

Long-term sports, my body is full of sweat, our hair is also tangled by too much moisture. I put my hand into her, holding her full hips, so that my dick has deeper, feel more intense. At Gill, I called the bed, while I was more and more crudely piercing her body.

The chickens of the chicken, faster, I am coming. I am a cold breathing.

Gillian under my stimulation, once again. Her hands holding my back ridge, twisting the waist, hoping to get a bigger pleasure.

“I want to shoot …”

“Shooting, shooting inside … I want you … husband, fast …… She said loudly.

“Ah … wife, I shot … I have given you … So cool …” I lowered, with the pleasure of pleasing, the semen is not suppressed, and rushing to Gillian The depth of the cavity.

Gillian stopped struggling, holding my ridge in Khanjinjin, two legs hook my body, let my dick out the outbreak of my cock again, let more semen enter her body deepest …

This night, we have a total of three times. Gillian has flowed a lot of prostitution in bed. Calculated, this is my third time with her. I feel that she is a woman who is very sexual.

“Hello!” I smiled.

“Go to you. It’s all you want, you can make people like this. He also said that the wind is rushing.” She red face is reversed.

“I haven’t contact the man for a while?” I asked.

“I haven’t tasted the taste of men in half a month.”

She then explained that she went home with his son and had been in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and she didn’t get into contact with men. Therefore, it is very sensitive to men. She said that she contacted so many men, only I can fully satisfy her. She said that my dick is rough and rushed and rusted, and she is the best in the man experienced.

She said that although she has experienced some men, only with me, so I am so interesting, so put in, so forget, so cool.

I ask why?

She said, first, because I like me. I have cultivated, high taste, and I know that women like it.

I am not satisfied, deliberately ask her: “I am afraid not to stop these?”

She also said directly: “Of course, your body is strong, the cock is rough, the bed is good, and there is strength, and it can last, and I can meet me.”

Wow! She said this, I really surprised me. I asked: “Is there anything like this in the man you have seen?”

Gillian said: “Little is very. I only encountered a very different. I said that there is no feelings in the two sides, and I will have a difference.”

“When we have dinner together, the man who is not allowed to call you, it seems to be a bit vinegar. How is his dick?” I deliberately asked.

“Oh, now what to do!” Gilli is unhappy.


“It’s almost like you.” Gilli Road.

I know she is perfunctory. With my experience, I know that man chasing her man in the phone must not be related to her, not only the relationship between hackers and ladies. I even felt that she was making a choice: I will follow him in the future. Because she said “It’s almost like you”, this shows that her relationship with him is not general, and I like him very much, or I like him very much.

So, that night, the two of us on the bed fuck the cunt to chat, to talk to when you fuck with emotion: fuck finished and then continue to talk as if there is always lots to talk about, slowly until late at night to sleep. Chapter VI repair genital next morning I woke up and saw Gillian still strip naked red sleeping in my arms, and my heart have a kind of sense of satisfaction after possession. But think of this little beauty child a warm soft jade incense, and go to bed every day with the other men, it seems not so pure, less worthy people to cherish ……

How would you assess it at this time Gillian? If at this time to give her a conclusion, then I would say, at this time Gillian docile, good-natured, though sexually active, but still maintained the principle of his own life, unlike a few years become so dissolute, so no that take into account, so sad.

Looking at her a white meat, I suddenly thought why not take her to leave a little mark on it? As a result, even in the sleep together with other men, I also have to remember. So moving a crooked mind – to shave her pubic hair.

I get out of bed to find a razor used in their usual desk drawer’s.

Gillian woke up by my action. I give her pubic hair shaved meant to tell her. Gillian wriggling against, but I could not stand the attack.

Gillian finally in bed, opened his thighs, his show cunt fully exposed in front of my eyes.

Electric shavers start from the bottom of her belly, then both sides of the thigh, perineum, and finally to the labia majora.

With contact with my fingers and electric razor on her labia majora, she responds.

While I was her pubic hair shaved to do little by little while to tinker her labia majora and labia minora. I saw her inside some Yinye began to leach from the inside, sparkling dip in the labia minora. I knew she was teasing me up again.

Unplug Gillian labia majora, which pink yumen proper size, covered with granulation tender.

Yumen crossed into the inside of Teignmouth Road, macho position is not deep and shallow, it is easy to come across. Fuck man’s penis in, after some reciprocity, it will bother her sudden expansion, tightly gripped the man’s penis, and tightening the opening of Yumen: On the other hand, as will Yumen granulation on the mussels oyster as hard opening and closing, just like the baby’s mouth sucking in general, and while being in a steady stream secrete honeydew suck inside. I once knew a woman had knowledge of genital cost on a website. Woman have this wonderful device type of clams, one hundred people only one or two, but count women’s specialty. The woman has this type, having gone through a man’s reclamation, general sexual demand is also very strong. And the more a woman had a baby, the stronger the sucking force, the average man this woman fuck cunt, will feel so cool.

“Gillian, you want to do?” I stuck her ear gently asked.

“It’s your mess.” She blushing shame, sweetly she said.

So I let her lay in bed, legs open, and I myself standing on the ground, her thighs stand on my shoulders, held onto hard dick was sore, on top of her wet vulva dick slowly cut open two meat tenderizer, an ass, a body tilted forward, “AIDS” is heard, thick dick fuck into her cunt in show.

“Ah ……” Gillian comfortably groaned involuntarily will swing waist to meet my thrusts, his face showing an air of charming and moving.

“Cool bad mood?”

“Cool. Fast, go fuck, her husband, forced fuck.”

She gave in to the most obscene “fuck” word.

The bedroom began to flood from Yin Mei’s voice: After pressure “squeak” “squeak” sound of the deck and the two collided belly, Sao cunt contact and issued a “pop”, “pop” sound intercourse intercourse in together, exciting.

Gillian issued intermittent moaning, breathing increasingly heavy, lips slightly parted, a little bit like sex outburst floods gradually spill over, Yin Ye also secrete more and more, and soaked the two bond place, every time I have sent shock “pop! pop!” the sound of water. A moment between her cunt began to show waves of contraction, every deep fuck, you should feel a dick mouth latch onto as a Unit Yinye with the penis pulled down the bottom of the ditch flow sheets on .

Gillian see such talent, I also Yinxing big play, every time dick pulled Sao mouth cunt, fuck and then shoved it in, a violent than the last, the kind of strong impact, so my soul must be melted .

Gillian only feels full of warmth, there is a pleasure to melt, a wave of waves, such as the tide, and the body and mind are deeply caught in the vortex. “Ah …” Unconsciously, with the movement of sexual intercourse, Gillian mouth made a forgotten embarrassment, but the butt was an arch, catering my pump.

She finally was at this morning, in my bed, another climax.

We started from the bed at 7 o’clock in the morning, and it has always been ended. When you get up, the single bed linen is everywhere.

Gillian said to help me change it. I said anyway, there is no outsiders come in, it doesn’t matter, let’s talk when I have a rest on Sunday.

Gillian said that I have been playing overnight, I have to go back.

I deliberately not let Gillian cleans the lower body and let her take my semen back. A Caoyao smiled and hit me, but it was twisted, but I had to rely.

We came out from the room and took breakfast in the nearby street.

Gillian upper is a revealed back, the lower body is a low waist umbilical pants, and the footsteps are high heels. Walking on the road to the butthalla, the floating willow is general, and it is very sexy.

She looked at me from time to time.

I am somewhat strange to ask that she is uncomfortable there?

She whispered, the things inside flowed out, and it was so uncomfortable on the leg.

I laughed after listening to it.

Gillian took out the phone from the handbag carrying it, pressed the power switch and opened the machine.

I looked at her series of action, I thought she was in love with me for a night, and finally had to go back and started.

I will send Gillian 5 bus to Dongmen. I turned to the magazine to go to work.

On that morning, although I was sitting in the office, I still thought about charming beautiful gorges, thinking about her style, thinking about every happy moment we spent last night.

But I don’t know if she is thinking about me.

Open the computer on the table, I want to transfer the manuscript that has not been completed in the past two days.

Suddenly, she floated her actions she just opened. The look of the action showed it, it seems to be a bit persistent.

I don’t know who she is with you now? What are you doing?

First go online, see if anyone has said any new ideas. Honestly, I like to look at Long Xianping, Chen Zhiwu, Lin Yifu’s articles. They are still in China’s current few people who do not have the truth they have been bought by the interest group. Some views and claims are conscience.

It is Ren Zhiqiang, Pan Shiyi is a faction, with Jiezhengzhong, Yilongxian, Ye Tan, the cattle knife is another, where PK housing prices and the economy. It’s really boring. Is there a clear clear?

Both bored, suddenly remembered, there are days without seeing the old king. What is he doing?

I am thinking, a young youth of the design department comes in, holding a document in his hand: “Boss, your article is coming out, the school is right, see if there is any wrong word.”

“Well, put it first, give you afternoon.”

The designer put the manus on the table and turned out.

The editorial department and the design department will always be a quarter, everyone is busy. But I looked at the manuscript of the stack, but I was ackless.

I used to be like this, I don’t know why my mentality has become so dry.

I remembered Gillian. May be because she. I know that I have not completely, completely occupied her. Although I posted her body, I didn’t have her mind. Her heart may still have anything that is not known for me. And intuition tells me that these things may have adversely affect me, at least in a uknual position in Gillian.

I don’t know why, reach out and pick up the internal phone posted on the table, press a set of digital, then wait for the other party to answer.

In a short while, the sound of the old king came from: “Qiang brother, how? Is there?”

I asked: “Are you in the office?”

Lao Wang: “Fiscide! How can you pick your phone.”

I laughed: “How can I see you so many days? What is busy?”

Lao Wang smiled: “Hey, you think about the gossip all day, of course, I can’t see me!”

I laughed: “What about you? Have you seen it?”

Lao Wang: “There is no two days. Is it busy signing a list?”

I said: “Eating at noon, is it good?”

Lao Wang: “Well. Let’s go out to eat .ok!”

Put your phone, think about you can go to the nearby gossip everywhere at noon. There can be a street there.

And the old king entered a Hunan restaurant, got three dishes, two bottles of ice beer, sitting down while drinking, chatting.

“You said that I am a bit crazy. For my situation, I should not be a lady, I haven’t worried all day long.”

“You, it is definitely a love.” The old king said affirmatively.

“Love doesn’t care, as long as there is a result.”

“You and her, develop, absolutely have a story. Do you believe?”


“Hey, buddy, don’t blame, I didn’t remind you. Don’t have done it anything. Otherwise, you will suffer.”

“What’s the meaning?”

“You and her, the status is different. You are a tasteful man, she is just a lady who sells, the social background is also complicated. So, I still look long, don’t fall too deep. That sentence What is wrong with it … ‘is in the dark, the heart is in the red dust,’ is good. The two people play is playing, and the other can not be true. Understand? “

I didn’t refute the old king. From the world, this is good. Can I do according to this situation in my current situation?

In the afternoon, after I took the school-effective document to the design department, I also saw two editors for the next-year manager. Then I exchanged the interview with other financial reporters, I wanted to find a Petite.

In order to avoid everyone, I called her with my mobile phone in the office corridor, saying that I miss her. She also said to me on the phone. I said, I went to see you, it is good. She is somewhat hard, and it is a bit hesitant to hear that she has a success tonight, and I will go again next day.

After finishing the phone, I fold back to the office, my heart is empty.

I know that there will be other men around Gillian. I even think about it, who is she going tonight? What happened to her and those men?

After dinner, I was lying in the dormitory. I remembered this time last night, in this room, I have happened to Gilli, thinking about what I am doing this will be doing?

Unconsciously, I recalled that she was telling me in the life when she was with me last night …

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