My name is a high school student, because it is quite important to the opposite sex, so I often stay in the girl’s child, and now my attention often stays in my class leader Zhong Junhong, no him is really The fire of the fire makes me unhealthy. And proud temperament and nice appearance make it more fascinated.

Now in the self-study class, the squad leader Junhong sat next to me, and the meticulous doing notes, serious appearance makes me obsessed, and really serious girls are charm, although it is not a country, but also good, Also because of some proud and different temperament different from other girls, the summer uniforms are difficult to cover the exquisite curve, and the well-developed chest has supported a small peak, and at this moment I design this clothes. Very grateful, because he can see the beautiful scenery. And that deep valley made me, I think the whole person is buried in! Because girls in summer are served, so I am very eager to see the scenery under the skirt, just because of the angle problem, I have not been willing, but because Zhong Junhong is the kind of body, so the following white flowers The meat is full, the strong is full, I know that I feel very good, I want to hold it in my hand! I looked at the full and shiny calf.

I don’t know if a class has passed, but my desire is more and more high. If the dead, I can touch her, watching the class leader Zhong Junhong, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it! It seems to be crime! I don’t know if I am evil today. I am watching Zhong Junhong all day, but I have already understood it, but it seems that I can’t hold it!

It may be that I have fallen, I accidentally put it, hurry, let the pen, find the pen, I can’t help but open the mouth: “Zhong Junhong helped me pick up the pen!”

“I am, I am not available now!” Zhong Junhong did not raise back.

After all, it is my own pen, so I also bent over, but when I got the pen, I found that Zhong Junhong was full of glossy calves, and it was still in obscenity. Now It can be realized, it may be that happiness is too sudden, let me have some embarrassment, I want to touch and I don’t dare, I’m tangled, I am in a time.

It may be a little longer, Zhong Junhong suddenly opened: “How is your pen? Slow!” This can be scared, hurry, say: “Good!” Was ready, but the hand is so dead. When I arrived at Zhong Junhong, I didn’t know that the celebration was still annoyed. Fortunately, I finally got to give up, the moment of touch was even better than I thought, I was afraid that I was asked with a wolf, so I was The teacher parents pulled the boy, but the bumpy, I finally found that people were indiscriminate, I was completely white.

However, it is always difficult for the first time. Once there is the first time, the second time will be there, and if I can’t help but have a remorse, I just smash it. Under the driver of desire, I deliberately have a pen, but this time isn’t that happened to be in Zhong Junhong, but the pen is just an excuse? So I picked up a pen and deliberately throwing the pen in Zhong Junhong leg, then When the pen is natural, I naturally smashed the legs of Zhong Junhong, it may be aware of what, Zhong Junhong is moving, but there is no lower-heading, maybe it is not paying too much, but I am awake, yeah. I can’t say that I can’t say it twice. If you have more, you can’t say it? And the number of times is too frequent, Ye Yili is suspicious, can’t be greedy, so good, and I also see that Zhong Junhong is not too big when the leg is being smashed, I have to know that I just took it with my hand. After her legs, I saw it didn’t respond. I was desolate to stunned my mind, but I took a few seconds with my fingers! I don’t believe Junhong without knowing, but there is no need to be afraid to lose face or think that it is accidentally encountered! The girl is relatively thin, and maybe she will not think that I am deliberate oil, after all, 平 时 is quite honest. If you are afraid, you are not as good as you don’t look like it.

But the desire is hooked, it is impossible to think about this, since the leg can’t be smashed, then only the chest, I said before, Zhong Junhong is better than the same age, although it is not the Bache, but the scale is also Not a small, now the girl has not worn the bra, so Zhong Junhong is a little cute. I also wore a piece of cloth. In addition to let the nipples look at it, it is basically a small underwear, because the weather is hot, so Zhong Junhong It is a short-sleeved school uniform and a dress. The girl’s summer uniform is a round neck. There are three buttons in front of the chest, and Zhong Junhong is the top button to open, because the chest is relatively round, so you can see a white, and because Zhong Junhong bowed Writing, the neckline, I can see the cleansing, and I can see the cleansing, and with Zhong Junhong’s movement, the full-scale breast is also slightly shaking in the form of naked eyes, even if it is slightly It is a milk shake, it’s okay, I actually saw the legendary milk on a 16, 7-year-old high school girl! I am shaking by this legendary milk to temptation. Just just let me see the long, the desire is once again broken the reason, I want to touch the chest! Taking Zhong Junhong’s breast, but in the end my reason is still not broken, I still know what kind of consequences will be made, but this doesn’t change my idea, pretend to do homework, one side of the arm Sneak, wow! The soft telling me that the arm came, this is definitely the genuine original goods! The touch is true, but it is not leaning on the bra in the bra. And unlike breasts that have been loosewalk, I can feel very clearly that the breast is playing, although I don’t dare to act quickly, but later, I am a little squeezed to the breast. ! However, just gently squeezing me, but I feel that the arm has a feeling of being bombed, which makes me all people.

It may be that the attention is in the question, plus my behavior is more concealed, so Zhong Junhong did not detect, this is cool to me, from I started with elbow squeezing Zhong Junhong left breasts to get out of class Zhong Junhong wrote Topic, I haven’t left the arm, although there is some acid, but the taste is absolutely cool.

I can’t help but sigh, I am really happy today!

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