More than 20 years ago, when I go to college, a philosophy professor once said: “The highest realm of ** is **, the highest realm of ** is a father and mother and mother. To be honest, I didn’t afford to be the same as college students who have been traditional education. However, only more than 20 years, the mainland is really changing. ** After the governance, the “smokeless industry” that was once killed by the **, in the past ten years, it is like a spring bamboo shoot, and the world is really not as good. Almost all sauna provides all services. In the past two years, “** Club”, “MS Club”, etc. It should be said that I am also a follower of this trend.

My name is Yu Wei. At the age of 48 this year, I graduated from a famous university in the south, and IT work is currently working. Two marriages were married, and the birth wife has been born for 5 years. We have a lovely daughter called Yaman. Although I am living alone, there is no lover, but the sexual partner is still there. To be honest, I am very grateful to my wife because she gave me a huge, beautiful and delicate daughter. Yaman is 21 years old, is working in Beijing. Whenever I look at my daughter’s devil’s body, I will think about this beautiful baby? It’s a gift of God!

Last summer, I came to see me the next day. When Nan Nan saw I saw a long-awaited lover, I got up, and I lived in my neck. The two legs hooked me: “Dad, I want to die.”

“Dad miss you more.”

“Fast down, how big is it more spoiled?”

“I am willing.” The daughter said while shaking the body.

At that moment, I not only smelled the unique body fragrance on the girl. At the same time, she stuck the towering and elasticity of ** tightly in my chest, I feel an unhistereous intention. I don’t dare to go again: “Nan Nan, come down, Dad can’t move.” I said, while pulling two hands from her shoulders, so fine, soft, so flexible.

The daughter finally came down from my body, “Dad, have you seen my mother recently?”

“No, almost half a year, I have a few calls, it seems that she is always at home.”

“Mom seems to have a lover.” I don’t know why my daughter suddenly took this sentence.

“Nan Nan, is it drinking ice water or green tea?”

“Ice water.”

I took a glass of ice water to my daughter. This is what I take carefully, my daughter wore a low-chest hate silk shirt, most of the chest and navel are leaking outside, and wear a short cowboy shorts, short-to-peak almost . Direct, the slender legs show the endless temptation of the girl, wearing a pair of high heel sandals. I don’t know if I wear it in her feet or the reason why the shoes itself is designed. All men have high appreciation ability to women’s feet, so beautiful … I have fallen into an infinite delusion.

“Dad, what do you see?”

“I … I …” I am trying to cover my own disappearance: “Nan Nan, I am thinking about what you just said. Rel, I really hope that your mother has a lover.”

“I know, you are afraid to take the” cold violence “, right?”

“You have this gimmick, what do you understand.”

“Dad, don’t always take me as a child, your daughter is an adult, understand? Adult.” Nan Nan did a face.

“Dad, you have a lover or …”

“Didn’t be big, how do you ask.”

“If you don’t answer, there is, hehe.”

I have intentional to transfer topics: “Nan Nan, take a half-day car, tired? First take a shower. Dad gives you a meal, what do you want to eat?”

“Mei cuisine is buckled.” Daughter took a shower upstairs, I started cooking.

I listened to my daughter and took a bath. I remember that the last time I took a bath was 12 years old. Her body has begun to develop, two ** slightly bumps, although small but very flexible, even the Yin is also growing …

“Dad, give me pajamas.”

I went upstairs to her room (special to prepare for her daughter) opened her wardrobe and saw many bras and underwear, I picked up a bra smelled, so fragrant! Then picked up a small panty and smelled, and the taste of her mother’s underwear is completely different, and a different feeling will rise, so wonderful …

“Dad, hurry up.”

“coming”. I don’t know if it is interested, I chose a very sexy pajamas. When I went to the door of the bathroom, I stayed, and the door in the bathroom was only half. My daughter is back to my body with a bath towel. It is more terrible. When she bent over her calf, the whole ass and the genitals are completely exposed to me. I have no hand, and I’m going to retreat. Suddenly, my daughter found me from the mirror of the bathroom. In an instant, I was simply self-contained.

“Dad, give it to me.” It’s too beautiful! It is a piece of art. Although there have been many times in the late night or when you want a woman, there have been many times to the daughter’s sexual fantasy, but it really sees the ketone body of the daughter has a sin. .

The daughter is like a water hibiscus floating from the upstairs. I have already prepared meals to stop. Daughter and I have sat in front of the table. To be honest, I really don’t know how to face my daughter, just say the sentence, “eat it, be hungry?” Is ready to give yourself.

Daughter grabbed white wine: “Dad, I will accompany you.”

I said: “Then we drink some red wine?” The daughter is very calm.

She did not intentionally, I didn’t want to wear a bra. Two small ** vague visible. Especially when my daughter gave me a drink, she was shaking in front of my eyes. I obviously feel that the underwear has been supported …

A bottle of French red wine daughter has been drinking more than half, I didn’t dare to drink more after shooting. My daughter said with me before going to bed: “Dad, is you a person every night?”

I sat on the sofa, I didn’t do any answer. The daughter back to her room. After the daughter returned to the house, I also returned to the bedroom. Because I drank some wine, I am a little sleepy. Just in the middle, I seem to hear my daughter’s call. I suddenly jumped out of bed, three steps and did two steps to rush to the daughter’s room.

“What’s wrong, Nan Nan?”

“Consumption. Large mouse.” The daughter sat on my leg at once, tightly stuck me, put her head in my hot chest.

I put my daughter tightly in his arms. One second, two seconds … one point, two points … her mouth is grinding on my chest … I feel that the heartbeat is accelerating, and there is a significant reaction below. I slipped to her butt, round, slippery, and tight …

I feel that the little brother is in sharp swelling, and I jump. God, how can I like this. I am secretly smashed myself: this old bastard! I pushed my daughter gently and showed her down. But my daughter smashed me tightly, but also moved her butt forward, just sat on my little brother. I seem to feel the kind of burning and slippery, soft, soft …

“Nan Nan, come down. Don’t be afraid.”

The daughter returned to the bed again. I gently stroked her back and the soft buttock to slow release. The daughter seems to have returned to the calm state, slowly closing his eyes …

I saw her foot leak out, I don’t know if I am alive, I am particularly interested in women’s feet. Especially like a daughter and a beautiful foot. I put my face on my daughter’s Peugeot and smoked, I smelled, and then gently kissed the kiss, I quietly returned to my bedroom.

I faintly feeling someone is a bit too much, even bites. How to still move your daughter? It can be thought of, the daughter is not there without any counsel, is she also have the same idea? I can’t sleep, the more you can’t sleep, and the sorry is a smoke and smoke. I don’t know when my daughter has already standed my door: “Dad, I am afraid.”

“What should you say, will you let my father take you a stay?”

“I want to sleep in you.”

“This child, is clean”. I haven’t waited for me to agree, my daughter drilled my nest …

The daughter is lying on the left side, I am lying flat. Her ass is on my thigh, so warm! I am thinking, how can my family have a mouse? How did I have never seen it? Don’t she be interested in …? To be honest, I can’t sleep.

I don’t know how long, my daughter turned over, my left hand just took on my chest, and the soft, essential ** was tightly attached to my left arm. I don’t dare to move, and I don’t want to move. Too comfortable, too tempting. I suddenly thought, she would be much better! Maybe I have long climbed to her …

The daughter’s hand drove down and stopped in my lower abdomen. Her hand really soft, warmth, meat, slippery … An unsolicable and smooth concomfortable, how much time I hope, let me fully enjoy this beauty Time … Sentence truth, how long I want her little hand to continue to slide down, because she will touch my early expansion as long as she is downward. “Don’t move, don’t move, if I really don’t know how to face it, she is my biological daughter.” I am thinking.

I put her hand gently, moved to my chest, slowly stroking, the left arm is just in her breast milk. wonderful! It’s really unlearable. At this time, I obviously felt that my daughter didn’t sleep, she was a charming ** and I was tighter. At the same time, she took her left leg on my body, but I just pressed my **. I don’t know what it is, excited to the extreme.

I think my daughter can feel the strength of me **, and I jump. I have to stop her right away. If I go so, I will not stand. I slowly sat up. I saw my daughter’s mature, snow, round, slender and sexy thighs, I really want to touch, go …

I touched the bed headlights. My daughter’s pajamas didn’t know when they all ran above, and they were completely exposed from the navel to my eyes. The daughter wearing a sexy half-transmissive underwear, but the butt, the faint, white, except for a narrow ribbon, almost all butt all over the whole ass all. It’s really beautiful, and it’s a wonderful.

I stretched out the panties in her ass, I actually wanted to touch her body. what! I saw my daughter’s ass, too standard. Not very small, even a redundant discount is not, I really want to touch it with your hand, use the tongue to pick up, even use ** top …

Ideal is finally overweight. I took my daughter’s thighs to my body, and she looked back and she was slightly separated. Wow, her mulled triangle with a black black, the thick clouds were vague, and there were still a few. Bending curvature, black and bright …

I dare not look again, although I have heard a lot about the story of **, but the real turn is really scared. I turned over and went to the living room. When I returned to the bedroom, my daughter’s sleeping position suddenly pulled up my **. Her right leg is straight, the left leg is on the bed, and most of the genitals are leaking outside, ** has already been wetted and the underwear is half-transparent. It can be said that crystal clear, fresh tender … My ** will take it again, almost almost have to pick it up from the tribut.

I quietly climbed into the bed, and I smelled the nose to my daughter’s **, so fragrant! Color also coordinated with her skin color. Suddenly, I found the little daughter’s little bit, I quickly retracted my head and slowly lying on my daughter.

I haven’t seen it for a long time, my daughter’s hand put it on my body, and a leg is also on my thigh, and I also use my knee to top my other leg, and then put the legs under her cross. Clean tightly. I don’t dare to move, I don’t want to think, just put the snoring. My daughter seems to understand, I believe she knows that I have not slept. She moved the little hand down, and she gently licked my ** with his tongue. My ** is over again.

The daughter’s hand finally touched the great bar of her. And gently soft. She closes her whipped his little lips close to my ear: “Dad, daughter is yours, everything is you, including the body.” I can’t believe my ear. My brain is blank.

“Dad, daughter is not a child, is a woman, other men can, why can’t my dearest father can’t?” My baby daughter doesn’t wait for me to do any answer, put her little hand into my shorts, I suddenly Hold me **: “Dad, you … good hard, great.”

I can’t help but I can’t help it, and I don’t have two, put all her pajamas and underwear. The daughter will make any men will move the ketone body immediately in front of my eyes. It’s so beautiful, it is a matter of particular. The daughter’s skin is like a satin. The two towering ** is so fresh, her genitals are covered with a thick forest, slightly raised, ah, this is the highland of men fight.

The daughter’s legs and the whole body combines into a unparalleled art. I can’t help but I can’t help it. I suddenly rushed to my daughter. I used her hand to hold her **, a mad kiss.

“Well … ah …” daughter finally issued a voice of **.

I lick her daughter’s **, another hand gently smashed her another big **, her daughter made a sensuality of sensuality from time to time: “Ah … um … the daughter can’t stand it …”

I changed the position, squatting between my daughter’s legs, began kissing her toes, I contained her toes in my mouth, put it hard, slowly licking her feet, then I also lick her back and foot heart with the tongue. To be honest, I have played a lot of women, but I have never been like this to my daughter, so crazy. The whole body of the daughter is shaking, but the buttocks are constantly twisted, and the waves are getting better. Usually the kind of quiet, elegant lifetime is not deprecated, it is a prostitute, swaying. Despite this, I didn’t immediately enter my daughter’s body, but I started a new round of attack. My tongue is going upstream of her snow white legs, from above, the casing does not leave, “Dad, you are too bad. Ah … ah …” I am crazy in the roots of my daughter’s thighs.

“Dad, I can’t stand it, ah … ah … dad, I want …” The daughter has already been spread in the triangle. She moved my head and didn’t let me move. I scruplely moved from anything, the momentum moved my tongue directly to her drip hole, my daughter, I know the first time. She is shaking, convulsion, sputum …

I gently licked her yīn Ti with my tongue, and I opened her two pieces with two hands. See the powder, chaos. The small hole inside will be opened for a while, just like a wonderful note, right, just like the Yellow River symphony, surging.

“Dad, people have not gotten it yet. Um … ah …”

I started to ask: “Is it comfortable?”

“Comfortable, ah … ah …” At this time, I licked the inside of the **, while using the nose, I used her yīna, and both hands were still touching her butt …

Next, my daughter took the initiative to come to a 69 style. I am under, my daughter is on. Start, the daughter gently licks my **, tasted the transparent liquid I have secreted, then use the hand to get a few times: “Dad, you … so big, so hard.” Then daughter used her Sexy little mouth swallowed my **, and another little hand stressed my two folk eggs, and then slowly …

I didn’t expect my daughter’s mouth so good, and people lost their soul. The daughter is squatting on the bed, and the whole ** is full. I am sigh, my daughter is not only the national color of the country, and even the eyes are so standard, wonderful.

I am also crazy, putting the whole tongue into my daughter, stirring, exploring. The daughter said that he said: “It is dead, I really can’t stand it … ah … ah … ah …”

Daughter surely sat on my face, a grinding, I was full of face, I also got to put my fingers into my daughter’s ass … I can’t control it again. When it turned a daughter down, it was a mad kiss, and the big ** was on his daughter’s daughter …

“No, I want …” Daughter is getting angry.

“What?” I deliberately tease her.

“To Dad.”

“Want to do your father?” Looking at the daughter’s rise in the face, while talking, he used the big ** to squat her yīn …

The daughter moved my neck, said in a small ear: “I want my father to do it.” I extremely excited, put the butt, put 17 cm long **, I sent my daughter. In vivo.

“Ah …” The daughter yelled, and his daughter came to the second time. My big ** is a madness of my daughter, and there are more than 200 in the foot, and the daughter is slightly dim, I want to die.

“Dad, my good father, I am dead, um … um … ah … ah … fast … fast … ah … ah ……”

In order to completely conquer the daughter, I suddenly pulled it slowly from the daughter’s little tenderness, slowly grinding in her **, and then slowly entered it, and only plugged in each time one third. Daughter is not dry, “Dad, hurry …”

I still pick teat year: “Don’t hurry?”

“Well …” At this time, I just didn’t move: “” Say, hurry up soon? “

“Just Dad, hurry up, let me …”

“No.” I still don’t move my daughter.

“Come and fuck me.” Her voice is very small.

“Who is caring you?”

“Let my father fuck me.”

“What kind of exercise is you letting Dad?”

“Dad’s big ** daughter”

“Where is the daughter?”

“Daughter’s little Mimi.” I swayed.

The daughter has no way: “I am a little bit of daughter.” I am blooming, and I started to keep the daughter in a dark manner.

“Um … ah … Dad is really good … Dad’s ** is really big, daughter is cool … Lucky … Daughter is waiting for you for several years, fast … make it hard … I am dead … Ah … I will let you die … “

I am indicating that my daughter sits up, then I am in bed, she immediately understands my intention, I suddenly contain my big ** in the mouth, then put the ** ** all over …

I took the girl’s snow white butt: “Let Dad fucks from behind?” She immediately squatted in bed, arms bending to support the body, putting the butt, wow, too exciting. Although I have already done half an hour, I can still be strong, powerful. I once again inserted the big ** and a little bit of a little and tender … so far **, almost everything to her heart.

“Um … um … ah … ah … fast fuck … daughter’s forced is itchy … ah ……”

I took it for a while, took the ** again, and I went to the daughter’s little bit of the ** … and then inserted the big ** in the waves of the yoke to insert the big ** to my daughter … The big ** is constantly moving in her daughter, and the sound of the cloud rain is sent from time to time: “咕 叽, 咕 … … … 啪 …”

“Ah … ah … Dad is still so hard, the daughter will make you died … ah … ah …”

I let my daughter on the bed, I am sitting on her right leg, then put her left leg, and put the big ** into the big **. I lick her while playing her. The toes, the daughter is really refreshing …

“Dad, are you cool?”

“Ah … ah … is too cool …” I can’t support it.

“Do you feel comfortable?”

“Um … too comfortable … ah …”

“Do you want to let your dad?”

“Well … ah … the daughter is willing to make Dad, Dad’s big ** is really good, express delivery … ah … ah … the daughter is foolish … ah ……”

I quickly put down my daughter’s legs, squat on my daughter, and made the last sprint …

The daughter’s hunquultures came out, I immediately took the big ** on the uterus of my daughter, shot the sperm that saved many days like shells to her daughter’s body …

I am tightly with my daughter …

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