The first chapter is a lonely man

Chapter 2 Shame behavior

The third chapter is on the verge of self-collapse of the abdomen life

Chapter IV Love Tripite

The fifth chapter of my beloved is Alice

The first chapter is a lonely man

At a certain year, somewhere, a day, a pair of rich couples get a boy. The life of the boy said that it was arranged early. Under the love of parents, he spent carefree, fluttering life. Until the unfortunate thing to take all this …….

A car accident made this happy family since then four minutes … Lost boy and name named Mary were sent to the distant family. Remaining people … The boy did not cry, he was just a prison Keep in keeping in my inheritance of my parents, I have begun to break into hell.

The boy is considered an annoying bag in his relatives. He began to build a wall for himself, hiding in it inside, painting, and automatically giving up and contact other people. His little soul also felt the cruelty of this person.

The days are calm, and the boy also grows handsome handsome little man, but there is always a wound that cannot be filled in his heart, like a desire that can never meet.

After the adult boy inherited his parents’ legacy, he built a gorgeous house house in the remote mountain, and he felt that he would have to be here.

That was a man’s dream, lived alone, lifeless life; but soon he felt a bigger emptiness, in this elevated time as if he condensed the empty giant house, he began to teach the opposite sex warmth. Attention, eager love.

At this time, the man received a letter from the distance, reminding him that he still had a sister who fostered here, and now I will pick up her back. The man is full of happiness waiting for the arrival of my sister.

The actual encounter and the romantic scene in the imagination have a lot of differences, there is no enthusiasm of tears, and there is no memories all over the night.

“Do you really have my brother?”

“Well, I want it to be!”

This is the only dialogue between them. The man saw the shadow as yours in my sister’s eyes.

However, the distance caused by this time and space is quickly broken, and the two loneliness finally find each other to rely on. Men not bet on the sister, Mary is also spoiled in my brother. Mary brings unprecedented happiness to men. This paradise life can continue until there are other girls into this closed, only two people’s Eden.

The only hobbies are painted, which once he got rid of the way others hate the eyes, gradually became the Shufa pipeline of the man’s entire emotion. Through painting, he also met the girl who made him a heart. They met in painting room, at that time, Eya was still a quiet, a girl full of aura. However, due to the uncommon character from small, the boy did not make a further expression. This first love is over the snowflakes falling in the cold winter.

One year in the past, Eya did not forget the boy to leave in the big land of the white. She has never given up pursuing the figure ……. Finally, one day, she was so accidentally, but she did not accidentally appeared in front of the ladder. The man invited her to live in this fantastic beautiful world, which will have more beautiful girls to bloom their beautiful photos in this Eden.

Anna – male master encountered in a rare dance party, she quickly promised the man’s request, and he came to serve him. A poor woman who had to be born, Sophie, who is unfaished by the owner when the lost hand is, and it will come to the owner. Holding a kitten to wander on the street, a loud girl, arouseing a child’s childhood memories, the man took her home, because she didn’t even know her name, the man called her Melly, she The white madrown kitten in the abetment is Tipi.

The man collects various diamond girls to decorate their own Hua House, and he has gradually been forgotten to the wish of the original alive. Afterwards, he discovered that the later misfortune was due to the two errors you committed at the time.

Chapter 2 Shame behavior

The wind blows in the early spring on the trail leading to the mountains. The sunset gradually disappeared in the distance in the distance, and the car of the direction is open, and the car is a pair of lovers. Love is always like this, first there is a man, there is a woman, or the man, or the sequence is not important, no matter how they feel strong between each other, this is an important thing to promote a relationship factor.

After Alice and K met, it was launched. Alice fully enjoys the happy time that spends the weekend and k, they will walk in the park, drink coffee together, go shopping on the street, then send her home by K, only when they say goodbye Kiss her, a commitment to meet again.

However, today seems to be very different, K puts the car to the suburban remote place, and there is little way to speak along the way. Ali is deviating, look at my beloved K, he tried to stop the car under a thick big tree.

K found Alice gazing, smiling her, full of male breath, the lips were quickly covered. Although I used to look forward to this scene, Alice is shy to cover your face. “What happened, do you want to go home?”

“Oh, I …” Alice was full of red, and he replied in a mess. Her heart is actually really wants to stay next to K.

“Listen to my arrangement!” K came up again with the lips of the hot gas.

“Alice, you are my lovely little angel, I have to have you …”

“K …”

“Alice, let me see the most authentic you.”

“Well?” Alice did not fully understand K.

“Alice, I want to see naked you, these clothes will only cover your beauty.”


“Nothing is good, do you know that I have been waiting fast?”

“But here …”

“What happened here?” “There is obvious impatient in K ‘s tone.

I am not happy, I am not happy ….. Alice is thinking, and this is what she is most reluctant to see. She put her hand to the skirt after the waist and gently unwind the buckle.

“Alice …” K’s eyes flashed and found the prey.

Alice bending his body, it is hard to take off the skirt. White is like a jade pillar, Alice covered the intersection of the slightly laminated plenty of moss, her leggings is a simple style of white cotton.

“Unchild the button of the shirt.”

This requires that it is a bit too much about the Growth of Growth in conservative families. She didn’t pass in front of her parents, but now … she deeply took a deep breath and made up his mind. Put your hand to the top buckle and slowly unwind. In the shirt, the pure white bra in the same style of the leggings can feel the warm and soft touch.

“Alice, we walked outside.”

“It is cold outside……”

In fact, today’s night is unexpectedly warm, as if it has passed a cold winter, the earth has begun to wake up.

“What are you afraid of? I am there.”

K is tightly holding her, and the strong arm is pressed against the lily of Alice chest. Two overlapping body toward the depths of the woods.

“Alice, you are really beautiful than I think.”

K greedy eyes slipped through the smooth curve of Alice, although both hands hugged in the chest, K is a very satisfying look.

He suddenly took a knife from the pocket.

“That, you, what do you want to do …”

“Don’t move, I will not hurt you.”

“Ah !!”

The sharp blade broke the bra, two crystal balls inserted with ruby ​​rolled out.

“Let’s go back!”

“Why do you want to go back? I think it is right now.”

K slender fingers touch crystal ball smooth and meticulous surface, and then slide to flash red light, crystal clear drill tower, and climb it.

“Ah! Don’t, no !!”

“Why, don’t you like it?”

“No, no, I …”

“Alice …”

“K, I, I like … I love you, as long as I can be with you …”

“Well, you put this first.”

K takes out a black leather case with a metal chain from the coat pocket, just like it is usually worn on the neck.

“Why do you want to wear this kind of thing?”

“You don’t want to ask, 听 听, wear it.”

Alice felt that he was humiliated, she couldn’t believe that K would ask such unreasonable things to himself. The big drift bead slipped down her good face.

“Solution! K, help me solve !!”

“Alice, listen to me, this lock is to contact you, my lock, if you bear, you will unlock it!”

Alice said that he didn’t come, she really reluctantly, and had to stand on the shame of the sleeves.

“Maybe you can’t understand it right away, but believe in me, Alice, I really love you.” Since I love me why I want to humiliate me? ” Alice asked in his heart. But see his deep and clear eyes, she immediately believed.

“I will try to understand.”

“Is it? Let’s go!”

K pulls the alfine ring, I don’t know where she is going.

“Alice, only use it on the ground!”

“What!?” She doubizes that her ear is not wrong.

“You are now hanging on the dog, of course, you have to climb on the ground!”

Nowadays, Alice can only do it according to K. She barely squatted on the ground, and the knee touched the wet muddy land, she climbed her bumps. She thought that someone may be discovered at any time, there was a cold.

“Come on the ass to be a little higher! I know that I should bring the tail.”

Where is going on? K is walking with your own goal, but Alice can no longer bear it. It turned out that she wanted to have urine as soon as she was in the car.

Alice forced himself thinking about other things, she began to have a big tree. one two three four…….

On the one hand, be careful to slow down, do not let the honey stimulating in the same way. I can’t stand it! ! Alice feels that just move a little more, it will drive to a saturated water storage, and the raging spring is going to see it.

“K, I, I …”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you unlock the lock, just just a bit.”


“Yes, I, I want to wash your hands.”

“Hahaha !! You have always endured from just now …”

“So please pay more!”

“Alice, as far as I know, there is no toilet near this nearby.”

“That, what should I do?”

“You will solve it on the spot!”

no, do not want! Urging in front of people you love …….

“K, what are you doing?”

K pulled up the collar of Alice with his strong arm and let her rely on a tree.

“I beg you, let me go !!”

K is ignored to Alice’s crying, and you can explore it in her secret channels.

“Alice, you don’t need to bear, let it come!”

K and smash the bulk pods, then slide back and forth in soft cracks. The place that Alice did not hit by Alice …

“Let’s let go, I have to do it!”

“Then come out soon !!”

K is not, but there is no loosening, but faster the speed of your fingers. Alice has gradually increased power, just a little bit stimulating the inner diameter, all the nerves are in a state in which it hits.

The anxious Alice has to hit him. However, a girl who is urining, how much power can you?

“Since you are not willing to come out, let me help you!”

K handle on her obviously the lower abdomen of usual expansion, then the power is pressed.

“Ah, don’t! Don’t !!”

“Relay, Alice, I am helping you!”

Despite all the methods to resist, Alice finally couldn’t help but put it out. From the narrow range, it is a very warm spring flow along the big eye, knee, calf, and ankle.

“呜 …”

The spring water on the face is also automatically liberated. Alice is really hopeful. Her body fell down. K hover her body and let her return to the liability of the limbs. Then I was satisfied with her, and I scratched from the thigh with a trace of urinary moisture.

“Alice, is there a lot of urine in front of others?”

“呜 …”

“Clearly answer !!”

“I think so, I feel ashamed!”

“Hahaha! Little baby, I am happy !!”

Said that I took a knife and cut her leggings from behind. The cliff cliffs in the valley, the Jungle stream is naturally exposed. It’s a big spring …….

“Don’t, K, don’t look at me!” “Alice, very beautiful! Wet …”

The moonlight moved into the dark woods, sprinkled on the treasure chest of Alice. K take the head into this light, tongue is greedily caressing the black velvet of the flourishing water.

“Ah, ah! K …”

K ignored Alice to make a delicate, the tongue tongue tongue, and the full-transparent pearl.

“Well, ah …”

Alice’s original low-altitude resistance is more likely to be emotional. The contemporary scenes appeared at midnight were happening … This reality and the illusion of the dreams of dreams, let Alice can’t help but gather.

“K, ah !!”

“Alice, I love you! I want everything that you belong to me …”

K hips the white peaches of Alice in hand, blowing the bullets and touching his fingers. He started to penetrate the rich water.

“Alice, start feeling …”

“K, I …”

“Now you don’t have to say, enjoy it!”

K With magic fingers, k is in the eighteenth year of the eighteenth year of the eighteenth year.

“Well, K …”

“Alice, let me have all you!”

The Alice of the eye is no longer resistant, she puts a sensuality posture, waiting for K to set off the strongest impact in her body.

“Alice, relax, go in, I will go in !!”

“Good pain, K, kill me !!”

Alice caught the weeds on the ground, her hands covered with a green sticky juice that was crushed.

“A more reluctant …”

K ‘s hard objects are straightily sinking into the honey well being opened until the deepest place …

“Ah !!”

K feels that the tip is inserted into a kind of perfume, and every cell of the meat is open, and it is fully able to absorb it.

“K, come back!”

Alice was forgetting, she has forgotten the painful pain, the whole body such as a soft seaweed in the deep sea, swayed with the waves of joy.

“Ah! Love, Alice …”

K in the body of Alice curled with crystal, sprinkled his Joan jade dew.

The cold rain falls, playing on the body of Alice because of passion. She felt very comfortable, she was still lying away. The brain is full of various pictures, but it is like a blank …

The small rain beads played out the simple melody knocked out, and finally she can gradually calming. On the side of the K stood up, Alice shy low, did not dare to look at him.

“Alice, you are finally mine, in order to prove your love for me, please go on this road, go to a luxurious house home, my friend will wait for you there.”


Alice doesn’t understand what K is talking.

“You have to go there, no matter what the male owner in the house, you should do it.”

K is going to turn around.

“Alice, remember the agreement between us, I will appear when it is appropriate, and we can always be together.”

K is so fast, he can’t see it like a black shadow. The rain is gradually large, like countless needles in Alice’s meticulous body. Alice does not choose, she is set on a wet shirt, dragging the tired footsteps to the Hua House that I don’t know.

The third chapter is on the verge of self-collapse of the abdomen life

“Master, I brought guests.”

Alice has already remembered how he came here. I only knew that last night was walking in a semi-coma, and finally saw a luxury house house like a dream castle. I barely pulled a ring, didn’t wait until people should go, Alice fainted on the sea-cold ladder. In the morning, the bald sunshine was awakened, and I found yourself lying on a comfortable bed.

The width room is full of lavender floral. A maid called Anna greets her, let her put on the red silk dress, then take her to see the so-called master.

A man wearing a white mask seeing her, there is no special expression, it seems to know her arrival. Alice search is buried under the mask, but only feels that he is scintting. Is this a friend of K?

“You are Alice?” The voice of the man is gently soft, such as the smoke fluttering into the ear. “I think you have already listened to K.

Alice doesn’t know what to say at all.

“Because you may stay here for a while, I hope you can get along with other girls in the house.”

Alice felt that the man in front of him couldn’t say the indifference, maybe because the smooth, such as the porcelain ….

“Then let Anna take you to see others.”

“Come, please go here.”

Anna took her to leave the hall, she found that Anna in front, actually a girl with her own age, sweet smile.

Anna wearing light blue striped white skirt, leaving a long haired hair. The neatly browsed sea is covering her smooth forehead, and the intelligence of the black black rod is more.

Alice feels that she should become friends soon.

“To the garden leading to the back …”

The warm sunshine falls through the large glass window, and the window is a bright clear clearness outside the window.

“Good beautiful garden! The girl who is swept is …”

“Her name is Sophie, just like me.”

Sophie and Anna have a beautiful woman with a sweet appearance. The only difference is that she is burning your waves, and it seems to be a strong personality.

“Sophie, have you come over?” Anna waved her hand.

“what’s up?”

“I will introduce you, this is the new guest Alice.”

“Hello, there will be trouble you in the future.”

“There is nothing else? Sorry, I am very busy.”

Sophie’s tone is cold, Alice can feel some hostility.

“Miss Alice, please don’t care, she is like everyone.”

“Is there anything wrong?”

“No, Sophie only doesn’t like to touch with strangers, please don’t be put on.”

Alice is hard to let go. She has always been green, she has never encountered such a cold trend, no wonder she wants to be hurt.

“Now I will take you to visit the room on the floor, please.”

The next woman is watching the next woman on the stairs of the red carpet. Her age is bigger than other girls, and brown long hair stars her gentle and elegant temperament, it seems to have a mature charm.

“Anna, this is …”

“Miss Eja, she is the guest just arrived yesterday.”

“You are the Alice, welcome to welcome!” Enji Licked.

“There is no guests here for a long time, Alice, welcome to come to my room to drink tea chat.”

This Eya gave Alice very well, she was almost immediately decided to visit other girls immediately, and immediately went to Ren Ya.

“Then we will see it!” Enja elegantly walked downstairs.

Looking at the figure of her leave, Alice really hopes that she can be her own. There is a kind, and all, I have always been the biggest wish of Alice in the only girl.

“This is the room of other girls.”

“Anna, that …”

“what’s up?”

“Is Eja Yahwei’s hostess?”

“Well, there is no general sense of the hostess in general in general.”

Alice was blurred … no hostess, but there are three or four girls who don’t care about each other ……. This, what is going on here? But it seems that it is no right to ask as the guest’s Alice.

“Miss Alice should know the situation in the whole house. If there is any problem, you can ask the master or ask me, I will wait in the dining room.”

Anna is temporarily left, but she actually forgot to tell the Riese owner where the room.

Just wandering around the gallery, when I wanted to find the owner’s room, I suddenly encountered a girl who didn’t introduce awareness. The girl cuts the fallen Qi ear hair, and sharp eyes seem to be worn.

“You are……”

“I, I …” Alice stated Baiba and said. “Oh, I know, you are the Alice, the face is really cute!”


“I finally put on my clothes !? I heard that you are almost light, but you can’t see it. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if it is as cute in your clothes?”


In front of this girl talking to the sentence, it seems that it is intentionally to find Alice’s argument.

“You talk, what are you doing in us? We don’t miss the girl here …”

“I, I am not coming …”

“That is no one wants, as Xiao Hui, like Sophie? Hey, you are not scattered, this is where you should come?”

The girl is smiling and then going toward the direction to the staircase, leaving Alice alone.

Alice finally finally found the owner’s room.

“Do you see everyone?” The man still maintains his cordial attitude.

“They are all very good girls, I hope you can get along with a pleasant.”

Alice did not say anything, she wants to tell you that they will not be good for the first day? She believes that they must have the ability to resolve the attitude of unfamiliar girls.

“Well, they all warmly welcome me …”

“Here, you can do anything, reading, drawing or walking outside the courtyard, just speaking on vacation.”

“I am sorry, bother you.”

“Don’t say this, this is my pleasure, who is called K is my best brother!”

After leaving the owner’s room, Alice returned to their own room, and it was exhausted to lying on the bed. The brain is in the heart of countless thoughts … She thinks that K is now, what is doing, is it still missing myself? Also, why is the owner of the mask to wear a mask, do you have any secrets under the mask? In short, this is a mysterious mysterious man …….

The girls here are not like Alice from a small playmate, not only temper, and there is an inexplicable hostility. Only Eya Jie … Alice has already regarded her as his own awkward. Yes, isn’t it about to see her? This idea is like the sun behind, and I sweep the love of Alice. She got a spirit and feel that all mystery will be unspeakable.

All symmetrical arrangements are close. Thick carpets have net sounds, and the entire corridor is immersed in an endless silent. Alice is walking, watching breathing naturally. There is a door in the corner. It seems to be half-opened, the narrow light is shot, so that the dark red carpet has a rose-like gorgeous.

Alice went to the door unconsciously. Before passing through the slit, a girl rushing a hurricane.

“Ah …”

Alice is in the evil, put the line of sight, only see Anna lying in the bed.

“An, Anna …”

The jacket of the outdoors exposed her little bun, the two legs opened, one side is her pink lace leggings.

“Well … no !!”

She covered the pair of gentle meat balls with her palm, and the soft tentacle of the coral color was deep from the fingers and stretched. Alice knows that he should leave, but the two feet are like nails to be dead.

“Ah …”

She is getting striped by the cherry petals clamped with my finger, and I have to be two ripe cherries.

“To go …”

She allocated with her fingers in the deep honey in her face, quickly pumping the finger wrapped around a lap flashing a silver light. Alice felt a burst of heat, it seems that there seems to be hot, warm, and adhere.


Alice knows if you look down, you will not control it. At the same time, she also felt irrespects of her body, a subtle feeling of mixing sin, gradually pouring her heart.

Just when she wanted to leave, he suddenly heard the voice from Anna came from inside.

“Who is outside?”

Alice turned back and just hit Anna’s sight.

“I, sorry, I am not intentional to steal …” Alice apologized.

“Miss Alice, you come in, see you in the door of my house, I am very strange.”

Anna has hidden the bare body to the quilt. “Miss Alice, why …”

When I approached, Alice found that Anna’s eyes have long been full of tears. She can understand the humiliation of being peek solely, and I feel more sorry to Anna.

“I originally wanted to find morality, after it, I found that the door is not closed …”

Alice’s heart suddenly jumped. She is really difficult to face Anna, which is just crazy, such as the wild beast.

“It’s really very sorry …”

“I also blame myself, I am doing this kind of thing, I actually forget to go to the door, but Miss Alice, please promise me, don’t mention this thing with others.”

“Reassured, I will not tell others.”

Next, the entire room is shrouded in an embarrassing silence.

“Then I will go first.” Alice is very unacified with Anna.

After she replaces Anna, she can’t help but be a bite. After seeing Anna next time, be sure to put out if there is something wrong. She said to herself in my heart, one side is very worried, there is no way to do it.

After such stimulation, Alice didn’t have a mood to come to Ya Ya chat. Just when she had been thinking about Anna naked body, when she was seated, she had to go back to her room, and someone called her voice.

“Alice, wait for me!”

“Oh! Eja, is you?”

“What do you do alone, how to look like a soul look.”

“um, I……”

“Is it seen in Anna’s room, I just saw you standing there.”

“I, no, no …”

Eya seems to know what …….

Alice felt that he was a prisoner who was stripped with clothes, waiting for the judge of the high judge.

“This way! Go to my room to talk, there is no guest here for a long time.”

Alice is as calm, on the other hand, she wants to say everything I have just seen. She knows that his most trusted Eya Jaye will will comfort her and tell her about living here. But I think of the commitment between Anna, Alice wants to say anything else.

“Come, please drink tea.”

The Room room is very elegant. The complete set of pastels is comfortable to enter the cold air room.

“Alice, don’t you think it is strange here?”


“Never thought, everything here is owned by the owner.”

It was more curious to be a reminder of Eya, Alice was more curious about the mask. Indeed, although the face is covered by the mask, his age will never exceed 30 years old. Why should he build such a luxurious house house in a remote mountain, nor is it like a family of other wealthy families, and a party is constantly.

“Do you know? We all love him, Lian Na, Sophie is also the same.”

“Eja, are you not the hostess here?”

“Oh !? I am like it? Oh! I am very happy to listen to you, but unfortunately, I am not, here is not three words, two words can be clear.”

Alice fell into the fog of bottomless. It seems that I just saw the blurred outline and was blown by the wind.

“In any case, the girl here will stay, but it is entirely for the owner’s green.”

The owner who sounds here is simply different from the poisonous spider. Fortunately, Alice has already had her K, otherwise it will be trapped here for a lifetime.

“Alice, honestly tell me, what did you see in Anna’s room?”

“No, there is really no …”

“Hey, you don’t say I also know that Anna rolled there, touched it?”


Alice said that he can’t come out. Now, she has not been used again.

“Anna has always been like this, she is deliberately opened the door.”


Alice does not know how to respond. However, Eya looked at his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything lying.

“So everything is your fault, Alice, you voyeur!”


“I want to tell you, the door is best to close, so it is only to let us seem to be seen in the innocent Alice to see it.” “No, Eya, please don’t say this.”

“These can be seen in my own eyes.”

“I, I am absolutely not deliberate.”

“Unfortunately, everything is too late, but you agree to me, I can think about it, leave a face for you.”

“Eja, I promise you, you have to do anything.”

“That’s good, you take off your clothes, let me see your body.”

“This this……”

“Don’t you want? Then I will tell everyone now, be careful, my family has come to love the human color.”

“No, I take off me …” Alice rushed to pull the elephaless.

“All give me off, take it off, I have to look at you carefully.”

A large dressing mirror hangs in the Rhettone room.

Alice shyly unwinds a brunette, pink silky outlets like a cloud slippery her body. Nowhere in her body, there is only the place of plain pure white lingerie.

“What are you waiting for? Quickry!”


Alice must not have a bracel ring of the championship. Then turn around and back to Eya, take off the leggings. She is smooth, close to the transparent double hip beautiful, like two pieces of thousands of jade.

“When I stopped to the mirror, I took the hand!”

Alice is low, standing before the mirror. The smooth mirror reflects her as a bath in the pink water.

“It’s really beautiful !! I have to move …”

Elegly mixed the stunning and embarrassing emotions in the voice. Her eyes are constantly hovering in the mirror with the real Alice, as if I want to find a little bit of a bit in this perfect body.

“Eya, can you, can you?”

Alice has never looked up. She never seen my naked body, of course, I didn’t know its beauty, in fact, it was very touched.

“Alice, you also look at yourself!”

Enja helped her underworld, Alice was forced to be in front of himself. The sun is sprinkled on a golden long hair, like a layer of grateling a flourish cheek. The rose bud with a bare is unlimited. Surprising golden hair covered by meticulous tribes, like a rare rare toast.

“May you always remember the beauty of you!”


“Alice, do you know? Beautiful is very difficult and easy to die, need to be careful.”

“Eya …”

The expression of Eya is changing, and her voice is like a bitter coffee, there is a low depression.

“I can understand why that person is so embarrassed to you, so beautiful hair, crystal clear skin …”

On the one side, Eya was touched in Alice. Her ice fingertips touches the Alice snail tentacles-like nipple. The tiph taste is very fast, and all the nerves are turning into a moment.

“No, Eya, please don’t …”

Eya ignores the reaction of Alice. She hugged her from behind, the tip of the tongue, sliding up in her neck, fluent on her neck.

“No, don’t do this …”

“Little baby, is it to be dissolved?”


The elephant fingers dialed the strings and slid in the smooth lower abdomen of Alice, and it will be invisible to the mysterious acute flow vortex at any time.

“Enja, please stay …”

Eya was a sour water droplet in Alice. This discovered that it was a tear that I didn’t know when I was.

En Ya suddenly opened Alice.


Alice pushed is completely unclear. Eya is lying in bed, and the head is buried in the cotton and whispered.

“Alice, go out! Leave myself alone here.”

Eya! “

“Sorry, I did that kind of thing to you …” “” “”

Alice puts up in clothes quickly. I don’t know where to cry, I have an inexplicable fear. Even the most trusting Near Eya …….

Alice rushed into the garden.

Find a place to quiet, think about it, it is what she is most needed. In the sun-filled garden, it is a gloomy in the house. Barefoot walks on the grass that is flashing crystal, Alice is extremely easy. Don’t think about the girl and the owner’s intricate relationship ……. There is also the violation of our own 自己 自己 ……. No, just enjoy the simple and soft itching of the man …

Alice is smiling, thinking that this is still a laughter since yesterday. Until a gray-white kitten suddenly ran out from the big tree, hugged his feet, while Mimi is called.

“Ti Ti, don’t run!”

A girl with two big braids has also followed it. When she saw Alice, I ran over.

“Tipi, come over!”

Paletky yellow flexible hair shiny in a splendid sun, like an egg yolk that has just been smashed. The girl picked up the kitten called Ti Ti, smiled shy. Her twist big eyes smashed into a line.

“Ti Ti is bad! It’s really sorry, I hope that I am not scared, my name is Meliie.”

“Nothing, I also like small animals. Hello, my name is Alice.”

This girl named Melly seems to be smaller than Alice is still small, and has not yet completed fine body, with a small female fragrance sprayed soap.

“Are you a new girl?”


“Want to live here?”

“I don’t want it.”

“Oh! I hate, like you so lovely !!”

“Melayli like it?”


Meli Lili smiled at the dark eyes. Alice remembered the words of Eya, she couldn’t imagine such an innocent girl, will have any love for the male owner.

“What is your usual?”

“I am not alone, Mary will play with me.”

Alice didn’t have anyone who had been introduced as Mary.

“Alice is playing with me!”

Melili pulls Alice’s hand and walk towards the corner of the garden.

“Meliie, where are you going to take me?”

“You follow!”

The corner of the garden is very dark. Alice felt that the body was cold, I really want to turn around.

“do not want!”

The girl’s crying from the deep place. Alice in one side felt that the creepy, on the one hand, I was ignored in my heart. She can’t help but relax, the screen is followed by Meiya.

“Stupid, what is still pretending, the action is coming !!”

Alice looks through the thick leaves ……. This, this is not just a girl who just laughs! ? She is the mall …….

“Still crying? Cry you, you have to eat it.”

“it hurts!”

Who seems to step on Mary? Alice looked at it carefully to find that she was swepting the garden and was very frightened to himself. She is being stepped on by Mary.

“Hey … don’t!”

Alice found that Sophie did not wear clothes. She felt a dizzy, did not see what they were doing.

“Fast! Give me a good time !!”

“Ah …”

Mary’s high root shoes on the Sophie in the neck. Her face was bury in the leaves, and the rot leaves, the mud and tears were contacnable.

“Hahaha! How? Is it very good?”

“呜 …”

“Give me a good answer.”

“Pain, I … delicious, eat well …”

Mary laughed in the waist.

“Your mother is going to eat more, you will have a good time to get a little, you !!”

“I ask for good, let me go!”

Mary’s foot fiercely kicked.

“Hey, who is going to stop?” “Ah, ah …”

Sophie was kicked as if it was as if it was, despite this, she still barely pulpted the leaves in the mouth. Elisted Alice in the back of the big tree, afraid to shook. She knows that she should come up with this unscrupulous abuse, but there is no courage.

“Wow !!” She suddenly fell, rolled out from the back of the big tree.

“Alice, I am correct, Mary’s game is really fun?”

It turned out that Mei Yuli did not prevent Alice from behind. She still didn’t know that she had disaster, she was still excited.

“Is this not Alice? It turned out that you have been stealing us.”

“I, I am not …”

Mary is a contemptuous vision, like a rival arrow. Sophie under her feet is a cold hostility.

“You are good, just with this mother.”

“No, your metamorphosis …”

“Hey … You said my metamorphosis, what about yourself?”


“You are not hiding behind, you can see the taste of Jinjin …”

“For the right, Alice can be well seen !!”

“Meliie, don’t talk, this is this, you want me to see …”

“No matter what, are you very happy? If I don’t push you out, we still don’t know how much it is!?”

Mary walked in the past and pulled Alice.

“Come, let’s play together!”

“let me go!!”

Marily folded a branch, hitting the hard to Alice.

“I look at how I manage this stupid animal.”

She folded another branch, I took it to Sophie’s body. The tree branches such as the rattan in Sophie have soon leaving the blood of the blood.

“Good pain! I beg you, spare me !!”

Alice is strong in the heart. She knows that she should stop Mary from gone, but I haven’t done anything. Now, Miali also picked up the branches on the ground and went to Sophie.

“Stinky dog, hit you, kill you !!”

“Ha ha ha … Alice, fun? Also come together! Or you are going to listen to me …”

“I, I am never …”

If I love, Alice is finished, Mary is a slap in her face.

“Don’t let you eat some bitterness, you don’t know too much. Don’t start it again? Otherwise, you will be on the ground.”

“Sophie, sorry.”

Alice closed his eyes closed, just pumped with Sophie. Her shaking is not moving. The branches are just gently scratched by Sophie wound.

“What are you doing? Give me a little more!”

Alice bite the teeth, and it is very much smoldering.

“呜 …”

I heard Sophie’s low cry, Liqu couldn’t help but open his eyes. It is the body that Sophie is covered with a whip of black and bruised blood.

“Sophie, I …”

“It doesn’t apologize for this animal. Hahaha!”

Alice can’t stand this. She covered the tears and flew in the direction of the house. The laughter of Mary sharp harsh is also transmitted.

Alice ran back to the room, just poured on the bed and burst it. Of course, she is sad, not just an insult, and she regrets what Sophie makes. This, this doesn’t mean that you are with Mary …….


Meli Li can forgive because of young, but yourself … She cried exhausted, when I was sleepy …….

“Alice, the owner asks you.”

I knocked on the door outside the door, which is Anna’s voice. Alice hurriedly wiped the tears on his face, with Anna came to the owner’s room.

“What’s the matter?”

“I just saw you crying back from the window, did you have anything happening?”

“No, there is nothing …”

“Alice, you don’t need to hide in front of me, there is something to say directly.” Listening to the man said that Alice’s tears came out like a crash.


“Don’t be afraid, slowly say.”

“In the garden, Mary, Sophie …”

“What did Mary do to Sophie?”

“She … branches, play …”

Alice has been crying.

“I think I already know what you have to say, but I hope you can respect anything that Mary is doing.”


“Yes, Mary is actually my sister, because from the little losing parents, we were sent to different relatives.”


“I don’t know what she has encountered, in short, she is already like a normal life, I think she is also very painful.”


“Basically, I am going to do anything she likes to do, and I am also compensated for her brother.”


“Although others may think she is crazy, but I hope you can understand her from this perspective.”

After this conversation, Alice thought in his room for a long time, until Anna came to ask her for dinner …

When Alice walked into the restaurant, everyone had already sitting on the seat. Anna pulled the position opposite the owner, please sit down.

“Everyone is all, just start!”


“Wait a minute, Anna.”

Marien, I want to go to the kitchen to take the dish. Anna. Alice’s eyelids were desperately beating, and they were inexplicable.

“Anna, you still remember what I just told!”

“But it is Miss Marie …”

“Today is Alice for the first time with everyone with everyone, do you not express welcome sincerity?”

“Miss Marie …”

“What are you talking about?”

“Anna, as Mary’s words,” man dignifies orders.

Anna no longer talks, she picked up the Western Tang Dish in front of Alice table.

“Miss Alice, welcome to join our big family!”

When I talk, I climbed the table and put the plate in the old two legs.

“This, what is this? Anna, stop it!”

Anna launched a light blue long skirt, below is a white lace garter and bare jungle flowers. Everyone watched her down her body and aligned a plate.

“No, are you crazy? Everyone will stop her!”

Golden liquid gradually injects the white magnetic soup.

“Ha ha ha … Alice, this can be especially prepared for you.”

“Anna, come down, you don’t need to listen to Marily.”

The sound of Alice is very scream in a silence. In addition to her scream, Anna’s urine drop repayed the sound in the dish.

After Anna completed her mission, I walked down without an expression and returned to the kitchen.

“Alice, now change you.”

“I, what do I want!?”

“Drink it! Anna’s passion fruit juice is not drinking every day !!”

“do not want!!”

Alice closes your eyes and holds your ears force. Her look seems to be crazy.

“Don’t wear garlic, who doesn’t know your most …”

Mary pushed the plate to her. Alice feels a pungent warm feeling.

“You still don’t hurry, what are you doing? Let me help you!”

Mary took the end of Alice’s head. Alice’s nose hit the bottom of the disc, and even the nostroid penetrated into the cold liquid. She unconsciously extended his tongue, and started the kitten in the plate.

“Hey, what is the taste? You this is …”


Alice did not send, just in the evil spirits. The liquid in the plate gradually decreases. “Hey, I am asking you, are you deafness? How to answer the taste of drinking drops.”

“Good drink! Drink !!”

“Haha, the monk is awkward, I still feel very proud of the urine of others.”

Marie’s laughter is a needle, which is inserted into the consciousness of Alice. She woke up at once and found that her mouth was full of sour taste.

Alice licks his mouth and struggled to hurt from the chest. She vomited to the toilet of the toilet.

Alice is lying in bed, and she can’t cry at this time. She is blurred to remember the agreement between K, the male owner here, Mary’s sharp ridicule ……. She wants to escape, but even the power standing is not. How do you develop this, how to end … The difficult puzzle is stressed in Alice, so that she is tired, she quickly entered a dream.

The next day is a big sunny day with a sun. It seems to tell people that you should forget the troubles in your heart and meet the splendid wake up. However, this weather is completely unqualified with Alice’s mood. She went an early morning to find a male owner.

“Earlier! Alice, do you look good, is there something?”

“Well …” She watched the eyes of the mask mask, as if to see through him.

“I think, I know.” The man will know what she is talking about.

“Yes? What do you plan to do …”

“Not clear …”

“I haven’t made a decision yet?”

“Not yet.”

The man was silent for a long time, and then he said: “You must make a choice, I will give you a while, you will definitely respect your last decision, please come with me now.”

The man led Alice and came to a room in the corridor corner. The room is like a warehouse, full of a variety of antique famous paintings.

“I don’t want to deceive you, let you realize the real me, can you make no regrets? Alice, take off your clothes.”


Alice is going to do the man’s words from the man. At all, I didn’t have a sense of shame when I took off my clothes in front of Eya, and Alice exposed her light and innocent body. The man quickly tied her on the wall. This wall is covered with a whip and other many Alice have never seen a rare strange thing.

“Alice, I hope you can accept me.”

The man won the most thick whip, and he went to the love of Alice. Alice felt a cold strike in his ear, and he left a red hot, love kiss.

“Ah …”

Mix the painful pleasure, vigorous vibrating her good feelings, blood drops down along her sharp deci.

“Alice, let me completely love you!”

This sound of the whip, marks a red rose in the inside of Alice’s thigh.

“I want you to know, how do I love you …”

Alice is eager to love his love, his hand like a whip of lightning 霹雳. Her face is frozen, but the double lips are constantly exhaling enough to dissolve all warm temperatures.

“What you have to do now will make you pain, but this is just expressing my hot love for you …”

“No, as long as the owner is done, Alice loves …” Alice sent a fascinating.

Man takes a cans from the corner. The green glass jar is not like a wine, but what is the messenger that is dissolved. Numerous sharp particles drilling the scars of Alice, a little bit of torn skin.

“Ah, ah …”

“Alice …”

The man stroked her wet body with his fingers, his tongue was sticky onto a suction cup, greedily sucking with a high spirits mixed with blood. Men flexible tongue tongue, bringing unlimited soul in Alice.


Man’s finger explores the depths of her honey pot. There is a fragrance that is scattered than alcohol.

“Alice, let us separate for a while, considering each other.”

In fact, Alice has an answer. She saved in a strong sense of happiness. When she opened her eyes again, the man didn’t know where to go. But Alice is not panic at all. She recalled the sweetness of the younger and quietly waited for the days to meet.

Chapter IV Love Tripite

The surface seems to have a man reading in the study room, in fact, one word has not seen it. During this time, he is not standing, it is not, it is not pleasing to see anything. He is afraid that he is still anxious for future decisions? He never thought that he would have this day. This should be the distress of the so-called love. He told himself that he must find something to do, come to send a difficult time.

“Master, I am coming to tea.”

Sophie knocked on the door outside, the owner was more annoying because of being disturbed.

He barely shouted. “come in!”

Sophie is unhappy, and the battle is in the battle.

“Master, I put the table on the table.”

“Sophie, come over.”

Sofi is like a patio, it is really pity. The long eyelashes are covered in black Uwu’s eyes, high and smart nose, red-raised cherry mouth ……. Men recall the first time I saw her feelings.

“Sophie, today’s weather is so good, you will go out with me!”

Men have rarely invite themselves so special.


“How, is it unwilling?”

“Willing, willing!” Sophie was very happy.

“That’s good, take off your clothes!”


“I am waiting for you in the corridor, when I come out, don’t see any piece of cloth on you !!”

“I see.”

Everyone has been accustomed to a variety of weird demands of men. Sometimes I can say that I can’t ask my man to ask yourself! The more you ask, the more you care about him!

Sophie quickly stripped clothes. She is gentle, the pink shiny body, such as a sleeping lotus, fresh and pleasant.

“What happened, will Sophie are shy?”

“Well …” Feel the man’s gaze, Sophie has a lower head.

There are not many girls like this. Men delicate her well-known waist, such as pear-like transparent skin, the smart milk tip is the stamen with tulips to be placed.

“Master, you see people like this, people will be embarrassed …”

“Sophie, such a beautiful body hides it under the clothes, it is a pity!”

The man is holding her meticulous shoulders and walks together into the garden. The spring garden is blooming, and all kinds of colorful butterflies dance, which make people have an illusion of paradise. I really want time to stay in two people.

“Sophie, if Alice stays, you will …”

“Master, Sophie will never change your love …”

Although the owner will reduce your time because of Alice, Suifei is willing to endure such a grievance, and he will never see his suffering again.

“Sophie, don’t forget, this moment is only two people …”

“Master, Sophie is also deeply loved to you.”

“Let’s have each other!”

The man’s hand is smooth, and the long hair of Sophie is like silk. Slide over her neck fluorescent lines, then struck it on the round jelly column. The man’s finger is bounce, Sophie’s breasts have difficulty soft and elasticity.

“Ah …”

Then use the tip of the tongue to comfort the small mouth. Sophie’s body twisted with the rhythm.

“No, no …”

The man picked her and put her in spring and tender, rolling on the grass of dew. Her legs are bent open, and the charming flowers in the secret is blooming in full bloom than nature. Man’s fingers like a golden small ladybug, gently cut her swelling juicy petals.

“Well, no …”

“Sophie, your voice is so beautiful, called loudly!”


“Don’t be afraid, only us here.”

“Master, good, so comfortable …”

“Say! I want to do what you love …”

The man’s fingertips quietly explored the cracks of the petals.

“Come, open the legs! Let me see your lovely sister.”

Sophie closed his eyes, but still made it in the words of the owner. “Don’t look at it as so much …”

But Sophie is trying to drive the leg to the greatest. Men even overlapping the wrinkles in the inner diameter are very clear.

“Ah …”

The man uses his fingers to open the deep charming hole, and the tongue will take a little bit. He tasted a mixture of various floral honey water. His tongue tongue is greedily encouraged in a honey from the source.

“Lord, master, come in, hurry …”

The man is lying next to Sophie, with her positive embracing. My body under his body drill into Sophie’s body. That feeling like Sophie, I pulled him in a hand. The warmed male root feels very happy.

“Ah, ah …”

“Sophie, so !!”

The two touched together, and that the picture seems to be charming.


The waves of the climax come, almost eliminate two people.

“Ah …”

In the scream of Sophie, the man finally confirmed her love for himself. Although she knew that the man would not only have her one, she decided to endure the pain of her thoughts, and she kept behind him.

The man puts a good clothes and gently kisses Sophie that flashes tears, and then leave.

The Alice model felt faint pain. She opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the ground. There is a black blue purple whip. She slowly remembers what she happened.

“嘿 … Are you very suitable for you this?”

There are still other people in the room. I saw that Marily came into the dark, she took the candlestick of the candle.

“it hurts……”

Mary said not much, just drop the burning wax oil. Wax oil is solidified along the whip, like the blood dripped.

“You this goods, burn you, burn you …”

“Mary, what do I do? You have to be like this …”

“You, you have to come to grab my most loved one …” Mary cried, that is like a mad.

“No, you misunderstood, Mary, I didn’t …”

“Also said that there are no, you don’t look at the mirror, I have to like you with yourself …..”

Mary cried away. Alice, although he was injured, the heart was deeply sympathetic.

The owner walked back to the house and met Anna, who was being cleaned at the stairs. He suddenly stopped.

“Anna …”

“Master, do you call me?”

“Yes, I see that you are getting less and less serious recently.”


“Why don’t you use me to teach you?”


“Come, if you still love me …”

Anna wrote down his body, reaching out her pink tongue, got on the armrest.

“Master, your tiderant servant Anna is serving you.”

“Is this not your favorite?”

“I, I am doing this for the owner.”

The logs of the logs are flashed on the light of Anna’s saliva. Anna moved his tongue more quickly, and she was also like intoxicated in this pleasant pleasure. Men see that they can’t help but flow.

“Anna, are you waiting?”

The man opened Ana’s long skirt and found that there is no more than the garter.

“Master, I …”

“There is less nonsense, you must have long you want.”

Man puts fingers into Anna’s depression. There has also been a secretion of sticky and wet. Anna continued to do her cleaning work without anything else. It’s just that her butt is more talled. Two red drums of the red drums are in a closed place with a movement of the body.

“Anna, said, say yourself is a small kinkyvan!”

“Master, I …”

“Say! Otherwise, I …” The man pinchs the fragile pearl.

“I, I am so lassed, it is a kinky baby.” “It is a sensuality of bad girls!”

“Yes, it is a sensuality of bad girls!”

! ! Men’s strong palm hit her full of bunk buttocks.

“Pain, good pain …”

“This is the best way to teach you this bad girl.”

“no no……”

“Don’t install it, are you not too heavy?”

“I, master, use force!”

The man slaps a few times to stop. Anna’s white butt is slightly red, it looks like a peach that is ripe.

“What do you want to do?”

“Master, I …”

Anna’s delicate dripping, let the man don’t care. His hand groped in Anna chest. Although through the clothes, you can feel the warmth of the two bunny and the velvet touch.

“Master, here …”

“What happened here? Are you not intentional waiting here?”

“I am just sweeping.”

“How is it not wearing a leggings?” Said that it is just on the ripe dough.

“Ah, um …”

One hand slippered into the inside of the thigh in a slight waist. Men’s keen fingertips feel that the tropical jungle of the top is spread out of unintended call. He only wants to indulge yourself, enjoy anything.

“Take your clothes!”

Anna, who was previously shy, did not wait to take off her clothes, and opened her most embarrassing place to the owner.

“I just like the girl like you.”

“Master, your servant Anna will always love you.”

The man invaded Anna’s secret from behind. He firmly opened its deep, and the firepower made him a long time. Anna is almost solubated in this endless desire. She also couldn’t control the remnant echoed throughout the house.

“Ah !! Ah …”

In the long staring at each other, the owner satisfied with Anna’s unique love.

Alice was knocked on the door.

“who is it?”

“It’s me, can Meliie, can you come in?”

“come in!”

Meliie went in tuned in the tray battle.

“Give you a meal!”

“How do you know that I am here?”

“I asked the master …”

“Thank you, Mei Li …”

Melii seems to have resumed the good sky when Alice seemed to see her.

“Alice, you …”

“If you have anything, I will say it directly.”

“Do you hate Mary?”


“In fact, Mary is also a good girl, I don’t understand why everyone excludes her.”

In order to comfort her Alice, I have to say: “Well, in fact, she must have her own heart.”

Alice knows that Mary will only give a little girl who will grab the man with her man like Mali.

“You hurry! Otherwise you have to be cold.”


“Then I will go first.”

I smell the taste of the dish, Alice found that he was really hungry. She eaten while thinking about the owner and Mary. Although it is a person who is eating, Alice is not lonely. She is quietly waiting for the confession of the last love.

I don’t know when, the door is suddenly opened. The coming is the elegant figure of Eya.

“Alice, I want to talk to you.”


Since the room to the Royal room, the two did not meet alone. Now she suddenly appears, there must be anything. Alice has an ominous premonition.

“I am coming to you.”

“Don’t say good!? You have to leave …”

“Well, I think you should be very clear.”

“I …” “Although it is not your fault, because of your arrival …”

Alice doesn’t know what to say.

“It’s not a way in this way.”

“But the master …”

“I love him, just like you.”


“I can’t stand the fact that he still loves other girls.”


“I know that I will be a defeat, so I have to leave.”


“In the room, I am sorry, I hope you don’t put it on your heart.”

“Eya …”

“Please love him for me, like you smart and beautiful girls will be his ultimate call.”

Eyan turned. Alice knew that she had been full of tears in her eyes. Alice remembered and met the elegance, his dear, he wanted to leave, and he couldn’t help but cry. She cried and woke up, woke up and cried, and spent the lonely night.

The next day is a warm weather. Spring footsteps are close. The man is indulging in his own sadness, and it is planning to take a walk to the garden. After reading the hall, I saw the figure of the elegance on the window.

“Eja, is it a sunbath?”

“No, the owner, I am waiting for you.”

“wait for me?”

“Well, can I talk to you?”

“Well, then come to my room!”

Eya’s expression is very strange, there is a master who is not willing to interpret.

“We haven’t been like this for a long time.”


“I thought you have forgotten me.”

“Enja, you don’t have more.” The man’s heart began to be uneasy.

“I have always loved you.”

“You just talk about it.”

“Eja, why do you say this?”


When a man doesn’t want to hear, he is afraid to hear anything he can’t bear.

“I, I have to leave here …”

Sure enough, the owner strongly calmly said: “If it is your choice, I will not stop you.”

“you’ve changed……”

“Is it? I don’t think it is.”

“You have been chasing people finally appeared.”

“Well, so do you want to leave?”


Looking at the mature elephants in front of you, the owner couldn’t help but think of that when they started to know, Eya was still a sixteen, seven-year-old tipless girl. Time is already unknown to take away the beautiful memories of the past. Many things have fallen, they can’t recover.

“Hold me!”

“Well …” The man touched this woman who accompanied him for a long time.

“Let me finally choose again!”

Eya fell in his arms, and his eyes were full of tears. The man picked her and put it softly in bed. He tried to pour it out, mix the passion of separation pain.

“Eya, don’t leave me!”

“Master, here is a girl who loves you, anyway, you almost forgot me.”

The man is glowing up, and she doesn’t let her say more. This taste is like their first kiss. In fact, Eya is also his first love. Meet, separation … this may be ancient love songs. Men don’t want to think more. What he can do now is to enjoy the combination of this last love.

“Eja, in fact, I always love you.”

“No, don’t lie to comfort me.” Eya is holding his lips with fingers.

“Smile! Eja, I love your splendid smile.”


The corner of the Ya is slightly picked. She is afraid of re-exhausting, tears will be rolled down.

“Come, let us forget everything, completely love!” The man grabbed the waist of the elegant, and the lips were swallied in her neck.


The sound of Eya is excited, and there is also a sorrow. Men’s familiar taste and touch calls for many years of memories.

“This time, let me love you!”

The man is lying in bed in the meaning of elegant meaning. Enjac climbed to the man, with the red lips of the cherry petal, there was a sword that flashes cold.

“Ah, ah …”

After determining that the elegance was taken directly. This is the most complete and most in-depth combination. The man twisted the waist and let the male root enjoy the parents.

“Eya …”

“No, no, don’t say anything.”

Under the impact of the climax, both people have forgotten the pain of separation.

Afterwards, men deliberately put asleep, don’t look at the lonely figure. Outside the window is dark, as if it also symbolizes the mood of the man. Men fall into a deep sadness.

Until the front of the knockout sounded outside the door.

“who is it?”

The man thought that Eja was back.

“It’s me, Mei Li.”

“Oh?” The man could not hide the disappointment.

“Mei Li, is there something? Entroy first!”

For Merie’s visit, men feel very unexpected. She has always been sticky with Mary.

“The owner, no one will accompany Mei Li, Mei Yali is good!”

“What is Mary?”

“Mary is not in the room, Anna and Sophie are busy working, and I don’t care about me.”

“Do you want me to accompany you?”

“Well …” Men want Mei Yali to really be the best now.

“Master, please go to Meli Lili.”

Meliie is a typical little girl in the room. Pink table lamp, pink bed, full of all-round dolls. Meyali hugged a big cat.

“Your toys are really much, what should we play?”

“do not know.”

Obviously have more dolls, the little girl will have a day.

“Master, do you like me?”


“Do you like Mary?”


“That Anna, Sophie, Alice?”

“like it all.”

Meliie’s eyes are frightened, just like cat eyes constantly change. This kind of look of the age, adding a mature and charming charm to her.

“Master, I am playing with Ya!”

Meyali deliberately holding a cat. Have your mouth to your mouth.

“Meliie, where did you learn this?”

“Master I have just seen you with Anna who play this game!”

The man can’t say it. In fact, this is also blame yourself. When I did, I never thought that my family had only suitable for watching a common level.

“Master, come!”

Mali has taken the initiative to hold the man’s hand and put it on his own chest. The man touches like a small murder of raisins.

“Will it be afraid?”


“Don’t worry, I will be tender to you.” The man’s finger began to do the movement of the arc. A circle, a circle …漪 的 般 slowly in Melaye’s body.

“Good warm!”

She squinted his eyes, cheeks dyed a faint red lotus.

“Meliie, do you like it?”

“Um …” She nodded shy.

“Let me see your lovely body!”

He unlocked the zipper for her. She pink, the circling body is like a group of delicious marshmallows. The man can’t help but embezzle the head and enjoy it.

“Don’t, people are embarrassed!”

Despite this, her body still reacts her real feelings. The little nipple is highly touched. The ice-cold touch is two metal buttons.

“Ah …”

Man’s finger slipped into the wet flower path. Melii’s nectar is very clear, like the snow in early spring. Men’s fingers like a golden snake like this pool spring water, and I will play it. “Meow meow……”

I suddenly came from the cat. It turns out that the gray cat named Ti Ti is not lonely. Men suddenly understand the relationship between Mali and Ti Ti.

“Little girl, you are quite understandable!”


Mei Li’s face suddenly became red. She said with a man’s neck and said: “The master, because you rarely accompany me, people are lonely …”

She hasn’t finished, Ti Ti has ran to her, and I drilled into the sweetest and warm township. It is like sucking the small flower of Melii like sucking. Mei Yuli yet yelling. Obviously, the tacit understanding of long-term intersecting makes usili soon entered the excitement.

“Master, I, I love you!”

“Me too!”

Man tightly hugging the body of the cat’s tongue to stimulate the body of Meliie.

“Ah …”

Mei Li, who has reached the climax, has been dilute. The man put her delicate body in bed. After gently kissed her, left it quietly.

In the dark room, Alice waited quietly. Waiting for the final moment, it is separated or always combined with … Alice knows that such choice may determine the mood and impulse of the moment.

The footsteps came from outside the gallery. From far to …

The fifth chapter of my beloved is Alice

“Right, her birthday is coming.”

The window gradually becomes rays. Alice is still awake. She didn’t sleep overnight and thought about various issues.

Since the decision, Alice is like a night. Although it is a few days, it feels like a long time.

Ren Ya did left. Whenever she thought she was forced to leave, Alice was uncomfortable. However, it is also her choice.

Now I only care about the people who live this whole paradise. In fact, whoever looks out, Mary will become like this, actually because she excessively suppressed the love of men. Love to men with brothers and sisters ……. She had to transform this love to other girls with strong hate. However, this destroyed a harmonious life in the house.

Alice knows this. She decided to give her a big change in the birthday of Marily.

“Are you coming?”

In the days of spring blossom, everyone sits around the table in the garden for Marily. Mary, who is a Shouxing, is still a big stinky face.

“Mary, today everyone celebrates your birthday, don’t look at a kind of unhappy look.”

Even men who usually have hundreds of shilly, they can’t help but say her two sentences.

Mary’s mouth is higher. “Who is rare, these boredies?”

“Well, let’s play a more interesting game.”

“Hey! It’s a child …”

“Do you have heard the hunting fox game? Just put the fox in the suburbs, let everyone chase, the first person chasing people will win.”

“It sounds fun!”

“But we want to hunt the fox is not true fox, but by people pretended.”

This game is actually an idea of ​​Alice. She intends to stop her abuse to other girls through the pain of being abused. Moreover, in this housing, the taboos between the brothers and sisters will not exist at all.

“Who is going to be a fox?”

“Of course, Mary, today’s long tail, of course, should be arrested by us.”

“I, why?”

No matter what her protest, the man began to start her clothes.

“Ah …”

“What is crying? When the fox is still wearing something …”

Soon Mary is depleted. Without the decoration of gorgeous clothes, Mary is like a poor girl. She is slightly toned, rose petals and sparse aromaties are so fragrant.

“Now we have this.”

Men get out of fleece fox ears and a growing tail. The fox ear is easy to wear, as long as it is like a hair ring. However, the fox tail is not so easy. Heavy and long tail is inserted in the asshole to support it.

“Don’t, good pain …”

The man puts the fine needle of the tail roots into the small hole in Marie. Marie twisted his body and wanted to avoid it. But let Anna and Sophie have pressed. “Hey, hey …”

The fine needle is deeply inserted into the meruum of Mary. The fox tail is finally fixed.

“Good, isn’t it?”

Even Miali also shouted his hand and shouted.

“Mary, really seems to be, it seems !!”

“Well, I am ready, Mary, you first go back to the house, we start to hunt in the hunting fox after five minutes!” After the finish, he kicked a foot on Mary’s ass.

Despite nothing, don’t do anything under this situation. Mary stood up and went to the direction of the house.

“No! You come back, you have to use it.”

Mary climbed on the ground with tears.

Alice and men exchanged their eyes quickly before entering the house.

“Everything Plan.”

“Well, I think she will finally have a bitter this time.”

“Alice, I admired!”

The man is still deliberately arched.

Marie hurriedly ran to the second floor, and also pays attention to the footsteps after the body. How can there be this kind of thing? My brother has never been like this … It must be an idea of ​​Alice! ! Since Alice is coming, my brother is like a person. Mary wants a butt to sit on the ground and cry … However, it was only slightly squatted, and it was stabbed by the needle in the rear hole.

“Ah!” Mary was the first time I felt the taste of pain.

Sophie, just entered the housing, just got on the stairs, just like being attracted by some inexplicable power. She walked to a room that had lived, I saw it in a glance, and I looked at my own Mary with pleading.

“Hey … I finally gave me.”

“Su, Sophie …”

“Oh, you will tremble!”


“I quickly ask me! If you ask me, I can also consider letting you.”

“Please, please forgive me.”

Mary was scared. She is now really like a fox who is forced to the dead end.

“Can you think this is okay? Laughing dead, gave me a snack!”

“呜 …”

Sophie holds Mary’s head with hands. Her high posture, let Mary think of from the past, this is this for Sophie. However, regret it is not too late.

“The tail is very beautiful! Can you borrow me to touch?”

“No, please don’t touch that thing.”

Mary knows that it is just a move, and the needle inside will be deeply stabbed.

“That’s here!”

Sophie opened the skirt, took off the leggings, pinned Mary’s head in his own thigh. She opened her own dark swelling lips with hands.

“Come! Give me your strength.” Say, just tight Mary’s head.

Mary feels that he is simply suffocating. In the case of no, she had to stick out the tongue and lick that it looks some dirty zone. Marily burst the tongue bind to nervously stimulating Sophie’s pearls. She can’t help but squat.

“Ah …” Sophie twisted his body.

Mary’s tongue continues to enter and exit her narrow crack. More and more strong waves, almost eliminate her.

“It’s good! Now let me do something for you!”

Sophie overwhelves Mary on the ground. I used my fingertips to my chest, the young blooming small flower bud.

“Ah, good hurt!”

Flower buds become more bright. The tip of the small meat balls can be protruded, like a positive contact with the fingertips.

“Now I know pain? Think about how you used to me …”

“呜 …”

Sophie’s fingers gradually moved down, and he was encouraged by her two lips.

“Ah, hey …” also mixed with chokes, there is a sensory.

“Is it still? Your small woman.”

“To, I have to …” Mary’s functional enjoyment gradually woke up.

Sophie’s fingers get out of fluent. She touched the film that had not yet opened, suddenly wanted to rush.

“No !!” “Why isn’t you? So you will always remember the mistakes that have been made.”

“It will hurt, it will be hurt …”

“Relax your body, slowly …”

In fact, Sophie didn’t have such a big hatred against Mary. She has already forgave her in my heart. It’s really just to give her lessons.

“Go in !!”

Like there is a fire to burn along the alleanity. The torn pain makes Mary’s tears.

“Ah …”

“Yes, Sophie.”

Just when the two were the most hot, he suddenly came back to Alice’s voice.

“You, all this is the director of you?”

“No, Mary …”

“You all hate me, I hate me, I want to come to me all right?”

“Mary, there is no feeling is absolute, from now on we should forget everything, try to love each other,” Alice squatted down, said Mary’s body.

“Mary love my brother?”


“But everyone also likes the owner, I, Anna, Sophie Mei Li.”

“I know.”

“So my brother is not unique, but no one can take him from Mary.”


“Come on! Mary, everyone is waiting for you.”

Marie I don’t know how it is good, just covering his face and crying.

Alice and Sophie took her into the building with her body.

“Waiting for a long time! We want to celebrate the rebirth of Mary.”

Meliie is happy to jump. The man went to Mali and looked at her affectionately.

“Mary, happy birthday!”

Marily hangs down the eye.

“I want to pass this, you should understand my love for you.”

Then lift it again.

“We should face it bravely between we have more than a general brothers and sisters.”

Her eyes flashed in bright tears.

“Brother, I have always love you so much.”

“Don’t call my brother again, just when I am your lover!”

Mary was excited to grab him.

“Brother, no, my love, I will love you forever with other girls.”

“I am really happy to listen to you so.”

Male in his arms blooms a happy smile.

“Now I will send you a special birthday gift, as a memorial forever.”

“That is!?”

Man takes out a black silk jewel box.

“Come, you open it yourself.”

Marily opened the jewelry box with a trembling finger. Inside is a pair of cute earrings falling with little bells. Of course, the average person must have to hang it under the earlobe, but …….

“It’s very beautiful, do you want to hang up?”

Man takes out a slender needle from the pocket.

“Let me help you hang it.”

Man twisted Mary is small and hard. Mary’s body trembled fierce.

“What’s wrong, will it be afraid?”

“That, there …”

The man hooked her milk tip until it gradually became heat.

“Ah …”

“Take it slightly.”

The needle tip is close to the pink glossy cherry. Seeing soon, I have to breathe the ripe peel, and I have deeply tightened the tight pulp inside.

“Ah …” Mary closed his eyes, like feeling this to be exhausted.

“呜 …”

Time is like it is extremely long. One second was calculated on the speed of the needle penetration. Everyone in the field is moving with this sacred ceremony.


The fine silver needle finally penetrated. Like a silver ladybug extended its tentacle for the first time. The new blood is still flowing.

Man takes care carefully. On the other side of the nipple revised just now. Then he worked on her small silver ring for her. Silver white rays are lined with picnic blood. That feels that you can’t tell. “Ah …”

Alice came over. She hugged the body of Alice and said with a very soft tone.

“Mary, in fact, you have always been very painful, right?”


“As long as you get along with you, you can avoid such pain after today, you can avoid this pain.”


“Of course, because the owner is a total of everyone, it is inevitable that there is loneliness …”

The Alice filaments said to take off their own clothes.

“At this time, we have to comfort each other.”

Alice pulled her hand and put it in his chest.

“This will be very warm!”


“Let us have a sweet and sweet over the day!”

“Alice …”

The two excitedly hugged together. They feel the warmth and breathing of each other with the body.

“Marie …”

Everyone looked at two. The face hangs a smile, quietly left. Even if they go back to their room, they can still feel the warm atmosphere. Every night, everyone did a sweet dream.

Just at midnight, Alice suddenly woke up. She remembered everything happened tonight and felt that it was very close and far away. And that night, it was so clear that it was so clarity. She remembered K … as if he is around, but it is like a shadow.

“Alice …”

Familiar calls from outside the door. Is K, is the master? ? Even Alice is not clear. She flew out. The corner is leaning against a handsome figure.

“You look very happily!” The man said while she won the mask on her face.

That is k … he is charming and smiling. Alice held him tightly.

“I know it is you …” Alice cried happily.

“Let you suffer!”

“I …” The tear of the big grain was rolled down by the cheek.

“Alice, thank you, still chose me.”

“I love you!”

This sentence has a diverse meaning of the current Alice. It seems to accumulate love to the owner and k doubles, and it is more real. Perhaps everything is the case. Although there are many pains, it will be willing to bear because it is your own choice.

Its results may be like Eya, and finally hurt and hurt. Of course, it is also like Alice, because the final persistence gets double joy. However, this philosophical inference is not important to the two people in love in love. They only want to fall in love now. Until forever …….

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