Red path travels, such as clouds between builds Ectocarpus life, sway one day

That year, we rush to foreign immigrants, now remains the case.

However, the nature and purpose of which migration is very different.

It was to studying, it was to make money, it was for a green card …… In short, there are a variety of reasons.

This is affected by the wave of pro-yang inspired, anyway, let’s weak long-term appetite!

However, Dong ten years, Hexi, this blind go into exile in recent years gradually reduced, because many people find that the moon did not rounder.

My father and her sister, that is my only aunt, because in those days to study and go into exile in the United States. Grandparents only father and aunt this baby children, had very reluctant. But not of the children grow up.

A brother and sister after their studies come to an end, both remain in the US, which can explode the previous two elderly people.

Because his father was an only child, he was ordered to return to Taiwan later married a girl near the village of pro-wife.

Two weeks later, his father returned to the US with his wife. But the father grandparents guarantee, will not stay long in the United States. A year later, I was born in downhill Angeles.

My aunt in the third year I was born, married to a businessman from Taiwan.

Aunt later gave birth to two daughters, the boss called Xue Hong, the second daughter called snow purple.

Aunt’s house close to my home, two cousin is a frequent visitor to our house, they became my childhood friend, Xue Hong similar age and I, the two often play together, snow purple impressed me but not deep, because when she was only four or five years old only.

I was ten years old, much older because grandparents and grandchildren think of, plus the mother has been living not accustomed to the United States, so the father decided the family moved back to Taiwan to live. From then on, I will not have to see them a cousin.

Until I read one time high, only to once again see the big cousin Xue Hong, this is her first time to return to Taiwan to visit relatives. After she’ll be back every other year, but the snow purple cousin but it has not come back.

After I graduated from high school, he was admitted to Taipei lucky one private university, and then leave the south northward to study.

I was in a nearby school where renters down. My uncle at this time, career peaked smooth sailing, he ran to Taiwan in recent years, often found in Taiwan’s market has considerable potential, which is the antecedent cousin later will have to come to Taiwan.

This time, I often pick up a pen to write to Xue Hong, and she diligent reply, I was wandering career offers a lot of fun.

I found that with my big cousin has happened feelings, that love has gradually grow seedlings in each other’s hearts in order to Xue Hong opportunity to get along with me, at the end of her high school, he took the identity of overseas Chinese to return to Taiwan to attend the University Union test, after extra points, she was admitted to a public university.

At this point, I was already a senior. Proximity and easier, often after two people together, and that the flames of love burning up immediately.

Apart from research homework, but also often go to the movies, take a coffee shop, to the last two people had sex.

Xue Hong said: “Sheng brother, you will not disappoint me.”

I said: “You are the sky fairy, will marry your wife in the future!” It is intended to Everlasting honey.

After graduation, I immediately entered the army. Military life is quite boring, always reminded me Xue Hong.

But my vacation is not necessarily, but in the remote eastern mountains, the traffic is quite inconvenient. So I told Xue Hong together from many. Therefore, during this time a soldier, because the usual stereotypes monotonous, so every time I leave, I will relax and enjoy. I often use their vacation with some associates actively look for fun, that is, during this period, I learned affair.

Finally stayed up more than six hundred days, I finally retired the.

At this time, Xue Hong has been read to junior. I go home short stay for two months, then go north to work.

I rented door in Taipei, lived a life of commuters. So another year, Xue Hong graduated, I told her distance seems a lot closer. Xue Hong did not intend to return to the United States, so the rich princess’s father for her in the outskirts of Taipei to buy a villa, really envy me.

Not too bought a house, the family also invited a foreign maids from Indonesia, in order to take care of her living the foreign maids only 17. Eight years old, is a Chinese girl, is an uncle in Indonesia from a friend’s introduction.

Xue Hong also told me that her sister recently purple snow also intend to come to Taiwan to live with her second cousin to come to learn Chinese, is said to much the extent of her Chinese!

Xue Hong is currently learning to drive, uncle going to let her buy a decent sports car, really Dream Car with beauty.

But some of it I have not seen before become a reality, because the need to work, I was sent to Italy to do with the British company for a period of not less than the tour.

“Be careful all the way! Hongmei bless you. I love you!” Xue Hong languishing, I was in the airport for me.

“Boy, do not worry, I will be thinking of your nightly!”

“Oh! Really? Would you?”

“I think during the day, at night thinking, for ages too!”

This trip inspection trip, I spent a full six months before the project. Return to Taiwan before the day I phoned to Xue Hong.

Xue Hong has lived at this time to the new villa. She received my phone very excited.

“Ah! Brother wins, you take a few aircraft? That an airline, purple snow also Taiwan it! She is now trying to learn Chinese Nick!”

“Oh! That’s great! After the Zhongzheng Airport, I called you, you will pick me up.” I will pick me up nine pm, I step out of the airport, and then call the snow red, and snow will go out. I, about an hour, snow red car appeared in Zhongzheng Airport, she was afraid that I was in the near place to eat something, and then I would go back to Taipei.

At eleventh, it is still driving by snow, carrying me to drive to the suburbs, stopping in front of a double-layer house. The sound of the two “Dudu”, the gate Xu Xu Cave opened, a seventeenth, eight-year-old girl explored: “Miss Miss is coming back!”

The snow red one-jaw is taken with me to let the living room sit. I am like a flower butterfly. I flew to the upstairs. I went to join me, the girl who was waiting for the door, it was already a cup of hot tea, very respectful Send it before.

When I pick up the tea cup, I only feel that she doesn’t have snow red, but the black smile is twisted, and the sweet smile is also fascinated.

After a staircase, the snow has changed on a pink dress with a thin wing, and the smile appeared in front of him.

In vicars in vague, her sweet smile said: “Shengge, call you waiting for half a day, come and sit!”

She didn’t stand it, I have already sent it to the couch.

A cleverly noble fragrance is constantly floating from the jade body, and I am confused. The skin is dependent, the affection is strong, and the young is handsome, the blood is just a rigidity, and there is a rush horse.

I can’t help but let the snow, I am smiling: “The cousin, you are more beautiful, beautiful …”

I deliberately done.

“What is it! Take a brother! Say!”

“There is such as Tianxian’s general!”

I looked at the whispering language in my ear, and took this close posture and kissed it on the cheek.

It is praised, it is the most relaxed, snow, heroes, there is a hot day to eat ice cream, a stacked prison, more close, say: “Table brother will make fun of people.”

“This is true, all don’t fake, like you like you, is the gods of the Buddha, will also move from the heart, the cousin! You are so beautiful!”

I seem to be a little can’t help but kiss on the cherry. Snow red is not hesitant to gently open the lips, reach out of the clove to bear.

Two tongues, affectionate, large living room, quiet and relaxed girls, don’t know where they are going there.

I am very enthusiastic, trembling the voice: “Snow! I love you, snow, we go to your room!”

When the snow, I was already intoxicated between enthusiasm, and the limbs were soft and weak. She smiled at her jaws.

“I … I can’t move!”

This is a rare opportunity, I can miss, I show up, picked up the body and ran up.

The jade body is holding, surrounded by the neck in the chest, all feel a little crisp.

Snow-red rooms are arranged with a wonderful bed, and the bed, novel and art’s long-short sofa stool, a dresser designed dressing table, and everything means the highest artistic atmosphere.

The pink weak light is even more felt.

I came to the bed, and my bones came into bed in front of the dress, I was interested in unintentional pushing on the legs.

The skin of the girl, the light is like a gel, the snow is born from the rich home, from the childhood, is used to raise, in the white skin, there is such an oil, smooth and soft.

When my finger is gently kneaded on the purple grape of the peak.

“Well … get wins ……..”

It seems that the sound of the valence is not the sound, but does not stop my actions, and adds me a lot of courage, let go of her breast buckle. Towards the pair of snow white double peaks, the two purple grapes in the bees, the top of the red uli, more lined out of the cute, and there is a deep mountain ditch between the peaks, only I saw my gods reverse, my heart jumped, thirsty.

“Well … Sheng Ge, this is, I will bleak ……..”

I didn’t wait for her to say that she had already put her own, her lips were blocked.

The kiss is sublimated, I kissed it above, my right hand is constantly smashed in the late peak, slowly aggravating, like thinking of grapes.


This is the sound after the snow is blocked, and I have left my left hand.

The frank air, soft and wins, the cave is closed, the middle is left, my fingers can’t be inserted, but why, stop in the stream.

Snow red was invaded by this most mysterious zone, plus constant smoking, has taken a role in my heart, but she does not want to show it, it is very unnatural, slightly twisted, 佯, 佯 装Resistance, but I only feel that the double breast is constantly turning on the chest. The pair of double peaks are full, constantly trembling in the chest, and the fire is constantly rising, and has reached the boiling point.

The left hand has slowly entering the snow, and then the result of my efforts is coming to the river. I only feel that the lips can’t be jumped, and it is more skilled.

Snow red eyes are slightly closed, smile, the beauty of the beauty, benefiting people, gain.

She tongue tongue and spit it, and sheroid into my cavity, two tongues, and lilac. At this time, the snow-red hands are wrapped around my neck, and I have already been weak, like a plum flower.

“Don’t hurt! I have no strength to kiss people.”

Beautiful people grudge, there is another pretty look. I’m hard to ban, under the mesaki, a hungry tiger, a hungry, and the blood is in the beautiful body, and the snow is like idiot drunk, and the heart is a lot of Tao Tao. Suddenly took out the jade hand in my crotch, good Hot, good, so long, it is really a living treasure, love does not stop.

I can get this kind of tubby, my whole body is shaking, and I don’t wait for it to take off my trousers. Hold the snow red and warm, the sheep, a long kiss.

“Lower! Don’t rub it on the small belly!”

Snow red hands and iron sticks are guided.

“Yeah!” Xiao Di has inserted a charming little meat.

“Hey …………………………………………

I only feel that my glans is tight, a jade stalk is tight in the warm small meat, and I have continuously stroked the full bumper.

It’s time to float, kiss, small and endlessly, the hammer and the pleasure of hairy, so that I have entered a pleasant abyss in two, but listening to snow and red sound in “um”, and I am more It is a strong, brave, and the nose is slowly aggravated.

I don’t feel the courage, the fierce, a seven-inch long, there is a thick rough stick, it is not.

“Hey, 哧” This is the rhythm of jade sticks during the thrust, and the sound is extremely mysterious.

“Well … Snow … Hey …” Clariler’s blood.

“Victory, good, my little, my little, I am so fast, yeah! You …….. Well! It’s here, I am so moving, I want to go to God ……..”

A thrive, the snow, the first water, I heard this charming to help, more big big players, and the sound of the sound is shocked.

“Buzi, Bu” lower abdomen collision is also strengthening.

“滋, 滋” jade stick is charged in a small mouth.

“Brother! … don’t like that! Ah ……..”

“Solving my heart jump out … brother! I am so hurt, brother! My pro, big chicken brother, will smash my brother, 哟妺 妺 屄 小, fast! Can’t stop, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand, my brother … my sister is to insert, 呜呜 … Hey … smashing a little! “

At this time, I looked up, I saw her cheeks red, and smiled in the pretty face. The two eyes watershed soon, and they gasped like the blue, and the squat was breathed. A burst of tight tight in the meat hole is just right.

The beauty of the beauty, the most cute, I am hot, I can’t wait to swallow her into the belly, and the thrush is more and more.

“Brother, good brother … don’t lick, hey! No … some … don’t … ah, it is here …. ….. Pupire … You will lick, hey! … um … again … Heavy …….. “

She doesn’t feel the legs, try to make the yin, and even more mouth, let my tip of the tip of the tongue are trying to deeply, love your gods, slowly knead, the waves in the mouth, legs, legs One, hard to clamp my cock.

“Hey … ……..”

“Hey … ………”

She continued to move, I moved, until she saved.

I feel that I have a close sucking in the embarrassment, and I have poured a lot of liquid. I know that this little Nizi has entered the climax, and the snow is angry, but the jade hand pressing the dick has never relaxed.

The jade stick is like old, pumping, tide boiling, and the gantry is congestion, and it is more uncomfortable.

I can’t shout: “Sister, are you happy? But my little boy is going to die, a good sister, turn it back, will we change a trick?”

“Well!” Although she thought, she did not move.

I can’t just turn it, happily lift her calf, a time Taoyuan, the whole pussy is more clear, and the scenery of the stream is good, but I have no time to enjoy.

A hugged jade stick in “哧” is again inserted into Yumen.

“”, A burst of, snow red has been happy again.

Breakfast, the walls are slowly creeping, overflowing more obscenity, bubble full of the entire covered hole.

She is sweet and laughing: “Is your brother so happy?”

“Good sister now thinks that a trick is fun?”

“Well! Everything is good, 哟 插 重 重, this post-style is good, the pro will mention the baby too high, hey! Insert it … deep, yeah! Beautiful, I think I think I The body arrived in the air, oh, yin, you have to smash it! Big cock brother kills me! “

“Ah! Good jade stick brother, my little hole is soaked!” Snow red eyes closed, and his teeth bite.

A pair of jade legs desperately rolled up. She has reached the peak of the pleasure, she has entered the madness, except for the desire, forgetting everything ………

“Oh … good brother, I can’t stand it, I am going to die.”

“Big chicken brother, I am dying, I am dying!”

One of the lower belly, the two legs are constantly roaring, she is tightly hitting!

“Yeah!”, The snow-red small meat pockets a lot of fine water. The glans is burn it. Itch is difficult to burn it. When the waist is very strong, the sharp sprint has been sprint, the back of the spine, a water-like heat, direct snow red.

“Yeah! Early hot, so comfortable!”

I was discharged, she also ventilated. Double fell on the bed, and he lived again, and he met.

The morning light passed through heavy curtains, and a couple was still in the dream. When the snow refused to face, there was a thing in the jade leg, and Zhang opened a pair of pretty wakes. “Yeah!” One feet have a seven-inch long red-headed jade, and it is the disturbance of the appearance.

Snow red slowly closed his eyes, detailedly reapping to the battle last night, smile, dawn, felt that the small meat was creeping again, and his hands held the jade strap tightly.

I am sleeping in my sleep, I feel that my cock seems to be like a meat, I only see her eyes, smile, smile, my jade stems are rushing in her hands, The powder neck is low, it seems to be meditation.

Suddenly “嘻!” Smile, I think of proud.

Look at her now, it is not hung, the chest is double peaks, the emulsion layer, a pair of purple grapes followed by me. Top again, there is a large navel of the yellow beans in the middle of the lower abdomen, in the flat belly, a fragrant pest, it is really getting more and more fascinating.

“Hey!” I got a lip. Sweet meaning is heseparable.

The creek is in the middle, the double scoop is slightly sucking, it is really yellow, white, red three-color clear, and the interesting. I have already wanted to rise, and the lust will start, start to get rid of the peak, the lips are engaged in the purple grapes of another Yufeng, and they will travel to the stream, and the middle fingers will be in the middle, the Taoyuan Cave, moisture micro temperature, Finger slippery, buckle, pinch.

“Don’t! Dig everyone is sad!”

“Hey! The sister’s milk tips are going to eat it!”

! The mouth is called, but the hands are not idle, the jade stems are inserted by her set, and the horse is constantly opening.

“Good brother, don’t dig, come on!”

I don’t seem to hear her talk, I don’t stop, but I’m smothering.

“Tessic brother, I ask you, don’t do it, the little girl’s meat is really can’t eat. Let’s put your big cock in she has been teased, but seeing her big hips repeatedly ridiculous, another hand Subjective of your own Yufeng. “

“Kiss, your beauty is not beautiful? I am giving you, do you still feel bad?”

“Tessic brother, good! Ok, you will put your baby in, do you know that the little meat of my sister is good?”

“Itch is dead, there is a worm climb in the small mouth, good brother, hurry to save!”

“Oh!” I didn’t act.

Snow is unable to pass my own hands, sit down, jade legs, and put your pussy to the jade stems.


Hey! It is good to take a hole.

I saw her snow on white hips shaking. Look at the situation is quite sold! The above pairs of high and very breasts continue to be jumped.

“哧” is constantly coming.

“Hey,” … The bed also sang a small song.

“The wave is so beautiful? Look at your waves, put my little belly!”

I said on the side of the two rounded buttocks. I only feel that you don’t leave your hand, you won’t see a little scar.

With the entrance of jade stick, the lack is constantly through, the dark red squatting is not too small, and the two people are all wet, while the light is very good, but also Send a charming minor.


“Tessic brother, you increase your ass, I am so tired!”

I personally watch the Spring Palace of the self-sufficiency, I feel fun, and I know that time is almost, knowing that she has already discontinued.

“Little prostitute, Xiao Daogao, don’t do it, you will be exhausted, you call me three times.”

“Good brother! Dish brother!”

“No! No, these listen to you!”

“Good brother who will be caught!”

“Not enough, not enough, you have to listen!”

“Hey! Dear brother, don’t put your ass, so Xiaolang will die, quickly raise some, I will call it right away!”

“The big chicken brother, the sky, is a young brother, don’t take the baby, so that you can’t stand it!”

I hugged my hands and told her that the same bulls were holding down, so two people were close, two, so as not to sell out, one or two three, the snow is pressed The following.

“If you are so slowly swallowed, the waves are in a hurry!” She is half-required ordered.

I regardless of the snow and red, I will take the hips, and she holds my back, and she is afraid to let me slip, so that I will get angry.

“Good brother, your beauty, you have been plus me too much!”

“Tessic brother, oh! Oh! I … oh … I have to go to day!”

She was in a long pulling, and the waves finally squeezed out of the water. She quietly enjoys the peak of this climax, but my mask is still constantly inserting.

“Hey, hey!”

Under the plug-in, the snow has a new reaction.

“Brother! Get up to remove the waves of the small mouth, this will be tight, you can increase the sense of meat!” I should look at the bed, take a triply, wipe it out of her meat, only to re-put the jade The stick is inserted into a tender. After the small rhodes were eradicated, the pleasure was naturally added.

“Tessic brother, oh, it is here, deep!”

“Wave! My little prostitute, little kiss, Xiaolan, your is so tight, my dick is so comfortable!”

“Dry death, don’t stop, Xiaoyu is dissolved, yeah, mom, God!”

The waves of the bursts, the sound of the bed, the sound of the bed, and the sound is mastered.

“Yeah! Xiaolang Xiaosi, you have no sound, your petist is called there?”

“Tessic brother, good brother is not stopping, I … fast … I have to come, my pro-brother! My body floats!”

I listened to her waves such as prostitution, and I repeatedly accelerated in the action. My heartbeat is more urgent, and the gasping is more heavy.

“Hey! Hey!” The vocal of obscenes.

Snow and red gasp, and he was constantly lying on the slogan.

I feel a hemp, I know that I have never gone, my arms hide her jade legs are very straight, the lower abdomen is tight, and a heat is full of heat, from the horse’s eyes into the snow.

Snow is all breathed by my luck, but she doesn’t want to open me this, because this is what she is eager to need.

The glans has risen to the limit in the hole, and she felt that the cock was soaring, and it was more tight and better.

But just a moment, a heat refuge is retreat to the flowers and returns to the original state.

I was so hot that I didn’t help but smiled. “Beautiful! I am burn me, so comfortable.”

Said that half of half of it feels that he has poured more concentrate.

“Sweetheart, good sister, it’s great! Your waves are hot, I am so comfortable!”

“Tessic brother, you are too hard, sleep in my body for a while! Don’t take the big chicken!”

I am tired, tightly in the jade body, tightly sleep.

I don’t know how long it takes, I woken up from the confused, and I watched the watch was seveng, I can’t drag it again, because the day is the day I have reported to the company, so I am in a hurry, a little bit of harmony, get up Want to go.

But see Snow, just like a sheep, in bed, Xiaoyi passed the extensive slightly swollen, the heart was pity, but he had to gently kiss in her Sakura, I hurried.

“Oh, you remember the Saturday, I did a few dishes, waiting for you to eat night meals at home, I will go home, don’t forget!”

She still does not forget me in half sleep. …………

After coming back from the UK, I have not returned to the south, and I only tell my family in the phone.

I have brought some foreign foreign west in foreign countries, and I have never brought back people to the home. After leaving the snow, I immediately returned home to visit relatives.

Grandpa, grandmother saw that this baby grandson is naturally a smile.

The two old asked the West and the West is full of concern, so I don’t want to go. Because I researched lightly to the snowstick.

“Winning! It’s rare to go home, this time you stay more, go back to Taipei!”

Can I say it in the face of kind grandmother?

“Grandma! Must! Must, this time I have to stay on Saturday!”

In these few days, I seem to have a big meal every day to enjoy the fun of Tianlun.

However, my psychology has always been looking forward to the morning coming on Saturday, because Snow Red is about my residence on Saturday, I will say goodbye to my grandparents directly in the north. I will find snow.

When I reached the snow-red residence, the next female gang helped me open the door. She said: “Table Shao, you are coming, the big lady goes out, come back soon, please take a while in the living room!”

The living room is still old, but it is quiet, I have to continue to appreciate the big oil painting in the hall, but I don’t know what the painting is in the middle of the pain. The jade body, painting Zhongshan Shuon turned into a naked jade body, a pair of tall jade milk, and drums of holes.

“Table Shaoyle Please have a cup of coffee.”

A pretty woman’s name woke up.

“Thank you, please put on the tea chair.”

A 阿 把

“Yeah!” Did not teach you the name of the surname.

“Table young master, don’t be polite, you call me a good.”

“Very beautiful name, is it.”


A 芷 面 面 面 心 心 心 心 红 红 红 红 红 晕 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 瞟 眼 人 瞟 眼 样 人 眼 子 人 眼,. 非常. 是 人. 瞟,, 人 非常 爱 爱 非常 爱 非常 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱

“Well, the scene is like this, the big lady knows that it will be.”

“Don’t be afraid, is she not going out?”

I said that I said with my hands with my hands and gently.

“Well, the table is young, don’t …” But her body is always moving, my hand is more holding the slim waist.

“The bell, the bell” sound of a doorbell.

“Ah! Let’s let go, Miss Miss is back, I am going to open the door.”

I have no choice but to relax my hands, but A 芷 has left out of the door.

“Hey! Two sisters, I call you faster! Faster, you are so slow, you see that he has already come!” Snow red pointed to me.

“Big sister, hero, what is your heart, what is the relationship between the cousin, and see you anxious!”

“Some of Xia Nizi speech is some, urgent … I am rushing?”

“Hey, see if you are now anxious.”

Walking into a pair of Liyi in the living room.

Snow red to me: “Two sisters, he is a cousin, you are also recognized?”

Another point means a girl: “Table brother, she is your two sister Snow Zi.”

I watched the snow purple, seeing her more than her sister, the body is relatively high, under the thin cyclic fertilizer, the sisters have thousands of autumn, it is really difficult to divide.

“Victory, you talk to the second girl, I will go to the whole, come back!”

She is fascinating, turning around.

I asked it immediately: “Is the 2nd Table Girl to school in the northern girl?”

“Oh! Take a brother, is my uniform telling you?”

“Skogk, are you this class this year?”

“Hey, how do you ask me?” She is a bit annoying.

I slowly moved over and saw her body, but I saw that the snow purple worn a student. The mature girl curve, but it is very thorny, and the curve is exquisite, it is indeed a beautiful emerald.

After passing the sound from the kitchen “ping pong” sound.

The dishes are all ready, and the snow will take a bottle of “Strong Niki” to help me.

After the meal, the three people took a movie in Taipei. In the screening, I slammed myself, and I saw the snow, and the snow was smashed. Although Snow Zi also had a strange attack, but she never gave me mysterious On the way, the snow is to drive, I am still a hard purple to touch.

“Big, you can’t see the cousin!” Snow Ziyi voice broke my ghost.

The snow is not returning: “What is not honest?”

Snow purple is not in the answer, I am gut, and I will take the opportunity to attack, and the snow is lost, and a pair of pepper is falling in my hand.

A lot of drums. Hard Thilder is elastic.

One piece is bigger than the bean, the fat is full, no more, don’t have a kind of charm, teased that I love it. Although it is a hurt, but she has doubled her heartbeat, but she is not willing to resist, her hands are only slightly dragged on my back, meaning what it means.

Just as I want to get further attack, the car has been saved to the new store, I have to let the hand but finally pinched on her double peak.

“Hey, good pain, bad watch, I don’t come!”

Today, because Snow is home, snow will not be boldly. So I am in the late night. She is interested in talking about it. After touching my jade stick, I smiled, I went to the building with the snow.

I am looking for the ceiling of the eyes, how can I wait? I have a warm, and the following little brother has always looked up and hard, like a flagbark.

The clock in the hall, I know that I have been in the middle of the night, get up and prepare for urine, I only see the woman, I will come in the living room.

“Table young master, is it tea, I will send it immediately.”

I took the opportunity: “Yes, I am thirsty!”

After the urination, I immediately returned to the house, quietly waiting for the sheep to the tiger.

“Table young master, tea is coming!”

“Peng!”, I hurriedly put the door.

“Table young master, don’t do this, how to close the door?”

“Hey! Good A 芷, you come over, I have something to say to you.”

“Faster, don’t be so shy, come!”

I got up with a pretty girl, and the jade has been in my embrace.

“Well! Table young master, don’t like this, I am afraid!”

“Don’t be afraid, little kiss, lift your head, so I like you.”

“Call, call the pro-brother, don’t call the Sumo, I haven’t heard it?”

“Well, the table is less … don’t … don’t …”

Her breasts, just in her … Don’t …, I have thrown into the side of the bed.

“Hey!” A pair of double peaks like a ball, drums.

Small, pointed red grapes, so that I will be pity, hard tender, but I will slip, I will touch it, I saw that she was shaking, the face was drinking, Red spray, the eyelids are going to squeeze out tears, I bowed on the tip of the milk.

“Well, don’t …. Don’t this, itch ……..”

I got up like this, let alone, I have already wanted to fire.

Xiao Yifang is not hopping like a wild horse.

This strange thing can’t hit it on her small belly, and A 芷 想 will push it open. Yeah! Early, round, long, the largest eggplant bought in the vegetable market is rough, and the head is very large. She gently kneaded, a bit like a sea cotton, still jumping. Her finger is about a piece of pinch, could not help but secretly:

“Hey, there is a seven inches long! There is only one gap in the small hole, how can you not go in!” She called excited.

“No! No, I don’t want, I am afraid!”

My hand has been sliding up and down, from her double peak until it is.

Hey! The blur, in this rush, so easy to find a creek in a valley!

“Table …. you … don’t … Well!”

Although she looked too lightly, she was too light, she was too light, so it didn’t stop my disturbance, but he increased my desire, so movement intensified. I refer to a song, combined, so tight, one fingers, there is no room, I only feel that the two walls in the small gap don’t seem to be a little wet.

“Hey!” The finger touched her sexy birthplace – yuki.

A big grain, slippery, I gently knead.

“Well, no, I don’t … so itchy!”

She felt that she was smashed by her finger, and she was a bit comfortable. If she took the finger, she had a little reluctant. At this time, she has already had a soft fat. I don’t want to move.

“Hey! Table … brother, don’t you suck? Take a break, don’t dig, you have dug hard, hey, my little, I have to give you empty!”

At this time, she has already happy. I can’t bear it anymore, picking up her skirt, quickly take off her nylon trip. It’s like a small, drums, like a pink big peach, cave hairy, and like silk.

The cave is closed, almost seamless, and the jade legs are rampant.

“No … Don’t insert a small, the big guy, you can’t stand it.”

“Good sister, don’t be afraid, big cock will make you more happy!”

“No! Brother, I am afraid that Xiaoli can’t stand it, you should be pitiful, it has not been tasted!”

“Oh! The little girl in the end, it is good, no more, my brother will slowly insert, gently send, wait for one, you must know the benefits of dry!”

“Oh, I have a good time, I listen to you, but I must slow down, gently, don’t make Xiaoqi too painful.”

My spirit is shaking, I immediately put it on my horse, I slowly advanced, but because of the little, I’m really too small, even the chisel, I can’t enter the port, I only urgently, I’m hard to ban, if it is too hard I am afraid of frightening her.

After a few efforts, the glans barely entered two-thirds. I hit my heart, my eyes were red, and I couldn’t stand it again.

“Oh, good pain, I am different from you, Xiaoyu is bombing.”

My heart is moving, I have to pay for it, I am in the jade body, my hands are pinched with the two stunned milk tips.

The milk tip is crystal, the tentacles are smooth, and it can be introduced into the fans.

The sexy part of the girl, the paint of the opposite sex, she is awkward “um! Um!”.

“Take some sister, you feel better!” I condolences.

“Good brother, now I don’t have much pain, it is a bit swell! There is a little itchy!”

I wonder the words, slowly pumping gently, and the jade stems have been deep into the cave.

“Oh, Mom, I am dying! I am not coming, I am so worried, your big dick smashed the little bit.”

“Good sister, don’t shout so loudly, endure for a while, will slowly come over, this is a life of life, but there will be no pain in the future, but happy is endless!”

I just poured again.

“Okay, then you gently plug, quickly smoke, don’t plug too much too much, Xiaoyao is still painful now!”

I can only slowly insert, one side sucking solid peak, soon she is calling.

“Brother, now there is no pain just now, just point swells, it can be more fast!”

A 芷 has entered the best, tasted the sweetness.

“Oh, beautiful, beautiful! Xiaobi is already happy!”

I won the words like the sacred purpose, and the throduction is strengthened, and I can’t get in the testicles.

“Well, so beautiful, good brother is here!”

“Hey, getting more beautiful, ah! My little bit is so happy!”

“Hey … … um … I can’t stand it, I … I have to die!”

I am tall, “Yeah!” As I am fighting. A splendor, such as arrow, direct split.

Hot essence is poured on a flower heart, warm and hot, her legs, the stars are slightly closed, and the words are angry:

“Good brother, I am enough, I lost, I am so tired, give me a break, come back!”

At this time, I also felt fatigued, and I took the potential. A 芷 is like a big event,

Suddenly shocked: “I am getting up, I have to go back to the house, and Miss Miss will call me.”

She got up and watched Xiaoxi and the hairy, all the red spots, the sheets were also the peach blossoms, and the sadness said: “You see! It’s your bad things, smashed people this scene, 喏, get up , Change the sheets, lest it to the lady, you can’t see it! “

I think, I will take the bed in my bed, smile and smile: “Take it, let’s change a clean, tomorrow, I will give you a gold ring for commemoration!”

A 芷 picked up for a while, but there was a breathing of his pussy, couldn’t help but bite the teeth: “Bad brother, you can’t break people, Xiaoyao is now very painful now!”

“Hey, good A 芷, don’t say me, just now you are still called beauty, happy, now I said that I broke up!”

“Well! I am not coming, give you cheap, still in the mouth, go to you.”

A pair of small hands only played like a drum in my chest.

“Okay, okay, good sister, I am talking about playing!”

Said to gently kiss on her pretty face.

Ah suffered a pain to put the bed, only to leave my bedroom. When I was dry, I wanted to fire, and I slept soon.

The snow on the second floor is covered in the bed, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.

“How is this dead ghost? I miss my big dick again!”

When I thought of me, I remembered my big cock with both thick and hard. She was in the heart of a while, and the little can started to creep, so she took the finger to dig, the more itching it. Unable to stop! What kind of hate me hate?

She lowered her low, I saw the two scoop lips and drums. The Taoyuan cave is flooding, and the milk is a little swelling. She can’t suppress it. She turned over, put the nightgown, even the trip is there. On, open the door and go downstairs.

The Sex of the room is only listened to her, and she stands up from the wall.

I saw the snow, rushing back, half the night, got her curiosity, and did not feel the downstairs.

But seeing the snow red head and never returned the brother’s bedroom, she is more curious to peep in the bore.

I saw that the snow is constantly squatting on the cousin, the cherry is aligned with the body, and I have been “吱”, I woke up from the sweet dream, and I saw the snow and I saw the snow. Before the bed, she wanted to raise their fire, and the fierce turned over and grabbed the petite.

The coarse jade stems have long been joyful under her constant teasing.

Snow purple outside the door, I saw the huge things under my arms, recalled me to touch my late look, I couldn’t help but blush, the snow is no longer waiting, I saw her 囗 囗 玉 轻 轻 道:

“Baby big cock, Xiaolang wants you.”

No matter what everything is lying on the bed, beside my strong side, slamming a way: “Tessic brother, the waves have been itchy, fast … Come, oh! It seems to have Both bugs crawling! “

I am not anxious, and the long turns is sitting up.

I will take her pink neck first, and I am hiding the lips, the arm is exceeded, the little belly on both sides, close, and constantly fro.

“Well, a good brother, you will put the big cock in, save the little!”

I took the jade stick just in her lower abdomen.

“Yeah! Kiss big chicken brother, fast plug, I ……..”

She has tried to move, I can’t wait to swallow a big dick directly into the.

I support the glans and put the hole, the snow, the snow, “哧” sounds all the whole roots.

“Well!” Snowdon was angry.

At this time, the snow whispers peeked outside the door and smashed the heart of the gods. She touched, the moisture of the silk, and her finger wet sticky, there was a feeling of itching like acid to run in the jeapline.

She didn’t consciously follow the sister’s actions, and excavated the fiber of the jade bamboo shoots. I looked comfortable, and I was deeply comfortable. At this time, the battlefield in the room has been warflasty, obscene, Just listen:

“Good brother comes in a little, um! This is a heart.”

“Beautiful, my brother, I have to lose, I want to fly, yeah! God.”

“Wave sister, careful liver! Your rush is also sent! There is a lot of water in the!”

“Go to you! There are so many, one is not yours, but also say people, don’t know!”

“Haha, if you are mine, I have already returned! Little second brother will be so told!”

I am quick to play.

“Hey! Hey!” The sound of “!”, Hetends and more clear mystery.

“Hey! Hey!” The bed is now called, I am not shallow.

“Well! Well! Dear brother, will insert a good brother, Xiao Yi gives you died, yeah! Mom! I am beautiful!”

I saw that the snow red calf continued to sway, the lower abdomen continued to fluctuate.

“Hey! I have to …….. Um … I have to lose, ah!”

She lost twice in a short time. I just did it once, I had a signs of a lot of time.

Snow purple at the door, then the legs have been crossed, the finger has become two fingers in my tender, a silk tripper has been wet a large piece, and the nose is not loud, if it is not a snow red The bed sounds, and I have already awakened two people in the room.

Time is constantly flipping, the snow is going to enter the house is a minute, but I still have no ejaculation, still courageous, constantly inherently upstanding.

“Oh, a good brother, I have lost it twice, too tired, give a rest to rest for a while? Otherwise, I must give you a dead!” She began to ask for mercy.

“Hey! I beg you! Yeah …”

“Xiaolang, don’t like this, my baby is not addicted!”

“Well! I have to kill by big cock, um! Well! Heaven, you have to lose, yeah … Yeah … out! “

She has been mixed and weak, soft is lying in bed, there is less in the nose, the breath is more, and the shortness of breath.

I am climax, can you waste it in the middle? I have to sprint a few times, a while, a hot essence, direct shooting!

“Ah! It’s so hot! Hey, snow … Snow …” She was comfortable, indulged.

The snow is hot, and I wake up, I woke up, I can’t help but ask for curiosity:

“Brother, this night, you suddenly get so long, it is a horrible, then smash it, Xiaoba will not be able to stand, think of you, really …….” She liked her complaint I got me.

At the same time, the two eyes will be down, and only the little bid, the little brother, the soft, soft, and the jade stalk said: “Bad things, some want my little life, now this is now Not angelicity! “

I woven a hand, I hurt, I immediately stopped: “Yeah, good sister, this thing is can’t beat, it is harmful, beware that it will not serve you next time!”

“Hey, good baby, don’t be angry, I am playing with you.”

The snow outside the door knows that the war has been completed, and he first goes back to the house. I am afraid that we have embarrassed it.

Time is like a flow of water, and youth is melodious, we are intoxicated in the spring breeze.

Snow Zi is because she has come to Taiwan for a long time, she knows a lot of friends, especially she has paid a lot of good friends.

Because everyone is the students from the field, you can say that all heroes are good. Feelings are easy to get together.

This day, the Chinese Learning Center held a seven-day roundabout tour for students.

Snow Zi is happy to participate in this trip, now I am leaving with snow, and there is A 芷.

In recent days, I pay much attention to Amoney, because she has been in the rain, a development is gradually full, and people are more beautiful. I want to revisit the old dream, helplessly can’t find the appropriate opportunity to cancel the desire.

This day, just the morning of Sunday, the snow-red classmate just called about her to visit the food exhibition, inadvertently created me a good opportunity to be good. At this point, I was still lying in the room upstairs.

Snow red said: “I have never come back at noon, and you will settle you.”

I am in my heart, the opportunity is coming, but I said: “Okay, you come back, I am too lonely, and you call A 阿 上 上, I want to drink some coffee.”

“Okay, my name is Amoney, I’m going to come!”

She spoke, smashed on the side, and then “worship” giggling shoes after slightly adding makeup, down the stairs, go out.

“Hey! Open the door, coffee is coming!”

This is what I look forward to a long time. The door is in the same way, I saw that A 芷 didn’t take, a pair of playful, smiling, bones. I dragged into A 阿, I took the room “Peng”, said:

“Good baby, why don’t you give me a coffee?”

“Hey! There is no coffee today, there is only a pair of meat packs, if you don’t joy, then I went to the street to buy a cup!”

“Good Nizi, you are martial arts, wait for a while, I will tell you to live.”

Double-handed her top and cream.


The boiling peak is indeed a lot than the past, and it is more full. Originally, there is only rice granular nipple, now there is a soybean size, red, 崁 崁 on the white roller-rolled meat, I use my hand, the milk tip is hard, I don’t help but I don’t bow, I will contain it. Slowly suck it in your mouth.

She listened to her eyes on these days, and her lust has already needed.

Almost at the same time, she reached out to my jade stem, a hard-torn jade stick, and there were some sticks.

“Hey, do you see about three hundred batches last night?”

“Hey, what about you? Must use your fingers in the more yourself!”

I also remembulated it in her meat.

“Well! Don’t face it, you use your fingers, you! Light dig, this is a little bit!”

I took a while, I wanted to play, Xiao Yigong had already can’t help it, and at the same time he heard the heartbeat plus, the water in the cave has been increasing.

“Well! Xiaoyao’s sauce, give you dao, oh! It’s hard to accept, tendo, come together! The big cock, hey!” She pinned the jade stalk.

I don’t wait until I finish, I’m tall, and the jade stick is easily guilty to the mouth.

“Hey!”, The dick is in Yumen.

“Well! Make a little bit of big cock, plug! Heavy plug ……..”

“Well, my parent brother, my heart brother, heavy, this is so happy!”

“Well! Hey, baby brother! Don’t bite my nipple, the nipple will bite you!”

I can’t think of, a few days ago, the arrogance, I will survot this level today. She was rumored! Sao to the top, have been in the bone.

Sensuality, I saw her fat hips, and the constant prostitution:

“Oh … so hurt … so beautiful! … … ah …”

She is full of sputum, radiopaque.

I don’t care everything, all of my tactics, all apply it in the following women.

The war is launched, and there is no reduction in the throduction, and the arrogant smile is profitable, and the spring is like a tide.

“Take the sister, you are good, do you need a break, don’t get tired of my Xiaolang.”

“Not! If you are tired, you will rest, I am not tired, I think of a few nights of big cock, I am not afraid!”

I am so helping to help, I only put it bravely, with remuneration, after two hundred plug, due to excessive force, the next plus is in the bottom, the jade stems are increasing under the continuous rise Anxiety is as follows.

“Well! Good brother is good, spray me God!”

She accompanied her, and the two were touched together, waiting until the jade stick was soft, slipped out of the mouth, only turned over to the bed.

On Saturday night, I saw A 阿 because I had worked hard for a week, I saw that she was only a young age, but she was too wronged than the girl in Taiwan. I propose that the snow is on a flower on a flower, watching movies, shopping, playing together once, snow, she is like a sister, of course, will not refuse.

And A 芷 knew his identity, although the snow was not bad, but she knew that Snowdon loved me, so after returning home, it was a late night, and everyone felt tired, soon, she went back to the house. NS.

The next day, the three brought almost noon, at this time, At this time, A 芷 received a call from Snow Zi.

“Miss, Miss Second, said she has come to Taipei, now people are in Taipei Station, I want you to drive her!”

“I am so tired! It’s still sleepy, um … Some uncomfortable … Please win to pick her …”

Snow red is a lazy tone.

So I opened the car to the station to get the snow. When the car went to the two sides of the Taipei station, I saw Snow Zi and a group of girls. When I called her, she was surprised.

“Snow purple, come, get on the bus!”

“Hey! Everyone sees that Snow Zi has a boyfriend to pick her!”

“Dead girl, don’t talk, this is my brother.”

“You look, let’s brother, watch brother, don’t call so honey, no one will grab your, hero!”

Snow Zi is not good, and he doesn’t care about everything, “” Quickly go! Let’s go! Don’t care! “

The car will drive away from her “beep”. After the car passed a girl’s laughter.

“It’s all you! Let people have smiled by others!”

“Hey! What is the relationship, a boyfriend is a boyfriend, what is nothing!”

“Well! Don’t hurt. Who is your boyfriend like this.”

She deliberately got a glance.

“Hey! Not a boyfriend, what is it? Is it a husband?”

“You are necrosis,” exclusively, I am not coming. “

Said that I have a mess on me. I’ve been holding the steering wheel aside, with her strength, I only feel her pair of pearmies, soft, wiped my soul reverse, reach out her slight waist, finger head in her Yufeng, pinch .

“No, don’t you, you can see people! Hey, I am really dead!”

“Oh! Don’t touch it here, then you touched it!” I got straight.

Hand has left the jade milk, picked up the rapid rising to her triangle mysterious zone, so fine, so tired, soiled skin, all the way, directly to Taoyuan cave.

“You are really bad, don’t touch it? If you don’t touch people here, I don’t want you to touch, I want to touch you, don’t face ………”

I listened to Xiao Nizi, and said she was even jealous.

“Don’t say, I didn’t touch you!”

“Hey! I am talking about you two, you don’t know, I can’t say it, shame is dead!”

I know that I have seen everything with snow, she has already seen it, otherwise I will not say this.

“How do you know, you must sneak see it, is it?”

Snow purple was broken by me, and the red neck was rough, but it didn’t lift it.

“Hey! You are necrosis, I don’t want to take the bus with you, stop, I will go home.”

I know this sentence is too long. When I watched Xiao Nizi’s red face bowed, the shame of the smile, I really saw that I saw it, and even silently apologized, one side turned into the lane.

Snow purple, I really stop going, my heart is a sadness, my tears, I’m still looking at me.

I saw Snow Ziyan Xiao Ran, how much is a little bit of my heart, and hugged in his arms and comforted:

“Little kids don’t be angry, my brother will give you satisfaction!”

After that, I still bowed in her sakurakou.

“Hey!”, Snow Zi can’t help my sweet words, I am laughing.

Of course, I know that the rain is, I am busy falling out of the lane, ready to leave. At this time, the snow violet is all in my arms, a pair of jade hands touch my solid arm.

The car has passed the beauty, the speed gradually decreases, is equal to no movement, pinching her a bud, but the snow purple is soft, tender, crisp, greasy, is snow, A 芷, there is no, the car The show is blown by the wind, from the vice of a pink car, makes people feel clear.

“Snow purple, what are you thinking, is it a history of the style of the same day like me, is it?”

“Don’t listen! Who said that I think about it, shame, two people getting light, but also saying that it is a death, I am not!”

“Xiao Nizi, I still say it! Listen to you, I will know, how long have you seen the night?”

“Don’t come, who said, I don’t want to tell you, 哟, don’t let go, just touch it outside!”

My fingers can not be obedient, “”, I put it in, but I have already watered the water, the waves are small.

“Zhi Ni, also said no! Then there is the waves in your little?”

“You are necrosis, give you some words, don’t touch you anymore.”

She twisted the waist and then said: “Table brother, the night, your big guy, I am born, how can she stop, but beautiful?”

“Of course it is comfortable! Happy! Do not believe let us try it!”

“Don’t! Don’t, so you will know.”

She kept a stack of rejection, I knew she was afraid of the pain, not unwilling, does not allow for strong, had strong resistance to desires. “Cousin, how there are so many hair sister, and I did not!”

“This is the problem of early maturity Man, After a few days you will be there.”

“Ah! Tickling, do not squeeze it!”

I think the snow in the purple legs slowly release the water hole wave is also more and more, so fingers along slowly in depth.

Side of the courage, put a stick Yu-hop hop Zhizhuang in her leg side.

It was purple snow knocked flesh itch incessantly, reaching a push, he said: “! Hate”

But when the real estate broker touched jade stick pounding heart could not help asthma dignified, like a magnetic finger, like, suck on Tiechu no more.

I track down a pro in their foreheads: “?! Purple sister, tonight you taste it taste good it has been several days without a plug cunt, up dead.”

“I do not, I’m afraid, so much, I too small.”

“Do not worry, you see your sister’s cunt waves, almost is not with you!”

“I do not! I …… ……. I’m afraid,” she ni the girl.

Then she had a leg resting on my hip as much as possible to open large imports cunt, my fingers can roam the whole territory.

I knew Zhe Nizi and sister almost certainly is enough to show enough cargo kinky waves, heart feared and envy.

“Snow purple, tonight I come to your room, okay?”

“No! No, sister will hear.”

“Do not be afraid this evening I give her to eat two pieces of sleep on it.”

“Do not forget! Then you must first give her to eat it!”

I was very happy one, a step throttle, Buduoyihui, the car has been home, I reached out and water dripping fingers, while heavy on the road pinched her little cunt: “Little cunt, see you tonight!”

“Hee! Shame!”

Put the car through the living room upstairs, entering a room, I heard in the micro-Xue Hong Chen Dao:

“How a family to stay so long, I have a sick person at home!”

Said she turned and said: “? Snow purple exam finished it the way he has bullied you do not?”

I looked at the grinning, waiting for her response.

“No, hey, he dare?”

“Hee! That’s good, that you take a shower and rest it! Alas! The whole body very sour!”

Black enveloped the earth, night falls, I impatiently waited, milling about in the room, eyes from time to time at his watch, feel that time flies too slow.

“Today, how is it you? Without saying a word, is the parades?”

I was compelled to put away irritable mood to sit down and chat with her, because I was afraid to discover the secret heart.

The wait finally sleep Xue Hong, of course, the clothes of sleeping pills, only to sleep so soundly, quietly got up out the door, reflexive shut the door, went next door to the snow purple room door, he saw the door was ajar , a push on the inside.

Then the snow purple still up, I watched two, showing that she has waited too long time. I move forward without saying a word, holding Fenjing is a long kiss.

“Purple sister told you waiting, I’m sorry!”

“Hey! Who waiting for you, hee! Sister she did not eat?”

“Eaten, do not worry!”

Here, the snow has given me purple stripped naked, shocked statue of Venus, the same as white as jade Ru Feng, peak ditch clearly visible, as small as a grain of rice pink nipples, bulging, hard Beng Beng’s truly lovely, could not help looking down a deep bite.

“Do not suck it! Do not see your own clothes off, yet people stripped bare, good selfish ah!”

I quickly removed the nightgown revealing a Jingzhuang carcass.

Revealed in the snow in front of purple are strong chest, dark patches of grass below, highlight a huge jade stick, a hand grip, red hot.

I firmly Jiaoqu catch her, ask wear thin very smooth Nienong Yu-yi. A crystal navel, the size of a grain of rice.

“Hey! What a charming little hole.”

Because of her pubic hair and short and lean, mean no. So little cunt seen particularly clearly. Meat bulging double hill, is particularly projections. White skin and pink flesh mound, showing a slightly darker middle of the stream, dual-mound close, showing only a small gap. Then my mouth sucking nipples in one hand and between the chest and abdomen, stroking swing, and soon Yuyan has risen to boiling point, her almond eyes with spring snow purple, nose breathing again and again, cheeks filled with sparkling smile.

I expect snow purple passion has long been surging, and I come forward to sit, righting Yu-yi, two legs diverge, I saw the hole wetted a piece, I know the first girl holy liquid, is quite nutritious, busy bent his head, on a sucking, the tongue into his hole spade while chaos lick, suck purple snow was more than Jiaohu.

“Good brother, do not suck it, my heart give you panic suck it!”

“Hey! Tickling, will suck small cunt elder brother, do not bite, little cunt inside empty a pain, you Come on!”

“Hey! Hey!” This little rhyme came from her cunt, the little cunt is calling? No, groaning from her nose out.

“Ah, elder brother Do not suck, little cunt to suck empty.”

“Hey! Hey! I beg you not to bite little cunt, faster Come on!”

Pro Peng Yujing have my door, because the hole is too small imports, only the first exploration drilling in hard pussy mouth up.

“Ah, come on, come on in, send the baby to come, I am not afraid of pain, as long as you slow down a bit on it!”

Her eyes closed, roll up our sleeves roots, real estate broker Qingnie dick, pussy mouth aligned, but not easily put.

I have pity in my heart, but I can’t afford to fire, I don’t do it! I gently, the glans go in half. “Well! Brother! Don’t hurt, come in, there is a little itching in Xiaoyu!”

Hey! I am a very straight, I have entered three-thirds, and the glans seems to have encountered what is like, I know that the girl’s film has been reached, slowly plugging.

“Well! Slowly, good brother has some pain, and some swells!”

She pathes my heart, I am gradually entered, try to avoid the pain of Snow. It’s a hot run, and there is no such thing as the snow, and she “唔” even has a different feeling. I know that it is time, but the hip is very, the jade stems are downward.

“Oh! Mom! I died, I said to slowly insert it with you, how to be heavy! You are so worried, my little is dying, I don’t come … I don’t coming………”

I look at the pity after her pain and gently stroke:

“Good sister, this is a matter of your women, there is this level, after the future, there is no pain!”

Snow Ziyi is also right, the students are so saying ……..

“Really? Otherwise, I am different from you, just hurt! Are you lie to me?”

“How can I lie to you, you can be cashed!”

“Zi … Zi … Zi ……..”

I slowly pumped it, gradually feel that the following snow purple legs slowly released, both hands slowly opposed their own.

“Well! Brother! I really don’t hurt very much now, I feel that some rising and some itch … um … getting more and more beautiful … ……. It is so comfortable, so that night, I dug my own little, I still have to find you ………. Um … Xiaoyi, so I swallowed a big dick. , Yeah … Kiss, you are my heart, my baby, my life … Haha … “

Although she is the first time, the lady is far from the snow.

“Hey, your big cock has encountered my heart, oh … beautiful death …”

Her suspended waves, couldn’t help me, and a seven-inch long big cock has continued to bottom, I’m trying to go, I can’t wait until the testicles will come in.

“Hey … … 哟 … I hit me … comfortable … um …….”

“Good brother can’t do it, don’t move, I have to go …”

The voice did not converge, and a spray was vented, this is the first time her life.

“It’s so hurt, brother, you can really insert small, so that I am like flying the same as the same thing …”

Now she can’t screamed everything, not afraid of her, nor, anyone is heard, just vent her own lust.

“My dear brother, the big chicken Baba’s good brother, fast, Xiaobi can’t stop, oh! My mom! My pro ……..”

Yinjing is constantly emerging, she! Don’t look at her young, the righteousness can be strong enough!

“Hey, want to live, I have to vent it, brother! Hello … I will smash it, I will give you a little, hey, I am dying, I don’t want to live, good brother, you Let me die, I am dead! “

Because of astishing, coupled with her waves, taking a little heart and licking.

“Good waves, I don’t think you have this kman, hey, my big dick gives you a little bit biting.”

“Hey, you are more beautiful than them …”

I can’t control, accelerated sprint thrust. Thermal avatar arrow is generally shot to the heart.

“Well! … so hot … hot, I am so comfortable, oh … my body is fluttering and going to day …”

“Oh, brother … don’t take your baby stick, I love it … I like it …”

I have a good time to hold a tight body, enjoy the gentle comfort, and take some sleep.

I am afraid that I have been known to be sophisticated, and I will leave, I have been away, I also kiss her cheeks. Xiao Nizi is really a long and charming.

The days of Happy Tour have been continued in my body. After autumn, A 芷 is because she has something to go back, so she leaves us.

I know that I apologize to her, but I can’t marry her for my wife, because Taiwan is to promote a wife and a wife, and I still have snow.

I secretly sent her a gold necklace, engraved the name of “Qi Yan”.

She is very touched and said that I will always remember me.

A 芷 哭 说 说:

“I hope there will be a chance to come to Taiwan. If you have a chance, don’t forget to see me …”

It’s really can’t stand, you can see the true feelings.

I have to comfort her, I will see her in the future.

After the arrogance, the family suddenly became clear, I seem to lose? It’s good to be by the snow and snow.

In a no longer, the Snow purple is pregnant for more than a month, and the snow is not paying attention to it. Because she has the symptom of general women, she has to cause everyone to be ace.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, it proves that the snow violet belly is indeed a new life.

This is ok, the snow cry is crying.

She said that she likes her children, and it is my own flesh, and the mouth sounds say that I love me? Can you take her take the child? Finally, I have to face the facts, let this truth let the parents know.

Parents had to quickly play the Yueyang phone to inform me of the aunt, aunt.

Under the raw rice, the parents of the two sides have to make me and the snow.

In order to be afraid that the snow is big and wearing the bride’s dress into the auditorium, this marriage actually has a speed of breath.

I will continue to stay in the snowstuff in the wedding. My Yue Zhang, my mother-in-law is in the marriage for us, and I will soon return to Qiaoguo. I used to think that there is ok, but things happen.

I married to Xue Zi, the biggest setback is the big gourder – snow red.

She didn’t think of her beloved cousin would betray her, and he had smashed her sister.

She hates me, but she is pity her sister, because she believes that her sister must be bullied by my.

When she knew that my sister was almost crazy, I was almost unhappy.

For the sister’s happiness, she finally succinked her grief, she decided to sacrifice.

One night, snow red left a letter, quietly left me with Snow Zi, did not pay her a few days later, from the United States, the letter, it is aunt’s handwriting.

The aunt said that snow red nor I didn’t know why sexual changes, and I intentionally entered a monk in the nearby monastery, and my aunt said that I have no choice but to, I will persuade her.

God! My God! My sin is really deep, I am afraid I will never have a clear.

I have never been able to forgive myself, until today ………………..

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