I am just an ordinary student, but the family is not bad, but I know a few bad friends. I have a lot of waves, but I have lost them. I can enjoy the present beautiful life because many tired school rules I was retired. When I naturally went home, I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it. How can I notify the school in order to let me continue to complete the school decision to change the environment? So I re-read the house to the south. Rent and help me apply for a private school to study in the first day of going to school I can’t sleep. I have to hurry to hurry to school to grasp the school bag and do two steps in the stairs. Mercedes-Benz is in the stairs. I hit me. I got a soft body a girl’s pet shouted “Hey!” I just pressed directly on her body and my hands were very just holding in her breast. I didn’t consciously pinching “摁 … ! No, it will be seen by people …. !! “

This female classmate is really a sensuality, and there is nothing to resist. I also indulge my behavior. “摁 ….. hate! You still don’t hurry, hit people hurt”

I also stretched out her skirt and gently caress my thigh. The right hand was drilled into her T-shirt, and she slowly pushed her cup slowly pushed the whole breast jumped. Out of moment from the binding of the bra.

“Ah ~~ Ah ~~ stop …. Stop …. ah ~~~”

I feel that she starts to make the chest but this is just to put my hand in that side, I am a pink double milk, and the soft and round breast is also pulled by kneading …

The hands under the skirt are not idle, and the panties are pulled by the panties to the side of the panties, and find that her pink juicy lab has begun.

Then, a finger inserted her little labipings, then two fingers, started to enter and forth, “there … no! ……”

“Ah … don’t … enough, I don’t want … I will stop it.”

She sidedly, she would like to make my hand left her body. At this time, the stairs came to the crisp foot. I hurriedly took her underwear. “I still want my underwear.” I said that I went to the direction of the toilet downstairs, I was afraid that she didn’t come out, so she saw her carefully walked over, I saw her carefully. Looking for me, I took her directly when she passed this toilet. “Please ….. Can I still pay my underwear? I have been late, I don’t say anything.”

I want to … I still don’t be late in this time! ?

I also don’t care if there is so many insects? Just pressing the whole body directly, put her jacket up to the back of her, and the beautiful jade rabbit was smashed. And the nipple is still pink at this time, I can’t help my mouth directly to start sucking her beauty. I can’t hold it with the tongue. I will bite two on the small cherry.

Holding another braumper and starting caressing her full of jade rabbit is constantly deformed in my hand, I don’t know whether it is to give up resistance, or it is possible because I have been very comfortable, in short, she began to lose resistance.

“Hey … God … don’t … 摁 … good pain ……. don’t

“Oh … oh … don’t” “ah … … ah … don’t … don’t touch it!”

This is the case that I can’t satisfy my other hand, I also extend her honey pocket and start to put her body bow. I can feel her feeling the thrill of trembling the body, the warm and implied honey solution is constantly overflow. Her slender waist, turned his double lips, the tongue and her sliding the soft and vast tongue were entangled, my little brother has already touched it to go to the panty, the buckle, you I took a hand to put her feet to pick the glans to pick up her tender hole. I saw she suddenly started nervous. “Hey .. Please do you …

My meat stick has long been so hard to stop holding her feet slightly so that I have to go to her tender hole to get rid of the meat stick. I will enter her points, “摁 .. .. Oh .. God … you .. No .. Don’t …..

Oh … don’t … “I tried to move with her cavitation in her body, and the clip of my meat stick was closer.

Her honey is really tender and tight, the warm prostitution has always been overflowing, moisturizing my penis, I can’t stand the beginning every time, every time, every time, every time I get to her, the heart is one. I also brought all the love liquid in her honey to the floor. The wet is also wet. “Oh … Please …. Don’t this, ah! …” I saw that her mouth didn’t say, the body showed Different behaviors are on top of the whole back, and they are swaying, and forgetting to swing with my slings. I will start her cooperation. I also start more violent indulgence. Under the attack, she was soon being covered with the honey gantry. She was covered with her white hips. She kept shaking in me but I didn’t fully enjoy it. I could stop me at all. I didn’t breathe. The opportunity continues to flush “Hey ….. Don’t …. God …. Quick plug … I want to die …” “….” oh. …. etc …., etc. … Oh …. “

“Oral … finished …. ah …


I saw that her waist has a larger and larger, the vagina is also constantly contracted, the more absorbed my penis, the labia is also slightly swollen by me, sensitive and doubles, I feel her. The heart of the heart and the warm hot juice I also shot a hot semen into her tenderness. Her pockets and her honey pockets have suffered this semen and more dramatically convulsions and spasm. After two climax, I was unable to do the whole person. I just took the brilliant butter in her body. But still in her body, “comfortable?” I asked her. I know. She just enjoyed instead of me raped her “hate .. I …. 摁 .. very itching … Small power point.”

“My name is A 楷 …. 妳?”

“摁 …. My name is Xiao Yu, performing the first grade of the art department” day … I just just with my classroom! Isn’t that cool?

“… Wait, you can accompany me back to the dormitory … I want to change …… underwear

I heard this whole person is cool! ! Of course, it is an unshirkable “Of course! I will go back.”

Just like this, the first day of my reread is like this, but also makes me completely refreshing and still going back to her dormitory. It is still a few weeks after I will be more and more familiar with each other. I know more, I will return to her dormitory in the get out of class, and I will have a small rain. It is also very boring. After I transfer, I’ve been a small kinky baby. I often cooperate with me. This weekend is a hot afternoon. Originally, I want to say that Xiaoyu, who is blowing at home, but calls “~ my computer has a problem, the information used by the teaching is not dealt, come to help me see”

I have to go to the school dormitory “Hey! Hey!”

I opened the door to open the door. I immediately felt right!

Because the weather is hot, the rain is relatively casual in the bedroom. Today, only the pink V-neck refreshment and a low-waist denim dress “is great. Fortunately, you will come, or my homework is finished. NS”

I then followed the rain and found that it was only a general computer program virus three or two.

Next, Xiao Yu is seriously buried and started to report me. I had to boring and turning the TV. But TV is really nothing to attract my whole person, I’m smothering, my heart is a small, smashing a small electric fan is not very ventilated. I just saw the beautiful port of the rain, I just saw her beautiful port, I sat down to the rain. I looked at her. She looked at her seriously played a briefing, and the other hand began to reach her double milk began to swim. “I hate it, people are playing, you are a little, and you are still squeezing”

“It’s because of the heat, don’t want the fan, you have been steaming like it is now blowing us!”

When I said this, I contained the earlobe of the rain, and one hand has already reached into the clothes directly to push the baby’s breast index, start to tease the nipple of the rain, I will use the index finger thumb, and the tongue is more smooth. The ear is also touched by me. “Wait for numbness!

Drizzle quickly headed towards the window to pull the curtains, I looked at her beautiful fiber without ya back, a pair of round white slender shapely legs under the skirt unable to bear followed went over, took the side of the crotch stiff cock it tightly against her legs, “hate! how are you so hurry friends ~ ~”

I directly put her underwear to pull the hot, hot, the hot stick, the meat stick opened her soft petals, and the thick meat rod was inserted into her narrow beauty. Swelling big talents are closely clamped by a soft soft meat, shrink, sucking my glans. When my meat stick entered the small rain and young honey, the little rain couldn’t stand soft and delicate, gently squatted “Ah … ah … um …” a thick meat rib is burdronized. The tender hole is shameless “ah … ah … um … ah … you … ah …


I also started to push up between the narrow jade wall in her petite, Xiao Yu and Pantry, with my pumping swing, the beauty and pure face, the shame, the fragrance, Xiangqi is moving, “Oh ! Ah … good … good deep … ah … um um … “

“Ah, ah … 喔 … 要 要 … I can’t … ah … I will die … too much … ah …

I was excited to smash the small rain, the meat rod, the meat stick rose the smooth and delicate snow hip, frequently towering, the meat stick hurts, the thick meat rod is collided in the tenderness , The pumping has made the rain, and the rain is only in my body. It is said that it is ah. “Ah … um … ah … you … ah …

… Ah … “At this time, I took the rain to the next, let her double knees in bed, the ass raise, just like the bitch, the buddle is generally helped, the waist of the rain is adjusted, and my meat stick is aligned with my meat stick. Insert every time you go straight into the whole penis, you go to the small rain. The pink is tender and tight. “

The twisted back of the rain, the happy beauty is simply letting me cool the sky with a shares, the comfortable skin, the comfort of the soft bed, soaked in the rain, I feel soft in the tenderness. The fleshy causing ambition, the trembling is even more exciting, and the rain is still can’t help: “Ah … ah …” Jiazhen is a wet heat, spurting a hot and sticky A thick, sliding and greasy prostitute.

My penis felt a small rain and tender meat, a wave of strong contraction creeps, grip my meat stick, and even a small rain, shrink, clip, suck, hot mucosa, tender meat, tightly wrapped in mine The soft meat in the meat stick is constantly contracted, a burst of sucking, shrinks, so that I have to take the best of the meat stick, smashing the rain, sleek, slightly smoking, madness, rain Inserting is a warm current, my glans also rises, and a semen is emitted.

This gun ends, we think that the posture of the beast is relatively poor, so Xiao Yu also feels more stimulus, “Xiao Yu, you are very tight! I can’t help but I can’t help but I am. “

Said on the side of the small rain with the small rain, the flat belly, the wonderful region is exploring, I also feel that my meat stick has begun to congest, “I don’t know … I just think I am dead. I feel …. ~ “

This day, Xiaoyu, I don’t know how many times, the whole backache, the whole backache, the whole backache, also felt that even walking posture is blamed.

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