It’s hard to wait until the weekend. Mr. Zhang found a good online this week, Mr. Zhang said that the other’s gameplay is not. It must make our great eyes, and this gentleman is also very mysterious, we don’t want to be promoted. I am also looking forward to it. My daughter arrived at the House of Mr. Yu Yuan Long on time on Friday.

At the meeting, I and my daughter, Mr. Zhang, Zhang Xuemei father and Mr. Li, Li Xiaoyu father. Our daughter is wearing school uniforms and bags, which makes us unusually excited. Open the door is a smile of Mr. Guan, a shaped body, and a smile. He asked me to sit down in the living room, let us drink some wine first, and the girls will drink some soda first. Mr. Guan turned to the basement, saying to be prepared, so that everyone can see him and his daughter’s brilliant performance. After about 15 minutes, I came back, Guan Zhen: “Thank you, I am very happy to find such a friendly friend. And there is such a lovely little girl.” Said that Mr. Guan uses the evil eyes to look at us three Daughter.

Guan Zhen: “Everyone, you are amburitating behavior with your daughter, but I am not only normal sexual intercourse with my daughter, but I learned some games from Germany and Japanese movies. Maybe you may not be able to accept, But please, especially the girls, I will see our performances, I will guarantee that you will be happy. Come, go to my basement. “

Mr. Guan took us six people, and the ladder of the basement and the above houses were different. All the walls were red and black. We all had a different feeling. Our daughter is also afraid. At the time, the basement has about two, three hundred feet, and there are three one-person sofa. Let me ask us to sit down, and I and Zhang Sheng Li also exchanged her daughter first, we hold other people on the sofa, I Holding Xiaoyu, I feel that her body drift began to shake. I will slowly touch the nipple of Xiaoyu.

There is a small stage in front of us, about twenty-footed semi-circular, high, high, just let us see the whole body. Mr. Guan said on the side, today’s performance is divided into three sections, and the performance begins. Guan Zi also retired from the background.

At this time, the chamber turns slowly, slowly, the stage on the stage lit up, and there were some classical Chinese music, and the Central station stood in a little girl. The girl is dressed in red Chinese upper, below is a silk trousers, a pair of red embroidered shoes on the foot, holding a long ribbon in hand. The little girl looks only eight, nine years old, about four feet three high, the eyes are big and pointed, the long hair on the head is very lovely, very cute, see the students in the best.

Little girl: “Hello everyone, I am Guan Mei, nine years old, I will read the four-year class of Ming Ai Primary School. I will perform ribbon dance for everyone today. Please appreciate, thank you.”

To say, Merat started to dance, beautiful movement, one jump, one bend, the body is very soft, with a pure and noble smile on the face, very sacred, people will not have erotic evil spirits. Meine’s ribbon dance is more than 20 minutes, her beautiful and innocent dance, put our uncomfortable light, Xiao Yu, and even ask me, is it really playing her.

Just then, the beautiful middle music suddenly stopped, some music with the horror atmosphere, the lights turned to the dark red, and concentrated on the stage. I suddenly became panic on the nime, and I was tightly holding a ribbon with a long to about more than about more than about 10 feet. She is very good at her behalf. At this time, some Japanese military music, while the station also flashed someone, Mr. Guan, he wore a long shirt, and fell to the beauty. “The girl, no, hurry, hurry, Japan is coming,” said Mr. Guan said: “They are not people, giving them to death, fast, fast.”

Meine is really a while crying while crying. “Dad, Dad! I don’t go, I want to be with Dad.”

At this time, I suddenly walked out from the background, I dressed as a Japanese soldier. I and Zhang Sheng, Li Sheng, everyone, I thought: “No?!”

At this time, Mr. Qi hugged his daughter, avoided, the Japanese soldiers were big, and they had to kill, and they were shocked. Mr. Guan said: “The Empress, don’t kill our father, we will give you anything, ask you !!!”

At this time, the three people who played the Japanese soldiers were handed over. They were all Japanese. It is really a Japanese, “Okay, give us a comfortable woman, don’t kill you!” It is really a Japanese.

Guan Zhen: “Don’t, don’t, please let go of my daughter, she is only nine years old, can’t stand, I can’t stand it!” Said that I have a miscarriage.

The Japanese soldiers are noisy, and they will take a beautiful engency, and they will be tied, push down the stage, roll to our feet, watching the daughter crying on the ground. Meine is really crying, and the three Japanese soldiers have a knife, and the height novels are also about 10 feet. Meine is struggling on the ground, and the hand is playing, and the two-day soldiers will open the beginning of powerful grace. Meine is lifted by T, two hands are strong to the limit, the body keeps struggling, very miserable, can’t see it. A Japanese soldier took out the knife, directly refers to the throat, Xiao Yu shocked more in my heart. Japanese soldiers cleverly cut the knife, cut the jacket of Meine, reveal small, unstopped breasts, and knife. Use the knife to pick the trousers, the silk trousers slide down, the inside is a woolen house, the embroidered shoes on the feet are crying in the cry, being pushed to the ground. Meine unstopped snow white meat, pure Chinese girl will become a real comfort woman. Is a primary school student really toer?

Mei En hugs yourself and crying, and another juvenile soldier unspeak her hair. A long hanging is hanging, and it is more eye-catching. On the occasion of the third Japanese soldiers, the beauty is kicking in his lower body. The Japanese soldiers are very angry. On the occasion of the people, the two Japanese soldiers are one foot, and the body of the United States will be able to see the body. It is a real kick, because it is hurting because it is Mei En, only in the earth, it seems like a live fish from the water. Look at me, we are thrilling. Meine is a long time to cry, and there is a barborn. The Japanese people who play Japanese soldiers are really unrecognizable, and they have evil, and it seems to be true abuse. They pick up the ribbon on the ground, tightly tighten the beautiful glands on the back, and is the hand? Hand? Tied together, see the softness of the body.

Next, they pulled the joy of two feet to a impossible angle, inserted the long knife of the army knife into the small kids of Meine. After that, it is inserted, the small hole of Meine is open, the whole body is sweat, the sweat on the face is laid, and the tears are like rain, even more beautiful. And let us feel at ease, because the two cutters of the small hole are wet, it can be seen, it is really enjoying. Every time the knife is pulled out, it will take the tender meat of the vagina. At the same time, the Meine is crying, and the meat outside the small hole is inserted.

Japanese soldiers jointly separated the merits, turning into the nine-year-old caves of Meine, nine years old, my body is in the half-air class. Next, the three of the three people were crying, and the front door of Meine was filled with the real Japanese semen, which was more inserted into the urine. Whenever they struggled, they were hit by them, and the three were finished twice. The small hole is plugged until it is close to, the urine and the source stream, three Japanese people have rituals to our gifts, and then the Japanese military music. They used the military knife to unwind to the hand, and we were more reported to warm applause.

Mr. Guan stood up and asked us. I looked at Mei En in the stage. “” Mr. Guan, you don’t look at your daughter first, women seem to … “

“Don’t worry, after a while, she will live the dragon, you will wait, there are two performances! Haha”

Mr. Li: “What !!! There are two performances ??! Mr. Guan, is not a metah?” I also have the same surprise.

Mr. Guan: “Haha! Zhang Sheng doesn’t worry, the nextmost is the Meine, I have only one daughter.”

Mr. Zhang: “But you are not saying three performances? Chinese dance and Japanese soldiers are gang-raped, isn’t there two?” Zhang Sheng semi-skeptical suspicion, and also brought some expectations.

Mr. Guan: “No !! This is a performance, there is more exciting! You ask for 30 minutes, I have to prepare, first to drink a glass of wine, thirty minutes later.” The feet of the daughter on the ground, pull it with drag to the background. Our three father’s heart is still jumping. My daughter is more urinaced by Mr. Zhang, and I can see this performance to her.

We discuss a while and the daughters, and three daughters wanted to see, so we drank something and went to the toilet, and then went down and then went down for 30 minutes. We also exchanged his daughter again, hit, this time I took Mr. Zhang’s daughter, her school uniform has been fully unlocked, but not take off, with a point of rape. At this time, the light turned dark, and the dance was shining. I saw a small back, wearing a shining black dance dress, and I knew that it was a stripping mother. The feet are five-inch high open toe high heels, toenails on black tinya. Long hair is in the back. Black dance clothes, the skirt is very short, it can be seen in the black T-back, the woman is slid. And black dancer.

At this time, there was a loud music, the woman’s new waist, the sexy movement, and I saw a professional dance mother. One turn, we all open the mouth, it is Meine! ! !

And then not see just the surface of innocence but glamorous style and abject heavy makeup, and her body pupils, this is not the phase contrast, but there is a branching off of the attraction. Her dancing and pick ?? We Zouxia Tai, fascinating and charming, completely seems a nine year old girl. Her dancing is superior, easily kicked his feet in front of me, let me see skirts spring. Ex-US side who only took off the clothes, naked strippers dancing captivating. As the music became wild, the stage lights turn red, mayne walked edge of the stage, pulled out a small horse with a dildo on horseback, about a foot, about crude can of soda, mayne to we gave a smile of immorality, some body, feet away, flying sit dildo. We can see it scared bile break, take this, if allowed. . . .

Just at that moment, the United States has been flying sit grace, and with a loud Scream, a plug straight into to do, when to stop and feet still yet to come, showing that the United States is a little pussy Well, bear the whole body weight. She chattering up and down and then up and down from your own plug. We watched the ex-US belly bulge and fall, the United States should be plugged into this grace the top of a small uterus, an exception to the edge, I’m amazed she was only nine years old, how can withstand such pain. But more than just gang-raped feel better now.

Just think of here, out of the station after a seven-foot high mast nude black and wearing hoods orangutan, abnormal body odor, penis sticking out of grace Bimei doubled, mayne see immediately stood up and said, “Do not, Daddy do not, I do not want black people, Dad! Dad !!!! “mayne barking, tears in his eyes now. Former black red, apart from anything else, the huge penis is inserted mayne mouth, choking inside the line, mayne hard struggle, when blacks pulling, mayne evil spit masterpiece, too bad about the body are black, black beat the beat Well fight the United States faces, and then in-line to the throat muster. Black tugging ex-US sexy legs, forced open, the tongue is inserted into the vagina mayne, and out into, the United States began to grace Shen sexy kinky, after the black spit saliva in the anus, tongue and then Tiaonong mayne little anal in one hand and turn her fan, a little anal plug straight into the beauty of grace, mercy, grace did not pay attention whether the United States can afford, put about a half feet of thick penis all gone in, I clearly saw the burst of anal bleeding.

Mayne little body becomes a chimpanzee toy drive, thrilling anal rape, chimpanzee grabbing ex-US feet, hung upside down mad little anal plug she has bleeding. Mayne been crying, soft body down, sweaty and black saliva. Black beast mayne even more pale. That lasted 31 minutes, and only then concentrated essence of his anus filled with ex-US, while blacks left, mayne has been down in Taichung, unconscious. We are quiet eyes open to see, suddenly, lively music sounded, Mr. shut out from the background.

“Thank you! Thank you, thank my good friend, Jacksonthankyou !!” shouted Mr. Kwan. We warmly applaud. “Thank you is not up people!” Born to ex-US fall off the stage, he said.

Mayne slowly getting up, hands in the air, with a surface of immorality smile and tears just to show us her tiny body, who have whip marks and the second field of the first performances of seminal fluid from flowing through the back door thigh calf, drip on stage. Ex-US: “Thank you, please take a break above, then there’s more performance.” Went to Taiwan, we closed the living room and Mr. rest after our little girl and we have not wait to make love, they has been very emotional, we are on top of someone else’s daughter rape, rape really play, they also put struggling, after the girls have made no wear any clothes, they walk around naked.

I asked: “Mr. Guan, you do not prepare it as well … she … she really is your elder daughter do??”

Guan Sheng: “Ha ha ha ha I said you will not ask, so many people, you will only ask ha ha ha ha!.!”

Zhang: “You are not so many people playing for a long time now, mayne was nine years old?.”

Off the living family photos out to us, more about the phases wife and daughter about the life growing photo, which. The original shut-year-old daughter was born in the beginning has been to her four A film, he and his daughter making love in the first day of elementary school, and then slowly teach her to play incest, and later found his daughter has potential SM abused, so be tuned , as well as dance training. One will be the first show is beautiful grace of self-direction, so Mr. Guan not ready, and he was looking forward to what the United States and ex performances.

Then, just down the upstairs gang-raped three Japanese ex-US, they have only underpants, says ex-US performances began, to help show the girls to the second floor, and we went to the basement father trio. My daughter first agree, then, and Xiaoyu, after the snow Mei quietly negotiate, with Yin Xiao to the three Japanese slut to the second floor, but we do want to see my father also because more exciting show, her daughter walked down the cellar.

When I arrived in the basement, Mr. Guan took the door to the door, and there was no five fingers. At this time, the megaphone broadcasts I think is the voice of the second floor. I will listen to my daughter’s talk voice. After we hear some Japanese, very fierce, but the daughter exclaimed, turned hell whipped and little girl. The madness. We listened to their crying, not only regret, but there was an allergic excitement, but also hoped that his daughter had SM. In the dark, only time is long, suddenly, the lights in the field are bright, the center of the basement sees Meine, wearing a neat school uniform, water blue, black shoes, white stockings, black cloth On the black straight, the hands and feet have a black handcuffs and iron chains, and the big character hang is in the center of the basement. The iron chain is straightened, so it is impossible to resist.

On the ground of Meine, it is full of different criminals. There are ten kinds of whip, 10 hemp rope, and there are 12 huge electric fake masks. Different spring drugs and 5 kinds of injection, 10 beer, 50 needles, fish hook 20, four electric mosquitoes, and some medical appliances, all open mouths and underwrites, of course, no anal dilator and enema. We and Guan Zhen were surprised that the United States had already prepared so many criminals. She didn’t have to use the small body of the nine-year-old. !

At this time, the TV on the wall flashed the video of Meng. “Dad, your daughter should now be raped by three Japanese people, your daughter will become abuse, you can do it, just revenge on me, some of the criminals I have not tried it, I want to have It is very painful, don’t leave your hands, Dad, you don’t block them. You start. “

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