The twenty-six-year-old Yuli is a beautiful woman with a 175th bismuth. He has not only elected the campus beauty champion. It is a well-known flight attendant of an international route; I know she is almost two years, but in the face of the cheerful and beautiful, she is moving. I always steal her, but I didn’t dare to make it, because she is a woman with my good friend!

She has become a beautiful bride in three months ago, but I still can’t forget, after all, she is a woman who has met the most beautiful woman in the age of 30, especially her pair, white jade leg and that For the round, the strong and huge double peaks, I will not help me.

In fact, in front of the gorgeous and tall, I have always had a sense of inferiority, because I only have five feet high, still a thin leather monkey, but because of the relationship with Weilikin, just in our bowling team in Kaohsiung On the night of the finals, we and the Weisheng couple have encountered the same restaurant, they are the US customers who come to the US customers, and their groups are going to go to the Pingtong, but because of the slight feelings, I want to Stay in a hotel in Kaohsiung, so the Weisheng hurriedly told me to escort the Returned Hotel, and his group left the restaurant; Wei Yi did not expect Yumi and I am the same hotel!

I have returned to the hotel with Zhou Fat, and the fertilizer and Weisheng are still a dead party. Ji Li is of course more assured! When she was a little surprise, when our room was on her feet, she opened the bottle XO in her feet, with us, we were afraid that she was uncomfortable, but she smiled naughty: ” I just don’t want to go in this kind of wind and night, I will go to the electric, boring! “

Yes, the strong typhoon seems to be landed, and the sky is raining! Perhaps it is alcohol, Ji Li got up and took off the mink coat of the body, when I was, I watched my eyes and my eyes! Ji Li was only wrapped in a chest back, and his high-spirited black silk evening dress. She was almost completely exposed, and whoever saw she did not wear a huge. The beautiful and obvious small dots are proud of proudly, and the shoulder straps of the evening gown are served by the exquisite stainless steel chain, that is a series with her necklace and sparkling long earrings, and her inlaid silver side Inch high heels!

When she sat back to the sofa, the whole thigh and slender right thigh was completely exposed by the top; wow! My whole cock is hard! I looked at her style, charming the face of the face: “Wow! Ji Li, you are so beautiful tonight!”

She smiled and said: “Is there !? I have been like this.”

But the fertilizer also said: “No, no! Tonight, you are very beautiful!”

Yes, tonight, Ji Li will take a long hair in the brain, but deliberately drop some lazy, which makes her benefit, sexy and charming; she is happy to ask us: “Is it really good?” “

Feathe: “Well, very style, very taste!”

I praised it: “It is like a sexy goddess!”

She smiled and said: “You are all drunk!”

I think that Li Li knows that our hot eyes have never left her full of carcass, but she seems to be very happy, still talking to us.

If it is not a Weishang phone, I will never leave the room in Qi Li, but Ji Li is afraid to say that the truth will make us angry, did not say we and she drinked in the room, just say that our team also live In the same hotel, unexpected, Weisheng actually said that we want to call to find fat in my room, we have rush back to the house under the house; Weizhou is just to log in, they are trapped in half When I stopped electricity, when I stopped electricity, he asked us to help him take care of Yili; of course, I and Qi Zhou immediately agreed his request!

At this time, Fengtou was swollen to the captain to play poker, and my heart has been remembering Ji Li, and immediately ran back to find her, and in the way, I told her that We will retrieve my and fat in the phone, and Yili Just smiling and said: “It’s just rain, unlike typhoon.”

Then take off the shoes, recline on the back of the bed; the 撩人 撩 霎 霎 霎 霎 霎 令 令 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 令 令 非 非 令 住 住 住 住 住 住After a few words, I only didn’t want to go to the fertilizer.

However, about ten o’clock, the strong typhoon is amazingly landing, and after a long time, the whole restaurant is in black, really power out! We took one or twenty minutes from the counter, and when the candlelight was ignited, the big winner was immediately pulled back to the gambling table, and I quickly took the two lacuns to run the stairs to the building; I am a moment I haven’t forgotten Li Li.

When I returned to the black room, she followed me like a savior, and the darkness seems to make her very timid, fragile, high me a head, tightly, when I am Holding my hand, sometimes holding my shoulder after it, I am afraid that I will abandon the appearance, even if I have some good candles, she is still uneasy to snuggle with me; old day! I not only smelled her fragrance, but also secretly enjoyed her warmth, huge double peaks against the refreshment of my brain, I can even feel her little milk! I want to kickly lay back, but she insisted that she didn’t dare to sleep, and she didn’t want to go downstairs, because our teammates don’t know, in the end, I moved the single sofa, sitting with her Before the floor of the balcony, look at the streets ravaged by the strong station, the blasting of the song and the gangs of pingles and the gangsters!

And Yili squeezed into my arms. She seems to be really afraid, the body actually shakes slightly, I took the opportunity to hold her shoulder and said: “Fool! How are you afraid of this?”

She said: “People are afraid of black!”

I touched her and shoulder and said: “What should I do if I have been stopped?”

Her whole body is in my arms and said: “I don’t care, then you have to stay here for all night!”

At this time, the first sketch has been burned light, and the room has been caught in a dark, I lied to her: “I don’t have the candle, what should I do?”

She contacted me said: “You are not afraid, you can’t leave me.”

I am at night, carefully, I’m looking at Li Li, and she is in the dark, it looks more sexual and moving!

I let Qi Li take me in front of me, that is, I am sitting between my two legs, she is tightly, I am holding her waist by behind, holding her shoulder, single sofa It has become crowded, and we have also reached the situation of the ear, I tried to touch her shoulder with her lips, and then lick her back and neck. “You are so beautiful! Ji Li.”

She lightly said: “But Wei Yi has never praised me.”

I am gallbling to her ear. “That is because he got you, I will no longer cherish.”

Ji Li said: “” Your man is like this! It is no longer very strange! “

I mean her ear and said: “I don’t see it. If you are my woman, I must hold you in my heart!”

At this time, my right hand began to caress her shoulders, and the left hand slipped by her willow to her left breast, oh, really! I deeply sucked a sigh of relief, and I held the gentle meat peak in my hand … I used my fingertips to explore the location of the teat, and Ji Li did not refuse!

I said in the ear of Yuli: “Your breast is touched!”

She fell the whole body to me, my head was pillow my left shoulder, and my eyes were blurred. “” Tonight to accompany me is good? A wind. “

I have the side of my side, regardless, old days! She is not asking me to accompany her all night! ? Is this implied or teasing? Oh shit! I tell yourself – don’t worry! Must be sure … or try to look – Qi Li really wants me to go to her?

I fixed her, attempted to see her deep feelings … and she did not escape, she responded to my gaze; ok! I am self-sufficient – success or failure is here!

I stared at her eyes, slowly put her face close, and I pushed her stainless steel shoulder with her stainless steel shoulder, so that she was going to her arm, and she took her hard to take her close. Get up, then I rub her mouth with my lips and said: “Tell me, Ji Li, you are willing … Let me kiss you?”

She squinted his eyes, dreams: “Oh, A Borders … I don’t have you already let you … Is this?”

I immediately included the lower lips of her slightly smashed, squatted, when I was illegally twisted, I was so excited that she was so enthusiastic with me – once again – we greedy each other Lips, even the teeth are not let go!

Our tongue is entangled, the tip of the tongue is constantly flipping, constantly mutual!

Oh! I am cool! Li Li warm and slippery tongue smashed into my throat, so greedy, wild!

I have swallowed her sweet saliva, then, I criticize her more violently, oh! My tip of my tongue is in her throat. I tasted the beautiful taste of truly kissing. We unfair and unknown fuzzy words, so that our hot kiss exceeded ten minutes, and finally, we both The teeth collides, rub it in a piece, and Li Li eats me to give her every drop! When our lips have finally separated, Jili’s evening gown has already retired to the waist, her upper body is completely naked, a pair of round, smooth, full of flexible big tits, proud and hunger, thirst, “” Oh, awesome! Yili, your tits are big, so beautiful! “

I can’t help but praise my hands, led them to her chest and said: “Hey, A wind … You don’t always want to get my body!? … come. ! 阿 风 … 来 我 我! … A wind ………. I am willing to let you play enough! “

I have gripped her Shuangfeng said: “Hey! Ji Li, it’s right! From my first time I saw you, I always want to play you!”

She sat in my lower abdomen, holding my neck right hand, the head is hung in the back of the chair, said: “Ah, I know! A wind … I know you often steal me … I know you I will want to play early … play me! “

I didn’t deny that I scaled her on her hard-convex badmation: “Yes! Ji Li, I think you are going to be crazy about big waves!”

She said the chest is tangled in my chin: “So, what are you waiting for?”

In this way, I quickly let Yan Li don’t hang, then start from her right breasts until she rolls up from the sofa to the carpet, keeps breathing … I have full of her inch skin. Her 41DD-23-34’s first-class body, there is no reservation, I kiss, suck, bitten, bitter, she slender perfect pair of jade legs, let me love not release, and she is beautiful and obscented, the little, I am more It’s ate again!

I have a whole body, sweating, sweating, I will make a happy low and loan from time to time, but no matter how she beggyrates, I hardly let her have no escape!

I don’t even have her close anus, old days! How happy I listened to her, haha, oh oh, there is still the 嗥 嗥 嗥 嗥 嗥 被 嗥! What is the heart of the heart!

She is under my layout, completely lost homemade, keeps performing obscene pose, oh! I love to die, every time, shake, flock, flip and passion; ah! This is the fastest day in my life. I am playing with my dreams, let her want to die, six gods have no Lord!

But no matter how Ji Li is pleading, I just don’t immediately let her save, I forced her to collapse twice in my abuse! I have eaten her long, I have to eat, I think, Ji Li must have already understood – I don’t just want to play her, I still want to turn her into my sexual slave!

Sure enough, she has changed his mouth: “Oh, I have served you! Brother … You will play a woman! Brother, I am you! Oh, brother! Come on me! I am willing? Listen to you! “

Ji Li took the floor, half-stop, I grabbed her high miles of hips, ordered her to open their feet as possible; she is too tall, I have to reduce her lower body! When my Ophoto long big banana just took into her, Li Li immediately looked back at me and said: “Oh, it is big, it is really big!”

I took two-thirds. She said again: “Oh, how is it so long!? Ah … insert it! Oh, 喔 … Oh, hey! In the end! Really … Inserted ! … brother, big chicken brother! “

I am too unexpected! I didn’t expect the waves of Jili to be so close and narrow, and it was very comfortable! It seems that she is still not more than my big dick. Otherwise, she will not be so sensitive and surprised, that is not as being put it out for please, the Weili cock should be better! ? In fact, our friends also know that before Weicheng, Ji Li is called another man, and her entry is still not stopped, two! Does she have never tasted everyone?

However, I am not in a hurry, I have to grasp it tonight, let Li Li tells me the full history of her sex! For a woman who has been derailed, I absolutely know how to catch her weaknesses; now, I will try it first and then say something!

I have a sinking, I’m helping her yukin, I still don’t move, she waked after a while, I started to urinate me: “Brother, why don’t you move?”

I caught her shoulder and said: “Shake! Ji Li, Zhi gave me! Quickly shake your ass!”

She swing left and right, before the welcome, the speed gradually accelerated, until her whole body is straight, with her arms she supported on the glass window, and her head is deep, mouth I have a series of happiness, and I firmly control her fiercely twisted waist, and live to her hipster and constantly ask for the hips, oh, it’s really cool! What a wonderful wave, I can feel her expanded clitoris, crazy looking for my stiff glans, and every contact makes us happiness! Then, Yan Li shouted with a lot of prostitutes, “Hey, Hey! I … is coming … Come!”

She has soft legs, pour on the floor, I hold the cock that slides out, and then I will encourage it to go in, and this time I was as a bitch, she used the dog to undertake my strength肏Even the face is squeezed on the glass window. She has no gap. I have to make me continue to shock. I lick her back neck said: “Do you like me? Baby.”

She worked hard to turn over, but she could only hit me. “Hey, you are so embarrassing! Hey, A wind, you are so strong, good!”

I proudly told her: “This is called!” Said, I took her hand, I grabbited her hair, and I slammed her hair, and her half of her face was full in the glass. No matter how she struggles, I have been squeezed by my shoulders, and her body has no room at all!

Just listening to her strong breath, with the mourning of the soul, then her down is higher, her hands are full of grop, pull up, she seems to have been stunned by me, the whole person seems to climb the floor window The appearance; I know that this posture makes her difficult, but but also makes her waves are refreshing! “Okay!” I told her: “Ji Li, let me teach you how to make a sway!”

I am more selling to the throne of her clitoris, my top is getting faster and faster, and her prostitute is getting more, Juli stopped, she whimsted low: “Ah! Hey! I am! A style … Are you going to break my uterus! Hey – 喔-! “

Suddenly, the light is on! I stopped, yes! The power supply is restored. I looked at Li Li, who was in my eyes, she was full of fleshy, and she was angry with her eyes, and she didn’t know that the light was not a big blaze. When I released the light. The left hand of her hair and patted her brain and said: “Electric is coming! Ji Li.”

She is like just that I have just returned, I am glaring with my eyes, I am angry: “Um … Oh … I am … fainting?”

At this time, I found that on the corner of her left, hanging a long-awaited hatred, her face is also covered with wet and disordered saliva, and even the carpet is dumped!

I think she is really happy by me! Moreover, I can already be sure, although Ji Li is enough, she has never met the big guy like my size!

I quithed her prostitute, but I still still said: “This is!

She was just relying on the floor of the body, but her fans became bright and watery – her face blushed, breathing, spurting, staring at me, standing upright, hardship Curved big cock!

I looked at her love and greedy expression, I know, my big banana made her an eye! Moreover, she must still want more! However, hey, hey … long game has just entered the screen.

I quickly walked back to the single sofa, she remembered, but I would like to order her: “It is not allowed to stand up! Ji Li, like it is just like it, climbed over! Skate and climbed me here. She only paused her body, but she didn’t say that the limbs were standing, and the bitch like a squat was stepped down to crawl over!

I am a big wave of the big wave, and the smoothness, beautiful flesh, how beautiful the body! But her face is willing to humiliate, although she has a little ashamed expression, but I guess that she is willing to sell! This big beauty, this bold prostitute, I have to enjoy it! She has climbed to the legs I opened, I refer to my stiff dick said: “I want to eat!? 婊子, or I don’t want me to feed you!?”

She looked up at me lightly: “Oh … brother, I want to eat your big … Dockey, ask you!” “

I told her: “Before starting from my thigh.”

Ji Li immediately buried his head, she lied all the inside of my thigh, and she carested my body with her hands, especially my chest and nipple, really comfortable! I excitedly caress her, then she began to play my dick, she handed her hands, and sometimes it, sometimes it, the unusual feeling of my masturbation, then she used her hands and mouth, The tongue, lips, teeth, there are double peaks and teats, gave me an unprecedented enjoyment, she didn’t forget to praise at any time, worship my dick, whenever I have a good time, she will always stop looking up Said: “Brother, do you want to continue?” I stared at her gorgeous face, watching her with her or sucking, 舐 舐 舐 淫 淫 时 时 时,,! This super beautiful, this is a first-class family that I dreamed of, this is much better than my high-quality young woman, now I am a sex toy that I will give!

When Qi Li went through my scrotum, I asked her: “You often do this to help the men’s population!? Otherwise, your technology will not be so good! Yuli, how many men have a total of men. ? “

She looked at me: “Oh, A wind, I never serve other men, only you! Brother, I have never touched a man like you, how long does you have to shoot? “

I stood up and turned to say: “Let me help me and say anymore!”

Ji Li helped my waist, carefully and enthusiastic, all of my thin butt, when I opened my legs, hold the back of the back, she immediately understood my anus, then she The flexible tongue continues to succeed, tattoo my ass! I looked back at her skilled action, old days! I bet, I must have a lot of men’s anus!

She found that I was watching her, but more resilience stab, my mother! She actually used my tongue! Moreover, she successfully entered a deep depth! I am refreshing his butt and shook: “Hey! Ji Li, you are great!”

She was ambiguous, and she made a fuzzy accent: “Hey … brother, as long as you like … I am willing to help you!”

After I sprite a moment, I couldn’t help but turn it over. I fell to the ground. I ordered her: “Zhang open the thigh! Scorpion, I want to die!”

She said lightly and said, “Oh, don’t be so anxious! Brother, this time we go to bed, you can play me! Oh … brother! People are willing to be your sex slave!”

In the first hot battle in bed, I found that Yili is a very hunger and thirsty, after I repeatedly ask, she said that the reason is that there is only one less than one inch half length, than large The thumb is slightly thumbful, and he will never last for more than five minutes. Even often in one or two minutes, it is not used.

I ridiculed Ji Li: “Why do you still marry her? Do you want to die?”

She said: “I thought that the blowjob can make up for everything, who knows … He always sleeps like a dead!”

I bare her: “So, what is my performance so far?”

She is entangled with me: “Oh, A wind, you are my biggest, best, the most powerful man, how can you do it for so long?? Hey, you are really powerful!”

I told her: “I want you to go to Dynasty! Ji Li, I will let you not think about it!”

She looked loudly: “Hey, come! Brother, play with you! I am already yours!”

I kissed her asked: “Really!? Baby, I will listen to me?”

She said, “Yes! Brother, how do you want me! Oh, brother, I am willing to do anything!”

I know that the time is mature, but I still plan to let her dignity, more completely in my obscenity; so I just take her: “Don’t forget you just said.”

I have changed six postures before and after, I have a good shite, and she also rides on my hard sly in a variety of ways, but I control the game, I will never let the same gameplay exceed Five minutes; in this time, Jili has been described in her sex history – like her 18 years old, being scams the gym of the gyma by her school academic officials, before marriage with Weishang, Has been with twelve men, etc., and she has half a man of men, as for the anus, only three of them, the most exciting is that her back court is opened by an foreigner!

It was a 50-year-old Dutch captain. He became the first to break into her back door in the toilet on the plane! I asked her: “How is the taste of the opening of the ocean?” She smiled: “Well, there are more stimuli a few times, but … foreigners are not so thick, and they are not very hard every time … Soon shot. “

I asked her: “Unhappy you still let the foreign devil play your butt?”

She is not in place: “There is a way to have a way! The foreigner is especially true, I will die in the first time! If you don’t let the two foreigners have done behind people, I will not understand this gameplay. Woolen cloth.”

I ridicule, she said, “You also love to play anal school? You have a first-class technology in your anus!” This time, her whole face is red: “Oh! You are bad! People serve you, you Also say … all is the dead president, I like to ask people to eat his asshole and testicles … You do these men … bad! “

I caught narrow: “I also eat you!?”

She said, “” It is you so enthusiastic to help others, people have returned you! You still laugh … “

I gave her a hot kiss, then biting her ear, said: “Baby, let me give you a bigger return!”

Starting from the dog, I let Li Li have a narrow future, taste the taste of being truly broken into the truth. She is light, and then it is sigh, and then becomes high. Signs and sorrow, when I finally drifted straight, the whole cock didn’t get into her ass, Ji Li couldn’t help but scream: “Ah … … 喔 … ah … … … … … ah … 肏进 My belly! Brother, 喔, brother, your glans run into the belly! Wow! Oh … call, call … My anus fracture Opened … ah, ah! People’s ass will have been burst! Oh, 噢 … brother, you have to live alive!? … … wow! Hey … brother, spare I! I beg you … brother … I really can’t stand it! Oh … Oh, I am finished! “

I tighten her waist and continue to violently, and praised her with her strong, round, and beautiful hips: “I am going to be smashed! ? “

She began to look back frequently, shout from time to time: “Hey! Brother, cool! I am cool! Oh! I have never been so cool! Really! Brother … Today is my life is very cool.! Ah! Brother … I beg you … You simply … I am killing me! “

Yili’s body has been heard by me, she is not stopped, constantly swinging, turning over, ups and downs, her head is crazy, sometimes bowing servants, sometimes leading numbers, I I know that she is altitude, I lick her sly sweat: “Land, hands holding the wall, I want you to get heaven!”

She immediately supported the wall. I solved her hair. She was already messy, and she was scattered. The wavy long hair was sprinkled on her back. I bowed her hair. Silk, hands over her thighs, and then explore her thick shame, then arrived her wet virgin, then my chin slammed her back, and then my ass is embarrassing, and launched another The madness, but this time my hands are not idle, my ten fingers are busy squeezing her brutal, so, my finger is inserted, 揉, 搓, 抠, It’s torn, almost almost implied her!

Ji Li broke out the screaming of hysteria, in the scream of her, I died in the yukuclear of her, so that she did not stop trembling, shaking until she had a lot of obscene spray In my hands, the warm honey sauce continues to latise, for a long time … I have been going to stop, I have been moving, I am not moving, my cock is caused by her amazing climax. The sputum is completely suction, and the servant gasped in bed …

I loved her wet carcass, let her indulge in the mood after the climax, when she replied from the plenary, she slammed back to my low sigh: “Hey, the wind … You are a superman what!?”

She knew that I was still inserted in her ass, she stood up his arm, moved his ass, and he went to say: “Continue me! Brother … You haven’t shooting it again. “

This time I let her sit on my arms, then she drove and got a while, and finally I shot in her anus with normal body! The bed has been wetted by her obscene, and her inside of her thigh is also sticky. I pulled out my slight pain, and we took a rest for about five minutes; then, we pro Playing honey is 69-style blowjob, and this time I am completely clear, how beautiful and exquisite little 裴, no wonder she will be so close, comfortable! I kissed her beautiful and neat and shame: “Ji Li, this time I want to go to the sofa!” She spit out the glans in the mouth and say: “Wait a wait, brother, let me help You have a long time. “

This time, I let her recline with the couga of the couch, so that she is high in the back of the chair, and I am in the armrest, I am slightly smaller, and I will enjoy each of her. Dismissal and every inch of moving flesh, I kissed her: “I want to be like this.”

She is emotionally authentic: “Oh, brother, I am willing to make you every day!”

I started to accelerate the top, didn’t take long for a long time, she hugged me, and the lower body continued to meet my throduction, it seems that her beautiful Xiao Daoli is not only sensitive, but also very duied! How hardly, how do you enjoy my big cock? Don’t care about my Hu Chong!

I looked at the eyes of the eyes and said: “Do you want to come again?”

She gasped: “Oh, no! Brother, this time I want you to shoot in my little.”

She is also in a hosted! No problem, I randished her legs, struggling to struggle, she closed the eyes and hurt, and the door was pushed away, and the fertilizer came in, his face was full of surprise The expression, but immediately understand what is going on, I quickly show him the sound, close, strip, he quickly peeled a light, and he walked over, waiting for him to stand to the sofa armrest, see the cock hard When I couldn’t be hard, I deliberately say: “Hello, fat, your gambling,?”

This is scared to open his eyes, panic, she wanted to push me, but I used to stand her and said: “What are you afraid of?? Feix you not don’t know? He has come in to see For a long time!”

Ji Li glanced at the fertilizer, and immediately said with a handsham cover: “Ah … shy me! Fertilizer, you can’t tell others!”

I continued to go to her: “Reassure, as long as you have a good week, how can he tell others? You are right, fat, fat, fat

Fertilizer will glory to me, hold his fat, close to Yuli: “Then, when you look at Ji Li is better than it!”

Li Li, still grabbed the face, of course, knowing the sound of our strings, but she just swayed the head: “Don’t …”

And I slammed her hands and said: “Don’t want to!?

She is blushing, she is obliquely, the lower body of Aliang: “Ah … you are two … How can I play me together!? … people have never been like this … I have been played.”

In fact, Ji Li is clear, she can’t reject the joining of fat, so after a short struggle, she will help the fertilizer mouth; and the fat is bloated like aluminum soda tank, Soon I completely swelled in her mouth, I saw Yili Meiyan’s face, because the mouth contained the unusual dick, and cause some deformed, she slammed her head, attempted to put the fat weeks of fat I spit out, but how can I let her?

I saw him sinking, hard, it will already put it into the half-cock of Li Li’s mouth, and insert it again. He immediately let Yan Li have grievable eye eyebrows. I have a little can’t bear it. My dick said: “Fat Week, let’s change your position.”

And when you pulled out his dick, Ji Li was like a fish just returned to the water, and his mouth was absorbed. Before I was ready to change the hand, I still breathed the 裴 莉 手 手Stop us say: “Don’t be here … we go to bed.”

In the bed, the hands of the two-handed jade legs, the soldier, and the fat belly “acher” hit the lower body of Jili, and seeing his desperate virtue, It seems that he can’t hurt his scrotts into the vagina of Jili; and the head is in the bed along the bed. I was inserted with her sexy mouth, my glans was more in-depth, I hope I can get into it. Her throat; and her hands holding my ass, occasionally don’t forget to caress my scrotum and testicles; I have a big breast of 41D, with fat, with fat The wonderful look of smashing, sometimes I will reach out of her two big meatballs together, play, or low, kiss her two pink little milk until they are My mouth is hard like a nut. And the fertilence suddenly increased. He gave Jul I originally caught in his hand, handed over to me to continue to catch, and I want to try to separate the legs of Yuli, and then he began to love Qi Li The breast, one hand teasing her yuocuclear, this question, I just got a fierce reaction, I saw her tremble, waist and hips were turned, and the head was ridiculous from my jealous. Her mouth made a “um huing”, accompanied by her lower body, the “scream” sound sent, constitute a string of extreme obscene sex symphony; Zhou and I have a smile, he is sincerely praised: “It’s really cool! I really didn’t expect Yuli to let me do it!”

And I am still unresolved to ask him: “How? Her waves are great?”

After the fertilizer, he said with a smile and said: “When you stop the stick, it is a first-class scorpion!”

After we launched another round of attacks at the same time, Jili’s body quickly fell into the unprecedented excitement, she was not only two feet and tight, she was tight, her fingernails also fell into my ass meat. I and the fat weeks know that she is about to collapse, I want to slow down the speed, so that she has the opportunity to peegish, but only listen to her mouth, the mouth, the mouth, crying, don’t want to be unwilling We stop the action, so I asked her: “Do you want it to be cool?”

Her lips creeping but there was no way, I had to use my dick representing that she nod, I told her: “Well, the scorpion! Wait a bit to eat all my sperm, do not flow out, know ?”

I launched a total attack with Fever. He struggled to take Yili’s waves. The two hands teasing at the same time, plucking her early yuki; and I desperately put the glans to the throat of Yili, The hands also grabbed her hawkama crazy; we have already sweaty back, I am crazy with fat, and Yuli also swayed, in addition to fierce breathing and strong nasal sound, A burst of meat hits each other, the sound of sexual intercourse, gradually jimming, bumpy, bumpy, she fiercely tremble, the mouth of the mouth, the sound of the mouth, this time fat week Also on the verge of the vertices, he made the final sprint of milk, immediately heard the blame of the fertilizer, he hugged the waist of Yuli, starting ejaculation; and Yuli also broke out climax After she was hard, she suddenly slammed up, like a mad, she was very stunned to meet the semen of the fat; and I took the moment that she had forgot to scream, violently The cock is hard to get into her throat. First of all my glans met her throat, and then drifted straight, the whole plugged her throat!

Oh! God! It’s so tight, so warm! I closed my eyes and made my sperm to shoot out …

When I came back, I saw the cock I have not yet soft. I also put it in the mouth of Yuli, and her sexy lips were buried in my thick inconsistency, and her fertile double peak is still After the fierce undulation; after the fat plugged out of his half-soft cock, I saw the pussy and lower abdomen, which was covered with a slightly viscous liquid, and even the shame is wet. It is also clear that I can’t distinguish her own hyposcopic water, or is sprayed by the fine semen; I took my cock in one inch, I found that it is downg in the corner of Jili. The head is still hanging outside the bed along the bed, telling me with a blame question: “You almost harm me in suffocating.”

I took her to the center of the bed and found that her eyes were in tears. I greeted her approachable she said: “How to cry?”

She looked at me and: “People have been played by two men for the first time … Your things are so big, then it is so difficult.”

I wiped her tears and said, “Then you are cool? I don’t like the deep throat throat just now?”

She hugged me. “Still talking … so long … almost kill people.”

I looked at her sexy and glamorous lips. It is really hard to believe that she can eat my roots! Fat Week also climbed into the bed lying on her left, he cares for her breast from her: “Why didn’t you let me enjoy your deep throat?”

Lu Li’s side turned to his head and looked at him. “Your glans is too big … people can’t eat it.”

But the fat Week said: “Let’s try again, you must do it.”

Ji Li did not refuse, she just said: “Let me take a break first.”

I looked at her turned and kissed and had a new decision immediately – okay! Your woman, see how I follow you!

I lie on the bed and smoked the smoke and said, “You should take a shower first.”

Li Li went to the bed into the bathroom, my name is Yusheng and I will follow her bath, and then I immediately get a good clothes, rapidly ran back to my room to remove the V8 camera, quickly returned to Yumi Room again Clothing, when I walked into the bathroom, Qi Li was in the jacuzzi, and he was busy to sit in the edge of the bathtub. I was close to the video. She stopped and looked at me: “Promise me, A wind Don’t let anyone see what you are currently recorded. “

I stated that “” Continue to lick, the scorpion, the good performance “.”

Through the lens, I recorded a shameless expression, and her beautiful face is full of desires, I will make a pass, order she sucking me and the fattening glans, she holds a cock in one hand, and strives to work hard舐 舐 Two big glans, and under my shot, Li Li finally let the fertilizer are intoxicated under her deep throat; she didn’t let the fat in her mouth, but use soap foam as lubricants Let the foot of the four-inch half of the fertilizer into her anus, in the bathroom and 呻吟 交 交 的, 莉 像 条 母 母 母 在 在 缸 在 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在After a quarter, the fertilizer was satisfied in her anus.

Then I immediately took over, at least in the bathtub, I spent more than half an hour, once again put the seven zero eight eight of the dried dried, tightly, tightly arrived at her homework, spraying me Thermal essence; the V8 on the hand is saved in detail.

Three of us shower together, I have to go back to bed, but Ji Li is too beautiful, I and I can’t help but start caressing her irritance, and she also responded to me enthusiastically The two teasing, so the scene has become more desired, and this time, the performance of Jili is shameless, just like an erotic queen, she makes me and fat to her tall and full of flesh, for what is much, no matter how difficult The posture and low-spirited way, she all we will give it to seek, whether it is station, sitting, squatting, lying, she will make us insert, top, and her mouth is not called a lover, I called my brother. , The kung fu called the bed is first class!

In the end, she screamed again in the extreme excitement, and I was also ejected from her screams in her screams!裴 莉 眼 神 神, 气 气 游 游 道 道: “喔, good brother … I can’t leave you in this life!”

And I and the fattest dicks were still in her waves, so tight and magic – Ji Li actually made our two big crescent into her narrow vagina!

And this fierce sandwich is a full play, and it has been more than 100 minutes; when we returned to bed to sleep, the sky has been broken, the wind and rain outside the window are no longer screaming, I kissed Li Li Feng The lips said: “Next, I will let you taste the three integration!”

She kissed me and said, “Brother, I said that I am willing to listen to you.”

Fertilizer is also coming to say: “Simply look for a few people to find a big pot!”

Only listening to the rock noodles and lights: “No! Most people are good.”

Although Li Li expressed his objection, I found that she didn’t consciously licking his lips, and his eyes immediately watered a slutty brilliant. I have changed a heart god of my heart, and we understand, 裴Li This super-ester is very expected to play a lot of gameplay!

When we slept until noon, we left the restaurant early and return to Taipei. Appreciate the video belt with our kilito, and continuously discuss the future of the prostitutes of Ji Li.

Since the typhoon night, I have enjoyed the Miao Miao’s tempering body, I am almost a matter of time, how can I come out to come out of a pro, but because Wei Yi also deeply scrated that his beautiful wife would let other men turned away, so he can say that it is not too guarded, but he is careful, but why, how can it be accompanied by a real enemy? Their husband and wife. With the short water reservoir, I can not only go into the Weili family, but I can always call the phone with Yum Li, but I have to be able to install it if I have a lot of things, so I will minimize it. There are too many positive or secret contacts, because if you want to continue playing with such sexy beauty, more waiting is absolutely worth it, just, these more than ten days, it is desirable, the coke and I have lost my psychology, and I have also made me taste the alternative acacia.

Fortunately, the emperor is not worried, just in my and fertilizer, I have to call Yili first, I’m going to call Ya Li, and I suddenly took the initiative to tell me: “We will” Thursday will accompany him to go abroad, and I will return to my mother on Friday morning, I will call me again at noon. “

This is a good news for me. So I immediately inform the fertilizer to get to my house, because we have gradually placed a fish and two plans, and the time will come, I will come, I and Fat Week. Of course, you have to caregab to take care of it, then you can act, so that the burden of pressing us can be removed.

Despite three days left on Friday, I can’t wait to fly quickly, it is best to immediately call the days I can call Jili, because Fees have already told a secret agreement in accordance with the plan and another man So the next question is how we want to convince 裴莉, after all, she wants her to agree with her group game with her. Don’t say that I am a battle, I am not sure, I don’t want to change anyone who is responsible, I am afraid I can only hold my luck, aunt, a try.

Friday finally came, I first hinted that I had a few friends in the phone, I would like to know her, I want to make friends with her. I am very afraid that I am afraid that I will be angry or have a bite. I didn’t expect that she just said: “” Let’s talk about it when we met in the evening. “

Such an answer let me put a big stone in my heart, I think about it is big, so I have further trial Yili said: “My friends live in a great motel, there is a big room, very Luxury, I think you will love it. “

When the phone was silent after a moment, I said: “Your friend … I have seen it?”

I am determined to tell her: “No, you should not know them.”

After Lu Li returned, he did not discuss this thing again. She said straight to me: “At 7 o’clock tonight, you go to my home alley.”

In the evening, I was in the early 15th minute in Feixiang, but Ji Li was already sitting inside, I looked through the magazine and sipped coffee, she wore a light blue big shirt, no skirt or anything, is one The large shirt, the outer tightening of the wide tape on the willoward, can cover the clothes of the snow hip, so that the two white slender jade legs are almost completely exposed, and the big open collar The crisp is half naked, the clevergou is deep, I judge that she should not wear a bra.

Although I have already done Ya Li and have a lot of rain, she is full of rain, but she is a very simple sexy dress, or let us see the goddess and mouth DC.

Yan Li smiled and smiled and said: “What is the expression? Isn’t you seen enough?”

I saw that there was a little bit of a wooden chicken, I was staring at the towering chest, and quickly pushed him: “Don’t pick it out if you want to drink?”

For example, the big dreams wake up, this is full of blocked the chair and I simultaneously fall; and in the next cup of coffee time, Although Qi Li has an argument that we can’t omitted with us on the surface. But in fact, she is a woman’s last, she is still ashamed, she is ashamed, and she asked me a question is: “They … have a total of several people? Body … clean?”

I replied: “You will know the answer after twenty minutes.”

The result is less than fifteen minutes, I took the car into the motel. When we took Yuli to the second floor, the door has been open, etc., Li Li bite the lower lips to start, I think she is indeed Some hesitated and hesitated, in order to be afraid of things, I quickly pulled her into the room, and Ji Li saw four guys in the head, immediately full of red and red, and the delicate model, I once again let me look silly. If I am not a sensuality that she has already seen her in bed, I will think that she is a pure, like a fairy. Feixuan closed the voice of the door, even gaining 裴 莉 轻

In order to soothe the weird atmosphere and the emotions of the 莉, I quietly stayed on the left side of Yuli, and then took her waist, one hand, and painted by the fertilizer: “Hello, fat, first help I will introduce our friends. “

Featings are not urgent to say: “Well, I will introduce it from my left hand, I came, I’m, this is Po, he used to play the Asian Cup of the bowling national hand.”

When I was ashaped, I went down when I was a gift to the nearly fifty-year-old Shimo slightly, I took the opportunity to watch the burly Po one, and it seems to be satisfied with the appearance of this person. Then, Fengtou also said: “This is the boss of Zhu, you can call him Zhu Da Ge.”

After Qi Li quickly got an eye, he quickly moved his eyes. I guess she and me, I don’t like this face of the whole meat, staying eight characters, there is a small beer bare. Middle-aged people.

Regardless of the react to Yili, Fever introduced the third guy to her: “This is Mr. Chen, I used to be a national hand, you see, he is forty years old, the body is still so strong!”

This time, I’m too high, I watched the two eyes of Chen River carefully, I found that the flow of flowing in this stream is also using him, and the sharp eyes are full of evil. Laugh; Ji Li quickly moved the line of sight, nor did he greet him. Featuring the last person said: “He is He Wei, the cause is beautiful, Asian two containers are a very positional businessman.”

Ji Li looked at the man and gently nodded to him: “Hello, Mr. He.”

More than half of the guys in this year did not have a high body shape, slightly thin and pale, with a very dark breath, but he stared at Li Li, but a sentence I didn’t say it, but he would not deliberately revealed a brutal light in his eyes; I don’t know if Ja Li felt the dangers of this man, but no matter how I can only keep silence, I can’t dare to make this group of people. I told Yili, because they are not only the bad debt owners, but also the creditors of me millions of gambling debts!

In order to dilute a little atmosphere, I walked a few steps forward, after standing on the bedside, I pointed it to another styling lounge chair: “Do you like it directly to bed, or first from the chair Start playing? “

Ji Li may not think that I will ask her so straightforward, I originally the pink and teenage of the red tide, and it is a blush, she suddenly looked at the styling streamline and strange leather The chair is a bit, a little curious whisper to ask me: “That is … What kind of chair?”

I smiled and said: “It is called a casual lounge in the United States. It is specially used to play more P games.”

I said here, Ji Li’s head has been joined in her breasts, she fiercely ups and downs, indicating that she has incomparable ambitions and imagination of the chair, and I will not be 啰, I’m holding her. Next to the chair, others are also surrounded by our four weeks, seeing the situation has become, I originally hugged the right hand of Li Li, and slipped into her hips, lightly, lightly After caressing, after the strong and flexible hip, my palm left down, and I stated that Li Li’s smooth and tender thigh. I am planning to explore my gelators into the skirt of Jili, she Suddenly I stupered my embarrassment: “Wait … Wait … you … you listen … I said …”

The six people were all quietly waiting for her, and Ji Li was thinking about it. After the courage, she also took my waters’ big eyes and said: “In … this … … Chair … above … made … people … will … will not … injured …? “

I haven’t answered yet, Ji Li uses her to cover the veins, the fascinating eye, is asked in our own low: “There is also … you … this … more people … … people … only … one … Wait … a bit … you … must … for people … gentle … a little … “

Ji Li said that she lick her lips, the sleek tongue tip, wet her glamorous and sexy lips, the water on the red lips, the rain, the smoke, the smoke, the soul, no Just I have stayed! Everyone present is all incense, and the beautiful beauty of the Chu Chu is completely attracted! In addition to the bloody, temporarily stopped breathing, I was secretly drinking: “Good super-ester!” I don’t know how long it took, I suddenly recovered, although I was still Thousands of Baimei, lactation, but I have already been unreliable, but I urge I want to quickly remove the clothing of Ji Li, just as I rushed to unload the wide belt on the waist, Shi Po sudden I pushed me: “Don’t worry! Slowly, this praise is to play slowly.”

I went back, let Shipou replaced my position, I saw him sticking out his hands and hugged the waist of Yuli, and Ji Li also went behind in Shimui, she was soft. Inside the arm, the head is on his left shoulder, and the eye is like a silk, looking up at Shimo’s face saying: “Oh, Shi … big brother … kiss me … beg you … kiss me …”

After Shimo stared at the beautiful face of Li Li, after a while, she bowed her head to her half-opening, and exhale his own cherry, and his hands were also smashed with Li Li Shuo.裴 莉 手 勾 反 勾 颈 颈 颈….. 手… 手……….. 入 入 入… 入Everyone can see the heart, the mouth is dry, and the Chen River has stepped to Li Li, just in the moment of Li Li, Shimo Pakistan, he immediately took over to kiss Yuli, and Li Li immediately forth Chen Ring, two people launched a hot kiss of “啧 啧”, this time Shimo began to solve the generous band of Jili; looked at the people who did not refuse, and the fat week has been poted. With the back of Yuli, he replaced the work of Shimo, and the three people left began to take off their clothes.

Yuli turned and the two of Shimo and Chen River were constantly kissing, and the fertilizer took care of her, the big tits who have already exposed it, as I expected, Yili did not wear a milk cover, she is The wide-tape was unpoiled. The whole piece of sexy clothes like a large shirt were so open, and the two grains shocked the big meat balls, and the shredded snow white light waves, I went to In front of Yuli, the hands grabbed her two-end in the white silk, and pulled his trousers to her knee section. I looked at the beautiful restricted area of ​​her arifte. It is like a wet coating that is a little wet, and the two pink and tender lips are hidden. It is a sultry. I hug 裴 莉 ‘s arms hips, can’t wait to kiss her hungry Going down; Yili’s clothes have been thrown on my feet, and the fat will help me take her trip from Qi Li’s foot; this time, in addition to the high heels on the feet, The naked looks, it is simply like a head waiting to be slaughtered by life.

Zhu Map and He Wei one right, replaced the location of Shimo and Chen River, in addition to greedily turning with Yuli kissed, also interacting her proud double peak; and I have a happy With the lips and the sound of the water, the honey with a little smell, the more you have, the more you get down under my suck; so that it is after the love of the snow hip, I will refund. Go to the next side to take off our clothes.

Yili’s snorkens and breathing and continued to float in the room. He Wei did not know when he was half-bed, he was in the lounger of the wavy style. He suddenly called Li Li and said: “Come over! Beauty, butt is against me Under the face, two feet are separated. “

I have to give up the enjoyment with Zhu Mu, let Li Li stand across the lounge chair back to He Wei, slowly bent down the waist, two hands to help the small wavage chair of the lounger, put her whole snow white The tender and slippery, there is no presented in front of He Wei, and He Wei’s nose is only five inch space from her spicy and spicy leg. The two pieces have been sucking by me. Reflected the glory of the light, a small piece of deceased, excitedly, and excitedly, and the thick and soft yin was a bit messy; He Wei was detailed after a moment, both hands supported Li Li The snow hip, attacked his face to the top of Yuli; only listened to Yuti Suitan, and his feet and ass shook a few shakes.

When the crowd on our side He Wei licking cunt show, while caressing Pei Liman wonderful seductive plump carcass, until the start humming Yaotouhuangnao Pei Li, the whole ass began sweeping throwing up, He Wei with his right hand Li Pei middle finger inserted into the anus, also left index finger piercing her Langxue, when his hands and tongue at the same time expand the pumping, but only a few make an effort, he will make the whole Pei Li was gasping, frequently look back looked at him, she said: “Oh …… Oh …… right, right …… …… there is oh my god …… ah …… …… …… hello …… badly confused the people …… …… …… so comfortable “he Wei has been a great encouragement like a general, not only the operation of increasingly fierce thrusting his hands quickly, the whole face is desperately dawdling Pei Li pussy, as if anxious to put his nose stuffed Pei Li’s vagina; then Chen see the rise of the river, he abandoned Li Pei enjoy playing bimodal, pushed my side, he Wei will learn his right middle finger also inserted into the inner asshole Pei Li, Li Pei pain smothered exclamation, but and did not tell them to stop, but let the two of them enjoy close to her backyard, launched a series of rude dig, digging, pumping, plug and tear, even to the last Shi Po also join them three rough fingers, Pei Li brutally crowded narrow asshole, Pei Li is confused frown eyes closed, his face a look of sorrow, but strange to say, no matter how they got rid of Pei Li asshole, she is holding on, no cry mercy and a half or sound, just keep hum Oh, oh, trained, trained.

I looked at Pei Li’s Xuetun shaking like a Bo Langgu, lovingly stroking her could not help but heave Haoru said: “Baby, if you say so can not stand.”

Pei Li shook his head but did not think to tell me: “It does not matter, as long as your friends brother …… …… I would like to let them …… …… …… just play.”

Pei Li’s statement sounded incredible, but I have no time to bother more than, because then He Wei has been in their heads, he let the fat week joined their group refers to rape, four fingers four hands, with both hands and, at the same time Li Pei abuse with little Langxue and anus; and Figure been standing in front of Zhu Pei Li, Li Pei he propped his head hanging low, his bulging Flanagan angry purple big dick, he ordered the Pei Li said: ” bitch, hurry to help me play the trumpet! “

Peili Shun from the latch onto his penis, oral sex began to help Zhu drawing up; I looked at her bundle of wavering big earrings, and my heart is no longer there Lianxiangxiyu idea, I pinched vicious twist her hard-raised significant small nipple, would like to see this shameless slut in the end be able to withstand to what extent; and Li Pei this super stuff, even under our six multi-attack, or hold more than ten minutes before the whole body shaking rustling madness rejection Dangzhao ass, his mouth stuffed with a big dick too late to spit it out, they chirp Wu Wu vent a mess, I saw his legs trembling inside her live, a large number of sex fluid dripping wet transparent continue along after streaming down …… long time, just like Li Pei fell down in prostration like what Viagra body, and a large map of the glans Zhu also avidly to stay in the mouth do not want to Pei Li pulled his foot down on their knees, Yin Xiao to look me and said: “! a wind, none, you got this bitch not only who the United States and in terrific shape looks kinky technology is first class …… ha ha!”

Just erupted climax of Pei Li, also Pafu there panting, but Zhu did not want her to rest chart, Pei Li patted his shoulder and said: “! Continue eating bitch, the game only just begun.”

Pei Li slowly in the beginning, her tongue out, licking light and graceful manner in front of a large penis, while she was still riding down on the body of He Wei, suddenly patted her ass said: “Well, turn around little slut, I ride the cock up a cool cool. “

Figure Zhu Pei Li this time before it agrees to give up the mouth, he quickly turned around to help Pei Li, then let Li Pei Wei He stood across the Okanagan about six inches long, just above the proudly erect dick, and responsive, with the degree of almost one hundred percent of Qiao Pei Li, also squatted at once empathetic, she single-handedly hold He Wei Flanagan is not rough stuff, while adjusting the angle, when her labia touch to the moment He Wei glans, she dissolute uttered warble, her white body moving slowly sink down, but she Jiaomei and glamorous but at the same time face up in high, she exudes shiny eyes of desires, unlimited style depending on us cast a glance everyone, that expression seems to us she was going to declare ── more a guest into the tabernacle of the congregation!

In this way, Pei Li under our watch, ass one begins to slow down the sink, and He Wei dick also one begins to disappear in the cavern inside Pei Li, when both of them contact point completely seal later, Pei Li uttered a dreamy sigh, said: “! Oh brother …… …… …… what you …… something …… good hard Oh.”

He Wei Li Pei hands and rub the breasts, said: “? Good baby, from now on call me Viagra t, you know.”

“Yes, Wei Shu … I know.” Yan Li responded, both hands helped the top of the backchair, started to drive the He Wei’s dick, her beautiful snow hip fell, illusion of a burst The wild meat waves, accompanied by the “scream” sound from her waves, and the excitement from her throat, harm our a few people on the side, Everyone is holding his own glasses of cocks, and she is masturbation; and Ji Li is still on the waves of cheering: “Ah … ah … Wapan … I am good … brother … …… Yeah … You put people … you have … so comfortable … 喔 … “In fact, He Wei just lying there, he is busy, and he is busy sucking and putting playful of the big tits. There is no way to make too much throductive action, so strictly telling that He Wei is in the top, but Ji Li rides in He Wei’s body, he is right; Chen Ring is the first to wait The person, he suddenly stopped next to Jili, and twisted the head of Yuli’s head, so that the mouth of Yili is facing the huge glans in him. He waits, and the whole branger Ji Li’s face was rushing, and Ji Li did not wait for him to say that there is a sandalwood, and the head of the bullet is bullish, and rudely entered her mouth; in this way, He Wei With the Chen Rong, I have two beautiful mouths in Qi Li, after a few minutes, Zhu Mu also stood in the other side of Jili, he anxiously and Chen Ri, but in order to satisfy him, Li had to swing left left, busy to swallow two hot and stiff big cocks; I saw a while, I also across the lounge chair, I used my hands to help Yili’s non-swinging snow hip, Then the track forward, put the glans on her Julei, and then took a deep breath, as the fierce poked, my mouth was also called: “Dry your life, Xiaoyuo ! – 裴 裴 … I have to live my death here! “

Although I struggled to fall, because I didn’t use the relationship of lubricants, only the glans came into the anus of Jili, the rest of the column was completely blocked, I was very moving butt, I want to put me an anoul. The whole sausage is stuffed into her ass. But this time, Ji Li has been looked back and looked back. “Oh … A wind … don’t be so embarrassing … This … I will hurt … Hey … ah … … Good brother … beg you … don’t … hard. “

Just in my big talent card in the anus in Jili, the fertilizer is my many years. He immediately rushed into the bathroom to take the bottle skin lotion to give me, and help me and Yumi Some of the large amount of lotion is applied, and the lubrication of the emulsion, I started to get into one inch, although the sphincter in the anal anal is still tightly hoisting my dick, but it can’t hinder my gradual deep, When I wished the long-sleeved movement, I saw that Ji Li’s string of the earrings were fiercely left. She took the front and rear clamping of me and He Wei, and I was busy with the left, I didn’t Dare to cool Chen River and Zhu Map; in this way, the four-in-one fire and spicy play, continued in the way we turned in the circulation element.

But we will not violent the heavens, and the sorrowfulness of the jujube will enjoy the calculation. We take three minutes of tactics, that is, you only insert up to three minutes, which can not only maintain physical strength, extend the ejaculation time, but also because Frequency change will be more likely to reach the climax, because when different styles and sizes of cocks, when they continue to enter women’s body, they are another novel stimulus for any woman.

When the five people have turned over the anus of Jili, although Ji Li has been full of sweating, the plump carcass is also twisted, but there is no need to enter the gave, although her snoring is in the ear, but she Nothing did not say, harmful to us, I can’t figure it out that she is painful or happy.

He has been riding by Li Li in the arm, and suddenly patted her thighs and said, “Let me stand, change my back door.”

After Ji Li got up, He Wei stood up, he called her hands to hold her, and the two feet were greatly separated on the two sides of the lounge chair. He turned into a obscene posture across the lounge chair, and then He Wei station to the chair I grabbed her waist, using the collision position in the height, violently dried the japanese hole hole of Ji Li, and the house is full of “acher” leather hits, and the richest hips Sometimes it is looking back to He Wei’s brutal face, sometimes the first low hair is a burst of people who make people educate the bones, she occasionally bites the lower lips, with the eyes that contains the eyes, Snoviely look at me and fat.

This time, He Wei was about five minutes, and he took his dick to withdrew from the anus of Jili. He quickly stood in front of Qi Li asked her to say: “Help me witten! You should help others Serve this? “

Ji Li has paid, and I want to refuse and I don’t dare to look, after a while, she kneeling to the chair and said: “Washers, you are so bad … You know this … … Dirty, it is also called people to help you eat. “At this time, He Wei simply leaned on the back of the back and said:” Just just get a little, if you don’t help me clean, I will get more to let you eat! “

As soon as I said, I’m flashing like a beautiful expression, she didn’t argue, her hands holding He Wei’s dick, I want to send the glans to my mouth, but He Wei is not It is quasi-to include the glans, he is drinking Ji Li: “Stretch your tongue, use it!”

When she stretched out his tongue. When she wrinkled her brow, when she was close to He Wei’s glans, I found it under He Wei’s glans, and the brown foreign body was stained with a small piece of dark brown, that is not like liquid but feel soft. Things, I haven’t seen what is that, until Ji Li began to suffer her beautiful face, when she wet the tongue of the tongue, Shi Po suddenly sent a slutty laugh. : “Hey … Beautiful people eat stool precious lenses, should be recorded and preserved! I don’t know if this hotel has no stealing needle photographer?”

At this time, I suddenly realized that it turned out that Li Li is eating her own feces! “damn it! This group of bastards! I am in my heart, I know that they will be so abused, saying, I will not bring Yuli to here to let them have a big pot; however, I have only sorred, I can only sold. Looking at the whole of the whole glans, although I didn’t smell the odor of a fan, I knew that Ji Li must be very uncomfortable.

After helping the glans, Ji Li helped him licked the whole cock and the scrotum once, and then by the Zhu Tu, we started to take turns from the beautiful points of the top of the top, she picked up the right hips, let us rush After the top of the top, we have been in the future, her glamorous face is getting deeper, gradually exposing the look of the climax, when the second round starts, He Wei suddenly said: “Hehe , Yuli, like you so lasses, really should take a small movie, I think it will be very selling! “

Ji Li was only looked at He Wei, but did not pick up the cavity; at this time, I noticed that I was sticking two, three curled clouds, it should be, I’ve deserved it. I want to help her, but she suddenly looked up, a mouth contains my finger head sucking up, I looked at her beauty beautiful and charming expression, plus the mouth of the male haired The lining and dotted, the demon grouped the waves, immediately got my shocking mind; Yes, He Wei did not say the wrong, if the Li Li took the little movie, he will definitely shoot, and immediately become everyone wants to think A pro-ferry queen.

At this time, He Wei and the fertilizer were played with Yuli’s halver, and the three minutes of Zhu Map had been used, changed from Chen Rair to play, and Jili’s positive body began to have an intermittent tremor. That is to taste pleasure. The normal reaction is also one of the more sophisticated catalysts; and He Wei seems to have a feeling of Yuli’s physical and mental feelings. He asked the nautical nipple, asked her: “How? Xiaoyao, Do you want to help you to help you record a few rolls to give the film? Or do I help you send a piece? “

Ji Li listened to him, he was not kidding, so quickly spit out my fingers, and some is anxious and pleaded with He Wei. It’s really not … “

He Wei said and said: “If I tell you that there is a pinhole camera everywhere, and you have already become the best heroine, what do you do?”

Yili also couldn’t divide He Wei. It is really a false. She is only a bit of nervous battle: “Ah … Wush, if you really like …, record it! As long as you promise me … don’t give others, I am willing to let you … casually … no matter how many volumes are recorded … people are willing … “

He Wei used her nipple to say: “Is it true? Is it really willing to let us record how many volumes?”

Li Li had a sultry, but her speech is almost excited: “Hey, really … Wush Shu … I am a good brother … Since people are willing to do this … Let you … … What else is it not willing? …… As long as you don’t give others … I am willing to listen to you! “

Although Jili has abandoned the final defense line, he is not satisfied, he only listens to the Shimo, who has changed his hand, “” You don’t make the Queen Queen, I think you should go as a senior prostitute, You have such a stick and face, and guests will not finish. “

And He Wei also attached to Shimo: “Yes, and we will designate a pinhole camera to pick you up, so we can enjoy the other men play! Haha … Good idea.” Ji Li this When Chen Rong was dried from behind, she went to the top of the Chen River, and she was angry. He said: “Oh … no, don’t call me to be a prostitute … once I was Husband knows … he will kill me … must not be like this … 喔 … ah …… 力 点 … fast … ah … … Re-use … Please … fast …… …… Ah … I am coming … I beg you … hard! “

The Chen River who was fought was suddenly stopped. He pumped the cock in Yuli’s Xiaolang, and two hands were tapping her snow buttocks said: “Is it cool? If you want to reach the climax, you will promise. Let’s go to the prostitute! “

I have been looking forward to Hui Li, which is coming, after the Chen Rong is still quiet, actually takes the initiative to rotate the fragrant hip, and the laxative is screaming: “Ah! Don’t stop … don’t do this whole … … Just ask you … Good brother … So fast … soon to rise to the sky … “

However, Chen Rong is not moving. He just stirred two index fingers into the anus of Jili, “I want to satisfy our requirements, otherwise, today, I will always make you can’t exhaust. I want to see how long you can. “

I saw Yili fiercely swaying the butt, she frequently looked at the Chen River and said, “Give me, good people … I will use your big meal to do it … 喔 … I beg you … So! … God … Come and save me. “

Seeing that Ji Li is not willinkate. He Wei suddenly stimulated the model and sighed: “Hey, just said what you are willing to listen to us, I didn’t expect to have a good time, you said, should we have a good one to punish her. ? “

Zhu Map said immediately: “Yes! The little girl who is not awkward is a good fortune.”

Shi Po doesn’t matter how Ji Li is, it is unscrupulous and said: “Well, then find some people to do her, seeing her, I dare to lie to us!”

Ji Li was originally thought that they were joking, so they just desperately swaying the hips. I hope that I can reach the climax. She didn’t expect He Weihui to indicate that Zhu Mu said: “Call the A Bao, call him more people come here. Hehe … I told him that we are playing a big pot with a big beauty! “

When Zhu map ran to the bed and pick up the phone and started the phone, Ji Li couldn’t find that she suddenly followed, her face looked at He Wei: “Can not be like this, Wei Shu … don’t scare me … 10 million Can’t call your friends … Really … it is absolutely can’t … “

But He Wei said coldly: “Unless you promise me to pick up the sea, I will call a large group of friends to come over! How? I give you a minute, let you choose.”

This killing is really stunned. She is halfway to watch us. It seems that I don’t know what the threat of He Wei is true or false. I don’t know how it is good. I just hope that I am saying: “Hey, A wind How can you let them harm me? You call them don’t call people. “

Who knows that I don’t say it, she is asking for me, but I am stimulating, because I didn’t expect that I will have this trick, so I am all right. This kind of imperfect drama is very shocking, especially in this way of using women’s weaknesses, cruelly pinching her chays. If she trips she goes to prostitution, she has to let more men rape together, simply call me an eye, at the same time Also fascinated! After all, it is a fatal temptation to force Qi Li such as a beautiful and sexy tall estee. Therefore, I have a deadly temptation; therefore, I am mixed with the excitement of the degeneration and the excitement of the crime, decide and He Wei them together. Accelerate Jili continued to fall to the dark abyss.

I also told Yili coldly to say: “You decide yourself to choose that!”

She seems to know that I will only feel unrequited, so I am somewhat nervous to say: “You … you first listen to me … you … first hang up the phone first … You let people think about it … good?”

Zhu map shook the microphone on his hand: “Give you more than 30 seconds, make it now.”

Li Li bowed and bite the lower lips, and it was a way to think about it. And Sho suddenly opened the Chen Ring. After replacing his position, he immediately hugged the willow waist and started slowly. And with his movement is getting faster and faster, Jili’s wheezing and embarrassment are getting more and more urgent. Everyone in the venue knows that after the sensitive flesh is short-lived after passing, this moment is once again been Wapo’s The big cock is detonated, the creep is like a snake’s mighty waist, plus the trembled oh, the climax is just a line. When Shi Po started to open the big, the long sauna, He Wei was also urgent to ask Yan Li: “How? Decided?”

Ju Li, who is driving, hick, and then says that it is a pleasant voice: “Ah … ah … I recognize … As long as you don’t call people to be a prostitute … Just … you … you … … arrange ……! “

Looking at Ji Li, the depression look of the eyes, closing the eyebrows, plus the choice of her prosecution, my big chickens can’t help but excite excitement, and others seem to be like me, all grip The thing of his own, it is tightly surrounded by Li Li, only Zhu Chao still grabs the microphone: “Then I can notify Abao belong to people!”

“Oh, no, no … not now … don’t call your friends now.” I have been working together to catering Shi Li, I suddenly stopped Zhu Chao: “Next, let you next … Friends participate in … … 喔 … Today … Just … 唉 … … you … already … you have … you can’t stand it … “

It is full of firepower, crazy, rushing to Shimo, who is 莉 雪 臀, then I am still not moving, I don’t say: “Next? When is next time? I still think that the people of the whole team will live and die today. You! “

Yili is shameful, it is a bit panic: “Oh, no, don’t look for the team people to come … I can’t find someone who knows!”

Shimo was once again smoked. He completely regardless of the protest of Jili, just a man who urged Zhu Map to say: “Call the phone call Abao them come over.”

Zhu Tuo raised the microphone asked He Wei: “How? Boss, do you want to come over?”

He Wei said that he was a little more, then he shot his dick while holding his dick, while the Sen Synchri smile: “I want the next time, but the next time is all the ball. Hey, I think there must be a lot of people to know you, how? Do you want to entertain your husband? “

Ji Li hesitated, I don’t know how to face this problem, until He Wei told Zhu Mu to start dialing, she is like a decision, hurriedly calling: “Don’t call! Or … … Next time … I just ask you one thing … Never let me … Mr. Know … Otherwise I will … it’s over! “

Things have evolved here, He Wei seems to be very satisfied with the results, Zhu Map is also hung by the phone back to the lounge chair, and everyone plays with Li Li Xiangyu dripping the jade body, and choosing Li Li, it seems to abandon all Warade, only listen to her screaming and said: “Hey … ah … come! You … bad guys … um … oh … ah … don’t … don’t … I’m trying to you … … Let me cool … let me … happy … ah … 呜 … …… Wonderful … What do you play … How to play … Oh … … people all …… ah … ah … ah … good news … so beautiful … … … I am coming … I am going to be heaven … “

With the buddhism and non-stopped carcass, Shimo also sent a happy strange sound. ! … ah … cool and dead! “

Shimo is shot his semen, and the fat week will take over. He is still shaking a lot of hooks, and immediately stuffed his fat in the waves of Yuli, but he I was soaked for a while, I couldn’t help but vent it; then Zhu Map jumped into the lounge chair to take the work of the fertilizer. He was trapped, and the fierce, it easily took Yuli to bring the wonderful desire heaven, When Li Li did not know what I mad, I have shout, and the thick and thick white semen continues to spray in the right cheeks and ear, and the Chen River on the left is also shot. The head is full.

Finally, Zhu Mu and Li Li have reached the peak, but this time we didn’t hear the screams of Jili, because He Wei did not know when his cocks have been entered into the mouth, just in Zhu map When he was cool, he also raised his accumulated a lot of concentrate into the throat of Jili. Some Li Li swallowed, but some came and fell off, and dripped down along the corner of Juli, and I am mixed with the semen of Chen Ran …

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