The first wife’s secretary colleague, I was divorced with the ex-wife, Pingping, who had been divorced, and after signing the divorce. After signing the divorce, the mood was in a low tide, and there was no mood job. One person was stuffled at home. After all, no one hugged It is not a big mind to get married.

About three months, I received a call from Pingping, a friend of Miss Pang. , People are good, others are unclear, I asked her about two o’clock in the afternoon, please send it to my stay.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the doorbell rang, because it was July day, it was hot, I was in the home, and I wore a jeans in the lower body. I heard the ringtone. I quickly put a denim shirt and didn’t buckle. Let’s open the door, the door, Pang Miss stands at the door, maybe she is coming from the company, it has made a little makeup, wearing a beige suit, the high heel shoes, a lot of usual, she may not think I only put the top, Out of a naked and strong chest and stunned. I am surprised that the girl is standing next to her, height is approximately 163, a long hair of a shawl (I have always likes long hair girl), melon face, white skin, straight nose, small and thin lips Smiling, the eyes of the hydraulic eyes watched me, naked in the upper body, and the eyes were shame, and the gods were very beautiful and bright, and the face of no makeup was more excellent. I have never seen her before this. Miss Pang said that she is a friend of Pingping, a secretary in a big company, I am strange in my marriage life with Ping Ping, but I have never seen her, but even the name has never heard, otherwise this kind of The man looked at the heart of a woman, I can’t forget.

I took a toy music bell, which was handed over, said that Ping Ping is still in the son of the 𫄶褓 (the son is very cute, fostered in the mother’s family, with the plot, there is not much narrative), Zhou Sheng from the beginning In addition to staring at me with some slight smile, I didn’t say a word, even when Miss introduced her, I just smiled nod, but when I left Miss, I might a potential conscious caused her to turn. The head is a bit shy to show my strong chest and smile. The so-called returning smile, her smile, immediately let me have a long-awaited, blowing, and more beautiful and mysterious girl, watching her back, only discovered – she It is a beige set than Miss Pang, about ten cm in OL standard narrow skirt, deep-mite high heel shoes, transparent fleshy stockings, is a pair of lines, and the beautiful legs, the beautiful legs, I am jumping immediately, but I haven’t seen it yet. Qing, two of them have already entered the elevator, and Zhou Wen is in front of the elevator, and turned around and looked at me. At this time, I regret that I didn’t ask them to enter.

Going back to the living room, I am a bit awkwardly sit down, my mind is repeatedly illusion – I will laugh in the week, and the skirt is in the skirt. Zhou Wen, if you can let me kiss the reddy little mouth, caress the sleek beautiful legs, don’t know how good it is.

After a worship, the charming shadow of the text is from time to time in my mind – but she is a friend of the exmontist and wife, other non-unpredicts, I don’t even think about it.

During the night, I read the book on the bed, the phone bell rang, I lounged, and a strange and crispy woman’s voice came from the phone.

Woman: What is the Mr. X is not?

I said: I am! Who is it?

Woman: I am Zhou Wen, I don’t know if you still remember?

I heard the text, I was originally a bit of a little bit.

I said: Remember to remember … I have been with Pang Miss that day …

Wen: Well! Thank you, remember me … Today I call you, I want to tell you …

In the text, I really had a bit of chicken. In the phone, I advised me to comply with the ex-wife, saying that the benefits of the ex-wife, I have already breeze to your ex-wife, usually friends don’t dare to mention her in front of me. If it is not a text, I will talk to me, I am afraid that I have already hanged the phone. I will take the top of her, and I don’t want to talk to her more words. She seems to be very I didn’t realize that when I pulled my ex-wife’s topic.

The night is quiet, the more familiar, and talk to my sex life with my ex-wife, she told me that Ping Ping said with her, my horman is very large. Wow! Ping Ping even had 17.5 cm long, and the thick mask size of eggs told her that there was a time between them.

Since you know anything.

I also asked more boldly: What woman? I heard that the smaller the woman’s mouth, the smaller it, the less it is?

She is shy: I don’t know!

I said: Zhou Wen! I remember u mouth is very small, she quickly said …… What about you: you do not ask me, I do not know …

I would not let her avoid: Do not u boyfriend said to you? (Like her beauty, can not be without a boyfriend!)

She could not bear to let me know her size, Qieqie, he said very quietly: Every time I do have pain with him, he said … very tight! I said: So, as u’s “vagina” tell your mouth, small and tight myself?

She was a little nervous: you do not ask … (they make up one) Maybe!

I take this opportunity to talk to her more in-depth in terms of sex, I had sex with Pingping mentioned every time more than one hour, Wen added that she did not expect to already know.

She was curious: how can a man so long? You’re more than an hour from the start … from entering the count of time?

I said yes? How often do you tell your boyfriend?

She was a little shy, a little did not face open: He … the longest time only about fifteen minutes!

I said: just fifteen minutes? U so there will be the climax of it?

She is more shy: No … no, I just have a feeling every time when he is over!

I said: So, u rarely climax myself?

She was a little Resentment: You can say never ……

I said: Oh! Well unfortunately, it is not because u too tight, so he can not stand the stimulus, shot quickly? To the text a little proud to say: Maybe! He often go abroad, not many times I told him … I do not really like to do that ……

I said: If u tasted more than one hour each time there are more than five times the minimum climax then I’m afraid u want to do every day ……

Phone her breath a little light: not tried! I have no idea……

I run the risk of being hung up she said: What about you would not want to try to like me so thick penis, vagina u Choucha in more than an hour of it?

She could not stand, or really angry: how can u speak to me so bold? Do not forget I am a good friend …… Pingping

I quickly said: I’m sorry! I was a moment ……

She said: Forget it! Too late, I go to work tomorrow, do not talk ……

Before I say more, she hung up the phone down, causing me to sleep that night.

The next afternoon, the phone rang, did not expect is the text of the call, she seems to have forgotten so deeply last night and I talk about sex, just ask me to consider – how well? Pingping willing to work with complex it? At that time I just want to see her again, I would say think about it, but I hope she has something you can talk to the house, she said, give me a call after get off work, he hung up the phone.

After five in the afternoon, I kept at the time, guarding the phone, call a friend said there are important things, to force them to immediately hang up, my friends are puzzled, a divorced man working there was not any important thing fart ! Wait until 7:30 pm to the text of the phone has not come yet, I thought, she probably guessed I attempt, to the cattle. Why I was upset last night so bold to speak directly to her scared, the phone rang.

With text: Hey! sorry! I work overtime today, was busy ……

I said: do not eat dinner?

With the text: eaten, the company called ……

I was nervous to ask: What about you now – Available in … yet?

With the text: Half an hour later I come to you!

I was elated: OK!

Hung up the phone, I immediately tidy up the living room, my house is carefully renovated, to fine-tune the lighting luminosity of the most exotic, elegant Qing-rou audio release music, but also busy and took a shower, just packed up everything, Doorbell rang.

Door opened, and a white-Wen stood in the doorway, white jacket, which is pale pink shirt, white skirt, white high-heeled shoes, only the eyes eyebrow hair is black, there is the mouth of a little red seductive crime , I can see the point of her makeup, in addition to the beautiful day on the makeup adds more glamorous style, amazing aside, I quickly jumped out of the mouth of the heart.

I stammered: Please … Come in Come ……

To the text demure smile, eyes Meishao pick I have to wear a chest shirt look, generous walk into the living room, I saw white rounded legs under the skirt of her white behind her, wrapped in transparent flesh-colored stockings, more people can not help but want to offend it.

I said: I don’t have to take off the shoes here … What do you want to drink? She told my living room: Is there a coffee?

I said, come on!

When I was in the small bar, I saw that she had already sat down on the couch. The right leg naturally lifted to the left leg, today’s white short skirt seems to be shorter than that day, I stand At the point of view of the bar, I almost saw her whole naked right leg, the repair of the snowy white legs, under the meat-transparent stockings, more round and smooth, let me want to bite a bite, or a drill into the beautiful leg In the middle, let your face fro a pair of legs. Why did I regret why the sleeping pills have fallen, and there is a sleeping pill, otherwise it is now in the coffee, it can be a gods tonight.

I have a brain to think about the coffee to hand in the hand, and she smiled and took a little.

She said: You will be placed!

I said: Ma Ma Tiger!

She found – my eyes aimed at her naked half of the big legs, and moved the hips under the next consciousness.

I laughed: I am afraid that I look?

She is a bit tight and embarrassing: what is good … ugly is dead!

I am teasing: I believe that the company’s male colleague sees this kind of dress, must have no mood to work …

She seems to be default -: I will ignore them …

After that, the two did not know what to say, in writing, as if I forgot during the day, I came to my home during the day, and I talked to my ex-wife. The lights in the living room are gentle, and the beautiful music echoed. I will turn the light again.

She is a bit nervous: What is the mutual drying?

I sat down to her: Nothing! Don’t you feel like this? And the darkness, I will not harm!

She said: You will hurt? Who is lie … Hey!

She has not finished, my mouth has already printed on her soft lips, so that I can’t think of it, she immediately spit out the tip of the tongue, let me succeed, in the living room, in addition to music, a silence, occasionally I have Wen, kiss, the 液 液 液 液 的.

We licked each other, two tongues were unwrapped, and my hand stretched into her coat. I took a light pink shirt to touch her chest. I can’t think of her a pair of non-small breasts. I estimate that there are more than 32C, this She is mixed when she is handling the shirt button, and she is more tense when she has a hard nipple.

She pushes my hand: Don’t this, I am a friend of Pingping …

Didn’t finish it, the cherry mouth of the tempting crime was blocked by my mouth. Although she continued to kiss my enthusiastic, her hand touched the top, and did not let me easily. I will hit the West, and the other quickly rely into her skirt, and smashed on her bumps, reflecting pantyhose and thin transparent trip to her labips. Light stamp. NS.

She wanted to push the hand that I invaded, I vacated her hugged her, so that she couldn’t make strength, then her lips suddenly heated, and there is a lot of Yuxin in the mouth, in my mouth, And her two legs are closer to my hand in her, I feel that she is also hot, and the slutty is flowing through the transparent triangle pants. The warm temperature is smooth and smooth, and it is very good. Comfortable.

At this time, I may still remember her homepiece, my ex-wife, the residual reason, I want to push me.

She is pushing me: don’t this, we can’t … Oh!

I blocked her again, I pressed her in the couch, I took out, I have been persisted, and the big mask is stunned. I reached out her pantyhose and the triangle small panties to pull to the calf. When she didn’t respond, my big mask has been topped on the labipings of her prostitute.

She yelled: no!

She turned his waist, only to enter the half of the glans immediately slipped out, after all, she is my ex-wife, I don’t dare to force her, get up immediately, I am annoyed, I don’t talk, she quickly pulled Pants and underwear that are taken to the calf, unexpectedly, after she sorted a good dress, did not get up, but the lower head.

She peeked about me, quietly said: Sorry! I let you down……

I didn’t speak, because the lights were dim, I was a little angry, and I didn’t take it into the jeans who took it to the knee. Therefore, the big hiwei still has a post, she is aimed at my big hook, and it is shy. Head. She lows: you are now? I am not angry: What about it?

She said: Haven’t you done after you divorce?

I am angry: quarreling every day before divorcing, do a fart!

She apologized: I said that you haven’t done it almost half a year, is it a solution?

I said: Do you want to help me solve?

She didn’t speak, thinking about it: I just is not good, I shouldn’t follow you … Otherwise, I will help you with your hand?

I said: I will not use my hand.

She said: What do you want? I want to do it with you … it’s impossible!

I don’t have hope for her, I deliberately ignite her: Does a woman do not have a mouth? Hey, the mouth below will not help me, don’t you do it? She smashed her half a day, I turned to her, I feel that she quietly turned to look at my standing big hook, dim light, the glans’s eyes out of a crystal lubricant. What I can’t think of, she slowly moved her body, slowly leaning on my big hook, long straight hair went to my bare thigh, crispy, so comfortable, suddenly my glans were warm Wet soft lips, her wonderful tongue is gently licking the horses on my glans, I almost call it, I gasped, the glans are bigger, seeing her little mouth has already been opened. Maximum, I have to pack my big glans.

I can’t help but swallow a little … she worked hard to swallow down, and only the girder’s neck groove is about one or so, and there are still half of her little hands and put my penis. There is still a case, her mouth is smooth, the warm and humid tongue is rotating around my glans, and I use the tongue to take the glamatic horses, my heartbeat begins to accelerate, then comfortable Just like flying to the cloud, it is beautiful and beautiful.

She is a vague sound: Your really big big big because she is squatting on the sofa seat, the soft thigh is in the skirt, I can’t help but reach out to stroke her thigh, her body While fiddling, but did not refuse, my hand reached into her two thighs, touched by her inside of her thigh, I felt that my thigh muscles twitched, I have been touching the roots of the thigh, Visit the pantyhose and tribed, found that the part of her raised pussy has been wet, and I quietly pulled down her pantyhose and a wet tricks.

She vacatedly in a symbolic push me, confident: you promised, we can’t do …

I said: You can rest assured! As long as the mouth can help me succeed, I will never do it …

I said that she took off her pantyhose and small trip. She nodded, and continued to suck my mask. The head of the head is put down, let me feel very moving.

When my middle finger gently inserted her slippery vagina, she was shaking, full of red, calming, and the warm gas in my mouth made my glans like a warm meat, comfortable whole body sweat opened.

Her vagina really said, tightly, the warm tender meat hugged my middle finger, it seems to have suction, swallow my middle fingers, when the fingertips touched her yu nuclear flower heart When her thighs clamped my hand, a hot sprayed out, my middle finger was soaked in the hot flow, I knew that she had the first climax.

When her climax is coming -, the temperature in her mouth seems to have suddenly increased. My glans will have to reach the peak under her soft and warm swallow, I immediately take a deep breath, and I will not shoot it, I am fine. Suddenly, I will endure again, I am afraid that I can’t save hundreds of millions of sperm.

She is bitter: my mouth is sour, why don’t you come out?

I am a bit proud: I am not saying, do you take a few hours?

She pays pitiful, and the eyes of the water spirit are! You … I know that I will not agree to help you …

I said: Help me, I also help …

She has not yet, I suddenly turned over. She has been lying in the couch of the three people in the exclamation. I use the force to drive her soft thigh, low down, and the mouth has sucking her wet soft lips. I feel that she also wants to call out, the thigh body is tight, my tongue has already reached into her vagina, and the tongue turns in the vagina wall. She strives to suppress the embarrassment, sounding more blood angry Zhang, I am gentle to open her labi, try to elongate my tip of the tongue, until the tip of the tongue, when the tip of the tongue, I know that it is the most sensitive jerk of women, that is The so-called flowers, she strongly squatted, two thighs tightly tightly, the pussy did not stop up, while holding my head, it seems to be love with my tongue, I can’t wait for me. Put my whole head into her charming hole. At this time, my tongue tip is hot, and a slight hot flow is sprayed into my tip of the tongue. I am a little bittened. I am sour, I will open the yin, she may know that I am swallowed. Her yin, or at this time, she also disappears herself, and Zhangkou has stood, and the big mask is still sucking.

I took her white skirt and white shirt after her two degree orgasm. She spit out my mask.

She is nervous: You said it is not done!

I said: I am afraid to stain your clothes!

She didn’t say, silently letting her get a touch, and I also immediately took off my clothes. At this time, the two people are completely naked, she is sitting on the sofa and shy low, in soft lighting In the middle, long hair is scattered, more than 32C breasts are very standing, the melon face is in detail, the low, the water of the water is like a layer of fog, and the tip of the nose is a little sweat, slightly The little mouth is light, and it is glamorous in the eyes. I stood in front of her, standing more than 90 degrees, the glans were in front of her, her little mouth slightly, gently contained my glans, and hanging down. I kneel down her beautiful nipple, the pink micrronized nipple has long been like a cherry, I gently smashed the cherries, she groaned, unconsciously hugged my head. , Press my face on her breast, when she is excited, I push her down, I will not meet this, gentle and gently divide her snow, she stalemate. It may be that she has surpassed ingredients at this time, and she is thrown by her homepiece. Shun from the pink thigh, I gently pushed the big glans into the vagina that she was already slippery, and she entered a glans, I saw her small abdomen bandage bump, so tight, really experience not much.

She is squatting: pain! You a little …

I said: If you relax, you will not hurt!

She is fascinated: um …

Fortunately, in this vagina, it has already been obscene and horizontally in the middle of the vagina. It is very slippery. It is convenient for my big omelet. I slowly insert the mask to her narrow, I pulled her up, indicating that she bowed Look, her water disappointment is shy to look at my long mask is gradually swallowed by her vagina. When my masher is inserted into her vagina, my glans is closely grinded with her yuki, she is ashamed. I raised two charming legs wrapped up my waist. I took the low body from the upper body, and the big hi puffed quickly, felt the feeling of faster, so that the two legs of the text gatheed my waist, it seems I can’t help with me.

I am breathed: feel uncomfortable?

She nodded: um …

I said: Do you want me?

She nodded: um …

My big hook began to vigorously thrush in her tight meat.

She couldn’t help but scream: ah ~ ah ~ good … I can’t stand it …

I kissed her, asked her: Is it not to be able to shoot me with my heart?

I deliberately stimulate her with “shooting” this vulgar word.

She is still holding, breathing: You don’t use this word, I … I never want to have done with you …

I said: I don’t believe it, I don’t tell the truth, I will have a good look …

I said that she stretched out two hands and hugged her hips, put my mask in her vagina, I couldn’t stand it.

She vigorously: You don’t like this … ah ~

I will continue to ask: Say! I talked about the guns last night, I didn’t want to shoot me at the time?

She gasped: ……

I am soaping: Don’t you say it?

She can’t help: not … ah ~ not …

I am a little angry, I am still equipped here: Don’t you say it? My big hi is no longer inserted, and the two hands hit her hips. The top of the glans in her juling, strong grinding, strong excitement, her climax starts a wave of wave, obscene is sprayed out, flow down Her portions.

She yelled: Ah … I said last night, I saw you for the first time … naked chest, just … I want to do it with you …

My heart is angry: what?

She is very moving in the pussy and catering me: do love!

I said: To say to shoot!

Her vagina is tight to my mask: Oh ~ shoot!

I forced her again: Let’s make a clear!

Her two beautiful legs are strongly entangled in my waist. I feel that my waist is broken, and I am ashame: shooting! I first saw your naked chest at the door, I want to shoot you! Ah ~ so comfortable …

I am tight, I want me if I want me to interrupted?

She has been completely relaxed: um … I want you to insert my hole … Plug me … I like you, do it ………

At this time, I have completely throw away the secular fake mask with the text, and the passion is moving to each other. I can’t wait to entangle the genital entanglement of the two. The two tongues in the mouth are tangled to swallow each other, and she suddenly Zhangkou. Puting, the pussy is very moving up, and the hand is pressed against my hips. I know that her climax is coming again. The hands once again hold her hips again, let my big hook plus deeper, my glans is on her Juicy nuclear mill, I feel that her tightly vagina contraction is like cramps. The tender meat of the uterine cavity has a painful pain. A hot flow suddenly spurted from the heart, poured on my glans, I The mashed mashed mashed vaginal bag seems to have been integrated with her vagina, the soft meat of the vaginal wall, causing me, sucking my hi, then I can’t help it again, such as mountain flood eruption A thick sun is incorporated into her flowers, she is intertwined with my body, holding her little mouth with me deeply, and the uterus is in the heart of a tremble, shot me. There is no drop in Yang Jinguan, and we are entangled on the sofa, no one wants to separate.

When I was bored with the text in the bathroom, I went into the bedroom. I went to Tianming in the morning. I didn’t stop the three cannons. She called the next day. I called to complain with me. I said that her tenderness I haven’t experienced the fierce battle with me last night. When I wash my hands on the company, I found that it is a little red and swelling in the vagina. I have to make comfort, saying that it must be very gentle, will not let her have bitter.

She said: Do you still want to have the next time? Don’t dream!

Poor she smashed her dark circles to get off work, my door bell rang again, and I was a dream to circle myself.

After the glamorous text has been with me, I will never mention Ping Ping for me. Even my boyfriend will report to me in advance, but also declared that after I played with me, I will never let it let Her boyfriend touched her hair, as long as we met with empty, there was naturally not to connect the genitals together, even once dusk, she was in the park, and I came to the park for a while. Under the hidden tree, she boldly set off a skirt, wrapped two beautiful legs in my waist, and did one of me.

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