At 4:30 in the afternoon, he opened Ford Tian Wangxing, wrapping around Zhongshan woman, looking for female students going to get out of class as his prey today. Two-eighth year of China —— 16-year-old girl, what is youthful, however, is it coveted today!

Look! Thousands of hundred hundred pure female students, from the campus, enabling the environment around Zhongshan women, full of boundless joy. Some of them have collapsed, and they are talking about it; some are low-speed, catch the bus; some are standing on the road to elongate the neck, waiting for the transfer. Their body, high, short, fat, thin; their faces, there is very beautiful, but absolutely not ugly. Because as long as you have youth, the whole person is natural and bright! What’s more, these girls are all winners of the high school tale! Everyone is the pride of the heavens in the minds of our friends! The huge confidence, making them raised their heads, with crispy chest ass, full body exudes a charming glory! Looking at so many beautiful girls, his heart is full.

He opened the Kings Star, and walked around Zhongshan female and patrol again, looking for my beautiful little girl. Finally, the emperor did not worry, in the direction of the city of Northern Road, near the people’s livelihood, he saw her! She is the most suitable pure jade woman in her mind! His quarry today! His sex today! It is her!

First: Her face and body are first! Can give him a physical and spiritual enjoyment! Second: She watched the road to be a bunch of Zhang Xi, leisurely, the mood is easy and bored! This mental state is most likely to be invaded and posted. Third: She is walking alone, there is no other classmates nearby, he will not suffer any interference, she can’t help!

He opened the car to her ten meters and stopped. Going out of the car and walked to her.

“Sorry, lady!” He politely said: “She is with a big eyes, migital, naturally showing a sweet smile, curiously looking directly at this boys: Sswen Wen, about three Ten years old! She estimated. “

He heard her to her, and he was full of smile, hoping to establish a good impression in her heart. He handed her a photo with a photo: “I am a police officer of the police officers, this is my ID.” In fact, it is forged! ” She took over and gave him a mess. I also didn’t see the authenticity anyway.

can I help you? He and Yan Yue said: “There is a case that is related to national security, I want to ask you to help the survey!”

“National security?” She is a bit nervous, “What is going on?”

“You don’t have to be nervous! Just ask to ask a few questions to the headquarters. Please get on the bus!”

Want to go to his car? At the police headquarters? Isn’t it a very mysterious, very terrible place? She began to be afraid.

I … I … she turned to school direction, I want to help my tutor or teacher, and I also find a classmate to strengthen, but I can’t see half a person!

He saw she hesitated, afraid that it was a long time. If someone came, he had to break his good thing, and hurriedly put it: “If you come with me, just ask a few questions, you can go back. Still want to go to the class tomorrow, go to the school as a classmate, the teacher’s face, let the whole school know this? “

She is still in a field: he opened the door, put a hand gesture, gently pushing her back, she had to sit in. She sits in the back seat, found that the glass of the whole car is filled with reflective paper, and inside can be seen outside, but it is completely inside! When he opened the cach, he immediately became cold, “Why did you betray the country?” She hopped in her heart, “I don’t have!”

“Still argument! We have collected adequate evidence! I just unfortunately, such a cute smart girl, I will make this kind of thing!”

“I am really not!” She cried quickly.

“Really?” He opened the viaduct, stopped in a remote corner, “I feel all the eyes, I ask a few questions!”

He looked at her and closed his eyes. On the face of the melon of the bomb, it was stretched with the nose and the Yinhong cherry mouth, which was delicious! I really want to make it right away!

“What is the name?” “Huang Xiujie.”

“Age?” “Sixteen years old.”

“Address?” No. 44, No. 28 Lane, No. 28 Lane, No. 44, Exquisite East Road. “

“Phone?” “5456505”

“Do you look at yourself! This is not awkward, who?”

He handed her a file clip, she opened, it is a file, written: Guarantee headquarters No. A three W One crime: Cheeser Name: Huang Xiu Jie: Sixteen Address: No. 44, No. 28, Sanxiang, Minrffit East Road 3rd floor. Tel: 5456505 She looked at the file, the whole person was stupid, in fact, these information he just asked her, one side wrote! So I have to close the eye! She is hints, and of course it is difficult to give up. This kind of rivers and lakes are scams for more than enough!

He launched the car again and opened the viaduct. “I honestly tell you! Female prisoner went to our headquarters, there is no unidentified man, do you know why?” She has already had no Lord, which has no Lord, and shook his head.

“Because the female prisoner will enter the headquarters, I will be raped immediately!” I said that I turned to see her.

She was scared, and her tears came out!

“Especially for the girls of the treason, we are all called rogue to rape! Have you seen a hooligan? The muroh of the citizen is, the dragon tiger is biting with betel, flowing with saliva, all of them are fierce. The porn is mad! And it is gang rape, has been gang rape to the confession! “She really can’t stand, crying:” I really have no treason! “

I beg you, don’t take me to the police headquarters! “

He made her cry, and said coldly: “Isn’t true?”


He drove the car down the viaduct and stopped. He turned to face her, showing a very sincere expression: “I really like it! I am really unwilling to believe: I will commit crimes! But how do you prove that there is no rebel country?”

“How do I know?” She said with a low tear of her mother-in-law. He opened another archive clip. He looked at the file in detail in detail. Black scorpion, is there? “

“No! No! You must be wrong!” She seems to catch a line of life.

“The thigh root, there is a green tire!”

“No no!”

“Top it is gay, just like love with girls?”

She said that she said that “I have a woman!” Tell this, the voice is low.

“I didn’t lie to me?”

She opened a lot, and she looked at him in an “hope. The face is still retaining tears: “No —— yes!”

He stared at her eyes: “I told you, I will enter our headquarters, you must be raped immediately! But how can I bear it, let this treatment? But what else to prove that you are looking for that person?

“I … I.”

“But this violates the regulations! I have no power …”

“Please!” She desperately cited him to see her body!

He closed his eyes, frowned, and it was ready to do very difficult choices! Pens Si Long, he slammed his eyes, resolutely said: “Good! I will violate a rule! Because I don’t believe, like this kind of lovely girl will shop!”

He opened the car to Zhongxiao Brass Road and Fuxing South Road intersection, a famous computer self-service hotel, and got a trendy on her, so she covered her student uniform. There is a row slide on the wall at the entrance, showing the shots and arrangements of all rooms, and all countries are available. He took her hand like a couple, standing in front of the slide, asked her: “I like that?”

She quickly, ashamed from her face, the sound is not sneakers: “Just!”

He was carefully picked up, took the card lock, found the room number, opened the door, took her into it.

She is shy, curious, and is worth the room! The center of the room is a big round bed. The three-sided walls are big mirrors. In addition to the shower equipment, there is a large bathtub that can be washed together under the shower equipment. The wall is gruff, the whole room is decorated with gold, which feels It seems to be blurred!

He locked the door and sat in the edge of the bed and tried to her. “come over!”

She is born, and slowly went to him.

He asked gently: “First come?”

She nodded!

He caught her hand and sent it to his mouth, and put her finger into a mouth into the mouth. She closed her eyes, a current flowing, shechiness! He looks at the difference between the teasing, reach out to unlock her shirt! She reflects his hands with his hands! He sat down his legs, the right hand rope on her waist, the left hand strokes her hips, put her close, the legs, slowly take off her shirt! Then, the hands were moved in her bare waist, and then under her complaints, unfold her bra! The little breast is thared up in a beautiful curve, has not been played by a man, the pink nipple has gradually swollen, and the microlaxation is trembled! This is a well-developed young girl, in order to have, only the breasts with it! He took her grandmother her chest, greedily absorbed the virgin exclusive aroma!

She is shaking, her hands are unresolved by his heads, gently asked him: “Is there a hammer?” He deeply took a deep breath, his face left her breast, said: “I will take a closer look!” The hands are still tight. Follow her waist and hips, try hard, swim, squeeze!

“Well! Didn’t see it, but the nipple is very beautiful!” Said it contains the one in the right, sucking, licking, gently biting! Her “——” is awkward, the body is reflectively, and then swinging! After a while, he said: “There is still this!” Said that it also covered the left one, and then suck it, licked it, gently bite! She can’t stand my feet in my body, and the weight of the whole person is pressed to him.

He took her to the bed, kneeling around her, took off her student skirt, her hands on her thigh, come back and stroke! She rapidly, asked him if there is a birthmark? He said: “I look closely.” Said with a tongue in the inside of her thigh, I will suck it with my lips, and use my teeth to gently bite! She — ah — gewing, 呻吟, waist is not autonomous to twist!

He smelled her strong odor from her important part. I learned it, I reached out to take her underwear! She caught the trousers, protesting slightly: don’t! do not want! He said: “Wear underwear, see if there is any childhood!” Said that he has pulled her underwear! She can only get better, tighter, and let him see. He kneeling around her, separating her closed thigh, and appreciate her unregrand spring! The ancients came to praise the girls in the past two eighth year, and she was the second year of China – sixteen years! Youth’s breath, Chu Chu’s gods moving the body, delicate skin, is really good!

“Is there a baby?” I heard her Yan Yan’s whisker, he strongly kept the smile, replied in the ground: “I will look at it again!” Said that she rack her legs to her shoulders. Under the low, the tip of the tongue quickly explored the lips, turning into the river! Her soul is flying! Well, um,, 呻吟, 胯 股 股 上 上 股 股 股 手 手 手 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不

He put the tongue throughout! She only feels a pain, instinctive twists, quickly out of his master! He caught her thigh and dragged her back, let the tongue to explore! She is more painful this time, so it is faster, farther! He knows that this is a hymen! I want to use it! So he quickly took off his own garment. She saw him strong muscles, pouncefully, and the nose smelled the mood of the mature man. I only felt that my head was bloated. I can only talk to a place: “Don’t! Don’t!” He Let’s go to her ear: “Is it as a live love? Why don’t you say it?” If you say it, you will put the tongue into her ear, squat, when she is trembled, his life is Big intrusion! Break through the level! Siege and brush!搴 搴! She horked, tears like beads, and rolling down!

He smoke it, lying next to her, licking her tears, reaching the tongue into her cherry mouth, and her soft and sweet little diarity, induce her to swallow, soothing, soothing Her pain! When the two were shower in the bathroom, she asked: “Do you believe that I am not gay?” He said: “It’s hard to say!”

This way, if you take me to eat, I believe you! She said that she said: “But people will not be all!” That is the girl’s instinct! If you are not gay, you will definitely! Said, pressing her shoulders, let her kneel down, then press her face to his life!

In fact, she is at home, I have seen a film! At this time, I had to stick out the tongue, like the ice cream, sucking his lower body! He looked at the youthful jade girl who first understand the personnel, squatted to serve his life in his feet, his body and mind is so comfortable and refreshing to the extreme, so quickly sprayed her face! He saw her dodge, quickly put her face back to the original place, ordered her clean. She is awkward!

Two people got on the car. This time he told her to sit on the front seat, he side. She asked: “Do you have to take me to the police headquarters?” He looked at her deeply: “Don’t! I will report to the headquarters: The girl of the treason is not awkward! The headquarters is wrong!” She was happy to kiss him, and the pretty face of the shame is full of hope: “Then you will come to me?” He put the eyebrows: “I can’t wait to come to you!” But the headquarters has a strict regulations, not And the parties! Violation regulations will be sentenced to military law! But I … she has a peak of the star, and she has a thin fog. A few weeks! I spent a violation of the regulations, I will come to find you! Waiting for me? She bites her lips and nodded. When I got into the intersection of the people of the Northern Road, I was on the place where she took the bus before, the car stopped. He hugged her, his mouth made together, and died in the lingering! He put her down and said: “I don’t want to fall into tears!” So you turn down the sunny, you can open it. She greedily gazed him —— his first man in his life, for a while, took a breath, closed his eyes. The car is full of dust! In fact, he is afraid that she will write down the number, only to close your eyes! For safety, he never made a second contact with the parties. Well wear! He will not come again Zhongshan Girls in a few years. The province’s school for girls so much, one a visit, it would take years! He never failed! He never used a condom: through films, boring and tasteless! He never semen shot into the girl’s vagina, in order to avoid the girl pregnant! This is his insistence of ethics!

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