“It’s really a cake, I actually put the document in forgotten … Today, I should live in the company. Anyway, I don’t want to go to work, I have a meal to take it!” In the briefcase, I turned the old half a day, This remembered that he was preparing for the meeting because of the hurry, and I forgot to meet tomorrow.

It is a college student who has come to our company half a year ago. A college student who has graduated. Just entering the company, the company will be unresolved. What’s more, it is a girl, although it is not very picking up, but it is also a clear show. Everyone guess that she doesn’t have a road, it is to take off her pants. We have naturally dilemma everywhere, but this 24-year-old girl has no shrinkage. It is always a first-priced soldiers, and it is always silent to work to the dawn, and the sector performance is also rising. It is obvious. As a person, in now, we seem to be absolutely alive, but not only in the young man’s male, it is not humble, but it is not humble. Meet a smile, and the position of the manager has been firmly situated to us, there is no bad part of the bad, and there is still a difficulty. Everyone is more and more likes her boss, and she loves the same thing as my sister or even secret love.

Although the Hua light is first photo, you can 8 points, in addition to the security of others, the dark lights of the corridor make me a little hair, and I am so happy … Even if the family is far from the company, the office has a bathroom and can’t live in the office. what.

The sound of the water in the office bathroom, how to take a bath and I have forgotten it. I will push away the door of the house, so I have to talk about this girl, if there is a bad man dangerous. But you are more dangerous, hehe! There is still a convenient place for a long time, it’s no wonder that I’m so thin, I can’t eat it, I also live in the morning, anyway, I will live alone, I will give her a little later … … Although your own craft is bad.

“Hey, today is good unlucky … The shampoo is used up, even the shower gel is also forgotten!” With the complaints of 然 自 自 自, the lock is also turned a few times. I quickly squat, hiding behind the table. Do you have me! It’s not to voyeur … you can tell you about it now … I really. The naked sake of naked, then ran out from the bathroom, 诶! It can’t really come out. Although the sturdy body is not good, I still want to see it. My mind has taken out, in fact, I also like this female boss than my little, one year old, just …

The face of the green face is five, six into similar. The body is 1 meter 65, and the boss and my gimmick may be almost as white as the relationship between malnutrition, but it is very smooth, so weak cute boys must be very popular with girls … Wait … It is a girl, the chest is a little bit, but the seaside activity, some embarrassment, she does wear a woman’s swimwear, why don’t you hide your brother so well? I set out the gods, borrowed this bathroom light, I can determine this and a little bit of the figure is indeed a boys, the things between the two legs is too obvious …

Is it the younger brother she never mentioned? But the sound just now is awkward, this will not be wrong! I explored the sight into the bathroom, there is no other person, put this dress, there seems to have a bunch of skin tones, the black show long is on something like a human skin, there is no nails, the hand like a flat Flat shrinkage. I am still not in a hurry, and the teenager who took the shower gel has turned off the door of the bathroom.

My mind is chaotic. Is it like a person leather like a painted skin to let this teenager replace it? It should not be … The sound can be imitated, but it is not easy to do. Today, let me prepare the articles, it is still so conditioned, and the eyes of this point will never change. That may only be … 然 from the beginning is the boy disguise …

I can’t think about it in the table, and I don’t know how to do more than half an hour. The bathroom has been stopped for a long time, but it has not yet come out, except for the frail, there is no other suspicious voice, I guess the boy must be in the peel. Do you want to come out to expose him? Still pretend, I don’t know, it’s just a colleague. I don’t say it. I can say it. I have already gone from the bathroom. I have a slight protrusion in the chest. The port of the trousers can’t see it. There is any excessive things, and the face will only be moderately in peace. There is no thing in the chair, and the skin has been completely worn by the boy.

Or you don’t pay attention to slipping out! I want to move my right legs that my right leg has been fully numb. “Hey!” The chair next to him was over, finished! This is about to be discovered …

“Who!” Saltered the bubble face paper bucket suddenly was vigilant. “Leaders are me! Don’t shoot!” I still don’t have the same peace, if I don’t seem to see anything. ” “I have something to forget, I will go!” At this time, I remembered the document you pulled down at the desk, some panicked.

“You all saw it!” I am a little behind, just now it is clearly the heart, smart is not difficult to guess the situation just now.

“Hungry …” I didn’t deny it. The air seems to have become adhesive.

“I …” I didn’t know how to open it.

“Always are you?” I interrupted her, this kind of thing is still a better break.


“That is nothing to do … I didn’t see anything … Goodbye.” I found the file, I like a thief, so I slipped out, there was left to say that there was a stunned wood.

This night, I didn’t sleep well, I want to be 嫣然.

“I have to open it here. Everyone must work hard today!” Oh, I did a speed, everyone has also been incompatible, only I am still confused, I don’t know. “Junyan to my office,” ah! “I refer to myself, and a mist in the cloud.

“Kid you survive …” Male colleagues have laughed, “Prepare fake play is really doing, you have to wait for people.” My color is too late, I have no secret, can everyone, can everyone, let’s make 然The blush, he is really a girl, my heart silently thinks.

The pink professional suit is equipped with a meat colored pantyhose, and the long hair of the shoulders plus as a ready-made makeup. It was unfamiliar in my current eyes in my now.

“Last night, I think we should talk about it.” It was locked up the door of the soundproof.

“Oh!” My brain is now sleepy and chaotic.

“That you have nothing to ask me?” I have been sleeping until now, I am all being looked at the eyes, although I don’t have a good rest, but she still shows the usual look.

“Nothing …” It seems to sleep, your man is male, it is not chased by me, I still maintain a mild vertigo state.

“So I am your boss, you can’t care about it at work.” It was a horizontal attitude towards me.

“Don’t talk about private matter at work.” The unscrupulous traits did not change in this state.

“Do you hate me? I didn’t use this person to have a bad thing. It is artificial … I haven’t cheated the man … I didn’t voke through other girls …” Explain itself.

“So many men are not being cheated by you … I don’t know if I can’t make love! Anyway, I can also see women, I can see it every day, I’m hiding so good, I don’t know how to masturbate.” How to say what I want to think last night, realize that I suddenly wake up.

“Do you look at me?” What kind of expression is not coming on the face, but the teardrop is in the eyes, she reluctantly endures, and does not let them flow out.

She seems to be this expression after being strong by my strong kiss, how do I bullied her. I just stayed on the sofa.

“How do you see me? If you don’t matter if you say it, you just don’t insult me! I just want to …” When I said the critical, my tears can’t control it.

“Are you ready to resign?” The faith completely recovered the resignation letter on the stunned table, and I was excited to her desk. This kind of good boss can be found there!

“Anyway, my secret is open, I don’t want to add trouble! You go out …” Sitting a hand gesture.

“Don’t! Sorry, I am not good.” I hurriedly picked up the paper towel and trying to help squat.

“You go out!” It’s a lot of sound.

“Go out, this matter does not take care of the relationship, crying you, nature, I will be responsible. I am full of non-alert, what is you really! You are my leader, not my wife The male woman explained to me. I told you. I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. If you were kiss what I have, no one knows now! And there is! You have to resign, Laozi is not dry today, bringing me the deputy, filling me again. “I took out the trick, play rogue. “You …” Sure enough, like the last time, it was said that I can’t say anything.

“I don’t want me, I will not be able to give you, okay, don’t cry.” I sat in a beautiful office to help her.

“Do you really say?” The leader just now has been put down.

“What is good to say …” I put my hand and got the fire.

“I still think that I am metamorphic, I am a man, wearing a woman’s clothes every day, and some people …” 然 顿 “, do not smoke in the office …”

“Hungry … You always have your own truth, you don’t want to be a girl …” I took the cigarette butt.

“How do you know?” She just clearly didn’t say it.

“Because I think you are a girl! You can’t decide your birth, but you can choose your own life. This is a good metamorphosis.” I took a beautiful head, a big brother look.

“It is time for work, and it is the point of fact.” The blush “of” 然 红红 “is thank you for your comfort.”

“Then I will go to work, don’t think about it anymore, I will not disappear you. Also, I will remember to lock the door and then take a bath!” I am going to open the door, “I will take it, no matter how boar is still Girls are very popular, at least for me. “

“Don’t keep the cavity!” I glanced at me.

“How, how?” The male colleague came over.

“I have a white, but I am decided, so sad, you ask me to have lunch!” I squatted with a chest and made a heartache.

“Oh, why do you go to do it …” The team greeting everyone, next time I am not changed a good excuse, let them ask me to eat.

The days have been so unsatisfied for 3 days, although there is nothing in your mouth, there is always a sputum in my heart, and my eyes are always evading me. Look at today’s look, this weekend day is ready to pass in the unit.

“Hey, leadership!” I used to eat in the cafeteria.

“Ah!” She consciously removed from my sight.

“I don’t eat people! You are afraid of a sprinkle!” People did have not eaten, the bad things did not do a lot.

“No!” But I still don’t dare to look at me.

“How do you not go home?”

“Low-rent housing, too many people, it is inconvenient.” Still nothing to do.

“Your salary is not only …” I look like a subordinates, I am more moist.

“I sang.” She is going to have a long time.

“I live in my house weekend!” I suddenly felt that this girl was very poor.

“My man, what are you thinking!” Now I see that I am reasonable, I don’t care.

“You are a woman, I always think, but I mean that my colleague exchanges, you don’t think, I live alone, there is no other person in my home, more than the unit.” I explained.

“Do you feel that I am very happy?” Sure enough, my reputation is not very good in the eyes. “

“I always think that you are not like me, I have a way to completely solve your concerns?” Hey, I don’t know if this is not an idea. I haven’t waited for it, I have already kissed it on her lips, and she quickly pushed me. “Do my girlfriend, Shantou.” Although the sound is not ringing, it is enough to attract the surrounding colleagues.

“Take a look, this is called the show! Even the boss dare to bubble.” A man is white.

“Handsome! If my husband is also like him,” a woman is spent.

“It’s the prodigal!” Emotionally sighed.

“Ah ah, we have seen.” I am an innocent look. “Refused, I talk nonsense, everyone when I hold a grudge, love to hate. Yes, I talk nonsense since the loss of face. But no matter that maybe everyone will when I mentally abnormal or perverted it. Whatever you choose that, anyway, I’m thick skinned enough. “” you …… whatever you pull. “bitterly sweet kicking my feet.

“Then from the bar. Oh, you go home at night and so on.” I hugged her, just as a couple.

Ah ah, how do I find a man to do his girlfriend ah! I’m not a gay bar, obviously put on a show, why are there so strange feeling? Afternoon I had a sense of satisfaction that somehow, until fast get off work are lingering.

Why do you feel so happy, people are the most important secret he discovered. But this should be my first love it, and finally as a girl in love. I’m glad what a ah, that was in for the play ah! Vagina, breasts are not fake feeling, even the appearance of all possible human skin off my body or a man ah, Toshihiko not like the man now …… but he said I looked so very cute boy do? God! How I became like yourself? Sweet do not know, Toshihiko now very confused ……

“get off work, how can you not go back?” Sweet and I left the office.

“When you ah!” I’m a natural look.

“Who says you go home!” To this, in fact, sweet tangle afternoon.

“Girlfriend lived alone company I really do not worry ah.”

“They promise you …… not any” desire of expression have sold duplicity sweet.

“That weekend I live right company ……” I looked at the time, almost 6:00.

“What are you messing around ah! Will be back with you people gossip ……”

“Man, woman friend is not normal to talk about it ……” I retorted.

“I’m not a girl ah, you do not have to know.” Every time talking about this, there is always sweet embarrassment.

“Chasing your people do not care, you care about what a fast reasonable grounds stuff with me home! Usually not very crisp.”

“I have to come and collect things just fine.”

“You can honestly be a girl, and sweet.” Does this count as living together? Sweet and I secretly think.

A 10-minute walk, and soon arrived at the apartment I rented. “These two days you live in my room, I slept the living room couch it!” Only One Bedroom house, I can only chose this compromise approach.

“I slept the living room or bar, I disturb you.” Sweet as the girls were not used to accommodate me.

“No, you’re my girlfriend know what? I’ll give you put hot water, you go to my house ready for the next, today you’re secure in a bath now. Dinner, I called outside to buy no problem! “

“Well, that really a good wash it?” Every time peeling bath, sweet always nervous.

“It does not matter …… I do not peek.” I joked like exposed color color smile.

“That put the hot water!” I habitually pushed his bedroom door, the house being lifted sweet skirt trying to withdraw their own flesh-colored tights, flat stomach and shapely legs in front of me undoubtedly expose. I suddenly stared, she’s prettier than I have played a lot, but only this can barely be considered a soft spot for passing figure, even knowing the body of this woman is a weak weak boys.

“Ah!” The tights to his knees at the sweet hands quickly cover your own private parts, his face glowing red shy.

“I’m sorry …… Hello the go take a shower,” I hastened out of the door.

Aimless open this page, the hearts of a myriad of thoughts, it will not really like it sweet, it seems from six months before the start kissing some subtle, knowing his boys looked so there is not even a little rejection, miss take her secret bully her, but do not want anyone to know except me, really want to know how she wore leather. Strange, and we go over one hour, and this girl how not come out, outside to buy almost cold.

“Sweet?” I knocked on the bathroom door, “went all right so long?”

“Ah, what a long time, I will be OK, but you do not come ah, I have not put on the skin.” Her voice was some confusion.

“Do not worry, you long to wash it, I do not come in.” Really want to look inside, but then, she’d be mortified it, forget ……

“Thank you!” With the sound of the zipper. White T-shirt, pink over the knee, maybe because I am, I don’t dare to wear too casual. I secretly trying to find a trace of human skin on her, whether the expression or skin wrinkle texture is so natural, and then the neck is smooth and flat, and I can’t find the opening of the skin.

“What happened, is my skin wear?” Take note that I have some different eyes, and I am full of all the body.

“No, just like yourself. Is it not sad?” I still can’t help but ask.

“It’s actually very comfortable, I have no effect on the body for a long time.” Some whispering seems to tell, she can always keep girls.

“Let’s eat!” I broke the topic, in fact, the little boys hiding inside are very cute.

After dinner, the atmosphere is some cold, I am still just mechanical switches, and even the game doesn’t want. It’s just before sitting in the TV, it is fascinated by the idol drama prepared for girls.

“If you don’t mind in the evening, you will sleep with me! Anyway, I am not really.” Looking at me on the sofa, I have a little sad in the eyes, even if you say it, but her inner heart I really hope that I am a real girl.

“This is the feeling of lovers. Is it still still?” I want to alleviate the atmosphere.

“Well!” She was blushing.

Fragrance, I want to hold her soft! Some of the fascinating lakes, the only thought is to put the girls you like, my hand eucalyptus stretched out, put her body tightly in my chest, original soft Soft double breast is a bit slightly hard under my collision. My complete exciting old two is also the lower thing of the woman from time to time, “I like you, I am!” I have said that I really myself.

He sister said that he can act as the real girl, and fake milk seems to be reflected, so I want to give your girl’s first time to Junyan, but these will be fake, even if it has changed, it can not be born. Let’s take a lot of girls if people are really girls, I can’t do it! Cannot let us two in the peeling of human skin, the deeper. It’s not sweet to open the Junyan.

“Men have no relationship, Laozi likes it.” I fell asleep like this.

“How is it like a pig, say it, sleep.” In my arms, my face is red, but this boy is really special.

A awakening, it has been 9 o’clock, how to change the flat. How did this gimmick take off your skin!嫣 嫣 人 皮 头The human skin still remains behind the body temperature, the feeling of almost no difference between the real skin, there is a opening that does not close the zipper, as if tell me in replacing, I like it is just a person. camouflage.

“She is angry? Yesterday, I seem to say her.” I smashed my eyes and walked out of the bedroom.

The boys look preparation for breakfast, the little body wears this my clothes, it looks like singing. “I have no men’s clothes, so I can only wear you, this is embarrassed. I washed it. My women’s clothing also hangs it on the balcony.” Said with the voice of the boy, but The taste of sensible girls, lovely looks too much when it is more than girls.

“Well, trouble you, I was sorry last night …” He is clearly unfolded, but why I still want to kiss him, I will not be gay … Take him, anyway, I have never been messy.

“It’s not good, I will see this two days, you have seen this, you have seen it, don’t be a strange thing, I will take them now …” It’s always low, It seems that it is wrong with it.

“If you even have a girl, will you accept me?” My question made her a little surprised.

“Unfortunately, don’t think too much, the unit is not a lot of girls chasing you?” Yan Rod, I entered the bedroom.

“You are jealous …”

“No!” Listening to me, the hands of the people who finish the people hesitated, and began to put them in the bag. “I don’t like your skin, you do this now, I also want to love it …” For a man, I think I don’t know how to open.

“No! How can I think you are gay …” I have grown my little hands.


“I also like you …” The voice is very light, but I have heard very clearly, let go of the burden, crying is very unwilling, she doesn’t want to be a girl …

“That is ok!” I hugged the kissed kissed, she no longer made any resistance, I have me.

“Really don’t matter! If you want, do I still put people in the skin?” Yanran found that he and I have entered the state of excitement.

“Although the blowjob, the chrysanthemum, I can’t accept it, but I still have a way to solve the physiological problems of men, I still have a way …” Anyway, I have no more concerns.

“No, you still like me …” She picked up the bag of the bag and ran into the bathroom. “If you want to see, it doesn’t matter.” It’s all your mouth.

“This is your secret, I will not watch.”

“Thank you, I am just fine.” Yan closed the door of the bathroom.

The pure white sling dress faintly revealed that there was no upper body of any underwear, and the slightly joined chest gave people a loveless illusion. The short skirt can’t cover the white underwear under the meat pantyhose, so that she is embarrassed to block by hand. Sexy makeup makes the original clear show, she looks more mature and charming, so I saw it once.

“Is it beautiful?” I asked in the peel.

“You will also wear such clothes, Shantou.” I can’t help but laugh.

“Is it very strange? Then I still change it back, I thought you would like it …” She turned and wanted to run into the toilet.

“Very sexy! Don’t change it.” I tried to tell her to sit by her.

Smooth and smooth back completely did not have a shadow of the zipper, I really don’t know how to get it, I pressed into her body, one hand in her whole body, the other hand does not stop the two old two old two Although it is a girl, it should not be imitated physically.

“I can do love with boys, using the girl’s things!” I took the hand I tried to masturbate and put it on her silky thigh, and made an expression on her face.

“This is ok?” I can’t let my desire since I started, I said, I said to retire the socks and underwear to the leg root. Put your younger brother from your trousers. The vagina, who was constantly touched, was slowly oozed out, and he also made a corresponding gasping as my frequency.

“Can you feel?” It feels that it is like a girl who is immersed in a man who cares carefully, and there is no one inch skin to make a further desire for lover.

She is difficult to shook her head for love, realize that she is now a small song woman who is eager for sexual love now.

“Then do you do it? Don’t bare yourself.” In fact, I still expect to be just the same as just now.

“People see that girls are like this … And you touch me, I can’t control it, and you are happy with you.” A pair of little girls. “You come in, I heard that this feeling is true, people are the first time, you have to be gentle.”

“It turned out to be a small woman!” I was awkward, I couldn’t help but laugh. “

“Do not laugh, bad guys! Although it is not true, you have always been very cherished, even the usual, you are all reluctant to use it.” Yan suddenly bit my shoulder.

“Well! I will cherish your first time.” I put my old two gently into the mysterious small hole. Comfortable squeezing, let me call, wet warm vagina let me never question its authenticity, accompanying the happiness of happiness, hunger blood is accompanied by love from the vaginal mouth Dotted it out.

It has been in the same time for more than five months. At home, she will take care of me like a wife, but go to the company, she became my head boss. Everyone has also happened to us. I still don’t know how to like this girl’s inner boy, maybe this is the fate … It’s still less leather, even if there is no pleasure, she still holds love with me and I love, subtle The relationship between us is more and more inseparable from each other, maybe our relationship should be further. “Wife, you are really strange, don’t you do your best to do yourself, the body is more hot?” I just used my hand to press the private part, she told me like this. He is hidden in the human skin.

“In the unit criticized you a few words, it is too much to give up me! People only want to be a girl, not to seduce men.”

“That’s … have you decided? If you can’t be sure, it is not bad …” I have been tangling if I have been tangled. From a small childhood, the relationship between the orphanage is bullied by a lot of people. She graduated from the university, she often hits the wall because women’s problems, each time people find this gender of the child’s ID card. Will always deny her work. Until half a year ago, she didn’t know the emergence of Uncle, she changed her original life trajectory, but not only mixed the company as a woman, but also made this from a sister. This can be made. She completely disguised into a female skin. After arriving at the company, she knew that the Uncle was the largest director of the company. Not long ago, I have been determined, that is, the man who has been lost for many years … It was originally desperately saved and sentimental, and the relationship with my relationship could not be further, I couldn’t further happen. The father of my son did not have too much interference, but it would be better to be strong ……

“If I change, will you marry me?” I asked very seriously.

“Well!” I am very serious.

“What do you want me?”

“It’s very good now …”

“Give me two months?”

“I’m waiting for you……”

The next day, the luggage left me quietly, and I also invited two months in the company.

“It’s boring …” Why don’t you come back. “There is no more difficult day, the original habits are so terrible, no one has said that I don’t need to peek at the time of taking a shower, no one kicked off at night. I caught it, I have to eat my bad cuisine every day. I know that it is fake, but I still miss everything in the body.

Two months no one hit the door, and it must be 然.

Sure enough, what is still a boy … outside the door, it is, there is no peeled look, and the body is also a boy’s dress.

“Sorry, I thought a lot in these two months. In order to inherit your father’s career, I decided to live as a male as a man. Today I came to bid farewell …” Looping the show of travel bags and snectors.

“Ah …” I have a little a little, but I will soon reflect it. “There is a target of the time to mix with me, I wish you success!” I laughed. After all the past six months, he is a dream. He is not the one who likes me, I am self-laughing, after all, everyone is a man, nor everyone is like me.

“Can you let me come in?” The weather in January is a bit cold.

“Oh, I am sorry, I have forgotten.” I quickly pulled up the hands, “I am sorry …” I realized that we may just just a simple top level.

“It doesn’t matter … I will let me love you a day today … I brought the skin. Can you borrow your lower bath? I still want to do it with you once.” The expression of Yan Run is very determined.

“Well, although there are some cool …” I don’t know how to refuse.

Today, when I wore me for the first time, I made me love her again. The last time … The squats have never trembled so powerful, tears can’t rest in the spring, Even the following is the first time, it is only a very painful pain when he bleed, leaving a deep dental print on my shoulder.

“Thank you, give me the real first time. Husband …” The crying of happiness “, I like you to containe my love.”

“The first time I was cheated …” I suddenly guess it. “The company’s thing is true, passing the man is not a woman can be your own ancestral training … for me, what are you worth?” “You are not the same, the big consortium’s three sons … Jinshan Yinshan is not, run Come to the company to go to work … “I am smiling.

“Your dad knows, is also assured to give me it over?” Before you leave home, in the circle, I am a famous flower radish.

“He also said, you are still as strange as before, put so many beautiful women don’t, with my flattened weigh goods …”

“Now it’s true!” I shot her head.

“Your family will agree, I can’t have children …” It’s still a little worried.

“Anyway, the big brother is born a lot, maybe they still want to use my relationship to cooperate! And say, do you think they have to live? We have been married in a few days …” There is such a wife, it is quite good. “Right, what you just came in, it was a boys, although your current chest is still so small.”

“I hate it, you said that you want this. In fact, I did my own boys’ peel, listened to Heie said that it would be powerful, use this ring remote control, I can do love like men!” Get up the ring on the hand sway in front of me.

“We are easy to turn into a normal men and women, you still want BL …” God, this girl thinks again.

“It’s not, when I left, I secretly scanned the data of your body. You are so good, so I want … 嘿嘿”, I’m giving out the peel she just worn from the bag. Another female piercier. “You sometimes be a sister or wife of people!”

“You are not afraid that I am fascinated with a woman’s feeling.” It seems to be full of fun, I thought in my heart.

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